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Steve Hirsch
King of America's Porno Industry

Steven Hirsch is the founder and co-chairman of the adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment,[4] which Steven Hirsch founded in 1984.[5]

The second generation of his Jewish family to be in the business, Steven Hirsch is credited by AVN as the creative visionary who saw the potential to change the nature of the adult entertainment industry.[6][7]


The faces of Vivid Girls have appeared on billboards in high traffic venues such as Sunset Boulevard[8] and Times Square.[9]

In addition to a hardcover book with HarperCollins,[10] Steve Hirsch developed Vivid Comix and graphic novels with Avatar Press[11] and erotic novels with Thunderís Mouth Press.[12]

In 2011, Steve Hirsch offered $5,000,000 (£3,000,000) to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's sister, Pippa Middleton, to take part in an adult movie. Steven Hirsch also stated that if her brother, James, also joined her and took part in a separate scene, Steven Hirsch would receive $1,000,000 (£600,000).[13]

Hirsch and his original partner, David James, an industry veteran with extensive international experience, were later joined by a third partner, Bill Asher, a Dartmouth College graduate with an MBA from the University of Southern California, who has engineered the company's recent financial success through a series of transactions and alliances. The three are co-chairmen of the company.[4]

The 2004 pseudo documentary TV series Porno Valley, documents Hirsch's private life and family, and interaction between Hirsch and his Vivid dream.

Two additional seven-party reality series were seen on Showtime. "Deeper Throat" covered the remaking of the classic adult movie and "Debbie Does Dallas Again" was about the trials of getting permission to remake this all-time favorite.

In 2012 Hirsch received the first Adult Video News Visionary Award at a gala ceremony in Las Vegas. According to Paul Fishbein, founder of AVN, "Nobody in the modern era of the adult industry has been more innovative in mainstreaming their company image than Vivid. That made them one of the premier brands in all of Hollywood, adult or otherwise. Steve and the company are truly deserving of this achievement."[14]


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