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September 30
| Humorless Chief Executive: Jewish Comic, Sasha Baron Cohen, Denied Entry Into White House | Jewish Tribal Control and Subversion of Non-Jewish Cultural Societies | So-Called 'Democracy' in Baghdad Totally Shut Down for Daylight Curfews to Avoid Harm to Tiny 1 Square Mile Fascist American 'Green Zone' | Was Monica Lewinsky a Mossad Sexual Operative Used by Israelis to Show Clinton Who Really Rules Zionist Owned Amerika? | Israeli Minister Calls of Immediate Assassination of Hezbollah's Sheik Hassan Nasrallah | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | Israel Plans to Finalize Withdrawal from Victorious Lebanon on Sunday | The Insidious Role of Jews in African American Slavery Trade | Canada's Rookie Prime Minister Tries to Derail Majority European Resolution Condemning Israeli War Crimes in Mideast | U.S. Boosts Aid by $500 Million to Israeli Hate State | Israeli Criminal Government Blocked U.N. Access to Its Accused War Criminals | Who Killed John O'Neill Video, 1 Hr 40 Mins | Israeli Terror State Bombs Palestinian House, Falsely Claiming It Was a Military Depot Without Any Real Proof Given | Now That Syria Is Ready for a Peace Plan, U.S. Quits the Idea | Israel Lies, Prepares for Syrian War Over Golan Heights, Seeking Increased Fear and Chaos | U.N.: Israel Guilty of Nazi-Like Collective Punishment in Gaza, Not Even Caring If Victims are Civilians or Soldiers | Setting the Record Straight on America's Zionist Self-Deception Concerning Its Own Pro-Democracy Myth | Hypocritical U.S. Law Would Ban Money for Iraq's Police Force Because It Does What the U.S. Does -- It Tortures Its Prisoners in Dungeons | U.S. Which Has No Anti-Missile Defense System for Its Own People Votes Money for Such a System for Its Anti-Arab Israeli Torture State | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Upset that Jewish Comedian's Depiction of Anti-Semitism May Run Counter to the ADL's Profit Goals for Its Own Multi-Million Dollar Anti-Semitism Industry | Moslem Diversity Nightmare Continues to Intensify for the Divisive, Unwise and Risky Mohammedan Invasion of America's 90% Christian Nation | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith, the Non-Christian Religious Cult, Intolerantly Attacks a Non-Jewish Political Party for its Intolerance In Order to Marginalize It, Defame It, and Paint It with the Jewish ADL's Practically Worthless and Miniscule 2% Minority Viewpoint While Saying Nothing about the Jewish Nazi Politics of Its Own Super Racist and Intolerant Israeli Terror State in the Mideast | Mideast Chaos, Grief Resound in the Mideast Air |

September 29
| Jew Reporter Bob Woodward:  Bush Concealing Level of Pro-Zionist Iraq Violence | The Jew Watch Project Exposed Pope John Paul II as a Likely Jew Prior to His Death | Bush Ignored Urgent Warning on Growth of Iraq Insurgency in 2003 | New York's Right Wing Racist Jewish Neo-Nazi Shill, Meier Kahane | Israel and Hamas Deadlocked on Prisoner Exchange | The Jewish Communist Psychos Who Ran the Murderous USSR | Israel Again Delays Pullout Citing Various Vague Details of Suspicious Truthfulness | Foreign Palestinians Immigrating to West Bank Not Permitted in by Reason of Israel's Anti-Indigenous Genocide Policies in Region | Rice Travels to Mideast to Meet Lost Arab Allies, Israel, West Bank | Hezbollah Still Beats Israel: 'Only an Anti-Tank Missile System Can Save Our Tanks Now' | Thieving Israeli Terrorist State Will Keep $6 Million in Stolen Funds Its Robbery Jews Heisted from Stores in West Bank on Unproven Charges | Genocidal Israeli Land-Grab Plans Continue as New Housing is Approved for Israelis Wishing to Push Arabs Out of West Bank and Claim It as More Stolen Jewish Land | Hezbollah Retakes Bunkers, Rebuilds them as Bases to Destroy All Incoming Zionist Tanks Using Its Laser Guided Missile System in Next Inevitable Israeli Invasion | Palestinian Patriot Army Counter-Attacks, Wounds Nazi-Like Israeli Occupation Patrols in Nablus | Carter: Bush Has Brought U.S. 'International Disgrace' | Blair's Popularity High in Israeli Terror State | Israel Continues to Violate Lebanon's Air Space | Clinton: Incalculable Damage Done to Our Country | Oliver Stone: AIPAC's Patsy George W. Bush Has Set Back America 10 Years | Jew Report Bob Woodward:  One World Order Zionist Henry Kissinger Is Falsely Advising Bush on Iraq, Counseling Him that 'Victory is the Only Meaningful Exit Strategy' | Hilarious Jewish Comic Sasha Baron Cohen Bares All in Anti-PC Comedy | U.S. Agrees Hezbollah Still Just as Strong After Lebanon War | A Disgraced Zionist Rummy:  No One Anticipated Strength of Anti-Zionist Insurgency in Iraq | Zionist Congress Rejects Permanent Military Bases in Iraq While Voting $70 Billion to be Wasted on the Lost Fiasco War in Order to Send Mixed Signal and Protect their Seats During Elections Amid Angry Anti-War Public | International Terrorist Pariah Israel Not to Kill Nasrallah for Now | U.S. Commander Says Insurgency Unlikely to be Defeated Until Pro-Zionist and Anti-Arab U.S.Force Calls It Quits and Leaves | Law Makers Blast Rip Off of Taxpayers by Shoddy Work by Parsons Corp in Crumbling Zionist Iraq: Incompetence, Profiteering, Arrogance, Human Waste, Greed ... $100 Million Lost in One Small Project Alone... |

September 28
| Israeli Terror State's Millions of Lost Cluster Bombs Kill Boy, 14, and Wound 3 Other Children in Continuing Zionist Catastrophe in Lebanon | The Zionist-Owned Media Monopoly's Albert Einstein World Hoax | Jesus Camp: It's Religious Zeal and Anti-Materialist Demeanor Is Driving Zionists Up the Wall | Jewish President, David Jacob "Dwight" Eisenhower | Belgian High Tech Company Boycotts Israeli Business Over 'War Crimes' and 'Apartheid' | Donate to Jew Watch | Racist IDF Thugs: Zionist Troops Can Kill Non-Jewish Stone Throwers | Jewish Inter-Marriage and Other Influences in British Royalty | French Court Shutters Black Extremist Web Site for Reporting on the Realities of the Jewish Black Slave Trade | Jewish Faces | America Seeks to Convince Christian-Zionist World to Boycott Moslem Syria Who Replies 'Zionist Americans, Stop Trying to Control the Arab World' | Ahmadinejad UN Speech, Part 1 | Ahmadinejad UN Speech, Part 2 | 'Gaza is a Prison, and Israel Seems to Have Thrown Away the Key' | Israeli Arabs Reaffirm Intolerance by the Anti-Arab Israeli Apartheid State in Handing Out Recovery Money | Jewish Reporter Extraordinaire Bob Woodward Writes New Book, State of Denial: Part III, and Reveals How Fat Cat Jewish Neocon Henry Kissinger Camps at Times In White House as a Yiddish Consultant on Wars, Scams, Oil, Trade, Subversion, and Rothschild Banking Schemes | Apartheid Israel's Own War Mongering Hitler, Racist Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Rejects Peace Overtures from Syria | Israeli Terror State Refuses to Release Thousands of Kidnapped, Tortured, and Gulagged Palestinians | Syria Defies U.S. Threat to Its Sovereignty: Will Continue Loyalty to Mideast Patriots in Hezbollah and Hamas | Palestinians Rearm for Imminent Showdown with Israeli Occupation Army | War-Spanked Olmert Does Not Think Another War With Hezbollah Imminent, Probably Because Israel Would Lose It Also | Israel Appoints New Commander of Its Failed Northern Front | Millions of Zionist Christians Pray for Israel And Its Millions of False Jews Who Claim They Are Jews But Are Not

September 27
| An Intelligence Consensus Surfaces that the Bloody Pro-Zionist War in Iraq Is Enflaming Worldwide Jihad | Historical Israeli-Arab Wars | Iraq Terrorist 'Cause Celebre' | Early Jewish Zionist Terror Gangs | Covert PR Group that Paid Off World News Given New Contract | New York City's Jewish Communist A-Bomb Spy Ruth Greenglass | Pro-Zionist Iraq Puppet Talks with China about Reviving Saddam Era Oil Deal | Zionist Collaboration with Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler | Zionist U.S. Army Kills 12 Innocent Civilians in Attacks in Baquba, Iraq that Murder 4 Patriots | Pro-Zionist U.S., Iraq, and Turkey Conspire to Wipe Out Kurds Via Cooperative Genocidal Anti-Kurd Politics Designed to Deny them Their Own Nation | Israeli Torture Gulag Frees Kidnapped Palestinian Democracy's Deputy Prime Minister | Apostate Zionist Christianity Says It Will Fight for Zionism's Fake Jews Who are Not Really Jews but are Really Genocidal Land Pirates Running the Israeli Terror State | Iran Borrowing Its Nuclear Strategy from Israel's Own Nuclear Development History | Israel's Prime Minister Olmert May Soon Be Arrested for Bribery and Real Estate Corruption | Jewish Terrorist Killer of 4 Palestinians Given 4 Consecutive Life Sentences | Hezbollah Back on Israel's Border Same as Before Lebanese War | Jewish Groups in America Use High Holidays to Re-Inseminate Propaganda Conducive to More Support for Israel's Genocidal Terrorist Strategies | Intolerant Israel Backs Its Whining Jewish Ambassador Who Said Non-Jewish Danish Royal Wasn't Pandering Enough to the Jewish Community over a Synagogue Incident | 200 Northern Indians Claiming to be Lost Tribe of Israel Land in Israel, Convert to Judaism, Enter Religious Training Courses | Administration Moves to Cover Up Scooter Libby--i.e., Lewis "Scooter" Liebowitz--Scandal by Suppressing Intelligence | Civil Rights Group:  Israeli Terror State's Bombing of Palestine Power Plant Darkening Gaza for One Full Year a War Crime | U.N. Says Israeli Goon State Made Gaza into a Prison |

September 26
| Cop Killing in Houston by Illegal Immigrant Intensifies Debate on the Open Immigration Policies of the Subversive, Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center | The Grand Jewish USSR Killer, Leon Trotsky, Terrorist Commissar of the Red Army | U.N. Envoy Says Israeli Terror State Turned Gaza into a Gulag | Henry Kissinger, the Walking, Talking Jewish Conflict of Interest | Poll: Most Palestinians Favor Using Hezbollah Tactics Against Terrorist Israeli Occupation Forces | In 2006, The Zionists Continue to Profit from Their Sadistic and Inhuman White Slavery Industry Israel War Monger State Insists on Rules of Engagement After Pullout Allowing Israel to Re-Attack Lebanon | Palestinian Loss of Land Since 1947 at the Hands of the Israeli Genocide Regime | Olmert Says Nuclear Fat Israel Will Not Accept Nuclear Iran | Donate to Jew Watch to Keep It Alive | Israel's Sycophant Australia Says Arab Countries Must Accept Israel | Israel Says Land-Snatched Golan Heights Will Remain Israel's Stolen Asset | Syria Denies Meeting With Israel | IDF Killers May Leave Lebanon by End of September, Says UNIFIL | Israel Terror State Planned to Assassinate Hezbollah Leader after War's End | Israel Nixes Prisoner Exchange | Israel Eyeing New U.S. Warship | Israel Publishes Names of Jordanian Political Prisoners Held in Zionist Torture Gulags | Racist Israeli Terrorist State Kills One Non-Jewish Teenage Girl and Wounds Ten Other Non-Jewish Civilians While Bombing a Crowded Urban Area | Israel's Racist and Genocidal Wall Has Driven Out Non-Jewish Palestinians from their Homes According to Report | Saudis Deny Secret Contact with Israel | Zionist Controlled Western Nations Rebuff Effort to Hold Israel Accountable for Its Illegal Nuclear Arsenal | Corrupted and Deceived Zionist Christians Travel to Knesset to Support Murderous Israeli Terror State Including the Fake Jews from Europe Who Claim They Are Jews But Are Not | One Million Cluster Bombs Remain in Lebanon As a Result of Hundreds of Irresponsible Israeli War Crimes from the Air | Unsuccessful U.S.-Israel Zionist Axis Army Showing Signs of Fatigue | Iraq Diversity War Deaths Rise as Parliament Debates Splitting Country into Autonomous Religious and Tribal Regions | 

September 25
| Pro-Zionist U.S. Military Deaths in Bloodied Iraq | False Anti-Semitic Hate Hoaxes Are Pulled All of the Time | Anti-Zionist Hamas Party Determined to Rescue Unity Talks | New York Communist Jewish Atomic Spy, Robert Oppenheimer | Mel Gibson Campaigns for 'Apocalypto' Movie, Blasts Pro-Zionist Iraq War, Says Western Civilization in Decline | The Hebron Massacre by the American Zionist Jew, Dr. Baruch Goldstein | Judeo-Con and Pro-Zionist Iraq War Conspirator William Kristol:  Bill Clinton's Outburst on CNN Helps Hillary | Gentile Art Theft by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's Zionist Father | Pope Meets Moslem Leaders, Says Friendly Relations Between Both Faiths Needed to Built Peace | Virginia Senator George Allen's Jewish Artifacts Become Heated Issue for this Born Again Christian's Reelection Campaign | Senator Allen's Opponent Jim Webb Says Allen's Heritage Should Not Be An Issue, But It Is... | Democratically-Elected Hamas Members of Parliament Ordered by Military Fascist Court in Israel to be Held Until Stalin Show Trials Begin | Zionist Intellectuals Petition Olmert to Allow University Lectures, Interviews, and Other Contacts with Syria and Palestinians Including Hamas | Pro-Zionist U.S. Court Ruling Recognizes Hamas as a Democratically Elected Political Party | Israeli Terror State's Education Minister Breaks Ranks, Says Israel Must Negotiate with Hamas | New European Security Breach as Israel is Admitted to Interpol | President: Syria Wants Peace with Israel, Blames America for Silencing Dialogues Between Peoples | Losing the War Turns Tide for West Bank Settlers as the Terror State Reconsiders Withdrawal | Palestinian Official Protests Israeli Terror State's Anti-Arab Genocidal Land Snatching Settlements in West Bank | Israeli Hate State Solicits Bids for Construction of New Genocide Settlements in West Bank |

September 24
| How Israel Is Engineering the 'Clash of Civilizations' | The Jews and their Jewish Red Revolution By the Numbers | Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Destabilized Mideast Region | A Proposal for Destroying the Jewish Conspiracies | Spy Agencies Say America's Iraq War Worsens Terrorist Threat | Exposing The Jewish Propaganda Myth About How the Jews Tried to Free the Slaves | Known Liar White House Says News Story on Iraq Terror Threat 'Not Representative' of Entire Report | Jewish Dominance in the Capitalist Takeover of Today's Russia | Legal Team of Iraq's Elected President, Saddam Hussein,  To Boycott Illegal U.S. Sponsored Stalin Show Trial | The Jew Watch Project's Files on The Russian Mob | Saudi Arabia Says No Proof Osama Bin Laden Is Deceased | Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' Shows in Oklahoma Where Many Native Americans Reside | Rumor of Bin Laden's Death May Be CIA False Op Lure to Entice Bin Laden to Show Himself Again | Chavez Has Information Bush Has Ordered His Assassination | Jewish Academics in Ireland Begin Usual Zionist Subversion of Non-Jewish Academics' Call to Boycott Academics in the Israeli Terror State | Assad: Failure to Reach Peace Agreement with the Israeli Terror State May Lead to War | 4 Militia Groups Threaten Violence Against Any PA Government that Recognizes Israel | Israel Accused of Racism Over Lesser Payment to Arabs | Lebanon's Defense Minister Says Properly Equipped Army Would Beat Israel's Colonial Occupation Forces | Post-Colonial Arab-Hating Western Nations Block Fair Inquiry into Israel's Nuclear Arsenals | U.S. Support of Israel Destroys Its Friendship with Lebanon and All Other Arab Nations | Israel Leaves Behind Deadly Traps in Lebanon | Lebanon's Land Claim Protects Hezbollah | The Jewish Lobby and the U.S.-Israel Conspiracy Against the Arabs |

September 23
| The British National Socialist Party Website Is Anti-Semitic | Adolf Hitler's Jewish Writings | Germans Elect a Gay Mayor of Berlin. The Berlin Mayor is Usually the First Step in Becoming Chancellor of Pro-Zionist Germany | How to Start Your Own Informative Jewish Blog on the Web | Gay Mayor in Re-Election Landslide on Account of Popular Policies | Zionist Control of Networks | Thousands of Moslem Worshippers Protest Against Pope in Jerusalem | In 1947, Jews Ethnically Cleansed Moslems from Palestine | Pope Invites Moslem Envoys to Meeting on Monday in an Attempt to Settle the Issue Once and For All | Figures to Consider Concerning the Holocaust | France Looks into Bin Laden Death Report | Bin Laden Alive and Well - Paki Intelligence | 37 Iraqis Killed by Bomb, 3 Pro-Zionist Troops Killed | Counter-Zionist Hugo Chavez Seeks a Security Council Seat for Venezuela's Rising Power | Iran Takes Back Seat to Economics for France, Germany, and Russia | Complete Text of Ahmadinejad's U.N. General Assembly Speech, September 20, 2021 | Lebanese Army Posted on Israeli Terror State's Border for First Time in Decades | Hamas Rejects Option to Recognize Israel | Rumor: Israel-Hezbollah Prisoner Swap in Days | Israel's Nuclear Threat to Mideast Is Offensive to All Moslem Nations | Resistance in Israel Against Pullout | Zionist-Controlled U.S. May Rebel and Ban Sales of Cluster Bombs to Israeli Terror State | 'Israel's New Anti-Semitism is Leading to Nuclear Holocaust' | Israel's Ethical Failure as an Obvious War Criminal | Sparks of Intolerance Continue to Fly Around Israel's Museum of Tolerance | Who Is Hezbollah? | Prosecution Drops Charge Against Hamas | Lebanon War Merely the Precursor to Third World War between the West and Moslems |

September 22
| Israeli War Mongering Terror Nation Faces New Year With Deep Regrets that their Decades of Domination and Murder of Neighboring Peoples May Be Over | What Famous People Say About the Jews | Pakistan Claims Pro-Zionist U.S. Hate State Threatened to Bomb It Back to the Stone Age | Jewish Faces | 'Egypt Will Pursue Nuclear Energy' | The Franklin Prophecy | Nasrallah Speaks Before Thousands in 'Hezbollah Victory Rally' in Sadistically Bombed Out Area of Beirut, National Jewish-Owned Media Monopolies Refuse to Cover the Story | The History of Jews in America Begins With Christopher Columbus in 1492 | Lebanon Cleaning Up Oil Spill Covering 80% of Pristine Mediterranean Beaches, Israel To Be Sued for $1 Billion | Iran Warns a 'Lightning' Response to Any Attacks by the U.S.-Israel Empire | Sailing Safely Between the Biting Fangs of the ACLU and the ADL | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Infant Surgical Mutilation Cult Deeply Disappointed in House Approval of Voter ID | Coral Ridge Ministries and Orthodox Rabbi Reject Anti-Defamation League Attack on TV Special Linking Darwin to Hitler | Gaza Suffers Under Border Lockdown by Racist Israeli Terror State | The Ten Most Useful Lies About Terrorism | Nasrallah: We Have 20,000 Missiles | Weekly Report of Israeli Terror State's Atrocities | Israeli Chief of Staff Says IDF Terrorists Will Continue to Operate in Gaza | Hezbollah Still Winning Minds in Lebanon | Meeting with Non-Jewish Hezbollah Condemned by Bigoted U.K. Jewish Politicians | Hezbollah Won't Disarm Says Nasrallah to Hundreds of Thousands of Cheering Followers in Defiance of Israel | Chavez Becomes Hezbollah's New Idol for Honestly Confronting President Bush of the U.S.-Israeli Terrorist Pact | Unable to Stop Violence Anywhere It Has Stationed Its Armies, the U.S. Bemoans Hezbollah's Huge Armament Cache and Its Impotence to Stop It | Apparently Unable to Stop Themselves, Israel's IDF Thugs Enter Gaza Illegally to Once Again Beat Up, Shoot, and Murder More Arabs | Futureshock: Evidence of Bizarre Future Zionist U.S. Plans to Mass Torture Protesting Demonstrators | E.U., U.N. Criticize U.S. on Gitmo Torture Camp |

September 21
| Anti-Zionist Chavez Speaks in Harlem, Offers Discounted Oil to New York's Poor | The Jewish Rothschild Bankers | Hezbollah Gears Up for Massive 'Victory Party' | Fox Videos on Israeli Spies in America | Israeli Terror State Invades Gaza, Kills 5 Innocent Citizens | The Neurotic Lesbian Jewish Women Who Founded the Women's Movement | Bush Says Israel Cannot Work with a Palestine that Does Not Recognize Its Racist Theft of Land and Holy Sites | The Great Swiss Bank Robbery | Assad of Syria:  Israel May Attack Looking for a New Adventure Which Might Succeed and Cover Its Shameful Loss in Lebanon, but Syria Will Defeat Israel Same as Hezbollah Did | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish? Quite Possibly He Was. | Admadinejad: Why Is America So Pro-Israel? Why Is the Holocaust Unproven? | Pro-Zionist Charles Rangel Tells Chavez an Attack on the President by a Foreigner is an Attack on All Americans: Not True, Xenophobic | Hoping to Stir Up More Internal Chaos and Religious Hatred, the Zionist Hate State Opens Tunnels Under Moslem Dome of the Rock, a Move It Has Calculated Will Infuriate All Moslems and Promote Internal and External War | Israel Postpones Lebanon Pullout | Israel Extends Its Policy of Genocide of Palestine, Builds More Jewish Homes in Moslem Lands | Israel's Failed Napoleon, Ehud Olmert, Plummets Deeper in Popularity in Polls | Pro-Zionist Propagandist, George W. Bush, Says Israel Terror State Which Constantly Causes Chaos Is Nonetheless Threatened by a Totally Peaceful Iran | Imperial U.S. War Lords Intensify Pressure Against Arab Presentations to U.N. Nuclear Commission Concerning the Israeli Terror State's Atomic Bombs | Israel Evasive Over Assassinating Nasrallah | Jordan Sends Physicians to Israeli Torture Dungeons as It Seeks to Obtain Release of Citizens Kidnapped 15 Years Ago by the Israeli Terror State | The Jew Watch Project Commends the Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Religious Cult for Taking the High Road in Opposing Calls in Israel's Knesset to Remove Arab Legislators, Calling the Plan What It Is -- Religious Bigotry of the Worst Sort | Human Rights Organization Reports on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza | Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) Condemns Israeli Piracy Against Financial Institutions in the West Bank |

September 20
| Deaths in Zionist Held Iraq Surge to 3,590 Deaths in July, Many Tortured to Death in Prisons and on the Streets by Cables, Acid and Power Drills | Remembering How the Jews Who Ran the USSR, KGB, and Its Army Murdered Millions in Ukraine | Pope Expresses 'Deep Respect' for Islam | Jewish Mass Murder Lazar Kaganovich Whose Jewish Sister Married Josef Stalin Whom Many Say Was a Hidden Jew Named "Djugashvili" Which Means "Jewison" | Papal Assassin Pleads With Benedict Not to Visit Turkey Where His Life Will Be Threatened | More Proven Connections Between Zionists and Communists | Liar Israel Says No Nation Threatens World Values More than Iran Which Unlike Israel Has Remained Peaceful and Not Bombed a Single Person | Israeli Terror State's Nuclear Blackmail | Female Camp Guard, 84, Who Married a Jew Is Sent Back to Germany by Zionist U.S. Hate Government | At U.N., Venezuela's Chavez Calls Pro-Zionist Bush 'The Devil' | Pro-Zionist U.S. May Increase Troops in the Lost Military Adventure in the Iraq Civil War | Racist Israel Calls Iran Its Greatest Threat | Mossad Caught Red-Handed Training Iraqi Kurd Forces | Judge Replaced in Saddam Trial to Insure Unfair Guilty Verdict | Police Find 47 Tortured Bodies in Catastrophe of Zionist Iraq | Israel's Swindlers Steal $1.5 Million from Already Poor Palestine Claiming It was for Hamas Zionist Resistance, And, Of Course, No Proof Was Given | Children of the Inventor of the Zionist Scourge Are Re-Buried in Israel Where Zionism's Genocidal Killings of Moslems and Christians Has Made That Nation a Worldwide Pariah | European Quartet of Bullies Pressures Israel to Send $500 Million Owed to Palestine and to Act as a Democracy Buster by Bypassing and Undermining the Duly Elected Government of Hamas | Germany Announces Israel is Ready to 'Discuss' Shebaa Farms Which Zionism Stole from Lebanese Owners and From Which the Zionist Thieves Illegally Earn Profits | Why Israel's Founding Father Who Was a Terrorist Refused to Denounce Terrorism |

September 19
| Pro-Zionist Bush Tries to Quell Anti-Americanism Among Moslems While Arming Israel the Moslem Slayer-Torturer to the Teeth | The Jew Watch Project's Statement of Purpose | Chirac Calls for Threat of Iran Sanctions to be Lifted  The Jew Watch Project Needs Money -- Please Donate Today | Judge in Saddam's Trial Ousted for Saying Saddam was Not a Dictator | The Rockefeller Zionist and Communist Connection | At Least One of the Vandals Whose Last Name is "Gentile" in So. Florida Is Really Jewish, But You Must Read to the Bottom of the Story Where That Fact Is Buried. Since the Jew's Name is "Gentile," You Still Might Say It was A Gentile Who Did It.... | Jewish Communist German Kurt Eisner | Senator Compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler | Bush Warns Iran Anew Over Nuclear Plans | Ahmadinejad Passes Up Chance to Toss Verbal Barbs at Bush in Public | Young Children Fight U.S. Troops in Iraq | Non-Jew Lamont Calls Jew Lieberman a Turncoat | Angry Turk Workers Want Pope Arrested During His Turkey Visit | Alleged Jewish Mossad Homosexual Golan Cipel Angry Over Oprah Show, Says He Was Sexually Harassed by the Non-Jewish New Jersey Governor | Canadians Fault U.S. for Its Role in Torture Case Snafu | Subversive EU AIPAC Organization Draws 200 Parliament Members Demonstrating Jewish Wealth Attracts Legislators in Europe as Surely as it Does in America Who Are Willing to Side With Jews Who are Less Than 1% of Their Nations and Thereby Disempower the 99% Majority on Vital Issues | Israel's Military Chief Expects Total Withdrawal From Lebanon by Sundown on Friday | Israel Use of Cluster Bombs 'Outrageous' -- U.N. | Mubarak Says Israel Could Free Many Prisoners | Austria, Long Brow Beaten by the Subversive Jewish ADL, Agrees to Another Anti-European Bashing Contract With the Worldwide Espionage and Hate Organization in Which Austria's Police Will be Thoroughly Indoctrinated in Jewish Views on Hate by ADL Sleazebags. Of Course, This is Both Hypocritical and Interesting Since Jews Seem to Hate More People than Anyone Else. Just Look at the Israeli Terror State Which Hated Enough to Commit 60 Years of Genocide in Palestine Where It Stole Land, Kidnapped, Assassinated, Bombed, Poisoned, and Removed People from Israel Based Solely on their Race, Religion and Ethnic Origins and Continues to Do So Today. You Can be Absolutely Certain That the Israeli Hate State Won't be Mentioned in the ADL Propaganda Meetings on Hate Which the Pro-Israeli Hate State ADL Will Give the Austrian Police.  |

September 18
| Pope Must Die Says Muslim | Marinus Van Der Lubbe, the Jewish Communist Who Burned Down the German Reichstag | Pro-Zionist U.S. Illegally Tortures Innocent Moslem in Damascus | Archive of Israeli Torture | 'The Pope Discovers the Trouble with Faith' | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish? | Confirmed Taliban Bomber on Bicycle Kills 4 Pro-Zionist Occupation Invaders | Jewish Control Of NPR -- National Public Radio | World-Disgraced President Bush Tries to Deceptively Reword Interrogation Bill to Cloak Torture | Annan Warns of Civil War as Iraq Bombs Kill Scores | Zionist Paul Wolfowitz, President of World Bank, Loses Round One of Corruption Fight | Israel's Neo-Nazi Military Court Continues to Illegally Hold Elected Palestinian Legislators and Cabinet Members in a Sadistic Jewish Act of Defiance Against the Fledgling Democracy | Palestinian Officials Deny Nominating Exiled Hamas Leader as PLO Deputy Chairman | Israel Denies Prisoner Swap Negotiations | Worried Israel Offers Usual Zionist Monetary Corruption Deals to Hamas If It Gives Up Its Principles | Israel Orders Its Usual Neo-Nazi Show Trial for 3 Arrested Hezbollah Heroes Held in Its Dungeon Whom It Claims Kidnapped 2 Israeli Soldiers | U.N. Force Rules Out Disarming Hezbollah | 'Hamas and Hezbollah Not Terrorists But Heroes' | Israel's Perez Visits St. Louis Whining about Hezbollah's Tiny Missiles, Caring Nothing for the 2,000 His Racist Israel Murdered in Lebanon With Millions of Illegal Cluster Bombs | Questions Already Suggest Israeli False Flag Operation in Handling Kidnapping Info | Jew Says Hezbollah Must Be Disarmed, But Does Not Suggest Disarming Racist Israel | Remains of Herzl's Children to Be Flown to Israel for Memorial to the Father of Zionist Colonization and Butchery |

September 17
| Genocide in Gaza | How Terrorism Was Developed By the Zionists in Israel | Indications that U.S.-Israeli Conspiracy to Begin World War III Behind Pope's Remarks -- Iran's News | Shin Bet Murder Confessions in 1996 | Anti-U.S.-Zionist Coalition Nations Back Iranian Nukes | The Treachery of the Israeli Terror State's Anti-American 'Lavon Affair' | U.S.-Israel Pact Continues to Destroy U.S. Tourism | Hidden Report on the Execution by Israeli Neo-Nazi Mossad Thugs of 1,000 Egyptian Officers in 1967 Which Has Been Carefully Bulldozed Over by the Jewish Media Monopoly | Jewish 'Amazons' Patrol Borders | Neo-Nazi-Zionist U.S. Keeping 14,000 Prisoners Illegally in Secret Foreign Prisons | Israeli Corrupted White House Seeks Compromise on Its Anti-American Torture Legislation | Israeli Terror State Approves Inquiry into Handling of Its Misanthropic War in Lebanon | Beaten Zionist Forces Withdraw from 80% of South Lebanon | Earthquake Shakes Large Portions of Israel, 2nd Quake in 8 Days | Syria Impatient Over Return of Zionist Stolen Golan Heights After Years of Exploring All Non-Violent Means | Israel Considers Withdrawal form Shebaa Farms | 118 Non-Aligned Nations Condemn Israel | Nuclear Fat Israel's Disgraced Foreign Minister Stirs the Pot More, Says the World May Have Only a Few Months Before Iran Goes Nuclear in Hypocritical 'Pot Calling the Kettle Black' Statement | 'The Decline of Israel' In A Conversation with Nahla Chahal | Iranian Foreign Minister Says Israel's Main Focus Is Tension and Homelessness Designed to Displace Palestinians--i.e., Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing | The Coming Collapse of Zionism | Human Rights Groups Ask U.N. to Seriously Address Violations of Human Rights by Israel's Terror State | Hezbollah Chief Calls for 'Victory Rally' in Beirut | World Bank to Issue Shekel Bonds |

September 16
| Washington Rocked by Rep. Bob Ney's Plea Bargain for Deals with Zionist Fund-Raiser Jack Abramoff | Jews and 'White Slavery' | Jewish Tycoon George Soros Calls Bush Administration 'Nazis' | America's Mentor in Evil is Israel Who Tortures 850 Palestinian Prisoners on a Revolving Basis | Israeli Terror State Refuses to Report the Number and Names of Kidnapped 'Hezbollah' Citizens | HUAC's List of Jewish Communists | Prime Minister Haniya: New Palestine Government Will Not Recognize Past Deals With Israeli Terrorist Government | Hitler's Jewish Supporters | Jordan's King Abdullah Sees 'No Future for Israel' Without a Just Peace | Israel Always Finds a Way to Get Away with Its Crimes: Sabrina and Shatila Massacre Remembered | Israeli Army Shaken by War Fiasco | Former Israeli General Launches Devastating Attack Against Government's Handling of War | Growing Dissent In Israeli Ranks | Arab Leader: Muslims Will Control Jerusalem | Palestinian Christian Churches Attacked After Pope's Remarks | Majority of World's Countries Demand Israel Withdraw from Gaza | Op Ed, 'Meanwhile, the Forgotten, Forsaken Gaza Is Dying | Cut Off, Gaza Sinks Into Despair | Syrian Officials Kidnapped by Israeli Terror Thug Nation | Hezbollah Fighters Return to Civilian Life -- For Now | Ashamed of America's Torture Chambers, 3 GOP Senators Defy President Bush, Defeat His Stalin Show Trial Bill | After 4 Years of Torture and Humiliation at American Hands, 2 Innocent Kuwaitis Released from the Hell Hole of the Illegal Guantanamo Torture Prison | Gitmo Prisoners Fight the Injustice of the United States Hate Regime | Head of Britain's Judiciary Blasts Bush's Guantanamo, Identifying It as an 'Affront to Democracy' |

September 15
| Israeli Diplomat Arrested in Argentina for Carrying Large Amounts of Explosives Useful for Blowing Up Buildings and/or Commercial Jets Secretly and Blaming Al Qaeda | The Religious and Tribal Affiliation of Vladimir Lenin, Communist Leader of Russia | More Information and Pictures on the Arrest of the Israeli False Flag Bomb Carrier with Israeli Terror State's Demands to Squash the Story | Israel's Terrorist Timeline at Inception, 1947-1948 | Unlikely Story: UN Blames Map Error for Deadly UN Bombing | How to Start Your Own Jewish News and Studies Blog | Poverty Caused by Israeli Empire's Economy Deprivation of Palestine Causes Children to Find Work at Dangerous Checkpoints to Save Families from Starvation | International Jewish Real Estate Moguls | Zionist Baghdad to Build Trenches Around Its Besieged, Civil War City | Jewish Stars Over Hollywood | Israeli Thug Army Still in Deep Disarray | Super Jew Jack Abramoff's State's Evidence Mouth Threatens Career and Freedom of Non-Jew Republican Representative Bob Ney, Who Faces Criminal Charges, Other Shoes to Fall Soon | Facing Revolt, Pro-Zionist Tool Bush Defends 'Terror Laws' | Police Again Find 30 Tortured Bodies Around Baghdad in Midst of Impotent American Zionist Army Security Crackdown | 2 U.S. Soldiers Killed, 25 Others Wounded in Baghdad's Unending Suicide Bomb Chaos | Bodies in Baghdad Now Up to 50 | Update: 24 Hour Body Count Grows to 60 and Growing | 2 Room-Sized Torture Chambers Found by Zionist Forces in Baghdad | In Midst of Growing Violence in Iraq Colony, Zionist U.S. Occupation Forces General Says Stopping Violence is Now Above Stopping Insurgents | Zionist Occupied Iraq Colony's August Body Count Rises to 1,500 Violent Deaths in 30 Days as Nation Nears Permanent Civil War | Palestine Facing Worst Economic Year | Israeli Terror State's Killings in Gaza on September 14, 2021 | | From this Twisted Pro-Jewish Article, You Would Think as the Author Seems to Do that Christians are Terrible and Jews are 100% Perfect, and, If You Don't Mention Israel's Terrorism and the Jewish-Run USSR's Killing Fields, Which the Author Doesn't, He'd Appear Right, Even Though the Truth is the Opposite. | Iran, Venezuela Try to Forge New Anti-U.S. Front at Summit | Lebanese President Seeks Resolution Against Israeli Terror State at NAM Conference |

September 14
| Jewish CFR Conspirator Henry Kissinger Warns of 'War of Civilizations' Between Europe (Christianity) and Middle East (Islam), the Exact Third World War Scene Forecast by Illuminati Conspiracy Time Schedules One Hundred Years Ago | Jewish Control of Non-Jewish Cultural Associations | Former Israeli Army Chief:  Olmert Must Resign - Soldiers Were Sacrificed for Spin | Theodore Herzl, Founder of the Conspiracy to Steal Arab Lands and Found the Neo-Nazi Zionist Terror State | It Is Possible that the Man Who Shot Up Montreal College, Kimveer Gill, May Be Another Jew Like Kliebolt in Columbine. This Rumor is Unproven as Yet, But 'Gill' Is Often a Jewish Last Name. Developing... | David Greenglass, New York Jewish Anti-American Communist A-Bomb Spy | Judge to Saddam:  'You Were Not a Dictator' | Benjamin Freedman's Famous and Well Hidden 'Insider' Speech on Jewish Subversion of the United States | The Jew Watch Project's Working Archive on the Dangerous Jewish Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith Infant Surgery Cult | Pro-Zionist Pope Benedict's Remarks on Islam and Evil Criticized by Islamic Leaders | Mordechai Vannunu: Imprisoned and Tortured Israeli Atomic Hero | Top Russian Bank Reformer Assassinated by Russia's Jewish Mafia Contract Killers | U.N. Report Attacks Constant U.S. Unrealistic, Exaggerated Iran Nuclear Propaganda | U.N. Peace Keeping Force in Lebanon Asks Israel to Take Down Barbed Wire Fence | Neo-Nazi Israel Keeps 40 Kidnapped Lawmakers in Prison | Corruption Scandals Rack an Israeli Terror State Already Reeling after Lebanon | Egyptian Activists Demand End to Peace Treaty with Israel | Israel's War Crimes Boost Ahmadinejad's Arab Leadership Image | Zionist Terror State Fired 1.2 Million U.S. Built and Sold War Crime Cluster Bombs into Civilian Lebanon | At Least 3 Civilians Injured by Israeli Cluster Bombs on Thursday | Fascist U.S. and Israel See Eye-To-Eye on Palestinians, Iran | Rice Demands Palestine Recognize Israel's 60-Year Land Theft | Dissecting Racist Israel's Freeze on Visas |

September 13
| Watch the Video of Pro-Zionist George Bush Being Assassinated | Casual Shin Bet Murders | Fallout from Israeli-Hezbollah War Continues with General Resigning and Possibility that 'Universal War Crimes' Trials Could Be Held Anywhere in the World | Rothschild Family:  The Powerful Jewish Banking Family with Political and Zionist Tentacles Across the Known World | Fascist Anti-Democratic Israel Will Fight Court Order to Release Hamas Members of Parliament | The Jewish-Zionist-Soviet Anti-American Criminals and Spies | Gaza Strip Is Optimistic | The Jews Who Founded the USSR and the Red Revolution and Led the Original Holocaust in Russia that Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews, Far More than the Claimed Number of Jews Who Died in World War Two Which Keeps Declining Precipitously | Man Killed in Gaza Was IDF Tracker | Genocide Events in Israeli Occupied Palestine Today September 13, 2021 | Amnesty International: Hezbollah Rockets on Israel Are War Crimes | Israel Terror States Cautions Abbas to be Careful of a Coalition Government with Hamas, Which the Zionist State Terms a "Terrorist" Party in a Pot Kettle Black Warning | U.S.-Israel Axis Says Palestinian Colony Must Decide Between Terrorism and International Recognition - Another Hypocritical Pot Kettle Black Statement from both Neo-Nazi Zionist Bund Nations | Nasrallah of Hezbollah: The U.S.-Israel Terror Cult Will Not Dictate to Us, Take Our Weapons Away, or Occupy Us | Human Rights Watch Tells Israel to Respect Ambulances, Red Cross, Stop Sadistically Firing On Them | Lebanon to Sue Israel Over Oil Spill | Fascist Neo-Colonial Empire of the United States Again Warns Palestine Not to Accept Its Democratically Elected Hamas Government, Thus Showing the U.S. as an Undemocratic State that is Unwilling to Accept the Outcome of Elections | Arabs Escalate Diplomatic War to Shrink Zionist Terror State's Borders | Warren Buffet to Visit Israel for the First Time | Israel's President Granted Permission to Step Down for 18 Hours to Avoid Sex Scandal Embarrassment, Impropriety with the Supreme Court | The Importance of the Subversive Jewish Lobby in the U.S. | Michael Chertof's Un-American Yiddish Empire of Pro-Zionist U.S. Intelligence Agents, Provocateurs, and Deception Artists | Zionist Controlled FBI Offers Lousey $2,000 for Serial Robber Out of Its Fat $5+ Billion Budget | U.S. Terror Nation, a Known Moslem-Killer, Set to Propose Sanctions Against So-Called "Terrorist" Iran Which Unlike America Has Invaded No One in Typical U.S. Hypocritical Pot Kettle Black Statement |

September 12
| Flu Season in America Delayed 2 Weeks by Slow Down in International Air Travel Due to Anti-Zionist Terrorism | Apartheid Laws in Israel | Hamas to Keep Israeli War Prisoner Shalit Until Israel Agrees to Release All Palestinians Held in Zionist Dungeons | Jews and White Slavery | 1 Israeli Occupation Force Soldier Killed After Israel Crosses Its Border, Zionist Thugs Kill 1 Palestinian Boy, 13 | New York Jewish Bankers Who Bankrolled the Vicious Jewish Red Revolution in the USSR | Pro-Israel Bush: Every American Wishes the War Was Over, 'So Do I', Other Political Whoppers | Quoting Hitler on the Jews | Pro-Zionist Military Prosecutor Recommends Against Death Penalty for 1 of 7 Who Raped and Murdered Girl and Family Members | Investigation of Zionist Thug Soldiers on Gaza Border Alleged to Deal in Weapons and Drugs | Assad Tells Arab-Israeli Legislators How Syria Suggested Peace Between Syria and Israel, but How the Israeli Terror State Refused | Israel-the-Democracy-Slayer to Release Hamas MP's on Bail | Holocaust Survivors Sue Israel for Stealing Germany's Reparations that Were Due Them | Israel Must Abandon Nuclear Arsenal to Insure Middle East Peace | Pro-Zionist Unilateralism Hurt U.S. and Endangered Israel | U.K.'s Major Opposition Party Leader Condemns U.K.-U.S. Zionist Neo-Conservative Crazies | Israeli Terror State's Murderous Viciousness Grows in Palestine | Zionist Christians Filled with Propaganda vis a vis Israel Pledge $45 Million to the Zionist Terrorists | Does Israel Need a President Accused of Sex Scandals or Any President? | Israel to Falsely Rebrand Itself as a Non-War Monger Through Lies and Deceptions | Unprecedented Economic Losses in Lebanon by Israeli Terror State's Illegal Invasion and Bombing | Lebanon Accuses Israel of More Land Snatching by Placing Barbed Wire inside Its Nation | Israel's Barbed Wire in Lebanon Territory Violates U.N. 1701 | British MP's Want Israel to Release Kidnapped Palestinian MP's | Zionist Occupied Iraq Asks Anti-Zionist Iran for Help on Border Security Issues | Iran Promises to Help Establish Security Zone in Iraq |

September 11
| Newsweek: The Spectacular Fall of Pro-Zionist Tony Blair | Anti-Zionist Suicide Bomber Kills 13 Iraq Army Recruits | New York City's Communist Jewish Spies | Al Qaeda Threatens Neo-Nazi Israeli Terror State in New Tape | Super Jews in the Jewish Entertainment Monopoly | Blair:  Being an Ally of Israeli Nazi State Was His Down Fall | Lebanon Says Tony Blair Was a True Partner with Israel in the Killing of Children | $3 Billion Swiss Bank Robbery by Greedy Jews | 700 Experts on International Terrorism Gather in Super Terrorist Israel for Ridiculous Zionist Propaganda Session on Terrorism | 'America and Israel and Preparing for Another War' | Jewish Illuminati Conspiracy | World's Biggest Liar, Tony Blair, Says It Would Be Dangerous Not To Think Iran was Gunning for Israel, But In the End, What Would the World Have to Lose or Gain from Israel's Demise? Probably It Would Be More Peaceful. | Swelling Cost of Israel to the U.S. | Illegal War Crimes of the Israeli Nazi State | More Israeli War Crimes Issues Become Threats to Many Zionofascists Among the Yiddish Occupation Forces | Should the Jewish Neocon War Machine be Allowed to Keep Blood-Stained Profits? | Future Neocon Twisted Logic May Including Using Lost Wars in Iraq and Lebanon as Reason to Attack Iran | Lebanon and the Neocon Endgame | Factions and Infighting in the Disgraced White House Over Bush's Wars | Pro-Zionist Bush Calls for National Unity, Never Even Mentions the Elephant Named AIPAC Standing in the Room Behind Him | Only 20% of Britons Think the Pro-Zionist Allies Are Winning the War | Russia to Launch Engineering Troops in Ships to Rebuild Zionist Destroyed Lebanon | Israeli Drones Still Flying Over Lebanese Airspace | Demonstrators Make Their Presence Known as the Israel-Worshipping Blair Visits Lebanon | Lebanon Asks Germany to Patrol Coastal Waters | China Sending 1,000 Soldiers for Lebanon Peace Keeping | Subversive Dual Citizen Jews to Protest at U.N. for Israel in Violation of America's Best Interest | Israel Fears No One Will Stop Iran from Threatening Its Military Domination and Terrorism in the Middle East | Increased Subversive Jewish Influence in Europe to Increase Anti-Semitism Under a New Leftwing Wacko Pro-Immigrant Euro-AIPAC | Wacko Zionists Stick Their Noses Into 911 Offering Yiddish Subversive Views and Calling in the Guilt Card as They Always Do |

September 10
| Sen. Rockefeller: Iraq and Zionist America Would Be Better Off With Saddam | Israel's Terrorist Prime Minister, Arial Sharon | Tortured Screams Ring Out Again At Abu Ghraib As Soon As Iraq's Federalized Nazis Took Over | Alexandr Feklisov Jewish-Zionist-Soviet Anti-American Spy | Hypocritcial Non-Jew Lamont Had Hailed Jew Lieberman for Scolding Clinton, But Now Admonishes Him for It | Jews Who Ran the USSR | Lebanon's Culture Crisis:  'A Suffocating International Embrace' Complete with America's Cold War Lies That May Harm Islam |  Harmful Errors in Religious Diversity Again Begins to Tear the Brittle Fabric of Lebanon's Government | Zionist Blair Not Welcome in Lebanon | Israeli Air Force Succeeded in Lebanon, But Must Prepare for Tougher Battles in Its Future World of Continued Zionist Warfare and Chaos | At Least 12 Lebanese Have Been Killed by Remaining U.S.-Israeli Cluster Bombs | Israeli West Bank Pullout Cancelled | Israel's Enforced Gaza GenocideWorsens While World Focuses on Lebanon | Free Them From Your Zionist Torture Dungeons Now | U.N. Warns Gaza Conditions Have Reached Life Threatening Breaking Point | U.N. Orders Israel to Stop Incursions, Bombings, and Killings in Gaza | Hamas Spokesman Rejects the Conditions Set by the International Quartet | Palestinians Forced to Scavenge for Food Off Garbage Dumps | 'Gaza Is a Jail. Nobody Is Allowed to Leave. We Are All Starving Now.' | Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Surgery Cult Propaganda Seminars Aimed at Gullible Teens. This Program Promotes Leftwing Wacko Jewish Subversion of America by Teaching Tolerance to Cultural Infection Which Has Always Resulted in Hate, Civil War, and Dictatorship in World History. | Israel's Racist Jewish Interior Minister Seeks to Apply Israel's Hateful Nazi Laws Against Elected Arab Members of the Knesset | Today Herr Olmert Says He Will Meet with Abbas Without Release of Prisoner Shalit, But the Israeli Fuehrer Has Wavered on This for Weeks | Lebanese Foreign Minister Tells U.N. to Get Israel Out of His Country | Hezbollah Still Strong, Fired Only 10% of Its Rocket Arsenal at Israeli Terror State | How Safe Is Investment in War Torn Israel? | Who Won the War? It Depends on the Persons Doing the Lying. | Purely Political Police Chief of Russian Jewish Mafia Brighton Beach Kisses Up to Jews In Town and Accuses Lebanon Demo of Anti-Semitism | Question Authority - Except Israel's |

September 9
| Behind the Scenes as Pro-Zionist U.S. Hides Human Evidence Behind Dark Hoods as It Empties Illegal, Disgraced CIA Prisons | Germany's 'Red Bitch' Rosa Luxembourg Who Struck Arms Plants in the Midst of World War I, Then Announced a Communist German Dicatorship, and was Apprehended, Executed | Olmert to Meet Abbas But Only If Shalit Is Released Which Can't Happen Unless Israel Releases All 10,000 Innocent Kidnapped Palestinians Now Illegally Held and Abused in Zionism's Massive Torture Dungeons | Jewish Mafia U.S.A. Style | Russia:  Israel's Numerous Illegal Kidnappings and Arrests of Hamas MP's and Palestinian Officials Who Remain inside Zionism's Dungeons Are 'Unacceptable' Behavior | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Early Israel History:  The Pro-Palestinian Protectorate of Turkish Sultan Abdulhamit II | The 1919 Holocaust That Failed | Prisoner Talks Going Nowhere | Is Syria Stalling the Shalit Prisoner Talks Because Egypt is Pro-Israel? | Mossad Terror State Murders 5 Palestinians Whom It Claims Are 'Hamas Fighters', After Crossing Illegally Into Their Homelands | Beirut's Anger Over Lasting Damage Caused by the Racist Israeli Terror State | UK Designers Move to Ban Israel from Participating | AIPAC, Espionage and The First Amendment | The Catastrophe of Palestine 1948:  Dispossession and Exile | Six of Iran's Holocaust Cartoons Printed in Danish Newspaper | Racist Israeli Terror State Collects $70 Million to Increase Black Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants, Then Absconds With the Funds Instead | Leftwing Wacko Jewish Planned Immigration of Foreign Non-Jews into Western Europe Fails as The Immigrant Children  Grow Up Only to Hate Western Europeans | Wacky Race Mixture of Brooklyn Voters Who Nonetheless Consider Themselves Americans But Who May Really Have No Clue Have to Choose Between Leftwing Commie Russian Jewish Immigrants and Welfare Prone African Americans in Their Crazed District Mishmash of Divisive, Quarrelsome Races and Cultures | Pope Visits Germany:  Get Ready for Rude Holocaust Comments from Professional Jewish Race Mongering and 'Hate' Organizations | Jewish German Agitators Meet With Chancellor, Willfully Pretend to Confuse Honest Criticism of the Israeli Terror and Murder State's Bombing of Non-Jewish Children in Lebanon, Palestine as 'Anti-Semitism' Which is a Race Baiter's Way of Saying Jewish Criminals in Israel Cannot be Criticized or We Jews Will Slander You | Rebellion Grows in Israel as Huge Peace Movement Holds Rallies, Speaks, Organizes Politically to Defang the Israeli Terror State |

September 8
| Jewish National Security Advisor Emeritus Sandy "The Burglar" Berger, Who Stole Documents Shoved Down His Pants from the Library of Congress, Says ABC's 911 Documentary Is Untrustworthy | Dr. Baruch Goldstein: Mastermind of American Zionist Mosque Murders | Pro-Zionist ABC-TV May Drop 5-Hour 911 Film Which Says Clinton's Affair with the Jewish Monica Lewinsky Caused the Arkansas President to Ignore Al Qaeda's Danger | Start and Groom Your Own Jewish Scholarly Jewish Research Blog Linked to Jew Watch | The Jew Who Connected American Capitalism with Jewish USSR's Cold-Blooded Killers | The Jewish Bankers Behind the Jewish Red Revolution and Its Jewish USSR Killing Apparatus | BYU Physics Professor, Dr. Steven Jones, Put on Paid Leave for His View that the Zionist U.S. Government Dropped the Jewish Owned World Trade Center Buildings Whose Wreckage Was HeavilyTainted with Thermite, The Chemical Marker for Pre-Set Explosives | Shin Bet Murders by the Israeli Terrorist Nation | With 200,000 Unexploded Cluster Bombs in Lebanon 6 Nations Call for Ban | Mossad Lied About Saddam-Al Qaeda Link: Senate Report | Bloody Anti-Zionist Carnage by Taliban Forces in Afghanistan as Car Bombings Heat Up Against Unpopular U.S. Occupation Troops in Capitol | Once Flashy Jewish 'Beef Cake Heart Throb Actor' Ben Affleck May Score Comeback in "Hollywoodland" Movie Portrayal of 1950's Superman, George Reeves, Who Committed Suicide at 45 | Jewish U.S. Undersecretary of Terrorism, Stuart Levey, Issues Racially Charged Report Focusing on Arabs and North Koreans as America's Preferred Racial Hate Targets This Week With Absolutely No Mention of the Constant Mideast Racism, Hate, and Terrorism by Israel | Are Western Zionist War Strategies Not Winnable Due to Easily Gotten Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft Weapons? | Senate Report: There Were No Saddam-Al Qaeda Connection | U.N. Commander Confirms Israel Ended Naval Blockade | Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh: Hamas Government Won't Step Down | U.N. Warns of Gaza Breaking Point After Months of Israeli Sponsored Terrorism, Kidnappings of Elected Leaders, Bombings, Propaganda, and Boycotts | Italian Foreign Minister Urges Israel to End Blockade of Gaza | U.N.'s Kofi Annan Calls for an End to Israeli Terrorism in Gaza and Talks to Bring Peace Between All Parties | Gaza Is a Jail: 'No One Is Allowed to Leave. We Are All Starving.' | Palestinian Student Describes Being Beaten by Israeli Zionist Terror Thugs | Catholic Relief Agency Decries Occupation of Palestine by Israel's Terrorist Regime | Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) Kidnaps Palestinian Family |

September 7
| Captain Kirk, The Jew Who Fears Outer Space | Timeline of Zionist Terror for Curious Jew Watchers | Wikipedia Biography for CBS News Jewess Katy Couric | The Jewish Anticedents of Pope John Paul II | Couric's Zionist CBS News Tops All Ratings Again | Russian Jewess Monica Lewinsky | Major Democratic Fund-Raiser, MoveOn.Org, Bows to Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Male Surgery Cult by Removing Clever Citizen Comments on Lieberman's Jewishness, Including the Well-Used and Hilariously Innocent Colloquial Phrase "Jewish Pig" | Hitler's Jewish Supporters | Israel Begins Lifting Blockade of Lebanon | Jewish Parasitism:  Living on the Labor of Others | Reuter's Reports Israel Lifts Air Blockade, But Blockade by Sea Continues | Annan Hopeful Israel Will Withdraw from Lebanon Soon | Israel Lobby's Poisonous Effect on Journalistic Objectivity | Slanted Jewish Article in WSJ Spreads More Anti-White Hatred in America's Media | Alan Dershowitz's Verbal Jewish Entre into Mossad Torture Methods Which Resulted in America's Fascist Policy of Condoning Inhumane Prisoner War Crimes | Copy of Harvard's Jewish Professor Alan Dershowitz's "Torture Warrants" Proposal in the Los Angeles Times, November 8, 2021 | Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov Advocates Dialog with Hamas, Hezbollah | Pro-Zionist Prime Minister Blair to Step Down Within One Year | Frightened by the Civil War They Unleashed, America's Useless Chicken Generals Turn Over Iraq's Military to Baghdad's Puppet Government | EU Demands to Know Locations of CIA Concentration Camps of Captured Non-Americans | 'Cancel Israel' Stickers on London Buses | U.S. Rebukes Israel on Plans to Build 690 Jewish Homes Inside Non-Jewish Palestine | U.N. Experts Begin Investigation of Israeli Human Rights Violations in Lebanon and Palestine | Israel Condemned for Cluster Bomb Use | ZionoFascist Sycophant United States Will Not Stop Sending Cluster Bombs To Political Gangster in Tel Aviv | Mine-Clearing Agencies Removing Thousands of American Made Cluster Bombs in Lebanon | Olive and Vegetable Fields Off Limits to Owners Due to Thousands of Sadistic Jewish Cluster Bombs | EU Calls Upon Israeli Terrorist State to Unconditionally Set Free All Hamas Cabinet and Parliament Members | American Jewry in Crisis Over Diminished International Prestige and Power of the United States Due Mostly to Its Alliance with and Support of Israel's Terrorist Military Fascism |

September 6
| Ahmadinejad Ready to Fly to New York and Debate Bush Before U.N. Assembly | In Case You Thought Lenin Was Not Jewish | Ahmadinejad Against Oppressor Nations Whose Policies Include Injustice and Hegemony | Neo-Nazi Jew Menachem Begin, Israeli Terror Regime's Prime Minister Who Was Really a Zionist Irgun Leader, Terrorist, Bomber, War Criminal, and Torture Specialist | AIPAC Puppet Bush Admits Secret CIA Mossad-Type Torture Dungeons | Jews and Communism | U.S. War Criminal and Anti-Moslem Racist, President Bush, Uses Supreme Court Decision to Justify Even Further Unconstitutional Delays in Giving Moslems at Gitmo a Show Trial Before an Unfair U.S. Military Tribunal | How Subversive Jewish Marxists Conspired to Destroy Senator Joseph McCarthy's Communist Investigations | Zionist-Globalist-and-Anti-Indigenous Tony Blair Will Leave May 31st As Party Leaders Threaten to Resign in Protest Over Zionist Wars, Terror in London by Anti-Zionist Forces, Anti-Indigenous Immigration Programs, Etc. | U.S. Protests Israel's Racist Visitor Policies | Terror State Israel Pounds Gaza with Air Strikes | Innocent Palestinian Children Pay the Price of Racist Israel's Fascist Invasions Which Bring Killing, Bulldozing, Kidnapping, and Bombing in Palestine | EU Calls on Fascist Israel to Call Off Building 690 Invasive Genocidal Houses for Jews Only in Palestine's Moslem and Christian West Bank Land | Lebanon Rejects Any Hezbollah Prisoner Exchange Without Negotiations Ending in Freedom for Thousands of Lebanese Citizens from Israel's Illegal Torture Dungeons | Israel Using Unethical "Lobbyware" to Unfairly Stuff Ballots with Pro-Israeli Votes on Blog Poll Sites to Skew Outcomes in Favor of the Yiddish Terror State | First Super Rich Pro-Israel Lobby Sets Up in EU to Subvert Parliament and Prime Minister and Thereby Grab Control of Its Government Same As It Did in America | U.K. Archbishop Signs Controversial Agreement With Israel Which May Be Harmful to Traditional Anglican Help to Palestinians | Israeli War Prisoner Taken by Hamas Now Being Held in Egypt For As Long As It Takes Until Israel Negotiates Trade of Thousands of Illegally Kidnapped Palestinian Youths Languishing in the Jewish Terror State's Dungeons | Racist Yiddish Jews in Israel Seek to Significantly Reduce Funding for Black Jews to Immigrate | Regional Jewish ADL Leader, Karen Aroesty, Does the Right Thing, Courageously Defends Fair Treatment of Innocent Moslems Around the World After a Notably Racist and Polarizing Anti-Moslem Hate Film Presentation and Lecture at a Local Jewish Organization. |

September 5
| One Day After Government Says It Is Under Control, Baghdad Explodes in Death:  Tortured Blindfolded Bodies of 33 Men Found Across Baghdad, 7 Occupation Troops Killed, Al Qaeda Says Leader Killed Was a Nobody, Transfer of Power Canceled | Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Revisionist History of Mussolini Might Be Confirmed by Exhumation of 'El Duce' by His Family | Israel's Nuclear Blackmail | Israel's Racist Recovery Grant Program for Jews Only | Jewish Lobby Takes a Few Hard Hits | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Well Hidden Jewish Ancestry | Instead of Espousing Tolerance, Abraham Foxman, President ADL/Jewish B'nai B'rith Infant Male Surgery Cult, Crosses the Line, Raises Hateful Racial Divisiveness Flags Over Lame Posts by Guests on MoveOn.Org Who Simply Mentioned Lieberman Is Jewish and Called Him On It. Evidently, Foxman Didn't Like Their Tone, But Most Thoughtful and Peace Loving Americans Don't Like Foxman's Tone Either. | Meet the Filthy Rich, Well Respected Whiskey Barons of the Bronfman Jewish Mafia Family Who Are Now World Famous Jewish Leaders | Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Lebanese in Assassination Attempt. | Iraq Regains Control over Abu Ghraib Prison | Baghdad Cut In Two by Sunni and Shi'ite Tribes | Security Developments in Baghdad Today | Iran President Suggests Purging Liberal Anti-Regime Profs to Return Iran Safely to Islamic Fundamentalism | Israel's Blockade of Lebanon Should End in 48 Hours Says U.N.'s Annan | Shin Bet Wants to Spy World Wide, Advertises for Young Fascist IT Talent | Commentary: The Price of Israel | Putting Criticism of Israel and Anti-Semitism in Perspective | AIPAC's Willful Subversion and Undoing of American Foreign Policy Interests | Transcript of Two Respected Jewish Professors, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, at the Jewish Lobby Conference Held Before the Council on American-Islamic Relations | Jew Refuses to Identify Himself as a Jew in Article Where He Writes a Scathing Racial Divisiveness Canard About a Non-Jewish Senator, Calls a Non-Jewish White Civil Rights Group Where the Senator Once Spoke 'Racist' for Supporting Its Own European Interests the Same Way Jews Do In Their Organizations, Tries to Tie the Non-Jewish Group to the Old and Oft Repeated Jewish Racism Deception |

September 4
| Report: Israel to Release 1,400 Prisoners for Its Gaza Hostage | Donate to Jew Watch | Jews Lament Theories That Mossad Orchestrated 9/11 Continue to Grow | Jew Watch Philosophy of Total Tolerance of Jews | Abraham Foxman President of Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Jewish Male Surgery Cult Now Casts His Absurd Leftwing Christ-Denying Whacko Net Around Christianity's Sacred New Testament | Jewish Control of the USSR's Killing Machine | Jewish Comedy Goes Over the 'Crazy Top' by Killing Mel Gibson for Laughs | Israel's National IQ Is Below Normal | Why is the Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Jewish Surgery Cult Interviewed by CBS News Concerning a Christian Religious Sect in Colorado and Texas When the ADL Is Jewish and Not Even Christian? | Anti-Israel or Anti-Semite? | Jewish Whacko New York Times: The Arabs Are Completely to Blame | U.N. to Mediate With Hezbollah on Hostages, Annan Says | U.K. Military Toll in Zionist Iraq Rises | Lebanon to Protest Israel's Air, Sea Blockage to U.N. | War Defeated Israeli Prime Minister Says Israel Must Resume Talks with Palestinians | Mustafa Barghouthi: Israel is Responsible for Deteriorated Financial Conditions in the Palestinian Territories | Israel Would Use More Force Against Syria, Olmert Says | Israel's Large Watchdog Calls for Immediate Investigation of Prime Minister Olmert Over Alleged Improprieties | Israeli Leaders Wary of Coming War Crimes Trials | The Lobby and Israel's Invasion of Lebanon | Jews in U.K. Faces Trouble After 350 Years | Israeli Officials Warn of Possible War Crimes Abroad | Peres: Israel Needs to Change Its Military Tactics |

September 3
| Amnesty Int'l Calls on Israel to Give U.N. All Cluster Bombing Maps | Palestinian Loss of Land Caused By the Zionist Land Snatchers | Apartheid Laws of Israel | Israel Says It Gave Some Maps of Bombs to U.N. |  World Bank Suggests Palestinians Use Crossing With Egypt for Trade | Israel Foresees Pullout as U.N. Force Grows | The Jews and White Slavery | Pro-Zionist MP's in U.K. Pander for Votes, Stoop to Accusing Moslems and Leftwing Activists of Unfairly Using War as Excuse for Anti-Semitism | Deal in Works to Achieve Shalit's Release | Israel's Chief Spy Chief and Master of Deception Says Hezbollah Now Giving Hamas Missile Expertise for New Israeli War | Human Rights Group: Israel Has Contempt for Human Life in Gaza | Israel Poisons U.S.-Moslem Ties | British Film Director Calls for Cultural Boycott of Israel | AIPAC, The Religious Right, and American Foreign Policy | Jewish Senator Tom Lantos Mixes Religion with Politics as He Holds Lebanon Support Bill on Account of His Tribal Jewish Objectives Which Are Counter to America's Best Interests | Israel Begins New Push into Gaza Strip | 'We Should Nuke Iran' | Bush Disagrees With Pentagon on Civil War in Iraq |  Zionist Iraq Arrests #2 Al Qaeda Leader, But Nothing Will Change | Pentagon Says Violence in Iraq Increasing | Death Toll in Baghdad Bombings Rises to 43 | 16 People Killed in Iraqi Insurgent Attacks | Death Toll Rises to 24 in Bomb Blast in Baghdad | Iraq Pipeline Blast Kills 74 | 14 U.K. Troops Die in Occupied Afghanistan | Al Qaeda Calls on Americans to Embrace Islam or Suffer the Consequences Now and in the After Life | U.S. Troops Face Death Penalty in Alleged Iraq Rape-Murder Case | Iraq Sunni Group Claims Deadly Attack on Shi'ites |

September 2
| Zionist Occupied Pentagon Continues to Release Bad News: Civil War | Zionism's Fat Cat Whisky Baron Leader | Annan Visits Iran, Discusses Nuclear | The Lavon Affair Says Israel Is No Friend to the U.S. | U.N. President Calls Discussions 'Positive', a Phrase Indicating Nothing Happened | Henry Kissinger, The Super Jew | Palestinians Strike PA Over Zero Wages Paid by Financially Challenged Hamas | AIPAC, The Master of America's Jewish Corruption | Anti-Zionist Teachers Launch Strike in West Bank | Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein | Time to Remove Hamas From Politically Faulty U.S. Terror List | World Pledges Late Last Minute Aid to Poverty Stricken Palestinians | Israeli Double-Cross Security Agents to Testify While Masked. Are They Liars Like Most Agents? | Jewish Reserve Soldier Protest Reaches Tel Aviv, Questions Whether Leaders Who Started and Lost War Should Continue to Lead the Regime | Moslem Turkey Will Withdraw Its Troops If Ordered to Disarm Hezbollah | Italian Foreign Minister: U.S.-Israel Wrong, Hezbollah and Hamas Are Not Terrorist | Zionist Government and Media Mull Over Deconstruction of Polygamous Christian Sect, Attempt to Kill It with Stories Leaked for the Purpose of Defaming,  Dehumanizing, Demonizing, Ending Excessively Large Numbers of European Babies Contrary to American De-Europeanizing Genocide Plans, and Trivializing Its the Church's Humanity, All of This in Violation of Separation of Church and State | Israeli Terror State Plans for War With Syria and Iran | Israel Accused of 'Shocking Behavior' On Cluster Bombs | India:  Israel Must Cease Its Incessant Wars To Bring Any Peace To Mideast | Israel Crosses Border into Gaza, Kidnaps 2 Palestinians, Just Like Hezbollah Did to Start the War | Egyptian Predicts Israel Will Disappear in 17 Years | Nuclear Fat EU Gives Nuclear Infant Iran One Last Chance |

September 1
| Jewish Controlled Pentagon Moves Toward Monitoring Media | The Great Israeli Murderer, Jewish Terrorist Extraordinaire, and Zionist War Criminal, Moshe Dyan (1915-1981) | AP Poll: Growing Doubts in Zionist-Infiltrated U.S. About Military Strategy | Pro-Zionist Nuclear Pig U.S. Wants U.N. Sanctions Against Counter-Zionist Nuclear Midget Iran | Neurotic, Frigid Jewish Women in New York City Founded the Zionist Women's Movement and Sold Working Instead of Marrying to100 Million Non-Jewish Females, Causing Marriages and Birth Rates to Reach Dangerous Lows | Syria Promises the U.S. Dominated U.N. Zionist Puppet Organization It Will Interdict Weapons to Hezbollah | The Millionaire Jew Who Controls What You Know About Stocks and Bonds | A Decade of Innocent Christian and Moslem Child Deaths Before Zionist-American Cluster Bombs Are Removed from Lebanon | Weapon Obese Israel Skeptical Syria Will Stop Arms to Zionist Resisting Hezbollah | Pentagon Says Violence Spreading in Zionist Occupied Colony of Iraq | Liar Bush Says Defeat Would Endanger the 'Civilized World' | Jewish ADL's Abraham Foxman of B'nai B'rith Surgical Mutilation Cult Who Is a Purveyor of Race Mongering Diatribes Writes Shameful and Intolerant Cliche-Riddled Pro-Zionist Idiot Rant About How U.N. Chief  Kofi Annan Should Not Meet with Iran's Democratically Elected President | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult Dehumanizes 2 Well-Respected Professors at Harvard and the University of Chicago Because of Their Findings that AIPAC's Lobbying Objectives in America are Harmful and Subversive to U.S. Interests, Which They Are No Matter What Silly Set of Rusty Over-Used Rhetorical Tin Cups Abraham Foxman Tosses At Them | Mentally Unstable Moscow Synagogue Attacker Gets 13 Years for Hurting Innocent Jewish People. In the Opinion of The Jew Watch Project, People Who Hurt Others for Intolerant Religious or Racial Reasons Deserve Even Longer Prison Time. | The Jew Watch Project's Code of Respect and Non-Violence Toward All Religions and Races | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center, Which Is Allegedly America's Best Financed Race Mongering Cult, Now Closes Its Dehumanizing Rhetorical Claws Around Honest Indigenous Non-Jewish American Citizens Who Are Volunteering as Civil Rights Workers Against Illegal Non-Citizen Border Violators | Israelis Want Independent Probe Into War:  Poll | Wars Not Won by Israel Ruin the Careers of Prime Ministers |


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