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Jews have threatened our server host with what we believe are hate crimes, intimidation, and blackmail.

These Zionists have hit our server with thousands of denial of service attacks or DOS which have caused our host's server to shut down and forced many of his accounts to be off the internet as a result. This is an illegal and serious set of acts. It is known that most of the DOS attacks came directly from Israel.

Other Jews have telephoned, emailed, and sent reporters to ask him questions about Jew Watch, when he had nothing to do with us and never knew we were on his server.

What the Zionists have already done is illegal.

It is one thing to disagree with someone's publications, but it is another to attempt to shut down their presses through ideological intimidation as was done here.

These are hates crimes against us. They must end here and now. I am putting the ADL on notice. You cannot legally do this.

This hate crime against our civil rights of freedom of press and freedom of speech will be forwarded to the U.S. Attorney General for investigation. We hope he prosecutes you. However, since the Zionist Chertoff is the second in command, we feel certain that will not happen. Unfortunately, your control of our nation is nearly complete.

Our website may be unreachable as the new DNS takes hold sending visitors on the internet to our new server.

However, if this happens, and we don't think it will, in a day or two, you will always reach us.

Our services are increasing and our numbers are growing rapidly, because we supply the need for information. We also have added regular radio news and commentary programs about the Jewish Supremacy movement which we follow daily for you. That is our function.

Yours truly,

Frank Weltner, Librarian

Jew Watch at