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May 31, 2007
| Russia Tells U.S.A. to Stop Shipping Arms for the Destabilization of Lebanon | Traitors: How the Vicious Zionist Neocons Cut Their Teeth | Zioncon Traitors and How They Betray the U.S. Government and Its Citizens Who are Not Jewish | Can the Iraq Surge Be Salvaged? | Turkey Sends Tanks to Iraq Border to Protect the 65% of its Geography that is Stolen from Kurds | U.S.A. to Accept 7,000 out of 2,000,000 Iraq Refugees Whose Lives Were Ruined by the United States | 3 More Journalists Killed in Iraq | Deadliest Days for Troops in Iraq | 5 Britons Captured as War Prisoners, Angering British Colonial Power | Army Returning Amputees to Front Line | Why the U.S. Zionist Giant Isn't Leaving Iraq Just Yet

May 30, 2007
| To President Bush, Dafur Genocide is Really About American Jewish Banks and Oil Barons | Extreme Jewish Supremacist Robert Zoellick Appointed to Replace Wolfowitz's Neocon Madness at World Court | Duke Report: Zoellick a Jewish Supremacist | PNAC Dominated by Jews and Crypto Jews | Bush Stoops to New Demagogic Low in Lying About Republicans Who Oppose Giving America to the Zionist Enemy's Mexican Invasion | Worst 3-Month Toll Since 2004 in Iraq War For AIPAC's Zionist Traitors | Troop Deaths in the Absurd War for AIPAC Money Grubbers in Iraq Higher than for any Two-Month Period | Cindy Sheehan Resigns from Democratic Party in Protest to War Sellout of Its Congressional Leadership

May 29, 2007

May 28, 2007
| List of Iraq's Daily 100+ Dead, Wounded, and Kidnapped Under the Hated European-Israeli Colonial Occupation | American Pro-Israel Military Dictator Honors Wasted Dead in Hundreds of Worthless Yankee Wars All Over the Known World | Cannon Fodder American AIPAC Style: 3,452 Dead For Israeli Terror State in Iraq | Israeli Leaders Authorize Ground Infantry in Gaza Concentration Camps to Rough Up, Kill, Torture, and Kidnap Men and Boys Based on a Few Mostly Useless Hamas Rockets Which Could Well Be Fired by Mossad Operatives into Israel in a Black Flag Operation to Justify More Jewish Killing of Palestinians | Peretz Loses Labor Party Vote | Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Seeks to Decapitate the Duly Elected Leaders of the Hamas Party | Peres Wins Party's Bid to Run for President of the Israeli Military Horror State | Afghan Police in this American Occupied Nation Open Fire on Protesting Citizens, Killing 13, Wounding Scores | Bush's War Spawns Sudden Spread of Iraq Guerillas to All Parts of the World Making it Even More Unsafe by Any Standards, aka NY Times Story

May 27, 2007
| Israel Bombs Hamas Buildings in Gaza, Murdering 5 Palestinians | Israeli Terrorist State Continues to Bomb Civilian Populations in Gaza, Destroying Homes, Killing Innocent Families | U.S. Military Rushes Dangerous, Cruel Military Weapons to Lebanon to Fight Religious, Patriotic Groups Resisting Israeli Torture and Occupation | Unarmed Civilians in Lebanon Flee Their Isolated Concentration Camps as U.S. Supplied Pro-Israeli Forces Surround Them for the Coming Probable Genocide of Patriotic Men and Boys Who Are Not Allowed to Leave | World Should Recognize Iran's Right as a Sovereign Nation to Enriched Uranium -- FM | Other Independent Nations in Mideast Scramble for Nuclear Weapons Armories to Block U.S. Israeli Imperial Strategies in Region | Monsanto Chemical Company Which Threatens Farmers' Independence with Patented Seed Laws Identified as Jewish Slave Dealers Lauded in a 1976 ADL 'American Jews' Pamphlet on Black History Web Site (To Find, Search 'Monsanto') | 

May 26, 2007
| Police Report Two French-Israelis Kill Arab Taxi driver in Tel Aviv Hate Crime | Jewish Colonial Nazis Want to Reoccupy Gaza Using Brutal Military Force | Talks on Israel Abandoning Attacks Against Hamas Go Nowhere | Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Arrests Democratically Elected Hamas Leaders | Nazi Israel Arrests 4 Department Level Hamas Government Leaders | Brutal Israeli Soldiers Again Shoot Journalists | Zionist Troops Target APF Photographer | Obstacles of Israeli Peace: Absurd Settlements, Borders, Agreements | Jewish Hate Monger Arrested in New York for Murders in 1980's | Ugly Face of Israeli Hate Again Exemplified in Murder of Palestinian Taxi Driver | The Hate Monger's Confession in Tel Aviv | Israeli Police Spin Arabs Slicing Israeli Throats as Terrors, Whereas, Israelis Slicing Arab Throats are Nationalists | Israeli Terror State Kills Another 15 Palestinians | 

May 25, 2007
| Synagogue Burns in Geneva, Arson Feared: The Jew Watch Project Sends Its Heartfelt Sympathies to All Affected Synagogue Members | Ex-Mossad Head Says Israel and Neighbors Cannot Make Peace with U.S. Fascist Regime in the Bed as Well | More Racial Troubles: Demons Return with Nooses Hanging on Louisiana Tree as Race-Baiting Non-Profits including Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Show Up with Their Usual Racist Begging Cups to Peck the Ground and Accuse Whites of Being Bigots | Zionist Capital Owners Who Run Internet ISP's and Businesses Surface to Argue Against Removing the Bans on Internet Taxation | Already Blood-Drenched Zionist Neocon U.S. President Begs for New Iranian War for Israel, Asks More Sanctions for Iran to Increase Chances of Getting that War | 30,000 Palestinians Surrounded by Lebanese Army | America's Financial Zionist Monopoly Bankers Fight Over China's Artificially Low Yuan Currency

May 24, 2007
| AIPAC's Approved Jewish Traitor Chertoff, Homeland Security Tsar for Israel's Puppet Government in Washington, D.C., Defies American People, Says "Immigrant Deportations Just Are NOT Going to Happen" | Immigration Bill that will Eventually Destroy the American People and their Government is Already Beginning to Unravel under Public Scrutiny | Rep. Boehner's Boner: That "Immigration Bill is a Piece of Sh*t" | Opposition to Zionist Supported and Written Immigration Bill by Socialist Anti-Americans of Hispanic Descent Who Are Not Even Americans Begin to Call the Shots Over the Feelings and Views of Real Americans | Democratic Party Supports War Mongering Regime on Iraq War | American Army Sucks: Morgue Data Shows Even More Increases in Sectarian Deaths |   

May 23, 2007
| Arnold Goldstein: Zionist Oil Industry Says Ethanol Laws Make It Difficult to Open New Refineries, So Prices Will Soar | Jews Watch Michael Moore's 'Sicko' Seriously Enough to Ask Congress to Make New Laws Designed to Perpetuate the Present Insurance Profiteering Situation | AIPAC's Hand-Picked Senators Vote to Betray the United States People by Approving Invading Mexican Hordes for Outlandish Business Profits | Un-Identified and Un-Read Senate Immigration Bill to be Passed without the Public Knowing What It Says would Transform America's Workforce and its Cultural Base, Betraying Its Present Population to Unwanted Foreign Invasions | Texas Sneaks In Its Own Border Fence Language | 

May 22, 2007
| Lebanon Continues to Heat Up, 70 Dies, as Syria and Al Qaeda Are Alleged to be Implicated in Seemingly Deceptive and Strange News Releases | Israel Shuns Peace for Short-Term Gains | Israeli Traitor Who Spied Still Source of Contention between Racist Jews vs. Americas | Senatorial Traitors to AIPAC Vote for Cloture So Zionist Pushed Immigration Bill to Destroy America as We Know It Forever Can Be Passed Later | Traitors for AIPAC Campaign Gold in House Vote to Share U.S. Defense Missile Technology with Irresponsible Israel Who Could then Sell it to China as It Has Done with Other Sensitive American Secret Weapons | Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Threatens Again to Murder Palestine's Democratically Elected Hamas Leaders |

May 21, 2007
'Bush Is the Worst  Zionazi Israel Joins with Palestinian Militants to Bomb Hamas Leaders in Gaza's Genocidal Death Camp | Iraq Military Draws Up Plans In Case of Rapid U.S. Pullout | Now Treating a Patient Is Wrong for an M.D. as Moslem Doctor Lured by FBI Goons into Treating Al Qaeda Wounded, Sentenced to 15 Years by Corrupt Pro-FBI American Terror State Judiciary that Works Against Justice with Such Federal Scum | Multi-Cultural Disaster of Iraq Facing Not Just One but Many Civil Wars | Israel's Ambassador Seeks Another Democracy Destroying AIPAC for the Further Zionist Corruption of Europeans | 

May 20, 2007
'Bush Is the Worst President Ever' | Killer Israeli Terror State Recklessly Murders 8 Palestinians in Home | Iran: American Troops Must Get Out to 'Curb Terror' | Zionist Media Confront 'Perfect Storm' on Internet Which Places Non-Zionist Candidate Ron Paul At Front of Republican Horde | It Takes 'Canada Free Press' To Break Zionist American Media Monopoly Silence on Ron Paul's Message of Limited Constitutional Government' | Lebanon Erupts in Civil War, As Leb Army Attacks Palestinian Stronghold 'Said' to have Al Qaeda Connections in Possible Mossad/CIA Black Flag Operation Designed to Widen and Justify Conflict | Lebanese Refugees Fear Civil War After Years of Constant Instability in Beirut | Fears for Afghanistan as New Suicide Bombings Spread from Iraq, Begin to Take Lives | Zionist Neocon War Monger Paul Wolfowitz Who Has Resigned from World Bank Carries Label of Having Started the Iraq Catastrophe | 7 U.S. Puppet of Israel Soldiers Die in War for Israel in Iraq, 6 in Sweep South of Baghdad | AP Poll: President Bush, Iraq War Weigh Heavily on Americans | U.S. Embassy in Iraq Is World's Largest and Still Totally Insecure for Use Amid Zionist Planned Iraqi Chaos | 

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May 19, 2007

May 18, 2007

May 17, 2007 
Voice of America: Jewish Wolfowitz's Probable Replacement at the World Bank Is Another Jew, of course, Who Is Stanley Fisher, the Governor of the Central Bank of Israel | London Daily Mail Reports that Non-Jew but Trusted Zionist Operative Tony Blair is Being Considered to Replace Wolfowitz at the World Bank

May 16, 2007

May 15, 2007
| Wolfowitz Hangs as Head of IMF Despite Continuous Pressure to Resign | Pro-Zionist Pastor Jerry Falwell Exits the Culture Wars, Says Good-Bye to Guest Spots on Zionist CNN as Their Favorite and Most Ridiculed Goof-Ball Representative for Christianity, Which He Was Really Was Not | Pentagon Squashes Troops' Use of and, Because of Graphic Battle Videos Harmful to Its Wrongful and Sadistic War for Israel | AIPAC So Big and Powerful It Now Has Gained Permission and Openly Defies the Department of Justice by Supporting Its Own Alleged AIPAC Spies | Imperial Zionist White House Baptizes Its Newest Abomination: 'The War Czar' | Zionist-Owned USA and Russia Agree to Tone Down Rhetoric | Anti-Zionist Groups Kill 15 of Themselves in Gaza Threatening Unity Government | Jewish-Zionist President Sarkozy to be Sworn In as President of Non-Jewish France on Wednesday

May 14, 2007
| Humiliated U.S. Army Tosses 4,000 Cannon Fodder into Scouring Iraq for 3 Newly Arrested War Prisoners | Israeli Government Announces Its Newest Nazi Plan for Palestinian Assassinations | Former Commander in Iraq Predicts Far More American Prisoners of War in Near Future | Walter Kondracke's Plan to Win:  Back Shiites and 'Win Dirty' | Iraq: Sunday's Bomb Death Toll Rises to 50 | Military Says 6 U.S. Troops Died Sunday in Iraq for the Subversives in AIPAC | Romney Decries Bush's Absurd Pro-Zionist Iraq War Plans | Zionistic AIPAC to Pay Legal Fees for Its Alleged Espionage Agent and Jew Keith Weissman | Would the World be Better Off Under Pro-Zionist Pelosi's AIPAC Stances or the War Monger Neocons of AIPAC | Christians Under Pastor John Hagee's Zionist-Christianity Heresy Are Urged to Become Mindless College Propagandists for Israel's Godless and Hate-Filled War Mongers | Jewish Lobby and U.S. Mideast Foreign Policy Fiascos | Time Table for Opening German Files to Investigators Hailed by All But Zionist Propagandists Who Want More Access, Possibly to Destroy Crucial Documents that May Negate Many Forensically Unsupported Holocaust Accusations | Baltic Nations Seek Inquiry into Jewish Bolshevik's USSR False History of 'Liberation' of their Nations | Jewish Family Drops Art Purchase Suit Against Detroit Art Museum as Case Over 'Fair Price' Evidently Fell Apart | American Refugees in Cuba Discuss Their Lives There | 

May 13, 2007
| Group Identifying Itself as Al Qaeda Allegedly Claims It Has Jailed 3 American Soldiers | 39 Dead from Government Inaction in Earliest Stages of Possible Pakistan Civil War | Pope Denounces Capitalism and Communism | At Least 137 Killed in Iraqi 'War for Israel' | As Iraq War Effort Crumbles Toward Ultimate Loss, the Easily Defeated U.S. Empire Meets With a Politically Rising Iran in Egypt To Seek Common Ground to Avert More Wars Amid the Rubble | U.S. Sweeps Iraq Frantically Seeking 3 Soldiers Lost Through Its Own Strategic Military Incompetence | Gordon Brown, Successor to Tony Blair, Seeking Rothschild Donations, Rejects Early Pullout | Formal Request by Pro-Zionist U.S. Department of State for Ambassadorial Level Meeting with Iran | Ability of National Guard to Protect the States in Midst of Emergencies Being Destroyed by Iraq War | Israel's Olmert Says He Wants to Extend Israel's Jerusalem Borders in a Further Act of Zionist Aggression and Genocide Against the Non-Jewish Moslems of that City | 

May 11, 2007
| French President Nicolas Sarkozy's Jewish Roots | French Jewish Umbrella Group Congratulates Sarkozy on His Political Win | Republicans Close to Rejecting Bush's Lost War to Save the Party | England's Rothschild Puppet, Tony Blair Resigns as Promised | Putin Likens U.S. Foreign Policy to that of Hitler | Disgraced Tony Blair:  'I Did What I Thought Was Right' | France's Sarkozy, Genetic Rothschild Zionist Hungarian Import, Takes Power After Weeks of Promising More Connections to Zionist U.S. Israel Empire | Payback is a Bitch: Bush Makes New Fascist Investigation of Michael Moore's Cuba Trip | Zionist 'Big Brother' Investigates Digital Facial Recognition Technology | Republicans to Bush: Results by September 30th or It's Over | States Left Holding the Bag for the War as Half of All National Guard Equipment Wrecked or Lost Due to Deployments | Iraq Drafts Bill Saying It Wants Foreign Troops Out | Who'll Govern Israel After Olmert? | 

May 10, 2007
| Pelosi Could Sue President Bush for Over-Reaching Use of His Presidential Powers | Neocon Rats Leave Sinking Ship of State | Comcast CEO Unveils New Generation Internet Cable Modem 25 Times Faster than Today's Standard | Army Readies 35,000 More Troops for Bloodied Cannon Fodder in Iraq Killing Streets | Sen. Levin:  GOP Must Confront Bush If War Is To End | Kansas Tornado Aid Hampered by Kansas National Guard Being Assigned in Iraq | Latest Poll Shows Zero Israelis Would Vote For Olmert If an Election Were Held | Zionist Torture Methods in Report | Why Israel Is After Me | Zionist Terror Army Failed for 20 Years to Stop Weapons Smuggling. Rocket in Gaza | Zionist New York Parade for the Israeli Terror State | U.S. Embassy Workers Wear Flak Vests in Surrounded, Shrinking Green Zone | Thunderous Explosion Inside Green Zone During Cheney Visit |

May 9, 2007
  U.S. Embassy Workers Wear Flak Vests in Surrounded, Shrinking Green Zone | Thunderous Explosion Inside Green Zone During Cheney Visit | Frightened Army Sending Soldiers Back to Iraq, Cutting 'Dwell Time' | Rival Shiite Militias Feud After Bombing in Iraq | AIPAC Argument in Court:  The 'Good Americans' Spy for Israel | The Death of Democracy in America Has Been Administered Fully by AIPAC's Money Pit of Congressional Corruption | Attacks on Lou Dobbs by Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center on '60 Minutes' -- Who Made Mark Potok the Nation's 'Hate Czar' and Told Him He Could Decide When a Statement is 'Hate'? | Hate Spinner David E. Kaplan of Newsweek Plucks some Leaves from the Multi-Headed Jewish Hate Industries' Accusations Tree | Palestine Pulls 'Mickey Mouse' Children's Program (with Video) | Foxman Gives Unfair Picture of Hamas, Because He Fails to Properly Criticize Israel for Constantly Propagandizing Its Own Youth for Acts of Terror Even Better, Such as Little Israeli Girls Who Regularly Painted Hate Messages on Israeli Bombs Wishing Hamas Death. So, Where's the Fairness You Pretend to Have, Mr. Foxman? | 

May 8, 2007
| Unprecedented Rice Visit to Israel Canceled | Jerusalem's Arab Population Rising Twice as Fast as Its Jewish | FBI Arrest of 6 Moslems in 'Pizza Caper' Has a Variety of Questionable Methods Including Possible Federal Deceptive Practices Written All Over It | Biased Racist and Zenophobic Overtones Abound in Story about Birthrate Studies inside Israel | What Reason for 8-Day Nuclear Drill in Indianapolis? | Hamas Uses Mickey Mouse to Educate Palestinians for their Future Re-Occupation of Moslem-Owned Jerusalem | Archaeologist: Tomb of Herod Found | Israel Imposes More Cruelties Upon Palestine | Hamas Denies Deceptive Mossad Stories that it Threatened Shalit's Life | Israel's Threats to Palestinian Heritage at Dome of the Rock Mask | More Bush Administration Lies: Doubts Iraq War Hindering Disaster Efforts at Home | Pentagon Tells 35,000 Troops to be Ready for Deployment in Iraq | Iran Offers to Help America Leave Iraq | 

May 7, 2007
| Report: Israel's Shin Bet Uses Torture Illegally in Interrogations | Abbas of Palestine's Government Says Israel's Rejection of U.S. Security Plan 'Comforts Everyone in the Resistance' | Israel's Political Storm | Hezbollah Leader Sheik Nasrallah Says America Forced Israel to Launch Lebanon War | Hezbollah Ready for Next Showdown with Israel | France's New President Sarkozy's Jewish Family Heritage May Mean Closer Israeli Ties | Israel's National Security Council Claims Syria's Call for Peace Talks is 'Authentic' | Israeli Penetration, Propaganda, and Growth in Romania Strong Despite Fewer than 10,000 Jews Left in Nation | Why Iran Spurned a U.S. Handshake | Are Iran's Missiles Really a Threat to Europe?

May 4, 2007
| International Herald Tribune Defends Accepting Ad Seeking Nuclear Contracts from Teheran | Zionist Media Monopolist/Financier Rupert Murdoch Sold on Buying Wall Street Journal | Pro-Zionist Reuters Stock Up 30% on Investment Bid Rumors | Iran 'To Break the Leg' of Western Powers Seeking to Hamper Iran's Entry into their Nuclear Environments | Democratic and Republican AIPAC Sell Outs in Congress Fight Over Inclusion of Global Warming in Spy Bill | Dobbs Tells Reporter on '60 Minutes' Zionist Conspiracy that All Illegals Could Be Deported | FBI Dirty Tricks Thug Testifies Tricking Unsuspecting Citizen with False Lies About Joining Non-Existent Al Qaeda in Typical Government Entrapment Crime Which Should Be Declared Absolutely Illegal by the Courts Based on the 'Miranda Clause' Alone | Immoral Representatives Who Sold Out to AIPAC/ADL's Zionist Conspiracy Against Constitutional Freedom from Government Interference Pass Absurd Jewish Hate Crimes Bill Aimed at Increasing Federal Surveillance Access to State and City Law Enforcement | Only Olmert's Most Zionist Cunning Can Save Him | Zionism's Government Bleeding On the Ropes Over Olmert's Negative Report Card | Israel's Foreign Minister Urges Olmert to Quit | Iran PM:  U.S. 'Occupation' to Blame for Bloodshed in Iraq

May 3, 2007
| Hillary Supports New Sunset Bill Revoking 2002 War Approval Bill After 5 Years Which Comes in October | Al Qaeda 'Leader' Killed Was Misidentified | Saudi, Kuwait, and Russia Fail to Offer Iraq Aid | U.S. Defense Secretary Says the Zionist Iraq War Will Be Long and Hard | U.S. Panel Says Religious Freedom Deteriorating in Iraq's Lost Colony | Beleaguered Iraqis Now Fear Their Own Security Forces More than Insurgents | 44 Slain in Iraq, Green Zone Hit | Tens of Thousands of Israelis Demonstrate for the Removal of Disgraced Prime Minister Olmert | 104 American 'Cannon Fodder' Soldiers Killed in April | 

May 2, 2007
| Imus Hires Lawyer for $40 Million Breach of Contract | Psychiatric U.S. President Vetoes Pull Out of Troops | Iran: Zionist Western Colonial Aggressors Realize their Mistake in Taking on Iran | Slap in Israel's Nuclear Face: Iran Now Able to Mass Produce Atomic Centrifuges | Iran Deports 36,000 Afghans in 10 Days | Islam Victim of Terrorism Which Was Raised and Nurtured by Western Powers | First World Conference on Culture of Resistance in Iran | Iran Arrests Its Top Nuclear Negotiator, Possibly on Espionage | 

May 1, 2007
| 150 Year Chronology of Zionist-Rothschild-Rockefeller Oil & Financier Conspiracies Leading to the Founding of Israel | Zionist Washington Waits in Fear for the Publication of Madame's List of Top Government Johns | Zionist Centered Washington Betrayed Katrina's Victims, Failed to Accept $800 Million in Offered Foreign Aid | Rice to Attend Regional Conference on Iraq Despite Iran's Intention to Participate | Clock Ticking on Republican Support for Iraq Buildup as Noose Tightens Around U.S. Failure to Secure Nation | 71 Iraqis Dead in Bush's Unbearable AIPAC Catastrophe | Hillary Suddenly Flip-Flops:  'I'll End the War in Iraq'  


April 30, 2007
| 150 Year Chronology of Zionist-Rothschild-Rockefeller Oil & Financier Conspiracies Leading to the Founding of Israel | Zionist Washington Waits in Fear for the Publication of Madame's List of Top Government Johns | Zionist Centered Washington Betrayed Katrina's Victims, Failed to Accept $800 Million in Offered Foreign Aid | Rice to Attend Regional Conference on Iraq Despite Iran's Intention to Participate | Clock Ticking on Republican Support for Iraq Buildup as Noose Tightens Around U.S. Failure to Secure Nation | 71 Iraqis Dead in Bush's Unbearable AIPAC Catastrophe | Hillary Suddenly Flip-Flops:  'I'll End the War in Iraq' | Murtha: Impeaching Bush is an Option on Handling the Iraq War | 'Time is Running Out' | Israel Can Never Be a Threat to Us, Because a Few Thousand Hezbollah Shattered Its Army In a 200 Kilometer Area of Lebanon | Loud Mouth Israeli Chief of Army Staff Threatens to Invade Gaza | Hamas Welcomes Israeli Gaza Operation as Chance to Nab More Israeli Troops | 80% of Gaza Households Earn Less Than One Dollar Each Day | Zionist Army Terrorists Murder Three More Palestinians At Border | Palestinian Official Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Murders of Non-Jewish Citizens | 

April 29, 2007
| Jews Squabble Over Who Will Control World Bank | Estonia Removes Judeo-Bolshevik Memorial to Red Army Amid Civil Unrest Over the Issue, Russia Infuriated | Israeli IDF Thugs Murder 4 Palestinians Close to Border Claiming They Were Planting Bombs, Hamas Vows Retaliation | Mashaal Declares Any and All Rocket Attacks Against the Zionist Terror State Are Justified | EU Commissioner Blames Israel for Palestinian Financial Crisis | Jewish Israel Steals 57 More Non-Jewish Acres in West Bank Concentration Camp for Controversial Security Barrier | Zionist Killers in Israeli Uniform Murder 3 Palestinians | Pro-Israel Group Pressures UC Santa Cruz to Ban Alternative Lectures and Critical Historical Interpretations of the Israeli Nazi State | In Lebanon, One Unexploded Bomb Per Person | Retired Army Lt. General William Odom Says Bush Should Sign Democrat's End of War Bill | 'Only Politics Will Keep Harry from Iraq' | Car Explodes Near Shiite Shrine During Call to Prayers, Killing 58 Moslems | Commander Petraeus in Iraq: War Will Get Harder, More American Dead Coming | Nine American Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Dead Total Dead in April Reaches 99 Soldiers | Qaeda Video: Shiites Wrong in Fighting Alongside Non-Islamic American Soldiers | 'Deterioration' in Karzai Government's Popularity: NATO's Pro-Zionist Forces Risk Losing Afghanistan War | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Allegedly Using Its 25 Years of Subversive Influence to Threaten Teaching Rights of Non-Jewish Author and Professor Kevin McDonald at California State Long Beach Because He Wrote a Book Which Expounds on What He Believes are Multiple Negative Jewish Influences on the World At Large | Mr. Rabbi, If the Holocaust Happened As You Say in this Article, Can You Explain How 350,000 Survivors Could Be Alive Today? If Your Articles Are True, Shouldn't They All be Dead?

April 28, 2007
| Ex-C.I.A. Chief, in Book, Assails Cheney on Iraq | Tenet's CIA Warned White House's Zionist Neocons of 'Anarchy' and Break-Up of Iraq | John Stanton: World Anarchy Would Be America's Only Hope to Break Free of the Iron Will of Its Zionist Oppressors | Report: Was 9-11 Another Black Flag Op Like Pearl Harbor and Gulf of Tonkin and Which Was Proposed by Power Hungry Zionist Neocons to Move America Toward Global War? | Disreputable Zionist Puppet White House Spins Back Lie Smear on Tenet's Honest Biography to Cover Bush's Own Conspiratorial Aims | Bush's Iraq Policy Finds No Supporters in 1st Democratic Party Presidential Debate | Protesters At Harvard Interrupt Pro-Zionist FBI Director's Speech Which Contains the Admission of Past Lying and Deceptions by His FBI Agency Within It | Russia to Zionist Enthralled Powers: We Will Be Countering New US Missile Shields with New Technologies | Resulting from Today's Zionist-Owned Manufacturing Methods Requiring Burning of Fuels, April Has Set Heat Records in Europe | Zionist Policy Denial:  Edwards Distances Himself From Zionist-Neocons and their Acidic War Reflux, Casts Doubt on the Honesty and Reality of the Neocon 'Terror War' Assertions | Zionist Chutzpah or Racism or Both? Jewish Police in Israel Arrest African-American Women's Pro Basketball Player, Plan to Hold Her in Israel Under Arrest so She Cannot Play First Game of Season, Israeli Jewess Sues Her for $20,000 Over a Broken Nose | MP's Exile Puts Focus on the One-Sided Racism of Israel's Sham Democracy | Leader of the United Church of Canada Details the Intensity His Political Brainwashing by Zionist Agents on a Recent Trip to Israel as Blogger-Reporter Criticizes Him for Pro-Arabism | Pelosi, Biden and Cluster Bombs: Failing to Hold Israel Accountable for War Crimes in Lebanon Because 'They Dare Not Aggravate AIPAC'

April 27, 2007
| Mexican vs. American Civil War Officially Began Yesterday When Hispanic Oakland City Officials Passed Resolution Ordering Feds to Get Out and Leave Oakland's Immigrants Alone. Developing... | The Zionist Pot Boils: Pro-Zionist U.S. Government Has Its Zionist Lawyers Ask Zionist Packed Courts to Limit Zionist Lawyer's Access to Their Moslem Clients at Guantanamo Where Zionist Type Tortures are a Daily Occurrence | Iraq Bill Puts Bush on Path to Veto to Keep His AIPAC Funds Coming for Republicans | McCain's Presidential Race a Bust Due to His Support for the Illegal Pro-Zionist Iraq War | Black Flag Ops Bomb Kurdish Offices | AIPAC's Iraq: Violence Rages In Baghdad Despite Security Plan | Terrified of Her Legal Exposure in Promulgating Lies to Start the Iraq War for Zionist Neocons and the Wealthy AIPAC Lobbyists, Rice Arrogantly Defies Congress' Subpoena | Harry Threatens to Quit Army if Not Allowed to Face the Enemy's Fire With His Unit | The Danger to America and the World That Comes With Supporting the Israeli Racial Supremacists: Possible Tragic Outcomes of The AIPAC-Induced Iraq Quagmire | Saddam's Prison Commander Arrested for Aiding the Enemy, Evidently for Being Human and Having a Heart | Zionist Deception Methods Possible in Exposure of U.S. Army's 'Fake Heroes'' Program Which So Closely Resemble the Discredited Mossad's 'War by Deception' Motto | Putin Stepping Down, Warns of Intrigues from Foreign Powers Who Are Partners in the Zionist Embrace (e.g., America, Britain, and other Rothschild Controlled Western Powers) and Who Are Seeking to Retard Russia's Growth Potential |

April 26, 2007
| 22 Jewish Leaders Arrested | Rosie Dumped for Her Political Views, Studio Tries to Spin a "Rosier View" | Unfair Zionist Dominated Newspaper Circulations Plunge Again | Hillary's Latest AIPAC Sell Out Moment: We May Need to Confront Iran | Supreme Court Seems Leaning Toward Allowing Fat Cats to Continue to Steal the Republic's Representatives for Their Exclusive Use Through Donation Bribery During Elections | AIPAC Controlled U.S. House Passes 2008 Withdrawal as a Form of "Fake Posing for the People" Knowing All Along It Will Be Vetoed | Wolfowitz Battles to Remain in World Bank Office, Extending Zionist Cat Claws | Rice Subpoenaed to Testify on Iraq Uranium Lie | Kurd-Struck Turkey Watches a Crumbling Iraq With Concern | New U.S. United Nation Ambassador Asks U.N. to Pull Bush's Burning Chestnuts from the Fires He So Stupidly Created | 'The Greatest Story Ever Sold," Bill Moyers Exposes the Buying of the American Press by the Pentagon at the Beginning of the Disastrous War for Israel | Terror Gang Largest Threat to Harry, 'We'll Send Him Back With No Ears' | Hate-Filled Israel Probes Rare Arab MP for Spying and Laundering Anti-Zionist-Occupation Money | Israel PM Threatened by Another Criminal Probe | Israel Refuses Peace Talks Preferring Its Never-Ending Zionist 'Terror Tactics' | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center, a Zionist Hate Cult, Seeks Anti-Free-Speech Probe of Author/Professor With Honest, Well-Documented Best-Selling Book on Jewish Racism | National Alliance Falls, Partly Due to Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center and Other Equally Discredited Groups Who Stalk and Defame Non-Jewish Civil Rights Organizations and Use Both Open and Hidden Alliances with America's Zionist Dominated Department of Justice Which Has Entered into Many Fascist Patriot Act Illegalities While Systematically Destroying the Constitution Without Itself Being Subject to Arrests |

April 25, 2007
| Grim Reaper Kills 9 Pro-Zionist U.S. Soldiers, Wounds 20 in Car Bomb | Death President Rejects War Pay-Off Bill with Time Table for Ending America's Eternal Parade of Mayhem and Murder in Iraq | Kurdish Yazidis Murdered in Bigot Violence inside America's Deadly Democratic Heaven of Pro-Zionist Captured Iraq | Kucinich Introduces Papers for Impeachment of Cheney | Real Crimes of Wolfowitz Ignored -- e.g., Spying for Israeli Terror State | Hamas Blames Israel's Murders for Escalation in Violence | New Evidence Presented in Support of 911 Federal Black Ops at WTC | Israeli Terror State Celebrates 59 Selfish Years of Jewish Military Terror, Jailing and Torturing of Palestinian Teens, Monetary Entrapment of the U.S. Government, and Murdering of Thousands in Mideast | Racist Nature of Israel's Anti-Democracy in Speech by Arab-Israeli Ex-Knesset Leader | U.S. Democrats Have the Same AIPAC Infection as Republicans So Impeachment Would Not Change Anything, Would Certainly Not End the Iraq War | Israel Seeks More Deadly Weapons from the American Terror Nation to Replace Those Used to Murder Its Lebanese Neighbors Last Summer | Zionists Openly Exploit Vulnerable Jewish-American Youth Recruiting Them into Two-Year Indoctrination Programs Deep Inside Israel Designed to Turn Them into Ideologically Brainwashed Zombies Who Will Then Become Propagandists for the Zionist Terror Nation and Be Deployed Right Inside America's Publicly Supported Non-Jewish Schools to Deceive their Student Bodies About Israel's History of Deadly, Cruel, and Scandalous Behavior |

April 24, 2007
| Democratic Party Will Not Stop War Because of AIPAC | Peace Movement Has Been Destroyed by AIPAC | Killing Others for Israel in Our Name | Why Is the Peace Movement Silent? Because It Cannot Afford the Corrupt Rich-Kid $10,000 Table for Ten at AIPAC's Fund-Raiser? | Bigoted ADL Continues to Bang on White Civil Rights Workers to Fill Its Rusty Begging Cups, Branding and Marginalizing Non-Jewish Rights Workers as Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists, Selecting Only the Worst Quotes by Unidentified Bloggers Some of Whom are Possibly Undercover Zionists, Knowing Their Hurtful Propaganda Against Non-Jews Will be Republished in Thousands of Zionist Dominated Newspapers | Abe Foxman's Cries Crocodile Tears, Says He Is Not Trying to Stifle Debate, Only to Push to Directly Stifle Debate with the Draconian Anti-Free Speech Hate Act | U.S. Envoy Urges Iraq's Politicians to Unite in the Midst of Civil War to Save America's Invasion, Which Won't Happen, Because the War Was Doomed to be Lost from the First Day |

April 23, 2007
| Jewish Troops Fire on Crowds, Kill Non-Jewish Teenager for a Total of 9 Non-Jews Murdered in 1 Weekend by Racist Zionists | Wolfowitz' Position at World Bank More Risky, Inquiry Expands | Scotland Yard Issues Arrest Warrants Against Russia's Highly Jewish KGB for London Poisoning | Jewish CBS Sues California Station for Airing Imus | Disarmed Virginia Tech Students Recount Desperate Moments inside Norris Hall | Hamas Calls For a New Offensive Against Deadly Racist Israel After 9 Non-Jewish Youth Are Slain by Armed Jewish Thugs this Weekend | Israel's Latest Onslaught of Deadly Racism Against Non-Jews Can Only Retard the Peace Process | Prime Minister Maliki Orders a Halt to the U.S. Berlin Wall in Baghdad | Iraq Patriots Kill 50 in Bloody Sunday of Carnage | Bush Continues Lying, Claims Progress in Iraq | Desperate and Dying U.S. Revs Up Last Ditch Reversal of Saddam's Baath Purge | Murderous Israeli War Monster Seals off Gaza and West Bank | This Week's Israeli Terror State's Atrocities |

April 21, 2007
| U.S. Terror State Achieves Its Objective to Split Apart Iraq, Builds Three-Mile Wall Between Sunnis and Shiites in Baghdad Where CIA/Mossad Teams Ran the Blowing Up of Sunni/Shiite Mosques to Begin the Violence and Crack the Iraq's Fragile National Egg | Bush in Denial about the Lost War | Yet Another Leader of Fallujah is Assassinated | U.S. Wall of Dissension is Condemned by Iraqi People | Absolute Murderousness of Constant Death Penalties in Iraq Scorned by Humanitarian Watchdog Organizations, Almost 100 Hanged Already |

April 20, 2007
| Reid Gives Bleak Assessment of 'The War for Israel' | Egypt Accuses Man of Spying for Israel | Israel Again Accuses Iran of Recruiting Israeli Immigrants as Spies | AIPAC Spy Case Trial Judge Opens All Testimony to Public View | Soros Blasts AIPAC's Influence in America:  Not Good for Peace | Spying for Country X |

April 18, 2007
| 4 Bombings in America's Zionist Occupied Baghdad Kill At Least 183 | Russia Building Super Tunnel to Alaska | Iran Manufacturing Nuclear Fuel in Underground Plant, Says IAEA. Really? Got Any Real Proof Yet? | Virginia Tech's Hero Professor to be Flown Home to Israel for Burial | Mossad Disinformation Agency:  Iran Recruiting Iranian-Israelis for Spies in Turkey. Real Evidence, Anyone? | Israel Lauds U.N. Plan to Probe Arms Traffic in Lebanon | Israel Openly Attacks Vatican and Christianity Itself: Pope Pius XII Slandered by Holocaust Cult Believers | Holocaust Day in Auschwitz Reported Without Skepticism Even Though the Original 6 Million Count is Now  Down to1.1 Million on the Auschwitz Plaque which Russia Says Is Really Only 80,000 According to Nazi Records Archived in Moscow, Most of them Non-Jews | Debating the Primacy of the Pro-Israel Lobby |

April 17, 2007
| Israeli Teacher, Liviu Librescu, Saves Lives of His Students, Dies as Hero for Holding Classroom Door Shut As His Students Escape Out of Window | Parents Demand Resignation of Virginia Tech President and Campus Police Chief | EU Determined to Make Ass Out of Itself by Giving 3 Years to Persons Researching Any Facts Surrounding World War Two Holocaust Stories | Israel Commemorates Holocaust of "6 Million" Jews, Remains Silent on the 65 Million Dead Christians Murdered by Jews in the USSR, 1919-1940 | Egyptian Nuclear Engineer Is Charged With Spying for Israel |

April 16, 2007
| Six Ministers from Al-Sadr's Movement Resign from Iraq Government in Protest to Continued American Occupation | Citizens of Kabala, Iraq Seek Revenge on Governor and Police Force in Aftermath of Carnage | 3 Million Iraqis Displaced in America's War for AIPAC | U.S. Deaths Top 3,300 Murdered by Neocon White House Madness | Duration of Bloody U.S. Troop Buildup Uncertain | Iraq Returns to Its Iranian Heritage | Zionist Puppet Bush to Visit Michigan, Speak Up His Fake Terror War | Patriots Kill American Troops With Abandon, Ruin War |

April 15, 2007
| Vatican Assents to Do the Bidding of Its Jewish Banking Masters, Agrees to Attend Holocaust Ceremonies | Israel's Acting President Calls Holocaust 'Stain on Humanity', Refuses to Apologize for the Vicious Jewish Bolsheviks Who Ran the Soviet Union and Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews, 1919-1940 | Israelis Who Fear a New Future Holocaust Say Nothing Concerning the Daily Torture of Arabs in Gaza and West Bank by their Own Racist Zionazi Terror State | Jews Selfishly Dominate Holocaust Discussions, Keep Jews Front and Center in World War Two Where More Than Ten Times Their Number Also Died but Receive no Mention in Jewish Owned Presses | Over 300 Injured, 3 Dozen Killed in Bomb Blasts in American Occupied Democratic Iraq in Single Day | Sadr's Group To Resign from Iraq Government Until United States Ends Its Unwanted Occupation | Iraq Holy Quaeda Kidnaps 20 Soldiers, Will Hold 48 Hours for Iraq's 'Infidel Government' to Assent to Its Demands | World Economic Slowdown Coming Say Rothschild Banksters | Charade Continues in Wolfowitz Melodrama as Monopoly Press Skews Analysis to be a War between U.S. vs. European Banks |

April 14, 2007
| Abraham Foxman and His Zionist Anti-Defamation League Unfairly Attack Non-Jewish Vatican for Protesting Shoddy Zionist Photography Slur Designed Solely to Demean Christianity and Pope Pius | Israel's Criminal Use of Human Shields Proven by Newly Released Video | Germans Spend Year in Israel Providing Community Services to Atone for 60th Anniversary of Holocaust | Women of Holocaust Added to Huge Holocaust Exhibit Which Remains Sickeningly Silent about the Jewish U.S.S.R. Holocaust in which 65,000,000 Non-Jews Were Lined Up and Murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks Who Ran Communist Russia | The Jewish USSR Murders | U.N. Secretary Ban Places Wreath at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum But Insults Russia's 65,000,000 Victims of Jewish Killers, 1919-1941, by Not Laying a Wreath for Them or Even Mentioning How the Jews Who Ran the Soviet Union Murdered Them | Zionists Don't Even Know the Names of the Claimed 6,000,000 Dead, So They Ask for People to Send in Their Names. Duh. | 37 Killed in Bomb Blast Near Iraq Shrine | Democrats Feel They Are Going to Get their Way on Iraq in 2008 Elections | Iraq Kurdish PM Seeks to Calm Turkey After Its Military Threatens to Invade Kurdistan Province |

April 13, 2007
| Israel Suspends Commander Whose Troops Used Palestinians as Human Shields | Syria and Israel Could Clinch a Peace Deal in the Next 6 Months | Vatican-Israel Rift Over Captions in Holocaust Museum Saying War Time Pope Pius XII Didn't Do Enough to Help Jews | Israel Broke International Law During Lebanon War | Palestinians Tumble Toward Poverty | Condoleezza Rice Who Conspires with a Lying, Reckless Pro-Zionist President in The Murder of 1 Million Innocent Iraqis Continues to Make a Perfect Idiot Out of Herself by Projecting Her Own Psychiatric onto Don Imus Who Has Never Murdered a Single Person | Yiddish World Banking Tsar Paul Wolfowitz Screws Up by Promoting His Miscegenast Lover | NJ Governor in Hit and Run While Hurrying to Meet Don Imus | Planning Far More American Deaths for Israel and AIPAC: Pro-Zionist New World Order Pentagon Places Advanced Military Internet Router into Outer Space for Communication Between G.I.'s and Families | Ten Dead in Bridge Blast Horror | More American Non-Jewish Deaths for Hateful Zionist Colonial Empire of Israel on the Agenda in Near Future | Chicken McCain Pretends to be Brave on Iraq War from the Safety of Washington's Gaudy Marble Dome | Club Democracy Says Iraq Isn't Even Worthy of Invite |

April 12, 2007
| IMUS FIGHTS BACK:  When Will Rev. Sharpton Apologize to the White Duke Lacrosse Players? | Since the Anti-White Zionist Media Won't Come to the Table With Honesty in Its Heart, The Jew Watch Project Now Exposes The Often Quoted But Fraudulent Willie Lynch Slavery Speech | Imus Isn't the Real Bad Guy in Zionist Occupied America:  Why Don't Black Leaders Come Forward and Put the Blame Where It Should Be? | Iraq Parliament Bombed Inside Green Zone Killing 8 Including Parliament Members: President Bush Who As an International War Criminal Has Murdered Close to 1 Million Iraqis in His False Terrorist War Still Has the Chutzpah to Condemn Even This Tiniest Retaliation | Bush's Psychotic War Nightmare Explodes in More Death and Destruction:  Not Only Parliament Is Blown Apart, Even Worse Key Baghdad Sarafiya Bridge Destroyed in Mockery of U.S. Terror Occupation | U.S. Rebukes Kurdish Leader for Threatening Turkey | Iraq War Threatens to Spill Over in Clash Between Turkey and Iraq, Turkish Ally Wants to Invade Iraqi Kurdistan as America and Iraq Object | Iraq Situation Disastrous, Worsening: International Red Cross | Back Door Draft as America Announces Extensions of Military Duty Tours for Those Scheduled to Muster Out of the War | Pentagon Denies Cheney's Latest Lie that Iraq Ever Had Any Connections with Al Quaeda | Civilian Injuries and Deaths Attributable to U.S. Army Fighting in Iraq Will be Enormously Expensive |

April 11, 2007
| What's Subversive Zionist AIPAC Trying to Hide from America? | News Media Seek Access to Hidden Testimony, While Zionists Lamely Claim They Also Want All Testimony Public | U.S. Israel Empire's Illegal War in Iraq Backfires | Poor Boys in Armed Forces Exploited, Accept Huge Bonus Money to Re-Enlist for the Deadly Dangerous War | Professional Generals Won't Kowtow to White House Absurdities on the War, So Bush Is Now Looking for an Afghanistan-Iraq 'War Tsar' Who Will Be a Yes-Man | Iraq War 'Ruining U.K.'s International Reputation' | McCain Pins His Hopes On the Rightness of Zionist Violence and Killing in Iraq | Caught Up In Sadistic Death and Dying on the Iraqi Front, Congress Must Cut Off Outrageous Profits by the Bush Family | Bush Administration Has Been Cavalier in Managing the Iraq War | Iraq War a Mistake for 59% Americans | 10 More Americans Die Useless Deaths in Iraq for Subversive Zionist Neocons Burrowing Deeply into the White House | Extremely Pro-Zionist Christian Pastor John Hagee Seen as a Necessary Ally to AIPAC's War Mongering Ways Although Many Jews Distrust Zionist Christianity | Jewish ADL's Foul Hate Spews Forth Like a Volcano of Rushing Anti-American Bad Breath: Imus' Suspension for a Mere 2-Second Genderist Joke Which is Totally Guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment Is 'A Long Time in Coming', Dangerous and Extremely Subversive Pro-Zionist Monopoly Presses Gladly Print It | Are We Not Now Headed Toward Zionist Bolshevism? The Dangers of Losing Freedom by Following the Vile ADL Advocates of 2nd Amendment Suppression |

April 10, 2007
| U.S. Zionist Proxy Forces in Heavy Clashes in Baghdad | Imus Fails Zionist Created Political Correctness Rituals, Accidentally Calls Al Shaprton "You People," Wins 2-Week Suspension | Teetering on the Brink of Disaster: The Zionist Neocon's Decision to Bomb Iran | Zionism Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things | TODAY SHOW'S Al Roker Says 'It's Time for Imus To Go' in a Pro-Black Chutzpah Rant Which Reveals Hints of Deep-Seated African American Animosity Against White People | Tens of Thousands of Shiites Call for U.S. to Leave Iraq | FREE SPEECH VICTORY: Zionist Dominated Federal Courts Rule in Favor of Girl's Right to Publish on MySpace.Com | U.S. Israel Empire Invents Robocop Armor For Their Future Colonialist Wars | Hamas Calls on Israel To Accept Prisoner Swap | Israeli Colonial Government Kidnapped 19 Hamas Citizens, Secretly Imprisoned and Tortured Them, Then Announced They Were Held Under Zionist Suspicion for a Non-Existent Bomb Plan Which Israel Says They Called Off at the Last Minute, No Proof Offered | To Guarantee Peaceful Coexistence, Israel Must Leave Its Illegally Occupied Arab Lands | Zionist Media Monopoly Merchants Seek Public Access in Upcoming AIPAC Espionage Trial | The Blanket Misrepresentation of the Zionist Lobby |

April 9, 2007
| FREE SPEECH WARNING: Professional Race Hucksters Gang Up on Don Imus' Right to Be Humorous, Arrogantly Threaten His Livelihood Using Typical ADL Race Hustling Methods, Gain Notice of His Jewish Media Masters Who May Immediately Remove Him from their Airwaves inside the Vast Network of Jewish-Captured-and-Owned American Media Monopolies of Today | FREE SPEECH WARNING: Politically Correct Attempt to Chain Blogs Soviet Style by Monopoly Owners | Futurists List Every Possible Terror Development, Yet Ignore Totally the Israeli and American Terror Nations and the Already Dangerous Mostly Zionist International Banking Conspirators Who Already Control the Entire Worlds Economies | Israel Eyes Prisoner Swap |

April 8, 2007 Holy Easter Day
| Pope Mourns Iraq's 'Continuous Slaughter' | Pope Starts Easter, Says Love Triumphs Over Evil | 'National Nuclear Day' Declared in Iran | Pelosi's Visit to Damascus, Becomes Just another Pawn Played in the Jewish Lobby Strategy of U.S. Domination | Severe Punishment: The Lobby | The Great Jewish Hope: Rising Dislike Among the Tribe for AIPAC's Pro-Israeli Frenzy | Selfish U.S. Jewish Lobby Angered by Turkey's Prime Minister Meeting with Hamas Leadership | The Israeli Lobby Is Rapidly Losing Support Among U.S. Jews | Religious Baiters Driving Islamophobia in U.S. Terror Nation | 10 Americans Die in Bloody Iraq Weekend | Carl Levin Says Senate Will Not Pull Funding Plug But Will Insist that Bush Rapidly End the Violence | Iran Warns Iraq If Iranians Captives Are Not Released, Iran Will Withdraw Aid | Confidential British Memos Recently Leaked Say 5 More Years for Britain in Iraq | 9th TNT-Chlorine Bomb in Lost Iraq Colony | Syria's Regional Position Strengthens | Don't Welcome Fred Thompson to the Election Sham: He's Just Another Globalist Neocon |

April 7, 2007
| Zionist Pentagon May Send 13,000 Youths, Fathers, and Mothers in National Guard to Iraq as Sacrificial Cannon Fodder for the Lost War | Israeli Terror State First Missiles into Its Northern Gaza Concentration Camp | Cruel Israel Still Controls Much of Daily Life in Its Gaza Concentration Camp | Chicago Synagogue 'Vandalized', Was It a Possible Black Flag Op by a Jewish Group or Individual to Help Zionist Spin Artists? | The Lebanon-Israel Tragedy | 5,000 Palestinians Suffer Due to Israel's Raids | Israeli Terror State Guilty of On-Going Inhumane Treatment, Criminal Torture, and Mistreatment of Lebanon's Prisoners of War | British Soldiers Change Their Stories to Suit their New Scowling Masters -- Their Commanders in the U.K. Navy | The Killings of 15 Soldiers including Iraqis, Yanks, and Brits Announced Thursday | The Face of Non-Zionist Iran | Basketball Coach Who Is Raising Two Jewish Sons Fired for Using the Phrase 'Big Time Jewish Lawyers', Probably in a Joking Manner | Staaten Island Jews Bash Coach for Comparing His Criticism to that Given Against Hitler, As Though Jews Have the Only Right to Use Hitler in Rhetorical Pronouncements | Foxman's Own Alleged Hate Against Persons Telling Obviously Observable Truths About Jews Might be More Than Evident in the Case of the Coach's Outrageous Firing in this Editorial |

April 6, 2007
| Israel Blocking Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, AIPAC Operative Hovering as a Darkening Threat in the Background | Time Magazine Declares 'America's Broken Army' | Obama Bests Clinton in the Business of  Selling Out America for Campaign Money | U.N. Secretary General Gets His Information Canards About Israel and the Middle East from the Anti-Defamation League Cult | After Meeting U.N. Secretary General, Foxman Says He Now Understands Israel's Security Threats | Israeli Zionazi Thugs Increase Their Sadistic Military Atrocities Against Palestinians in West Bank's Cities |

April 5, 2007
| Racist Zionists Discuss Whether to Emulate Hitler and Expel Black Refugees from Somalia | Eight California K-9 Officers Travel to Fascist Israeli Terror State to Learn Highly Questionable and Sadistic Security Methods from Already Discredited Policing Organization | Kabbalist Elder: Israel on Brink of War | Egypt Asks International Red Cross to Investigate Israel's Alleged Murder of Egyptian Prisoners in the 1967 War | The Colonial Army of Israel and Palestine | Debate on Right of Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians to Return to their Nation which Israel Stole from Them and Reclaim their Lives and Lands |

April 4, 2007
| Jews Abandon Israel in Droves, Find Unlikely Haven in Germany | Good Morning News: Holy Jewish Scrolls Miraculously Survive Inside Burnt Synagogue | Israel Resurrects Brutal Tactics in Lebanon War Against Hamas in Gaza and West Bank | Jewish Charities Worry Over The Arab Problem in Israel | Mossad Deception Agency Says Arabs Preparing for Defensive War in Summer Against United States | Arab League Rejects Israel's Summit Offer | Palestine vs. AIPAC: The Political Landscape of a Disaster | The Twin Devils Subverting the United States -- AIPAC & the Iraq National Congress | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Allegedly Claiming Believers in Traditional Roman Catholic Beliefs Are Anti-Semites. Of Course, by Attacking Catholic Beliefs in this Way, the Jewish SPLC May Have Just Crossed the Line into Anti-Christian Bigotry | Jewish SPLC Tells FBI to Investigate the Non-Jewish Young Americans for Freedom, But a Question Has Thereby Arisen: Why is the FBI Associated with a Previously Alleged Discredited Jewish Domestic Spying Agency which May Well be the Unregistered Agent of a Foreign Power? | Jewish SPLC May Have Revealed the Hatred in Its Own Heart by Linking a Group Which Listed John Wayne and Ronald Reagan as Members with the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party | Morris Dees, SPLC President, Speaks at University of Michigan and Gives What May Appear to Many to Be Cowardly, Repugnant, and Un-American Accusations that Persons Against the Present Subversive and Overwhelming Swell of Immigrants are Either Haters or Hate Groups | Sum of Death Statistics: A Perilous Iraq |

April 3, 2007
| Supreme Court Rules EPA Must Consider Global Warming to be a Serious Problem and Control Pollutants | Pelosi Tells Dictator Bush to Shove It, Acts As Arbiter Between Syria and Israel | Fire Burns Anti-Israel Synagogue: Was It Arson? | Jews for Boycotting Israel: A New Initiative | Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah Are Preparing War Against the United States Says Lying Israel Mossad | Second Rape Charge Possible Against Israel's Dethroned President Katsev | Zionazi Regime in War Mongering Israel Deny Plans to Strike Lebanon, Syria in Summer | Christians Fleeing Lebanon Due to Rise in Radical Islam, First Step in Zionist Takeover Through Depopulation of Lebanon's Lands | Kissinger: Military Victory in Iraq Not Possible |

April 2, 2007
| Iran Mulls First Strike Against U.S. | Israel Army Seals West Bank: 50,000 Palestinians Separated From Their Employers for Weeks | Only in New York: "My Sweet Lord" Chocolate Crucifixion Exhibit Called Off After Catholics Complain | State Dept. Lists Travel Hazards Abroad for Zionist and Christian Travelers Alike | War Tribunals in Guatanamo's Torture Digs | Tortured Guantanamo Brit Ex-Detainee Let Go: U.S. Terror Nation's Illegal Incarceration 'Nightmare Over' |

April 1, 2007
| Hamas Warns Israel: Stay Out of Gaza Or Face Significant Losses | How Palestine Became an Israeli Colony | American Zionist Terrorist Samuel Byck | Pro-Israeli Lobby Robs U.S. Democracy of Meaning | 'Intellectually Dishonest' Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Attacks Conservative Group Ad Hominem Rather than Enter Into a Real Debate on Illegal Immigration | Lord Levy, the Jew Who Works Closest to PM Blair Alleged to Sell 'Honors' to Gain Party Fund-Raising | Jews Misuse Billionaire Status to Push U.K. into Ending Holocaust Studies | Jew Watch Project's Scholarly Holocaust Study Archive | Iraq Bombs Kill 22 as Crocker Vows to End Bloodshed | U.S. War Toll in March Nearly Double that of the Iraqi Army | Muqtada Calls for Massive Demonstrations; Talabani Admits that US is Occupying Iraq | Iraq Justice Minister Resigns Over Way Saddam Hussein Was Executed | Likud Poised to Become Largest Party in Israel | Pelosi Visits Israel, Letting Bush Know She Will Have Say in Foreign Policies |


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