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July 31, 2007
| Israel Wounds 7 in Gaza | U.S. Announces $60 Billion in Reckless, Harmful Sales of Deadly Arms to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia | Lebanon's Prime Minister Slams U.S. Arms to the Irresponsible War Mongering Israeli Anti-Arab Terror State | Israel's Fat Defense Minister Raises Cain Over 50% Draft Dodgers in Israel | Salaam Fayad: Opposition of Illegitimate Israeli Evil is Legitimate | Kenya: Israel Not Iraq the Key to Evil in the Mideast | Israel and Christians United for Israel in Unholy Union | IDF Chief: Israel's Treasury Too Cheap to Maintain Military Readiness | Peres Lies: Says 2 Dead Israelis Said Falsely to Have Been Kidnapped Are Alive, Gives No Proof | U.S. Military Proxies for Israel Deaths Reach 3,651 | Sunnis Boycott Parliament: Iraq's Fraudulent Government Split | American Colonial Empire Moves Prosperous Iraq Into Total Poverty | Iraq's Parliament Takes One Month Off Despite Criticism | Iran Expects U.S. to Change Its Bad Colonial Behavior in Iraq | 

July 27, 2007
| 50 Killed in Bomb Attacks During Iraq's Celebration of Soccer Victory | U.S. House Bars Permanent Military Bases in Iraq | Iraq Government Crisis Deepens; New Sunni Boycott | Attacks on Green Zone by Iraq's Anti-Occupation Patriots Becoming More and More Accurate | The Interesting But Doomed Strategy of General Petraeus | Why Has the United States Delayed Shipping Guns to the Iraqi Army? | Murderous Fascist Regime Arrests Brother and Sister for Selling Equipment to Iraq | Opinion from Jerusalem: Salvage What You Can in Iraq and Get Out | 

July 26, 2007
| Britain's Arms Delivered to Israel Unabated Despite Damage to Moslem Relations | Polish Radio Priest: 'I Did Not Mean to Insult Anybody' | Ex-Minister Rubenstein: Israel Should Reclaim Land Given to Jewish Organization So It Can Be Sold to Palestinians and Avoid Narrow Racism | AIPAC: Blair's Free Speech Allegedly Being Silenced by the Rich, Powerful, and Conspiratorial Jewish Lobby in America | Bush Liar Says Al Qaeda is Reason for War In Iraq While His Cronies Continue to Steal the Oil from Pipelines | Opposition Makes Strange Bedfellows | Congressman Conyers Arrests Cindy Sheehan and Followers in House Building | Islamic Charity in Court for Donating $ Millions to Defeat the Israeli Terror State | Iraq War Supporters Never Fought | Death Surge in Iraq, New Threats on Iran | Hezbollah: Hey, Tel Aviv, We Have Rockets That Can Reach You | In Israel, Arab Envoy Pushes for Palestinian Statehood | Hamas Warns Israel: Don't Target Our Leaders | Nasrallah: Attacks on U.N. May be More of Israel's Many False Flag Operations in History | 'The Ethiopian Jews of Israel'

July 21, 2007
| Are Zionist Oil Barons Purposely Wrecking their Scarce Refineries to Drive Up Gas Prices? | Zionist Christian Tammy Faye Bakker - 1942-2007 | Pro-Zionist War Criminals at White House Have 18 Months Left | War of Words Hoax on Iraq Withdrawal Between both Wings of the Single American Party That Poses as Separate Republican and Democratic Parties Continue to no End | Zionist Billionaires Seek to Monopolize Wireless Access to the Internet's Future Using Huge Sums of Their Illicitly Gotten Banking and Internet Money | Israel Kills Two "Gunmen" in Gaza Where Almost All Palestinian Men Might Carry Guns For Protection | Lame Duck President May Be Allowed A Rare Opportunity to By-Pass AIPAC's Strange Hold on Political Power in America and Work for Mideast Peace | Ahmadenijad Meets Al-Assad in Syria, Lashes Out At Christian and Jewish Colonialism in Middle East | U.S. Intelligence Fascists Push the Idea that the War in Iraq Has Increased Capability of Qaeda to Commit Terror Inside the USA | Hezbollah Sees Attack on U.N. Peacekeepers in Lebanon as "Suspicious Attack", Meaning It Could Have Been a False Flag Operation by Israel to Cause Trouble | 

July 20, 2007
| Racist Jewish State | Racist and Offensive Jewish Organizations Try to End Catholic Priest's Free Speech Rights to Connect Government Officials with Jewish Bribery Specialists in Poland | Israel Releases 3% of Its Palestinian Prisoners as Sign of Support for Its Puppet Fatah Party | Gaza's Economy Barely Alive | In Lebanon War Israel's Home Front Rapidly Became the Battle's Front | Syrian Officials Interested in Reopening Talks with Israel | Anti-American AIPAC Pushes Congress for Subversive Policies including $2.4 Billion in Aid to Israel and War-Like Sanctions Against Iran | Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Spreads Lie that Iran is Threat to Free World | Nineteen of Israel's Richest Families Control 34% of the Zionist Terror State's Income | Israel Lucky War Happened in 2006 and Not Now with Hezbollah's New Weaponry | Racist ZOA Opposes Amnesty to Moslems | Will Israel Assassinate Fatah Militants Anyway After they Disarm? | Fascist American Colonial Leaders Ask for More Time for the Endless War in Iraq to Resolve in their Favor | 5 Years Later American Army Seeks to Protect Soldiers from Iraq Heat

July 19, 2007
Zionist Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Warns Congress He Will Choke Housing Market with High Interest to Defeat Inflation Threat | Dow Jones Board Gives Zionist Media Monopolist Murdoch the Nod | Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq Was Fictional Character Says Military | The Democratic Cot-And-Vote Deception for Media Attention to End the War for Israel | Salon Magazine: How Bush and His Zionist Neocon Henchmen Won't Admit the Iraq War is Lost

July 18, 2007
| Hamas Rejects Bush Peace Proposal as More Lies, Syria Also Skeptical | Democrats Order Cots and Pizza to Discuss Iraq War All Night and Doing Nothing to End It | Filthy Rich Pro-Zionist John Edwards Defends $1,250 Haircut During Poverty Tour | As Moslem Group Goes on Trial in Zionist Stuffed U.S. Courts Other Charities Watch Warily | Hamas Blames Olmert for No Progress in Releasing Israeli Soldier | Israel Agrees to Release Hamas Leader Who Promises to be a Turncoat Against Hamas | Now that Abbas is Out and It's too Late to Help, Bush Belatedly Gives Fatah Party $190 Million | No One Will Fight Hamas on Israel's Behalf | Mideast Plans of the Imperialist American Superpower | Same People, Same Threat, The Failure in War on Terror | The Aftermath of This Endless War for Israel | Obama: Close Guantanamo, Restore Constitutional Rights | 

July 15, 2007
| Non-Zionist Iraq Tells U.S. Israel Empire It Can 'Leave Any Time' | September is 'Moment of Truth' For Iraq War | Alleged Saudi Arabian Connection | State Department Warning: Terror Attacks Against Americans in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, West Bank, and Gaza | Is Pakistan Cracking Up Now for Its Involvement with America and Its Israel Master? 50 Dead in 3 Massive Suicide Bomb Explosions | Music Monopolist Jews Ply Zionist Greed to Kill Internet Radio | Footage of Bin Laden Surfaces, Suspiciously Useful to CIA/Bush War Propaganda | Bush's Zionist Policies of Targeting Russia Destroy Anti-Cold War Pact as Russia Tears Up Treaty in Disgust | Report on Iraq Grim Despite President Bush's Deceptions | Israel to Stop Hunting Scores of Tired and Repentant Fatah Militants | France to Israel: Hands Off Visiting Hezbollah Members | Israeli Interior Minister Seeks to Make Israel Easier to Live In So Jews Will Want to Immigrate on their Own Without Being Asked | Racially Targeted Economic Incentives Awarded to Jews If They Move to New Orleans | $6 Billion Lawsuit Against Israel's ImageSat for Cancelling Satellite Contracts with Venezuela and Angola for American Government | Zionazis Move Sudanese to Air Conditioned Concentration Camps Prior to Their Racist Deportation Notices | 

July 13, 2007
All of the 9/11 Airports Were Serviced by One Israeli Company

July 12, 2007
| Tehran Times Report: 1967 vs. 2006 Wars Shows Improvements in Counter-Zionist Military Defense Capabilities | Lebanon Bombs Fatah Refugee Camp for Israel Using Free American Supplied Bombs | Funerals Take Place for 70 Religious Islamic Patriots Killed in Pakistani Mosque Killed by Non-Religious Sectarian Government | Desperate for the White House, Democrats 'Come Home to Jesus' | Nobel Laureat Calls for Impeachment of pro-Zionist George W. Bush, Cites Foreign Policy Bigotry and Pain Caused to Moslems in Mideast | BBC Apologizes to Queen for Reporting 'Tantrum' | How George Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power Using Rothschild Money Borrowed to Run His Export/Import Empire | 80% in Gallup Poll Say Remove All Troops by April 2008

July 11, 2007
| Polish President has Been Accused by Important Catholic Priest of Being a Corrupt and Fraudulent Pawn of the Jewish Lobby | Pakistan Fumbles as American Dupe, Destroys Popular Taliban Mosque Killing 50+ Devote, President Almost Assassinated | Palestinian Activist Takes on an Anti-Palestine and Anti-Democratic Jewish Owned Press in Seattle | Single Israeli Describes Nation as Fraudulent and Corrupt Is Attacked Without Mercy by Pro-Zionist Presses | Pro-Zionist Bush Says Force Level in Iraq Will Be Decided by Military Leaders Not by Politicians | 573-291-8045

July 8, 2007
| Two More Republicans: Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire Stand Against Surge | Israel to Release 250 Fatah Prisoners Soon to Help Abbas in West Bank | Zionist White House Missteps Lead to Hamas Takeover | Lebanon Still Shaky One Year After Israel War | 2nd Large Union in Britain Calls for Boycott on All Trade with Israel for 'Its Criminal Policies' | Ramallah: Island of Middle Class Life in Trouble West Bank Despite Israeli Attempts to End It's Economic Success | Israel to Build Huge Fence on Egyptian Sinai Border | Powell: I Tried to War Bush of a Civil War If He Invaded Iraq | Finally, Someone Has Admitted that the War was About Oil and Not Democracy | 

July 7, 2007
| U.S. Officials Lie to Drum Up False Pro-Zionist War Talk, Claim Al Qaeda in Iran, Offer No Proof | 45% Support Congress to Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Bush | The Revolving Zionist Door: Zionist Rupert Murdoch's $5 Billion Bid Wins Zionist Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal | White House Lies Again, Says Congress Launched 300 Investigations | Zionist Goldman Sachs Receives Death Threats in 20 Letters to Editors | Today's Security Developments in Neocon-Caused Iraq Catastrophe | Paper Near Military Bases With Large Readership Calls of Iraq Troop Pullout | Israel Condemned for Deliberately Shooting Journalists | IRNA Expresses Outrage Over 4 Journalists Kept for 25 Years in Heartless Israeli Torture Jails | Legal Neo-Nazi Demonstration Triggers Violence by Leftwing Anarchist Groups | Post-Zionism in Israel Rejects Colonialist Policies | Israeli Land Grabs Through Illegal Settlements | 

July 4, 2007
| Subversive Domestic Zionists Weigh In on Iraq Strategies | Rich, Young Subversive Zionist Parasites Openly Pay $750 for AIPAC Dinner | Another Expensive Zionist AIPAC Dinner Aimed at Parasitic Jewish Fat Cat Subversives Was Held in Oregon This Week | Zionist Elite Parasites Exchange $26 Billion for Hilton Hotel Ownership Where Rich Guests are Pampered by Growing Mass of Allegedly Exploited Immigrants | Catholic Congressmen Urge Bishops to Intervene in Unjust Zionist War Against Iraq | McCain to Iraq to Exploit Troops, as Zionist War Monger Lieberman Issues His Support | Zionist NY Gov. Spitzer to Address Subversive Jewish Group | Convicted Zionist Neocon May Be Pardoned by AIPAC Controlled President | All Britain Shocked that Bombers Were Moslem National Health Care Professionals including at Least 3 Doctors Lured into Britain by Zionist Written Immigration Policies | Iraq Kurds Await Release of Oil Bill Text for 'Revenue Sharing' Siphoning Revenue from Its Oil Reserves to Other Iraqi Groups | Order Through Chaos: Pakistan President Gains Political Points from Six-Month Standoff at Rebellious Mosque | N. Korea Ready for New Nuclear Accord for Oil Imports

July 3, 2007
Zionist Chertof Scolds Mostly Non-Jewish U.S. Senate on Immigration Bill | Zionist Monopoly Owners of Huge Chunks of Music Industry Begin Squabbling with Apple iTunes over Future Pricing | Hillary Clinton Will Not Disclaim Future Use of War  to Decide Policy Issues as President | Britain Enjoying The Fruits of Zionist Sponsored Multicultural Chaos: So-Called 'Terrorist Ring Leader' Suspect is Brilliant Moslem U.K. Medical Doctor from Baghdad | More Originally Zionist Sponsored Multiculturalism as Terrorism is Featured in News and Comments | Alleged Al Qaeda Bomber at Yemini Tourist Site Kills 9 | Stalked Moslems Not Stopped by Britain's Investigators | The High Price of Tolerating the AIPAC Lobby: Zionist Senator Lieberman Seeks More Cameras Aimed at Americans | Chavez and Ahmadenijad in Pact to End 'Global Arrogance' by the Western Imperial Nations | Iran and Venezuela Seal Economic Ties to Isolate and Defeat the United States Imperial Power


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