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November 30
| Pro-Zionist Iraq's Occupation Prime Minister Al-Milaki Snubs President Bush, Doesn't Meet Him in Jordan | Donate:  Keep Jew Watch On Line | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Mutilation Cult Defames U.N. Human Rights Council for Criticizing Israeli Terror Genocide in Gaza and West Bank Concentration Camps | All the News Prepared by Jews -- NY Times' Jewish Owners | Jewish ADL Prints Outrageous Condemnation of the U.N.'s Appointment of Desmond Tutu to Investigate and Interview Victims of Israel's Genocidal Policies in its War Mongering Zionazi Beit Hanoun Murder of Non-Jewish Women and Children | The Super USSR-Bolshevik Jew, David Bronstein, Alias Leon Trotsky | Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS Cases Rises in Israel | The United Nations Murdered Germany's Captured Army in 1945 | CBS Reviews President Carter's New Book on Palestine | Saudis: Mideast Peace Cannot Happen Without Israeli-Palestinian Peace Treaty | Once Again Zionist Racism Rears Its Ugly Face in Israel | Muqtada Al-Sadr's Loyalists Boycott Iraq's Puppet Government in Protest to Al-Maliki's Planned Meeting with President Bush of the American Terror State | In an Open Letter to the American People, Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls Upon the Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror Nation to Pull out of Iraq and Recognize Palestine | Pro-Zionist Bi-Partisan Iraq Study Group About to Release a Useless Resolution for Non-Responsible and Arrogant American Military Dictator and War Monger George W. Bush | Entire Middle East Ready to Become Civil War Tinderbox; Scrambling to Stay Alive Politically, the American Terror State is Now Kept Out by Diplomats; Tries Desperately to Stay in as the Mideast Tries to Shove It Away | Newsweek: Why Iraq Study Doesn't Even Matter Anymore | American & Israeli Terror State Politics in Middle East Are Destroying Future Sino-American Relations | Damascus Accuses Israel of Damming Up Syria's Water Supply in Golan and Stealing It for Zionist Farms |

November 29
| Naked Pro-Zionist U.S. War Lord & Emperor Dresses Up In Old Al Qaeda Lie | Elvis Presley's Jewish Heritage | Turkey's President Goes Out of His Way to Graciously Greet Pontiff at Istanbul's Airport as Pope Calls for New Islamic-Christian Tolerance and Understanding | Zionism's Early Terrorist Goon, Prime Minister Menachim Begin | Jewish Federal Reserve System's Leader Signals Deflation Warning, Responds to Rising Euro, Predicts Soft Landing for U.S. Housing and other Sectors | Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ancestry | Federal Court Cuts Down Pro-Zionist War Lord President Bush's Self-Authorized Dictatorial Power to Declare an Organization to be 'Terrorist' and Take Its Money | The Vicious and Deadly Jewish Child Massacre of Innocent Non-Jewish Kids at Qana on July 30, 2021 | Zionazi Occupation in Iraq Extends Its State of Emergency for 30 Days as Violence Rages in Public Places | Pro-Zionist War Lord in Collapsing Neocon White House Sidesteps All Talk of the Civil War in the Iraq He Destroyed | Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Tells Iraq's President that the Pro-Zionist CIA is Purposefully Destabilizing Iraq | U.N. Human Rights Group Calls Saddam Trials So Flawed He Should Not Be Held Any Longer and the Execution Could Never Be Legally Carried Out | Zionist Neocons Abandon Iraq War at White House Front Door | Zionism's Nazi Concentration Camp Walls Now Built Around Non-Jewish Ghettos in Jerusalem | Shady Zionist Marc Rich Allegedly Behind Iraq's U.N. Oil Scandal | The Story Behind Marc Rich's Pardon | Jews Openly Using HIV to Deceptively Push Their Religiously Motivated Male Penis Mutilation Practice for All of Africa and Jews Want It Done All at Once | AIPAC Focus of New FBI Probe | Both Zionist Owned Political Parties Prove their Worth to Jewish Money by Standing Up and Bashing President Carter's New Book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" | America's Zionofascist War Lord George W. Bush Will Not Pull Out American Troops from the Lost Colonial Empire in Iraq | Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" Movie Nominated for Best Foreign Film at Golden Globe Awards to Chagrin of His Zionist Detractors |

November 28
| U.N. Human Rights Council Warns Israel to Destroy Its Armed Zionist Fortresses Inside the West Bank Concentration Camp for Palestinians | Jewish Mafia | Mossad Pulls Off High Level Beirut Assassination: Syrian Minister | The Jew Watch Project Spreads Worldwide & You Can Help | Tens of Thousands Protest Pope's Visit to Istanbul | Zionist Pornography | Prime Minister Olmert of the Rapidly Declining Israel Offers Trick Deal With Impossible Concessions for a Palestinian State | Judeo-Communist Hollywood | Future Sectarian Violence Between Sunnis and Shiites Possible in Lebanon | Chavez Vows to Take Down the Devil--i.e., The Pro-Zionist U.S. Terrorist Nation | Anti-Jewish National Alliance Under Shawn Walker Tumbles from 2,000 to 200 Members | Bigoted and Non-Democratic Israel Denies Marriage Even to Its Jewish Citizens If They Are Not Orthodox | Kofi Annan Meets with Iraq Study Group as Civil War Increases in Iraq | U.N. Human Rights Council Condemns Zionist Theft and Occupation of  Syrian Owned Golan Heights | The Jewish Land-Theft Scandals inside the West Bank Concentration Camp | Discredited Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of the Hated Anti-Arab U.S. Terror Nation to Visit PA and Israel | Israel Kills 2 Armed Palestinians inside Their Own Concentration Camp Where They Live in Peace, Until Racist Jews Invade Their Space and Start Shooting at Them | Murdered Ex-Spy Brought Secret Documents to Israel Before Being Killed | Civil War Between Shiites and Sunnis Result from U.S.-Israel Interference | New Report on Visit of Ex-Spy to Israel Before Dying | Israel's Military Chiefs Fight to Save Portsmouth Naval Base | Rare Shoot Down of F-16 in Iraq Prompts Question -- Has a Weapon Been Developed to Neutralize Terrorist America's Best Jet? | Hezbollah Threatens to Stage 'Surprise' Street Protests in Beirut | Kofi Annan: Civil War in Iraq Almost There | Two More Pro-Zionist Canadian NATO Soldiers Killed in Anglo-Occupied Afghanistan |

November 27
| Crowds Stone America's Puppet Iraqi Prime Minister | How Jews Ruled the NAACP | Beyond the Mask: The ADL Spy Scandal | Jewish Marxists Brought Down Joe McCarthy | Iraq Declares War on Petroleum Smugglers; 5 Smugglers, 2 Policemen Shot to Death | Killing Off World War Two's Captured German Soldiers | Jewish Actor, Kramer, Apologizes for N-Word on Radio | Neurotic Jewish New York Women Founded and Controlled the Feminist Movement for Non-Jewish Women in the Heartland of America | "Dead in the Water," the USS Liberty Atrocity by the Israeli Terror State | Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ancestry | Congressional Leaders Demand Fast Track Exit from Illegal War in Iraq from Bush | Do We Want the Pope to Come to Istanbul? No! No! No! | Zionist Neocon Demands the Decimation of Iran | American Spy Faces Death Penalty for Selling Secrets to the Israeli Terror Nation | Israel Seeks to Profit from the Holocaust | Ahmadinejad To the American Terrorist Nation: "Pull Out" If You Want Iran's Help | War Approaches Its End Game as Mortar Rounds Set U.S. Base Afire in Iraq | Lost Iraq War Effort Crumbles Fast as It Becomes Apparent Neither the Well-Hated U.S. Terror Nation Nor an Elusive Iran-Syrian Agreement Can End the Civil War | Egypt: U.S. Terror State's Dilemma; Whether to Stay or Pull Out | U.K., U.S., Israeli Terror Axis Working to Trick Kurdistanians into Attacking Iran and Syria for the Axis Instead of Turkey as Iraq Blows Up | Turkey Vetoes Iraq's Partition; It Will Spark Regional Civil War | Sliding from Power, Iraq's PM Malaki Blames Government Infighting for Iraq's Civil Wars | Shiites in Gruesome Vengeance | Murder Inside U.S. Occupied Iraq on Sunday, November 26, 2021 | U.N. - Israel Planted Land Mines, But Continues to Blame Others | Defeat of the Neocons | How Zionists Have Set Out to Ruin Academic Freedom via Jewish Intimidation of Universities and their Faculties |

November 26
| Usual Suspect U.S. Disinformation Specialists Say Iraq Insurgency Self-Sustaining by Earning $70-$200 Million Per Year in Oil Smuggling, Kidnapping, Counterfeiting, and Connivance by Corrupt Islamic Charities | Jewish Butcher of Petrograd | Pay No Attention to the Jews Behind the Curtain -- The Iron Curtain | The Early Zionist Terror Timeline | Baghdad Continues Under Curfew As Its Beleaguered President Jalal Talabani Calls Off Trip to Iran Due to Crisis | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Impotent Israeli Terror State Now Ready to Withdraw from Palestine | Mein Kampf: The Book that Makes Jews Uncomfortable | U.N. Says Israeli War Lord Army Laid Illegal Land Mines in Lebanon | Ceasefire Between Israeli Nazi State and the Democracy of Palestine to Begin at 6AM | Democratically Elected Hamas Blames Israel for Impeding Prisoner Release Exchange | Unprecedented Decline in Israel's Ravaged Palestinian Concentration Camp | Did Israeli Terror State Nazis Plant Cluster Bombs in Lebanon? | Civil War Looms in Lebanon: Hezbollah Emboldened by Win to Plan Takeover | 3 Palestinians Killed in Gaza by Jewish Nazi Thug Army as Zionist Terror State Steps Up Its Murders on Eve of Cease Fire | Iraq Closer to Civil War as Insurgents Entrench | Ferocity of Iraq Renders U.S. Terror State's Armed Occupation Forces Helpless | Clerics Lay Blame for Iraq's Insurgency on Mistakes of the U.S. Terrorist Occupation Army | U.S. War Criminal Government Asks Saudi Arabia to Help Stop Insurgency in Its Totally Devastated Iraqi Colony | Bloodbath Rages in Pro-Zionist American Terror State's Occupied Iraq | Turkey Warns of Impending Civil War in Iraq, How Partition Could Unleash Internal Sectarian Kurdish Violence Destroying Turkey from the Inside | Who Decides When Civil War Begins in the Middle East and How It Is Defined? | Exile Hamas Leader Warns 3rd Intifada Uprising in 6 Months if Arab Prisoner Exchanges Blocked |

November 25
| 2 Bombs Kill 22 After Hell Day in Iraq | The Jew Watch Project's Archive of Jewish Holocaust Hoaxes | Shiites Burn 6 Sunnis Alive - Is Mossad Really Behind It | 4 Mosques and 2 Homes in Baghdad's Sunni Town Ghetto | Will Israel Join the Nuclear Club? | Israeli Nazi Thugs Murder Non-Jewish Boy, 10; Irresponsible War Lord Attacks by Jews in Gaza Concentration Camp | Neocon Bush and His Zionist Henchmen in White House Seek Broader Diplomacy As their Red Horseman of Civil War Gallops Beyond the Bridges of the Blood-Drenched Tigris and Euphrates | Killer and War Criminal Israel Rejects Any Negotiation Offer from Hamas Over Jewish Atrocities Against Non-Jews in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Disgraced and Humiliated U.S. Still Plans for Pro-Zionist Bush to Conspire Further with Iraqi Government's Collapsing Puppet Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki inside Jordan | U.N. Chief Calls for End to Iraq's Deplorable Violence | TIME Magazine Sees Violence in America's Viciously Destroyed Iraq As Already Going Beyond Anyone's Ability to Control | The Case for Dividing Iraq | Because Staying is No Longer an Option; 5 Ways to Prevent Iraq From Getting Even Worse | Aussie Special Forces Officer: Iraq Is a Strategic and Moral Blunder | Iraq's Plea for Neighbors' To Help Reveals Its Desperation | Regional Crisis Looms - Sunnis in Bahrain Threatened With Iraq-Style Chaos if Shiite Majority Elected | More Than 1,000 Iraqis Per Day Are Fleeing Their Homes and Cities Fearing for their Lives | Would Jesus Get Out of Iraq? | Saddam Hussein's Baathist Secular Party Ups the Ante on Iraq's Violence | Olmert's Popularity Shows Loss of Power If Future Remains Bleak |

November 24
| HAPPY THANKSGIVING IRAQ -- 133 Dead in That Lost Turkey of a War for Israel | Dr. Phillip Zack the U.S. Jewish Suspect in the Anthrax Terror Mailings | Quotes About Jews and Blacks | AP Report Says 144 Die, 236 Hurt in 3 Bomb Attacks in Iraq | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Ancestors According to the Unfairly Jailed Historian David Irving | The Israeli Terror State Land Heist As Seen for Study In The Jew Watch Project Archive of Text and Video | From the Archive Comes O'Donnell's Very Obscure and Intolerant Answer to the Jews | A Jew in Deep PC Trouble. Michael Richards Hires Crisis Expert to Save His Career in Free Fall. | ABC Reports 'Whites Only Scholarship' Causes Rapid of Flying Jewish Cat Fur at Boston University, Because What's Good for Hispanics, Jews, and Eskimos Is Bad for Whites | The Failed Introduction in 1919 of the Sad Story of the 6,000,000 Dead in a Jewish Holocaust | An NYPD Guard Tower First Tested in Crown Heights to Guard the Jews Now Becomes a Guard Post in Harlem | In a Huge Development This Thanksgiving Day, Jewish Globalist Inclusion Laws Fall in Canada: Prime Minister Will Recognize Quebec as its own Nation | American Terror Army's War in Iraq For Israel Disrupted $24.7 Billion in Petroleum Production | Three More American Marines Died Today in America's War in Iraq for the Israeli Terror State | Monthly Death Toll in Pro-Zionist American Occupied Iraq Reaches a New High of 3,709 in October or More than 125 Dead Each Day of the Month. And so, Iraq, How Are You Enjoying Your New Taste of Democracy? | Iraq's Intractable Security Dilemma | A Dying Zionist Occupied Iraq Reaches Out to Syria | Too Bad Your Kids And Mine Are Not In Iraq Being Killed | Zionist Neocon White House Fizzles, Begins to See a Totally Lost Iraq War, a New Middle East With Less U.S. and Israeli Presence | Neocons Brushed Off CIA Findings of No WMD's | Shin Bet Opposes Israel's Deputy Premier Avigdor Lieberman's Assassinating Top Palestinians |

November 23
| The Israeli Terror State's West Bank Land Heist | The Jewish Bolsheviks and Their Banker Buddies Who Set Up the Jewish Run USSR Where They Killed 65 Million Non-Jews, 1917-1940 | Unexploded Israeli Nazi Bombs in Lebanon Literally Destroying Lives | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish by Birth? | Israeli Terrorist Army of Occupation Guilty of Illegal 'Collective Punishment' in Lebanon | Witness the Photos of the Recent Gaza Child Massacre by Israel's Nazi Army on October 12, 2021 | Advertising and Branding Survey Shows Israel Has the Most Disrespected Public Image in the World | Jewish Domination over Women, Gays, Gender, Sex, and Family Associations in America | Battered Israel Looks for an Exit, Finds No Friends Left to Help | The Fraudulent Jewish Science Scam Known as Freudianism, Psychoanalysis, and Psychiatry | Israel Faces Changing Middle East, Must Embrace Culture of Life, Not Death | Seattle Targets Zionist AIPAC Dinner Drawing 60 Protesters Outside Hotel | Subversive Pro-Zionist AIPAC Holds Israeli Terror State Gala in Atlanta at $36 Per Plate Featuring Charles Krauthammer, a top New York Times Zionist Reporter Whose Editorial Drew America into Bloody Hate-Filled Wars for Israel | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Hate Cult Falsely Exploits Sudanese Starvation and Exploitation Travesty to Pump Up Its Deceptive Image as a World Conscience When, In Fact, the ADL Has Always Been the World's Worst Menace to Truth, Freedom of Speech, and Conscience | Abraham Foxman Should Apologize; 'Then He Should Go Down Into His Bunker and Commit Suicide with His Mistress' | How The Subversive Anti-American Jewish ADL Hate Cult Seeks to Make Jew Watch and Thousands of American Bloggers, Professors, Authors, and Thinkers into Free Speech Felons | California Ruling Protects Bloggers from Lawsuits, a Victory for Free Speech on Internet | The Jewish ADL Hate Crimes Laws Have Been Subversively and Quietly Passed in 48 States While Americans Slept | Jewish Senator Charlie Schumer Suggests Popular Legislative Agenda for Democratic Party that Would Help All Americans Live Better | Two Italian Aid Workers Released to President Abbas in Gaza Concentration Camp | How Can We Allow This to Go On? | Weakened Israeli War Monger Nation Denies Any Peace Process is Underway, Has No Idea What to Do in a Rapidly Changing Middle East Game Plan |

November 22
| U.N. Rights Commission:  Israel Broke International Laws in Lebanon | Playing the Jewish Sigmund Freud Card | Seinfeld's Richard Kramer Who Is A Jew Ruins Career | Jew - Anti-American - Klaus Fuchs - New York Atomic Spy | Senior U.N. Official Says Israel Should Totally Change Its Military Posture in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Arnold Rothstein - Jew Behind the Chicago Black Sox Scandal | Israel Indulging in Private Palestinian Land Theft | Jewish Genocide of Non-Jews at Vinnitsa | High Court Orders Government to Recognize Gay Marriages Performed Outside Israel | Israel Admits Wide Use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon, Lying and Saying It Was Done in Violation of Orders | Der Spiegel Magazine: Israeli Military Setbacks in Lebanon War Cause Soul-Searching | Bomb Befuddled Israel Ponders High Tech Anti-Rocket Strategies to End Attacks Over the Border | It Is Worse to Allow Gay Marriage than to Give Holy Lands Back to Israel:  Rabbi Levin | Israel's Prime Minister Wants to Replace Secretary of Defense | Iran: Israel Weak, Won't Attack | Lebanon Drifts Toward Civil War After Political Leader is Assassinated by Either Syria or the Mossad | Israel Kills 2 Civilians in Its Nazi Concentration Camp in Gaza including One 70 Year Old | Rich St. Louis Jews Invite Leaders of Diverse Groups to "Support Israel and Jews' Luncheon, Even Though Jews Themselves in General are Diversity Hypocrites and Don't Move to Diverse Areas | The Price of Syrian Cooperation in Achieving a Peaceful Iraq for America is the Return of Golan from Israel | Israeli Nazi State Issues the Last Permits to Foreigners as Jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Non-Jews Steps Up in Israel | 'I Busted Jonathan Pollard' | Israel's Defense Minister Wants to Resume Peace Talks With Syria | Intolerant Zionist Jews Oversee Heavy Persecutions of Anti-Zionist Intellectuals | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult Issues Its Typical 'Regret' Over Seinfeld Comedian Gaff Even As Though Anyone Would Ever Again Care What the Whacko Leftwing Subversive ADL Thinks |

November 21
| U.N. Rights Commission:  Israel Broke International Laws in Lebanon | Playing the Jewish Sigmund Freud Card | Seinfeld's Richard Kramer Who Is A Jew Ruins Career | Jew - Anti-American - Klaus Fuchs - New York Atomic Spy | Senior U.N. Official Says Israel Should Totally Change Its Military Posture in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Arnold Rothstein - Jew Behind the Chicago Black Sox Scandal | Israel Indulging in Private Palestinian Land Theft | Jewish Genocide of Non-Jews at Vinnitsa | High Court Orders Government to Recognize Gay Marriages Performed Outside Israel | Israel Admits Wide Use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon, Lying and Saying It Was Done in Violation of Orders | Der Spiegel Magazine: Israeli Military Setbacks in Lebanon War Cause Soul-Searching | Bomb Befuddled Israel Ponders High Tech Anti-Rocket Strategies to End Attacks Over the Border | It Is Worse to Allow Gay Marriage than to Give Holy Lands Back to Israel:  Rabbi Levin | Israel's Prime Minister Wants to Replace Secretary of Defense | Iran: Israel Weak, Won't Attack | Lebanon Drifts Toward Civil War After Political Leader is Assassinated by Either Syria or the Mossad | Israel Kills 2 Civilians in Its Nazi Concentration Camp in Gaza including One 70 Year Old | Rich St. Louis Jews Invite Leaders of Diverse Groups to "Support Israel and Jews' Luncheon, Even Though Jews Themselves in General are Diversity Hypocrites and Don't Move to Diverse Areas | The Price of Syrian Cooperation in Achieving a Peaceful Iraq for America is the Return of Golan from Israel | Israeli Nazi State Issues the Last Permits to Foreigners as Jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Non-Jews Steps Up in Israel | 'I Busted Jonathan Pollard' | Israel's Defense Minister Wants to Resume Peace Talks With Syria | Intolerant Zionist Jews Oversee Heavy Persecutions of Anti-Zionist Intellectuals | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult Issues Its Typical 'Regret' Over Seinfeld Comedian Gaff Even As Though Anyone Would Ever Again Care What the Whacko Leftwing Subversive ADL Thinks |

November 20
| Israeli Murder State Rejects U.N. Condemnation of Its Killing of a Family of 19 Women and Children in its Concentration Camp in Beit Hanoun, Gaza | Jewish Beauty Queen; Legs Before Arms | Tensions Mount Between Pro-Arab France and Anti-Arab Israeli Hate State | America in No-Win War for Israel | Russian Billionaire Immigrant to Run for Israel's Top Office | AIPAC Eats New Congress Critters for Lunch | Defense Minister Peretz Says Israel Does Not Allow Rich People Who Exploit and Pay Their Way Out with Donations to Run Its Country | Pelosi's Ties to AIPAC Condemned | Former U.K. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw Says Israeli Terror State's Nuclear Arsenal Which Britain Help Them Build Is 'No Secret' | Racist Apartheid Jew Blasts Jimmy Carter's New Book for Reporting the Truth About Israel's Racist Hatred for Non-Jews | Haifa Students Produce Fascist Pro-Israel Supremacy Blog Site to Promote Positive Propaganda About the Racist State of Israel | Jewish Clash Over Gay Pride in Jerusalem Continues | Aussie Foreign Minister Sucks Up to Jewish Money and Supporters at Synagogue's Yiddish Shul, Serving Up A Speech with Plenty of Bigoted Racist Remarks about Arabs | Vintage Zionist Bravado: Netanyahu and the End Times | Jew Gloats Over Jewish Government Access & Predicts Jewish Backlash by Majority |

November 19
| Kissinger: No Military Victory in Iraq | Lazar Kaganovich, the Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine Who Was Stalin's Jewish Wife's Brother | War Decided by Neoconservative Jews But No One Was Allowed to Know It | Turkey's Secretly Jewish Founder, Kemal Ataturk | Screw the Palestinians - Kill Them All - Peace From Israel Will Never Happen Because America Will Never Demand It | Theodore Hall:  The Boy Spy Who Was America's Youngest New York Jewish Communist A-Bomb Espionage Operative | Jewish Insider Neocons Turn Against Neo-Zionist President Bush as Negative War Eats Away At White House | Racist Israel's Bigoted Pro-Jewish Apartheid Laws | Universal Music Group Sues MySpace.Com in Super-Jewish Cat Fight | Falling In Line On Israel | Meet the Jewish Officers of Pro-Zionist UMG (Universal Music Group) - CEO Morris, CFO Hinny, COO Horowitz | Christian Zionism; Its Threat to Freedom, Peace, and Humanity | The New Jewish Kid On the Block at Al Jazeera's American News Room | Israeli Terror Nation Calls of Nazi Air Strike Against 2 Non-Jewish Patriot Homes in Its Occupation of Gaza Concentration Camp When Hundreds of Women, Children and Youths Make Themselves into Human Shields at Properties | Pro-Zionist Bolton U.N. Ambassador from the U.S. Terror Nation Dilutes U.N. Chicken Resolution Until the Text Merely 'Expressed Regret' Over Israel's Murderous Nazi Attacks on Its Gaza Concentration Camp | Zionism's Psychological Operations (Psy Ops) Programs Revealed on What is Probably the Most Definitive Psy Ops Internet Site | Israeli Terror State Asks Beit Hanoun Massacre Survivors to Foot Hospital Bills, Thus Rendering Jewish Doctors Huge Profits | Gaza Doctors: Israel Used a Strange Weapon Against Palestinians | Zionist Terror State's Mossad Orders Investigation Into It Use of Cluster Bombs, Probably to Hide the Worst Through Deception | If the American Terror Nation Won't Tame Israel, Perhaps Europe Will | Israeli Nazis: It's OK to Kill People If We Manufacture Good Enough Explanations | Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Cult Silences Palestinian Rights Organization | 

November 18
| 1. Number of Jewish Lawmakers Worldwide Reaches Record High | 2. The Glut of 'Zionofascist' Israeli Terror Nation Wars in the Middle East | 3. Mark Weber Seeks Freedom for Europe's Intellectual Prisoners of Conscience - Zundel, Rudolph, Irving | 4. Jewish Control Over Money and Business | 5. Major Battle in Zionist Occupied Baqouba Village Kills 18 Iraqis | 6. Give Me Control of a Nation's Money, and I Care Not Who Makes Her Laws - Mayer Rothschild | 7. Murders in the U.S. Terror Nation's Catastrophic Military Adventure Known Now as Its Occupied Colony of Iraq on the Day of November 18, 2021 | 8. 100,000 Ringworm Children Poisoned/Radiated in Israel by Zionists | 9. Zionist Nazi Clashes in Gaza Leave 2 More Non-Jews Dead | 10. Scores of Shadows Over Nazi Massacre of Non-Jews by Israeli Fascists in Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | 11. World Turns Against the War Mongering Israeli Terror State | 12. U.N. Slams Israeli Terror State in Devastating 157-6 Vote as Hated U.S. & Israeli Terror Nations Vote NO | 13. U.S. Terror Nation Deeply Involved in Israel's Lebanon Genocidal Wars | 14. U.S. Says Has Removed 50,000 Bombs in Lebanon | 15. U.N. Ruling On Israeli Terror Nation's War Crimes Applauded as First Step in Protecting the People of the Gaza and West Bank Concentration Camps | 16. Idiot Israeli Press Calls Its Fully Corrupted and Allied U.S. Terror Nation's Watered Down U.N. Resolution 'Biased', a Resolution Which Significantly Hurt the U.S.'s Own Foreign Policy Goals with Non-Jewish Arab States | 17. Israel Issue an Order to Annex Hundreds of Land Titles in the West Bank Concentration Camp | 18. Why Mussolini's Jews Went from Equality to Persecution | 19. Nancy Pelosi's Ties to Israeli Terror Nation Run Deep | 20. Hated U.S. Terror Nation Warns Its Occupied Iraq Puppet Colony Against Sectarianism | 21. Close to Collapse in Iraq | 

November 17
| Ex-President Jimmy Carter May Head Probe of Deadly Israeli Genocide at Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Concentration Camp | The Jewish Mordechai Levy - Alias Karl Marx, Son of a Rabbi, Author of His Own Judeo-Communist Bible, "Das Kapital," Which Unleashed Untold Death Upon Our World | Hasidic Jews in Montreal Demand All Cops Speaking with Them Must Be Men Only | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith and the Present-Day Jewish Covenant of Lies, Subversion, and Intrigue | 'Iraq Is A Disaster' Admits Pro-Zionist Blair | The Great Volkswagen Heist of $20 Million for Unpaid VW War Workers Almost None of Which Were Even Jews Although the Few Jews at VW Were All They Have Ever Talked About in the Zionists' Monopoly of Newspapers | Americans Seized in Iraqi Convoy Attack as Lost Colony Wades Deeper into Its Own Blood | The Jewish Holocaust Denial of 65 Million Non-Jews Who Were Murdered by Jews in their Jewish Controlled USSR, 1917-1940 | Sick Nazi Israel Developing Small Nano Robots to Find, Observe, and Kill | Jewish Comedian Baron Cohen Frightened by Possible Lawsuits | Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror Nation Leader and Secretary of State Fears China May Be Becoming Like Fascist, Militant America | U.N. Votes Overwhelmingly to Deplore the Deadly Racist Missile Attack on Gaza by Israeli Nazi Terror State | Hamas Prime Minister Haniyah, 'Israel Promoting Culture of Destruction' | Pro-Zionist American Terror Nation: What to Do Next? | Families of 19 Murdered Women and Children in Gaza Concentration Camp's Beit Hanoun Suing Israel | Israeli Terrorist Army Opens Fire on Children and Youths Tossing Stones in Gaza, Murder 1 Child, Injure 30 | 'Lost Tribe' of Jews in India Migrates to Israel | Gays vs. Zealots in Bigot Jerusalem | U.N. Sidesteps U.S. Terror Nation by Moving Israeli Gaza Genocide Condemnation Resolution to General Assembly, By-Passing Security Council Veto from the Isolated U.S. Hate Government | Israel Recognizes It Has Lost Its War of Occupation in Gaza, Will Not Continue Its Invasion, Because It Won't Help | Zionist Christians Visiting Atheist Israel Swallow the 'Holy People' Lie Completely | U.S. Zionist Terror Nation Casts Another 57,000 Troops as Worthless Bloodied Cannon Fodder into the Hopelessly Lost Colony of Iraq | Mother of All Zionist Defeats | The Failure of U.K.'s Judeo-Bolshevik Experiment into the Emerging Worthlessness of Criminal Immigration | Zionist America's Iraq War Approval Drops to Lowest Level - Only 31% Approve - At Least 69% Want It Ended | Nancy Pelosi's Connection to AIPAC Subversion Deplored |

November 16
| As the Zionist War Deteriorates Syria and Iran Gain Power and U.S. May Begin Negotiations | The Notorious Jewish NY Times Reporter Walter Duranty Who Hid Stalin's Murders from Americans and Got an Unearned Pulitzer Prize | Great War to Wipe Out Israel Is Coming | How the Marxist Jews Destroyed Senator Joe McCarthy | Germany Again Shames Itself in Jewish Pandering Show Trial of Germar Rudolf, an Historian Who Has Published Authoritative History Books Filled with Footnotes and References Indicating Hitler Did Not Order any Mass Extermination of Jews | What People in History Said About the Jews By Willie Martin | Congress Will Be Filled with AIPAC Congressional Democrats |  'If We Don't Clear Up this War Mess in 6 Months, Iraq Will Slip Into Chaos' | America Readying to Withdraw from Its Iraq Devastation in Months | Iraq's Zionist Axis Government Slips into Crisis Morass | War Monger Bush Wants Troop Increase | Crazed White House Conducts Its Own 'War Review' In Case the Independent Review Does Not Rubber Stamp Bush's Pro-Zionist War Mongering Stance | Terrified Turkey Fears a Partitioned Iraq Would Mean a Kurdish Rebellion | Pelosi Speaks Before AIPAC Speaking All the Right Robotic Pro-Israeli and Pro-Jewish Lines, Especially Those in Support of the Zionist Death Regime | Pelosi's Close Ties to Subversive Jewish Groups | AIPAC's Espionage Network and the Bigoted Anti-Islam Specter AIPAC Casts upon American Foreign Policy Making | Four More U.S. Soldiers Have Been Killed in Iraq | Olmert Fears Ground Assault in Gaza Concentration Camp Might Kill Jews, Prefers Pinpointed Murder/Genocide of the Non-Jews Using Missiles | U.N. Human Rights Council Condemns Jewish Genocide of Non-Jews in Gaza Concentration Camp | U.N. Parliament: Send International Force to Gaza Concentration Camp to Protect Non-Jews from Militant Zionist Death Squads | Rabble Rousing Jewish ADL, a Much Disrespected Racial Divisiveness Group, Sounds Its Usual False and Foul Alarms on Anti-Semitism, This Time in Venezuela, Where Contrary to What the ADL Prints, the Jews are Quite Safe and Secure |

November 15
| U.N. Human Rights Council Debates Israeli Human Rights Violations including Numerous Homicides in Its Gaza Concentration Camp | Jewish Dominated Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups in Order to Continue Controlling America's Zionist Policies | Top U.S. General Says American Forces Won't Solve Iraq | The Jew Watch Project's Jewish Mafia Study Archive Entrance | 70 University Employees Freed in Mass Baghdad Kidnapping; 105 Other Non-School Related Corpses Dumped on Streets,,54 of Them Showed Signs of Torture | Jewish Control of the News | American Terror State Now So Desperate It Is Willing to Deal With Iran to Get Iraq Peace | Study Archive of Jewish Pornographers | Six U.S. Soldiers in Zionist Occupied Iraq Become Latest American Cannon Fodder | We Will Not Be Able to Survive Much Longer | Things Will Go Badly for Turkey If Iraq is Partitioned | Iraq: Is It Time to Leave? | Fox News Reporters Freed for $2 Million | Israel Denies U.N. Commission Investigating War Crimes to Interview Witnesses | Are Babies, Women, Cattle, Goats, and Other Animals Legitimate Targets in the Gaza Concentration Camp? | Jerusalem Gays to Continue Equality Fight | Shalit Prisoner Release Still at Impasse Because of Israeli Intransigence | Review of Arab Editorials Shows Huge Chasm Between the Arabs and the Discredited Zionist War Regime in Washington | Two Racist Skinhead Jewish Soldiers Accused of Executing Wounded, Unarmed Non-Jews in Gaza in Nazi Killing | Iran Continues Its Sustained Drive Toward Political, Nuclear, and Military Domination in the Middle East as the Much Hated U.S.-Israel Axis Continue To Decline in the Region | U.S. Plans Last Big Push That Will Kill More Americans and Still Not Win the Totally Hopeless War in Iraq, All Because Its Bull-Headed War Monger Leader, President Bush, Childishly Demands It | Self-Weakened and Desperate U.S. Zionist Government Now Desperately Seeks the Help of Syria and Iran Who Are Too Wary of CIA Betrayal to Lift a Finger for the American Terror State |

November 14
| Known For Years as a Political Liar and Deceiver, Benjamin Netanyahu Now Claims Without Any Proof that Ahmadinejad Is Preparing a New Holocaust | Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Official Statement of The Jew Watch Project's Objective -- To Promote Peace and Love Between People | Up to 150 University Employees Kidnapped by Baghdad Gunmen; As a Result All Iraqi Universities Are Ordered Closed | The Inhumane Jewish Invention and Administrative Control of the Russian-Jewish Concentration Camp Program Known as GULAG | Iraqi Higher Education Already Decimated by Bloodshed in America's Ruined Iraq | Jew Benjamin Freedman, The Jewish Conspirator Who Turned Coat and Warned the American People of the Jewish Communist Menace and How Its Conspiracies Worked to Destroy their Nation | International Group of Lawyers File Suit Against U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in German Court | The Public Exposure of Our World's Largest Hate Group | Jew Scooter Libby aka Irving Lewis Liebowitz Says No CIA Crime, No Leak, No Law Broken | Record Drop in Inflation Reported by the Jewish Internationally Controlled Private Banking Corporation Called 'The Federal Reserve System' | Yiddish Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve System | Robert Rubin, Former Jewish U.S. Secretary of Treasury under Clinton Says Democrats Must Raise Taxes Cut Deficits | Iraqi Artist Paints Donald Rumsfeld Gloating Over the Ruins of Zionist Baghdad | Tony Blair Says Solving the Israeli-Palestinian Blood Bath is the Only Route to Getting Arab States to Agree to Participating in Peace Plans for Solving the Illegal American War in Iraq | Meet the Carefully Appointed and Carefully Controlled Conspirators Appointed by Bush to the Administration's Iraq Study Group | Pro-Zionist American Terrorist Nation's Democracy Agenda in Iraq Declines Drastically in Importance Due to an Advancing Civil War | Turkey Which is 60% Kurdish Says Iraq Must Not Be Split into Three States -- i.e., It Fears It will Lose the Eastern 60% of Territory if Kurdistan Emerges as a Nation from the Ashes of the Lost Zionist Colony of Iraq | God-Believing Rabbi Goldstein Speaks Against Atheistic War Mongering Zionism | U.K. Daily Telegraph Quotes Unnamed Foreign Office Official on Unsubstantiated Claims That Iran Is Working to Replace a Declining Bin Laden with a Pro-Iranian Puppet Leader, All of Which Destroys Blair's Fascist U.K. Attempts for Western European Hegemony over All Middle Eastern Nations | U.N. Sleuths Representing Western European and American Nuclear Pig Nations With Heavy Arsenals of 20,000 H-Bombs Point to a Few Specks of Plutonium in Iran's Garbage Cans as Having Fantastic Potential International Nuclear Disaster | Al-Jazeera & Comcast Cable Deal for a Full Fledged Zionist Neutral Arab Cable Channel in Pro-Zionist U.S.A. on Hold, but Negotiations Continue | 2006 Election Report of the Pro-Zionist Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs Shows Jewish Meddling in Democratic Affairs |

November 13
| Subversive Domestic Jewish Organizations Call for an Immediate and Intolerant 'Witch Hunt' of Non-Jews Not Condoning Pro-Jewish Views Complimentary to the Hate-Filled, Racist Israeli Terror State | Palestinian Loss of Land, 1946-2000 | U.S. Trained Mexican Para-Military Commandoes Expand Mexican Mafia Murder and Drug Racketeering into 6 Pro-Zionist U.S. Border States | The Deadly History of Israel's Zionist Terror GangsJewish Blockbuster Comedy Film Threatened with Lawsuit for Deception | Adolf Hitler's Zionist Collaborators | Ahmadinejad: Zionist Regime Was Foisted Upon Palestine to Facilitate Formation of a Fake Government | The Racist and Deadly Jewish Control Over the Soviet Union's Leadership and Its Vast Killing Apparatus | Insurgent Resistance to European and American Fascist Occupation Forces Shoots Higher in Afghanistan at 600 Dead Per Month | European Invaders Losing Two Wars At Once | Death Toll 20, Wounded 18, in Single Iraq Bomb Blast, 159 Found Dead Sunday | 46 More Dead in Baghdad as Dozens of Bodies Are Found in Lost War | Pro-Zionist Blair Blames His Failure in Iraq on Iran, Issuing Bellicose Warnings of Racist Isolation and Blockade by European Fascist Nations | Baghdad Morgue Processed 1,600 Bodies in 31 Days, 85% of Bodies Had Deadly Injuries | Toward a 3-Nation Division of Iraq's Zionist Triggered War Time Morass | Election Results Steer Pro-Zionist U.S. Toward Withdrawing from Its Disastrous, Bloodied Civil War in Iraq Just As Soon As Possible | The Catastrophic Iraq Disaster Engineered by the Much Hated and Arrogant American Terror Nation | American Cannon Fodder Who Died Needlessly for Israel's Catastrophic and Ridiculous War in Iraq So Far This Month | 3rd Special Meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council on the Nazi Israeli War Crime Atrocities in the Gaza Concentration Camp | More Atrocity Pictures Including Those We Previously Archived for Posterity at The Jew Watch Project | The Names of 83 Palestinians Murdered by Nazi Israeli Terror Forces in the First 8 Days | Hezbollah Doubles Its Pre-War Missile Count in Lebanon | The 90-Year History of Jewish Lobbying for Endless Wars, Zionist Power, Appointments to Sensitive Government Positions, and Deception to Exploit and Defeat the People of the United States | The Vicious History of Power as Exercised by Subversive Zionist Lobbying Groups Operating Against the Best Interests of the United States | IDF General Rejects Criticism of Inquiry on His Decisions, Resigns from Leading Israel's Terrorist Occupation Army |

November 12
| Is Nancy Pelosi Really Jewish? Well, Do Snakes Have Tails? Read About U.S. House Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Family. | Arnold Rothstein, The Jew Responsible for the Chicago Black Sox World Series Scandal | Bomb Kills 35 More As Iraq Presses U.S. to Withdraw | Neurotic New York Jewish Women Who Founded and Ran the Feminist Movement into the Ground | Iran's Photo Drone Flies Over U.S. Naval Convoys, Transmits Detailed Logistic Photos to Arab TV News | Jewish Control of Non-Jewish Cultural and Ethnic Groups | Ahmadinejad Blasts U.N. Security Council for United States Terrorist Government Veto of Resolution Critical of Israel's Nazi Killings of 55 Mostly Women and Children  in its Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | Jewish Penetration and Control of Non-Jewish Human Rights Advocacy Groups | Zionist U.S., Iraq Government Desperate for Resolution to Growing War and Civil Unrest | Jewish War Lord, Ehud Olmert, Says Ahmadinejad, Who Unlike the War Criminal Israel Has Never Invaded a Nation, Must Be Stopped | Israel's Nazi Army Murders 16 Year Old Boy in Illegal Gaza Concentration Camp | Terrorist Visits United States and Received by U.S. President:  Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Heads for Washington D.C., Home of the Pro-Zionist Force's Puppet Government | Fury in London as Israel Damages U.K. War Cemetery | Iran Sternly Warns Israel of Grave Retaliation In Case of Attack | Why America's Folly in Supporting Israel Is Wrong on All Points | Israelis Worried About Fraying Relations with the United States | 'Israel Must Prepare for Full Scale War' and Other Recent Nazi Sayings | Israel Terror State's Lebanon General Resigns Over Failed War | Hamas Calls American Veto 'Ugly and Racist' Which, Of Course, Is True | Italy:  The Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp Attack by Israel Was a War Crime and Only Done to Boost Ehud's Poll Numbers | Malice Aforethought | Democrats Increase Pressures on Bush for Phased Withdrawal from Iraq | Increasingly Worried Bush Ready to Talk About Anything New on the Lost Zionist Iraq War | On Veterans Day, A Call for an End to the Zionist War |

November 11
| Karl Jacob Weiss - Zionist Conspirator & Assassin of Louisiana Senator Huey Long | Iraq: War for Israel | U.S. War Lords Veto World Resolution at U.N. Condemning Israel's Arab Child Massacre in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Bigoted Israel's Pro-Zionist Racial Purity Laws | Zionist Gay Pride Parade Cowers in University Stadium Away from Jerusalem's Many Closeted Religious Bigots | Terrorist Prime Minister Menachem Begin | Israel's Gay Icon Ivri Lider Shows Americans a Very Different and Bigoted Side of Israel | "Iraq in Fragments": Documents the Anarchy in Zionist Destroyed Iraq, Through the Eyes of Iraqis | Thousands Protest the U.S. and Israel Terror Nations | Leaders of the World's Best Known Zionist Terror States (Israel and U.S.) Meet in Washington At Time when Both Men are at their Political Lowest , Both Have Only 20% Approval, and the U.S. Readies Itself to Withdraw from a Hopelessly Destabilized Iraq | Israel's Gaza Tinder Box | In One Word: MASSACRE! | Human Rights Center Calls on Israel to Stop Massacre of Palestinians | Confronting 'Jew Laws' Passed to Kill Toleration of Free Speech and Religion | Zionism: The Experimental Baby Who Grew Up and Became the World's Best Known Monster of Nazism, Hatred, and Intolerance | Fighting Racism in Israel's Nazi Terror State | Israeli Soldiers Speak Out Against the Zionist Nazi Occupation | Youthful Jerusalem Arabs Riot, Set Fires Protesting Jewry's Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp Massacre | In Nazareth Thousands Protest Israel's Cowardly Nazi Attack and Slaughter of Non-Jewish Children and Mothers at the Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ties | Jewish Newspaper Discusses Israel Nazi State Policy by Both Parties | Jews Who Are 2% of U.S. Have 13% of Senate and 6.9% of House Members, Far Too Many for their Number | Jewish Monopolization of America's Fashion Industry |

November 10
| Jews Take Root on Capitol Hill | The Jewish Terrorist Timeline: 1944-1948 | Israel Has Made Death a Way of Life in Gaza | America's Jewish President | Defeated Zionist Republicans Draw Blood Dripping Political Swords From Their Own Chests and Plunge Them Into Caesar's Side: 'Why Didn't You Fire Rumsfeld To Help Us Win Instead of Waiting Until It Was Too Late to Save the Republican Majority?' | How Jewish Marxists Destroyed Senator Joseph McCarthy | German Lawsuit Seeks Prosecution of Pro-Zionist Axis Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, ex-CIA Director George Tenet, and Other U.S. Government Officials for War Crimes in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo | The Jewish Whiskey Barons | Now the Race to be President and Bow Before the Jewish Lobby | Chavez Calls Pro-Zionist President Bush 'Genocidal' and Needs to be Executed, Calls 911 a U.S. Govt. False Operation | Radicalization of Moslems in Britain Brings 1,600 Possibilities of Terror Attacks for U.K. Riddled with Immigration Pushed for Years by Subversive Leftwing Anti-British Jews | Strategy Void Deepens Mideast Crisis | Iran Will Not Back Down on Nuclear Program Says Top Negotiator | Israeli Gays Defy Religious Leaders, Stage Protest in Holy City of Jerusalem | Haaretz Publishes Moronic Article Claiming U.S. and Israel Share Human Rights Goals When Both are the World's Worst Terrorist and Killler States and are Now Hated by Everyone | How the Gaza Concentration Camp Offends Us | U.S. Terror State as Friend of Israel to Pay in Blood for Israel's Savagery in Gaza | McGovern Says Democratic Party Must Take Steps to End Iraq War | Democrats Elected to End the War |

November 9
| Murray Rothstein's Zionist CBS News Mourns Loss of Its Most Respected African American Ikon, Ed Bradly, 1941-2006. Mr. Bradley's News Presentations Will Be Missed by All Including Librarian and Journalist Frank Weltner of Jew Watch. | The Newhouse Family's Zionist News Monopolies | Both Sides of the Pro-Zionist Aisles of Congress Get Down to Business Legislating in Accord with Whatever Israel's Lobby Wishes After Election Sea Change | Anti-Semitism Made Capital Crime in Jewish Governed USSR Terror State | French Troops Come Just 2 Seconds from Shooting Down Israeli F-16 Jet Fighters | The Famine Created by the Leftwing Jews of Russia to Kill Off the Privately Owned Kulak Farms | Israel's Nazi Massacre in Its Racist Gaza Concentration Camp | The Jews and Bolshevism | Gaza Buries a Family of 20 Massacre Victims While Jewish Prime Minister Olmert Lies about Technical Mistakes inside the Sadistically Inhumane Israeli Concentration Camp | Entire World Except for U.S.A. Horrified by Beit Hanoun Massacre | Bloodied Horror Update on Jewish Crimes of Genocide Against Neighboring Non-Jews Today, November 9, 2006, inside Israel's Gaza and West Bank Nazi Concentration Camps | Amnesty International: Israel's Bloody Savagery Against Humanity | Israel's Nazi Massacre in Beit Hanoun: 'It's All Right. We Didn't Mean It.' | Arab Media: That Fairy Tale of Peace and Coexistence Is Ended | Isolated, Hate-Filled, Anti-Arab, and Pro-Zionist America Readies Its Fascist Veto of U.N. Resolutions Planned by the Entire Rest of the World Condemning Israel's Inhumane Nazi Massacre in its Arab Concentration Camps | Foreign Minister of Belgium "Shocked by Israel's Attack on Beit Hanoun" Which Is an "International War Crime" | Nazi Israeli Fascist Soldiers Fire Live Rounds at Children Democratically Protesting in Hebron Concentration Camp - This Outrageous Behavior Was Observed by Arriving U.N. Peace Keepers | Hamas Government Spokesman: Wipe Israel's Racist Nazi State Off the Map, Target the Fascist, Murderous U.S. | Nazi Jewish Skinhead Army Killers Leave Destroyed Beit Hanoun | Local Accounts of Bloody Nazi Attacks by Jews on Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | 42 Pro-Zionist Axis Regime's Palestinian Soldiers Die in Suicide Bomb in Payment for Massacre Last Week | 2 NATO Soldiers Killed by Bomb in European Military Disturbed Afghanistan | Afghan President Karzai Says Security Drastically Worsening in His Nation |

November 8
| Judeo-Neocon Bush White House, Congress, and Senate Rejected by People in Runaway Congressional Election | Poll: Prime Minister Olmert Seen as Israel's Most Corrupt Politician | Rush Limbaugh a Non-Jew Who Married a Jew: 'I am Sick and Tired of Carrying Water for Those Who Do Not Deserve It.' | Mordechai Vennunu: Mossad Spy Silenced and Imprisoned by Israeli Terrorists for Revealing Its Huge Illegal Nuclear Bomb Stash | Nazi Israeli Hate State Murders 19 Non-Jews, Many Women and Children, by Blindly Firing Night Rocket Explosions into Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | Israeli Torture and Imprisonment Without Trial of Thousands of Kidnapped Arab Youths | Count Rises to 20 Dead, 40 Wounded, Mostly Women and Children; Resume Suicide Attacks In Israel Because They Only Understand Their Own Blood | Archive of Recent Videos Appearing on Jew Watch | Hamas Chief:  That's It, The Truce Is Over. Kill Any Israeli You Want. | Jewish Mafia Exploits | Israel's Preparation for New War | Rattling the Cage: Why Israel Must Talk to Syria | Prime Minister of Lebanon: We Will Be the Last Arab Country to Sign a Peace Treaty with Israel | Israel's Demographic Surgeon: The Lieberman Nazi Solution | Judeo-Christian President Bush to Meet with War Criminal and Terrorist Terrorist from Israel, Ehud Olmert | 8-Year Probe of Israel's Neo-Nazi Vice Premier Lieberman of Israel's Will Wrap Up Soon | Terrorist Prime Minister Olmert Meets Russia's President President Putin, Promises to Work with Palestinians on Same Week More than 80 Including Women and Children are Murdered there by Racist Jewish Militants | Olmert Wants to Continue Jewish Racial Killing of Arabs in Gaza Concentration Camps | Saving Olmert in a Crazed and Fraudulent Israel - Five Professors Slam State Comptroller Despite His Investigations of Corruption | ADL Hate Group of the Jewish B'nai B'rith Cult Expresses Sly Jewish Intolerance of Aspects of Hundreds of Years of Formerly Unquestioned Traditional Christian Holidays Demanding that Totally Unrelated 'Diversity' Sensitivity be Applied by Government Where No Law or Christian Observance Ritual Requires Any Such Thing | Senator George Allen (R-Va) Named in Forward Newspaper's 51st Most Influential Jew in America | Jewish Fascist DAFKA Cult Openly Spreads Anti-Arab Hate on Campuses to Build False Propaganda Support for the Israeli Terror State | Review of the Jew Sasha Cohen's "Barat" Comedy Reveals Jewish Brilliance | Jews in Israel Figure America Is Easily Manipulated for the Jewish Terror State's Advantage No Matter Which Party Wins | Deportation by Pro-Zionist U.S. Government for Pro-Jewish Hate Inquisition and Trial of Germar Rudolf for Researching and Publishing Discovered Facts on the Jews' Holocaust Assertions | 

November 7
| U.S. Vote May Alter Stance on Mideast Even Though AIPAC Has Totally Corrupted Both Parties | Theodore Hertzl, Founder of Zionism | Columbia University Bonded with Nazis | The Jewishness of Sigmund Freud | How the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Bund Promotes Its Racist Anti-White Hatred and Divisive Sleaze in Jewish Monopoly Owned Newspapers and TV Networks | Stalin's Jewish Ways | Congress Will Be Filled with AIPAC Democrats | The Problem of Fake Jewish Hate Crimes | U.S. Tells Racist Israeli Nazi State Not to Attack Iran and to Release Hamas Legislators | Militant Jewish Nazis Leave Gaza Concentration Camp, Enter 2nd Camp, Murder Another 8 Non-Jews | As Soon as Murdering Jews Leave the Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp, Survivors Bury and Mourn Their Murdered Relatives | Jewish Economic Tsar, James Wolfenson, Former World Bank Head, Says In Two Years Israel Will Lose Its Mideast Position to Iran and That U.S. Will No Longer Offer the Same Friendship | Neo-Nazi Lieberman: Israel Needs Minority Separation Same as Serbia | Something's Rotten in that Racist Neo-Nazi Israel | Israeli Murder State Kills 50 Non-Jewish Palestinians in 5 Days | Israel Patents Revolutionary Profitable Method for Easily Extracting Oil from Shale | 'Recognizing Israel' Would Mean Condoning an Openly Racist Nazi State, its Murder, Land Theft, Torture System, and Gross Hatred for Non-Jews | President Jimmy Carter, Critic of Israel in New Book | AIPAC's Close Relationship with Spy Committee Congresswoman Jane Harmon | French Zionist Court Hears Case Against Citizen Who Refuses to Believe Unproven Assertions that a Jewish Holocaust Really Happened | Jews in New York Times Treat Lebensborn Kinder Who Were Fathered by Aryan SS Soldiers as Mere "Commoners" in a Race-Oriented anti-Aryan Article | Justice Dept. Increasingly Tossing Terrorist Cases Citing Inaccurate and Intellectually Dishonest Accusations | Pro-Zionist Mexican Ambassador Says, We Need North American Union in 8 Years | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Reports Nazi Infighting | Rice: Better to Have Hamas Ruling than Killing Jews |

November 6
| Pro-Zionist U.S. Generals Interrupt Iraqi Court Trial of Non-Jewish U.S. Citizen and Judge Comes Out 15 Minutes Later, Halts Trial, and Condemns the Non-Jewish Man to Death Without a Hearing | Jew Watch Requests Your Donation Now | U.K. Mothers Challenge Legality of Pro-Zionist Iraq War | How the Leftwing Militant Jewish Marxists in America Destroyed Non-Jewish Joseph McCarthyU.S. vs. AIPAC | Israel's Nuclear Blackmail | What It Will Take to End Bush's Pro-Zionist War Folly | How to Help Spread the Facts About Jewish Hate of Non-Jews by Either Blogging or Posting of Your Own Jew Watch Project and Easily Linking It to Jew Watch Materials | Shiite Dominated Iraq Offers Return of Lucrative Jobs to Sunni's to Calm Nation over Saddam's Imminent Hanging | Judeo-Bolshevik Revolutionary Red Guards of Germany, Kurt Eisner | U.S. Citizen's Unjust Court Case in Iraq Immediately Appealed to Supreme Court | Bush to Meet with and Honor Israeli Prime Minister Olmert whom the World Knows is the Jewish Butcher and Child Killer of Beirut | The Extreme Risks to Israeli Existence From Its Recent Neo-Nazi Invasion to Attack and Kill Arabs inside the Inhuman Gaza Concentration Camp | Jewish Nazi Army Getting Ready for Newest Racist War of Zionist Terror and Intolerance Against Non-Jews in Lebanon and Syria | Syrian Foreign Minister Urges Israeli Nazi Government to Eschew Its Fascist War Plans and Enter Peace Talks with Officials in Damascus Before It Is Too Late for Peace | Brain Dead Body of Ex-Prime Minister and Accused War Criminal Arial Sharon Moves from Life Support Back to Hospital Bed | The Case for Hitlerian 'Liebensraum' or 'Living Room' for the Growing, Racist Israeli Nazi Nation | Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Israel's Nazi Torture Accuses Jews of Obvious Genocide Against Moslems | 'It is Inexplicable That We Would Hold Israel's Coat for Them and Let Them Kill Lebanon' Says Ex-U.S. Secretary of State Armitage | Israel's Ability to Believe in Victory Injured Now and Only a Second Vicious War in Lebanon Will Cure It | Israel Allows Gay Parade in Holy City Despite Ignorant Threats by Intolerant Religious Morons | Military Correspondent Says Israel Will Go to War Again Soon | Moslem Medics Urge End to Israeli War of Gaza Genocide | Four Non-Jews in Palestine Executed for Cooperating with Israel's Deadly Nazi Army | Syria Threatens War With Israel | Gaza Patriots Threaten to Bring War into Israel with Hundreds of Human Bombs if Jewish Nazi Army Continues to Invade Gaza Concentration Camp | Israeli Terror State's Corruption Increasing | Latest Powerful Review of "The Power of Israel in the United States" |

November 5
| Pro-Zionist America Tires of a Broken and Badly Destabilized Iraq | Sad Litany of Recent Jewish Wars in Middle East | Saddam Faces Death as a Brave Warrior Despite Negative Judeo-Journalist Spin | Robert Oppenheimer New York Jewish Spy Master Selling Atomic Secrets to the USSR | Republican Party's Pro-Zionist Christians Face Loss of House and Senate | Marinus van der Lubbe, The Jew Who Burned Down the German Reichstag | Retired German Priest Burns Himself to Death to Protest Growth of Islam in Christian Lands | Armand Hammer - FDR Confidant, Communist, Capitalist, Zionist, Millionaire, and Jew | Israel's Neo-Nazi Lieberman Says Separate Jews and Arabs | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Jewish Antecedents | Neo-Nazi Israel Faces Its Impotence in the Useless, Never Ending Gaza Charade | Israel: Divorce America, Marry Russia | Racist Israeli Militants Bloody Gaza, Kill 7 Non-Jewish Palestinian Defenders, 1 Non-Jewish Palestinian Girl | Arab Parliamentarians in Syria Meeting Demand Israel Release Thousands of Kidnapped Palestinian Prisoners Hidden in Jewish Torture Dungeons | Jews and Arabs Can Never Live Together Says Israel's Neo-Nazi Vice Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman | Jews Hated More Than Arabs in America - Violence Is Rare, Just 1 Anti-Semitic Case for Every 228,310 Persons in U.S., Most Minor w/Only 1,314 Total Cases | Militant Cutthroat Jewish Nazis Kill 2 Innocent Red Cross Medics in Clearly Marked Ambulance in Gaza Concentration Camp | Pope Benedict Condemns Savage Jewish Violence in Gaza | Jewish Prime Minister Olmert Defies Holy Christian Pope, Uses Rockets as a Lame Excuse for Gaza War Acts  But Israel Fires Ten Times More Rockets on Gaza than are Fired Back | Judeo-Christianity's Fallen Leader and Friend of Israel, Pastor Ted Haggard, Admits His Judeo-Christian Sinfulness and Publishes a Very Sensitive, Apologetic, and Heartfelt Letter of Contriteness to His Church | Zionists Seek to Silence Critics of Israel. Well, Duh... | ADL's Foxman Under Fire for Saying There Are No Tolerant Moslims | Israeli Sycophant and Highly Arab Populated France Awards Its Legion of Honor to a Jew Raised by a Christian Whom Many Allege to be America's Most Bigoted Jewish Supremacist | Neo-Nazi Israeli Vice Prime Minister Wants 'Jews Only' Homogeneous Nation |

November 4
| Six Arab States Join Rush To Go Nuclear | Jewish Torture of Non-Jews in Israel's Dungeons | Women Honored by Gaza Nation, Rushed to Mosque and Place Selves in Danger to Stop Israeli Savages from Shooting Patriots of the Occupation, 2 Killed by Jewish Terror Forces | Russian Jewish Genocide Against Millions of Non-Jewish Kulaks in The Ukraine, 1932-1933 | Israeli Occupation Monsters Kill More Than 40 in Gaza, Hamas and Fatah Meet to Form a Coalition and End Jewish Savagery | The Jewish Bitch of New York - The Anarchist Emma Goldman | Civil War in Bloodied Iraq May Follow Saddam Death Verdict Cheney: No Matter the Election Outcome, Iraq Will Proceed 'Full Steam Ahead' | Neocon Culpa Says Vanity Fair | George W. Bush Vetoed the Plan His Father Made for Him to Replace Rumsfeld with a Top General | Partitioning Iraq: Would Cutting the Nation into Pieces Cure the Ethnic Problem or Exacerbate It? | Zionist Press Shoves Fallen Homosexual, Drug-Using Minister Down Judeo-Christianity's Fully Exposed Throat | Comedian Borat Cohen Goes Wild Opens #1 in Theaters | Iraq Hangs in Balance, Nervously Waits to See If Saddam Gets Noose from the Much Hated Pro-Zionist American Occupation Force | Christian Occupation Invaders from Europe Ambush Indigenous Moslem Patriots Near Kabul, Afghanistan | Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of the Neo-Nazi Israeli Terror State Falls to 20% Support | Olmert's Russian Jewish Nazi Alliance Government Threatens Mideast Peace | Jewish Father Grieves Death of His Viciously Armed Militant Yiddish Son Killed in Olmert's Fascist Israeli Hate Raid Into Non-Jewish Gaza Strip Killing and Making Cripples of Tens of Innocent Indigenous Christians and Moslems Including Women, Boys, and Babies | Corruption Czar Linked to Allegedly Shady Deals with Prime Minister Olmert | Olmert's Neo-Nazi Appointee Speaks Out, Says Peace Process Failed, Strong Man Methods Required | Israeli Nazi Forces Round Up Boys, Interrogate, Kill Gaza's Patriots, and Wreck Homes, Buildings, Make Lame Claim All Non-Jewish Persons Murdered by Jewish Terrorists in Attacks Are Militants | Non-Jewish Palestinians Fire Back, Wounding 3 Jewish Israeli Occupation Militants in Rafah, Gaza | Arab Parliamentarians Meeting in Syria Condemn Jewish Israeli Offensive into Non-Jewish Palestinian Gaza Declaring it Mass Genocide |

November 3
| Major U.S. Jewish Conspirators Meet to Map Out New Israeli Strategies Before Committing their American Puppets to Their Pro-Zionist and Anti-American Decisions Which Will Continue to Spread Havoc on American Interests World Wide | Zionist Philanthropist Walter Annenberg's Ticket Out of Hell | Nuclear Confusion in A-Bomb Fat Israel and Its Racist Neo-Nazi Terror State | The Jewish Defense League's Leader and Founder, Meir Kahane, That Good Old Terrorist All-American Jew Boy | The Jewish Fix Is In: Americans Will Suffer Under Their Zionist Masters No Matter What Happens, Because the U.S.'s Coup d' Etat Will Remain in Effect and in Israel's Pocket No Matter Which Pro-Zionist Political Party Wins There | Genocidal Jewish Anti-Christian Activities and Movements | Judgment Day for Saddam Looms to Coincide With American Elections | The A-Z of Russia's Jewish Oligarchs | Zionist American Occupation Thugs Put Iraq on Alert for Higher Violence to Coincide with American Elections and an Unpopular Hanging Verdict for Iraq's Beloved and Duly Elected President Saddam Hussein | The Unbelievable Christian Conversion of a Troubled and Talented Athletic Jewish Boy Named Marty Tadman | Texas Puts 'Virtual Border Watch' On Line Despite Certainty of Subversive Protests by Many Jewish Anti-American Organizations | Extremely Popular Jewish Senator Lieberman Continues His Winning Election Way as Independent Senate Candidate | Pro-Zionist U.S. Government and Military Pave New Email Voting for Troops Despite Questions | Pro-Zionist Republicans Prove Racist in Removing Flu Shots from Hispanic and Black Polling Places for Fear It Would Increase Democratic Turnout | Globalist Inventor of the World Wide Web Fears Internet May Bring Anti-Democratic Surprises in an Unknown and Uncontrolled Virtual Future | All Ocean Fish May Become Extinct in 50 Years in Increasingly Polluted Zionist-Controlled World of Materialism and Resulting Aquatic Death | Fish Watch:  A Mind-Boggling Dead Oceanic Projection in an Increasingly Exploitive Zionist New World Order Future | Jewish Song Mafia Sues Woman for Kids Downloading 1,000 Songs Available Free on FM Radio and Library CD Collections | Jewish-Owned Google and Similar Internet Search Companies Will Be Able to Tell What Everyone Did on the Internet Forever | Pro-Zionist British Believe President Bush More Dangerous than North Korean President Kim Jong-Il and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad | Multi-Million Shekel Semi-Corpse of the War Criminal and Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon Rushed to Hospital |

November 2
| Hypocritical Zionist Democrats Reveal the Immorality of Hypocritical Zionist Republicans | Introducing The Jew York Times Company | Gaza Is a Jail. No One Can Enter or Leave Without a Pass. | Jewish N.Y. Times Pulitzer Prize Deceiver, Walter Durante | Arabian Press Anger Builds Over Ongoing Zionist Militant Sadism | The 6 Jewish Companies that Own 96% of Media | Mideast Summit 'Imminent' Between Palestinians and Their Tel Aviv Zionist Terrorist Tormentors | The Unfair Jewish Cabal at NPR | Hezbollah Confirms Secret Talks with Official Israeli Terror Representatives | Jewish Africa Slave Trade to the Americas | Mossad Deception Found in Lame Claim that Israel's Fascist Overflights are Being Used to Pressure the U.N. to Stop Arms to Hezbollah | Israel's Neo-Nazi Government Sticking Its Head in Sand Over Impending U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq | A Broke Israeli Government With No Friends and No Place to Go May Reluctantly Accept the Saudi Peace Plan | James Petra's 18 Points That Must be Implemented to End the Subversive Anti-American Influence of the Israeli Lobby | Judeo-American Occupation Era Drawing to an End in the Middle East | Provocation in Lebanon's Skies | Opposing Religions in Jerusalem Find Unity in Hate | Israel's Existential Crisis | Sharp Increase in Corporate Boycotts of Israel Proposed by Arab Organizations | Deteriorating Race Law and Related Arab Diversity Problems Escalating in Israel | Occupational Forces and Their Racist Anti-Arab Prisons | Precarious Congress Courts Jewish Votes; How Jews View the Issues | U.S. vs. AIPAC | Dr. David Duke Teaches 'Anti-Semitism 101' at Kiev University |

November 1
| How Zionist Neocon Favorites Duped U.S. | Four Neurotic Jewish Women Founded the Feminist Movement | A Fanciful Neocon Version of Our Expansionist History | The Israeli Terror State's Long-Term Commitment to Its Continuous Wars of Arab Annihilation | Jewish Center for Defense Information Tries to Subvert U.S. Security | The Child Pedophile, Murderer, and Rapist Whose Court Case Started the Subversive Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith's Ritualistic Religious Child Penis Surgery Cult | Meet the Fantastic Gaggle of Zionists at the CDI - Center for Defense Information | Zionist Neo-Nazi Terror Squads Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Jewish Ringworm Children | Lenin's Jewish Mummy | Seven U.S. Presidents Were Jewish Pawns Caught Up by the Masters of Deception | The Not So Lovable President Lieberman of the Israeli Terror State | Meet the Subversive Jews of the German Socialist Revolution, Because Every Person Mentioned in This History Is Jewish | President Bush Agrees to Meet and Discuss Iran with Alleged Israeli War Criminal In Two Weeks | Olmert Says Israel May Widen Its Genocidal Policies in Gaza | Dwindling Fortunes of the Olmert Government in an Israel Constantly Plagued with the Worst Atrocities, Scandals, War Crimes, and Frauds | Cheney Pushing Israel Toward Fascism | Jewish Burlesque Opens on Loan From Detroit to Chicago in a One Night Stand | Israel's Genocidal Killing Rage Continues in Bloodied Gaza, 8 Moslems, 1 Militant Zionist Dead | Russia Defends $700 Million Sale of Missiles to Iran as Limited in Range and Defensive in Nature Only | Israel, Lebanese War Burns Pot Smokers | Israeli War Lords Threaten to Defy U.N. 1701 Ceasefire | Israel Vows to Continue Dangerous, Provocative, and Illegal Flights Over Sovereign Lebanese Territory | P.W. Botha Felt Israel Had Betrayed All South Africans | Israel Emerging as Key Factor in Connecticut Senate Race | Israel Planning Advertising B.S. to Present False Picture of Israel as a Non-Violent Place | Israel Commits Collective Human Rights Violations against Palestinian People in Concentration Camps Known as 'Occupied Palestinian Territory' |  


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