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JW Advocate Program's Scholarly Response to the Outrageous Letter Sent by the ADL to The Washington Times on July 29, 2021

Our opinion letters in response follow...

JULY 30, 2021

All NEWS Media
JW Advocate Analysis

Dear Media Representative:

We were moved to near laughter by the letter dated JULY 30, 2021 to "Letters to the Editor" at The Washington Times.

In this letter, the ADL takes upon itself the self-declared right to critique the Washington Times for not censoring Tony Blankley's freedom of speech. We regret the expression of hate indicated in the arrogance they displayed in doing this.

It is bizarre for an organization representing so few to be so loud so often. The ADL represents only 2% of the United States. The ADL should act like a minority guest in our nation and be quiet.

It is regretted by Jew Watch Advocate Program that the ADL continues to embarrass itself by telling majority persons how to act in their own country. 

In criticizing Mr. Blankley's article, the ADL mentions the holocaust of 6,000,000 Jews but conveniently fails to mention that prior to that situation, the Jews had founded communism, financed the Red Revolution in Russia, and systematically murdered 11 times that number of Christians, more than 65,000,000 of them in the 20 years before World War Two when Hitler tried to stop their mass murder by invading the USSR in order to put them out of business there. 

ADL so-called truths are often open to conjecture. In addition, the ADL always commits a "sin of omission" when it refuses to discuss the tragedy of communism that Jews brought about from Karl Marx (whose real Jewish name was Mordechai Levy) to the Butcher of the Ukraine, Lazarus Kaganovich whose sister was married to Stalin as a convenient and brilliant political maneuver. The ADL has yet to mention Leon Trotsky (David Bronstein) who was an Americanized Jew who lived in New York City and starred in three Jewish films before taking millions of dollars from Jewish New York Bank, Jacob Schiff, to Petrograd to finance and run the Jewish controlled Red Revolution. Where is the ADL's affront over this? Not a word is said and it never will be said from the ADL which is a Jewish Misinformation Agency with millions of dollars of support money in its coffers.

JW Advocate Program suggests that the ADL spend its time and its huge budget apologizing for the 65 million Christian dead instead of pretending to be the "victim," because, in fact, it was Christians who were victim of Jewish aggression, Jewish genocide against the citizens of the USSR, and today by Jews who are the "Merchants of Terror of the Middle East" where they regularly bulldoze the homes of Arabs for something done by a dead relative, which is considered illegal by all of the nations of the world.


JW Advocate Program

JULY 30, 2021

Letters to the Editor
The Washington Times

We at JW Advocate Program regrets the ADL's letter to you dated July 30, 2004, which we have enclosed and placed on our website for all to see and analyze along with our responses to what we seen as obvious omissions and errors.

To begin with, Jew Watch Advocate Program expresses its observation that it is extremely bizarre for an organization such as the ADL which represents less than 2% of the people of the United States and who are a dangerous tribal minority based on the havoc they have waged in the world and nation through world history.

Second, the statements by the ADL that the Gulf News reporter was evidently in error in stating that "The Nazi campaign of genocide, which resulted in the deaths of six million Jews and others, has no parallel in history.  Nazi comparisons in a political campaign only serve to trivialize the Holocaust and to cheapen the level of political discourse in America ."

Let me remind you that the exact parallel in history to the minor Jewish holocaut in Germany was the systematic killing of 65,000,000 Christians by Jewish thugs who organized and ran the Soviet Union with an iron and unrelenting fist between 1919-1940. Because much of the media has significant Jewish influence, this far larger atrocity still goes unreported today in the presses for fear of angering the mere 2% of the American population who are, like the USSR murderers and many who advertise in the media, Jewish.

Nonetheless, what we interpret as the ADL's childlike letter is filled with shallow Jewish irony with the phrase "to cheapen the level of political discourse in America." Jews have always cheapened discourse by monopolizing the media and by buying the influence of most of America's major and minor politicians through donations which are really bribes. These donations or bribes bring with them the threat of canceling this money flow if the congressman says anything the ADL or AIPAC or some other Jewish organization does not like.

Representative Paul Findley is a perfect example. Mr. Findley is the poster child of a congressman who "stepped out of line" by criticizing Jewish influence and paid for it by forfeiting his seat to his opponent whom the Jews financed.

It is regretted by Jew Watch Advocate Program that the ADL continues to embarrass itself and to harass Jews and gentiles alike with such meaningless claims, errors in historical omissions, and especially in continuing to remain silent on the question of the far greater holocaust of sixty-five million Christians in the USSR holocaust, innocent people whom the Jews murdered while speaking constantly about the far smaller holocaust even though it is 11 times reduced in numbers, numbers which no longer add up, since they are reduced year by year by investigators and museum directors at Auschwitz. (The plague there went from 4.5 million to 1.1 million in recent years and the Russian archives indicate the real number to be 80,000 dead mostly of disease and old age.) 

Washington Times readers must always keep in mind that the ADL represents very few Americans, that its pronouncements and statements are almost always open to question, and that almost no one, except holds it to account for fear they might be further attacked. This is regrettable as these ADL comments may stifle freedom of speech and may portray the ADL as a type of authority figure when it really operates more like a Ministry of Propaganda that seems to enjoy acting as though it has power. In effect, any power such a miniscule and insignificant organization such as the ADL that represents only a part of a very tiny minority of a very tiny minority might have, it is only through the rest of society letting it get by with these types of absurd letters without a strong response that outlines the real truth.

The real truth is that 65 million Christians died at the hands of vicious Jewish Generals in the USSR such as Leon (David Bronstein) Trotsky, Lazarus Kaganovich, Gingrich Yagoda, Beria, and many others with bloodied hands which the tribe which supports the ADL wishes no one to see and seeks to misuse media to see that this situation of denial continues. 

So, who is the victim here?


JW Advocate Program


June 25, 2022

Letters to the Editor
The Washington Times
     July 29, 2004

To the Editor:


Tony Blankley's attempt to draw a comparison between the "group hate" he sees within the Democratic Party and the mindset of one of the chief architects of the Holocaust, Reinhard Heydrich, is inappropriate and offensive ("The hate cure," July 28).  The racist musings of a Nazi have no place in a column about anti-Bush sentiment at the Democratic National Convention.


Already, we have witnessed numerous attempts this election season by supporters of both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates to inject Nazi references and comparisons to Hitler into the campaign.  It is time to put a stop to such odious comparisons.


The Nazi campaign of genocide, which resulted in the deaths of six million Jews and others, has no parallel in history.  Nazi comparisons in a political campaign only serve to trivialize the Holocaust and to cheapen the level of political discourse in America .




Kenneth Jacobson

Associate National Director



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