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April 30
| Hamas Warns of New Intifada if World's Fledgling Democracy Fails | Israel Terror State Approves Worldwide Religious Blasphemy in the Construction of a Fence Around Zionist Policed Jerusalem | Moslem Watch: Israel Keeps Track on Iran and all Other Moslem Nations from Spy Satellite | 65,000,000 More Reasons for a New US European Holocaust Museum for the Victims of the Jewish USSR | The Israel Lobby Report and the Hate-Filled Libel It Caused from the Jewish Hate Industry | Israel's Spy Satellite Sends Sharp Images of Iran's Nuclear Facilities to Inquisitive Jewish Eyes | Zionist Genocide:  Israel's Ministry Bans Palestine's Christian, Moslem, and Jewish Patients in National Zionism's Hospitals | More Zionist Genocide:  Palestine Now Dangerously Low on Medications Causing Death and Suffering for All Who Reside in Zionism's Democratic Palestinian Prison Colony | Nixon Backed Off Israeli Nukes | Was the Recognition of Israel Contrary to U.S. National Interests? | Bush's Use of Israel as the Reason for the Iraq War Endangers Jewish Control of the USA | The Mystery of the Fifth Jew | Task Force:  Build Casinos on the Dead Sea | Criticizing Israel is Impossible | Because You are Not Allowed to Criticize Israel | 30 Israeli Airmen Have Consensual Sex with Local 13 Year Old Girl | Israel on USA's Own 'Jew Watch' List | USA Seeks to Mimic Israel's Ability to Corrupt Moslem Reporters with Combination of Bribes and False Information | 350,000 Israeli Flags Sold to National Zionist Patriots for 58th Anniversary of the Israeli Terror State's Independence |
April 29
| AIPAC Sends Former Jewish Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner to the Israeli Terror State for Brain Washing | Israel Bloodies Gaza | Remember How Bolshevik Jews Murdered 65,000,000 Christians in Russia During Holocaust Week | Israel's Apartheid Fences Making Life Unlivable for Many Christians, Moslems, and Jews in Palestine | Palestinian Territories of Christians, Moslems, and Jews Falls into Chaos Under Israel's Genocide Whip | Al Quaeda Offshoot Threatens Palestinian Leaders | Japanese Sumo Wrestlers Promoting Israeli Tourism | Rift Grows Between Al Qaeda and Moslem Groups | Plans Leaked for Israel to Join NATO | Olmert Calls Iran's President a Psychopath. So, Can We Talk? Who in His Right Mind Would Criticize Israel's National Zionist Killers of Hundreds of Thousands of Mostly Unarmed Moslems? | Hitler's Jewish 'Mischlinge' Soldiers | Polish-Born Jew Survived 10 Concentration Camps. So They Really Could Not Be Death Camps, Could They? | Iran Increases Nuclear Enrichment Level | We've Broken America's Back in Iraq:  Boasts Al Quaeda | CIA Floats B.S. Canard About Al Quaeda's Impending Decline as Iraq Blows Up From Inside | U.S. Officer Charged in Abu Ghraib Abuse Case | America Warned by Palestinian Leader: 'We Will Not Allow War Against Syria or Iran' |
April 28
| May Day! May Day! Hispanic Anti-American Invasion to Shut Down Cities May 1st, Day of Judeo-Bolshevism's Parades And It Pleases their Leftwing Jewish Controllers. | Connect the Dots to the Judeo-Hispanic Bosses, The Workers World Party | Elizabeth Terrill Bentley, Leftwing Jewry's Pro-Soviet 'Red Spy Queen' | Workers World Party's Jewish Leadership History in Wikipedia | Dangerous and Subversive Hispanic Radio Stations Cooperate with Their Leftwing Jewish Operatives to Play the Anti-American Hispanic National Anthem on May Day for Invading Spanish Forces Wanting to Take Back Parts of America for Mexico | The Growing Self-Admission of the Anti-American 'Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith' (The Jewish Tribe) and La Raza (The Hispanic Tribe) Subversive Connection | Nasty 'Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith' and Other Jewish Rhetorical Ferment Over 'The Israel Lobby'; Not One Jew Addresses the Real Question 'Should Israel Control the United States?' | Pro-Immigrant Jewish Owned CBS-TV Affiliate in Arizona Broadcasts a Racist Anti-Majority News Video Precisely Filmed to Defame the White Race (Click Link There to See Jewish Affiliate Racist Video) | HUAC's List of Mostly Jewish Communists | Theological Gentile Historian Openly Panders to 'Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith' Anti-Christian Hate Observation Group in Discussion of Religious Tolerance at Baylor University | Jewish Folk Singer Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary Fame Reflects on Life, Tolerance, and Goodness in General | Israel Terror State Vows 'Swift' Border Work | Israeli Mossad Floats Deceptive News that Poverty Stricken Hamas Is Nonetheless Rich Enough to be Increasing Its Rocket Arsenal (Without Having to Give Any Hard Proof to the Pro-Zionist Media, Of Course) | Intolerant Israel and Italy Intolerantly Investigate Intolerant Moslem Burning of Israeli Flags Calling It Too Intolerant to Tolerate | Iran Denounces Israel Election to UN Panel | Jewish Named 'Brandeis' University Community Newspaper Opinionates that Israel Must Renounce Violence and Recognize Hamas | Confronting Bravely the Hating Members of AIPAC'S Semitic Political Horde |
April 27
| Europe In Range of Iran's Newest North Korean and Russian Missiles | Ahmadinejad: No One Can Take Away Iran's Nuclear Technology | Sweden Calls Off NATO Exercise That Includes Israel, Then Seeks Meeting with Hamas | European Holocaust Remembrance Week:  For the 65,000,000 Gentiles Murdered by Soviet Jews, 1919-1940 | Indonesia Refuses to Play Fed Cup Playoff in Israel | Israeli Settler State Built on Bones of Palestinians Seeks to Starve Out Natives in Occupied Areas | Israel Orders Security Fence Plugged to Bar Suicide Bombers | Abbas Asks EU to Continue Funding Palestinian Authority | Israel Missile Program Is Failure | Who are the 2% Jews of the ADL with Their Racist Bias for Israel's Palestinian-Bashing Semites to Tell the 98% Non-Jews What is Going on Racially in America Concerning the 11,000,000 Unwanted Hispanic Invaders? | Israeli Flags Set Aflame in Italy Amid Yells of Zionists!,' 'Assassins!,' and 'Free Palestine!' | Prime Minister Olmert of Israeli Terror State Will Be Wined and Dined in AIPAC-Bought-And-Paid-For White House | Reform Judaism Kindly Tells Evangelicals Not to Pray and to Turn Off the TV Instead to Improve Their Children's Morals | Jerry Falwell Asks Rabbi to Open Religious Convocation Who Then Does So By Telling Shocked and Booing Believers that Abortion and Homosexuality Are OK | Governor Still Grovels to Grumbling Jews. But Why Did Illinois Appoint 5 Jews on Its Hate Crimes Commission in the First Place? | Israeli Fascist Troops Arrest Democratically Elected Palestinian Legislator in Zionism's Colonial Occupied Ramallah |
April 26
| Racist Jews Honor 6,000,000 Dead Jews in 'Holocaust' Yet Cruelly Deny the Massively Larger Jewish Red Commissar Murders of 65,000,000+ USSR Innocents, 1919-1940 | Poles and Jews Argue Over Possible Renaming of Auschwitz | Two Israeli Flags Burn in Italy | Al Qaeda Blamed for Egypt Attacks | Iran Threatens U.S. Interests Worldwide If Attacked | Off-Stage Temper Tantrums by Jew Alec Ballwin:  Broadway Actress Quits | Iranian President Threatens to Quit U.N. and Wipe Out Israel | Britain's 'Filthy Rich' Jews | Racist Venom from ADL Reveals Jewish Hatred for Palestinians | US Will Not Agree to Israelís Final Borders Based on Olmertís Plan and Narrow Political Victory | Olmert Dances Like a Political Puppet Before ADL, Calls Iran's President a Dictator | Israel Raises False Flag Alert | Israeli State Prosecutor Fears 19-Year Old Murderer of Son is Flight Risk | Emirates Will Fund Hamas | Europe Must Agree to Talk With Iran | Iran Could Hide Nuclear Program | The World's Big Six -- USA, Russia, China, Germany, France, and Britain -- Will Meet on Iran, May 2 | Jack Straw Warns Iran of Worldwide Sanctions if Nuclear Enrichment Does Not Cease | 8 Moslem Nations Meet in Indonesia to Discuss Iran | Iran Considers Leaving Treaty Behind | Senate Shifts $1.9 Billion in Iraq Funds to Border Patrols to the Chagrin of AIPAC | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 25
| ADL Denies Holocaust Remembrance Day for the 65,000,000 Russian Gentiles Murdered by the Jewish Red Commissars Who Ran the USSR | Let Us 'Never Forget' the 65,000,000 Dead Gentiles in the Jewish Run Russian Holocaust and Memorize the Jewish Names of Their Killers | See the ADL at Work, Smearing America's Two Most Esteemed Professors Whose Factual Work on the Israeli Lobby's Corrupting Influence on America is Widely Known by Everyone Even Before They Were Published. And After You Read It, Reaffirm in Your Mind Why Anything the ADL Says Should Be an Another Assumed Lie Until Proven Otherwise. | Meet the Face of Evil | It's Way Past Time To Check This | ADL Spews Dangerous Anti-American Race Hate at La Raza Meeting of Hispanic Subversives Painting Whites and Blacks Who Oppose Illegal Hispanic Immigration as Some Type of Dangerous Nazi Skinhead Extremist Fringe. But ADL Never Mentions to La Raza How Israeli Skinhead Nazi Race Terrorists Beat Up And Arrest Native Palestinians and Christians in Jerusalem Treating Them Like Second Class Hispanics. | Poverty-Stricken World War Two Jews Live Worse Than Concentration Camp Inmates in Israel | Israel Sees Nigerian Resources and People as Ripe for Increased Impoverishment, Enslavement, Corruption, and Exploitation | Israel Arrests Hamas Spokesman in His Own Homeland | Jewish Mafia and Gambling | Condoleezza Rice Warns Turkey to Stay Out of Pro-Zionist Occupied Kurdish Iraq | 'The Vietnam Syndrome' Raises Its War-Like Zionist Neo-Con Chomping Head | Pro-Zionist Iraqi Oil Bonanza Rip-Off Punctured by Corruption, Smuggling, Chaos, Sabotage | Zionist Diplomatic Egypt Arrests 30 Reactionary Moslem Brotherhood Terrorists for Gaza Resort Bombing | Sovereignty-Compromised Persian Gulf Nations Fear Response of Their Zionist USA Colonial Task Master If They Transfer Promised Funds to Hamas | Teheran Insider Tells of US/Mossad Black Ops and Other Covert Destabilization Actions in Iran | Israel to Launch 'Eye In The Sky' Over Iran | Iran Says It Is Ready to Share Nuclear Skills | Iran Would Speed Up Nuclear Development If U.N. Launches Sanctions | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 24

| Latest Israeli Deception:  'Iran Greatest Threat to Jews Since Hitler' | Israel's Puppet President George W. Bush Skids to 32% Approval | 'Israel Cannot Continue to Exist' | Hamas Threatens to End Truce With Israel | Middle East May Be Heading Toward Multi-Nuclear Diplomacy | Israel Remembers 6 Million Jews, But Still Denies the 65 Million Gentiles Exterminated by the Jews' USSR | Jordan's King Abdullah Calls on World to Order Israel to Disarm Its Nuclear Bombs | IDF Thugs Issue Another Deceptive Raised Alert for Iranian Rocket Attacks in Bid to Create False Uncertainty | UN Official Warns of Deterioration in Israel-Palestine Conflict | Israel's Jews should go home: Ahmadinejad | Israel Bloodies Gaza, Bethlehem | Katzav Says Iranian President De-legitimizes Israel in Moslem World | Hamas Advocates Destruction of Israel to Palestinians, But Different Speech Given to Western Nations |
April 23
| Kosher Anti-Semites:  Israeli Artists Staged a Contest for the Best Anti-Semitic Cartoons. The Results Are In. | Israel's State Sponsored Terrorism | Jews at ADL Desperate for Sympathy and Fund-Raising Flim-Flam Magnify a Few Anti-Semitic 'Incidents' Beyond Reason Despite Decreases in the Miniscule 1,757 in 50 States or Less Than 1 Minor Incident Per 170,745 Citizens Nationwide | National Intelligence Director Negroponte and Acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert To Address ADL Racist Bund Meeting in Washington | Jewish AIPAC Provocateurs Seek to Bind U.S. National Homeland Security With the Failed Security of National Zionist Israel's Mossad Thugs | Are Jews Not the World's Worst Holocaust Deniers? Holocaust Remembrance Day Meeting Makes No Mention of Jews Murdering 65,000,000 Christians in the Jewish USSR, 1919-1940 | Jews Take over Russia and Turn It Into a Jewish Dominated Killing Field for 65,000,000-100,000,000 Murdered Christian Innocents | Israel and Palestine Share Blame for 'The Philosophy of Death' | AIPAC Trial Unnerves Some US Jewish Leaders | Virginia Judge Allows Defense in AIPAC Trial to Summon Rice | AIPAC Trial Spotlights Murky Paths of Spy-Like Intelligence Gathering, Advocacy for a Foreign Power, and Corruption of the Highest Offices in American Government, All This by a Tiny 2% Boisterous Money-Grubbing Minority that Should Be Still and Remain Silent | National Zionist Wiesenthal Center Jewish Racist Bund Urges Germany to Declare Ahmadinejad Persona Non Grata | F.B.I. Seeks Access to Deceased Reporter Jack Anderson's Files. They May Contain Classified Materials Stolen by AIPAC Spies | AIPAC Lawyers Seen as Tossing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Into the Snapping Canine Jaws of Legal Court Dogs | Lawyers Say They Intend to Prove Secrets Leaked to AIPAC Came from Top Administration Officials | The Iraq War Was a Test of the Judeo-Con Vision of America. A Civil War There Could Seal the Fate of the Zionist Republican Party. | Cracks Appear Behind the Barbaric Gates of the Dictatorial Judeo-Con State |
April 22
| Are Jews Physical Wrecks? Think Again. Madelaine Albright Leg-Presses 400 Pounds | Russia Says No Iran Sanctions Without Proof | Hamas Appoints Anti-Zionist Leader to Head New Militant Force that Reports Only to Hamas | Anti-Israel Hamas to Have Future Meetings with Europeans | Abbas Outraged over Appointment of Militant Leader | Is It Back to Square One for the Jew Parade? Israeli Southern Flank Commander Says IDF Thugs Stand Ready to Reoccupy Gaza | The Day After Iran | Jew Arrogantly Criticizes Qatar for Human Rights Violations Similar to those His Own Tiny Israeli Colonial Empire Uses Against Its Captured 2nd Class Indigenous Palestinian Natives | Iran Has Become a Deterrent Power: Hassanein Heikal | Lebanon Wants Its Nation Whole Again: Demands Total Israeli Withdrawal | Palestinian President Abbas Vetoes Hamas Security Force Made Up of Militants | Under AIPAC Controlled U.S. Foreign Policies Oil Soars to $74 Per Barrel Raising Gas Above $3 Gallon | Israeli Wine Boycott and Rally in Montreal | Zionist Dominated Medical Science Conglomerates Race for Fantastically Profitable Cure as Pandemic Bird Flu Fear Spreads | No Good Military Options Exist for the Zionist-Induced Pseudo-Crisis Known as Iran | Noam Chomsky's Absurd 14 Erroneous AIPAC Theses | Catastrophe in Iraq: Collapsing Pro-Zionist European Puppet Regime in Colonized Iraq Appoints Head of Jihad as Compromise President | The Jews Who Run the HBO Propaganda Movie Mills | PAPER CLIPS: HBO Holocaust Propaganda Film Details the Problems of Collecting, Organizing, Maintaining, Housing, and Memorializing 6,000,000 Paperclips | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 21
| Catastrophe in Iraq: Pro-Zionist European Puppet Regime in Colonized Iraq Collapsing Amid Rising Ethnic Cleansing, Racial Separation, and Civil War | "Jesus Christ Superstar" Concert Cancelled Due to ADL's Continuous Anti-Christian Hatred | Jewish Editor Rob Eshman, Member of the 2% Racist Minority, Publicly Betrays America's 98% Majority to the Mexican Subversion | The National Zionist Israel Terror State Divestment Debate | Separation Clause Violated at Ithaca College by Presenting a Very Pandering 'Jews Only Program' Offensive to Millions of Christians Who Suffered in World War Two | Why Israel and US Interests are Not Identical and Telling the Truth Is Not Anti-Semitic | Hamas Cuts Stipends to Prisoners in Zionofascist Israel | Israeli Criminal State Extends Ban on Travel by Nuclear Informant Vanunu | Israeli Colonial Empire Spokesman Tries to Cause More Trouble, Accuses Democratic Hamas Party of Terror Connections with Iran, Offers No Proof | Western Diplomats Reject Moronic Israeli Accusations Against Iran | UN Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Hamas Fledgling Democracy | IMF: Growth in Israel Will Reach 4.2% in 2006 | The Israel Lobby, Anyone? Follow the Money Trail | Pravda: Israel May Strike Iran's Nuclear Facilities Before End of 2006 | Four Short Paragraphs from Bangladesh Fully Explain Israeli Chaos Phenomenon | Picture of Exactly How AIPAC Slapped Around America's Spineless Slinking Congressional Dogs this Week | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 20
| National Zionists in Tel Aviv Decide Not to Bomb Their Palestinian Colonies | Propaganda Deceptions Possible in Anti-Iranian UK Terror Report Published in Haaretz | Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal Says Put Equal Pressure on Nuke Fat Israel | Hamas May Appeal Palestinian Residency Rights to Israel Supreme Court | Questionable ADL Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Numbers Claimed for Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Show a Mere 69 Incidents, Hardly Enough for a Good Jewish Fund-Raising Drive | Tiny ADL Hate Bund Huffs and Puffs About a "Jesus Christ Superstar" Musical Concert at the Mostly Christian Historic Majdanek Labor Facility | Zionist-Americans in Connecticut to Fan the Fires of Anti-European Hate over Some Scientifically and Historically Unverified Jewish Views of Events in World War Two | Easily Removable Swastikas Were Sprayed by Possible Jewish Provocateurs onto Jewish Chabad House in West New Haven Resulting in News Propaganda | Perfectly Legal Freedom of Speech Flyers Discussing Social Chaos from the National Alliance in Durham Gain Outrageous Racist Glint from Jewish Pandering Police Eyes | Jordan Claims It Found a Hamas Weapons Cache, Using This as Its Frailest of Excuses to Cancel a Meeting with Hamas Ambassadors and at the Same Time Gaining Valuable Diplomacy Points with the Jewish Colonial Regime in Tel Aviv | Jewish Zionofascist Palestinian Land-Grab Deals Are Laced with General Zionist Intrigues Affecting Both Catholics and Moslems including Who is the Real Orthodox Patriarch of the Holy Sepulcher | Matisyahu is being hailed by the likes of Madonna and Rolling Stone Magazine as the World's First "Hasidic Reggae Superstar" | A Hasidic Migration into Surrounding Black Neighborhoods Renews Crown Heights Racial Tensions |
April 19
| Questioning U.S.-Israel Ties | Israel Swears in 17th National Zionist Parliament | Mccarthyism Redux: Avoid The Substance; Attack The Messenger | Bush Says All Options Are on the Table Concerning a Zionofascist U.S. Attack on Iran | Russia Still Opposed to Sanctions on Iran | Bush Won't Rule Out Nuclear Strike on Iran | Iran President Says U.S. Will Regret Any Attack Whatever on Iran | The Continuous Jewish Anti-American Conspiracy Circa 2006 | Another Trashy Grade B Pro-Semite Propaganda Film Opens to the Delight of America's Many Whacko Zionofascist Film Festivals | The Israel Lobby and Its Media Bulldozer that Smears All Opponents | Salon Magazine Confirms the Unprofessional Pro-Zionist Dino-Media's Attack on the AIPAC Report Authors | Are Israelís Interests in Americaís Interest? | Israel's Leaders Blame Hamas for Bombing | Hamas Blames Israel's Colonial Regime | National Zionist Regime in Tel Aviv Plans Reprisals | Rafsanjani: US Invasion of Iran 'Very Unlikely' | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 18
| Profits Shrink at Major Newspapers as Internet Savvy Americans Wise Up to the Criminal Zionist Agenda | Once Jews Were Slaves - Now Jews Are the Enslavers | Horrendous Photos of Deformed Moslem Births in Iraq's Depleted Uranium Dust Bin of Millions of Exploded Artillery and Rifle Shells Hurled by Europe's Pro-Israel Troops | Another Marine Realizes He Has Been Used by Washington's AIPAC Government | Scroll Down for Heart Rending Pictures of Israel's Useful American Idiots | Bolton and Bush Continue to Threaten Iran | Human Rights Organizations Condemn Israel's Hateful Bloodshed Inside Gaza | Nine Killed in Tel Aviv as New Knesset Takes Its Seats | Saddam Demands Graphologists Not from Israel, Iran | Harvard Crimson Shows Its Zionist Bias | Witness The Anti-American-Majority Made Up Of Mostly Jewish-Foreign Student Staff at The Harvard Crimson | How Strange That We Must Read "Mathaba News," an African Newspaper, to Access President Ahmadinejad's Own Words in His Address on Israel and Iran's Nuclear Program in their Entirety | Olmert Uses Tel Aviv Bomb to Seize Dictator Power in Streets as Israel's Cities Gain Fascist Road Blocks of Olmert's New Armed Police State | The US Israel and AIPAC Axis of Evil | Hamas Has Only 2-3 Months in Reserve to Pay Government Workers as Pro-Zionist Colonial Europe, Israel, and USA Block All Previously Promised Aid | New 'Christian AIPAC' Supports Palestinian Starvation | Don't Let Any Lobby Shut Down Debate | Professors Koppl vs. Dershowitz on Using Zionist Torture to Gather Intelligence | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 17
| IDF Thugs Place Innocent Palestinian Lives at Risk | Israeli Terror State Fires 2,000 Rocket Bombs into Palestinian Homes | Zionism Dangles Barghouthi as Kidnapping Bait for Blackmail Release of Jonathan Pollard | Zionist Puppet Pandemic Plan Protects U.S. Government Only | 'Iran Has Readied 40,000 Bomber Suicide Army' (Latest Zionist War Deception) | Iran Gives $50 Million to Hamas | Syrian Politician Says U.S. and Israel Are World's Worst Terrorists | Have Israel-America-EU Set Up Palestine for Genocide? | Israel Denies World's Youngest Democracy Right to Rally in East Jerusalem | Iran Denies Holocaust, Threatens to Destroy Israel, Elected to UN Commission | Israel Invades Gaza with Typical Tanks and Shtick, Claims Unsubstantiated 'Finds' of Planted Evidence of Planned Invasion | Pope Appeases Zionist Aggression, Says Israel Has Right to a European Colonial Nation in the Middle East | Israel May Be Polishing Wedding Ring Diamonds | Passover Tourism Up in Israel | Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Opposition Party Sees Iran Nuclear as No Threat to World | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 16
| Iran Warns All Zionist Occupation Armies that Iran Will Finish Any War That AIPAC's American Puppet Might Start | Iowa Votes to Officially Balkanize--Zionist Racial Experiment Is Disaster | Olmert Official Assumes Position as Successor to Israel's Terrorist Prime Minister Arial Sharon | Hamas Again Says Palestine Will Never Recognize Israel | Israeli Terror State Thugs Warn of New Bloody Invasions of Gaza | Shaul Youdkevitch, Head of Kabbalah Center in Israel Arrested for Fraud | Asefi Condemns U.S. Support for New Israeli Terrorist Killings in U.N. | Uber-Wardens of Israel Destroy Palestinian Hopes | Is Zarqawi Real or Deception | Jewish Master Race Dominates Mass Media Associations | Zionist U.S. Media Bias | In Europe Russia Stands Up Alone for Palestine | Hamas Rejects Sell-out Plans of Corrupted Arab Nations to Give-In to the Israeli Colonial Thugs | Ultra-Orthodox Judges Manufacture Several Excuses for Alleged 19-Year-Old Jew Who Killed His Son | Mel Gibson Re-Issues "Passion of Christ" to an Increasingly Embarrassed and Shunned ADL | Jews Who Collect Money for Their Own Mass Genocide Shtick | Hypocrisy Dominates What Remains of Jewish Inspired Leftwing | Pro-Zionist Comedy Central Bares Its PC Dental Work on South Park's Islamic Cartoon Episode | ADL & U.S. Holocaust Museum Conspire to Further Violate Church & State to Propagandize Police Departments with Their Absurd Minority Defined Jewish Views on Crimes Which Do Not Include any Serious Focus on the Jewish-Dominated USSR's Murder of 65,000,000 Innocent Gentiles |
April 15
| Jew Watch Featured in HBO/Cinemax's 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' Documentary on Cinemax Tonight | Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated | U.S. Zionist Puppet Regime Bans Money Going to Palestine | Judas Iscariot Superstar | Miniscule Jewish Minority Executives Who Control Women, Family, Sex, and Gender Issues Organizations for an Entire Nation of 98% Non-Jews | Does Iran's President Need to Wash? | Local Sheriffs Defy Zionist Puppets in D.C., Round Up Illegal Mexicans | Pro-Zionist Republicans Spew Political Immigration Deceptions While Selling Out a Sovereign Christian-America to Subversive Jews at AIPAC | Grieving Mother Calls on Blair to Condemn Shooting of Son by Israeli Defense Force Goons | 'But Israel Must Also Be Held To Account for the Deaths of Innocent Palestinians' | Two of Shin Bet's Hundreds of Murders in Cold Blood | 'The Zionist Regime is a Permanent Threat to the Middle East' | Iran Hosts International Conference to Raise Money for Palestinian Government | 'Act Now to Stop War and End Racism' Rally Formation Group is Exposed as an Operative of the Subversive Judeo 'Socialist Workers Party' | 'Lepke' Movie Presents Star-Studded Semi-Historical Insights into Pro-Zionist America's Well-Hidden Jewish Mafia | The Legendary Founder of Yiddish Theater, Abraham Goldfaden (1840-1908) | Mossad Spy Uncovering American Secrets Threatens to Spill the Beans | Jewish Entertainers from A-Z |  Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 14
| Zionist Nations Plan 'Long War' To Continue Vicious Colonial Hegemony | Soldier Says Iraq is Nazi War Crime | Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- World Must Treat Iran as a Bonafide Nuclear Partner | 'We Are Not Stopping' | Jewish Pornography | War Mongering and Misleading Pro-Zionist Report Says Iran Can Make Nuke in 16 Days Using 54,000 Centrifuges | High Semite Population of New York Under Possible Death Threat From Dangerous 911 Toxins... Developing... | Sen. Nelson Bill of Rights Traitor for ADL Subversive Hate Crime Law | The Largest Racial Hate Group | Israel Lobby Driving U.S. Middle East Policy | Israelis Must Be Held Internationally Accountable for Killings of Thousands of Palestinians | Racial Bias in B'nai B'rith Community Statement | Iran Showdown Shows Anti-American Power of Israel Lobby | 'Eliminating Israel is the Duty of Every Moslem' | Iran Buys 15,000 Automotive Alarms Made By Israel | Israel's Elections: A Decisive Vote for Apartheid | Israel Ends War Criminal's Leadership | Ancient Gold Bracelets Found in Israel | Small Jewish Confessions of a Birthright Traveler |
April 13
| Cinemax "Protocols" Movie Introduces Jew Watch to Millions | Storm Gathering in Iran | AIPAC Controlled White House Purposely Shelved Evidence Not Supporting Iraq War WMD Lie In Order To Please Its Neocon Zionists Within | How Judeo-Bolsheviks Ran the USSR as a Killing Field for 65,000,000 European Gentiles | Israel Will Continue to Hurl Terror Bombs into Gaza Homes, Producing Wounded and Dying Children | Israel's End Game Gambit Failure: Hamas Refuses to Allow Israel to Exist | Boston Globe Prints 100,000,000 Killed by Jews in USSR | Nuclear Fat Israel Casts Jealous Eye on Iran's Uranium Progress | Zionist Thug Invaders Stir Plate of Violence for Passover Celebrations, Celebrate the Cruel Killing of Innocent Egyptian Children 3,000 Years Ago. | 129 Patients Have Been Murdered by IDF Terrorist Military Thugs at Israeli Checkpoints | Jewish Hatred of Gentiles by Israel Shahak in Foreword by Gore Vidal | Exodus Remembered: Passover Inspires Parasite Jewish Concern for Immigrants (But None for Well-Being of Host Nation Citizens) | Feds Use 1917 Espionage Act to Prosecute Alleged AIPAC Spies | Racist Latino Rallies in USA Are Tied to Workers World Party Founded by the Judeo-Bolshevik Samuel Marcy | The Marxist Jew-Drenched Workers World Party |
April 12
| "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" Documentary Film Featuring Jew Watch is Now Playing on Cinemax | AIPAC Bribery: ZionoFascist GOP Chiefs Don't Want Immigrants Charged | Protesting the US Empire: Tourism in Pro-Zionist US Shrinks | Jewish-Dominated Gossip Journalism Scandal at NY Post Metastasizes, NY Times Prepares to End Its Own Jewish Sleaze-Ball Gossip Column | Zionist Control over Propaganda-Based Religious Cooperation Cells | Nuke, 'Blessings of God Almighty' | Detroit Meat Packer Defies Its Own ZionoFascist Globalism - Fires 15 Illegal's for Leaving Work to Attend Rally | Help Spread the Word About Jewish Supremacy to Millions: Join Jew Watch 'Friends' Blogging for New Jew Watch Readers Program | Anti-Zionist Civil War Spreads to Pakistan:  At Least 57 Killed | Arial Sharon's Fascist Regime Officially Ends as Israel Declares Former Terrorist Incapacitated | Deadly Artillery Duels in Zionist-Moslem Gaza Area | Minority-Controlled ACLU Caught in Attack Sleaze Against Majority Religious Interests | Judas Gospel Debate Continues | ZionoFascist Barbara Streisand Psychoanalyzes Fellow Judeophile George W. Bush | Paul Wolfowitzís Heart of Darkness | Israeli Soldier Jailed for Peeping at Women | British Attorney General Asked to Act on Men Shot in Gaza | IDF Goon Killed in One-Hour Gaza Shoot Out | Zionist Thugs Kill Girl In House Bombing | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 11
| Israel Looks to Complete Pullout by 2008 Before Bush Term Ends | Hopes Recede of Ending Mideast Bloodshed | Israeli Colonial Terrorists Segment Off Palestinian Areas | Another Little Girl Killed by Israeli Terror State | The Israeli Hebron Massacre Terrorist Act | Arab Allies Appeal to United Nations to Censure Israel's Gaza Atrocities | Israelis Evolve into National Racial Separatists | The History of Early Israeli Terror Attacks | U.K. Jury Rules British Photographer Unlawfully Killed in Israel | No Power Can Offset Muslims' Vigilance, Says, Russian Official | Hamas: Israel Severing Security Ties with PA is 'Declaration of War' | Google Secures Israeli Engineering Mastermind to Evolve Improved Search Engine | Globalist Zionism Rejects Imports for Israelis | Colin Powell Fears Power of Israeli Lobby, Despite David Gergen's Lame Influence Denial | ADL Hate Bund Gets Auschwitz Labeled as Made by Nazis, a Theme Important to Their Holocaust Propaganda |
 April 10
| Holy See Conspires to Shut Down Open Radio Discussions on the Crime of Jewish Supremacy | Pro-Zionist Vatican Steps Up Efforts to Censor Polish Millionaire Priest | Are the 3 Alabama Boys Who Burned Baptist Churches Pro-ADL Jews? If So, Where's the Zionist Media Coverage? Where's the ADL Outrage? | The Complex Jewish Kabballah | Zionist Puppet U.S.A. Considers Use of Nuclear Weapons Against Iran | Tyson Foods to Close Plants During Illegal Immigrant Strike Monday Which is an Admission They Deal With Jewish Supported Illegals. Answer? Don't Ever Buy Tyson Chicken. | Zionist-American Global Cabal Weakening: American Blacks Angry Over Latino Takeover | Meet the Jew Killer Leon Trotsky | Israel Orders New Human Rights Restrictions on Palestinian Indigenous Peoples | Israel Calls Hamas 'Hostile Entity' & Commits More Acts of Terror in West Bank & Gaza | Israeli Hate State Polarized Along Religious Grounds | Israeli Deception Specialists:  Fatah Not Hamas Rocketing Israel. But Who Knows?  Who Cares? | Has Ahmadinejad Miscalculated? | Palestine on Alert After Israeli Terror State Murders 16 Last Weekend | Israelis Threaten No Work for Occupation Protesters | ADL Zionist Bund Invited to Speak at College of Charleston's Arnold Hall on Middle East Issues. Would You Honestly Bet on Fairness for This College Event? |
April 9
| Six More Dead in Grotesque Day of Israeli Killing in Gaza | 'Gospel of Judas' Discovered After 1,700 Years | Feds Close in on Jewish Extortionists in New York Post's Gossip Scandal | Forest Suspiciously Set Afire by Unknowns Near Suspected Nuclear Site in Iran Capital | Jewish Control Inter-Faith Agencies Designed to Promote Zionist-Christian Ideology | Somber Report of Citizen Discontent in Zionist Occupied Iraqi | Weather of Minor Biblical Proportions Punishes aWayward Israel | Jordanian Press Association Bans Israel to Its Reporters | Does Israel Conduct Covert Action in America? | Meet Barwan Barghouti, the Top Man on Israel's Assassination List | Historic HUAC Report on Communist Jews | PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh Defiant in Facing Israel | How Deep is All This Blood? | Israel Rains Terror from the Sky Upon 30 Moslems | The Newest Ancient Religion Against Jewish Hegemony | German Minister Says Iran's Forensic Holocaust President Would Be Welcome to Come for World Cup Games | Abbas: Olmert's 'Convergence Plan' Means More War | Israel Crisis: Olmert to Begin Relocating Some Settlements Even Without Agreement |
April 8
| NY Daily News Says Jewish Gossip Columnist, Jared Paul Stern, Allegedly Offered New York Billionaire a "Free Pass" For One Year in Rival New York Post Gossip Section for $220,000 | Jewish Lies of Omission in Columbine School Coverage | Reuters Video: Shin Bet Arrests Palestinian Cabinet Member | Jewish-Globalist Immigration Plot Fails; Senate Supports Millions of Gentile Letters; Refusal to Give America to Mexico | Pro-Zionist Bush Administration Does Not Challenge Zionist Scooter Libby's (Liebowitz) Leak | Jewish Torture of Political and Religious Persons in Biblical Times | Hamas Prime Minister Rejects Recognizing Israel Despite Racist Sanctions Against Palestine's Fledgling Democracy | Alone and Broke, Hamas Struggles to Rule | Pro-Zionist United States Which Now Runs Its Own Mossad Torture Prisons Will No Longer Participate in U.N. Human Rights Council | Zionist-Colonialist Apartheid Wall Dooms West Bank Farmers | Israeli Terror State's Genocidal Massacre at Qana | U.N. Failures and Loss of International Respect by Zionist-Controlled United States Seen in Human Rights Council Decision | Israeli Terrorist Regime Murders Palestinian's Family Members | Israel Systematically Killing Palestinians in Genocidal Holocaust Program | The Rotary Club and Other Zionist Plots by Mona Charon | Hitler Nazi Museum Bad, Herzl Zionism Museum Good | The Shameful Attack on Free Speech by Jews at Harvard and Chicago Universities |
April 7
| More Debate Over Harvard's AIPAC Report | Inquest Rules Young British Film-Maker "Murdered" by Israeli Soldier | Pro-Zionist Irving Louis Liebowitz (Scooter Libby) Rats Out Bush and Cheney | The Jews and Bolshevism | Israel Illegally Transferred Classified Anti-Missile Technology to China for Profit | ABC Video: Liebowitz "Outing" the President | Zionism's Final Borders | Iran's Supreme Commander Tells USA to Leave the Region | Ralph Reed Dirtied From Jack Abramoff's Less Than Clean Jewish Soap | French Students Greet Germans With Nazi Salute | Zionist Yossi Olmert, Brother of Israel's Prime Minister, Tries to Restart His Embarrassing Life of Financial Wreckage in New York City | Zionist Science Video: Jesus May Have Walked On Submerged Ice | Jack Abramoff's Rabbit Hole to "Jewish Scandal Hell" Deepens | U.K. Increases Weaponry Shipments to Israel and Other Civil Rights Abusers | Jewish Senator Feingold Pushes Censure of President Bush for Committing Constitutional Violations | He Became the Pope Due to Nazi Past | The Burgeoning Jewish Mafia Lies Surrounding "Super Zionist" Jack Abramoff's Crimes | Iran's Holocaust Denying Prime Minister Considers Trip to Germany | Jewish Senator Feinstein Supports "Do Nothing Immigration Bill" Which Will Turn Her State Over to the Mexican Invasion | Dr. Claire Berlinski's Wishful Jewish Apocalyptic Vision of a Third World European Junk Heap | "Intuition" is the Latest Jew, Jew, Jewish Medical Sci-Fi Novel by Zionist Allegra Goodman | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 6
| Hundreds of Hasidic Jews Riot in Brooklyn | ADL's Pathetic Anti-Semitism Bitch-Fest Report Shows only 1,775 Mostly Minor Incidents and Possible Semitic Hoaxes in All 50 States Or Less than 35 Per State Which Means With ADL's $45 Million Budget, the Fat Cat ADL Collects More Than $25,000 Per Incident or Hoax | Crazed Israel Seeks to Kill President Abbas of Palestinian Nation | Associated Press Video Shows Israel's Outrageous Attempt to Kill Palestine's President Abbas | Instead of Divesting from Israel, Intel Signs $810 Million Mfg. Agreement To Mfg Your Computer's Security Sensitive Chips in the World's Spyware Capitol of Israel | ADL May End Its Hate Industry Fund-Raising Business:  Finds only 45 Anti-Semitic Incidents in Six Midwestern States--Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota | Zionists Defame Christianity | Ten More Dead in Chaotic Mossad-War-Lashed Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq | Associated Press Video of Shows the Continuous Blood Letting in Pro-Zionist Occupation of Baghdad on Tuesday | Israel's Olmert Says His Miniscule Minority Win Means Acceptance of Kadima's Plan | Saddam Blasts Zionist Show Trial and Testifies the Occupation's Pro-Zionist Shi'ite Ministry Has Killed Thousands of Iraqis | ADL Hate Bund Attacks Christians | Saddam Exposes Ethnic Tension Exploding in Zionist Occupied Iraq in Context of Occupation Government's Genocide | New Zionist Horror Charges Against Iraq's Only Duly Elected President Saddam Hussein Based on Historically Weak Mossad Disinformation about Unproven Kurdish Genocide Accusations | NY Semitic Senator Charles Schumer Seeks to Stop Misguided IRS Plan to Sell Taxpayer Information |
 April 5
| Venezuela's President Chavez Nationalizes Pro-Zionist Corporation Oil Fields | Anti-Israeli Jews from Teheran Meet with Jewish Community in Russia | Jews Control Other Ethnic Organizations | Israeli Genocidal Takeover Plan Gains Two More East Jerusalem Houses from Palestinian Owners Using Arab Buyer | Kadima & Labor Forge Israeli Terror Coalition Government to Continue War Against Palestinian Christians, Moslems, and Jews | The History of Jews, Christians, Islamics, and Lamb Chops | Israel Accused of Obstructing Justice in Murder by Israeli Soldier of British News Cameraman | Civil Rights Team Investigates Anti-Israeli Bias Among Informed College Students Based on Flimsy Accusations | Political Organizations Controlled by Pro-Zionists | Israeli Terror State Confiscates Land From Palestinian Nation | Jewish Press in America Silences AIPAC Report Through Refusal to Print or Cover It | Russian Anti-Semitic Attacker Files for Reduced Sentence Based on Mental Illness | Israeli Joins India in Manufacture of Helicopters | Attorney General of Israel Calls on Chief Rabbi to Resign Due to Scandals | Zionist Liars Spin Web of Deceit About Iran and Hezbollah | Fractured Iraq Would Create Problems for Zionist Terror State | Largest Israeli Bank Breaks Ties with Occupied Palestine | Both Sides Would Go Nuclear | Jewish Senator Charles Schumer Accused of Racism in Dubai Deal | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 4
| Anti-Semitic Paranoia at Harvard | Benjamin Franklin's Jewish Prophecy | Brain Dead Sharon Scheduled for Reconstructive Surgery | Nazi Salutes and Racism at German Soccer Games | Jew Spins Harvard Report as Screed in Jerusalem Post's Disinformation Piece | Zionist-Free Chinese Press Says Militants Shelled Israel in Response to Murder of Palestinian Leader by Jewish Killer Soldier Elites | 'I Dream of a Map Without Israel' | Sharon Will Be Declared Permanently Incapacitated | Nation & Race by Adolf Adolf Hitler | New Christian AIPAC Israel Lobby Will Be More Powerful than Newly Bashed Jewish Version | Anti-Christian Media War Conference Trivialized by Media Bigots | ADL Monitors Right Wing Christian Groups Then Criticizes Iran for Monitoring Bahai Religion | Jewish Lies and Ironies in the AIPAC Report Wars | Iran Tests 2nd Warship Torpedo in Straits of Hormuz in Two Days | Nuclear Iran by 2007 | Zionist Occupied Iraq Much Worse Off than Under Saddam | Pro-Zionist Seattle Press In Totally Non-Objective Coverage of Protest | Jewish Pride Worldwide Campus Center for Jewish Racists at Columbia University | The Monster of the Jewish Ghetto |
April 3
| Pro-Zionist Sen. Joe Lieberman Supports Legislation that Would Eventually Give the USA to Mexico Through Immigration | Israel's Diamond Oligarchs Clean Up Tarnished Image with New 'Israel Diamond Branding' Strategies | Jew Senator Dianne Feinstein Offers Speech Restricting Border Control, Supporting Mexico's Almost Completed Takeover of California | Fatah Gunmen Continue to Defy Hamas Government's Order to Stay Off Streets | Small Israeli's Lemon Grass Farm Becomes Alternative Cancer Mecca | New York Farm Bureau Supports Jew Senator Schumer for Exploitation of Scab Migrant Labor | Globalist Pro-Zionist Schumer Delays Chinese Goods Tariff | Jewish Terror State's West Bank Dream Ends | Hamas and Israel Ignoring Themselves | Jewish Senator Lieberman's Run  Faces Test of Pro-War Stance | Hamas Squats on Jewish Terror State's Post-Colonial Hopes | Jew Gives Ethno-Centric Views on Israel and Its AIPAC Trojan Horse | Jewish Prison State Guards Violently Assault 240 Negev Prisoner Victims with Gas, Rubber Bullets, and Billy Clubs | Zionist Media Propaganda Victims in America Remain Compliantly Pro-Israel | Pro-AIPAC Reporter Tamar Jacoby Discusses Fellow Tribal Member Arlen Specter's Racist Pro-Immigrant, AIPAC, and Anti-Majority Legal Program | Tamar Jacoby's Globalist Immigrant Absorption Prejudices That Are Destructive to Long-Term Majority Interests | Tom Welling Beats Out Jewish Actor Ben Affleck for Chance to Deep Kiss Brad Pitt in Gay Old Testament Movie | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 2
| Washington Post's Richard Cohen Now Says Bush Lied to Start Zionism's Hateful Iraq War | Pro-Zionist Condoleezza Rice Denounces 1,000 Errors | Behold, The Jewish Crushing of All Dissent | Letter Violates Australia's Jew Crimes Law | Fatah Party Militants Flourish Rifles Defying Hamas Authorities | Jews and the Black Holocaust | Pro-Zionist Elie Weisel Accused of Hate Abuses Against Catholic Leaders in Press | Zionist Army's Propaganda Team Convinces Released Hostage Jill Carroll to Retract Statements | Anti-Semitism Surges Among African French | Canada's Pro-Semitic Museum of Human Rights Hypocrisy | ABC Suspends Pro-Zionist Producer Over Trivial Bush-Bashing / Jew-Bashing E-Mails | Studies About the Jewish Control Over the Black Holocaust | Editor Slaps Hate-Filled Jews Attempting to Dishonestly Smear Scholarly Harvard Report | Israel Dislikes Russian Foreign Minister's Comment that Israel Hypocritically Erred on Refusing to Recognize Democratically Elected Hamas | Palestine Urges International Community to Pressure Israel to End Escalation of Violence | U.S. Intelligence Spreads Unfounded Lies About Probable Iran Terrorism in Event of a Strike | Iran Test Fires Multiple Warhead Missile | Iran War Will Start Over a One Trillionth of a Gram | Iran Condemns Israel's Most Recent Terrorist Assassination | Germany's Pro-Jewish Dictator Court Removes Zundel's Defense Counsel |
April 1
| How Jews Target, Penetrate, Assume Position, and Compromise European Civil Rights Organizations | Civil War Two: Anti-American Jewish Supremacy Press Monopolies Black Out School Closings | The Future of Israel in the Post-Zionist Era | U.S.S.R. Jewish Genocidal Killer General Gingrich Yagoda of the Petrograd Horror | Brainwashed Press Focuses on Nazi Salute of City Councilman, Ignoring Merits of His Protest | Jewish-Promoted Immigration Produces Mexican Flag Burning at School | Three Quakes Damage Anti-Zionist Iran | Jewish Newspapers Scam Advertisers with Fraudulent Circulation Figures by Printing and Dumping Their Newspapers | Mossad Provocateurs Achieve Bloody Infighting Between Competing Palestinian Militants | Never Trust a Jew:  Tom DeLay's Aide to Plead Guilty in Expanding Super Zionist Jack Abramoff Scandal | Pro-AIPAC Secretary of State Admits 1,000 Tactical Errors in Iraq War | Jewish Genocidal Killer Lavrenti Beria of the Jewish Founded and Run USSR | ADL Hate Group Accuses Syria of Giving 'Aid and Comfort' to Holocaust Deniers | Principal Who Raised Mexican Flap Jack Faces Discipline | Zionist Promoted Immigration Chaos Increases as Patriotic White Boy is Detained for Flying School's U.S. Flag Upside Down Beneath Mexico's Flag | Israel 'Illegitimate Child' of U.S. Has Massive Nuclear Toys | Hamas Sworn In Amid Mounting Zionist Acts of War | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links


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