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Zionist Subversives Slandering Christian Beliefs


What is Wrong with Christianity Today?

Some might wonder what has happened to Christianity today.

Many say that the problem is that Christianity has been slandered, penetrated, and subverted by Zionist agents.

Scholars say its traditional theology is being threatened by Zionist Christianity's ministers who some say have been "contaminated" by Jewish and Zionist Agents who are loyal to a different theology and to a foreign power that calls itself "Israel".

Trailer for "In Defense of Israel" by John Hagee


Since Israel is a known terrorist nation that has caused tremendous suffering and death in the Middle East since its earliest beginning in the late 1800's, Christians who pretend that this mostly Atheistically Secular nation of ex-communists from the U.S.S.R., Nazi Germany, and Eastern Europe has anything to do with Christianity's peaceful God are entering into a dangerous and subversive Apostasy.

Most of Israel's founders are far more closely linked to the Communist Movement which they acknowledge as their own than to anything theological.

 In fact, many of Israel's Prime Ministers are terrorists who have been directly involved in the murder of innocent indigenous people in the area.

Perhaps the best example of this is Menachem Begin who ran the Irgun Terrorist Squads as they bombed the King David Hotel filled with women and children and murdered 100 innocent Christians and Moslems in Deir Yassin to get the Palestinians to fear Jews so they would flee at the first sign of Israel's violent and inhumane War for Independence.



Another example of an Israeli terrorist prime minister is Arial Sharon who bulldozed homes all over Gaza and whose Israeli soldiers kept innocent Christians inside a compound in Southern Lebanon so their enemies who had shot their way inside could murder them all.

Another Israeli terrorist and war criminal with blood on his hands is Ehud Olmert who single-handedly perpetrated the so-called 2007 "Lebanon War" based on Olmert's lie that Hezbollah had entered Israel and kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers which was not the case and that Ehud knew from the beginning it was just a lie. The alleged criminal Olmert was responsible for more than 2,000 dead Lebanese, 90% of whom according to both Arab and Israeli news sources were civilian innocents. One of the greatest war crimes of Olmert whose bombs killed hundreds of children and mothers was the use of scatter bombs in a civilian urban area of Beirut, Lebanon.

In this Zionist News Analysis, Frank Weltner discusses John Hagee's new book which says Jesus is not the Messiah and that, therefore, Jews cannot be blamed for his Crucifixion. Such a statement might make some of the early Apostles and present day adherents uncomfortable.

It shows the insidious subversive dangers of Zionist money and power that it has this terrorist philosophy has the ability and arrogance to actually set out to subvert a far larger religion and has done so effectively and with professional Zionist rigor.

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