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Jewish Faces in Radio
Hit the airwaves to get your zionism!

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Jim Rome, controversial radio sports radio/tv talk show host.

Michael Jackson, ABC talk radio host

Jay Diamond

Howard Stern, hating Christianity

Lloyd Bochner, radio actor, Cecil Colby on the soap opera Dynasty, also a film actor

Mike Ogulnick

Scott Simon, NPR weekend edition

Michael Weiner ("Savage"), conservative radio talk show host, worked for  psychedelic drug advocate Timothy Leary as keeper of his gatehouse at Millbrook in the late 60's, befriended and traveled with Jewish beat poets Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Jewish friend Stephen Schwartz (author, journalist) reported Savage had a photograph of himself and Ginsberg swimming naked in Hawaii, maintaining a correspondence with Ginsberg, that Savage was also acquainted with Jewish poet and author Neeli Cherkovski, who says Savage dreamed of becoming a stand-up comic in the mold of the Jewish Lenny Bruce, Savage later confirming this on his radio show.

Laura Schessinger, radio talk show host, advisor, orthodox Jew

Doug "Greasman" Tracht, shock jock, can be seen in many photos with gentile women in racy clothes and positions, also does raunchy standup comedy

Jews in Radio (current list)

Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie) - Disc Jockey
Scott Simon - host NPR's Saturday Weekend Edition, broadcast journalist
Jim Rome - sports talk show host
Pittsburgh Pete - Radio Actor
Aaron Freeman - Chicago radio talkshow host
Jay Diamond - Radio Talk Show Host (used to be on WABC)
Norman Corwin - pionerr writer, producer, director of American radio drama
Jack Spector - Disc Jockey
Bob Rivers - Morning Radio host
Lynn Samuels - Radio talk show host, WABC radio
Yuri Rasovsky - Peabody Award-winning radio dramatist of the s and s.
Mike Ogulnick - one on one sports radio network anchor
Irwin Chusid- Writer, Record Producer, Radio Personality and Bon Vivant
Dennis Prager - radio talk host, essayist, moralist
Michael Jackson - ABC Talk Radio Host
Tracht, Doug - The Greaseman - Nationally known radio shock jock
Dr. Laura Schlessinger - Radio Therapist
Greaseman The - Doug Tracht - Nationally known radio shock jock
Freed, Alan (first radio star in 50's to play Rock n' Roll)
Jack Benny -- Reknowned radio and TV comic
Lloyd Bochner - Canadian Shakespearean Actor, Radio Actor, Film Actor, Cecil Colby on Dynasty, "Naked Gun",  Father of Hart Bochner

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