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May 31
| Der Spiegel Interviews President Ahmadinejad of Iran Who Openly Opposes the Jewish Middle Eastern Colonial Empire of Israel | U.S. Pro-Zionist Troops in the Lost Colony of Iraq Kill Pregnant Woman Rushing to Hospital | Racist Hate-Filled Anti-European Jews Demand Aryan Statues Commissioned by Adolph Hitler Be Covered Up for World Cup Games. How Absurdly Out of Line Can Some Jews Get? | U.S. Zionist Puppet Empire Outlines New Plan to Contain Iran's Upstart Anti-Empire Nuclear Resistance | Filed Under 'Who the Heck Really Cares What ADL Thinks' About Anything We Can Now Read, The 'ADL Slams Ontario Unionís Vote to Boycott Israel' | Israelis Continue to Pester UK Charity and Hold Its Representative Captive for an Alleged Relationship with the Duly Elected Hamas Party in Israel's Palestinian Colony | The Israeli Terror State:  World's 20th Strongest Economic Power | Israeli Genocidal Apartheid Wall's Victims Caught in the Vicious Web of the Zionist Terror State | Israel's Main Rabbi Pissed:  Snubbed in Brussels | Israel Deports International Human Rights Lawyer Entering Israel to Try Israel's Soldiers for Known War Crimes | Lost Colony of Iraq Declares State of Emergency in Basra | Zionist Puppet President Bush Dashes Hopes of Withdrawal of Troops from the Lost Empire | Pro-Zionist British Military Desertions Triple Since the War for the Lost Colony in Iraq Began | Chaos Against Pro-Zionist Military Forces Explodes on Both Lost Colonial War Fronts--In Afghanistan and Iraq | Aid to Victims of the Pro-Zionist Forces in Iraq Is Practically Non-Existent as Number of Suffering and Displaced Moslems and Christians in Area Rises | Daily Report of the Mayhem, Destruction, and Death in the Lost Colony of Iraq | Americans Pepper Sprayed and 22 Arrested in Large Protest of War Drawing More than 100 Patriots Against the Pro-Zionist Middle Eastern Empire at Seattle Shipping Docks | Reports of New Atrocities Haunts U.S. Forces in Iraq |

May 30
| Debacle in America's Lost Iraqi Colonial Empire Deepens: Desperate Allies Rush in Another 1,500 Pro-Zionist U.S. Puppet Soldiers from Kuwait | Communism's Jewish Founders | 71 Dead Journalists in Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq in 3 Years Making It More Deadly Than Either World War Two or Viet Nam | How Jewish Marxists Destroyed Senator Joseph McCarthy To Save Themselves from Even More Exposure | Is Super Jewish Hero Ben Affleck Capable of Being Felled by a Mere Headache? | Was the Founder of Israel a Communist? Would You Expect Otherwise from Such an Historical Jewish Founder? Here Are Israel's First Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion's Fabulous Marxist Artifacts | Car Bombs and Other Attacks Kill 54 People in Deadliest Day inside the Lost Middle Eastern Empire in Weeks | America's Allies Dwindle as Italy and South Korean Cut Troops to the Judeo-Con Puppet's Rapidly Dying Colonial Catastrophe | Orthodox Jew Named Lee Bienstock, 23, Becomes a Finalist on 'Apprentice' TV Show: Will Donald Trump Chose a Jew Over a Gentile? We Don't See Why He Wouldn't. Stay Tuned. Developing... | Ex-Mossad Chief Breaks with Israeli Government: Suggests Recognizing Hamas Without Demanding It Make Assurances on Israel's Existence | Palestinian Patriots Try and Execute Pair Accused of Collaborating with the Israeli Terror Empire | Christians and Moslems in Palestine: "We are one people with one problem, Israel, and we trust in God" | IDF Thug Jews Murder 7 Palestinians, Then Issue Unsupported and Lame Propaganda Lies Filled with Precise Weapons List to Support their Mossad Spin | Murder of 7 Innocent Gaza Citizens by Israeli Terror Forces Cloaked by Mossad Lies Saddens Christians and Moslems Who Witnessed It | Israel's Psychopathic Jewish Soldiers Purposely Shoot Unarmed Reporters and Medics | Alabama Paper Dutifully Sucks Up to the Highly Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center's Multi-Million Dollar Anti-Majority Hate Propaganda Mill | Jews at the Southern Poverty Law Center Stir the Anti-Majority Jewish Racial Smudge Pot: Desperately Attempt to Merge Immigration Opponents With Neo-Nazis and Klansmen for a Most Willing Time Magazine Reporter | Pot Kettle Black:  Jewish World Congress Condemns People for Condemning Unpopular Views Despite Its Own History of Constantly Doing The Same | Chutzpah Happens:  Racist Jewish Freaks Demand Congress Match All Legislative References to Palestinian Refugees with Equal References to Jewish Refugees for "Equity Reasons" Despite the Fact that For Years Jewish Refugees Have Been Mentioned in Laws and Forums With No Jew Ever Claiming Palestinians were Unfairly Left Out | Did Jewish News Mogul Barbara Walters Deny 6 Million? | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

May 29
| 'Americans Go Home!' -- 13 Dead and 100 More Wounded in Pro-Zionism's Failed Colony of Afghanistan's Anti-Empire Protests | Disgraced and Fired Jewish Atomic Scientist, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer |  Imperial Israeli Genocide:  Citizens of the Colony of Jerusalem Told to Quit Their Palestinian Authority Positions or Face Loss of Citizenship and Expulsion in Violation of U.N. Human Rights Laws | Dangerous Jewish Supremacist Domination of America's Mass Media Organizations | British Teachers Vote to Boycott Israeli Teachers | Christians and Moslems in Israel's Colony of Palestine Reflect on Recognition of the Illegal Israeli Horror | Report: Israeli Terror State Threatened to Bomb Beirut | Jewish Control of Mostly Neo-Con Think Tanks that Overwhelmingly Determine American and World Policies | Now You Can Search Jew Watch Easily With Alexa's FREE Toolbar | Canada's Largest Union Votes to Boycott the Israeli Colonial Empire | Racist Jews Send Letter to White House Asking for Perpetuating a 'Jews Only' Israeli Terror State | Israel Ceases Its Deadly Fire on Lebanon Without Offering Real Proof in Newspapers of Anyone Firing on Its Forces | Jewish Israeli Racist State's Fund-Raiser Turns Nasty with 30 Black-Draped Anti-Genocide Protesters Arrested | American Middle East Colonial Empire Continues a Most Dramatic and Deadly Decline | 2 UK Soldiers and 2 US Journalists Killed in Another Day of Death in the Crumbling Colonial Empire | Car Bombings and Shootings in Iraq Kill Another 30 People | Unintended Consequences of the Lost Post-Zionist Iraqi Colony:  Iran Now Poised to Become Iraq's Major Ally and Friend | Jewish ADL Severely Pissed Off Over Its Embarrassing Spanking in UK Academic Boycott of Israel | Christ-Denier Abraham Foxman of ADL 'Jews Only' B'nai B'rith Religious Racial Cult Bashes Christianity's Holiest Leader in Auschwitz for Not Pronouncing Foxman's Favorite, Most Dishonest, and Misused Racist Hate Word, "Anti-Semitism" | The Jewish Neo-Con Folly and the Wanton, Unwise Destruction of Iraq's Civilization | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

May 28
| More Than 1,000 British Soldiers Desert Rather Than Fight for Lost Iraqi Colonial War | Zionist Colony of Iraq Flirts With Its Own Civil War:  Bickering and Vacant Cabinet Ministries Plague Unworkable Pro-Zionist Government of Hateful, Quarreling Tribes | Jewish-Controlled White House Compares Illegal Immigration to a Ticket for 'Speeding':  Republicans Fearful of Losing Their Seats If They Support Senate's Citizenship Bill | The Jewish Immigration Against Majority Americans Debate:  Despite the Deceptions by AIPAC Members, Nations that Allow Such Immigrants Always Experience Extreme Bloodshed and Economic Decline | Jews Attack Human Rights Observers Sending Their Injured Victims to Hospitals:  International Volunteers Spat On, Beaten, Assaulted, and Stoned by National Zionist "Jewish Nazi" Human Rights Oppressors in the Israel's West Bank Colonial Empire | How Rabid Jewish Felons Injure and Intimidate Human Rights Workers in the National Zionist Empire's Colony of Palestine | Travel With the Jewish Occupation Forces into Budrus Village: Witness Fascist Jewish Soldiers Threaten, Terrorize, and Murder Innocent Palestinian Christian and Moslem Kids | Norman Lowell's "Imperium Europa" Movement Stares Down Subversive Jewish Anti-European Hate Speech With His Special Brand of Europe-For-Europeans-Only Politics -- Lowell Wants All Other Cultures Including the Jewish Imperial Domination Culture to Simply Get Out and Leave Europe Alone | American Mafia Was Highly Jewish Although Jews Owning Hollywood Claimed They Were Mostly Sicilians to Hide Their Own from Exposure | Leftwing, Globalist, Pro-Jewish, and Anti-European Thugs in Malta's Regime of Hate Against Its Local Population Arrest Norman Lowell on Specious Counter-Jewish and Anti-Globalism Thought Crime Charges | Shin Bet Confessions of Cold-Blooded Killings Shocks Israelis | Rocket and Bomb Tossing Israel Attacks Lebanon Militants for Doing the Same, Then Lies About Why | Islamic Jihad Denies Attack on Israel But Claims Right to Avenge Vile On-Going Israeli Killings of Its People | Learn How the Jewish Mafia Took Over All Ukrainian and Eastern European Television | Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh: U.S. and Israel Conspiring Against Our Fledgling Democracy, Our Nation, and Our People | Pro-Israeli U.S. Empire Gets Its Way:  Civil War Emerging in Desperately Exploited Colony of Gaza | Increasingly Desperate Gaza, Starved by the Jew's Imperial Terror State of Israel, Slides into Inevitable Decline and Bloodshed | Egypt Offers Stationing Troops in the Israeli Colony of Gaza to Stave Off Civil Wars Caused by Subversive Jewish Leaders in Israel | Bodies of Innocent Family Killed by Mossad Thug Bomb on Display Prior to Their Burial; Earlier Israel Spread Lies about the Bomb | U.S. Marines Face Death Penalty for Murder of Innocent Christians and Moslems in the American Empire's Lost Iraqi Colony | Sunni Arab Tribal Chief Murdered by Hail of Bullets in Iraq: Had Aided the American Colonial Empire | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

May 27
| Jewish USA Puppet Army Investigates Turning Iraq into 'Humanitarian' Microwave Oven | How Jewish Communists Frightened the German People Enough to Get Them to Fully Support Adolf Hitler | USA Today Supports Microwave Story | The Seductive Jewess Monica Lewinsky: Was She Another Allegedly Subversive Mossad Agent? | National Zionist Anti-Majority Religious Subversion Cabal Presents 'Christianity Be Damned' Lobbying Against Christianity's Just-Say-No-To-Gay-Marriage Amendment as Part of Its Very Dangerous and Burgeoning Hate-Filled Jewish Anti-Christian Agenda | Experience The Unspeakable Joy of an Immediate Donation to Jew Watch | Get a Load of Jewish Bashing of Real Americans on the Gay Marriage Subversion Issue Driven by Bigoted Anti-Christian Followers of the ADL Hate Bund of the 'Jews Only' Bnai Brith Religion Cult | Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal Walks Tall Tells the Tiny Jewish ADL to Piss Off on Its Outrageously Bigoted Anti-Christian Separation of Church and State Hate Baiting | Race and Religious Based ADL's Anti-Christian Attacks in Wyoming Underlie the BIG LIE: The Jewish ADL Receives Government Funding for Programs that Jews Want, Yet It Opposes Christian Faith-Based Programs Which Suggests the Unmitigated Gall of Two-Faced Anti-Christian Bigotry Among Jews | Constitutionally Protected Non-Slur of "God Hates Asians" Opinion Nonetheless Called a Racist Slur by Newspaper in What Could Become Just Another Case of an Alleged Hate Crime Hoax in the Super Jewish State of Florida | Unsuspecting and Gullible Gentile Audiences Receive Quaint Jewish ADL 'Lessons' Designed to Show an Innocent Anti-Immigration Game as a Sort of Hate Crime to Lure Youth into Lives of Hate: Well, What Can We Say? You Have to Learn What a Load of Jewish Racist Bull Really Is To Combat It Correctly | Independent Iran Agrees with the Zionist-Occupied Iraqi Colony to Jointly Patrol Borders for Possible Contraband and Insurgents | U.S. Pro-Zionist Forces Brace for Ugly Revelations of Gross Military Atrocities Inside the Lost Colony of Iraq | Italy Pulling Out 1,100 Troops from the Lost Colony of the Allies' Catastrophic Pro-Zionist Empire | Israel's Mossad Disseminates Unbelievably Unrealistic Lies About Blown Up Palestinian Home Where 3 Children Died, Saying It Was from the Kids Playing with Israeli Bombs. Either Way, the Children Died from the Mossad's Own Anti-Christian and Anti-Moslem Bombs Hurled into Gaza by Murdering Israeli Soldiers That Regularly Land in Palestinian Homes. | Hamas Militia Pulled, then Returned to Chaos of Streets in Rapidly Deteriorating Gaza Israeli Colony | Poverty and Unemployment Continue to Explode Inside the Israeli Colony of Gaza in Report of International Labor Office | Olmert's Speech, Rachel Corrie, and the Useless Anti-Majority Political Whores Who Sit inside the AIPAC Owned U.S. Pro-Zionist Congress | Jew Pushed Petitions Circulate in Desperate Attempt by National Zionist Subversives to Prevent Academic Boycott of Jewish Academics In UK on Account of the Despicable Actions of the Illegal and Racially Apartheid Israeli Terror State | May 26
| Iraqi Foreign Minister Announces that Iraq's Government Supports Iran's Nuclear Program | The A-Z of Russian Jewish Oligarchs | PA Denies Asking the Israeli Colonial Regime for Arms | Israeli Academic Boycott Continues to Build Media Traction | The Complete Jew Takes Hold in Israel:  Numbers of Children Increase | ABC News Says 7 Marines May Soon Face Indictments in Massacre of 24 Iraqis | Human Rights Watch Charges Marines Illegally Covered Up Atrocities | Islamic Jihad Blames Israel For Car Bombing of Leader in Lebanon | Jewish Supremacists Convinced Puppet President Bush to Agree to Everything Israel Wants Including Unilateral Decision-Making in the Palestinian Colonies | Marine Commandant General Michael Hagee Heads Rapidly for Iraq to Rally His Troops During Crisis over Numerous Atrocity Probes | Iran Gives Stark Warning to the Corrupt Pro-Zionist Allies | Jakarta Offers Aid to Hamas | Socialists Report How the Zionist Empire of America and England Are Meeting to Prop Up Their Expiring Iraqi Colony and To Insist on More and Greater Provocations Against Neighboring Nation of Iran | Israel Spins the News: Warns Europe of World Cup Terrorist Threat | Youthful Prankish Teenager, 18, Confesses to Washable Swastika Prank Amid Loud Moans and Groans from Jewish Minority ADL of Bnai Brith 'Jews Only' Ethnic Bund | Subversive 2% Minority Jewish ADL of the Bnai Brith Jewish Religious Cult Hurls Its Insulting Innuendos and Selective, Unfair, and Non-Representative Ad Hominem Attacks at the 98% Majority of Non-Jews in America Who Demand Secure Mexican-American Borders | Low Class Poison PC Story Published: Questions About Freedom of Speech Hurled at CNN in the Most Ignorant and Arrogant Manner | Majority Christian Group Attacked by Minority Pro-Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center and Journalist Who Evidently Feel that All Majority Americans Can Be Attacked With Impunity and No Repercussions Whenever the Slimmest of Minorities of No Account Wish to Do So. |
May 25
| Another Israeli Atrocity Against Mankind:  IDF Thugs Murder 4 and Wound 30 Christians & Moslems in Ramallah | Canada's Judeo-Cons Busted!  The Conservative Neo-Con National Post of Canada Apologizes for Publishing False Story About Badges in Iran for Non-Moslems | How Tens of Millions of Non-Jews Were Slaughtered by the Racist Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine Whose Jewish Sister was Stalin's Wife in the 1930's | How Jew Watch's Original Headlines Doubting The Deceptive Iran Neo-Con ID Story Was Proven Correct | Al Qaeda:  Is It Real or Is It an Intelligence Black Ops Fantasy Designed to Spread a Terrorist Deception to Support Jewish Colonial Interests? | An Extensive Study File Exposes the Extent of the Jewish Mafia | Jewish Senator Charles Schumer of New York to Write Book About the Failure of America's Parties to Address Present Day Issues | Jewish Faces | AIPAC-Bribed U.S. Senate Votes to Destroy America:  Votes U.S. Citizenship to Mexicans | Hitler-Like White House Sought Constitutional Crisis by Invading a Congressman's Office:  Now Its Judeo-Con Conspirators Step Back Due to Overwhelming Criticism | Jewish Bigot ADL of 'Jews Only' Bnai Brith Racial Covenant Attacked for Its Stalinist Tactics | The Wicked Web of Interwoven Jewish Funding: How Jews Collect Millions for Jewish Interests Only | Jewish ADL Bund of Bnai Brith Jewish Religious-Based Organization Hurl Anti-Christ Attack at Similar Non-Jewish Organizations Even Though The ADL, Too, Receives Federal Money for Their Jewish-Run Propaganda Efforts and Constantly Lobby Congress to Insure that They Receive It | Non-Jewish Public School Students Allowed to Attend Jewish Controlled Propaganda and Indoctrination Gathering Held on Jewish Property Despite 'Separation of Church and State' | Abbas Orders Hamas To Recognize Israel or Face A Vote On the Issue 30 Days Later | Israel Stirs Its Colonial Pot: Will Give Weapons to Protect Non-Hamas President Abbas | Zionist-Controlled U.S. House Committee Votes $2.4 Billion for Israel and $1.7 Billion for Egypt to Falsely Befriend the Anti-Moslem Zionist Terror State | Lebanon Marks 1st Anniversary of Independence with Deep Rivalries Connected with Colonial Israeli Occupation of Its Territories |
May 24
| Iran Says Nuclear Energy Is One of the Natural Rights of Man | Jewish Murderer Moshe Dyan:  One of Israel's Many State-Sponsored Bigots and Killers | Unnamed Pro-Zionist Intelligence Sources Used to Constant Fakery Claim Osama Tape is Not Fake: Anyone Want to Believe Them? | Edgar Bronfman's Jewish Artifacts | Hamas Cabinet Slams US Policies on Side of Israel | Head of Kabbalah Center in Israel Arrested for Allegedly Defrauding Cancer Patients | Saving the Jewish Bigot State of Israel | Israel Opinion Poll:  Living in Israel Sucks | Jewish Criminal Elements Set Off Car Bomb in Tel Aviv | The Dawn of Israel's Nuclear Age | Iran Offered Peace with Israel in 2006 but was Rebuffed by America's Child-Like President | Immoral Congress Addressed by the Prime Minister of the Wicked Israeli Terror State | Anti-Moslem Israel Expresses Dismay Over Anti-Jewish Members of Poland's Government: Chutzpah, Anyone? | Israeli Empire of Arab Murder Gives Hamas Until End of Year to Unilaterally Renounce Violence of the Israeli Type While Israel Opts Not to Renounce Its Own Violence | The Hague Is No Good When It Criticizes Israel, But It's Okay If It Criticizes Iran? | Foreign Non-Jewish Widows of Deceased Jewish Spouses Denied Citizenship in Racist Israeli Terror State: Case Goes to Israel's Racist Supreme Court | Zionist Christianity Continues to Push Biblical Values and Friendship with Israel While Ignoring the New Testament's Anti-Semitism | Jerusalem's Jewish Racism and Bigotry Persists: Zionism's Hatred of Palestine's Moslems and Christians | USA Today Shamefully Quotes the Discredited and Minority Jewish-Supported Southern Poverty Law Center's Anti-Majority Bigotry in This Cheap, Shallow, and One-Sided Story | Pro-Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Refers to White Civil Rights Organizations Routinely as Hate Groups, Neo-Nazis, and Other Rubbish: The Anti-European and Pro-Jewish Media Love It and Repeat It. So, Why Do You Buy These Jewish Controlled Newspapers and Watch their Monopoly News Channels? If You Are Not Jewish, Maybe You Should Boycott Them, At Least Do So Until They Show Some Respect for You. | China Tells Bigots Who Run National Zionism Cult Nation to Piss Off:  Will See Palestine's Foreign Minister Amid Israel's Objections | |
May 23
| If Israel Does Not Watch Out, It May Have to Fight Far Worse Al Qaeda and Fatah Jihad Instead of Hamas | Jews and White Slavery | Israel Arrests Hamas Freedom Fighter Who Ended the Lives of 78 Zionist Enemies in the Israeli Terror Nation | Jewish Black Slave Ship Owners Who Ran African Slave Industries in Early American History | White House Promises to Protect the Israeli Terror Empire | Israeli Bedouin Arabs Seek U.N. Intervention to Save their Lands from the Jewish National Zionist State | Quotations From Famous Modern People About the Jewish Slave Trades | Pro-Zionist Terror State Theories Defaming Iran Lack Solid Evidence for Its Propaganda | Israel Speeds Up Development of Long-Range Nuclear Cruise Missiles: Are Its Targets Iran, Europe, China, or the USA? | Jewish Racism Is Rampant in the Colony of Jerusalem | Mossad Says More Hardships Will Not Hasten Fall of Hamas | Israel's War Crimes: Israel Asked by Its Attorney General to Provide Reparations and War Crimes Trials for IDF Soldier-Killers Who Purposely Murdered 2 Britons | AIPAC Harvard Report True: America's Interests Are Destroyed by Jewish Lobbying | Lying Articles on Iranian Badges for Jews Overshadowed Recent News About Israel's Genocidal Marriage Laws Decisions | Amnesty International Blasts Israel's 5 Decades of Mass Cruelty to Mankind Inside the Palestinian Colonies | National Zionist Supreme Court of Israel Rules that Genocidal Apartheid Walls Are Legal and May Continue | Jewish Race Hate Bund's ADL of Bnai Brith, a Long-Standing and Bigoted 'Jews Only' Group, Posts Anti-Christian Statement Against National Council of Churches' Stand on Israel's Vicious and Well-Known Terror Activities | ADL Jewish Hate Group Which Receives Federal Aid for Its Questionable Jewish Operations Has More Than Enough Anti-Christ Chutzpah to Cry 'Separation of Church and State' Over Honest Christian Churches in Social Services Industry | Vicious Pro-Zionist Iraq Puppet Government's Thugs Commit Acts of Inhumanity Against Sunnis and Others With Silent American Approval | U.N. Unit:  Rights Under Assault in Iraq |
May 22
| Vicious Israeli Soldiers Kill Innocent Palestinian Woman | The Incredible Shrinking Palestine | Jew-Communist Joseph Pulitzer Sr. Ran Major Newspapers in 19th Century | Litany of Civil War's Chaos in the Zionist Colony of Iraq on May 22 | Israel Battles US Over War Plane Contract: Israel Wants to Improve Technology and Undercut US Sales to Others | Jewish Communists Caused Many Troubles in Germany including the Rise of Hitler as a Reaction to their Anti-German Politics | Israel to Give Palestine $11 Million for Hospitals | Israel's Economy Relegates Palestine to Stone Age | Israel Presses 19 Charges Against Illegally Kidnapped Palestinian Leader | World Silently Boycotts Israeli Academics | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Ancestral Artifacts | Father of Slain British Activist Doubts Israel Will Cooperate in Murder Probe | Guilty Israel Boycotts Racism Conference in Austria | Racist Jewish Blubber Lips Espouse Hate Over Free Speech by Arab Students at University of California Irvine | Iran Accuses Israel of Kidnapping and Imprisoning Its Diplomats for 24 Years | Booze Filled Media Propaganda Junket to Israel Grows More Journalist Brainwashing | Quietly, Israel Writes Off Any US Strike on Iran | World Press Doubts New Iraqi Government Can Help Save Lost Iraq War | Britain Assures Rapid Iraqi Troop Pullout | Western Nations Pay Millions in Ransoms to Iraq Kidnappers | Bush Lies: Propagates False Idea that New Iraq Cabinet is a Milestone |
May 21
| Hateful Jews Push Racially Inferior Ted Turner Out of National News | One in Ten Mexicans is An American Invader Sanctioned by Minority Jew Organizations | Supreme Jewish Banker:  Alan Greenspan | Pro-Zionist Mexico Works to Bar Non-Mexicans from Jobs and Receives Absolutely No Jewish Interference | Hidden Jewish Killer of Gentiles: David Bronstein of New York City, Alias Leon Trotsky | Another Possible Jewish Hoax in Boca Raton, Florida Flushes Out Useless Jewish Racist ADL Mouthwipes to Declare End of the World Over Practically Nothing | The Jewish Controlled Fashion Industry | Israel Racist Nation Steals More Land from Palestine Continuing Its Bigoted 60 Year Pogroms Against Innocent Moslems and Christians | The Enduring Racism of Israel's National Zionist "Nazi" Bigot Nation | The Absurd Lies That Come From the Vile Mouth of the Israeli Terror State | Israel Seeks American Support for Surrender of Held Territories in Its Badly Failed Palestinian Colony | Would Our World Be Better Off Without Israel? | Gaza Sliding Into Civil War | How Graft and Dual Loyalties Cripple Iraq Police Inside Our Lost Pro-Zionist Empire | Iraqi Colonialists Divided on the Ability of the New Pro-Zionist Puppet Government to Make Any Difference in the On-Going Civil War | Pro-Zionist Invasion Supported Puppet Government Gets Mixed Reception in the Colony of Iraq | Iran Will Not Suspend Its Nuclear Program | Absurdly Pro-Israel US Bullies European Banks Not to Deal with Iran | Jewish Religion Flourishes Openly Inside Iran | Latest Hilarious Israeli Lie: Iran Only Months from Making Nukes | Iran Condemns as Untruthful Canadian Newspaper Report That Jews Must Wear Yellow Cloths | Iranian Students Emulate Jewish Mossad Tactics: Set Up Fund to Destroy Israel |
May 20
| Jewish Ideal of World Race Mixing for Non-Jews-Only Suffers Newest Failure:  Spain Closes Its Doors to Invasion by Crime Riddled African Scum | Senator Diane Feinstein:  Jewish American Princess | Control Freak Jews Split on Whether to Allow Its USA Puppet White House to Support Israel's Withdrawal Plans | Armand Hammer: Great Jewish Capitalist, Traitor, and Greed-Mensch | Wreckless Israeli Military Losers Attack Christians and Moslems in Gaza, Killing Family of 4 Including Their Child | Israel Continues War on Human Rights Using Its Racially Written Genocidal Marriage Laws | Israel's Racism: 'In Our Country There Is Only Room for Jews' | Semitic White House Damages: Let's Study How Yahoo News Software Assesses the Lengthy List of Stories Concerning Judeo-Con Traitors | Plot Deepens: Iran Has Problems Denying The Religious Dress Code Story at Canada.Com | Israel Arrests UK Charity Worker in Bizarre Guantanamo Type Thug Operation | Jew Love Reigns Supreme: Racist Jewish Singles Parties Held Regularly in Tel Aviv | Nuclear Israeli: Zionist Killer State Opposed to Ban by U.S.A. on Fissionable Materials in Israel | Inside the Jewish Criminal Thug Colony of Palestine: Death and Dying, Weeping and Wailing, Sadness All Around | Jewish Supremacists Lament AIPAC Exposures | Norman Solomon Op Ed:  The Harvard Report on AIPAC Jewish Lobby's Influence over America Easily Bulldozes Over Its Israeli Critics | Jewish Racist ADL of Pro-Zionist Bnai Brith 'Non-Gentiles Only' Group Admits Tracking, Spying on, and Hounding Non-Jew in Northwest; One-Sided Anti-Gentile Story Reveals Extreme Hate in Monopolist Jewish Journalism | Pro-Zionist Supported Puppet Government of No Account Representatives Ready to Pour Gasoline on the Hot Flames of Iraq's Bloody Civil War Chaos | Chicken Prime Minister Blair Hounded by Critics of Lost Iraq Colonial War Turns Tail and Runs, Said to Be Pulling Out All Brit Troops Next Year | Iraq's New Government Dawn of Death Marked by Bloodshed | Italy's Plan to Withdraw Its Troops from the Disastrous Iraqi Colony Coming Soon |
May 19
| Hate-Filled Jews Hurl Racist Accusations Against Respected Muslim Leader | New York Neurotic Jewish Women Who Founded the America-Wrecking Anti-Family Subversive Feminism Movement | Tortured Guantanamo Inmates Clash with American Concentration Camp Guards | America's Shame: Mass Suicide Attempts at Main Illegal Torture Camp | The Hidden Jewish General and President, Dwight David Eisenhower | Lack of Prosecutions Among Pro-Globalist and Jewish Minority Hampered U.S. Courts Demoralizes Border Patrol | Jewish Compromised Senate Bows to Minority Subversion of its Jewish Financial Supporters:  Votes to Allow Social Security Payments for Work Done by Mexicans Without Visas | Jewish Dominated Stock Markets Reeling:  NASDAQ's Longest Losing Streak in 22 Years | The Jewish Pope John-Paul II | Israeli Crap-State Tries to Interfere with China | Israel in No Position to Attack Iran | Claim:  Israel's Nuclear Monopoly Allows Enslavement, Genocide in Middle East at Israel's Whim | Revealing the Washington Post's Jewish Owners | British Charity Worker Helping Moslems Held Incognito and without Charges by Israel's Genocidal Border Hate Thugs | German National With No Criminal Record Removed from 'Space Hall of Fame' to Please Hate-Filled Jewish Racists, But Jews Who Supported Past and On-Going Zionist Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing Programs in Israel Have Not Been Removed | Arab Diplomats Captured by Arab Patriots in the Fading Zionist Iraq Colony | Zionist U.S. Military Sends in Last Ditch Reserves from Kuwait to its Lost Colony of Iraq | Iraq's Pro-Zionist Fake Government Losers Fail to Fill Cabinet Posts | Mayhem and Blood-Letting Curse Zionist Controlled Iraq Colony on Eve of Its U.S. Pro-Zionist Puppet Government of Angry, Bickering Tribes | Four More Non-Jewish American Soldiers Die for Israel's National Zionist Regime Proxy War Along with 30 Iraqis | Doubts that Pro-Zionist Colonial Iraqi Government Cabinet Will Be Ready in Time for Deadline Set by U.S. Pro-Israeli Empire | News Story Reporting Nazi Armbands for Iran's Jews Has Been Pulled by Canada.Com. Developing... |
May 18
| Jewish Hate - 62% of the Racist Jewish Population of Israel Want Arabs to Leave - Will Even Pay Them To | Murtha: Pro-Zionist Forces Committed War Atrocity in Colonial Iraq | Pro-Zionist Congress Rejects Amnesty for Illegal 12 Million | Henry Kissinger's Jewish Conflicts of Interest | Tel Aviv Compromised UK to Stand Firm on the Middle East War for Israel as Gentile Soldiers' Coffins Return Home from Lost Zionist Iraqi Colony | Italian Prime Minister Labels Zionist War in the Colonial Empire of Iraq a 'Grave Mistake' | Bosnia, the USA, and Kissinger's Lie | Israeli Compromised Iraqi Wrangling Over Tribal Arguments in Stalled Cabinet Appointments; 4 More U.S. Soldiers Killed in European Pro-Jewish Colony of Iraq | Palestinians Fleeing Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony's Civil War Refused Entry into Syria | The Hate That is Self-Generated by Henry Kissinger | Jewish ADL Cult of Bnai Brith Spearheads Jewish Minority's Brainwashing of Non-Jewish High School Children | Anti-Christ ADL Jewish Cult Disturbed by Religious Freedom Exemplified by a DVD Aimed at Converting Jews to Christianity | Brainwashed Bedford in ADL Jewish Cult's Hate Industry Clutches for Past 5 Years of Seditious and Anti-Majority Globalism Propaganda Programs | Jewish Hate of Gentiles Continues: Jews Attack Gentile Alabama Attorney General Candidate for Holding Perfectly Legal Views on Many of the Forensically Unproven Aspects of the Jewish Holocaust Mantra | Jewish Hatred: Israel's Racist Discrimination Against Its Arabs Within | May 15th - Alien Independence Day - Palestinian Catastrophe & Genocide Day | Italian-Zionist Friendship Shaken:  Italy's Prime Minister Once Called Israel a Terror State | Zionist Apartheid Fence Provides Example for Same on Mexican Border | Anti-Israeli Flyers and Protests Hit London Streets | Iranian Jews in Israel Worry About the 100,000 Iranian Jews In Iran In Case War Comes |
May 17
| Hamas Orders 3,000 Armed Followers on Street Patrol in the Israeli Colony of Palestine | Conservatives Abandon Judeo-Puppet Republican Party | Pro-Zionist President Bush's Immigration Speech Analyzed | Winston Churchill's Known Jewish Mother | Winston Churchill's Jewish Family Tree | Horrendous and Growing Immigration Budget Expenses | Pro-Zionist Senate Sells Out United States - Votes for Mexicans to Take Over America - Offers Small 370-Mile Fence Along With Citizenship for Border Jumpers | Archive of Jewish Pornography | Pro-Zionist Subversives Advocate AIPAC-Owned Congress for Mexican Invaders | Jewish Pushed Pro-Globalist Amnesty Mess | Search Jew Watch Using the Free Alexa Tool Bar | The Mockery of Immigration Security Issues in Pro-Zionist UK | Illegal Mexican LA City Workers Arrested | Pro-Zionist Democrats Are as Frightened as Republicans on Immigration Issue | Rabidly Jewish ADL of Bnai Brith Religious Cult Expresses Its Virulently Racist Opposition to Legal Majority Civil Rights Efforts by National Vanguard Civil Rights Organization | Subversive Jews Enlist Idiot Christian Leaders as Useful Idiots in Immigration of Unwanted Losers to America in Their Subversive Efforts to Destroy the USA | Usual Subversive Jewish Suspect Organizations Conspire to Rid USA of Christianity in Virulently Anti-Christian Jewish Meetings Under the Guise of the Separation of Church and State - Not One of These Self-Hating Anti-Christ Jews Asks to Separate the Religious State of Israel from the U.S. Treasury Dole - None of these USSR Holocaust Deniers Ask for Investigations of the Jewish Murders of 65 Million Gentiles in USSR, 1919-1940 | Jewish USSR Murders of 65 Million Gentiles | While Baghdad Burns Pro-Zionist Iraq Colonial Government Drags Its Feet | Surrounded and Over-Extended U.S. Troops Penned Down: Will Not Leave Pro-Zionist Colony in Iraq Any Time Soon | Abortion: Another Racist Genocide Issue in Israel's Hate Nation | Virulently Racist Israel Angry Over Caricature of Israel's Colonial Palestinian Concentration Camp as Resembling Hitler's Nazi Program | Unsupported Pro-Zionist US Anti-Iran Propaganda: CIA Deceptions and Unfounded Rumor Mills Are Business as Usual | Iran Turns Tables on EU 'Incentives'
May 16
| U.S. Pro-Zionist Puppet Is Broke: Warns Israel Not to Expect Funds | The Unimaginable Joy of Blogging for Jew Watch | Boycott Committee Calls for Tighter Measures Against Israel | Israel's '58th Catastrophe for Palestine Anniversary' Marked by Air Strike | Fantastic Jewish Hoax in Paris Subway | The Secret Zionist War Against Iran | EU May Give Iran Nuclear Reactor | Great Israeli Killer and Terrorist: That Shameless Zionist Prime Minister Menachem Begin | Rich Jewish Anti-Majority Race Baiters Beg More Funding for State-Run Semitic Propaganda Efforts from USA Treasury | House Tells ADL Jews to Piss Off; Passes Chaplain Amendment Requiring a Very Small Minority of Outspoken and Demanding Jews in Armed Forces to Learn to Practice Toleration of Other Religious Beliefs Expressed Routinely by Chaplains | Iraq Slaughter Continues as a Weakened and Pathetic Pro-Zionist Controlled Colonial Government Takes Reluctant Shape | Time Running Out on the Lost American Empire of Iraq | Zionist Weakened Iraq Suffers 23 Dead in Blood-Letting | Sorry Litanies of Additional Daily Murders in Pro-Zionist Colonial Baghdad | Boston Globe: Iraq May Already Be Lost to Us | HBO Movie 'Baghdad ER' May Unhinge Iraq Vets | Pro-Israel African American Legislators Finally Wise Up - Protest Dafur Genocide - Arrested | Chavez Says Pro-Zionist Yankee Ban on Arms Sales to Venezuela Warns of Attack by US Forces | America's Israeli Puppet President Bush Slides to New Low - Its All About Pro-Zionist America's Lost Iraq Colonial War | Sunni Tribes Accuse Zionist US Forces of Atrocities in Deadly Raids on Civilians | Homeless Iraqis Still Await Reparations for Rebuilding their Homes Destroyed by the Heartless Pro-Zionist U.S. War Monster |
May 15
| Israel Rated asWorld's Sixth Largest Nuclear Power | Jewish Racist Organizations Fan Intolerant Yiddish Hate Flames Over Islamic Rights to Express Free Speech and Opposing Ideas at University of California at Irvine | Rosa Luxembourg, Minority Jewish Communist, Revolutionary, and Traitor to the German Majority | Desperate Pro-Globalist Bush Promises to Seal Border and Grant 12 Million Illegal Mexicans Citizenship, A Move that Deceptively Allows Them to Invite 75 Million More Mexican Relatives, Thus Ruining the Nation | Republican Immigration Infighting Behind the Pro-Zionist President's Border Speech | Why Israel Torture Murdered 100,000 of Its Racially Inferior Jewish Children With Known Deadly X-Rays | Foxman, President of the Subversive Jewish ADL of B'nai-B'rith Hate Cell, Uses Its Free Speech Rights to Subvert Opposition Free Speech Rights in Europe | Nazi Rally in Lansing, Michigan, 18 Meg, 24 Min  | Minority Subversive Membership Organization of Jews Calling Itself 'ADL of the B'nai B'rith' Asks British Scholars Not to Emulate the Hateful Boycott Methods Practiced Worldwide by the ADL and B'nai B'rith Against Israeli Academics. Or, How Dare You Do What I Do. | Warsaw Business Journal Prints Anti-Christian Cartoon with Cross and Polish Falcon Meant to Demean Both Poles and Christians While Supporting the ADL's Subversion of the Nation's Government and the ADL's Intolerance of Opposing Ideas | Israel Terror State Bloodies 3 Indigenous Patriots in Car | Israel Acts Like Iran's President in Censuring Offensive Italian Jewish Cartoon | IDF Skinhead Jewish Goons Murder 6 Christian-Moslem Palestinians in Vicious Attack | Moslem Diversity vs. Jewish Diversity Triggers Typical Jewish Hate | Islamic Student at UC Irvine Views Israel as an Apartheid Hate Nation | Jewish Student at UC Irvine Declares Racist Statement that It Is Hurtful to Him For Persons to Compare the Deaths of Jews with the Deaths Mere Africans, Moslems, and Other Races | Israel at 58 Years Old Is A Failed Has-Been Racist State | 'I Give Up On Israel' | Chavez: Any Attack on Iran Means $100 Per Barrel Oil and Parked American Cars |
May 14
| Saddam: 'I Am, Not Afraid To Die.' | Chavez Promises Oil to the World's Needy: Says American Zionist-Banking Empire End is Near | Pinchas Finkelstein, Russian Prime Minister | Zionist Supreme Court Okays Racist Marriage and Residency Laws | Israel's Newest National Zionist Coalition in Tel Aviv Begins Vicious Rule over Its Palestinian Colonies | National Zionism's Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu | Israeli Village Tries to Breach Barrier with Friendly Palestinian Village | Pro-Zionist American Empire Conspires with Israel on Convergence | Who Says Rupert Murdoch Is Jewish and Why? | Israel Bloodies Jenin, Indiscriminately Murders Civilians, Fires 5,100 Rocket Bombs into Gaza Villages Housing Christians and Moslems | Displacement, Dispossession: The Mainstays of National Zionism's Colonialization and Genocide Policies | In National Zionist Israel Water is the New Oil | 'Neo-Con' Now Said to Be an 'Anti-Semitic' Term by Race Baiting Jewish Hate Industry Seeking to Short Circuit Honest Debate | Marriage Law Upheld in 'Black Day' in Zionist History | Jewish Article Slanders White Americans in Racist Anti-White Opinion Piece, Further Proof the Racist Pro-Zionist 2% Need to be Censored for the Public Good | Muslim Student Group Links Israel as a Nazi Movement in Palestine | Iran Rejects Any Reduction in Its Nuclear Program | Unfair Knight-Ridder Jewish Propaganda Article Finds Wide Circulation: No Mention of Thousands of Palestinian Deaths from Barrels of Israel's Deadly Racist Guns |
May 13
| Iran Ready to Talk With Any Nation Except Israel | Former Paki Army Chief:  'Tell Them, If Anyone Attacks Iran, Israel Will Be Attacked Next' | Communism and Israel | Sadistic Israeli IDF Thug in Soldier's Uniform Shoots Sydney Cameraman in the Head | Palestinian Leaders Compose Declaration of Independence Inside Israeli Jails | Emma Goldberg:  Jewish Anarchist, Seditionist, Feminist, Bitch | Declaration Summons Jihad to Establish a Palestinian Nation in the 1967 Occupied Territories with Jerusalem as Its Capitol | Attorney Accuses Jewish Tribal ADL Hate Club of Legal Thuggery to Punish Him for Meeting with Hamas and Other Palestinian Leaders in Israel | The Emma Goldman Museum at Jewish Leftwing UC Berkeley Campus | Stirring the Pot: The Israel Lobby Controversy and The ADL's 'Anti-Semitism' Canard | The Seditious, Untrue, Dangerous, and Unwarranted Marriage of the Very Tiny and Insignificant ADL's Holocaust Education Cabal at Hate Crimes Legislative Meetings | Discredited-Leftwing ADL and Americans United for Separation of Church and State Lose as House Passes Pro-Chaplain Military Bill | ADL Infiltrates Helsinki Meeting with the Intent to Foist Dangerous and Seditious Anti-Semitic Laws Upon Majority Populations | ADL Continues Its Sedition Against the Polish Government; Criticizes Opponents of Polish Societal Improvements Such as Abortion, Homosexuality, Ending of Radio Programs, and On and On... | Seditious Jewish Federations Move To Capture a Sizable Piece of Gay Outreach to Enlarge their Funding Coffers | In an Act of Self-Serving Goodwill, ADL Improves Relations With Arab-Israelis | Abe Foxman Sends ADL Idiot Letter to the International Herald Tribune Filled With Usual ADL Canards and Deceptions | Israel Arrests 10 Christian and Moslem Civil Rights Protesters in Clash Over Illegal Apartheid Wall and Land Annexation by the Israeli Terror State |
May 12
| U.N. Tells Both Israel and Palestine to Grow Up and End Their Anti-Humanitarian Fighting | Stalin's Jewish Antecedents | High School Teacher Openly Denies Jewish Globalist Views of Racial Equality in Biased and Politically Intimidating News Article | Donate to Jew Watch | Israel Charges Illegally Arrested Palestinian Militants with Assassination of Cabinet Minister in 2001 | Pro-Zionist Bush to Sell American Interests to Mexico While Claiming Otherwise on Prime Time TV Monday Before American People in Return for Jewish Legislative Money and Support | Jewish Influence in the Major Sports Leagues | Sheriff's Posse of 250 Arrests only 1 Immigrant / Smuggler; Mexicans Stayed Away | The Minority Jew Who Runs National Public Radio | Take a Few Seconds Now to Download the Free Alexa Tool Bar. It Allows You to Search All Jew Watch Archives. | Hamas Issues Letter to EU Supporting a Palestinian State Next to an Israeli State | Zionist AIPAC Idiots Collectively Muzzle Their Fully Paid-For Bush Puppet; Newly Reworked President Told Not to Mention Iran-Israel Linkage | Anti-White Jews Stick Nose into Immigration Reform Along With Brainwashed Christians and Others Hoping to Poke Biggest Possible Racial Hole into Majority Base in America | Jewish ADL of Bnai Brith Hate Bund Invites Large Corporations With Anti-Majority Staffing Agendas and Anti-White Diversity Indoctrination Bashing Programs for Its Shallow and Obviously Two-Faced Civil Rights Recognition Dinner | Desperate President Bush Who Lives Inside Zionist War Pockets Stoops to Ask Past Officials What to Do in Iraq | Zionism's Grim Reaper in the Iraqi Colony | Political Chaos and Fighting in Iraqi Hegemonic Colonial Government Breaks into Open Again | Business Places Positive Spin on the Total Disaster of Its Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony | Pro-Zionist USA FBI Using Terrorist Laws to Justify Actions Against PETA and Other Violent Radical Rights Groups | Associated Press Publishes Zionist-Poisoned Anti-Majority and Pro-Illegal-Immigrant Spin in Its Twisted Black Ops Newspaper Piece Without Questioning Any of Its Racist Deceptions | Anti-Majority Southern Poverty Law Center Issues Anti-White News Release that Borders on Racism: Note How It Displays Despicable Pro-Zionist Anti-White Hate | Observe the Following Below-The-Belt Minority-Run SPLC Attacks on Majority Americans' Civil Rights to Control Their Borders and Keep Mexicans inside Mexico. The SPLC Wants You to Think the Minutemen Are At Fault, Not the Illegals Who Have Caused and Continue to Cause This Problem of Ruptured National Sovereignty. | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
May 11
| Zionist Forces Lose 200,000 AK-47 Rifles in Iraq to Al Quaeda | Dr. Sigmund Freud, Yiddish Cocaine Addict | Pro-Zionist Universal Music Settles Payola Case | America's Zionist Anti-Majority Forces Prevail: Police Intimidate Duke Defense Witness | Jewess Rosa Luxembourg, German Subversive, Socialist, Communist, Spartacist, Revolutionary | Sheriff Posse in Arizona's Maricopa County Begins Patrolling for Illegal Invaders in Defiance of Zionist ADL, ACLU, and Other Mostly Jewish Anti-Majority Subversives | Pro-Zionist Henry Kissinger's Many Conflicts of Interest | Anti-Immigration Billboards Go Up in North Texas, Violate Zionist Anti-Majority Objectives | Zionist Anti-American Immigration Policy Increasing Deadly Hepatitis Risks for All Americans: 1-in-7 East Asian Immigrants Spreading It | National Zionist Israeli Colonial Capital Releases Illegally Withheld Funds Owed to Fledgling Palestinian Democracy | Israeli Petroleum Company Resumes Oil Deliveries It Withheld to Christian and Moslem Residents of Palestine | Palestinian Youth Escaping Israeli Colonial Hardships by Committing Crimes with Israeli Prison Time: Use that Time to Study for College Exams | Israel Airport Police Force French Female Tourist to Strip Totally Naked | National Zionism's Diamond Moguls Plan Glittering Diamond Bash in Tel Aviv | Iran President Says Israeli Terrorist Colonialist State Will Someday 'Vanish' | Hamas: 'We'll Recognize Israel Within 1967 Borders' | Zionist Owned US Senate Cuts Off Funds for Permanent U.S. Bases in Its Iraqi Colony | Zionist Iraq Colony's Civil War Incidents Today | More Civil War Chaos, Kidnappings, and Deaths in America's Dying Zionist Iraq Colony |  | Dr. Sigmund Freud, Yiddish Cocaine Addict | Pro-Zionist Universal Music Settles Payola Case | America's Zionist Anti-Majority Forces Prevail: Police Intimidate Duke Defense Witness | Jewess Rosa Luxembourg, German Subversive, Socialist, Communist, Spartacist, Revolutionary | Sheriff Posse in Arizona's Maricopa County Begins Patrolling for Illegal Invaders in Defiance of Zionist ADL, ACLU, and Other Mostly Jewish Anti-Majority Forces | Pro-Zionist Henry Kissinger's Many Conflicts of Interest | Anti-Immigration Billboards Go Up in North Texas, Violate Zionist Anti-Majority Objectives | Zionist Anti-American Immigration Policy Increasing Deadly Hepatitis Risks for All Americans: 1-in-7 East Asian Immigrants Spreading It | National Zionist Israeli Colonial Capital Releases Illegally Withheld Funds Owed to Fledgling Palestinian Democracy | Israeli Petroleum Company Resumes Oil Deliveries It Withheld to Christian and Moslem Residents of Palestine | Palestinian Youth Escaping Israeli Colonial Hardships by Committing Crimes with Israeli Prison Time: Use that Time to Study for College Exams | Israel Airport Police Force French Female Tourist to Strip Totally Naked | National Zionism's Diamond Moguls Plan Glittering Diamond Bash in Tel Aviv | Iran President Says Israeli Terrorist Colonialist State Will Someday 'Vanish' | Hamas: 'We'll Recognize Israel Within 1967 Borders' | Zionist Owned US Senate Cuts Off Funds for Permanent U.S. Bases in Its Iraqi Colony | Zionist Iraq Colony's Civil War Incidents Today | More Civil War Chaos, Kidnappings, and Deaths in America's Dying Zionist Iraq Colony | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
May 10
| Ride With the Devil: Canada Threatened with Al Quaeda Attacks at Home As Punishment for Its Pro-Zionism | 68% of Americans Feel Worse Off Than Before Bush Sold Out Their Government to Jewish Neo Conservatives | Statistical Jewish Parasitism: How Jews Have Unfairly Reduced White Gentile Males & Females Down to Nothing in the Work Place | Pro-Zionist Jew A.M. Rosenthal, 84, Dies; Reshaped The Times as Editor | Jewish Anti-Americanism Wins: Of U.S. Children Under 5, Nearly Half Are Minorities | How Jews Destroyed Old Line Companies in Their Takeover of Corporate America | Defying the Minority Jewish Immigration Mandate For Destroying America:  First Arizona Sheriff's Posse Starts Now to Round Up Illegal Immigrants | Racist Israel to Allow Some Aid to Christians and Moslems in Palestine But Only If It Does Not Reach Hamas | Israeli Blood Guilt: Indecent Photos of the Grateful Dead Murdered by the Jewish Genocidal Zionist Thugs | Bloodied Tribal Leaders, Clerics Call for an End to Zionist Occupied Iraq's Religious and Ethnic Violence | Zionist Coalition B.S. Getting Thick as Sludge: General Says, "We Didn't Come in There as Americans with the Coalition and Say, 'We're in Charge. Get Out of the Way. We're Gonna Rebuild Your Country.'" | Basra Bloodshed Shows How Zionist Occupied Iraq's Shi'ite Southern Colonial District Is Worsening | While Colonial Iraq Dies More Each Day, Oil Disputes Soil Chances of Quick End to Zionist Iraqi Cabinet Appointment Impasse | Iran Accuses Pro-Zionist Nations of an Unfair Double Standard on Nuclear Programs | Zionist Media Deceived Americans See U.N. as Unable to Cope with Iran | First Iranian Ambassador to Iraq in 20 Years | Bronx School Offers Anti-Israel Palestinians a Platform, Attacked Viciously by Tiniest Jewish Race-Based ADL Hate Bund | Another Report on the Jewish Viciousness at the Bronx School | Jailed Jewish Russian Mafia Oligarch Khordokovsky Slashed in the Face by Inmate | 
May 9
| Historical Judeo-Bolshevik Globalist Goals Completed as US Border Agencies Act as Spies for Mexico, Betray the American People, Telling Mexican Government of Each Minuteman Location | Jews Who Control the Hate Industry | Iran Wins: Major Powers Fail to Agree on Iran Strategy | Pro-Jewish Hate Mongers Mull over Tawana Brawley II Rape Fantasy at Duke University and Whether It Suits Angry Female NYC Jewish Expectations for Continuation of White Male Humiliation in America |  Israel's Bolshevik Amnesty State Claims 'Iran Wants to Change the New World Order'. What? And Take It from Jewish Supremacists? Oi Vey! | Why European Cities are Vulnerable:  Robotic Missiles and Drones Now Only Cost $5,000 Each to Build in a Garage | Pro-Zionist Agents Persecute LDS Polygamy Church on Unfounded Fraud Charges: Their Real Crime is They Produced Thousands of White Children Whose Federally Unwanted Births Have Harmed NY Jewish Eugenic Plans to Change America's Race Mix to Non-European | Iran Attacks President Bush's Christian Hypocrisy | Known Liar Israel Stages Grab of TNT to Prove Its Disinformation Scams and BBC Agrees to Publicize the Event | IDF Thugs Warn of Possible Human Bomber Attack in Israel Based on More Rumors and Possible Disinformation | Intense Humanitarian Alarm Against Zionism's Genocide in Palestine | Israeli Police Corruption | 12,800 Dual Loyalty Jews Throng to Pro-Israel Parade in Chicago, Few Gentiles Attend | Israel OK's Water Buffalo as Kosher | Israel Will Hit Iran Soon | Olmert Wants Jewish Majority Protected in Israel. And, What About Europeans in America, Ehud, Old Buddy? | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
May 8
| National Zionist Vice Premier Perez:  'Iran Can Also Be Wiped Off the Face of the Earth' | Jews Who Control Billions in Grants | Pro-Zionist & Useful Idiot Rupert Murdoch to Host Fund-Raiser for Hillary Clinton | Russian Jewish Mob | Failed Zionist Puppet George W. Bush Hits Catastrophic 31% Low on Gallup Poll | Jewish Anti-Christian Terrorist Genocide Event # 12,508 Occurred in AD 641 With Thousands More Hate Events for Christians to Come | Zionist-Owned Newspaper Propaganda Mills Drop in Circulation as High as 15.6% | Ex-Aide With Abramoff Ties Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy | Zionist Lackey General Michael V. Hayden of NSA and Friend of Zionist Negroponte Nominated to Run Israeli Operative CIA Agency | President's Nominating Speech for the Pro-Zionist General Hayden | As with All Other Judeo-Con White House Moves, Hayden's Appointment Raises Concerns from Zionist Trashed USA | Prime Minister Olmert's 'Big Hitlerian Lie' | Zionist Military in Iraq Releases Self-Serving So-Called Al Quaeda Letters Showing Terrorists Alarmed as Part of Disinformation Ploy & Zionist NY Times Dutifully Sucks It All In | Aussies Worried Its Troops to be Sacrificed by USA as Happened in Gallipoli for Lost Zionist War | First Female in UK Armed Services to Die in Iraq | Britain: The Time to Pull Out of Zionist Iraq War Nears | Blair to Announce British Troop Cuts to Its Futile Zionist Iraq Colonial Expedition in Ten Days | Zionist USA Turning Over Failed Reconstruction Project to Stone-Age Reduced Iraq as Another Veiled Surrender Signal |
May 7
| One More Judeo-Integration Experiment Mistake: 'Katrina Effect' Causes Murder Explosion in Houston | Remembering New York Jewish Communist Spy Harry Gold | Pro-Zionist Iraq War Fails to Protect Its Captives as Car Bombs Rock Colonial Capital of Baghdad Killing 16 More Christian and Moslem Innocents | The Jews Who Control Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Other Major Universities | Lost Zionist War Sees 30 Dead, 70 Wounded in Single Day | Loud Zone: The Non-Hidden Jewish Faces | 100,000 Terrified Homeless Hiding from Tribal Killers in Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq | Prime Minister Blair Strength Sapped by Anglo-Zionist Iraq War Coalition | U.S. Lawyers Warned Pro-Zionist War President Bush on War Crimes in 2003 | Viacom: The Great Jewish Media Octopus | Pro-Zionist General Warns Iraq on Bomb Smuggling That Is Destroying the War for Americans | Death Squads Deepen Division in Zionist Occupied Iraq as Cabinet Performs Old Tribal Tunes | Occupied Christian and Moslem Palestinians Plan Mass-Mourning of Israel's Founding Which They Know as 'The Catastrophe' | Zionist President Bush Sucks Up to AIPAC's Political Money Disbursers, Says Iran's Threats Against Israeli Thug State Are Taken Seriously | Norman Solomon Decries Immoral Use of Anti-Semitism Label Merely to Block Open Debate on the Israeli Lobby's Influence | Average Israeli Spends 57.5 Hours Per Month on Internet, Double America's Average | After a Week of Zionist Brainwashing in Israel to Qualify for AIPAC Election Contributions, Chicago's Mayor Daley Visits Some Christians | Jew Attempts to Subvert Florida into Voting Support for Religious National Zionist State of Israel | IDF Thugs Deny Hospital Access for 274 Christian and Moslem Palestinians at Single Check Point in One Month |
May 6
| Iraqis Cheer Crash of Pro-Zionist Forces British Helicopter | Israel Murders Another Palestinian, Wounds 2, May Be Either Moslems or Christians or Both | Serious Health Crisis in Christian/Moslem Palestine from Siege by Israeli Terror State | Chicago's Mayor Daley Visits Holocaust Museum, Remains Unaware that Jews Murdered 65,000,000 Christians in Russia, 1919-1940 | Jews Who Control Money and Business Association Groups | Liar Israel Kills 5 Christian or Moslem Palestinians, Claims They Might Be Enemies of Israel But Gives No Substantial Proof At All, But What Israel Said Is Printed as Truth Anyway | Russia Insists UN Draft on Iran Needs Adjustment | Iran Nuclear Standoff Tops Persian Gulf 6 Nations Discussions | Iran's Leader: Talks of US Strike a Joke | Fighting US Might With Oil | Iraq Borders Face Large Turkish, Iranian Troop Buildup | ADL Idiot Letter to Newspaper Filled With Deceptive Logic and Half-Truths | Synagogue in Tel Aviv Desecrated with Swastikas Painted by Israeli Skinhead Nazis | Large Hanging Nazi Banner Shocks Visitors at Military Heritage Museum | German Police Ask Court to Ban Nazi Parades During World Cup |
Nazi Guard John Demjanjuk Testifies in $2 Million Lawyer Fee Case | Palestine Urges Quartet to Reject Israeli Unilateral Policies |
May 5
| German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Israel's Right to Exist "Must Never be Questioned" | Plan to Divide Up Jerusalem's Land Takes Shape | Chicago's Mayor Daley Meets With Rich Israeli Dignitaries, Seeks Big Jewish Campaign Bucks | Unmasking Israelís Mystery Benefactor | Israel in the Crosshairs | Bias vs. Balance at the BBC | UN Protests Israel's Closing Crossings | PLO, Palestinian Government Condemn Israel's Bloodbath in Gaza | Politician Resigns Over Minor Canard | Israeli IDF Thugs Kill Six Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip | Israel's New Plan Will 'Share' Jerusalem with Moslem Residents and Not Divide It | Israel Fumes as Sweden Grants Visa to Palestinian Prime Minister | UK Rejects Taking Israel's Illegal Stockpile of Nuclear Weapons to UN | Israel's 31st Terrorist Government Sworn In | Israel Lobby Report Defended by Authors |
May 4
| Globalist Nations Apply a Model of Jewish-Bolshevik-USSR Censorship to the Internet | Iran's UN Envoy Criticizes UN Nuclear Resolution | His Coalition in Place, PM Olmert Turns to Setting Israeli Terror State's Borders | Israel's Conspires Alone to Illegally Divide the World's Holy City | American Jewish Group Commemorates 100 Years of Zionist Conspiracy | Innocent Palestinian Taxicab Driver Murdered in Cold Blood by Israeli Defense Force Thugs | The Jewish Lobbyists: Israeli Turncoats Threaten America's Interests | Iran Military Plays Down Threats to Strike Israel | Israel's Options For Preventing an Islamist Encirclement | Accompanied by Local Chicago Jewish Lobbyists / Contributors, Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley Undergoes His Personalized Zionist Brainwash in Old Jerusalem | Pentecostal Church Becomes Perfect Zionist Lap Dog, Calls for Collaboration Between Israel and Hamas | Religious Zionists Feel Anger, Alienation As Israel's Political Map Shifts Again Toward Atheist Judeo-Bolshevism | Israeli Former Mossad Chief Warns Isreali Terror State to Develop Friendlier Moslem Ties to Avoid Violent Future | Israel Begins Building Apartheid Wall to Create Racial Concentration Camps In Holy City of Jerusalem | US-Israel 'may have hand' in Hariri murder | Honor Our Dead. Respect European Holocaust Week Commemorating Deaths of 65 Million USSR Gentiles at Jewish HandsHundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
May 3
| Pro-Zionist Invasion Failure: NATO's Globalist Thugs Lose Ground in Forgotten Afghanistan War to Taliban and Al Quaeda | Discussion of Possible Inconsistencies in World War Two Semite Annihilation Theory | See One Way the Southern Poverty Law Center Wastes $60 Million a Year from Its Old Rusted Yiddish Begging Cup | Racist Israel Prize Awarded to 13 Winners. You Have to be Jewish. There Are Absolutely No Gentiles Allowed. | Israel Terror State Selfishly Meddles in Iran's Peaceful Visit to World Cup Finals in Germany | National Zioninst Israel Celebrates Its 58 Years of Semitic Hate Against Palestine's Christian and Moslem Residents | Hamas Will Discuss Peace If Israel Agrees to Leave Occupied Colonial Lands and Allows Right of Return | Iran Stocks Provisions Amid Possible UN Embargo | Is the Zionist U.S. Puppet Government Fomenting False International Chaos to Divert Attention from its Internal Problems? | Iran Proposes Consortium for Uranium Enrichment | Police Ridiculous, Investigate Innocent Spray Painting of KKK and Swastikas as Hate Crime by Pot Smoking Kids Instead of as Simple Juvenile Vandalism | Zionist Media-Haunted America Loves to Insist on Hate Crimes News Coverage Even When They Are Merely a Hoax | Black Student Gets Off on Hate Crime Hoax on Account of Her Race | What a Wicked Web We Weave: Israeli Bedouin IDF Soldier Prosecuted Instead of a Jewish Soldier for Murder of Civilian | Israel Offers More Unsubstantiated Deceptive Lies about Iran's Nuclear Program But Offers No Forensic Evidence | Jewish Espionage at AIPAC | SPECIAL VIDEO LINK: The Nazis May Be Back in a Big Way. Right-Click on This Link Now. It Will Download and Save for You The Most Amazing 24-Minute Nazi Video in 75 Years. This Propaganda Video Was Filmed at the Huge National Socialist Rally in Lansing, Michigan. 18.7 Meg File. |
May 2
| Zionists Want to Evade Blame for Coming Iran War | Iran Threatens Israel If US Attacks |  Pro-Zionist Congress Uses Ruse of Child Pornography to Pass Judeo-Bolshevik Laws Tracking Internet Users | ADL Supported Mexican Border Jumpers in a Rally that Turns Ugly in California | Islamic Jihad Will Not Halt Attacks on National Zionist Compounds | 'Jerusalem, Israel' Shouldn't Appear on Passports, Court Rules | Spy Jonathan Pollard Opposes Cabinet Appointment of His Mossad Handler | Head of Israeli Army Opposes Reoccupation of Gaza | Zionist-Christian News Spins Stories About Al Quaeda-Hamas Connections Solely on Basis of Unsubstantiated Reports | Israel Launches First Underwater Museum at Beautiful Caesaria Ancient Roman Port City | One of the Latest Nasty Hate Spews from the $65 Million Per Annum Pro-Semite Southern Poverty Law Center | Southern Poverty Law Center Picks on Tuscon Woman, Speaks About Her Email | Jewish Anti-Majority Spew: Hispanic Reporter Uses Position to Suggest Hate among a Few Majority Americans | ADL of B'nai B'rith Sticks Its Minority Nose Into Poland | Two-Faced ADL Helps to Perpetuate Hate by Giving Award to Britain's 'Shindler' While Israeli National Zionist Jews Continue to Kill Christian and Moslem Palestinian Children with Abandon in Gaza | Pro-Zionist Bill Berkowitz Writes Poisonous Diatribe Against America's Majority | Jewish Controlled USA, an Admitted Inhumane Torture Nation at Guantanamo and Other Hidden Facilities, Walks On Diplomatic Razor-Blades Concerning Iran Sanctions | Remember Our Dead at the Hands of the Jews in the USSR During European Holocaust Commemoration Week | Jewish American Puppet State's Next Stop Iran | SPECIAL VIDEO LINK: The Nazis May Be Back in a Big Way. Right-Click on This Link Now. It Will Download and Save for You The Most Amazing 24-Minute Nazi Video in 75 Years. This Propaganda Video Was Filmed at the Huge National Socialist Rally in Lansing, Michigan. 18.7 Meg File. |
May 1

| Jewish Plan to Balkanize America Pushed on Semitic News Outlets in Their Positive Coverage of the Anti-American Mexican Takeover | Is This the Knesset or the White House? | Never Again! | It's Not Immigration. It's Murder. It's Genocide. | Radical Left-Wing Judeo-Socialist Subversives Have Taken Over the Illegal Mexican Immigration Issue on this Communist International May Day | White House's Judeo-Con Traitors Responsible for Producing Today's Subversive, Destructive and Hate-Generating May Day Rallies | Illegal ADL-Supported Mestizo Types Vandalize Oklahoma City | 17 Israeli Soldiers Accused of Raping 11 Year Old | Israel on 58th Birthday Has 7,000,000 Population and Still Killing | Israel Terror State Ironically Continues to Kill Others While Memorializing Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror | Civil Rights Group Demands Mostly White Israel Unchain Brown-Skinned Christian African Asylum Seekers Held in Prisons and Give Them the Same Medical Care Given to Jews | Disinformation War in Israel as Known Liar Shin Bet 'Claims' Hamas Guilty of Attacks | Mostly White-Skinned IDF Genocide Thugs Murder Poverty Stricken Light-Brown Woman in Her Own Private Home | Confessions on the Illegality of Being Jewish in Israel | Israel Shocked by 'Rape' on Army Base. Duh. So, No One Ever Heard of Jewish Soldiers Being Bad Apples? | 7.03 Million in Israel, of Which 5.64 Million are Jews. So, Millions of Occupied Palestinians Don't Count Now? | Israel and Palestinians: A Sickening Hypocrisy | Israel Crosses the Threshold |


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