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August 31, 2007
| 'No Elections If Hamas Will Win' | Closed Hamas Charities May Go Underground | Racist Jewish Front Organization Says Hamas Terror Information Published in Britain | Hamas Decries Cruelty of Fatah Party in Closing 100 Hamas Charities Giving Humanitarian Aid to Its People | Israel Eyes Gaza | ADL Rehires Its New England Director Who Was Fired for Breaking with the ADL's Armenian Genocide Denial Stance | U.S. Presidential Candidates Sell Out American Businesses, Use Chinese Business Donations for Election Advantages, Then Approve U.S. Factories Being Moved to China | Rise of the Multi-Polar World Caused By AIPAC's Crippling of American Credibility by Neocon White House | Israel Lies, Says It Warned U.S. Against Iraq War and Pushed for Iran War, When In Fact Israel Definitely Pushed the Iraq War | Bush Mideast Plan Seen as Cover Up for Disregard of Palestine | Federal Election Commission Slaps Highest Fine in History for Jewish Money Donations Allegedly Associated with Soros-Linked Group in 2004 | Republican Party Pushing 'Chinese Spy Ring' Connection to Democrats | Russians to Resume Defying Jewish Music and Video Monopoly Scams by Offering Free Access to Downloads on Internet | Possible Remains of Second Temple Found | FBI's Secret Files on Coretta Scott King Leaked to Pro-Zionist Henry Kissinger | Jewish Movie "In the Valley of Elah" Attacks Severity of Iraq War on the Psychiatric Health of Its Soldiers | "In the Valley of Elah" Receives High Reviews | Know It All Zionist White House Rejects Finding of Its Own GAO Auditors on Iraq War | 

August 29, 2007
| Armenian Genocide Debate Exposes Rifts inside the Zionist ADL | The AIPAC-Iran War Debate at the White House | Firing Foxman | Israel Digs Own Public Relations Grave By Constantly Brutalizing Its Neighboring People to Steal their Lands and Destinies | Spanish Police Arrest Author Wanted in Zionist-Sick Austria for Performing Academic Holocaust Research | Jewish Oligarch Berezovsky Implicated in Assassination of Russian Journalist, 10 Arrested | Biography of Zionist Oligarch Billionaire Boris Abramovich Berezovsky | Sunnis Won't Rejoin Discredited American Iraqi Puppet Government after Deal | Frightened Israel Discusses New Palestinian State with Abbas of Arafat's Previously Outlawed Fatah Party | Fatah-Hamas Rift Supports Strategic Israeli Plans | Former Israeli Spy Opens Huge Bag of Worms on Israel's Betrayal of its Foreign Agents | Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak Says Hezbollah Has 50% More Rockets than Before Israel's Loss in the Lebanon War | Israel Outraged by Rabbi Yosef's Gaffe, 'Jewish Secular Soldiers Died Because They Did Not Follow Religious Observances' | Turkey Demands Israel Force Jewish American Organizations to Back Down, Force U.S. Congress Not to Vote for a Declaration of a 1915 Armenian Genocide by Turkey | Terrified AIPAC Will Not Recognize 'Jewish Lobby' Book Being Published Next Week on TV Shows | Fatah Attacks Its Own People to Placate U.S.-Israel Empire Demands, Closing Down 103 Hamas Charities Traditionally Providing Help to Thousands in West Bank | Zionist Empire's Iraq War Looms Over Venice Film Festival | White House Dominated by Subversive AIPAC-Neocon Decision-Makers Responsible for Murdering Thousands of U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

August 27, 2007
Zionist Brzezinski Embraces Obama Over Clinton for President | Ancient Birthplace of Zionist Influenced Olympics Burned | While Summer Sizzles, Jewish Hollywood Fizzles | Zionist CBS Denies Child Law Violations | Zionist Michael Chertoff Terrorist List Yields 20,000 Dubious Detentions | Aging Zionist Presses Losing to New iJournalists on Internet | Zionist White House Liar: "Gains Made by Surge" | Zionist Banking Nations Conspire to Muzzle Noriega by Transferring Him to France to Face More Charges | Shin Bet Pushes Hamas Suicide Attack Lie as Its Latest Media Deception | Zionist Run France Offers to Broker Iraq Peace, Iraq Slaps French Away | Zionist Bush's Latest Iraq War Flimflam | 'Zionist L.A. Times': Troop Morale Fading in Iraq | Searing Documentary on War Complicity Indicts Not Just U.S. Zionist Politicos, But Major Zionist Media, Too | Hamas Leader Slams Zionist U.S. Charity Blacklist | FBI Agent Says Hamas Ties to Charity on Witness Stand, Meanwhile Terrorist Israel Free to Beg from U.S. Citizens | Hamas Reveals More Documents Tying Fatah Party with Foreign Spy Agencies | U.N. Security Council Extends Peace Keeping Mandate | 

August 25, 2007
| Bodies of Last 2 Missing Romanov Children Who Were Shot and Burned in Acid by Immoral, Heartless Jewish Red Commissars Found Near Yekaterinberg | Rothschild-Related German Banks Pulling Out of Iran in Support of U.S. Israel Terror Empire | Zionist Nazis in Jerusalem Burn Controversial Crematorium After Its Location Is Revealed in Jewish Newspaper | New Surge Report Paints Grim Picture, Iraq's Total Destruction May Be Good News for the Israeli Terror State's Regional Ambitions | Israel Hires Slick Wall Street Firm to Push Positive Propaganda Spin About Israel's Friendship with America on Eve of Book Publication Dissing Israel's Effect on American Foreign Policy | Jewish Lobby Viciously Threatens Economic Lifelines to Colleges and Universities if they Allow Discussions of the Upcoming Book on Israel's Negative Effect on America | Turks in ADL-Israel Squabble over Armenian Genocide, Pulls Plug on Jewish PR Firm | Jewish Newspaper Produces Obvious and Gross Revisionist History for Studies of Same in Recent Article Apologizing for Israeli Terrorism | Selfish and Boneheaded Jewish Bigotry Reflected in the Turkish Holocaust Canard | Damaging Freedom of Speech by Zionists: Vile Anti-American Jewish Intellectual Terrorists Attempt to Kill Publicity of Walt-Meirsheimer's New Anti-Zionist Lobby Book | 

August 22, 2007
| Putin Reacts to American Fascism by Restarting Military Buildup and New Russian Cold War | Zionist France Offers to Broker Peace Between Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd for Israel's Future Mideast Plans | 
NEW  Video Studies of the Non-Jewish Ukrainian Famine Caused by the Jewish Commissars' in their Vast Genocide of Non-Jews inside the USSR | Nazi Extras in Tom Cruise Film 'Valkyrie' Threaten to Sue | Viacom/MTV Jews Line Up to Exploit Americans Directly Instead of Sharing Revenue with Apple iTunes | 14 Iraq Troops Die in Single Copter Crash | Christian Offer to Give America and Europe to Sudan's Refugees without Even Asking the American and European People for Permission | Germany Releases Nazi Documents on Labor Camps to Western Nations Which May Add Even More Fuel to the Holocaust Debates | Bigots in Wiesenthal Center Praise Polish EU Delegation for Withdrawing from Peace Conference and Pandering to Israel's 60 Years of Horrific Terror Against Moslems and Christians | New AIPAC Whistle Blower Book Discusses Jewish Lobby's Bigotry and Sadism Toward Wayward Congressmen and Senators

August 21, 2007
| Revolutionary Humanitarian Forces of Hamas Increase Military Cells Throughout Fatah's Incompetent and Worsening West Bank Refuge | Zionazi Forces in Israel Murder 12 Palestinians in 24 Hours, Hamas Plans Revenge | Hamas Threatens to Use Weapons far more Dangerous than Kasam Rockets | Israeli Terror State Murders Patriotic Hamas Commander Who Took Arms to Resist the Brutality of Israel's Colonial Occupation of His Nation | Hamas Escalates Retaliation Against Israeli Brutality | National Security Ruse Kept Americans from Discovering Dangerous Radiation Leak | Saddam's Cousins, 14 Others on Trial for Suppressing 1991 Shiite Revolt, While American Fascists Murdered 3 Million of their Brothers | Mysterious Leaflets Tossed from Unmarked Helicopters in Kurdistan Warning of Non-Existent Iran Invasion | U.S. Government Continues Lame Lies About Terrorist Threats From Inside Iraq During Summit | Foreign Funds Ready to Cash In and Buy Up What is Left of American Businesses and Markets | CNN Reports Dangerous Anti-American Fascists in Pentagon Closing Down Domestic Counterintelligence Database on Iraq War Protesters | Iraq Surge Worsening U.S. Security

August 20, 2007
| Bernanke's 'Rookie Mistake' Force Sudden Reversal in Fed's Money Supply | Spying by American Fasists to Increase Under New Oppressive Laws in America's Rapidly Expanding Dictatorship | AIPAC Head on 'Most Powerful List' | The Vile Reality of AIPAC and the Murderous Neocons | AIPAC Dollars at Work Destroying Palestinian Farms | Emphasis on Election Coverage Shields Bush's Zionist Neocons from Public Relations Consequences of their Continuing Iraq Murder | 53% of Americans Already Feel Petraeus Report on Iraq Will be a Disinformation Scam | At a Theater Near You: The Horrors of War in Coming Iraq Movies | The Known Liar Called 'The White House' Will Write the Report General Petraeus Presents to Congress | Hillary: I Regret Approving Bush's War | America's AIPAC Proxy War: Already Over-Extended Army, Little Future Potential for Build-Up | 7-Year-Old Moslem Boy Stopped 3 Times as a Suspected Terrorist | Iranian Attack on Northern Iraq, Is It Real or Another George Bush False Flag Operation? | The Lies Grow Just Before Attacking Iran? U.S. Army Tracking 50 Iranian Elite Guards. Want to Buy a Bridge in the Desert? | Another Lie to Precede War? Mother Accuses Iran of Torturing 3 Students. Anyone Remember the Babies in the Incubators? | God Bless Leona Helmsley, 87, 'Queen of Mean' | Super Zionist Sarkozy Faces France's Sudden Economic Woes | 11 Nazi Actors Injured on Tom Cruise Movie

August 19, 2007
| Israel: Standard Bearer of Satan | Will Israel Really Steal Natural Gas Reserves from Its Poverty-Stricken Palestine Colonial Vassal? | Heartless Israeli Terror State Not Interested in Speaking to Palestinian Leaders, Only to Arab Leaders, at U.S. Summit | 110 Aging Palestinian Fugitives Taken Off 'Wanted List' by Israel to Help President Abbas | Gadhafi Son Warns of More European Terrorism to Nations Supporting War with Middle East for Israel | Ahmadinejad: Western Arrogant Nations NOT Real Democracies at All, They Seek to Set Jews, Christians, Others Against Muslims in Their Colonial Power Grabs | Aging Colonialist and War Monger Netanyahu Holds 51% Election Lead in Israeli Polls | War Torn Lebanon Seeks Continuation of UNIFIL to Protect Its Borders from Israeli Terror State | Israeli Terror State Says Europe's Call for Talks with Democratically Elected Hamas Government Wrong for the Heartless Zionist Colonialists of Tel Aviv | From The Jew Watch Project's Anti-Hate Awareness Program News Archives: Stupid Palestinians Exacerbate Their Public Relations Problems by Firing Useless Rockets into Israel Which Only Gets Them Farther from Israeli Recognition as a Nation | Final Last Chance for Iraq's Absurd Colonial Puppet Government | War Mongering Neocons at White House to Gradually Reduce Troops in Iraq in Vain Attempt to Save their Pro-Zionist Face | Kissinger's 'Cannon Fodder': U.S. Military Deaths at 3,705, All Dead for AIPAC, for Israeli Colonial Goals, for White House Neocons, for Empire, for Hate, for WMD Lies | 

August 18, 2007
| "Jew Watch Is Love..." By Frank Weltner, Librarian and Reporter for The Jew Watch Project | Israel Considering International Airport Atop Manmade Islands 400 Yards Offshore | Israel Cuts Oil to Gaza, 400,000 May Lose Electricity | Minister Driven from Bigoted Israel on Charge of Converting Jews to Christianity, Lutherans Ponder Boycotting | Giuliani's Alleged Racism: He Is Against Giving Palestinians Their Freedom from Israeli Colonialism | Will Israel Give Up Temple Mount? | Litany of Lies and Manipulations | Chertoff's Sovietization of America | Enormous Cost of AIPAC: The Iraq War's Price | 

August 17, 2007
| Einstein's Zionist Theory of Relativity Wrong: 2 Germans Exceed Speed of Light in Laboratory | Zionist Owned Stock Markets Continue Downward Plunge | 400 Dead in 1 Day in Zionist America's Nazi Invasion of Iraq | Zionist Stock Markets Tumble Across Planet | Zionist Terror Media Backlash Over Book Revealing Negative Effects of America's Pro-AIPAC Foreign Policy | Seniors Including Zionist Elderly Reject Rude Zionist Nursing Home Monopolies, Move South of the Border at 1/4th the Price, Nicer Treatment | McCain Receives Unprecedented Death Threats Over Support for Zionist Lobby's Illegal Immigrants | White House's Zionist Terrorism Widens with Insidious Use of Spy Satellites inside the United States | U.S. Signs Terrorist Military Aid Deal Worth $30 Billion, Weapons Go To Known Pariah Israeli Terror State | Hezbollah Computer Game Celebrates War Against Israel's Invasive Zionist Colonial Terror State | Good News of Love Not Hate: Israel Is Considering Helping Palestinians | Damascus: Syria is Not Interested in Pursing a Losing War Against Zionism's Aggression | Tel Aviv: A Syrian War Threat Must Be Taken Seriously | Zionist Polling Firm Sees Iraq War as Deadly to Republican Candidates in 2008 | Democratic Party Whores Walk Political Streets, Make Iraq War Their New Comfy AIPAC John in Their Rush for Zionist Campaign Money as well as Pro-Israeli Monopoly Media Helpfulness

August 14, 2007
| Bubble Gum with Nazi Sticker Sold in Israel | Zionist Engineered Economic Downturn Reduces Wal-Mart Sales | Zionist-Motivated Bureaucrats Intervene for AIPAC's Presidential Pick, Hillary, Seal Off Her White House Documents from Gaze of Opposition | Emergency Meeting Called to Salvage America's Fake Iraq Government | Bomber Strikes Bridge in Iraq, 10 Dead as Cars Fly into River | 16,000 Fascist Americans Attack Fake Qaeda Homes as an American Media Diversion | Pro-Zionist Power Sweden Stops Iraq Flights Due to Attack Threats | 28 Non-Jews Die in Collapse of China Bridge | Highly Jewish Owned Properties in Southern Florida Hit by Selling Depression | Zionist-Controlled European Stocks Set to Fall, UBS Reports | Quagmire Squanders American Zionist Power | U.S. Surge in Iraq Likely to Fail Say British Parliament Members | Stealing of Oil by U.S. Companies as well as Destruction of Equipment Slows Iraq Redevelopment | Italian Mafia, the Major Competitor to the Zionist Mafia, Arrested in Midst of $100 Million AK-47 Iraq Arms Deal | AIPAC Called Sixth Most Powerful 'Person' in United States When It is Actually #1 | Trail Date Early Next Year Set for Subversive AIPAC Spies Case | John Hagee's Christians United for Israel and AIPAC Form Unholy Alliance of Power to Continue the Stark Colonization of America's Government for Israel

August 12, 2007
| Cheney 9'4: Invading Baghdad Would Be Quagmire | New Racist Israeli Apartheid Walled Highway East of Jerusalem | Murdoch's New Pro-Zionist WSJ.COM May Be Free | Super Greedy Traitor Employers Betraying Americans with Illegal Alien Scab Workers for Profit Are Afraid of New Enforcement Promises | Nine Non-Zionists Face Globalist Sex Slavery Charges in L.A. | Pro-Zionist, Fascist U.K. Bans Soldiers from Talking About Military Violence on Blogs | Military Pig Employed by Bush Says Time for a U.S. Fascist Draft to Destroy More American Lives Has Come | Pro-Colonialist Emperor Bush Parties with French Jewish Leader, Pledges Fascist Cooperation | While Citizens Lose Their Homes, Zionist Fed Moves to Save Investment Pigs Who Duped Them | Zionist Fed Likely to Continue to Save Zionist Bankers While Abandoning Non-Zionist Home Owners to Desperation | Zionist Fed's Dr. No Refuses to Come Refuses to Come to Wall Street Rescue | Zionist Brokerage Firms to Be Probed by a Totally Zionist AIPAC-Owned Congress | Zionist Media Conspires Against American Citizens Best Interests to Push Its New Iraq War 'Fix' | Army Pressures Journalist from MU to Recant Grisly American War Crime Stories, But He Refuses to Do So | 

August 9, 2007
| Cheney 9'4: Invading Baghdad Would Be Quagmire | SUDDEN ZIONIST RED: Financial Markets Plunge 385 Points in New York | European Central Bank Plugs Impending Zionist Financial Crisis with 95 Billion Pounds Sterling | Global Zionist Financial Plunge Begins in Japan | Zionist Homes Protected from Mortgage Meltdowns | Bloomberg on Approaching NWO Global Rout | Bush Grabs Onto Immigration Changes to Cloak Global Meltdown Danger | As Disastrous Elections Approach Spelling Doom for Right Wing, Bush Pretends to Push Border and Employer Immigrant Stopping Measures | Gore Vidal on Zionist Media | Zionist Dominated Society Now Has Access to Almost All Privacy Databases for Every Person | Iraq Political Crisis Grows | Zionist NY Times to End Unpopular Anti-Trend Subscription Charges on Web to Gain Readership Growth | Israel Forcibly Ejects Crazed Zionist Settlers from West Bank | Pakistan May Declare State of Emergency Due to America's Tampering | Mubarak Attempts, Halts Emergency Dictatorial Powers Due to Media Furor | Russia Claims Arctic Shelf as Russian Territory | Global Warming to Intensify Rapidly in 2009 and Onward | Iraqis March in 115-Degree Pilgrimage to Golden Domed Mosque | 

August 7, 2007
| Lebanon's Government Shows Signs of Cracking | Five Ministers Threaten to Leave Pro-Zionist America's Crumbling Iraq Puppet Regime | The U.S. Arsenal Lost in Iraq | As Pro-Israel British Leave, Basra Deteriorates | Collections for Zionism Decline Amid Worries of Israel's Racism | U.S. and U.K. Anti-War Groups Push for Dismantling of Israel's Nuclear Bombs | Zionist Strategy for Dividing the Middle East | Anti-Zionist Rabbis Ask for Protection by Zionist Terror Army | Saudis: Today's Fake Fatwa a Zionist Plot to Discredit Moslems and Thereby Produce Bigotry | Israeli Terror State Murders 2 Non-Jewish Palestinian Patriots in Gaza | Iran: U.S. Increase in Arms to Middle East Threatens Israel More than Iran | 50 Die Today in American Terror Nation's Catastrophic and Anti-Democratic Iraq | Four U.S. Occupation Soldiers Killed by an Iraqi Resistance Fighter's Bomb Attack | Pro-AIPAC Hillary Clinton On Outs with Bloggers for Support the Endless War for Israel's Terror State | U.S. Defense Chief: U.S. Terrorists Will Remain in Iraq Indefinitely Despite American People's Resistance to Colonialism in Washington

August 5, 2007
| Pro-Zionist Bush Exploits Deadly Collapsed Bridge in Minneapolis After Squandering $2 Trillion on Iraq Instead of Repairing America's Bridges | American Funded Mayhem Continues for Lebanon Army in Totally Destroyed Refugee Camp for 32,000 | AIPAC's Congress Votes to Destroy Constitutional Rights for President Bush's Lies | Hoof and Mouth Hits Zionist Britain's Badly Run Cattle Industry Again | How the Aussie Zionist Murdoch Stalked Dow | Zionist America's Pakistan Begins to Boil | Waste More Tax Money Scheme to Protect Domestic Synagogues So America Can Continue to Anger Arabs | Israel Seeks New Nuclear Plant Further Angering Moslem Non-Nuclear Nations | Wants France to Reveal Israel Poison as Reason for Arafat's Death | Zionist U.S. Empire Bids Farewell to Mideast Democratization amid New Arms Sales | Ahmadinejad Says Iran Won't Give Up Nuclear Projects | Iraq Power Grid Near Collapse | Zionist American Forces Issue Typical Report of Murder of So-Called Mastermind of Mosque Bombing | Iraq PM Begs US Zionist Proxy Puppet to Stay | 

August 2, 2007
| Bush Exploits Deadly Collapsed Bridge in Minneapolis | Zionist Stocks in Decline Worldwide Over Fears of Coming U.S. Zionist Financial Meltdown | Zionists Sue Bars for Playing Nation's Music without Paying Their Royalty Shakedown Fees | U.S. Terror Shenanigans: Flimsy Qaeda Case Against an Innocent Padilla Reaches Its End | Russia Claims Arctic Ocean Bed Mineral Sovereignty as Answer to Zionist Nations Doing Same | Sydney Installs Big Brother's 1984 Loud Speaker System for the New Zionist Australia | Squabbling Bipartisan Zionist Congress Plays With Lives of Endangered Combat Soldiers | Zionism's Biggest Monopoly Media Spokesman Buys Dow Jones for $5 Billion | Zionazi Government in Tel Aviv Offers Stingy $20 Per Month to Holocaust Victims | House Minority Whip Blunt Says U.S. Government Shutdown in Fall 'Inevitable' | At Least 76 Pro-Zionist U.S. Senators Have Received Free Brain Washing Trips to Iraq | Jewish Lobby Could Cost Non-Jewish Taxpayers $1 Trillion for Military Alone Due to Neocon White House War Intrigues | House Passes Ethics Reform, Will Not Affect Subversive AIPAC Whose Huge Gifts on Behalf of Israel's Terrorist State Have Stolen Almost All Representation from Real Americans

August 1, 2007
| Jews Refuse to Play Fair, Demand End to Freedom of Speech for Priest Honestly Concerned About Jewish Greed and Corruption in Poland | U.S.Gives $30 Billion in Military Aid to Its Israeli Masters | Rice Seeks to Bribe Arab Nations with $20 Billion in Military Aid to Isolate Iran and To Elevate the Israeli Controlled U.S. Terror State into The Region's Absolute Colonial Power | Israel's Incredible Shrinking Sea | Foxman Gives One-Sided Rant Against Delegitimizing Israel's Despised Zionazi Terror | Nasrallah: Hate-Filled Anti-Mideast America Made Israel Continue the War Last Year | Israeli Group Issues Another of Many Bigoted Anti-Arab Rants | Discredited Leader John Hagee and Well-Funded Christians for Israel Group Meet with Congress to Support Further Terrorism by the Israeli Thug State | Rice, Gates Find America Is Isolated by Mideast Nations | U.S. and U.K. Selfishness vs. Mideast: 'Failure in Iraq Would Endanger Our Own Nations' | Living Conditions in Iraq Colony Deteriorating Rapidly and Significantly Under American Cruelties | Iraq Refuses to Take Over Finished American Projects | Kurds Ready Themselves for More Genocides of Their People from Iraq and Turkey | Fascist America's Admiral Bemoans Lollygaging Policies by Rumsfeld that Destroyed the Iraq War


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