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September 31, 2007
| French Underground Youth Culture Movement Fights Zionist Controlled New World Disorder that is Now Becoming a Non-French France | Iran MP's Brand U.S. Army, CIA 'Terrorists' | Iran's Ahmadinejad Cements Non-Zionist Political Ties with Chavez, Southern Hemisphere | Zionist Pelosi Against Protecting U.S. Borders From Invasion by Non-American People | Israeli Genocide Against Gaza's Hamas Still in Planning Stage, Not Quite Ready for the Zionist Terror State's Next Killing Spree | U.N. May Soften Its Condemnation of Israel for Political Reasons | Racist, Bigoted Israel Still Not Purchasing Many German Products | Newsweek: Time for Rich Western Bigots to Stop Insulting Iran Just to Please Racist Zionists? | Israeli Nuclear Terror State Tosses Possible Monkey Wrench into India Nuclear Program | Virginia Immigration Panelist with Arab Background Forced to Resign to Placate Anti-Free Speech, Pro-Zionist Supporters of the Racist, Anti-Arab Israeli Terror State | Pro-Zionist Neocon 'Godfather' Norman Podhoretz, Long the Rabid Editor of Commentary, the Publication of the Allegedly Racist American Jewish Committee, Tells Bush: Bomb Iran | AIPAC Latest U.S.A. - Zionist War Subversion:
The Dangerous Kyl-Lieberman Amendment to the Military Expenditure Bill Means a Green Light for War with Iran | Subversive Zionist Owned Media Monopolies Work to Whip Up Dangerous Public Sentiment for Iran War | U.S. Army Sniper Who 'Baited' Civilians in Order to Kill Them Was Under Orders to Do So by Inhumane and Corrupt U.S. Military Operatives, Is Allowed to Stay in Army | U.S. Pro-Zionist Armed Forces Involved the Illegal Iraq Colonial Occupation Increase their Civilian Killings, Announce that these Iraqi Deaths are 'Regrettable' | Chances of the Cowardly and Extremely Pro-AIPAC Democratic Congress to End Iraq War as Promised 'Dwindling' Fast | Bubba Mitchel Dies, 74, Former AIPAC Chief | Blog Puts AIPAC Subversion of U.S.A. as Major Force Behind Iran-U.S. Conflict | 'A Debate AIPAC Is Shutting Off'

September 28, 2007
| Israel's Wilding Terrorists Murder 12 Impoverished Palestinians in 24 Hours | Hamas Totally Fed Up With Israeli War Monster, Says Zionism's Terror Criminals Will Pay a Heavy Price | Saudi Demands Israel Demolish Its Genocidal Fences and Its Illegal Settlements of Armed Zionist Terrorists in the West Bank | Hezbollah: If Israel Attacks Syria We'll Respond With Israel Paying Heavy Price | See How America's Bigoted Zionist Critics Attacked 'The Israel Lobby' in Unison from the Starting Gate | Zionist Nuclear Terror State Seeks Exemption from Atomic Rules | Israel Arrests Last Man in Execution of Two Israeli IDF Thugs in Ramallah | Tennessee Imposes USSR's Judeo-Bolshevik Police State Methods | Russia Warns Zionist Controlled Nations of Retaliation Against Any Weapons They Might Place in Space | Trust in America's War Mongering Zionist Government Now at Historic Low | Iran Retaliates Against Villages of Killer Kurdish Soldiers Who Marauded Its Territories | Pro-Zionist American Nuclear Confrontation with Iran Worries U.S.A.'s Oil Rich Saudi Sycophant | Pro-Zionist U.S. Defense Chief Sees Long-Term Occupation of Iraq | Zionist America's 180,000 Secret, Brutal Blackwater Mercenaries | 12 Dead as Cholera Spreads in America's 'Democratic' Iraq | Bombings Surge in Zionist U.S. Iraq | Senate Passes Measure to Divide Iraq into Ethnic Nations | Arabs Incensed Over Senate 3-Partitioned Iraq Bill | U.S. Improperly Releases Non-Jewish Threat to Electrical Grid | American War Mongers in Pentagon Will Not Comment on Killing Iraqis Investigating Sniper Baits | Tensions Increase Over Separate Peace Between Hunt Oil and Kurdistan's People | Iraqi People May Ask U.S. Colonial Armies to Leave Their Nation's Borders Next Year | U.S. War Monger Army Investigating Deadly Attack on Iraq Civilians

September 26, 2007
| Zionist Establishment Owners of New York's Media Monopolies Conspire to Create Massive Hatred in New York Against Ahmadinejad of Iran | Zionists Demand Arrest of Ahmadinejad in New York City | Iran's Army Warns U.S. Troops are in Easy Range for Huge, Destructive Iranian Missile Barrage if They Dare to Attack the Elected Republic | Hate-Filled Zionist Fascists in State Legislatures Threaten Columbia University over Inviting Ahmadinejad to Speak Before World Leaders Conference | Iranians Condemn Columbia University's Pro-Zionist President for Bullying Ahmadinejad | Ahmadinejad Speaks Before U.N., Calls Western World Arrogant, Bullies, Materialists, Lacking Love for All Mankind | Zionist Bought Congress Rapidly Rebukes Ahmadinejad for Its AIPAC Sugar Daddy | Israeli Fascist and President of Nuke Loaded France, Nicolas Sarkozy, Plays Israeli War Harp, Says Iranian Nuclear Knowledge Unacceptable | Can a Jew Be Chinese? Well, He Can If He's Ed Jew, the Chinese American City Councilor in San Francisco | Ahmadinejad Redeems Himself, Speaks at Columbia University to Standing Ovation of Audience | Study: Be a Witness to How Zionist Monopoly Media Promotes Israel's Will by Uniting in False Scorn of Ahmadinejad's Speech | Under Corny World War Two Stories: Large Swastika Cut into Farm Field | List of Internet Available Videos of Ahmadinejad's Speech at Columbia UniversityTrump Shows How Republicans Can Win: 'Hide Bush' | Zionist Viral Spin: Study This Unfair Defamation of Ahmadinejad By an Israeli Ambassador in The Jerusalem Post | NY Times Opinion Piece Agrees Substantially with Frank Weltner Views on Wrongfulness of NY Politicians Threatening Columbia University | President Bollinger's Rocky Road at Columbia University | Do Zionist Lies and Defamations of German People Abound in Article Entitled "Secrets of Nazi Camp Brothels"? | "The Black Parade" and The Zionist Vision of Our Bleak Future |

September 24, 2007
| Did Israel Really Seize North Korean Nuclear Material in Syria During Raid or Is It Lying Again? | Learn What Happened to the Man Who Exposed the Army Iraq Torture Scandal | Is Blackwater USA Crumbling Under Federal So-Called Investigations of Smuggling Arms and Killing Iraqi Citizens or Is this 'Investigation' Nothing But Another Pro-Israeli Neocon Psychological Operation Designed to Give Blackwater a False Bill of Health in the Media? | Iraq's 'Dirty Harrys' | Ahmadinejad Parades Anti-Zionist Military Might Including Teheran's Domestically Manufactured Ballistic Missile Systems for War Mongering Colonial Powers | Zionist Neocon Media Creating More Slander, Chilly Reception in New York City for Ahmadinejad | Israeli Knesset Votes to Release 90 of its Illegally Held Out of Its Prisons Filled With 11,000 Innocent, Youthful Palestinian Prisoners | Pro-Zionist Noam Levy Spins Democrats vs. Republicans Story on Do-Nothing-To-End-War Congress Without Mentioning the Major Behind the Scene Players, i.e., AIPAC, 'Necons', or 'Israeli Psy Ops' | Columbia University: We'd Invite Adolph Hitler to Speak | Judge Vindicates Last Week's Jena 6 Rally by Refusing to Release Jena 6 17-Year-Old Held for Serious Charges in What Might Otherwise Seem to be Just Another Typical Adolescent High School Brawl | Zionist Held Pharmaceutical Industry Faces HIV Setback, Shuts Down Experiments, as More Homosexuals Getting Merck Vaccine Contract AIDS than Those Who Received the Placebo | Dan Rather Sues: Government Works Hand-In-Hand with America's Almost 100% Zionist Owned Newsrooms | Iran Shows Off Its New 800 Mile Ballistic Missile Capable of Destroying America's Mideast Aircraft Carriers and Oil Refineries, 'You Will Be Sorry If You Attack Us' | Deceptive Israel 'Says' It Has Foiled a Bomb Plot in Tel Aviv or Is It Lying Again? | Pro-Zionist New York Enters Ever Deeper into Anti-Majority Politics, Drops Citizenship for Drivers Licenses | Zionist New York Times Influencing Election Outcomes, Claims Hillary Solidifies Edge | Typical Unethical Conduct by Pro-Zionist FBI is Alleged in Hsu Case | 

September 22, 2007
| Dan Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against Zionist CBS News: Says, It's 'Corporate and Government Controlled' | Mr. Hsu Arrested for Donation Fraud, His First Donor Spun as 'Victim #1' by Zionist News Sources was the Jewish Joel Rosenman | Israeli Terror Nation Will Be Severely Attacked by Iran | Zionist Shock Waves Spew from Syria | Israel Scrambles to Intercept Incoming 'Syrian' Birds | Netanyahu: I Backed the Syrian Bombing Raid Last Week | Carter: Iran No Threat to Israel Now | Jewish French President Investigated for Special Deal on His Apartment | Zionist Press Monopoly Heavily Covers 50,000 Rally for Civil Rights in Jena, Arkansas | NYPD Oversteps Its Powers by Denying Ahmadinejad Access to Ground Zero | Ahmadinejad Says He Will Not Insist on Ground Zero Visit | Racist AIPAC Brands any Criticism of Israel as Anti-Semitism | Democrats Criticize Rep. Jim Moran for Declaring AIPAC Pushed the Iraq War--i.e., for Telling the Truth | Embattled AIPAC Lobbyists Take Divergent Paths | As Suggested by The Jew Watch Project, the Jewishness of Recently Tasered Andrew Meyer Has Been Confirmed by JTA | Checking Out Andrew Meyer's Personal Website | Dramatic Video of Huge Protests Against Police Violence at University of Florida | House Votes to Aid Insurance Companies in Event of Terrorist Attack | Lebanon MP Killed by Car Bombing as Election Day Nears | Zionist Andrew Meyer's Heroic Saga Grows: "Don't Taze Me, Bro" | Holocaust Museum Libels Germany Again | Israeli Military Cadet Caught on Film Teaching other Cadets the Nazi Salute | ACLU Sues FBI for Wrongful Surveillance of Moslems | Bush Will Meet with Israel's Puppet Abbas in New York | Pro-Zionist NBC Television will Test Free iPod Downloads of Popular Shows | AIPAC Corrupt Congress Votes to Continue Funding for the Zionist Neocon White House's 'Endless War for Israel' | Hundreds of Students at Non-Jewish University of Wisconsin Protest Halliburton Recruiters on Campus | Pro-Zionist Secretary of Defense Gates Says 'I Don't Know If the Iraq War Is Worth It"

September 19, 2007
| Bush Appoints Orthodox Jewish Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, May Get Smooth Sailing from Judiciary Committee's AIPAC Bribed Senators | Litany of Mukasey's Zionist Usefulness in "Correctly" Deciding Key Federal Cases, i.e., 9/11 and Padilla | GAO Bashes Chertoff's Zionist Staffed Department of Homeland Security | Is National Socialism Finding New Traction in Reaction to Israel's Zionist Terror and Its Constant Meddling into Immigration Laws of Foreign Nations? | Fascist Police in Zionist Rich Gainesville, Florida Taser What Might be a Jewish Student for Asking Kerry Questions | Additional Video of What America Has Descended Into | It is Official: Jewish NY Times to End Paid Internet Service | Jewish ACLU Invents Clock to Tick Down U.S. Privacy as Counterpart to Jewish Pushed National Security, Pro-Israel, and Patriot Act Swindles | Jerusalem Post: U.S. Spreads False Nuclear Information Says Syria | Bank Panic in Rothschild Rich United Kingdom Rocks U.K. Financial Markets | Jewish Goldman Family Seeks O.J.'s Memorabilia | Brit Financial Experts Move Fast to Artificially Plug Leaks to Avoid Further Spread of Bank Panic | Zionist War in Iraq & Expensive Support for Israel Destroys U.S. Economic Position; Pro-Zionist U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson Says, 'Prepare for Prolonged Turmoil' | Backwater USA and Its 1,000 Hired Pro-Zionist Mercenaries Ordered by Out Iraq Government | Federal Goons Wind Down the Fraudulent 'Terror Trial' Being Held for the Entertainment of Their Extremely Terrorist Israeli Masters | International Pro-Zionist Newspaper Writes Piece Trashing Hamas Popularity in Its Gaza Crackdown on Violence | 

September 10, 2007
| Jerusalem Post Expresses Identical Views on Syrian Over Flight as Expressed by Frank Weltner on Zionist News | Israel Captures Hamas Leader, To Use Him as Bargaining Chip | President Carter Becomes Movie Star at Toronto Movie Festival for "The Man from Plains", Wrote "Palestine Peace: Not Apartheid | Young Man Speaks Out, Had Been Tortured by Criminal Zionist Interrogators Until He Is Permanently ParalyzedJewish Mossad Agent Adam Pearlman Creator of the Bin Laden Tape | Israel Arrests 16 Russian Israeli Nazis | Israelis Call for Amending the 'Law of Return' to Mandate Citizenship Revocation for Its Own Neo-Nazis | Al Qaeda Promises Release of New Bin Laden Tape Commemorating Last Testament of a 9/11 Hijacker | Iraq's PM Maliki Gives False Puff Speech Claiming Civil War has Been Averted in Midst of Ongoing Chaos and Violence | Ahmadenijad Chastises the Oppressive Countries of Europe and America | Watch Israeli Defense Thugs Shoot Innocent Demonstrators with Rubber Bullets at Illegal Close Range, Severely Injuring a Jewish Protester | Ad Takes Aim at General 'Betray Us' | Screaming Protesters Interrupt Fascist Senate Hearings | Iran Cracks Down on Jewish Cultural Decadence Served Up via Satellite TV Porn | Zionist Financial Conspirator Pleads Guilty  | Petraeus Testifies in Favor of Immoral, Endless Blood Letting in Iraq for Lying Zionist Neocons in White House | 6 Years Later Bin Laden Still Free, U.S. Mired in Iraq's Civil War, and Zionist Neocons Still Rule the White House for Israel | 

September 9, 2007
| Zionist War Provocation: Syria Fires at Israeli War Jets that Invaded Its Territory from Turkey and Bombed Isolated Areas, Most Likely to Test Syria's Air Defenses | The Harm Done to Israel by Its Violation of Syrian Sovereignty | Israel Bombs Syria in War Like 'Act of Provocation' | The Unacceptable Cost of 'Christian Zionism' | Fascism Grows, Veterans for Peace Arrested During Freedom of Speech Demonstration | Norman Finkelstein Witch Hunt Student Protest, Zionist Pressure Forced De Paul University to Fire a Tenured Jewish Professor, Author of "The Holocaust Industry" | Live Speech by Jewish Professor and Holocaust Author, Norman Finkelstein, Over Being Rejected for Tenure | Psychiatric George W. Bush Tells Only Coalition Leader Left Standing, "We're Kicking Ass in Iraq" | Hate Filled U.S. Senate Supports Killer/Torturer Israel and its AIPAC Money Bag Lobbyists over U.N. Human Rights Council | Born in America but Detained by the Zionist Bigots of Israel for Racist Reasons | Zionist PNAC Proposal: Draft Americans Directly into the Israeli Army | The US-Israel Empire's War on Iran, It's Already StartedVideo NH Primary Debate: Ron Paul Discusses Zionist Neocon Foreign Policies Imposed on the USA by the AIPAC Conspiracy to Control American Foreign Policies | Innocent Teenager, 16, Living Close to Israeli Border, Killed by IDF Thugs While Strolling Outdoors with 3 Friends | 

September 6, 2007
| Ex-Diplomat Says Israel May Have Offered Tainted Intelligence Against Arab Charity | Big Brother Was Watching 1984's Author George Orwell, His Files Released | Jerry Lewis Apologizes to Gays for Using the Word "Fag" as a Joke on His Telethon | Ex-Diplomat Opens Defense in Moslem Charity Case | Zionist Newspaper Publishes Story Claiming Hamas to Bomb Israel Offering No Facts Whatever | Abbas Caterwauls, Joins the Anti-Hamas Israel Bombing Witch Hunt to Solidify His Faltering Base and Please Israel | Pro-Colonial EU Says No Contact with Hamas' Duly Elected Government | Hamas Says Blair Peace Initiative a Farce, Front to Hide Coming Regional War | Bush, Howard Defend Iraq War | Iraq's War of the Warlords | 52% of British People Believe Iraq War for Israel is Lost | Tories Call for Iraq War Inquiry | Defeated Israel Rules Out Major Gaza Offensive | Israel's Told to Allow Arab Farmers onto Their Land | Arab Businesses in Gaza Totter as Zionazi Blockade Tightens, 40% Unemployed and Growing | 

September 5, 2007
| Pentagon Plans 3-Day Bombing of 1,200 Iranian Targets for Israeli War Monger State | Israeli Terror State Claims Off-Course Tiny Enemy Rocket Landed Harmlessly Near a Care Center | Cowardly President Visits Troops Behind Safe Zone, Unwilling to Personally Face the Enemy | Lebanon Loses 157 Soldiers to Avenge 22 Soldiers, Destroys Village of 30,000 Innocent Refugees, Calls it a Victory | Peres Gloats Over Fear of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal | Murderous Israel with Huge Killing Record Has the Gall to Petition the U.N. Secretary to Stop Kassams on Sderot | Israel Sets the Stage for a Massive $60 Billion Military Buildup, 75% of It Compliments of the United States Worldwide Terror Nation | Deconstructing Apartheid Through Lame Excuses and Deceptions | British General Blames U.S. Policy in Iraq | Civilian Death Toll in Iraq Increases to 1,809 in August Thanks to America's Jewish Neocons | Retiring White House War Criminal, Killer of More than 1 Million, Seeks 'Wealthy Retirement' | 'AIPAC Is Hurting Israel, Jews, and Middle East Peace' | Is It Time to Reign In Subversive AIPAC? | Walt-Maersheimer's War on the Israeli Lobby, Part Two | Turkey Pressures Israel to Reject ADL and Work on Jewish Lobby to Defeat Bill Recognizing the Armenian Holocaust | 

September 2, 2007
| Egypt Rejects Hosting Israeli-Hamas Negotiations for Release of Shalit, Cites Boosting Hamas Status and Injuring Its Friend Abbas of the Fatah Party | Times Online Review of Books: Jewish Lobby's Damage to American Foreign Policy | Israel Kicks Back and Enjoys Divisions Between Palestinians | Who Will Take the Blame for the Iranian War? | Racist IDF Thugs Murder 2 Non-Jewish Children, Then Claim They Were Reloading Rocket Launchers Which Would Still Make Child Killings Inappropriate | Jewish Israel Changes Its Lies, Says the 3 Non-Jewish Children It Murdered Were only Playing Near Rocket Launchers and were Non-Combatants | Italian Prime Minister Says Divisions Among Palestinians Hurts the Peace Process, Which is Precisely Why War Monger Israel has Worked So Hard to Create Those Divisions | Human Rights Report Which Accuses Lebanon-Hezbollah of Purposely Targeting Israeli Civilians vs. Military Targets Should Read Just the Opposite, Lebanon Says | Lebanon Sues Human Rights Group for Printing False Slanders Against Lebanon and Hezbollah | Senior Haaretz Editor Slams Israel's Apartheid Laws at Brussels Conference | Reporter Has Video of 10 Racist, Hate-Filled Jewish Israeli Soccer Fans Cursing Mohammed and Singing Anti-Moslem Songs, But Turkey Refuses to Televise the Video to Prevent Diplomatic Problems and Spread of Anti-Jewish Hatred Among Mid Eastern People | Israeli Antiquities Authority Says Moslem Repairs at Temple Site Created Damage to Valuable Temple Remains | Israel Will Not Refute AIPAC Book on Jewish Lobby's Damage to America for Fear of Increasing Its Sales, Book Reveals How Israel Pushing Hard for an Iran-U.S. War | 


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