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June 30
| In Scenes Reminiscent of the Burning of the German Reichstag Set Ablaze by a Jewish Communist, Today's Israeli Jews Set Fire to the Palestinian Interior Ministry Building | The Beautiful Faces of Pro-Jewish American Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan | Palestinian Prime Minister Says Invasion by Jews Is Attempt to Bring Down the Legally Elected Hamas Government of Palestine | Massive Jewish Domination of Iraq War Media Coverage | Extensive University of Michigan Iraqi War Documents Study Archive | Racist Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Male Religious Ritual of Sexual Mutilation Society Blasts United Nations for Holding Israel Regularly Accountable for its Racism Inside the Horrendously Vicious Israeli Empire | Today's Iraq War Report | CNN Reports an Israeli Physician Has Claimed He Actually Treated Captive IDF Thug, Gilad Shalit, for Injuries | Palestinians Demand Release of 1,000 Christian and Moslem Prisoners in Jewish Gulags in Israel for Release of Galid Shalit, Plus Total Withdrawal of Jews from Occupied Palestinian Lands | Neocon Jews in U.S. White House and Department of Justice Struggle with Gitmo Supreme Court Reversals | NBC Covers Rape and Murder of Iraqi Woman and Four Members of an Iraqi Family on NBC Nightly News and in Perfect Judeo Political Correctness in Media Show No Pictures of the Soldiers Involved Probably to Avoid Offending Certain Unidentified Non-Majority Population Groups | Yesterday You Could Have Read the Long Litany of Jewish Neocon American Soldier Atrocities in Iraq On This Page, But Probably Because Jew Watch Linked to It for You, It Is No Longer Available | So, Try This Page: Arab Newspaper Reveals the Even More of the Sordid History of On-Going Rapes and Beatings of Iraqi Women by Pro-Israeli American Army Troops | Remarks by Militant Leftwing Jewish Propagandists in Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Filled "Intelligence Report" Used to Smear CNN's Lou Dobbs with Racism Charges based on His Professional Journalism Interviews with Members of Peaceful and Quite Harmless White Civil Rights Organizations in a Typical Example of the Famous and Over Used Jewish News Smear |

June 29
| A Jewish Boy Named Gilad Shalit May Reshape World History | Two Communist Jews, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, Declared a Communist Republic in Berlin in 1919 During World War One Only to be Captured and Executed as Jewish Traitors by the German Free Corps | Gaza Militants Shelve Civil War to Fight Israel | Israel's Long-Standing Racist Apartheid | Jewish Provocation; Israel Invades Syrian Airspace; Two Warplanes Swoop Over Assad's Home Threatening Him With Assassination | Jewish Racial Superiority Caused Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Russia Cautions Israel Against Killing and Wounding Innocent Christian and Moslem Civilians in Its Daily War Mongering Activities | Mordechai Vannunu Exposed Israel's Atomic Weapons | Christian and Moslem Palestinians in Grim Mood But Show a United Front Against the Sadistic Jewish Empire | Israel Is the Mother of All Terrorism in the Middle East | In Direct Contradiction to Their Usual Church-State Stand, Jews Gobbled Up 50% of Certain National Homeland Security Funds Last Year and Want It To Continue Each Subsequent Year by an Act of Congress For Which The Jews Will Pay a Few Thousand Dollars to Insure Its Passage | Supreme Court Stops Bush War Trial Plans -- Jewish Justices Breyer and Ginsberg Who Are The Court's Two Judeo-Lib Jewish Justices Who Represent an Unwise and Magnified 22.5% of the Court's Votes But In Reality are Part of Only 2% of the Nation's Population Voted Against the Opposing Jews in the Judeo-Con Controlled Bush White House | Gaza Independence Forces Claim Firing of Chemical Warhead Into Israel's Invading Jewish Army | Palestinian Christians and Moslems Blow Hole in Wall | Hamas Leaders Illegally Arrested by Jewish Thugs; Israeli Executed | Hamas Declares Arrest of 64 Parliamentarians a Jewish Act of Open War | Intolerant and Hate-Filled Jews File Suit Against 3-Decades-Old Portrait of Jesus in a Public School; This is Another Case of a Tolerated Minority of Jews Deciding Not to Tolerate the Christian Majority |

June 28
| Hamas Leaders Arrested by Israeli Empire; Israeli Terror State Settler Executed in Response | Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza; Israels IDF Thugs Cut Power and Water to Christian and Palestinian Families | Christians Converting Jews Likely to Be Arrested in Jerusalem | EU Says Israel and Palestine Must Step Back from The Brink Before It Spirals into War | What are Israel's Real Geographical Intentions? Check Out the Final Jewish Map. | Israel Says, If Corporal Gilad Shalit Is Released, the Invasion of Gaza Will End:  So, This Israeli Dude is Israel's 'Helen of Troy'? | Are Jews Smart? On Average, Probably Not. Israel's U.N. IQ is Only 90 IQ Points Which is Way Below Average | What Life Is Like for Jews Inside the Militaristic Israeli Empire | U.N. Holds Two-Day Meeting on the Israel-Palestine Problem | Zionist Organization of America Says Hamas Did Not Implicitly Recognize Israel as AP Had Reported | Arab League President:  America Must Not Condemn Iran and At the Same Time Condone Israel's Nuclear Arsenal | Spanish News Agency Retracts, Apologizes for Goldwater "Concentration Camp" Story, Because He Never Said It. | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Artifacts | Jewish Media Mogul Murdoch Says Internet is "Golden Age of Media" | Pro-Judeo-Con GOP Pushing Bill to Condemn The New York Times | Hateful Intolerant Orthodox Jews Beat Up Christians on Streets of Jerusalem | Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Yiddish Ritualistic Male Infant Religious Mutilation Society Gives Free 1-Day Propaganda Tour to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Corrupts 150 New England Politicians with Feelings of False Guilt Which Will Be Quite Conducive to Future Jewish Legislative Majority Hate Bills Being Pushed by Jews In Their  Political Backyard | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Yiddish Religious Infant Mutilation Society Celebrates 40 Successful Years of Jewish Guilt in Roman Catholicism | Russia Orders 'Special Forces' To Find and Kill Murderers of 5 Russian Diplomats in Iraq:  But What If the Real Killers Are Mossad Agents? |

June 27
| Genocidal IDF Thugs Over-Run Gaza in a Jewish Racist Frenzy | Killer Israel Ready to Murder More Christians and Moslems in Gaza over Kidnapped Soldier in Appeal to Israel's Voters | The Discredited Jewish Science of Psychoanalysis Invented from the Mind of the Cocaine Addicted Atheist Jew Sigmund Freud | Hamas Considers Israel's Threat to Assassinate Its Leadership 'Serious' | Pro-Jewish Washington Operative Tries to Hold Back Its Immature Israeli Step Child | The Great Jewish Neurotics of the Women's Movement | ABC-TV Affiliate Reports that Hamas and Fatah Have Agreed on a Document Which Implicitly Recognizes Israel | Celebrating Hyam Salomon, the Jew Who Financed the American Revolution | Fatah Tells Jerusalem Post that Hamas Immediately Attacked Israel to Prove the Agreement to Recognize the Jewish Terror Empire Was a Lie | The Jewish Rapist, Murderer, and Capitalist, Leo Frank, Whose Dastardly Murder and Rape of 14-Year-Old Mary Phelan in His Pencil Factory Started the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish Male Infant Ritual Religious Mutilation Society | Israel Claims It Knows Whereabouts of Kidnapped Soldier and That Hamas Did the Deed, But Who Can Believe a Nation that Always Lies? | Member of Knesset Plans Kidnapping of Hamas Top Leaders to Use to Negotiate | Iraq Bombs Kill At Least 35 | China Denounces Killing of 5 Russian Diplomats in Iraq | Huge Car Blast in Gaza Kills 1, Injures 2. Israel Which Constantly Lies Denies Having Done the Bombing From the Air | Egypt Deploys 2,500 Troops on Gaza Border Showing How Worried It Is About Fallout from an Invasion by Armed Israeli Jewish Killers Under Mossad Orders | Israeli Government Under the Domestic Gun Due to Kidnapping | Lebanese Judiciary Begins Working on Lebanon's Mossad Terrorists | Pro-Zionist Neocon U.S. Forces Issue Story That 2 Soldiers Were Tortured, Beheaded, and Tied to a Bomb. The Truth May Be Different. We May Never Truly Know.

June 26
| Al-Aqsa Brigade Threatens Chemical Weapons Against Israel | Jewish Terrorist Meier Kahane | Turkish Anti-American Film Featured at San Francisco Muslim Film Festival | 921 Quotations About Jews | Adolescent War-Monger Israel Threatens to 'Topple' Hamas If Captured Israeli Soldier is Harmed | House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Asks U.S. to Charge New York Times with Treason Felonies for Reporting State Secrets on Financial Monitoring | Israel Downsizing Its Jewish Racist Empire Behind Apartheid Fences | Israel Masses Its Forces at Gaza in Preparation for Invasion | Al-Aqsa Brigades Threaten to Use Chemical Warfare If Jews Enter Gaza | America's Jewish Neo-Con War in Iraq Has Produced Homeless 130,000 Refugees | Factbox:  Foreign Captives in Iraq | America Increasingly Divided Over Its AIPAC Friendly Iraq War | Iraq's Olive Branch to Iraqis Becomes Hot Coals in the Hands of the U.S. Congress | CIA Red Flags Over Informer's Lies Lost in Bureaucracy | Ongoing Fragmentation of Iraq Into Autonomous States vs. Central Governments | Japan Begins Pulling Out of Iraqi Blood Bath | Iraq WMD Redux: Neocons Flail One Trick Pony Again | The Jewish Neocon Disaster in Iraq Widens | Jews Who Love to Gripe About Nothing Now Complain to ADL About Yet Another Possible Anti-Semitic Hoax in Florida |

June 25
| Israel News Agency Report: 'Israel Needs A Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran' | Jewish Human Rights Violations in Lebanon | Israel Helps Palestinian Militants by Bombing Gaza and Killing Innocent Civilians | Jews Batter 20% of  Israel's Women | Iran Schedules World Holocaust Investigation Conference in October-November | 1994 Hebron Mosque Killings by American Physician Baruch Goldstein | Jewish Racists Worship at the Grave of Dr. Goldstein, the Genocidal Killer of Racially Inferior Palestinians in the Mosque Massacre | Palestinian President Urges Rice to Get Israel to Stop Escalating Tensions | Jew-Against-Jew in Israel:  Shin Bet Spies, Reports, and Moves Against Right-Wing Jew Activists | Episcopalians Deny New Testament and Jesus in Favor of Pro-Jewish PC | UK Campaign for a Boycott of Apartheid Israel Gathers Momentum | Israeli Support of Anti-Whaling Tipped the Scales in U.S. Favor | Pope to Visit Israel, Land of the New Testament Anti-Semite Jesus Christ, in 2007 | Jesus Christ's Anti-Semitism Revealed | Saddam Predicts U.S.A. Will Ask His Help in Quelling Bloody Iraq | Some Congressmen Condemn Iraqi Amnesty Plan | Iran Threatens to Use Oil as a Weapon in Any Nuclear Sanction Environment | Syria, Iran Deepen Ties Due to U.S. Threats |

June 24
| Good-Bye to the Greatest Jewish Television Producer of Drama, Aaron Spelling | Jews in Entertainment | Pregnant Woman and Her Brother Murdered in Reckless Jewish Mossad Bombing of 'Inferior' Non-Jewish Civilians | Jewish Kaballah | Toronto Jew Admits Anti-Moslem Hate Crimes | Map Showing Loss of Palestinian Land from 1946-2000 | Goldwater of Arizona Seeks Work Camps for Mexican Illegals to Build the Walls to Keep Them Out and to Clean Up the Deserts of Illegal's Droppings | Noting the Realities of Israeli Expansionist History | Mossad Lies and Deceptions:  Moronic B.S. Article Appears About Israeli Invasion of Gaza to Pick Up Two So-Called Militants | Israeli Investigation of Beach Bombing Not Credible | How Israel Is Tearing Christian and Moslem Families Apart | Israeli Critic Wins Peace Award to Consternation of the Jewish Master Race | Palestinian Cancer Patient 'Must Pay' for Prison Guards or Leave Hospital | Olmert: Jewish Lives Worth More than Christian and Moslem Lives |

June 23
| Let Us Recall Again the Racist Hate Crime Murder of a 13 Year Old Palestinian Girl by a Jewish Neo-Nazi IDF Goon | Jewish Faces | No WMD's Were Ever Found -- Iraq Chemical Weapons Degraded & Too Old to Use Militarily Says Pro-Jewish U.S. Intelligence Sources | Black Muslims Planning to Bomb Sears Tower Arrested in Chicago | DOJ Rogues Gallery of the Chicago Sears Tower Terrorists | Pro-Zionist Christians Seek Immediate Jewish World Supremacy Ending with End-Of-World Apocalypse in Israel | The Ancient Israeli 'Shell Game' Circa 100,000 C.E. | Presbyterian Church Bows After One Full Year of Constant Jewish Verbal Terror and Hate | Violating Separation of Church and State Myth, U.S. Law Officers Travel with Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Yiddish Racial Religious Cult to Jewish Racist Empire of Palestine to Learn Unsuccessful Jewish Anti-Human Rights Methods Which Jews Use to Occupy, Pacify, and Torture the People Which Have Not Worked and Have Only Created More and More  Hate for the Past 60 Years | Well Spun Jewish Report on Meeting of Jewish Conspirators at Wye Plantation | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Yiddish Racial Cult Seems to Have Succeeded in Undermining Divestment Movements Among Non-Jews Using the Vicious, Hateful, and Un-American 'You are an Anti-Semite' Canard | Detention of Palestinian Peace Activist Illustrates Israelís Apartheid Law System | Israel Has No Right to Fix Its Borders Without Regard to Its Non-Jew Neighbors | Shortwave Update on Pro-Jewish Forces in Middle East in MP3 for This Week | IDF Lies About Gaza Beach Murders Draws Shame, Anger, and Derision After Independent Forensics Findings | Peace Activists Protest Against Apartheid Walls Constructed by Israel's Superior Jewish Race |

June 22
| Intolerant and Racist Jews Again Protest Iran's Soccer Team | WMD Deceptions About Out-Dated and Deteriorated Chemical Weapons Still Spewed as False Facts to Support Bush's Failed War on Zionist Rupert Murdoch's Pro-Jewish Fox News | U.S. Pro-Israel Troops Charged with Murdering a Disabled Iraqi | The Modest Proposal for Defanging the Jews | Israel's Prime Minister Finally Apologizes for Jews Murdering 14 Christian and Moslem Citizens With Reckless Gaza Bombs | The Jewish Mob | Republicans Delay Reissuing Jewish Authored Voting Rights Act of 1965 Due to Its Unfairness to the Southern States | Senate Rejects Pull Out; Troops Will Stay so Iran Can Have More Time to  Improve Their Method for Destroying U.S. Abrams Tanks | Costa Rica No Longer Wants to Support the Iraq War | Peace Deal Offers Iraq Insurgents Amnesty | Iran Asks U.N. to Stop Defamation of Islam | Intolerant and Racist Jewish Nazis Again Protest Iran's Soccer Team | FBI Stops Harassing White Civil Rights Organizations Only Long Enough to Arrest 7 Arab Terrorists in Florida and Hold a News Conference on the Subject | FBI Visits Israel for Brain-Washing |

June 21
| Vows of Revenge Against the Killer Jew Invaders After Deaths of 3 More Christian and Moslem Children in Sadistic and Uncaring IDF Thug Attack on Gaza's 'Inferior' Non-Jewish Citizens | Saddam Hussein's Lawyer Assassinated in the Chaotic Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | Denial of the Right to Autopsy Victims in Haditha Makes Building the Case Against U.S. Soldiers Almost Impossible | Iran in No Hurry to Respond to Pro-Israeli EU Peace Offers from Europe's Colonial Infidels on Nuclear Enrichment Program | Jewish Crack Convict Sues Florida for Kosher Prison Food and the Right to Wear a Jewish Beard | Another Innocent Non-Jewish Man and Woman Murdered by Racist Jewish Air Strike in Gaza Strip | The Jews Behind the Iron Curtain | Jews Ignore Evidence of Israeli Shrapnel Found inside Shredded Bodies of Family Slaughtered by Jewish Mossad Thugs on Gaza Beach Last Week | United Nations Demand Israel Stop the Murder of Non-Jews in Its Colonial Empire | Israel Added 800 New Jewish Millionaires in 2005 | How Immoral Israeli Jews Twist the Facts about Their Murders of Christians and Moslems in Palestine | Massive Abduction Spree Hits Iraq: 100 Seized in Single Factory | Occupation 'Hollows Out' Israel Says Peace Activist | Saudi Ambassador Says Its Trade Boycott Against Israel Will Not End | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Ritual Male Infant Religious Mutilation Cult Supports Israel's Genocidal Starvation of Palestine but Opposes Sudan's Genocidal Starvation of Darfur, Especially Its Use of Jews as a Reason for Not Cooperating with Peace Keepers. Anyone Else Notice an Issue Discrepancy Here, Or Is It Just Us? |

June 20
| Iran's Ahmadinejad Has 70% Approval Rating and It's Going Up | Jews Ran The Black Holocaust | Bodies of 2 Kidnapped U.S. Soldiers Found in Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | What Adolf Hitler Had to Say On the Subject of Jews | Who Rules America? | Hazelton PA Defies Anti-American / Jewish-Authored Immigration Laws and Will Now Arrest All Illegal Aliens and Landlords Who Rent to Them. It Has Reached the Point in that City Where No One Can Walk the Streets Safely | Jew Watch Calls for Your Personal Donation | Illinois Violates Church-State Separation Myth; Signs Agreement with Jewish Terror State | Early Zionist Terror Gangs | 2,000 Jewish Representatives of Zionist Organizations Worldwide Meet to Conspire in Jerusalem | European Jews Turn Away From Israel, Believing Life in the Diaspora Has More to Offer than a Jewish Terror State | Israeli Empire invites Vatican to hold its annual World Bishops` Conference in Holy Land | Britain Declines to Discuss the Zionist Regime's Illegal Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons | A-Bomb Fat Israel Meets with Iran's Ex-Prime Ministers on Iran's Fledgling Nuclear Program | Israel As An Agent of the American Empire | Mossad Fights TV Channel in Exchanges over Who Is the Better Jewish Liar Concerning Israeli Shrapnel in Beach Victims | Israel Boasts 7,400 Jewish Millionaires | Are Murders of Arabs by Jews Effective in Stopping Terror? | Iran Welcomes Open EU Dialogue on Nuclear Policies with No Preconditions from Its Pro-Israel Members | Japan Pulls Out of Pro-Zionist Iraq |

June 19
| Dolphin Married to a British Jew Vomits and Dies. Can You Blame Him? | What Tolerance of Subversive Jews Now Costs America | Jew Claims Superman Reflects Jewish Traditions | Want to Know Who Rules America? | Jewish Demonstrators Clash at Pro-Israel Rally | Armand Hammer:  Jew, Russian, American, Communist Founder, Democratic Party Supporter, Capitalist, Opportunist, Millionaire, Spy, Zionist, Traitor | Thousands of Foreign Jews Begin to Immigrate to China to Exploit Its Slave Economy | Jewish Supremacists Control $ Billions in International Real Estate | Are Sadistic Jewish IDF Thugs 'The Most Moral Army in the World'? | The Morality of the Israeli Boycott | Israel's 'Blame the Victim' Strategy Fails Miserably. The Usual Lies No Longer Work. | Insurgent Prosecutor of the Illegal Iraq Government of the Pro-Zionist Invading Armies Asks Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein Who Is Still His Nation's Only Legally Elected President | Indictment of U.S. Soldier Sought by Italy | Poll: U.S. Seen as Threat to Stability | How Israelis Continue to Connive for More Palestinian Lands as a Result of the Jewish Alleged Disengagement Trick | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith's Cult of Religious Male Infant Ritual Mutilation Practices Signs on to Continue Affirmative Racism Practices in Michigan, Practices Which are Un-American and Anti-Majority in Their Context | Possible Hoax in University City MO Flops; This Sordid Little Affair Had All of the Earmarks of an Anti-Semitic Deception Designed to Stir the News and Create False Fears and Sympathies for Jews. This Being Said, Jew Watch Considers Targeted Harassment of Jews of Any Type Disgusting. Frank Weltner, Librarian of Jew Watch, Lives Within Three Miles of University City. Although He Disagrees Politically With Some of the People Who Live There, Mr. Weltner Considers Each of The Targeted Citizens There to be His Friends and Neighbors. Mr. Weltner is Personally Saddened by This Event. | Although White Gangs Account for Only 20% of the Texas Total Gang Population, Marc Potok at the Pro-Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Industry Corporation, Spends His Time Dehumanizing and Hating White Texans in this Article and Ignoring and the 25% of Blacks and 55% of Hispanics who Are the Majority of the Gang Members in Texas. Is This Indicative of Jewish Hatred for Whites? |

June 18
| Jewish Elitist Baron Eric de Rothschild Tells Israel's Olmert: 'The Extent of Anti-Semitism In His Native France Has Been Exaggerated' | Ahmadinejad: Investigate the Holocaust | The Rothschild's New World Order Banking and Jewish Supremacist Family | The Racist Arrest of a Non-Jewish White Civil Rights Worker by the New 'Diversity Enriched' and Anti-Majority FBI Terrorist Task Force | Israeli Evil: The Murderous Terrorism of Jewish Prime Minister Menachem Begin | With Little Else to Do for Cheap Entertainment in Jewish-Abused Gaza Colony, Palestinian Christians and Moslems Return to Gaza Beaches | Jewish USSR Thug Lavrenti Beria:  He Was Just One of Thousands of  the Jewish USSR's Vile Jewish Leaders Who Systematically Murdered 65,000,000 Non-Jews | What Should Terrorist Israel Do About Its History of Planning Targeted Killings of Moslems and Christians Who Hide from Hideous Jewish Oppression Inside the Cruel Empire? | Leftwing Jews Recall their Stew Albert's Many Lies and Hoaxes at Berkeley | Immigrant Blacks Protest Against Semites and Europeans in Paris | Israel's Sadistic History of Jewish Murder, Jewish Spin, and Jewish Influence in the Jewish-Owned World Press | How Israel's Jewish Terrorist Became a Victim | Repentant Jewish Soldier Now on a 'Mission for Peace' in Israel | U.S. Widens Search for 2 Soldiers Missing in Iraq | Stooping to a New Low for the Jewish-Controlled American Empire:  Pentagon Investigators Report Inhumane Torture Is Not Illegal for American Soldiers. Report Says There Is No Need to Discipline Them. | Developments in the Lost Colony of Iraq on June 18th | Iran: U.S. War Mongering Making Nuclear Talks Difficult |

June 17
| Disastrous Developments in the Zionist Occupied Iraq Colony on June 17th | Intolerant Subversive German Jews Espouse Their Pathetic Racist Xenophobic Hate and Harassment for the Iranian People and for President Amadinejad as They Swarm into the Nuremberg Streets Like Hitler's Goose-Stepping Storm Troopers | Jeff Rense on The Jews in the White House | Half-Jewish Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) Discovers the Jewish Design for Major League Baseball as Vehicle to Integrate Blacks and Oppress Whites Has Imploded as Blacks Go from 30% to 8% of Major League Baseball and Will Decline Even More Rapidly in the Future | The Rockefeller Jewish Clone Syndrome | Why Whoever Says Israelis Are Not Racist Are Misinformed | Recent Atrocities Against Children in the Brutal Israeli Colonial Empire of Palestine | Baghdad Hit By More Bombings as Al-Qaeda Threatens Revenge for the Murder of Sheik Al-Zarqawi | Jewish Historical Hatred of Non-Jews | Circumcision:  Court Case Sparks National Debate Over Medical Necessity of Circumcision. Recent Views Are that Circumcision Is Nothing More Than Cruelty to Babies, a Form of Ritualized and Bloodied Jewish Infant Male Sexual Mutilation. | Jewish Racial Purity Laws in Israel | U.S. Report Details Its Own Illegal Human Rights Abuses in Iraq and Elsewhere | What Happens During Circumcision | Jewish Gulag Work Camps in the Jewish USSR, 1919-1992 - Torture, Starvation, and Death - The Jewish Big Three | Lebanon Takes Israel's Terrorist Cell to the United Nations | U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" Is The Result of Jewish Subversion of America | Human Rights Watch Blames IDF for Beach Murders Via Israeli Artillery Fire Based on Solid Evidence | Israel's Dirty Little Secret - Slavery | Jewish U.S. National Security Threat:  Mossad Controls the Security Software Keys to United States Military Computers | Racist Jewish Protesters Representing Less than 2% of the Population Gang Up on Freedom of Thought by the Non-Jewish Canadian Union That Voted Its 98% Majority Conscience to Boycott the Genocidal Policies of the Tiny and Vicious Jewish Terrorist State Known as Israel | Jewish Straussians Versus Their Favorite Fascist, Jewish War Monger and the Vicious Founder of "Straussianism", Leo Strauss | Zionist Occupied Iraq Colony Kills 43, U.S. Servicemen Missing | Lamont Accuses Lieberman of Pushing America Toward a Useless Military Blunder in Iraq |

June 16
| Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Male Infant Religious Ritualistic Sexual Mutilation Cult, Dehumanizes and Degrades an Old German Soldier Who Opened a Quiet and Peaceful Memorial to Adolph Hitler in His Home in Wisconsin | Ted Junker, 87, Decides To Keep Hitler Museum Private. Media and ADL Crucify an Old Man in Unison. | Jewish Newhouse Family Dominates Non-Jews With Hundreds of Pro-Israel News Properties | Anti-Semite Soon to Become the United Nations Secretary-General | Jews Give Myopic Yiddish View of Nuremberg World Cup Soccer Games Stirring Up Reverse Racism and Demeaning Normal People for Having Some Honest Racial and Cultural Pride as Though This is a Bad Thing in Paranoid Jewish Eyes | Hundreds of Jews Dominate America's Legal and Illegal Gambling Industries | Ahmadinejad Backs Off Attending World Cup Games in Hitler's Aryan Nuremberg Stadium. Racist Jews Have Been Rallying Against Aryan Iran for Days. | Jewish Controllers of Movies | Shameless Jew Elie Wiesel Speaks Out on Middle Eastern Conference As Though Anyone Cares About His Old Worn-Out Racist Jewish Viewpoints. The 'Wiesel' Uses the Occasion to Dehumanize Ahmadinejad as a Non-Person of Indignity on Religious and Xenophobic Grounds | America's Jewish Golden Girl of Bloody Israel | Ahmadinejad: European Union Nuclear Package Is a 'Step Forward' | 16+ Killed in Zionist-Occupied Iraq Explosions; Government's Crackdown Fails to Protect Public | Fagin the Crooked Hook-Nosed Jew in Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist" | Israel: More Evidence on Beach Killings Implicates IDF | Weapons Olmert Gave Last Week to Abbas Being Used Against Jews. Is It True? Or Is It Another Mossad Lie Meant to Dehumanize Palestinians Before Setting Them Up for More Killings? | Lebanon Accuses Blood-Drenched Israeli Agents of Car Bombing | EU Urges Israel to End Its International Criminality | Lebanon Uncovers Terror Cell With Links to Israel's Mossad | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

Jewish Immigration Ideal Disintegrates Again in Paris
Moslem Immigrants Conspire to Blow Up Eiffel Tower

Jews Remain Silent So Far on This Subversive Outcome
Jews Will Demand Frenchmen Turn the Other Cheek

June 15
| 25 Moslems Under Arrest in Paris Bomb Plot to Take Down the Eiffel Tower | Al-Zarqawi Letter Found Says Al-Qaeda Sought War Between U.S. and Iran; Is This The Truth or Another CIA Fiction? | President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Hidden Jewish Family Tree Exposed | Non-Jewish Father Sues to Halt 8-Year-Old Son's Circumcision by Wife Who Married a Jewish Man: 'My Son Is Not a Jew' | Could Monica Have Been Another Mossad Plant to Bring Down a President? Check out Monica Lewinski's Jewish Russian Heritage. | Palestinian Minister Sneaks More $Millions into Gaza in Suitcase | The Jewish Ancestral Artifacts of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, The Founder of Modern Turkey | Zionism Says Shrapnel Inside Gaza Beach Victim Bodies Not from Israel's Jews. So, Is This the Truth or Just Another Cheap Mossad Deception? | President Clinton's Racist Appointment of Jewish Ambassadors | Illegal Israeli Murder of Christian and Moslem Innocents by Jews in Palestine | The Danger of Living Close to Jews | U.S. Military Body Count in Iraq Reaches 2,500 Dead As Violence Continues to Increase | 27 More Iraqi Civilians Die Amid Bombs in Iraq's Bloody Judeo-Con War | Olmert Asks French Jews to Move to Israel | Protest Against Jews' Racist Celebration of Israel in Boston | U.S. Born Israeli Soldier Machine Guns Arab Mosque Then Commits Suicide | Men Tortured and Raped by Saudis Refused the Right to Sue by British Court | Jewish Activists Protest Torture by Americans but Claim Israelis Are Innocent of Torture, A Claim Totally Lacking Believability | Jewish Lap Dog U.S. Says Hamas and Not U.S. is Responsible for Hamas Financial Mess. The Lies Never End. | AIPAC Case Goes Wild | Jew Arlen Specter and Congressional Judiciary Committee's Other Jewish and Minority Members Laden with Jewish Lobby Cash Criticize Continued Pursuit of AIPAC Jewish Spy Case | Alleged AIPAC Informant Promoted by White House |

June 14
| Islamic Religious Terrorists Welcomed into France by Jewish Immigration Advocacy Over the Past 75 Years Respond to French Tolerance and Stupidity Like Dangerous Trojan Horses; They Had Planned to Bomb the Eiffel Tower | Jews Ran the German Communist Party | NA Indictment Article Reveals the Dangerous Subversion of Law Enforcement by 3 Jewish Domestic Espionage Groups--i.e., ADL, SPLC, and Wiesenthal | Abbas Stops Hamas Leaders Entering Gaza with $Millions in Cash to Help Starving Christian and Moslem Palestinians | In Defiance of Racist Jewish Pro-Immigrant and Anti-Majority Organizations, Federal Agents Make Surprise Arrests of 2,100 Illegals Mostly Felons including 140 Child Molesters, Drug Dealers, and 367 Known Gang Members Which Leaves 30,000,000 Not Arrested Plus 7,000 More Who Crossed the Unsecured Borders Today | Jewish Mobs of Russia, Israel, and USA | Iran Bans The Economist For Changing "The Persian Gulf" to Only "The Gulf" | Black Man Stabs 4 People in Subways But Original Newspaper Stories Refused to So Identify the Suspect as a Warning to New Yorkers in Danger | Jews Who Control Anti-Immigration Movements | Politically Correct and Jewish Pandering Reuters News Agency Allegedly Endangers New Yorkers by Describing Black Subway Stabber as Merely "A Short Man Dressed in Black" | William Perle, The Super Jewish Soviet Anti-American Spy | Racial Scandal Creeps into Democratic and Republican Race in N.C. Can the ADL's Spies be Far Behind in Visiting North Carolina for Its Usual Jewish Guilt-Inducing Propaganda Festivities? | Conviction of Atheist Jewish Billionaire, Financial Terrorist, and Now a Presumed Felon, George Soros, for Insider Trading is Upheld by French Court | George Soros Blames Himself, President Bush's AIPAC Foreign Policies, and Israel for Today's Anti-Semitism | Comparison of Various Media Spins Over Who was to Blame in Israel's Bombing of a Family on the Gaza Beach

June 13
| Lebanese Man Confesses to Assassinating Many People on Orders of Israeli Mossad | Film Maker: Israel Regime Is Like East German Stasi. | Jewish Atrocities & Harrassments of Indigenous Non-Jewish Peoples in Hebron This Week | Alleged Prison Torture, Insensitivity, Mayhem, and News Black Outs in Canada | Wary China and Russia Refuse to Sign Pro-Israeli Europe's Iranian Nuclear Statements | World's Most Hated Leader Exploits Badly Bloodied Iraq in Unwanted Visit | U.S. Terror Leaders Confess Their Concerns that Al Quaeda Is Now Stronger Than Ever in Iraq | Violence Mounts in Iraq; U.S. Kills 7 More Arabs Whom It Claims Were 'Insurgents' Along with 2 Innocent Children; No Proof Given or Required For U.S. Accusations in Presses | 194 Palestinian Refugees from Iraqi Prejudice Remain in Limbo at Syrian-Iraq Border | An American Jews Speaks Out in Support of Presbyterian Israel Divestment | History of Jews in Britain | Oh, My God! Another Possible Hate Crime Hoax in Florida Causing Little Damage! Quick, We Need Another ADL Propaganda Seminar With Nasty Holocaust Pictures to Make Us Feel Like Each One of Us Did It! | Are Jewish Dirty Tricks Against Lyndon LaRouche Really Funded by the Ford Foundation? | Did William Pierce of the White Civil Rights Movement's "National Alliance" Out Watergate's Deep Throat as the Jew Mark Felt in 1974? The Answer It Seems Is Yes. | Seven Christians and Moslems Arrested for Immediately Hanging a Hate-Filled Israeli Soldier Who Machine Gunned 3 Arabs to Death inside a Public Bus |

June 12
| Train Crash in Israel Leaves 5 Dead, 80 Wounded Some Seriously | Semite-Controlled Germany Arrests English Fans with SS Insignias | Gruesome Accounts of Al-Zarqawi's Murder | Racist Jewish Israel Will Not Allow an Inferior Non-Jewish Race of Aryans in Iran to Defend The Middle East with Nuclear Weapons | The Humiliation of Iran: Will There Be an Israel-Azerbaijan-USA Nuclear and Economic Strategic Alliance Surrounding Iran in a Vice Grip? | Screw Our Obligations with Non-Jew Nations: Genocidal Israeli Terror State Will Build 54 New Semitic Homes in Arab West Bank Despite Agreements with U.S.A. Benefactor Not to Do So | Criminal Jew Leaders of the Israeli Genocide State Step Up Threats to Assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister | Israeli Criminal Government Arrogantly and Illegally Issues More Threats, This Time Against Hamas Leadership | Israel Has Lost the Public Relations War | Amnesty International Highlights Israel's Criminal Human Rights Abuses | Saudi Foreign Minister Warns Disarmament Officials Not to Ignore the Terror State of Israel | Israel: Final Peace Not Likely With Hamas Leading Palestine | Jew in Florida Claims Best Thing for Anti-Semites Is a Court-Enforced Propaganda 'Gulag' in the Presence of Rabbis, Holocaust Teachers and Survivors, and Jewish Professionals | 75% of Jews Oppose Christian Gay Marriage Amendment | Unpopular U.S. Murders 9 Including 2 Children All Civilians in Iraq | Al Qaeda Names Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir as the Successor to Al-Zarqawi | Jewish Oligarch Mikhail Fridman of Russia Faces Racketeering Charges | Jewish Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Solitary for Sharing Food with Inmates Against Rules | Criminal Israeli State Completely and Heartlessly Bulldozes an Old Palestinian Lady's Family Home in Jenin |

June 11
| Jews Push Racial Hatred of Iran's Aryan Team at World Cup Under the Guise of Ahmadinejad's Scholarly Semitic Criticism | Mexico Upsets Iran, 3-1 Final | Martyrs Brigade Kidnappers Free Jewish American Benjamin Bright-Fishbein | Hamas to Challenge 'Israel's Existence Referendum' in Parliament | Israel Claims It Murdered 2 Militants from the Air With Absolutely No Way of Verifying the Story | Israeli Prime Minister Coldly Says He 'Regrets' -the Egregious Murder of Palestinians Having an Innocent Beach Picnic | Qassam Patriot Avenging Murder of His Leader by Jews Escapes Death-By-Israel by Jumping from Car | Ukrainians Blame Jewish 'Rothschild Soldiers' for Ukraine's Genocide of 7 Million Non-Jews in 1930's'. Jews Call It Anti-Semitic to Mention this Fact in Public. | Carnage in Iraq Just Beginning: US Army Expects Major Al-Quaeda Strikes in Iraq Colony in Retaliation for Al-Zarqawi's Murder Without Trial | Angered by Death of their Leader, Zarqawi Group Plans Major Strikes Against the Unpopular U.S. Occupational Force | Neil Clark: Things Could Get Even Worse in Iraq | America's General in Iraq Says Troops Could Gradually Withdraw if the Iraqi Government Survives and the Insurgents Surrender. | Americans Show Picture of Dead Zarqawi, an Enemy Combatant, in Violation of International Treaties on Exploiting Pictures of the Dead | Israel Radio Says Hamas and Fatah Factions in Palestine are Fighting. Could It Be Another Trick by Israeli Provocateurs? | Teacher Arrested on Complaint of a Jewish Woman in Fresno, California. The Teacher's Daughter Called Her a "Dirty Jew" and a Minor Altercation Occurred in a Shopping Mall Parking Lot. No One Seems to Have Been Physically Harmed. Now, Make No Mistake. Just One Arrest of This Type Is Prima Facie Proof that Freedom of Opinion and Expression in America Has Been Destroyed by the Anti-American and Racist Jewish Lobby. |

June 10
| Possible Hostage in Israel is American Jew | Hamas Denies Statement Mourning Death of Al-Zarqawi. Hamas Views Him as a Symbol of Resistance to Occupation. | Bizarre, War Mongering, and Terrorist Israel Threatens to Kill Hamas Leaders | Guantanamo Prisoners Tortured and Abused at the Whim of White House Jewish Neo-Cons Commit Suicide | No Let Up in Iraq After Murder of Al-Zaqawi as 24 are Killed by Bombs | Hamas Calls Referendum by Abbas a 'Coup' | Jewish Top World Banker Wolfowitz Warns Developing Cash Rich Nations Like China Not to Load Up Poor Nations with Debt That Can Never be Repaid | Hitler's Final Stand Bunker Might Soon be a Popular Tourist Destination | Anti-Hitler Spies of World War Two | Russia's Parliament Asked to Betray Democracy, Ban Critical-Edge Political Parties | Jews Plan Vicious Anti-Iran Protests at Germany's World Cup as a Natural Extension of their Historical Anti-Democratic Bias and Their Passion to Control Other Nations | Iraqi Vice President Says Iran's Significant Power Would Benefit the Middle East | Iran to Offer Its Own Terms on Uranium | Richard Perle, The Jewish Neocon Prince of Darkness, Is Sighted at Bilderberg Meeting | Selfish and Self-Indulgent Race Focused Jews Whine, Whine, Whine About All of Their Problems As Though They are the Only People in the World |

June 9
| Babies Murdered by Jews: Ten Christians and Moslems Die at Picnics on Palestinian Beaches in Gaza As Brutal Israeli Terror State Enjoys Even More Artillery Stoked Blood-Thirsty Killings in Gaza | Abbas to Hold Referendum July 31 on Israel's Right to Exist Despite Latest Jewish Atrocity | Jewish Undermined Puppet State in Washington D.C. Says Israel Has Right to Exist But Must Consider the Consequences of Its Actions | Hamas Militants Vow to Renew Deadly Attacks on Israel in Revenge | Possibly Bogus Civil Rights Indictments Based only on Two Bar Fights Handed Down to National Alliance Leaders by the Minority Subverted United States of America in a Plan Mostly Likely Carried Out to Shut Down Peaceful and Legitimate Majority Dissenters. Is Part of this to Gain Normally Illegal Fishing Expedition Access to NA's Private Files? | Jewish Hate Group ADL Gloats in News Release Over Arrests of National Alliance Leaders. It Seems In the Same Article, in Which the ADL Hypocritically Accuses the NA of Dehumanizing Minorities, the ADL Seems to Do the Exact Same Thing to the Members of the National Alliance--i.e., Dehumanizes Them in Print. If True, Is This Not a Subversive and Dangerous Expression of Jewish Hatred for White People? And Are the NA and William Pierce Not Used as Mere Straw Men In Order to Cloak Jewish Hatred for White Americans? | Jewish ADL and SPLC Gag on High Voter Turn Out for White Candidate Who Publicly Express His Doubts About Totally Unsubstantiated Jewish Holocaust Figures. Jews Are Also Pissed Off Because Another Candidate Prosecuted The ADL's Jewish Leader for Several Felonies. | Doubts Expressed that the Jewish Compromised U.S. Government Can Reduce Troops Soon Due to On-Going Iraqi Civil Wars | Civil War Creates Fear in Iraq's Lawyers | House Aid Package Cuts Funds to Iraq and Afghanistan | Iraq Civil War to Continue Despite Death of Al Zarqawi |

June 8
| Crown Heights Riot Review Shows Unscholarly Pandering to Self-Centered Jews Who Acted More Important than They Really Were | Bristling With Shameful Arrogance, So-Called German Jewish "Leader" of a Tiny Community of Jewish Leftwing Nobodies Calls Ahmadinejad a 'Second Hitler' and Demands He Be Arrested for Holocaust Denial When He Goes to Germany. However, To Be Quite Honest, No One in Germany Even Cares What This Jew Thinks. We Have to Ask, Why Would His Opinion Even Be Published Anywhere? The Answer, Of Course, Is That the Newspapers Are Owned by Jews. | Eric Butler Dies: Australian Semitic Critic, Writer, Thinker, Organizer | Zarqawi Killed by Illegal American Invaders After Thousands of Innocent Victims of House Bombings Die for Nothing Over the Years in Which He Was Hunted. Nothing Changes. The Insurgency Will Get Stronger To Revenge Him. | Zarqawi's Death Helps Bin Laden's Chain of Command for Al Quaeda Members | Pathetic U.S. Congressmen Who Wasted Hundreds of Billions of U.S. Dollars on the Lost War in Iraq Ignorantly Hail Zarqawi's Death. But the Insurgency Will Now Become More Destructive, Because Iraq's Patriots Will Never Allow These Jewish-Bankrolled Europeans to Run This Moslem Nation. | Vandalism at Jewish Cemetery May Be Just Another Hate Crimes Hoax. Jewish Fund-Raising Will Benefit as Usual. In Addition, Jews at ADL Racist-Based Hate Group of the "Jews Only" B'nai B'rith Male Sexual Religious Mutilation Bund Have Already Arrived to Exploit this Possible Hate Hoax as a Propaganda Coup for Brainwashing Non-Jews with False Guilt. | Anti-Christ and/or Atheist Jews at ADL and ACLU Despise Prayers Before Meals by Navy, Despite Them Being Universally Loved and In Effect Since 1845. Perhaps It is Time for These Subversive and Anti-Majority Jewish Groups to Be Shunned by All in America. | Bush's New Iran Policy Opens Small Rifts Within Jewish Neo-Con Subversive Groups--AIPAC, Israel, and Judeo-Con | Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. Italian Students Feted with Full Force Israeli Holocaust Propaganda. What Professional Educator Would Allow Their Students to Suffer This Type of Abuse? | Jewish ADL's Abraham Foxman Treats Representative King (R-Iowa) with Disgusting Letter Telling Him How the "Holocaust" is Basically Reserved For Jews Only and No One Else. However, The Last Time Jew Watch Searched the Trademark Office Files, the Jews Still Had No Trademark on the Word "Holocaust". The ADL Should Be Ashamed of their Blantantly Racist Harassment Actions in This Matter. |

June 7
| First Fraudulent Jewish Holocaust Hoax Claimed the Same 6 Million Dead In 1919 | Jew Sees Changing the World's Present Anti-Israeli View as Simply a Matter of Better Marketing. In Other Words, Continue to Kill Palestinians Daily but Give The World a Better Lie to Believe In While You are Murdering Them. | How Nice. Israel Will Fund Medical Treatment for a Little Girl Their Thoughtless Air Raid Paralyzed Completely. Isn't That Sweet of The Jews? | Anti-Apartheid Israeli Boycott Grows: South African Trade Union's 1.2 Million Members Support Canada's Boycott of Israel | Palestine Turns Down Israel's Offer to Pay Its Debt In Medicine Not Cash | Pakistan Seeks Total Israeli Withdrawal from Occupied Palestinian Land | Jack-Booted Israeli Military Thugs Murder 1 Policeman and Wound 2 Others, Then Spin a Vicious Lie About It to Make It Seem Reasonable. The Media Responds by Printing It From Israel Without Question Although Israel Is Known to Constantly Lie. | Mafia Jews Arrested for Trafficking in White Women, Sending them From Russia and Israel to Canada as European Whores | Jews' Arrested of Adolph Eichmann Terrified the CIA | Israel: Security, Race, and Immigration | United States Slams Israel for Human Trafficking of White European Women | With Israelis Gone, Palestinians Finally Get to Use Their Own Beaches | Anti-American and Pro-Israeli AIPAC Openly Seeks Subversion of United States' Self-Interest in Its Latest Fund-Raising Letters on Calling for Increased U.S. Sanctions on Iran (Which is An Act of War) to 100,000 Jews Whom It Hopes Will Also Work to Support the U.S. Subversion | Palestinians Reject Jews' Smuggling Lies | Washington Post's Hoagland Blames Iraq's Lost War on Saddam Hussein, Never Mentions the Jewish Neo-Cons in the White House Who Really Were the Ones Behind the War. Jewish Media Thus Stands Naked and Exposed for Its Shameful Deceptiveness. Remember, You Will Learn Very Little About the Real and Vicious World of Jews from the Jewish Media. |

June 6
| Israeli Propagandists Blow Mostly Fraudulent and Non-Factual Smoke into the News Media About Fictitious Hamas Jihad Preparation and Non-Existent 11 Tons of Explosives | Internal War Escalates in Collapsing Palestinian Colony | Israeli Military Criminals Dressed in IDF Uniforms Kill 2 and Wound 3 Christians and Moslems in its Illegal Gaza Colony | Hamas Meets With and Threatens TV Journalists in TV Station Attack | In Collapsing Situation in Israel's Gaza Colony, Near-By Jordan Tells Hamas to Curb Militants or Lose their Banks | Race Jumbled Black Woman Claims to Be Jewish | 'I Am a Bad Jew' Because I Left the Tribe and Assimilated with Gentiles. Oh, My... | Iraq to Free 2,500 But None from the Elected Iraqi Government of Saddam Hussein | Pro-Zionist Puppet U.S. Snubs Iraqi Government for the Pawn It Is Over the Investigation of U.S. Anti-Arab Marine Cruelty | In the Eyes of Iraq, European Pro-Israeli Meddlers Have Brought Them Utter Chaos | Iraq Asks U.N. to Investigate Bloody Atrocities by Alleged American Killer Soldiers | Iraq -- How Do You Spell LOSER? | Iran Rumored to Have Reacted Positively to U.S. Nuclear Offer | Pro-Zionist U.S. Incentives to Iran Include Access to Boeing Parts for Its Aging Aircraft Fleet | AP Publishes Questionable Article Brainlessly Quoting the Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Which Commemorates the Jewish Male Sexual Religious Mutilation Ritual and the Mostly Jewish SPLC. These Subversive Organizations Generally Paint Whites as Neo-Nazis. They Represent Less than 2% of our People. They Have No Relevance to the Other 98% of Americans Whom They Do Not Represent. So, Why Do They Get Press? Answer: Only Because Jews Like Themselves Own the Press. | Think the Jewish Owned Press and the Jewish ADL Aren't Hand-In-Hand as Jews? Check this Google News Search for "Anti-Defamation League". Whatever These Jews at ADL Say, their Media Jew Brothers Rapidly Publish and Shove Down Your Non-Jew Throat. Be Aware of This When You See the Vicious "ADL" Being Quoted. Understand How You Are Being Had for The Jewish Good and Not Your Own Good. And, Now and Then Type "Anti-Defamation League" into the Google Search Box, Check "News," and See How Their Propaganda is so Easily Regurgitated and Supported by their Subversive Anti-Majority Jewish-Minority Owned Newspapers. | Pro-Jewish ADL and SPLC Milk the Immigration Debate to Unfairly Defame Whites as Racists While It Is Mexicans Who Are the Law Breakers. The ADL and SPLC Have an Anti-Majority Jewish Agenda that Will Spell Your Racial Doom If You Don't Stand Up for Your Right to Rule as the Majority and Stop Their Vicious Unfair Propaganda Against Your People. Tolerance Has Gone Too Far. Time to Support Your Own Race the Way They Do Theirs. | Russian Duma Attacks the Present State of Rule Against the Wishes of Russia's Majority People by a Miniscule Elitist Segment of Wealthy Jewish Supremacists |

June 5
| Ahmadinejad: Holocaust Infidels of Germany. I'm Coming to See the Iranian Aryans Play for the World Cup. | All Over Canada, Muslims are Now Possible Suspects of Interest:  Contradicting the Toronto Police Chief's Statement Yesterday, the 17 Canadian Terrorists Were Deeply Religious Trojan Horses | Today Is 6-6-6 the Last Day of the World, Or Is It Yet Another Jewish Media Conspiracy to Sell a Few More Papers? | Toronto Police Chief Fights to Keep Calm in His Jewish Monitored City Threatened by 1,000,000 Balkanizing Immigrants | 50 Iraqis Are Kidnapped Today In Baghdad Bus Stations in Rapidly Declining Stages of the Pro-Israeli Colonial War Debacle | Israel Shrinks Its Armed Forces | Abbas Defies Hamas: To Hold Plebiscite on Two-State Solution Opposed by Hamas | Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi Hopes to Visit Israel and Palestine | Israel Opens Ultra-Orthodox Kosher Shopping Center: Lingerie and Other Such Offensive Horrors Hidden Out of Sight | Selfish African Refugees Want to Impose Themselves on Extremely Race-Conscious Israel Where They are Simply Not Wanted | Call for 'Right of Return' Would Destroy a "Jews Only" Israel |  Turkish President Will Pay 2-Day Visit to Both Israel and Palestine | Israel and Egypt Placed on Trafficking Watch List for Dealing in Slavery | Unpaid Jewish Alimony in Israel Reaches $4.2 Billion | Israel Cracks Down on Jewish Female Draft Dodgers Claiming to Be Religiously Observant But Appear Later in Bikini Ads | Jews in Israel To Collaborate with Nigeria's Space Program to Produce the First Indigenous African Satellite | Turkish Dead Reaches 100 in the Chaos of America's Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | 21 Teenagers Shia High School Students Pulled Out of Mini-Vans and Shot to Death in Growing Civil War Caused by America's Jewish Neo-Con Invasion | Palestinians Continue to Flee Zionist Invaded Iraq in Massive Effort to Save Themselves from Genocidal Executions | 6,002 Non-Jewish Corpses Found in U.S. Jewish Neo-Con Occupied Iraq in Last 6 Months | Iraq Government Still Unable to Function As Prime Minister Withdraws the Names of Nominated Security Leaders Due to Lack of Support | Saddam Denies Execution List Ever Existed | Pro-Israel NATO to Increase Unwanted Soldiers in an Increasingly Uncivil Afghanistan | Racist Jews Continue to Push False Idea of Domestic Terrorism by the White People of America Whom Jews Traditionally Hate and Lobby Against While They Hide the Huge Security Threat Posed by the Jew's Favorite Subversive Ploy--Legal and Illegal Immigration of Hate-Filled Dangerous Foreigners | Genocidal Jewish Communists Compare the Russian Orthodox Hierarchy with the Ku Klux Klan in Their Absurd Anti-White Racist Hatred Article about Opposition to Russia's First Gay Pride Parade in Typically Deceptive Jewish Article |

June 4
| Jewish Media Monopolies Downplay the Subversive Jewish-Invented Multi-Cultural Horror Which Is Destroying Canada and the USA in Their Shuttered Coverage of the Arrest of 17 Dangerous Home Grown Trojan Horse Islamic Terrorist Immigrants | Litany of Subversive Immigration Shows Terrific Dangers of Moslem Immigration into Christian Nations Passed at the Behest of Our Greatest Enemies, the Jews Within Our Shores | Canadian Chief of Police Spins Obligatory PC Interpretation of Terrorists for Jew Media, Gives Unfounded B.S. About Islamic Students Not Being Faith Oriented. But Is He Kidding Anyone? | Arrests Will Fan Canada Immigrant Debate in A Nation That is Forbidden by a Vicious Jewish Law to Ever Speak Against Foreigners Within | Canada's Draconian Jewish-Written Hate Crimes Law Which Makes It Dangerous for Non-Jews in Canada to Ever Discuss the Dangers of Immigrants in a Meaningful Way | How the Rapidly Deteriorating Pro-Zionist Alliance of Allies in Iraq Force Rice and Bush to Change their Minds on How to Threaten Iran's Nuclear Program | Did Jews Kill Egyptian Policemen and Drag their Bodies Across the Border into Israel? | Israel's Targeted Assassination Policy of Non-Jewish Leaders in Palestine: Now, "We Have No One to Talk To" | Jewish Invaders Capture a Leading Freedom Fighter in Nablus Sending Him to a Jewish Torture Prison for Painful and Illegal Interrogation | U.S. Attackers Slain by Syria: Israel and Americans Blamed | Another Pro-Zionist and Jewish Compromised Congressional Puppet Criticizes Saudis for Israel Boycott | Massive Jewish Nuclear Weapons: The Gorilla in the Room that No One Sees | New Hamas Missile Threatens Israel the Same Way Israel Threatened and Bloodied Gaza With Tanks and Bombs for Years | Palestinian Banks Defy the U.S.-Israeli Middle Eastern Empire with Interest Free Loans for Hamas Citizens | Jewish Pollster Greenberg Says European Support For Palestinians Has 'Crashed'. But Has It Really? France Burned by Its Subversive Islamic Losers Shows Largest Change. | Students "Executed" as Violence in Pro-Jewish Ally Plundered Iraq Rages On | Marine Who Photographed Haditha Atrocities Arrested for Stealing:  'The War Made Me Do It.' |

June 3
| The Jews Behind the Da Vinci Code | Mark Rudd Discusses The Overwhelming Number of Jews Like Himself in SDS, Freedom Riders, and other Anti-Majority Groups in the 1960's | Kennedy Says His One Vote Against the Jewish Neo-con War in Iraq Stands As His Best Vote Ever | Oh, Well, Another 27 Dead and 67 Wounded Christian or Moslem Citizens in Jewish Neo-Con Invaded Iraqi Colony | Iraqi Puppet Government Breaks with U.S. Army on Clearing Soldiers of War Crimes in Ashaqi, Branding the Probe Unfair | How Oil Sabotage in Jewish Neo-Con Iraq Aids Insurgency's Aims | Italy Reiterates Resolve to Remove Italy's Troops from Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony | The Jews Under Truman Who Started the Deadly American-Israeli Alliance | Jewish Actress Ava Gardner Subject of New Biography | Israeli Soldiers Injure Two Non-Jewish Children in Vicious Bombing | Jew Threatened to Kill Captured Non-Jewish British Charity Worker | Gaza Reduced to Hopeless Human Rubble by Jewish Hate State of Israel | U.N. Races 'Against Time' to Save Palestinians Abandoned to Die Without Food by Jews of Israel | Ahmadinejad to Publish 'Private' U.N. Proposals | Ahmadinejad Will Decide Based on Iran's Best Interests, Not Afraid of Any European Colonial Threats | Jewish Controlled Nations of EU Enter Shameful Political Gutter: Threaten to Ban President Ahmadinejad's Travel to World Cup Games | Turkey Asks War Frothing Jewish Neo-Cons in Washington to Allow Ankara to Intervene Diplomatically on Iran | Subversive ADL Jewish Propaganda Mill Has Interfered Politically Inside Non-Jewish Local Communities Since 1999 Using Its Specious Hate Seminars, All of It in Violation of 'Separation of Church and State' Concepts | Petty Concerns Over Political Correctness Causes School to Stop Sports Game and Violate 'Church and State' Laws By Offering to Open Its Non-Jewish Children to Exploitive and Majority Subversive ADL Jewish Propaganda | World Says 'No' to Jewish Hate Groups Who Insulted All Europeans in their Racist Jewish Demands that Hitler's Aryan Athlete Sculptures Be Removed from World Cup Stadium | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

June 2
| Jewish Hate Politics Struggles to Regain Its Subversive Anti-French and Pro-Immigrant Control Over an Increasingly Rebellious Right-Wing France | The Lavon Affair:  Israel Bombed U.S. Facilities in Egypt and Blamed It on Moslems in an Attempt to Toss the US and UK into a Deadly War But the Jews Were Caught in this Act of Ultimate Betrayal of  Their Trusting Gentile Allies | Negative Developments in the Lost Colony of Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq | R.I.P. A Great German Hero, Dr. Wilhelm Staeglich, 1916-2006 -- German Auschwitz Visitor, Observer, Author, and Expert Who Investigated and Set the Record Straight About the False Testimony of Lying Russian Jews at Nuremberg | Time to Question 39 Years of Failed Israeli Occupation | Italy to Coordinate Its Withdrawal from Iraq with Officials from the Pro-Zionist U.K. | The Politically Correct Duke University Lie and the History of Similar Goof Ball Prosecutions in the Illegal Crap State of North Carolina | A 3rd Set of Allegations Against Pro-Zionist Iraq Invaders Surfaces | London Bombings Allegedly Blamed on Reaction to U.K.'s Pro-Zionist Iraq War Participation | Is Zionist Captured Iraq's Bloody Civil War a Good Thing? | Senator Kerry Allegedly Performs Zionist Dance While Criticizing Republican's Iraq Invasion | Haditha Signals Final Bugle Call for Pro-Zionist Iraq Invasion | Despite Alleged, Subversive, Jewish, and Anti-White Rhetoric by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Culture Disturbers, Hispanics Have Not Been Mistreated At All With Very Minor Exceptions Which the SPLC Blows Up Out of All Proportion | Google Search for "Southern Poverty Law Center" Reveals How Easily a Mostly Jewish Organization Gets Its Sleazy Subversive Opinion Pieces Reprinted Gladly and Rapidly by White-Hating Jewish Owned Newspapers Nationwide and Amplify Its Miniscule Voice to the Unsuspecting Populace | Abraham Foxman Shamefully Manipulates Totally Non-Related Problems in Iran and Uses Them to Bring Up His Racist Allusion to an Alleged but Forensically Unproven Holocaust During World War Two | Alleged Shameful Plea for Funds by ADL Focuses on a Few Anti-Semitic Incidents Blowing Them Beyond All Proportion | Miniscule 2% of the Population Who Are Jewish Haters Get Full Time Federally Salaried Anti-Semitic Hate Monitor - The 98% Who Are the Majority Get No Monitor At All to Fight the Daily Blast of Hateful Attacks by Jews on the Internet and in the News Media - This Jewish Supremacist Control by a Lousy 2% of the People Is a Major Part of What Is Wrong and Unfair With America | Jews Allegedly Turn Black Man Into Willing Jewish Accomplice In Portraying Hate Crimes Against Jews | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

June 1
| Der Spiegel Opens Crack in Germany's Draconian Holocaust Denial Law | Heartless Jews Persecute Old Man and His Wife | Sudan's Christian and Moslem Victims of Holocaust Are Summarily Rejected by Jews in Israel on Racist Ground Similar to Hilter's | Hamas Leader's Three Sisters Secretly Reside as Full Citizens Inside the Israeli Empire | Israel and New Zealand Try to Overcome Mossad Spies | Captain Kirk Treks to Israel! | Oh, Vey! Zionists Discover Strange New Life Forms | Thanks to America's White House Judeo-Cons Massive Chaos Reigns in Once-Peaceful Basra | U.N. Panel Asks Israel, Iran to Shun Nuclear Weapons | British Charity Worker Deported from Israeli Terror State to Home in UK After 21 Days of Outrageous Arrest | National Zionism's Racist Laws Against Palestinian Entry:  Genocidal Artifacts of a Hate-State Designed for 'Jews Only' | Olmert's Empty Jewish Mouth: Using Same Hateful Words Spoken To Ruin Palestine | Syria Tells UN: Israel is Like Nazi Germany | ADL, the Radical Anti-Majority Propaganda Mill of the Racist 'Jews Only' B'nai B'rith, Sadistically Hurls Its Anti-White Hate Over Matt Hale's Unfair Sentence Gotten After the Unethical and Pro-Zionist FBI Set Him Up as an Easy Target for the Government's Jewish Prosecutor's to Destroy | Iraqi's Pro-Zionist Puppet Colonial Government Will Investigate U.S. Atrocities Itself | Anti-Zionist Iraqi Insurgency Likely to Stay Strong Into 2007, Pentagon Says | Swearing Parrot Escapes Execution at the Hands of Orthodox Jew | Racist Jews Deport Defenseless Turk Who Lived in Israel on Account of his Religion |


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