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January 1, 2022 - Best Wishes for a Happy New Year
| Reflecting on the Fading Hell that Marks the Year 2006 | Jews Found, Dominate and Control Politically Correct Jewish-Christian Religious Propaganda Conspiracies as Predicted by 'The Protocols of Zion' | Saddam's Planned Death was Executed in the Nick of Time; Had He Lived Any Longer, America's Involvement in Many of His Regime's Crimes Would Have Been Exposed to the World in Saddam's Future Trials | How New York's Jewish Marxists Plotted to Destroy Joe McCarthy | Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror State's Occupation Forces Death Toll Reaches 3,000 | The Jewish Bankers Who Funded the Red Revolution in Russia to Produce the Deadly Jewish Run USSR | No Calm in Baghdad After Hanging, 80 Dead | Citizen Annenberg: 'So Long, You Rotten Bastard' | Hundreds Defy American Puppet Government, Flock to Pay Respect at Saddam Hussein's Gravesite, Respectfully Bow and Kiss Its Ceremoniously Draped National Flag | America's Complicity in Saddam's Crimes, Especially the Gassing of Kurds with Gas Supplied by the American War Criminal Nation | A Calm and Regal President Hussein of Iraq's Republic Tells His Subversive Executioners to 'Go to Hell!' | Good News for New Year 2007:  Haaretz Says Palestinian Prisoner Exchange Agreement Between Israel, Hamas, and Fatah About to Be Announced, Shalit to be Freed, 450 Kidnapped Palestinians to Be Returned, More to be Released Later | Saddam Hanging Spurs Joy in Iran, Kuwait, Ire in Saudi Arabia | Canada Probing Abuse Claims of Children of Russian Immigrant Families Seeking Asylum From Israel | The Zionist Leader Who Saved Israel from Nixon | Jesse Jackson: Hanging Will Make Violence Worse in Pro-Zionist Axis' Occupied Iraq | Jewish Owned and Operated NY Times On the Tragic Meaning of the 3,000 Non-Jewish Americans Who Are Dead in the War for Israel in Iraq Without Mentioning Their Non-Jewishness | Jewish Owned Washington Post Analyses the Carnage of Many Non-Jewish American Iraqi Occupation Force Soldiers Buried at Arlington National Cemetery Without Mentioning the Irony of their Non-Jewishness | Is Even Bloodier Armageddon in Iraq Coming in Aftermath of Saddam's Being Made the World's Latest Visionary and Martyr? | Iraqis Riveted by the Extremely Violent and Hated Pro-Zionist Puppet Government's Hanging of President Saddam Hussein |

December 31 - New Years Eve
| Iraqi Citizens Answer American Terror State's Illegal Murder of President Saddam Hussein:  The First Installment of Their Payback is 80 Iraqis Dead in Same Day of His Murder | Proof of The Reality of the Grand Conspiracy of Zionists as Outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Jewish Control of America's Mass Media | Crowd Gathers to Protest Murder of Saddam by Illegal Zionist Axis Occupation Government's Kangaroo Court, Says Saddam Hussein Was Iraq's Savior, Not Its Enemy | St. Catherine's Basilica Is Rebuilt After Jewish Generals in the Jewish USSR Destroyed It In Order To Express their Judeo-Bolshevik Hatred for Russia's Innocent Christian Believers | Conspiracy Theory 101: Is this Man Really Saddam Hussein? Check Out These Pictures of His Recent Double's Underbite at the Baghdad Trial vs. the President's Earlier Overbite, Then Decide. | Pro-Zionist President Dwight David Eisenhower Killed 1.7 Million German Soldiers in Allied Concentration Camps Built Specifially to Kill Them | Israel Increases Control Over Palestine by Requiring Foreigners to Acquire Travel Visas to Enter Palestine | President Eisenhower, a Self-Admitted Jew | Israel Murdered 683 People in Zionist Controlled Palestinian Concentration Camps | Neocons Endanger the Empire: Mossad Agents Can Testify in America's Courts Under Aliases Making It Impossible for the Defense Attorney to Gain Legal Discoveries | Pro-Zionist Military Poll Shows Dim View of  the Outcome for the War for Israel in Iraq | While Jewish Neocons Were Taking America to War for Israel, The World Moved On... | Archbishop of Canterbury Says Decision to Go to War Flawed and He Should Have Been More Active in the Anti-War Movement | Thousands of Jewish Owned News Organizations Play the Same Old Pre-Written Tune That Saddam Was a Brute, But Remain Conspiratorially Silent About How the CIA Invented and Supported His Regime and How Even Worse Brutality Can Be Found in All of the Leaders of Israel But Receive No Coverage At All | Pay As You Go War | The Coming Pro-Zionist War on the Pro-Zionist War; Whatever You Are Going to Hear from Them, the Same Pro-Zionists Will Dominate Both Sides of the Argument As They Always Have, Because They Own Both the Media and the Government | Illegal Hanging of Saddam Used by Bush to Combine the War in Iraq with the War on Terror | Israeli Torture Dungeon Nation Rejects Request for Release of Innocent Young Untried Palestinian Prisoners | Why the War for Israel Was Doomed from the Start | Mukhtar's Iraq Letter to Nancy Pelosi: Significant Analysis |

December 30
| Saddam Executed by Despots of the American Terror State | U.S. Terror Nation's Troops on Highest Alert | Text of Saddam's Final Farewell Letter to the World: A Significant Read | N.C. Bar Files Charges Against Duke DA | Israel Terror States Hopes New Election Will Bring a U.N. Civil Rights Council that Will Not Condemn Its Cruel, Genocidal Horrors It Inflicts Upon Palestine's Children | Israel's Dominance May Be Retreating in Slow Reversal | Russia Blames Jewish Oligarch Hiding inside Israel for Poisoning of Kremlin Critic Alexander Litvinenko | Israel's Terrorist Zionazis Murdered 660 Palestinians in 2006 Including 141 Children | Religiously Swindled Christians Honor the Israeli Terror State, Hoping to Get the Blessing of God for Accepting Israel's Ungodly Murder of Palestinian Women and Children | Subversive Monster ADL Issues 10 Most Important Issues Affecting Jews, Most of them Merely Lies Swaddled in the False Jewish Clothing of Wrong Ideas about the Realities in this World | Intolerance Christian-Hating Israel Pushed So Many Christians Out that They Now Represent Only 2.1% of the Zionazi Terror State | Bush: More Time Needed to Devise Winning Strategy in Iraq. Is This Mad Man For Real? | Ford: Bush Made 'Big Mistake' on Iraq Justifications | Religious Martyr Kills Nine Near Mosque and 32 Torture Bodies Found, and This Happens Even Before Saddam Hangs | Iraqi's Await Death of Saddam in America's Final Dangerous Power Play of Cruelty and Stupidity which Can Easily Ignite the Entire Nation in Anti-American Hatred |

December 29
| World Today Radio Program, December 28, 2021 | VB Radio Program: 'We Have the Right' - Hear A Rare Frank Weltner Dialog with Michael Von Bluvens on Free Speech | President Gerald Ford Flies Back to Washington DC Today for Respectful Honors | America's Arab 'Friends' Leave the West's Tainted and Sinking Pro-Zionist Ship, Cash In their Dollars for Higher Valued Currencies | Bob Woodward:  Ex-President Ford Disagreed with Bush's Occupation of its Quarrelsome and Lost Colony of Iraq | Presidential War Lord George W. Bush Meets and Conspires to Keep Killer War Going for Israel and AIPAC | New Democratic House and Senate to Veto War Monger President's Plan for More Troops in His Already Lost and Deadly Iraq Debacle | The Situation in Zionist America's War for Israel in Occupied Iraq Will Get Worse in 2007 | Saddam's Lawyer Argues It Is Against International Law for Americans to Hand Saddam Who Is a 'Prisoner of War' Over to His Enemies | 54 Iraqi Citizens, 7 U.S. Military Die as What Kissinger Refers to as 'Cannon Fodder' in Lost Iraq | Saddam's Death to be Videotaped, Even in Death the West's Indomitable Appetite to Hate Continues | President Ahmadinejad's 'Open Letter to the American People' | Zionist George W. Bush's Disdain for Americans Includes This Edict He Signed for Martial Law and the Abolishment of all of Your Constitutional Rights |

December 28
| World Today Radio Program, December 28, 2021 | Saddam Takes Higher Road to Execution: 'My Martyrdom is a Willing Sacrifice for Iraq,' Remove American Terror State, Let Go of Hate | The Sadistic Connection: Communism & Freudianism | Internet Letter Urges Iraq's People Not to Hate Anyone, Even Iraq's Pro-Zionist Colonial Invaders and Tormentors | Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ancestry | Duke Case Reflects Doubts Concerning the Propriety of Typical Jewish ADL Type Racist Accusations in America | The Jewish-Owned Washington Post Newspaper & Propaganda Operative | A Very Good Read: Banality, Barefaced Lies, and A Zionist Press That Purposefully Ignores Great Truths | The Jewish Bankers Who Financed the Russian Red Revolution | Duly Elected President Saddam Hussein of the Republic of Iraq Is Doomed | Zionist Owned Shopping Malls Continue to Troll Westerners for Higher Merchant Profits, Some of Which Will Go to Israel | U.S. Says Death of Saddam Hussein Marks 'Milestone' for Iraqi Justice, Meanwhile President Bush Who Has Unjustly Murdered 650,000 Iraqis in 3 Years of Illegal Occupation and War Is Still Free to Rule a Huge War Mongering Armed Force and to Kill Iraqi Citizens on Land, Rivers, and from the Air | Israeli Terrorist State Resumes Bombing Using Lame Deception that They Are Simply Responding to Rocket Attacks, But The Real Reason is Zionism's Constant Genocide of Palestine | Palestinian Christians Backstabbed by Broken Jewish Promises | Following Iraq's 'Grim Reaper' in America's Sadistic Anti-Arab War from Hell | Jewish Immigration into the Israeli Terrorist State is On the Rise, Demographically Offsetting Higher Arab Birth Rates | Israeli Spies at Odds on Credibility of Syria's Peace Talk Overtures | Zionist Senator Arlen Specter Follows Trail of Many Democrats, Visits Syria, Says Damascus Really Wants to Talk with Israel | 382,000 or 17% of Israeli Children on Welfare | Conspiring Jews See Christian Zionists as their Key to Continued Israeli Power over the U.S. Terror Nation and Its Military Operatives | U.S.-Israeli Terror Nations Send Regular Spies Into Palestine to Provoke Violent Civil War in the Streets to End Negotiations for Unity Government | EU Condemns Israel's Continued New Genocidal West Bank Concentration Camp Settlements of Unwanted and Illegal Jews | 35% of Israeli Children Fall Below Poverty Level | Murderous Terror Allies in Europe and America Gloat as a Mad Hatter Rush to the Gallows Looms for Saddam Hussein | Biden Sets Stage for Newest Political Battle Over the Lost War in Iraq |

December 27
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Zionist Politico Shocker: Hillary at Low 4th Place in Iowa | Exclusive Photo Archive of Zionist Nazi Thug Child Murders at the Jewish Run Gaza Concentration Camp | Israeli Terror State Commits New Genocide in West Bank: Jewish Thug State Opens Settlement in Palestinian Territory, Stealing Non-Jewish Land for Resettlement of Hateful Racist Jews from Gaza | House Un-American Activities Committee Hearings and How They Exposed the Depth of the Jewish Communist Control of Hollywood | The All New Hamas Christmas Under the Cruel Genocidal Occupation Forces of the Israeli Anti-Arab Terror State and Its Supporting Goons in the Jewish Controlled American White House | Aaron Kosminsky, the Polish Jew Who Could Have Been the Real Jack the Ripper | The Day the Music Died, James Brown, Born 1933, Died Christmas Day 2006 | 'My Fellow Americans, Let Us Shoot Ourselves in the Foot' - More Americans Die in Iraq than 9/11 | Jewish Weeds Among the Church Members | New and Even More Zionist Congress to Pass Easy Mexican Citizenship Bill and Not Build a Fence | Hypocritical Israeli Terror State Protests Miniscule Rocket Fire from Palestine After It Illegally Carpet Bombed Cities in Lebanon with Millions of Deadly U.S. Made Cluster Bombs | After a Year of Mossad Deceptions and Lying, Israel Finally Admits It Illegally Bombed Red Cross Ambulance | Iraq's Highest American Puppet Court Upholds Death Sentence for Saddam Hussein Who is the Democratically Elected President of Iraq | Merry Christmas: 6 in Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq Dead including 5 Army, 1 Marine | After Visiting Iraq, Sen. Dodds Declares, I've Seen Enough! Let's Get Out! | Christians in Iraq Brave Violence of Civil War to Celebrate Their Christmas | Israel's Nazi Cohorts to Pass Non-Jewish Palestinians More Rapidly Through the Jewish Occupation's Racist, Genocidal Check Points | Christians Unite With Hezbollah's Moslems to Celebrate Christmas with Tree and Santa While Rallying at State House to Topple the Pro-Zionist and Pro-American Terror State's Puppet Government in Beirut | Isolated Israeli Nazi Fuehrer Ehud Olmert Backs Off, Blinks, Asks to Meet With Syria | Lebanon Seeks to End the Regime and Begin a New Unity Government without U.S. Terror State Influence of Any Sort |

December 26
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Relations Between Bush and Olmert Regimes Darkening, U.S. Blocks Weapons to Israel | Shin Bet Leader Details Murders of the Israeli Terror State | American Terror Empire Captures 5 Iranians, 3 Sent to Unidentified Dungeons for Torture Questioning | Anti-American Jewish Criminal Super Spy Jonathan Pollard | Iraq Protests American Arrests of Iranians, Says They Were Invited Diplomats, Fear Iran Repercussions | Did Jews in Our Zionist Media Conspire in Creating Their Unworthy Albert Einstein Legend? | Mossad: Syrian Askance for Peace Is Real | Palestinian Holocaust Photos: Israeli Terror State's Gaza Concentration Camp Massacre by Jewish Thugs on October 12, 2021 | American Commanders Ordered to Reluctantly Accept More Military Cannon Fodder in Iraq, Unwanted and Dying American Military Meat Is Being Stuffed Down their Throats and into Harm's Way by the Much Hated and Popularity Dwindling Presidency of George W. Bush in Washington DC | American Terror State Horror: 12,000 Policemen Killed in Iraq Since U.S. War Broke Out in 2003 | Israeli Terror State's Jews Use Christmas in Bethlehem to Smear Moslems as Reason Christians Left the Area, But Jews Were Actually Systematically Killing and Arresting Many to Drive the People Out of Bethlehem | Hamas Official Denies Drawing Up Truce Plan with Israel | British Attack Police Station, Murder 7 Police Officers Calling Them 'Renegade' as Lame Colonialist Excuse | Israel Agrees to Talks with Syria | Pope's Christmas Speech Expresses Concern for the Middle East Which Has Been Carved to Death by the Israeli Terror State | Christmas Turned into a Failed Festival of the Malls with Low Sales Figures, As Consumers Seem to Have Tired of America's Materialist Culture of Greed | Iran: U.N. Hypocrisy Seen in Israeli vs. Iran Nuclear Program Cases | Abbas, Olmert Meet in Jerusalem, Israel to Release $100 Million in Funds Stolen from Palestine, Some Roadblocks to be Opened | Israel Considers Good Will Release of a Few Dozen Prisoners Languishing in Torture Dungeons | Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem on Christmas: End All Fighting Between Jews, Christians, and Moslem and Bring Peace to Our World | Israel's Supreme Court Deliberates Zionazi Nation's Decision to Banish Hamas Representatives | Palestinian Christians Suffer Economically as Israel Scares Off Business in Jerusalem | Arkady Gaidamak Considers Run for Jerusalem Mayor | The History of Jerusalem Over Thousands of Years | Patriarch of Jerusalem: All You Need Is Love, But Christians Leaving Brutal Israeli Occupation for Other Nations | Israeli Puppet Masters Decide to Remove Some Roadblocks to Help Fatah Win Election in the Zionist Concentration Camps of Gaza and West Bank |

December 25 - Christmas 2006
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Gloom Hovers Over Bethlehem Christmas | Give a Nice Christmas Donation to The Jew Watch Project | Little to Cheer About in Bethlehem This Year Due to Zionist Apartheid Wall | Israel's Palestinian Land Heist with Videos | Oh! Bethlehem, Where Art Thou? | Time Line of Early Zionist Terror, 1944-1948 | President Abbas to Attend Bethlehem Mass Tonight | How the Russian Jewish Mafia is Taking Over Israel's Underground | Western Christians Remember their Christian Brothers Living for Centuries in Bethlehem | Correcting the False Urban Legends Surrounding the Holocaust's Anne Frank | Pope Offers Christian Wish for Peace | Selfish 'Me-Only' Zionist Organization of America Gives Zionist Puppet Bush an Old Tyme Sanhedrin Whipping for Not Moving U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as America's Zionist Controllers Have Ordered | Is the World's Most Hated American Terror State Getting Ready to Destroy Iran as It Has Iraq? | ZOA Urges Protests Against Bush for Keeping U.S. Embassy Out of Israel's Illegally Stolen Holy City of Jerusalem | Honesty Not Acceptable: Jews Everywhere Sadistically Crucify Jimmy Carter | U.S. Army to Pay $4.6 Billion for Translators in Iraq | Critical Loss of Morale in Iraq Reported by TBR News | Judeo-Christian George Bush's Gay Gate | Apartheid's Gruesome Zionist Reality in Palestine | It's Just One Big Prison, A Daily Glimpse of Life in Apartheid Palestine | 'Nativity' Movie, Poor Showing Sets Back Main Line Christian Movie Makers | Jewish Lewinsky of Clinton Fame Graduates from London School of Economics | Anti-Israeli Rabbis Face Fallout from Bigoted, Narrow-Minded Zionists | Israel's Automatic Seal of Approval from America's Co-Terrorist Nation | Israel Indicates Some Prisoners May Be Released as a Show of Good Will Toward President Abbas | Peretz: Abbas Committed to Releasing Shalit | Israel Granted Waiver but Iran's Waiver Rejected on Issues of Jewish vs. Non-Jewish Nuclear Power in Mideast | India Says Non-Jewish Iran Has Right to Nuclear Program | Pro-Zionist White House Censors New York Times Op-Ed on Iran | U.S. Judge Orders Iran to Pay $254 Million to Families of 17 Dead in Khobar Tower Bombing Which Would Mean the U.S. Owes $31.4 Trillion to the Families of the 2.4 Million Iraqis America Has Killed |

December 24 - Christmas Eve 2006
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Sweden Totally Shames, Reveals Itself as a Cowardly Freedom of Thought Denier and Rothschild Banking Puppet When It Intimidates the Rights of a College Teacher Who Bravely Presented His Report at Iran's Holocaust Conference | The Rothschild Banks and Their Fully Funded Communist Bitch | Christians Disgrace America by Planning a Night to Honor the Sadistic Israeli Terror State's Murderous 50-Year Reign of Mideast Horror | The World's Most Sadistic Criminal Minds, The Russian Jewish Mafia | Israel Terrorist Nation Agrees to Release $100 Million in Stolen Palestinian Funds | Supporting Carter's Book: The Jew Watch Project's Maps of the Incredible Shrinking Palestine | Defending Against the Typically Intolerant Jewish Hate Buried Like Razor Blades inside Their Bigoted Anti-Semitic Cheap Shots | Israel's Nuclear 'Samson Option' Threat:  Zionism's Atomic Blackmail of the Known World | Pressuring the Israeli Nazi Nation May Prevent a 'Generational' Mideast War including the Most Horrible Abuse of Palestinians by their Intolerant Jewish Masters | Brandeis University Group Wants Carter Lecture Either With or Without Alan Dershowitz | The American Terror State and Its Israeli Nazi Allies Seek Neo-Colonial Power Over Mideast Through Imposing and Exploiting Constant Civil War | Pro-Zionist and Fascist War Monger Blair Criticized Over His 4-Year Zionist-U.K. War Cabal | Jews Follow the Trail of Persecution Leading to 86-Year-Old John Demjanjuk from High Atop their Own Sadistic Jewish Nazi State in Tel Aviv | Canada Is Poised Once Again to Deny Human Rights and to Rope Itself inside Its Own Pro-Jewish Self-Imposed Noose of Legal Shame as Jared Taylor Heads for the Border to Debate His Concept of Racial Truths | Mossad Chief Says Iran Not On Track To Get Bomb Before 2009 | Lebanese Government About to Topple, Says Mossad Planting Lies It Was Negotiating with Israel in Secret to Betray Its People | Abraham Foxman Makes Cheap Headlines Vilifying World War Two Historian David Irving for His Freedom to Think and Write as a Free Human Being Without First Begging the Intolerantly Jewish ADL's Approval | Israel's Master of Deception in the Mossad Claims Syria Seeks War with Israel. Is This the Mossad's Crooked Way of Announcing a False Reason as to Why Israel Is Going to Invade Damascus? | Deception Master at Mossad Says Syria Rapidly Rearming Hezbollah, Another War Threat from Israel? | Mossad: 'Only Military Action Can Stop Iran'; Translation: 'Dear American Puppet, Start the Next War for Israel Now' |

December 23 - Hanukkah Ends
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Hispanics Borrow Jewish Nazi Holocaust Placard to Stop Raids on Businesses | The Continued Killing, Deception, and Chaos Worldwide by The Mossad | The Secret Lives of Nazi Gingerbread Men: Reuters Video | David Ben Gurion the Terrorist Father of Israel Forged the Nuclear Horror Option for Israel to Offend the Middle East | Five More U.S. Troops Die For Nothing in Lost Pro-Zionist Axis Iraq Colony | 8 U.S. Marines Charged With Murder of 24 Unarmed Citizens in Crumbling and Chaotic Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | Jewish Fangs Securely Bite and Hold onto the Political Associations of America | Rice: Zionist War for Israel Worth the Price in Lives and Cash, And, Oh Yes, America Is Ready for a Black President, Rice Anyone? | Isn't the 6,000,000 Number a Form of Historic Hyper-Inflation? | Hamas Offers 5-Year Peace Plan For Israel | Israeli Terror State Murders 9 Palestinians in Concentration Camps This Week, 12 Including 7 Children and 1 Woman Wounded | We Must Not Forget that a Large Number of Stalin's Killers Were Jews | Minister Texe Marrs: Jews Are Attacking the Christian Bible | Defamation of Non-Jews by Jews Increases as the Crumbling Zionist Empire Slides Inexorably Toward the Dust Bins of History | Senator Bill Nelson, D-Fla., Urges Talks with Syria to Ease Pro-Zionist Axis Colony of Iraq's Increasing Violence | Secret U.S. Plan to Overthrow Syrian Government - Is More Chaos in that Nation on the Zionist Neocon White House Agenda of Mideast Destruction? | Al Qaeda Group in Iraq Offers U.S. Terror Forces One Month of Truce for Their Safe Exit from Iraq | Legislators Tell Bush to Put Iraq's War Cost in the Budget Instead of Hiding It as Before | Iraq Truth or Consequences: Either Leave Iraq or Face Massively Tragic Casualty Increases | Continuation of Death and Chaos in Iraq from a Personal and Pro-Zionist Military View | National Draft Readiness Being Tested as President Bush Heads Down Nut Street into Greater War and Barbarity in Blood Gurgling Iraq | Even in Australia, 70% Say Iraq War Not Worth Fighting |

December 20-22
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | NOTE: Due to Technical Difficulties The Jew Watch Project Was Not Published on December 20, 2021 and December 21, 2006. | David Irving Released from Prison in Austria, Embarrassed by the Holocaust Conference's Constant References to His Imprisonment | David Irving's Flight to London Delayed by Fog | New Report Says Neocon Zionist Sandy Berger's Criminality in Stealing Classified Clinton Documents from the U.S. Archives included Hiding the Government's Papers Under a Construction Company's Trailer | Lloyd Blankfein Is Wall Street's Golden Jew | Poor President Carter, If It's Anything Like Sid Ryan's Experience, The Jewish Supremacists Are Bombarding His Email, Phones, etc., With Their Hate Materials Already | The Judith Regan Flap Continues to Rile Jews | Jews Criticize Minnesota Congressman for Sticking Up For Christian Traditions in America | Robots in 2059 Will Have Rights, Vote, Can Sue | America's Jewish Financial Supremacists View 2% Jump in Wholesale Prices with Concern | Jewish Contrived Anti-Minority Loans Catch 2.2 Million Mostly African Americans in Foreclosures Due Mostly to Heartless Loan Scams With Extremely High Risk for the Poorly Educated | Libya Firm on HIV Death Sentences Against 5 Nurses and 1 Doctor for Knowingly Infecting Hundreds of Children | Abraham Foxman of the Jewish Zionist ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult of Male Religious Ritual Sexual Mutilation Condemns an Orthodox Jewish Religious Group Just for Disagreeing with the ADL's Views on Aspects of World War Two | Zionists Conspired With Russian Foreign Minister to Have Russia Cancel Its Scheduled Conference in Iran on Account of the Holocaust Conference | Iran Slams the Anti-Free Thought Aspect of Intolerant Zionist Western Think Tanks for Conspiring with the Israeli Terror State to Boycott Normal Relations with Think Tank in Iran Which Hosted the Holocaust Conference | Jews Gloat Over their Despicable Corruption of 40 Think Tanks with Threats to Withdraw Zionist Gold from Grant Foundations and Governments They Can Control | American Generals Disturbed By Bush's Plan to Send More Soldiers to Iraq, See Great Harm to Military, Little Possible Payoff | Iraq Government's 'Stalinist Show Trial' Ends in Televised Hanging of 13 Iraqi Prisoners During Highly Violent Day in Baghdad, Before They Can Escape, Cheap Bid by Unpopular PM Maliki for Public Support | Pentagon: Iraq Suffers 1,000 Attacks Per Week | Invasion of Iraq Blot on Blair's Record: Think Tank | Neocons Refuse to Condemn Judith Regan's Accusation of a Jewish Cabal Against Her | Jewish Neocons: We Expected Israel to Invade Syria |

December 19
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | What Are You Going to Do Now, Israel? | The List of Jewish Black Slave Ship Owners | Pentagon Says Iraq Attacks Up 22%, All Time High | The Jew Watch Project's Archives of Hundreds of Articles Outlining Jewish Influence in the U.S. Government | The Complete Harvard Report on the Jewish Lobby's Negative Effect on U.S. Foreign Policy | Time to Remember President Clinton's Many Jewish Ambassadors to Foreign Nations | Zionist-Friendly Hillary Hires Baptist Political Consultant to Shore Up Non-Jewish Voters for Her Heavily-Jewish Sponsored Presidential Run | The Outrageously Scandalous Number of Jews Who Have Been Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Each One a Threat to the National Security | Colin Powell at Odds with President on Iraq Policy, Says U.S. Troops Broken by Overuse and Lack of Weapons, No Possibility of Temporary Reinforcements | Truman's Corruption: How Harry Was Bribed to Recognize Israel in 1947 | Hillary Called Aide "Jew Bastard" Not Too Many Years Long Ago | The Rise of Avigdor Lieberman | Israel's Lieberman Defies His Personal Rightwing Nazi Image, Offers Economic Carrots to Palestinians in Form of Cooperative Israeli-Palestinian Projects | Pro-Zionist Blair: We'll Engage Syria If It's Constructive Toward Peace | Israel's Rightwing Racist Lieberman: The Linkage Between Terrorist Palestinians and Hezbollah-Hamas Friendly Arab-Israeli Citizens Will Destroy Us | White House Watch: Bush in Bad Position on Iraq Position that 'We're Winning' | Hamas Captures Top Fatah Official When Abbas Announces Early Elections to Oust Hamas Government | Hamas and Fatah Agree on Ceasefire After Violence Kills 3 Palestinians, Wounds Others | U.N. Closes Schools in Gaza to Protect Students from Escalating Palestinian Civil Wars | Palestinian Police Officer Kidnapped and Executed | One Big Prison: A Glimpse at Daily Misery in Palestinian Concentration Camp | Fatah and Hamas Men Battle, Exchange Gunfire -- Witnesses | Attorney General's Incriminating Evidence of Bribery Against Ehud Olmert | Rejecting Dialog with Syria Could Lead to War | Popular Jewish Entrepreneurs' Kosher Sports Concessions Expand from Yankee and Shea Stadiums to Other Venues | Jewish ADL Attacks Non-Jewish Indiana With Its Own Jewish Message of Hatred | Mexican Run Crime Sweep in Southern California Allows Mexican and Other Minority Cops to Arrest White Skinheads, Ignoring the Huge Mexican Based Drug Culture, Which is the Elephant in The Back of the Room No One Talks About, While the Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center Take Notice | Intellectually Intolerant and Bigoted Rabbis Leave Meeting With President Carter Unhappy | President Carter Blames Christianity for Pro-Jewish Bias in America | Jews Who Should Be Sitting in the Corner Quietly as an Insignificant Minority of Nothings Continue to Intolerantly Attack Christians and Cause Religious Divisiveness | Jewish Anti-Defamation League Barges into Vandalism of a Christian Church, Public Relations Ploy |

December 18
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Western Colonial Terror Nations Welcome President Abbas' Call for New Election Hoping It Will Defeat Palestinian Democratic Aspirations for Freedom Through Hamas Party's Call for the Absorption of Israel into a Palestinian Framework | Zionism's 1940 'Inferior' Ringworm Children Genocide | Will the Palestinian Conflict Ever End? | The Mass Genocides of Jewish General Lazarus Kaganovich the Butchering Brother-In-Law of Joseph Stalin |  3 Pro-Zionist American Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq | Jewish World Bolshevism | Pro-Zionist Bush Expected to Boost Troops in Iraq to Please His Israeli Controllers | Paid Israeli Sycophant PM Blair Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq for His Zionist, Rothschild Bank Masters | The KGB Jews Who Murdered the Polish Soldiers at Katyn Forest and Blamed it on Germany During the Nuremburg Holocaust Show Trials | Struggling and Wounded, Al-Maliki Reaches Out to Sunni Minority | Scrambling Al-Maliki Also Seeks Help of Baathists from Saddam's Regime | Gunmen Dressed in Iraq Army Uniforms Kidnap 20-30 Men Working at Red Crescent Office in Baghdad | Iraq Surge Won't Solve Zionist Axis' Lost Colony of Iraq Quagmire | Last Week's Deaths in the Iraq Horror | In Midst of Rising Violence in Palestine Between Fatah and Hamas, The Powerless Figure Head President Abbas Threatens to Sack the Hamas Led Government | Hamas Accuses Fatah of Attempting to Assassinate Hamas Prime Minister | A Nuclear Israel? To Hell With Ambiguity. |

December 17
| Arabs Inside Israel Begin to Politic Like Jews Inside America, They Ask for Inclusion, Israel's Jews Say 'Never!' | Meet America's Super Jewess Senator Dianne Feinstein | Zionist Controlled Michigan State University Enforces Judeo-Bolshevik 'Reeducation Programs' for Non-Jews Opposing Gender, Religious, and Ethnic Inclusion Mantras | Are Jews Really Smart? Not Really. Read This. | Catholic League Releases Statement on Latest Round of Anti-Christmas Intolerance Including Jewish Olympic Skater Sasha Cohen Who Could Not Care Less When She Hears Seasonal Christmas Songs As She Ice Skates | Israeli Terror State's Zionazi War Crimes and Atrocities in the 1967 War | Iraq's Frightened Prime Minister Losing Control of Streets, Requests All of Saddam's Military Officers to Return to Work to Help Stabilize Iraq's Violent Situation | The Jew Watch Project's Philosophy | The Rabbi Who Stole Christmas: How An Attempt To Steal Christmas Backfired in Seattle | U.S. Soldiers Invade Sadr City, Capture 6 Suspects for Pro-Zionist Army's Torture Mills | Democrats Push for Iraq Study Group Recommendations to Pull Out U.S. Pro-Zionist Troops | Baath Party Courted by Dying Iraq Government as Last Ditch Attempt to Salvage Its Waning Powers | American Veterans of Iraq Asking for Rapid Troop Withdrawal | Pro-Zionist Terror President George W. Bush Asks for $100 Billion More to Pour Down Thirsty War Hole | Matt Damon: Maybe Bush Twins Should Go To War | John McCain's Shameful Zionist Licking Claim: We Should Send More Troops to Lost Colony of Iraq | U.S. Escalation in Iraq Is Another Somalia | Deadly Christmas for U.S. Soldiers in Iraq War for Israel | U.S. Troop Deaths at 2,942 - 3,000 Probable by Year's End - Chaos Increasing Exponentially in Streets | America's Sicko War Lord President Bush Rejects Most Iraq Report Options | Zionist U.S. Still Stuck on Stupid in Iraq | U.N. To Keep Apartheid Fence and Wall Complaints Registry for Future Lawsuits Against Israel | Hanukkah: How Many Jews Does It Take to Change Light Bulb? | It's Hanukkah: So What's With the Latkes? | Jews Emphasize Persistence of Faith During Hanukkah | The Scandal of Zionism's Well Crafted and Crumbling Racial Political Correctness Gone Totally Amuck at Duke University's Lacrosse Team Rape Case | Iran To Offer Nuclear Secrets to Regional Nations in Mideast | Why Hamas and Fatah Hate Each Other | Gunfights Between Hamas and Fatah Injure 30, Hamas Accuses Fatah of Trying to Assassinate Its Prime Minister |

December 16 - Happy Hanukkah 2006
| Study the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah | U.S. War Monger President Bush's Sudden, Egotistical Rejection of the Iraq Study Panel's Recommendations Alarms Panel Member, America's Bleak Mideast Future | Zionist Monopolization of Law and Rights Groups in America Poses National Security Threat | Israel Court's Legalization of Internationally Illegal and Inhumane Assassinations | Rothschild Banks: World Wars, Soviet Union, Judeo-Con Control over the United States, and the Zionist Madness | Ahmadinejad: 'No Country in the World Looks Upon America as a Friend' | David Ben-Gurion and Israel's Nuclear Terror Buildup | Old Australian Military Chiefs Slam Pro-Zionist America's Iraq Strategy as a Total Disaster | Defanging the Jews: A Radical Solution to America's Dangerous Zionist Security Threat | Iraq and Reality | By Any Other Name It Still Might Be a Civil War | Mass Abduction of 30 in Iraq; U.S. General Demands Action | Analysis: Iraq Out of Time, Needs Troops Now | Troop Build Up Looks Like a Loser for Bush | Jewish Senator Feingold Discusses Iraq and Healthcare Issues Before 50 Citizens | Is Jim Baker and His Iraq Report a Capable Foe of AIPAC's Anti-American Israeli Bund? | First Crude Order of Business in New York by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is His Outrageous Criticism of Holocaust Research and of Middle Eastern Nations Who Honestly Oppose the Hateful, Murdering, and Genocidal Terror State of Israel | The Trap of Recognizing The Killer Israel | U.N.'s Shameful Two-Faced View of Israel and Iran on Nuclear Weapons | Not Merely a Slip of the Lips | Why the Iraq Report Means Bad News for Israel's War Monger Goal | Properly Media Blinded and Propagandized Americans Believe Israel's Absurd Invasion of Lebanon Over 2 Kidnapped Soldiers Was Quite Proper, Thus Demonstrating How Zionist Ownership of Media Is One of America's Greatest Threats to National Security | Egypt Repeats that the Right of Palestinians to Return to their Home with Reparations from Israelis Is of Prime Importance, Not Israel's Continued Illegal Theft of their Homes, Cities, and Lands | Israeli Nazi Militant Regime Killed Only 250 Hezbollah Martyrs in Its Hateful, Racist, and Illegal War on Lebanon, Far Vaster Casualties Were Civilians About Whom Israel Could Care Less | Israel Wary If Lebanon Government Falls; Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah Might Have Veto Power | The Fascist War Criminal George W. Bush Seems Likely to Increase Pro-Zionist U.S. Terrorist Troops, Deaths, Injuries, and Treasury Losses in Iraq | Top U.S. General Says Iraq and Afghanistan Can 'Break the Army' of the Hated Pro-Zionist American Terror Nation | Secret Evidence Surfaces Blasting Blair's Damnable Lie that Iraq Was Ever a Threat to U.K. | If U.S. Pulls Out Saudi Arabia Tells Cheney It sWill Fund the Sunni Side of the Civil War |

December 15
| Jewish Media Billionaire Offers $2 Billion to Acquire the Los Angeles Times as another Zionist Propaganda Asset | Yes, There Have Been Jewish Hate Crimes Committed by Racist Rabbis in Jerusalem; You Can Witness This One as an Anecdotal Sample | David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, and Their Relationship with President Bill Clinton | Alexandr Feklisov Jewish-Zionist-Soviet Anti-American Spy | Departing Holocaust Scholars Agree to Establish a World Foundation for Holocaust Studies | The Six Jewish Companies Who Own 96% of America's Media | U.S. Rabbi Arnold Cohen, Israel Root of All Bloodshed in Middle East | Report by Vice President Spiro Agnew on Leftwing Socialist Jewish Ownership of Media as a Dangerous Threat to Our National Security | French Scholar Views Ahmadinejad's Words as a Miracle Breakthrough in Understanding Israel's Misuse of the Holocaust | 30 Kidnapped in Baghdad Signals American Military Impotence | The Jewish Argument for Not Using the Holocaust to Justify Israel's Actions | Jewish Holocaust Industry Freaks Out, Holds Its Own Propaganda Session Inviting 40 Diplomats to Stir the Holocaust Soup Again | Professor's Freedom of Conscience as Well as Tenure Intimidated by Jewish Intrigues at Roman Catholic St. Francis Xavier University in Canada | German Holocaust Scholars Watch Proceedings in Iran from Anti-Free Speech Jail Cells | Chaos Breaks Out at Israel-Palestine-Egypt Border as Prime Minister Haniyeh Stopped by Zionist Thugs Along with His $35 Million for Palestine's Government | Americans Feel Support for Israel Hurts Energy by 3-to-1 Margin, Zogby Poll | Israeli Terror State Warns India of Al Qaeda Resort Terror Attack at Goa | Israel Not to Ban Its Program of Assassination of Foreigners | Egypt Criticizes Annon for Supporting Israel's Antagonism Against 'The Right of Palestinians to Return to and Reoccupy their Stolen Homes, Villages, Streets, Schools' | Breaking the World's Worst Kept Secret, Israel's Nuclear Weapons | Carter Says Christians, Pro-Israel Lobby, Stifle Debate Here | Gates Beats Olmert to the Nuclear Punch | Mossad Deception: Former Mossad Chief Checks In with Old Mossad Lies that 'Israel Has No Nuclear Weapons' | Nazi Jewish Troopers Storm Concentration Camp Killing 2 Palestinians, Giving the Usual Lame Claim that 'They Were Armed' | Israel's Hate-Filled Chief Jewish Rabbi Urges Jews to Economically Ruin Rabbis at Holocaust Review Conference | Suffering Americans Doubt Dictator-War Lord, George W. Bush, Will Change Course in Iraq | The Difficult Search for a New Iraqi Kingmaker as America Enthusiasm for Prime Minister Maliki Dims |

December 14
| Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes a Twisted Yiddish Definition of 'Hate' to America's 300 Million Non-Jews | Jewish Killer of Millions of Non-Jews in the Jewish USSR -- Leon Trotsky of New York City | America's Insane War Lord, President Bush, Continues Down His Boneheaded Path to Zionist Defeat in Lost Iraq War While Congress Plays Its Self-Blinded Violin | Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Hidden Jewish Ancestry | Iran Seizes on Zionazi PM Olmert's Atomic Confessions: Israel Greatest Threat to Peace in Middle East | See the Jewish Baby Killers and What They Did to Non-Jews on October 12, 2021 | General: President Bush's Faked Up Pro-Zionist War on Terrorism Could Last for 100 Years of Increasing Fascist Imperial Presidents in America | Robert Oppenheimer, Supreme U.S. Nuclear Spy for the USSR | Carter Prays With Rabbis Over His Book But Changes None of the Boneheaded Hatred Against Non-Jews in Israel | Hypocritical U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Sees No Reason to Investigate Israel's Publicly Known Nuclear Program | Desmond Tutu Blocked by Israel Along with All U.N. Personnel Sent to Study Its Racist Genocide at Beit Hanoun | Iraq Prime Minister Explains Holocaust Conference Is to Air the Issues and, By Doing So, to Undermine Israel's Main Reason for Being | Holocaust Conference: Statements of Persons Attending the Holocaust Expose | The Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center vs. Non-Jewish Academic Freedom | Zionists React to Conference With Hatred: Rothschild's Fully Owned Western Nations Universally Pronounce Hate for Those Attending the Holocaust Evidence Review in Iran | Potpourri of Statements at Holocaust Review Conference as Reported in Teheran's Farsi News | Holocaust Conference: Auschwitz Too Small to Have Killed 1 Million Jews There | Zionist Dual Party Senate May Fall to Republicans as Democrat Suffers Stroke | Saudis Will Back Sunnis If U.S. Leaves Iraq | 55 Die in Iraq Violence | Iraq's Hopeless Warring Sectarian Government Seeks More Power Over Violence But Cannot Even Secure Itself | Bush Continues to Pursue the False Illusion that Victory Is Possible in the Wrecked Colony of Iraq | President Carter Bravely Confronts Worldwide Zionist Hate in Interview |

December 13
| 56 Killed, 211 Wounded in Lost Iraq Colony | Dr. David Duke, Ph.D., Gives Opening Speech to the World Holocaust Investigation on Freedom of Speech and the Holocaust | Jewish Slave Ship Owners Named | Sanity and Good Will in Oregon: Seattle Airport Replaces Christmas Trees at the Request of Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky Whose Requested Menorah Will Also Be Added to the Festivities | 5 U.S. Troops Killed, Others Injured in Zionist Occupied Iraq | Jewish Genocide of Palestine | U.S. Death Toll Approaches 3,000 | Ahmadinejad Tells Holocaust Scholars that Israel Will Be 'Wiped Out' Just Like the Soviet Union, All to the Displeasure of the Western Rothschild Banking Nations | Israeli Terror State's Ter Hafra Child Murders Committed on July 5, 2022 | Palestinians Win Legal Right to Sue Israel For Damages | AIPAC's Anti-American Pentagon Spies | Iran Defiant About Holocaust Conference as Many Outraged Pro-Zionist Voices Against Intellectual Freedom Rise Up from the Rothschild Enthralled West | Anti-Arab U.S. Hypocrite Nation Refuses to Compare Nuclear Israel to Iran | East German Addresses Holocaust Conference Concerning the Holocaust Laws as Threats to the West's Free Speech Rights | Germany's Prime Minister Merkel Dances Like a Fully Corrupted Puppet for Germany's Zionist Controllers in Denouncing the Iran Holocaust Conference | Dr. Duke's Latest Report from Teheran's Holocaust Conference | AIPAC Controlled American Terror State Attacks Iran's Freedom of Speech for Holding its Holocaust Conference | Blair Bows England's Knee Before the Rothschild Banking Empire, Comes Out Against Iran's Holocaust Examination | Rabbi from Manchester England Criticized in Vile Terms by Hate Filled Jews for Attending the Conference |

December 12
| Only 21% of Americans Approve Zionist President's Mishandling of the Lost War for Israel in Iraq in New CBS Poll | How Poland's Democracy Was Stolen and Turned Over to Communist Dictators by Jewish Communists After World War Two | In Last Ditch Effort to Save Lost Zionist War, American Terror State Seeks Political Realignment in Iraq Away from Al Sadr and Toward Maliki | Jewish Hegemony Over America's Largest Universities | Review of Holocaust Conference Opens in Iran | New Jew Watch Project Radio Show for Today's News | Ahmadinejad Heckled, Tells Students a Minority Has Destroyed Conversation for the Vaster Majority | Rabbi Wants 8 Foot Menorah Close to Airport's Xmas Trees; Instead, Mall Removes all Xmas Trees to Avoid Legal Hassles | Petroleum Exporting Nations Isolate their Product from the Pro-Zionist U.S. Dollar | Israeli Theft of Palestinian Lands | Iraqi Prison Chief and His Deputy Under Arrest After Saddam Hussein's Nephew Who Is Under a Political Witch Hunt by the Government Escapes | Dangerous Saudi Intervention in Iraq for Region's Minority Shiites Ignites Many Arab Nations and Sends Petroleum into the Stratosphere | Ultra-Orthodox Haridim Jews in U.S. to Set Up a Kosher El Al | Zionist U.S. Spies Bugged Telephones Used by England's Royalty | Iran's First Holocaust Conference Spins Israel into Lie and Deception Overdrive | Reasons Driving the Holocaust Discovery Conference | Israeli Terror State Fears Open Holocaust Discussions Will Destroy the Legend, Destroy Israel, Destroy the Ability to Win War Through Deceptions | Israel's El Al Airline Will Not Fly on Sabbath Days | Fuehrer Adolf Olmert Confesses to Israel's Nuclear Capability | The Oliver Twist - Israel Singer Beat:  Fabulously Wealthy Holocaust Trust Feasts on $2 Billion for Its Fat Executives While Angry Starving Claimers, Many of Them Grandmothers in Need, Receive Nary a Dime | The Yiddish Domino Theory and The New Big Jew Lie:  If Israel Falls, The West Follows | Assad of Syria Says Israel Doesn't Want Peace, Isreal Seeks Only Endless Deadly War | American War Lords Headed by Zionist President Bush Enter Another 3-Day Pro-Zionist Iraq War Conference Instead of Packing Up and Leaving Baghdad's Lost Colony |

December 11
| America Enslaved Hundreds of German Scientists for Military PurposesThe Mossad Study Archive | 26 Persons Found Killed, 17 Others Beheaded in Zionist Occupied Iraq | How the United Nations Murdered the German Army After WW2 Had Already Ended | Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Rejected the Iraq Study Group's Report Sunday, Calling It "Very Dangerous" to Iraq's Sovereignty and Constitution | The Jews Recently Penetrated, Controlled, and Compromised America's Largest European Pride Organizations | The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians | The Paris Subway Anti-Semitic Hoax | Why Did Hitler Invade Poland? | Pro-Zionist Rumsfeld Bids Farewell to GI's In Lost Colony of Iraq | Iran Calls on Pro-Zionist U.S. to Leave Iraq | Iraq's Patriotic Attacks on Zionist Axis Invaders Predicted to Increase | AK-47's Rise in Price in Deteriorating, Zionist Busted Iraq | Bush's Wonderful Zionist Occupied Iraq Today | New AP Poll Says Only 27% of Americans Believe Victory Possible | Zionist George W. Bush Facing Heat On Failure in His Zionist Iraq Colony , His War for Israel | Bust in Iraq Destroys America's Global Resolve | Using a Spouse's Jewish Religion to Defeat a Politician Is Not Ethical | Jewish Newspaper Says Michael Richards Is Not a Jew | Royal Canadian Mounted Police Head Resigns After Giving Accused Arab to Pro-Zionist USA for Torture Assignment in a Syrian Prison | Bizarre Unconfirmed Report of Russian Christians Accusing Jews of Ritual Murder of 5 Male Teenagers in Krasnoyarsk Prior to Passover 2006 |

December 10
| Senator Gordon Smith Stands Up in Senate; Calls Iraq War 'Absurd' and 'Maybe Even Criminal' | The Holocaust 6,000,000 Deaths Scandal | Jews in Petty Attack on President Carter Over a Mere Map; Typical Jewish Death by a Thousand Trivial Cuts, Or, Is That All You Have to Do? | Belzec Concentration Camp - Reports of Deceptions | U.N. Passes 7th Resolution Against Israeli Occupation and Calling for an Investigation of Atrocities as Reported Daily in The Jew Watch Project | World's Biggest Jewish Rip Off: Russia's Criminal Mafia Oligarchs | Who Owns the American Congress? | The World's Most Successful Jewish Hate Group | Fearful Israel Reads Iraq Report; Sends FM to Neocon White House to Threaten President over Possible Policy Changes | Man Who Blew Whistle on Mossad Tortures at Abu Ghraib Fearful of Revenge | Semites Miffed: Mel Gibson's Film #1 | Iran Repeats How It Will Only Talk with America After It Announces Withdrawal Plans | Insurgent Bomb Making in Iraq Improves Kill Rate of Pro-Zionist Terrorist Armies | New Pro-Zionist Pentagon Plan at Odds with Iraq Report | After Spending Billions and Destroying the U.S. Constitution, Pro-Zionist U.S. Thugs Arrest Another Grenadeless Amer-Arab Verbal 'Terrorist' With a Big Bragging Mouth and No Weapons At All. So, Is That All You've Got, DHS? What a Joke You Are. | Zionist Dominated Department of Homeland Security Violates Congressional Laws | America Begins to Wake Up; Israel is a Liability to the United States Foreign Policy | Palestinian PM Haniyeh Promises Iran Hamas Shall Never Recognize the Israeli Terror State's Right to Exist | Israeli Terrorist, Prime Minister, and War Monger, Ehud Olmert, Belligerent Over World's Calm Acceptance of Iranian PM Ahmadinejad's Policies and Statements | President Carter Defends His Book Against an Onslaught of Unprecedented Jewish Media Whining, Howling and Backlash, Saying The Time Is Past Due to Criticize Israel and Change Our Ways | Saudi King: World Waiting to Explode | Frank Rich of NY Times: We Have Lost in Iraq, Afghanistan is Now in Question, and Other Possible Calamities Await From the U.S. Military's Blunder | On the Way Out the Door, Cynthia McKinney Introduces Bill to Impeach Pro-Zionist War President Bush | Iraq Survivor Families Taking Lost Pro-Zionist Iraqi War to Heart | 'Iraq in Fragments' Takes Top Documentary Film Honors While Covering the Lost Zionist Objective |

December 9
| Zionism: Pitting the West Against Islam Through Israel's Historical Falsehoods and Deceptions | We Must Never Forget... We Must Stop The Constant Treachery and Murder of Non-Jews by the Jews.. | The Lost War for Israel Supported Today by only 27% of Americans | The Jew Watch Project Archive on the Rothschild Banks and The New World Order | Tortured Arab Prisoners Enter American Terror State's New $37 Million Halliburton-Built Torture Pens at Gitmo | The Jew Watch Project's Judeo-Bolshevik Study Archives | Fed Up With Jewish Pushed Immigration Chaos inside our Cities, Non-Jewish Mayors Pass Illegal Anti-Immigrant Laws | The Biographical Madness and Killing of Arial Sharon | MSNBC Video Report: Tim Russert Discusses the Bad Situation in Iraq without Ever Mentioning that This is Actually a Lost War for Israel | Hamilton Notes the Increasingly Dire and Deadly Catastrophe in Iraq Which Is About to Explode in Even More Dire Street Violence | Report Top U.S. Govt. Leaders Including Bush and Hillary Lose $1 Trillion in Zionist Banker Scheme | Haniyeh: Hamas Will Never Recognize the Israeli Terror State | Israel's Vague Nuclear Deceptions | U.N. Rights Council Criticizes Israel for Ignoring U.N. Condemnations of Zionist Torture, Murder, and Genocide in Jewish-Controlled Palestinian Concentration Camps in Gaza and West Bank | Jimmy Carter Confronts Head-On the Jewish Media Smears of His Book on Israel's Apartheid Policies | ANALYSIS: Iran Seems Ready to Help - Other Arabs Skeptical About Helping American Terror State - Israel Not Interested in Helping | Subversive, Zionist AIPAC Wins on Terrorism Bill Which Labels Anti-Israel Patriot Groups Under Jewish Armed Attack as Terrorists but Refuses to Include Israeli Terror State as the Largest Terrorist Group in the Region | House Condemns Iran's Holocaust Investigation on Orders from AIPAC | King Zionist Olmert Gathers 170 Monopoly Reporters for Dutiful Brainwashing Conference on Threats to Israel | Boneheaded President Bush Begins to Distance Himself from the Iraq Report, Evidently Preferring to Do Just Exactly as He and His Zionist Controllers Wish Him to Do and Nothing Else |

December 8
| Jew Speak: Bush and Blair Blow Zionist Smoke at the Press | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Iraq Report: 'Time is Running Out' | Donate to Jew Watch | Jewish ADL Meddling in Affairs of the Non-Secular State Indiana to Get Its Selfish Racist Hate Crime Laws Passed | Jewish Murder of Jerusalem's Christians in 641 AD | Several Other Nations in World Troubled by American Terror State's Foreign Policies | Israel's Nazi Legislation: Jewish Racial Purity Laws | Fascist President, War Lord Congress Try to Re-Decorate Their Lost War Tree | Prime Minister of Poland Defies Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult, Praises Catholic Radio Station Disliked by ADL's Rabble Rousers | Elliot Welles, 79, Dead, Dedicated Life to Hatefully Tracking Down German Camp Guards, Developing Presumptuous Dossiers of Their Activities Composed by Many Racist Jews for the Discredited Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Sexual Religious Ritual Mutilation Bund | 2.3 Million Displaced Persons Makes Pro-Zionist Iraq the World's Largest Refugee Crisis | Bush Told Change Iraq Policy or Risk Disaster But Seems More Interested in Reaping the Disaster | Israeli Terror State Rejects Study Group Proposals Including Israel's Connection to the Mideast Conflict | 2 Kidnapped Israeli Soldiers Probable Deaths from the Start and Used by Israel for War Propaganda | Peace Conference Without Israel Proposed by Baker to Prevent Jews from Meddling with Outcome | Zionists Angry that Baker Report Says to Give Back the Golan Heights | Photos of Late Night AIPAC Conference Protesters | ADL Blasts Auschwitz Teeshirts | Rabbis Take Up Issue of Abuse of Detainees by American Terror State | Natan Sharansky Jewish Russian Refusenik Sent to Gulag for His Political Activism Retires in Israel, to Receive Deserved Presidential Medal of Honor |

December 7
| Filthy Rich Air-Conditioned Zionists Destroy Six Tiny Poverty-Stricken Bedouin Homes in Negev Desert | President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - His Jewish Political Assets | How to Resist Jewish Defamation Techniques | Marc H. Bell, CEO of Penthouse Magazine | Tape Surfaces on Web in Which Pro-Zionist President Bush Acknowledges that World Trade Center Was Blown Up by Bombs Planted Inside | The Father of 100 Years of Zionist Violence, Theodore Hertzl | Pro-Zionist Iraq Study Team Issues Phases Withdrawal Plan to End Troops by 2008, a Date Which Will Continuously Be Put Off for Years by U.S. War Lords Until America Has To Leave from Rooftops Same as Happened in Vietnam | The Zionist Owners of the New York Times | Pro-Zionist Blair: 'War Not Being Won' 'Situation Grave' | Conservative Jews OK Gay Rabbis and May Approve Gay Marriages | Gore: 'Worst Mistake Ever Made by U.S.A.' and 'It's Not About Bush' | Zionist War Lord Bush Pledges to Act in a 'Timely Manner'; Translation 'Never' | Lame Hardliners in Iran Criticize Pres. Ahmadenijad for Attending Ceremony in Which Egyptian Women Danced Without Veils | U.S. Intelligence Liars Says Osama Bin Laden is Alive; Still Use Osama as CIA's Black Ops Cover | Next Generation Israeli Textbooks Will Redraw Map to Reflect Israel's Borders as They Had Been Prior to 1967 War | Report on the DNA DIME Anti-Arab Genetic Bomb Used in Gaza Said to Be Developed by Israel and USA Labs, Part 2 of 3 Parts | Nuclear Iran Probably Won't Attack Israel | Terrorist Israel Chutzpah as Zionism Spins Tiny Palestinian Rockets as 'Terror' | Lebanese Blame U.S., Israel for Recent War | Masonic Symbols of the Israeli Supreme Court | Non-Jews at NASA Discover Water on Mars | Oi Vey, Non-Kosher Food Again Served on Zionist El Al Airlines | Israeli Terror State's El Al on Verge of Orthodox Boycott Now Unless It Curbs Flights on the Sabbath |

December 6
| Zionist Terror Thugs Kidnap Kids for Israel Who Holds Them in Dungeons for Years, But Israel's Propaganda Ministry Teams Deny It | The Cost of Keeping Israel as America's Nastiest Pet Is $3 Trillion | The Israeli Gift that Keeps on Giving: Exploding Jewish Cluster Bomb Kills Construction Work, Wounds Another Man in South Lebanon | Meet Dr. Mengele of Tel Aviv - 100,000 'Inferior' Jewish Children with Ringworm from North Africa Suffered Nearly Lethal Doses of Radiation from Zionist Medical Doctors in Israeli Medical Camps | 90% of Israel's Arabs View Themselves as Abandoned People | Israel's Genocide Barrier in Jerusalem Causes Increased Illegal Immigration into City | How Rothschild Swindled the People of Britain by Pretending that Wellington Had Lost the Battle of Waterloo, Thus creating and Exploiting a Financial Panic to Buy Stocks at 10 Cents on the Dollar | Dangerous Top Brass in Zionazi Army: 82% of Israeli Generals Did Not Graduate from Any Military School | Annenberg, You Dirty Bastard | Israel's Illegal DIME DNA Bomb Which is Genotoxic and Genetically Designed for Its Maximum Effect on Genetic Arabs | In Memoriam: Jerome Brentar, Part 1 | In Memoriam: Jerome Brentar, Part 2 | Mafia Jews & Their Attorney, Sidney Korshak: Inside a Genuine Cabal | WARNING! SICKENING GRAPHIC WOUNDS - Newly Located Gut-Wrenching Graphic Images of the Jewish Massacre on Non-Jews at Beit Hanoun and Accusations of American Involvement | Administrators Meet to Discuss Further Exploitation of the Holocaust Story at in Auschwitz for What Has Rapidly Become a Lucrative and Quite Divisive Tourist & Pro-Zionist Propaganda Stop-Off | Israel Holding Clandestine Talks Concerning Hundreds of Millions of Dollars It Owes Iran | Israeli Terror State Issues Shameful Report Aimed at Blowing Off Critics of Its Recent War Crime Acts with Deceptions | Israel's Foreign Minister Says Hamas Softening Under International Pressure | How The Democratic Will of the Palestinian People Has Been Completely Disrespected and Trashed by the So-Called Western 'Democracies' | Israel's Zionazi Leader Says Hamas Can Run Intifada Even When It Sits In Power | Europe and America Claim to Have Increased Support for the Palestinian People Despite Boycotting the Democratically Elected Government and Allowing Israel to Commit Daily and Nightly Genocide inside the Surrounding Concentration Camps | V-News: Jewish Grip on U.S. Foreign Policy Becoming Increasingly Obvious |

December 5
| Zionist Goon Squads Torture and Intimidate Palestinian Children So Badly that Two Eighty Year Old Grandmothers Joining Martyr Brigades as Suicide Bombers Bent on Revenge and Mayhem | The Jewish Iraq Construction Fraud Trail | 4th Day of Beirut Protests Turns Violent as Pro-American Terror State Regime Struggles to Survive Peoples' Coup | Jose Padilla and the End of American Justice | Palestinian Farmers Cannot Reach Fields Due to Barbed Wire Barriers | Iran's Parliament Seeks to Oust Ahmadinejad | Zionist Nazi Troops Kill 16-Year-Old Palestinian Rock Thrower in Nablus | 4 Neurotic Jewish Women in NYC Who Started the Feminist Revolution | Controversial Hawk Pushes Already Fascist Israeli Government to the Right | Israeli Nazi Panzers Being Armed with $350,000 Anti-Missile Weapons | Israeli Terror State Establishes an Anti-Iranian Nuclear Ministry | Hamas Calls Off Israeli Truce Due to Zionist Aggression | Jewish Nazi State: Jerusalem Turned into 'Dead-End City' | Drastic Social Changes Caused by Genocide Apartheid Wall | Intolerant and Overbearing Israelis Force French Politician to Kosherize Her Language to Suit Outrageous Jewish Political Interference and Censorship | Syria Smuggling Long-Range Missiles in Replenishment of Hezbollah Armories | Israel Terror State's Invasion Now Forcing Lebanon Closer to Civil War | Pro-Zionist U.S. Fascists Prosecute Arabs Tortured by the Israeli Horror State | Unity Talks Between Fatah and Hamas Collapse | Pro-Zionist Bush Accepts Bolton's U.N. Resignation | Anti-Zionist Chavez Wins in Socialist Landslide on 'The Chavez Doctrine' - America Leave South America | Iran Welcomes Chavez Landslide Victory as Major Petroleum Defeat for the U.S. Terror Nation | Zionist Fascism and Cruelty Practiced Daily in American Terror Nation's Torture Chambers |

December 4
| Israel, Palestinians Threaten Violence | Israel's Low Reputation Among Consumers Among Worst in World | U.N. Passes Resolution on Friday Calling on Israel to Withdraw from the West Bank Concentration Camp and Return Stolen Land to their Palestinian Victims | Israel Will Yield Its Side of the Divided Town of Ghajar to the U.N. Peace Keeping Forces | William Fletcher: 'Israel is a Rabid State!' | Ahmadinejad: Rapidly Increasing Zionist Crimes Insure the Rapid Collapse of Israel | Israel Will Pay the Price: Militarized Islam May Overtake Lebanon | 100 Canadians Show Up in Gale Wintry Storm to Protest Israel and the Canadian War for Israel | Armed Militant Jews Taking Pot Shots at Arabs from inside Their Walled Anti-Arab Fortresses inside the West Bank Concentration Camp in Palestine Criticize the Report on their Lands Being Stolen | Israel Positioning Itself to Become World's Largest Repository of Clean Energy Products, Research, and Patents with Its Alternative New Energy Companies | Israeli President Katsav Dodges Impeachment by Saying He Will Resign If Indicted | All in the Family: Complaint that 'Israeli President Katsav's Son Sexually Molested Me' | 120,000 Non-Jewish Families in West Bank Suffering Race-Based Right to Travel and Settle Restrictions by Jewish Israeli Bigotry |   

December 3
| Crimes of Zionism Video (R-Violence) | Was Einstein a Jewish Hoax? | 100 Canadians Defy Hate Crimes Laws to Protest Canada's Support of Israel's Middle East Wars | Jewish Control of Genocide Organizations | Zionist View of Moslems; Satirized in Cartoon Speech | Pulling the Jewish Claws | Convicted Serial Rapist Escapes to Haunt Tel Aviv as a New Sort of Jack the Ripper | Jewish Mystic Kaballah Worship Fetish | U.N.: Israel's Overflights Destabilizing Peace on the Lebanon Border | Make a Donation to The Jew Watch Project | Palestine Slams Israel for Violating Ceasefire 70 Times in 5 Days | Dim Future Predicted by Scholars for American Jewry  Israel's Navy Shoots Palestinian Non-Jewish Fishing Vessel Out at Sea, Sets It Afire | Jews and Communism | Pro-Zionist America: Its Zionist Informed Citizens Have Warmest Feelings for U.K., Canada, and Israel | Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis | President Carter Pushes the Media on Palestine | American Free Press Publishes Factual Report on U.S. History of Protecting Israel's Genocidal Killing in Mideast | Israel Concerned over the 1 Million Person Massive Protest in Beruit Which Threatens the U.S. Approved Leader of Lebanon | Ethnic Cleansing and Israe's Racist Discourse | Jewish Reporter Gideon Levy in Israel Predicts Ceasefire Will Go Up in Flames Soon | Israel's Arab Citizens Fear Unfair Election Reforms |

December 2
| Depleted Uranium Crisis in Zionist Invaded Nations Worsens | The Jewish Anthrax Case Suspect | Christians and Sunnis Face Lebanon Crisis as Shiites Increase Power | Averting 'The Perfect Storm' in the Middle East | Pinchas Finkelstein, Jewish Prime Minister of Russia | Jewish Comedy "Borat" Banned by All Arab Nations as "Vile, Gross, and Extremely Ridiculous" | Killing Off the German Army in Prison Camps in 1945 | Lebanon's Majority Leader Said Hariri Announces Himself the Next Assassination Target | The 911 False Flag Operation | Robert Fisk: Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in Denial | The Debate Over Jews and Slavery | Pro-Zionist President Bush of the American Terror State:  Al-Maliki 'Right Guy' | Costly $100+ Billion War Bill Will Be First Test of Democrat's Will to End the Deadly War for Israel | Prime Minister Used "a Farrago of Lies and Manipulation" to Deceive Members of Parliament About War | Israel Should Compensate Lebanon for Total Cost of Its War Damages | Aussie Jews Who Wish to Deny Real Discussions of Israel Attack Australian Professors at Universities Who Don't Like Israel's Terrorist Wars in Palestine and Lebanon | Israel's Racial Purity Laws Continue to Drive Zionist Politics | Israeli Terror State Blindly Following the Zionist Sociopath of Least Resistance | U.N. Accuses Israel of Breaking All Provision of Its U.S. Brokered Border Agreement on Gaza's Border Crossings | Desmond Tutu to Lead U.N. Investigation of Atrocities in Jewish Occupied Gaza Committed by the Zionist Terror Nation | Israel Unfairly Attacks Iraq Study Group in Usual Jewish Manner | Commander of Pro-Zionist U.S. Troops in Iraq Says Transfer of Power Now Under Way |

December 1
| Radiation Discovered at 12 Sites in Pro-Zionist U.K. | Mordechai Vanunu Jew Who Blew the Whistle on Israel's 400 A-Bombs and Was Arrested | 33,000 British Airways Passengers Being Alerted of Radiation Exposure | Rothschild Banks and Communism | Pro-Zionist George W. Bush of the American Terror State Promises a Speedy Turnover of Security Power to the Failing Iraqi Government | The Jew Watch Project's Russian Mob Study Archive | Powell Tells World It Must Recognize that Civil War Now Exists in Iraq | The New York Times Pulitzer Prize Scandal -- Walter Duranty, the Jew Who Hid Stalin's Genocide of The Ukrainian People | Iranian Weapons Located in Zionist Occupied Iraq; However, Pro-Zionist American Weapons are Located in Israel | Former Russian Prime Minister Badly Poisoned; Question: Are We Witnessing KGB, Mossad, or CIA Hits? | Zionist Iraq's Morgues Filled Up Today With Large Surge of Bodies | 80 Bodies Found in Pro-Zionist American Occupied Baghdad and Nearby City of Baquba | Oregon Governor: Occupation Making Bagdad Worse than Ever | Gates Plans Continuing the Same Old Bloody Occupation of the Lost Colony of Baghdad | Protesters to Hit AIPAC on Pushing Blood-Filled U.S. Terror Nation's Endless Wars for Neo-Nazi Israel in Sacramento CA Sunday | Bush-Milaki Summit Turns into Pro-Zionist Bush PR Fiasco | Iraq's Non-Leader Al-Milaki Gives a Hollow Assurance that His Absurd Security Forces will be Ready in Six Months | Intractable Neocon Robert Zelnick Continues to Push Staying the Course if Only to Frustrate Syria and Iran and to Presumably Reach Israel's Unreachable Fantasy of Being the Mideast Kingpin | Turkey Warns of Widening Conflict, Especially if the Kurds Without a Nation Succeed from Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan at Once and Start a Hugely Powerful Kurdistan | The Stealing of Kurdish Lands in Iraq and their Sale to Turkish Investors | Israel Crazed Over 4-Day Cease Fire with Continued Bombing by Palestinians; Warns It May Soon Restart the Jewish Terror and Genocide in the West Bank and Gaza Concentration Camps Again |


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