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February 28, 2007
| When Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight:  The New U.S.-Israeli Terror Empire and Its Russian Cold War | Israel Murders 3 Palestinian Military Commanders in Its Occupied West Bank Concentration Camp | Washington Gets 'Neighborly' Over Iraq | Hamas Promises to End Missile Attacks on Israel -- Russian Official | Danger of a U.S. Miscalculation Over Iran | Hezbollah Warns U.S.-Israel Military Empire Against Attacking Iran Occupation Troops of the Anti-Democratic Zionist Terror State Ban Democratic Meeting on Palestinian Soil by Freely Elected Leaders of Their Palestine Concentration Camp | Former Jewish Big Leaguers to Pioneer Professional Baseball in Israel | Bush Family Nazi Connections | Mel Gibson's Newest Propaganda Movie 'When We Were Soldiers' Kisses Butts of Potential ADL Critics by Portraying 2 Jewish Pilots as the Heroes of the Battle of La Drange Valley, Vietnam | Scooter Libby Jewish Neocons Trial Still Deadlocked, Sixth Day | Accused Israeli Spy Accuses Egyptians of Torture to Induce False Confession | Iran Positive on Iraq Conference with U.S. If It Helps Iran's Interests | Another Typically Crazed Israeli Deception: 'Iran Plans to Nuke Europe' |

February 27, 2007
| Israel Terror State May Make 'Jesus Tomb' Open to Public | Mexican Chutzpah: Complains 5 U.S. Border Fence Workers Went 10 Feet into Mexico But Millions of Illegal Mexicans Crossed Hundreds of Miles into America Each Year | Bombings Kill 23 in Iraq | Bomb Barely Misses Iraq Vice President | Democrat's Anti-War Legislation May Fall Victim to Bush and the 60% Majority Required to End Coming Republican Senate Filibuster | Vice President Cheney Escapes Divine Moslem Retribution and Death for His Immoral Occupation of Afghanistan as Bombs Explode Close-By Demonstrating America's Impotence in Its Collapsing War Effort | New York Jews Worry Their City Will Be Target of Iran's Retribution If Bush's Zionazi Neocon Jewish Goons Make Him Attack Teheran | Expected Scorn Poured on Director's Claim, 'I Found Jesus' | A Zionist-Neocon Plot, or Blood Libel? | Zionist-Fascist Neocon Intellectual Insurgents from AIPAC Swarm Through America's Foolish Halls of Government with Suggestions on How to Inappropriately Attack Iran for Israeli Mideast Hegemony Using Its Non-Jewish American Money, Troops, and Rockets to Do Israel's Will | 18 Boys Killed Amid Bombings of 40+ Victims in Arrogant America's Failed Iraqi Democracy | Israeli Army Forbids Fishing Off Gaza Coast and Abuses Palestine's Desperately Poor Fishermen | Hezbollah Defenders of Lebanon Build New and Deadly Line of Defense Against the Next Onslaught of Inevitable Israeli Aggression |

February 26, 2007
| Archeologists Report Body of Jesus Discovered in Israel:  Discovery Channel Documentary Scheduled on March 4th Reports How a Tomb With the Remains/DNA of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and Judah, Their Son, Has Been Found | Farrakhan's Farewell Speech, 'The Final Call' for World Religious Unity | Senior U.S. Generals Will Quit If Bush Orders Iran Attack | Non-Jewish Qatar, Yemen, and UAE Will Allow Jewish Israel to Fly Over to Bomb Iran's Nuclear Program | New Report Says UAE Will Not Allow Over Flights | Israel Occupies Nablus Concentration Camp with IDF Thug Forces, Makes Arrests, Threatens and Assaults Inmates | Senior Hamas Official Slams Jordan's King for Demanding Recognition of Israel | Israel Sees Little Chance of War with Syria in 2007 | 'Can You Be Critical of Israel and Not Be Anti-Semitic? Duh.' | Terrorist Israel Asks America for More Military Aid, Presumably to Kill Arabs and Undermine America's Mideast Foreign Policy Even More |

February 25, 2007
| Israeli Terrorist State Plans to Construct 1,500 New Illegal Jewish Residential Fortresses Along Highways Inside The Non-Jewish Palestinian Concentration Camps Near Occupied Ramallah in Violation of International Laws | Egypt to Ask Interpol to Arrest 3 Israelis for Spying | Permanently Removing Iran from the New Racist Colonial Middle Eastern Empire | Carter Says Most Americans Agree with Him on Israel | Edwards Addresses the 'Mistake' of War in Iraq | Republican's Jewish Neocon Iraq War Mistake May Soon Bring Bombs Daily to U.S. Cities | Iraq President Slams U.S. Terror State for Arresting and Harassing Son of an Important Politician | After a Mistrial Caused by the Army, America's Fascist Zionazi Regime Nonetheless Refiles Charges, Even Though It Represents Illegal Double Jeopardy | 100,000 Brits March on Government in London Demanding Total, Unequivocal Pullout of Troops |

February 24, 2007
| The Goebels Principle | 'Encampment to End the War' in Washington DC Begins March 12th, the Week Congress Votes to End the War for Israel | Breakdown in U.S. Pro-Zionist Iraq Society Includes Constant Rape by Government Police, Hundreds of Times Worse than by Saddam Hussein's Sons | Worldwide Blitz Against Israel | Germany's PM Merkel to Abbas: Any Government Must Recognize Israel's Violent War Mongering Zionazi State | Suspicion of U.N. Troops as New Pro-Zionist Operatives in Lebanon | Israel Fearful Syria's Army May Now Be Strong Enough to Defeat Israel's Massive and Deadly Aggression in Mideast | Hillel Pushes an Obviously Racist Agenda that Israel Belongs to Jews, Then Intolerantly Sends Jews, Not Arabs to Visit as their 'Birthright' | U.N. Commission Reports Sees Israel's Nazi-Like Occupation Policies as Akin to South Africa's Bloody History of Racism | Israeli Anti-Arab Terror State Seeks Cooperation of Old Colonialist Turkey in War Against Iran | Bush Iran Policy Again Causes Oil to Sky Rocket in Price and Profit for All of His Texan Oil Buddies | American Occupation Fascists Arrest Son of Shiite Royalty, Nearly Create More Hate for America, More Violence in Wrecked Iraq, Apologize | Iran Resolute in Opposing the Blood-Filled American Colonial Empire | White House Says Dem Pull Out Plan Would Cause Chaos |

February 23, 2007
| Racially Biased ADL of Jewish B'nai B'rith Continues to Express its Intolerance of European Civil Rights Groups and Immigration Activists in Its Own Racist Manner While Posing as an Unbiased Superman of Tolerance | ADL Falsely Splices Holocaust Hostility to Xenophobia When They Are Entirely Different | Israel Says Syria Moving Troops Closer to Israeli Terror State's Border, Syria Calls Israel a Liar | Zionist Neocon Trial: Jury Adjourns in Libby Alias Liebowitz Case | Discussing America's Zionist Occupied Government Easier, Even Jews Are Doing It | Israeli Terror State Building 3,000 Illegal New Militarist Fortresses in Palestine Concentration Camp from which Zionists Can Make Daily Roadblocks, Threaten Palestinians, and Ice Hopes for a Palestinian State | Abraham Foxman Exploits Unproven Incident with Elie Wiesel, Author of a Book Said to be Filled with Falsehoods About the So-Called Holocaust | Exploding Trucks Used as Chlorine Gas Bomb Kills Many Non-Jews in Lost Iraq Colony | Cheney Lie: Losing Iraq Will Mean Terrorism in Other Nations, Offers No Proof | Senate Dems Move to Rescind Items in Original Legislation Giving Bush Authority to Run a War in Iraq | McCain: Bush Pursuit of Iraq War 'A Train Wreck' | Prince Harry to Fight in War for Israel |

February 22, 2007
| IDF Thugs: Hamas Has Advanced Anti-Tank Weapons in Israeli Regime's Gaza Concentration Camp | 'Israeli Apartheid Week' Spreads to More University Campuses | Letter from Ernst Zundel Written Just Before the Anti-Free Speech Kangaroo Trial Verdict | Pro-Zionist V.P. Cheney Wants an 'Honorable' Pullout of Troops | Zionist War in Iraq Colony Lost: Blair Announces Iraq Withdrawal Plan | First the U.S. Military's Lies, Then the Sordid Truth: Blackhawk Copter Was Shot Down Killing 9 | Denmark to Pull Troops from Iraq by August | Perilous White House Scenario Drenched in Israeli Contacts as Corruptions Unfold | Rice Denies Coalition Crumbling | Romania Says Rapid Withdrawal Will Cause Chaos | Is Blair Doing It for Harry? | Zionist-War-Critic Le Pen Calls 911 'an Incident' | U.S. Fleet Commander in Persian Gulf Issues Fearful Pre-War Assessment. Is It Propaganda Leading to a Mideast Gulf of Tonkin Lie? |     

February 21, 2007 - Ash Wednesday
| Only Way Out for American Presidential Dictator, George W. Bush, is to Make War on Iran to Push Away Coming Investigations | Fascist White House Regime's War Plans Against Iran Revealed to a World That Has Watched America Nazify Itself for Four Hate-Filled Years | Court, U.S. Constitution Now Illegal, Will of Congress Overrides Constitutional Rights, i.e., Habeaus Corpus Rights for Detainees | Iraq: The British End Game | British Military Wary of Sending Prince Harry to Iraq | Vice President Dick Cheney Receives Hostile Anti-Iraq-War Welcome by the Disgusted Residents of Tokyo | Gas Prices Widget Back Up Toward $3 Gallon Price | GOP Donor Charged with Aiding Terrorists | American Jews Involved in Their Own U.S. Music Monopoly Schemes Now Want to Own EMI in United Kingdom | Disgraced American Terror Nation Too Late on Its Faked Peace Stage to End Chaos in Israel-Palestine | A Declining Racist Israel Seeks to Corrupt Young Americans into Immigrating and Filling Its Future Armies as Uniformed Jewish Cannon Fodder | Bomb Stressed Bus Passengers in Israel Get Yoga Lessons to Relax Them | Mafia Riddled Israeli Police Will Face Difficulties in Reforming | Iran Will Negotiate Again But Only Without Preconditions, In Other Words, Iran Says the U.N. Can Get Lost | American Nuclear Terror State and Hated World Colonial Empire Seeks Action, But Iran Seeks Only to Talk While Arming In Attempt to Prevent Possible Nuclear War by Powerfful European Bully Nations | Iran Goes Out to Face U.S. Bully in Straits of Hormuz Using America's Own Provocative Navy Tactics, America's Navy Finds This 'Troubling' | An Attack on Iran Would Only Hasten Nuclear Bomb Manufacturing |

February 20, 2007 - Fat Tuesday - Mardi Gras - Karneval - Fast Nacht - Fasching
| U.N. Anti-Racism Panel Questions Hate-Filled Israel Over Jewish Militarist Domination of Non-Jewish Religious Sites | The Great Fictitional 'Demon' Chaser Himself, Abraham Foxman Rails Against the Jews' Favorite Imaginary Anti-Semitic Demons | Donations | After Years of Pro-Israeli and Anti-Arab Interference in Palestinian Affairs including Monetary Boycotts, Rice Cannot Understand Why She Can No Longer Influence Palestine's Leaders | Iraqi Patriots Shoot Up U.S. Army Base in Broad Daylight, Kill 2 of America's Much Hated Colonial Occupation Soldiers, Wound 11 | Israel Extends Its Zionist Propaganda Ministry's Fingers into My Space | Domain Central | Non-Jewish BBC Criticized by Zionism, Does Not Give 100% Pro-Israel Viewpoint | Israeli Ministers Argue Vociferously Over Hezbollah's Military Readiness | Zionism Honors Evangelist Benny Hinn for Allegedly Endangering His Tail-Wagged Christian Followers On Irresponsible Trips to Israel in the Midst of War | New Jersey Zionist War Mongers Allegedly Tour Israel for a Brief and Quite Modern Jewish Refresher Course in Anti-Arab Hatred | McCain Boards a Politically Safe 'Zionazi Train' Toward an Already Arab-Phobic White House | Hillary Sticks to Waving Her Comfortably Fashionable Anti-Arab War Flags | At Least 62 Non-Jews Killed in Iraq Car Bombs on Sunday | Democrats Pledge to Restrict Iraq War Deployments | Jewish Blog Says Anti-Semitism Brought On By Non-Jewish America's Constant Pandering to an AIPAC-Orchestrated Pro-Jewish Foreign Policy | Obama and the Jewish Vote |

February 19, 2007
| Car Bomb Kills Scores in Baghdad Despite Increased Security Measures by Zionist Forces | Europe Contaminated with Radiation from Exploding Depleted Uranium Shells Used Daily by Zionist U.S. Forces in Iraq | Republicans Block Iraq Debate | Advertisement: Skunk Puppies Domain Sale | Zionazi Regimes in U.S.-Israel Colonial Empire Agree to Destroy Democratic Will of Palestinian People | 8 Illegal U.S. Pro-Zionist Axis Invaders Killed, 14 Wounded in Afghan Helicopter Crash | Taliban Claim Helicopter Kill | Advertisement: Donations | Unlike AIPAC/ADL Controlled U.S., Russia Easily Curbs Border Immigration | The Rapidly Approaching Zionist Neocon War With Iran | Jewish Written Anti-Constitutional Rights Law Destroying Free Speech in America Coming to Vote in Congress | Plot to Cripple Iraq, Iran Part of Jewish Globalists’ New World Order Longer Term War Strategy | Al-Assad Accuses U.S. Terror State of War Attempting Old Colonial Divide-and-Conquer Rifts Between Iran and Syria | Deadly Bird Flu Found in Moscow Food Market Frequented by Jewish & Christian Russians, Closed & Quarantined | Constitutional Crisis, Congress Now May Legally Rescind Its 2002 Iraq War Approval Vote Due to President Bush's Fraud | Jewish Neocon War in Iraq for AIPAC's Israeli Client is 'Worst Foreign Policy Mistake in U.S. History, Harry Reid | Israel's Police Chief Leaves for Close Ties to Mafia Leaders | Moslem Prayer Room Found at Al-Aqsa Dig, Hidden by Jews for 3 Years, More Ire | Israel's Bomb, Iran's Pursuit of the Bomb, and U.S. Preparation for Another AIPAC War & Foreign Policy Disaster | Racist Jewish Thugs in Illegal West Bank Military Fortresses Continue to Grow, Steal, Threaten, and Settle Non-Jewish Lands |

February 12, 2007
| Chicken Congressmen Waffle on End of Iraq War, Nation Far Ahead of Legislators | Statement After Statement of Zionism's Genocidal Plans by the Great Leaders of the Zionist Conspiracy in New Hampshire, Hillary Owns Up to Her Vote for the Iraq War | Republican Slams Democrats for Stopping Iraq War Vote | Vladimir Lenin | Putin Slams U.S. Terror Nation for Its Bloody, Fascist Unilateral War Mongering Around the World | Robert Oppenheimer | Intelligence Gaffes Haunt Pentagon In Building a Similar Lying Iraq Case Against Iran | Jew Watch - Jews and Communism - Joe McCarthy, the Jews, Russia's Mafia | Gates: Torture of Innocent Kidnapped Iraqis in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo Still Haunt the U.S. Terror State's Present Illegal War Efforts | General Petraeus: Illegally Occupied Iraq Must Be Stabilized or Face Civil War When Pro-Zionist Terror States Leave | Idiot Guilliani Supports America's Zionazi War, Would Be Another Pro-Zionist Bush Two | War Monger Israel Continues Hateful Al-Aqsa Digs, Even Gains Knesset's Approval to Continue Desecration of the Dome of the Rock | Israeli Terror State Successfully Tests New Arrow Anti-Missile System | Israel Seeks Another "Peaceful" Nuclear Plant to Generate Electricity and Plutonium for Its Dangerously Aggressive A-Bomb Program | We Are No Threat To Israel, Says Iran | Malaysia Condemns Israel's Digs at Al-Aqsa Mosque | Hillary's Spineless Pandering to AIPAC Which Is Known as an Unregistered Agent for a Foreign Power | Libby/Liebowitz's 'Jew Trial' Shines Light on the Selling of a Gone Wrong War in Iraq | White House Violates the Presidential Records Act of 1978, Erasing Damaging Historical Documents from Internet Site |

February 11, 2007
| Arab League Slams Israel for Attempt to Increase Its Hold on Jerusalem's Land Using Al-Aqsa Mosque Construction | Hezbollah Wants Its Guns Returned | Lebanon Says It Will Keep Weapons Stolen from Hezbollah to Attack Israel If Necessary | Unified Palestinian Government Will Not Recognize Israel | 3,000 Israeli Polices Goons Beat Up Innocent Moslems Seeking Control over their Own Temple Mount | A Tense Jerusalem Waits | With Blunt Warning, Petraeus Takes Over |

February 10, 2007
| Israel's Terrorist Regime Gets All the Violence They Want and More Which Is Exactly Why They Dug the Al-Aqsa Tunnel 50 Feet from the Mosque | American and European Terror States Disappointed in Mecca Accord Which Does Not Solidify Recognition of Land Gains from Zionism's 100 Years of Genocide | Israel Raids Al-Aqsa Mosque to Quell Riots Caused by Israel's  War Like Tunneling Provocation at the Site | Iraq Insurgents Post Video of Their Shoot Down of an American Occupation Helicopter | More Soldiers Refuse to Go to War in Iraq Occupation Zone | Pentagon Lied on Iraq War to Please the Pro-Zionist President, Possibly to Avoid Being Fired | U.S. Occupational Armies Use Each New Bombing to Escalate Imperialist War | U.S. Terror Army Deaths Soar Higher Than Ever with 334 Dead in 4 Months | America Kisses Its Israeli Master as It Criticizes the Outrageously Provacative Tunnel Designed by Israel's Mossad to Cause Maximum Trouble and Religious Heartache at the Al-Aqsa Mosque | Target Iran: U.S. War Pariah Ready to Strike in Spring |

February 9, 2007
| Senator Norman Coleman:  Senate Should Be Ashamed for 'Failure' to Vote Over Iraq | Israeli Terror Nation's Consistent Genocide of Palestine | Jewish New York Times Publisher, Arthur Salzberger, Says He Is Not Certain His Pro-Zionist 'Paper' Will Be Printed and Delivered to Homes and Doesn't Care, He's Only Committed to the Internet | Patriarchs of Modern Israel Murder of 65,000,000 Non-Jews inside their Jewish Founded and Ruled USSR, 1920-1940 | Apple Under Fire by Jewish Owned Record Companies for Wanting All Copy Guard Removed from Songs | Jewish Hatred of Non-Jews | Ted Turner Tells Jewish NWO Millionaires at BP and Marathon Oil of Houston It's Time to Cut Bait on Fossil Fuels In Case There's Still Time | The Jewish Scientist Alleged to be Behind the 911 Anthrax Hoax | Nobel Nominated Gore: All of Our Civilizations Are Threatened | Mecca Accord Signed: Hamas and Fatah to Form Unity Government, Stop All Fighting in Palestine | U.S. Fire Chiefs on Way to Israel for Jewish Brain Washing Junket | Jews On Jews: Going After the Jewish Lobby | French Have Their Own 'Le Brainwash Junkette' to Tel Aviv | Arabs Ask Israel to Shed Its Jewish Identity | Iran Warns Israel of Possible Violent Repercussions Over Al-Aqsa Mosque "Dome of the Rock" Vandalism | Jew Chertoff Signs Security Pact With Israel's Homeland Security Force Committing America to Cooperation with the Jewish Terror State | Hillary Clinton Promises to Sell Out American in Support of Israel | Israel Is Again the Top Recipient of Aid from Its AIPAC Corrupted Sycophant, the United States | Red Cross Disgraces Itself by Accepting Honors from the ADL, an Agent of the Israeli Terror State | Congress Incredulous Over $4 Billion Cash Sent to Dangerous War Zone and Stacked in Boxes on Pallets | U.S. Terror Government Cannot Account for $15 Billion in Cast Sent to War Zone | Spain Admits Naivete in Thinkiing Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction |

February 8, 2007
| Israel-Lebanon Exchange Border Fire | We Should Not Bomb To Stop Iran From Getting a Bomb | It Is No Use Blaming Iran for Iraq's Insurgency | Iran's Khamenei Urges Islamic States to Retaliate Against Provocative Israeli Work at Islamic Holy Site | Pressure, Strength Build for Passage of Democratic Bill Against Iraq War | 5th U.S. Copter Crashes in Flames, Killing 7 | Long Awaited Pro-Zionist Security Operation Under Way in Iraq, Irresponsible Military Action Promises to Kill Many Iraqis and Americans | Mistrial Declared in Court-Martial of U.S. Army Officer | U.S. Zionist Axis Courts Indict 5 in Iraq Contract Scam | Secrets of the Jewish Press at the Jewish Trial | Positive Israeli Accomplishments |  'Cool Facts About Israel' Reveals Dangerous Knowledge Useful to Its World Intelligence Gathering including Microsoft Operating Systems, Chips, Software, Cell Phones, and Its Domination of Science and Publishing | "The Jew as Criminal" by Julius Streicher, the Only Man Hanged for Publishing | Iran May Launch Its Own Spy Satellite | Large Jewish-Owned International Companies Plan to Protect Their Market Share in Bird Flu Pandemic, Exxon to Permanently House Workers Inside Its Refineries, Stores Offer Food to Car Window Service Only, Food Trucks to Use Armed Guards during Scarcity |

February 7, 2007
| Israeli Fascists Begin Provocative Archeological Digs 50 Feet from Jerusalem's Dome of Rock Holy Mosque, Deliberately Stirring Hatred Among Arabs Imprisoned Within the Borders of the Illegal Zionist Occupation of Moslem Jerusalem | Israeli Liar Nation Denies Claim a Zionist Spy Lives and Spies on Citizens in Canada | Hezbollah Warns the World that Israel is Bearing False Witness about the Nature of Bombs Found in Border Region | Opponents of Pro-Israeli Activities by Governments Organize to Increase their Own Lobbying Efforts | Defiant Hezbollah Returns to Lebanon-Israeli Border | 47 Killed as Troops, Tanks Deploy in Baghdad | Israel's Bomb, Iran's Pursuit of the Bomb, and U.S. War Preparations | Ron Forthofer: No More Israeli War Crimes in Our Name | Palestine Accuses Israel of Unprecedented Anti-Peace Provocations Leading to War by Meddling With the Dome of the Rock | U.S. State Dept. Aware of Dome of the Rock Problem but as Yet Has Done Nothing to Anger Its Zionist Masters Except Open a File while Israel Pours This New Bottle of Diplomatic Gasoline onto Already Burning Zionist Resistance Fires in Palestine | Chicken Legislators Remain Dead Locked Over Promised Anti-War Laws as Useless U.S. Cannon Fodder Continues to be Placed by Crazed Bush in Harm's Way | Fascist Military Judge Blocks Testimony by International Experts on Illegal Nature of the Iraqi Colonial Occupation | Iraq Puppet Prime Minister Maliki Orders Crackdown on Baghdad | Sparks Fly in Congress Over Where Reconstruction Money In Iraq Went |

February 6, 2007
| Psycho Republicans May Filibuster Their Fellow Chicken Democrats Over Non-Binding Crap Bill | The Judeo-Bolshevik Spartacist Uprising in Germany | Worthless Iraq Government Points Accusing Finger at Syria | Arnold Rothstein, The Notorious Mafia Jew Who Owned the Chicago Black Socks | Bullet Riddled Bodies Again Fill Lost Colony of Iraq | Jews Who Control the Largest National Museums and Art Organizations | 1,000 Killed in Iraq This Week | How and Why Joe McCarthy Went Down | Scapegoating Iran for Iraq Failure | Turkey Asks U.S. to Decimate PKK, Same People Saddam Decimated in Alleged Gas Attacks | U.S. Military Thug Commanders Now Admit All 4 Copters Shot Down, Change Tactics in New World of Anti-Copter Rockets | Same Ideologues Who Brought You Iraq Are Now Working to Bring You Iran | Israel Sees No End in Sight to Palestinian Civil War Which Zionists in Mossad Have Planned All Along as a Strategy for Jews to Win All of Palestine's Land | New General of IDF Thug Force is Gaby Ashkenazi | Hillary Pathetically Sucks Up to Jews at AIPAC Address as a Typical American Traitor to Her Nation's Real Interests | Racist Jews in Jerusalem Destroy Arab Houses in Genocidal Program, But Lie, Claim Housing Laws Mandated It | Lebanon Begs U.S. Terror Nation Not to Send More Deadly Cluster Bombs to Israeli Arab Genocide Regime | British Jews Split Over Israeli Policies | Report: Mossad Spy Murdered Iran's Nuclear Scientist | AIPAC Expert Says U.S. Court Rulings Indicate U.S. May Be About to Declare AIPAC an Agent of a Foreign Power, Inhibiting Its Ability to Lobby |

February 5, 2007 - Super Bowl Sunday
| Zionist America's Bloody Terror in Baghdad Ready to Begin | Soldiers in Iraq Already Know the 'Surge' Is a Lost Cause | Wicked War Monger McCain Blasts Senate Peace Makers, Alternative Seems to Create and Sustain an Endless Bloody War in Middle East | Jewish-Dominated Phone Companies Fight Over New Search Engine Technologies and Revenues | Senator McFadden's Federal Reserve Speech | States Revolt Against the America's Judeo-Bolshevik National Drivers License Law as Affront to Freedoms, May Refuse to Cooperate, Congress Seen Beginning Retreal | Heathen World's Interesting Non-Nazi Internet Swastika Gallery | Fights Over Iraq War Continue in Congress, Democrats Renege on Promise to Make Rapid End to War | Hamas Appears to Consolidate Its Hold on Northern Gaza and Gaza City | 37 Die, More than 100 Wounded, One Day After Bombing Kills 137, Wounds Over 200 | At Least 103 People Killed or Found Dead in U.S. Military Monster's Wrecked Colony of Baghdad on Sunday | Mortars in Baghdad Kill 15 | IDF Thugs Consider New Invasions of Civil War Compromised Gaza and West Bank Concentration Camps | Violence Reigns in Gaza Despite Truce | Israel and Its Henchmen in Europe Continue to Withhold Funds from the Only Elected Democracy in Gaza and the West Bank Concentration Camps Illegally Occupied by the Nazi-Zionist Israeli Terror State | Israel Illegally Steals Arab Real Estate in Front of Holiest 'Dome of Rock' Mosque, and Dig New Tunnels Undermining It |

February 4, 2007 - Super Bowl Sunday
| Super Bowl vs. Yom Kippur | Jews in the NFL | Red Revolution in USSR Was Jewish Controlled | Moslem Leader Calls Britain 'Hitleresque' Based on its Racial Policing Methods | Judeo Bolsheviks According to Answer.Com | Iraq Assessment Bleak and Deadly | What Jews Say in Their Own Presses About the USSR Being Jewish | Islamic State of Iraq Shoots Down 4th Helicopter in 2 Weeks | 200,000 USSR Ministers and Priest Murdered by Jewish Bolshevik Regimes | Suicide Attack Kills 104 in Baghdad Market | 130 Killed or Found Dead in Iraq Debacle in 1 Day | Chicken Senator Warner Leads Coalition to Stop His Own Rebuke of the President's Lost War Effort | Psychiatric White House Hopes for Iraq Win in November | Investigation to Begin After Veteran Kills Himself After Telling VA He Was Considering Suicide and Was Put on a Waiting List | New Report Says Bush's Insane Escalation Could Increase to 48,000 Troops as Sacrificial Cannon Fodder to Nasty Iraqi Guerrilla Teams | US Intelligence Report Projects Deteriorating Situation in Iraq | Prime Minister Maliki Tells U.S. and Iran to Take Their Fight Elsewhere | Says Syria Welcomes Anti-Iraq Refugees, Sends Shiites Away | Zbigniew Brzezinski Says America Must Come to Terms and Admit the War in Iraq is a "Historic, Strategic and Moral Calamity" | Pro-Zionist U.S. Fails to Report Any Evidence of Its Lies About an Iran Involvement in Iraq Catastrophe | Soldier in Courts Martial for Refusing to Serve in Iraq | Iran: The Psycho Bush War Begins | War on Iran: Stop Bush Before It Happens | West Abandoning Hope that Hamas will Drop Anti-Israel Stance, Stability in Region Will Require Some Way of Negotiating with Hamas Leadership |

February 3, 2007
| U.S. Israel Empire Scores Victory as Civil War Erupts in Total Chaos and Universities are Set Ablaze, Weakening the Palestinian Nation as Planned by Mossad/CIA | History of Israel Terror State's Atrocities in Lebanon | George W. Bush: Inferior Man | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | All Hope Crushed by Barbaric Zionists in Israel, Britain, and the United States, Palestine Enters a Grim New World of Inner Self-Hatred | The Jewish Einstein Hoax | Hillary Lies to Zionist Supporters in New York, Says that Iran is a Danger to the U.S. and Israel | The Israeli Mafia | A Bad Week for Israel's Prime Minister | Israel's Former Justice Minister Found Guilty of Sexual Impropriety | Israel Planes Still Buzzing Lebanon | State Dept. Notifies Congress of Israel's Misuse of Cluster Bombs | Geopolitical Diary: Israeli Covert Operations in Iran | Russia to U.S. Terror State: Why Do You Insist on Isolating and Undermine Syria When They Are Willing to Work for Israel-Palestinian Peace? | World War Two Victims Want Israel to Hand Over Paintings Taken by Nazis and then Re-Stolen by Being Held For 60+ Years Inside Israel's National Museum | False Ray of Hope as Racist Israel Approves Controversial Moslem Cabinet Member | Jury Acquits Men of Racketeering Conspiracy in Hamas Trial | There Is No New Anti-Semitism, Jewish Organizations Have Gone Totally Over the Top | Israel's Kafkaesque 'Matrix of Control' in Occupied Palestine | Peres Favored to Be Next President of Israel | American Traitor John Edwards Pledges Allegiance to Israel and Say He is Ready to Launch an Israeli War on Iran | Pentagon Lies, Says U.S. Not Planning War With Iran | Where is the Evidence That Iran Threatens Anyone Either in Iraq or Elsewhere? | Iraq Invites Iran and Syria to Baghdad for Discussion of Iraq's Security Solutions | Bush's Choice for US Spy Chief Utters Biggest Lie, Tells Senate Panel They Will be Kept in Intelligence Loop |

February 2, 2007
| High Iraq Generals Take Place of Iran as Major Caper Suspects in Bizarre Killing of 5 American Troops | Jew$ and Government Research Archive #5 | Anti-Semitic Incidents in U.K. Soar in Multi-Cultural Cesspool, Over Half by Non-Whites | A Few of the Many Jews in the Zionist Heavy Bush AdministrationOlmert Lies to Winograd Commission: 'Israel Won Lebanon War' | Jews Who Rule America's Colleges and Universities | U.S. Inquiry Into Use of Cluster Bombs | Clinton's Jew Heavy Ambassadorial Appointments to America's Foreign Embassies | Sacha Baron Cohen To Be Sued in Israel for Stealing the Line, 'Wa Wa Wee Wa' | Far Too Many Jews Have Been Appointed to America's Supreme Court Based on their Meager 2.4% of the Population Which Only Supports the Figure of  'Zero Jews' on the Court | French PM Chirac: 'Israel Don't Fret, If Israel Is Nuked, Teheran Will Be Razed' | Israeli Thugs Kill 3 Palestinians for Carrying Guns as Do Thousands Inside Their Israeli Occupied Concentration Camp | 'We Have Crossed the Red Line': Palestinian Blood on the Hands of Fellow Palestinians Is No Longer Taboo | Israel to Steal More Palestinian Land by Extending Its Fence Out 5 More Miles | Israel Records Its First Same Sex Marriage | Israeli Racism Seen in Appointment of Moslem to Cabinet Amid Dualisms of Fanfare and Hate by Israelis | Yes, There is Apartheid in Israel | Israel Holocaust Museum Opens Farsi Propaganda Site Pushing Jewish Opinions on the Holocaust Question for Iranian Consumption | Israel's Kafkaesque 'Matrix of Control' | Is Jimmy Carter Saving Israel? | Mideast Policy—Immigration Policy: Is The Other Boot About To Drop? |

February 1, 2007
| German Court Issues Arrest Warrants for 13 CIA Agents from the American Terror Nation for Kidnapping and International Transportation of the Kidnapped German Citizen with the Intent of Torturing Him | Clinton's Jewish Seductress Monica Lewinsky | Zionist Media Reporters Have Trouble Remembering Conversations with Liebowitz (Scooter Libby) | Jewish Defendant and ex-Neocon Scooter Libby (Liebowitz) Wants to Know What Other Yiddish Reporters Edith Miller Spoke With | Vatican Newspaper Expresses Disappointment in Reporter Who Exploited the Sacrament of Confession for a Lame Scoop | Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel | Senate War Battle Headed by Jewish Senator Arlen Specter Heats Up | Jewish Theft of Palestinian Land in Text with Video Resources | U.S. Official:  U.S. Not Winning Iraq War | Israel's Racial Purity Laws | IRAQ: American Terror Nation's Explosions Destroying Innocent People and Infrastructure | Iranian Foreign Minister Invited to Conference of Iraq's Neighboring States | White House Militant Terrorists Fearful of Iran and Iraq Being Friends | Pro-Zionist White House of Known Liars Still Withholding Its Latest Lies on Iran Creating Havoc in Iraq as It Tries to Gets Its Propaganda Falsehoods in Order | Daily Potpourri of Daily Kidnappings and Abductions of Palestinians by the Israeli Nazi Occupation Forces in the Palestinian Concentration Camps | Launch of Major Coalition to End Israeli Occupation of Palestine | Russia Warns Civil War Would End All Chance of Talks between Palestine and Israel | Arlen Specter:  White House is Too Insular, Constantly Makes Mistakes in Not Considering Expert Opinions |


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