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July 31
| Does Hezbollah Really Have Only a Few Launchers Left or Is the Deceitful Jewish Mossad Lying Again? Stay Tuned for More... | Israel's Liars Grasp at Thinnest of Straws Saying It Is Too Early To Tell If Israel's Bombs Collapsed the Qana Building | Beware of AIPAC's Anti-American and Pro-Zionist Terrorist State Lobby Efforts | Lebanese Refugees Terrorized by Israel's Vast Savagery Flee North During Short Lull in Bombing | Iraqi VP Accuses Israel of 'Massacres' as Middle East Begins Wriggling Free From America's Hate Filled Zionist Fist | The Jew Watch Project Reminds You that The Jews Who Are Your Next Door Neighbors Are Probably People Like You Who Are Not Responsible for These Israeli Terror Activities. Please Protect Them from Harm. | 'Photos That Damn Hezbollah' Really Don't: These Hezbollah Guns are Not Cannons But Are Merely Honest Defensive Anti-Aircraft Guns Designed Only to Shoot Down Invading Jewish Aircraft That Have Devastated Christian/Moslem Lebanon and Killed Its Innocent Women and Children | The Sadistic History of Zionism's Shin Bet Murders | Jewish Soldier Sentenced to 28 Days for Refusing to Kill Women and Children in Lebanon | Mel Gibson vs. Jews, Round 50, But No One Even Cares | Jewish Hate Groups Demand Gibson Be Ostracized Which Is Typical Behavior for Most of These Known Jewish Rabble Rousers, And Anyway No One Cares What These Insignificant Media Coddled Jewish Trouble Makers Think | Oh My God! It's The Mossad! | ABC Scourges Mel Gibson in Pro-Jewish Rant Story that Smears Him as Replicating His Father's Views About Jews Being Dangerous to the World's Peace. In the Long Run, People Will Remember Mel Gibson Long After ABC is in Ruins. | Jew Puppet Bush Says Hezbollah Started the War, But He's Wrong. Who Ever Heard Before This War Crime of Israel's that a Few Kidnappings Warranted Destruction of an Entire Nation Which Is Home to So Many Christians? | Sadistic Israeli Hate Nation Starts Up Its Vile Jewish Killing Again After a Brief Respite | Here Come Israel's Bulldozers Again, But Are They Really There Destroying Hezbollah or the Small Homes of Innocent People? Since The Jews of Israel Lie So Much To Cover Their War Crimes It Is Impossible to Know Any Truth From their Mouths | International Community Condemns Israeli Terror State | Raise Readiness, Assad Tells Syrian Military | Israel Fights in South Lebanon |

July 30
| Racist Israeli Terror Nation Murders 56 Dead Including 34 Youths in Irresponsible Israeli Attack in Midst of Civilians | UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Calls Emergency Meeting | Zionist Racism Against Ethiopians in by Jews in Israel | Israeli Co-Conspirator and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Postpones Trip to Beirut | The Disgusting Condi Rice Vaudeville Act | In 641, Jews Lead Persians in Violent and Intolerant Massacre of Christian People | Violently Enraged Lebanese Attack U.N. HQ | Beirut Streets Surge With 100's of Angry Christians and Moslems | Hezbollah's 'Party of God' Responds with More Than100 Rockets Fired at the Israeli Terror State on Sunday | Jewish Dominance in Hollywood | Jewish Lie of the Day:  Hezbollah Was Using UN Post as 'Shield' So We Had a Social Responsibility as Jewish Supremacists to Waste Innocent Non-Jewish Families and Their Children | Pope Benedict Appeals for Middle East Cease-Fire | Israeli Racist Murders Suspend Their Illegal Killing of Innocents from the Air for 48 Hours Conditional On Hezbollah Not Firing Rockets into Israel Which Means There Will Probably Be No Suspension of Its Bombings At All | Family Friends:  Moslem Suspected of the Cowardly Murder and Wounding of Defenseless and Innocent Jews in Washington State Is a 'Troubled' Person | The Jew Watch Project Officially Condemns ALL Violence and/or Threats Against Jews | The United States of America Reveals Itself as a Colony of Israel When It Diplomatically Asks the Israeli Terror State Not to Kill Christian and Moslem People While It Continues to Ship to Israel the Deadly Bombs For Them to Do So | Israeli PR Suffers Damage from 24 Hour Delay in Screening Qana Films. Or, Since the Mossad is a Deception Agency, Was It Time Spent to Make Computerized Digital Fakes of Rocket Launches from Qana Where None Really Happened? | Jordan's King Accuses Israel of Criminal Aggression in Qana Attack | Thousands of Christians, Jews, and Moslems in London Demonstrate Against the Israeli Terror State | Zionist Puppet Blair Brushes Aside UK Cabinet Gripes About Israel, Panders Weakly for Peace to Salvage a PR Image | Syria:  US Can No Longer Justify Its Support for Israel |

July 29
| Arab World Holds U.S. Responsible for Israel's Terrorist War Crimes, Say Israel Is Doing U.S. Empire's Work for Washington DC's Post-Colonial Empire | Israel Terror State Rejects 3-Day Humanitarian Truce | History of Jewish Involvement in the USSR's Red Revolution and Its 65-100 Million Murders | CNN Ignores Massive World Wide Protests Against Israeli Invasion | Arab Nations More Generous in Helping Lebanon than Colonial Pro-Zionist European Nations | Gingrikh Yagoda, The Disgusting Jewish Butcher of Petrograd | Synopsis of Pro-Israeli and Anti-Arab Stories in the New York Times | Monika Lewinsky: She's Jewish. Girl Friend? Mossad Asset? You Decide. | Seattle Police Are Now Protecting Temples and Mosques from Revenge Seeking Arabs and Jews | The Jewish Brutality of Russia's Leon Trotsky Whose Jewish Name Was David Lev Bronstein of New York City | Analysis of CNN Wording Shows Anti-Lebanon and Pro-Israel Bias in Media | Israeli Terrorists Refuse to Set Deadline for Ending Civilian Killings | War Monger Bush Says Jewish Killings of Lebanese People Is Good for Peace | Jewish Compromised U.S. Gives Lebanon Measly $10 Million to Fight Hezbollah and Thus Makes Its Leaders into Anti-Arab Whores in the Eyes of Its People, Undermining the Already Destroyed Democracy | Six Members of Non-Jewish Family Crushed to Death by Inhumane Zionist Army of Racist Jewish Skinheads | War Criminal Israel Bombs Lebanon, Kills Civilians, Destroys Democratic Nation's Future | The Zionist-Neocon Bush Legacy of World Wide Anti-Americanism | U.N.'s Failure to End Zionism's Perpetual Hate Crimes in Democratic-Elected Lebanon and Palestine | Irreligious Israeli Skinhead Forces Attack the Democracy in South Lebanon and Again Face Fierce Blood-Filled Hezbollah Army of God Resistance | Israel's Options Are Limited If Military Actions Don't Win the Day, Which They Haven't |

July 28
| American Jets Sold to the Israeli Terror State Bomb 130 Targets In Bid to Destroy the Lebanon Democracy | U.S. Intelligence Agency Known for Its Lying Claims Hezbollah Leader Hiding in Iranian Embassy in Beirut. But Since The U.S. Intelligence Source Is a Known Deception Agency, Who Is To Say? | Jews and the Black Holocaust | Another Possible Jewish Trojan Horse, Council on Foreign Relations Friend, and Dual Zionist Loyalist, Martin S. Indyk, Who Was Former Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs Under the Israel-Approved-and-Controlled Clinton Regime, Says that Iran and Syria Should Be Left Out of Negotiation | Moslem Bent on Revenging Deaths in Zionist Wars Walks Into Seattle Jewish Center, Shoots 6, Kills 1 | Jewish Slave Ship Owners Named | Arab Presses Target Anger on United States Which Funds Israel's Terror Armies and is Generally Acknowledged All over the World as Being Totally Controlled by Zionist Proxies | Russia Ignores Calls by U.S. Zionist Regime in Washington DC to Halt Military Aircraft Sales to Non-Zionist Venezuela's Democracy | Quotes and Facts About Jews and Blacks | U.S. Loses Ground in Middle Eastern Governments as Regimes Such as Saudi Arabia Suddenly Turn into Supporters of Hezbollah, a Possible Diplomatic Indicator of Impending Regional Wide War Against Decades of Zionist Terror. Developing... | 'They Killed All My Dreams' | Jews and White Slavery | Hezbollah Chief's Town Proud of Native Son | Anti-Humanitarian Israel Kills 11 Lebanese, Bombs Towns and Villages in Vicious and Cowardly Jewish Air Offensive | The Answer May Be Occupation of Non-Jewish Lebanon, But That Entails Deaths of Hundreds of Israel's Racially Indoctrinated Jewish Soldiers | Russia Lists 17 Terrorist Organizations, Hamas and Hezbollah Are Not on List | Israeli Air Force Bombing Bolsters Support for Hezbollah | Latest Developments in Mid East Fighting | Fascist Israel Demands Lebanese People Abandon All of Southern Lebanon 15 Miles North of Israel. Why Not Israel Abandon the Northern Areas 15 Miles South of Lebanon Instead? | U.S. Supplies Illegal, Highly Radioactive Depleted Uranium Bombs to Israel Making U.S. Responsible for Israel's Radioactive Poisoning of Lebanon | Jewish Neocons Ready to Send U.S. Troops to Lebanon to Support Unpopular Zionist Aggression | The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine -- Are Iran and Syria Next? | Terrorist Israel Ends Bloody Gaza Operation | Murderous Zionist Ground Troops Withdrawn | Over 100 Rockets Fired at Israel on Friday | Hezbollah Fires New Nong-Range Rocket |

July 27
| Saudi Warning to Entire World | Rocket Slams Into Israeli Detergent Plant | Temple Mount Entry Guarded by Thugs to Prevent Planned Friday Peace Protest | Palestinian Loss of Lands 1946-2000 | Patriotic Iranian Students Volunteer To Fight Israel Terror State | Chicken Israel Admits Defeat, Decides Not to Expand Offensive | Long List of Israeli Atrocities | The Jews and the Soviet Union | Security Cabinet Decides Against an Expansion of the Ground Offensive in Lebanon | Military Said Set to Issue Further Call-Up of Reserves | Please Donate Today to Keep Jew Watch On Line | 1,402 Murderous Rockets Fired at Mostly Civilians Since Onset of Fighting | Rupert Murdoch's Long Zionist Past and Present | Troops Walk into Ambush Near Stronghold | Mossad Lie # 6,000,000: Israel warns Palestinians by Phone to Get Out Before Houses Are Attacked | Staying Sane in Beirut When Jewish Skinheads Kill Your Friends on a Daily Basis - Overcoming the Stench of Death With Yoga and Manicures | Iranian Paper Claims that Government Bodies in Tel Aviv Have Been Evacuated to Jerusalem | Now Al-Qaeda Calls for Holy War Against Israel's Militant and Racist Terrorists | Poll:  World Leaders Do Not Respect President Bush | Jewish Pander Alert: Howard Dean Calls Iraqi Prime Minister an 'Anti-Semite' | Israel's Cabinet Votes to Pursue Chicken Air Strike Strategy to Save Its Cowardly and Racist Jewish Troops from Battling the 'Heroes of Hezbollah' | Arrogant Zionist Terror State in Tel Aviv Calls Up Reserves After Suffering Major Face to Face Battle Setbacks | Chicken Israel Wants to Use Racially Inferior Foreign United Nations Troops to Achieve Its War Objective of Occupying South Lebanon So Its Chicken Mossad Army Doesn't Have To Spill What It Believes is Racially Superior Jewish Blood on the Ground |

July 26
| 14 Israeli Skinhead IDF Goons Killed by Hezbollah on 4th Day of Ambushes | Spoiled Brat Israel Wants Hezbollah Free Zone in Lebanon. Why Not a Jew Free Zone in Israel Instead? | Israeli Skinheads Kill 23 and Wound 76 Non-Jews Including Families, Women, and Children in Gaza Strip | Palestinians in Gaza Fear Becoming 'The Forgotten War' | Racist Jewish Skinheads in the Israeli Occupation Forces in Gaza Strip Have Murdered 39 Paramedics, Nurses, and Other Medical Personnel | Jewish Non-Democratic Domination of World and Domestic Financial Institutions | Kofi Annan Says Iran and Syria Must Be Involved in Any Ceasefire in Lebanon | Iran Predicts Summit Failure: 'Ignore Us At Your Peril' | Lebanon: 'Hezbollah Freed Our Country' | The Jewish Racial Choke Lock on Mass Media | Cowardly Skinhead Jews in IDF Encounter Hezbollah Patriots Face to Face for First Time, Suffer 30 Wounded and 14 Dead, and Soil Themselves in Fright | Cartoonist Likens Olmert to Nazis | Jewish Racial Purity Laws | Putin and Ahmadinejad Discuss Middle East Crisis | Hezbollah Vows to Fire Missiles Deeper Into Israeli Terrorist Havens | Terrorist Arial Sharon's Artificially Sustained Half-Corpse Rushed to Hospital | The Jewish Controlled Black Holocaust | Saddam Hussein Forcibly Taken to Puppet Court | President Saddam Hussein of Iraq: 'Shoot Me If I am Convicted' | Still No End in Sight for Jewish Neocon War in the Colony of Iraq | The Jewish Role in the Soviet Union | Gruesome Litany of Today's Chaos and Death in Pro-Jewish Occupied Iraq | Google Spying on Invading IDF Goons | Kofi Annan Accuses Israel of Deliberating Targeting and Killing 4 Blue-Helmeted U.N. Observers in Lebanon | Israeli Soldier Refuses to Serve in Lebanon War | War Mongering Bush Gives Fresh Hope to War Profiteering Neocons | Bush's Wider War Concept Slowing As Israeli's Fail to Crack Hezbollah's Angry Fighters and the World Shames both Israel and USA | Israeli Terror Force Ambushed With Unexpectedly High Casualties Near Hezbollah Stronghold |

July 25
| Racist Skinhead Israeli Jew Army Bombs U.N. Observer Post Murdering 4 Non-Jew Peacekeepers | Israel Terror State Army Murders 5 Indian U.N. Soldiers with Irresponsible and Criminal Artillery Barrage | Lying Mossad Says It Has Killed Hezbollah Commander, But Who Knows | Chicken Israel Bombs Beirut from Safe Cockpits in Newest Flurry of Neo-Nazi War Crimes Against City's Large Number of Christian People | Hezbollah Fights with Effective Ferocity Against Jewish Skinhead Army; Did Not Expect Israel to React in Such a Cowardly and Criminal Manner over the Small Kidnapping of Just Two Men in National Zionism's Skinhead Army of Cold-Blooded Jewish Racists | Cowardly Israeli Air Force Bombs Hezbollah Stronghold Not Caring If Mostly Christian Innocents Were Murdered | Saudi King Fears Full-Scale Middle East War Caused by the Israeli Terror State | Israel: 'There Can No Longer Be a Hezbollah'. And Hezbollah Feels the Same About Israel. | Olmert: Israel Has Stamina for Long Fight | 'Iran will protect Syria' Against Israel's War Mongering Genocide | 'Russian Roulette' With Rockets in Northern Israel as Hezbollah Which is the "Party of God" Responds in Like Manner | Jewish, Israeli Targets in USA Put on Heightened Alert as USA Sacrifices Its Own Security Just to Protect Israel's Disgusting Middle East Terror Machine |

July 24
| PAPER: Nations Reluctant to Commit Troops to Lebanon's 'Tar Baby' | Known Liar and Betrayer of Arab Nations, Condoleezza Rice, Tries Pandering to Both Sides of Mideast Hornet Nest | Blair Outraged: Lebanon Crisis a Catastrophe | Arrogant Jewish Fuehrer Olmert Marginalizes Damascus: Syria Cannot Be a Partner to Diplomatic Efforts | Missile Strike on Tel Aviv Still Real Threat, Claims Mossad Disinformation Artist | Palestinians: 'Day of Rage' Against Rice Visit | Jewish, Israeli Targets Worldwide Put on Heightened Alert for Attacks by Sleeper Agents | Chicken Israel Continues Invading Lebanon With Racist Jewish Forces But Stays Close to Border, Because Heavy Fighting Produces Too Many Israeli Skinhead Trooper Casualties | St. Louis Blackout Continues, Jew Watch Fights Regional Power Outages to Continue Its World Famous Internet Service | Clinton Campaigns for Yiddish Friend, Joe Lieberman | Pakistan Expands Nuclear Program to Manufacture 50 Nuclear Bombs Per Year, Alarming the World's Most Hated Pro-Zionist Regimes in Washington and Tel Aviv | Hezbollah Envoy in Iran Warns Israel Not to Expand War or It Will Face Every-Widening Attacks Until There is No Place Safe for Israelis to Live |

July 23
| Thousands in Israel Protest Zionist War Crimes | SYRIA: If Israel's Ground Forces Come Close to Syria, Syria Will Attack | Map of Palestinian Shrinking Lands | Hunger Striking Saddam Hussein Who is Still the Only Elected President of Iraq Is Taken to Hospital | IRAN: Israel Has Pushed the Button of Its Own Destruction | Skinhead Zionist Cowards in their Chicken Jets Bomb Lebanese Cities | Deadly Game as Hezbollah and Israel Play 'War Tennis' with the Net Down | Elvis Presley's Jewish Ancestry | Fuehrer Olmert Says Israel's War Crimes in Lebanon Will Keep the Present Jewish Murder Shtick Busy a Long Time | Deadly Bomb Sales from War Monger Washington to the Israeli Terror Empire in a Flash | Jew Watch Continues to Publish Despite Catastrophic Regional 92 MPH Storm That Caused Immense Electrical Blackout | U.S. Moslem Groups Condemn Rapid Bomb Deliveries to Israel Terror State as 'Unconscionable' | Israel Bombing Breaks International War Crimes Law: UN Official | President Eisenhower's Jewish Ancestors | Lebanon Will Sue Israel for Damages | After Jewish Killing Came Home to Roost, a Mass Exodus of 250,000 Cowardly National Zionists "NAZIS" from Haifa | Israeli Ambassador to Washington Gloats How The Jewish Controlled U.S. Government Will Continue To Do Exactly as Israel Tells It | UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Midst of Touring Beirut Ruins Says the Vast Destruction Alone Is Proof that  Israel Is Guilty of War Crimes | Jewish Pornography | Cowardly Israel Unsure of Invasion Success | As Traitorous and Pro-Zionist American Politicians Voice Their Pro-Israel Din, Millions of Arab-Americans are Forgotten, Dehumanized, and Infuriated | Iran Boycotts Israeli Products and Adds This Refrain, "PEPSI Means 'Pay Every Penny to Save Israel'" | Yiddish Abraham Foxman, President of the Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Male Ritualistic Religious Penis Mutilation Guild Stands Up for the Racist Israeli Terror State's Infamous and Murderous War Crimes Against Other Religions and Peoples in Lebanon As a Reasonable and Proportionate Response |

July 22
| Etymologies in Action:  Hezbollah (Arabic noun, 'Party of Allah') vs. Israel (Hebrew noun, 'Men Who Wrestle with God') | Chicken Israel Goes In Only One-Half Mile | Last Night Israeli Army Racist Skins Reportedly Crashed Border into Lebanon as Part of Larger Invasion | U.N. 'Horrified' by the Amount of Destruction in Gaza by Racist Israeli Skinhead IDF Killers |  | Israel Enters Lebanon Tests Hezbollah Defenses At Border But Hezbollah Too Smart, Reveals Nothing | God's Army Has Plans to Rule Whole Middle East | Jewish War Criminal State Hits 150 Non-Jew Targets | U.S. War Monger Condoleeza Rice Seeks Long War with Total Jewish Hegemony Over Larger Areas of the Middle East | PAPER: U.S. Says Israel Lying About Extent of Air Damage to Hezbollah | Jew Watch Headquarters Fights Disasters and Stays On-Line Inside Storm Devastated St. Louis | American Arab Hating War Mongers in Pentagon Rush Extra Precision-Guided Bombs to the Known Jewish War Criminals in Control of Racist Israel to Use in Killing Christians and Moslems, Something Which Will Increase Anger of Oil-Rich Middle Eastern Nations | Israel Faces Dangers of an Asymmetric War | Rice's Trip to a Skeptical and Wary Middle East Fraught With Risks | Racist Skinhead Israeli Jews Increase Criminal Bombings, Bloodshed, Base Penetrations, and B.S. | Jewish Mossad Claims It Arrested 3 Who Planned to Bomb Tel Aviv, Find No Evidence, Send Them to Join the Other 9,000+ Illegally Imprisoned Non-Jew Kids inside Israel's Inhumane Dungeons | Evacuations from Jewish Terrorized Lebanon Pick Up Speed as Frightened People Flee Promise of  the Invading Racist Jewish Skinhead Militias |

July 21
| Killing a Nation One Air Strike at a Time | The Murdered Non-Jews Grow in Number from Jewish Pinpoint Bombs | Israel Calls Up Reservists for the Coming Lebanon Invasion War Crime | Lebanese Flee the Jewish Armies of Hate, Many Have No Chance to Leave as Skinhead Racist Army Jews Kill Off Lebanon's Past and Future Around Them. If They Are In The Way, Too Bad. | Condoleeza Rice Lends the Terms 'Hate Criminal' and 'War Criminal' Once Again to Her Blood Drenched Name by Asking for 'Robust Force' Which Can Only Mean 'Total Jewish Jihad' to Oust Democratically Elected 'Hezbollah' Which Means 'The Party of Allah' | Religious Beliefs Both Strained and Made Stronger by Standing Up Against Jewish and American Hate Crimes Against Lebanon and the Middle East | The Jewish Hitler Blitzkrieg and Lebanon's Devastation | Foreigners Flee Lebanon to Escape Ruthless Neo-Nazi "National Zionist" Jewish Bombs | Europe's Inability to Stop the Two-Headed Israel-U.S. Whore | Could the Increasing War Crimes in Lebanon Lead to Another European vs. United States Rift? | Lebanon:  Aid Agencies Hampered by Israeli Air Strikes | Lebanese-Americans Criticize America's Racist Support For Every Israeli Hate Crime | Krukow Adds Color to Giants Broadcasts -- And How | Today's Slaughter and Mayhem in the American Jewish Neocon Colony of Iraq | Insurgents Shift Target to Iraq's U.S. Puppet Traitor Army Boasts U.S. Occupation General | Saddam Hussein Urges America to Leave Iraq To Save Its Own Nation | Increased Security Measures Cannot Eliminate Attacks in Iraq |

July 20
| Israel's Zionist Empire Murders 70 Lebanese Christians and Moslems in One Day, Hints at Massive Invasion | Russia Rebukes Israel's Sadistic and Racist Invasion | The Nasty Zionist La Von Affair In Which the Israeli Terror State Hoped to Get the USA to Attack Egypt for Bombs on American Installations, But Actually Planted by Mossad Spies Pretending to be Egyptians | EU Won't Recognize Hezbollah as Terrorist Organization | Spanish Prime Minister Decries Israel's War, Defiantly Wears Palestinian Black and White Kippah Scarf | Racist Jews Spew Virulent Anti-Palestinian Rhetoric Typical of Hitler's in Jewish Hate-Filled Story Absurdly Demeaning to Hezbollah and Hamas | The Killer Jew Leon Trotsky of the Jewish Founded and Jewish Controlled USSR Killing Machine | Pro-Jewish American Wimp Army is a Total Failure in Occupying Iraq, Attacks by the Patriotic Resistance are Up 40% and Growing | Iraq War Flop President Bush Finds Israel-Hezbollah Fight Good for His Political Foreign Policy Scams | Jewish Control of Religious Organizations for the Brainwashing of So-Called Christian Leaders Under the False Promise of 'Better Religious Understanding' But Only as Long as Jews Control the Club | Israel's War Crimes Merit the International Tribunal | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Ritual Infant Male Penis Mutilation Cult Dehumanizes Prime Minister of Spain in a News Release for Refusing to Hate Palestinians the Racist Way Jews Have Learned to Hate Them | Subversive Anti-American Jews Head to Tel Aviv and Washington to Manipulate Support for the Racist Jewish State from Representatives who Should Represent the Majority of 98% Who Live in America and Not the Filthy Rich Jewish Minority of 2% | 1,000 Racist Jews in Florida Rally to Blackmail the U.S. Government into Continuing Its Own Racist Support for Israeli Jews in Its Quest to Kill and Take Land from More and More Middle Eastern Moslems and Christians | Swastikas Probably Painted by Teenaged Jewish Provocateurs on Parkway Walls Help Jews to Falsely Bewail their Boorish Make Believe Plight as Down-Trodden and Misunderstood Semites. It's Getting Very Old, Guys. Time for a New Schtick, Maybe. How About Re-Opening Vaudeville? | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Male Infant Penis Mutilation Guild Calls Holy See 'One-Sided and Short-Sighted' In Its Lack of Support for the Israeli Terrorist Empire's New Bloody Wars for Radical Leftwing Jewry Against Near-Border Christians and Moslems |

July 19
| Massive Wave of Rockets Hit Northern Israel on Day 8 | Huge NAZISRAELI or National Zionist Israeli Explosions Shatter Beirut Neighborhoods | Israel's Terrorist Attacks on Gaza and Lebanon Backfiring as Damage to Haifa's National Zionist Economy Soars | Zionism's Racist Terror Began Before Israel | Haifa Chemical and Petroleum Factories Ticking Bombs Feeding on the Heart of the Israeli Terror Empire | 300 Killed, 1,000 Wounded, 500,000 Displaced, Says Lebanon Prime Minister | Jewish Terrorist and Killer, Leon Trotsky | Neo-Nazi Jewish Skinhead Troopers Murder 19 Christian and Moslems, Some of them Hezbollah Patriots, and Destroy 20 Buildings in National Zionist/NAZI Invasion of Lebanon | Arming of Hezbollah with Sophisticated Rockets Surprises Brainless Bureaucratic Idiots inside the Totally Discredited Axis of Western Colonial Evil, Especially Its Hateful CIA & Mossad New World Order Espionage Spy Rings | Innocent Lebanon Has Been Torn to Shreds by the National Zionist (Nazi) Jewish Hate Crime. Who Is Going to Pay? | Jewish War Criminals Claim Hezbollah is 50% Destroyed, But It Is Firing Rockets As Never Before | Chicken Israeli Air Raid Kills 56 Christian and Moslem Citizens in Lebanon While World Sits Back and Does Nothing to Stop the Jewish Terrorist State | Ineffective U.S. Military Evacuates Merely 1,100 out of 25,000 Americans or 4% of Those Trapped in Lebanon in Replay of Similar Katrina Federal Impotence Tragedy | Israeli Terror Nazis Kill 15 in Gaza, Claim 5 are Militants, But Offer Zero Proof of Their Lies Concerning these Murders | UN Human Rights Council Reports Vast Decline in Humanitarian Quality of Life Inside National Zionist Colony of Gaza | Murder and Other Horrors in Palestinian Concentration Camps Invaded by Israeli Racist Skinhead Jack Boot Army Thugs | Home-Grown Israeli Anti-War Protests Grow Inside Increasingly Uneasy National Zionist Terror State of Israel |

July 18
| Fascist Jewish Tanks Rumble through Lebanon with Hitler Like Machine Guns and Cannons | National Zionist Israel (NAZISRAEL) Opens Second Front in Gaza with Vicious Ground Campaign Resembling Nazi Germany's Blitzkrieg | Hezbollah Says It Is Ready to Attack Israeli and U.S. Interests World Wide in Revenge for Israeli Neo-Nazi Killings In Lebanon | Nations Mobilize For Mass Evacuations from Lebanon | American Evacuation Fiasco Worse Than FEMA's Katrina | Hezbollah Fires a Rocket Every Minute at Israel | Israel's Fascist Skinhead Forces Kill 26 Lebanese; Hezbollah Hits National Zionist Israeli (NAZISRAEL) Targets in Haifa Again | Israeli Terror State Secretly Demands Half of Middle East as "The Promised Land" | Chutzpah Alert!  Pampered Haifa Jews Gripe About Not Having Cable TV in Public Air Raid Shelters | Israeli Terror State's Dismantling of Palestine | Murderous Jewish Mossad Spins Deception that 40-50% of Hezbollah Infrastructure Destroyed, But One Rocket Per Minute from Hezbollah Says It's another Jewish Lie | Israeli Mossad Flyers Warn Lebanese Not to Go Near Hezbollah Installations in Propaganda Attempt to Manipulate Citizens into Hating Hezbollah, But It Probably Won't Work. | Iranian President:  Israeli Terror State Trying to Occupy Lebanon | United States Conspired with Israel to Sell Weapons Making the Jewish Terror State Capable of Illegally Bombing Iran, So If Israel Attacks Any Nation the U.S.A. is Equally Responsible | Left Wing Jewish Anti-Majority Hate Programs Designed to Stick America with Subversive Low Class Foreign Losers Who Will Vote for their Beloved Democratic Party Hits a Brick Wall in State Legislatures | Racist Jewish National Zionist Israeli (NAZISREAL) Pseudo-Waffen Forces Drive Tanks Very Similar to Hitler's Panzers into the Mughazi Concentration Camp in Gaza With Jewish Skinhead Machine Guns Blazing | FBI Eyes Suspected Hezbollah Agents in USA as Potential Domestic Terrorists in Wake of Israel's Racial Hate Wars | U.S. Gives Israel One Week to Kill Off Hezbollah, But in Reality Israel Is In Charge, Not the Jewish Puppet Chicken Regime in Washington, D.C. | Liar Israel Claims Iran Link to Crisis,  But Israel Herself Caused the Crisis by Naval Bombing of a Peaceful Family Picnic on a Gaza Beach | American Jewish Committee Exploits National Zionist (NAZISRAEL) War with Newest Israeli Fund-Raising Campaign |

July 17
| Olmert Refines Hitler's Use of Military for Foreign and Domestic Political Gratification to a Level of Near Perfection | Two Hundred Lebanese Murdered in First Six Days of Israel's Hate Crime | Rockefeller's Jewish Friends | One Thousand Protest in Israel, Smeared as 'Left Wing' Radicals in Zionist Jack Boot Presses | Mossad B.S. Article Claims Long Range Missile Destroyed, No Proof Given or Needed by Organization Known for Lying. | Blood Thirsty Menachem Begin of Israel's Murderous Jewish Irgun Cult | Thousands of Foreigners Evacuate Jewish Persecution in Lebanon | Berlin Rally: 'Death to Israel' | Potty Mouth President: Bush Spews 4-Letter S-Word Over Open Microphone | Jewish Faces | Zionist Mossad Says Man Arrested with Bomb. No One Believes Mossad. The Discredited Assassination Agency Is Known for Its Dirty Tricks. | Al Jazeera Bureau Chief Detained on Charges of Honestly Reporting News of Bombings in Haifa | Jerusalem Arrogantly Discusses What Peace Arrangements It Will Accept, As Though Anyone Really Cares What Known War Criminals in Israel Say They Require | Putin Might Consider U.N. Peace Force in Middle East, But Says the War Is Not Over Yet | France Takes a Stand, Backs Lebanon Against Israeli Terrorist State | Israeli War Criminals Costing Billions of Dollars and Setting Lebanon Back 50 Years, Says Its Prime Minister | Chaos & Death in AIPAC Dominated U.S.A.'s Occupation of Iraq for July 16, 2022 | Iraq Raps Putin for 'Sarcasm' on Iraqi Democracy | Gunmen Kill 40 Christians and Moslems in Market Left Unprotected by the Pro-Jewish American Army in the Occupied Iraq Colony | Jewish Owned U.S. Military Investigates Parallels to Missouri Guerilla Wars in 1860-1865 to the Guerilla Wars in Iraq of Today | Israeli Terror State Shuts Down Port in Haifa After 6 Jews Wounded by Hezbollah Rockets Fired 22 Miles Distant |

July 16
| Israel's Dirty War, 'Oh, The Horror' | 50 Lebanese Killed by Israel's Skinhead Army in One Day | 8 Killed in Hezbollah Rocket Attack on Haifa | 'Just the Beginning' ... | Jewish 4-Star American General & President Dwight David Eisenhower | Tel Aviv on Rocket Alert | Lies, Lies, Lies... Lying Mossad Says Elite Iranian Troops Fired on Warship in Announcement Without Any Proof | War Dance: Hezbollah Bombs Israel, Israel Bombs Lebanon | Ahmedinejad:  Israel Acting Like Hitler | Gingrich Says It's World War III | Trapped in Hell! | Evacuate Lebanon | Hezbollah, National Zionism, and the Jewish Controlled American Puppet Government | Iraqi Officials Condemn Israel for Invading Lebanon | Syria: We Fully Back Hezbollah Against the Israeli Terrorist Empire | Mubarak:  Egypt Talked Israel Out of a Land Attack on Beruit | Israel Widens Gaza Offensive | 10 Innocent Christians and Moslems Killed by Pinpoint Jewish Attack | Jewish Domination of Law and Rights Groups | Vicious & Deadly Jewish War Criminal, Ehud Olmert, Shocked by Lebanese 'Chutzpah' to Kill Israelis with Rockets, Threatens 'Wide-Reaching' Consequences for Lebanon | Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Promise $90 Million to Rebuild Jew-Bashed Lebanon |  Talks in Lebanon Concern Probability of Imminent and Deadly Land Invasion by the Jewish Terror State | Jewish Terror Nation Kills 8 Canadians in Lebanon as Part of Its Vicious On-Going Hate Crimes Against Neighboring States | Suicide Bomber Kills 26 in Baghdad Cafe | Congressional Delegation from the Pro-AIPAC U.S.A. Visits Iraq Safe Zone Protected from the Chaos, Blackouts, Violence, and Murder Their 'Jewish Neocon War' Has Caused | Jewish Neocon Iraq War Cost America's Non-Jews $400 Billion So Far But Will Cost Them More Than $666 Billion by 2009 Even If They Withdraw by Then | Iraq Abuzz with Talk of War Crimes of the Zionist War Machine | Chaos & Death in AIPAC Dominated U.S.A.'s Occupation of Iraq for July 16, 2022 |

July 15
| Israel Steps Up Assault, Until Death Tolls Rise. 15 Jews Dead, 100 Non-Jews Dead. | 500 Israeli Mostly Youthful Skinhead Militants in Armies Injured So Far in Jewish War of Aggression Against What Israel Considers to be Its 'Inferior' Neighbors | The Fake 1919 Holocaust of 6 Million Jews that Failed | Time for Revenge Has Come: Hezbollah Pays Back Israel in Rockets as Northern Jewish Cities Face Punishing Missile Attacks and Martial Law | America's Patriot Missile Batteries Moved to Protect Jew's National Zionist City of Haifa | Jews and White Slavery | America's Zionist Bank Economic System May be Headed for Inevitable Financial Collapse Says St. Louis Federal Reserve | Zionist-Bribed Wimp, President Bush, Backs Israeli Attacks Like the Good Puppet He Is, But Putin Disagrees, Says Israel's War Monger Responses are Totally Inappropriate | Olmert's War Proves Himself in Line with Another 'Butcher of Lebanon', Arial Sharon, for His Ability to Also Act with the Most Irresponsible Cruelty | Israel's Pathetic Lap Dog, The United States of America, No Longer Represents Its Own Citizens. Instead, It Is a Mere Minion of  Subversive Operatives, Especially the Jewish AIPAC, ADL, and SPLC, and that Is Why the Compromised President Supports Israel's Sadistic Passion to Destroy Hezbollah and Risks His Nation's Best Interests for the Insignificant Israeli Terrorist State | The Franklin Prophecy | The Very Corrupt U.S.-Israel Conspiracy | The Jew Watch Credo | Minority Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Male Religious Sexual Ritual Mutilation Cult Says It Is Happy that Congress Re-Passed Sections of the Old Voting Rights Bill. It Might Be that Jews Can Now Continue to Corrupt Ignorant Blacks into Voting for Democrats in the South Who Have Not the Slightest Interest in Helping African Americans, But only to Use Their Votes for Electing More Jews to Congress to Stifle Majority Legislation and Place More and More Jews in the Courts so They Can Legislate from the Bench. | Two Women out of Millions Attacked in S. Carolina Prompting Jewish ADL to Spew Lame Subversive Anti-White Talk about "Hate"; The Same Jewish ADL Had Little to Say About the Two Jews Who Burned Many Baptist Churches in a Southern State Last Year, Which Might Demonstrate a Racist Two-Faced Hate Focus that Is Inconsistent with a Decent American Value System. | At Least 31 Seized in Olympic Leadership Gathering in Iraq as Chaos Takes Further Hold of the Lost U.S. Colony | Let Iraq Lead the World in Breaking Apart into Several Separated Ethnic Group Nations to End Diversity's Dangers: Chaos, Death, and Hourly Fear

July 14
| Vatican Condemns Israel for Attacks on Lebanon | Hezbollah Fires 300+ Rockets into Israeli Towns in Revenge | Haifa Residents Told to Stay in Safe Areas | Israel Intensifies Attacks Against Lebanon | This Is Nothing New For Jews Who Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews in their Soviet Union | France Condemns Israel's War as Completely Disproportionate Response | U.S.A. Warns Travelers to Lebanon; Deports All U.S. Personnel | Hezbollah Sets Jewish Naval Ship On Fire That Was Destroying Lebanon's Infrastructure, Kills 4 Israeli War Crimes Sailors | Jew Bribed Senate Whores Vote Not to Fund Border Fence | Lieberman's "Judas Kiss" May Seal His Fate | Damaging Photo of Lieberman Kissing Bush | Willie Martin's 900 Quotes About Jews | Reichstag #5 as Israel's Racist National Zionist Skinhead Army Burns Down Hezbollah's Government Building; Herr Olmert Vows to Continue Burning Lebanon's Buildings | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Mother, Elizabeth Greene from the Richest Jewish Family in Australia Whose Money Bought His Media Empire | Hezbollah Leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah Vows to Strike Zionism's Targets South of Haifa in Revenge for Destroying His Headquarters | National Zionist Fuehrer Olmert: Israel Will Stop When Hezbollah Disarms | Hamas Forces Open Egyptian Gate Allowing Hundreds of Trapped Between Two Nations to Enter Gaza | U.S. and Major Allies Split on Attack | Lebanon Calls Terrorist Israel's Invasion 'Barbaric'; Israel Lamely Replies Lebanon Harbors Democratically Elected Terrorists | TIME Magazine: Stability of Entire Region Now In Doubt | Italy Stands Against Israel's Two Skinhead Invasions | Hezbollah:  We Can Take Your National Zionist War into Israel Itself | Israeli's National Zionist (NAZI) Racial Purity Laws |

July 13
| Hezbollah Wants to Transfer Captured Israelis to Iran; Iran Rejects the Plan | False Freudian Mind Control in World History | Skinhead Jewish Extremists Say, 'We Have Captured Two Palestinians!' Israeli Warplanes Violate Int'l Law, Attack Beirut Airport | Beirut Airport Bombing Disrupts Travel | Russia, France, and Greece Protest Israel's Attacks | Hezbollah Drags Beirut Towards War |  Jewish Comedian Red Buttons Dies at 87 | What Famous People Say about Jews | Egypt Persuades Senior Hamas Figure to Leave | Jew Bribed Bush Defends Israel's Terror State | Ehud Yatom Reveals Shin Bet's Murderous Crimes | Oil Prices Reach New $76.75 High | Iran: Any Attack on Syria Will Be Considered an Attack on All Moslem Nations | The American Jewish Boy Spy | Israeli Whore, The United States, Vetoes U.N.'s Resolution to Leave Gaza | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Male Infant Mutilation Club Interferes with Christianity, Applauds Episcopal Church for Agreeing to Falsely Re-Interpret Christian Texts Just to Please Non-Believing Jews | Dirty Jewish AIPAC Laundry Gets Dry Cleaning in Public | Silly Conjecture Published about Trivial Incident of Two Tiny Little Swastikas on a Bus Stop in Roxbury | Crazy As It Sounds, Common Ethnic Banter Including Reverse Ethnic Banter Between Groups Now Being Discussed in Provincetown |

July 12
| Hezbollah Captures 2 More Israeli Skinhead Soldiers and Kills 8 More in Surprise Border Attacks From Lebanon | Crazy Israel's Neo-Nazi (National Zionist) Prime Minister Olmert Declares Open War on Lebanon, Promises Another Bloody and Brutal Military Revenge | Famous Jews | Israel Calls Up More Tattooed Jewish Skinheads from Reserve Forces to Begin the Bloodying of Lebanon on a 2nd War Front | Anti-Israeli Protesters Say New Zealand Is So Penetrated and Corrupted by the Jewish Lobby that It Cannot Get Its Facts Straight | Jewish Faces | Vicious and Racist Israeli Skinhead Army Commits War Crime by Bombing a Family's Home in Gaza, Saying Only that an Activist Was There:  5 Die and 15 Wounded, Children Included as Mounting War Crime Victims | More than 50 Palestinians Dead at Hands of Israeli Thugs, Hundreds Injured, Thousands Displaced, 1.4 Million Without Water or Electric | 23 Innocent Civilians Killed by Israeli Skinhead Army Troops on Wednesday Alone in Vicious and Unprecedented War Over a Single Prisoner | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Continues to Conduct Espionage to Use Against America's National Interests on Behalf of Illegal Immigrants | Jew Threatens Canadian Church, Calls Its Honest Evaluation of Israel as a Terror State "Anti-Semitic". So, Is this Guy Eating Mad Cow Kosher Beef? | National Leader Jean-Marie Le Pen Faces Trial by Jew Corrupted France for Saying Nazis Occupation Forces Were Not Particularly Vicious |

July 11
| Carnage in Bloodied Gaza Continues as Wilding Jewish Skinhead Militias Find 13 Easy Kills Among the Mostly Unarmed Christian and Moslem Innocents | Food, Water Running Out For Gaza's Children Who Are Trampled Beneath Boots of Jewish Army Racist Skinheads | Chaos in Iraq on July 11, 2022 | Israel's 'Hitlerian Blitzkrieg' Tanks Show No Respect for Defenseless 'Inferior' Races, Enter Central Gaza with Rockets / Guns Firing |  Iraqi Insurgents Show Video of 2 Slain Soldiers Killed in Revenge for the Rape and Murder of a 14 Year Old Girl | Neurotic Jewish Women's Movement Leaders | U.S. Military Braces For Flurry of Criminal Cases in Iraq | Stubborn Man Tries to Govern Province in Occupied Iraq | Catherine Margaret Graham's Jewish Washington Post | Wicked Israeli Skinhead Army Continues Gaza Rage; Hamas Warns Israel It Will Soon Lose Its Ability to Sustain Peace in Tel Aviv | Humanitarian Crisis Thickens in Jewish Destroyed Gaza | Israel's "Summer Rain" Military Offense Stretches from Gaza to Teheran | Ten Mostly Teenaged Palestinians Killed Last Night by Israeli Skinhead IDF Thugs | Jewish Takeover of NPR | EU Criticizes "Disproportionate" Use Of Force In Gaza | Jewish ADL of Jewish B'nai B'rith Ritual Religious Infant Male Sexual Mutilation Society Stirs Up Hate in the Service of the Racist Israeli Terror State | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Sexual Mutilation Guild Welcomes Crushing of Popular Dissent Against Israeli Skinhead Army Murderers by Free Speech Advocates in Regional Public University in Ukraine by Calling It "Anti-Semitic," an Old and Crusty ADL Canard | Jewish Monopolists Who Run TV and Other Electronic Media |

July 10
| 50,000 Turks Protest Israel | Chaos and Death In U.S. Occupied Iraqi Colony Today | Iraq Reported to Ask U.N. to End U.S. Immunity | Jew Watch: What We Want | U.S. General Promises to End Rogue Gunmen | U.K. Muslim Leaders Say War a Constant Source of Divisiveness | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Pro-Jewish U.K. Immigration Catastrophe Spawned the Anti-Brit Hate Behind the Subway Bomb a Year Ago | Nasty, Intolerant, and Adolescently Crazed Israel Angry Over Poland's Education Minister | Israeli Apartheid State Worse Than South Africa's | Short-Sighted Israel Harming Itself the Most | Ahmadinejad Calls for Destruction of Israel | Thousands of Syrians Take to the Streets in Solidarity with Palestinian Victims of Israel's War Crime | Pro-Zionist Mike Kaplan Spins Weird Story as to Why Israel Bombed Families But Really Didn't Really Do It | The International Jew by Henry Ford | Israel's Jewish Skinhead Aggression Destroys Any Resemblance of Civil Order | As Israel's National Zionist Skinheads Fight the 'Inferior' Palestinian Race, Europe Begins to Turn Away | The Failed 1919 Holocaust Myth | Israel's National Zionist Government Leaders Still United Against Palestine as Its Mossad Operatives Spin More Lies in Support of the Fascist Jewish State | Moslems Sue to End Israeli Racism Against Americans of Moslem Descent | Fascist Israel's Threat to Begin Assassinating Palestinian Officials Should Be Taken Very Seriously | Foxman Says "Never Again," But It is the Same Old Jewish Racist Soft Shoe Show Biz Jive, Song, Canard, and Dance | Jew Thugs Arrest Mother of 6 Children |

July 9
| The End of America's Cowboy Diplomacy | 'It's World War III... And the U.S. Is Out of Ideas...' | Frank Weltner's Biography from Wikipedia | 5 U.S. Soldiers Assigned to Pro-Zionist Occupation Force in Iraq Charged With Rape and Murder | Gaza Crisis Threatens to Become a Calamity | Henry Kissinger: Jewish, Wealthy, and Loaded with Conflicts of Interest | 41 More Christians and Moslems Killed in White House's Jewish Neocon Colony of Iraq | Congress Slowly Awakens to the Threat of Jewish Neocon Intel Crimes in White House | 32 Hamas Legislators Illegal Arrested by Jewish Terror Tell Israeli Gestapo They Ran as Independents and Not Hamas Members, But Bone-Headed Jewish Conspirators Will Not Listen | Pay No Attention to the Jews Behind the Curtain, The Iron Curtain, That Is | Hamas: Israel Will Suffer Bloody Defeat for Rejecting Gaza Ceasefire | Olmert: This War Is Not Bound by Time | Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine: General Lazar Kaganovich | In Bronx Murder Case, A Dangerous New Use of New Terrorism Statute Passed by Pro-Jewish Neocons in White House Fuels Debate | Israel's Terrorism: War Crimes Against Palestinians | 300,000 Turks Wave Turkish and Palestinian Flags in Protest Against Israeli Terror State's Illegal Invasion of Gaza | Benny Morris' Latest Yiddish Hate Rant Against Hamas in New Republic | Subjective Jewish Hate Rave By Alan Kaufman Entitled "Hamas Can't Let Israel Go" In L.A. Times | Iraq's Pipelines Shut Down for Repairs by the U.S. Occupational Army Which Has Proven Itself Unable to Protect It From Enraged Patriots | More Statistical Cannon Fodder:  3 U.S. Soldiers In Occupation Forces Die in Iraq | Chaos and Death In U.S. Occupied Iraqi Colony Today |

July 8
| Hamas Demands Cease Fire and Removal of Israeli Thug Army; Israel Refuses; Continues Killing | Israeli Terror Empire's Forces Pull Back in Northern Gaza, But Will Not End War Unless Shalit Released | Israel's Pull Out from Northern Gaza Leaves 30 Murdered Christian and Moslem Palestinians | U.S. Citizen-Tourists Flee War-Torn Gaza in Busses | Today's Death Statistics in Lost Colony of Iraq Under Its Illegal Occupation by the Pro-Zionist U.S. Empire's Troops | Mossad Jewish Terrorist Operative | Atrocities by Pro-Jewish U.S. Forces in Iraq Lead to Investigations, Speculation | Iran Says Terrorist Groups Should Not be Allowed into Iraq Because They Give Pro-Israeli Occupation Troops a Reason to Stay | Jewish-Kosher-Owned Food Companies | Pro-Zionist Cannon Fodder:  3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Occupied Colonial Iraq | U.S. Troops, Iraqi Sycophants Target Religious Leaders in Attempt to End Violence | 40 Iraqis Killed or Wounded by Pro-U.S. Iraq Troops; In Addition, Mosque Murders in Unprotected Zionist Occupied Iraq Net 11 Deaths | Jewish ACLU Sues Rumsfeld for Holding Film Maker in Arbitrary Detention without Representation for 55 Days | American Inside Al Qaeda Criticizes Rape of Innocent Iraqi Woman, Murders, Etc., by America's Unpopular Pro-Jewish Colonial Occupational Forces | U.S. Commander Finds Fault With Haditha Investigations | President Bush, a Known Liar about Iraq, Hollowly Claims Victory in Iraq Vital to U.S. Security But Offers No Proof | Zionist Occupied America's Rape of Iraq:  How Jews Deep Sex the Iraqi News | Incompetent and Pro-Israeli President Bush Promised 6,000 Troops But Cannot Even Deliver 1,000 Troops to Protect His Mexican Border |

July 7
| Jewish Southern Poverty Leadership Center Resembles Senator Joe McCarthy, Attacks Army Personnel as Aryan Nation Gangland Freaks. Of Course, They Won't Even Mention the Far More Numerous Crips, Bloods, Aztlans, and Other Violent Extremist Racist Non-White Gangs in Military Positions in Their Sleazily Composed Faux News Release. Nor Do They Mention the Massively Greater Terrorism Committed by the Israeli Killer State. | 21 Palestinians Dehumanized as 'Gunmen' As They are Heartlessly Slaughtered by Israel's Jewish Military Thugs | Iran's Ahmadinejad Criticizes the Outrageous Gaza Invasion of the 'Fabricated' Israeli State | Typical Useless Jewish Slanted Story Reports Israel Will Not Negotiate Based on Past Failures, But the Story Never Mentions the Disappointments Palestine Has Had With Israel's Continued Genocide and Gobbling Up of Its Lands | U.K. Urges U.S. to Pressure Israel to End Attack in Gaza | Pravda:  Israel Commits Terrorist Massacre | New Yorkers Decry Israel's Shameful Attack on Gaza | Non-Jews Must Never Forget the Genocide Against Us in the Jewish Run USSR Where These Jews Murdered 65 Million Gentiles | Rothschild Jewish Banking Family Runs the World's Currencies | Kindly Donate to Support This Worldwide Effort | Download The Free Alexa Toolbar Which Helps You to Search Jew Watch |

July 6
| Weekly Report of Human Rights Violations by the Israeli Terror State | Shameful Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Ritual Religious Male Infant Sexual Mutilation Society Pathetically Decries the United Nations Human Rights Council's Wholesale Condemnation of Israel for Its War Crimes. The Tragedy is Compounded by Jewish Ownership of 3,000+ Newspapers Who Will Print This Jewish Bilge as a Worthy Statement When It is Only Whacko Zionist Propaganda. | Pro-Israeli Occupied Iraq Loses 12 More Citizens and 41 Severely Wounded to Bombing by Patriotic Forces Opposed to the Invasion of their National Homeland | Israeli Terror Empire Reoccupies Gaza, Many Palestinians Murdered by Armed and Tank Supported Death Squads, One Israeli Soldier Reported Killed | Deadly Toll Has Now Soared to 19 Counted So Far in Gaza | Rightwing Jewish Fascists Have Genocidal Plan to Resettle in Northern Gaza | Israel Invaded Gaza to Destroy Its Government | Peretz:  'Israel Won't Sink in Gaza' | 300 British Jews Condemn Israel's War | Israeli Gunboats Again Shell Gaza Beach Killing Two Palestinian Patriots | Hamas Urges World to Stop Jewish Violence in Gaza | The Sadistic Deflowering of the Palestinian Democratic State Achieved by the Planned War-Crimes of the Israel Empire With Constant Terrorist Attacks That Killed Poor, Innocent Christians and Moslems in an Unpunished Series of War-Crimes Going Back Many Decades | Oil Prices Hold at $75 Per Barrel as Jewish Plans to Increase Oil Prices to $3.00-$5.00 Per Gallon and Above Gain Strength. Jews Hope to Reduce Need to Raise Interest Rates in Banks by Pulling Money Out of America and Europe through High Oil Prices and Slowing the Economy That Way Instead of Via Interest Rates. Either Way, If You Spend $50-$100 for a Tank of Gas, You Aren't Going to Buy Much Else, and That Reduces Business Growth. |

July 5
| Jewish Mayor Bloomberg of New York City Says We Need Illegals | Israel Invades Northern Gaza | European Commission in Brussels Close to Declaring Israel in Violation of International Law | Indonesia Refuses to Play Fed Cup in Racist War Monger Israel | European Commissioner in Strausbourg Demands Israel Withdraw and Immediately Reconstruct Gaza's Power Plant | Commentary:  Has Israel's Absolute Power Corrupted Absolutely? | Switzerland Declares Israel in Violation of International Law | Mossad, Known Worldwide for Disinformation, Claims It Stopped a Terrorist Attack from Syria in Possible Deception to Falsely Justify an Israeli Fascist Push into Damascus | President Bush Affirms U.S. Allegiance to Jewish Racial Supremacy | Jewish News Exploits Usual Homeless Problems Among Ex-Iraq War Veterans | Iraq Considers Rearming Insurgents to Fight Foreign Terrorists  Jews to Expand War in Gaza | Captured Israeli Army Prisoner Rumored Kept in Bunker Somewhere in Gaza, But No One Really Knows Anything for Certain | Jewish Owned Newspapers Say Nothing About the Israeli Death Squads Entering Gaza and Instead Spin a 'Feel Sorry for Jews' Story Line About a Small Gathering of Skinheads Who Merely Symbolically Burn Anne Frank's Fraudulent Diary at a Traditional Gala and Sing Patriotic German Songs as a Sign of Their Perceptions of Social Grievances in Their Jewish Dominated Society |

July 4
| Anti-Zionist War Protesters Begin Fast | Israeli Terror Empire Sees Long, Deadly War in Gaza is Ahead | Zionist CIA Ends Ten Year Sham of Searching for Its Own Intelligence Asset Osama Bin Laden. Offers Deceitful Hierarchical Spin. | Thug in Pro-Jewish U.S. Army of Occupation Charged With Alleged Rape and Murder of Innocent Family in the Lost Colony of Iraq | Meet the Jewish Defense League Terrorist Organization | Pro-Zionist Occupation Armies Finally Relegated to Protecting Sabotaged Oil Fields in Iraq | Biography of Israel's Prime Minister Emeritus, Benjamin Netanyahu | Virginity Minded Iraq Decries 'Monstrous' Rape Allegations Against Pro-Zionist Occupation U.S. Army Thugs | The Semitic Supremacy Goals Were Discussed 225 Years Ago by Benjamin Franklin in the "Benjamin Franklin Prophecy" | America's Pro-Zionist Lap Dog War in Iraq Marks the Exact Moment The War on Terror Failed | A Frightened Blair Sees Significant Troop Withdrawals from Pro-Jewish War in Iraq by End of 2007 | Pro-Jewish & Pro-Integration Feds Allege that Latino Gangs Conspired to Kill African Americans to Get Them Out of Their Communities. Did They Expect Otherwise? | Zionist Victim Army Says It Will Not Kill Shalit, But Will Not Report Any More News About Him Either | Bereaved Brother Asks Israel to Negotiate for Shalit's Release |

July 3
| Anti-Zionist War Protesters Begin Fast | Deadline Looms for Hostage as More Israeli Troops Crush Gaza | 'Al Qaeda Is a U.S. Sponsored Intelligence Asset' | 'The International Jew' By Henry Ford | Captors of Young Jewish Military Thug Becoming Sick of Israel's War on Gaza Demand Israel Negotiate Or 'Face the Consequences' | Israel Cohen's Plan to Destroy the U.S.A. Via Racial Destruction | Israel Has Less Than 24 Hours to Decide | BBC Reports Israeli and Palestinian Newspapers Accusing Israel of Using Shalit as Excuse to Undermine the Palestinian Authority | Jewish Hatred of Christianity | Egotistical and Power-Hungry Israel Rejects Palestinian Deadline | Yiddish Hate for All Non-Gentiles in History | U.S. To Pay $48 Million Insurance to Repair Gaza's Power Plant Bombed by Its So-Called Jewish 'Friends' | Shalit's Mother Distraught:  Says Israel Must Negotiate to Save Her Son | Norway:  Demands to Recall Ambassador to Israel in Protest of Gaza Atrocities | Gaza Murders and Cruelties May Last Months Says Israel's Security Chief | Charles and Edgar Bronfmans' Jewish Bootleg Booze Empire | N.Y. Jewish Senator Schumer Says Bush's National Security Effort is Shaky and Needs Effort | Canadians Attacked By Jewish Thugs On Streets of Tel Aviv | 'Killing Without Blame, Killing Without Shame' | Israel Attempts to Remove Leadership of Palestine | Iranian President Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Gaza | United States Proves Itself Israel's Regular Crack Whore; Stalls U.N. Security Council on Condemnation of Gaza Invasion | Pro-Zionist West Gives Iran Until July 12th on Nuclear Issue |

July 2
| Jewish Tribalism Comes Out for All to See | Racist Israel Tells Its Brutish Army to 'Do All It Can' to Find the 19-Year-Old Soldier Inside What Is Left of the Christian and Moslem Holocaust Created by Israel in Jewish Colonial Palestine | The Jewish Russian Mob | Hamas Threatens To Revenge Its Dead People Against Israeli Infrastructure Including Its Schools, Universities, and Hospitals | Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Has Said Tehran Will Continue Its Uranium Enrichment Program | Israel's Crazies Hit Office of Prime Minister | Jewish Pornographers | Pentagon Reportedly Tells White House That Bombing Iran Would Be Unsuccessful | U.N. Rebukes Israel For Destroying Civilian Buildings and Tells the Jewish Terrorist State of Israel that It Must Abide by All International Laws | Mashpee, Massachusetts Loses Interest in Being another Propaganda Butt-Boy for the Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Yiddish Male Infant Religious Ritualistic Mutilation Society | Introducing The New York Jewish Soviet Zionist Spy -- Morton Sobell | Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center Pimps Have Field Day With Their Unfair Smear Tactics Against CNN's Lou Dobbs and Perfectly Legal and Peaceful Majority Civil Rights Groups Constantly Repeated Ad Nausea | In Scene Reminiscent of Sophocles' Greek Tragedy "Antigone," Zarqawi's Body is Denied Even the Civilized Right of Public Burial and Respect | Shi'ite Group Claims Attacks on U.S. Forces inside America's Lost Colony of Iraq | Iraq Hunts Down Saddam's Relatives in Contravention of International Ethics | Saddam's Wife and Daughter in Iraq's Wanted Lists in a Scene Reminiscent of The French Revolution | Iran's Jews Refuse to Recognize Israel | Gulf Arabs Plan for Hormuz Blockage If Jews Bomb Iran |

July 1
| Impotent and Lost Colony of Iraq Explodes in Greatest Day of Bloody Carnage Demonstrating How American Jewish Neocon Armed Forces of Occupation Are Actually Wimps in the Chaotic and Weakening Middle Eastern Jewish Empire -- Troops Do Nothing As 66 Christians and Moslems are Killed in Car Bombing of Baghdad Market | Who Is the Father of Zionism? | Crazy Israel Warns:  'Release Our Soldier or Your Prime Minister Dies.' | The Yiddish Butcher of One-Quarter of Petrograd Was a Jew Named NKVD General Ginrikh Yagoda | Israel Rejects Latest Demands from Palestinians | Palestinians Stuck in No Man's Land Cannot Leave Nor Go Home | Zionist Racists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 'Inferior' N. African Jewish Ringworm Children | Israel's Cruelty to Gaza Seen in New York Times Article | United Nations to Review Alleged Abuses by the Jewish Empire | Jewish Intolerance and Jewish Hatred Whenever Jews Convert to Christianity | Jews Brush Up on Using Lies, Deceptions, and Diplomacy Aimed for Private Ambassadorial Use in World's Diplomatic Missions Concerning Its Cruel Hostilities in Gaza | EU President Tells Israel to Free Hamas Ministers and to Stop Its Cruel and Uncivilized Destruction of Infrastructures inside Palestinian Lands | Israel Continues Genocide Against Moslems and Christians by Ordering Members of Parliament Out of Jerusalem | Amnesty International Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza; Asks U.N. to Investigate; Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center Maintain Racist Silence on the Hate Crimes of the Israeli Terror State | Atrocities in Pro-Jewish Neocon American Army's Occupation of their Lost Iraqi Colony on July 1, 2022 | Palestinians on Short-End of Israel's Genocidal Jewish Attack | MP's, Analysts Roundly Condemn Zionist Barbarity in Gaza | When Jewish Barbarism Rules |


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