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June 31, 2007
| Today's Deaths and Injuries in the Devastation of Zionist Occupied Iraq | Supreme Court Reverses Itself: Agrees to Hear Guantanamo Torture Cases

June 29, 2007
| Zionism's Anti-American Immigration Bill Appears Doomed as Senate Cloture Fails | Zionist Immigration Bill Pronounced Dead | Traitor Ted Kennedy Surrounded by his Pro-Zionist AIPAC Friends--i.e., Schumer, Feinstein, Murray, Reid--Proposes Invisible Back Doors for His Anti-American Immigration Legislation | Israel's President Kasav Resigns for His Sex Crimes | Possible False Operations Bomb Useful to More Draconian U.K. Government Anti-Freedom Legislation Found in London | Supreme Court Spun as Anti-School Integration in Zionist Press Bash Piece as a Very Politically Combative Jewish Justice Breyer's Minority Opinion Accuses "Conservative" (Non-Jewish?) Justices for Working Against Integration | Democrats Shamelessly Pander for Black Votes at Howard University at the Expense of the Vast Majority of Americans Over Supreme Court's Retake of Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education Decision | Six American Soldiers Killed, 8 Wounded in Single Day for Jewish Lobby's War in Iraq | 

June 26, 2007
| Israeli Terrorists Killed 13 Palestinians, Describe Them as 'Militants' Without Giving Proof, Including 10-Year Old Boy, Hamas Sees Abbas as Spy for Israeli Terror State | Christian Science Monitor Describe Carnage as Israeli Terrorist Shells Injure 40 Innocent Palestinians | Deposed Fatah Issues Worthless Order Banning Armed Militia, i.e., Hamas Who Refuses to Accept Orders | EU Aid Chief Urges Opening of Gaza-Israeli Border for Supplies to Enter | Summit Stabs Fatah, Abbas, U.S., and Israel in Back | Hamas: Occupation Forces Aggressive Via Abbas Agreement | A Look at the Powerful Israeli Lobby | Jewish Lobby Steals American Government from Its People | Bigoted Israel Fails to Convert 300,000 Immigrants to Judaism as Planned by the Jewish Knesset | Canadian University Jews Fight Back at Boycotts of Israel by Their Concerned Non-Jewish Professors | Army Opposes Congressional Threat to Limit Army Troops in Iraq by Implementing False Flag "Pretend Propaganda Program" of Going After Non-Existent Al Qaeda in Iraq

June 25, 2007
| Gaza 'Coup' Stirs Alarm at Summit | Mideast Quartet of Pro-Zionist Colonialists Meet, Proven War Monger Blair is Ironically Touted for Peace Mediator | Tape of Missing Israeli Soldier Aired | 'Chemical Ali' To Hang for Genocide of Kurds 20 Years Ago | CIA 'Family Jewels' Released, Reveals Illegalities and Corruption in Forbidden Domestic Spying | Former Officials Gets Ten Years in Jewish Abramoff Case | Colonialist Powers Succeed In Obtaining Highest Opium Crop Levels in Afghanistan, Useful for Underground Deals Supplying European and American Intelligence Agencies with Secret Funding | GOP's Republican Senator Richard Luger of Indiana Splits with Zionist President on War Funding | U.S. Damaging Iran-Iraq Relations | U.S. Military Deaths at 3,565 | Israel Created Its Own Problem with Hamas-Fatah Rift | Hamas to Change Contract with British Gas | Israeli Aircraft Hits Car in Gaza, Says Car Carried Bombers, But How Would Israel Know This?

June 21, 2007
| British Gas Negotiating with Israel to Obtain Offshore Rights to Gaza's Offshore Natural Gas Reserves | Israel's Severely Weakened Palestinian Fatah Party Which is the Pretender for What Israel Calls the 'Palestinian Authority' Also Dutifully Signs Alongside Palestine's Enemy, Israel, with British Gas | Jewish Oligarchs Again Exposed in Russian Newspaper Article including Their Recent Pictures | U.S. Green Light to Israel's Aggression Caused Bloodied Fatah-Hamas Fracture | Newsweek: Gaza More Desperate, Chaotic Now | Pro-Zionist White House Nearing Decision to Move Tortured Gitmo Prisoners | Blair Leaves Office Next Week, Primed to Become Mideast Peace Envoy to Possibly Repair Image as War Mongering Prime Minister | Zionist U.S. Terror State Threatens Non-Jewish Egypt With $200 Million Withheld Funds

June 17, 2007
| Abbas Demands Israel Totally Toss Out Its Anti-Palestinian Strategies Which Resulted in Hamas Popularity and Recent Loss of Gaza | Fatah Asks Israel: Help Us Get Democratically Elected Hamas Out of West Bank | Moving Toward a Permanently Divided Palestine | Generals Knew of Abu Ghraib's Illegal Torture Policies | Desperate, Surprised, and Embarrassed, a Humiliated U.S. and Israel Meet to Bolster their Puppet Abbas in West Bank | Worried Israel Warns Hamas Not to Attack or Punishment will be Immediate and Drastic | Israeli Troops Occupy Northern Gaza | Israel Not Without Blame for Hamas Takeover | Abbas Swears in Illegal Emergency Cabinet | According to London Times Report, Israel Readying an Attack on Hamas | Israel Grabs Petrol Supplies in Gaza | Pope Decries Horrors in Lebanon, Iraq, and Holy Land, Demands an End | Republicans Wanting Out of Iraq Grows

June 16, 2007
| Selfish Anti-Democratic Israel Plans Attack on Gaza to Destroy Hamas, The Palestinian People's Only Duly Elected Democracy | Heartless Looters Raid Home of Arafat, Steal Nobel Prize Medal | Hamas Refuses to Recognize Any Emergency Government If Appointed by Abbas | Masks on Gunmen Banned in Gaza, Except If Shooting Against Invading Israeli Soldiers | AIPAC Bribed U.S. Zionazi Puppet Government Offers to Drop All Boycotts Against Deposed Fatah Party If It Forms a Government without the Only Duly Elected Hamas Party | Zionist Senator Lieberman Again Says Strike Iran Now | Wrecking Ball Immigration Bill Designed to Make America Into an Hispanic Nation and Unwanted by 80% of all Citizens to Return to Senate After July 4th Because They Don't Care About the People At All | Elite Capitalist Pigs and Catholic Church Combine in Wicked Partnership with Jews, Take Anti-American Positions on Immigration Bill Designed to Destroy America's Culture

June 15, 2007
| Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Loses Civil War in Gaza Strip: Democratically Elected Hamas Takes Over, Pro-Israeli Fatah Puppet Leaders Flee into Egypt | Hamas to Grant Amnesty to Fatah Leaders, Many of Whom Have Surrendered Under Fire | First Moslem Brotherhood Nation in Mideast History Emerges in Gaza Next to Genocidal Zionazi Terror State | Schwarzenegger to Mex: Turn Off Spanish TV | Duke Lacrosse Player Cries in Trial of Alleged Psycho Prosecutor | Both AIPAC Puppet Parties to Deceptively Feign Being Green During Conventions | Chinese Police Rescue 220 Slaves from Black Capitalist Brick Kilns | Zionist Propaganda Trolls Rise Up on Death of Kurt Waldheim to Leave Lurid Tasteless Comments Until Austrian News Forum Shuts Down | Next Neocon Zionist Elitist in Line to Run Zionist World Bank Ready to Take Charge from Its Presently Disgraced Neocon Zionist Elitist | 5 More American Cannon Fodder Troops Die for Republican Liars, Neocons, AIPAC, and Israel in Iraq | Zionist Employment Picture Improves: U.S. Army to Hire More Zionist Psychiatrists to Treat Soldiers | Pentagon Agrees with the Predictions of The Jew Watch Project: Surge only Produced More Carnage for Iraqis and American Troops

June 14, 2007
| 911 Protocols of Zion in 10 Minutes |

June 13, 2007
| 911 Protocols of Zion in 10 Minutes

June 12, 2007
| Zionist Controlled Traitors in Congress and White House Meet to Conspire a Disastrous Immigration Bill Opposed by 80% of Americans and Supported by Un-Registered Agents of a Foreign Power at AIPAC | Hamas Party Faction Over-Runs Fatah's National Security Building in Opening Salvos of Civil War, 34 Dead | Non-Jewish Senator Harry Reid Rejects Jewish Senator Lieberman's Iran Air Strikes | Turkish Prime Minister Opposes Crossing Border into Iraq | Crisis in Pro-Zionist Iraq Puppet Government of United States | Iran Seeks Release of Its Illegally Arrested Diplomats by U.S. Occupation Forces in Iraq | Security Developments in War for Israel | Tiny Busy Street Corner Monument in Washington Memorializes More than 100 Million Non-Jewish Dead at the Hands of the Jewish Leaders of Communism's Regimes While Millions Are Spent Yearly on the Jewish Holocaust Museum Without Batting an Eye

June 11, 2007
| Judge Strikes Down Terrorist Detainment Policy | Zionism's AIPAC Hawk Lieberman Urges Strike on Iran | Powell: Nazi Torture Prison in Guantanamo Should be Closed | Israel Launches Spy Satellite | Zionist Traitor to Europe President Bush Opts for Apartheid in an Independent Kosovo | Special Report: Zionist Presidential Puppet Bush Sows Seeds of His Own Demise | 

June 10, 2007
| French Jewish President Sarkozy Rides His Popularity, Leads Huge Parliamentary Plurality | Final Betrayal: The Psychiatric Zionist President Moves Toward Final Passage of Immigration Act Which May Destroy America's Civilization Just to Give Bush His Final Disgraceful Place in History | Bush Hurries Home to White House Bunker, Confronts Enraged Congress on Attorney General's and Immigration Bill's Fate | Two Red Cross Workers Die in Lebanon Camp Siege

June 9, 2007
| Why U.K. Tories Want Iraq Probe | Pro-Zionist U.S. to Keep 40,000 Soldiers in Lost Iraqi Colony After Pullout | Killing the Patient for Zionism: U.S. Purposely Training Both Sides of Iraq's Civil War to Reduce Its Threat to Israel

June 8, 2007
| Against Wishes of American People: The Crazed Bush Anti-American Immigration Bill | Human Delivered Bomb Kills 3 U.S. Soldiers, Wounds 6 More | 

June 7, 2007
| Israel's Foreign Ministry Allegedly Seeks to Educate Zionist Agents Worldwide to Penetrate and Disseminate Misinformation Concerning Internet YouTube Documentaries on Israeli History and Current Events Including Many Highly Rated Videos Prepared by Frank Weltner, Journalist and Librarian at The Jew Watch Project | Same Methods of Operation Used by FBI on William Jefferson as on Most Others--Infiltration and Intimate Provocation of the Perpetrator by Agents With the Aim of Allegedly Creating False Evidence to Take Them Down | 3 Turkish Soldiers Killed by Remotely Detonated Kurdish Landmine | Iraq Demands Turkey Firing Artillery into Its Northern Border Towns | Jewish French Prime Minister Sarkozy Says There is No Place for Turkey in the European Union | Israeli Terror Tanks Bulldoze Gaza Concentration Camp | 

June 6, 2007
| Zionist CIA Holding 39 Detainees from Many Nations in Hidden Nazi Torture Prisons | A New War in Iraq? | Anti-Semitic Broadcaster Hal Turner Claims Proof from Red Cross that Holocaust Numbers are Frauds, Only 271,301 Died, Not 6,000,000 | 

June 5, 2007
| Jewish Nazi State Preparing More Murder of Palestine, Lebanon and Their People on All Borders | 'The Creation of A Palestinian State Would Erase Israel's Victory" - Abbas | U.S. Government Seeks Moderate Government in Pakistan Most Likely to Allow Ease of Its Subversion by Zionist Supported Influences | 'Attacks on Israel Will Go On' | Arabs Still Blame Defeat in 1967 War for Their Problems | Syria Warns Israel to Vacate Golan or Expect Rebellion | Anti-Democratic / Anti-Free Speech U.S. Government Investigates Anti-Israel Satellite Broadcast for Punishment | Anti-Democratic Majority Oppression of Palestinians in Racist Israeli Terror State | Racist Israel Denies Doctoral Candidate Entry into Zionist Terror State | Selfish and Hate-Filled Israel Seeks to Exercise Its Control over the U.S. Military by Demanding a Say in Weapons Sold to Saudis and F-22's for Itself | White House Zionist Scooter Libby (Liebowitz) Must Start Serving 30 Months in Prison within 2 Months for Nothing More than Answering Questions from the FBI Which No American Is Even Required to Do By Law and Should Not Ever Do Because of the Risk as this Case Demonstrates as Does the Martha Stewart Case. If Asked by the FBI to Answer Questions, Just Politely Say No, I Can't Put Myself at Risk of Mistakenly Answering a Question Wrongly as Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart Did, Sir.

June 4, 2007
| France's Zionist President Sarkozy Gets Tough on Illegal Immigration; Sets Quotas on Arrests and Deportations | War Crimes Charges Against Canadian Guantanamo Detainee Tossed Out by Judge for Incorrect Legal Procedures | Billionaire Zionist Elites including Dow Suitor Rupert Murdock Meet to Discuss Which of Them Will Own the Wall Street Journal | Zionist International Fund Managers Suffer Billions in Losses Over Panic in China's Stock Market, Funds Drop 15% in 4 Days in Headlong Plunge! | Zionist Controlled and Riddled FBI Indicts African American Democratic Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana on Corruption Charges in Second Racially Charged Case in Same Week, the First Being Jamaicans in the JFK Airport Bombing Case | Zionist Stacked Courts Issue First Amendment Pro-Free Speech Decision on Broadcast Expletives | Iraq Colonial Occupation Resistance Group that Kidnapped 3 Americans Claims All Captured Americans are Dead

June 3, 2007
| Iran 'Invincible' in Nuclear Stand-Off: Ahmadenijad | Iran President Sees 'Countdown' to Israel's End | Russia Threatens to Target Europe with Missiles | G8 Riots Erupt in Germany, Largest in Years | Riot Video | Is It Real or Fake: FBI's Alleged Claims of Kennedy Airport Plot Riddled With Holes as Pro-Zionist FBI Agents Inside Seem to Have Penetrated Group and Seeded It to Produce a Filmable Take Down | Zionists / CBS Press FBI to Arrest Man for Media Coups of Placing '24' on Web Early | Traitor Bush Slapped Big Time by Angry Conservatives Backlashed Over His Immigration Attacks on Them

June 2, 2007
| ALERT! Classified Information Just Released in UK Hints Entebbe Hijacking Staged by Mossad and Palestine Liberation Army -- Relations Between UK and Israel Become Ice-Cold | Why Is Lebanon Burning? Israel Should Know | Boeing Aircraft Subsidiary Sued Over U.S. Zionist Torture Flights | Israeli Terror State's Murder of Palestinians Continues | War Threat Looms Over Syria | Blood Thirsty U.S. Israel Colonial Empire Blocking Peace Talks with 22 Arab States | Israel Seeks to Perfect and Install Armed Robotic 'Star War' Border Guards to Automatically Kill Anyone Crossing Border Into Israel | Genocide Declared 'Kosher' in Israel | Israel's 'Sadistic Torture' of Palestinian Youths | Judiazation of Jerusalem Proceeds: Israel Refuses to Allow Moslem Burials | Uniformed Israeli Terrorist Thugs Blow Up Nablus Water, Sewer, and Electrical Lines | Meet Bigot Attorney Steven Weinberg | 

June 1, 2007
| U.S. Envoy to PA Slams Israel for Not Easing Up on PA Conditions | Israel Bracing for a Long Struggle Knowing Hamas Will Never Change | Israel Cares Little About Shalit's Freedom, Willing Only to Release a Few Dozen Prisoners from Hamas' List of 350 Persons | Largest Labor Union in Britain Calls for a Boycott of Israel's Goods | Lecturers Back Boycott of Israel | Historic Warning About Jews in America Remembered and Analyzed | Toronto Black Activists Blame Jewish Lobby for Keynote Speaker Being Turned Around at the Border | Further UK Kidnappings May be Planned | U.K. May Seek Iran's Help in Getting Captured Soldiers Released | U.S. Seeking Cease Fires in Iraq to Lessen Killings | Does Turkey Have Plans to Invade Iraq? | Fascist U.S. Military Messes With Veterans' Civil Right to Protest the War


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