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February 19 2008
| Zionist Meat Industry Recalls Beef: Were Staggering Cattle Infected with Mad Cow Disease Slaughtered and Served to Children? Media Silent. | Shameful Holocaust Industry Rejoices Over Deportation of Old German Man, 83, from Canada on Charges He Consistently Denied in Court | Singer, Aged 104, Takes Stage in Netherlands Under Protest of Vicious Hate-Filled Zionists for Merely Having Earned an Honest Living as a Singer During the Nazi Regime | Curtain Falls on Fidel Castro's Nearly Fifty Years of Anti-Zionist Rule | Musharraf's Party Accepts Defeat | Al Fayed Brands Prince Phillip, Husband of Queen Elizabeth, as a 'Nazi Racist' Whose Own Mother Married Hitler's General | Race for the Zionist Presidency: Wisconsin | Anti-Iranian Divestment Scheme by AIPAC Is as Anti-American as It Ever Gets | Tom Lantos' Neocon Anti-Authoritarianism Covers His Outlandish Pro-Communist Terror Activities in Hungary | Did Israel Use AIPAC to Get Its Freebee $3 Trillion U.S. War Against Iraq? | German Professors: Nazis Helped Establish Israel | Israeli Terror State Wastes 40 Injured Palestinians and Wife/Children of 1 Gaza Patriot in Murderous Snuff Attack on Him | 'Mossad killed Imad Mughniyeh,' Israel Adamant, Places Israeli Nationals on Worldwide Alert |

 February 19 2008
| 5 British University Students Acquitted of Terrorism Charges in Landmark UK Civil Rights Appeal | Iran: 'Cancerous Growth' Israel Shall Soon Disappear | Diana's Butler: 'I Lied at the Inquest' | Al Fayed: 'We Have Indications The Royals Killed Diana' | Zionist EU and USA to Support 'an Independent, Free Kosovo' in order to 'Stop a New War in Region' | Violence, Fear, and Confusion Mar Entire Pakistan Vote | U.N. Official Warns Israel Against Invasion of Gaza | Israeli Terrorist Troops Snuff 4 Palestinians in Gaza | Siege of Gaza Bites into Israeli Terror State's Own Economy | The Israeli Occupation Commits a Fresh Terrorist Massacre in Gaza | Hate Riddled Prime Minister Olmert Declares a Continuation of Power and Fuel Restrictions to a Starving Gaza Strip | Israel Lashes Out at Top U.N. Humanitarian | Lebanon Braces for War With Israel if Hezbollah Attacks the Zionist Terror State | Israel Committed War Crimes by Dropping Scatter Bombs in Lebanon |

February 18 2008
| Iran Opens Oil Bourse | Steven Kazmeirczak, the NIU Shooter, Has Jewish Name, Family Coat of Arms Meaning 'Center of the Synagogue', Media Silence | Zionist U.S. Bankers Sit Down and Negotiate with Iran | Israeli Terrorists Murder Anti-Zionist Leader with Head Rest Bomb | Italian Bishops Condemned for Asking Actors to Shun Sex Roles in Films | Danish Lawmakers Cancel Trip to Iran Over Cartoon Row | Israelis Kill 4 Palestinians in Racist Gaza Invasion | Israeli Genocidal Starvation and Fuel Boycotts Against Gaza's Non-Jewish People to Continue | Gaza Patriots Condemn Israeli Terrorism Inside Gaza's Territory | Jordan, Egypt Demand End to Israeli Terror State's Genocidal Gaza Siege | Israel Being Baited into Trap by Invading Gaza | Gaza Protests Republication of Danish Mohammed Cartoons | Hamas, Jihad Vow Revenge After Killing of 8 People in Gaza | Talking to a Wall of Misunderstanding Among America's Victims of Zionist Media Propaganda | Top Zionist Spies to be Called in AIPAC Trial | No Open AIPAC Trial Predicted to Avoid Educating American With Revelations of Advanced Zionist Treachery | Conversation Between Zionist Jack Ruby (Jacob Benjamin Rubenstein) and Lee Harvey Oswald on Killing Kennedy Plus Other Kennedy Assassination Documents Reported Found in DA's Office in Dallas |


February 17 2008
| New York Zionist Mayor Bloomberg: U.S. Resembling a 3rd World Country | Zionist French President Sarkozy's New and Very Crazed Zionist Racism Creates Uproar and Backlash: Sarkozy Planned to Terrorize French Kids by Having Each One Mentally Adopting 'A Holocaust Child' | Zionists Fear Democratic Party Infighting at Convention | Israeli Terror State Viciously Readies Itself for Gaza Conquest | Bombs Kill 39 Just Two Days Before Pakistani Elections | French Foreign Minister Urges Israel to To End Gaza Blockade | More than One-Third of Israeli Terror Settlements in West Bank Are on Illegally Stolen Lands | Zionist Brutality Against Palestinians: Ailing Woman Dies After Israeli IDF Thugs Deny Her an Ambulance Transportation to Hospital | 50,000 Hezbollah Patriots Redeploy Close to Israeli Border in Lebanon | Bomb Destroys YMCA Library in Gaza | Israeli Terrorist Thugs Murder 7 Palestinians in Gaza |


February 13 2008
| Tens of Thousands of Non-Jews Face Huge Mandatory Layoffs including Permanent Job Loss at General Motors Due to Zionist Economic Mismanagement of Global Markets Resulting in $38 Billion 2008 Losses | Paranoid Israeli Premier Olmert Continues to Believe Iran Pursuing Nuclear Weapons Despites CIA Reports to the Contrary | Iran Continues to Hang Serious, Deadly Criminals in Public in Accordance with Islamic Laws Despite Gratuitously Critical Articles by Western Propagandists | U.S., Iran to Meet in Days for Iraq Security Talks |


February 12 2008
|U.S. Population Will Soar to 428 Million Mostly Non-Europeans by 2050 Inside Israel's U.S. Colony | Chavez Threatens U.S. Oil Cut-Off , Economic Warfare Against Zionist U.S. Colony | Zionist Michael Chertoff Fears Terrorist Attack Might Destroy U.S. Economy | Crime Cameras Coming to Parks | Zionist Army Enters Lawless New Territory in 9/11 Case Trial | Israel Seeks to Run Hamas Out of Gaza in 12 Months | Israel Allows Gay Couples to Adopt Children | India Urges Israel to Show Restraint in Gaza | 100,000 Israeli Children Sexually Assaulted, Most Go Unreported | Disgraced Brooklyn Rabbi Hiding in Israel Accused of Sexual Abuse Loses Extradition Battle in Court | Sadistic Israeli Power Rationing to Gaza Fails to Stop Militants | A New Discussion with Walt and Mersheimer | Ahmadinejad: Enrichment Will Not End | Iran Races to Space Age: Soon to Launch First Satellite | Iran to Launch 2 More Scientific Rockets Prior to First Satellite Launch | Israel Sees Increasing Unlikelihood of U.S. Bombing Iran | Gates Likely to Stop Troop Withdrawals |


 Gaza Healthcare Deteriorates Due to Israeli Sanctions | Egypt Warns Zionists on Gaza | Zionist Inhumanity: Lack of Fuel to Gaza Forces 30% Power Short Fall | Gaza Increases Population 30% in Only 1 Decade | Egypt: All New Border Crossers Will Have Their Legs Broken | 3.76 Million Palestinians Up From 2.89 Million Last Decade in West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem | Democratic Hamas Activist Killed by Uniformed Israeli Air Force Murderers | Sderot Mayor: Obliterate Gaza Neighborhoods | U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq War for Israel at 3,959 | American Army Sniper in Iraq Weeps on Stand | Roadside Bombs Kill 5 U.S. Servicemen in the Israeli Lobby's Iraq War | Tel Aviv's Zionist Menace Behind 'Terrorism Divestment' Which Zionist Plotters Define as Investing in Companies Doing Business with the Quite Peaceful Islamic Republic of Iran | Zionist Press Monopoly Now Reduced to Playing Up What's Left of the McCain-Huckabee Presidential Primary Race to Entertain Its Captive Masses |



February 8 2008
| Reckless High Tech IDF Killers 'Accidentally' Murder Non-Jewish Gaza Teacher and Wound 3 Also Non-Jewish Students in Classroom | Criminals in IDF Murder another Total of 8 Non-Jews in Gaza | Israel Vows to Intensify Its Inhumane Attacks on Gaza's Innocent People | 'Olmert is Worst Prime Minister in Israel's History' |
Hamas Rejects Abbas’ Truce Offer as Israel Kills 7 in Gaza | Israel Orders Gaza to Buy Its Power from Egypt, Immediately Starts Cutting Power | Israel's Leadership: Afloat in a Sea of Endless Political Lies to the People | U.S. Pro-Zionist Imperial Regime: Israel Should Not Worsen Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis | EU Envoy: Israeli's Gaza Colony May Turn into Somalia | U.S. Dollar Collapse Destroying Israel's Economy | Sadr Warns His Iraq Militia Not to Break Ceasefire | Pro-Zionist Bush's Out-Of-Control $3 Billion Budget including Reckless, On-Going Wars for Israel | Alleged Murders of Iraqis by Americans, Relatives Accuse U.S. Terror Army of Lying | The Alarming, Reckless Deaths of Innocent Children | Iraq Sunni Insurgents Developing Armor Piercing Bullets to Penetrate Even the Heaviest of America's Armored Tanks | Death Knell Closes in on 4,000th American |




 February 6 2008
| Defamation of Obama Said to have Started from a Not for Profit Zionist Organization | Israel on High Alert After Bombing | Suicide Attack in Israel Kills One | Mossad Passes Disinformation Saying Iran will have Nukes in 3 Years | Zionist Controlled USA Fears Russia, China, and OPEC Can Threaten the Government Financially | Senior Zionist Politician Urges Israeli Terror State to Kill Hamas Leaders | US Condemns Bombing in Dimona | Hamas Figure Reaffirms Claims that Group was Behind the Bombing | Bush Launches new Budget Containing $30 Billion for Israel | Hamas May Keep Shalite as Insurance | Lebanon to Lodge Complaint Against Israel for Border Shooting | Israel Terror State Murders 9 More in Gaza | Jordan Asks US to Pressure Israel to Stop Attacking Gaza Concentration Camp | Non-Zionist Jews Blast Israel's Chief Rabbi for Racist Remarks | U.S. Fascist Injustice at Torture Base Guantanamo | Turkish Planes Strike Iraqi Kurdistan | Kurdish Oil Greed Brings Arab Wrath | Support for Israeli Premier Amid Calls to Resign |


February 3 2008
| Ahmadenijad: Holocaust a 'Myth', Israel's Collapse Imminent | Exxon Reports $11 Billion Profit or $133 for Each Citizen in Zionism's American Colony | Microsoft Attacks Israeli Based Google Search Engine, Offering $44.6 Billion to Purchase Yahoo, Google Loses $9 Per Share in First Day | 99 Dead in Iraq and Growing as Zionist Media Paints Bombers as Exploited Retarded Women | Hamas Negotiates Potential Border Crossing Agreements with Egypt Which May Allow Its People to Permanently Escape from the Cruel Israeli Colony | Zionist Genocidal Killers Use Israel's U.S. Colony to Obstruct Any U.N. Condemnation | Zionazism's Collective Punishment of Gaza's People | Saudis Warn of Gaza Catastrophe | Orthodox 'Jews Against Zionism' Join Arabs in Attack on AIPAC for Perpetuating Politics of Hate, Murder, and Other Mideast Problems for Christians, Jews, and Moslems | Hamas Seeks Economic Disengagement with Israel in Favor of Egypt as Its Major Trading Partner | Canadian Inquiry Blames Israel for U.N. Peacekeeper Deaths | Investigating the Unusual Winter Weather in Mideast | Israelis Told to Prepare 'Rocket Rooms' for Approaching War |


January 28 2008
| White House Idiot of a President Rehearses His Pre-Written Speech to the Captive People of the American Israeli Colony | Fascist Presidents in the American Zionist Monarchy Love the State of the Union Because It Resembles a 'Kingly Address' | Rich Zionists Bid for New Frequencies Sold to the Highest Bidder Insuring Non-Zionists as Usual Will Be Totally Denied the Chance to Communicate | Israel Terror State Tries to Shift Blame for Gaza Wall Break to Egypt | Israel's Nazi Air Force Launches Hostile Air Raids into Defenseless Colony of Gaza | Olmert Promises Abbas He Will Change Policies and Rush Aid to Gaza as Crisis Escalates | Egypt Rejected Hamas Party's Proposal to Control Border, But Agrees to Allow Rival Fatah Party to Guard the Border | Zionist Colonization's Genocidal Steel Wall Goes Back to Ze'ev Jabotinsky in 1923 | Israeli Activists Protest the Gaza Humanitarian Disaster | Lebanon Erupts in Shiite Violence Killing 7 Persons Due Over Power Outages | Day of National Mourning for Lebanon | Israel Restores Gaza Diesel Fuel to Industries | Palestinian Unity Only Way to Save Palestine | 1,000 Left Wingers Rally for Gaza and Sderot | Israel's War Criminal Olmert to Abbas:  Food and Medicine Will Not Be Blocked | Gaza Siege: Genocide in the Making | Protest Against Israeli Terror State's Anti-Humanitarian Hate Against Gaza's Residents | Gaza Strip on Catastrophic Verge, Moslem Nations Do Nothing | Norway's Ambassador Summoned to Tehran to Protest Lies About Iran's Humanitarian Treatment of Its People and Norway's Silence About the Israeli Caused Gaza Genocide | Gandhi Chased Out by Jews in Denial |


January 25 2008
| Orthodox Jewish Synagogue in L.A. Rocked by the Scandal that a Criminal Jewish Member in their Own Synagogue Informed on Their Rabbe | $100 Million to Place New Three-Story Jewish History Museum in Philadelphia Allegedly Rivaling the Liberty Bell Which Will Draw Thousands of Tourists into a Pro-Zionist Slant on Jewish History | Breaking Video | Gandhi Grandson Tells the Truth About Israel's Use of Holocaust and Religion to Hide Its Blood Crimes Behind, Is Criticized as a "Bigot" by Loud-Mouthed Members of the World's Most Racist Organization, the Almost All Jewish, Racially Centered ADL | Israel's Zionazi Genocide of Moslems and Christians: Starving Children to Death in Gaza | Israel Bars Palestinian Men from Entering Al-Aqsa Mosque | Weekly Moslem Report on Israeli Atrocities in the Occupied Territories | Despite Israel's Lies to the Opposite, the Number of Barriers in Occupied West Bank Have Increased | New Calls Emerge for a Bi-National Israel/Palestine of All of Its Peoples and Religions Under a Single Flag | 270,000 Israeli Invaders Squat in the West Bank Colony |


January 24 2008
| Hamas Bombs Slice 15 Escape Holes in Blockade Fences into Egypt, Palestinians Pour Through Seeking Food for Survival | American Government is Hog Tied by AIPAC | Zionist Fed Chairman Bernanke in Hot Seat on Recession and Market Bust | Hamas Spent Months Breaking Through Wall in 'Secret Operation' | Even as Palestine Reels Under Israel's Genocide of Moslems, the ADL Screams Hysterically Against Humanitarian Report at U.N. | Protesters Flay Egypt for Aiding Israel's Genocidal Siege of Gaza | Ahmadenijad: Civil Rights Groups in West Remain 'Dead Silent' About Israel's Genocide Against Gaza | Egypt Arrests Protesters Against Government's Support for Israel | Red Cross Warns Israel of Approaching Civilian Catastrophe in Gaza | Britain Warns Israel to Stop Gaza Blockade | U.N. Rights Body Condemns Israel over its Genocide in Gaza | Israel Terror State's Inhumanity to Non-Israelis Threatens Peace Talks | Israel's Human Rights Groups Condemn  Tel Aviv Terror in Gaza | Arab League: Israel's Gaza Policies Violate International Law | Zionists Fearful of Obama for Personalized, Bigoted, Pro-Zionist Reasons | Interrogator Says Saddam Hid the Fact Iraq Had no WMD's for Fear Iran from Invading |


January 22 2008
| Iran Hails Delivery of Nuclear Fuel from Russia's Putin | Hamas Faces Challenges in Gaza Strip | Government's Limp Wristed 'Terror' Case Against Padilla Is Amply Revealed in the Lenient 17 Year Sentence Handed Down by Its Hand Selected Judge | Zionist Federal Reserve Greases Ruins of Rothschild Dominated Stock Markets | Israel Enters Electric Car Partnership | 'We Don't Care About World Opinion When It Comes to Our Gaza Killings' | Israel Arrests 16 Youths in Palestine as Its Years of On-Going Zionazi Terrorism Continues | Israel Told to End Human Rights Abuses on Orthodox Bus Routes | Non-Jewish Knesset Members in Tel Aviv: 'Israel Committing Crimes' | Israel's Forward-Looking Electric Car Commitment | 2007: Most U.S. Tourism to Israel Ever | Iran's Religious Leader Pulls Rank on Ahmadenijad | Israel Prepared to Supply Gas to Europe Via Pipeline | President's of Egypt and Iran Meet Together for First Time | Newest Armored Truck Sees First American Death in Baghdad | Suicide Bombing Wounds 21 in American Colonial Iraq |


January 21, 2022
| Martin Luther King Day - 'Black Monday' - Zionist Markets Plunge Worldwide on Fears of America's Economic Meltdown | London Stock Market Panic! | Worldwide Markets in Free Fall | FBI Covers Up Theft of American Nuclear Secrets by Israeli-Turk Spy Network | Ethically Immoral Israeli Terror State Cuts Fuel and Electricity to Gaza, as Its Innocent Families Suffer in Cold and Darkness | U.N. Condemns Israel's Outrageous and Sadistic Actions Against Gaza | VOA Reports U.N. Criticizes Israel for Closing Gaza Border Thus Denying Life Giving Supplies to its People | India Launches Anti-Iran Spy Satellite for Nuclear Israel | Pro-Zionist America Broken by Wars, Lies, and Fiat Money Finds Many of Its Industries Purchased at Fire Sale Prices by Foreigners with Cash | Zionist 'Borat' Wins Film Lawsuit by Unwitting Performer | Oil Scarce Israel Embraces the Electric Car as Its Answer | 'I Have a Genetic Dream' From Martin Luther King Who Believed Prejudice was Far Deeper than Mere Racial Markers | Politically Incorrect DNA Racial Markers Injected into Criminal Trials with Success in Identifying Perps | American Colonial Occupation Invading Soldiers Release 204 Iraqi Torture Detainees Who Were Never Charged | Nine Shi'ites Killed In Iraq on Holiest Day of Festival | Iraqi Government Slaughters 276 Shia Followers During Festival Season |


January 20, 2022
| Christians Brutalized by Zionists Illegally Occupying The Holy Land | U.K. Parliamentary Committee Investigating Influence of Zionist Lobbyists Embedded inside Britain's Major British Political Parties | When Zionists Defend Zionism | The Disgrace of Pro-Zionist Bush's Visit to the Middle East | Zionist Congressman Non-Extraordinaire Robert Wexler of Florida Agrees with Jew Watch, Calls for Immediate Impeachment of Vice President Cheney | Pakistan Finds, Interrogates, Threatens, and Has Most Likely Tortured an Impressionable 15-Year-Old Boy as a Possible Patsy for the Bhutto Assassination | Israeli Killers Continue Murder Spree of 29 Snuffed Palestinians Adding 2 More Murdered Today | Largest Zionist Bond Insurers Scramble to Survive | Cyber Security Intrusion Gangs Attack Zionist Owned Electrical Grids in Foreign Cities, Demand Extortion Payments as CIA Scrambles to Save Its Zionist Owners | Zionists Must Face Trial for Crimes in Pakistan Says Ahmadenijad | Israeli Conductor and Pianist Takes Out Palestinian Citizenship |


January 19, 2022
| Zionist Benjamin Solomon Bernanke Makes U-Turn in His Self-Made Arrogant Economic Disaster Caused by Keeping Rates High, But His Correction May Be Too Little and Too Late To Stop a Near Total Economic Collapse According to Observers | Zionist Bernanke's Jewishness Never Appears in Newspapers or on TV | CIA Gratuitously Places Blame for Bhutto's Death on Al Qaeda which Is Good for Backing Up America's Zionist Colonial Empire's Hundreds of Lies About Al Qaeda in the Middle East | Chess Champ and Super Jew Bobby Fischer Who Defied the Cruel Zionist Fascists of Washington Dies in Exile in Iceland | Bobby Fischer Was Unfairly Accused of Anti-Semitism by the Usual Hate Filled Zionist Mud Slingers | Hate-Filled Israeli Bigots Close Off Roads, Crossings, and Outside Aid Shipments to Non-Jews in Gaza and West Bank | Zionist Shock Therapy Center Destroys Tapes Contrary to Court Orders | Iran's Envoy Says U.S. Nuclear Stance is Merely an Election Ploy | Iran Warns Super Aggressive Israeli Terror Nation Over Missile Test | Israeli Missile Strike Flattens Hamas Interior Ministry in Gaza |

January 18, 2022
| Bernanke's Appearance Before Congress as Zionist Head of the Federal Reserve Causes Stock Market Panic | Zionist Geneticists Clone Human Embryos from the Skill Cells of 2 Men | Zionist Scientists Approved for Human/Animal Embryos Despite Danger of Transfer of Animal to Human Diseases | Zionist Merrill Lynch Faces $15 Billion in Losses | Zionist's Federal Reserve 'Play Money' Produces $1,000 an Ounce Gold Prices | Fascist Israel Shuts Down Palestinian Borders After I Kills 7 Palestinians | Iran Warns Israel Over Any Use of Ballistics Missiles Against its Territory | U.S. and Israel Placed on Canadian Torture Watch List | Bush Left Out in Cold by Israeli Meeting | 11 Die in Attack on Shiite Mosque in Bagdhad |


January 16, 2022
| Zionist Citigroup Loses Record Amount, $9.8 Billion in Quarter Mostly from Dealing in Bad, Corrupt Housing Loans, Seeks Foreign Investors to Prevent More Disasters | 4 Die, 20 Injured in Attack on U.S. Terror State Inside Beirut in Revenge for Judeocons in White House Supplying Hate Filled Israel with Scatter Bombs which Allowed Zionists to Murder 2,000 Innocent Lebanese | Pro-Zionist NBC Monopolist Journalist-Thugs Fight to Crush Kucinich and Recklessly Damage Free Elections in America | Zionist Bloomberg Tests Billionaire Water in Possible Bid to Buy America's Totally Corrupt Presidency for Super-Rich New York Jewish Mayor | Jewish Controlled Meat Industry Teams with Corrupt Profit Oriented FDA to Push Cloned as well as Chemically Saturated Meats from Profit Centered Devil May Care Feeding Lots onto American Dinner Tables | Jewish Dominated Medical Industry's ER Wait Times Continue to Increase Along with Totally Unconscionable Medical Prices | Israeli Terror State Kills 18 Palestinians for Launching Tiny Rockets into the Hate State |

January 14, 2008
| Israeli Backed Contestants in Free-For-All for Control of Zionist Government in Washington | Corpses to be Mined for Organs without Consent in Newly Diversified and Pro-Zionist U.K. | Prisoners 'To Be Chipped like Dogs' | Weak Dollar Helps Zionist-Dominated New York City Achieve $28 Billion Foreign Tourist Increase | Zionist Polls Claim Dramatic Shift in Public Opinion - Obama Leads Hillary, McCain Leads Republicans | Jewish CNN Focuses on How Hillary Clinton Views Obama's Race & JFK Statements | CNN Says Race and Drugs Now an Obama Issue in Hillary's Final Round Democratic Take Down Politics | America's Economically Rich Dubai Colony Declares National Holiday During Visit by Its 'Emperor' and Pro-Zionist, President George W. Bush | NY Times Jewish Race and Gender Biased Editors Self-Project Their Own Race/Gender Views to Non-Jewish Americans as Major Issues in 2008 Elections | Zionist Federal Reserve's Jewish-Directed Economic Downturn in America Now of Larger Zionist Concern at NY Times | Zionist Global Warming Advocacies at Huge Yiddish Owned Washington Post Exploit Huge Ice Losses at South Pole | NY Times Jews Concentrate on Bush Iran Fantasies to Falsely Give Disgraced President Some Semblance of Credibility as a Vital and Biased Pro-Israeli Supporter | After Exploiting Non-Jews as Cannon Fodder for their Jewish Proxy Wars, Zionist New York Times Editors Suddenly Attack, Using These Heavily Exploited Non-Jewish Soldiers for a Second Time as New Story Material Portraying Them as Some Sort of New and Dangerous Killer Group | Bush Promotes America's Zionist Orchestrated 'Democracy' of Cold Cash Donations from Mostly Jewish Sources to Buy Congressmen as a Viable Opportunity for Islamic Iran to Follow |

January 12, 2008
| Obama's Jewish Masters Have Literally Bankrolled Him | General Discusses Spectacular Qaeda Attacks in Iraq | 9 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Only Two Days in Zionist America's Occupied Iraq | Zionist Run U.S. Treasury Department Places Pro-Israel and Anti-Iran Sanctions as World's Most Hated Colonial Regime | Jews Conspire to with Predatory Zionist Owners of movies, songs, and other Soft Goods to Strangle Internet Policies for the Protection of Eternal Greed | Bush and Ehud Cement Long Term European Colonial Power amid War Mongering Bonds | Discredited War Criminal President Bush Seeks to Pretend an Interest in World Peace While Visiting Blood Drenched Israel | 223,000 Killed in 3 Years in Zionist American Occupation of Iraq for an Average of 120 Dying Per Day in the War for Israel | Zionist Bankers Suffer Meltdown from Self-Inflicted Shyster Loan Blowbacks | Zionist World Money Order Grabs $14 Billion in Communist Chinese Infusion Money to Bail Out Ailing Citigroup | Zionist Astronomers Suggest a Violent Universe Similar to their Own Israeli Terror State | Bush Promises to Return to Israel for its 60th Anniversary of Existence as a Terrorist Nation | 80 Free Americans Arrested for Protesting 6 Years of Torture and Horror at U.S.A.'s Pro-Zionist Guantanamo Torture Camp | Pro-Zionist American Deception of the So-Called Hormuz Iran Incident Lacks Any Truthful Legs to Stand On, Seems to be Just Another Gulf of Tonkin Lie #2 |

January 8, 2008
| Israel Says It Will Deport Deadly Zionist Militants from West Bank Settlements | Israel to Deliver Another Deceptive Assessment of Iran Nuclear Programs to their Neocon Relatives in White House | Israel Kills 4 Palestinians in Illegal Gaza Raid, Olmert Vows to Kill More of Them | Bush Jets into Israeli Terror State's Stolen Lands as Annapolis Hopes Fade | Crafty Terrorists of Israeli Hate State Will Deceptively Reduce Bloody Raids into Arab Lands during President's Visit | Billionaire Zionist Media Monopolists Kill HD DVD, Declare DVD Blue Ray Will be the Only DVD HD Format | Greedy Zionists Squabble Over Writer's Guild Strike Implications | George McGovern Calls for Impeachment of Pro-Zionist President Bush for Crimes Against the Constitution, Mankind, and Honesty | British Standards of Living Have Overtaken that of the War-Bleeding Zionist Vassal United States | Jewish French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy Slides in Polls as He Decides to Marry in Haste | Zionist NY Times Reports How Neocon in Pro-Zionist White House Are Considering Attacking Nuclear Pakistan. Is This a Plan to Shield Colonial America's Israeli Masters from Nuclear Revenge? | Bigoted Jewish Voters Scrutinize Non-Jewish Candidates in a Racial Non-American Manner, Even Holding Up 'Score Cards' Like in a Sports Contest | Speaking from Both Sides of His Mouth, Ehud Olmert Now Seeks to Invade Gaza, Sends Vicious Jewish Goons to Kill Innocent Teenage Boy in Fighting |

January 5, 2008
| Election Power: Intellectually Dishonest Tampering by the Vicious, Rich, and Subversive Israel Lobby | Obama's Closeness to the Viciously Selfish Jewish Lobby and Its Genocidal Zionist Hatred Toward Moslems Places Him in the Middle of a Difficult Political Dance | Subversive AIPAC Goes Down: Zionist Lobby's Spy Trial Set for April 29th | Zionist Israel Kills 5 Palestinians and Injures 50 More in Its Bloody Occupation of Non-Jewish Lands on Thursday | Cruel, Blood-Soaked Israeli Invasions of Palestinian Lands Seen as Israel's Plan to Destroy Palestine's Efforts at Achieving Security in the Area | Zionist Manipulation in the Doubling of Prices for Corn Foreshadows 3rd World Starvation | Zionist News Monopolies including MSNBC, Google, ABC, and CNN Lag Far Behind Yahoo News in Hits | Zionists at ABC News Interfere in Presidential Elections, Deciding Who Gets to Address the Electorate During Debates and Who Does Not | Norman Finklestein, Zionist Critic and Philosopher Who Was Kicked Out of De Paul University for Thought Crimes, Touring Lebanon Lecture Circuit | Zionist Reconstruction of History in 10-Part NY Times Series attempts to Deceive Readers by Using the Rusty Old Zionist Hate Cup Filled with Brand New Deceptions and Jihad Lies | Israel in Trouble: Zionism No Longer in Vogue It Is Now Seen Openly and Worldwide Even Among Jews for Its Hatred | Jews Who Are Non-Believers and Emigrated to Israel Become Religious Speaking "Confused" by Not Being Considered Jewish

January 3, 2008
| Cowardly President Bush Visiting Israel for Domestic Popularity Back Home | Hate Filled Zionist TV Monopolists Bar Ron Paul from the Iowa Debates | CIA Probed by Congress for Its Pro-Zionist Torture Programs | Zionist Manipulated Gold, Platinum, and Oil Rise Against U.S. Dollar | Free Elections in Zionist America Are Doomed as Candidates Spend $200 Per Vote in Iowa | FBI to Use Zionist Billboards to Chase Terrorists in Move That Could Easily be Miused to Threaten Free Citizens | Zionist M.D.'s Give Most Drug Samples to  Wealthy Patients, NOT to the Poor as They Pretend They Do | Israel Alarmed as Egypt Allows Religious Pilgrims Entry into Gaza | Israeli Terror State Murders 7 More Palestinians In Pursuit of Its False Peaceful Image | Hezbollah Chief Nazralla Accuses Israel of Backtracking on Prisoner Negotiations | Israel Terror State Develops Zionist-American Agents by Appealing to Already Brainwashed Zionist Youth | Israeli Terrorist Chieftain Discusses Use of Sadistic Zionist Cluster Bombs Inside Beirut by Using Deceitful Words to Condone Them | Jordan Urges Israeli Terror State to Back Off on Hostile Plans for New Settlement Fortresses in Order to Destroy Peace | Hezbollah Accuses Israeli Terror State of Assassinations in Israel | Abbas Says Bush Must Speak Out Against Zionist Military Armed Settlements | Israel's Bethlehem Barrier Wall Strangles Its City | 

January 1, 2008
| Hate Filled Zionist TV Monopolists Bar Ron Paul from the Iowa Debates | Racist Zionist Olmert Declares His Israeli Bigot Nation Cannot Exist Except by Being Intolerant | Why Do Racist Greedy Zionists at Recording Industry of America Attack the 98% of Non-Zionists Who Use Computers to Hear their Music? Will Non-Zionist Americans Ever Rise Up Against their Zionist Masters to Reject these Alleged Elitist Hate Filled Anti-American Monopolist Bigots? | 26-To-1 Non-Jews Death Toll from Zionist Terrorism in 2007: 373 Palestinians Killed vs. Only 13 Israelis Killed. Is It Still Difficult to See Who the Real Terrorists in Israel Are? | Hate Driven Israeli Racist Army Continues to Block Roadways in Palestine Ruining Its Economy vis-a-vis Blatant Zionist Genocide |  After Years of American-Israeli Empire's Colonial Destruction of Civilizations in Nearby Nations, Zionist Senator Spector Says Terrorized Syria Might Agree to European Imperial Hegemony | Jordan Begs Racist Israel to Stop Developing New Genocidal Hate Filled Settlements | Cover-Up Stories About America Helping AIDS Plagued Africa as a Weak Cloak for the Final Year of the Traitorous Neocon White House Regime | Israel Museum Using So-Called "Looted Art" to Boost Decepitve Sympathy for Israeli Killer State | Zionist American Goons Threaten and Fine Private Company for Not Using Israeli Products as Raw Materials for Syrian Customers | Israeli Racism Rampant in Article Pointing Out How Only 19,200 Suckers to Immigrate to the Israeli Terrorist Nation | AIPAC Continues to Spin False Doctrines to Push for US-Iran War | Protesters Gather at AIPAC Dinner to Denounce Subversion of American Interests by Pro-Zionist Terror State's Lobby | More and More American Jews Alienated from Israel by Jewish Lobby Deceptions | 


December 31, 2007
| Violent Zionist and War Criminal Ehud Olmert Finds His Cheap, Flimsy Reason to End the Peace Process -- The Alleged Murder of 2 Zionist Hikers in West Bank | Absurd Terrorist Civil Case Rejected by Pro-Zionist U.S.l Appeals Court | Musharraf Falsely Places Blame on Al Qaeda to Woo Back U.S. Neocons | Iraqi Colony of the Zionist American-Israeli Empire Now Pretends It Has Destroyed 75% of an Imaginary Al Qaeda Network that was Never Proven to Have Existed | Zionist Bashed Palestinians Seek an Elusive Peace from Hate Filled Racist War Monger in the Israeli Terror State | Only 75% of Israelis are Now Jewish | Palestinians Discuss Final Removal of Hostile Israeli Terrorists from Their Illegal West Bank Settlements | Real Democracy Threatens Very Existence of the Hate Filled Israeli Terrorist State | Haaretz Editor Says Israel 'Wants to be Raped by America' | 

December 29, 2007
| Bhutto's Party Rejects Pakistani-American-Israeli Claim, 'Al Qaeda Did It' | More About the Big American-Musharraf Lie: Al-Qaeda Killed Bhutto | Doubting Citizen Riots Continue Across Pakistan | Hollywood's Well-Known Zionist Media Fascists Earn $9.6 Billion on Movie Tickets Alone | Zionists Invent Untested Money-Making Pill to End Drowsiness | Zionist Madonna's Director Debut in Berlin: "Filth and Wisdom" | China's Mighty Yuan Crushes Life from America's Zionist Pilfered Dollar

December 28, 2007
| Terrorist Zionist Settlers Wearing Fascist Masks Descend Upon and Beat Up Innocent Palestinian Farmers | Israel's Desirability as a Homeland Destination For Jews Questioned as Deadly Zionist Nation Suffers Greatest Reduction in Immigrants in 20 Years | 'Settlment Question' Talks Between Abbas and Olmert Fail | Time-Warner May End Reign as Largest Zionist Media Conglomerate | Zionists Are Bribing Government to Support Corruption of Health Insurance Companies and Government Regulators in Deadly Battle Against Life Saving Patient Treatments | Zionist Money Manipulation Strategists See 3% Gain in U.S. Dollar Against Euro Next Year | Zionist Insurance Companies Allegedly Defy Texas Law on Insurance Policy Gouging | Zionist $ Millions Flow through Slick Democratic Campaign Coffers as America People are Continuously Sold Out in Final Week Before Iowa Primary | Zionist Collaborators Bemoan Power Setback from Benazir Bhutto Killing. Zionist US-European-Israeli Gangster Nations Fear More Weakening of Their Plan to Improve Zionist Influence in a Corrupt Pakistani Democracy in Which Zionist Millionaires Will Openly Buy Up the Infrastructure including Mass Propaganda Media as was Allowed to Happen in the USA | Pro-Zionists Argue Over Alleged Patent Infringement in Google's Toolbar | Christian Priests Brawl in Birthplace of Jesus in Zionism's Occupied Bethlehem | Zionist Gold Baggers at Merrill, Citi, JPMorgan Write Off $ Billions in Losses | Russian Democracy Defies Zionist Corrupted USA-European-Israeli Empire By Selling Defensive Missile Systems to the Republic of Iran | The Center for Media and Public Affairs Analyzes How the Pro-Zionist Media in Iowa Media Might Be Unfairly Skewing Its Primary | Josh Groban 'Noel' Album #1 for 5th Week as Zionist Owned Music Companies Suffer 21% Drop in Season's Album Sales | Jewish Agency Gives Boardroom Clout to Ally of Evangelicals

December 24, 2007
| Israel Clobbers Peace Talks with Racist Housing Expansions for an Increased Zionist Occupation Invasion of the West Bank Palestinian Nation | Israel Had Been Warned by U.S. Not to Continue Its Genocidal Housing Invasions into its Angry West Bank Colony | Israel's Plan to Destroy Peace Talks on Schedule | Oppressively Cruel Zionist 'Wickedness' Tarnishes Moslem Holy Days in Gaza | U.K.'s Tony Blair Finally Converts to Roman Catholicism for Family Reasons | Turks Again Bomb Outlawed PKK in Kurdish N. Iraq | Bomber Kills 48 in Mosque in Pakistan in Qaeda Blowback | Souix Indians Secede from Zionist American Regimes | Zionist War Criminal Ehud Olmert Continues to Murder Innocent People Whom He Slanders as 'Militants' in Gaza, Vows He Will Not Stop Killing Them | Pro-Zionist CIA's Tapes Were Kept Hidden from 9/11 Panel Then Burned, Report SaysHuge Zionist Mass Merchants Panic over Flat Christmas Shopping at Malls Designed by Zionists to Prey Upon Christian Consumers | Attorney Wants Criminal Charges Against Zionist Cigna for Alleged Recent Homicide of a Liver Transplant Denied a Transplant for Higher Profits | Cigna's Zionist Board of Directors

December 16, 2007
| Ahmadinejad Says U.S. Report a 'Declaration of Surrender' | Zionism's Favorite Democratic Candidate, Hillary Clinton, Facing Potential Election Defeats, Declares She'll Stay in No Matter What Happens | Clinton Library Got $10 Million from Saudi Arabia | Putin Warns U.S. Deployment of Missiles in Poland Threatens Nuclear Response on Launch | Israel Told It is Time to End Zionist Illegal West Bank Road Blocks, Armed Raids, and Fortress Settlements | Olmert Confirms Conspiracy for War in Iran in Recent Statement About U.S. Iran Report Stating How Iran Gave Up Nuclear in 2003 and Which Can Only Mean Bush Is a World Threatening Liar | 'Israel Will Never Be Recognized as a Jewish State' | Arab States Will Promise but Pay Little to the Palestinian Authority | World Powers Gather in Paris to Bankroll PA, But Will They Really Do It? | Gaddafi Wraps Up Visit to France, $Billions in Contracts Signed, Basks in Limelight | Sarkozy's Zionist Meddling Fueling Discord Inside EU | Turkey Launches 50 Aircraft into Iraq, Bombs PKK Rebels | Britain Leaves, Abandons Its Iraq Last Base at Basra | Al-Zawari: U.S. Imperialist Forces Collapsing, Suffered Huge Defeat in Iraq | U.S. Israeli Empire Blowback: U.S. Forces Infected with Superbug, 27 Dead in U.S. Military Hospitals, Spreading | Coalition Forces Kill 4 Iraqis, Arrest 18 More, Issue Unfounded Claims | American Expeditionary Blowback: Pakistan Has 8 Cases of Probable Human to Human Transmission of Bird Flu H5N1, Which, If True, May Soon Threaten Zionist Vassal Civilizations Including U.S.A.

December 14, 2007
| Israel Wants Peace Negotiations Scheduled to Be Held in the King David Hotel | Iran Triumphant as U.S. Zionist War Mongers Running the White House Seethe Over CIA Iran Report | Ahmadinejad Lowers the Volume as He Discusses CIA Report that Iran Ended Nuclear Production in 200314-Year-Old Students Treated to Zionist ADL Mind Control Programs at a Junior High School Because of a Few (Possibly Zionist) Students Who Prank-Chalked a Few Swastikas on a Wall. When Does Political Correctness Go Too Far? | Chutzpah Galore. Monopolist, Subversive Zionist Press Reports in Iowa's Newspapers Publish Misleading Story on Republican Debate Without Mentioning a Front Runner, Ron Paul | French Zionist President Nicolas Sarkozy, Works Against France, Puts Israel's Foreign Policies Before France's in Iran War Speech | CIA Destroyed Torture Tapes Despite Court Order | Audience Level Has Dropped So Low on Zionist Owned & Operated TV Propaganda Monopoly Networks that They are Now Refunding Millions to Advertisers | Zionist Scientists Find that Human Genome Is Changing Rapidly, Indicating Fantastic Speed of Evolution in the Species | Israel Invades Gaza, Announces It Will Host Post Annapolis 'Peace' Talks | Israeli Terror State Operations in Gaza Kill 6 Palestinians | Mossad Director Halevy Says Zionist Israel 'Must Be at the Table' in U.S.-Iran Talks | Israel Terror State 4th in Arms Exports to Approved Nations and Even to Banned Nations with $4.3 Billion Last Year | Rice Alarmed Over Israeli Terror State's Racially Bigoted Development Plans | Abbas Awaiting Israeli Terror State's Response on Settlement Bid | Hamas Agrees to Concede Control of Gaza Back to the Palestinian Authority | Hamas: 'If We Can Kill Them We Can Talk With Them' as Hamas' Unworkable Gaza Becomes Unpopular Among Locals | U.S. Zionist Empire Blowback: 6,000 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Year | 

December 11, 2007
| Syria Blocks Facebook Because Israel 'Infiltrated' It | Selfish Billionaire Zionist Studio Pigs Break Off Talks with Starving Writers | Crooked Destruction of Tapes by CIA May Limit Prosecution of Al Qaeda | Can a Zionist Led Justice Department in America Be Trusted to Truly Investigate Its Own CIA and Big Brother Chertoff's Home Front Security Apparatchiki? | White House Lies: Suddenly, There's No Iranian Nuclear Programs. What's Behind the Iran Intelligence Reversal. | Pro-Zionist Democrats Will Pass Another $70 Billion in American Imperial War FundingImperial Zionist Nations Foresee Oil Scarcities as and Economic Doom as Oil Rich Nations Industrialize Within, Use More Oil for Domestic Industries, Export Less | Zionist Rightwing War Monger John Bolton Demonizes CIA Intelligence Release Showing no Nuclear Program in Iran as Political Quazi Putsch Against Bush's War on Iran | Deadly Bird Flu May Now Pass to Humans, Threaten Zionist Control over Protocol Civilizations | Jews Use French President Sarkozy's Lame and Unproven Comments to Crookedly Demonize Critics of Zionism with Hilarious, Rusty, and False 'Anti-Semitism' Canards | Semitic Protocol War Guzzlers at AIPAC Irresponsibly Twist Findings of 16 Intelligence Agencies to Falsely Support Another Illegal Neocon War Against an Iran Which Has Been Seen to Have No Nuclear War Weapons Program | Semites Haggle Over War Issues Including Israeli Minister Begin's Criticisms and Warnings of Hard Line AIPAC & Its Incessant War Mongering Ways | Zionist War Mongers Bemoan How Iran Report Denying Nuclear Programs Send Washington's Zionist Protocol Government Scrambling to Defend Iran Sanctions | Teheran's Critical Review of the Zionist White House's Iranian Report Debacle | Tom Dine, a Former Top AIPAC Official, Continues His Climb Atop the Scaly Back of the Profitably Subversive and Many-Headed Zionist Snake | 

December 8, 2007
| Chavez Threatens to Halt Sales of Oil to U.S.A. | U.S. As Usual Bows to Its Controlling Israeli Masters, Withdraws U.N. Resolution on Peace Process | Illegal Israeli Occupation Regime Terrorizes and Murders 5 Palestinians from the Air | Abbas Aide: Israel Unable to Start Serious Talks with Palestinians | Castro Warns Chavez About Possible U.S. Assassination Attempts in Near Future | Arabs Losing Money as Dollar Drops, Under Pressure to Divest Their Dollars to Stop Financial Losses | Turkey Attacks 50 PKK Rebels in Iraq, Inflicts Heavy Losses | Iraq Sunni Bloc Bans Parliament | Riots Point to Racially Divided France | Zionist Sarkozy Schemes to Destroy France's 35-Hour Work Week | Pope's Encyclical Blames Secular Violence Movements by Atheists for World's Woes--Especially the French and Marxist Revolutions-- But Never Mentions How Both Revolutions Were Jewish-Led and Included Pogroms Against Millions of Innocent Non-Zionist Europeans | British Pro-Zionist News Attacks Putin for Using His Executive Powers to Increase His Voter Mass as Is Done in England and Elsewhere | Zionist War Monger Bush Says Congress' First Duty is to Vote More Funds for American Mideast Imperial Violence | Hamas Threatens Attacks Inside Israel as the Coming Violent Answer to Terrorist Air Strikes in Gaza by the Cruel Zionazi Occupation Regime | Pat Buchanan: Israel's Internal Vile Apartheid Fascism Is My Model for Preserving America's Cultural Identity | 

December 1, 2007
| World Leaders Lie About Package Peace Deal for Year 2009 (Which Will Never Happen) | Zionist Prime Minister Sarkozy Bemoans 2-Days of Repeat Racial Youth Riots in Paris, Same as 2-Years Ago | Ahmadinejad of Iran: Annapolis a 'Failure', Israel Will Collapse | Arab Leaders Doubt Peace Conference Will Succeed | Annapolis: Why Would This Mideast Peace Conference Be Any Different? | Syria: We Are Attending for Lasting Israeli Peace, Return of Occupied Lands | Jordanians Stage Annapolis Protest | Zionist U.S. Israeli Carnage in Iraq as U.S. Fires into Minibus Carrying Women | Still Dead, But Iraqi Government Claims It Did Not Kill 11 Relatives of Anti-Government Journalist | Hillary Opposes Permanent U.S. Bases in Iraq | Diplomat Says Bush will be Held Responsible for World War if Iran Attacked by U.S. Israeli Terror Empire | U.S., Iraq Set Stage for Long-Term U.S. Occupation | Hamas Accuses Abbas of Treason at Annapolis | Donors vs. AIPAC in Split Over Congressional Law Giving Aid of Palestinian Authority | In 1969, Henry Kissinger Was So Worried About Israel's Nuclear Weapons, He Warned Nixon They were the Most Likely Nation to Use Them | 50 Million Records Relative to Holocaust Questions are Opened to Public for Research | AIPAC Judge to Confront Jurors with Hitler-like Questioning on the Subversive Anti-Semitism Canard | Biden: Impeachment If Bush Bombs Iran | Murtha: 'I Think the Surge is Working.' | Israel Finds 'The Wall of Nehemiah' | 'Teddy Bear Teacher' Jailed 15 Days in Cultural Train Wreck | 'Protocol of Zion' Banking Canard Guru, Benjamin Solomon Bernanke, Hints of Further Rate Cuts | 'Continued Turbulence' Troubles America's Zionist Dominated Financial and Banking Masters | 'Snooty Bankers' Blamed for German Financial Crisis | Western Zionist Press Attacks Putin's Not Really So Zionist Election Win with Offensive Commentary | Quazi Godly Republican Half of the Single Republican-Democratic Party System Ends Youtube Debate with Series of Fake Squabbles | 


November 28, 2007
| World Leaders Lie About Package Peace Deal for Year 2009 (Which Will Never Happen) | Zionist Prime Minister Sarkozy Bemoans 2-Days of Repeat Racial Youth Riots in Paris, Same as 2-Years Ago | Ahmadinejad of Iran: Annapolis a 'Failure', Israel Will Collapse | Arab Leaders Doubt Peace Conference Will Succeed | Annapolis: Why Would This Mideast Peace Conference Be Any Different? | Syria: We Are Attending for Lasting Israeli Peace, Return of Occupied Lands | Jordanians Stage Annapolis Protest | Zionist U.S. Israeli Carnage in Iraq as U.S. Fires into Minibus Carrying Women | Still Dead, But Iraqi Government Claims It Did Not Kill 11 Relatives of Anti-Government Journalist | Hillary Opposes Permanent U.S. Bases in Iraq | Diplomat Says Bush will be Held Responsible for World War if Iran Attacked by U.S. Israeli Terror Empire | U.S., Iraq Set Stage for Long-Term U.S. Occupation | Hamas Accuses Abbas of Treason at Annapolis | Donors vs. AIPAC in Split Over Congressional Law Giving Aid of Palestinian Authority | In 1969, Henry Kissinger Was So Worried About Israel's Nuclear Weapons, He Warned Nixon They were the Most Likely Nation to Use Them | 50 Million Records Relative to Holocaust Questions are Opened to Public for Research | AIPAC Judge to Confront Jurors with Hitler-like Questioning on the Subversive Anti-Semitism Canard | 

November 26, 2007
| Lebanon Without Leader as President's Term Lapses without a Replacement | Christians Pray for Lebanon in Power Vacuum Hoping Against New Civil War | Hezbollah Recruits Thousands of Patriots During Lebanon's Crisis | Lebanon May Remain in Political Limbo for Weeks | The End of America is Seen in "The Day of Reckoning" by Patrick Buchanan | Hezbollah Dismisses Annapolis as "Media Show' | 'U.S. Is Worst Imperialist, Even Worse than Britain,' Says Archbishop of Canterbury | Prime Minister John Howard Loses Election in Referendum on His Fascist, Imperial War Government | New Prime Minister Orders Immediate Withdrawal From Iraq War and Signs Kyoto Climate Treaty | Newest Zionist Science Theorem Claims Mankind May Have Nudged Universe Closer to Its Death by Noticing Its Workings | Absurd Zionist in Germany Sues Vanity Fair over Neo-Nazi Interview Story | Zionist Friendly U.S. Government Mimics Jewish USSR in Its Misuse of Cell Phone Tracking Powers | Sarkozy's Crazed Zionist Regime Supports Zionist-Dominated Music and DVD Capital Greed by Threatening Non-Jewish Frenchmen with France's Draconian Zionist Powers to End their Access to the Internet Itself if They Download Music and Movies without Paying the Mostly Jewish Owners of the Entertainment Industry | Tasers Declared Torture by U.N. Committee Just as France Prepares to Order Them | Zionist U.S. Dollar Enters Free Fall as Banks Prepare to Loosen Interest Rates to Lessen Housing Crisis | Syria Will Attend 'Fake' Peace Summit as Favor to Bush | Former Prime Minister Sharif Returns to Pakistan in Triumph, Worsening Musharraf's Political Woes | Internet Could Slow in 2 Years if Providers Do Not Invest $ Billions in Infrastructure Now | Iran Leader Accuses U.S. Army in Iraq of Lying about Iran's Part in Insurrections | 

November 24, 2007
| How the Neocon-Christian Right Brought Down the House of Bush | Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act Raises Fears of New Government Crackdown on Dissent | House Subcommittee Equates 9/11 Truth With TerrorismRussian President Lashes Out at Western Powers for Interfering in Federal Elections | Netherlands Not So Dutch Anymore | U.S. Israel Terror Empire Seeks to Stack Cards Against Hamas Prior to Summit Talks | Israel to Release 441 Palestinian Prisoners to Improve Abbas Image | Israel Gives 25 Armored Vehicles to City of Nablus in West Bank | U.S. Fights Pistachio Nukes in Iran | U.S. Tries to Kick Start Dead Peace Plans with End to Armed Zionist Settlements | Olmert Facing Possible Indictment on Eve of Peace Plan | Palestinians Demand End to Zionist Settlements in East Jerusalem | Ex-Commander Sanchez Calls for U.S. Pullout Next Year, Because the Iraq Government Refuses to Take Charge of Business | Potential for Turkish Invasion of N. Iraq Lessens
U.S. Asks, Iran Accepts Invitation to Talks on How to Stabilize Iraq | Thirty-three foreigners and 10 Iraqis in Almco Mercenary Group Arrested as Woman is Killed by Convoy Guns | U.S. General James Dubik Says Iran is Helping to End Iraqi Bloodshed | Hamas Shrugs Off Peace Talks, Says Abbas Lost and Has No Right to Represent the Palestinian People | University Professor Sentenced to 11 Years in Federal Prison for Refusing to Betray Any Palestinian People to a Federal Grand Jury

November 23, 2007
| Special for Remstradt's Youtube Video on Weltner Leaving Youtube | 

November 22, 2007
| ADL Presents Self-Serving Poll Saying 65% of Americans Are Uninformed Enough by the Zionist Press Monopoly to View Puny Little Israeli Terror State as some Kind of Undetermined, Untested, and Confusing 'Ally' of Sorts | Pro-Zionist U.S. Aids Pakistan's Musharraf in Protecting Its Nuclear Bombs | U.N. Slams Inhumanity of Israel's Palestinian Apartheid Barriers | Hamas Says It Is Ready to Establish Palestinian State If Israel Leaves Gaza, West Bank, and Jerusalem | U.S. Israel Empire Draws Up Strategies for Nuclear Armed Iran | Summit? Will There Be One? | Israeli Arab Higher Monitoring Committee Will Refuse to Recognize a Jewish Israeli State | Israel Continues to Allows Supplies and Electricity Into Zionist Occupied Palestine | Turkish Inspectors Declare Israel 'Is Destroying Palestinian Cultural Antiquities' | U.S. Insinuates U.N. Commission on Human Rights is Anti-Semitic & Spends Too Much Time on the Israeli Terror State | Israel's International Law Violates Continue as Settlers Remain in Palestinian Lands | China's Friendship With Iran Undermines Its European Isolation | Chavez: U.S. Strike on Iran Will Spike Oil Prices | There Is No Case for Going to War Against Iran | Bombings In Iraq Kill U.S. Soldiers and Children on Very Ugly Day, the Day the U.S. Occupational Terror Army Bragged About an Increase in Peacefulness | Crazed Musharraf Tells Pro-Zionist Negroponte He Will Not End the Emergency | New Hampshire Probes Anti-Mormon Bigotry in Presidential Campaign | Dreamwork's Zionist Movie Moguls Seek to Move to NBC Universal in Questions over Policies, Financing inside Changing Media Empire

November 18, 2007
| Extremist ADL Jewish Supremacists Criticize Ron Paul for Taking Funds from the ADL's Counterparts | Huge American Hydrogen Bomb 'Pig' Nation Slams Tiny Iran's 3,000 Little Centrifuges | Jewish Owned Comcast Sued for Interference with File Share Programs that Might Pass Zionist Music, Movies, etc. | Zionist CNN Slams Shell Oil Profits, Shell CEO Receives Death Card | Are Zionist Neocons Attacking Romney's Mormon Religion in Iowa? | Dems Past $50B Bill Requiring Troop Withdrawals Begin | Abbas Urges Israel to Betray Palestinian Nation, Topple Hamas | Germany Might Give More for Reparations | Israel Works on New Dishonest Way to Cut Electricity to Gaza | Israel Geared for War | Politically Dangerous Letter Asking for Increased Aid to Palestinian Authority Signed by 100 Congressmen with Help of AIPAC and Congressional Jews | AIPAC Traitors Case to Subpoena Rice | Six-Month-Old Baby Dies When Racist Israel Refuses to Allow Her to Reach Hospital | Israel's Sadistic Torture Treatments for Palestinians | Palestinian Authority Accused of Being Traitor, Negotiating a Jewish State Instead of a Palestinian State | OP/ED, Peace Will Not Happen, Because $3 Billions in AIPAC Funds to Isral Are So Profitable | Turkey Preparing Cross Border Strike into Iraq | No Forcing State Department Diplomats Into Iraq Now | Defense Department Decries Congressional Cut Off to Its Vast War Spending | Republicans Demand Retraction of New War Report that Iraq Will Really Cost $3.5 Trillion | Iran Halts Flow of Weapons into Iraq, U.S. General Says | International Atomic Energy Association Says Iran Report Supported by All U.N. Investigations | Chertoff's Neocon Border Plans Begin to Collapse as Mexican Invasion Violence Increases | 

November 16, 2007
| Super Zionist Rupert Murdoch Says Wall Street Journal Will be Free Now | Shameless FBI Agent and/or Creep Attacks the Dead, Allegedly Reveals Questionable 'Facts' About Saddam Hussein Now That the Abused President of Iraq Cannot Defend Himself | Fascist Government's FCC Now Wants to Increase Ability of Rich Zionists to Own Even More Newspapers, Radio Stations, and TV Stations and Step for Propagandizing the 98% non-Zionist Population | Israeli Spokesmen Set Unachievable Rules for a Peace Settlement | Pre-Annapolis Conference Negotiations Reach Crisis Stage | Hamas Cracks Down on Fatah Party After 250,000 Fatah Rally Ends in 7 Deaths in Gaza | Israel Braces for Nuclear Armed Iran | Abbas Says Israel Will Have Peace If It Ends Arab Occupation | Israel and Fatah Butt Heads in Nablus, Fatah Says, 'We Don't Want to Look Like Israeli Collaborators' | Heartless War Dictator, George W. Bush, Pushes Worthless War Waste Bills, Vetoes Domestic Spending on Health, Education, and Jobs | Hamas Leader Reveals Plans for Peaceful Agreement With Israel Constantly Rejected by Vicious Imperial Regimes in Israel and the United States | Hezbollah's Leaders Says Israel's War Games are Indications of War Preparation | Democrats Say $1.8 Trillion Spent on Iraq War By White House's Embedded Zionist Neocon War Mongers | PKK Kill 4 Turkish Troops, Turks Attack Iraq Villages in Revenge | Kuwait Prepares Security Plans as Region 'Boils' | New York Times Agrees With Long Time Jew Watch and Zionist News Positions that America Has Destroyed Its Democracy and Done So in Silence Over a War that Should Never Have Been Fought

November 14, 2007
| Zionist America Leaps Toward USSR Type of Government, No Privacy Allowed | Super Zionist Christian John Hagee, 3rd Most Influential Preacher Today, Denies Christ Was the Messiah | Blumenthal Sees AIPAC and Foxman as Embracing an 'Anti-Semitic' John Hagee | Treated as Christian Zionist Hero, Hagee's 'Racist' Address to AIPAC | Protesters Say Hagee Is a War Monger and Terrorist in Christian Clothing | Zionists and Non-Zionists Wary of Hagee, Jewish Adherents Have Discussed the Zionist Christian Movement with Doubts, Fears, and Suspicions | Non-Zionist Christians Lobby White House for the Palestinian Cause as Hagee Turns Up the Lobbying Heat | Jews Fear Hagee Will Evangelize the Jewish Zionists Next, Stealing Away Their Dues Paying Members | Wikipedia on Christian Zionism | Christian Zionism Dot Org | High School Principal Cancels Palestinian Dance Group | Apartheid Israel Wants National Service from Arabs | Racist Israel Will Cut Back Electricity to Gaza | Abbas Grasping to Stay in Power Calls Annapolis Meeting Historic | Hamas: We Will Take Over West Bank If Israel Pulls Out | Israeli Politicians Against Olmert Annapolis Visit | Smuggling of White Prostitutes into Israel Declines | The Zionist Master Spy Who Wants Israel to End Confrontations and Begin Dialogs with Neighboring Nations | Pakistani Democracy Killer Musharraf Lies, Cites 'Terrorism' and 'Al Qaeda' to Extend Emergency Dictatorship Without End | 

November 12, 2007
| Controversial Zionist Judge Mukasey Sworn in as Attorney General for 98% Non-Jewish America | 2008 Defense Authorization Bill HR 1585 Title XVI NATIONAL GUARD ENHANCEMENT Authorizes Potential Military Death Squads Be Used in America in Case of Local Rebellions Against War Criminal Government in Washington | Norman Finkelstein Speaks on Zionism's Many Crimes at Princeton U | Sadistic Israel Plans Major Gaza Invasion | Zionist Christians Split on Republican Candidates, Threaten Possible 3rd Party Move | Communism Was Jewish | The ADL Expresses Appreciation of U.N. Investigation of Rockets Fired Against Israel As Though Anyone in the World Would Even Care what the ADL Wants | Jewish Democrats Use Robertson's Endorsement of Guiliani to Express More Bigotry and Religious Hate Against Christian Republicans | Christians View Robertson's Sedition Point-By-Point, Protests Planned at Christian Broadcasting Network | Israel Fears U.N. Forces in Lebanon Might Down Size | Israeli Terror Nation Seeks to Partition Iraq | A-Zahar of Hamas: As Soon As Israel Leaves Gaza, We Will Rule It | America and Its Israeli Master Agree to Joint Conspiracy Against Iran | U.S. To Interfere in Internal Affairs at Nablus, West Bank | 'Apocalypitc Scenario' if Egypt, Saudi Go Nuclear Says Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister, Avigdor Lieberman | Arabs Urge Tightening of Boycott Against Israeli Terror State | Younger Jews Alienated Against the Israeli Terror State | Terrorist Israel Indicts Palestinian for Merely Contacting Hezbollah, An Active Social Service Organization and Invasion Repelling Force in Lebanon | As Economy Crumbles, House Sends Bush $50 Billion More to Fund Even More Killings of Innocents in Illegal Iraq 'War for AIPAC and Neocons' | Case Against War Objector Crumbles, U.S. Terror Nation Receives Adverse Decision | Ms Bhutto Under House Arrest Surrounded by Fascist Pakistani Troops

November 10, 2007
| Christian Leader Pat Robertson Endorses Rudy 'Mr. Abortion' Guiliani | New Cold War: Russia's Parliament Votes to Scrap U.S. Arms Treaty | Israel's Foreign Ministry Lamely Accuses U.N. of Helping Iran: "Elbaradei Playing into Iranian Hands" | Afghanistan Rocked by Northern Bombing and Assassination of Sayed Mustafa Kazimi, 45, Who Was Rising Shi'ite Star | Nazi Hunters Still Generate False Money from Sucker Donations | Zionist Sarkozy Warns Collapsing US Dollar Risks Trade War | Zionist Stock Collapse as Prices Plunge With Dollar, Credit Concerns Grow, Financial Stocks Drop, Dow Down 360 | GM Shares Slide, Record $39 Billion Loss | U.S. Slams Israel for Raids to Embarrass Palestinian Security Forces Assigned to Protect Regional Conference | Anti-Democratic Israel Invades Town Near Nablus, Demolishes Private Home, Detains 25 Activists | Israel Builds New Armed Jewish Fortress inside Non-Jewish Palestine, Lies about Wanting Peace | U.S. Congress Gives $155 Million in Military Secret Missile Weapons to Israel Despite Regional Objections | Fatah Party Criticizes Cruel Israeli Raid of Palestinian Concentration Camps, Says Proof Israel Does Not Want Peace | Court Delays Israel's Inhumane Destruction of Gaza Strip's Electricity in Lawsuit by Humanitarian Groups | Hezbollah Reacts to Israeli Military Maneuvers with Armed Strength of Its Own | Iran Objects to Interpol Being Used as Political Whore by the US and Israel to Erroneously Paint Citizens as Terrorists | Poll Finds Olmert Most Corrupt Politician in Israel 2nd Year in a Row | UN Demands Israel Cease 8 Days of Illegal Flights into Lebanon | Israel Intensifies Its UN Hate Rants for Selfish Propaganda Purposes | 

November 7, 2007
| Pakistan's Fascist Dictator Musharraf Arrests 100 Attorneys Protesting End of Democracy | Illegal Paki Government vs. Protesting Pakistani Attorneys, The Bar Tells Lawyers to Go Home, Do Not Attack the Government or It Will Arrest and Neutralize You | Musharraf Thumbs Nose at US Government Showing Its Weakness | Israeli Puppet Abbas Told to Betray His People and Support Peace Process for Israel's Monetary Support of His Illegal Crumbling Government in West Bank | Turkey Gets Soldiers Handed to Them By Kurdish Leaders, Then Accuses Them of Being a Part of the Problem | Turkey to Meet with U.S. in Washington to Discuss Crisis in Iraq's Kurdish Sector | Zionist Citicorp CEO Resigns, Replaced by Zionist & Former Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin | Democrats Lied, Hand Blank Check for Iraq War to Bush | Petrochina Triples First Day on Market, Reaches $1 Trillion Surpassing Exxon and General Electric Combined | Egypt Puts Famous 19-Year-Old Boy King Tut on Display with Face Revealed to Public View  for All People of the Mideast, Whether Zionist or Non-Zionist, to Visit, Respect, and Memorialize in Common | Prime Minister Olmert Slams Zionist Rightwing Extremists' 'Flood of Hatred' | European Colonial Powers Deceptively Sound Democracy Alarms, Pretend to Warn Musharraf | Bush and Rice Issue False Alligator Tears Against Musharraf as Political Press Op | Britain Pretends to Warn Musharraf for Press Corps Use | Putin Sees West as Threat to Russia and Entire World, West's Colonial Powers Seek to Tear Russia and World Apart, Enslave All Nations, Steal Entire Planet's Natural Resources | 80% of Adults Now Use Internet Regularly - Traditional Zionist News and Entertainment Monopolies Bleed

November 5, 2007
| Pakistan President Fires, Replaces Supreme Court, Suspends Constitution, Elections, and Democracy in Probable Undercover CIA Plot... | CIA's Anti-Democratic Dictator Musharraf Self-Servingly Declares, 'I Cannot Allow Pakistan to Commit Suicide' | America's State Department Media Lie for Today: 'We Are Deeply Disturbed...' | The Reason for the Coup: Taliban Making Headway, Opposed Musharraf as CIA Colonialist Pawn | Musharraf Blames 'Judical Interference in Government,' Which Translated Means, 'The Court Disallowed My Attempt to Remain Dictator of Pakistan Forever' | American CIA Puppet Regime in 'Super Bank Nation of Bahrain' Says Iran Trying to Gain Nuclear Weapons, Destabilizing Mideast |  Holocaust Believing Simon Wiesenthal Center Interferes With, Subverts Sovereignty in Non-Jewish Democratic Serbia Using Routine Anti-Semitic Publicity Stunt | Greedy Zionist Bankers Lose Stock Values Worldwide, Fear Coming Monetary Panic as Money Woes Spread | Top Analyst Says Thugs at Pro-Zionist Citicorp Threatened Her Life Because She Downgraded Citicorp Stocks in On-Going Atmosphere of Pro-Zionist Wall Street Intimidation | Fearing Forfeiture of Millions, Banker Leaps 27 Stories to His Death | U.N. Speaks Out on Israel's Inhumane Tightening of Already Criminally Inhumane Sanctions in Gaza | CIA Gives Israel Green Light to Further Destroy Gaza Over Typically Deceptive Zionist Intelligence Reports | World Press Does Not Believe American / Pakistan Statements on Ending Democracy | Rosenberg Tackles Zionist Gangs Attacking Walt and Meiersheimer, Authors of 'The Harvard Report' | 

November 3, 2007
| New Book by News Reporter Embedded in Green Zone Describes All Journalists in Iraq as Unquestioning Regurgitators of Army Lies | Israel Says Hezbollah Can Hit Tel Aviv | Foreign Service Officers at a Town Hall Meeting Embarrass Administration by Rejecting Mandatory Assignment to Iraq | Iraq Asks for Iran's Help in Curbing Kurdish Crisis | Iraq's Cabinet Approves Bill to End Security Contractor Immunity | Posting to Iraq By Bush White House Called an Unacceptable Death Sentence by American Diplomatic Corps | America's Zionist Proxy Wars Lead Democrats' Debate Issues | Britain Plans to Pull Out of Iraq Before Christmas | Scared, Bigoted Fatah Targets Hamas Mosque Clerics for Arrest | Zionist Globalist Failures Highlight Rice Crisis Trips to Turkey, Iraq, Palestine | Poland May Pull Its Troops Out | Scared U.S. Shares Intelligence on PKK Targets with Turkish Ally | Israeli IDF Thugs Kill 4 Non-Jewish Policemen in Station, Claim Okay as they Were Only Hamas Policemen | Israel, Palestine to Meet on Police Security Issues Hours After Israel Kills 4 Hamas Policemen in Station | Finally, Americans Begin to Understand the Danger of AIPAC, Christian Zionism, and Zionism in General as Enemies of Peace and Major Subverters of the Constitution | Hamas: We Will Seize Control of Left Bank in March | War Monger Bush Plans Large Aid Package for Fatah, Hamas Party's Nemesis | Official: Hamas Is Building an Army in Gaza | Zionist to Zionist / Bush to Democrats: 'We Are At War' | Kennedy Will Opposes Judge Mukasey | Rice Heads to Turkey for Talks on Border Crisis | Rice Makes Appeals to Her Diplomats for Her Enforced and Unwanted Slavery of Possibly Deadly Iraq Embassy Assignments | Commander Gates Admits It Has No Evidence Iran Actively Imported Deadly Projectiles into Iran in Story That Pretends Iran Has Been Behind Importation of IED's | Iraq Continues to be a Wrecked Nation on from White House Neocons' Fear and Awe Strategy | Candidate Obama Promises to Engage Iran Personally to Forge New Diplomatic Realities Beneficial to All Nations in the Region


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