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October 31
| Blair Facing Parliament Pro-Zionist Iraq War Showdown | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | What Famous People Have to Say About the Jews | Greenspan's IMF Failures Were Good for Bankers | Commons Debating Zionist War Inquiry | Paris Subway Anti-Semite Hoax | Mopping Up the Zionist Blood in Baghdad's ER | Elvis Presley's Jewish Heritage | Grim October Benchmark as Pro-Zionist U.S. Deaths Reach 100 American Soldiers | Is Rupert Murdoch Really Jewish? | Only 22% of Australians Believe the Pro-Zionist War in Iraq is Worth It | Pro-Zionist Pentagon Orders in Massive Increase in Its Department for Media Propaganda | $379 Billion Poured Down Zionist War Hole in Baghdad | Experts: Pro-Zionist Iraq War to Rule All Issues Next Year | Republicans to Pay Heavy Price for Their Zionist Neocon Support for the Iraq War Kerry | U.S. Service Academy Graduates Unite against American Zionism's Illegal Iraq War | Pro-Zionist Iraq War Fueling Terrorism inside U.K. | The Final Word on America's Many Pro-Zionist Wars:  Killing Non-Jewish People is 'Gook Hockey' | 'Out of Iraq' by Non-Jew George McGovern | Non-Jewish Lamont Shifts Back to Zionist Lieberman's Iraq War for Election Win | 525 Protesters Against Pro-Zionist Iraq War at Minnesota's State Capital Building in St. Paul | U.K. - We Need Closure on The Pro-Zionist Iraq War | Two Non-Jews Killed Protecting their Nation by Militant Zionists in Gaza | Egypt Enters War on Border: Advances 5,000 Troops As Israeli Militant Zionist Air Force Threatens to Bomb Egyptian Territory | Hamas Self-Defense Forces Slam U.S. Over It's Support for Israel Terror State's False Self-Defense Claim | An International Peace-Keeping Force in Gaza to Keep Pro-Zionist and Anti-Zionist Militants Apart is Long Overdue | U.S. vs. AIPAC | Non-Jewish Man Arrested in Spain for Holocaust Questions | Assassinate Half of Congress Says the World's Most Outspoken and Anti-Zionist Web Radio Show Commentator | Iran Doubles Nuclear Production |

October 30
| Israel Admits Using Chemical Bombs in Lebanon | Jewish President Dwight 'David' Eisenhower | Eustace Mullins on the Neo-Zionist Danger | Israel Issues Apology for 'Military Misunderstandings' | Want to Have Your Own Jew Blog? | Knesset Confirms Governmental Right Wing Neo-Nazi Appointment | Killer Jew Communists | White House Lies About Torture | Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis | Saudi Ambassador Slams U.S. Israel Policy | 'Israel's Number One Fascist Has Been Upgraded' | Canada Regime Recognizes Its Own Shameful Zionist Domination in Public by Jewish Supremacists When It Calls Any Attack on Israel an Attack on Canada | U.N. Gathers Forensic Information on Israel's Use of a Uranium Weapon | Israel 2nd Largest Arms Importer, 7th Largest Exporter | United States Trudges into the Israeli Torture Horror | Israel Likely Used Radioactive Bombs | Judeo-Evangelicals Turning Away from U.S.-Israel War Mongering in Iraq | Hamas Losing Substantial Support Due to Erosion of its Social Programs Due to Israel's Constant Terrorism in Gaza | Neo-Nazi Israel Killed 300 Hamas Operatives in 3 Months: Olmert | Hamas-Fatah Blowback Onto Israel Proper Is Possible: Defense Minister Amir Peretz | The Scandal of Attacking the Fledgling Democracy in Gaza | Saddam's Chief Lawyers Walk Out Because Corrupt Stalinesque Court Won't Allow Attorneys to Present a Defense | Baghdad Bomb Kills at Least 30, Wounds 60 | Racist Against White Indigenous Americans, Pro-Zionist Tucson Media Rants for Mexicans Against White Candidates and Supporters in its Verbal Spew of Racist Anti-Majority Divisive Banter | Jewish Holocaust Nazi Pushes Quest for Forcing Entire Arab World to Accept the Zionist Belief System that 6,000,000 Jews Were Murdered |

October 29
| Israel Illegally Threatens German U.N. Observation Helicopter with F-16's | The 1919 Shameless Holocaust Claim | Abbas Asks Israel to Allow Jordan's Forces into Gaza to Help in Providing Security | The Infamous "International Jew" by Henry Ford | This Week is the 50th Anniversary of the Abortive and Divisive Attack on the Suez Canal by the Combined Zionist Forces of Israel and the United Kingdom | Bolshevisim and Zionism | Hypocritical Israel:  Asks Europe Not to Boycott Israeli Appearances at Universities Gets Europe to Cancel Its Visit to Israel Because Daughter of the Rightwing French Anti-Zionist Le Pen Would Have Attended | Jews and the Black Holocaust | UNIFIL Commander Asks EU to Demand that Criminal Over Flights by Israel Over the Sovereign State of Lebanon Be Immediately Terminated and to So Enforce that Restriction | How to Make A Donation to Jew Watch | EU Again Demands Israel Cease Its Illegal Flights over Lebanon | Israel's Labor Party to Stay in Government Despite Neo-Nazi Party Participation | Wealthy Israelis Shelling out Big Bucks for Nuclear Shelters over Iran Fear | IDF Officials Want More War in Gaza, Use Tunnel Ruse | The Power of Israel in the United States | 26 Russian and Israeli Mafia Jews Deported from Goa | Substantial Jewish Vote in Florida May be Election Key | Black Zionists Come to Aid of Israel in University Protests | Super Amounts of Money From America Arriving in Israel to Pay for War Damage | Jews Approve of Strike on Hezbollah Only by a Few Percent | No Matter How Much Republicans Pandered to Jews by Starting the Iraq War for Arial Sharon and the Jewish Neocons, they Still Voted 75% Democratic | Comedian Cohen:  "I Travel in America by Car Just in Case the Jews Repeat Their Attack of 9/11" | Nuclear Illegal Ehud Olmert of A-Bomb Fat Israel Hypocritically Reprimands World for Not Stopping Iran from Attaining Israeli Type Nuclear Weapons | One Nation of Jewry Propaganda Not 'Sticking' to Many Jewish Youths | What Happens When You Are Christian and Find Out You Are Jewish? | New Poll: 81% Of American Jews Believe Arab Goal Is Destruction Of Israel, Not More Land |

October 28
| Middle East Politics of U.S.-Israeli Nuclear Geo-Horror | Interesting Jewish Executives | Pro-Zionist U.S. To Rebuild Lebanon's Largest Bridge Which Was Destroyed by Israel Using U.S. Manufactured Bombs | Jewish Bolsheviks | Israel's National Zionists (NAZI's) in Tel Aviv Apologize for Their F-16's Illegally Attacking Germany's Navy | Russian Media, Jewish Assets | Anti-Democratic Israeli Hate State Draws Up An Assassination Hit List of Hamas Leaders | The Jews and 911... A Developing Area of Interest to The Jew Watch Project | Evidence Builds Suggesting Israel Using Illegal Uranium Based Weapons | Strategic Nazi Threat Looms in Israel | Democratic Party Just as Controlled by America's National Zionist NAZI Terrorists as Is the Republican Party | War Lords Tell Israeli Anti-Arab Nazi State to Prepare for New Wars | Fascist / Racist Israeli Court Gives Nod to Anti-Moslem Apartheid Walls | Iran:  Britain Should Explain Its View Toward Israel's Illegal Nuclear Arsenal | Mossad's Masters of Deception Support Remaining Vague over Israel's Nuclear Arsenal, Because 'It Has Served Us and Is Good for the Future' | Israel Admits Using Chemical Phosphorus Bombs in Lebanon | Palestinian Factions Say Prisoner Exchanges Near | Fatah, Hamas Agree to End Weapons Display, Tensions, and to Work for Peace in Palestine's Streets | Report: FBI Probe of AIPAC Intelligence Committee Tampering on Behalf of Jewish Congresswoman Growing into Many New Areas of Interest | What's For Dinner? A Heaping Plate of Jewish Spies and Intrigue in Sensitive Washington Intelligence Circles | The Expanding Anti-White Racism of the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center | National Zionist Israeli Police Arrest Man in Akka, Palestine for Referring to "Nazi" Prime Minister Olmert |

October 27
| Jewish Promoted French Diversity Lies Wasted in Its Parisian Ruins: 14 Christian French Policemen Injured by French Moslem Intifada Each Day, 2,600 Injured in Single Year | Meet the Russian Jewish Monica Lewinsky! | Robert Fisk: Did Israel Use a Secret New Uranium-Based Weapon in the Lebanon War? | 900 Quotes By and About Jews | Ahmadinejad Calls for Baby Boom to Double Iran's Population to 120 Million to Increase Its Military Strength | 6 Jewish Companies that Own 96% of the World's Media | Fighting Flares in Israel's Racially Abused Gaza Concentration Camp as Conditions There Deteriorate | Israel's Child Murders at Ter Hafra During the Illegal Lebanon War | Israel's Cruel National Zionist (Racist Nazi) Occupation of Gaza Concentration Camp Is One of the World's Worst Intolerance Scandals | Majority of the 9,000 Palestinians Locked in Israeli Torture Dungeons Illegally Detained | Israel May Use 'Smart Bombs' to Destroy Its Fictitious Smuggling Tunnels in Gaza | Israeli Rights Group Condemns Conditions inside Israel's Nazi Torture Dungeons | Jewish Nazis Occupying Gaza Murder 3 More Non-Jewish Youths Since Thursday | Abbas Threatens to Liquidate Hamas Government, a Provocative Act that Would Increase Tensions Dangerously in Gaza | Arab Leaders: Knesset Ready to Recognize 50-Year-Old Kafr Kasim Massacre | Germany Says Lebanon Cooperating Totally With the U.N. Naval Weapons Blockade | Lebanon's Aftermath: All Israeli War Goals Still Lost | Pro-Zionist U.S. Public Relations Deception: Nation That Gave Israel's Aerial Nazi Blitzkrieg Tons of Deadly Cluster Bombs for Inhumane Destruction of Beirut Says U.S. Committed to Lebanon's Complete Recovery, But Merely Offers a Scant Pittance in Aid When $10 Billion Will Be Required | Deadly Israeli War Planes Hover Over Lebanon's Sovereign Territory Despite U.N. Demand to Cease All Israeli Over Flights | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Penis Cult Fans Racist Flames of Religious Intolerance for Non-Jews Around World Under False Anti-Islamic Guise of a Constant and Faked Anti-Terrorist Rhetoric |

October 26
| Is America Ready for Professor James Petra's New PC Blockbuster of a Book, "The Power of Israel in the United States"? | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish by Birth Right? | Duly Elected, Pleasant, and Well-Groomed Neo-Nazi Legislators Take Their Seats in Berlin | Jewish Faces | Israeli Liars Seek to Falsely Rebrand Israel's Image as "Peace Loving" Despite Years of Evidence to the Contrary | Zionist Subversive Bernard Baruch Who Penetrated FDR's White House and Helped Get the U.S. into World War Two in Order to Protect the Jewish Leaders Who Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews in the USSR | Israeli Military Admits Incident Occurred vis-a-vis German Navy but Denies Directly Firing on Ship | The Sad Saga of Jewish Pulitzer Prize Winner Walter Duranty of the New York Times Who Falsely Won a Pulitzer Prize in 1933 for Hiding How Stalin's Brother-In-Law, the Jewish General Lazarus Kaganovich, Committed the Genocide of Millions of Non-Jews in the Ukraine and Elsewhere | Pro-Zionist NATO Insensitively Lauds Partnership with Arab-Hating Israeli Terrorist State | Israel Lies, Says It Found 100 Tunnels on Gaza-Egypt Border, Then Calls Sudden, Shameful Withdrawal 'A Political Leadership Decision' | An Israel Known for Its Lies Claims It Thwarted Shipment of TNT at Its Apartheid Walled Karni Crossing Point But Offers Only Useless Words and No Visual Proof | Human Rights Monitors Condemn Israel's Sadistic Terrorist Methods in Its Concentration Camps and Nationally Administered Torture Chambers | European Parliament Intolerantly Puts Off Israeli Trip When Nationalist European MP Marine Le Pen Appears on List of Guests | Israel's Continued War Mongering F-16 Invasions Over Sovereign Lebanese Territory Condemned by President | Sensitive CNN Sniper Video Raised Cockles of America's Rightwing Republican War Lords | Congresswoman Jane Harmon's Troublesome Intelligence Committee (Spy Committee) Connection with Israel's Subversive AIPAC Lobbyists | Ridiculous:  Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Penis Mutilation Ritual Cult Fears People Too Stupid to View Comedy Movie Without Becoming Anti-Semites | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Wages War Against Non-Jewish America Using Swindle of Federal vs. State Laws on Housing to Protect Criminal Immigrants in Direct Opposition to the Civil Rights of Real American Citizens to be Protected from Invading Foreign Hordes | Soft Adult Anti-Neocon Humor: Irreverent, Scandalous, and Abusive Satire on President Bush Among Hundreds of Short Films Negative to Neocon Mania and Now Playing on YouTube |

October 25
| Israeli Terror State's Air Force Attacks Germany's Navy | Israel's White Slavery Industry | Hezbollah Aid Race | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Founded Over the Many Leo Frank Child Molestation, Murder, and Rape Scandals | Lebanon Parliament Speaker Seeks Negotiations for Pro-Iranian Hezbollah Coalition Government | The International Criminal Nuclear Arms Conspiracies Undertaken by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion | Talks in Israel on Final Form of Olmert's National Zionist Nazi Coalition Government | The Illegal Massacre of Egyptian Tank Officers in 1967 by the Racist Israeli Terror State | Racist Israel Soon to Teach Jewish High School Students 'the Dangers of Assimilation' | Wrong Way Coalition: Russian Jewish Nazi Party Government Is another Move Backwards in the Mideast | Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Successfully Passes All Jewish Sniff Tests | Big Jewish Brouhaha Rages Over Yiddish ACLU Cult's Advertisement Bashing Connecticut's Zionist Senator Lieberman | Investigation Into AIPAC Scandal's Many Tentacles May Expose the True Extent of Jewish Trojan Horse Subversion in America | Hand-Picked U.S. Treasury Jew Testifies as Faux Expert on Democratically Elected Hamas in Racist Stalin Show Trial Against Accused Moslem Accused of Funding Arabs Against the Hated Israeli Terrorist State | Despite Tragic Consequences of a Pre-Emptive Attack on Hezbollah and Lebanon, Israel Now Contemplates Repeating the Exact Same Mistake Against Hamas and Palestine | Rice Increases Mideast Disgust for Pro-Zionist U.S. Hate Regime, Arrogantly Demands U.N. Impose Immediate Sanctions | Argentine Prosecutors Seek Arrest of Former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani | Russia To Veto Sanctions If Its Nuclear Plant Construction Deal in Iran Were to be Halted | Bush: American Patience to Stay in Iraq War Has Limits | Israel's War With Iran for Mideast Hegemony | Precarious Lebanon War Stalemate | U.S. Bully Threatens Iran With More Sanctions If It Tries to Subvert the Illegal, Unpopular, and Unwanted U.S. Puppet Government in Iraq | Ring the Alarms: Israel's New Nazi Rightwing Coalition Government Might Rival Hindenburg's Appointment of Adolf Hitler's to Chancellor | Israeli Cluster Bomb Deaths Escalate Among Lebanon's Innocent Children, 40% of Bombs Lie in Wait to Kill Kids |

October 24
| New Cabinet Appointment Tilts Already Zionazi Israel Even Farther to the Jewish Racist Right | Genocide Pictures of Zionist Child Murders in Gaza | Israeli Nazi State: More Gaza Murder Coming | State Prosecutor's Office Investigating Criminal Allegations Against Prime Minister Olmert | Jewish Controlled Newspapers | Occupation of Gaza and West Bank Erodes and Weakens Israel's Security Capabilities | Nice Jewish Boy Turns Into Spy | Israeli Terror State Has the Audacity to Ask the U.N. to Denounce Iran's Call for Israel to Move Its Anti-Moslem Terrorism and Religious Supremacy Back to Europe | Russia's Jewish Oligarchs from A to Z The Precarious Stalemate | Iran's Ayatollah: Israel's Defeat is a 'New Chapter' | World Silent as Fascists Join Israeli Government | Israel Resumes Flu Vaccines After 4 Die | Abduction of Spanish Journalist Signals Troubling Trend in Gaza | Zionist Federation Plans to Stuff 60-Year Anniversary of the Israeli Nazi State Down England's Politically Correct Throat | Supporting Torture Inside the Israeli Terror State | An Interview with Senator Charles Schumer | Washington DC Signals Intention to Begin Distancing Itself from AIPAC and Israel's Terror State | AIPAC in Possible FBI Trouble Again for Helping Congresswoman Jane Harmon's Intelligence Committee Duties | Morris Dees of the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Propaganda and Espionage Organization Admits in Interview that America Has Made Almost No Diversity Integration Progress | Pro-Zionist White House Defends Ruined Iraq Plan | Iraq Study Group Report Leak Reveals the Absurdity of Achieving Any of Bush's Jewish Neocon Goals | Another Ten Year Old Boy Killed by Illegal Zionist Cluster Bomb | Nasrallah, Fadlallah Warn Against US Efforts to Instigate Strife Among Muslims |        

October 23
| Establishing a Palestinian Nation Does Not Legitimize the Falsely Manufactured Israeli Terror State | Putin's Joke to Israeli Prime Minister Olmert on Israel's 60-Year-Old President's Rape Charge: "Listen. Congratulate Your President. We Didn't Think He Had It In Him! | The Russian (Jewish) Immigration Renaissance | Jewish-Owned Time Accuses Jewish-AIPAC of Aiding the Election of a Congresswoman to an Intelligence Committee, Possibly Placing Secrets in Sensitive Jewish Hands, A Federal Crime, FBI Investigating | U.S.-Jewish Doves Consider Alternative to AIPAC War Monger | 'The Real Axis of Evil,' A State Without Mercy | Olmert Turns to Militant Far Right for Power Cling, Enlists Help of Neo-Nazi Rightwingers Pressing to Deport All Arabs | Israel Kills 7 Palestinians in Gaza, Claims 3 Were Gunmen, But Israel is Known for Such Lies | What About Israel's Nukes? | Israeli Terrorist State Blames Totally Peaceful Iran for Threat to Mideast Peace, Although It Is Israel and Not Iran That Does the Constant Killing Day-By-Day | Israeli Government Fracturing Under Troubles It Caused Itself | Indonesia Buys Unmanned Aerial Drones From Israel | Majority of All Jews in America Including America's Subversive Non-Loyal Leftwing Jews Posing as Republican New Conservatives (False Op Neocons) Think Arabs Want to Destroy Israel | More Israeli Aggression in Near Future As Zionists Seek More Control Over Egyptian Border | Ahmadinejad Warns U.S. and Western World to Stop War Mongering By Supporting the Nazi Israeli Terror State | False Zionist Christians Pack Questionable Church to Support the Atheistical False Jews of Israel Who Claim They Are Jews But Are Not Jews | Archaeology on the Origins of Israel | Iraq Ministry Removes Some from Police Forces to Keep Up Appearances for U.S.-Israel War Masters | 44 Die as Ramadan Ends in U.S.-Zionist Iraq Colony | Hamas Rule Under Israeli Military Attacks Causes Exodus of Palestinian People | Hamas Minister: Move Israel to Europe | In Coming Days, Olmert Will Make Decision on Dramatic Gaza Assault | Ahmadinejad: West Didn't Harm Nuke Program, Production Increased 1,000% So Far |

October 22
| Israeli Terror State Tells France Not to Interfere with Illegal Zionist Overflights | Israeli Terror State's Plan for Mass Annihilation of Arabs in the Middle East | Zionist War Criminal State Confirms It Dropped Deadly Burning Phosphorous Bombs on Non-Jews | Armand Hammer, Jr., Wealthy Jewish Communist and Capitalist, Friend of USSR, and Spy in FDR White House | Canadian Prime Minister Vows Blind Zionist Allegiance to Tel Aviv's Jewish Terrorism | Master Jewish Terrorist Lazarus Kaganovich of the USSR, Brother in Law of Joseph Stalin, and 'Butcher of the Ukraine' who Murdered Millions of Innocent Non-Jews | Israeli Court Asks Israel's President Who Is Accused of Raping Women to Resign in 7 Days to Offer Explanations Why Not | Israel's Jewish Neo-Nazi Terrorists in Shin Bet | Four Zionists Die After Receiving French Flu Vaccine | Israel Appoints Zionist Public Relations Propagandist as Its Newest Colonial Governor in Washington, D.C. | Republican Partisan Ads for Israel Bode Ill for Bi-Partisan Support of the Deadly Zionist State | Liar and Embellisher of Auschwitz Eli Wiesel Rejects Offer to Run for President of Israel to Replace Accused Criminal Rapist Moshe Kasav | Israel Founded Using Fake British Bank Notes Printed by German Nazis | More Breaking News on the Nazi's Fake U.K. Money Used by the Jews to Start the Israeli Terror State | Iraq's Corrupt U.S.-Zionist Puppet Government Stole $800 Million Slated for Weapons | Withdrawal from Iraq Is Now the Best Option | Israel's Ambassador to Germany 'Surprised' at Rise in Anti-Semitism After Israel Murdered Thousands in West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon, but the Ambassador Very Cleverly Never Mentions the Murders as a Possible Reason | Hamas Denounces Israel as an Abscess on the Middle East, Seeks to Arrest More Israeli Soldiers and Hold Them in Response to Increased Israeli Terror, Wounding, Arrests, and Even Murder of Hamas Citizens |

October 21
| Worst Month in Iraq for Neocon President as His Lost Zionist War in Mideast Nearer to Surrender | Jewish Greed and the Black Holocaust | New FBI Probe of Possibly Illegal AIPAC Placement of "Israeli Friendly' Congresswoman on 'Secret Sensitive' Intelligence Committee | Zionism's Admitted Intifada Atrocities | How Iraq Came Home to Haunt America's Jewish War Lords | Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein of California | Huge Gaps in Iraq Death Estimates | The Jew Watch Project's Jewish Pornography Study Archive | At Least 41 More Killed in Iraq Bomb Blasts as Pro-Zionist American Chicken Army Fails in Security Mission | CNN Under Fire by Anti-Free Speech Congressmen for Airing So-Called Snuff Film | America Lost the War through "Arrogance" and "Stupidity" | U.K. and American Pro-Zionist Decision-Makers Cannot Be Trusted to Handle the Withdrawal | American Regime Discusses Untested New Tactics While the Forces of Bloody Civil War Clash and Kill in Its Failing Colony of Iraq | Iraq Is No Vietnam -- It Is Far Worse Than That | Death Toll of AIPAC War Already Reaches 78 More American Soldiers in Iraq Who Died for Israel and Not for America in First 21 Days of October Alone | Russia Says International Demands on Hamas 'Unrealistic' | Racist Israel Openly Discriminating Against Non-Jews | 'The House of War' Traces the Militarization of America by War Lords | Israeli Planes Steering Clear of Lebanon -- France | 'Be Very Scared,' Olmert Tells Iran | Olmert Meets Top Russian Rabbi, Urges All Jews to Leave Russia for Israel | Dangerous Israeli Anti-American Traitor-Spy Jonathan Pollard to Ehud Olmert: Your Silence is Costing Me My Life | Olmert's Gamble | Olmert Raises Iran as Issue in Kremlin Talks | Putin Cool to Olmert's Iran Plea | Former Mossad Chief Says 'Israel Is Indestructible' | Mossad Ex-Chief: America Cannot Foist Democracy on Iraq | Shin Bet Terror Calls Make for Bleak Ramadan inside Nazi Israel's Many Moslem Concentration Camps | Lying Shin Bet Leader Links Arab-Israelis to Drugs, Terrorism, and Crime, Forgetting Jewish-Israelis as well as the CIA and Mossad Always Use the Exact Same Paths for Funding their Own Terrorist Activities | Saying NO to Zionist Torture Methods |

October 20
| Tens of Thousands of Peaceful Religious Moslems Converge Quietly and Respectfully in Record Numbers Atop the Temple Mount Around 'The Dome of the Rock' Mosque for Ramadan Services in the Heart of Zionist Jerusalem | Photograph's of Zionist Genocide Against Children | Iran's Ahmadinejad Predicts Israel's Collapse, Warns of 'Boiling Wrath' | Graphic Proof of Jewish Domination of News Media | Independent Jewish Senator Lieberman Leads Non-Jewish Democratic Candidate Lamont by 52 to 35 Percent Among Likely Connecticut Voters | FDR's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | Jewish Leftwing Plans for Diversity in France May End Up in Civil War and a New Culture of Defiance as Violence Among Frustrated Youths Angry with Racial Divide Grows by 30 Percent This Year | Vanunu Fingers Israeli Mossad as John F. Kennedy's Assassin | Zionism Vs. Jewish-Bolshevism, Struggle for Jewish Control | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Fans False Racial Divisiveness including Possible White Blood Libel in Cheap, Sleazy Press Outings that Directly Seem to Dehumanize What the SPLC Refers to Generically as 'Skinheads' Using Demeaning Rhetorical Devices Which Might Well Be Called 'Racist' | Protective Convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh of Hamas Receives Gunfire | Suspicious and Convenient Arrest of Rapidly Confessing Palestinians in Egypt Supposedly Caught with 195 Cases of Weapons Bound for Palestine Sounds Like Typical Mossad False Op Set Up | Christian Science Monitor Investigates Possibility of New Deadly Israeli Weapon Used in Military Experiment inside Gaza | Mossad Continues to Kill Innocent Men, Women, and Children in Gaza and to Spew Forth Tunnel Stories for Smuggling of Weapons in Gaza Without Any Supportive Evidence | Israeli Terror State's Sadistically Criminal Siege of Gaza Bearing Little Fruit for Its Zionist Conspiracy | Israeli Defense Force Far Humbler After Lessons Learned the Hard Way in Lebanon War | Hamas Humanitarian and Pro-Democracy Fund-Raising Continues Despite Criminal Efforts by U.S.-Israel Enemies of Democracy to End It | Israel Defends Its Illegal Flights Over Lebanon | Israel's War of Aggression Sets Back Lebanon Many Years | Israeli Lies Thicken as Minister Accuses Hamas of Taking Iranian Bribes Not to Release Israeli War Prisoner Shalit |

October 19
| Interviews Show U.S.-Israeli Terror Axis Wielded Chemical Weapons During 'Massive Killing' in Fallujah, Iraq | Endless Jewish Rothschild Banking Conspiracies Financed the Creation of World Communist Terror | Zionist Collaboration with Hitler and His Nazis | Non-Jewish Scientists Find Cancer Cure | How the Russian Jewish Mafia is Taking Over Israel's Underground | Bloody Zionist War-Starting White House Rejects Iraq's Desire to be Permanently Partitioned into 3 Independent and Peaceful Nations -- Kurdistan, Shiitestan, and Sunnistan | Racist Israeli Worship Services Continue to Grow in Esteem at the Dr. Baruch Goldstein's Terrorist Memorial | Pentagon Investigation Finds Propaganda Lies Sent by Army to Iraq Newspapers to be Part of a Perfectly Fine American Legal Tradition | More on the Jews Who Bankrolled and Led the Red USSR Revolution, Killing Millions of Innocent Christians including Women and Children Behind Its Red Jewish Cloak of Terror and Hate | Tet Memories Underscore Woes in Losing Iraq Conflict | Bush Speaks the "V" Word in Reference to His Absurd Iraq Catastrophe | At Least 38 Killed In Latest Iraq Violence on Day 120 Dead Are Being Buried | Australian Government Under Attack Over Its Irresponsibility in Joining the Lost Iraq War | Blair Has Enough of Iraq Loses, Tosses in the Bloodied British Towel: U.K. Pulls Out in 10 Months | Zionist Nations' Colonial Mea Culpa Over Iraq War | Civil War Deaths & Injuries Rise 22% Showing Impotence of Increased U.S.-Israel Troops | More Than 600,000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq Caused by AIPAC's U.S. Zionist Occupation Forces | Arab-American on Trial in Chicago, Confessed After Being Illegally Tortured by Heartless Jews in the Terrorist Mossad that He Merely Collected Money to Be Used by Arab Patriots to Topple the Despised Israeli Terror State | Hamas Defies Israeli Mossad Propaganda, Denies Israel's Lie that Hamas Receive $50 Million to Not Negotiate on Release of an Israeli Prisoner of War | Hamas Government Asks International Community to Stop Israeli Terror Army from Continuing Its Cruel and Deadly War of Aggression Against the Palestinian People in Bloodied Gaza | An Arrogant Nuclear Armed Israel Threatens Iran With Attack If It Attempts Same | UNIFIL Suggests Use of Force Against Israel | Israeli Terror Government Negotiating New Hate Recognition Deal for Illegal Racist Israeli Outposts in Moslem Areas | Israelis Release Verbal Moronic B.S. Account of Rockets Found in Gaza Tunnels Without Producing a Shred of Evidence in Support of their Most Recent Propaganda Lie to Justify Its Ongoing Murderous Rampages in the The Non-Jewish Strip | Ahmadinejad Says Israel is Fabricated, Illegitimate, a European Power Puppet, and an Insult to Peace in the Region |

October 18
| Zionist Neocon Puppet President Bush Accepts ABC-TV Vietnam-Iraq War Comparison | The Jew Watch Project Study Archive - Jewish Communist New York City Espionage | Israeli Terror Offensive 4 Kilometers Inside Gaza | Jewish Slavery Abolitionists Were Just Another Jewish Lie - They Never Existed | Defense Minister Perez - Zionist Terror State's Newest Bloody Offensive Into Gaza Will Increase in Magnitude and Destructiveness | Jewish Slave Ship Owners | Injuries Point to New Israeli Weapons | Mein Kampf Nation and Race Chapter Exactly as Written by Adolph Hitler | Racist Israel's Strategy to Starve Gaza into Absolute Submission | How to Easily Start Your Own Jewish History Blog with Hundreds of Informative Links to The Jew Watch Project and Help Alert the World to What They Have Been Doing | Israel Kills 2 More Moslems Lying About One of Them Being a Patriot Who Had Helped Captured Shalit and that the Other was Smuggling Arms | 5 Palestinians Murdered by Racist Jews including a Boy, 16, Whose Only Crime was Rock Throwing | Liar Rumsfeld Says His Little Paper Chicken Forces are 'Too Strong' to Lose War in Iraq | 400,000-800,000 Dead in Iraq May Already Top Our Own Civil War Numbers, But the Extremely Traitorous Jewish-Owned Zionist Monopoly Press Keeps Americans Blinded for their Own Little Blessed Jewish Israel | The Count on Day 1,309 of the Lost War in Iraq for Violence Mongering Israel | Absurd AIPAC Purchased War for Israel in Iraq Threatens Careers of the Jews' Best Bribed Republican Congressional Prostitutes | Pro-Zionist NATO Occupation Murders 22 People in Its European Bloodied Colony of Afghanistan, Calls them Insurgents Instead of Patriots, Including Many Women and Children These Racist Europeans Shamefully Murdered | After 5 Years, Afghans View the Futile Occupation of NATO Europeans as a Menace to the Nation's Peace, Safety, and Security Interests as Taliban Re-Emerges as Posed to Regain the Entire Nation Again | Kremlin Suggests Jewish Oligarchs Killed Woman Jewish Reporter to Embarrass Moscow | French Jewish Intellectuals Loudly Attack Slimy ADL's Anti-Intellectual Abraham Foxman for Shutting Down Lecture by Jewish Critic of Israel at His Book Signing in New York's Polish Embassy | France Awards Abraham Foxman 'Legion of Honor Medal' for Developing Increased Racial and Religious Hatred and Bigotry While 'Pretending' to do Just the Opposite and Leaving Anti-Semitism as Bad in France Now as Under the Nazis |

October 17
| Bombshell Report Tells AIPAC Patsy President to Withdraw from Iraq | Donate to Jew Watch | Pro-Zionist Blair Refuses to Leave Iraq as Clouds Loom over Strategies on Both Sides of Atlantic | Holocaust Fact Archive | Bush Confidant Paves Way for Radical Change in Iraq War Policy as Reality of the Complete War Disaster Begins to Soak In | The Newly Developing Historical Truth About the Real Dr. Mengele of Auschwitz | Iraq Choice: Leave Or Be Forced Out | How America Purposely Murdered 1.2 Million Iraqis in 15 Years | Prime Minister of Iraq Accuses Bush of Undermining His Government as First Sign of Impending Withdrawal by U.S.-Israeli Occupying Powers | Frightened U.S.-Israeli War Monger Force Tells Iraq to Issue Last Ditch Amnesty to Insurgents in Desperate Attempt to End the Civil War | Israeli Genocidal Plans for Killing Arabs through Genetically Altered Agents | CNN Poll: Support for Iraq War Only 34% All Time Low | John Kerry: President Bush Committed a 'Gigantic Blunder' | Israel's Goal of Total Chaos in Iraq Reaches Fruition as Insurgents Kidnap 13 Carloads of Shiites in Increasingly Bloody Civil War Build Up | The President's Moronic Rationale of Pure B.S. Flies Directly into the Face of America's Dramatic Cultural and Military Mideast Loss | Pro-Zionist U.S. Troops Erred in Afghanistan By Adopting a 'Peacetime Approach' Too Soon, Says NATO General | British General in Afghan War Theater Says Brit Troops Will be There for 20 More Years | No Prospect of Success in Afghanistan | Political and Military Insiders Run Possible 'Cover Up Inquiries into Israel's Lebanon War Catastrophe | Turkish Red Crescent Offers 50 Prefabricated Schools to Lebanon | UNIFIL Sees Final Israeli Pullout from Lebanon Soon | How Hi-Tech Hezbollah Called the Shots | Israeli Terror State Pushes Into Gaza, Murders 7 Persons Slurring Them With the Term 'Gunmen' | Gaza Doctors Say Patients Suffer New Bizarrely Serious Injuries in Last Israeli Attack | Bush Trashes U.S. Constitution: Signs Detainee Legislation | America's Moral Authority Ends With Terrorist Legislation |

October 16
| Hamas Threatens Israel with 'Unforgettable Lesson' | Hitler Said The Darnedest Things | 'Your Destroyed Tanks Will Become the Total Testimony of Your Total Failure' | The World's Largest Hate Group: Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult | VDARE Announces Legal Fight Against Southern Poverty Law Center's Hostile and Intolerant Censorship Software | Assessing the Super Jewish Founder of the Super Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center | Pope Benedict Panders to Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult | Is the Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Spying on You? | Unanswered, Hateful Remarks by Leftwing Jewish-Bolshevik Hate Cults Slammed by Innocent Scientists in Werner Von Braun's Rocket Team | Spielberg's Propaganda DVD Issued for Brainwashing Use in British Schools Claims Anti-Semitic Holocaust in World War Two Actually Occurred in Guilt-Edged Production, But Mentions Nothing About the Far Worse Jewish Run USSR's Anti-Christian Holocaust That Murdered 65,000,000 Christians and Brought Hitler to Power to Protect Germany from the Same Fate | Is John McCain another Fascist 'Goyim' Neocon for Dangerous Foreign War? | Pro-Zionist Neocon Errors Continue in the Ill-Fated Fraudulent Iraq War | Internet Email Has Erased the Journalist's Filter in Wars Today | Israeli Terror State to Support Pro-Zionist NATO Counter-Terror Patrols in the Mediterranean | Lebanon's Top Shiite Cleric Says U.N. Force Only in Lebanon to Protect the Israeli Terror State | Israel Continues to Tackle Its Own Huge European Sex Slave Trade | The Life o

October 15
| Israel's President May Soon Face Rape Charge | A Study of Just One Multi-Jew Day on Cable News | Religious Bigotry Erupts in West York Elementary School | The Litany of Constant Zionist Terror, War, and Lethal Conflict in the Bloodied Middle East, 1948-1982 | The Niqab, Cross & Yarmulke  -- Freedom of Religion vs. Government Dictatorship | Walter Duranty, The Notorious Jewish Reporter Who Disgraced the Pulitzer Prize With Lies of Omission About Stalin Not Being a Genocidal Killer of Non-Jews in the Artificial Ukrainian Famine of 1933 | Hamas Threatens to Break the 20 Month Truce over Israel's Deadly Invasion and Massacre in Gaza | HUAC's Black List of Jewish Communist Subversives in America Who Were Caught Doing Great Harm | Skewed Religious and Patriotic Priorities in the U.K. | Hamas Denies Reports It Seeks to Attack American Properties | Mossad Report: Hamas Has New Anti-Aircraft Missile | Hamas Slams Jordan for Cooperating in the Genocide Relocation of Hamas Citizens to Canada | Hamas: U.S. Financing Fatah to Defeat Palestine's Public and Open Election | Dead Tolls Pass 23 as Israel 'Hunts Down Rockets' But Ends Up Killing Families in Gaza | Palestinian Campaign to Immediately Form Unity Government to End Internal Fighting Between Fatah and Hamas | U.S. To Spend $42 Million to Subvert the Palestinian Democracy's Next Election and Form a Non-Representative Pro-Zionist Government for Palestine | Line Item Break Down of American Plan for Hegemony Over Palestine's Democracy for the Benefit of Its Subversive Israeli Terror and Murder State | Israeli's High Court to Expand Panel of Judges for Lebanon Increasing Number of Lebanon War Inquiry Petitions | Gibson Links Semitic Rant With His Internalized Fear of World War Four Hiding in the On-Going Lebanon Carnage by Israeli Zionist Thugs | Hamas Army Will Use Unusual Force Against the Next Genocidal Invasion by Israel | U.S. Government Thugs Who Send $3 Billion in Bombs to Israel to Kill Arabs Sentence Holy Religious Moslem Business Man 7 Years in Prison for Financing Hamas Hospitals, Schools, Orphans and other Infrastructure in Palestine | Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Not Yield to Nuclear Blackmail by the World's Nuke Pigs | The Possibility of Mideast Conflagration Being Started by the U.S.-Israeli Axis Against Middle Eastern Freedom | Abbas to Ask Key Fatah Committee to Help Him Dissolve Democratically Elected Hamas Government | Subversive and Anti-Democratic U.S. Consul Tells Fatah and Independent Figures that Abbas Has the Power to Form a New Government Without Duly Elected Hamas Legislators Who Are Presently Kidnapped and Sitting in Chains in Israeli Concentration Camps |

October 14
| Palestinian Child Deaths at the Hands of Zionists Already Double 2005 | Official Certification by Rabbi Robert E. Goldberg of Marilyn Monroe's Conversion to Judaism | Mosaic TV | Bela Kun (Cohen) and other Terrorist Jewish Commissars in Bloodied Eastern and Western European Subversive Revolutions | Discussion: Jewish Racism | Defanging the Jews in the Midst of Their Planned American Genocidal Pograms Against European-and-African-Americans | Mel Gibson Grovels Atop ABC's Yiddish News Moat | Inspecting Jonathan Pollard's Pro-Jewish and Anti-American Spy Case | Non-Jew Sues British Airways for Banning Non-Jewish Necklaces | U.S.-Israeli Military Axis Accused of Illegally Murdering Journalist | Sicko Israel Murders 11 More Palestinians Including Their Children Over Weekend Using the Militant Lie as Its Usual Excuse | 20 Palestinians Murdered by Jews Since Thursday, More Coming... | Liberal Candidate in Canada Accuses Israel of War Crimes | Alan Dershowitz Rants Against Canada's Liberal Party Candidate with Lame Arguments of Support for the Much-Hated and Extremely Dangerous Israeli Terror State | Huge and Violent Protest by Palestinians Beneath the Massive Israeli Fascist Apartheid Wall of Hate | "Israel at Heart" Sends Propaganda Specialists Posing as Innocent Students Around World to Deceive Colleges and Universities About the Dangerous Israeli Terror State | Neo-Nazi Israel's Deadly Pounding of Free State Arab Lands Kills 22 People in 48 Hours | Hamas Confronts Fraudulent U.S. "Democracy' Which Openly Opposes and Subverts Hamas' Freely Elected Democratic Government by Exploiting Israel as Its Proxy Mideast Terror Army | Alleged Hilarious Jewish Ministerial Level Gaffe of "the Yellow Race" in Australia Slammed by Israel's Foreign Minister | Arabs Note Two-Faced Racist Attacks on Arabs by Intolerant Semitic Organizations Around the World | 'Demographic Racism and the Mind of the Jewish Occupier' Detailed in New Book Hitting Bookstores in Palestine |

October 13
| Families of Holocaust Survivors Aghast at Divisive Award Given by Jewish ADL of Non-Christian B'nai B'rith Religious Cult to an Attorney Whom Many Holocaust Families Abhor | The Jews Who Run Finance, Banking, and Business Associations | British Member of Parliament Agrees that Israel Applied Nazi Tactics in Lebanon | Jewish Sponsored Albert Einstein Hoax | Anti-Israeli Billboards in Lebanon | Israel Sees an Inevitable Downward Trend in U.S. Relations | The Vicious Jewish Terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin | Hate-Filled Israel May Be Re-Occupying Palestine in Order to Destroy Its Democracy | The Jew Watch Project's Mossad Study Archive | 4 Israeli Physicians May Have Experimented Medically on Hundreds of Elderly Patients | Jews Bash Church Holding Critical Meetings on the Non-Benevolence of the Israeli Murder State | Israel's Dreadful Legacy of Continuing Death in Lebanon | Israel Jacks Up Attacks on Palestine | A New Deadly Experimental Weapon Is Being Used Against Palestine | Rebuke for Peer's Israel Remarks Is A Benchmark Measuring Unfair Jewish Power Inside Large Non-Jewish Nations | Colin Powell's Newest Book Discusses Neo-Conservative Zionist Racism | Is Israel in America's Interest? | Israel's New Ambassador to America's Zionist Neo-Nazi Owned Government | Southern Poverty Law Center Racist Focus on Christians Instead of on Moslems | Moronic, Surreal, and Dangerous Leftwing Jewish B.S. Continues with Article Entitled "Hate or Hoax, It's a Crime With Victims" | Hamas Leader Sticks to His Hard Line on Never Accepting the Deadly and Dangerous Israeli Hate State | Moslem Pleads Guilty to Providing Money to Hamas, Meanwhile Millions of Jews Are Able to Legally Support the Even Deadlier Nation of Israel Which Kills Moslems With Abandon and Washington's Racist Approval |

October 12
| Israeli Terrorist Killers Murder 8 Non-Jewish Palestinians in Illegal Raids | 3,000 Years of Jews Hating Gentiles | Canadians Begin to Wise Up: Most Candidates for the Canadian Liberal Party are Anti-Israel | Immigration to Israel by Country | How Jews Controlled and Subverted the New Left in the 1960's | Pot Kettle Black -- The Illegal Israeli Nuclear Pig Supports Sanctions Against Potentially Nuclear Iran | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Hamas Says Recognizing Israel Is Politically Futile | The Extremely Racist and Unfair Plethora of Hollywood Jews | British Rights Study Bashed for Citing Abuses by Hezbollah and Syria but Ignoring Israel | The Jewish Auschwitz Video That Discredits Most of the Holocaust Myth (Download 20 Meg) | Prime Minister Olmert Embraces Hard Line Party Advocating Redrawing Borders to Exclude Arabs from Israel | Syria Rejects Its President Ever Speaking Before Knesset inside Israeli Terrorist State | Billionaire Nation Destroyer George Soros Seeks to Fund a Competing AIPAC Lobby for Israeli Zionist Terror Support in America which Would Be Left-Wing Bolshevik instead of Right-Wing Neo-Nazi | Prime Minister Olmert Running 3rd in any Poll Against Netanyahu and Rightwing Arab Removal Party | Israel Compliant with Jordan's Plan to Build New Minaret on Atop Temple Mount Which Will Strengthen Moslem Claims | Domestic Jewish Political Terrorists Bent on American Subversion Regret Zionism Becoming a Partisan Republican Polarizing Issue | Katyusha Missile Defense At Least 4 Years in Future | Arab Propaganda Against Israel's Claim to Any Legitimacy in the Middle East Taking Hold Even Among Israeli Citizens | Lebanon Threatens to Wield Hezbollah Against Israel | Hamas Win Seen as Taming Racist U.S. Zionist Regime's Push for Any New Democracies in Middle East |

October 11
| Plethora of Recent U.S. Jewish Treason Indictments Surfacing Including Jewish Al Qaeda Connection | Jewish General Gingrich Yagoda, Judeo-Bolshevik KGB Terrorist, Who Systematically Murdered 1/4th of Petrograd | North Korea Warns U.N. Jewish Vassal States That Any and All Sanctions Will Be Considered Illegal Acts of War | Monopoly Press Liquidated Reports of Jews Murdering Millions of Non-Jews in Russia | Jewess Katie Couric's CBS News Ratings Plummet CBS News to 3rd | The 1919 Jewish Holocaust Hoax That Failed | Jewish Life Slowly Trickles Back to East London Corridors | 35 Jews and Almost No Non-Jews Captured in Pics on Cable News in a Single Evening | University of Wisconsin Professor Compares Bush to Hitler | Jews Open German Blood Libel Exhibit Which Never Once Mentions Israel's Racist Medicine Scandals | The Genocidal Israeli Ringworm Medical Scandal | The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, Part One | An Interesting and Recent Defense of Zionism Reveals Too Much About Its Faults to be Useful Propaganda | President of Romania, in Effort to Become a Jewish Vassal State and Newest Member in the Zionist EU, Descends the Pro-Jewish Staircase of Incredulity by Demanding in Front of Watching Jews that His Nation Learn the Good News About Holocaust Guilt | More on Israel's Racist and Communist Blood Guilt Lies by Jack Bernstein a Journalist Whom the Mossad Assassinated | Death and Mayhem Toll from Deadly Jewish War Crime Cluster Bombs Rises in Lebanon | Lebanese Children Return to School With First Psychological Assignment Being to Tell of the War Horrors They Suffered | Lebanon's Army Confiscates Hezbollah Weapons | Arab Villagers Want Equal Compensation from Racist Israeli Overlords | Lebanon Busy Repairing Health Centers Damaged by Ravaging Jewish Strikes | Moderate Sunnis in Lebanon Fear Rise of Extremist Groups | Zionist Devastated Lebanon Safe from Economy Collapse Despite the Damage Done by Racist Israeli War Mongers | Israel's Attack on Qana a 'War Crime' |

October 10
| Mel Gibson Given Tough Interview by Dianne Sawyer: "She Was 'Frigging' Harder...Than I Could Imagine." | Washington Post Owned by the Leftwing Jewish Catherine Meyer Graham and Her Tribal Family | South Korea Says Israel Should Use Its Regional Power to Secure Sanctions North Korean Nuclear Program | Kaballah Center Jewish Director Arrested in Israel for Fraud Against Cancer Patient | Gibson: It's Difficult to Put the Toothpaste Back into the Tube | Israeli Police and DA's Bought Off by Jewish Mob | Jewish Singstress Barbara Streisand Uses the F-Word in NYC Theater Outburst | The Jew Watch Project's Study Archive on the Extensive Jewish Porno Mafia | Quartet of Jewish Dr. Mengeles Kill Patients as 4 Jewish Physicians Arrested Today for Human Medical Experimentation | Salman Rushdie: Moslem Veils 'Suck' | Thousands at Russian Journalist's Funeral, Whose Death Resembles the Typical Russian Jewish Mafia Murder Contract | Military Attempts to Shade Mortar Attack that Blows Up Entire Ammunition Depot in Baghdad | Syria Welcome in Israel for Peace Talks -- Peres | Unpopular Olmert Desires Wider Government Coalition to Cement His Shaky Regime | Emeritus Professor at Tel Aviv University Resigns in Disgust over Vicious National Treatment of Palestinians | Gen. Moshe Ya'alon Says Israel Still Seen as a Regional Giant After Lebanon | Israel: Will North Korea Help Iran Build A-Bombs Resembling the 200 Israel Nukes? | Lebanese President Lahoud Claims Israel Attacked to Deny Prosperity through Tourism to Lebanon's Economy | India's FBI Investigates Defense Minister in Criminal Bribery Probe of Israeli Arms Deal | Israel Finally Comes Clean with 20 Years of Maps of Minefields | Racist Israeli Education Minister Warns Against Anti-Semitic Academic Israeli Boycotts | French Embassy Drops Book Launch about Vichy France Over Author's Statements that Israel Mistreats Palestinians | Brainwashed Evangelical Zionist Christians March For Israel in Jerusalem | Anti-Democratic Neo-Nazi Israeli SS Thugs Arrest Golan Resident Over Anti-Israeli Government Speech Supporting Hezbollah Given on TV When He Was In Syria |

October 9
| Nuclear Fat Israel Fearful of Nuclear Parity with Iran and N. Korea | Jewish Terrorist Marxist David Bronstein of New York City Who Hid His Jewishness Under the Name Leon Trotsky | Iran Blames U.S.-Israeli Empire's Racist Attitudes for Korea's Nuclear Test | The Racist Jewish Monopoly Expressed Through Racially Selecting, Contracting, Promoting, and Hiring Mostly Jewish Entertainment Personalities | Anti-Zionist Hugo Chavez's Intellectual Speech at the U.N. Against Western Exploitation and Imperialism | The AIPAC Jewish Pentagon Spy Scandal | Qatar Makes Aggressive Diplomacy Effort to Major Arab Nations to Stop Mideast and North African Conflicts | The Unfair and Racist Jewish Monopolization of the Publicly Funded National Public Radio | Syria: Zionist United States Empire Lacks Mideast Vision | Zionists on Heightened Alert for Syrian Attack in Stolen Gaza Lands | Domestic Jewish Terrorists Insure that Los Angeles Schools Only Teach Pro-Zionist War Monster Curriculum | Lebanon -- Foreplay for the Rape of Iran | Zionist Expresses Bizarre Strategic Views that Israel is a U.S. Ally, But Israel Is Only a Public Relation Lie and a Leech on the American Treasury | U.N. Reports Childhood Deaths in Palestine at Israeli Terrorist Nation Hands Already Double Those in 2005 | Palestine Supporters Attack Israeli Terror Empire's Ambassador to Ireland | My Brother Was Murdered in Cold Blood by Evil Zionist Soldiers | Scholars Land Book Deal for Larger Version of the Harvard Report on the Israeli Lobby Menace to U.S. Foreign Policy | Dual Loyalty Zionist Michael Chertoff Announces Contract with Israeli Firm to Secure the Mexican Border |

October 8
| Israeli Nazi State Seeks to Shoot Down Hezbollah Rockets with Zionist Anti-Rockets (Cache) | Khasaria: The Ancient Eastern European Home of the False 'Pretend' Jews | Assad Says War With Israeli Terror State Cannot Be Ruled Out (Cached) | Deadly Genocide Effects of the Zionist U.S. Blockade of Iraq | The Cold Peace (Cache) | According to Reuters Israel Tortures 850 Arabs Each Year | War in the Holy Land: Israel, Lebanon, Iran and the Coming World Order (Cache) | How Jewish Communists Undermined Poland | No Doves In Sight (Cache) | Evidence of Jewish Power and Conspiracy on Jew Watch | Abbas to Present Hamas with Unacceptable Government Unity Ultimatum Soon (Cache) | The Real Cost of Israel - $3 Trillion | Anarchy Looms as Gaza Goes Blows Iraqi Style, Killing 8, Dozens Wounded (Cache) | The Hidden Jewish Tyranny | Six Nations Meet Over Iran Nuclear (Cache) | Meet the Jew Who Really Burned Down Germany's Reichstag Building | Hezbollah Rises From the Ruins (Cache) |

October 7
| Jordan Denies Holding Secret Talks with Israeli Terror State (Cache) | USSR Terrorist Red Commissar Jew David Bronstein of New York City, Alias Leon Trotsky | Jewish Mafia Hits Russian Reporter (Cache) | How The USSR's Communist Party Was Run for the Benefit of Bitter, Leftwing International Jews Who Wanted to Kill Millions of Christians | Rumor Surfaces that Iran and Syria Have Preemptive Attack Plan Against U.S.-Israeli Terror States Axis (Cache) | America's Nazi Parties Are Subversive Zionist Hoaxes | Lebanon More Fearful of Israel Now Than During War (Cache) | The 6 Jewish Companies That Own 96% of the World's Media | Hazardous Intent: U.S. Intends to Make Palestine More Hospitable (Cache) | Hamas Says Deal to Free Prisoners on Both Sides Imminent (Cache) | Hamas Says It Will Not Let Western Pressure Drive It Out (Cache) | Hamas Accuses Abbas of Shrinking Away from Unity Government (Cache) | Haniya Collapses During Rally (Cache) | Pro-Zionist / Anti-Arab Condoleezza Rice Finds Almost No Progress Toward Her Goals in Mideast (Cache) |

October 6
| The Zionist Press Previews the First 100 Hours of the Next Rothschild House Speaker on Capital Hill, Nancy Pelosi | The Samson Project: Israel's Official Policy of Nuclear Blackmail | Zionist Involvement in the Dafur Genocide Strategy | Jewish Control Over European Communism and Insurgencies Between 1918-1923 | 'Israel Should Accept Saudi Peace Initiative' | New York Communist Jewish Spy for the USSR, Mr. William Perl | Washington Times: Lying Zionist Dems Sliding Into FBI Web in Foley 'Intrigue' Investigation | Jews Were the First Terrorists in Palestine: Re-Discovering The Earliest Zionist Terror Squads | Zionist Conspirator U.S. Sends $20 Million to Boost Pro-Israeli Palestinian President Abbas' Security Forces to Protect Him for Future Sell Outs of Palestinian People | Jewish Communist Newspaper Propagandist and 3rd World Racist, Joseph Pulitizer, Sr., Who Was A Known American War Monger | More Reports Surface of Pro-Zionist Clinton Operatives Stirring Behind Trumped Up Foley Charges | Muslim Leader Gets Interfaith Award Despite Racist Whining Jews | Pro-Zionist ABC News Produces 3 New Pages Claiming Even More Bizarre Story But Without Supporting Email Specimens | Ramsey Clark: Death Sentence for Saddam Will Produce 'Catastrophic' Violence by Anti-Zionist Groups | Zionist Supreme Court Demands Israel's Government Explain Why It Has Not Set Up a State Commission to Probe Handling of the War | Neo-Nazi Israel and Its Occupation of Arab Lands: A New Book About 'The Roadmap to Nowhere' | Haniya: We Will Not Recognize Israel | Carter Urges Diplomacy, Isolation of Hamas Has Not Worked | Syria's Berri Warns Israel of Renewed Violence If Stolen Lands in Shabaa Not Liberated | Lieberman Said to Have Received $2 Million from Pro-Zionist Lobby | Dems Hit Back at Zionist GOP Israeli Friendly Ads | Americans for Peace Now Slams Zionist Conspirator Bush for Pressuring Israel Not to Negotiate Peace with Syria | The Growing Arab Rebellion Against President Bush's Pro-Zionist War Monger Foreign Policy | Zionist Condoleezza Rice Proves Out of Touch in Middle East Affairs | Australia's Adam Connor Discusses 20 Year Anniversary of Vannunu's Outing of Israel's Atom Bombs and What It Means in MP3 Discussion Link on This SBS Radio Web Page |

October 5
| AIPAC Floods College Campuses with Rabidly Pro-Israeli Students Trained in Pro-Zionist Propaganda | The Middle East's Father of Terrorist Activity -- Israel's Neo-Nazi Prime Minister Menachem Begin | U.N. Food Expert Says International Criminal Court Should Investigate Israel for Possible War Crimes | The Incredible Shrinking Palestine | Israel Has Opened Border Crossing for Only 12 Days Since Shalit Kidnapping Which Keeps Gaza in Genocidal Starvation | President Franklin Roosevelt's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | Commercial Aussie-Israeli Cooperation on Phone Billings Gives Israeli Even More Intelligence Records of All Calls Made to Phones | Prime Minister Winston Churchill's Hidden Jewish Genealogy | Moslem Police Officer Excused from Guarding Israel Embassy in London to Protect His Relatives from Possible Abuse in Lebanon during War | Israel Sacks War Critic General | Israeli Minister Backs Saudi Peace Negotiations Plan | Views of Hezbollah by Arab-Israelis | Arabs Want Israel Criticized Like 'Nuclear' Iran | Lieberman Attacks Lamont on Israel | Israeli Company Drills, Strikes Oil Near Dead Sea | U.S. Sees Fatah as Non-Terrorist | Peres: Next Israeli War's Victory May Require Nano-Technology Weapons Breakthrough | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Interferes in Education with Pro-Jewish 'Merchant of Venice' Propaganda | Zionist ADL of B'Nai B'rith Religious Cult Absurdly Pretends Bush's Support for Israel Does Not Make Him a 'Zionist' | Professor Denied Right to Speak After Zionist ADL Talks with Polish Embassy Then Says They Did Not Exert Pressure to Get Professor's Speech Cancelled, But Even Discussing a Speech as an Issue Is a Form of Pressure | 2 More Lebanese Innocents Injured by Millions of Inhumane Israeli Cluster Bombs Left Behind | Brother of Murdered Palestinian: 'Things Like This Can Only Happen in Terrorist Israel' |

October 4
| AIPAC'S Subversion of Congress and Presidency Aids in Pro-Zionist Hate Sanctions Against Iran's Democratically Elected Government | The Zionist Massacre at Qana 2006 | The AIPAC Sellout Continues to Corrupt America | The Jewish Defector Who Warned America | Hamas Leader Murdered by 3 Gunmen in Automobile Bearing Israeli License Plates | Intolerant Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Abbas: Unity Talks with Hamas Collapse | Jewish Hatred of Gentiles Exposed | Hamas Leaders Says Rice Unwelcome in West Bank | Fatah Threatens to Kill Top Hamas Leaders in Growing Palestinian Civil Unrest | Information Continues to Surface in Killing of Hamas Leader | Zionist Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine | What Should Be Done About the Jewish Lobby? 18 Points of Attack Explained | The Racist 'Zionist Organization of America' or ZOA Attacks Rice Plan for Hamas to Work With Abbas | Israeli Terrorist Thugs Murder Hamas Regional Leader | Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror State Trying to 'Rearrange Middle East' | Egypt: Hamas Rejected 1,000 Prisoners for Shalit | 8 in Gaza Die in Forbidden Ramadan Fighting Between Fatah and Hamas | Haniya Laments Escalation of Violence Between Fatah and Hamas | Lebanese Army Prevents Hezbollah Protesters from Reaching Israeli Border | Electronically Sophisticated Hezbollah Eavesdropped on IDF Cell Phone Conversations to Gather Intelligence | Hezbollah Mended Many Religious Differences to Convince Lebanese to Cooperate in Ridding Itself of Israel's Occupation Force | Lebanon Prime Minister Lauds Pull Out of 'Disappointed' Israeli Soldiers | Arrogant Jew Stirs Up Lame Accusations of Anti-Semitism in French Quebec | Hezbollah Says It Gets No Money from Inside U.S. |

October 3
| Genocidal Successes in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Mossad Deception 'Over the Top' Report that Hamas Has Tons of Bombs for Planned Attack on Israel | Official Statement of Purpose | Israeli Terror State Still Holds Onto Lebanese Village | Collaboration Between Israel, China, and United States | What Jews and Their Presses Say About Jews Controlling the USSR Killing Fields | Israel Vows to Continue Its Illegal Violations of Lebanon's Air Sovereignty | Keep Jew Watch on the Internet | Hamas Rejects Arab Peace Initiative Because It Calls for Recognition of Israel | Israeli Terror Minister Fuad: Israel Should Assassinate Nasrallah | Racist Jewish Invaders Used War to Expand Fortress to Oppose, Harass, Kill, and Chase Out the Indigenous Palestinians | Student Government Passes Resolution Demanding University of Michigan Divest from and Cease Communications with Israel | Nazi Tactics in Phony Terror War by Militaristic War Nations of Israel and U.S. | South Lebanese Villagers Celebrate 'Purification' of Their Land | Israel's Action Can Provoke Next War Which Might Be Israel's Exact Reason for Doing It | U.S. Partners With Israel for New Energy Source Projects | Another Mossad Story Deceptively Contending that Fatah and Hamas Who are Presently Fighting in the Streets Against Each Other Are Nonetheless Cooperating on a Future Invasion of Israel and Other Lying Balderdash including Tons of Weapons Which Are Not Even Seen in Gaza and West Bank | Israel Sells Arms to India, Second Only to Russia | New Push to Protect Pro-Zionist Europe's Ecological and Agricultural System for Long Term Human Sustenance | Rice Calls Upon Anti-Zionist Palestinian Partisans to End Violence Which Might Be Tilting Toward Outright Civil War in Gaza and West Bank | Iran Editorial Sees Gaza Violence as Part of Zionist Plot to Undermine Palestinian Society | Arab League Slams Palestinian Fighting as 'Madness' | PM Olmert Announces $2.8 Million Shekels to Improve Quality of Life in Northern Israel |

October 2 Yom Kippur
| Zionist Use of Deadly Force Cannot Free Shalit | The 6 Jewish Companies That Own 96% of the World's Media | Jews and Christians Visit Knesset, Combine Love of Jehovah with Racial Hatred for Arabs | Moscow Happy with Israeli Pullout from South Lebanon | Racist Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Jewish Children | Tiny, Numerous, and Dangerous | The Jews and Bolshevism | Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement and Zero Contrition for War Crimes | Anti-Semitism Became a Capital Crime in the Jewish-Run USSR | Take U.K. Troops Out of Iraq, Military Leaders Told Government | Challenging the Power of the Jewish Lobby: What Can Be Done? | What Made Israel Burn Lebanon Again? | Welcome to the Tribe (Now That You Can No Longer Hide, That Is...) | Zionist Deceptions in American Government | False Flag News Radio | Self Jew Baiting Sasha Cohen Makes News Everywhere | Germany May Legalize Anti-Nazi Symbols | Hate-Filled Jews in U.S. Government Have 80-Year-Old German Prison Guard's Citizenship Revoked in America While Thousands of Jewish USSR Gulag Guards Remain U.S. Citizens With No Government Complaints | Assad: Peace Possible in 6 Months | Salloukh Says Israel Is Courting 'Trouble' in Ghajar | Beirut Bar Association of Lawyers Demands Israel Be Tried for International War Crimes | The Threat of Civil War in Pakistan | Leading Human Rights Experts: 'Israel Committed War Crimes' | Russians Saw Israel's War Crimes from Space Station Clearly Visible With the Naked Eye | Israel Now Flying New American Manufactured Phalcon AWACS Which Makes Unpopular America Even Less Popular in Mideast |

October 1
| 'May Bush Drink the Blood of Every Man, Woman, and Child in Iraq' | Remembering Yevgeny Primakov, Jewish Ex-Prime Minister of Russia, Whose Hidden Jewish Name Is 'Pinchas Finkelstein' | Report Shows Bush as the Incompetent Pawn of His Zionist Neocon Controllers | Unrepresentative and Anti-Democratic Jewish Domination of Unions, Occupational Groups, Academia, Etc. | Video Clips Related to Jewish Watergate Reporter Bob Woodward's 'State of Denial' Book | Jewish Rothschild Bankers and Their Beloved Communist Parties | Israel Prepares for Yom Kippur's 'Day of Atonement' With Thousands of New Zionist Murders and Atrocities to Atone | Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis | Looking Back Warily, Israel Exits Lebanon | Destroyed South Lebanon Asks for State Money to Rebuild Villages Destroyed by Racist Zionist Thugs | Villagers in South Lebanon Cheer as the Brutal Jews Who Destroyed their Families and Homes Withdraw | U.S. Rabbis Support the Zionist Murder and Carnage in Mideast with Contribution Programs During Yom Kippur | America's $500 Million in Post-War Aid to Israel Further Cements U.S. Collaboration in Thousands of Arab Deaths | Gullible Pro-Zionist Evangelicals Hopeful for a World War Killing Millions Worldwide and Culminating in Jesus Returning to Save War Mongering Jews in Israel, Pray for the Success of Racist Zionism | Israel Threatens Hezbollah and Lebanon | Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Non-Christian Religious Cult Says that Unsophisticated People Viewing Sasha Cohen's Comedy Film Might Believe Stereotypes in Movie | People at ADL Make Fools of Themselves | America's Pro-Zionist Army Begins to Crumble from Within as Hate Mongers Attempt to Tag the Diversity Stricken Organization as a Harbor for Neo-Nazis at the Behest of Misinformed Jewish Propagandists in ADL and Every Other Zionist Organization in Which They Hide to Develop These and Similar Subversive Urban Legends | Jewish Immigration Subversion Threatened by Grass Roots Leaders Riding the Growing Brushfire of Patriotic Resistance | Jew in Southern Poverty Law Center Attacks Private Bar Over Freedom of Speech Issues for Its Innocent Comedy Program Which Utilizes Time-Respected Minority Spoofs | Israel Obtains Internal Fighting Between Political Parties in Gaza Causing Continuous Chaos, Death, and Injures Amid Palestininan, A Prospect that Israel Finds Desireable in Its Attempts to Run Palestinians Out of their Homeland |


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