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December 31 - New Years Eve
| Iraqi Citizens Answer American Terror State's Illegal Murder of President Saddam Hussein:  The First Installment of Their Payback is 80 Iraqis Dead in Same Day of His Murder | Proof of The Reality of the Grand Conspiracy of Zionists as Outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Jewish Control of America's Mass Media | Crowd Gathers to Protest Murder of Saddam by Illegal Zionist Axis Occupation Government's Kangaroo Court, Says Saddam Hussein Was Iraq's Savior, Not Its Enemy | St. Catherine's Basilica Is Rebuilt After Jewish Generals in the Jewish USSR Destroyed It In Order To Express their Judeo-Bolshevik Hatred for Russia's Innocent Christian Believers | Conspiracy Theory 101: Is this Man Really Saddam Hussein? Check Out These Pictures of His Recent Double's Underbite at the Baghdad Trial vs. the President's Earlier Overbite, Then Decide. | Pro-Zionist President Dwight David Eisenhower Killed 1.7 Million German Soldiers in Allied Concentration Camps Built Specifially to Kill Them | Israel Increases Control Over Palestine by Requiring Foreigners to Acquire Travel Visas to Enter Palestine | President Eisenhower, a Self-Admitted Jew | Israel Murdered 683 People in Zionist Controlled Palestinian Concentration Camps | Neocons Endanger the Empire: Mossad Agents Can Testify in America's Courts Under Aliases Making It Impossible for the Defense Attorney to Gain Legal Discoveries | Pro-Zionist Military Poll Shows Dim View of  the Outcome for the War for Israel in Iraq | While Jewish Neocons Were Taking America to War for Israel, The World Moved On... | Archbishop of Canterbury Says Decision to Go to War Flawed and He Should Have Been More Active in the Anti-War Movement | Thousands of Jewish Owned News Organizations Play the Same Old Pre-Written Tune That Saddam Was a Brute, But Remain Conspiratorially Silent About How the CIA Invented and Supported His Regime and How Even Worse Brutality Can Be Found in All of the Leaders of Israel But Receive No Coverage At All | Pay As You Go War | The Coming Pro-Zionist War on the Pro-Zionist War; Whatever You Are Going to Hear from Them, the Same Pro-Zionists Will Dominate Both Sides of the Argument As They Always Have, Because They Own Both the Media and the Government | Illegal Hanging of Saddam Used by Bush to Combine the War in Iraq with the War on Terror | Israeli Torture Dungeon Nation Rejects Request for Release of Innocent Young Untried Palestinian Prisoners | Why the War for Israel Was Doomed from the Start | Mukhtar's Iraq Letter to Nancy Pelosi: Significant Analysis |

December 30
| Saddam Executed by Despots of the American Terror State | U.S. Terror Nation's Troops on Highest Alert | Text of Saddam's Final Farewell Letter to the World: A Significant Read | N.C. Bar Files Charges Against Duke DA | Israel Terror States Hopes New Election Will Bring a U.N. Civil Rights Council that Will Not Condemn Its Cruel, Genocidal Horrors It Inflicts Upon Palestine's Children | Israel's Dominance May Be Retreating in Slow Reversal | Russia Blames Jewish Oligarch Hiding inside Israel for Poisoning of Kremlin Critic Alexander Litvinenko | Israel's Terrorist Zionazis Murdered 660 Palestinians in 2006 Including 141 Children | Religiously Swindled Christians Honor the Israeli Terror State, Hoping to Get the Blessing of God for Accepting Israel's Ungodly Murder of Palestinian Women and Children | Subversive Monster ADL Issues 10 Most Important Issues Affecting Jews, Most of them Merely Lies Swaddled in the False Jewish Clothing of Wrong Ideas about the Realities in this World | Intolerance Christian-Hating Israel Pushed So Many Christians Out that They Now Represent Only 2.1% of the Zionazi Terror State | Bush: More Time Needed to Devise Winning Strategy in Iraq. Is This Mad Man For Real? | Ford: Bush Made 'Big Mistake' on Iraq Justifications | Religious Martyr Kills Nine Near Mosque and 32 Torture Bodies Found, and This Happens Even Before Saddam Hangs | Iraqi's Await Death of Saddam in America's Final Dangerous Power Play of Cruelty and Stupidity which Can Easily Ignite the Entire Nation in Anti-American Hatred |

December 29
| World Today Radio Program, December 28, 2021 | VB Radio Program: 'We Have the Right' - Hear A Rare Frank Weltner Dialog with Michael Von Bluvens on Free Speech | President Gerald Ford Flies Back to Washington DC Today for Respectful Honors | America's Arab 'Friends' Leave the West's Tainted and Sinking Pro-Zionist Ship, Cash In their Dollars for Higher Valued Currencies | Bob Woodward:  Ex-President Ford Disagreed with Bush's Occupation of its Quarrelsome and Lost Colony of Iraq | Presidential War Lord George W. Bush Meets and Conspires to Keep Killer War Going for Israel and AIPAC | New Democratic House and Senate to Veto War Monger President's Plan for More Troops in His Already Lost and Deadly Iraq Debacle | The Situation in Zionist America's War for Israel in Occupied Iraq Will Get Worse in 2007 | Saddam's Lawyer Argues It Is Against International Law for Americans to Hand Saddam Who Is a 'Prisoner of War' Over to His Enemies | 54 Iraqi Citizens, 7 U.S. Military Die as What Kissinger Refers to as 'Cannon Fodder' in Lost Iraq | Saddam's Death to be Videotaped, Even in Death the West's Indomitable Appetite to Hate Continues | President Ahmadinejad's 'Open Letter to the American People' | Zionist George W. Bush's Disdain for Americans Includes This Edict He Signed for Martial Law and the Abolishment of all of Your Constitutional Rights |    

December 28
| World Today Radio Program, December 28, 2021 | Saddam Takes Higher Road to Execution: 'My Martyrdom is a Willing Sacrifice for Iraq,' Remove American Terror State, Let Go of Hate | The Sadistic Connection: Communism & Freudianism | Internet Letter Urges Iraq's People Not to Hate Anyone, Even Iraq's Pro-Zionist Colonial Invaders and Tormentors | Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ancestry | Duke Case Reflects Doubts Concerning the Propriety of Typical Jewish ADL Type Racist Accusations in America | The Jewish-Owned Washington Post Newspaper & Propaganda Operative | A Very Good Read: Banality, Barefaced Lies, and A Zionist Press That Purposefully Ignores Great Truths | The Jewish Bankers Who Financed the Russian Red Revolution | Duly Elected President Saddam Hussein of the Republic of Iraq Is Doomed | Zionist Owned Shopping Malls Continue to Troll Westerners for Higher Merchant Profits, Some of Which Will Go to Israel | U.S. Says Death of Saddam Hussein Marks 'Milestone' for Iraqi Justice, Meanwhile President Bush Who Has Unjustly Murdered 650,000 Iraqis in 3 Years of Illegal Occupation and War Is Still Free to Rule a Huge War Mongering Armed Force and to Kill Iraqi Citizens on Land, Rivers, and from the Air | Israeli Terrorist State Resumes Bombing Using Lame Deception that They Are Simply Responding to Rocket Attacks, But The Real Reason is Zionism's Constant Genocide of Palestine | Palestinian Christians Backstabbed by Broken Jewish Promises | Following Iraq's 'Grim Reaper' in America's Sadistic Anti-Arab War from Hell | Jewish Immigration into the Israeli Terrorist State is On the Rise, Demographically Offsetting Higher Arab Birth Rates | Israeli Spies at Odds on Credibility of Syria's Peace Talk Overtures | Zionist Senator Arlen Specter Follows Trail of Many Democrats, Visits Syria, Says Damascus Really Wants to Talk with Israel | 382,000 or 17% of Israeli Children on Welfare | Conspiring Jews See Christian Zionists as their Key to Continued Israeli Power over the U.S. Terror Nation and Its Military Operatives | U.S.-Israeli Terror Nations Send Regular Spies Into Palestine to Provoke Violent Civil War in the Streets to End Negotiations for Unity Government | EU Condemns Israel's Continued New Genocidal West Bank Concentration Camp Settlements of Unwanted and Illegal Jews | 35% of Israeli Children Fall Below Poverty Level | Murderous Terror Allies in Europe and America Gloat as a Mad Hatter Rush to the Gallows Looms for Saddam Hussein | Biden Sets Stage for Newest Political Battle Over the Lost War in Iraq |

December 27
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Zionist Politico Shocker: Hillary at Low 4th Place in Iowa | Exclusive Photo Archive of Zionist Nazi Thug Child Murders at the Jewish Run Gaza Concentration Camp | Israeli Terror State Commits New Genocide in West Bank: Jewish Thug State Opens Settlement in Palestinian Territory, Stealing Non-Jewish Land for Resettlement of Hateful Racist Jews from Gaza | House Un-American Activities Committee Hearings and How They Exposed the Depth of the Jewish Communist Control of Hollywood | The All New Hamas Christmas Under the Cruel Genocidal Occupation Forces of the Israeli Anti-Arab Terror State and Its Supporting Goons in the Jewish Controlled American White House | Aaron Kosminsky, the Polish Jew Who Could Have Been the Real Jack the Ripper | The Day the Music Died, James Brown, Born 1933, Died Christmas Day 2006 | 'My Fellow Americans, Let Us Shoot Ourselves in the Foot' - More Americans Die in Iraq than 9/11 | Jewish Weeds Among the Church Members | New and Even More Zionist Congress to Pass Easy Mexican Citizenship Bill and Not Build a Fence | Hypocritical Israeli Terror State Protests Miniscule Rocket Fire from Palestine After It Illegally Carpet Bombed Cities in Lebanon with Millions of Deadly U.S. Made Cluster Bombs | After a Year of Mossad Deceptions and Lying, Israel Finally Admits It Illegally Bombed Red Cross Ambulance | Iraq's Highest American Puppet Court Upholds Death Sentence for Saddam Hussein Who is the Democratically Elected President of Iraq | Merry Christmas: 6 in Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq Dead including 5 Army, 1 Marine | After Visiting Iraq, Sen. Dodds Declares, I've Seen Enough! Let's Get Out! | Christians in Iraq Brave Violence of Civil War to Celebrate Their Christmas | Israel's Nazi Cohorts to Pass Non-Jewish Palestinians More Rapidly Through the Jewish Occupation's Racist, Genocidal Check Points | Christians Unite With Hezbollah's Moslems to Celebrate Christmas with Tree and Santa While Rallying at State House to Topple the Pro-Zionist and Pro-American Terror State's Puppet Government in Beirut | Isolated Israeli Nazi Fuehrer Ehud Olmert Backs Off, Blinks, Asks to Meet With Syria | Lebanon Seeks to End the Regime and Begin a New Unity Government without U.S. Terror State Influence of Any Sort |

December 26
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Relations Between Bush and Olmert Regimes Darkening, U.S. Blocks Weapons to Israel | Shin Bet Leader Details Murders of the Israeli Terror State | American Terror Empire Captures 5 Iranians, 3 Sent to Unidentified Dungeons for Torture Questioning | Anti-American Jewish Criminal Super Spy Jonathan Pollard | Iraq Protests American Arrests of Iranians, Says They Were Invited Diplomats, Fear Iran Repercussions | Did Jews in Our Zionist Media Conspire in Creating Their Unworthy Albert Einstein Legend? | Mossad: Syrian Askance for Peace Is Real | Palestinian Holocaust Photos: Israeli Terror State's Gaza Concentration Camp Massacre by Jewish Thugs on October 12, 2021 | American Commanders Ordered to Reluctantly Accept More Military Cannon Fodder in Iraq, Unwanted and Dying American Military Meat Is Being Stuffed Down their Throats and into Harm's Way by the Much Hated and Popularity Dwindling Presidency of George W. Bush in Washington DC | American Terror State Horror: 12,000 Policemen Killed in Iraq Since U.S. War Broke Out in 2003 | Israeli Terror State's Jews Use Christmas in Bethlehem to Smear Moslems as Reason Christians Left the Area, But Jews Were Actually Systematically Killing and Arresting Many to Drive the People Out of Bethlehem | Hamas Official Denies Drawing Up Truce Plan with Israel | British Attack Police Station, Murder 7 Police Officers Calling Them 'Renegade' as Lame Colonialist Excuse | Israel Agrees to Talks with Syria | Pope's Christmas Speech Expresses Concern for the Middle East Which Has Been Carved to Death by the Israeli Terror State | Christmas Turned into a Failed Festival of the Malls with Low Sales Figures, As Consumers Seem to Have Tired of America's Materialist Culture of Greed | Iran: U.N. Hypocrisy Seen in Israeli vs. Iran Nuclear Program Cases | Abbas, Olmert Meet in Jerusalem, Israel to Release $100 Million in Funds Stolen from Palestine, Some Roadblocks to be Opened | Israel Considers Good Will Release of a Few Dozen Prisoners Languishing in Torture Dungeons | Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem on Christmas: End All Fighting Between Jews, Christians, and Moslem and Bring Peace to Our World | Israel's Supreme Court Deliberates Zionazi Nation's Decision to Banish Hamas Representatives | Palestinian Christians Suffer Economically as Israel Scares Off Business in Jerusalem | Arkady Gaidamak Considers Run for Jerusalem Mayor | The History of Jerusalem Over Thousands of Years | Patriarch of Jerusalem: All You Need Is Love, But Christians Leaving Brutal Israeli Occupation for Other Nations | Israeli Puppet Masters Decide to Remove Some Roadblocks to Help Fatah Win Election in the Zionist Concentration Camps of Gaza and West Bank |

December 25 - Christmas 2006
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Gloom Hovers Over Bethlehem Christmas | Give a Nice Christmas Donation to The Jew Watch Project | Little to Cheer About in Bethlehem This Year Due to Zionist Apartheid Wall | Israel's Palestinian Land Heist with Videos | Oh! Bethlehem, Where Art Thou? | Time Line of Early Zionist Terror, 1944-1948 | President Abbas to Attend Bethlehem Mass Tonight | How the Russian Jewish Mafia is Taking Over Israel's Underground | Western Christians Remember their Christian Brothers Living for Centuries in Bethlehem | Correcting the False Urban Legends Surrounding the Holocaust's Anne Frank | Pope Offers Christian Wish for Peace | Selfish 'Me-Only' Zionist Organization of America Gives Zionist Puppet Bush an Old Tyme Sanhedrin Whipping for Not Moving U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as America's Zionist Controllers Have Ordered | Is the World's Most Hated American Terror State Getting Ready to Destroy Iran as It Has Iraq? | ZOA Urges Protests Against Bush for Keeping U.S. Embassy Out of Israel's Illegally Stolen Holy City of Jerusalem | Honesty Not Acceptable: Jews Everywhere Sadistically Crucify Jimmy Carter | U.S. Army to Pay $4.6 Billion for Translators in Iraq | Critical Loss of Morale in Iraq Reported by TBR News | Judeo-Christian George Bush's Gay Gate | Apartheid's Gruesome Zionist Reality in Palestine | It's Just One Big Prison, A Daily Glimpse of Life in Apartheid Palestine | 'Nativity' Movie, Poor Showing Sets Back Main Line Christian Movie Makers | Jewish Lewinsky of Clinton Fame Graduates from London School of Economics | Anti-Israeli Rabbis Face Fallout from Bigoted, Narrow-Minded Zionists | Israel's Automatic Seal of Approval from America's Co-Terrorist Nation | Israel Indicates Some Prisoners May Be Released as a Show of Good Will Toward President Abbas | Peretz: Abbas Committed to Releasing Shalit | Israel Granted Waiver but Iran's Waiver Rejected on Issues of Jewish vs. Non-Jewish Nuclear Power in Mideast | India Says Non-Jewish Iran Has Right to Nuclear Program | Pro-Zionist White House Censors New York Times Op-Ed on Iran | U.S. Judge Orders Iran to Pay $254 Million to Families of 17 Dead in Khobar Tower Bombing Which Would Mean the U.S. Owes $31.4 Trillion to the Families of the 2.4 Million Iraqis America Has Killed |

December 24 - Christmas Eve 2006
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Sweden Totally Shames, Reveals Itself as a Cowardly Freedom of Thought Denier and Rothschild Banking Puppet When It Intimidates the Rights of a College Teacher Who Bravely Presented His Report at Iran's Holocaust Conference | The Rothschild Banks and Their Fully Funded Communist Bitch | Christians Disgrace America by Planning a Night to Honor the Sadistic Israeli Terror State's Murderous 50-Year Reign of Mideast Horror | The World's Most Sadistic Criminal Minds, The Russian Jewish Mafia | Israel Terrorist Nation Agrees to Release $100 Million in Stolen Palestinian Funds | Supporting Carter's Book: The Jew Watch Project's Maps of the Incredible Shrinking Palestine | Defending Against the Typically Intolerant Jewish Hate Buried Like Razor Blades inside Their Bigoted Anti-Semitic Cheap Shots | Israel's Nuclear 'Samson Option' Threat:  Zionism's Atomic Blackmail of the Known World | Pressuring the Israeli Nazi Nation May Prevent a 'Generational' Mideast War including the Most Horrible Abuse of Palestinians by their Intolerant Jewish Masters | Brandeis University Group Wants Carter Lecture Either With or Without Alan Dershowitz | The American Terror State and Its Israeli Nazi Allies Seek Neo-Colonial Power Over Mideast Through Imposing and Exploiting Constant Civil War | Pro-Zionist and Fascist War Monger Blair Criticized Over His 4-Year Zionist-U.K. War Cabal | Jews Follow the Trail of Persecution Leading to 86-Year-Old John Demjanjuk from High Atop their Own Sadistic Jewish Nazi State in Tel Aviv | Canada Is Poised Once Again to Deny Human Rights and to Rope Itself inside Its Own Pro-Jewish Self-Imposed Noose of Legal Shame as Jared Taylor Heads for the Border to Debate His Concept of Racial Truths | Mossad Chief Says Iran Not On Track To Get Bomb Before 2009 | Lebanese Government About to Topple, Says Mossad Planting Lies It Was Negotiating with Israel in Secret to Betray Its People | Abraham Foxman Makes Cheap Headlines Vilifying World War Two Historian David Irving for His Freedom to Think and Write as a Free Human Being Without First Begging the Intolerantly Jewish ADL's Approval | Israel's Master of Deception in the Mossad Claims Syria Seeks War with Israel. Is This the Mossad's Crooked Way of Announcing a False Reason as to Why Israel Is Going to Invade Damascus? | Deception Master at Mossad Says Syria Rapidly Rearming Hezbollah, Another War Threat from Israel? | Mossad: 'Only Military Action Can Stop Iran'; Translation: 'Dear American Puppet, Start the Next War for Israel Now' |

December 23 - Hanukkah Ends
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Hispanics Borrow Jewish Nazi Holocaust Placard to Stop Raids on Businesses | The Continued Killing, Deception, and Chaos Worldwide by The Mossad | The Secret Lives of Nazi Gingerbread Men: Reuters Video | David Ben Gurion the Terrorist Father of Israel Forged the Nuclear Horror Option for Israel to Offend the Middle East | Five More U.S. Troops Die For Nothing in Lost Pro-Zionist Axis Iraq Colony | 8 U.S. Marines Charged With Murder of 24 Unarmed Citizens in Crumbling and Chaotic Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | Jewish Fangs Securely Bite and Hold onto the Political Associations of America | Rice: Zionist War for Israel Worth the Price in Lives and Cash, And, Oh Yes, America Is Ready for a Black President, Rice Anyone? | Isn't the 6,000,000 Number a Form of Historic Hyper-Inflation? | Hamas Offers 5-Year Peace Plan For Israel | Israeli Terror State Murders 9 Palestinians in Concentration Camps This Week, 12 Including 7 Children and 1 Woman Wounded | We Must Not Forget that a Large Number of Stalin's Killers Were Jews | Minister Texe Marrs: Jews Are Attacking the Christian Bible | Defamation of Non-Jews by Jews Increases as the Crumbling Zionist Empire Slides Inexorably Toward the Dust Bins of History | Senator Bill Nelson, D-Fla., Urges Talks with Syria to Ease Pro-Zionist Axis Colony of Iraq's Increasing Violence | Secret U.S. Plan to Overthrow Syrian Government - Is More Chaos in that Nation on the Zionist Neocon White House Agenda of Mideast Destruction? | Al Qaeda Group in Iraq Offers U.S. Terror Forces One Month of Truce for Their Safe Exit from Iraq | Legislators Tell Bush to Put Iraq's War Cost in the Budget Instead of Hiding It as Before | Iraq Truth or Consequences: Either Leave Iraq or Face Massively Tragic Casualty Increases | Continuation of Death and Chaos in Iraq from a Personal and Pro-Zionist Military View | National Draft Readiness Being Tested as President Bush Heads Down Nut Street into Greater War and Barbarity in Blood Gurgling Iraq | Even in Australia, 70% Say Iraq War Not Worth Fighting |

December 20-22
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | NOTE: Due to Technical Difficulties The Jew Watch Project Was Not Published on December 20, 2021 and December 21, 2006. | David Irving Released from Prison in Austria, Embarrassed by the Holocaust Conference's Constant References to His Imprisonment | David Irving's Flight to London Delayed by Fog | New Report Says Neocon Zionist Sandy Berger's Criminality in Stealing Classified Clinton Documents from the U.S. Archives included Hiding the Government's Papers Under a Construction Company's Trailer | Lloyd Blankfein Is Wall Street's Golden Jew | Poor President Carter, If It's Anything Like Sid Ryan's Experience, The Jewish Supremacists Are Bombarding His Email, Phones, etc., With Their Hate Materials Already | The Judith Regan Flap Continues to Rile Jews | Jews Criticize Minnesota Congressman for Sticking Up For Christian Traditions in America | Robots in 2059 Will Have Rights, Vote, Can Sue | America's Jewish Financial Supremacists View 2% Jump in Wholesale Prices with Concern | Jewish Contrived Anti-Minority Loans Catch 2.2 Million Mostly African Americans in Foreclosures Due Mostly to Heartless Loan Scams With Extremely High Risk for the Poorly Educated | Libya Firm on HIV Death Sentences Against 5 Nurses and 1 Doctor for Knowingly Infecting Hundreds of Children | Abraham Foxman of the Jewish Zionist ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult of Male Religious Ritual Sexual Mutilation Condemns an Orthodox Jewish Religious Group Just for Disagreeing with the ADL's Views on Aspects of World War Two | Zionists Conspired With Russian Foreign Minister to Have Russia Cancel Its Scheduled Conference in Iran on Account of the Holocaust Conference | Iran Slams the Anti-Free Thought Aspect of Intolerant Zionist Western Think Tanks for Conspiring with the Israeli Terror State to Boycott Normal Relations with Think Tank in Iran Which Hosted the Holocaust Conference | Jews Gloat Over their Despicable Corruption of 40 Think Tanks with Threats to Withdraw Zionist Gold from Grant Foundations and Governments They Can Control | American Generals Disturbed By Bush's Plan to Send More Soldiers to Iraq, See Great Harm to Military, Little Possible Payoff | Iraq Government's 'Stalinist Show Trial' Ends in Televised Hanging of 13 Iraqi Prisoners During Highly Violent Day in Baghdad, Before They Can Escape, Cheap Bid by Unpopular PM Maliki for Public Support | Pentagon: Iraq Suffers 1,000 Attacks Per Week | Invasion of Iraq Blot on Blair's Record: Think Tank | Neocons Refuse to Condemn Judith Regan's Accusation of a Jewish Cabal Against Her | Jewish Neocons: We Expected Israel to Invade Syria |

December 19
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | What Are You Going to Do Now, Israel? | The List of Jewish Black Slave Ship Owners | Pentagon Says Iraq Attacks Up 22%, All Time High | The Jew Watch Project's Archives of Hundreds of Articles Outlining Jewish Influence in the U.S. Government | The Complete Harvard Report on the Jewish Lobby's Negative Effect on U.S. Foreign Policy | Time to Remember President Clinton's Many Jewish Ambassadors to Foreign Nations | Zionist-Friendly Hillary Hires Baptist Political Consultant to Shore Up Non-Jewish Voters for Her Heavily-Jewish Sponsored Presidential Run | The Outrageously Scandalous Number of Jews Who Have Been Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Each One a Threat to the National Security | Colin Powell at Odds with President on Iraq Policy, Says U.S. Troops Broken by Overuse and Lack of Weapons, No Possibility of Temporary Reinforcements | Truman's Corruption: How Harry Was Bribed to Recognize Israel in 1947 | Hillary Called Aide "Jew Bastard" Not Too Many Years Long Ago | The Rise of Avigdor Lieberman | Israel's Lieberman Defies His Personal Rightwing Nazi Image, Offers Economic Carrots to Palestinians in Form of Cooperative Israeli-Palestinian Projects | Pro-Zionist Blair: We'll Engage Syria If It's Constructive Toward Peace | Israel's Rightwing Racist Lieberman: The Linkage Between Terrorist Palestinians and Hezbollah-Hamas Friendly Arab-Israeli Citizens Will Destroy Us | White House Watch: Bush in Bad Position on Iraq Position that 'We're Winning' | Hamas Captures Top Fatah Official When Abbas Announces Early Elections to Oust Hamas Government | Hamas and Fatah Agree on Ceasefire After Violence Kills 3 Palestinians, Wounds Others | U.N. Closes Schools in Gaza to Protect Students from Escalating Palestinian Civil Wars | Palestinian Police Officer Kidnapped and Executed | One Big Prison: A Glimpse at Daily Misery in Palestinian Concentration Camp | Fatah and Hamas Men Battle, Exchange Gunfire -- Witnesses | Attorney General's Incriminating Evidence of Bribery Against Ehud Olmert | Rejecting Dialog with Syria Could Lead to War | Popular Jewish Entrepreneurs' Kosher Sports Concessions Expand from Yankee and Shea Stadiums to Other Venues | Jewish ADL Attacks Non-Jewish Indiana With Its Own Jewish Message of Hatred | Mexican Run Crime Sweep in Southern California Allows Mexican and Other Minority Cops to Arrest White Skinheads, Ignoring the Huge Mexican Based Drug Culture, Which is the Elephant in The Back of the Room No One Talks About, While the Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center Take Notice | Intellectually Intolerant and Bigoted Rabbis Leave Meeting With President Carter Unhappy | President Carter Blames Christianity for Pro-Jewish Bias in America | Jews Who Should Be Sitting in the Corner Quietly as an Insignificant Minority of Nothings Continue to Intolerantly Attack Christians and Cause Religious Divisiveness | Jewish Anti-Defamation League Barges into Vandalism of a Christian Church, Public Relations Ploy |

December 18
| World Today Radio Program, December 17, 2021 | Western Colonial Terror Nations Welcome President Abbas' Call for New Election Hoping It Will Defeat Palestinian Democratic Aspirations for Freedom Through Hamas Party's Call for the Absorption of Israel into a Palestinian Framework | Zionism's 1940 'Inferior' Ringworm Children Genocide | Will the Palestinian Conflict Ever End? | The Mass Genocides of Jewish General Lazarus Kaganovich the Butchering Brother-In-Law of Joseph Stalin |  3 Pro-Zionist American Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq | Jewish World Bolshevism | Pro-Zionist Bush Expected to Boost Troops in Iraq to Please His Israeli Controllers | Paid Israeli Sycophant PM Blair Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq for His Zionist, Rothschild Bank Masters | The KGB Jews Who Murdered the Polish Soldiers at Katyn Forest and Blamed it on Germany During the Nuremburg Holocaust Show Trials | Struggling and Wounded, Al-Maliki Reaches Out to Sunni Minority | Scrambling Al-Maliki Also Seeks Help of Baathists from Saddam's Regime | Gunmen Dressed in Iraq Army Uniforms Kidnap 20-30 Men Working at Red Crescent Office in Baghdad | Iraq Surge Won't Solve Zionist Axis' Lost Colony of Iraq Quagmire | Last Week's Deaths in the Iraq Horror | In Midst of Rising Violence in Palestine Between Fatah and Hamas, The Powerless Figure Head President Abbas Threatens to Sack the Hamas Led Government | Hamas Accuses Fatah of Attempting to Assassinate Hamas Prime Minister | A Nuclear Israel? To Hell With Ambiguity. |

December 17
| Arabs Inside Israel Begin to Politic Like Jews Inside America, They Ask for Inclusion, Israel's Jews Say 'Never!' | Meet America's Super Jewess Senator Dianne Feinstein | Zionist Controlled Michigan State University Enforces Judeo-Bolshevik 'Reeducation Programs' for Non-Jews Opposing Gender, Religious, and Ethnic Inclusion Mantras | Are Jews Really Smart? Not Really. Read This. | Catholic League Releases Statement on Latest Round of Anti-Christmas Intolerance Including Jewish Olympic Skater Sasha Cohen Who Could Not Care Less When She Hears Seasonal Christmas Songs As She Ice Skates | Israeli Terror State's Zionazi War Crimes and Atrocities in the 1967 War | Iraq's Frightened Prime Minister Losing Control of Streets, Requests All of Saddam's Military Officers to Return to Work to Help Stabilize Iraq's Violent Situation | The Jew Watch Project's Philosophy | The Rabbi Who Stole Christmas: How An Attempt To Steal Christmas Backfired in Seattle | U.S. Soldiers Invade Sadr City, Capture 6 Suspects for Pro-Zionist Army's Torture Mills | Democrats Push for Iraq Study Group Recommendations to Pull Out U.S. Pro-Zionist Troops | Baath Party Courted by Dying Iraq Government as Last Ditch Attempt to Salvage Its Waning Powers | American Veterans of Iraq Asking for Rapid Troop Withdrawal | Pro-Zionist Terror President George W. Bush Asks for $100 Billion More to Pour Down Thirsty War Hole | Matt Damon: Maybe Bush Twins Should Go To War | John McCain's Shameful Zionist Licking Claim: We Should Send More Troops to Lost Colony of Iraq | U.S. Escalation in Iraq Is Another Somalia | Deadly Christmas for U.S. Soldiers in Iraq War for Israel | U.S. Troop Deaths at 2,942 - 3,000 Probable by Year's End - Chaos Increasing Exponentially in Streets | America's Sicko War Lord President Bush Rejects Most Iraq Report Options | Zionist U.S. Still Stuck on Stupid in Iraq | U.N. To Keep Apartheid Fence and Wall Complaints Registry for Future Lawsuits Against Israel | Hanukkah: How Many Jews Does It Take to Change Light Bulb? | It's Hanukkah: So What's With the Latkes? | Jews Emphasize Persistence of Faith During Hanukkah | The Scandal of Zionism's Well Crafted and Crumbling Racial Political Correctness Gone Totally Amuck at Duke University's Lacrosse Team Rape Case | Iran To Offer Nuclear Secrets to Regional Nations in Mideast | Why Hamas and Fatah Hate Each Other | Gunfights Between Hamas and Fatah Injure 30, Hamas Accuses Fatah of Trying to Assassinate Its Prime Minister |

December 16 - Happy Hanukkah 2006
| Study the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah | U.S. War Monger President Bush's Sudden, Egotistical Rejection of the Iraq Study Panel's Recommendations Alarms Panel Member, America's Bleak Mideast Future | Zionist Monopolization of Law and Rights Groups in America Poses National Security Threat | Israel Court's Legalization of Internationally Illegal and Inhumane Assassinations | Rothschild Banks: World Wars, Soviet Union, Judeo-Con Control over the United States, and the Zionist Madness | Ahmadinejad: 'No Country in the World Looks Upon America as a Friend' | David Ben-Gurion and Israel's Nuclear Terror Buildup | Old Australian Military Chiefs Slam Pro-Zionist America's Iraq Strategy as a Total Disaster | Defanging the Jews: A Radical Solution to America's Dangerous Zionist Security Threat | Iraq and Reality | By Any Other Name It Still Might Be a Civil War | Mass Abduction of 30 in Iraq; U.S. General Demands Action | Analysis: Iraq Out of Time, Needs Troops Now | Troop Build Up Looks Like a Loser for Bush | Jewish Senator Feingold Discusses Iraq and Healthcare Issues Before 50 Citizens | Is Jim Baker and His Iraq Report a Capable Foe of AIPAC's Anti-American Israeli Bund? | First Crude Order of Business in New York by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is His Outrageous Criticism of Holocaust Research and of Middle Eastern Nations Who Honestly Oppose the Hateful, Murdering, and Genocidal Terror State of Israel | The Trap of Recognizing The Killer Israel | U.N.'s Shameful Two-Faced View of Israel and Iran on Nuclear Weapons | Not Merely a Slip of the Lips | Why the Iraq Report Means Bad News for Israel's War Monger Goal | Properly Media Blinded and Propagandized Americans Believe Israel's Absurd Invasion of Lebanon Over 2 Kidnapped Soldiers Was Quite Proper, Thus Demonstrating How Zionist Ownership of Media Is One of America's Greatest Threats to National Security | Egypt Repeats that the Right of Palestinians to Return to their Home with Reparations from Israelis Is of Prime Importance, Not Israel's Continued Illegal Theft of their Homes, Cities, and Lands | Israeli Nazi Militant Regime Killed Only 250 Hezbollah Martyrs in Its Hateful, Racist, and Illegal War on Lebanon, Far Vaster Casualties Were Civilians About Whom Israel Could Care Less | Israel Wary If Lebanon Government Falls; Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah Might Have Veto Power | The Fascist War Criminal George W. Bush Seems Likely to Increase Pro-Zionist U.S. Terrorist Troops, Deaths, Injuries, and Treasury Losses in Iraq | Top U.S. General Says Iraq and Afghanistan Can 'Break the Army' of the Hated Pro-Zionist American Terror Nation | Secret Evidence Surfaces Blasting Blair's Damnable Lie that Iraq Was Ever a Threat to U.K. | If U.S. Pulls Out Saudi Arabia Tells Cheney It sWill Fund the Sunni Side of the Civil War |

December 15
| Jewish Media Billionaire Offers $2 Billion to Acquire the Los Angeles Times as another Zionist Propaganda Asset | Yes, There Have Been Jewish Hate Crimes Committed by Racist Rabbis in Jerusalem; You Can Witness This One as an Anecdotal Sample | David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, and Their Relationship with President Bill Clinton | Alexandr Feklisov Jewish-Zionist-Soviet Anti-American Spy | Departing Holocaust Scholars Agree to Establish a World Foundation for Holocaust Studies | The Six Jewish Companies Who Own 96% of America's Media | U.S. Rabbi Arnold Cohen, Israel Root of All Bloodshed in Middle East | Report by Vice President Spiro Agnew on Leftwing Socialist Jewish Ownership of Media as a Dangerous Threat to Our National Security | French Scholar Views Ahmadinejad's Words as a Miracle Breakthrough in Understanding Israel's Misuse of the Holocaust | 30 Kidnapped in Baghdad Signals American Military Impotence | The Jewish Argument for Not Using the Holocaust to Justify Israel's Actions | Jewish Holocaust Industry Freaks Out, Holds Its Own Propaganda Session Inviting 40 Diplomats to Stir the Holocaust Soup Again | Professor's Freedom of Conscience as Well as Tenure Intimidated by Jewish Intrigues at Roman Catholic St. Francis Xavier University in Canada | German Holocaust Scholars Watch Proceedings in Iran from Anti-Free Speech Jail Cells | Chaos Breaks Out at Israel-Palestine-Egypt Border as Prime Minister Haniyeh Stopped by Zionist Thugs Along with His $35 Million for Palestine's Government | Americans Feel Support for Israel Hurts Energy by 3-to-1 Margin, Zogby Poll | Israeli Terror State Warns India of Al Qaeda Resort Terror Attack at Goa | Israel Not to Ban Its Program of Assassination of Foreigners | Egypt Criticizes Annon for Supporting Israel's Antagonism Against 'The Right of Palestinians to Return to and Reoccupy their Stolen Homes, Villages, Streets, Schools' | Breaking the World's Worst Kept Secret, Israel's Nuclear Weapons | Carter Says Christians, Pro-Israel Lobby, Stifle Debate Here | Gates Beats Olmert to the Nuclear Punch | Mossad Deception: Former Mossad Chief Checks In with Old Mossad Lies that 'Israel Has No Nuclear Weapons' | Nazi Jewish Troopers Storm Concentration Camp Killing 2 Palestinians, Giving the Usual Lame Claim that 'They Were Armed' | Israel's Hate-Filled Chief Jewish Rabbi Urges Jews to Economically Ruin Rabbis at Holocaust Review Conference | Suffering Americans Doubt Dictator-War Lord, George W. Bush, Will Change Course in Iraq | The Difficult Search for a New Iraqi Kingmaker as America Enthusiasm for Prime Minister Maliki Dims |

December 14
| Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes a Twisted Yiddish Definition of 'Hate' to America's 300 Million Non-Jews | Jewish Killer of Millions of Non-Jews in the Jewish USSR -- Leon Trotsky of New York City | America's Insane War Lord, President Bush, Continues Down His Boneheaded Path to Zionist Defeat in Lost Iraq War While Congress Plays Its Self-Blinded Violin | Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Hidden Jewish Ancestry | Iran Seizes on Zionazi PM Olmert's Atomic Confessions: Israel Greatest Threat to Peace in Middle East | See the Jewish Baby Killers and What They Did to Non-Jews on October 12, 2021 | General: President Bush's Faked Up Pro-Zionist War on Terrorism Could Last for 100 Years of Increasing Fascist Imperial Presidents in America | Robert Oppenheimer, Supreme U.S. Nuclear Spy for the USSR | Carter Prays With Rabbis Over His Book But Changes None of the Boneheaded Hatred Against Non-Jews in Israel | Hypocritical U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Sees No Reason to Investigate Israel's Publicly Known Nuclear Program | Desmond Tutu Blocked by Israel Along with All U.N. Personnel Sent to Study Its Racist Genocide at Beit Hanoun | Iraq Prime Minister Explains Holocaust Conference Is to Air the Issues and, By Doing So, to Undermine Israel's Main Reason for Being | Holocaust Conference: Statements of Persons Attending the Holocaust Expose | The Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center vs. Non-Jewish Academic Freedom | Zionists React to Conference With Hatred: Rothschild's Fully Owned Western Nations Universally Pronounce Hate for Those Attending the Holocaust Evidence Review in Iran | Potpourri of Statements at Holocaust Review Conference as Reported in Teheran's Farsi News | Holocaust Conference: Auschwitz Too Small to Have Killed 1 Million Jews There | Zionist Dual Party Senate May Fall to Republicans as Democrat Suffers Stroke | Saudis Will Back Sunnis If U.S. Leaves Iraq | 55 Die in Iraq Violence | Iraq's Hopeless Warring Sectarian Government Seeks More Power Over Violence But Cannot Even Secure Itself | Bush Continues to Pursue the False Illusion that Victory Is Possible in the Wrecked Colony of Iraq | President Carter Bravely Confronts Worldwide Zionist Hate in Interview |

December 13
| 56 Killed, 211 Wounded in Lost Iraq Colony | Dr. David Duke, Ph.D., Gives Opening Speech to the World Holocaust Investigation on Freedom of Speech and the Holocaust | Jewish Slave Ship Owners Named | Sanity and Good Will in Oregon: Seattle Airport Replaces Christmas Trees at the Request of Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky Whose Requested Menorah Will Also Be Added to the Festivities | 5 U.S. Troops Killed, Others Injured in Zionist Occupied Iraq | Jewish Genocide of Palestine | U.S. Death Toll Approaches 3,000 | Ahmadinejad Tells Holocaust Scholars that Israel Will Be 'Wiped Out' Just Like the Soviet Union, All to the Displeasure of the Western Rothschild Banking Nations | Israeli Terror State's Ter Hafra Child Murders Committed on July 5, 2022 | Palestinians Win Legal Right to Sue Israel For Damages | AIPAC's Anti-American Pentagon Spies | Iran Defiant About Holocaust Conference as Many Outraged Pro-Zionist Voices Against Intellectual Freedom Rise Up from the Rothschild Enthralled West | Anti-Arab U.S. Hypocrite Nation Refuses to Compare Nuclear Israel to Iran | East German Addresses Holocaust Conference Concerning the Holocaust Laws as Threats to the West's Free Speech Rights | Germany's Prime Minister Merkel Dances Like a Fully Corrupted Puppet for Germany's Zionist Controllers in Denouncing the Iran Holocaust Conference | Dr. Duke's Latest Report from Teheran's Holocaust Conference | AIPAC Controlled American Terror State Attacks Iran's Freedom of Speech for Holding its Holocaust Conference | Blair Bows England's Knee Before the Rothschild Banking Empire, Comes Out Against Iran's Holocaust Examination | Rabbi from Manchester England Criticized in Vile Terms by Hate Filled Jews for Attending the Conference |

December 12
| Only 21% of Americans Approve Zionist President's Mishandling of the Lost War for Israel in Iraq in New CBS Poll | How Poland's Democracy Was Stolen and Turned Over to Communist Dictators by Jewish Communists After World War Two | In Last Ditch Effort to Save Lost Zionist War, American Terror State Seeks Political Realignment in Iraq Away from Al Sadr and Toward Maliki | Jewish Hegemony Over America's Largest Universities | Review of Holocaust Conference Opens in Iran | New Jew Watch Project Radio Show for Today's News | Ahmadinejad Heckled, Tells Students a Minority Has Destroyed Conversation for the Vaster Majority | Rabbi Wants 8 Foot Menorah Close to Airport's Xmas Trees; Instead, Mall Removes all Xmas Trees to Avoid Legal Hassles | Petroleum Exporting Nations Isolate their Product from the Pro-Zionist U.S. Dollar | Israeli Theft of Palestinian Lands | Iraqi Prison Chief and His Deputy Under Arrest After Saddam Hussein's Nephew Who Is Under a Political Witch Hunt by the Government Escapes | Dangerous Saudi Intervention in Iraq for Region's Minority Shiites Ignites Many Arab Nations and Sends Petroleum into the Stratosphere | Ultra-Orthodox Haridim Jews in U.S. to Set Up a Kosher El Al | Zionist U.S. Spies Bugged Telephones Used by England's Royalty | Iran's First Holocaust Conference Spins Israel into Lie and Deception Overdrive | Reasons Driving the Holocaust Discovery Conference | Israeli Terror State Fears Open Holocaust Discussions Will Destroy the Legend, Destroy Israel, Destroy the Ability to Win War Through Deceptions | Israel's El Al Airline Will Not Fly on Sabbath Days | Fuehrer Adolf Olmert Confesses to Israel's Nuclear Capability | The Oliver Twist - Israel Singer Beat:  Fabulously Wealthy Holocaust Trust Feasts on $2 Billion for Its Fat Executives While Angry Starving Claimers, Many of Them Grandmothers in Need, Receive Nary a Dime | The Yiddish Domino Theory and The New Big Jew Lie:  If Israel Falls, The West Follows | Assad of Syria Says Israel Doesn't Want Peace, Isreal Seeks Only Endless Deadly War | American War Lords Headed by Zionist President Bush Enter Another 3-Day Pro-Zionist Iraq War Conference Instead of Packing Up and Leaving Baghdad's Lost Colony |

December 11
| America Enslaved Hundreds of German Scientists for Military PurposesThe Mossad Study Archive | 26 Persons Found Killed, 17 Others Beheaded in Zionist Occupied Iraq | How the United Nations Murdered the German Army After WW2 Had Already Ended | Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Rejected the Iraq Study Group's Report Sunday, Calling It "Very Dangerous" to Iraq's Sovereignty and Constitution | The Jews Recently Penetrated, Controlled, and Compromised America's Largest European Pride Organizations | The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians | The Paris Subway Anti-Semitic Hoax | Why Did Hitler Invade Poland? | Pro-Zionist Rumsfeld Bids Farewell to GI's In Lost Colony of Iraq | Iran Calls on Pro-Zionist U.S. to Leave Iraq | Iraq's Patriotic Attacks on Zionist Axis Invaders Predicted to Increase | AK-47's Rise in Price in Deteriorating, Zionist Busted Iraq | Bush's Wonderful Zionist Occupied Iraq Today | New AP Poll Says Only 27% of Americans Believe Victory Possible | Zionist George W. Bush Facing Heat On Failure in His Zionist Iraq Colony , His War for Israel | Bust in Iraq Destroys America's Global Resolve | Using a Spouse's Jewish Religion to Defeat a Politician Is Not Ethical | Jewish Newspaper Says Michael Richards Is Not a Jew | Royal Canadian Mounted Police Head Resigns After Giving Accused Arab to Pro-Zionist USA for Torture Assignment in a Syrian Prison | Bizarre Unconfirmed Report of Russian Christians Accusing Jews of Ritual Murder of 5 Male Teenagers in Krasnoyarsk Prior to Passover 2006 |

December 10
| Senator Gordon Smith Stands Up in Senate; Calls Iraq War 'Absurd' and 'Maybe Even Criminal' | The Holocaust 6,000,000 Deaths Scandal | Jews in Petty Attack on President Carter Over a Mere Map; Typical Jewish Death by a Thousand Trivial Cuts, Or, Is That All You Have to Do? | Belzec Concentration Camp - Reports of Deceptions | U.N. Passes 7th Resolution Against Israeli Occupation and Calling for an Investigation of Atrocities as Reported Daily in The Jew Watch Project | World's Biggest Jewish Rip Off: Russia's Criminal Mafia Oligarchs | Who Owns the American Congress? | The World's Most Successful Jewish Hate Group | Fearful Israel Reads Iraq Report; Sends FM to Neocon White House to Threaten President over Possible Policy Changes | Man Who Blew Whistle on Mossad Tortures at Abu Ghraib Fearful of Revenge | Semites Miffed: Mel Gibson's Film #1 | Iran Repeats How It Will Only Talk with America After It Announces Withdrawal Plans | Insurgent Bomb Making in Iraq Improves Kill Rate of Pro-Zionist Terrorist Armies | New Pro-Zionist Pentagon Plan at Odds with Iraq Report | After Spending Billions and Destroying the U.S. Constitution, Pro-Zionist U.S. Thugs Arrest Another Grenadeless Amer-Arab Verbal 'Terrorist' With a Big Bragging Mouth and No Weapons At All. So, Is That All You've Got, DHS? What a Joke You Are. | Zionist Dominated Department of Homeland Security Violates Congressional Laws | America Begins to Wake Up; Israel is a Liability to the United States Foreign Policy | Palestinian PM Haniyeh Promises Iran Hamas Shall Never Recognize the Israeli Terror State's Right to Exist | Israeli Terrorist, Prime Minister, and War Monger, Ehud Olmert, Belligerent Over World's Calm Acceptance of Iranian PM Ahmadinejad's Policies and Statements | President Carter Defends His Book Against an Onslaught of Unprecedented Jewish Media Whining, Howling and Backlash, Saying The Time Is Past Due to Criticize Israel and Change Our Ways | Saudi King: World Waiting to Explode | Frank Rich of NY Times: We Have Lost in Iraq, Afghanistan is Now in Question, and Other Possible Calamities Await From the U.S. Military's Blunder | On the Way Out the Door, Cynthia McKinney Introduces Bill to Impeach Pro-Zionist War President Bush | Iraq Survivor Families Taking Lost Pro-Zionist Iraqi War to Heart | 'Iraq in Fragments' Takes Top Documentary Film Honors While Covering the Lost Zionist Objective |

December 9
| Zionism: Pitting the West Against Islam Through Israel's Historical Falsehoods and Deceptions | We Must Never Forget... We Must Stop The Constant Treachery and Murder of Non-Jews by the Jews.. | The Lost War for Israel Supported Today by only 27% of Americans | The Jew Watch Project Archive on the Rothschild Banks and The New World Order | Tortured Arab Prisoners Enter American Terror State's New $37 Million Halliburton-Built Torture Pens at Gitmo | The Jew Watch Project's Judeo-Bolshevik Study Archives | Fed Up With Jewish Pushed Immigration Chaos inside our Cities, Non-Jewish Mayors Pass Illegal Anti-Immigrant Laws | The Biographical Madness and Killing of Arial Sharon | MSNBC Video Report: Tim Russert Discusses the Bad Situation in Iraq without Ever Mentioning that This is Actually a Lost War for Israel | Hamilton Notes the Increasingly Dire and Deadly Catastrophe in Iraq Which Is About to Explode in Even More Dire Street Violence | Report Top U.S. Govt. Leaders Including Bush and Hillary Lose $1 Trillion in Zionist Banker Scheme | Haniyeh: Hamas Will Never Recognize the Israeli Terror State | Israel's Vague Nuclear Deceptions | U.N. Rights Council Criticizes Israel for Ignoring U.N. Condemnations of Zionist Torture, Murder, and Genocide in Jewish-Controlled Palestinian Concentration Camps in Gaza and West Bank | Jimmy Carter Confronts Head-On the Jewish Media Smears of His Book on Israel's Apartheid Policies | ANALYSIS: Iran Seems Ready to Help - Other Arabs Skeptical About Helping American Terror State - Israel Not Interested in Helping | Subversive, Zionist AIPAC Wins on Terrorism Bill Which Labels Anti-Israel Patriot Groups Under Jewish Armed Attack as Terrorists but Refuses to Include Israeli Terror State as the Largest Terrorist Group in the Region | House Condemns Iran's Holocaust Investigation on Orders from AIPAC | King Zionist Olmert Gathers 170 Monopoly Reporters for Dutiful Brainwashing Conference on Threats to Israel | Boneheaded President Bush Begins to Distance Himself from the Iraq Report, Evidently Preferring to Do Just Exactly as He and His Zionist Controllers Wish Him to Do and Nothing Else |

December 8
| Jew Speak: Bush and Blair Blow Zionist Smoke at the Press | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Iraq Report: 'Time is Running Out' | Donate to Jew Watch | Jewish ADL Meddling in Affairs of the Non-Secular State Indiana to Get Its Selfish Racist Hate Crime Laws Passed | Jewish Murder of Jerusalem's Christians in 641 AD | Several Other Nations in World Troubled by American Terror State's Foreign Policies | Israel's Nazi Legislation: Jewish Racial Purity Laws | Fascist President, War Lord Congress Try to Re-Decorate Their Lost War Tree | Prime Minister of Poland Defies Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult, Praises Catholic Radio Station Disliked by ADL's Rabble Rousers | Elliot Welles, 79, Dead, Dedicated Life to Hatefully Tracking Down German Camp Guards, Developing Presumptuous Dossiers of Their Activities Composed by Many Racist Jews for the Discredited Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Sexual Religious Ritual Mutilation Bund | 2.3 Million Displaced Persons Makes Pro-Zionist Iraq the World's Largest Refugee Crisis | Bush Told Change Iraq Policy or Risk Disaster But Seems More Interested in Reaping the Disaster | Israeli Terror State Rejects Study Group Proposals Including Israel's Connection to the Mideast Conflict | 2 Kidnapped Israeli Soldiers Probable Deaths from the Start and Used by Israel for War Propaganda | Peace Conference Without Israel Proposed by Baker to Prevent Jews from Meddling with Outcome | Zionists Angry that Baker Report Says to Give Back the Golan Heights | Photos of Late Night AIPAC Conference Protesters | ADL Blasts Auschwitz Teeshirts | Rabbis Take Up Issue of Abuse of Detainees by American Terror State | Natan Sharansky Jewish Russian Refusenik Sent to Gulag for His Political Activism Retires in Israel, to Receive Deserved Presidential Medal of Honor |

December 7
| Filthy Rich Air-Conditioned Zionists Destroy Six Tiny Poverty-Stricken Bedouin Homes in Negev Desert | President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - His Jewish Political Assets | How to Resist Jewish Defamation Techniques | Marc H. Bell, CEO of Penthouse Magazine | Tape Surfaces on Web in Which Pro-Zionist President Bush Acknowledges that World Trade Center Was Blown Up by Bombs Planted Inside | The Father of 100 Years of Zionist Violence, Theodore Hertzl | Pro-Zionist Iraq Study Team Issues Phases Withdrawal Plan to End Troops by 2008, a Date Which Will Continuously Be Put Off for Years by U.S. War Lords Until America Has To Leave from Rooftops Same as Happened in Vietnam | The Zionist Owners of the New York Times | Pro-Zionist Blair: 'War Not Being Won' 'Situation Grave' | Conservative Jews OK Gay Rabbis and May Approve Gay Marriages | Gore: 'Worst Mistake Ever Made by U.S.A.' and 'It's Not About Bush' | Zionist War Lord Bush Pledges to Act in a 'Timely Manner'; Translation 'Never' | Lame Hardliners in Iran Criticize Pres. Ahmadenijad for Attending Ceremony in Which Egyptian Women Danced Without Veils | U.S. Intelligence Liars Says Osama Bin Laden is Alive; Still Use Osama as CIA's Black Ops Cover | Next Generation Israeli Textbooks Will Redraw Map to Reflect Israel's Borders as They Had Been Prior to 1967 War | Report on the DNA DIME Anti-Arab Genetic Bomb Used in Gaza Said to Be Developed by Israel and USA Labs, Part 2 of 3 Parts | Nuclear Iran Probably Won't Attack Israel | Terrorist Israel Chutzpah as Zionism Spins Tiny Palestinian Rockets as 'Terror' | Lebanese Blame U.S., Israel for Recent War | Masonic Symbols of the Israeli Supreme Court | Non-Jews at NASA Discover Water on Mars | Oi Vey, Non-Kosher Food Again Served on Zionist El Al Airlines | Israeli Terror State's El Al on Verge of Orthodox Boycott Now Unless It Curbs Flights on the Sabbath |

December 6
| Zionist Terror Thugs Kidnap Kids for Israel Who Holds Them in Dungeons for Years, But Israel's Propaganda Ministry Teams Deny It | The Cost of Keeping Israel as America's Nastiest Pet Is $3 Trillion | The Israeli Gift that Keeps on Giving: Exploding Jewish Cluster Bomb Kills Construction Work, Wounds Another Man in South Lebanon | Meet Dr. Mengele of Tel Aviv - 100,000 'Inferior' Jewish Children with Ringworm from North Africa Suffered Nearly Lethal Doses of Radiation from Zionist Medical Doctors in Israeli Medical Camps | 90% of Israel's Arabs View Themselves as Abandoned People | Israel's Genocide Barrier in Jerusalem Causes Increased Illegal Immigration into City | How Rothschild Swindled the People of Britain by Pretending that Wellington Had Lost the Battle of Waterloo, Thus creating and Exploiting a Financial Panic to Buy Stocks at 10 Cents on the Dollar | Dangerous Top Brass in Zionazi Army: 82% of Israeli Generals Did Not Graduate from Any Military School | Annenberg, You Dirty Bastard | Israel's Illegal DIME DNA Bomb Which is Genotoxic and Genetically Designed for Its Maximum Effect on Genetic Arabs | In Memoriam: Jerome Brentar, Part 1 | In Memoriam: Jerome Brentar, Part 2 | Mafia Jews & Their Attorney, Sidney Korshak: Inside a Genuine Cabal | WARNING! SICKENING GRAPHIC WOUNDS - Newly Located Gut-Wrenching Graphic Images of the Jewish Massacre on Non-Jews at Beit Hanoun and Accusations of American Involvement | Administrators Meet to Discuss Further Exploitation of the Holocaust Story at in Auschwitz for What Has Rapidly Become a Lucrative and Quite Divisive Tourist & Pro-Zionist Propaganda Stop-Off | Israel Holding Clandestine Talks Concerning Hundreds of Millions of Dollars It Owes Iran | Israeli Terror State Issues Shameful Report Aimed at Blowing Off Critics of Its Recent War Crime Acts with Deceptions | Israel's Foreign Minister Says Hamas Softening Under International Pressure | How The Democratic Will of the Palestinian People Has Been Completely Disrespected and Trashed by the So-Called Western 'Democracies' | Israel's Zionazi Leader Says Hamas Can Run Intifada Even When It Sits In Power | Europe and America Claim to Have Increased Support for the Palestinian People Despite Boycotting the Democratically Elected Government and Allowing Israel to Commit Daily and Nightly Genocide inside the Surrounding Concentration Camps | V-News: Jewish Grip on U.S. Foreign Policy Becoming Increasingly Obvious |

December 5
| Zionist Goon Squads Torture and Intimidate Palestinian Children So Badly that Two Eighty Year Old Grandmothers Joining Martyr Brigades as Suicide Bombers Bent on Revenge and Mayhem | The Jewish Iraq Construction Fraud Trail | 4th Day of Beirut Protests Turns Violent as Pro-American Terror State Regime Struggles to Survive Peoples' Coup | Jose Padilla and the End of American Justice | Palestinian Farmers Cannot Reach Fields Due to Barbed Wire Barriers | Iran's Parliament Seeks to Oust Ahmadinejad | Zionist Nazi Troops Kill 16-Year-Old Palestinian Rock Thrower in Nablus | 4 Neurotic Jewish Women in NYC Who Started the Feminist Revolution | Controversial Hawk Pushes Already Fascist Israeli Government to the Right | Israeli Nazi Panzers Being Armed with $350,000 Anti-Missile Weapons | Israeli Terror State Establishes an Anti-Iranian Nuclear Ministry | Hamas Calls Off Israeli Truce Due to Zionist Aggression | Jewish Nazi State: Jerusalem Turned into 'Dead-End City' | Drastic Social Changes Caused by Genocide Apartheid Wall | Intolerant and Overbearing Israelis Force French Politician to Kosherize Her Language to Suit Outrageous Jewish Political Interference and Censorship | Syria Smuggling Long-Range Missiles in Replenishment of Hezbollah Armories | Israel Terror State's Invasion Now Forcing Lebanon Closer to Civil War | Pro-Zionist U.S. Fascists Prosecute Arabs Tortured by the Israeli Horror State | Unity Talks Between Fatah and Hamas Collapse | Pro-Zionist Bush Accepts Bolton's U.N. Resignation | Anti-Zionist Chavez Wins in Socialist Landslide on 'The Chavez Doctrine' - America Leave South America | Iran Welcomes Chavez Landslide Victory as Major Petroleum Defeat for the U.S. Terror Nation | Zionist Fascism and Cruelty Practiced Daily in American Terror Nation's Torture Chambers |

December 4
| Israel, Palestinians Threaten Violence | Israel's Low Reputation Among Consumers Among Worst in World | U.N. Passes Resolution on Friday Calling on Israel to Withdraw from the West Bank Concentration Camp and Return Stolen Land to their Palestinian Victims | Israel Will Yield Its Side of the Divided Town of Ghajar to the U.N. Peace Keeping Forces | William Fletcher: 'Israel is a Rabid State!' | Ahmadinejad: Rapidly Increasing Zionist Crimes Insure the Rapid Collapse of Israel | Israel Will Pay the Price: Militarized Islam May Overtake Lebanon | 100 Canadians Show Up in Gale Wintry Storm to Protest Israel and the Canadian War for Israel | Armed Militant Jews Taking Pot Shots at Arabs from inside Their Walled Anti-Arab Fortresses inside the West Bank Concentration Camp in Palestine Criticize the Report on their Lands Being Stolen | Israel Positioning Itself to Become World's Largest Repository of Clean Energy Products, Research, and Patents with Its Alternative New Energy Companies | Israeli President Katsav Dodges Impeachment by Saying He Will Resign If Indicted | All in the Family: Complaint that 'Israeli President Katsav's Son Sexually Molested Me' | 120,000 Non-Jewish Families in West Bank Suffering Race-Based Right to Travel and Settle Restrictions by Jewish Israeli Bigotry |   

December 3
| Crimes of Zionism Video (R-Violence) | Was Einstein a Jewish Hoax? | 100 Canadians Defy Hate Crimes Laws to Protest Canada's Support of Israel's Middle East Wars | Jewish Control of Genocide Organizations | Zionist View of Moslems; Satirized in Cartoon Speech | Pulling the Jewish Claws | Convicted Serial Rapist Escapes to Haunt Tel Aviv as a New Sort of Jack the Ripper | Jewish Mystic Kaballah Worship Fetish | U.N.: Israel's Overflights Destabilizing Peace on the Lebanon Border | Make a Donation to The Jew Watch Project | Palestine Slams Israel for Violating Ceasefire 70 Times in 5 Days | Dim Future Predicted by Scholars for American Jewry  Israel's Navy Shoots Palestinian Non-Jewish Fishing Vessel Out at Sea, Sets It Afire | Jews and Communism | Pro-Zionist America: Its Zionist Informed Citizens Have Warmest Feelings for U.K., Canada, and Israel | Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis | President Carter Pushes the Media on Palestine | American Free Press Publishes Factual Report on U.S. History of Protecting Israel's Genocidal Killing in Mideast | Israel Concerned over the 1 Million Person Massive Protest in Beruit Which Threatens the U.S. Approved Leader of Lebanon | Ethnic Cleansing and Israe's Racist Discourse | Jewish Reporter Gideon Levy in Israel Predicts Ceasefire Will Go Up in Flames Soon | Israel's Arab Citizens Fear Unfair Election Reforms |

December 2
| Depleted Uranium Crisis in Zionist Invaded Nations Worsens | The Jewish Anthrax Case Suspect | Christians and Sunnis Face Lebanon Crisis as Shiites Increase Power | Averting 'The Perfect Storm' in the Middle East | Pinchas Finkelstein, Jewish Prime Minister of Russia | Jewish Comedy "Borat" Banned by All Arab Nations as "Vile, Gross, and Extremely Ridiculous" | Killing Off the German Army in Prison Camps in 1945 | Lebanon's Majority Leader Said Hariri Announces Himself the Next Assassination Target | The 911 False Flag Operation | Robert Fisk: Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in Denial | The Debate Over Jews and Slavery | Pro-Zionist President Bush of the American Terror State:  Al-Maliki 'Right Guy' | Costly $100+ Billion War Bill Will Be First Test of Democrat's Will to End the Deadly War for Israel | Prime Minister Used "a Farrago of Lies and Manipulation" to Deceive Members of Parliament About War | Israel Should Compensate Lebanon for Total Cost of Its War Damages | Aussie Jews Who Wish to Deny Real Discussions of Israel Attack Australian Professors at Universities Who Don't Like Israel's Terrorist Wars in Palestine and Lebanon | Israel's Racial Purity Laws Continue to Drive Zionist Politics | Israeli Terror State Blindly Following the Zionist Sociopath of Least Resistance | U.N. Accuses Israel of Breaking All Provision of Its U.S. Brokered Border Agreement on Gaza's Border Crossings | Desmond Tutu to Lead U.N. Investigation of Atrocities in Jewish Occupied Gaza Committed by the Zionist Terror Nation | Israel Unfairly Attacks Iraq Study Group in Usual Jewish Manner | Commander of Pro-Zionist U.S. Troops in Iraq Says Transfer of Power Now Under Way |

December 1
| Radiation Discovered at 12 Sites in Pro-Zionist U.K. | Mordechai Vanunu Jew Who Blew the Whistle on Israel's 400 A-Bombs and Was Arrested | 33,000 British Airways Passengers Being Alerted of Radiation Exposure | Rothschild Banks and Communism | Pro-Zionist George W. Bush of the American Terror State Promises a Speedy Turnover of Security Power to the Failing Iraqi Government | The Jew Watch Project's Russian Mob Study Archive | Powell Tells World It Must Recognize that Civil War Now Exists in Iraq | The New York Times Pulitzer Prize Scandal -- Walter Duranty, the Jew Who Hid Stalin's Genocide of The Ukrainian People | Iranian Weapons Located in Zionist Occupied Iraq; However, Pro-Zionist American Weapons are Located in Israel | Former Russian Prime Minister Badly Poisoned; Question: Are We Witnessing KGB, Mossad, or CIA Hits? | Zionist Iraq's Morgues Filled Up Today With Large Surge of Bodies | 80 Bodies Found in Pro-Zionist American Occupied Baghdad and Nearby City of Baquba | Oregon Governor: Occupation Making Bagdad Worse than Ever | Gates Plans Continuing the Same Old Bloody Occupation of the Lost Colony of Baghdad | Protesters to Hit AIPAC on Pushing Blood-Filled U.S. Terror Nation's Endless Wars for Neo-Nazi Israel in Sacramento CA Sunday | Bush-Milaki Summit Turns into Pro-Zionist Bush PR Fiasco | Iraq's Non-Leader Al-Milaki Gives a Hollow Assurance that His Absurd Security Forces will be Ready in Six Months | Intractable Neocon Robert Zelnick Continues to Push Staying the Course if Only to Frustrate Syria and Iran and to Presumably Reach Israel's Unreachable Fantasy of Being the Mideast Kingpin | Turkey Warns of Widening Conflict, Especially if the Kurds Without a Nation Succeed from Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan at Onces and Start a Hugely Powerful Kurdistan | The Stealing of Kurdish Lands in Iraq and their Sale to Turkish Investors | Israel Crazed Over 4-Day Cease Fire with Continued Bombing by Palestinians; Warns It May Soon Restart the Jewish Terror and Genocide in the West Bank and Gaza Concentration Camps Again |


November 30
| Pro-Zionist Iraq's Occupation Prime Minister Al-Maliki Snubs President Bush, Doesn't Meet Him in Jordan | Donate:  Keep Jew Watch On Line | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Mutilation Cult Defames U.N. Human Rights Council for Criticizing Israeli Terror Genocide in Gaza and West Bank Concentration Camps | All the News Prepared by Jews -- NY Times' Jewish Owners | Jewish ADL Prints Outrageous Condemnation of the U.N.'s Appointment of Desmond Tutu to Investigate and Interview Victims of Israel's Genocidal Policies in its War Mongering Zionazi Beit Hanoun Murder of Non-Jewish Women and Children | The Super USSR-Bolshevik Jew, David Bronstein, Alias Leon Trotsky | Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS Cases Rises in Israel | The United Nations Murdered Germany's Captured Army in 1945 | CBS Reviews President Carter's New Book on Palestine | Saudis: Mideast Peace Cannot Happen Without Israeli-Palestinian Peace Treaty | Once Again Zionist Racism Rears Its Ugly Face in Israel | Muqtada Al-Sadr's Loyalists Boycott Iraq's Puppet Government in Protest to Al-Maliki's Planned Meeting with President Bush of the American Terror State | In an Open Letter to the American People, Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls Upon the Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror Nation to Pull out of Iraq and Recognize Palestine | Pro-Zionist Bi-Partisan Iraq Study Group About to Release a Useless Resolution for Non-Responsible and Arrogant American Military Dictator and War Monger George W. Bush | Entire Middle East Ready to Become Civil War Tinderbox; Scrambling to Stay Alive Politically, the American Terror State is Now Kept Out by Diplomats; Tries Desperately to Stay in as the Mideast Tries to Shove It Away | Newsweek: Why Iraq Study Doesn't Even Matter Anymore | American & Israeli Terror State Politics in Middle East Are Destroying Future Sino-American Relations | Damascus Accuses Israel of Damming Up Syria's Water Supply in Golan and Stealing It for Zionist Farms |

November 29
| Naked Pro-Zionist U.S. War Lord & Emperor Dresses Up In Old Al Qaeda Lie | Elvis Presley's Jewish Heritage | Turkey's President Goes Out of His Way to Graciously Greet Pontiff at Istanbul's Airport as Pope Calls for New Islamic-Christian Tolerance and Understanding | Zionism's Early Terrorist Goon, Prime Minister Menachim Begin | Jewish Federal Reserve System's Leader Signals Deflation Warning, Responds to Rising Euro, Predicts Soft Landing for U.S. Housing and other Sectors | Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ancestry | Federal Court Cuts Down Pro-Zionist War Lord President Bush's Self-Authorized Dictatorial Power to Declare an Organization to be 'Terrorist' and Take Its Money | The Vicious and Deadly Jewish Child Massacre of Innocent Non-Jewish Kids at Qana on July 30, 2021 | Zionazi Occupation in Iraq Extends Its State of Emergency for 30 Days as Violence Rages in Public Places | Pro-Zionist War Lord in Collapsing Neocon White House Sidesteps All Talk of the Civil War in the Iraq He Destroyed | Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Tells Iraq's President that the Pro-Zionist CIA is Purposefully Destabilizing Iraq | U.N. Human Rights Group Calls Saddam Trials So Flawed He Should Not Be Held Any Longer and the Execution Could Never Be Legally Carried Out | Zionist Neocons Abandon Iraq War at White House Front Door | Zionism's Nazi Concentration Camp Walls Now Built Around Non-Jewish Ghettos in Jerusalem | Shady Zionist Marc Rich Allegedly Behind Iraq's U.N. Oil Scandal | The Story Behind Marc Rich's Pardon | Jews Openly Using HIV to Deceptively Push Their Religiously Motivated Male Penis Mutilation Practice for All of Africa and Jews Want It Done All at Once | AIPAC Focus of New FBI Probe | Both Zionist Owned Political Parties Prove their Worth to Jewish Money by Standing Up and Bashing President Carter's New Book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" | America's Zionofascist War Lord George W. Bush Will Not Pull Out American Troops from the Lost Colonial Empire in Iraq | Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" Movie Nominated for Best Foreign Film at Golden Globe Awards to Chagrin of His Zionist Detractors |

November 28
| U.N. Human Rights Council Warns Israel to Destroy Its Armed Zionist Fortresses Inside the West Bank Concentration Camp for Palestinians | Jewish Mafia | Mossad Pulls Off High Level Beirut Assassination: Syrian Minister | The Jew Watch Project Spreads Worldwide & You Can Help | Tens of Thousands Protest Pope's Visit to Istanbul | Zionist Pornography | Prime Minister Olmert of the Rapidly Declining Israel Offers Trick Deal With Impossible Concessions for a Palestinian State | Judeo-Communist Hollywood | Future Sectarian Violence Between Sunnis and Shiites Possible in Lebanon | Chavez Vows to Take Down the Devil--i.e., The Pro-Zionist U.S. Terrorist Nation | Anti-Jewish National Alliance Under Shawn Walker Tumbles from 2,000 to 200 Members | Bigoted and Non-Democratic Israel Denies Marriage Even to Its Jewish Citizens If They Are Not Orthodox | Kofi Annan Meets with Iraq Study Group as Civil War Increases in Iraq | U.N. Human Rights Council Condemns Zionist Theft and Occupation of  Syrian Owned Golan Heights | The Jewish Land-Theft Scandals inside the West Bank Concentration Camp | Discredited Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of the Hated Anti-Arab U.S. Terror Nation to Visit PA and Israel | Israel Kills 2 Armed Palestinians inside Their Own Concentration Camp Where They Live in Peace, Until Racist Jews Invade Their Space and Start Shooting at Them | Murdered Ex-Spy Brought Secret Documents to Israel Before Being Killed | Civil War Between Shiites and Sunnis Result from U.S.-Israel Interference | New Report on Visit of Ex-Spy to Israel Before Dying | Israel's Military Chiefs Fight to Save Portsmouth Naval Base | Rare Shoot Down of F-16 in Iraq Prompts Question -- Has a Weapon Been Developed to Neutralize Terrorist America's Best Jet? | Hezbollah Threatens to Stage 'Surprise' Street Protests in Beirut | Kofi Annan: Civil War in Iraq Almost There | Two More Pro-Zionist Canadian NATO Soldiers Killed in Anglo-Occupied Afghanistan |

November 27
| Crowds Stone America's Puppet Iraqi Prime Minister | How Jews Ruled the NAACP | Beyond the Mask: The ADL Spy Scandal | Jewish Marxists Brought Down Joe McCarthy | Iraq Declares War on Petroleum Smugglers; 5 Smugglers, 2 Policemen Shot to Death | Killing Off World War Two's Captured German Soldiers | Jewish Actor, Kramer, Apologizes for N-Word on Radio | Neurotic Jewish New York Women Founded and Controlled the Feminist Movement for Non-Jewish Women in the Heartland of America | "Dead in the Water," the USS Liberty Atrocity by the Israeli Terror State | Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ancestry | Congressional Leaders Demand Fast Track Exit from Illegal War in Iraq from Bush | Do We Want the Pope to Come to Istanbul? No! No! No! | Zionist Neocon Demands the Decimation of Iran | American Spy Faces Death Penalty for Selling Secrets to the Israeli Terror Nation | Israel Seeks to Profit from the Holocaust | Ahmadinejad To the American Terrorist Nation: "Pull Out" If You Want Iran's Help | War Approaches Its End Game as Mortar Rounds Set U.S. Base Afire in Iraq | Lost Iraq War Effort Crumbles Fast as It Becomes Apparent Neither the Well-Hated U.S. Terror Nation Nor an Elusive Iran-Syrian Agreement Can End the Civil War | Egypt: U.S. Terror State's Dilemma; Whether to Stay or Pull Out | U.K., U.S., Israeli Terror Axis Working to Trick Kurdistanians into Attacking Iran and Syria for the Axis Instead of Turkey as Iraq Blows Up | Turkey Vetoes Iraq's Partition; It Will Spark Regional Civil War | Sliding from Power, Iraq's PM Malaki Blames Government Infighting for Iraq's Civil Wars | Shiites in Gruesome Vengeance | Murder Inside U.S. Occupied Iraq on Sunday, November 26, 2021 | U.N. - Israel Planted Land Mines, But Continues to Blame Others | Defeat of the Neocons | How Zionists Have Set Out to Ruin Academic Freedom via Jewish Intimidation of Universities and their Faculties |

November 26
| Usual Suspect U.S. Disinformation Specialists Say Iraq Insurgency Self-Sustaining by Earning $70-$200 Million Per Year in Oil Smuggling, Kidnapping, Counterfeiting, and Connivance by Corrupt Islamic Charities | Jewish Butcher of Petrograd | Pay No Attention to the Jews Behind the Curtain -- The Iron Curtain | The Early Zionist Terror Timeline | Baghdad Continues Under Curfew As Its Beleaguered President Jalal Talabani Calls Off Trip to Iran Due to Crisis | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Impotent Israeli Terror State Now Ready to Withdraw from Palestine | Mein Kampf: The Book that Makes Jews Uncomfortable | U.N. Says Israeli War Lord Army Laid Illegal Land Mines in Lebanon | Ceasefire Between Israeli Nazi State and the Democracy of Palestine to Begin at 6AM | Democratically Elected Hamas Blames Israel for Impeding Prisoner Release Exchange | Unprecedented Decline in Israel's Ravaged Palestinian Concentration Camp | Did Israeli Terror State Nazis Plant Cluster Bombs in Lebanon? | Civil War Looms in Lebanon: Hezbollah Emboldened by Win to Plan Takeover | 3 Palestinians Killed in Gaza by Jewish Nazi Thug Army as Zionist Terror State Steps Up Its Murders on Eve of Cease Fire | Iraq Closer to Civil War as Insurgents Entrench | Ferocity of Iraq Renders U.S. Terror State's Armed Occupation Forces Helpless | Clerics Lay Blame for Iraq's Insurgency on Mistakes of the U.S. Terrorist Occupation Army | U.S. War Criminal Government Asks Saudi Arabia to Help Stop Insurgency in Its Totally Devastated Iraqi Colony | Bloodbath Rages in Pro-Zionist American Terror State's Occupied Iraq | Turkey Warns of Impending Civil War in Iraq, How Partition Could Unleash Internal Sectarian Kurdish Violence Destroying Turkey from the Inside | Who Decides When Civil War Begins in the Middle East and How It Is Defined? | Exile Hamas Leader Warns 3rd Intifada Uprising in 6 Months if Arab Prisoner Exchanges Blocked |

November 25
| 2 Bombs Kill 22 After Hell Day in Iraq | The Jew Watch Project's Archive of Jewish Holocaust Hoaxes | Shiites Burn 6 Sunnis Alive - Is Mossad Really Behind It | 4 Mosques and 2 Homes in Baghdad's Sunni Town Ghetto | Will Israel Join the Nuclear Club? | Israeli Nazi Thugs Murder Non-Jewish Boy, 10; Irresponsible War Lord Attacks by Jews in Gaza Concentration Camp | Neocon Bush and His Zionist Henchmen in White House Seek Broader Diplomacy As their Red Horseman of Civil War Gallops Beyond the Bridges of the Blood-Drenched Tigris and Euphrates | Killer and War Criminal Israel Rejects Any Negotiation Offer from Hamas Over Jewish Atrocities Against Non-Jews in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Disgraced and Humiliated U.S. Still Plans for Pro-Zionist Bush to Conspire Further with Iraqi Government's Collapsing Puppet Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki inside Jordan | U.N. Chief Calls for End to Iraq's Deplorable Violence | TIME Magazine Sees Violence in America's Viciously Destroyed Iraq As Already Going Beyond Anyone's Ability to Control | The Case for Dividing Iraq | Because Staying is No Longer an Option; 5 Ways to Prevent Iraq From Getting Even Worse | Aussie Special Forces Officer: Iraq Is a Strategic and Moral Blunder | Iraq's Plea for Neighbors' To Help Reveals Its Desperation | Regional Crisis Looms - Sunnis in Bahrain Threatened With Iraq-Style Chaos if Shiite Majority Elected | More Than 1,000 Iraqis Per Day Are Fleeing Their Homes and Cities Fearing for their Lives | Would Jesus Get Out of Iraq? | Saddam Hussein's Baathist Secular Party Ups the Ante on Iraq's Violence | Olmert's Popularity Shows Loss of Power If Future Remains Bleak |

November 24
| HAPPY THANKSGIVING IRAQ -- 133 Dead in That Lost Turkey of a War for Israel | Dr. Phillip Zack the U.S. Jewish Suspect in the Anthrax Terror Mailings | Quotes About Jews and Blacks | AP Report Says 144 Die, 236 Hurt in 3 Bomb Attacks in Iraq | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Ancestors According to the Unfairly Jailed Historian David Irving | The Israeli Terror State Land Heist As Seen for Study In The Jew Watch Project Archive of Text and Video | From the Archive Comes O'Donnell's Very Obscure and Intolerant Answer to the Jews | A Jew in Deep PC Trouble. Michael Richards Hires Crisis Expert to Save His Career in Free Fall. | ABC Reports 'Whites Only Scholarship' Causes Rapid of Flying Jewish Cat Fur at Boston University, Because What's Good for Hispanics, Jews, and Eskimos Is Bad for Whites | The Failed Introduction in 1919 of the Sad Story of the 6,000,000 Dead in a Jewish Holocaust | An NYPD Guard Tower First Tested in Crown Heights to Guard the Jews Now Becomes a Guard Post in Harlem | In a Huge Development This Thanksgiving Day, Jewish Globalist Inclusion Laws Fall in Canada: Prime Minister Will Recognize Quebec as its own Nation | American Terror Army's War in Iraq For Israel Disrupted $24.7 Billion in Petroleum Production | Three More American Marines Died Today in America's War in Iraq for the Israeli Terror State | Monthly Death Toll in Pro-Zionist American Occupied Iraq Reaches a New High of 3,709 in October or More than 125 Dead Each Day of the Month. And so, Iraq, How Are You Enjoying Your New Taste of Democracy? | Iraq's Intractable Security Dilemma | A Dying Zionist Occupied Iraq Reaches Out to Syria | Too Bad Your Kids And Mine Are Not In Iraq Being Killed | Zionist Neocon White House Fizzles, Begins to See a Totally Lost Iraq War, a New Middle East With Less U.S. and Israeli Presence | Neocons Brushed Off CIA Findings of No WMD's | Shin Bet Opposes Israel's Deputy Premier Avigdor Lieberman's Assassinating Top Palestinians |

November 23
| The Israeli Terror State's West Bank Land Heist | The Jewish Bolsheviks and Their Banker Buddies Who Set Up the Jewish Run USSR Where They Killed 65 Million Non-Jews, 1917-1940 | Unexploded Israeli Nazi Bombs in Lebanon Literally Destroying Lives | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish by Birth? | Israeli Terrorist Army of Occupation Guilty of Illegal 'Collective Punishment' in Lebanon | Witness the Photos of the Recent Gaza Child Massacre by Israel's Nazi Army on October 12, 2021 | Advertising and Branding Survey Shows Israel Has the Most Disrespected Public Image in the World | Jewish Domination over Women, Gays, Gender, Sex, and Family Associations in America | Battered Israel Looks for an Exit, Finds No Friends Left to Help | The Fraudulent Jewish Science Scam Known as Freudianism, Psychoanalysis, and Psychiatry | Israel Faces Changing Middle East, Must Embrace Culture of Life, Not Death | Seattle Targets Zionist AIPAC Dinner Drawing 60 Protesters Outside Hotel | Subversive Pro-Zionist AIPAC Holds Israeli Terror State Gala in Atlanta at $36 Per Plate Featuring Charles Krauthammer, a top New York Times Zionist Reporter Whose Editorial Drew America into Bloody Hate-Filled Wars for Israel | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Hate Cult Falsely Exploits Sudanese Starvation and Exploitation Travesty to Pump Up Its Deceptive Image as a World Conscience When, In Fact, the ADL Has Always Been the World's Worst Menace to Truth, Freedom of Speech, and Conscience | Abraham Foxman Should Apologize; 'Then He Should Go Down Into His Bunker and Commit Suicide with His Mistress' | How The Subversive Anti-American Jewish ADL Hate Cult Seeks to Make Jew Watch and Thousands of American Bloggers, Professors, Authors, and Thinkers into Free Speech Felons | California Ruling Protects Bloggers from Lawsuits, a Victory for Free Speech on Internet | The Jewish ADL Hate Crimes Laws Have Been Subversively and Quietly Passed in 48 States While Americans Slept | Jewish Senator Charlie Schumer Suggests Popular Legislative Agenda for Democratic Party that Would Help All Americans Live Better | Two Italian Aid Workers Released to President Abbas in Gaza Concentration Camp | How Can We Allow This to Go On? | Weakened Israeli War Monger Nation Denies Any Peace Process is Underway, Has No Idea What to Do in a Rapidly Changing Middle East Game Plan |

November 22
| U.N. Rights Commission:  Israel Broke International Laws in Lebanon | Playing the Jewish Sigmund Freud Card | Seinfeld's Richard Kramer Who Is A Jew Ruins Career | Jew - Anti-American - Klaus Fuchs - New York Atomic Spy | Senior U.N. Official Says Israel Should Totally Change Its Military Posture in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Arnold Rothstein - Jew Behind the Chicago Black Sox Scandal | Israel Indulging in Private Palestinian Land Theft | Jewish Genocide of Non-Jews at Vinnitsa | High Court Orders Government to Recognize Gay Marriages Performed Outside Israel | Israel Admits Wide Use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon, Lying and Saying It Was Done in Violation of Orders | Der Spiegel Magazine: Israeli Military Setbacks in Lebanon War Cause Soul-Searching | Bomb Befuddled Israel Ponders High Tech Anti-Rocket Strategies to End Attacks Over the Border | It Is Worse to Allow Gay Marriage than to Give Holy Lands Back to Israel:  Rabbi Levin | Israel's Prime Minister Wants to Replace Secretary of Defense | Iran: Israel Weak, Won't Attack | Lebanon Drifts Toward Civil War After Political Leader is Assassinated by Either Syria or the Mossad | Israel Kills 2 Civilians in Its Nazi Concentration Camp in Gaza including One 70 Year Old | Rich St. Louis Jews Invite Leaders of Diverse Groups to "Support Israel and Jews' Luncheon, Even Though Jews Themselves in General are Diversity Hypocrites and Don't Move to Diverse Areas | The Price of Syrian Cooperation in Achieving a Peaceful Iraq for America is the Return of Golan from Israel | Israeli Nazi State Issues the Last Permits to Foreigners as Jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Non-Jews Steps Up in Israel | 'I Busted Jonathan Pollard' | Israel's Defense Minister Wants to Resume Peace Talks With Syria | Intolerant Zionist Jews Oversee Heavy Persecutions of Anti-Zionist Intellectuals | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult Issues Its Typical 'Regret' Over Seinfeld Comedian Gaff Even As Though Anyone Would Ever Again Care What the Whacko Leftwing Subversive ADL Thinks |

November 21
| U.N. Rights Commission:  Israel Broke International Laws in Lebanon | Playing the Jewish Sigmund Freud Card | Seinfeld's Richard Kramer Who Is A Jew Ruins Career | Jew - Anti-American - Klaus Fuchs - New York Atomic Spy | Senior U.N. Official Says Israel Should Totally Change Its Military Posture in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Arnold Rothstein - Jew Behind the Chicago Black Sox Scandal | Israel Indulging in Private Palestinian Land Theft | Jewish Genocide of Non-Jews at Vinnitsa | High Court Orders Government to Recognize Gay Marriages Performed Outside Israel | Israel Admits Wide Use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon, Lying and Saying It Was Done in Violation of Orders | Der Spiegel Magazine: Israeli Military Setbacks in Lebanon War Cause Soul-Searching | Bomb Befuddled Israel Ponders High Tech Anti-Rocket Strategies to End Attacks Over the Border | It Is Worse to Allow Gay Marriage than to Give Holy Lands Back to Israel:  Rabbi Levin | Israel's Prime Minister Wants to Replace Secretary of Defense | Iran: Israel Weak, Won't Attack | Lebanon Drifts Toward Civil War After Political Leader is Assassinated by Either Syria or the Mossad | Israel Kills 2 Civilians in Its Nazi Concentration Camp in Gaza including One 70 Year Old | Rich St. Louis Jews Invite Leaders of Diverse Groups to "Support Israel and Jews' Luncheon, Even Though Jews Themselves in General are Diversity Hypocrites and Don't Move to Diverse Areas | The Price of Syrian Cooperation in Achieving a Peaceful Iraq for America is the Return of Golan from Israel | Israeli Nazi State Issues the Last Permits to Foreigners as Jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Non-Jews Steps Up in Israel | 'I Busted Jonathan Pollard' | Israel's Defense Minister Wants to Resume Peace Talks With Syria | Intolerant Zionist Jews Oversee Heavy Persecutions of Anti-Zionist Intellectuals | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult Issues Its Typical 'Regret' Over Seinfeld Comedian Gaff Even As Though Anyone Would Ever Again Care What the Whacko Leftwing Subversive ADL Thinks |

November 20
| Israeli Murder State Rejects U.N. Condemnation of Its Killing of a Family of 19 Women and Children in its Concentration Camp in Beit Hanoun, Gaza | Jewish Beauty Queen; Legs Before Arms | Tensions Mount Between Pro-Arab France and Anti-Arab Israeli Hate State | America in No-Win War for Israel | Russian Billionaire Immigrant to Run for Israel's Top Office | AIPAC Eats New Congress Critters for Lunch | Defense Minister Peretz Says Israel Does Not Allow Rich People Who Exploit and Pay Their Way Out with Donations to Run Its Country | Pelosi's Ties to AIPAC Condemned | Former U.K. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw Says Israeli Terror State's Nuclear Arsenal Which Britain Help Them Build Is 'No Secret' | Racist Apartheid Jew Blasts Jimmy Carter's New Book for Reporting the Truth About Israel's Racist Hatred for Non-Jews | Haifa Students Produce Fascist Pro-Israel Supremacy Blog Site to Promote Positive Propaganda About the Racist State of Israel | Jewish Clash Over Gay Pride in Jerusalem Continues | Aussie Foreign Minister Sucks Up to Jewish Money and Supporters at Synagogue's Yiddish Shul, Serving Up A Speech with Plenty of Bigoted Racist Remarks about Arabs | Vintage Zionist Bravado: Netanyahu and the End Times | Jew Gloats Over Jewish Government Access & Predicts Jewish Backlash by Majority |

November 19
| Kissinger: No Military Victory in Iraq | Lazar Kaganovich, the Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine Who Was Stalin's Jewish Wife's Brother | War Decided by Neoconservative Jews But No One Was Allowed to Know It | Turkey's Secretly Jewish Founder, Kemal Ataturk | Screw the Palestinians - Kill Them All - Peace From Israel Will Never Happen Because America Will Never Demand It | Theodore Hall:  The Boy Spy Who Was America's Youngest New York Jewish Communist A-Bomb Espionage Operative | Jewish Insider Neocons Turn Against Neo-Zionist President Bush as Negative War Eats Away At White House | Racist Israel's Bigoted Pro-Jewish Apartheid Laws | Universal Music Group Sues MySpace.Com in Super-Jewish Cat Fight | Falling In Line On Israel | Meet the Jewish Officers of Pro-Zionist UMG (Universal Music Group) - CEO Morris, CFO Hinny, COO Horowitz | Christian Zionism; Its Threat to Freedom, Peace, and Humanity | The New Jewish Kid On the Block at Al Jazeera's American News Room | Israeli Terror Nation Calls of Nazi Air Strike Against 2 Non-Jewish Patriot Homes in Its Occupation of Gaza Concentration Camp When Hundreds of Women, Children and Youths Make Themselves into Human Shields at Properties | Pro-Zionist Bolton U.N. Ambassador from the U.S. Terror Nation Dilutes U.N. Chicken Resolution Until the Text Merely 'Expressed Regret' Over Israel's Murderous Nazi Attacks on Its Gaza Concentration Camp | Zionism's Psychological Operations (Psy Ops) Programs Revealed on What is Probably the Most Definitive Psy Ops Internet Site | Israeli Terror State Asks Beit Hanoun Massacre Survivors to Foot Hospital Bills, Thus Rendering Jewish Doctors Huge Profits | Gaza Doctors: Israel Used a Strange Weapon Against Palestinians | Zionist Terror State's Mossad Orders Investigation Into It Use of Cluster Bombs, Probably to Hide the Worst Through Deception | If the American Terror Nation Won't Tame Israel, Perhaps Europe Will | Israeli Nazis: It's OK to Kill People If We Manufacture Good Enough Explanations | Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Cult Silences Palestinian Rights Organization | 

November 18
| 1. Number of Jewish Lawmakers Worldwide Reaches Record High | 2. The Glut of 'Zionofascist' Israeli Terror Nation Wars in the Middle East | 3. Mark Weber Seeks Freedom for Europe's Intellectual Prisoners of Conscience - Zundel, Rudolph, Irving | 4. Jewish Control Over Money and Business | 5. Major Battle in Zionist Occupied Baqouba Village Kills 18 Iraqis | 6. Give Me Control of a Nation's Money, and I Care Not Who Makes Her Laws - Mayer Rothschild | 7. Murders in the U.S. Terror Nation's Catastrophic Military Adventure Known Now as Its Occupied Colony of Iraq on the Day of November 18, 2021 | 8. 100,000 Ringworm Children Poisoned/Radiated in Israel by Zionists | 9. Zionist Nazi Clashes in Gaza Leave 2 More Non-Jews Dead | 10. Scores of Shadows Over Nazi Massacre of Non-Jews by Israeli Fascists in Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | 11. World Turns Against the War Mongering Israeli Terror State | 12. U.N. Slams Israeli Terror State in Devastating 157-6 Vote as Hated U.S. & Israeli Terror Nations Vote NO | 13. U.S. Terror Nation Deeply Involved in Israel's Lebanon Genocidal Wars | 14. U.S. Says Has Removed 50,000 Bombs in Lebanon | 15. U.N. Ruling On Israeli Terror Nation's War Crimes Applauded as First Step in Protecting the People of the Gaza and West Bank Concentration Camps | 16. Idiot Israeli Press Calls Its Fully Corrupted and Allied U.S. Terror Nation's Watered Down U.N. Resolution 'Biased', a Resolution Which Significantly Hurt the U.S.'s Own Foreign Policy Goals with Non-Jewish Arab States | 17. Israel Issue an Order to Annex Hundreds of Land Titles in the West Bank Concentration Camp | 18. Why Mussolini's Jews Went from Equality to Persecution | 19. Nancy Pelosi's Ties to Israeli Terror Nation Run Deep | 20. Hated U.S. Terror Nation Warns Its Occupied Iraq Puppet Colony Against Sectarianism | 21. Close to Collapse in Iraq | 

November 17
| Ex-President Jimmy Carter May Head Probe of Deadly Israeli Genocide at Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Concentration Camp | The Jewish Mordechai Levy - Alias Karl Marx, Son of a Rabbi, Author of His Own Judeo-Communist Bible, "Das Kapital," Which Unleashed Untold Death Upon Our World | Hasidic Jews in Montreal Demand All Cops Speaking with Them Must Be Men Only | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith and the Present-Day Jewish Covenant of Lies, Subversion, and Intrigue | 'Iraq Is A Disaster' Admits Pro-Zionist Blair | The Great Volkswagen Heist of $20 Million for Unpaid VW War Workers Almost None of Which Were Even Jews Although the Few Jews at VW Were All They Have Ever Talked About in the Zionists' Monopoly of Newspapers | Americans Seized in Iraqi Convoy Attack as Lost Colony Wades Deeper into Its Own Blood | The Jewish Holocaust Denial of 65 Million Non-Jews Who Were Murdered by Jews in their Jewish Controlled USSR, 1917-1940 | Sick Nazi Israel Developing Small Nano Robots to Find, Observe, and Kill | Jewish Comedian Baron Cohen Frightened by Possible Lawsuits | Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror Nation Leader and Secretary of State Fears China May Be Becoming Like Fascist, Militant America | U.N. Votes Overwhelmingly to Deplore the Deadly Racist Missile Attack on Gaza by Israeli Nazi Terror State | Hamas Prime Minister Haniyah, 'Israel Promoting Culture of Destruction' | Pro-Zionist American Terror Nation: What to Do Next? | Families of 19 Murdered Women and Children in Gaza Concentration Camp's Beit Hanoun Suing Israel | Israeli Terrorist Army Opens Fire on Children and Youths Tossing Stones in Gaza, Murder 1 Child, Injure 30 | 'Lost Tribe' of Jews in India Migrates to Israel | Gays vs. Zealots in Bigot Jerusalem | U.N. Sidesteps U.S. Terror Nation by Moving Israeli Gaza Genocide Condemnation Resolution to General Assembly, By-Passing Security Council Veto from the Isolated U.S. Hate Government | Israel Recognizes It Has Lost Its War of Occupation in Gaza, Will Not Continue Its Invasion, Because It Won't Help | Zionist Christians Visiting Atheist Israel Swallow the 'Holy People' Lie Completely | U.S. Zionist Terror Nation Casts Another 57,000 Troops as Worthless Bloodied Cannon Fodder into the Hopelessly Lost Colony of Iraq | Mother of All Zionist Defeats | The Failure of U.K.'s Judeo-Bolshevik Experiment into the Emerging Worthlessness of Criminal Immigration | Zionist America's Iraq War Approval Drops to Lowest Level - Only 31% Approve - At Least 69% Want It Ended | Nancy Pelosi's Connection to AIPAC Subversion Deplored |

November 16
| As the Zionist War Deteriorates Syria and Iran Gain Power and U.S. May Begin Negotiations | The Notorious Jewish NY Times Reporter Walter Duranty Who Hid Stalin's Murders from Americans and Got an Unearned Pulitzer Prize | Great War to Wipe Out Israel Is Coming | How the Marxist Jews Destroyed Senator Joe McCarthy | Germany Again Shames Itself in Jewish Pandering Show Trial of Germar Rudolf, an Historian Who Has Published Authoritative History Books Filled with Footnotes and References Indicating Hitler Did Not Order any Mass Extermination of Jews | What People in History Said About the Jews By Willie Martin | Congress Will Be Filled with AIPAC Congressional Democrats |  'If We Don't Clear Up this War Mess in 6 Months, Iraq Will Slip Into Chaos' | America Readying to Withdraw from Its Iraq Devastation in Months | Iraq's Zionist Axis Government Slips into Crisis Morass | War Monger Bush Wants Troop Increase | Crazed White House Conducts Its Own 'War Review' In Case the Independent Review Does Not Rubber Stamp Bush's Pro-Zionist War Mongering Stance | Terrified Turkey Fears a Partitioned Iraq Would Mean a Kurdish Rebellion | Pelosi Speaks Before AIPAC Speaking All the Right Robotic Pro-Israeli and Pro-Jewish Lines, Especially Those in Support of the Zionist Death Regime | Pelosi's Close Ties to Subversive Jewish Groups | AIPAC's Espionage Network and the Bigoted Anti-Islam Specter AIPAC Casts upon American Foreign Policy Making | Four More U.S. Soldiers Have Been Killed in Iraq | Olmert Fears Ground Assault in Gaza Concentration Camp Might Kill Jews, Prefers Pinpointed Murder/Genocide of the Non-Jews Using Missiles | U.N. Human Rights Council Condemns Jewish Genocide of Non-Jews in Gaza Concentration Camp | U.N. Parliament: Send International Force to Gaza Concentration Camp to Protect Non-Jews from Militant Zionist Death Squads | Rabble Rousing Jewish ADL, a Much Disrespected Racial Divisiveness Group, Sounds Its Usual False and Foul Alarms on Anti-Semitism, This Time in Venezuela, Where Contrary to What the ADL Prints, the Jews are Quite Safe and Secure |

November 15
| U.N. Human Rights Council Debates Israeli Human Rights Violations including Numerous Homicides in Its Gaza Concentration Camp | Jewish Dominated Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups in Order to Continue Controlling America's Zionist Policies | Top U.S. General Says American Forces Won't Solve Iraq | The Jew Watch Project's Jewish Mafia Study Archive Entrance | 70 University Employees Freed in Mass Baghdad Kidnapping; 105 Other Non-School Related Corpses Dumped on Streets,,54 of Them Showed Signs of Torture | Jewish Control of the News | American Terror State Now So Desperate It Is Willing to Deal With Iran to Get Iraq Peace | Study Archive of Jewish Pornographers | Six U.S. Soldiers in Zionist Occupied Iraq Become Latest American Cannon Fodder | We Will Not Be Able to Survive Much Longer | Things Will Go Badly for Turkey If Iraq is Partitioned | Iraq: Is It Time to Leave? | Fox News Reporters Freed for $2 Million | Israel Denies U.N. Commission Investigating War Crimes to Interview Witnesses | Are Babies, Women, Cattle, Goats, and Other Animals Legitimate Targets in the Gaza Concentration Camp? | Jerusalem Gays to Continue Equality Fight | Shalit Prisoner Release Still at Impasse Because of Israeli Intransigence | Review of Arab Editorials Shows Huge Chasm Between the Arabs and the Discredited Zionist War Regime in Washington | Two Racist Skinhead Jewish Soldiers Accused of Executing Wounded, Unarmed Non-Jews in Gaza in Nazi Killing | Iran Continues Its Sustained Drive Toward Political, Nuclear, and Military Domination in the Middle East as the Much Hated U.S.-Israel Axis Continue To Decline in the Region | U.S. Plans Last Big Push That Will Kill More Americans and Still Not Win the Totally Hopeless War in Iraq, All Because Its Bull-Headed War Monger Leader, President Bush, Childishly Demands It | Self-Weakened and Desperate U.S. Zionist Government Now Desperately Seeks the Help of Syria and Iran Who Are Too Wary of CIA Betrayal to Lift a Finger for the American Terror State |

November 14
| Known For Years as a Political Liar and Deceiver, Benjamin Netanyahu Now Claims Without Any Proof that Ahmadinejad Is Preparing a New Holocaust | Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Official Statement of The Jew Watch Project's Objective -- To Promote Peace and Love Between People | Up to 150 University Employees Kidnapped by Baghdad Gunmen; As a Result All Iraqi Universities Are Ordered Closed | The Inhumane Jewish Invention and Administrative Control of the Russian-Jewish Concentration Camp Program Known as GULAG | Iraqi Higher Education Already Decimated by Bloodshed in America's Ruined Iraq | Jew Benjamin Freedman, The Jewish Conspirator Who Turned Coat and Warned the American People of the Jewish Communist Menace and How Its Conspiracies Worked to Destroy their Nation | International Group of Lawyers File Suit Against U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in German Court | The Public Exposure of Our World's Largest Hate Group | Jew Scooter Libby aka Irving Lewis Liebowitz Says No CIA Crime, No Leak, No Law Broken | Record Drop in Inflation Reported by the Jewish Internationally Controlled Private Banking Corporation Called 'The Federal Reserve System' | Yiddish Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve System | Robert Rubin, Former Jewish U.S. Secretary of Treasury under Clinton Says Democrats Must Raise Taxes Cut Deficits | Iraqi Artist Paints Donald Rumsfeld Gloating Over the Ruins of Zionist Baghdad | Tony Blair Says Solving the Israeli-Palestinian Blood Bath is the Only Route to Getting Arab States to Agree to Participating in Peace Plans for Solving the Illegal American War in Iraq | Meet the Carefully Appointed and Carefully Controlled Conspirators Appointed by Bush to the Administration's Iraq Study Group | Pro-Zionist American Terrorist Nation's Democracy Agenda in Iraq Declines Drastically in Importance Due to an Advancing Civil War | Turkey Which is 60% Kurdish Says Iraq Must Not Be Split into Three States -- i.e., It Fears It will Lose the Eastern 60% of Territory if Kurdistan Emerges as a Nation from the Ashes of the Lost Zionist Colony of Iraq | God-Believing Rabbi Goldstein Speaks Against Atheistic War Mongering Zionism | U.K. Daily Telegraph Quotes Unnamed Foreign Office Official on Unsubstantiated Claims That Iran Is Working to Replace a Declining Bin Laden with a Pro-Iranian Puppet Leader, All of Which Destroys Blair's Fascist U.K. Attempts for Western European Hegemony over All Middle Eastern Nations | U.N. Sleuths Representing Western European and American Nuclear Pig Nations With Heavy Arsenals of 20,000 H-Bombs Point to a Few Specks of Plutonium in Iran's Garbage Cans as Having Fantastic Potential International Nuclear Disaster | Al-Jazeera & Comcast Cable Deal for a Full Fledged Zionist Neutral Arab Cable Channel in Pro-Zionist U.S.A. on Hold, but Negotiations Continue | 2006 Election Report of the Pro-Zionist Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs Shows Jewish Meddling in Democratic Affairs |

November 13
| Subversive Domestic Jewish Organizations Call for an Immediate and Intolerant 'Witch Hunt' of Non-Jews Not Condoning Pro-Jewish Views Complimentary to the Hate-Filled, Racist Israeli Terror State | Palestinian Loss of Land, 1946-2000 | U.S. Trained Mexican Para-Military Commandoes Expand Mexican Mafia Murder and Drug Racketeering into 6 Pro-Zionist U.S. Border States | The Deadly History of Israel's Zionist Terror GangsJewish Blockbuster Comedy Film Threatened with Lawsuit for Deception | Adolf Hitler's Zionist Collaborators | Ahmadinejad: Zionist Regime Was Foisted Upon Palestine to Facilitate Formation of a Fake Government | The Racist and Deadly Jewish Control Over the Soviet Union's Leadership and Its Vast Killing Apparatus | Insurgent Resistance to European and American Fascist Occupation Forces Shoots Higher in Afghanistan at 600 Dead Per Month | European Invaders Losing Two Wars At Once | Death Toll 20, Wounded 18, in Single Iraq Bomb Blast, 159 Found Dead Sunday | 46 More Dead in Baghdad as Dozens of Bodies Are Found in Lost War | Pro-Zionist Blair Blames His Failure in Iraq on Iran, Issuing Bellicose Warnings of Racist Isolation and Blockade by European Fascist Nations | Baghdad Morgue Processed 1,600 Bodies in 31 Days, 85% of Bodies Had Deadly Injuries | Toward a 3-Nation Division of Iraq's Zionist Triggered War Time Morass | Election Results Steer Pro-Zionist U.S. Toward Withdrawing from Its Disastrous, Bloodied Civil War in Iraq Just As Soon As Possible | The Catastrophic Iraq Disaster Engineered by the Much Hated and Arrogant American Terror Nation | American Cannon Fodder Who Died Needlessly for Israel's Catastrophic and Ridiculous War in Iraq So Far This Month | 3rd Special Meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council on the Nazi Israeli War Crime Atrocities in the Gaza Concentration Camp | More Atrocity Pictures Including Those We Previously Archived for Posterity at The Jew Watch Project | The Names of 83 Palestinians Murdered by Nazi Israeli Terror Forces in the First 8 Days | Hezbollah Doubles Its Pre-War Missile Count in Lebanon | The 90-Year History of Jewish Lobbying for Endless Wars, Zionist Power, Appointments to Sensitive Government Positions, and Deception to Exploit and Defeat the People of the United States | The Vicious History of Power as Exercised by Subversive Zionist Lobbying Groups Operating Against the Best Interests of the United States | IDF General Rejects Criticism of Inquiry on His Decisions, Resigns from Leading Israel's Terrorist Occupation Army |

November 12
| Is Nancy Pelosi Really Jewish? Well, Do Snakes Have Tails? Read About U.S. House Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Family. | Arnold Rothstein, The Jew Responsible for the Chicago Black Sox World Series Scandal | Bomb Kills 35 More As Iraq Presses U.S. to Withdraw | Neurotic New York Jewish Women Who Founded and Ran the Feminist Movement into the Ground | Iran's Photo Drone Flies Over U.S. Naval Convoys, Transmits Detailed Logistic Photos to Arab TV News | Jewish Control of Non-Jewish Cultural and Ethnic Groups | Ahmadinejad Blasts U.N. Security Council for United States Terrorist Government Veto of Resolution Critical of Israel's Nazi Killings of 55 Mostly Women and Children  in its Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | Jewish Penetration and Control of Non-Jewish Human Rights Advocacy Groups | Zionist U.S., Iraq Government Desperate for Resolution to Growing War and Civil Unrest | Jewish War Lord, Ehud Olmert, Says Ahmadinejad, Who Unlike the War Criminal Israel Has Never Invaded a Nation, Must Be Stopped | Israel's Nazi Army Murders 16 Year Old Boy in Illegal Gaza Concentration Camp | Terrorist Visits United States and Received by U.S. President:  Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Heads for Washington D.C., Home of the Pro-Zionist Force's Puppet Government | Fury in London as Israel Damages U.K. War Cemetery | Iran Sternly Warns Israel of Grave Retaliation In Case of Attack | Why America's Folly in Supporting Israel Is Wrong on All Points | Israelis Worried About Fraying Relations with the United States | 'Israel Must Prepare for Full Scale War' and Other Recent Nazi Sayings | Israel Terror State's Lebanon General Resigns Over Failed War | Hamas Calls American Veto 'Ugly and Racist' Which, Of Course, Is True | Italy:  The Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp Attack by Israel Was a War Crime and Only Done to Boost Ehud's Poll Numbers | Malice Aforethought | Democrats Increase Pressures on Bush for Phased Withdrawal from Iraq | Increasingly Worried Bush Ready to Talk About Anything New on the Lost Zionist Iraq War | On Veterans Day, A Call for an End to the Zionist War |

November 11
| Karl Jacob Weiss - Zionist Conspirator & Assassin of Louisiana Senator Huey Long | Iraq: War for Israel | U.S. War Lords Veto World Resolution at U.N. Condemning Israel's Arab Child Massacre in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Bigoted Israel's Pro-Zionist Racial Purity Laws | Zionist Gay Pride Parade Cowers in University Stadium Away from Jerusalem's Many Closeted Religious Bigots | Terrorist Prime Minister Menachem Begin | Israel's Gay Icon Ivri Lider Shows Americans a Very Different and Bigoted Side of Israel | "Iraq in Fragments": Documents the Anarchy in Zionist Destroyed Iraq, Through the Eyes of Iraqis | Thousands Protest the U.S. and Israel Terror Nations | Leaders of the World's Best Known Zionist Terror States (Israel and U.S.) Meet in Washington At Time when Both Men are at their Political Lowest , Both Have Only 20% Approval, and the U.S. Readies Itself to Withdraw from a Hopelessly Destabilized Iraq | Israel's Gaza Tinder Box | In One Word: MASSACRE! | Human Rights Center Calls on Israel to Stop Massacre of Palestinians | Confronting 'Jew Laws' Passed to Kill Toleration of Free Speech and Religion | Zionism: The Experimental Baby Who Grew Up and Became the World's Best Known Monster of Nazism, Hatred, and Intolerance | Fighting Racism in Israel's Nazi Terror State | Israeli Soldiers Speak Out Against the Zionist Nazi Occupation | Youthful Jerusalem Arabs Riot, Set Fires Protesting Jewry's Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp Massacre | In Nazareth Thousands Protest Israel's Cowardly Nazi Attack and Slaughter of Non-Jewish Children and Mothers at the Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's Jewish Ties | Jewish Newspaper Discusses Israel Nazi State Policy by Both Parties | Jews Who Are 2% of U.S. Have 13% of Senate and 6.9% of House Members, Far Too Many for their Number | Jewish Monopolization of America's Fashion Industry |

November 10
| Jews Take Root on Capitol Hill | The Jewish Terrorist Timeline: 1944-1948 | Israel Has Made Death a Way of Life in Gaza | America's Jewish President | Defeated Zionist Republicans Draw Blood Dripping Political Swords From Their Own Chests and Plunge Them Into Caesar's Side: 'Why Didn't You Fire Rumsfeld To Help Us Win Instead of Waiting Until It Was Too Late to Save the Republican Majority?' | How Jewish Marxists Destroyed Senator Joseph McCarthy | German Lawsuit Seeks Prosecution of Pro-Zionist Axis Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, ex-CIA Director George Tenet, and Other U.S. Government Officials for War Crimes in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo | The Jewish Whiskey Barons | Now the Race to be President and Bow Before the Jewish Lobby | Chavez Calls Pro-Zionist President Bush 'Genocidal' and Needs to be Executed, Calls 911 a U.S. Govt. False Operation | Radicalization of Moslems in Britain Brings 1,600 Possibilities of Terror Attacks for U.K. Riddled with Immigration Pushed for Years by Subversive Leftwing Anti-British Jews | Strategy Void Deepens Mideast Crisis | Iran Will Not Back Down on Nuclear Program Says Top Negotiator | Israeli Gays Defy Religious Leaders, Stage Protest in Holy City of Jerusalem | Haaretz Publishes Moronic Article Claiming U.S. and Israel Share Human Rights Goals When Both are the World's Worst Terrorist and Killler States and are Now Hated by Everyone | How the Gaza Concentration Camp Offends Us | U.S. Terror State as Friend of Israel to Pay in Blood for Israel's Savagery in Gaza | McGovern Says Democratic Party Must Take Steps to End Iraq War | Democrats Elected to End the War |

November 9
| Murray Rothstein's Zionist CBS News Mourns Loss of Its Most Respected African American Ikon, Ed Bradly, 1941-2006. Mr. Bradley's News Presentations Will Be Missed by All Including Librarian and Journalist Frank Weltner of Jew Watch. | The Newhouse Family's Zionist News Monopolies | Both Sides of the Pro-Zionist Aisles of Congress Get Down to Business Legislating in Accord with Whatever Israel's Lobby Wishes After Election Sea Change | Anti-Semitism Made Capital Crime in Jewish Governed USSR Terror State | French Troops Come Just 2 Seconds from Shooting Down Israeli F-16 Jet Fighters | The Famine Created by the Leftwing Jews of Russia to Kill Off the Privately Owned Kulak Farms | Israel's Nazi Massacre in Its Racist Gaza Concentration Camp | The Jews and Bolshevism | Gaza Buries a Family of 20 Massacre Victims While Jewish Prime Minister Olmert Lies about Technical Mistakes inside the Sadistically Inhumane Israeli Concentration Camp | Entire World Except for U.S.A. Horrified by Beit Hanoun Massacre | Bloodied Horror Update on Jewish Crimes of Genocide Against Neighboring Non-Jews Today, November 9, 2006, inside Israel's Gaza and West Bank Nazi Concentration Camps | Amnesty International: Israel's Bloody Savagery Against Humanity | Israel's Nazi Massacre in Beit Hanoun: 'It's All Right. We Didn't Mean It.' | Arab Media: That Fairy Tale of Peace and Coexistence Is Ended | Isolated, Hate-Filled, Anti-Arab, and Pro-Zionist America Readies Its Fascist Veto of U.N. Resolutions Planned by the Entire Rest of the World Condemning Israel's Inhumane Nazi Massacre in its Arab Concentration Camps | Foreign Minister of Belgium "Shocked by Israel's Attack on Beit Hanoun" Which Is an "International War Crime" | Nazi Israeli Fascist Soldiers Fire Live Rounds at Children Democratically Protesting in Hebron Concentration Camp - This Outrageous Behavior Was Observed by Arriving U.N. Peace Keepers | Hamas Government Spokesman: Wipe Israel's Racist Nazi State Off the Map, Target the Fascist, Murderous U.S. | Nazi Jewish Skinhead Army Killers Leave Destroyed Beit Hanoun | Local Accounts of Bloody Nazi Attacks by Jews on Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | 42 Pro-Zionist Axis Regime's Palestinian Soldiers Die in Suicide Bomb in Payment for Massacre Last Week | 2 NATO Soldiers Killed by Bomb in European Military Disturbed Afghanistan | Afghan President Karzai Says Security Drastically Worsening in His Nation |

November 8
| Judeo-Neocon Bush White House, Congress, and Senate Rejected by People in Runaway Congressional Election | Poll: Prime Minister Olmert Seen as Israel's Most Corrupt Politician | Rush Limbaugh a Non-Jew Who Married a Jew: 'I am Sick and Tired of Carrying Water for Those Who Do Not Deserve It.' | Mordechai Vennunu: Mossad Spy Silenced and Imprisoned by Israeli Terrorists for Revealing Its Huge Illegal Nuclear Bomb Stash | Nazi Israeli Hate State Murders 19 Non-Jews, Many Women and Children, by Blindly Firing Night Rocket Explosions into Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp | Israeli Torture and Imprisonment Without Trial of Thousands of Kidnapped Arab Youths | Count Rises to 20 Dead, 40 Wounded, Mostly Women and Children; Resume Suicide Attacks In Israel Because They Only Understand Their Own Blood | Archive of Recent Videos Appearing on Jew Watch | Hamas Chief:  That's It, The Truce Is Over. Kill Any Israeli You Want. | Jewish Mafia Exploits | Israel's Preparation for New War | Rattling the Cage: Why Israel Must Talk to Syria | Prime Minister of Lebanon: We Will Be the Last Arab Country to Sign a Peace Treaty with Israel | Israel's Demographic Surgeon: The Lieberman Nazi Solution | Judeo-Christian President Bush to Meet with War Criminal and Terrorist Terrorist from Israel, Ehud Olmert | 8-Year Probe of Israel's Neo-Nazi Vice Premier Lieberman of Israel's Will Wrap Up Soon | Terrorist Prime Minister Olmert Meets Russia's President President Putin, Promises to Work with Palestinians on Same Week More than 80 Including Women and Children are Murdered there by Racist Jewish Militants | Olmert Wants to Continue Jewish Racial Killing of Arabs in Gaza Concentration Camps | Saving Olmert in a Crazed and Fraudulent Israel - Five Professors Slam State Comptroller Despite His Investigations of Corruption | ADL Hate Group of the Jewish B'nai B'rith Cult Expresses Sly Jewish Intolerance of Aspects of Hundreds of Years of Formerly Unquestioned Traditional Christian Holidays Demanding that Totally Unrelated 'Diversity' Sensitivity be Applied by Government Where No Law or Christian Observance Ritual Requires Any Such Thing | Senator George Allen (R-Va) Named in Forward Newspaper's 51st Most Influential Jew in America | Jewish Fascist DAFKA Cult Openly Spreads Anti-Arab Hate on Campuses to Build False Propaganda Support for the Israeli Terror State | Review of the Jew Sasha Cohen's "Barat" Comedy Reveals Jewish Brilliance | Jews in Israel Figure America Is Easily Manipulated for the Jewish Terror State's Advantage No Matter Which Party Wins | Deportation by Pro-Zionist U.S. Government for Pro-Jewish Hate Inquisition and Trial of Germar Rudolf for Researching and Publishing Discovered Facts on the Jews' Holocaust Assertions |

November 7
| U.S. Vote May Alter Stance on Mideast Even Though AIPAC Has Totally Corrupted Both Parties | Theodore Hertzl, Founder of Zionism | Columbia University Bonded with Nazis | The Jewishness of Sigmund Freud | How the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Bund Promotes Its Racist Anti-White Hatred and Divisive Sleaze in Jewish Monopoly Owned Newspapers and TV Networks | Stalin's Jewish Ways | Congress Will Be Filled with AIPAC Democrats | The Problem of Fake Jewish Hate Crimes | U.S. Tells Racist Israeli Nazi State Not to Attack Iran and to Release Hamas Legislators | Militant Jewish Nazis Leave Gaza Concentration Camp, Enter 2nd Camp, Murder Another 8 Non-Jews | As Soon as Murdering Jews Leave the Beit Hanoun Concentration Camp, Survivors Bury and Mourn Their Murdered Relatives | Jewish Economic Tsar, James Wolfenson, Former World Bank Head, Says In Two Years Israel Will Lose Its Mideast Position to Iran and That U.S. Will No Longer Offer the Same Friendship | Neo-Nazi Lieberman: Israel Needs Minority Separation Same as Serbia | Something's Rotten in that Racist Neo-Nazi Israel | Israeli Murder State Kills 50 Non-Jewish Palestinians in 5 Days | Israel Patents Revolutionary Profitable Method for Easily Extracting Oil from Shale | 'Recognizing Israel' Would Mean Condoning an Openly Racist Nazi State, its Murder, Land Theft, Torture System, and Gross Hatred for Non-Jews | President Jimmy Carter, Critic of Israel in New Book | AIPAC's Close Relationship with Spy Committee Congresswoman Jane Harmon | French Zionist Court Hears Case Against Citizen Who Refuses to Believe Unproven Assertions that a Jewish Holocaust Really Happened | Jews in New York Times Treat Lebensborn Kinder Who Were Fathered by Aryan SS Soldiers as Mere "Commoners" in a Race-Oriented anti-Aryan Article | Justice Dept. Increasingly Tossing Terrorist Cases Citing Inaccurate and Intellectually Dishonest Accusations | Pro-Zionist Mexican Ambassador Says, We Need North American Union in 8 Years | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Reports Nazi Infighting | Rice: Better to Have Hamas Ruling than Killing Jews |

November 6
| Pro-Zionist U.S. Generals Interrupt Iraqi Court Trial of Non-Jewish U.S. Citizen and Judge Comes Out 15 Minutes Later, Halts Trial, and Condemns the Non-Jewish Man to Death Without a Hearing | Jew Watch Requests Your Donation Now | U.K. Mothers Challenge Legality of Pro-Zionist Iraq War | How the Leftwing Militant Jewish Marxists in America Destroyed Non-Jewish Joseph McCarthyU.S. vs. AIPAC | Israel's Nuclear Blackmail | What It Will Take to End Bush's Pro-Zionist War Folly | How to Help Spread the Facts About Jewish Hate of Non-Jews by Either Blogging or Posting of Your Own Jew Watch Project and Easily Linking It to Jew Watch Materials | Shiite Dominated Iraq Offers Return of Lucrative Jobs to Sunni's to Calm Nation over Saddam's Imminent Hanging | Judeo-Bolshevik Revolutionary Red Guards of Germany, Kurt Eisner | U.S. Citizen's Unjust Court Case in Iraq Immediately Appealed to Supreme Court | Bush to Meet with and Honor Israeli Prime Minister Olmert whom the World Knows is the Jewish Butcher and Child Killer of Beirut | The Extreme Risks to Israeli Existence From Its Recent Neo-Nazi Invasion to Attack and Kill Arabs inside the Inhuman Gaza Concentration Camp | Jewish Nazi Army Getting Ready for Newest Racist War of Zionist Terror and Intolerance Against Non-Jews in Lebanon and Syria | Syrian Foreign Minister Urges Israeli Nazi Government to Eschew Its Fascist War Plans and Enter Peace Talks with Officials in Damascus Before It Is Too Late for Peace | Brain Dead Body of Ex-Prime Minister and Accused War Criminal Arial Sharon Moves from Life Support Back to Hospital Bed | The Case for Hitlerian 'Liebensraum' or 'Living Room' for the Growing, Racist Israeli Nazi Nation | Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Israel's Nazi Torture Accuses Jews of Obvious Genocide Against Moslems | 'It is Inexplicable That We Would Hold Israel's Coat for Them and Let Them Kill Lebanon' Says Ex-U.S. Secretary of State Armitage | Israel's Ability to Believe in Victory Injured Now and Only a Second Vicious War in Lebanon Will Cure It | Israel Allows Gay Parade in Holy City Despite Ignorant Threats by Intolerant Religious Morons | Military Correspondent Says Israel Will Go to War Again Soon | Moslem Medics Urge End to Israeli War of Gaza Genocide | Four Non-Jews in Palestine Executed for Cooperating with Israel's Deadly Nazi Army | Syria Threatens War With Israel | Gaza Patriots Threaten to Bring War into Israel with Hundreds of Human Bombs if Jewish Nazi Army Continues to Invade Gaza Concentration Camp | Israeli Terror State's Corruption Increasing | Latest Powerful Review of "The Power of Israel in the United States" |

November 5
| Pro-Zionist America Tires of a Broken and Badly Destabilized Iraq | Sad Litany of Recent Jewish Wars in Middle East | Saddam Faces Death as a Brave Warrior Despite Negative Judeo-Journalist Spin | Robert Oppenheimer New York Jewish Spy Master Selling Atomic Secrets to the USSR | Republican Party's Pro-Zionist Christians Face Loss of House and Senate | Marinus van der Lubbe, The Jew Who Burned Down the German Reichstag | Retired German Priest Burns Himself to Death to Protest Growth of Islam in Christian Lands | Armand Hammer - FDR Confidant, Communist, Capitalist, Zionist, Millionaire, and Jew | Israel's Neo-Nazi Lieberman Says Separate Jews and Arabs | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Jewish Antecedents | Neo-Nazi Israel Faces Its Impotence in the Useless, Never Ending Gaza Charade | Israel: Divorce America, Marry Russia | Racist Israeli Militants Bloody Gaza, Kill 7 Non-Jewish Palestinian Defenders, 1 Non-Jewish Palestinian Girl | Arab Parliamentarians in Syria Meeting Demand Israel Release Thousands of Kidnapped Palestinian Prisoners Hidden in Jewish Torture Dungeons | Jews and Arabs Can Never Live Together Says Israel's Neo-Nazi Vice Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman | Jews Hated More Than Arabs in America - Violence Is Rare, Just 1 Anti-Semitic Case for Every 228,310 Persons in U.S., Most Minor w/Only 1,314 Total Cases | Militant Cutthroat Jewish Nazis Kill 2 Innocent Red Cross Medics in Clearly Marked Ambulance in Gaza Concentration Camp | Pope Benedict Condemns Savage Jewish Violence in Gaza | Jewish Prime Minister Olmert Defies Holy Christian Pope, Uses Rockets as a Lame Excuse for Gaza War Acts  But Israel Fires Ten Times More Rockets on Gaza than are Fired Back | Judeo-Christianity's Fallen Leader and Friend of Israel, Pastor Ted Haggard, Admits His Judeo-Christian Sinfulness and Publishes a Very Sensitive, Apologetic, and Heartfelt Letter of Contriteness to His Church | Zionists Seek to Silence Critics of Israel. Well, Duh... | ADL's Foxman Under Fire for Saying There Are No Tolerant Moslims | Israeli Sycophant and Highly Arab Populated France Awards Its Legion of Honor to a Jew Raised by a Christian Whom Many Allege to be America's Most Bigoted Jewish Supremacist | Neo-Nazi Israeli Vice Prime Minister Wants 'Jews Only' Homogeneous Nation |

November 4
| Six Arab States Join Rush To Go Nuclear | Jewish Torture of Non-Jews in Israel's Dungeons | Women Honored by Gaza Nation, Rushed to Mosque and Place Selves in Danger to Stop Israeli Savages from Shooting Patriots of the Occupation, 2 Killed by Jewish Terror Forces | Russian Jewish Genocide Against Millions of Non-Jewish Kulaks in The Ukraine, 1932-1933 | Israeli Occupation Monsters Kill More Than 40 in Gaza, Hamas and Fatah Meet to Form a Coalition and End Jewish Savagery | The Jewish Bitch of New York - The Anarchist Emma Goldman | Civil War in Bloodied Iraq May Follow Saddam Death Verdict Cheney: No Matter the Election Outcome, Iraq Will Proceed 'Full Steam Ahead' | Neocon Culpa Says Vanity Fair | George W. Bush Vetoed the Plan His Father Made for Him to Replace Rumsfeld with a Top General | Partitioning Iraq: Would Cutting the Nation into Pieces Cure the Ethnic Problem or Exacerbate It? | Zionist Press Shoves Fallen Homosexual, Drug-Using Minister Down Judeo-Christianity's Fully Exposed Throat | Comedian Borat Cohen Goes Wild Opens #1 in Theaters | Iraq Hangs in Balance, Nervously Waits to See If Saddam Gets Noose from the Much Hated Pro-Zionist American Occupation Force | Christian Occupation Invaders from Europe Ambush Indigenous Moslem Patriots Near Kabul, Afghanistan | Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of the Neo-Nazi Israeli Terror State Falls to 20% Support | Olmert's Russian Jewish Nazi Alliance Government Threatens Mideast Peace | Jewish Father Grieves Death of His Viciously Armed Militant Yiddish Son Killed in Olmert's Fascist Israeli Hate Raid Into Non-Jewish Gaza Strip Killing and Making Cripples of Tens of Innocent Indigenous Christians and Moslems Including Women, Boys, and Babies | Corruption Czar Linked to Allegedly Shady Deals with Prime Minister Olmert | Olmert's Neo-Nazi Appointee Speaks Out, Says Peace Process Failed, Strong Man Methods Required | Israeli Nazi Forces Round Up Boys, Interrogate, Kill Gaza's Patriots, and Wreck Homes, Buildings, Make Lame Claim All Non-Jewish Persons Murdered by Jewish Terrorists in Attacks Are Militants | Non-Jewish Palestinians Fire Back, Wounding 3 Jewish Israeli Occupation Militants in Rafah, Gaza | Arab Parliamentarians Meeting in Syria Condemn Jewish Israeli Offensive into Non-Jewish Palestinian Gaza Declaring it Mass Genocide |

November 3
| Major U.S. Jewish Conspirators Meet to Map Out New Israeli Strategies Before Committing their American Puppets to Their Pro-Zionist and Anti-American Decisions Which Will Continue to Spread Havoc on American Interests World Wide | Zionist Philanthropist Walter Annenberg's Ticket Out of Hell | Nuclear Confusion in A-Bomb Fat Israel and Its Racist Neo-Nazi Terror State | The Jewish Defense League's Leader and Founder, Meir Kahane, That Good Old Terrorist All-American Jew Boy | The Jewish Fix Is In: Americans Will Suffer Under Their Zionist Masters No Matter What Happens, Because the U.S.'s Coup d' Etat Will Remain in Effect and in Israel's Pocket No Matter Which Pro-Zionist Political Party Wins There | Genocidal Jewish Anti-Christian Activities and Movements | Judgment Day for Saddam Looms to Coincide With American Elections | The A-Z of Russia's Jewish Oligarchs | Zionist American Occupation Thugs Put Iraq on Alert for Higher Violence to Coincide with American Elections and an Unpopular Hanging Verdict for Iraq's Beloved and Duly Elected President Saddam Hussein | The Unbelievable Christian Conversion of a Troubled and Talented Athletic Jewish Boy Named Marty Tadman | Texas Puts 'Virtual Border Watch' On Line Despite Certainty of Subversive Protests by Many Jewish Anti-American Organizations | Extremely Popular Jewish Senator Lieberman Continues His Winning Election Way as Independent Senate Candidate | Pro-Zionist U.S. Government and Military Pave New Email Voting for Troops Despite Questions | Pro-Zionist Republicans Prove Racist in Removing Flu Shots from Hispanic and Black Polling Places for Fear It Would Increase Democratic Turnout | Globalist Inventor of the World Wide Web Fears Internet May Bring Anti-Democratic Surprises in an Unknown and Uncontrolled Virtual Future | All Ocean Fish May Become Extinct in 50 Years in Increasingly Polluted Zionist-Controlled World of Materialism and Resulting Aquatic Death | Fish Watch:  A Mind-Boggling Dead Oceanic Projection in an Increasingly Exploitive Zionist New World Order Future | Jewish Song Mafia Sues Woman for Kids Downloading 1,000 Songs Available Free on FM Radio and Library CD Collections | Jewish-Owned Google and Similar Internet Search Companies Will Be Able to Tell What Everyone Did on the Internet Forever | Pro-Zionist British Believe President Bush More Dangerous than North Korean President Kim Jong-Il and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad | Multi-Million Shekel Semi-Corpse of the War Criminal and Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon Rushed to Hospital |

November 2
| Hypocritical Zionist Democrats Reveal the Immorality of Hypocritical Zionist Republicans | Introducing The Jew York Times Company | Gaza Is a Jail. No One Can Enter or Leave Without a Pass. | Jewish N.Y. Times Pulitzer Prize Deceiver, Walter Durante | Arabian Press Anger Builds Over Ongoing Zionist Militant Sadism | The 6 Jewish Companies that Own 96% of Media | Mideast Summit 'Imminent' Between Palestinians and Their Tel Aviv Zionist Terrorist Tormentors | The Unfair Jewish Cabal at NPR | Hezbollah Confirms Secret Talks with Official Israeli Terror Representatives | Jewish Africa Slave Trade to the Americas | Mossad Deception Found in Lame Claim that Israel's Fascist Overflights are Being Used to Pressure the U.N. to Stop Arms to Hezbollah | Israel's Neo-Nazi Government Sticking Its Head in Sand Over Impnding U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq | A Broke Israeli Government With No Friends and No Place to Go May Reluctantly Accept the Saudi Peace Plan | James Petra's 18 Points That Must be Implemented to End the Subversive Anti-American Influence of the Israeli Lobby | Judeo-American Occupation Era Drawing to an End in the Middle East | Provocation in Lebanon's Skies | Opposing Religions in Jerusalem Find Unity in Hate | Israel's Existential Crisis | Sharp Increase in Corporate Boycotts of Israel Proposed by Arab Organizations | Deteriorating Race Law and Related Arab Diversity Problems Escalating in Israel | Occupational Forces and Their Racist Anti-Arab Prisons | Precarious Congress Courts Jewish Votes; How Jews View the Issues | U.S. vs. AIPAC | Dr. David Duke Teaches 'Anti-Semitism 101' at Kiev University |

November 1
| How Zionist Neocon Favorites Duped U.S. | Four Neurotic Jewish Women Founded the Feminist Movement | A Fanciful Neocon Version of Our Expansionist History | The Israeli Terror State's Long-Term Commitment to Its Continuous Wars of Arab Annihilation | Jewish Center for Defense Information Tries to Subvert U.S. Security | The Child Pedophile, Murderer, and Rapist Whose Court Case Started the Subversive Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith's Ritualistic Religious Child Penis Surgery Cult | Meet the Fantastic Gaggle of Zionists at the CDI - Center for Defense Information | Zionist Neo-Nazi Terror Squads Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Jewish Ringworm Children | Lenin's Jewish Mummy | Seven U.S. Presidents Were Jewish Pawns Caught Up by the Masters of Deception | The Not So Lovable President Lieberman of the Israeli Terror State | Meet the Subversive Jews of the German Socialist Revolution, Because Every Person Mentioned in This History Is Jewish | President Bush Agrees to Meet and Discuss Iran with Alleged Israeli War Criminal In Two Weeks | Olmert Says Israel May Widen Its Genocidal Policies in Gaza | Dwindling Fortunes of the Olmert Government in an Israel Constantly Plagued with the Worst Atrocities, Scandals, War Crimes, and Frauds | Cheney Pushing Israel Toward Fascism | Jewish Burlesque Opens on Loan From Detroit to Chicago in a One Night Stand | Israel's Genocidal Killing Rage Continues in Bloodied Gaza, 8 Moslems, 1 Militant Zionist Dead | Russia Defends $700 Million Sale of Missiles to Iran as Limited in Range and Defensive in Nature Only | Israel, Lebanese War Burns Pot Smokers | Israeli War Lords Threaten to Defy U.N. 1701 Ceasefire | Israel Vows to Continue Dangerous, Provocative, and Illegal Flights Over Sovereign Lebanese Territory | P.W. Botha Felt Israel Had Betrayed All South Africans | Israel Emerging as Key Factor in Connecticut Senate Race | Israel Planning Advertising B.S. to Present False Picture of Israel as a Non-Violent Place | Israel Commits Collective Human Rights Violations against Palestinian People in Concentration Camps Known as 'Occupied Palestinian Territory' |  


October 31
| Blair Facing

 Parliament Pro-Zionist Iraq War Showdown | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | What Famous People Have to Say About the Jews | Greenspan's IMF Failures Were Good for Bankers | Commons Debating Zionist War Inquiry | Paris Subway Anti-Semite Hoax | Mopping Up the Zionist Blood in Baghdad's ER | Elvis Presley's Jewish Heritage | Grim October Benchmark as Pro-Zionist U.S. Deaths Reach 100 American Soldiers | Is Rupert Murdoch Really Jewish? | Only 22% of Australians Believe the Pro-Zionist War in Iraq is Worth It | Pro-Zionist Pentagon Orders in Massive Increase in Its Department for Media Propaganda | $379 Billion Poured Down Zionist War Hole in Baghdad | Experts: Pro-Zionist Iraq War to Rule All Issues Next Year | Republicans to Pay Heavy Price for Their Zionist Neocon Support for the Iraq War Kerry | U.S. Service Academy Graduates Unite against American Zionism's Illegal Iraq War | Pro-Zionist Iraq War Fueling Terrorism inside U.K. | The Final Word on America's Many Pro-Zionist Wars:  Killing Non-Jewish People is 'Gook Hockey' | 'Out of Iraq' by Non-Jew George McGovern | Non-Jewish Lamont Shifts Back to Zionist Lieberman's Iraq War for Election Win | 525 Protesters Against Pro-Zionist Iraq War at Minnesota's State Capital Building in St. Paul | U.K. - We Need Closure on The Pro-Zionist Iraq War | Two Non-Jews Killed Protecting their Nation by Militant Zionists in Gaza | Egypt Enters War on Border: Advances 5,000 Troops As Israeli Militant Zionist Air Force Threatens to Bomb Egyptian Territory | Hamas Self-Defense Forces Slam U.S. Over It's Support for Israel Terror State's False Self-Defense Claim | An International Peace-Keeping Force in Gaza to Keep Pro-Zionist and Anti-Zionist Militants Apart is Long Overdue | U.S. vs. AIPAC | Non-Jewish Man Arrested in Spain for Holocaust Questions | Assassinate Half of Congress Says the World's Most Outspoken and Anti-Zionist Web Radio Show Commentator | Iran Doubles Nuclear Production |

October 30
| Israel Admits Using Chemical Bombs in Lebanon | Jewish President Dwight 'David' Eisenhower | Eustace Mullins on the Neo-Zionist Danger | Israel Issues Apology for 'Military Misunderstandings' | Want to Have Your Own Jew Blog? | Knesset Confirms Governmental Right Wing Neo-Nazi Appointment | Killer Jew Communists | White House Lies About Torture | Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis | Saudi Ambassador Slams U.S. Israel Policy | 'Israel's Number One Fascist Has Been Upgraded' | Canada Regime Recognizes Its Own Shameful Zionist Domination in Public by Jewish Supremacists When It Calls Any Attack on Israel an Attack on Canada | U.N. Gathers Forensic Information on Israel's Use of a Uranium Weapon | Israel 2nd Largest Arms Importer, 7th Largest Exporter | United States Trudges into the Israeli Torture Horror | Israel Likely Used Radioactive Bombs | Judeo-Evangelicals Turning Away from U.S.-Israel War Mongering in Iraq | Hamas Losing Substantial Support Due to Erosion of its Social Programs Due to Israel's Constant Terrorism in Gaza | Neo-Nazi Israel Killed 300 Hamas Operatives in 3 Months: Olmert | Hamas-Fatah Blowback Onto Israel Proper Is Possible: Defense Minister Amir Peretz | The Scandal of Attacking the Fledgling Democracy in Gaza | Saddam's Chief Lawyers Walk Out Because Corrupt Stalinesque Court Won't Allow Attorneys to Present a Defense | Baghdad Bomb Kills at Least 30, Wounds 60 | Racist Against White Indigenous Americans, Pro-Zionist Tuscon Media Rants for Mexicans Against White Candidates and Supporters in its Verbal Spew of Racist Anti-Majority Divisive Banter | Jewish Holocaust Nazi Pushes Quest for Forcing Entire Arab World to Accept the Zionist Belief System that 6,000,000 Jews Were Murdered |

October 29
| Israel Illegally Threatens German U.N. Observation Helicopter with F-16's | The 1919 Shameless Holocaust Claim | Abbas Asks Israel to Allow Jordan's Forces into Gaza to Help in Providing Security | The Infamous "International Jew" by Henry Ford | This Week is the 50th Anniversary of the Abortive and Divisive Attack on the Suez Canal by the Combined Zionist Forces of Israel and the United Kingdom | Bolshevisim and Zionism | Hypocritical Israel:  Asks Europe Not to Boycott Israeli Appearances at Universities Gets Europe to Cancel Its Visit to Israel Because Daughter of the Rightwing French Anti-Zionist Le Pen Would Have Attended | Jews and the Black Holocaust | UNIFIL Commander Asks EU to Demand that Criminal Over Flights by Israel Over the Sovereign State of Lebanon Be Immediately Terminated and to So Enforce that Restriction | How to Make A Donation to Jew Watch | EU Again Demands Israel Cease Its Illegal Flights over Lebanon | Israel's Labor Party to Stay in Government Despite Neo-Nazi Party Participation | Wealthy Israelis Shelling out Big Bucks for Nuclear Shelters over Iran Fear | IDF Officials Want More War in Gaza, Use Tunnel Ruse | The Power of Israel in the United States | 26 Russian and Israeli Mafia Jews Deported from Goa | Substantial Jewish Vote in Florida May be Election Key | Black Zionists Come to Aid of Israel in University Protests | Super Amounts of Money From America Arriving in Israel to Pay for War Damage | Jews Approve of Strike on Hezbollah Only by a Few Percent | No Matter How Much Republicans Pandered to Jews by Starting the Iraq War for Arial Sharon and the Jewish Neocons, they Still Voted 75% Democratic | Comedian Cohen:  "I Travel in America by Car Just in Case the Jews Repeat Their Attack of 9/11" | Nuclear Illegal Ehud Olmert of A-Bomb Fat Israel Hypocritically Reprimands World for Not Stopping Iran from Attaining Israeli Type Nuclear Weapons | One Nation of Jewry Propaganda Not 'Sticking' to Many Jewish Youths | What Happens When You Are Christian and Find Out You Are Jewish? | New Poll: 81% Of American Jews Believe Arab Goal Is Destruction Of Israel, Not More Land |

October 28
| Middle East Politics of U.S.-Israeli Nuclear Geo-Horror | Interesting Jewish Executives | Pro-Zionist U.S. To Rebuild Lebanon's Largest Bridge Which Was Destroyed by Israel Using U.S. Manufactured Bombs | Jewish Bolsheviks | Israel's National Zionists (NAZI's) in Tel Aviv Apologize for Their F-16's Illegally Attacking Germany's Navy | Russian Media, Jewish Assets | Anti-Democratic Israeli Hate State Draws Up An Assassination Hit List of Hamas Leaders | The Jews and 911... A Developing Area of Interest to The Jew Watch Project | Evidence Builds Suggesting Israel Using Illegal Uranium Based Weapons | Strategic Nazi Threat Looms in Israel | Democratic Party Just as Controlled by America's National Zionist NAZI Terrorists as Is the Republican Party | War Lords Tell Israeli Anti-Arab Nazi State to Prepare for New Wars | Fascist / Racist Israeli Court Gives Nod to Anti-Moslem Apartheid Walls | Iran:  Britain Should Explain Its View Toward Israel's Illegal Nuclear Arsenal | Mossad's Masters of Deception Support Remaining Vague over Israel's Nuclear Arsenal, Because 'It Has Served Us and Is Good for the Future' | Israel Admits Using Chemical Phosphorus Bombs in Lebanon | Palestinian Factions Say Prisoner Exchanges Near | Fatah, Hamas Agree to End Weapons Display, Tensions, and to Work for Peace in Palestine's Streets | Report: FBI Probe of AIPAC Intelligence Committee Tampering on Behalf of Jewish Congresswoman Growing into Many New Areas of Interest | What's For Dinner? A Heaping Plate of Jewish Spies and Intrigue in Sensitive Washington Intelligence Circles | The Expanding Anti-White Racism of the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center | National Zionist Israeli Police Arrest Man in Akka, Palestine for Referring to "Nazi" Prime Minister Olmert |

October 27
| Jewish Promoted French Diversity Lies Wasted in Its Parisian Ruins: 14 Christian French Policemen Injured by French Moslem Intifada Each Day, 2,600 Injured in Single Year | Meet the Russian Jewish Monica Lewinsky! | Robert Fisk: Did Israel Use a Secret New Uranium-Based Weapon in the Lebanon War? | 900 Quotes By and About Jews | Ahmadinejad Calls for Baby Boom to Double Iran's Population to 120 Million to Increase Its Military Strength | 6 Jewish Companies that Own 96% of the World's Media | Fighting Flares in Israel's Racially Abused Gaza Concentration Camp as Conditions There Deteriorate | Israel's Child Murders at Ter Hafra During the Illegal Lebanon War | Israel's Cruel National Zionist (Racist Nazi) Occupation of Gaza Concentration Camp Is One of the World's Worst Intolerance Scandals | Majority of the 9,000 Palestinians Locked in Israeli Torture Dungeons Illegally Detained | Israel May Use 'Smart Bombs' to Destroy Its Fictitious Smuggling Tunnels in Gaza | Israeli Rights Group Condemns Conditions inside Israel's Nazi Torture Dungeons | Jewish Nazis Occupying Gaza Murder 3 More Non-Jewish Youths Since Thursday | Abbas Threatens to Liquidate Hamas Government, a Provocative Act that Would Increase Tensions Dangerously in Gaza | Arab Leaders: Knesset Ready to Recognize 50-Year-Old Kafr Kasim Massacre | Germany Says Lebanon Cooperating Totally With the U.N. Naval Weapons Blockade | Lebanon's Aftermath: All Israeli War Goals Still Lost | Pro-Zionist U.S. Public Relations Deception: Nation That Gave Israel's Aerial Nazi Blitzkrieg Tons of Deadly Cluster Bombs for Inhumane Destruction of Beirut Says U.S. Committed to Lebanon's Complete Recovery, But Merely Offers a Scant Pittance in Aid When $10 Billion Will Be Required | Deadly Israeli War Planes Hover Over Lebanon's Sovereign Territory Despite U.N. Demand to Cease All Israeli Over Flights | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Penis Cult Fans Racist Flames of Religious Intolerance for Non-Jews Around World Under False Anti-Islamic Guise of a Constant and Faked Anti-Terrorist Rhetoric

October 26
| Is America Ready for Professor James Petra's New PC Blockbuster of a Book, "The Power of Israel in the United States"? | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish by Birth Right? | Duly Elected, Pleasant, and Well-Groomed Neo-Nazi Legislators Take Their Seats in Berlin | Jewish Faces | Israeli Liars Seek to Falsely Rebrand Israel's Image as "Peace Loving" Despite Years of Evidence to the Contrary | Zionist Subversive Bernard Baruch Who Penetrated FDR's White House and Helped Get the U.S. into World War Two in Order to Protect the Jewish Leaders Who Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews in the USSR | Israeli Military Admits Incident Occurred vis-a-vis German Navy but Denies Directly Firing on Ship | The Sad Saga of Jewish Pulitzer Prize Winner Walter Duranty of the New York Times Who Falsely Won a Pulitzer Prize in 1933 for Hiding How Stalin's Brother-In-Law, the Jewish General Lazarus Kaganovich, Committed the Genocide of Millions of Non-Jews in the Ukraine and Elsewhere | Pro-Zionist NATO Insensitively Lauds Partnership with Arab-Hating Israeli Terrorist State | Israel Lies, Says It Found 100 Tunnels on Gaza-Egypt Border, Then Calls Sudden, Shameful Withdrawal 'A Political Leadership Decision' | An Israel Known for Its Lies Claims It Thwarted Shipment of TNT at Its Apartheid Walled Karni Crossing Point But Offers Only Useless Words and No Visual Proof | Human Rights Monitors Condemn Israel's Sadistic Terrorist Methods in Its Concentration Camps and Nationally Administered Torture Chambers | European Parliament Intolerantly Puts Off Israeli Trip When Nationalist European MP Marine Le Pen Appears on List of Guests | Israel's Continued War Mongering F-16 Invasions Over Sovereign Lebanese Territory Condemned by President | Sensitive CNN Sniper Video Raised Cockles of America's Rightwing Republican War Lords | Congresswoman Jane Harmon's Troublesome Intelligence Committee (Spy Committee) Connection with Israel's Subversive AIPAC Lobbyists | Ridiculous:  Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Penis Mutilation Ritual Cult Fears People Too Stupid to View Comedy Movie Without Becoming Anti-Semites | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Wages War Against Non-Jewish America Using Swindle of Federal vs. State Laws on Housing to Protect Criminal Immigrants in Direct Opposition to the Civil Rights of Real American Citizens to be Protected from Invading Foreign Hordes | Soft Adult Anti-Neocon Humor: Irreverent, Scandalous, and Abusive Satire on President Bush Among Hundreds of Short Films Negative to Neocon Mania and Now Playing on YouTube |

October 25
| Israeli Terror State's Air Force Attacks Germany's Navy | Israel's White Slavery Industry | Hezbollah Aid Race | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Founded Over the Many Leo Frank Child Molestation, Murder, and Rape Scandals | Lebanon Parliament Speaker Seeks Negotiations for Pro-Iranian Hezbollah Coalition Government | The International Criminal Nuclear Arms Conspiracies Undertaken by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion | Talks in Israel on Final Form of Olmert's National Zionist Nazi Coalition Government | The Illegal Massacre of Egyptian Tank Officers in 1967 by the Racist Israeli Terror State | Racist Israel Soon to Teach Jewish High School Students 'the Dangers of Assimilation' | Wrong Way Coalition: Russian Jewish Nazi Party Government Is another Move Backwards in the Mideast | Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Successfully Passes All Jewish Sniff Tests | Big Jewish Brouhaha Rages Over Yiddish ACLU Cult's Advertisement Bashing Connecticut's Zionist Senator Lieberman | Investigation Into AIPAC Scandal's Many Tentacles May Expose the True Extent of Jewish Trojan Horse Subversion in America | Hand-Picked U.S. Treasury Jew Testifies as Faux Expert on Democratically Elected Hamas in Racist Stalin Show Trial Against Accused Moslem Accused of Funding Arabs Against the Hated Israeli Terrorist State | Despite Tragic Consequences of a Pre-Emptive Attack on Hezbollah and Lebanon, Israel Now Contemplates Repeating the Exact Same Mistake Against Hamas and Palestine | Rice Increases Mideast Disgust for Pro-Zionist U.S. Hate Regime, Arrogantly Demands U.N. Impose Immediate Sanctions | Argentine Prosecutors Seek Arrest of Former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani | Russia To Veto Sanctions If Its Nuclear Plant Construction Deal in Iran Were to be Halted | Bush: American Patience to Stay in Iraq War Has Limits | Israel's War With Iran for Mideast Hegemony | Precarious Lebanon War Stalemate | U.S. Bully Threatens Iran With More Sanctions If It Tries to Subvert the Illegal, Unpopular, and Unwanted U.S. Puppet Government in Iraq | Ring the Alarms: Israel's New Nazi Rightwing Coalition Government Might Rival Hindenburg's Appointment of Adolf Hitler's to Chancellor | Israeli Cluster Bomb Deaths Escalate Among Lebanon's Innocent Children, 40% of Bombs Lie in Wait to Kill Kids |

October 24
| New Cabinet Appointment Tilts Already Zionazi Israel Even Farther to the Jewish Racist Right | Genocide Pictures of Zionist Child Murders in Gaza | Israeli Nazi State: More Gaza Murder Coming | State Prosecutor's Office Investigating Criminal Allegations Against Prime Minister Olmert | Jewish Controlled Newspapers | Occupation of Gaza and West Bank Erodes and Weakens Israel's Security Capabilities | Nice Jewish Boy Turns Into Spy | Israeli Terror State Has the Audacity to Ask the U.N. to Denounce Iran's Call for Israel to Move Its Anti-Moslem Terrorism and Religious Supremacy Back to Europe | Russia's Jewish Oligarchs from A to Z The Precarious Stalemate | Iran's Ayatollah: Israel's Defeat is a 'New Chapter' | World Silent as Fascists Join Israeli Government | Israel Resumes Flu Vaccines After 4 Die | Abduction of Spanish Journalist Signals Troubling Trend in Gaza | Zionist Federation Plans to Stuff 60-Year Anniversary of the Israeli Nazi State Down England's Politically Correct Throat | Supporting Torture Inside the Israeli Terror State | An Interview with Senator Charles Schumer | Washington DC Signals Intention to Begin Distancing Itself from AIPAC and Israel's Terror State | AIPAC in Possible FBI Trouble Again for Helping Congresswoman Jane Harmon's Intelligence Committee Duties | Morris Dees of the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Propaganda and Espionage Organization Admits in Interview that America Has Made Almost No Diversity Integration Progress | Pro-Zionist White House Defends Ruined Iraq Plan | Iraq Study Group Report Leak Reveals the Absurdity of Achieving Any of Bush's Jewish Neocon Goals | Another Ten Year Old Boy Killed by Illegal Zionist Cluster Bomb | Nasrallah, Fadlallah Warn Against US Efforts to Instigate Strife Among Muslims |        

October 23
| Establishing a Palestinian Nation Does Not Legitimize the Falsely Manufactured Israeli Terror State | Putin's Joke to Israeli Prime Minister Olmert on Israel's 60-Year-Old President's Rape Charge: "Listen. Congratulate Your President. We Didn't Think He Had It In Him! | The Russian (Jewish) Immigration Renaissance | Jewish-Owned Time Accuses Jewish-AIPAC of Aiding the Election of a Congresswoman to an Intelligence Committee, Possibly Placing Secrets in Sensitive Jewish Hands, A Federal Crime, FBI Investigating | U.S.-Jewish Doves Consider Alternative to AIPAC War Monger | 'The Real Axis of Evil,' A State Without Mercy | Olmert Turns to Militant Far Right for Power Cling, Enlists Help of Neo-Nazi Rightwingers Pressing to Deport All Arabs | Israel Kills 7 Palestinians in Gaza, Claims 3 Were Gunmen, But Israel is Known for Such Lies | What About Israel's Nukes? | Israeli Terrorist State Blames Totally Peaceful Iran for Threat to Mideast Peace, Although It Is Israel and Not Iran That Does the Constant Killing Day-By-Day | Israeli Government Fracturing Under Troubles It Caused Itself | Indonesia Buys Unmanned Aerial Drones From Israel | Majority of All Jews in America Including America's Subversive Non-Loyal Leftwing Jews Posing as Republican New Conservatives (False Op Neocons) Think Arabs Want to Destroy Israel | More Israeli Aggression in Near Future As Zionists Seek More Control Over Egyptian Border | Ahmadinejad Warns U.S. and Western World to Stop War Mongering By Supporting the Nazi Israeli Terror State | False Zionist Christians Pack Questionable Church to Support the Atheistical False Jews of Israel Who Claim They Are Jews But Are Not Jews | Archaeology on the Origins of Israel | Iraq Ministry Removes Some from Police Forces to Keep Up Appearances for U.S.-Israel War Masters | 44 Die as Ramadan Ends in U.S.-Zionist Iraq Colony | Hamas Rule Under Israeli Military Attacks Causes Exodus of Palestinian People | Hamas Minister: Move Israel to Europe | In Coming Days, Olmert Will Make Decision on Dramatic Gaza Assault | Ahmadinejad: West Didn't Harm Nuke Program, Production Increased 1,000% So Far |

October 22
| Israeli Terror State Tells France Not to Interfere with Illegal Zionist Overflights | Israeli Terror State's Plan for Mass Annihilation of Arabs in the Middle East | Zionist War Criminal State Confirms It Dropped Deadly Burning Phosphorous Bombs on Non-Jews | Armand Hammer, Jr., Wealthy Jewish Communist and Capitalist, Friend of USSR, and Spy in FDR White House | Canadian Prime Minister Vows Blind Zionist Allegiance to Tel Aviv's Jewish Terrorism | Master Jewish Terrorist Lazarus Kaganovich of the USSR, Brother in Law of Joseph Stalin, and 'Butcher of the Ukraine' who Murdered Millions of Innocent Non-Jews | Israeli Court Asks Israel's President Who Is Accused of Raping Women to Resign in 7 Days to Offer Explanations Why Not | Israel's Jewish Neo-Nazi Terrorists in Shin Bet | Four Zionists Die After Receiving French Flu Vaccine | Israel Appoints Zionist Public Relations Propagandist as Its Newest Colonial Governor in Washington, D.C. | Republican Partisan Ads for Israel Bode Ill for Bi-Partisan Support of the Deadly Zionist State | Liar and Embellisher of Auschwitz Eli Wiesel Rejects Offer to Run for President of Israel to Replace Accused Criminal Rapist Moshe Kasav | Israel Founded Using Fake British Bank Notes Printed by German Nazis | More Breaking News on the Nazi's Fake U.K. Money Used by the Jews to Start the Israeli Terror State | Iraq's Corrupt U.S.-Zionist Puppet Government Stole $800 Million Slated for Weapons | Withdrawal from Iraq Is Now the Best Option | Israel's Ambassador to Germany 'Surprised' at Rise in Anti-Semitism After Israel Murdered Thousands in West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon, but the Ambassador Very Cleverly Never Mentions the Murders as a Possible Reason | Hamas Denounces Israel as an Abscess on the Middle East, Seeks to Arrest More Israeli Soldiers and Hold Them in Response to Increased Israeli Terror, Wounding, Arrests, and Even Murder of Hamas Citizens |

October 21
| Worst Month in Iraq for Neocon President as His Lost Zionist War in Mideast Nearer to Surrender | Jewish Greed and the Black Holocaust | New FBI Probe of Possibly Illegal AIPAC Placement of "Israeli Friendly' Congresswoman on 'Secret Sensitive' Intelligence Committee | Zionism's Admitted Intifada Atrocities | How Iraq Came Home to Haunt America's Jewish War Lords | Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein of California | Huge Gaps in Iraq Death Estimates | The Jew Watch Project's Jewish Pornography Study Archive | At Least 41 More Killed in Iraq Bomb Blasts as Pro-Zionist American Chicken Army Fails in Security Mission | CNN Under Fire by Anti-Free Speech Congressmen for Airing So-Called Snuff Film | America Lost the War through "Arrogance" and "Stupidity" | U.K. and American Pro-Zionist Decision-Makers Cannot Be Trusted to Handle the Withdrawal | American Regime Discusses Untested New Tactics While the Forces of Bloody Civil War Clash and Kill in Its Failing Colony of Iraq | Iraq Is No Vietnam -- It Is Far Worse Than That | Death Toll of AIPAC War Already Reaches 78 More American Soldiers in Iraq Who Died for Israel and Not for America in First 21 Days of October Alone | Russia Says International Demands on Hamas 'Unrealistic' | Racist Israel Openly Discriminating Against Non-Jews | 'The House of War' Traces the Militarization of America by War Lords | Israeli Planes Steering Clear of Lebanon -- France | 'Be Very Scared,' Olmert Tells Iran | Olmert Meets Top Russian Rabbi, Urges All Jews to Leave Russia for Israel | Dangerous Israeli Anti-American Traitor-Spy Jonathan Pollard to Ehud Olmert: Your Silence is Costing Me My Life | Olmert's Gamble | Olmert Raises Iran as Issue in Kremlin Talks | Putin Cool to Olmert's Iran Plea | Former Mossad Chief Says 'Israel Is Indestructible' | Mossad Ex-Chief: America Cannot Foist Democracy on Iraq | Shin Bet Terror Calls Make for Bleak Ramadan inside Nazi Israel's Many Moslem Concentration Camps | Lying Shin Bet Leader Links Arab-Israelis to Drugs, Terrorism, and Crime, Forgetting Jewish-Israelis as well as the CIA and Mossad Always Use the Exact Same Paths for Funding their Own Terrorist Activities | Saying NO to Zionist Torture Methods |

October 20
| Tens of Thousands of Peaceful Religious Moslems Converge Quietly and Respectfully in Record Numbers Atop the Temple Mount Around 'The Dome of the Rock' Mosque for Ramadan Services in the Heart of Zionist Jerusalem | Photograph's of Zionist Genocide Against Children | Iran's Ahmadinejad Predicts Israel's Collapse, Warns of 'Boiling Wrath' | Graphic Proof of Jewish Domination of News Media | Independent Jewish Senator Lieberman Leads Non-Jewish Democratic Candidate Lamont by 52 to 35 Percent Among Likely Connecticut Voters | FDR's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | Jewish Leftwing Plans for Diversity in France May End Up in Civil War and a New Culture of Defiance as Violence Among Frustrated Youths Angry with Racial Divide Grows by 30 Percent This Year | Vanunu Fingers Israeli Mossad as John F. Kennedy's Assassin | Zionism Vs. Jewish-Bolshevism, Struggle for Jewish Control | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Fans False Racial Divisiveness including Possible White Blood Libel in Cheap, Sleazy Press Outings that Directly Seem to Dehumanize What the SPLC Refers to Generically as 'Skinheads' Using Demeaning Rhetorical Devices Which Might Well Be Called 'Racist' | Protective Convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh of Hamas Receives Gunfire | Suspicious and Convenient Arrest of Rapidly Confessing Palestinians in Egypt Supposedly Caught with 195 Cases of Weapons Bound for Palestine Sounds Like Typical Mossad False Op Set Up | Christian Science Monitor Investigates Possibility of New Deadly Israeli Weapon Used in Military Experiment inside Gaza | Mossad Continues to Kill Innocent Men, Women, and Children in Gaza and to Spew Forth Tunnel Stories for Smuggling of Weapons in Gaza Without Any Supportive Evidence | Israeli Terror State's Sadistically Criminal Siege of Gaza Bearing Little Fruit for Its Zionist Conspiracy | Israeli Defense Force Far Humbler After Lessons Learned the Hard Way in Lebanon War | Hamas Humanitarian and Pro-Democracy Fund-Raising Continues Despite Criminal Efforts by U.S.-Israel Enemies of Democracy to End It | Israel Defends Its Illegal Flights Over Lebanon | Israel's War of Aggression Sets Back Lebanon Many Years | Israeli Lies Thicken as Minister Accuses Hamas of Taking Iranian Bribes Not to Release Israeli War Prisoner Shalit |

October 19
| Interviews Show U.S.-Israeli Terror Axis Wielded Chemical Weapons During 'Massive Killing' in Fallujah, Iraq | Endless Jewish Rothschild Banking Conspiracies Financed the Creation of World Communist Terror | Zionist Collaboration with Hitler and His Nazis | Non-Jewish Scientists Find Cancer Cure | How the Russian Jewish Mafia is Taking Over Israel's Underground | Bloody Zionist War-Starting White House Rejects Iraq's Desire to be Permanently Partitioned into 3 Independent and Peaceful Nations -- Kurdistan, Shiitestan, and Sunnistan | Racist Israeli Worship Services Continue to Grow in Esteem at the Dr. Baruch Goldstein's Terrorist Memorial | Pentagon Investigation Finds Propaganda Lies Sent by Army to Iraq Newspapers to be Part of a Perfectly Fine American Legal Tradition | More on the Jews Who Bankrolled and Led the Red USSR Revolution, Killing Millions of Innocent Christians including Women and Children Behind Its Red Jewish Cloak of Terror and Hate | Tet Memories Underscore Woes in Losing Iraq Conflict | Bush Speaks the "V" Word in Reference to His Absurd Iraq Catastrophe | At Least 38 Killed In Latest Iraq Violence on Day 120 Dead Are Being Buried | Australian Government Under Attack Over Its Irresponsibility in Joining the Lost Iraq War | Blair Has Enough of Iraq Loses, Tosses in the Bloodied British Towel: U.K. Pulls Out in 10 Months | Zionist Nations' Colonial Mea Culpa Over Iraq War | Civil War Deaths & Injuries Rise 22% Showing Impotence of Increased U.S.-Israel Troops | More Than 600,000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq Caused by AIPAC's U.S. Zionist Occupation Forces | Arab-American on Trial in Chicago, Confessed After Being Illegally Tortured by Heartless Jews in the Terrorist Mossad that He Merely Collected Money to Be Used by Arab Patriots to Topple the Despised Israeli Terror State | Hamas Defies Israeli Mossad Propaganda, Denies Israel's Lie that Hamas Receive $50 Million to Not Negotiate on Release of an Israeli Prisoner of War | Hamas Government Asks International Community to Stop Israeli Terror Army from Continuing Its Cruel and Deadly War of Aggression Against the Palestinian People in Bloodied Gaza | An Arrogant Nuclear Armed Israel Threatens Iran With Attack If It Attempts Same | UNIFIL Suggests Use of Force Against Israel | Israeli Terror Government Negotiating New Hate Recognition Deal for Illegal Racist Israeli Outposts in Moslem Areas | Israelis Release Verbal Moronic B.S. Account of Rockets Found in Gaza Tunnels Without Producing a Shred of Evidence in Support of their Most Recent Propaganda Lie to Justify Its Ongoing Murderous Rampages in the The Non-Jewish Strip | Ahmadinejad Says Israel is Fabricated, Illegitimate, a European Power Puppet, and an Insult to Peace in the Region |

October 18
| Zionist Neocon Puppet President Bush Accepts ABC-TV Vietnam-Iraq War Comparison | The Jew Watch Project Study Archive - Jewish Communist New York City Espionage | Israeli Terror Offensive 4 Kilometers Inside Gaza | Jewish Slavery Abolitionists Were Just Another Jewish Lie - They Never Existed | Defense Minister Perez - Zionist Terror State's Newest Bloody Offensive Into Gaza Will Increase in Magnitude and Destructiveness | Jewish Slave Ship Owners | Injuries Point to New Israeli Weapons | Mein Kampf Nation and Race Chapter Exactly as Written by Adolph Hitler | Racist Israel's Strategy to Starve Gaza into Absolute Submission | How to Easily Start Your Own Jewish History Blog with Hundreds of Informative Links to The Jew Watch Project and Help Alert the World to What They Have Been Doing | Israel Kills 2 More Moslems Lying About One of Them Being a Patriot Who Had Helped Captured Shalit and that the Other was Smuggling Arms | 5 Palestinians Murdered by Racist Jews including a Boy, 16, Whose Only Crime was Rock Throwing | Liar Rumsfeld Says His Little Paper Chicken Forces are 'Too Strong' to Lose War in Iraq | 400,000-800,000 Dead in Iraq May Already Top Our Own Civil War Numbers, But the Extremely Traitorous Jewish-Owned Zionist Monopoly Press Keeps Americans Blinded for their Own Little Blessed Jewish Israel | The Count on Day 1,309 of the Lost War in Iraq for Violence Mongering Israel | Absurd AIPAC Purchased War for Israel in Iraq Threatens Careers of the Jews' Best Bribed Republican Congressional Prostitutes | Pro-Zionist NATO Occupation Murders 22 People in Its European Bloodied Colony of Afghanistan, Calls them Insurgents Instead of Patriots, Including Many Women and Children These Racist Europeans Shamefully Murdered | After 5 Years, Afghans View the Futile Occupation of NATO Europeans as a Menace to the Nation's Peace, Safety, and Security Interests as Taliban Re-Emerges as Posed to Regain the Entire Nation Again | Kremlin Suggests Jewish Oligarchs Killed Woman Jewish Reporter to Embarrass Moscow | French Jewish Intellectuals Loudly Attack Slimy ADL's Anti-Intellectual Abraham Foxman for Shutting Down Lecture by Jewish Critic of Israel at His Book Signing in New York's Polish Embassy | France Awards Abraham Foxman 'Legion of Honor Medal' for Developing Increased Racial and Religious Hatred and Bigotry While 'Pretending' to do Just the Opposite and Leaving Anti-Semitism as Bad in France Now as Under the Nazis |

October 17
| Bombshell Report Tells AIPAC Patsy President to Withdraw from Iraq | Donate to Jew Watch | Pro-Zionist Blair Refuses to Leave Iraq as Clouds Loom over Strategies on Both Sides of Atlantic | Holocaust Fact Archive | Bush Confidant Paves Way for Radical Change in Iraq War Policy as Reality of the Complete War Disaster Begins to Soak In | The Newly Developing Historical Truth About the Real Dr. Mengele of Auschwitz | Iraq Choice: Leave Or Be Forced Out | How America Purposely Murdered 1.2 Million Iraqis in 15 Years | Prime Minister of Iraq Accuses Bush of Undermining His Government as First Sign of Impending Withdrawal by U.S.-Israeli Occupying Powers | Frightened U.S.-Israeli War Monger Force Tells Iraq to Issue Last Ditch Amnesty to Insurgents in Desperate Attempt to End the Civil War | Israeli Genocidal Plans for Killing Arabs through Genetically Altered Agents | CNN Poll: Support for Iraq War Only 34% All Time Low | John Kerry: President Bush Committed a 'Gigantic Blunder' | Israel's Goal of Total Chaos in Iraq Reaches Fruition as Insurgents Kidnap 13 Carloads of Shiites in Increasingly Bloody Civil War Build Up | The President's Moronic Rationale of Pure B.S. Flies Directly into the Face of America's Dramatic Cultural and Military Mideast Loss | Pro-Zionist U.S. Troops Erred in Afghanistan By Adopting a 'Peacetime Approach' Too Soon, Says NATO General | British General in Afghan War Theater Says Brit Troops Will be There for 20 More Years | No Prospect of Success in Afghanistan | Political and Military Insiders Run Possible 'Cover Up Inquiries into Israel's Lebanon War Catastrophe | Turkish Red Crescent Offers 50 Prefabricated Schools to Lebanon | UNIFIL Sees Final Israeli Pullout from Lebanon Soon | How Hi-Tech Hezbollah Called the Shots | Israeli Terror State Pushes Into Gaza, Murders 7 Persons Slurring Them With the Term 'Gunmen' | Gaza Doctors Say Patients Suffer New Bizarrely Serious Injuries in Last Israeli Attack | Bush Trashes U.S. Constitution: Signs Detainee Legislation | America's Moral Authority Ends With Terrorist Legislation |

October 16
| Hamas Threatens Israel with 'Unforgettable Lesson' | Hitler Said The Darnedest Things | 'Your Destroyed Tanks Will Become the Total Testimony of Your Total Failure' | The World's Largest Hate Group: Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult | VDARE Announces Legal Fight Against Southern Poverty Law Center's Hostile and Intolerant Censorship Software | Assessing the Super Jewish Founder of the Super Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center | Pope Benedict Panders to Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult | Is the Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Spying on You? | Unanswered, Hateful Remarks by Leftwing Jewish-Bolshevik Hate Cults Slammed by Innocent Scientists in Werner Von Braun's Rocket Team | Spielberg's Propaganda DVD Issued for Brainwashing Use in British Schools Claims Anti-Semitic Holocaust in World War Two Actually Occurred in Guilt-Edged Production, But Mentions Nothing About the Far Worse Jewish Run USSR's Anti-Christian Holocaust That Murdered 65,000,000 Christians and Brought Hitler to Power to Protect Germany from the Same Fate | Is John McCain another Fascist 'Goyim' Neocon for Dangerous Foreign War? | Pro-Zionist Neocon Errors Continue in the Ill-Fated Fraudulent Iraq War | Internet Email Has Erased the Journalist's Filter in Wars Today | Israeli Terror State to Support Pro-Zionist NATO Counter-Terror Patrols in the Mediterranean | Lebanon's Top Shiite Cleric Says U.N. Force Only in Lebanon to Protect the Israeli Terror State | Israel Continues to Tackle Its Own Huge European Sex Slave Trade | The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, Part 2 |

October 15
| Israel's President May Soon Face Rape Charge | A Study of Just One Multi-Jew Day on Cable News | Religious Bigotry Erupts in West York Elementary School | The Litany of Constant Zionist Terror, War, and Lethal Conflict in the Bloodied Middle East, 1948-1982 | The Niqab, Cross & Yarmulke  -- Freedom of Religion vs. Government Dictatorship | Walter Duranty, The Notorious Jewish Reporter Who Disgraced the Pulitzer Prize With Lies of Omission About Stalin Not Being a Genocidal Killer of Non-Jews in the Artificial Ukrainian Famine of 1933 | Hamas Threatens to Break the 20 Month Truce over Israel's Deadly Invasion and Massacre in Gaza | HUAC's Black List of Jewish Communist Subversives in America Who Were Caught Doing Great Harm | Skewed Religious and Patriotic Priorities in the U.K. | Hamas Denies Reports It Seeks to Attack American Properties | Mossad Report: Hamas Has New Anti-Aircraft Missile | Hamas Slams Jordan for Cooperating in the Genocide Relocation of Hamas Citizens to Canada | Hamas: U.S. Financing Fatah to Defeat Palestine's Public and Open Election | Dead Tolls Pass 23 as Israel 'Hunts Down Rockets' But Ends Up Killing Families in Gaza | Palestinian Campaign to Immediately Form Unity Government to End Internal Fighting Between Fatah and Hamas | U.S. To Spend $42 Million to Subvert the Palestinian Democracy's Next Election and Form a Non-Representative Pro-Zionist Government for Palestine | Line Item Break Down of American Plan for Hegemony Over Palestine's Democracy for the Benefit of Its Subversive Israeli Terror and Murder State | Israeli's High Court to Expand Panel of Judges for Lebanon Increasing Number of Lebanon War Inquiry Petitions | Gibson Links Semitic Rant With His Internalized Fear of World War Four Hiding in the On-Going Lebanon Carnage by Israeli Zionist Thugs | Hamas Army Will Use Unusual Force Against the Next Genocidal Invasion by Israel | U.S. Government Thugs Who Send $3 Billion in Bombs to Israel to Kill Arabs Sentence Holy Religious Moslem Business Man 7 Years in Prison for Financing Hamas Hospitals, Schools, Orphans and other Infrastructure in Palestine | Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Not Yield to Nuclear Blackmail by the World's Nuke Pigs | The Possibility of Mideast Conflagration Being Started by the U.S.-Israeli Axis Against Middle Eastern Freedom | Abbas to Ask Key Fatah Committee to Help Him Dissolve Democratically Elected Hamas Government | Subversive and Anti-Democratic U.S. Consul Tells Fatah and Independent Figures that Abbas Has the Power to Form a New Government Without Duly Elected Hamas Legislators Who Are Presently Kidnapped and Sitting in Chains in Israeli Concentration Camps |

October 14
| Palestinian Child Deaths at the Hands of Zionists Already Double 2005 | Official Certification by Rabbi Robert E. Goldberg of Marilyn Monroe's Conversion to Judaism | Mosaic TV | Bela Kun (Cohen) and other Terrorist Jewish Commissars in Bloodied Eastern and Western European Subversive Revolutions | Discussion: Jewish Racism | Defanging the Jews in the Midst of Their Planned American Genocidal Pograms Against European-and-African-Americans | Mel Gibson Grovels Atop ABC's Yiddish News Moat | Inspecting Jonathan Pollard's Pro-Jewish and Anti-American Spy Case | Non-Jew Sues British Airways for Banning Non-Jewish Necklaces | U.S.-Israeli Military Axis Accused of Illegally Murdering Journalist | Sicko Israel Murders 11 More Palestinians Including Their Children Over Weekend Using the Militant Lie as Its Usual Excuse | 20 Palestinians Murdered by Jews Since Thursday, More Coming... | Liberal Candidate in Canada Accuses Israel of War Crimes | Alan Dershowitz Rants Against Canada's Liberal Party Candidate with Lame Arguments of Support for the Much-Hated and Extremely Dangerous Israeli Terror State | Huge and Violent Protest by Palestinians Beneath the Massive Israeli Fascist Apartheid Wall of Hate | "Israel at Heart" Sends Propaganda Specialists Posing as Innocent Students Around World to Deceive Colleges and Universities About the Dangerous Israeli Terror State | Neo-Nazi Israel's Deadly Pounding of Free State Arab Lands Kills 22 People in 48 Hours | Hamas Confronts Fraudulent U.S. "Democracy' Which Openly Opposes and Subverts Hamas' Freely Elected Democratic Government by Exploiting Israel as Its Proxy Mideast Terror Army | Alleged Hilarious Jewish Ministerial Level Gaffe of "the Yellow Race" in Australia Slammed by Israel's Foreign Minister | Arabs Note Two-Faced Racist Attacks on Arabs by Intolerant Semitic Organizations Around the World | 'Demographic Racism and the Mind of the Jewish Occupier' Detailed in New Book Hitting Bookstores in Palestine |

October 13
| Families of Holocaust Survivors Aghast at Divisive Award Given by Jewish ADL of Non-Christian B'nai B'rith Religious Cult to an Attorney Whom Many Holocaust Families Abhor | The Jews Who Run Finance, Banking, and Business Associations | British Member of Parliament Agrees that Israel Applied Nazi Tactics in Lebanon | Jewish Sponsored Albert Einstein Hoax | Anti-Israeli Billboards in Lebanon | Israel Sees an Inevitable Downward Trend in U.S. Relations | The Vicious Jewish Terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin | Hate-Filled Israel May Be Re-Occupying Palestine in Order to Destroy Its Democracy | The Jew Watch Project's Mossad Study Archive | 4 Israeli Physicians May Have Experimented Medically on Hundreds of Elderly Patients | Jews Bash Church Holding Critical Meetings on the Non-Benevolence of the Israeli Murder State | Israel's Dreadful Legacy of Continuing Death in Lebanon | Israel Jacks Up Attacks on Palestine | A New Deadly Experimental Weapon Is Being Used Against Palestine | Rebuke for Peer's Israel Remarks Is A Benchmark Measuring Unfair Jewish Power Inside Large Non-Jewish Nations | Colin Powell's Newest Book Discusses Neo-Conservative Zionist Racism | Is Israel in America's Interest? | Israel's New Ambassador to America's Zionist Neo-Nazi Owned Government | Southern Poverty Law Center Racist Focus on Christians Instead of on Moslems | Moronic, Surreal, and Dangerous Leftwing Jewish B.S. Continues with Article Entitled "Hate or Hoax, It's a Crime With Victims" | Hamas Leader Sticks to His Hard Line on Never Accepting the Deadly and Dangerous Israeli Hate State | Moslem Pleads Guilty to Providing Money to Hamas, Meanwhile Millions of Jews Are Able to Legally Support the Even Deadlier Nation of Israel Which Kills Moslems With Abandon and Washington's Racist Approval |

October 12
| Israeli Terrorist Killers Murder 8 Non-Jewish Palestinians in Illegal Raids | 3,000 Years of Jews Hating Gentiles | Canadians Begin to Wise Up: Most Candidates for the Canadian Liberal Party are Anti-Israel | Immigration to Israel by Country | How Jews Controlled and Subverted the New Left in the 1960's | Pot Kettle Black -- The Illegal Israeli Nuclear Pig Supports Sanctions Against Potentially Nuclear Iran | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Hamas Says Recognizing Israel Is Politically Futile | The Extremely Racist and Unfair Plethora of Hollywood Jews | British Rights Study Bashed for Citing Abuses by Hezbollah and Syria but Ignoring Israel | The Jewish Auschwitz Video That Discredits Most of the Holocaust Myth (Download 20 Meg) | Prime Minister Olmert Embraces Hard Line Party Advocating Redrawing Borders to Exclude Arabs from Israel | Syria Rejects Its President Ever Speaking Before Knesset inside Israeli Terrorist State | Billionaire Nation Destroyer George Soros Seeks to Fund a Competing AIPAC Lobby for Israeli Zionist Terror Support in America which Would Be Left-Wing Bolshevik instead of Right-Wing Neo-Nazi | Prime Minister Olmert Running 3rd in any Poll Against Netanyahu and Rightwing Arab Removal Party | Israel Compliant with Jordan's Plan to Build New Minaret on Atop Temple Mount Which Will Strengthen Moslem Claims | Domestic Jewish Political Terrorists Bent on American Subversion Regret Zionism Becoming a Partisan Republican Polarizing Issue | Katyusha Missile Defense At Least 4 Years in Future | Arab Propaganda Against Israel's Claim to Any Legitimacy in the Middle East Taking Hold Even Among Israeli Citizens | Lebanon Threatens to Wield Hezbollah Against Israel | Hamas Win Seen as Taming Racist U.S. Zionist Regime's Push for Any New Democracies in Middle East |

October 11
| Plethora of Recent U.S. Jewish Treason Indictments Surfacing Including Jewish Al Qaeda Connection | Jewish General Gingrich Yagoda, Judeo-Bolshevik KGB Terrorist, Who Systematically Murdered 1/4th of Petrograd | North Korea Warns U.N. Jewish Vassal States That Any and All Sanctions Will Be Considered Illegal Acts of War | Monopoly Press Liquidated Reports of Jews Murdering Millions of Non-Jews in Russia | Jewess Katie Couric's CBS News Ratings Plummet CBS News to 3rd | The 1919 Jewish Holocaust Hoax That Failed | Jewish Life Slowly Trickles Back to East London Corridors | 35 Jews and Almost No Non-Jews Captured in Pics on Cable News in a Single Evening | University of Wisconsin Professor Compares Bush to Hitler | Jews Open German Blood Libel Exhibit Which Never Once Mentions Israel's Racist Medicine Scandals | The Genocidal Israeli Ringworm Medical Scandal | The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, Part One | An Interesting and Recent Defense of Zionism Reveals Too Much About Its Faults to be Useful Propaganda | President of Romania, in Effort to Become a Jewish Vassal State and Newest Member in the Zionist EU, Descends the Pro-Jewish Staircase of Incredulity by Demanding in Front of Watching Jews that His Nation Learn the Good News About Holocaust Guilt | More on Israel's Racist and Communist Blood Guilt Lies by Jack Bernstein a Journalist Whom the Mossad Assassinated | Death and Mayhem Toll from Deadly Jewish War Crime Cluster Bombs Rises in Lebanon | Lebanese Children Return to School With First Psychological Assignment Being to Tell of the War Horrors They Suffered | Lebanon's Army Confiscates Hezbollah Weapons | Arab Villagers Want Equal Compensation from Racist Israeli Overlords | Lebanon Busy Repairing Health Centers Damaged by Ravaging Jewish Strikes | Moderate Sunnis in Lebanon Fear Rise of Extremist Groups | Zionist Devastated Lebanon Safe from Economy Collapse Despite the Damage Done by Racist Israeli War Mongers | Israel's Attack on Qana a 'War Crime' |

October 10
| Mel Gibson Given Tough Interview by Dianne Sawyer: "She Was 'Frigging' Harder...Than I Could Imagine." | Washington Post Owned by the Leftwing Jewish Catherine Meyer Graham and Her Tribal Family | South Korea Says Israel Should Use Its Regional Power to Secure Sanctions North Korean Nuclear Program | Kaballah Center Jewish Director Arrested in Israel for Fraud Against Cancer Patient | Gibson: It's Difficult to Put the Toothpaste Back into the Tube | Israeli Police and DA's Bought Off by Jewish Mob | Jewish Singstress Barbara Streisand Uses the F-Word in NYC Theater Outburst | The Jew Watch Project's Study Archive on the Extensive Jewish Porno Mafia | Quartet of Jewish Dr. Mengeles Kill Patients as 4 Jewish Physicians Arrested Today for Human Medical Experimentation | Salman Rushdie: Moslem Veils 'Suck' | Thousands at Russian Journalist's Funeral, Whose Death Resembles the Typical Russian Jewish Mafia Murder Contract | Military Attempts to Shade Mortar Attack that Blows Up Entire Ammunition Depot in Baghdad | Syria Welcome in Israel for Peace Talks -- Peres | Unpopular Olmert Desires Wider Government Coalition to Cement His Shaky Regime | Emeritus Professor at Tel Aviv University Resigns in Disgust over Vicious National Treatment of Palestinians | Gen. Moshe Ya'alon Says Israel Still Seen as a Regional Giant After Lebanon | Israel: Will North Korea Help Iran Build A-Bombs Resembling the 200 Israel Nukes? | Lebanese President Lahoud Claims Israel Attacked to Deny Prosperity through Tourism to Lebanon's Economy | India's FBI Investigates Defense Minister in Criminal Bribery Probe of Israeli Arms Deal | Israel Finally Comes Clean with 20 Years of Maps of Minefields | Racist Israeli Education Minister Warns Against Anti-Semitic Academic Israeli Boycotts | French Embassy Drops Book Launch about Vichy France Over Author's Statements that Israel Mistreats Palestinians | Brainwashed Evangelical Zionist Christians March For Israel in Jerusalem | Anti-Democratic Neo-Nazi Israeli SS Thugs Arrest Golan Resident Over Anti-Israeli Government Speech Supporting Hezbollah Given on TV When He Was In Syria |

October 9
| Nuclear Fat Israel Fearful of Nuclear Parity with Iran and N. Korea | Jewish Terrorist Marxist David Bronstein of New York City Who Hid His Jewishness Under the Name Leon Trotsky | Iran Blames U.S.-Israeli Empire's Racist Attitudes for Korea's Nuclear Test | The Racist Jewish Monopoly Expressed Through Racially Selecting, Contracting, Promoting, and Hiring Mostly Jewish Entertainment Personalities | Anti-Zionist Hugo Chavez's Intellectual Speech at the U.N. Against Western Exploitation and Imperialism | The AIPAC Jewish Pentagon Spy Scandal | Qatar Makes Aggressive Diplomacy Effort to Major Arab Nations to Stop Mideast and North African Conflicts | The Unfair and Racist Jewish Monopolization of the Publicly Funded National Public Radio | Syria: Zionist United States Empire Lacks Mideast Vision | Zionists on Heightened Alert for Syrian Attack in Stolen Gaza Lands | Domestic Jewish Terrorists Insure that Los Angeles Schools Only Teach Pro-Zionist War Monster Curriculum | Lebanon -- Foreplay for the Rape of Iran | Zionist Expresses Bizarre Strategic Views that Israel is a U.S. Ally, But Israel Is Only a Public Relation Lie and a Leech on the American Treasury | U.N. Reports Childhood Deaths in Palestine at Israeli Terrorist Nation Hands Already Double Those in 2005 | Palestine Supporters Attack Israeli Terror Empire's Ambassador to Ireland | My Brother Was Murdered in Cold Blood by Evil Zionist Soldiers | Scholars Land Book Deal for Larger Version of the Harvard Report on the Israeli Lobby Menace to U.S. Foreign Policy | Dual Loyalty Zionist Michael Chertoff Announces Contract with Israeli Firm to Secure the Mexican Border |

October 8
| Israeli Nazi State Seeks to Shoot Down Hezbollah Rockets with Zionist Anti-Rockets (Cache) | Khasaria: The Ancient Eastern European Home of the False 'Pretend' Jews | Assad Says War With Israeli Terror State Cannot Be Ruled Out (Cached) | Deadly Genocide Effects of the Zionist U.S. Blockade of Iraq | The Cold Peace (Cache) | According to Reuters Israel Tortures 850 Arabs Each Year | War in the Holy Land: Israel, Lebanon, Iran and the Coming World Order (Cache) | How Jewish Communists Undermined Poland | No Doves In Sight (Cache) | Evidence of Jewish Power and Conspiracy on Jew Watch | Abbas to Present Hamas with Unacceptable Government Unity Ultimatum Soon (Cache) | The Real Cost of Israel - $3 Trillion | Anarchy Looms as Gaza Goes Blows Iraqi Style, Killing 8, Dozens Wounded (Cache) | The Hidden Jewish Tyranny | Six Nations Meet Over Iran Nuclear (Cache) | Meet the Jew Who Really Burned Down Germany's Reichstag Building | Hezbollah Rises From the Ruins (Cache) |

October 7
| Jordan Denies Holding Secret Talks with Israeli Terror State (Cache) | USSR Terrorist Red Commissar Jew David Bronstein of New York City, Alias Leon Trotsky | Jewish Mafia Hits Russian Reporter (Cache) | How The USSR's Communist Party Was Run for the Benefit of Bitter, Leftwing International Jews Who Wanted to Kill Millions of Christians | Rumor Surfaces that Iran and Syria Have Preemptive Attack Plan Against U.S.-Israeli Terror States Axis (Cache) | America's Nazi Parties Are Subversive Zionist Hoaxes | Lebanon More Fearful of Israel Now Than During War (Cache) | The 6 Jewish Companies That Own 96% of the World's Media | Hazardous Intent: U.S. Intends to Make Palestine More Hospitable (Cache) | Hamas Says Deal to Free Prisoners on Both Sides Imminent (Cache) | Hamas Says It Will Not Let Western Pressure Drive It Out (Cache) | Hamas Accuses Abbas of Shrinking Away from Unity Government (Cache) | Haniya Collapses During Rally (Cache) | Pro-Zionist / Anti-Arab Condoleezza Rice Finds Almost No Progress Toward Her Goals in Mideast (Cache) |

October 6
| The Zionist Press Previews the First 100 Hours of the Next Rothschild House Speaker on Capital Hill, Nancy Pelosi | The Samson Project: Israel's Official Policy of Nuclear Blackmail | Zionist Involvement in the Darfur Genocide Strategy | Jewish Control Over European Communism and Insurgencies Between 1918-1923 | 'Israel Should Accept Saudi Peace Initiative' | New York Communist Jewish Spy for the USSR, Mr. William Perl | Washington Times: Lying Zionist Dems Sliding Into FBI Web in Foley 'Intrigue' Investigation | Jews Were the First Terrorists in Palestine: Re-Discovering The Earliest Zionist Terror Squads | Zionist Conspirator U.S. Sends $20 Million to Boost Pro-Israeli Palestinian President Abbas' Security Forces to Protect Him for Future Sell Outs of Palestinian People | Jewish Communist Newspaper Propagandist and 3rd World Racist, Joseph Pulitizer, Sr., Who Was A Known American War Monger | More Reports Surface of Pro-Zionist Clinton Operatives Stirring Behind Trumped Up Foley Charges | Muslim Leader Gets Interfaith Award Despite Racist Whining Jews | Pro-Zionist ABC News Produces 3 New Pages Claiming Even More Bizarre Story But Without Supporting Email Specimens | Ramsey Clark: Death Sentence for Saddam Will Produce 'Catastrophic' Violence by Anti-Zionist Groups | Zionist Supreme Court Demands Israel's Government Explain Why It Has Not Set Up a State Commission to Probe Handling of the War | Neo-Nazi Israel and Its Occupation of Arab Lands: A New Book About 'The Roadmap to Nowhere' | Haniya: We Will Not Recognize Israel | Carter Urges Diplomacy, Isolation of Hamas Has Not Worked | Syria's Berri Warns Israel of Renewed Violence If Stolen Lands in Shabaa Not Liberated | Lieberman Said to Have Received $2 Million from Pro-Zionist Lobby | Dems Hit Back at Zionist GOP Israeli Friendly Ads | Americans for Peace Now Slams Zionist Conspirator Bush for Pressuring Israel Not to Negotiate Peace with Syria | The Growing Arab Rebellion Against President Bush's Pro-Zionist War Monger Foreign Policy | Zionist Condoleezza Rice Proves Out of Touch in Middle East Affairs | Australia's Adam Connor Discusses 20 Year Anniversary of Vannunu's Outing of Israel's Atom Bombs and What It Means in MP3 Discussion Link on This SBS Radio Web Page |

October 5
| AIPAC Floods College Campuses with Rabidly Pro-Israeli Students Trained in Pro-Zionist Propaganda (Cache) | The Middle East's Father of Terrorist Activity -- Israel's Neo-Nazi Prime Minister Menachem Begin | U.N. Food Expert Says International Criminal Court Should Investigate Israel for Possible War Crimes (Cache) | The Incredible Shrinking Palestine | Israel Has Opened Border Crossing for Only 12 Days Since Shalit Kidnapping Which Keeps Gaza in Genocidal Starvation (Cache) | President Franklin Roosevelt's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | Commercial Aussie-Israeli Cooperation on Phone Billings Gives Israeli Even More Intelligence Records of All Calls Made to Phones (Cache) | Prime Minister Winston Churchill's Hidden Jewish Genealogy | Moslem Police Officer Excused from Guarding Israel Embassy in London to Protect His Relatives from Possible Abuse in Lebanon during War (Cache) | Israel Sacks War Critic General (Cache) | Israeli Minister Backs Saudi Peace Negotiations Plan (Cache) | Views of Hezbollah by Arab-Israelis (Cache) | Arabs Want Israel Criticized Like 'Nuclear' Iran (Cache) | Lieberman Attacks Lamont on Israel (Cache) | Israeli Company Drills, Strikes Oil Near Dead Sea (Cache) | U.S. Sees Fatah as Non-Terrorist (Cache) | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Interferes in Education with Pro-Jewish 'Merchant of Venice' Propaganda (Cache) | Zionist ADL of B'Nai B'rith Religious Cult Absurdly Pretends Bush's Support for Israel Does Not Make Him a 'Zionist' (Cache) | Professor Denied Right to Speak After Zionist ADL Talks with Polish Embassy Then Says They Did Not Exert Pressure to Get Professor's Speech Cancelled, But Even Discussing a Speech as an Issue Is a Form of Pressure (Cache) | 2 More Lebanese Innocents Injured by Millions of Inhumane Israeli Cluster Bombs Left Behind (Cache) | Brother of Murdered Palestinian: 'Things Like This Can Only Happen in Terrorist Israel' (Cache) |

October 4
| AIPAC'S Subversion of Congress and Presidency Aids in Pro-Zionist Hate Sanctions Against Iran's Democratically Elected Government | The Zionist Massacre at Qana 2006 | The AIPAC Sellout Continues to Corrupt America | The Jewish Defector Who Warned America | Hamas Leader Murdered by 3 Gunmen in Automobile Bearing Israeli License Plates | Intolerant Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Abbas: Unity Talks with Hamas Collapse | Jewish Hatred of Gentiles Exposed | Hamas Leaders Says Rice Unwelcome in West Bank | Fatah Threatens to Kill Top Hamas Leaders in Growing Palestinian Civil Unrest | Information Continues to Surface in Killing of Hamas Leader | Zionist Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine | What Should Be Done About the Jewish Lobby? 18 Points of Attack Explained | The Racist 'Zionist Organization of America' or ZOA Attacks Rice Plan for Hamas to Work With Abbas | Israeli Terrorist Thugs Murder Hamas Regional Leader | Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror State Trying to 'Rearrange Middle East' | Egypt: Hamas Rejected 1,000 Prisoners for Shalit | 8 in Gaza Die in Forbidden Ramadan Fighting Between Fatah and Hamas | Haniya Laments Escalation of Violence Between Fatah and Hamas | Lebanese Army Prevents Hezbollah Protesters from Reaching Israeli Border | Electronically Sophisticated Hezbollah Eavesdropped on IDF Cell Phone Conversations to Gather Intelligence | Hezbollah Mended Many Religious Differences to Convince Lebanese to Cooperate in Ridding Itself of Israel's Occupation Force | Lebanon Prime Minister Lauds Pull Out of 'Disappointed' Israeli Soldiers | Arrogant Jew Stirs Up Lame Accusations of Anti-Semitism in French Quebec | Hezbollah Says It Gets No Money from Inside U.S. |

October 3
| Genocidal Successes in the Gaza Concentration Camp | Mossad Deception 'Over the Top' Report that Hamas Has Tons of Bombs for Planned Attack on Israel | Official Statement of Purpose | Israeli Terror State Still Holds Onto Lebanese Village | Collaboration Between Israel, China, and United States | What Jews and Their Presses Say About Jews Controlling the USSR Killing Fields | Israel Vows to Continue Its Illegal Violations of Lebanon's Air Sovereignty | Keep Jew Watch on the Internet | Hamas Rejects Arab Peace Initiative Because It Calls for Recognition of Israel | Israeli Terror Minister Fuad: Israel Should Assassinate Nasrallah | Racist Jewish Invaders Used War to Expand Fortress to Oppose, Harass, Kill, and Chase Out the Indigenous Palestinians | Student Government Passes Resolution Demanding University of Michigan Divest from and Cease Communications with Israel | Nazi Tactics in Phony Terror War by Militaristic War Nations of Israel and U.S. | South Lebanese Villagers Celebrate 'Purification' of Their Land | Israel's Action Can Provoke Next War Which Might Be Israel's Exact Reason for Doing It | U.S. Partners With Israel for New Energy Source Projects | Another Mossad Story Deceptively Contending that Fatah and Hamas Who are Presently Fighting in the Streets Against Each Other Are Nonetheless Cooperating on a Future Invasion of Israel and Other Lying Balderdash including Tons of Weapons Which Are Not Even Seen in Gaza and West Bank | Israel Sells Arms to India, Second Only to Russia | New Push to Protect Pro-Zionist Europe's Ecological and Agricultural System for Long Term Human Sustenance | Rice Calls Upon Anti-Zionist Palestinian Partisans to End Violence Which Might Be Tilting Toward Outright Civil War in Gaza and West Bank | Iran Editorial Sees Gaza Violence as Part of Zionist Plot to Undermine Palestinian Society | Arab League Slams Palestinian Fighting as 'Madness' | PM Olmert Announces $2.8 Million Shekels to Improve Quality of Life in Northern Israel |

October 2 Yom Kippur
| Zionist Use of Deadly Force Cannot Free Shalit | The 6 Jewish Companies That Own 96% of the World's Media | Jews and Christians Visit Knesset, Combine Love of Jehovah with Racial Hatred for Arabs | Moscow Happy with Israeli Pullout from South Lebanon | Racist Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Jewish Children | Tiny, Numerous, and Dangerous | The Jews and Bolshevism | Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement and Zero Contrition for War Crimes | Anti-Semitism Became a Capital Crime in the Jewish-Run USSR | Take U.K. Troops Out of Iraq, Military Leaders Told Government | Challenging the Power of the Jewish Lobby: What Can Be Done? | What Made Israel Burn Lebanon Again? | Welcome to the Tribe (Now That You Can No Longer Hide, That Is...) | Zionist Deceptions in American Government | False Flag News Radio | Self Jew Baiting Sasha Cohen Makes News Everywhere | Germany May Legalize Anti-Nazi Symbols | Hate-Filled Jews in U.S. Government Have 80-Year-Old German Prison Guard's Citizenship Revoked in America While Thousands of Jewish USSR Gulag Guards Remain U.S. Citizens With No Government Complaints | Assad: Peace Possible in 6 Months | Salloukh Says Israel Is Courting 'Trouble' in Ghajar | Beirut Bar Association of Lawyers Demands Israel Be Tried for International War Crimes | The Threat of Civil War in Pakistan | Leading Human Rights Experts: 'Israel Committed War Crimes' | Russians Saw Israel's War Crimes from Space Station Clearly Visible With the Naked Eye | Israel Now Flying New American Manufactured Phalcon AWACS Which Makes Unpopular America Even Less Popular in Mideast |

October 1
| 'May Bush Drink the Blood of Every Man, Woman, and Child in Iraq' | Remembering Yevgeny Primakov, Jewish Ex-Prime Minister of Russia, Whose Hidden Jewish Name Is 'Pinchas Finkelstein' | Report Shows Bush as the Incompetent Pawn of His Zionist Neocon Controllers | Unrepresentative and Anti-Democratic Jewish Domination of Unions, Occupational Groups, Academia, Etc. | Video Clips Related to Jewish Watergate Reporter Bob Woodward's 'State of Denial' Book | Jewish Rothschild Bankers and Their Beloved Communist Parties | Israel Prepares for Yom Kippur's 'Day of Atonement' With Thousands of New Zionist Murders and Atrocities to Atone | Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis | Looking Back Warily, Israel Exits Lebanon | Destroyed South Lebanon Asks for State Money to Rebuild Villages Destroyed by Racist Zionist Thugs | Villagers in South Lebanon Cheer as the Brutal Jews Who Destroyed their Families and Homes Withdraw | U.S. Rabbis Support the Zionist Murder and Carnage in Mideast with Contribution Programs During Yom Kippur | America's $500 Million in Post-War Aid to Israel Further Cements U.S. Collaboration in Thousands of Arab Deaths | Gullible Pro-Zionist Evangelicals Hopeful for a World War Killing Millions Worldwide and Culminating in Jesus Returning to Save War Mongering Jews in Israel, Pray for the Success of Racist Zionism | Israel Threatens Hezbollah and Lebanon | Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Non-Christian Religious Cult Says that Unsophisticated People Viewing Sasha Cohen's Comedy Film Might Believe Stereotypes in Movie | People at ADL Make Fools of Themselves | America's Pro-Zionist Army Begins to Crumble from Within as Hate Mongers Attempt to Tag the Diversity Stricken Organization as a Harbor for Neo-Nazis at the Behest of Misinformed Jewish Propagandists in ADL and Every Other Zionist Organization in Which They Hide to Develop These and Similar Subversive Urban Legends | Jewish Immigration Subversion Threatened by Grass Roots Leaders Riding the Growing Brushfire of Patriotic Resistance | Jew in Southern Poverty Law Center Attacks Private Bar Over Freedom of Speech Issues for Its Innocent Comedy Program Which Utilizes Time-Respected Minority Spoofs | Israel Obtains Internal Fighting Between Political Parties in Gaza Causing Continuous Chaos, Death, and Injures Amid Palestininan, A Prospect that Israel Finds Desireable in Its Attempts to Run Palestinians Out of their Homeland |


September 30
| Humorless Chief Executive: Jewish Comic, Sasha Baron Cohen, Denied Entry Into White House | Jewish Tribal Control and Subversion of Non-Jewish Cultural Societies | So-Called 'Democracy' in Baghdad Totally Shut Down for Daylight Curfews to Avoid Harm to Tiny 1 Square Mile Fascist American 'Green Zone' | Was Monica Lewinsky a Mossad Sexual Operative Used by Israelis to Show Clinton Who Really Rules Zionist Owned Amerika? | Israeli Minister Calls of Immediate Assassination of Hezbollah's Sheik Hassan Nasrallah | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | Israel Plans to Finalize Withdrawal from Victorious Lebanon on Sunday | The Insidious Role of Jews in African American Slavery Trade | Canada's Rookie Prime Minister Tries to Derail Majority European Resolution Condemning Israeli War Crimes in Mideast | U.S. Boosts Aid by $500 Million to Israeli Hate State | Israeli Criminal Government Blocked U.N. Access to Its Accused War Criminals | Who Killed John O'Neill Video, 1 Hr 40 Mins | Israeli Terror State Bombs Palestinian House, Falsely Claiming It Was a Military Depot Without Any Real Proof Given | Now That Syria Is Ready for a Peace Plan, U.S. Quits the Idea | Israel Lies, Prepares for Syrian War Over Golan Heights, Seeking Increased Fear and Chaos | U.N.: Israel Guilty of Nazi-Like Collective Punishment in Gaza, Not Even Caring If Victims are Civilians or Soldiers | Setting the Record Straight on America's Zionist Self-Deception Concerning Its Own Pro-Democracy Myth | Hypocritical U.S. Law Would Ban Money for Iraq's Police Force Because It Does What the U.S. Does -- It Tortures Its Prisoners in Dungeons | U.S. Which Has No Anti-Missile Defense System for Its Own People Votes Money for Such a System for Its Anti-Arab Israeli Torture State | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Upset that Jewish Comedian's Depiction of Anti-Semitism May Run Counter to the ADL's Profit Goals for Its Own Multi-Million Dollar Anti-Semitism Industry | Moslem Diversity Nightmare Continues to Intensify for the Divisive, Unwise and Risky Mohammedan Invasion of America's 90% Christian Nation | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith, the Non-Christian Religious Cult, Intolerantly Attacks a Non-Jewish Political Party for its Intolerance In Order to Marginalize It, Defame It, and Paint It with the Jewish ADL's Practically Worthless and Miniscule 2% Minority Viewpoint While Saying Nothing about the Jewish Nazi Politics of Its Own Super Racist and Intolerant Israeli Terror State in the Mideast | Mideast Chaos, Grief Resound in the Mideast Air |

September 29
| Jew Reporter Bob Woodward:  Bush Concealing Level of Pro-Zionist Iraq Violence | The Jew Watch Project Exposed Pope John Paul II as a Likely Jew Prior to His Death | Bush Ignored Urgent Warning on Growth of Iraq Insurgency in 2003 | New York's Right Wing Racist Jewish Neo-Nazi Shill, Meier Kahane | Israel and Hamas Deadlocked on Prisoner Exchange | The Jewish Communist Psychos Who Ran the Murderous USSR | Israel Again Delays Pullout Citing Various Vague Details of Suspicious Truthfulness | Foreign Palestinians Immigrating to West Bank Not Permitted in by Reason of Israel's Anti-Indigenous Genocide Policies in Region | Rice Travels to Mideast to Meet Lost Arab Allies, Israel, West Bank | Hezbollah Still Beats Israel: 'Only an Anti-Tank Missile System Can Save Our Tanks Now' | Thieving Israeli Terrorist State Will Keep $6 Million in Stolen Funds Its Robbery Jews Heisted from Stores in West Bank on Unproven Charges | Genocidal Israeli Land-Grab Plans Continue as New Housing is Approved for Israelis Wishing to Push Arabs Out of West Bank and Claim It as More Stolen Jewish Land | Hezbollah Retakes Bunkers, Rebuilds them as Bases to Destroy All Incoming Zionist Tanks Using Its Laser Guided Missile System in Next Inevitable Israeli Invasion | Palestinian Patriot Army Counter-Attacks, Wounds Nazi-Like Israeli Occupation Patrols in Nablus | Carter: Bush Has Brought U.S. 'International Disgrace' | Blair's Popularity High in Israeli Terror State | Israel Continues to Violate Lebanon's Air Space | Clinton: Incalculable Damage Done to Our Country | Oliver Stone: AIPAC's Patsy George W. Bush Has Set Back America 10 Years | Jew Report Bob Woodward:  One World Order Zionist Henry Kissinger Is Falsely Advising Bush on Iraq, Counseling Him that 'Victory is the Only Meaningful Exit Strategy' | Hilarious Jewish Comic Sasha Baron Cohen Bares All in Anti-PC Comedy | U.S. Agrees Hezbollah Still Just as Strong After Lebanon War | A Disgraced Zionist Rummy:  No One Anticipated Strength of Anti-Zionist Insurgency in Iraq | Zionist Congress Rejects Permanent Military Bases in Iraq While Voting $70 Billion to be Wasted on the Lost Fiasco War in Order to Send Mixed Signal and Protect their Seats During Elections Amid Angry Anti-War Public | International Terrorist Pariah Israel Not to Kill Nasrallah for Now | U.S. Commander Says Insurgency Unlikely to be Defeated Until Pro-Zionist and Anti-Arab U.S.Force Calls It Quits and Leaves | Law Makers Blast Rip Off of Taxpayers by Shoddy Work by Parsons Corp in Crumbling Zionist Iraq: Incompetence, Profiteering, Arrogance, Human Waste, Greed ... $100 Million Lost in One Small Project Alone... |

September 28
| Israeli Terror State's Millions of Lost Cluster Bombs Kill Boy, 14, and Wound 3 Other Children in Continuing Zionist Catastrophe in Lebanon | The Zionist-Owned Media Monopoly's Albert Einstein World Hoax | Jesus Camp: It's Religious Zeal and Anti-Materialist Demeanor Is Driving Zionists Up the Wall | Jewish President, David Jacob "Dwight" Eisenhower | Belgian High Tech Company Boycotts Israeli Business Over 'War Crimes' and 'Apartheid' | Donate to Jew Watch | Racist IDF Thugs: Zionist Troops Can Kill Non-Jewish Stone Throwers | Jewish Inter-Marriage and Other Influences in British Royalty | French Court Shutters Black Extremist Web Site for Reporting on the Realities of the Jewish Black Slave Trade | Jewish Faces | America Seeks to Convince Christian-Zionist World to Boycott Moslem Syria Who Replies 'Zionist Americans, Stop Trying to Control the Arab World' | Ahmadinejad UN Speech, Part 1 | Ahmadinejad UN Speech, Part 2 | 'Gaza is a Prison, and Israel Seems to Have Thrown Away the Key' | Israeli Arabs Reaffirm Intolerance by the Anti-Arab Israeli Apartheid State in Handing Out Recovery Money | Jewish Reporter Extraordinaire Bob Woodward Writes New Book, State of Denial: Part III, and Reveals How Fat Cat Jewish Neocon Henry Kissinger Camps at Times In White House as a Yiddish Consultant on Wars, Scams, Oil, Trade, Subversion, and Rothschild Banking Schemes | Apartheid Israel's Own War Mongering Hitler, Racist Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Rejects Peace Overtures from Syria | Israeli Terror State Refuses to Release Thousands of Kidnapped, Tortured, and Gulagged Palestinians | Syria Defies U.S. Threat to Its Sovereignty: Will Continue Loyalty to Mideast Patriots in Hezbollah and Hamas | Palestinians Rearm for Imminent Showdown with Israeli Occupation Army | War-Spanked Olmert Does Not Think Another War With Hezbollah Imminent, Probably Because Israel Would Lose It Also | Israel Appoints New Commander of Its Failed Northern Front | Millions of Zionist Christians Pray for Israel And Its Millions of False Jews Who Claim They Are Jews But Are Not

September 27
| An Intelligence Consensus Surfaces that the Bloody Pro-Zionist War in Iraq Is Enflaming Worldwide Jihad | Historical Israeli-Arab Wars | Iraq Terrorist 'Cause Celebre' | Early Jewish Zionist Terror Gangs | Covert PR Group that Paid Off World News Given New Contract | New York City's Jewish Communist A-Bomb Spy Ruth Greenglass | Pro-Zionist Iraq Puppet Talks with China about Reviving Saddam Era Oil Deal | Zionist Collaboration with Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler | Zionist U.S. Army Kills 12 Innocent Civilians in Attacks in Baquba, Iraq that Murder 4 Patriots | Pro-Zionist U.S., Iraq, and Turkey Conspire to Wipe Out Kurds Via Cooperative Genocidal Anti-Kurd Politics Designed to Deny them Their Own Nation | Israeli Torture Gulag Frees Kidnapped Palestinian Democracy's Deputy Prime Minister | Apostate Zionist Christianity Says It Will Fight for Zionism's Fake Jews Who are Not Really Jews but are Really Genocidal Land Pirates Running the Israeli Terror State | Iran Borrowing Its Nuclear Strategy from Israel's Own Nuclear Development History | Israel's Prime Minister Olmert May Soon Be Arrested for Bribery and Real Estate Corruption | Jewish Terrorist Killer of 4 Palestinians Given 4 Consecutive Life Sentences | Hezbollah Back on Israel's Border Same as Before Lebanese War | Jewish Groups in America Use High Holidays to Re-Inseminate Propaganda Conducive to More Support for Israel's Genocidal Terrorist Strategies | Intolerant Israel Backs Its Whining Jewish Ambassador Who Said Non-Jewish Danish Royal Wasn't Pandering Enough to the Jewish Community over a Synagogue Incident | 200 Northern Indians Claiming to be Lost Tribe of Israel Land in Israel, Convert to Judaism, Enter Religious Training Courses | Administration Moves to Cover Up Scooter Libby--i.e., Lewis "Scooter" Liebowitz--Scandal by Suppressing Intelligence | Civil Rights Group:  Israeli Terror State's Bombing of Palestine Power Plant Darkening Gaza for One Full Year a War Crime | U.N. Says Israeli Goon State Made Gaza into a Prison |

September 26
| Cop Killing in Houston by Illegal Immigrant Intensifies Debate on the Open Immigration Policies of the Subversive, Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center | The Grand Jewish USSR Killer, Leon Trotsky, Terrorist Commissar of the Red Army | U.N. Envoy Says Israeli Terror State Turned Gaza into a Gulag | Henry Kissinger, the Walking, Talking Jewish Conflict of Interest | Poll: Most Palestinians Favor Using Hezbollah Tactics Against Terrorist Israeli Occupation Forces | In 2006, The Zionists Continue to Profit from Their Sadistic and Inhuman White Slavery Industry Israel War Monger State Insists on Rules of Engagement After Pullout Allowing Israel to Re-Attack Lebanon | Palestinian Loss of Land Since 1947 at the Hands of the Israeli Genocide Regime | Olmert Says Nuclear Fat Israel Will Not Accept Nuclear Iran | Donate to Jew Watch to Keep It Alive | Israel's Sycophant Australia Says Arab Countries Must Accept Israel | Israel Says Land-Snatched Golan Heights Will Remain Israel's Stolen Asset | Syria Denies Meeting With Israel | IDF Killers May Leave Lebanon by End of September, Says UNIFIL | Israel Terror State Planned to Assassinate Hezbollah Leader after War's End | Israel Nixes Prisoner Exchange | Israel Eyeing New U.S. Warship | Israel Publishes Names of Jordanian Political Prisoners Held in Zionist Torture Gulags | Racist Israeli Terrorist State Kills One Non-Jewish Teenage Girl and Wounds Ten Other Non-Jewish Civilians While Bombing a Crowded Urban Area | Israel's Racist and Genocidal Wall Has Driven Out Non-Jewish Palestinians from their Homes According to Report | Saudis Deny Secret Contact with Israel | Zionist Controlled Western Nations Rebuff Effort to Hold Israel Accountable for Its Illegal Nuclear Arsenal | Corrupted and Deceived Zionist Christians Travel to Knesset to Support Murderous Israeli Terror State Including the Fake Jews from Europe Who Claim They Are Jews But Are Not | One Million Cluster Bombs Remain in Lebanon As a Result of Hundreds of Irresponsible Israeli War Crimes from the Air | Unsuccessful U.S.-Israel Zionist Axis Army Showing Signs of Fatigue | Iraq Diversity War Deaths Rise as Parliament Debates Splitting Country into Autonomous Religious and Tribal Regions | 

September 25
| Pro-Zionist U.S. Military Deaths in Bloodied Iraq | False Anti-Semitic Hate Hoaxes Are Pulled All of the Time | Anti-Zionist Hamas Party Determined to Rescue Unity Talks | New York Communist Jewish Atomic Spy, Robert Oppenheimer | Mel Gibson Campaigns for 'Apocalypto' Movie, Blasts Pro-Zionist Iraq War, Says Western Civilization in Decline | The Hebron Massacre by the American Zionist Jew, Dr. Baruch Goldstein | Judeo-Con and Pro-Zionist Iraq War Conspirator William Kristol:  Bill Clinton's Outburst on CNN Helps Hillary | Gentile Art Theft by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's Zionist Father | Pope Meets Moslem Leaders, Says Friendly Relations Between Both Faiths Needed to Built Peace | Virginia Senator George Allen's Jewish Artifacts Become Heated Issue for this Born Again Christian's Reelection Campaign | Senator Allen's Opponent Jim Webb Says Allen's Heritage Should Not Be An Issue, But It Is... | Democratically-Elected Hamas Members of Parliament Ordered by Military Fascist Court in Israel to be Held Until Stalin Show Trials Begin | Zionist Intellectuals Petition Olmert to Allow University Lectures, Interviews, and Other Contacts with Syria and Palestinians Including Hamas | Pro-Zionist U.S. Court Ruling Recognizes Hamas as a Democratically Elected Political Party | Israeli Terror State's Education Minister Breaks Ranks, Says Israel Must Negotiate with Hamas | New European Security Breach as Israel is Admitted to Interpol | President: Syria Wants Peace with Israel, Blames America for Silencing Dialogues Between Peoples | Losing the War Turns Tide for West Bank Settlers as the Terror State Reconsiders Withdrawal | Palestinian Official Protests Israeli Terror State's Anti-Arab Genocidal Land Snatching Settlements in West Bank | Israeli Hate State Solicits Bids for Construction of New Genocide Settlements in West Bank |

September 24
| How Israel Is Engineering the 'Clash of Civilizations' | The Jews and their Jewish Red Revolution By the Numbers | Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Destabilized Mideast Region | A Proposal for Destroying the Jewish Conspiracies | Spy Agencies Say America's Iraq War Worsens Terrorist Threat | Exposing The Jewish Propaganda Myth About How the Jews Tried to Free the Slaves | Known Liar White House Says News Story on Iraq Terror Threat 'Not Representative' of Entire Report | Jewish Dominance in the Capitalist Takeover of Today's Russia | Legal Team of Iraq's Elected President, Saddam Hussein,  To Boycott Illegal U.S. Sponsored Stalin Show Trial | The Jew Watch Project's Files on The Russian Mob | Saudi Arabia Says No Proof Osama Bin Laden Is Deceased | Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' Shows in Oklahoma Where Many Native Americans Reside | Rumor of Bin Laden's Death May Be CIA False Op Lure to Entice Bin Laden to Show Himself Again | Chavez Has Information Bush Has Ordered His Assassination | Jewish Academics in Ireland Begin Usual Zionist Subversion of Non-Jewish Academics' Call to Boycott Academics in the Israeli Terror State | Assad: Failure to Reach Peace Agreement with the Israeli Terror State May Lead to War | 4 Militia Groups Threaten Violence Against Any PA Government that Recognizes Israel | Israel Accused of Racism Over Lesser Payment to Arabs | Lebanon's Defense Minister Says Properly Equipped Army Would Beat Israel's Colonial Occupation Forces | Post-Colonial Arab-Hating Western Nations Block Fair Inquiry into Israel's Nuclear Arsenals | U.S. Support of Israel Destroys Its Friendship with Lebanon and All Other Arab Nations | Israel Leaves Behind Deadly Traps in Lebanon | Lebanon's Land Claim Protects Hezbollah | The Jewish Lobby and the U.S.-Israel Conspiracy Against the Arabs |

September 23
| The British National Socialist Party Website Is Anti-Semitic | Adolf Hitler's Jewish Writings | Germans Elect a Gay Mayor of Berlin. The Berlin Mayor is Usually the First Step in Becoming Chancellor of Pro-Zionist Germany | How to Start Your Own Informative Jewish Blog on the Web | Gay Mayor in Re-Election Landslide on Account of Popular Policies | Zionist Control of Networks | Thousands of Moslem Worshippers Protest Against Pope in Jerusalem | In 1947, Jews Ethnically Cleansed Moslems from Palestine | Pope Invites Moslem Envoys to Meeting on Monday in an Attempt to Settle the Issue Once and For All | Figures to Consider Concerning the Holocaust | France Looks into Bin Laden Death Report | Bin Laden Alive and Well - Paki Intelligence | 37 Iraqis Killed by Bomb, 3 Pro-Zionist Troops Killed | Counter-Zionist Hugo Chavez Seeks a Security Council Seat for Venezuela's Rising Power | Iran Takes Back Seat to Economics for France, Germany, and Russia | Complete Text of Ahmadinejad's U.N. General Assembly Speech, September 20, 2021 | Lebanese Army Posted on Israeli Terror State's Border for First Time in Decades | Hamas Rejects Option to Recognize Israel | Rumor: Israel-Hezbollah Prisoner Swap in Days | Israel's Nuclear Threat to Mideast Is Offensive to All Moslem Nations | Resistance in Israel Against Pullout | Zionist-Controlled U.S. May Rebel and Ban Sales of Cluster Bombs to Israeli Terror State | 'Israel's New Anti-Semitism is Leading to Nuclear Holocaust' | Israel's Ethical Failure as an Obvious War Criminal | Sparks of Intolerance Continue to Fly Around Israel's Museum of Tolerance | Who Is Hezbollah? | Prosecution Drops Charge Against Hamas | Lebanon War Merely the Precursor to Third World War between the West and Moslems |

September 22
| Israeli War Mongering Terror Nation Faces New Year With Deep Regrets that their Decades of Domination and Murder of Neighboring Peoples May Be Over | What Famous People Say About the Jews | Pakistan Claims Pro-Zionist U.S. Hate State Threatened to Bomb It Back to the Stone Age | Jewish Faces | 'Egypt Will Pursue Nuclear Energy' | The Franklin Prophecy | Nasrallah Speaks Before Thousands in 'Hezbollah Victory Rally' in Sadistically Bombed Out Area of Beirut, National Jewish-Owned Media Monopolies Refuse to Cover the Story | The History of Jews in America Begins With Christopher Columbus in 1492 | Lebanon Cleaning Up Oil Spill Covering 80% of Pristine Mediterranean Beaches, Israel To Be Sued for $1 Billion | Iran Warns a 'Lightning' Response to Any Attacks by the U.S.-Israel Empire | Sailing Safely Between the Biting Fangs of the ACLU and the ADL | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Infant Surgical Mutilation Cult Deeply Disappointed in House Approval of Voter ID | Coral Ridge Ministries and Orthodox Rabbi Reject Anti-Defamation League Attack on TV Special Linking Darwin to Hitler | Gaza Suffers Under Border Lockdown by Racist Israeli Terror State | The Ten Most Useful Lies About Terrorism | Nasrallah: We Have 20,000 Missiles | Weekly Report of Israeli Terror State's Atrocities | Israeli Chief of Staff Says IDF Terrorists Will Continue to Operate in Gaza | Hezbollah Still Winning Minds in Lebanon | Meeting with Non-Jewish Hezbollah Condemned by Bigoted U.K. Jewish Politicians | Hezbollah Won't Disarm Says Nasrallah to Hundreds of Thousands of Cheering Followers in Defiance of Israel | Chavez Becomes Hezbollah's New Idol for Honestly Confronting President Bush of the U.S.-Israeli Terrorist Pact | Unable to Stop Violence Anywhere It Has Stationed Its Armies, the U.S. Bemoans Hezbollah's Huge Armament Cache and Its Impotence to Stop It | Apparently Unable to Stop Themselves, Israel's IDF Thugs Enter Gaza Illegally to Once Again Beat Up, Shoot, and Murder More Arabs | Futureshock: Evidence of Bizarre Future Zionist U.S. Plans to Mass Torture Protesting Demonstrators | E.U., U.N. Criticize U.S. on Gitmo Torture Camp |

September 21
| Anti-Zionist Chavez Speaks in Harlem, Offers Discounted Oil to New York's Poor | The Jewish Rothschild Bankers | Hezbollah Gears Up for Massive 'Victory Party' | Fox Videos on Israeli Spies in America | Israeli Terror State Invades Gaza, Kills 5 Innocent Citizens | The Neurotic Lesbian Jewish Women Who Founded the Women's Movement | Bush Says Israel Cannot Work with a Palestine that Does Not Recognize Its Racist Theft of Land and Holy Sites | The Great Swiss Bank Robbery | Assad of Syria:  Israel May Attack Looking for a New Adventure Which Might Succeed and Cover Its Shameful Loss in Lebanon, but Syria Will Defeat Israel Same as Hezbollah Did | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish? Quite Possibly He Was. | Admadinejad: Why Is America So Pro-Israel? Why Is the Holocaust Unproven? | Pro-Zionist Charles Rangel Tells Chavez an Attack on the President by a Foreigner is an Attack on All Americans: Not True, Xenophobic | Hoping to Stir Up More Internal Chaos and Religious Hatred, the Zionist Hate State Opens Tunnels Under Moslem Dome of the Rock, a Move It Has Calculated Will Infuriate All Moslems and Promote Internal and External War | Israel Postpones Lebanon Pullout | Israel Extends Its Policy of Genocide of Palestine, Builds More Jewish Homes in Moslem Lands | Israel's Failed Napoleon, Ehud Olmert, Plummets Deeper in Popularity in Polls | Pro-Zionist Propagandist, George W. Bush, Says Israel Terror State Which Constantly Causes Chaos Is Nonetheless Threatened by a Totally Peaceful Iran | Imperial U.S. War Lords Intensify Pressure Against Arab Presentations to U.N. Nuclear Commission Concerning the Israeli Terror State's Atomic Bombs | Israel Evasive Over Assassinating Nasrallah | Jordan Sends Physicians to Israeli Torture Dungeons as It Seeks to Obtain Release of Citizens Kidnapped 15 Years Ago by the Israeli Terror State | The Jew Watch Project Commends the Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Religious Cult for Taking the High Road in Opposing Calls in Israel's Knesset to Remove Arab Legislators, Calling the Plan What It Is -- Religious Bigotry of the Worst Sort | Human Rights Organization Reports on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza | Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) Condemns Israeli Piracy Against Financial Institutions in the West Bank |

September 20
| Deaths in Zionist Held Iraq Surge to 3,590 Deaths in July, Many Tortured to Death in Prisons and on the Streets by Cables, Acid and Power Drills | Remembering How the Jews Who Ran the USSR, KGB, and Its Army Murdered Millions in Ukraine | Pope Expresses 'Deep Respect' for Islam | Jewish Mass Murder Lazar Kaganovich Whose Jewish Sister Married Josef Stalin Whom Many Say Was a Hidden Jew Named "Djugashvili" Which Means "Jewison" | Papal Assassin Pleads With Benedict Not to Visit Turkey Where His Life Will Be Threatened | More Proven Connections Between Zionists and Communists | Liar Israel Says No Nation Threatens World Values More than Iran Which Unlike Israel Has Remained Peaceful and Not Bombed a Single Person | Israeli Terror State's Nuclear Blackmail | Female Camp Guard, 84, Who Married a Jew Is Sent Back to Germany by Zionist U.S. Hate Government | At U.N., Venezuela's Chavez Calls Pro-Zionist Bush 'The Devil' | Pro-Zionist U.S. May Increase Troops in the Lost Military Adventure in the Iraq Civil War | Racist Israel Calls Iran Its Greatest Threat | Mossad Caught Red-Handed Training Iraqi Kurd Forces | Judge Replaced in Saddam Trial to Insure Unfair Guilty Verdict | Police Find 47 Tortured Bodies in Catastrophe of Zionist Iraq | Israel's Swindlers Steal $1.5 Million from Already Poor Palestine Claiming It was for Hamas Zionist Resistance, And, Of Course, No Proof Was Given | Children of the Inventor of the Zionist Scourge Are Re-Buried in Israel Where Zionism's Genocidal Killings of Moslems and Christians Has Made That Nation a Worldwide Pariah | European Quartet of Bullies Pressures Israel to Send $500 Million Owed to Palestine and to Act as a Democracy Buster by Bypassing and Undermining the Duly Elected Government of Hamas | Germany Announces Israel is Ready to 'Discuss' Shebaa Farms Which Zionism Stole from Lebanese Owners and From Which the Zionist Thieves Illegally Earn Profits | Why Israel's Founding Father Who Was a Terrorist Refused to Denounce Terrorism |

September 19
| Pro-Zionist Bush Tries to Quell Anti-Americanism Among Moslems While Arming Israel the Moslem Slayer-Torturer to the Teeth | The Jew Watch Project's Statement of Purpose | Chirac Calls for Threat of Iran Sanctions to be Lifted  The Jew Watch Project Needs Money -- Please Donate Today | Judge in Saddam's Trial Ousted for Saying Saddam was Not a Dictator | The Rockefeller Zionist and Communist Connection | At Least One of the Vandals Whose Last Name is "Gentile" in So. Florida Is Really Jewish, But You Must Read to the Bottom of the Story Where That Fact Is Buried. Since the Jew's Name is "Gentile," You Still Might Say It was A Gentile Who Did It.... | Jewish Communist German Kurt Eisner | Senator Compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler | Bush Warns Iran Anew Over Nuclear Plans | Ahmadinejad Passes Up Chance to Toss Verbal Barbs at Bush in Public | Young Children Fight U.S. Troops in Iraq | Non-Jew Lamont Calls Jew Lieberman a Turncoat | Angry Turk Workers Want Pope Arrested During His Turkey Visit | Alleged Jewish Mossad Homosexual Golan Cipel Angry Over Oprah Show, Says He Was Sexually Harassed by the Non-Jewish New Jersey Governor | Canadians Fault U.S. for Its Role in Torture Case Snafu | Subversive EU AIPAC Organization Draws 200 Parliament Members Demonstrating Jewish Wealth Attracts Legislators in Europe as Surely as it Does in America Who Are Willing to Side With Jews Who are Less Than 1% of Their Nations and Thereby Disempower the 99% Majority on Vital Issues | Israel's Military Chief Expects Total Withdrawal From Lebanon by Sundown on Friday | Israel Use of Cluster Bombs 'Outrageous' -- U.N. | Mubarak Says Israel Could Free Many Prisoners | Austria, Long Brow Beaten by the Subversive Jewish ADL, Agrees to Another Anti-European Bashing Contract With the Worldwide Espionage and Hate Organization in Which Austria's Police Will be Thoroughly Indoctrinated in Jewish Views on Hate by ADL Sleazebags. Of Course, This is Both Hypocritical and Interesting Since Jews Seem to Hate More People than Anyone Else. Just Look at the Israeli Terror State Which Hated Enough to Commit 60 Years of Genocide in Palestine Where It Stole Land, Kidnapped, Assassinated, Bombed, Poisoned, and Removed People from Israel Based Solely on their Race, Religion and Ethnic Origins and Continues to Do So Today. You Can be Absolutely Certain That the Israeli Hate State Won't be Mentioned in the ADL Propaganda Meetings on Hate Which the Pro-Israeli Hate State ADL Will Give the Austrian Police.  |

September 18
| Pope Must Die Says Muslim | Marinus Van Der Lubbe, the Jewish Communist Who Burned Down the German Reichstag | Pro-Zionist U.S. Illegally Tortures Innocent Moslem in Damascus | Archive of Israeli Torture | 'The Pope Discovers the Trouble with Faith' | Was Pope John Paul II Jewish? | Confirmed Taliban Bomber on Bicycle Kills 4 Pro-Zionist Occupation Invaders | Jewish Control Of NPR -- National Public Radio | World-Disgraced President Bush Tries to Deceptively Reword Interrogation Bill to Cloak Torture | Annan Warns of Civil War as Iraq Bombs Kill Scores | Zionist Paul Wolfowitz, President of World Bank, Loses Round One of Corruption Fight | Israel's Neo-Nazi Military Court Continues to Illegally Hold Elected Palestinian Legislators and Cabinet Members in a Sadistic Jewish Act of Defiance Against the Fledgling Democracy | Palestinian Officials Deny Nominating Exiled Hamas Leader as PLO Deputy Chairman | Israel Denies Prisoner Swap Negotiations | Worried Israel Offers Usual Zionist Monetary Corruption Deals to Hamas If It Gives Up Its Principles | Israel Orders Its Usual Neo-Nazi Show Trial for 3 Arrested Hezbollah Heroes Held in Its Dungeon Whom It Claims Kidnapped 2 Israeli Soldiers | U.N. Force Rules Out Disarming Hezbollah | 'Hamas and Hezbollah Not Terrorists But Heroes' | Israel's Perez Visits St. Louis Whining about Hezbollah's Tiny Missiles, Caring Nothing for the 2,000 His Racist Israel Murdered in Lebanon With Millions of Illegal Cluster Bombs | Questions Already Suggest Israeli False Flag Operation in Handling Kidnapping Info | Jew Says Hezbollah Must Be Disarmed, But Does Not Suggest Disarming Racist Israel | Remains of Herzl's Children to Be Flown to Israel for Memorial to the Father of Zionist Colonization and Butchery |

September 17
| Genocide in Gaza | How Terrorism Was Developed By the Zionists in Israel | Indications that U.S.-Israeli Conspiracy to Begin World War III Behind Pope's Remarks -- Iran's News | Shin Bet Murder Confessions in 1996 | Anti-U.S.-Zionist Coalition Nations Back Iranian Nukes | The Treachery of the Israeli Terror State's Anti-American 'Lavon Affair' | U.S.-Israel Pact Continues to Destroy U.S. Tourism | Hidden Report on the Execution by Israeli Neo-Nazi Mossad Thugs of 1,000 Egyptian Officers in 1967 Which Has Been Carefully Bulldozed Over by the Jewish Media Monopoly | Jewish 'Amazons' Patrol Borders | Neo-Nazi-Zionist U.S. Keeping 14,000 Prisoners Illegally in Secret Foreign Prisons | Israeli Corrupted White House Seeks Compromise on Its Anti-American Torture Legislation | Israeli Terror State Approves Inquiry into Handling of Its Misanthropic War in Lebanon | Beaten Zionist Forces Withdraw from 80% of South Lebanon | Earthquake Shakes Large Portions of Israel, 2nd Quake in 8 Days | Syria Impatient Over Return of Zionist Stolen Golan Heights After Years of Exploring All Non-Violent Means | Israel Considers Withdrawal form Shebaa Farms | 118 Non-Aligned Nations Condemn Israel | Nuclear Fat Israel's Disgraced Foreign Minister Stirs the Pot More, Says the World May Have Only a Few Months Before Iran Goes Nuclear in Hypocritical 'Pot Calling the Kettle Black' Statement | 'The Decline of Israel' In A Conversation with Nahla Chahal | Iranian Foreign Minister Says Israel's Main Focus Is Tension and Homelessness Designed to Displace Palestinians--i.e., Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing | The Coming Collapse of Zionism | Human Rights Groups Ask U.N. to Seriously Address Violations of Human Rights by Israel's Terror State | Hezbollah Chief Calls for 'Victory Rally' in Beirut | World Bank to Issue Shekel Bonds |

September 16
| Washington Rocked by Rep. Bob Ney's Plea Bargain for Deals with Zionist Fund-Raiser Jack Abramoff | Jews and 'White Slavery' | Jewish Tycoon George Soros Calls Bush Administration 'Nazis' | America's Mentor in Evil is Israel Who Tortures 850 Palestinian Prisoners on a Revolving Basis | Israeli Terror State Refuses to Report the Number and Names of Kidnapped 'Hezbollah' Citizens | HUAC's List of Jewish Communists | Prime Minister Haniya: New Palestine Government Will Not Recognize Past Deals With Israeli Terrorist Government | Hitler's Jewish Supporters | Jordan's King Abdullah Sees 'No Future for Israel' Without a Just Peace | Israel Always Finds a Way to Get Away with Its Crimes: Sabrina and Shatila Massacre Remembered | Israeli Army Shaken by War Fiasco | Former Israeli General Launches Devastating Attack Against Government's Handling of War | Growing Dissent In Israeli Ranks | Arab Leader: Muslims Will Control Jerusalem | Palestinian Christian Churches Attacked After Pope's Remarks | Majority of World's Countries Demand Israel Withdraw from Gaza | Op Ed, 'Meanwhile, the Forgotten, Forsaken Gaza Is Dying | Cut Off, Gaza Sinks Into Despair | Syrian Officials Kidnapped by Israeli Terror Thug Nation | Hezbollah Fighters Return to Civilian Life -- For Now | Ashamed of America's Torture Chambers, 3 GOP Senators Defy President Bush, Defeat His Stalin Show Trial Bill | After 4 Years of Torture and Humiliation at American Hands, 2 Innocent Kuwaitis Released from the Hell Hole of the Illegal Guantanamo Torture Prison | Gitmo Prisoners Fight the Injustice of the United States Hate Regime | Head of Britain's Judiciary Blasts Bush's Guantanamo, Identifying It as an 'Affront to Democracy' |

September 15
| Israeli Diplomat Arrested in Argentina for Carrying Large Amounts of Explosives Useful for Blowing Up Buildings and/or Commercial Jets Secretly and Blaming Al Qaeda | The Religious and Tribal Affiliation of Vladimir Lenin, Communist Leader of Russia | More Information and Pictures on the Arrest of the Israeli False Flag Bomb Carrier with Israeli Terror State's Demands to Squash the Story | Israel's Terrorist Timeline at Inception, 1947-1948 | Unlikely Story: UN Blames Map Error for Deadly UN Bombing | How to Start Your Own Jewish News and Studies Blog | Poverty Caused by Israeli Empire's Economy Deprivation of Palestine Causes Children to Find Work at Dangerous Checkpoints to Save Families from Starvation | International Jewish Real Estate Moguls | Zionist Baghdad to Build Trenches Around Its Besieged, Civil War City | Jewish Stars Over Hollywood | Israeli Thug Army Still in Deep Disarray | Super Jew Jack Abramoff's State's Evidence Mouth Threatens Career and Freedom of Non-Jew Republican Representative Bob Ney, Who Faces Criminal Charges, Other Shoes to Fall Soon | Facing Revolt, Pro-Zionist Tool Bush Defends 'Terror Laws' | Police Again Find 30 Tortured Bodies Around Baghdad in Midst of Impotent American Zionist Army Security Crackdown | 2 U.S. Soldiers Killed, 25 Others Wounded in Baghdad's Unending Suicide Bomb Chaos | Bodies in Baghdad Now Up to 50 | Update: 24 Hour Body Count Grows to 60 and Growing | 2 Room-Sized Torture Chambers Found by Zionist Forces in Baghdad | In Midst of Growing Violence in Iraq Colony, Zionist U.S. Occupation Forces General Says Stopping Violence is Now Above Stopping Insurgents | Zionist Occupied Iraq Colony's August Body Count Rises to 1,500 Violent Deaths in 30 Days as Nation Nears Permanent Civil War | Palestine Facing Worst Economic Year | Israeli Terror State's Killings in Gaza on September 14, 2021 | | From this Twisted Pro-Jewish Article, You Would Think as the Author Seems to Do that Christians are Terrible and Jews are 100% Perfect, and, If You Don't Mention Israel's Terrorism and the Jewish-Run USSR's Killing Fields, Which the Author Doesn't, He'd Appear Right, Even Though the Truth is the Opposite. | Iran, Venezuela Try to Forge New Anti-U.S. Front at Summit | Lebanese President Seeks Resolution Against Israeli Terror State at NAM Conference |

September 14
| Jewish CFR Conspirator Henry Kissinger Warns of 'War of Civilizations' Between Europe (Christianity) and Middle East (Islam), the Exact Third World War Scene Forecast by Illuminati Conspiracy Time Schedules One Hundred Years Ago | Jewish Control of Non-Jewish Cultural Associations | Former Israeli Army Chief:  Olmert Must Resign - Soldiers Were Sacrificed for Spin | Theodore Herzl, Founder of the Conspiracy to Steal Arab Lands and Found the Neo-Nazi Zionist Terror State | It Is Possible that the Man Who Shot Up Montreal College, Kimveer Gill, May Be Another Jew Like Kliebolt in Columbine. This Rumor is Unproven as Yet, But 'Gill' Is Often a Jewish Last Name. Developing... | David Greenglass, New York Jewish Anti-American Communist A-Bomb Spy | Judge to Saddam:  'You Were Not a Dictator' | Benjamin Freedman's Famous and Well Hidden 'Insider' Speech on Jewish Subversion of the United States | The Jew Watch Project's Working Archive on the Dangerous Jewish Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith Infant Surgery Cult | Pro-Zionist Pope Benedict's Remarks on Islam and Evil Criticized by Islamic Leaders | Mordechai Vannunu: Imprisoned and Tortured Israeli Atomic Hero | Top Russian Bank Reformer Assassinated by Russia's Jewish Mafia Contract Killers | U.N. Report Attacks Constant U.S. Unrealistic, Exaggerated Iran Nuclear Propaganda | U.N. Peace Keeping Force in Lebanon Asks Israel to Take Down Barbed Wire Fence | Neo-Nazi Israel Keeps 40 Kidnapped Lawmakers in Prison | Corruption Scandals Rack an Israeli Terror State Already Reeling after Lebanon | Egyptian Activists Demand End to Peace Treaty with Israel | Israel's War Crimes Boost Ahmadinejad's Arab Leadership Image | Zionist Terror State Fired 1.2 Million U.S. Built and Sold War Crime Cluster Bombs into Civilian Lebanon | At Least 3 Civilians Injured by Israeli Cluster Bombs on Thursday | Fascist U.S. and Israel See Eye-To-Eye on Palestinians, Iran | Rice Demands Palestine Recognize Israel's 60-Year Land Theft | Dissecting Racist Israel's Freeze on Visas |

September 13
| Watch the Video of Pro-Zionist George Bush Being Assassinated | Casual Shin Bet Murders | Fallout from Israeli-Hezbollah War Continues with General Resigning and Possibility that 'Universal War Crimes' Trials Could Be Held Anywhere in the World | Rothschild Family:  The Powerful Jewish Banking Family with Political and Zionist Tentacles Across the Known World | Fascist Anti-Democratic Israel Will Fight Court Order to Release Hamas Members of Parliament | The Jewish-Zionist-Soviet Anti-American Criminals and Spies | Gaza Strip Is Optimistic | The Jews Who Founded the USSR and the Red Revolution and Led the Original Holocaust in Russia that Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews, Far More than the Claimed Number of Jews Who Died in World War Two Which Keeps Declining Precipitously | Man Killed in Gaza Was IDF Tracker | Genocide Events in Israeli Occupied Palestine Today September 13, 2021 | Amnesty International: Hezbollah Rockets on Israel Are War Crimes | Israel Terror States Cautions Abbas to be Careful of a Coalition Government with Hamas, Which the Zionist State Terms a "Terrorist" Party in a Pot Kettle Black Warning | U.S.-Israel Axis Says Palestinian Colony Must Decide Between Terrorism and International Recognition - Another Hypocritical Pot Kettle Black Statement from both Neo-Nazi Zionist Bund Nations | Nasrallah of Hezbollah: The U.S.-Israel Terror Cult Will Not Dictate to Us, Take Our Weapons Away, or Occupy Us | Human Rights Watch Tells Israel to Respect Ambulances, Red Cross, Stop Sadistically Firing On Them | Lebanon to Sue Israel Over Oil Spill | Fascist Neo-Colonial Empire of the United States Again Warns Palestine Not to Accept Its Democratically Elected Hamas Government, Thus Showing the U.S. as an Undemocratic State that is Unwilling to Accept the Outcome of Elections | Arabs Escalate Diplomatic War to Shrink Zionist Terror State's Borders | Warren Buffet to Visit Israel for the First Time | Israel's President Granted Permission to Step Down for 18 Hours to Avoid Sex Scandal Embarrassment, Impropriety with the Supreme Court | The Importance of the Subversive Jewish Lobby in the U.S. | Michael Chertof's Un-American Yiddish Empire of Pro-Zionist U.S. Intelligence Agents, Provocateurs, and Deception Artists | Zionist Controlled FBI Offers Lousey $2,000 for Serial Robber Out of Its Fat $5+ Billion Budget | U.S. Terror Nation, a Known Moslem-Killer, Set to Propose Sanctions Against So-Called "Terrorist" Iran Which Unlike America Has Invaded No One in Typical U.S. Hypocritical Pot Kettle Black Statement |

September 12
| Flu Season in America Delayed 2 Weeks by Slow Down in International Air Travel Due to Anti-Zionist Terrorism | Apartheid Laws in Israel | Hamas to Keep Israeli War Prisoner Shalit Until Israel Agrees to Release All Palestinians Held in Zionist Dungeons | Jews and White Slavery | 1 Israeli Occupation Force Soldier Killed After Israel Crosses Its Border, Zionist Thugs Kill 1 Palestinian Boy, 13 | New York Jewish Bankers Who Bankrolled the Vicious Jewish Red Revolution in the USSR | Pro-Israel Bush: Every American Wishes the War Was Over, 'So Do I', Other Political Whoppers | Quoting Hitler on the Jews | Pro-Zionist Military Prosecutor Recommends Against Death Penalty for 1 of 7 Who Raped and Murdered Girl and Family Members | Investigation of Zionist Thug Soldiers on Gaza Border Alleged to Deal in Weapons and Drugs | Assad Tells Arab-Israeli Legislators How Syria Suggested Peace Between Syria and Israel, but How the Israeli Terror State Refused | Israel-the-Democracy-Slayer to Release Hamas MP's on Bail | Holocaust Survivors Sue Israel for Stealing Germany's Reparations that Were Due Them | Israel Must Abandon Nuclear Arsenal to Insure Middle East Peace | Pro-Zionist Unilateralism Hurt U.S. and Endangered Israel | U.K.'s Major Opposition Party Leader Condemns U.K.-U.S. Zionist Neo-Conservative Crazies | Israeli Terror State's Murderous Viciousness Grows in Palestine | Zionist Christians Filled with Propaganda vis a vis Israel Pledge $45 Million to the Zionist Terrorists | Does Israel Need a President Accused of Sex Scandals or Any President? | Israel to Falsely Rebrand Itself as a Non-War Monger Through Lies and Deceptions | Unprecedented Economic Losses in Lebanon by Israeli Terror State's Illegal Invasion and Bombing | Lebanon Accuses Israel of More Land Snatching by Placing Barbed Wire inside Its Nation | Israel's Barbed Wire in Lebanon Territory Violates U.N. 1701 | British MP's Want Israel to Release Kidnapped Palestinian MP's | Zionist Occupied Iraq Asks Anti-Zionist Iran for Help on Border Security Issues | Iran Promises to Help Establish Security Zone in Iraq |

September 11
| Newsweek: The Spectacular Fall of Pro-Zionist Tony Blair | Anti-Zionist Suicide Bomber Kills 13 Iraq Army Recruits | New York City's Communist Jewish Spies | Al Qaeda Threatens Neo-Nazi Israeli Terror State in New Tape | Super Jews in the Jewish Entertainment Monopoly | Blair:  Being an Ally of Israeli Nazi State Was His Down Fall | Lebanon Says Tony Blair Was a True Partner with Israel in the Killing of Children | $3 Billion Swiss Bank Robbery by Greedy Jews | 700 Experts on International Terrorism Gather in Super Terrorist Israel for Ridiculous Zionist Propaganda Session on Terrorism | 'America and Israel and Preparing for Another War' | Jewish Illuminati Conspiracy | World's Biggest Liar, Tony Blair, Says It Would Be Dangerous Not To Think Iran was Gunning for Israel, But In the End, What Would the World Have to Lose or Gain from Israel's Demise? Probably It Would Be More Peaceful. | Swelling Cost of Israel to the U.S. | Illegal War Crimes of the Israeli Nazi State | More Israeli War Crimes Issues Become Threats to Many Zionofascists Among the Yiddish Occupation Forces | Should the Jewish Neocon War Machine be Allowed to Keep Blood-Stained Profits? | Future Neocon Twisted Logic May Including Using Lost Wars in Iraq and Lebanon as Reason to Attack Iran | Lebanon and the Neocon Endgame | Factions and Infighting in the Disgraced White House Over Bush's Wars | Pro-Zionist Bush Calls for National Unity, Never Even Mentions the Elephant Named AIPAC Standing in the Room Behind Him | Only 20% of Britons Think the Pro-Zionist Allies Are Winning the War | Russia to Launch Engineering Troops in Ships to Rebuild Zionist Destroyed Lebanon | Israeli Drones Still Flying Over Lebanese Airspace | Demonstrators Make Their Presence Known as the Israel-Worshipping Blair Visits Lebanon | Lebanon Asks Germany to Patrol Coastal Waters | China Sending 1,000 Soldiers for Lebanon Peace Keeping | Subversive Dual Citizen Jews to Protest at U.N. for Israel in Violation of America's Best Interest | Israel Fears No One Will Stop Iran from Threatening Its Military Domination and Terrorism in the Middle East | Increased Subversive Jewish Influence in Europe to Increase Anti-Semitism Under a New Leftwing Wacko Pro-Immigrant Euro-AIPAC | Wacko Zionists Stick Their Noses Into 911 Offering Yiddish Subversive Views and Calling in the Guilt Card as They Always Do |

September 10
| Sen. Rockefeller: Iraq and Zionist America Would Be Better Off With Saddam | Israel's Terrorist Prime Minister, Arial Sharon | Tortured Screams Ring Out Again At Abu Ghraib As Soon As Iraq's Federalized Nazis Took Over | Alexandr Feklisov Jewish-Zionist-Soviet Anti-American Spy | Hypocritcial Non-Jew Lamont Had Hailed Jew Lieberman for Scolding Clinton, But Now Admonishes Him for It | Jews Who Ran the USSR | Lebanon's Culture Crisis:  'A Suffocating International Embrace' Complete with America's Cold War Lies That May Harm Islam |  Harmful Errors in Religious Diversity Again Begins to Tear the Brittle Fabric of Lebanon's Government | Zionist Blair Not Welcome in Lebanon | Israeli Air Force Succeeded in Lebanon, But Must Prepare for Tougher Battles in Its Future World of Continued Zionist Warfare and Chaos | At Least 12 Lebanese Have Been Killed by Remaining U.S.-Israeli Cluster Bombs | Israeli West Bank Pullout Cancelled | Israel's Enforced Gaza GenocideWorsens While World Focuses on Lebanon | Free Them From Your Zionist Torture Dungeons Now | U.N. Warns Gaza Conditions Have Reached Life Threatening Breaking Point | U.N. Orders Israel to Stop Incursions, Bombings, and Killings in Gaza | Hamas Spokesman Rejects the Conditions Set by the International Quartet | Palestinians Forced to Scavenge for Food Off Garbage Dumps | 'Gaza Is a Jail. Nobody Is Allowed to Leave. We Are All Starving Now.' | Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Surgery Cult Propaganda Seminars Aimed at Gullible Teens. This Program Promotes Leftwing Wacko Jewish Subversion of America by Teaching Tolerance to Cultural Infection Which Has Always Resulted in Hate, Civil War, and Dictatorship in World History. | Israel's Racist Jewish Interior Minister Seeks to Apply Israel's Hateful Nazi Laws Against Elected Arab Members of the Knesset | Today Herr Olmert Says He Will Meet with Abbas Without Release of Prisoner Shalit, But the Israeli Fuehrer Has Wavered on This for Weeks | Lebanese Foreign Minister Tells U.N. to Get Israel Out of His Country | Hezbollah Still Strong, Fired Only 10% of Its Rocket Arsenal at Israeli Terror State | How Safe Is Investment in War Torn Israel? | Who Won the War? It Depends on the Persons Doing the Lying. | Purely Political Police Chief of Russian Jewish Mafia Brighton Beach Kisses Up to Jews In Town and Accuses Lebanon Demo of Anti-Semitism | Question Authority - Except Israel's |

September 9
| Behind the Scenes as Pro-Zionist U.S. Hides Human Evidence Behind Dark Hoods as It Empties Illegal, Disgraced CIA Prisons | Germany's 'Red Bitch' Rosa Luxembourg Who Struck Arms Plants in the Midst of World War I, Then Announced a Communist German Dicatorship, and was Apprehended, Executed | Olmert to Meet Abbas But Only If Shalit Is Released Which Can't Happen Unless Israel Releases All 10,000 Innocent Kidnapped Palestinians Now Illegally Held and Abused in Zionism's Massive Torture Dungeons | Jewish Mafia U.S.A. Style | Russia:  Israel's Numerous Illegal Kidnappings and Arrests of Hamas MP's and Palestinian Officials Who Remain inside Zionism's Dungeons Are 'Unacceptable' Behavior | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Early Israel History:  The Pro-Palestinian Protectorate of Turkish Sultan Abdulhamit II | The 1919 Holocaust That Failed | Prisoner Talks Going Nowhere | Is Syria Stalling the Shalit Prisoner Talks Because Egypt is Pro-Israel? | Mossad Terror State Murders 5 Palestinians Whom It Claims Are 'Hamas Fighters', After Crossing Illegally Into Their Homelands | Beirut's Anger Over Lasting Damage Caused by the Racist Israeli Terror State | UK Designers Move to Ban Israel from Participating | AIPAC, Espionage and The First Amendment | The Catastrophe of Palestine 1948:  Dispossession and Exile | Six of Iran's Holocaust Cartoons Printed in Danish Newspaper | Racist Israeli Terror State Collects $70 Million to Increase Black Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants, Then Absconds With the Funds Instead | Leftwing Wacko Jewish Planned Immigration of Foreign Non-Jews into Western Europe Fails as The Immigrant Children  Grow Up Only to Hate Western Europeans | Wacky Race Mixture of Brooklyn Voters Who Nonetheless Consider Themselves Americans But Who May Really Have No Clue Have to Choose Between Leftwing Commie Russian Jewish Immigrants and Welfare Prone African Americans in Their Crazed District Mishmash of Divisive, Quarrelsome Races and Cultures | Pope Visits Germany:  Get Ready for Rude Holocaust Comments from Professional Jewish Race Mongering and 'Hate' Organizations | Jewish German Agitators Meet With Chancellor, Willfully Pretend to Confuse Honest Criticism of the Israeli Terror and Murder State's Bombing of Non-Jewish Children in Lebanon, Palestine as 'Anti-Semitism' Which is a Race Baiter's Way of Saying Jewish Criminals in Israel Cannot be Criticized or We Jews Will Slander You | Rebellion Grows in Israel as Huge Peace Movement Holds Rallies, Speaks, Organizes Politically to Defang the Israeli Terror State |

September 8
| Jewish National Security Advisor Emeritus Sandy "The Burglar" Berger, Who Stole Documents Shoved Down His Pants from the Library of Congress, Says ABC's 911 Documentary Is Untrustworthy | Dr. Baruch Goldstein: Mastermind of American Zionist Mosque Murders | Pro-Zionist ABC-TV May Drop 5-Hour 911 Film Which Says Clinton's Affair with the Jewish Monica Lewinsky Caused the Arkansas President to Ignore Al Qaeda's Danger | Start and Groom Your Own Jewish Scholarly Jewish Research Blog Linked to Jew Watch | The Jew Who Connected American Capitalism with Jewish USSR's Cold-Blooded Killers | The Jewish Bankers Behind the Jewish Red Revolution and Its Jewish USSR Killing Apparatus | BYU Physics Professor, Dr. Steven Jones, Put on Paid Leave for His View that the Zionist U.S. Government Dropped the Jewish Owned World Trade Center Buildings Whose Wreckage Was HeavilyTainted with Thermite, The Chemical Marker for Pre-Set Explosives | Shin Bet Murders by the Israeli Terrorist Nation | With 200,000 Unexploded Cluster Bombs in Lebanon 6 Nations Call for Ban | Mossad Lied About Saddam-Al Qaeda Link: Senate Report | Bloody Anti-Zionist Carnage by Taliban Forces in Afghanistan as Car Bombings Heat Up Against Unpopular U.S. Occupation Troops in Capitol | Once Flashy Jewish 'Beef Cake Heart Throb Actor' Ben Affleck May Score Comeback in "Hollywoodland" Movie Portrayal of 1950's Superman, George Reeves, Who Committed Suicide at 45 | Jewish U.S. Undersecretary of Terrorism, Stuart Levey, Issues Racially Charged Report Focusing on Arabs and North Koreans as America's Preferred Racial Hate Targets This Week With Absolutely No Mention of the Constant Mideast Racism, Hate, and Terrorism by Israel | Are Western Zionist War Strategies Not Winnable Due to Easily Gotten Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft Weapons? | Senate Report: There Were No Saddam-Al Qaeda Connection | U.N. Commander Confirms Israel Ended Naval Blockade | Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh: Hamas Government Won't Step Down | U.N. Warns of Gaza Breaking Point After Months of Israeli Sponsored Terrorism, Kidnappings of Elected Leaders, Bombings, Propaganda, and Boycotts | Italian Foreign Minister Urges Israel to End Blockade of Gaza | U.N.'s Kofi Annan Calls for an End to Israeli Terrorism in Gaza and Talks to Bring Peace Between All Parties | Gaza Is a Jail: 'No One Is Allowed to Leave. We Are All Starving.' | Palestinian Student Describes Being Beaten by Israeli Zionist Terror Thugs | Catholic Relief Agency Decries Occupation of Palestine by Israel's Terrorist Regime | Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) Kidnaps Palestinian Family |

September 7
| Captain Kirk, The Jew Who Fears Outer Space | Timeline of Zionist Terror for Curious Jew Watchers | Wikipedia Biography for CBS News Jewess Katy Couric | The Jewish Anticedents of Pope John Paul II | Couric's Zionist CBS News Tops All Ratings Again | Russian Jewess Monica Lewinsky | Major Democratic Fund-Raiser, MoveOn.Org, Bows to Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Male Surgery Cult by Removing Clever Citizen Comments on Lieberman's Jewishness, Including the Well-Used and Hilariously Innocent Colloquial Phrase "Jewish Pig" | Hitler's Jewish Supporters | Israel Begins Lifting Blockade of Lebanon | Jewish Parasitism:  Living on the Labor of Others | Reuter's Reports Israel Lifts Air Blockade, But Blockade by Sea Continues | Annan Hopeful Israel Will Withdraw from Lebanon Soon | Israel Lobby's Poisonous Effect on Journalistic Objectivity | Slanted Jewish Article in WSJ Spreads More Anti-White Hatred in America's Media | Alan Dershowitz's Verbal Jewish Entre into Mossad Torture Methods Which Resulted in America's Fascist Policy of Condoning Inhumane Prisoner War Crimes | Copy of Harvard's Jewish Professor Alan Dershowitz's "Torture Warrants" Proposal in the Los Angeles Times, November 8, 2021 | Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov Advocates Dialog with Hamas, Hezbollah | Pro-Zionist Prime Minister Blair to Step Down Within One Year | Frightened by the Civil War They Unleashed, America's Useless Chicken Generals Turn Over Iraq's Military to Baghdad's Puppet Government | EU Demands to Know Locations of CIA Concentration Camps of Captured Non-Americans | 'Cancel Israel' Stickers on London Buses | U.S. Rebukes Israel on Plans to Build 690 Jewish Homes Inside Non-Jewish Palestine | U.N. Experts Begin Investigation of Israeli Human Rights Violations in Lebanon and Palestine | Israel Condemned for Cluster Bomb Use | ZionoFascist Sycophant United States Will Not Stop Sending Cluster Bombs To Political Gangster in Tel Aviv | Mine-Clearing Agencies Removing Thousands of American Made Cluster Bombs in Lebanon | Olive and Vegetable Fields Off Limits to Owners Due to Thousands of Sadistic Jewish Cluster Bombs | EU Calls Upon Israeli Terrorist State to Unconditionally Set Free All Hamas Cabinet and Parliament Members | American Jewry in Crisis Over Diminished International Prestige and Power of the United States Due Mostly to Its Alliance with and Support of Israel's Terrorist Military Fascism |

September 6
| Ahmadinejad Ready to Fly to New York and Debate Bush Before U.N. Assembly | In Case You Thought Lenin Was Not Jewish | Ahmadinejad Against Oppressor Nations Whose Policies Include Injustice and Hegemony | Neo-Nazi Jew Menachem Begin, Israeli Terror Regime's Prime Minister Who Was Really a Zionist Irgun Leader, Terrorist, Bomber, War Criminal, and Torture Specialist | AIPAC Puppet Bush Admits Secret CIA Mossad-Type Torture Dungeons | Jews and Communism | U.S. War Criminal and Anti-Moslem Racist, President Bush, Uses Supreme Court Decision to Justify Even Further Unconstitutional Delays in Giving Moslems at Gitmo a Show Trial Before an Unfair U.S. Military Tribunal | How Subversive Jewish Marxists Conspired to Destroy Senator Joseph McCarthy's Communist Investigations | Zionist-Globalist-and-Anti-Indigenous Tony Blair Will Leave May 31st As Party Leaders Threaten to Resign in Protest Over Zionist Wars, Terror in London by Anti-Zionist Forces, Anti-Indigenous Immigration Programs, Etc. | U.S. Protests Israel's Racist Visitor Policies | Terror State Israel Pounds Gaza with Air Strikes | Innocent Palestinian Children Pay the Price of Racist Israel's Fascist Invasions Which Bring Killing, Bulldozing, Kidnapping, and Bombing in Palestine | EU Calls on Fascist Israel to Call Off Building 690 Invasive Genocidal Houses for Jews Only in Palestine's Moslem and Christian West Bank Land | Lebanon Rejects Any Hezbollah Prisoner Exchange Without Negotiations Ending in Freedom for Thousands of Lebanese Citizens from Israel's Illegal Torture Dungeons | Israel Using Unethical "Lobbyware" to Unfairly Stuff Ballots with Pro-Israeli Votes on Blog Poll Sites to Skew Outcomes in Favor of the Yiddish Terror State | First Super Rich Pro-Israel Lobby Sets Up in EU to Subvert Parliament and Prime Minister and Thereby Grab Control of Its Government Same As It Did in America | U.K. Archbishop Signs Controversial Agreement With Israel Which May Be Harmful to Traditional Anglican Help to Palestinians | Israeli War Prisoner Taken by Hamas Now Being Held in Egypt For As Long As It Takes Until Israel Negotiates Trade of Thousands of Illegally Kidnapped Palestinian Youths Languishing in the Jewish Terror State's Dungeons | Racist Yiddish Jews in Israel Seek to Significantly Reduce Funding for Black Jews to Immigrate | Regional Jewish ADL Leader, Karen Aroesty, Does the Right Thing, Courageously Defends Fair Treatment of Innocent Moslems Around the World After a Notably Racist and Polarizing Anti-Moslem Hate Film Presentation and Lecture at a Local Jewish Organization. |

September 5
| One Day After Government Says It Is Under Control, Baghdad Explodes in Death:  Tortured Blindfolded Bodies of 33 Men Found Across Baghdad, 7 Occupation Troops Killed, Al Qaeda Says Leader Killed Was a Nobody, Transfer of Power Canceled | Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Revisionist History of Mussolini Might Be Confirmed by Exhumation of 'El Duce' by His Family | Israel's Nuclear Blackmail | Israel's Racist Recovery Grant Program for Jews Only | Jewish Lobby Takes a Few Hard Hits | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Well Hidden Jewish Ancestry | Instead of Espousing Tolerance, Abraham Foxman, President ADL/Jewish B'nai B'rith Infant Male Surgery Cult, Crosses the Line, Raises Hateful Racial Divisiveness Flags Over Lame Posts by Guests on MoveOn.Org Who Simply Mentioned Lieberman Is Jewish and Called Him On It. Evidently, Foxman Didn't Like Their Tone, But Most Thoughtful and Peace Loving Americans Don't Like Foxman's Tone Either. | Meet the Filthy Rich, Well Respected Whiskey Barons of the Bronfman Jewish Mafia Family Who Are Now World Famous Jewish Leaders | Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Lebanese in Assassination Attempt. | Iraq Regains Control over Abu Ghraib Prison | Baghdad Cut In Two by Sunni and Shi'ite Tribes | Security Developments in Baghdad Today | Iran President Suggests Purging Liberal Anti-Regime Profs to Return Iran Safely to Islamic Fundamentalism | Israel's Blockade of Lebanon Should End in 48 Hours Says U.N.'s Annan | Shin Bet Wants to Spy World Wide, Advertises for Young Fascist IT Talent | Commentary: The Price of Israel | Putting Criticism of Israel and Anti-Semitism in Perspective | AIPAC's Willful Subversion and Undoing of American Foreign Policy Interests | Transcript of Two Respected Jewish Professors, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, at the Jewish Lobby Conference Held Before the Council on American-Islamic Relations | Jew Refuses to Identify Himself as a Jew in Article Where He Writes a Scathing Racial Divisiveness Canard About a Non-Jewish Senator, Calls a Non-Jewish White Civil Rights Group Where the Senator Once Spoke 'Racist' for Supporting Its Own European Interests the Same Way Jews Do In Their Organizations, Tries to Tie the Non-Jewish Group to the Old and Oft Repeated Jewish Racism Deception |

September 4
| Report: Israel to Release 1,400 Prisoners for Its Gaza Hostage | Donate to Jew Watch | Jews Lament Theories That Mossad Orchestrated 9/11 Continue to Grow | Jew Watch Philosophy of Total Tolerance of Jews | Abraham Foxman President of Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Jewish Male Surgery Cult Now Casts His Absurd Leftwing Christ-Denying Whacko Net Around Christianity's Sacred New Testament | Jewish Control of the USSR's Killing Machine | Jewish Comedy Goes Over the 'Crazy Top' by Killing Mel Gibson for Laughs | Israel's National IQ Is Below Normal | Why is the Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Jewish Surgery Cult Interviewed by CBS News Concerning a Christian Religious Sect in Colorado and Texas When the ADL Is Jewish and Not Even Christian? | Anti-Israel or Anti-Semite? | Jewish Whacko New York Times: The Arabs Are Completely to Blame | U.N. to Mediate With Hezbollah on Hostages, Annan Says | U.K. Military Toll in Zionist Iraq Rises | Lebanon to Protest Israel's Air, Sea Blockage to U.N. | War Defeated Israeli Prime Minister Says Israel Must Resume Talks with Palestinians | Mustafa Barghouthi: Israel is Responsible for Deteriorated Financial Conditions in the Palestinian Territories | Israel Would Use More Force Against Syria, Olmert Says | Israel's Large Watchdog Calls for Immediate Investigation of Prime Minister Olmert Over Alleged Improprieties | Israeli Leaders Wary of Coming War Crimes Trials | The Lobby and Israel's Invasion of Lebanon | Jews in U.K. Faces Trouble After 350 Years | Israeli Officials Warn of Possible War Crimes Abroad | Peres: Israel Needs to Change Its Military Tactics |

September 3
| Amnesty Int'l Calls on Israel to Give U.N. All Cluster Bombing Maps | Palestinian Loss of Land Caused By the Zionist Land Snatchers | Apartheid Laws of Israel | Israel Says It Gave Some Maps of Bombs to U.N. |  World Bank Suggests Palestinians Use Crossing With Egypt for Trade | Israel Foresees Pullout as U.N. Force Grows | The Jews and White Slavery | Pro-Zionist MP's in U.K. Pander for Votes, Stoop to Accusing Moslems and Leftwing Activists of Unfairly Using War as Excuse for Anti-Semitism | Deal in Works to Achieve Shalit's Release | Israel's Chief Spy Chief and Master of Deception Says Hezbollah Now Giving Hamas Missile Expertise for New Israeli War | Human Rights Group: Israel Has Contempt for Human Life in Gaza | Israel Poisons U.S.-Moslem Ties | British Film Director Calls for Cultural Boycott of Israel | AIPAC, The Religious Right, and American Foreign Policy | Jewish Senator Tom Lantos Mixes Religion with Politics as He Holds Lebanon Support Bill on Account of His Tribal Jewish Objectives Which Are Counter to America's Best Interests | Israel Begins New Push into Gaza Strip | 'We Should Nuke Iran' | Bush Disagrees With Pentagon on Civil War in Iraq |  Zionist Iraq Arrests #2 Al Qaeda Leader, But Nothing Will Change | Pentagon Says Violence in Iraq Increasing | Death Toll in Baghdad Bombings Rises to 43 | 16 People Killed in Iraqi Insurgent Attacks | Death Toll Rises to 24 in Bomb Blast in Baghdad | Iraq Pipeline Blast Kills 74 | 14 U.K. Troops Die in Occupied Afghanistan | Al Qaeda Calls on Americans to Embrace Islam or Suffer the Consequences Now and in the After Life | U.S. Troops Face Death Penalty in Alleged Iraq Rape-Murder Case | Iraq Sunni Group Claims Deadly Attack on Shi'ites |

September 2
| Zionist Occupied Pentagon Continues to Release Bad News: Civil War | Zionism's Fat Cat Whisky Baron Leader | Annan Visits Iran, Discusses Nuclear | The Lavon Affair Says Israel Is No Friend to the U.S. | U.N. President Calls Discussions 'Positive', a Phrase Indicating Nothing Happened | Henry Kissinger, The Super Jew | Palestinians Strike PA Over Zero Wages Paid by Financially Challenged Hamas | AIPAC, The Master of America's Jewish Corruption | Anti-Zionist Teachers Launch Strike in West Bank | Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein | Time to Remove Hamas From Politically Faulty U.S. Terror List | World Pledges Late Last Minute Aid to Poverty Stricken Palestinians | Israeli Double-Cross Security Agents to Testify While Masked. Are They Liars Like Most Agents? | Jewish Reserve Soldier Protest Reaches Tel Aviv, Questions Whether Leaders Who Started and Lost War Should Continue to Lead the Regime | Moslem Turkey Will Withdraw Its Troops If Ordered to Disarm Hezbollah | Italian Foreign Minister: U.S.-Israel Wrong, Hezbollah and Hamas Are Not Terrorist | Zionist Government and Media Mull Over Deconstruction of Polygamous Christian Sect, Attempt to Kill It with Stories Leaked for the Purpose of Defaming,  Dehumanizing, Demonizing, Ending Excessively Large Numbers of European Babies Contrary to American De-Europeanizing Genocide Plans, and Trivializing Its the Church's Humanity, All of This in Violation of Separation of Church and State | Israeli Terror State Plans for War With Syria and Iran | Israel Accused of 'Shocking Behavior' On Cluster Bombs | India:  Israel Must Cease Its Incessant Wars To Bring Any Peace To Mideast | Israel Crosses Border into Gaza, Kidnaps 2 Palestinians, Just Like Hezbollah Did to Start the War | Egyptian Predicts Israel Will Disappear in 17 Years | Nuclear Fat EU Gives Nuclear Infant Iran One Last Chance |

September 1
| Jewish Controlled Pentagon Moves Toward Monitoring Media | The Great Israeli Murderer, Jewish Terrorist Extraordinaire, and Zionist War Criminal, Moshe Dyan (1915-1981) | AP Poll: Growing Doubts in Zionist-Infiltrated U.S. About Military Strategy | Pro-Zionist Nuclear Pig U.S. Wants U.N. Sanctions Against Counter-Zionist Nuclear Midget Iran | Neurotic, Frigid Jewish Women in New York City Founded the Zionist Women's Movement and Sold Working Instead of Marrying to100 Million Non-Jewish Females, Causing Marriages and Birth Rates to Reach Dangerous Lows | Syria Promises the U.S. Dominated U.N. Zionist Puppet Organization It Will Interdict Weapons to Hezbollah | The Millionaire Jew Who Controls What You Know About Stocks and Bonds | A Decade of Innocent Christian and Moslem Child Deaths Before Zionist-American Cluster Bombs Are Removed from Lebanon | Weapon Obese Israel Skeptical Syria Will Stop Arms to Zionist Resisting Hezbollah | Pentagon Says Violence Spreading in Zionist Occupied Colony of Iraq | Liar Bush Says Defeat Would Endanger the 'Civilized World' | Jewish ADL's Abraham Foxman of B'nai B'rith Surgical Mutilation Cult Who Is a Purveyor of Race Mongering Diatribes Writes Shameful and Intolerant Cliche-Riddled Pro-Zionist Idiot Rant About How U.N. Chief  Kofi Annan Should Not Meet with Iran's Democratically Elected President | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Cult Dehumanizes 2 Well-Respected Professors at Harvard and the University of Chicago Because of Their Findings that AIPAC's Lobbying Objectives in America are Harmful and Subversive to U.S. Interests, Which They Are No Matter What Silly Set of Rusty Over-Used Rhetorical Tin Cups Abraham Foxman Tosses At Them | Mentally Unstable Moscow Synagogue Attacker Gets 13 Years for Hurting Innocent Jewish People. In the Opinion of The Jew Watch Project, People Who Hurt Others for Intolerant Religious or Racial Reasons Deserve Even Longer Prison Time. | The Jew Watch Project's Code of Respect and Non-Violence Toward All Religions and Races | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center, Which Is Allegedly America's Best Financed Race Mongering Cult, Now Closes Its Dehumanizing Rhetorical Claws Around Honest Indigenous Non-Jewish American Citizens Who Are Volunteering as Civil Rights Workers Against Illegal Non-Citizen Border Violators | Israelis Want Independent Probe Into War:  Poll | Wars Not Won by Israel Ruin the Careers of Prime Ministers |

August 31
| Ahmadinejad Calls Holocaust `Excuse' to Keep Germans `Ashamed' | The Jew Watcher's Official Guide to the Jewish Kabbalah | Jewish Intolerance of Christian Medical Practices for Reading by Jew Watchers | Jewish Genocide of 65 Million Innocent Christians in The Jewish Run USSR, 1919-1940 | In Pro-Israel Circles, Doubts Grow Over U.S. Policy | The Jew Watch Project's 12 Official Libraries of Articles Proving the Zionist Influence in America's Government | Iran Welcomes Today's U.N. Showdown on Nuclear | Jew Watch's Museum of Jewish Entertainer Pictures | Iran Ignores Non-Moslem Powers and Their U.N. Anti-Moslem Enrichment Fantasies | Keith Olbermann Delivers One Hell Of a Murrow-Type Commentary on the Fascist Invectives of Zionist Donald Rumsfeld | U.S. Pro-Zionist Bureaucrats Draft Prejudiced and Hate Oriented Anti-Moslem Sanctions Aimed at Iran | Pentagon's White House Approved Media Release Says Iranian Nuclear Device in Five Years, But Pentagon Releases Are Always Politically Approved and Motivated Deceptions | Israel and U.S. Intelligence Sources Issue Deceptive Report with Zero Evidence to Support It that Syria Supplied Rockets to Hezbollah; However, Didn't the United States Openly Supply Identical Illegal War Materials to the Israeli Terror State to be Used in Killing Unarmed Lebanese Citizens? | Israel Blames BBC for Honest Reporting that Placed Israeli War Crimes In Public View and Showed Clearly Israel's Real Terror State Status | U.N. Slams War Criminal Israel For Sadistic Use of Cluster Bombs in Civilian Areas Especially in Last 3 Days of a War About to End | Kofi Annan Leaves Israeli Terror State Empty-Handed | Amnesty International Asks U.N. to Investigate Israeli War Crimes | Abraham Foxman of the Yiddish ADL of B'nai B'rith Jewish Infant Foreskin Surgery Cult Rants Against Amnesty International as Foxman Falsely States that Israel Was the Victim. | Jew Watchers Note that Foxman of Jewish ADL/B'nai B'rith Infant Foreskin Surgery Cult Is Following the Lead of Jew Watch and Is Now "Jew Watching" a Non-Jewish Christian Group | Cheney Does Not Learn, Gets Flawed Neocon Briefings on Iran | 3 Alleged UK Politico Suicides and a British Watergate-Type Break-In Under Scrutiny as Possible Murder and Espionage Operations by the U.S.-Britain Neocon Regimes |

August 30
| FBI Says Mossad Caught in New False Ops Plot to Bomb German Trains, Blame It on Arabs, Solicit Aid Funds for Israel | Saudi Arabia Struggles to Keep Itself #1 in Arab Influence While Maintaining U.S. Relationship Despite its U.S.-Zionist Connection | Real Nazis, Or More Zionist Hoaxes? | Zionist Occupation is the Root Cause of Mideast Conflict: Pakistan | Special Office of Anti-Semitism to Open in Zionist Controlled U.S. State Department Even Though It Is in Direct Violation of Separation of Church and State | U.N. Calls on the Israeli Terror State to End Its Illegal Lebanon Blockade | Much Viewed Fox News Video Report on Zionists Spying Upon United States' Interests | Israel Sidesteps Calls to End Blockade | What Famous People Have Said About Jews | Donate to Jew Watch | U.S. Media Bias:  Israelis Good, Moslems Bad | Dr. Baruch Goldstein, The Famous Vicious Zionist Terrorist | Deputy Foreign Minister Wars Israeli Terror State Wars Mean Far More Moslem Terrorism in Future | Zionist Catholicism | Polls Show Israel Still Has High Support Among Americans | Thugs in Israeli Terror State Murder 11 More Christian and Moslem Palestinians in 24 Hours | Israel Continues Imprisonment and Alleged Torture of Top Democratically Elected Hamas Figures It Previously Kidnapped In Violation of International Agreements | Annan Urges Release of Israeli Prisoners Through Red Cross | Angry Lebanon PM Says His Nation Will Be the Last to Talk Peace with the Israeli Terror State | Israel Warns Its People of Possible Sinai Terror Plot and Tells Them to Leave | U.S. Scholars: Israel Planned Lebanon War in Advance, Used Kidnapping as a False Pretext | Britain's Dirty Secret: How Britain Helped Israel Make the A-Bomb | Lebanon Considers Suing Israel for War Crimes | Typical Racist Jewish Rant About 'Divine Right' for Israel in Jewish Press | Ex-Mossad Director Says Israel Cannot Be Eradicated | Racist AIPAC Urges U.S. to Take Down Iranian News Web Site, With Lame, Unproven Argument It Has Ties to Terrorism. Ironically, since AIPAC Is Tied to the Israeli Terror State, AIPAC, too, Has a Direct Terrorist Connection. | Judge Allows Wiretap and Search Evidence in AIPAC Anti-American Spy Case | Judge's AIPAC Wiretap Decision Has Further Implications for All Spies | Fort Lewis Official Adds His Statement to Other Government Denials of Truthfulness of Southern Poverty Law Center Cult of Jewish Espionage Accusation of Neo-Nazis in Military | Alleged Secular Divisive Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith Foreskin Cult Loses Anti-Free-Speech Case to Keep Polish Priest Who Has Been Honestly Critical of Murderous Jewish Misconduct in Recent History Off the Air |

August 29
| Iran's President Challenges Bush to TV Debate | Zionist Control of Subversive Anti-Majority Rights & Law Groups | Another Spy Story Being Suppressed to Protect Israel? | Iran Rejects U.N.'s Authority to Decide | Study Archive of Jewish Pornographers | de Borchgrave: Gathering Nuclear Storm | Jewish Open Immigration Policies Adopted by America to Inevitably Result in Total Collapse of Its Present Resident Population | The Known Conflicts of Interest of Zionist Henry Kissinger | Rumsfeld Gives Pro-Jewish Neocon Idiot Rant to American Legion, Jack Booted Rumsfeld Calls Bush's Critics the New Fascists,  "Pot Kettle Black" | Vicious Jewish Shin Bet Murders | Annan Arrives in Israel, Major Differences on Divisive Jewish Naval and Land Blockade of Non-Jewish Lebanon | Jewish Internationally Planned and Initiated Black Rule in South Africa Has Resulted in Tremendous and Increasing Hate Crimes Committed Against Europeans There | The War Is the Proof of the Subversive Power of Israel's Lobby | Israel's Home Grown B'TSelem Human Rights Group Accuses Zionists of Using Fog of War to Increase Atrocities | Israeli Terror Thugs Invade Palestinian Territory to Murder Two Citizens, Recite Their Names, Accuse Them of Being Militia Members, Give Zero Evidence | Israel Continues Its Illegal Concentration Camp Round Ups of Palestinian Citizens | Racist Jewish Nazi Israelis Murder 4 More in Gaza | Outrageous Israel Increases Its Inhumane Invasion of Gaza, Kills 5 Including 2 Members of PA President's Guard | Pro-Zionist Neocons Are At It Again | Amnesty International Accuses Israel of War Crimes | Israeli Offensive Deprives Gaza of Food, Water, Electricity, Petroleum, Access to Roads, Etc., As Gaza Genocide Plans Succeed | Military Finds No Hate-Group Gang Problems as Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Continues to Recklessly Rant Its Subversive and Divisive Yiddish Hate Mongering Screeds | 'America's Largest Hate Group' Southern Poverty Law Center Seen Front and Center in Shameful Race Mongering Situation In Which This Sleazebag Jewish Organization is Now Seen As Allegedly Attacking Republican Candidate's Family Members |

August 28
| Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Arrogantly Rejects Any Inquiry into His Failed War | Israel Weighs Massive Military Budget Increase (Which Will Be Fully Funded by AIPAC's Legislative Trolls in the U.S. Government) | Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis | Anti-Zionist Iran Fires Submarine to Surface Missile | Two Scholars Say Jewish Lobbying Has Warped U.S. Policy | Senator Feinstein Study Archive for Jew Watchers | France's Chirac Warns The Lebanese War May Start Up Again | Israel Undertakes Large Detentions In Palestine Requiring Prisons Similar to Concentration Camps to House Over 10,000 Kidnapped Persons | End Blockage, Annan Urges Israel | Zionism's Apartheid Laws Against Non-Jews Wanting to Live in Israel | Israel Deliberately Targets Journalists:  3 Dead, 7 Wounded | Hezbollah Says War Was a Mistake | Israel and Hezbollah Both Criticized by U.N. Chief for Not Following Cease Fire Rules Properly | Jewish Domination of Think Tanks | Israel, Italy Deny Negotiations for Prisoner Swap | Israel Will Not Allow a U.N. Investigation into the War | Neo-Nazis from Israel Kill 6 Palestinians | Iran Stalling to Gain Time to Further Nuclear Advances, Says Israeli Foreign Minister in Possible Bid to Further Wider War in Iran | Embassies Departing From Jerusalem May Indicate Worsening of Jerusalem Terrorism in the Future Say Jewish Spin Artists | The Corruption of Israel's Elites | Israel President Protests Innocence in Sex Scandal | Shaky Zionist Government Beset by Arguments Concerning How an Inquiry Would Be Conducted with Openness and Fairness and Not Just Be an Exercise in Controlling the Cover Up | Olmert Fearing Independent Inquiry Opens an "Official Inquiry" Which He Can Control to Hide Many Embarrassing Items | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Penis Mutilation Cult Ignores Reality of Jewish Control of the United States in Lame ADL Criticisms of Iranians Cartoons on the Subject | Foxman Continues Weakening Diatribes About Anti-Semitism from the Vicious and Disgusting Israeli Genocidal War in Lebanon |

August 27
| Kidnapped Fox New Journalists Freed | Jew Rob Reiner Issues Allegedly Racist Statement that Non-Jew Mel Gibson Must Now Betray the Bible, Reject Christian History, Lie Through His Teeth, and State Falsely that 'Passion of Christ' Is Anti-Semitic | Follow the Total Peacefulness of Jew Watch's Philosophy | Zionist Iraq's Loser Puppet Government Reshuffles Failed Cabinet in Midst of Growing Civil War for Infighting Between War Factions | Bomb Kills Scores One Day After Prime Minister of Weak Zionist-Controlled Government of Iraq Calls for National Unity and Peace | How to Donate to Jew Watch | Rumfeld Defends Unpopular and Feared Extended Tours to the Pro-Zionist Catastrophic Iraq War to Soldier's Wives in Alaska | Genocidal Democracy Busting Israel Detains Yet Another Democratically Elected Hamas Representative | The Jewish Role in Russia's Bolshevik Revolution and the Grim Legacy of Its Jewish Communist Dicatorship | Reuters Journalist Tells of Horror of Irresponsible Israeli Bombing of His Vehicle | Zionist-Controlled US Claims S. American Scams Fund Hezbollah But Offers Zero Proof | Zionist Biological Warfare Plans for Arab Genocide Including Development of Arab-Specific Genetic Diseases and Attacks on Their Reproductive Capabilities | Pro-Zionist U.N. Force Is Not Mandated Nor Aimed At Destruction of Hezbollah | U.N. Gearing Up for Reconstruction of Infrastructure, Housing, Bridges, and Roads Ripped Away by the 33 Days of Zionist War Crimes in Lebanon | Atheist Israel's Terror State and the God-Fearing Hezbollah's Party of God Will Exchange Prisoners in 3 Weeks | New Hezbollah Song Catapults Palestinian Boy Band to Mideast Stardom | Zionist Nations of Europe and America Pushing Their Hate Against Moslems and Arabs | No Proof to Zionist Mossad's Lies that Hezbollah Had High-Tech Russian Weapons | Lebanon and Gaza: The Manufactured Myth of Israel's Self-Defense | French Engineers Arrive in Lebanon to Rebuild 15 Bridges Destroyed by War Mongering Zionist Thugs from Israel's Racist Terror State | Lebanese Politicians Blasts Zionist Arrest in NYC of Man Engaging in Free Speech | Heavy Zionist Propaganda Published Daily in Zionist Monopoly Owned Canadian Newspaper Cabal | Terrorism, USA, and Hezbollah -- Is There Any Difference? | ACLU Files a Divisive, Religiously Hurtful Christian Harassment Lawsuit for Jews |

August 26
| Iran Launches New Nuclear Project, Reminds World, 'No Once Can Deprive a Nation of Its Natural Rights' | Fatah Authorizes Abbas to Form Unity Government | Peaceful Coexistence: The Jew Watch Project | Spokesman Says Hamas Will Lead Unity Government | Hezbollah Surprised When Israel Bombed Lebanon into the Stone Age | Consular Reports from Embassies During USSR Revolution Indicate Jewish Bolsheviks Were Directly In Charge of the Red October Revolution | CNN Reports Release of Fox Journalist Hostages Imminent | Racist Israel Asks Friendly Moslem States to Send Troops to Lebanon for Cease Fire | History's Sources on the Jews Who Controlled the USSR's Red Revolution | Pressure on Iran on Nuclear Issue Incites Already Dangerous Mideast Region | Pro-Zionist Bush May Go It Alone Again Without U.N. Approval and Commit Unilateral Economic Crimes Against Anti-Zionist Iran | The Leo Frank Murder / Rape Case and the Creation of the Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Penis Mutilation Cult | Zionist Regime Destroys Young Palestinian Democracy, One-Third of the Parliament in Israeli Torture Dungeons | "Nobody Dies From Not Having Electricity," Olmert Is Said to Have Told His Cabinet, and "No One in Gaza Should Sleep" | Israel's War on Lebanon: The Facts | Americans Deeply Pessimistic About Mideast Policy | People of Golan Heights Pray for Reunion With their Lands and Relatives | Olmert Reaches Legendary Bush Status, 63 Percent of Israelis Want Him Gone | Poll: Most Europeans Against War Mongering Israel | Behind Closed Doors, Israeli Leaders Plan Resumption of War Against Lebanon | How Media Coverage on Israel Is Skewed | America Investigating Illegal Use of  Its Cluster Bombs By Israel, But Don't Even 'Think' You'll Ever Have a Public Hearing on Anything Negative About Israel | Wake Up, America. Israel Is No Friend of Yours | Israeli Torture, Bribery, Informants Fail Against Hezbollah | Three-Fourths of the Small Number of Arabs in Israel Do Not Support Israeli Military Actions | Racist Soldiers of Israel Force Palestinians to Undress in the very Center of their Village | The Shame of Being an American | Israeli Unity and Bitterness, The Casualties of Israel's Lost War |

August 25
| Europe Calls Up 9,600 Troops to Patrol Southern Lebanon for Zionazis of Israeli Terror State Many of Whom Have Long Demonstrated Racist Hatred for European 'Aryans' | The Unsuccessful Holocaust Hoax in 1919 | Pro-Zionist Fed Chief Ben Shalom Bernanke: Federal Reserve Jewish Banking System Still Pushes a Global Anti-American Business Model | Fed. Chair Ben Shalom Bernanke's Wiki Bio | Father Coughlin Warned Us Years Ago, Now There Is No Question About It | The Jewish Dehumanization of Iran and Its Leader Ahmadinejad Continues in the Jerusalem Post. Is This Jewish Marginalizing of a Nation, Another Zionazi Racist Hate Message? Or Is It a Precursor to a Wider Genocide of Moslems to Suit Israel's Racist Mideast Terror Policies? | Winston Churchill's Famous Article About the Jewish Conspiracy of Communism in Europe | New Israeli Subs in 2010 Are Capable of Providing Israeli Capability for More War Mongering and Nuclear Threats Against Mideast, Europe, and America | The Martyrdom of Julius Streicher | Fuehrer Olmert Loses Support in Israel's Post-War Neo-Nazi Terror State | While U.S. Soldiers Die for Nothing, Jews are Stealing Millions | Nasrallah the Grocer Released by Israeli Torturer and Interrogation Nazis in End of Kafkaesque Mistaken Identity Caper | Chavez Compares Israel to Adolf Hitler | The Root Cause of Conflict is Israel's Refusal to Recognize the Will of the People in Fledgling Palestinian Democracy | Racist Leaders in Tel Aviv Claim Weapons Depots in 2 Gaza Homes, Send War Planes, Bomb Civilians, Wound 9, Find No Weapons | Israel Is 'Waging Economic War on Lebanon' | How Washington Goaded Israel To Attack Lebanon | Israel May Be Guilty of War Crimes | Israel's Post War Protest Gains Momentum | Israel Gives Up Hope on Disarming Hezbollah | Amnesty International Accuses Israel of War Crimes | 21 Water Colors by Adolf Hitler on Auction, Draws Defamation Comment from a Jewish Hitler Hater | Which Jews Does the ADL Really Represent? | Hitler's Beetle Under Threat by Demands to Own Them | Blogger Says India Considers Hitler a Great World Leader | Non-Jewish New York Man Charged With Aiding Hezbollah by Supplying Its Satellite TV Feeds | Gangster Diplomacy Carried Out by the Crazy Jewish Neocons in White House |

August 24
| India's 'Hitler Eatery' Agrees to Remove Hitler's Picture and Swastika to Placate India's Miniscule 4,500 Evidently European-Hating Jewish Residents | Washington Times:  War Is Huge Loss for Israel | Jewish Publishing Monopoly | War Mongering U.S. Pro-Zionist President Angry Over CIA Iran Reports | Jewish Paramount Executive 'Losing It' in Hollywood for His Outrageous Tom Cruise Statement | Jewish TV Studio Monopoly | Leftwing Communist Newspaper Monopolist Joseph Pulitzer | Jewish Domination of Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups | Israel Terror State Continues Killing Gaza Leadership, Crosses Border, Murders University Professor, Claims Lamely the Usual Canard that He Is a 'Militant' | You Must Donate to Jew Watch If You Want to Keep It | Jewish Head of National Security Says 'Catch and Release' Program for Illegal Immigrants Is 'Over' for Good, Now They Are Keeping All Illegals Behind Bars | Zionist-Banker-Controlled European Nations Interpret Iran's Offer as Cat and Mouse Game | Iran, Hezbollah, and Israel's War Loss Shows Pro-Zionofascist President Bush a Foreign Policy Loser | Europe's Delay In Sending Troops to Zionofascist War Zone Destroys Its Credibility as a Military Force to be Reckoned | USA Today Spins Absurd Pro-Jewish News Piece Lamely Claiming Hezbollah and Not Israel At Fault for Lebanon's Destruction | Rumor Put Out that Sovereign Iran Has Built at Least 15 Advanced P-2 Centrifuges, Which Could Dramatically Speed Up Its Production of Nuclear Fuel. Is It True? Or Is 'National Council of Resistance of Iran' a Mossad or CIA Operative Leaking a Big Lie for Bush and Olmert Illegal War Monger Plans? | Jewish Banker Controlled European Nations Draw their Pro-Zionist Wagons into Circle in Attempt to Use U.N. as a Legal Cover for their Illegal Colonialist Plans To Dominate Iran and the Mideast | Iran Rapidly Becoming Major Anti-Zionist Force in Mideast | U.S. Treasury Jew Threatens World Banking System in Bizarre 'Over the Top' Statement That Seems to Support Israeli Terror State's Mideast Foreign Policy. If He Is Doing Israel's Work, Why Does He Draw His Pay from the U.S.? | Commander of Jewish Terror State Army Admits Numerous War Errors Led to Defeats and Loss of Men and Tanks in Letter to His Men | Police in Montgomery Alabama Allegedly Receive Jewish Brain Washing by Rabidly Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center's Crack Law Enforcement Propagandists. Non-Jewish Rights Groups Allegedly Accused of Hate by the Jewish SPLC Are Not Being Offered Any Chance to Address the Police to Correct Possible Disinformation Allegedly Spewed by this Very Dangerous and Mostly Leftwing Espionage Cell. |

August 23
| Lebanon Asks United States to Force Neo-Nazi Israeli Terror State to End Its Illegal Air and Sea Blockades | Legal Owners of Shebaa Farms Want Jews to Return All of  their Illegally Stolen Agricultural Lands | Amnesty International Accuses Israeli Terror State of Committing War Crimes Against 'Deliberately Targeted Civilian Infrastructures' | What World Famous Men Said About Jews | Israeli Terror State Signs Deal with Germany to Buy 2 Nuclear Submarines in Which It Can Threaten the United States with Nuclear Devastation | Greenpeace: Israeli Produced Oil Slick Catastrophe in Lebanon Hits Floor of Seabed | Secret Jewish President From Kansas | Israel Breaks Cease Fire, Fires Shells, 1 Israeli Killed | Opinion: Israel Must Pay for Destruction in Lebanon | Please Donate to Keep Jew Watch Healthy | HUAC List of Jewish Communists | 1 Israel Killed, 3 Wounded When They Tread on Land Mines | Australia's Former Ambassador to Israel:  Australia Lost Mideast Friends by Unwavering Support for the Israeli's Neo-Nazi Terrorist State | Italy to Send Thousands of Troops if Israel Respects Cease Fire | Travel Suckers Return to Visiting War Prone Israel | Israel Shelves Plan to Withdraw Its Military Fortresses that Harass Palestine's West Bank Lands | Israel Protests Opening of New "Hitler's Eatery" Restaurant in India | Israel's Racist Jihad Against Arab and Moslem People | No U.N. Troops on Lebanese Border Says Assad of Syria | Traitorous Arabs Against Hezbollah Help Israeli Intelligence by Back Door Spying and Communication | Olmert Says No to Talks With Syria, Citizens in Northern Israel Abandoned by Army, Attack Olmert for Abandoning Them | Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Falsely Compares Hezbollah Being Against the Jewish Nation to Nazis When, In Fact, Adolf Hitler Was a Publicly Staunch Zionist Who Worked with the Stern Gang and Others to Create a Jewish Homeland in Israel | Some of Jew Watch's Archived Material on Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis | U.N. Envoy Warns of 2-3 Month Security Vacuum in Southern Lebanon | China Denies Hezbollah Arms Export | Israeli Soldiers Demand Olmert Resign | In the Footsteps of the Anti-Zionist Osama Bin Laden Tonight at 9 ET/PT on Pro-Zionist CNN, 2 Hours - With Encore Sat/Sun 7PM ET/PT | Billionaire Jewish Media Monopolist Murray Rothstein Who Now Calls Himself Sumner Redstone Cuts Non-Jew Scientologist Tom Cruise Loose from Jewish Paramount Pictures | Jewish Executive's Remarks 'Outrageous and Disrespectful', Paramount Lawsuits May Come Soon | Israeli Police Question Nation's President on Sex Scandal Charges |

August 22
| Ministry of Prisons: Israel is Attempting to Systematically Kill Palestinian Democracy | The Israeli Terrorist Nation Suspends Review of Its Inhumane Lebanon War | Neo-Nazi Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Norman Finkelstein Presents Weatherman Olmert's Daily Forecast for the Middle East from the IsraHell War Crimes Channel | Israel President Katsav's Home Raided in Alleged Sex Scandal | U.N. Reports:  Before America's Jewish Neocon Iraq War the Boycott of Iraq had already Caused 1.2 Million Deaths with 750,000 Being Children Under Age 5 | Commentary & Analysis from Justin Raimando: What Does Israel Really Want? | Italy:  No Italian Soldiers Unless Israel Respects the U.N. Cease Fire | Jew Watchers at The New Yorker Inspect Israel's Lebanon Conspiracies | Israel's Genocide:  Palestine's Loss of Land, 1946-2000 | Internecine Warfare Breaking Out Close to Elections Between Republican Conservatives and the Neocon Cabal in the White House | Non-Jewish Iran is Ready for 'Serious' Nuclear Talks | Jewish Senator Lieberman Calls Upon Rumsfeld to Resign:  Did the Zionist Neocon Senator Just Clip On a Deceptive Fig Leaf for Anti-Iraq-War Democrats? | Iran Fires Upon, Then Boards Romanian Oil Rig in Persian Gulf:  Move Reasserts Persian Sovereignty over the Vital Persian Gulf at Precise Moment of U.N.'s Nuclear Resolution | Israel Told to Be Ready for Missile Attacks Coming from Iran. So, Is Israel Planning to Attack Iran to Provoke Such a Missile Strike? | Jewish and Non-Jewish Liberals Not Reproducing, But Non-Jewish Conservatives Are:  So Democratic Party Has Meager Numbers of Youth to Draw From, But Republicans Have Many | Allegedly Liberal 'Nazis' Gang Together in an Alleged Apparent and Hateful Anti-Semitic Plot to Deny Democratic Zionist Senator Lieberman the Right to Run for His Incumbent Jewish Senate Seat | Red-Faced Israeli Captured Nasrallah, the Grocer, in a Yiddish 'Pink Panther Caper' | Semite Pot Calls the Hamas Kettle Black:  Fascist Military Tribunal in Neo-Nazi State of Israel Falsely Charges Palestinian Speaker of Parliament as Member of a Terrorist Organization | Court Accuses U.K. of Serious International Humanitarian Law Violations by Illegally Allowed Arms Flights to Israel to Land at U.K. Airports | Israeli Jewish Terrorist Army Invades Gaza Strip, Murders 3 Non-Jews, Falsely Declares them 'Militants', Finds No Weapons to Support their Statements, Falsely Publishes the Typical Jewish 'Militants' Deception Anyway, and is Quite Confident No One in the International Jewish Monopoly Press will Care | Arab Christian Groups Vilify Israel for Zionazism | Civil War in Iraq: Security Facts on August 22, 2021 | 4 More Non-Jewish U.S. Army Corpses Added Today to Jews' Neocon Cannon Fodder at Pro-Zionist War Mongering White House | AP's 2,610 Dead Soldiers Statistic Printed on August 22, 2021 |

August 21
| Israeli Terrorists Hack Ahmadinejad's Blog Site | OMG, Today Is Islamic Doomsday | The Jew Watch Project's Philosophy of Peace and Tolerance | Israeli Warplanes Roar Over Lebanon | Zionist Thugs Shoot Three Hezbollah Heroes | Make a Generous Donation to Jew Watch Today | Bush: Send Peacekeepers Quickly | Olmert: Syria Most Aggressive Member of the Axis of Evil. It's a Misnomer. Syria Has Harmed No One. Olmert's Terror State of Israel Itself Is the True Axis of Evil | Zionist Intolerance and Hatred of Dark Skinned Jews From Ethiopia | Hezbollah Reportedly Had British Goggles | Israeli Reservists Slam Leaders In Open Letter | Jew Watch MP3 Radio Programs Archive | Iran Defiant Over Calls for Nuclear U-Turn | Israel Conspires to Have U.N. Do What It Could Not Do, Asks Italy to Lead the Occupation Force Against Lebanon | George W. "Stupid" Bush:  Iraq War Straining America's Psyche | Iran Turns Away Nuclear Inspectors | Zionofascist Republicans for Lieberman? | Jewish ADL Cell of B'nai B'rith Boy Mutilation Cult Propaganda Ads Only Partially Effective in ADL's Deception of Blaming Hezbollah for Israeli Terror War in Lebanon | Leftwing Radical Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Continues to Promote Subversion of America's National Security by Harassing and Conspiring Against Local Cities Who Try to Refuse the Disastrous 10.5 Million Counter-Americans Illegally Squatting in Their Streets Who Are Rapidly and Permanently Destroying Their American Way of Life. | Racist Israel Eliminates Symbols of Democracy and Sovereignty by Removing All Leadership in Its Illegal Genocide within Palestine | Saudi Urges U.S. to Restrain Israel's Increasing Terrorism, Fascism, and Racially Oriented Wars | U.K. Foreign Policy Undergoes Moslem Spotlight | Much Despised U.S. Government Which is an Israeli Apparatchik Continues to Seek Disarming of Hezbollah Without Asking for a Rapid and Similar Disarming of the Far More Dangerous Israeli Terror Cult that Bombed Lebanon into the Stone Age With Very Little Provocation | Jewish Zionazi Terrorists in Lebanon Fire on Hezbollah in Violation of Cease Fire Agreement | Hezbollah Puts Down Deep Roots | Jew Watching Reporter in Yemen Sees U.S.-Israel Conspiracy Attempting a Stalinist Liquidation of the Democratically Elected Hezbollah | George W. Bush Frightened by Increasing Talk of Iraq Civil War |         

August 20
| AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter of Lebanon | Annan: Israeli Raid Violates Cease-Fire | Israel: Hizbullah Rearming | Raid Tests Truce | The Jewish Child Murderer and Rapist Leo Frank and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League Espionage and Propaganda Wing of the B'nai B'rith Infant Male Sexual Mutilation Cult | Lebanon Gives Warning | Israel Says France Not Keeping Promise on Troop Commitment | LEAKS TO MEDIA? Israel Defense Forces Officers Angered by Phone Logs Check | Arab Point of View: His Analysis the Cease Fire Agreement | Getting to Know the Nature of the Jewish ADL Espionage and Provocateur Cell of the B'nai B'rith Male Infant Mutilation Cult | Reservists: Commanders Stopped Us Attending Protest Against War | Part-Jewish Senator John Kerry Calls Jewish Senator Lieberman 'The New Dick Cheney' For His Similar Support for the Lost Pro-Zionist Iraq War | American Nazi Parties Were False Flag Operations Run By Krypto Jews to Stir Up Racial Hatred and Aid Judaism's Objectives | Iran Says It Won't Halt Atomic Work | Iran Army Tests Missiles in War Games | Officer in America's War for Israel in Iraq Felt Haditha's 24 Death Count Was Merely Unfortunate, Routine | The Great Paris Subway Hate Hoax | Lebanon Will 'Decisively Deal' With Anyone Breaking Cease Fire | 20 Non-Jews Dead, 300 Wounded as Civil War Snipers Open Fire on Pilgrims in American Neocon Army's Pro-Zionist Colonial Puppet City of Baghdad | Israeli-Carried West Nile Virus in U.S. Declining as Population Develops Resistance | The Jewish Synagogue Business in the Future is Suddenly Threatened by More and More Jews Leaving the Jewish Religious Cult and Entering Mainstream Religions | A Non-Zionist Libertarian Commentator Discusses Iraq With Unwanted Insights and Honesty in Chicago Tribune | Militant Hitlerian Irgun Fascists in Israel's Colonialist Hate Empire Regime Snatch Yet Another Palestinian Democratically Elected Legislator in West Bank in Attempts to Spread Their Zionist Terror Deeper into Jewish Occupied and Terrorized Palestine | Israel's Racist 'Jihad' Against the Arab and Moslem People | Beirut's Last Jews | Minority Jewish ADL Cell of Jewish B'Nai B'rith Male Infant Private Part Mutilation Cult Decry Provable, Honest, and Truthful Remark by NAACP President Andrew Young that Jewish, Korean, and Arab Shop Owners Regularly "Rip Off" Blacks. | Jewish ADL Hate Cell of the Jewish B'nai B'rith Cult Continues to Stir Racial Divisiveness All Across the State of New Hampshire with Lame Accusations Against the Council of Conservative Citizens, a Peaceful and Long-Honored European Civil Rights Group Which Has Never Advocated Violence, Whose European Members the ADL Has Dehumanized in New Hampshire With Its Hateful and Divisive Propaganda | Highly Focused Jewish Hate Attacks Cause Well-Respected Racial Equality Advocate Andrew Young Who Is a Known Friend to All Races to Resign as a Wal-Mart Consultant Simply to Appease Professional Jewish Hate Provocateurs Who Are Dedicated to Increasing Racial Divisiveness in the World | The Essence of Andrew Young's Speech Was Not Hateful Except to Jews in the Professional Racial Divisiveness Industry Who Incidentally Seem to Hate Everyone Who Is Not a Member of Their Group. You Can Read Some of Young's Statements Here and Judge for Yourself. |

August 19
| Despicable Lying Israel Breaks Cease Fire, Invades Lebanon, Attacks Hezbollah, Hezbollah Wins the Fight as Israeli Special Forces Suffer Humiliation at Hezbollah's Hands, Hezbollah Kills 1 Zionazi Jewish Skinhead and Wounds 2 Dragged Unceremoniously from the Battle Field | Mixed Lebanon Peace: Few Nations Want Involvement in Quagmire | Racist & Genocidal Quotes From Israel's Most Prestigious Leaders Reveal the Truth About the Conspiracy of the Zionazi Menace | Pro-Zionist Afghanistan Colonial Occupational Forces from U.S. and U.K. Accidentally Bomb Indigenous Policemen, 12 Dead in Worsening Mideast Colonial Tar Baby | The Jewish African Slave Trade | 7 Non-Jewish Pilgrims Gunned Down in Quazi-Americanized Baghdad Despite Streets Being Empty of All Cars for Security | Worry in Israel Over State of the Military | Returning IDF Zionazi Thugs Fault Army, Equipment | Quotes and Facts About Relations between Blacks and Jews | With Speed, Hezbollah Picks Up the Shovel | U.S. Colonial Regime in Washington Seeks to Placate the Subversive Jewish Lobby Which Pays for Most U.S. Political Campaigns, Asks Easily Corruptible Arab Leaders to Do Whatever It Must to Stem Hezbollah's and Iran's Popularity | The Grand Jewish Inquisitor, Leon Trotsky, aka David Bronstein of New York City | Zionist U.S. Media Gives Distorted Pro-Israeli Empire's View of Lebanon War | Arab Press Expects More Dangerous Mideast After Israel- Hezbollah Conflict | Israeli Thugs Claim to Have Illegally Invaded Lebanon and Killed 3 Non-Jewish Hezbollah Patriots But Suffered 6 Jewish Wounded Special Zionazi Waffen-Type Storm Troopers in Flagrant and Inhumane Cease Fire Violation in Which Israeli Crack Soldiers Once Again Completely Lost the Battle to Voluntary Arab Forces | Colonial U.S.-Israeli 'Axis of Evil' Seek to Prevent Rearming of Hezbollah's Resistance to the Illegal Jewish Occupation of Lebanon | Leftwing Jewish Pro-Zionazist New York Times Editorial Continues to Support the 60-Year Israeli Madness Which Has Completely Destroyed U.S. Credibility in an Oil Rich Middle East | Smarting From Defeat, Enemies Seek Discord in Lebanon, Warns a Zionist Occupation Resistance Leader | Iran Parliament Speaker's Short Speech Congratulating Hezbollah's Anti-Zionist Victory | Outrageous Jewish Hate Industry Giant ADL Cell of Jewish B'nai B'rith Infant Private Part Mutilation Cult Criticizes Iran's Freedom of Speech in Regards to Its Holocaust Cartoon Contest Satirizing the Vicious Irony of Israel's Vast, Sadistic, and Deadly Holocaust in Palestine | Neo-Nazi Regime in Capitol of the Israeli Hate Empire Arrests Deputy Palestinian Prime Minister at His Home in West Bank of the Fledgling Palestine Democracy | Weak and Humiliated Prime Minister Olmert Forced to Shelve West Bank Settlement Pull Out Due to Rapid Loss of Ability to Effectively Govern Israel | AIPAC Judge Rejects Dismissal |

August 18
| Weak Israeli Government Faces Deep Post-Lebanon Crisis | Poll:  Israelis Respect Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah More Than Their Own Prime Minister Olmert | CIA's Racist Anti-Arab Intelligence Apparatus Blocked Missiles to Hezbollah | Once Red Hot on Cease Fire, France Suddenly Displays Its Franco Chicken Tail, Offers Scant 400 Troops | How to Keep a Jewish Senate Seat in Connecticut: First, Lose Your Primary Election, Second,  Run By Yourself | Jew Watch's Official Statement of Purpose | Sexual Judeo-Mutilation of AIDS Prone African Males | Hezbollah Hands Out Cash to Lebanese War Victim as U.S.-Israel Colonial Regime in Washington Fumes | Russian Missiles Used by Hezbollah to Fight Illegal Israeli Occupation of their Land | Your Donation Is Needed Now | Hezbollah Pays Out $12,000 in Fast U.S. Cash for Each Person Losing a Home To Get Lebanese Victims of Jewish Aggression On the Road to Recovery | Disarming Hezbollah a Fantasy, Says Laughing Lebanese Sergeant | Lebanese Army Enters Hezbollah Stronghold in Southern Lebanon for Show Only, Unwilling to Disarm Hezbollah's Legendary Heroes | The Leftwing Whacko Neurotic Jewish Women of New York City Who Founded the Subversive Women's Movement in the 1960's | Out-Of-Touch U.S. President George W. "Stupid" Bush Claims Lebanese Will Eventually Hold Hezbollah Responsible for 33 Days of Vicious Zionist War Crimes, But as Those With a Real Brain Know Lebanon Will Never Betray the True Heroes of Resistance to the Failed Jewish Occupation | Hezbollah's War on Zionist Occupation Forces Destroys the Myth of Arab and Islamic Unity | Rafsanjani Praises Hezbollah | Many Hidden Jewish Communists in the USSR Are Now Revealed for Public Inspection | Racist U.S. Empire Begs Lebanon Not to Allow Hezbollah to Rebuild that Nation's Homes and Infrastructure Knowing all Lebanese Would Then Become Hezbollah Friendly | Non-Jewish New Hampshire Rally Bows to Subversive Jewish Control, Should Have Told Minority Leftwing Jewish ADL Espionage Cell of B'nai B'rith Infant Male Private Part Mutilation Cult to Leave America's Majority People Alone | Radical Leftwing Home-Grown Zionofacist Fringe Groups Allegedly Terrify Religious Leaders in Florida: Jewish ADL, Sun-Sentinal, and Police Department Tell Religious Leaders to Beware of Falsely Accused "Hate Groups" Who Have No Right to Defend Themselves and Many of Whom May Merely be Peaceful Civil Rights Groups. These Zionofascist Subversive Speakers Imply that Islamics and Whites are Somehow Dangerous. Nothing Has Ever Happened from Any of These Groups to Churches, Mosques, or Synagogues to Warrant Such Misinformation. This Type of Zionofascist Hate Mongering Is On the Rise and People Should Be Aware of the Hidden Hate Behind Such False Teachings. | Jewish-Owned Monopoly Newspapers, Networks, and Magazines Flood the Air Waves With Ridiculous Jon Benet Ramsey Flutter to Keep Humanitarian Tragedies in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, and Afghanistan Out of the Public's Eye, Aiding U.S.-Israeli Zionofascists in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv, Israel to Hide Their War Crimes | All In the Jewish Family: Jewish Lieberman Hired Jewish Political Consultant Josh Isay Who Worked for Jewish Charles Schumer to Revamp His Senatorial Campaign | Significant Zionofascist Losses Have Become Clear to Many Jew Watchers in Middle East |

August 17
| VIEW IRAN'S ENTIRE HOLOCAUST CARTOON EXHIBIT 2006 IN TEHERAN | Israeli Genocidal Killers of Lebanon's Citizens Hypocritically Criticize Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Exhibition, Yet These Holocaust Cartoons Do Not Trivialize the Holocaust; Instead they Poke Their Fingers Right Into the Heartless Eyes of Israel's Holocaust in Palestine and Compare Israel to Hitler's Germany, Which Is An Amazingly Truthful Observation | Iran's Supreme Leader and Highest Religious Ayatollah Praises Hezbollah's Divine Victory Over Israel's Mostly Atheist Colonial Occupation Forces | JIMMY CARTER: Israel 'Unjustified Attack on Lebanon' | Brutal Jewish Communists Pushing the Subversion of Germany Brought About the Nazi Regime | For Majority of Arabs, Hezbollah Won | It's 'Not An Easy Country to Live In,' Olmert Tells 520 new Immigrants | RICE: U.N. Impotent On Disarming Hezbollah, But If Hezbollah Does Not Disarm We'll Just Call Them 'Terrorists'. Woof. Woof. | JEWISH PIG EMPIRE: U.S. Scrambles to Pass New Plan to Pay for Entire Rebuilding of Zionist-Destroyed Lebanon To Stop Hezbollah From Doing It and Gaining Vast Public Support | Israeli Terror State's Defense Minister Says Israel Was Unaware of Hezbollah's Missile Capabilities | Israel's Mossad is a Brutal Assassination and Lie Agency Similar to the CIA and Russia's KGB Which Was Also Run By Jews | Zionofascist Terror State Opens Inquiry on Lebanon War | Hezbollah Continues With Its Plan to Pay 100% of the Cost Rebuilding of Zionist Bombed Lebanon | Leftwing Whacko Jewish Show-Biz Brigade of Stars Plus Super Zionist Rupert Murdoch Step Up to the Plate with Racist Statement Supporting Illegal and Racist Zionofascist Aggression Against Moslem Lands | IDF Claims It Killed a Top Hezbollah Leader, Lebanon Denies It | Fatah, Hamas Agree to Continue Temporary Cease Fire With Zionist Occupation Army | Hamas Rally in Gaza Celebrates Hezbollah's Victory over the Illegal and Racist Zionist Occupation | Mossad Fails to Kill Hamas Chief | Hamas Offered Kidnapped Israeli IDF Thug In Exchange for 600 Young Prisoners in Israeli Torture Dungeons | Fewer Palestinians Want Pease With Israeli Terror Empire | Egypt Intermediated for 600-to-1 Prisoner Swap, Israel Continues to Reject It | Did Russia Have a Hand in Stopping the Israeli Terror State's War Crimes in Lebanon? | France to Lead U.N. Force into South Lebanon, Truce Holds | Representative Edward Markey Supports the Israeli Terror State's Zionofascist Genocide in Mideast | Racist Israeli Terror State Performs Numerous Palestinian Kidnappings, Slashing through Palestinian Villages, Terrorizing Populations, and Arresting Innocent Palestinian Boys to Hold inside Dark, Mossadistic Torture Dungeons, Probably as Ransom for Single War Prisoner Held by Hamas |

August 16
| Israel Pullout to Stop if Lebanon Army Does Not Deploy | Many Israelis Furious at How War Was Run | Hezbollah Vows to Pay for Reconstruction of Lebanon | Israeli Army Chief Sold Stocks Hours Before War | Donate Today to Jew Watch | Report: Amid the Rubble Signs of a Strengthened Hezbollah | Mossad 'Missed Hezbollah Threat' | Palestinians Look for 2 Kidnapped FOX NEWS Journalists | Record Immigration to Israel in Spite of Crisis | Official Statement of the Struggle for Information, Truth, and Racial Peacefulness of The Jew Watch Project | Leaders of Israel's Terror State Blamed for War's Faulty Outcome | Talks Drag On Between Europe's Greedy Post-Colonial Powers and Lebanon's Democracy | The Jewish Role in the Red Revolution and the Jewish Run USSR's Brutal Genocidal Killings of Tens of Millions of Innocent Non-Jews Who Had Done Nothing Wrong But Were Murdered by Jewish Generals Anyway | World Backs Off on Disarming Hezbollah | Lebanese Have Nothing But Contempt for the Arab Nations, But Respect Syria and Iraq for Standing Tall Against Israeli Terror State | U.S. Empire Expects Lebanon to Disarm Hezbollah | Saddam Hussein's Open Letter to the American People | Getting to Know the Openly Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein | Hezbollah Vows to Pay for Rebuilding of Lebanon | Despite Lying Reports by Zionists to the Contrary, No Member of Top Leadership Killed Says Hezbollah | Hezbollah Ruins 'Invincible Tank' Myth | Hezbollah Registers Lebanese for Rebuilding Grants | Jewish Ayn Rand Institute Calls for Destruction of Hezbollah, Slurring this People-Centered Organization of Many Good Works With the Racist Phrase 'Islamic Fascism' When, In Fact, Hezbollah is Mostly Involved in Social Programs and Is Militarily Only a Purely Defensive Group Which Opposes Colonial Aggression Against Lebanon's Democracy by the Israeli Terror Empire | Hezbollah Is the Only Military Force Proven to be Able to Stop Racist Israeli Terror in Lebanon, Disarming is Not An Option | Iran and Syria Claim Hezbollah Victory, Ridicule the Massive Failure of the Wannabe United States Mideast Empire | Hezbollah the Winner in War and Peace | Hezbollah's Anti-Tank Missiles Turned the Tide of Battle, Sending the Shattered Israeli Terror Army of Colonial Occupation Into Retreat | Allegedly Leftwing Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Files Racially Divisive Lawsuit in New Orleans Against Immigration Worker Hiring Practices | Allegedly Leftwing Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Publishes Racially Oriented Diatribe Dehumanizing Non-Jewish White Civil Rights Groups, Referring to Them in Inappropriately Derogatory Terms such as "Neo-Nazi" in Much the Same Manner that Josef Stalin Used Similar Rhetorical Lies to Dehumanize Kulaks Before He Slaughtered 20 Million of Them |

August 15
| Syrian President: U.S.-Israel Empire's Plan for a New Middle East Has Collapsed | Iran: Victory Celebrations, Threats to Israel | Iranian Tells Israel to Fear Iran's Long-Range Missiles | The Non-Representative Jews Who Have Falsely Set Themselves Up as the Only Persons Worthy of  Defining Hate | Israeli Terror State Humbled by Iran's Missiles | Israel Plans to Withdraw, But Disarming Hezbollah Is Another Problematic Issue | Zionism's Terrorists Not Sure the Fighting is Over | Menachem Begin Head Terrorist of the Terrorist Jewish Irgun | Hezbollah Defiance of Israel Emboldens U.S. Empire Foes | A Jewish Defector Warns America | Is the Lebanon War Over? | Memorial to Art Bell's Late Wife, Ramona | Israeli Skinhead Soldiers Commit War Crime, Ambush and Murder Three Hezbollah Soldiers | ABC Report: 25 Dead as Israel Said to Continue to Bomb Beirut | The Jewish Samuel Newhouse Newspapers | Israel Finds Evidence That Syria, Iran Arm Hezbollah With Russian Weapons. Is It Truth or Fiction? Who Knows. Israel Is a Known Liar. | 50 Lebanese Killed in Israel's Hateful Pre-Cease-Fire Murder Rage | Israel Claims Hezbollah Fired 10 Rockets Last Night | Israel Who Holds 9,500 Young Palestinians in Jails Say It Can Only Swap 13 Hezbollah Prisoners and Dozens of Bodies for Two Captive Soldiers | Defiant Hezbollah Back in Beirut Suburbs | Israel Leaving Southern Lebanon | Why Disarming of Hezbollah May Never Happen | Kidnapped Hamas Labor Minister Released by Criminal Israeli State, No Evidence of Wrong Doing Found | Fatah, Hamas Nudge Toward National Reconciliation, Blame Jewish Provocateurs for Previous Infighting Between the Parties | Hezbollah Refuses to Withdraw from Southern Lebanon and Disarm | Jesse Jackson Tries to Negotiate Hezbollah  Prisoner Swap | Cease Fire Holds, Hezbollah Disarmament Debated | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Ritual Penis Mutilation Society Flies 10 College Newspaper Editors to Israel for Yiddish Brainwashing | AIPAC Espionage Trial Won't Be Dismissed | President George "Liar" Bush Signs War Powers Declaration into Law That Will Protect His Torturers from Prosecution for Torturing Prisoners |

August 14
| Hezbollah Announces Significant Victory over Zionist Terror | Olmert Acknowledges War's Deficiencies | Please, Donate to Jew Watch | Hamas Inspired by Hezbollah's Success | Bebe Netanyahu's Political Future Brightens on Olmert's Military and Domestic Catastrophes | Jewish Domination of Anti-Immigration Movements | Jews Leave Underground Bomb Shelters | Disastrous President Bush Muddles Into Future of Mideast, Nuclear Chaos | President Dwight Eisenhower's Jewish Artifacts | Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Cartoon Show Opens Today with 200 Exhibition Finalists | Olmert Says Israel Will Continue to Threaten, Arrest, and Assassinate Hezbollah Leaders Anywhere in the World. This Makes Racist Israel Into An Illegal Self-Confessed International Pariah. | Two Fox News Journalists Kidnapped in Gaza City | New Yorker Reporters Says Bush Administration Planned Bombing War With Israel Long Before Hezbollah Took Two Captives. It Was All Planned. | The Jewish Child Killings at Qana Last Month | The Anatomy of Hating Israel, Its Politically Motivated War to Boost Olmert's Ratings, and Its Awful War Crimes Against Civilians | Israel Should Pack Up and Go | As Cease Fire Silence Fell, Lebanese Trailed South to Visit their Wrecked and Darkened Cities | Seven Israeli Skinhead IDF Thugs Trying to Snatch More Land for Zionism Were Killed on Eve of Cease Fire | Cease Fire in Lebanon Victory for Hezbollah, Arabs, Moslems, Jihad | Jewish Mind Control Cat Fight Over CNN Coverage Showing Sympathy for Lebanese People | Hamas Parliamentary Speaker Falls Ill in Israeli Dungeon | Racist Israel Ethnically Cleanses House with Terror Phone Call to Residents to Get Out Then Bombs It Into Oblivion | A Dangerous and Hateful Threat to Tolerance and Freedom in America is the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center as it Stalks Police Departments with Its Leftwing Whacko Propaganda Sessions, Acts as a Proxy Espionage Agency, Reports on Private Citizens, and Demonizes them Before Silenced Law Enforcement Employees Who Are Forced to Attend These Disgraceful Meetings In Which No One From the Other Side Is Invited | Another Zionist-Neocon Disaster: Bush's Nutty Syria Policy |

August 13
| How to Deal With the Jewish Lobby: 'The De-Zionization of the American Mind' | Lieberman Ahead in Senate Race With 46% Lieberman, 41% Lamont, 6% Alan Schlesinger (the Republican) | Meet the Jewish Killers-Rulers of the USSR Who Murdered 65 Million Christians | Lutheran Synod Counts 95 Million Dead in the Judeo-Bolshevik USSR | Quite Humorous Rendition of the Faked Reuters Photo | Israel's Cabinet Accepts Cease Fire, But Fighting Rages On As Fierce As Ever | Syria Calls for Investigation of Israeli Terror State's War Crimes of Killing of Civilians and Destroying Infrastructure | Historical Reflections on the Jewish Nature of the Theorists, Rulers, and Revolutionaries Who Ran the USSR as a Horrendous Yiddish Killing Field and Torture Dungeon for Non-Jews | Racist Israeli Colonial Empire Will Only Leave Lebanon After U.N. Takes Over. In Other Words, They Probably Are Not Leaving for a Long, Long Time. | 30,000 Racist Zionist Killers Willfully Invading and Marauding Southern Lebanon Viciously Bombing, Shooting, Capturing, Beating, and Killing Non-Jewish People Prior to Cease Fire | Jewish Supremacists Who Control Non-Jewish Unions, Occupational Organizations, Academia, Etc., for the 'Inferior' Majority | Racist Jewish Civilians Filled With Anti-Arab Hatred and Blood Lust Are Now Frustrated that Israel Might Stop Bombing Innocent Women and Babies in Lebanon Due to Cease Fire | Germany's Government Afraid to Send German U.N. Forces to War Zone for Fear of Significant Losses | Racist Jewish Domination of Entertainment Means Most Actors and Actresses Are Invariably Jewish, Because Jews Get Hired Over Non-Jews. It's Racist, And That's Entertainment. | Israeli Terror State Continues and Even Intensifies Deadly Bombings Despite Cease Fire Agreement | Cheap Jewish Thugs Pound Many Innocent Beirut Families with 20 Missiles from Their Safe High Flying American Supplied Chicken Jets | 19 Zionist Racist Soldiers Killed by Defending Hezbollah Patriots Fighting Jewish Colonialism in Highest One-Day Toll in War | Hezbollah Fires 250 Rockets into the Israeli Racist Haifa Compound | Israeli Killers Strategically Re-Bomb Villages in Southern Lebanon Where Workers Rescuing Trapped Victims in Zionism's Recent War Crimes Rubble | Jewish-Aryan Mathematician Team Working Together Solve Impossible 50-Year-Old Math Problem Using Computers | Honest Immigration Protest Groups Gain Strength, But Allegedly Suffer Unfair Anti-Democratic Canards from Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center's Hired Espionage and Propaganda Stalkers | ADL Shakes False Fruit from Its Usual Worn-Out Jewish Anti-Semite Tree Concerning U.N.'s Honest Resolution Against Proven Zionist Nation's Genocide Bombings Against Innocent Moslems in Lebanon and Palestine. Have You and Your Racist Murdering People No Shame Left At All, Mr. Foxman? |

August 12
| U.N. Motion Allows Israel to Fight Legally, Lebanon Protests American Traitor State for Writing It to Suit Deadly Zionist Aggression | Nazi Israeli Terrorist State Immediately Defies U.N. Ceasefire in Massive Assault on Lebanon to Gain Wrongful Advantage | 3,000 Years of Jewish Hatred of Non-Jews | UK Terror Plot: Another Absurd Publicity Stunt by Pro-Jewish Racist Western Powers? | Shyster Israel Flies More of Its Defeated Troops Deep into Hezbollah Territory to Snatch Land at Last Minute, Will Ceasefire After Taking Land Hoping Hezbollah Will Relent Before Attacking Invaders | How Racist Jews Committed Unforgivable Genocide on Their Own Innocent Children | Israel Terror State's Prime Minister Faces Political Disaster for Losing War Against Hezbollah | Security Advisor Fears Israeli War Crimes and Terrorism in Lebanon and Gaza May Spread Worldwide in Renewed Al Qaeda Revenge Plots | Years of Zionist Racist Genocide in Palestine | B'nai B'rith Jewish Infant Penis Mutilation Bund Says Anti-Semitism Up in Canada from War in Lebanon, but Another Jewish Speaker Says this is Not the Case | Victorious Hezbollah Sets Conditions | Brave Hezbollah Members Help the Poor | The Jew Watch Project's Official Statement of Total Tolerance for All People in the World | 'Big Brother' Canadian Web Firm Shuts Down Hezbollah Site in the Disgraced and Strictly Jewish-Controlled and Hitlerian Non-Free-Speech Canada | Lessons of Hezbollah | Washington Post: Why Hezbollah is the Winner in Lebanon and U.S. is the Loser in Iraq | The Exquisite Joy of Donating to Jew Watch | 120 Hezbollah Rockets Hit an Already Defeated Israel | Israeli Analysis, Why Hezbollah Won and Israel Lost | After Accepting U.N. Resolution in Theory, Israel Continues to Invade Southern Lebanon Despite Massive Casualties | Hamas Parliament Speaker Falls Ill in Israel's Nazi Torture Dungeon | A Series of Escalating Errors | Palestinian Authority Appeals to Nazi Israeli Courts to Release Its Ministers | Secular In-Fighting Between Indianapolis Moslems and Jews Over Hezbollah's Party of God vs. the Nazi Terror State of Israel | Hamas to Adopt Successful Hezbollah Battle Strategies | Hamas Says No Prisoner Exchange Soon | Did Israel's Murderous Mossadomites Send a Poison Letter to Hamas Sending 7 Members to a Hospital? | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alleged Espionage and Subversion Group, Lauds Rejection of Illegal Immigrant Law that Would Have Helped Protect Honest Americans from Invasion by Their Natural Enemies | Bored U.S. Colonial Military Gendarmes Make Specious and Easy Arrests of 60 Probably Innocent Men at a Funeral in Iraq on Questionable and Unverifiable Charges of Bomb Making Connections | Jewish Disney Confirms Distribution of Mel Gibson's Mayan Language Film "Apocalypto" |

August 11
| AP Reports the Long List of Israeli Atrocities in Lebanon Today: How Women and Children are Being Murdered | Israeli Nazis Ask U.S. to Ship Rockets with Wide Blast to Aid Their War Crimes Goals of Killing More Non-Combatants Thus Making America Equally Responsible for Constant Zionist Murders of Children | Jewish Fuehrer Ehud Olmert May Resign as Prime Minister:  Losing  the War to Hezbollah and Accepting U.N. Chicken Resolution to Avoid More Casualties in an Already Lost War Has Completely Poisoned the Israeli Landscape for the 'Little Hitler of Tel Aviv' | Hateful U.S. Terror State Offers a Cheap $50 Million to Cover Lebanon's Entire $15 Billion in Damages Caused by America's Ally, the Heartless, Bloody Jewish Terror State to the South | Rothschild Banking Influence in the Development of Communism | Terrified and Militarily Stymied Israel Wants to Accept Cease Fire Rather than Face Any More of Hezbollah's Guns and Grit Now That The Vile Hateful Yiddish Mossad-Amite Gangsters Have Utterly Destroyed Christian Lebanon's Civilization All the Way North to Syria | Not Yet Finished Spreading Jewish Hatred Against Its Partially Christian Neighbor to the North, Israeli Thugs Bomb Bridges and Roads to Syria Killing Even More Innocent Christians Who Mean Nothing At All to Vile Jewish Minds | Jewish Collaboration with the Nazis | Zionist Sycophant U.S. Embassy Warns Americans in India to Beware of Terrorism; However, the Embassy Did Not Tell Them This Terror Threat Against Them Was Because of American Aid to the Terrorist Nation of Israel Which Is Hated in India and Everywhere Else in the Region for its Own Hate, Terror, Brutality and Torture of Innocents | Hezbollah's Successful Resistance to Israel's Heartless Terrorism Against Christians and Moslems Boosts Its Standing in Middle East | Poll Shows Israeli Public Support for Israel's Unsuccessful War Against Hezbollah  is Sliding | Hezbollah Burn Two More Zionist Tanks in Israel's Bogged Down Lebanon Advance | Hateful Jewish Israel Continues Its Merciless Killing of Civilians in their Apartments and Falsely Claiming they were Hezbollah Fighters, An Accusation No One Flying 800 MPH in the Air Above Demolished Buildings Could Ever Know. The Time Has Come for Genocidal Israelis to Stand Before a U.N. War Crimes Tribunal. |

August 10
| No Mention in Controlled Zionist Media on U.S. Military, Economic, and Propaganda Support for Racist Israeli Terror State As the Major Cause of Al Qaeda's Plan to Explode 9 Airliners Over the Atlantic | Moslems Skeptical About Terror Plot | Reuters Report:  Racist Israel Tortures 850 Palestinians Each Year | Hezbollah Destroys 12 Zionist Tanks Killing Many Racist IDF Skinhead Thugs in Process | Chicken Israel Puts Offensive on Hold While France and U.S. Do Israel's Bidding by Delaying a Cease Fire | AP Report:  Zionist Racism Against Ethiopian Jews in Israel | 40,000 Zionist Skinhead Troops Await Word on Entering Southern Lebanon to Kill Its People | Listening to Radio a Matter of Life and Death to Northern Israeli Land Snatchers | Jew Watch Study Archive:  Articles and Photos About the Qana Genocide on July 30, 2021 | Jewish Terrorists in Racist Israel Tell Non-Jews in South Beirut to Leave Homes Before Zionist Bombs Obliterate Their Neighborhood | Racist Leaders in the Israeli Hate State Gripe About BBC Coverage | List of Jewish Black Slave Trade Ships Along with the Names of Their Owners | Zionists Promise 'Painful' Expansion of War Atrocities in Its On-Going Genocide of Thousands of Innocent Christians in Lebanon | Fanatical, Racist and Inhumane Leaders in Both U.S. Parties Think Iraq Will Help Them | Bombing Near Shrine Leaves 35 Dead Near Moslem Shrine in Desperate Pro-Zionist U.S. Colony | Racist Israel's Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing Pogroms in Southern Lebanon | Vicious Fighting in Lebanon by Jewish Racist Forces, Israeli Tank and Personnel Losses Reported, Israel Halts Its Genocidal Invasion | Hezbollah's Lack of Structure Its Major Strength: The Age of Lone Wolf Warfare Begins | Shadowy Hezbollah Manages to Resupply | Hezbollah Kills 15 Zionist Skinhead Troops | Racist Israeli Thugs Hit Beirut, Kill People, Damage Historic French Colonial Tower Landmark | Israel's Mideast Hate Crimes Were For Nothing, Because It Has Taught Future Mid East Extremists To Become Stronger | Escalation of War in Lebanon to Include Iran Would be Catastrophic to World Economy, Say Economist | Jewish Racist Scum in Simon Wiesenthal Center Have Chutzpah to Complain about Katyusha Rockets in Lebanon but to Say NOTHING About Zionist Jews Killing Non-Jewish Babies and Ruining a Civilization with Disgusting Zionist Bombs | The Franco-US Resolution is an Absurdity: It Would Give Zionist Aggressor Israel Immunity while Denying Lebanon the Right to Defend Itself | Israel Responded to an Unprovoked Attack Inside Israel by Hezbollah Right? Wrong. |

August 9
| Lebanon Chokes Fragile U.S.-Moslem Alliance in Lost Zionist Colony of Iraq | Soon It Will Be Time for Pro-Zionist Nations to Leave the Middle East as Support for the Lost Neocon War Slides into the Bloodied Gutter of Defeat | Hezbollah Proves to be a Formidable Zionist Enemy | Homes in Ruins Increases Support for Hezbollah | Is Jewish Terrorist Mossad Really Terrifying and Assassinating Iraq's Scientific Community to Force Them to Leave Baghdad? | A Study of Lebanon-Israel Border Events Prior to Hezbollah Arresting 2 Israeli Soldiers Indicates Likely Mossad Role in Beginning the War | Racist Jewish Cabinet Votes for Deeper, Even Bloodier Invasion of Lebanon | U.N. Slams Neo-Nazi Israel for Its Nationalist-Zionist War Crimes Against Civilians in Lebanon | Arab TV Reports 11 Zionist Soldiers Dead in Illegal Overnight Jewish Invasion of Christian and Moslem South Lebanon | Death, Death Everywhere on Both Sides of the Racist Israeli War of Hate | Civilian Death Toll Rises to 41 in Monday Night's Jewish Bombing of Beirut Including Many Innocent Christian Children and Their Mothers | Racist Zionist Bombs Bloody Peaceful Christian-Moslem Al Shiyah | Zionism's Attack on Two Fledgling Democracies Show How Israel Is No Friend to Freedom in Middle East | Olbermann's 'Sieg Heil', O'Reilly's Anti-ADL Sentiments, and ADL's Big Mouth Jewish Race Bait Show | ADL's Abe Foxman Slams U.N. as Blatantly Racist for Criticizing the Neo-Nazi Jewish Terror State of Israel and Its Bloody Arab Pograms | Another Alleged Jewish Spy Case Against a Zionist Petty Officer Name 'Ariel J. Weinmann' Being Kept as Secret as Possible to Please the Jewish Terror State | Does the Jewish Neocon Heavy White House Want a Wider War in the Middle East? | Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa Warns the Racist Israeli Terrorist Bombing of Civilians is an Open Invitation to Suicide Bombers | 'U.S. Lacks the Moral Authority to Broker a Middle East Agreement' |

August 8
| Poll Shows 97% of Palestinians Support Hezbollah | Hate-Filled Israel to Decide on Big Offensive; May Go Deeper into Lebanon | Joseph Pulitzer, Notorious Jewish War Monger / Media Mogul | Support for Hezbollah Grows With Each Bombed Beirut Building | Was Hezbollah a Legitimate Target? | Armand Hammer, Jr., Jewish Founder of the American Communist Party and Multi-U.S. Presidential Lobbyist | Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah | Iran's Supreme Leader Urges Muslims to 'Defend' Hezbollah | Anti-Zionist Guerillas Fight On Against Jewish Killers | Hezbollah's Modern Military Tactics 'Are Amazing the World' While Instilling Mortal Fear in the Suddenly Impotent Israeli Army | Sigmund Freud, Jew Who Put Forward the Faked 'Sciences' of Freudianism and Psychiatry Which Are Now in Disgrace and Used Them to Bash All of Western Culture | Israeli Government to Pay for 17,000 Jews of North to Leave for Several Days | Filthy Rich Jews in Tel Aviv a World Apart from Lebanon War | The Jews Who Stole All of Russia's Post-U.S.S.R. Industries: The Jewish 'Oligarchs' or 'Robber Barons' from A to Z | Soldiers Want to Freeze Their Sperm Before Entering Lebanon | Jewish Senator Lieberman's Campaign Says Web Site Hacked | Heroic Hezbollah Kidnapper Stands Tall on Jewish TV | Childish Israeli Ambassador Chides Uninterested Europeans for Not Placing Hezbollah on Terrorist List | American Pro-Zionist Troops Fail to End Violence in Baghdad | Iraq's Prime Minister Angered at U.S. Zionist Army for Raiding Shiite Stronghold | Roadside Bombs Kill at Least 19 in Iraq Despite U.S. Zionist Army Serving as Patrol in Baghdad | Lebanon Ready to Deploy 15,000 Anti-Zionist Troops to South as Soon as Israel Removes Racist Jewish Killers from Area | Israeli Hate Strike Kills Another 13 in Lebanon | Jewish Terrorists' Oil Spill Inside Lebanon May Be Bigger than Exxon Valdez in 1989 | Fuel Shortage Caused by Zionist Destruction Threatens Lebanon Hospital Services | Frightened Zionists Study Lebanon Proposal to Station 15,000 Troops in South Lebanon and Pacify Hezbollah as a Way Out of the Hell Israel's Hatred has Created | Israeli Hate State Demotes and Replaces Top Commander of Its Failed Racist Forces | Zionist Terror Bloodies Gaza Cities | Nassrullah Calls Upon Western Media Not To Forget Israeli Terrorists Who Are Bombing, Shelling, and Displacing Gazans, Using Long-Practiced Zionist Genocidal Fear Methods |

August 7
| Patrick Swayze Says Mel Gibson is a Wonderful Human Being, not Anti-Semitic in the Least | Jewish Nation of Horror At It Again:  Lebanon Says Israeli Zionist Terrorists Killed Another 40-60 People Including Even More Little Children | Jews and Bolshevism | Reuters Pulls Photo With Slightly Enhanced Smoke Which Was So Thick Already that Darkening It Was Unnecessary | Justice and Payback May Soon Be Coming to a Street Near Everyone in the Neo-Nazi Terror Capital of Tel Aviv | Marinus Van de Lubbe, the Jew Who Burned the Reichstag | Syrian Minister Says United Nations Resolution is a Plan for Continuing Zionism's War of Terror Indefinitely, Syria Ready to Respond If Threatened | Supreme Court Justice Kennedy: World No Longer Swallows Zionist-Controlled U.S.A. Democracy Myth | Was Pope John Paul II Really a Jewish Pope? | Lebanon's Prime Minister Cries in Public Discussing the Dreadful Jewish Murder of 45 People in the Zionist Horror Performed at the Impoverished Village of Houla | U.N. Resolution Impotent, Will Not Zionism's Terror in the Middle East | Famous Jews List | Hezbollah Attacks Israel's Terrorist Army, Kills or Wounds 5 Neo-Zionist Soldiers Fighting for Jewish Racism | Genocidal Israeli Terrorist Army and Air Force Increase Their Vicious Zionist Bombardments Against the Peaceful and Fledgling Lebanese Democracy | The Gruesome Murderer / Terrorist and Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin | New Racist Jewish Air Strikes inside Non-Jewish Beirut Kill 8 Who Are of Obviously Inferior Races by Comparison | Israeli Genocidal Penetration of Southern Lebanon Is Broad but Shallow, Cautious, and Quite Slow as Hezbollah Resists Using Deadly Resistance Tactics | Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing Continues in Southern Lebanon as Zionists Tell People to Leave Their Homes | Israel Shoots Down Hezbollah Drone | Israeli Terror State Now Threatens Full Scale Attack With Huge Slaughter, 'The Gloves Are Off'

August 6
| Lebanon Rejects Cease Fire Resolution Without Prisoner Exchange and Removal of All Israeli Occupation Forces | Syria: 'Ready for Possible Regional War' | Forbidden Quotes by Racist Zionist Leaders | Fuehrer Olmert Tells Europe to Get Lost | Hezbollah: Israel Goes Head-On Against New High Tech Foe | Unfair Media Coverage of Atrocities Between Zionists and Palestinians | 80 Rockets in 30 Minutes Leaves 11 Dead, 14 Wounded | Israeli Thugs Finally Meet their Match in Hezbollah's 'Party of God': 10 Israelis, 11 Lebanese /Civilians Dead | U.N. Reports on Israel's Genocidal Atrocities in Lebanon | Israel Continues War Crime of Bombing Civilians All Over Lebanon; Israel Suffers Many Losses; Europe Wastes More Mid East Lives on Resolution Wording | Hezbollah Makes Israel Pay; Strikes Back in Revenge, Killing 15 Zionists In Haifa Rocket Attacks | Lebanon Fears Approaching Epidemics Among Its One Million Refugees as Its Genocidal Crisis Deepens | Hezbollah Arsenal Looks Intact | 'Regional War Would be Most Helpful,' Syrian Diplomat Says | Rice Flippantly, Naively Says Israel and Hezbollah Must Respond to Whatever Irrelevant U.N. Resolution is Passed by European and American Post-Colonial Empires | Hezbollah's Years of Religious Humanitarian Charities Wins the Hearts and Souls of Its Christian and Moslem Southern Lebanese Citizens | AIPAC's Nearly Complete Subversion of America's Cowardly Congress Found in Ease of these Jews Authoring and Passing U.S. Resolutions on Hamas and Hezbollah which are Against the Nation's Foreign Policy and Natural Resource Interests in the Middle East | Israel Kills Palestinian Boy; No Progress in Prisoner Release Talks | Israel Hampers Deal Over Prisoner Release Over the 9,500 Boys It Ruthlessly Kidnapped and Imprisoned in Exchange for Its Soldier by Its Incessant Squabbles Over Miniscule Details |

August 5
| National Zionist Thugs Pound Lebanon | Israeli Neo-Nazi Terrorists Sever Road to Syria. Lebanon and Hezbollah Stand Tall | Zionists Radiated 100,000 Children in Israel | Over 70 Rockets Slam into North Israel -- In Under an Hour -- In Revenge for Zionist War Crimes in Lebanon | PAPER: Iran Races To Resupply Hezbollah | PAPER: Israeli Army Loses Self-Confidence | Oh, Great Super Jew Henry Super Jew Kissinger | Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqi Shiites Chant 'Death to Israel' | Facist Jewish Police Warn Israelis to Stay in Shelters | Israel's White Slavery | Blair Delays Holiday | Blood-Drenched Jewish War Crimes Surge as Israel Murders 26 Unarmed Farm Workers in Lebanon | Jews Who Run the Mass Media Associations | Israeli Goons Murder 40 More Lebanese in Crazed Neo-Nazi Zionist Blood Bath | After Starting This Deadly War Crime in the First Place, Jews Complain About Enduring Revenge Bombings by an Outraged Hezbollah | Interactive Views of Israeli's Destruction of Beirut Neighborhood With Lame Hezbollah Stronghold Lie | Israel's Sordid History of Brutal Wars Against Innocent Civilians | EU Official:  Israel Has No Right to Wipe Mostly Innocent Christians in Beirut Off the Map | Venezuela Slams Israel's Chutzpah and Recalls Its Ambassador | Iraq Suddenly Turns Worse: Hundreds of Thousands of Enraged and Fed-Up Citizens Protest the US-Israel Colonial Axis of Evil | Blair: There Is a Rift Over Israel | America's Colonial Woes Widen: Corruption in Iraqi Officialdom Rivals Damage Caused by Insurgents | US Troops Question Iraq Mission | False Democracy Fades into Black as Iraq Slips Into Its Inevitable Civil War | Senior Military Correspondent Sees US Supply Lines, Entire Iraq War Effort At Risk Now | Hate-Filled Jews Desperate to Control Human Minds and the Warp History Seek to Convict Honest Historian and Scientific Investigator of the Holocaust, Robert Faurrison, Professor Emeritus at the University of Lyon | 'I Ask that the Jews Be Deprived of the Right to Harm Me' |

August 4
(not available now)

August 3
| 3 Weeks In, Hezbollah Surprises Israel with Its Tactics, Staying Power, and Military Might | Rocket Attacks on Israel Leave 6 Dead | Jew Watch Really Needs Your Donations Right Now To Continue Its Work | Hezbollah: No Cease-Fire Without Pullout | PAPER: Osama Bin Laden's Son in Lebanon to Organize Terror Attacks | Judaism's Anti-Christian Under Belly | Olmert: 15,000 Int'l Troops Needed | Iranian President: Solution to Middle East Crisis Is to Destroy Israel | Jewish Slave Ship Owners | U.N.'s Malloch Brown Questions Hezbollah's 'Terror' Designation | Lebanese Hospital: Number of Casualties from Qana Air Strike is 28, not 52. So, This Is Supposed to Make Israel Look Better? | PAPER: Hezbollah Reports Becoming Less and Less Believable | Jews and White Slavery | Israel Continues Bombing Beirut into the Stone Age | Hezbollah Remains on Aussie Terrorist List as an Offensive Affront to Aussie Lebanese as Prime Minister Panders to Rich Zionist Aussie Financiers | An Irresponsible Israel Still Blames Hezbollah for Zionism's Qana Child Murders | Israeli Murder Army Kills 8 Palestinians in Gaza Turkey Shoot Including 1 Child | 900 Dead, 3,000 Wounded by Hate-Filled Israeli Goons inside Lebanon | 1 Million Iraqis Head for Baghdad to Support Hezbollah's Army of God and to Shout to the Rooftops, "Death to America! Death to Israel" in Open Citizen Defiance of the U.S. Puppet Regime. | Rabbi Viciously Exploits Mel Gibson Comment for the Usual Suspect and Laughable Jewish Self-Pity Boondoggles | Andy Borowitz's Humor: Mel Gibson Converts to Judaism. Suddenly Calls Himself Mel Gibstein. | Jews Demolished Lebanon So Badly Aid Cannot Reach It | Hezbollah Still Fighting; Israel Bombs 120 Areas; 2 Israelis Killed in Fight | Civil War More Likely Now in New Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony Says Outgoing British Ambassador | Mel Gison's Second, Deeply Groveling Apology Is a Winner: Mel Asks Jewish Leaders to Help in His Total Rehabilitation as a Person | Anti-Defamation League Accepts Mel Gibson Apology as "Sincere" and Will Help in His Recovery. Ready for Abe Foxman to Hook Up Those Little Electroshocks, Mel? | Neo-Nazi Israeli Tanks Push Their Nationalist Zionist Threads Deep into Gaza Territory, Killing and Destroying |

August 2
| 900,000 Christians and Moslems Homeless in the Rubble of Israeli Hatred | 100+ Palestinians Dead at Racist Jewish Hands | Sadistic Israeli's Kill 250 Mostly Children and Women in Non-Threatening Baalbek Area a Full 60 Miles North of Israel and Out of Missile Range for Hezbollah | The Jewish New York Spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg | Incompetent Skinhead Israeli Army Murders Only 10 Hezbollah in Baalbek Where 250 Children and Mothers Died at Their Racist Jewish Hands | Hezbollah Fires Record 190 Rockets at Israel Demonstrating the Nationalist-Zionist Jewish Army's Total Military Failure in Lebanon | The Shin Bet Zionist Torture and Murder Terror Cult | Fuehrer Ehud Olmert of Israel Makes Gaff in Voicing 'Pullout' from West Bank Settlements in Middle of War's Chaos | Israel's Arabs Object to 'Israeli Terror State' Putting Diverse Democracy Among Israel's Jewish Racism to the Test | Zionist Hoaxes: American Nazi Party, World Church of the Creator | How Inhumane Jewish Racist Arrogance Has Torn Lebanon to Shreds | Will Hezbollah Beat the Jewish Hatred by Hanging On? | Rothschild Family's Connection to Racist Judaism, Communism, Zionism, New World Order, Global Immigration | Mostly Atheist Israeli Skinhead Racist Thugs Swarm 8,000 Nationalist Zionist Troops into Southern Lebanon. They Bag Only 5 People Whom Their Best Jewish Spin Artists 'Claim' Are Hezbollah, But 210 Rockets Still Hit the Israeli Terror State | Islamic Movement Goal: Gather to Prevent Atheist Jews from Visiting the Moslem Controlled Temple Mount and Destroying the Sacred 'Dome of the Rock' on Thursday's Jewish Holy Day | Mel Gibson: Jewish Holocaust is a Numbers Game | Unprecedented Rockets Hit Israel in Revenge for Today's Murders of Lebanese People by Racist Jewish Thugs | Hezbollah Leader Reaching 'Legendary' Status for Stopping All Israeli Ground Attacks | Despite Being Homeless Lebanese Refugees from Recent Jewish Racist Bombings Vow Allegiance to Hezbollah | U.S. Knifes Its Arab Friends in Their Back, Sends Deadly Pinpoint Missiles to Support Racist Israel's Deadliest and Bloodiest Arab Genocide | 2,000 Saudis Rally For Hezbollah | EU Refuses to Label Hezbollah a Terrorist Group | Hezbollah Party of God Holds Its Own During Attack by 8,000 Israeli Skinheads in Murderous Nationalist Zionist Army |
Rabbinical Council of Israel Says, 'During Time of War, The Enemy Has no Innocents' |

August 1
| Qana: Turning Point of World Opinion | Arab News: 'Israelis Massacre Kids' | Der Spiegel: Israel's Defensive War Honeymoon Suddenly Ends at Qana | 'Israel Couldn't Defeat Hezbollah, Because Hezbollah Is Winning the Zionist's War' | The Jewishness of Joseph Stalin | The Results of Deaths are In: After Two Weeks of Irresponsible and Sadistic Bombings by Jewish Skinhead Racists Most Casualties are Innocents--i.e., Many Women and Children, Only a Few Men | Qana Lies Begin: Jews Claim Fewer Killed, That Building Was Empty, Etc., To Spin Bad Story Good | How Deceit in the Press Hides Israel's Hate: How We Are Made to Only Dimly See the Jews' War Crimes Against Christians and Moslems in the Mid East | Alleged Anti-American Dual Citizen Jewish AIPAC Pentagon Spies | South Africa Condemns Qana, Lebanon War Crime Bombing | Israeli Pariah State Nails New Coffins Shut on 32 Innocent People in Only 2 Days of Nefarious Jewish Gaza and West Bank War Crimes | The Good Little Jewish Boy Who Gave Away the Bomb | Intransigent Jewish Zionist Claims Need for Forgiveness Mixed With New War Hysteria Against Hezbollah--i.e., Christian and Moslem Innocents Beneath the Nationalist-Zionist Bombs | Learning to Love the Jewish Mafia | This Was the Second Massacre at Qana. The First Was Even Worse. And Israel, Of Course, Was the War Criminal in Both. | War Criminal and Israeli Fuehrer Ehud Olmert Orders Up More Bombings and Possible Qanas, Dead Children and All | U.N. Fails to Condemn Qana War Crimes Due Veto Powers of the Much Hated Pro-Zionist, AIPAC/Israeli Puppet, and Openly War Mongering United States | National Zionist Commandos Land Near Syria | Mossad to Approach Within 18 Miles of Syrian Border Signaling Possible War With That Nation | Bush Pretends to Want Urgent Sustainable Proof But Procrastinates To Slow It Down Thus Increasing World's Distrust and Hatred for the US-Israel Hate Axis | EU: To Hell With Bush. Calls for Immediate End to Mid East Violence | Israeli Polls: 80% Approval for Zionism's War Crimes. Numbers Reveal Deep Jewish Racism | Red Hot Pro-Zionist Colonial War in Iraq Kills 61 from Bombings, Shootings, Demonstrate Iraq's Puppet Government Does Not Exist | Grim Litany of  Bloody Chaos in Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony on August 1, 2006 |


July 31
| Does Hezbollah Really Have Only a Few Launchers Left or Is the Deceitful Jewish Mossad Lying Again? Stay Tuned for More... | Israel's Liars Grasp at Thinnest of Straws Saying It Is Too Early To Tell If Israel's Bombs Collapsed the Qana Building | Beware of AIPAC's Anti-American and Pro-Zionist Terrorist State Lobby Efforts | Lebanese Refugees Terrorized by Israel's Vast Savagery Flee North During Short Lull in Bombing | Iraqi VP Accuses Israel of 'Massacres' as Middle East Begins Wriggling Free From America's Hate Filled Zionist Fist | The Jew Watch Project Reminds You that The Jews Who Are Your Next Door Neighbors Are Probably People Like You Who Are Not Responsible for These Israeli Terror Activities. Please Protect Them from Harm. | 'Photos That Damn Hezbollah' Really Don't: These Hezbollah Guns are Not Cannons But Are Merely Honest Defensive Anti-Aircraft Guns Designed Only to Shoot Down Invading Jewish Aircraft That Have Devastated Christian/Moslem Lebanon and Killed Its Innocent Women and Children | The Sadistic History of Zionism's Shin Bet Murders | Jewish Soldier Sentenced to 28 Days for Refusing to Kill Women and Children in Lebanon | Mel Gibson vs. Jews, Round 50, But No One Even Cares | Jewish Hate Groups Demand Gibson Be Ostracized Which Is Typical Behavior for Most of These Known Jewish Rabble Rousers, And Anyway No One Cares What These Insignificant Media Coddled Jewish Trouble Makers Think | Oh My God! It's The Mossad! | ABC Scourges Mel Gibson in Pro-Jewish Rant Story that Smears Him as Replicating His Father's Views About Jews Being Dangerous to the World's Peace. In the Long Run, People Will Remember Mel Gibson Long After ABC is in Ruins. | Jew Puppet Bush Says Hezbollah Started the War, But He's Wrong. Who Ever Heard Before This War Crime of Israel's that a Few Kidnappings Warranted Destruction of an Entire Nation Which Is Home to So Many Christians? | Sadistic Israeli Hate Nation Starts Up Its Vile Jewish Killing Again After a Brief Respite | Here Come Israel's Bulldozers Again, But Are They Really There Destroying Hezbollah or the Small Homes of Innocent People? Since The Jews of Israel Lie So Much To Cover Their War Crimes It Is Impossible to Know Any Truth From their Mouths | International Community Condemns Israeli Terror State | Raise Readiness, Assad Tells Syrian Military | Israel Fights in South Lebanon |

July 30
| Racist Israeli Terror Nation Murders 56 Dead Including 34 Youths in Irresponsible Israeli Attack in Midst of Civilians | UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Calls Emergency Meeting | Zionist Racism Against Ethiopians in by Jews in Israel | Israeli Co-Conspirator and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Postpones Trip to Beirut | The Disgusting Condi Rice Vaudeville Act | In 641, Jews Lead Persians in Violent and Intolerant Massacre of Christian People | Violently Enraged Lebanese Attack U.N. HQ | Beirut Streets Surge With 100's of Angry Christians and Moslems | Hezbollah's 'Party of God' Responds with More Than100 Rockets Fired at the Israeli Terror State on Sunday | Jewish Dominance in Hollywood | Jewish Lie of the Day:  Hezbollah Was Using UN Post as 'Shield' So We Had a Social Responsibility as Jewish Supremacists to Waste Innocent Non-Jewish Families and Their Children | Pope Benedict Appeals for Middle East Cease-Fire | Israeli Racist Murders Suspend Their Illegal Killing of Innocents from the Air for 48 Hours Conditional On Hezbollah Not Firing Rockets into Israel Which Means There Will Probably Be No Suspension of Its Bombings At All | Family Friends:  Moslem Suspected of the Cowardly Murder and Wounding of Defenseless and Innocent Jews in Washington State Is a 'Troubled' Person | The Jew Watch Project Officially Condemns ALL Violence and/or Threats Against Jews | The United States of America Reveals Itself as a Colony of Israel When It Diplomatically Asks the Israeli Terror State Not to Kill Christian and Moslem People While It Continues to Ship to Israel the Deadly Bombs For Them to Do So | Israeli PR Suffers Damage from 24 Hour Delay in Screening Qana Films. Or, Since the Mossad is a Deception Agency, Was It Time Spent to Make Computerized Digital Fakes of Rocket Launches from Qana Where None Really Happened? | Jordan's King Accuses Israel of Criminal Aggression in Qana Attack | Thousands of Christians, Jews, and Moslems in London Demonstrate Against the Israeli Terror State | Zionist Puppet Blair Brushes Aside UK Cabinet Gripes About Israel, Panders Weakly for Peace to Salvage a PR Image | Syria:  US Can No Longer Justify Its Support for Israel |

July 29
| Arab World Holds U.S. Responsible for Israel's Terrorist War Crimes, Say Israel Is Doing U.S. Empire's Work for Washington DC's Post-Colonial Empire | Israel Terror State Rejects 3-Day Humanitarian Truce | History of Jewish Involvement in the USSR's Red Revolution and Its 65-100 Million Murders | CNN Ignores Massive World Wide Protests Against Israeli Invasion | Arab Nations More Generous in Helping Lebanon than Colonial Pro-Zionist European Nations | Gingrikh Yagoda, The Disgusting Jewish Butcher of Petrograd | Synopsis of Pro-Israeli and Anti-Arab Stories in the New York Times | Monika Lewinsky: She's Jewish. Girl Friend? Mossad Asset? You Decide. | Seattle Police Are Now Protecting Temples and Mosques from Revenge Seeking Arabs and Jews | The Jewish Brutality of Russia's Leon Trotsky Whose Jewish Name Was David Lev Bronstein of New York City | Analysis of CNN Wording Shows Anti-Lebanon and Pro-Israel Bias in Media | Israeli Terrorists Refuse to Set Deadline for Ending Civilian Killings | War Monger Bush Says Jewish Killings of Lebanese People Is Good for Peace | Jewish Compromised U.S. Gives Lebanon Measly $10 Million to Fight Hezbollah and Thus Makes Its Leaders into Anti-Arab Whores in the Eyes of Its People, Undermining the Already Destroyed Democracy | Six Members of Non-Jewish Family Crushed to Death by Inhumane Zionist Army of Racist Jewish Skinheads | War Criminal Israel Bombs Lebanon, Kills Civilians, Destroys Democratic Nation's Future | The Zionist-Neocon Bush Legacy of World Wide Anti-Americanism | U.N.'s Failure to End Zionism's Perpetual Hate Crimes in Democratic-Elected Lebanon and Palestine | Irreligious Israeli Skinhead Forces Attack the Democracy in South Lebanon and Again Face Fierce Blood-Filled Hezbollah Army of God Resistance | Israel's Options Are Limited If Military Actions Don't Win the Day, Which They Haven't |

July 28
| American Jets Sold to the Israeli Terror State Bomb 130 Targets In Bid to Destroy the Lebanon Democracy | U.S. Intelligence Agency Known for Its Lying Claims Hezbollah Leader Hiding in Iranian Embassy in Beirut. But Since The U.S. Intelligence Source Is a Known Deception Agency, Who Is To Say? | Jews and the Black Holocaust | Another Possible Jewish Trojan Horse, Council on Foreign Relations Friend, and Dual Zionist Loyalist, Martin S. Indyk, Who Was Former Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs Under the Israel-Approved-and-Controlled Clinton Regime, Says that Iran and Syria Should Be Left Out of Negotiation | Moslem Bent on Revenging Deaths in Zionist Wars Walks Into Seattle Jewish Center, Shoots 6, Kills 1 | Jewish Slave Ship Owners Named | Arab Presses Target Anger on United States Which Funds Israel's Terror Armies and is Generally Acknowledged All over the World as Being Totally Controlled by Zionist Proxies | Russia Ignores Calls by U.S. Zionist Regime in Washington DC to Halt Military Aircraft Sales to Non-Zionist Venezuela's Democracy | Quotes and Facts About Jews and Blacks | U.S. Loses Ground in Middle Eastern Governments as Regimes Such as Saudi Arabia Suddenly Turn into Supporters of Hezbollah, a Possible Diplomatic Indicator of Impending Regional Wide War Against Decades of Zionist Terror. Developing... | 'They Killed All My Dreams' | Jews and White Slavery | Hezbollah Chief's Town Proud of Native Son | Anti-Humanitarian Israel Kills 11 Lebanese, Bombs Towns and Villages in Vicious and Cowardly Jewish Air Offensive | The Answer May Be Occupation of Non-Jewish Lebanon, But That Entails Deaths of Hundreds of Israel's Racially Indoctrinated Jewish Soldiers | Russia Lists 17 Terrorist Organizations, Hamas and Hezbollah Are Not on List | Israeli Air Force Bombing Bolsters Support for Hezbollah | Latest Developments in Mid East Fighting | Fascist Israel Demands Lebanese People Abandon All of Southern Lebanon 15 Miles North of Israel. Why Not Israel Abandon the Northern Areas 15 Miles South of Lebanon Instead? | U.S. Supplies Illegal, Highly Radioactive Depleted Uranium Bombs to Israel Making U.S. Responsible for Israel's Radioactive Poisoning of Lebanon | Jewish Neocons Ready to Send U.S. Troops to Lebanon to Support Unpopular Zionist Aggression | The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine -- Are Iran and Syria Next? | Terrorist Israel Ends Bloody Gaza Operation | Murderous Zionist Ground Troops Withdrawn | Over 100 Rockets Fired at Israel on Friday | Hezbollah Fires New Nong-Range Rocket |

July 27
| Saudi Warning to Entire World | Rocket Slams Into Israeli Detergent Plant | Temple Mount Entry Guarded by Thugs to Prevent Planned Friday Peace Protest | Palestinian Loss of Lands 1946-2000 | Patriotic Iranian Students Volunteer To Fight Israel Terror State | Chicken Israel Admits Defeat, Decides Not to Expand Offensive | Long List of Israeli Atrocities | The Jews and the Soviet Union | Security Cabinet Decides Against an Expansion of the Ground Offensive in Lebanon | Military Said Set to Issue Further Call-Up of Reserves | Please Donate Today to Keep Jew Watch On Line | 1,402 Murderous Rockets Fired at Mostly Civilians Since Onset of Fighting | Rupert Murdoch's Long Zionist Past and Present | Troops Walk into Ambush Near Stronghold | Mossad Lie # 6,000,000: Israel warns Palestinians by Phone to Get Out Before Houses Are Attacked | Staying Sane in Beirut When Jewish Skinheads Kill Your Friends on a Daily Basis - Overcoming the Stench of Death With Yoga and Manicures | Iranian Paper Claims that Government Bodies in Tel Aviv Have Been Evacuated to Jerusalem | Now Al-Qaeda Calls for Holy War Against Israel's Militant and Racist Terrorists | Poll:  World Leaders Do Not Respect President Bush | Jewish Pander Alert: Howard Dean Calls Iraqi Prime Minister an 'Anti-Semite' | Israel's Cabinet Votes to Pursue Chicken Air Strike Strategy to Save Its Cowardly and Racist Jewish Troops from Battling the 'Heroes of Hezbollah' | Arrogant Zionist Terror State in Tel Aviv Calls Up Reserves After Suffering Major Face to Face Battle Setbacks | Chicken Israel Wants to Use Racially Inferior Foreign United Nations Troops to Achieve Its War Objective of Occupying South Lebanon So Its Chicken Mossad Army Doesn't Have To Spill What It Believes is Racially Superior Jewish Blood on the Ground |

July 26
| 14 Israeli Skinhead IDF Goons Killed by Hezbollah on 4th Day of Ambushes | Spoiled Brat Israel Wants Hezbollah Free Zone in Lebanon. Why Not a Jew Free Zone in Israel Instead? | Israeli Skinheads Kill 23 and Wound 76 Non-Jews Including Families, Women, and Children in Gaza Strip | Palestinians in Gaza Fear Becoming 'The Forgotten War' | Racist Jewish Skinheads in the Israeli Occupation Forces in Gaza Strip Have Murdered 39 Paramedics, Nurses, and Other Medical Personnel | Jewish Non-Democratic Domination of World and Domestic Financial Institutions | Kofi Annan Says Iran and Syria Must Be Involved in Any Ceasefire in Lebanon | Iran Predicts Summit Failure: 'Ignore Us At Your Peril' | Lebanon: 'Hezbollah Freed Our Country' | The Jewish Racial Choke Lock on Mass Media | Cowardly Skinhead Jews in IDF Encounter Hezbollah Patriots Face to Face for First Time, Suffer 30 Wounded and 14 Dead, and Soil Themselves in Fright | Cartoonist Likens Olmert to Nazis | Jewish Racial Purity Laws | Putin and Ahmadinejad Discuss Middle East Crisis | Hezbollah Vows to Fire Missiles Deeper Into Israeli Terrorist Havens | Terrorist Arial Sharon's Artificially Sustained Half-Corpse Rushed to Hospital | The Jewish Controlled Black Holocaust | Saddam Hussein Forcibly Taken to Puppet Court | President Saddam Hussein of Iraq: 'Shoot Me If I am Convicted' | Still No End in Sight for Jewish Neocon War in the Colony of Iraq | The Jewish Role in the Soviet Union | Gruesome Litany of Today's Chaos and Death in Pro-Jewish Occupied Iraq | Google Spying on Invading IDF Goons | Kofi Annan Accuses Israel of Deliberating Targeting and Killing 4 Blue-Helmeted U.N. Observers in Lebanon | Israeli Soldier Refuses to Serve in Lebanon War | War Mongering Bush Gives Fresh Hope to War Profiteering Neocons | Bush's Wider War Concept Slowing As Israeli's Fail to Crack Hezbollah's Angry Fighters and the World Shames both Israel and USA | Israeli Terror Force Ambushed With Unexpectedly High Casualties Near Hezbollah Stronghold |

July 25
| Racist Skinhead Israeli Jew Army Bombs U.N. Observer Post Murdering 4 Non-Jew Peacekeepers | Israel Terror State Army Murders 5 Indian U.N. Soldiers with Irresponsible and Criminal Artillery Barrage | Lying Mossad Says It Has Killed Hezbollah Commander, But Who Knows | Chicken Israel Bombs Beirut from Safe Cockpits in Newest Flurry of Neo-Nazi War Crimes Against City's Large Number of Christian People | Hezbollah Fights with Effective Ferocity Against Jewish Skinhead Army; Did Not Expect Israel to React in Such a Cowardly and Criminal Manner over the Small Kidnapping of Just Two Men in National Zionism's Skinhead Army of Cold-Blooded Jewish Racists | Cowardly Israeli Air Force Bombs Hezbollah Stronghold Not Caring If Mostly Christian Innocents Were Murdered | Saudi King Fears Full-Scale Middle East War Caused by the Israeli Terror State | Israel: 'There Can No Longer Be a Hezbollah'. And Hezbollah Feels the Same About Israel. | Olmert: Israel Has Stamina for Long Fight | 'Iran will protect Syria' Against Israel's War Mongering Genocide | 'Russian Roulette' With Rockets in Northern Israel as Hezbollah Which is the "Party of God" Responds in Like Manner | Jewish, Israeli Targets in USA Put on Heightened Alert as USA Sacrifices Its Own Security Just to Protect Israel's Disgusting Middle East Terror Machine |

July 24
| PAPER: Nations Reluctant to Commit Troops to Lebanon's 'Tar Baby' | Known Liar and Betrayer of Arab Nations, Condoleezza Rice, Tries Pandering to Both Sides of Mideast Hornet Nest | Blair Outraged: Lebanon Crisis a Catastrophe | Arrogant Jewish Fuehrer Olmert Marginalizes Damascus: Syria Cannot Be a Partner to Diplomatic Efforts | Missile Strike on Tel Aviv Still Real Threat, Claims Mossad Disinformation Artist | Palestinians: 'Day of Rage' Against Rice Visit | Jewish, Israeli Targets Worldwide Put on Heightened Alert for Attacks by Sleeper Agents | Chicken Israel Continues Invading Lebanon With Racist Jewish Forces But Stays Close to Border, Because Heavy Fighting Produces Too Many Israeli Skinhead Trooper Casualties | St. Louis Blackout Continues, Jew Watch Fights Regional Power Outages to Continue Its World Famous Internet Service | Clinton Campaigns for Yiddish Friend, Joe Lieberman | Pakistan Expands Nuclear Program to Manufacture 50 Nuclear Bombs Per Year, Alarming the World's Most Hated Pro-Zionist Regimes in Washington and Tel Aviv | Hezbollah Envoy in Iran Warns Israel Not to Expand War or It Will Face Every-Widening Attacks Until There is No Place Safe for Israelis to Live |

July 23
| Thousands in Israel Protest Zionist War Crimes | SYRIA: If Israel's Ground Forces Come Close to Syria, Syria Will Attack | Map of Palestinian Shrinking Lands | Hunger Striking Saddam Hussein Who is Still the Only Elected President of Iraq Is Taken to Hospital | IRAN: Israel Has Pushed the Button of Its Own Destruction | Skinhead Zionist Cowards in their Chicken Jets Bomb Lebanese Cities | Deadly Game as Hezbollah and Israel Play 'War Tennis' with the Net Down | Elvis Presley's Jewish Ancestry | Fuehrer Olmert Says Israel's War Crimes in Lebanon Will Keep the Present Jewish Murder Shtick Busy a Long Time | Deadly Bomb Sales from War Monger Washington to the Israeli Terror Empire in a Flash | Jew Watch Continues to Publish Despite Catastrophic Regional 92 MPH Storm That Caused Immense Electrical Blackout | U.S. Moslem Groups Condemn Rapid Bomb Deliveries to Israel Terror State as 'Unconscionable' | Israel Bombing Breaks International War Crimes Law: UN Official | President Eisenhower's Jewish Ancestors | Lebanon Will Sue Israel for Damages | After Jewish Killing Came Home to Roost, a Mass Exodus of 250,000 Cowardly National Zionists "NAZIS" from Haifa | Israeli Ambassador to Washington Gloats How The Jewish Controlled U.S. Government Will Continue To Do Exactly as Israel Tells It | UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Midst of Touring Beirut Ruins Says the Vast Destruction Alone Is Proof that  Israel Is Guilty of War Crimes | Jewish Pornography | Cowardly Israel Unsure of Invasion Success | As Traitorous and Pro-Zionist American Politicians Voice Their Pro-Israel Din, Millions of Arab-Americans are Forgotten, Dehumanized, and Infuriated | Iran Boycotts Israeli Products and Adds This Refrain, "PEPSI Means 'Pay Every Penny to Save Israel'" | Yiddish Abraham Foxman, President of the Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Male Ritualistic Religious Penis Mutilation Guild Stands Up for the Racist Israeli Terror State's Infamous and Murderous War Crimes Against Other Religions and Peoples in Lebanon As a Reasonable and Proportionate Response |

July 22
| Etymologies in Action:  Hezbollah (Arabic noun, 'Party of Allah') vs. Israel (Hebrew noun, 'Men Who Wrestle with God') | Chicken Israel Goes In Only One-Half Mile | Last Night Israeli Army Racist Skins Reportedly Crashed Border into Lebanon as Part of Larger Invasion | U.N. 'Horrified' by the Amount of Destruction in Gaza by Racist Israeli Skinhead IDF Killers |  | Israel Enters Lebanon Tests Hezbollah Defenses At Border But Hezbollah Too Smart, Reveals Nothing | God's Army Has Plans to Rule Whole Middle East | Jewish War Criminal State Hits 150 Non-Jew Targets | U.S. War Monger Condoleeza Rice Seeks Long War with Total Jewish Hegemony Over Larger Areas of the Middle East | PAPER: U.S. Says Israel Lying About Extent of Air Damage to Hezbollah | Jew Watch Headquarters Fights Disasters and Stays On-Line Inside Storm Devastated St. Louis | American Arab Hating War Mongers in Pentagon Rush Extra Precision-Guided Bombs to the Known Jewish War Criminals in Control of Racist Israel to Use in Killing Christians and Moslems, Something Which Will Increase Anger of Oil-Rich Middle Eastern Nations | Israel Faces Dangers of an Asymmetric War | Rice's Trip to a Skeptical and Wary Middle East Fraught With Risks | Racist Skinhead Israeli Jews Increase Criminal Bombings, Bloodshed, Base Penetrations, and B.S. | Jewish Mossad Claims It Arrested 3 Who Planned to Bomb Tel Aviv, Find No Evidence, Send Them to Join the Other 9,000+ Illegally Imprisoned Non-Jew Kids inside Israel's Inhumane Dungeons | Evacuations from Jewish Terrorized Lebanon Pick Up Speed as Frightened People Flee Promise of  the Invading Racist Jewish Skinhead Militias |

July 21
| Killing a Nation One Air Strike at a Time | The Murdered Non-Jews Grow in Number from Jewish Pinpoint Bombs | Israel Calls Up Reservists for the Coming Lebanon Invasion War Crime | Lebanese Flee the Jewish Armies of Hate, Many Have No Chance to Leave as Skinhead Racist Army Jews Kill Off Lebanon's Past and Future Around Them. If They Are In The Way, Too Bad. | Condoleeza Rice Lends the Terms 'Hate Criminal' and 'War Criminal' Once Again to Her Blood Drenched Name by Asking for 'Robust Force' Which Can Only Mean 'Total Jewish Jihad' to Oust Democratically Elected 'Hezbollah' Which Means 'The Party of Allah' | Religious Beliefs Both Strained and Made Stronger by Standing Up Against Jewish and American Hate Crimes Against Lebanon and the Middle East | The Jewish Hitler Blitzkrieg and Lebanon's Devastation | Foreigners Flee Lebanon to Escape Ruthless Neo-Nazi "National Zionist" Jewish Bombs | Europe's Inability to Stop the Two-Headed Israel-U.S. Whore | Could the Increasing War Crimes in Lebanon Lead to Another European vs. United States Rift? | Lebanon:  Aid Agencies Hampered by Israeli Air Strikes | Lebanese-Americans Criticize America's Racist Support For Every Israeli Hate Crime | Krukow Adds Color to Giants Broadcasts -- And How | Today's Slaughter and Mayhem in the American Jewish Neocon Colony of Iraq | Insurgents Shift Target to Iraq's U.S. Puppet Traitor Army Boasts U.S. Occupation General | Saddam Hussein Urges America to Leave Iraq To Save Its Own Nation | Increased Security Measures Cannot Eliminate Attacks in Iraq |

July 20
| Israel's Zionist Empire Murders 70 Lebanese Christians and Moslems in One Day, Hints at Massive Invasion | Russia Rebukes Israel's Sadistic and Racist Invasion | The Nasty Zionist La Von Affair In Which the Israeli Terror State Hoped to Get the USA to Attack Egypt for Bombs on American Installations, But Actually Planted by Mossad Spies Pretending to be Egyptians | EU Won't Recognize Hezbollah as Terrorist Organization | Spanish Prime Minister Decries Israel's War, Defiantly Wears Palestinian Black and White Kippah Scarf | Racist Jews Spew Virulent Anti-Palestinian Rhetoric Typical of Hitler's in Jewish Hate-Filled Story Absurdly Demeaning to Hezbollah and Hamas | The Killer Jew Leon Trotsky of the Jewish Founded and Jewish Controlled USSR Killing Machine | Pro-Jewish American Wimp Army is a Total Failure in Occupying Iraq, Attacks by the Patriotic Resistance are Up 40% and Growing | Iraq War Flop President Bush Finds Israel-Hezbollah Fight Good for His Political Foreign Policy Scams | Jewish Control of Religious Organizations for the Brainwashing of So-Called Christian Leaders Under the False Promise of 'Better Religious Understanding' But Only as Long as Jews Control the Club | Israel's War Crimes Merit the International Tribunal | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Religious Ritual Infant Male Penis Mutilation Cult Dehumanizes Prime Minister of Spain in a News Release for Refusing to Hate Palestinians the Racist Way Jews Have Learned to Hate Them | Subversive Anti-American Jews Head to Tel Aviv and Washington to Manipulate Support for the Racist Jewish State from Representatives who Should Represent the Majority of 98% Who Live in America and Not the Filthy Rich Jewish Minority of 2% | 1,000 Racist Jews in Florida Rally to Blackmail the U.S. Government into Continuing Its Own Racist Support for Israeli Jews in Its Quest to Kill and Take Land from More and More Middle Eastern Moslems and Christians | Swastikas Probably Painted by Teenaged Jewish Provocateurs on Parkway Walls Help Jews to Falsely Bewail their Boorish Make Believe Plight as Down-Trodden and Misunderstood Semites. It's Getting Very Old, Guys. Time for a New Schtick, Maybe. How About Re-Opening Vaudeville? | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Male Infant Penis Mutilation Guild Calls Holy See 'One-Sided and Short-Sighted' In Its Lack of Support for the Israeli Terrorist Empire's New Bloody Wars for Radical Leftwing Jewry Against Near-Border Christians and Moslems |

July 19
| Massive Wave of Rockets Hit Northern Israel on Day 8 | Huge NAZISRAELI or National Zionist Israeli Explosions Shatter Beirut Neighborhoods | Israel's Terrorist Attacks on Gaza and Lebanon Backfiring as Damage to Haifa's National Zionist Economy Soars | Zionism's Racist Terror Began Before Israel | Haifa Chemical and Petroleum Factories Ticking Bombs Feeding on the Heart of the Israeli Terror Empire | 300 Killed, 1,000 Wounded, 500,000 Displaced, Says Lebanon Prime Minister | Jewish Terrorist and Killer, Leon Trotsky | Neo-Nazi Jewish Skinhead Troopers Murder 19 Christian and Moslems, Some of them Hezbollah Patriots, and Destroy 20 Buildings in National Zionist/NAZI Invasion of Lebanon | Arming of Hezbollah with Sophisticated Rockets Surprises Brainless Bureaucratic Idiots inside the Totally Discredited Axis of Western Colonial Evil, Especially Its Hateful CIA & Mossad New World Order Espionage Spy Rings | Innocent Lebanon Has Been Torn to Shreds by the National Zionist (Nazi) Jewish Hate Crime. Who Is Going to Pay? | Jewish War Criminals Claim Hezbollah is 50% Destroyed, But It Is Firing Rockets As Never Before | Chicken Israeli Air Raid Kills 56 Christian and Moslem Citizens in Lebanon While World Sits Back and Does Nothing to Stop the Jewish Terrorist State | Ineffective U.S. Military Evacuates Merely 1,100 out of 25,000 Americans or 4% of Those Trapped in Lebanon in Replay of Similar Katrina Federal Impotence Tragedy | Israeli Terror Nazis Kill 15 in Gaza, Claim 5 are Militants, But Offer Zero Proof of Their Lies Concerning these Murders | UN Human Rights Council Reports Vast Decline in Humanitarian Quality of Life Inside National Zionist Colony of Gaza | Murder and Other Horrors in Palestinian Concentration Camps Invaded by Israeli Racist Skinhead Jack Boot Army Thugs | Home-Grown Israeli Anti-War Protests Grow Inside Increasingly Uneasy National Zionist Terror State of Israel |

July 18
| Fascist Jewish Tanks Rumble through Lebanon with Hitler Like Machine Guns and Cannons | National Zionist Israel (NAZISRAEL) Opens Second Front in Gaza with Vicious Ground Campaign Resembling Nazi Germany's Blitzkrieg | Hezbollah Says It Is Ready to Attack Israeli and U.S. Interests World Wide in Revenge for Israeli Neo-Nazi Killings In Lebanon | Nations Mobilize For Mass Evacuations from Lebanon | American Evacuation Fiasco Worse Than FEMA's Katrina | Hezbollah Fires a Rocket Every Minute at Israel | Israel's Fascist Skinhead Forces Kill 26 Lebanese; Hezbollah Hits National Zionist Israeli (NAZISRAEL) Targets in Haifa Again | Israeli Terror State Secretly Demands Half of Middle East as "The Promised Land" | Chutzpah Alert!  Pampered Haifa Jews Gripe About Not Having Cable TV in Public Air Raid Shelters | Israeli Terror State's Dismantling of Palestine | Murderous Jewish Mossad Spins Deception that 40-50% of Hezbollah Infrastructure Destroyed, But One Rocket Per Minute from Hezbollah Says It's another Jewish Lie | Israeli Mossad Flyers Warn Lebanese Not to Go Near Hezbollah Installations in Propaganda Attempt to Manipulate Citizens into Hating Hezbollah, But It Probably Won't Work. | Iranian President:  Israeli Terror State Trying to Occupy Lebanon | United States Conspired with Israel to Sell Weapons Making the Jewish Terror State Capable of Illegally Bombing Iran, So If Israel Attacks Any Nation the U.S.A. is Equally Responsible | Left Wing Jewish Anti-Majority Hate Programs Designed to Stick America with Subversive Low Class Foreign Losers Who Will Vote for their Beloved Democratic Party Hits a Brick Wall in State Legislatures | Racist Jewish National Zionist Israeli (NAZISREAL) Pseudo-Waffen Forces Drive Tanks Very Similar to Hitler's Panzers into the Mughazi Concentration Camp in Gaza With Jewish Skinhead Machine Guns Blazing | FBI Eyes Suspected Hezbollah Agents in USA as Potential Domestic Terrorists in Wake of Israel's Racial Hate Wars | U.S. Gives Israel One Week to Kill Off Hezbollah, But in Reality Israel Is In Charge, Not the Jewish Puppet Chicken Regime in Washington, D.C. | Liar Israel Claims Iran Link to Crisis,  But Israel Herself Caused the Crisis by Naval Bombing of a Peaceful Family Picnic on a Gaza Beach | American Jewish Committee Exploits National Zionist (NAZISRAEL) War with Newest Israeli Fund-Raising Campaign |

July 17
| Olmert Refines Hitler's Use of Military for Foreign and Domestic Political Gratification to a Level of Near Perfection | Two Hundred Lebanese Murdered in First Six Days of Israel's Hate Crime | Rockefeller's Jewish Friends | One Thousand Protest in Israel, Smeared as 'Left Wing' Radicals in Zionist Jack Boot Presses | Mossad B.S. Article Claims Long Range Missile Destroyed, No Proof Given or Needed by Organization Known for Lying. | Blood Thirsty Menachem Begin of Israel's Murderous Jewish Irgun Cult | Thousands of Foreigners Evacuate Jewish Persecution in Lebanon | Berlin Rally: 'Death to Israel' | Potty Mouth President: Bush Spews 4-Letter S-Word Over Open Microphone | Jewish Faces | Zionist Mossad Says Man Arrested with Bomb. No One Believes Mossad. The Discredited Assassination Agency Is Known for Its Dirty Tricks. | Al Jazeera Bureau Chief Detained on Charges of Honestly Reporting News of Bombings in Haifa | Jerusalem Arrogantly Discusses What Peace Arrangements It Will Accept, As Though Anyone Really Cares What Known War Criminals in Israel Say They Require | Putin Might Consider U.N. Peace Force in Middle East, But Says the War Is Not Over Yet | France Takes a Stand, Backs Lebanon Against Israeli Terrorist State | Israeli War Criminals Costing Billions of Dollars and Setting Lebanon Back 50 Years, Says Its Prime Minister | Chaos & Death in AIPAC Dominated U.S.A.'s Occupation of Iraq for July 16, 2022 | Iraq Raps Putin for 'Sarcasm' on Iraqi Democracy | Gunmen Kill 40 Christians and Moslems in Market Left Unprotected by the Pro-Jewish American Army in the Occupied Iraq Colony | Jewish Owned U.S. Military Investigates Parallels to Missouri Guerilla Wars in 1860-1865 to the Guerilla Wars in Iraq of Today | Israeli Terror State Shuts Down Port in Haifa After 6 Jews Wounded by Hezbollah Rockets Fired 22 Miles Distant |

July 16
| Israel's Dirty War, 'Oh, The Horror' | 50 Lebanese Killed by Israel's Skinhead Army in One Day | 8 Killed in Hezbollah Rocket Attack on Haifa | 'Just the Beginning' ... | Jewish 4-Star American General & President Dwight David Eisenhower | Tel Aviv on Rocket Alert | Lies, Lies, Lies... Lying Mossad Says Elite Iranian Troops Fired on Warship in Announcement Without Any Proof | War Dance: Hezbollah Bombs Israel, Israel Bombs Lebanon | Ahmedinejad:  Israel Acting Like Hitler | Gingrich Says It's World War III | Trapped in Hell! | Evacuate Lebanon | Hezbollah, National Zionism, and the Jewish Controlled American Puppet Government | Iraqi Officials Condemn Israel for Invading Lebanon | Syria: We Fully Back Hezbollah Against the Israeli Terrorist Empire | Mubarak:  Egypt Talked Israel Out of a Land Attack on Beruit | Israel Widens Gaza Offensive | 10 Innocent Christians and Moslems Killed by Pinpoint Jewish Attack | Jewish Domination of Law and Rights Groups | Vicious & Deadly Jewish War Criminal, Ehud Olmert, Shocked by Lebanese 'Chutzpah' to Kill Israelis with Rockets, Threatens 'Wide-Reaching' Consequences for Lebanon | Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Promise $90 Million to Rebuild Jew-Bashed Lebanon |  Talks in Lebanon Concern Probability of Imminent and Deadly Land Invasion by the Jewish Terror State | Jewish Terror Nation Kills 8 Canadians in Lebanon as Part of Its Vicious On-Going Hate Crimes Against Neighboring States | Suicide Bomber Kills 26 in Baghdad Cafe | Congressional Delegation from the Pro-AIPAC U.S.A. Visits Iraq Safe Zone Protected from the Chaos, Blackouts, Violence, and Murder Their 'Jewish Neocon War' Has Caused | Jewish Neocon Iraq War Cost America's Non-Jews $400 Billion So Far But Will Cost Them More Than $666 Billion by 2009 Even If They Withdraw by Then | Iraq Abuzz with Talk of War Crimes of the Zionist War Machine | Chaos & Death in AIPAC Dominated U.S.A.'s Occupation of Iraq for July 16, 2022 |

July 15
| Israel Steps Up Assault, Until Death Tolls Rise. 15 Jews Dead, 100 Non-Jews Dead. | 500 Israeli Mostly Youthful Skinhead Militants in Armies Injured So Far in Jewish War of Aggression Against What Israel Considers to be Its 'Inferior' Neighbors | The Fake 1919 Holocaust of 6 Million Jews that Failed | Time for Revenge Has Come: Hezbollah Pays Back Israel in Rockets as Northern Jewish Cities Face Punishing Missile Attacks and Martial Law | America's Patriot Missile Batteries Moved to Protect Jew's National Zionist City of Haifa | Jews and White Slavery | America's Zionist Bank Economic System May be Headed for Inevitable Financial Collapse Says St. Louis Federal Reserve | Zionist-Bribed Wimp, President Bush, Backs Israeli Attacks Like the Good Puppet He Is, But Putin Disagrees, Says Israel's War Monger Responses are Totally Inappropriate | Olmert's War Proves Himself in Line with Another 'Butcher of Lebanon', Arial Sharon, for His Ability to Also Act with the Most Irresponsible Cruelty | Israel's Pathetic Lap Dog, The United States of America, No Longer Represents Its Own Citizens. Instead, It Is a Mere Minion of  Subversive Operatives, Especially the Jewish AIPAC, ADL, and SPLC, and that Is Why the Compromised President Supports Israel's Sadistic Passion to Destroy Hezbollah and Risks His Nation's Best Interests for the Insignificant Israeli Terrorist State | The Franklin Prophecy | The Very Corrupt U.S.-Israel Conspiracy | The Jew Watch Credo | Minority Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Male Religious Sexual Ritual Mutilation Cult Says It Is Happy that Congress Re-Passed Sections of the Old Voting Rights Bills. It Might Be that Jews Can Now Continue to Corrupt Ignorant Blacks into Voting for Democrats in the South Who Have Not the Slightest Interest in Helping Them, But only in Electing More Jews to Congress to Stifle Majority Legislation and Place More and More Jews in the Courts so They Can Legislate from the Bench. | Two Women out of Millions Attacked in S. Carolina Prompting Jewish ADL to Spew Lame Subversive Anti-White Talk about "Hate"; The Same Jewish ADL Had Little to Say About the Two Jews Who Burned Many Baptist Churches in a Southern State Last Year, Which Might Demonstrate a Racist Two-Faced Hate Focus that Is Inconsistent with a Decent American Value System. | At Least 31 Seized in Olympic Leadership Gathering in Iraq as Chaos Takes Further Hold of the Lost U.S. Colony | Let Iraq Lead the World in Breaking Apart into Several Separated Ethnic Group Nations to End Diversity's Dangers: Chaos, Death, and Hourly Fear |

July 14
| Vatican Condemns Israel for Attacks on Lebanon | Hezbollah Fires 300+ Rockets into Israeli Towns in Revenge | Haifa Residents Told to Stay in Safe Areas | Israel Intensifies Attacks Against Lebanon | This Is Nothing New For Jews Who Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews in their Soviet Union | France Condemns Israel's War as Completely Disproportionate Response | U.S.A. Warns Travelers to Lebanon; Deports All U.S. Personnel | Hezbollah Sets Jewish Naval Ship On Fire That Was Destroying Lebanon's Infrastructure, Kills 4 Israeli War Crimes Sailors | Jew Bribed Senate Whores Vote Not to Fund Border Fence | Lieberman's "Judas Kiss" May Seal His Fate | Damaging Photo of Lieberman Kissing Bush | Willie Martin's 900 Quotes About Jews | Reichstag #5 as Israel's Racist National Zionist Skinhead Army Burns Down Hezbollah's Government Building; Herr Olmert Vows to Continue Burning Lebanon's Buildings | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Mother, Elizabeth Greene from the Richest Jewish Family in Australia Whose Money Bought His Media Empire | Hezbollah Leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah Vows to Strike Zionism's Targets South of Haifa in Revenge for Destroying His Headquarters | National Zionist Fuehrer Olmert: Israel Will Stop When Hezbollah Disarms | Hamas Forces Open Egyptian Gate Allowing Hundreds of Trapped Between Two Nations to Enter Gaza | U.S. and Major Allies Split on Attack | Lebanon Calls Terrorist Israel's Invasion 'Barbaric'; Israel Lamely Replies Lebanon Harbors Democratically Elected Terrorists | TIME Magazine: Stability of Entire Region Now In Doubt | Italy Stands Against Israel's Two Skinhead Invasions | Hezbollah:  We Can Take Your National Zionist War into Israel Itself | Israeli's National Zionist (NAZI) Racial Purity Laws |

July 13
| Hezbollah Wants to Transfer Captured Israelis to Iran; Iran Rejects the Plan | False Freudian Mind Control in World History | Skinhead Jewish Extremists Say, 'We Have Captured Two Palestinians!' Israeli Warplanes Violate Int'l Law, Attack Beirut Airport | Beirut Airport Bombing Disrupts Travel | Russia, France, and Greece Protest Israel's Attacks | Hezbollah Drags Beirut Towards War |  Jewish Comedian Red Buttons Dies at 87 | What Famous People Say about Jews | Egypt Persuades Senior Hamas Figure to Leave | Jew Bribed Bush Defends Israel's Terror State | Ehud Yatom Reveals Shin Bet's Murderous Crimes | Oil Prices Reach New $76.75 High | Iran: Any Attack on Syria Will Be Considered an Attack on All Moslem Nations | The American Jewish Boy Spy | Israeli Whore, The United States, Vetoes U.N.'s Resolution to Leave Gaza | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Male Infant Mutilation Club Interferes with Christianity, Applauds Episcopal Church for Agreeing to Falsely Re-Interpret Christian Texts Just to Please Non-Believing Jews | Dirty Jewish AIPAC Laundry Gets Dry Cleaning in Public | Silly Conjecture Published about Trivial Incident of Two Tiny Little Swastikas on a Bus Stop in Roxbury | Crazy As It Sounds, Common Ethnic Banter Including Reverse Ethnic Banter Between Groups Now Being Discussed in Provincetown |

July 12
| Hezbollah Captures 2 More Israeli Skinhead Soldiers and Kills 8 More in Surprise Border Attacks From Lebanon | Crazy Israel's Neo-Nazi (National Zionist) Prime Minister Olmert Declares Open War on Lebanon, Promises Another Bloody and Brutal Military Revenge | Famous Jews | Israel Calls Up More Tattooed Jewish Skinheads from Reserve Forces to Begin the Bloodying of Lebanon on a 2nd War Front | Anti-Israeli Protesters Say New Zealand Is So Penetrated and Corrupted by the Jewish Lobby that It Cannot Get Its Facts Straight | Jewish Faces | Vicious and Racist Israeli Skinhead Army Commits War Crime by Bombing a Family's Home in Gaza, Saying Only that an Activist Was There:  5 Die and 15 Wounded, Children Included as Mounting War Crime Victims | More than 50 Palestinians Dead at Hands of Israeli Thugs, Hundreds Injured, Thousands Displaced, 1.4 Million Without Water or Electric | 23 Innocent Civilians Killed by Israeli Skinhead Army Troops on Wednesday Alone in Vicious and Unprecedented War Over a Single Prisoner | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Continues to Conduct Espionage to Use Against America's National Interests on Behalf of Illegal Immigrants | Jew Threatens Canadian Church, Calls Its Honest Evaluation of Israel as a Terror State "Anti-Semitic". So, Is this Guy Eating Mad Cow Kosher Beef? | National Leader Jean-Marie Le Pen Faces Trial by Jew Corrupted France for Saying Nazis Occupation Forces Were Not Particularly Vicious |

July 11
| Carnage in Bloodied Gaza Continues as Wilding Jewish Skinhead Militias Find 13 Easy Kills Among the Mostly Unarmed Christian and Moslem Innocents | Food, Water Running Out For Gaza's Children Who Are Trampled Beneath Boots of Jewish Army Racist Skinheads | Chaos in Iraq on July 11, 2022 | Israel's 'Hitlerian Blitzkrieg' Tanks Show No Respect for Defenseless 'Inferior' Races, Enter Central Gaza with Rockets / Guns Firing |  Iraqi Insurgents Show Video of 2 Slain Soldiers Killed in Revenge for the Rape and Murder of a 14 Year Old Girl | Neurotic Jewish Women's Movement Leaders | U.S. Military Braces For Flurry of Criminal Cases in Iraq | Stubborn Man Tries to Govern Province in Occupied Iraq | Catherine Margaret Graham's Jewish Washington Post | Wicked Israeli Skinhead Army Continues Gaza Rage; Hamas Warns Israel It Will Soon Lose Its Ability to Sustain Peace in Tel Aviv | Humanitarian Crisis Thickens in Jewish Destroyed Gaza | Israel's "Summer Rain" Military Offense Stretches from Gaza to Teheran | Ten Mostly Teenaged Palestinians Killed Last Night by Israeli Skinhead IDF Thugs | Jewish Takeover of NPR | EU Criticizes "Disproportionate" Use Of Force In Gaza | Jewish ADL of Jewish B'nai B'rith Ritual Religious Infant Male Sexual Mutilation Society Stirs Up Hate in the Service of the Racist Israeli Terror State | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Sexual Mutilation Guild Welcomes Crushing of Popular Dissent Against Israeli Skinhead Army Murderers by Free Speech Advocates in Regional Public University in Ukraine by Calling It "Anti-Semitic," an Old and Crusty ADL Canard | Jewish Monopolists Who Run TV and Other Electronic Media |

July 10
| 50,000 Turks Protest Israel | Chaos and Death In U.S. Occupied Iraqi Colony Today | Iraq Reported to Ask U.N. to End U.S. Immunity | Jew Watch: What We Want | U.S. General Promises to End Rogue Gunmen | U.K. Muslim Leaders Say War a Constant Source of Divisiveness | The Benjamin Franklin Prophecy | Pro-Jewish U.K. Immigration Catastrophe Spawned the Anti-Brit Hate Behind the Subway Bomb a Year Ago | Nasty, Intolerant, and Adolescently Crazed Israel Angry Over Poland's Education Minister | Israeli Apartheid State Worse Than South Africa's | Short-Sighted Israel Harming Itself the Most | Ahmadinejad Calls for Destruction of Israel | Thousands of Syrians Take to the Streets in Solidarity with Palestinian Victims of Israel's War Crime | Pro-Zionist Mike Kaplan Spins Weird Story as to Why Israel Bombed Families But Really Didn't Really Do It | The International Jew by Henry Ford | Israel's Jewish Skinhead Aggression Destroys Any Resemblance of Civil Order | As Israel's National Zionist Skinheads Fight the 'Inferior' Palestinian Race, Europe Begins to Turn Away | The Failed 1919 Holocaust Myth | Israel's National Zionist Government Leaders Still United Against Palestine as Its Mossad Operatives Spin More Lies in Support of the Fascist Jewish State | Moslems Sue to End Israeli Racism Against Americans of Moslem Descent | Fascist Israel's Threat to Begin Assassinating Palestinian Officials Should Be Taken Very Seriously | Foxman Says "Never Again," But It is the Same Old Jewish Racist Soft Shoe Show Biz Jive, Song, Canard, and Dance | Jew Thugs Arrest Mother of 6 Children |

July 9
| The End of America's Cowboy Diplomacy | 'It's World War III... And the U.S. Is Out of Ideas...' | Frank Weltner's Biography from Wikipedia | 5 U.S. Soldiers Assigned to Pro-Zionist Occupation Force in Iraq Charged With Rape and Murder | Gaza Crisis Threatens to Become a Calamity | Henry Kissinger: Jewish, Wealthy, and Loaded with Conflicts of Interest | 41 More Christians and Moslems Killed in White House's Jewish Neocon Colony of Iraq | Congress Slowly Awakens to the Threat of Jewish Neocon Intel Crimes in White House | 32 Hamas Legislators Illegal Arrested by Jewish Terror Tell Israeli Gestapo They Ran as Independents and Not Hamas Members, But Bone-Headed Jewish Conspirators Will Not Listen | Pay No Attention to the Jews Behind the Curtain, The Iron Curtain, That Is | Hamas: Israel Will Suffer Bloody Defeat for Rejecting Gaza Ceasefire | Olmert: This War Is Not Bound by Time | Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine: General Lazar Kaganovich | In Bronx Murder Case, A Dangerous New Use of New Terrorism Statute Passed by Pro-Jewish Neocons in White House Fuels Debate | Israel's Terrorism: War Crimes Against Palestinians | 300,000 Turks Wave Turkish and Palestinian Flags in Protest Against Israeli Terror State's Illegal Invasion of Gaza | Benny Morris' Latest Yiddish Hate Rant Against Hamas in New Republic | Subjective Jewish Hate Rave By Alan Kaufman Entitled "Hamas Can't Let Israel Go" In L.A. Times | Iraq's Pipelines Shut Down for Repairs by the U.S. Occupational Army Which Has Proven Itself Unable to Protect It From Enraged Patriots | More Statistical Cannon Fodder:  3 U.S. Soldiers In Occupation Forces Die in Iraq | Chaos and Death In U.S. Occupied Iraqi Colony Today |

July 8
| Hamas Demands Cease Fire and Removal of Israeli Thug Army; Israel Refuses; Continues Killing | Israeli Terror Empire's Forces Pull Back in Northern Gaza, But Will Not End War Unless Shalit Released | Israel's Pull Out from Northern Gaza Leaves 30 Murdered Christian and Moslem Palestinians | U.S. Citizen-Tourists Flee War-Torn Gaza in Busses | Today's Death Statistics in Lost Colony of Iraq Under Its Illegal Occupation by the Pro-Zionist U.S. Empire's Troops | Mossad Jewish Terrorist Operative | Atrocities by Pro-Jewish U.S. Forces in Iraq Lead to Investigations, Speculation | Iran Says Terrorist Groups Should Not be Allowed into Iraq Because They Give Pro-Israeli Occupation Troops a Reason to Stay | Jewish-Kosher-Owned Food Companies | Pro-Zionist Cannon Fodder:  3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Occupied Colonial Iraq | U.S. Troops, Iraqi Sycophants Target Religious Leaders in Attempt to End Violence | 40 Iraqis Killed or Wounded by Pro-U.S. Iraq Troops; In Addition, Mosque Murders in Unprotected Zionist Occupied Iraq Net 11 Deaths | Jewish ACLU Sues Rumsfeld for Holding Film Maker in Arbitrary Detention without Representation for 55 Days | American Inside Al Qaeda Criticizes Rape of Innocent Iraqi Woman, Murders, Etc., by America's Unpopular Pro-Jewish Colonial Occupational Forces | U.S. Commander Finds Fault With Haditha Investigations | President Bush, a Known Liar about Iraq, Hollowly Claims Victory in Iraq Vital to U.S. Security But Offers No Proof | Zionist Occupied America's Rape of Iraq:  How Jews Deep Sex the Iraqi News | Incompetent and Pro-Israeli President Bush Promised 6,000 Troops But Cannot Even Deliver 1,000 Troops to Protect His Mexican Border |

July 7
| Jewish Southern Poverty Leadership Center Resembles Senator Joe McCarthy, Attacks Army Personnel as Aryan Nation Gangland Freaks. Of Course, They Won't Even Mention the Far More Numerous Crips, Bloods, Aztlans, and Other Violent Extremist Racist Non-White Gangs in Military Positions in Their Sleazily Composed Faux News Release. Nor Do They Mention the Massively Greater Terrorism Committed by the Israeli Killer State. | 21 Palestinians Dehumanized as 'Gunmen' As They are Heartlessly Slaughtered by Israel's Jewish Military Thugs | Iran's Ahmadinejad Criticizes the Outrageous Gaza Invasion of the 'Fabricated' Israeli State | Typical Useless Jewish Slanted Story Reports Israel Will Not Negotiate Based on Past Failures, But the Story Never Mentions the Disappointments Palestine Has Had With Israel's Continued Genocide and Gobbling Up of Its Lands | U.K. Urges U.S. to Pressure Israel to End Attack in Gaza | Pravda:  Israel Commits Terrorist Massacre | New Yorkers Decry Israel's Shameful Attack on Gaza | Non-Jews Must Never Forget the Genocide Against Us in the Jewish Run USSR Where These Jews Murdered 65 Million Gentiles | Rothschild Jewish Banking Family Runs the World's Currencies | Kindly Donate to Support This Worldwide Effort | Download The Free Alexa Toolbar Which Helps You to Search Jew Watch |

July 6
| Weekly Report of Human Rights Violations by the Israeli Terror State | Shameful Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Ritual Religious Male Infant Sexual Mutilation Society Pathetically Decries the United Nations Human Rights Council's Wholesale Condemnation of Israel for Its War Crimes. The Tragedy is Compounded by Jewish Ownership of 3,000+ Newspapers Who Will Print This Jewish Bilge as a Worthy Statement When It is Only Whacko Zionist Propaganda. | Pro-Israeli Occupied Iraq Loses 12 More Citizens and 41 Severely Wounded to Bombing by Patriotic Forces Opposed to the Invasion of their National Homeland | Israeli Terror Empire Reoccupies Gaza, Many Palestinians Murdered by Armed and Tank Supported Death Squads, One Israeli Soldier Reported Killed | Deadly Toll Has Now Soared to 19 Counted So Far in Gaza | Rightwing Jewish Fascists Have Genocidal Plan to Resettle in Northern Gaza | Israel Invaded Gaza to Destroy Its Government | Peretz:  'Israel Won't Sink in Gaza' | 300 British Jews Condemn Israel's War | Israeli Gunboats Again Shell Gaza Beach Killing Two Palestinian Patriots | Hamas Urges World to Stop Jewish Violence in Gaza | The Sadistic Deflowering of the Palestinian Democratic State Achieved by the Planned War-Crimes of the Israel Empire With Constant Terrorist Attacks That Killed Poor, Innocent Christians and Moslems in an Unpunished Series of War-Crimes Going Back Many Decades | Oil Prices Hold at $75 Per Barrel as Jewish Plans to Increase Oil Prices to $3.00-$5.00 Per Gallon and Above Gain Strength. Jews Hope to Reduce Need to Raise Interest Rates in Banks by Pulling Money Out of America and Europe through High Oil Prices and Slowing the Economy That Way Instead of Via Interest Rates. Either Way, If You Spend $50-$100 for a Tank of Gas, You Aren't Going to Buy Much Else, and That Reduces Business Growth.

July 5
| Jewish Mayor Bloomberg of New York City Says We Need Illegals | Israel Invades Northern Gaza | European Commission in Brussels Close to Declaring Israel in Violation of International Law | Indonesia Refuses to Play Fed Cup in Racist War Monger Israel | European Commissioner in Strausbourg Demands Israel Withdraw and Immediately Reconstruct Gaza's Power Plant | Commentary:  Has Israel's Absolute Power Corrupted Absolutely? | Switzerland Declares Israel in Violation of International Law | Mossad, Known Worldwide for Disinformation, Claims It Stopped a Terrorist Attack from Syria in Possible Deception to Falsely Justify an Israeli Fascist Push into Damascus | President Bush Affirms U.S. Allegiance to Jewish Racial Supremacy | Jewish News Exploits Usual Homeless Problems Among Ex-Iraq War Veterans | Iraq Considers Rearming Insurgents to Fight Foreign Terrorists | Jews to Expand War in Gaza | Captured Israeli Army Prisoner Rumored Kept in Bunker Somewhere in Gaza, But No One Really Knows Anything for Certain | Jewish Owned Newspapers Say Nothing About the Israeli Death Squads Entering Gaza and Instead Spin a 'Feel Sorry for Jews' Story Line About a Small Gathering of Skinheads Who Merely Symbolically Burn Anne Frank's Fraudulent Diary at a Traditional Gala and Sing Patriotic German Songs as a Sign of Their Perceptions of Social Grievances in Their Jewish Dominated Society |

July 4
| Anti-Zionist War Protesters Begin Fast | Israeli Terror Empire Sees Long, Deadly War in Gaza is Ahead | Zionist CIA Ends Ten Year Sham of Searching for Its Own Intelligence Asset Osama Bin Laden. Offers Deceitful Hierarchical Spin. | Thug in Pro-Jewish U.S. Army of Occupation Charged With Alleged Rape and Murder of Innocent Family in the Lost Colony of Iraq | Meet the Jewish Defense League Terrorist Organization | Pro-Zionist Occupation Armies Finally Relegated to Protecting Sabotaged Oil Fields in Iraq | Biography of Israel's Prime Minister Emeritus, Benjamin Netanyahu | Virginity Minded Iraq Decries 'Monstrous' Rape Allegations Against Pro-Zionist Occupation U.S. Army Thugs | The Semitic Supremacy Goals Were Discussed 225 Years Ago by Benjamin Franklin in the "Benjamin Franklin Prophecy" | America's Pro-Zionist Lap Dog War in Iraq Marks the Exact Moment The War on Terror Failed | A Frightened Blair Sees Significant Troop Withdrawals from Pro-Jewish War in Iraq by End of 2007 | Pro-Jewish & Pro-Integration Feds Allege that Latino Gangs Conspired to Kill African Americans to Get Them Out of Their Communities. Did They Expect Otherwise? | Zionist Victim Army Says It Will Not Kill Shalit, But Will Not Report Any More News About Him Either | Bereaved Brother Asks Israel to Negotiate for Shalit's Release |

July 3
| Anti-Zionist War Protesters Begin Fast | Deadline Looms for Hostage as More Israeli Troops Crush Gaza | 'Al Qaeda Is a U.S. Sponsored Intelligence Asset' | 'The International Jew' By Henry Ford | Captors of Young Jewish Military Thug Becoming Sick of Israel's War on Gaza Demand Israel Negotiate Or 'Face the Consequences' | Israel Cohen's Plan to Destroy the U.S.A. Via Racial Destruction | Israel Has Less Than 24 Hours to Decide | BBC Reports Israeli and Palestinian Newspapers Accusing Israel of Using Shalit as Excuse to Undermine the Palestinian Authority | Jewish Hatred of Christianity | Egotistical and Power-Hungry Israel Rejects Palestinian Deadline | Yiddish Hate for All Non-Gentiles in History | U.S. To Pay $48 Million Insurance to Repair Gaza's Power Plant Bombed by Its So-Called Jewish 'Friends' | Shalit's Mother Distraught:  Says Israel Must Negotiate to Save Her Son | Norway:  Demands to Recall Ambassador to Israel in Protest of Gaza Atrocities | Gaza Murders and Cruelties May Last Months Says Israel's Security Chief | Charles and Edgar Bronfmans' Jewish Bootleg Booze Empire | N.Y. Jewish Senator Schumer Says Bush's National Security Effort is Shaky and Needs Effort | Canadians Attacked By Jewish Thugs On Streets of Tel Aviv | 'Killing Without Blame, Killing Without Shame' | Israel Attempts to Remove Leadership of Palestine | Iranian President Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Gaza | United States Proves Itself Israel's Regular Crack Whore; Stalls U.N. Security Council on Condemnation of Gaza Invasion | Pro-Zionist West Gives Iran Until July 12th on Nuclear Issue |

July 2
| Jewish Tribalism Comes Out for All to See | Racist Israel Tells Its Brutish Army to 'Do All It Can' to Find the 19-Year-Old Soldier Inside What Is Left of the Christian and Moslem Holocaust Created by Israel in Jewish Colonial Palestine | The Jewish Russian Mob | Hamas Threatens To Revenge Its Dead People Against Israeli Infrastructure Including Its Schools, Universities, and Hospitals | Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Has Said Tehran Will Continue Its Uranium Enrichment Program | Israel's Crazies Hit Office of Prime Minister | Jewish Pornographers | Pentagon Reportedly Tells White House That Bombing Iran Would Be Unsuccessful | U.N. Rebukes Israel For Destroying Civilian Buildings and Tells the Jewish Terrorist State of Israel that It Must Abide by All International Laws | Mashpee, Massachusetts Loses Interest in Being another Propaganda Butt-Boy for the Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Yiddish Male Infant Religious Ritualistic Mutilation Society | Introducing The New York Jewish Soviet Zionist Spy -- Morton Sobell | Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center Pimps Have Field Day With Their Unfair Smear Tactics Against CNN's Lou Dobbs and Perfectly Legal and Peaceful Majority Civil Rights Groups Constantly Repeated Ad Nausea | In Scene Reminiscent of Sophocles' Greek Tragedy "Antigone," Zarqawi's Body is Denied Even the Civilized Right of Public Burial and Respect | Shi'ite Group Claims Attacks on U.S. Forces inside America's Lost Colony of Iraq | Iraq Hunts Down Saddam's Relatives in Contravention of International Ethics | Saddam's Wife and Daughter in Iraq's Wanted Lists in a Scene Reminiscent of The French Revolution | Iran's Jews Refuse to Recognize Israel | Gulf Arabs Plan for Hormuz Blockage If Jews Bomb Iran |

July 1
| Impotent and Lost Colony of Iraq Explodes in Greatest Day of Bloody Carnage Demonstrating How American Jewish Neocon Armed Forces of Occupation Are Actually Wimps in the Chaotic and Weakening Middle Eastern Jewish Empire -- Troops Do Nothing As 66 Christians and Moslems are Killed in Car Bombing of Baghdad Market | Who Is the Father of Zionism? | Crazy Israel Warns:  'Release Our Soldier or Your Prime Minister Dies.' | The Yiddish Butcher of One-Quarter of Petrograd Was a Jew Named NKVD General Ginrikh Yagoda | Israel Rejects Latest Demands from Palestinians | Palestinians Stuck in No Man's Land Cannot Leave Nor Go Home | Zionist Racists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 'Inferior' N. African Jewish Ringworm Children | Israel's Cruelty to Gaza Seen in New York Times Article | United Nations to Review Alleged Abuses by the Jewish Empire | Jewish Intolerance and Jewish Hatred Whenever Jews Convert to Christianity | Jews Brush Up on Using Lies, Deceptions, and Diplomacy Aimed for Private Ambassadorial Use in World's Diplomatic Missions Concerning Its Cruel Hostilities in Gaza | EU President Tells Israel to Free Hamas Ministers and to Stop Its Cruel and Uncivilized Destruction of Infrastructures inside Palestinian Lands | Israel Continues Genocide Against Moslems and Christians by Ordering Members of Parliament Out of Jerusalem | Amnesty International Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza; Asks U.N. to Investigate; Jewish ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center Maintain Racist Silence on the Hate Crimes of the Israeli Terror State | Atrocities in Pro-Jewish Neocon American Army's Occupation of their Lost Iraqi Colony on July 1, 2022 | Palestinians on Short-End of Israel's Genocidal Jewish Attack | MP's, Analysts Roundly Condemn Zionist Barbarity in Gaza | When Jewish Barbarism Rules |

June 30
| In Scenes Reminiscent of the Burning of the German Reichstag Set Ablaze by a Jewish Communist, Today's Israeli Jews Set Fire to the Palestinian Interior Ministry Building | The Beautiful Faces of Pro-Jewish American Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan | Palestinian Prime Minister Says Invasion by Jews Is Attempt to Bring Down the Legally Elected Hamas Government of Palestine | Massive Jewish Domination of Iraq War Media Coverage | Extensive University of Michigan Iraqi War Documents Study Archive | Racist Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Infant Male Religious Ritual of Sexual Mutilation Society Blasts United Nations for Holding Israel Regularly Accountable for its Racism Inside the Horrendously Vicious Israeli Empire | Today's Iraq War Report | CNN Reports an Israeli Physician Has Claimed He Actually Treated Captive IDF Thug, Gilad Shalit, for Injuries | Palestinians Demand Release of 1,000 Christian and Moslem Prisoners in Jewish Gulags in Israel for Release of Galid Shalit, Plus Total Withdrawal of Jews from Occupied Palestinian Lands | Neocon Jews in U.S. White House and Department of Justice Struggle with Gitmo Supreme Court Reversals | NBC Covers Rape and Murder of Iraqi Woman and Four Members of an Iraqi Family on NBC Nightly News and in Perfect Judeo Political Correctness in Media Show No Pictures of the Soldiers Involved Probably to Avoid Offending Certain Unidentified Non-Majority Population Groups | Yesterday You Could Have Read the Long Litany of Jewish Neocon American Soldier Atrocities in Iraq On This Page, But Probably Because Jew Watch Linked to It for You, It Is No Longer Available | So, Try This Page: Arab Newspaper Reveals the Even More of the Sordid History of On-Going Rapes and Beatings of Iraqi Women by Pro-Israeli American Army Troops | Remarks by Militant Leftwing Jewish Propagandists in Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Filled "Intelligence Report" Used to Smear CNN's Lou Dobbs with Racism Charges based on His Professional Journalism Interviews with Members of Peaceful and Quite Harmless White Civil Rights Organizations in a Typical Example of the Famous and Over Used Jewish News Smear |

June 29
| A Jewish Boy Named Gilad Shalit May Reshape World History | Two Communist Jews, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, Declared a Communist Republic in Berlin in 1919 During World War One Only to be Captured and Executed as Jewish Traitors by the German Free Corps | Gaza Militants Shelve Civil War to Fight Israel | Israel's Long-Standing Racist Apartheid | Jewish Provocation; Israel Invades Syrian Airspace; Two Warplanes Swoop Over Assad's Home Threatening Him With Assassination | Jewish Racial Superiority Caused Israel's Racial Purity Laws | Russia Cautions Israel Against Killing and Wounding Innocent Christian and Moslem Civilians in Its Daily War Mongering Activities | Mordechai Vannunu Exposed Israel's Atomic Weapons | Christian and Moslem Palestinians in Grim Mood But Show a United Front Against the Sadistic Jewish Empire | Israel Is the Mother of All Terrorism in the Middle East | In Direct Contradiction to Their Usual Church-State Stand, Jews Gobbled Up 50% of Certain National Homeland Security Funds Last Year and Want It To Continue Each Subsequent Year by an Act of Congress For Which The Jews Will Pay a Few Thousand Dollars to Insure Its Passage | Supreme Court Stops Bush War Trial Plans -- Jewish Justices Breyer and Ginsberg Who Are The Court's Two Judeo-Lib Jewish Justices Who Represent an Unwise and Magnified 22.5% of the Court's Votes But In Reality are Part of Only 2% of the Nation's Population Voted Against the Opposing Jews in the Judeo-Con Controlled Bush White House | Gaza Independence Forces Claim Firing of Chemical Warhead Into Israel's Invading Jewish Army | Palestinian Christians and Moslems Blow Hole in Wall | Hamas Leaders Illegally Arrested by Jewish Thugs; Israeli Executed | Hamas Declares Arrest of 64 Parliamentarians a Jewish Act of Open War | Intolerant and Hate-Filled Jews File Suit Against 3-Decades-Old Portrait of Jesus in a Public School; This is Another Case of a Tolerated Minority of Jews Deciding Not to Tolerate the Christian Majority |

June 28
| Hamas Leaders Arrested by Israeli Empire; Israeli Terror State Settler Executed in Response | Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza; Israels IDF Thugs Cut Power and Water to Christian and Palestinian Families | Christians Converting Jews Likely to Be Arrested in Jerusalem | EU Says Israel and Palestine Must Step Back from The Brink Before It Spirals into War | What are Israel's Real Geographical Intentions? Check Out the Final Jewish Map. | Israel Says, If Corporal Gilad Shalit Is Released, the Invasion of Gaza Will End:  So, This Israeli Dude is Israel's 'Helen of Troy'? | Are Jews Smart? On Average, Probably Not. Israel's U.N. IQ is Only 90 IQ Points Which is Way Below Average | What Life Is Like for Jews Inside the Militaristic Israeli Empire | U.N. Holds Two-Day Meeting on the Israel-Palestine Problem | Zionist Organization of America Says Hamas Did Not Implicitly Recognize Israel as AP Had Reported | Arab League President:  America Must Not Condemn Iran and At the Same Time Condone Israel's Nuclear Arsenal | Spanish News Agency Retracts, Apologizes for Goldwater "Concentration Camp" Story, Because He Never Said It. | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Artifacts | Jewish Media Mogul Murdoch Says Internet is "Golden Age of Media" | Pro-Judeo-Con GOP Pushing Bill to Condemn The New York Times | Hateful Intolerant Orthodox Jews Beat Up Christians on Streets of Jerusalem | Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Yiddish Ritualistic Male Infant Religious Mutilation Society Gives Free 1-Day Propaganda Tour to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Corrupts 150 New England Politicians with Feelings of False Guilt Which Will Be Quite Conducive to Future Jewish Legislative Majority Hate Bills Being Pushed by Jews In Their  Political Backyard | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Yiddish Religious Infant Mutilation Society Celebrates 40 Successful Years of Jewish Guilt in Roman Catholicism | Russia Orders 'Special Forces' To Find and Kill Murderers of 5 Russian Diplomats in Iraq:  But What If the Real Killers Are Mossad Agents? |

June 27
| Genocidal IDF Thugs Over-Run Gaza in a Jewish Racist Frenzy | Killer Israel Ready to Murder More Christians and Moslems in Gaza over Kidnapped Soldier in Appeal to Israel's Voters | The Discredited Jewish Science of Psychoanalysis Invented from the Mind of the Cocaine Addicted Atheist Jew Sigmund Freud | Hamas Considers Israel's Threat to Assassinate Its Leadership 'Serious' | Pro-Jewish Washington Operative Tries to Hold Back Its Immature Israeli Step Child | The Great Jewish Neurotics of the Women's Movement | ABC-TV Affiliate Reports that Hamas and Fatah Have Agreed on a Document Which Implicitly Recognizes Israel | Celebrating Hyam Salomon, the Jew Who Financed the American Revolution | Fatah Tells Jerusalem Post that Hamas Immediately Attacked Israel to Prove the Agreement to Recognize the Jewish Terror Empire Was a Lie | The Jewish Rapist, Murderer, and Capitalist, Leo Frank, Whose Dastardly Murder and Rape of 14-Year-Old Mary Phelan in His Pencil Factory Started the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish Male Infant Ritual Religious Mutilation Society | Israel Claims It Knows Whereabouts of Kidnapped Soldier and That Hamas Did the Deed, But Who Can Believe a Nation that Always Lies? | Member of Knesset Plans Kidnapping of Hamas Top Leaders to Use to Negotiate | Iraq Bombs Kill At Least 35 | China Denounces Killing of 5 Russian Diplomats in Iraq | Huge Car Blast in Gaza Kills 1, Injures 2. Israel Which Constantly Lies Denies Having Done the Bombing From the Air | Egypt Deploys 2,500 Troops on Gaza Border Showing How Worried It Is About Fallout from an Invasion by Armed Israeli Jewish Killers Under Mossad Orders | Israeli Government Under the Domestic Gun Due to Kidnapping | Lebanese Judiciary Begins Working on Lebanon's Mossad Terrorists | Pro-Zionist Neocon U.S. Forces Issue Story That 2 Soldiers Were Tortured, Beheaded, and Tied to a Bomb. The Truth May Be Different. We May Never Truly Know. | 

June 26
| Al-Aqsa Brigade Threatens Chemical Weapons Against Israel | Jewish Terrorist Meier Kahane | Turkish Anti-American Film Featured at San Francisco Muslim Film Festival | 921 Quotations About Jews | Adolescent War-Monger Israel Threatens to 'Topple' Hamas If Captured Israeli Soldier is Harmed | House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Asks U.S. to Charge New York Times with Treason Felonies for Reporting State Secrets on Financial Monitoring | Israel Downsizing Its Jewish Racist Empire Behind Apartheid Fences | Israel Masses Its Forces at Gaza in Preparation for Invasion | Al-Aqsa Brigades Threaten to Use Chemical Warfare If Jews Enter Gaza | America's Jewish Neo-Con War in Iraq Has Produced Homeless 130,000 Refugees | Factbox:  Foreign Captives in Iraq | America Increasingly Divided Over Its AIPAC Friendly Iraq War | Iraq's Olive Branch to Iraqis Becomes Hot Coals in the Hands of the U.S. Congress | CIA Red Flags Over Informer's Lies Lost in Bureaucracy | Ongoing Fragmentation of Iraq Into Autonomous States vs. Central Governments | Japan Begins Pulling Out of Iraqi Blood Bath | Iraq WMD Redux: Neocons Flail One Trick Pony Again | The Jewish Neocon Disaster in Iraq Widens | Jews Who Love to Gripe About Nothing Now Complain to ADL About Yet Another Possible Anti-Semitic Hoax in Florida |

June 25
| Israel News Agency Report: 'Israel Needs A Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran' | Jewish Human Rights Violations in Lebanon | Israel Helps Palestinian Militants by Bombing Gaza and Killing Innocent Civilians | Jews Batter 20% of  Israel's Women | Iran Schedules World Holocaust Investigation Conference in October-November | 1994 Hebron Mosque Killings by American Physician Baruch Goldstein | Jewish Racists Worship at the Grave of Dr. Goldstein, the Genocidal Killer of Racially Inferior Palestinians in the Mosque Massacre | Palestinian President Urges Rice to Get Israel to Stop Escalating Tensions | Jew-Against-Jew in Israel:  Shin Bet Spies, Reports, and Moves Against Right-Wing Jew Activists | Episcopalians Deny New Testament and Jesus in Favor of Pro-Jewish PC | UK Campaign for a Boycott of Apartheid Israel Gathers Momentum | Israeli Support of Anti-Whaling Tipped the Scales in U.S. Favor | Pope to Visit Israel, Land of the New Testament Anti-Semite Jesus Christ, in 2007 | Jesus Christ's Anti-Semitism Revealed | Saddam Predicts U.S.A. Will Ask His Help in Quelling Bloody Iraq | Some Congressmen Condemn Iraqi Amnesty Plan | Iran Threatens to Use Oil as a Weapon in Any Nuclear Sanction Environment | Syria, Iran Deepen Ties Due to U.S. Threats |

June 24
| Good-Bye to the Greatest Jewish Television Producer of Drama, Aaron Spelling | Jews in Entertainment | Pregnant Woman and Her Brother Murdered in Reckless Jewish Mossad Bombing of 'Inferior' Non-Jewish Civilians | Jewish Kaballah | Toronto Jew Admits Anti-Moslem Hate Crimes | Map Showing Loss of Palestinian Land from 1946-2000 | Goldwater of Arizona Seeks Work Camps for Mexican Illegals to Build the Walls to Keep Them Out and to Clean Up the Deserts of Illegal's Droppings | Noting the Realities of Israeli Expansionist History | Mossad Lies and Deceptions:  Moronic B.S. Article Appears About Israeli Invasion of Gaza to Pick Up Two So-Called Militants | Israeli Investigation of Beach Bombing Not Credible | How Israel Is Tearing Christian and Moslem Families Apart | Israeli Critic Wins Peace Award to Consternation of the Jewish Master Race | Palestinian Cancer Patient 'Must Pay' for Prison Guards or Leave Hospital | Olmert: Jewish Lives Worth More than Christian and Moslem Lives |

June 23
| Let Us Recall Again the Racist Hate Crime Murder of a 13 Year Old Palestinian Girl by a Jewish Neo-Nazi IDF Goon | Jewish Faces | No WMD's Were Ever Found -- Iraq Chemical Weapons Degraded & Too Old to Use Militarily Says Pro-Jewish U.S. Intelligence Sources | Black Muslims Planning to Bomb Sears Tower Arrested in Chicago | DOJ Rogues Gallery of the Chicago Sears Tower Terrorists | Pro-Zionist Christians Seek Immediate Jewish World Supremacy Ending with End-Of-World Apocalypse in Israel | The Ancient Israeli 'Shell Game' Circa 100,000 C.E. | Presbyterian Church Bows After One Full Year of Constant Jewish Verbal Terror and Hate | Violating Separation of Church and State Myth, U.S. Law Officers Travel with Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Yiddish Racial Religious Cult to Jewish Racist Empire of Palestine to Learn Unsuccessful Jewish Anti-Human Rights Methods Which Jews Use to Occupy, Pacify, and Torture the People Which Have Not Worked and Have Only Created More and More  Hate for the Past 60 Years | Well Spun Jewish Report on Meeting of Jewish Conspirators at Wye Plantation | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Yiddish Racial Cult Seems to Have Succeeded in Undermining Divestment Movements Among Non-Jews Using the Vicious, Hateful, and Un-American 'You are an Anti-Semite' Canard | Detention of Palestinian Peace Activist Illustrates Israel�s Apartheid Law System | Israel Has No Right to Fix Its Borders Without Regard to Its Non-Jew Neighbors | Shortwave Update on Pro-Jewish Forces in Middle East in MP3 for This Week | IDF Lies About Gaza Beach Murders Draws Shame, Anger, and Derision After Independent Forensics Findings | Peace Activists Protest Against Apartheid Walls Constructed by Israel's Superior Jewish Race |

June 22
| Intolerant and Racist Jews Again Protest Iran's Soccer Team | WMD Deceptions About Out-Dated and Deteriorated Chemical Weapons Still Spewed as False Facts to Support Bush's Failed War on Zionist Rupert Murdoch's Pro-Jewish Fox News | U.S. Pro-Israel Troops Charged with Murdering a Disabled Iraqi | The Modest Proposal for Defanging the Jews | Israel's Prime Minister Finally Apologizes for Jews Murdering 14 Christian and Moslem Citizens With Reckless Gaza Bombs | The Jewish Mob | Republicans Delay Reissuing Jewish Authored Voting Rights Act of 1965 Due to Its Unfairness to the Southern States | Senate Rejects Pull Out; Troops Will Stay so Iran Can Have More Time to  Improve Their Method for Destroying U.S. Abrams Tanks | Costa Rica No Longer Wants to Support the Iraq War | Peace Deal Offers Iraq Insurgents Amnesty | Iran Asks U.N. to Stop Defamation of Islam | Intolerant and Racist Jewish Nazis Again Protest Iran's Soccer Team | FBI Stops Harassing White Civil Rights Organizations Only Long Enough to Arrest 7 Arab Terrorists in Florida and Hold a News Conference on the Subject | FBI Visits Israel for Brain-Washing |

June 21
| Vows of Revenge Against the Killer Jew Invaders After Deaths of 3 More Christian and Moslem Children in Sadistic and Uncaring IDF Thug Attack on Gaza's 'Inferior' Non-Jewish Citizens | Saddam Hussein's Lawyer Assassinated in the Chaotic Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | Denial of the Right to Autopsy Victims in Haditha Makes Building the Case Against U.S. Soldiers Almost Impossible | Iran in No Hurry to Respond to Pro-Israeli EU Peace Offers from Europe's Colonial Infidels on Nuclear Enrichment Program | Jewish Crack Convict Sues Florida for Kosher Prison Food and the Right to Wear a Jewish Beard | Another Innocent Non-Jewish Man and Woman Murdered by Racist Jewish Air Strike in Gaza Strip | The Jews Behind the Iron Curtain | Jews Ignore Evidence of Israeli Shrapnel Found inside Shredded Bodies of Family Slaughtered by Jewish Mossad Thugs on Gaza Beach Last Week | United Nations Demand Israel Stop the Murder of Non-Jews in Its Colonial Empire | Israel Added 800 New Jewish Millionaires in 2005 | How Immoral Israeli Jews Twist the Facts about Their Murders of Christians and Moslems in Palestine | Massive Abduction Spree Hits Iraq: 100 Seized in Single Factory | Occupation 'Hollows Out' Israel Says Peace Activist | Saudi Ambassador Says Its Trade Boycott Against Israel Will Not End | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Ritual Male Infant Religious Mutilation Cult Supports Israel's Genocidal Starvation of Palestine but Opposes Sudan's Genocidal Starvation of Darfur, Especially Its Use of Jews as a Reason for Not Cooperating with Peace Keepers. Anyone Else Notice an Issue Discrepancy Here, Or Is It Just Us? |

June 20
| Iran's Ahmadinejad Has 70% Approval Rating and It's Going Up | Jews Ran The Black Holocaust | Bodies of 2 Kidnapped U.S. Soldiers Found in Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | What Adolf Hitler Had to Say On the Subject of Jews | Who Rules America? | Hazelton PA Defies Anti-American / Jewish-Authored Immigration Laws and Will Now Arrest All Illegal Aliens and Landlords Who Rent to Them. It Has Reached the Point in that City Where No One Can Walk the Streets Safely | Jew Watch Calls for Your Personal Donation | Illinois Violates Church-State Separation Myth; Signs Agreement with Jewish Terror State | Early Zionist Terror Gangs | 2,000 Jewish Representatives of Zionist Organizations Worldwide Meet to Conspire in Jerusalem | European Jews Turn Away From Israel, Believing Life in the Diaspora Has More to Offer than a Jewish Terror State | Israeli Empire invites Vatican to hold its annual World Bishops` Conference in Holy Land | Britain Declines to Discuss the Zionist Regime's Illegal Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons | A-Bomb Fat Israel Meets with Iran's Ex-Prime Ministers on Iran's Fledgling Nuclear Program | Israel As An Agent of the American Empire | Mossad Fights TV Channel in Exchanges over Who Is the Better Jewish Liar Concerning Israeli Shrapnel in Beach Victims | Israel Boasts 7,400 Jewish Millionaires | Are Murders of Arabs by Jews Effective in Stopping Terror? | Iran Welcomes Open EU Dialogue on Nuclear Policies with No Preconditions from Its Pro-Israel Members | Japan Pulls Out of Pro-Zionist Iraq |

June 19
| Dolphin Married to a British Jew Vomits and Dies. Can You Blame Him? | What Tolerance of Subversive Jews Now Costs America | Jew Claims Superman Reflects Jewish Traditions | Want to Know Who Rules America? | Jewish Demonstrators Clash at Pro-Israel Rally | Armand Hammer:  Jew, Russian, American, Communist Founder, Democratic Party Supporter, Capitalist, Opportunist, Millionaire, Spy, Zionist, Traitor | Thousands of Foreign Jews Begin to Immigrate to China to Exploit Its Slave Economy | Jewish Supremacists Control $ Billions in International Real Estate | Are Sadistic Jewish IDF Thugs 'The Most Moral Army in the World'? | The Morality of the Israeli Boycott | Israel's 'Blame the Victim' Strategy Fails Miserably. The Usual Lies No Longer Work. | Insurgent Prosecutor of the Illegal Iraq Government of the Pro-Zionist Invading Armies Asks Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein Who Is Still His Nation's Only Legally Elected President | Indictment of U.S. Soldier Sought by Italy | Poll: U.S. Seen as Threat to Stability | How Israelis Continue to Connive for More Palestinian Lands as a Result of the Jewish Alleged Disengagement Trick | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith's Cult of Religious Male Infant Ritual Mutilation Practices Signs on to Continue Affirmative Racism Practices in Michigan, Practices Which are Un-American and Anti-Majority in Their Context | Possible Hoax in University City MO Flops; This Sordid Little Affair Had All of the Earmarks of an Anti-Semitic Deception Designed to Stir the News and Create False Fears and Sympathies for Jews. This Being Said, Jew Watch Considers Targeted Harassment of Jews of Any Type Disgusting. Frank Weltner, Librarian of Jew Watch, Lives Within Three Miles of University City. Although He Disagrees Politically With Some of the People Who Live There, Mr. Weltner Considers Each of The Targeted Citizens There to be His Friends and Neighbors. Mr. Weltner is Personally Saddened by This Event. | Although White Gangs Account for Only 20% of the Texas Total Gang Population, Marc Potok at the Pro-Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Industry Corporation, Spends His Time Dehumanizing and Hating White Texans in this Article and Ignoring and the 25% of Blacks and 55% of Hispanics who Are the Majority of the Gang Members in Texas. Is This Indicative of Jewish Hatred for Whites? |

June 18
| Jewish Elitist Baron Eric de Rothschild Tells Israel's Olmert: 'The Extent of Anti-Semitism In His Native France Has Been Exaggerated' | Ahmadinejad: Investigate the Holocaust | The Rothschild's New World Order Banking and Jewish Supremacist Family | The Racist Arrest of a Non-Jewish White Civil Rights Worker by the New 'Diversity Enriched' and Anti-Majority FBI Terrorist Task Force | Israeli Evil: The Murderous Terrorism of Jewish Prime Minister Menachem Begin | With Little Else to Do for Cheap Entertainment in Jewish-Abused Gaza Colony, Palestinian Christians and Moslems Return to Gaza Beaches | Jewish USSR Thug Lavrenti Beria:  He Was Just One of Thousands of  the Jewish USSR's Vile Jewish Leaders Who Systematically Murdered 65,000,000 Non-Jews | What Should Terrorist Israel Do About Its History of Planning Targeted Killings of Moslems and Christians Who Hide from Hideous Jewish Oppression Inside the Cruel Empire? | Leftwing Jews Recall their Stew Albert's Many Lies and Hoaxes at Berkeley | Immigrant Blacks Protest Against Semites and Europeans in Paris | Israel's Sadistic History of Jewish Murder, Jewish Spin, and Jewish Influence in the Jewish-OwnedWorld Press | How Israel's Jewish Terrorist Became a Victim | Repentant Jewish Soldier Now on a 'Mission for Peace' in Israel | U.S. Widens Search for 2 Soldiers Missing in Iraq | Stooping to a New Low for the Jewish-Controlled American Empire:  Pentagon Investigators Report Inhumane Torture Is Not Illegal for American Soldiers. Report Says There Is No Need to Discipline Them. | Developments in the Lost Colony of Iraq on June 18th | Iran: U.S. War Mongering Making Nuclear Talks Difficult |

June 17
| Disastrous Developments in the Zionist Occupied Iraq Colony on June 17th | Intolerant Subversive German Jews Espouse Their Pathetic Racist Xenophobic Hate and Harassment for the Iranian People and for President Amadinejad as They Swarm into the Nuremberg Streets Like Hitler's Goose-Stepping Storm Troopers | Jeff Rense on The Jews in the White House | Half-Jewish Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) Discovers the Jewish Design for Major League Baseball as Vehicle to Integrate Blacks and Oppress Whites Has Imploded as Blacks Go from 30% to 8% of Major League Baseball and Will Decline Even More Rapidly in the Future | The Rockefeller Jewish Clone Syndrome | Why Whoever Says Israelis Are Not Racist Are Misinformed | Recent Atrocities Against Children in the Brutal Israeli Colonial Empire of Palestine | Baghdad Hit By More Bombings as Al-Qaeda Threatens Revenge for the Murder of Sheik Al-Zarqawi | Jewish Historical Hatred of Non-Jews | Circumcision:  Court Case Sparks National Debate Over Medical Necessity of Circumcision. Recent Views Are that Circumcision Is Nothing More Than Cruelty to Babies, a Form of Ritualized and Bloodied Jewish Infant Male Sexual Mutilation. | Jewish Racial Purity Laws in Israel | U.S. Report Details Its Own Illegal Human Rights Abuses in Iraq and Elsewhere | What Happens During Circumcision | Jewish Gulag Work Camps in the Jewish USSR, 1919-1992 - Torture, Starvation, and Death - The Jewish Big Three | Lebanon Takes Israel's Terrorist Cell to the United Nations | U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" Is The Result of Jewish Subversion of America | Human Rights Watch Blames IDF for Beach Murders Via Israeli Artillery Fire Based on Solid Evidence | Israel's Dirty Little Secret - Slavery | Jewish U.S. National Security Threat:  Mossad Controls the Security Software Keys to United States Military Computers | Racist Jewish Protesters Representing Less than 2% of the Population Gang Up on Freedom of Thought by the Non-Jewish Canadian Union That Voted Its 98% Majority Conscience to Boycott the Genocidal Policies of the Tiny and Vicious Jewish Terrorist State Known as Israel | Jewish Straussians Versus Their Favorite Fascist, Jewish War Monger and the Vicious Founder of "Straussianism", Leo Strauss | Zionist Occupied Iraq Colony Kills 43, U.S. Servicemen Missing | Lamont Accuses Lieberman of Pushing America Toward a Useless Military Blunder in Iraq |

June 16
| Jewish ADL of the B'nai B'rith Male Infant Religious Ritualistic Sexual Mutilation Cult, Dehumanizes and Degrades an Old German Soldier Who Opened a Quiet and Peaceful Memorial to Adolph Hitler in His Home in Wisconsin | Ted Junker, 87, Decides To Keep Hitler Museum Private. Media and ADL Crucify an Old Man in Unison. | Jewish Newhouse Family Dominates Non-Jews With Hundreds of Pro-Israel News Properties | Anti-Semite Soon to Become the United Nations Secretary-General | Jews Give Myopic Yiddish View of Nuremberg World Cup Soccer Games Stirring Up Reverse Racism and Demeaning Normal People for Having Some Honest Racial and Cultural Pride as Though This is a Bad Thing in Paranoid Jewish Eyes | Hundreds of Jews Dominate America's Legal and Illegal Gambling Industries | Ahmadinejad Backs Off Attending World Cup Games in Hitler's Aryan Nuremberg Stadium. Racist Jews Have Been Rallying Against Aryan Iran for Days. | Jewish Controllers of Movies | Shameless Jew Elie Wiesel Speaks Out on Middle Eastern Conference As Though Anyone Cares About His Old Worn-Out Racist Jewish Viewpoints. The 'Wiesel' Uses the Occasion to Dehumanize Ahmadinejad as a Non-Person of Indignity on Religious and Xenophobic Grounds | America's Jewish Golden Girl of Bloody Israel | Ahmadinejad: European Union Nuclear Package Is a 'Step Forward' | 16+ Killed in Zionist-Occupied Iraq Explosions; Government's Crackdown Fails to Protect Public | Fagin the Crooked Hook-Nosed Jew in Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist" | Israel: More Evidence on Beach Killings Implicates IDF | Weapons Olmert Gave Last Week to Abbas Being Used Against Jews. Is It True? Or Is It Another Mossad Lie Meant to Dehumanize Palestinians Before Setting Them Up for More Killings? | Lebanon Accuses Blood-Drenched Israeli Agents of Car Bombing | EU Urges Israel to End Its International Criminality | Lebanon Uncovers Terror Cell With Links to Israel's Mossad | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

June 15
| 25 Moslems Under Arrest in Paris Bomb Plot to Take Down the Eiffel Tower | Al-Zarqawi Letter Found Says Al-Qaeda Sought War Between U.S. and Iran; Is This The Truth or Another CIA Fiction? | President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Hidden Jewish Family Tree Exposed | Non-Jewish Father Sues to Halt 8-Year-Old Son's Circumcision by Wife Who Married a Jewish Man: 'My Son Is Not a Jew' | Could Monica Have Been Another Mossad Plant to Bring Down a President? Check out Monica Lewinski's Jewish Russian Heritage. | Palestinian Minister Sneaks More $Millions into Gaza in Suitcase | The Jewish Ancestral Artifacts of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, The Founder of Modern Turkey | Zionism Says Shrapnel Inside Gaza Beach Victim Bodies Not from Israel's Jews. So, Is This the Truth or Just Another Cheap Mossad Deception? | President Clinton's Racist Appointment of Jewish Ambassadors | Illegal Israeli Murder of Christian and Moslem Innocents by Jews in Palestine | The Danger of Living Close to Jews | U.S. Military Body Count in Iraq Reaches 2,500 Dead As Violence Continues to Increase | 27 More Iraqi Civilians Die Amid Bombs in Iraq's Bloody Judeo-Con War | Olmert Asks French Jews to Move to Israel | Protest Against Jews' Racist Celebration of Israel in Boston | U.S. Born Israeli Soldier Machine Guns Arab Mosque Then Commits Suicide | Men Tortured and Raped by Saudis Refused the Right to Sue by British Court | Jewish Activists Protest Torture by Americans but Claim Israelis Are Innocent of Torture, A Claim Totally Lacking Believability | Jewish Lap Dog U.S. Says Hamas and Not U.S. is Responsible for Hamas Financial Mess. The Lies Never End. | AIPAC Case Goes Wild | Jew Arlen Specter and Congressional Judiciary Committee's Other Jewish and Minority Members Laden with Jewish Lobby Cash Criticize Continued Puruit of AIPAC Jewish Spy Case | Alleged AIPAC Informant Promoted by White House |

June 14
| Islamic Religious Terrorists Welcomed into France by Jewish Immigration Advocacy Over the Past 75 Years Respond to French Tolerance and Stupidity Like Dangerous Trojan Horses; They Had Planned to Bomb the Eiffel Tower | Jews Ran the German Communist Party | NA Indictment Article Reveals the Dangerous Subversion of Law Enforcement by 3 Jewish Domestic Espionage Groups--i.e., ADL, SPLC, and Wiesenthal | Abbas Stops Hamas Leaders Entering Gaza with $Millions in Cash to Help Starving Christian and Moslem Palestinians | In Defiance of Racist Jewish Pro-Immigrant and Anti-Majority Organizations, Federal Agents Make Surprise Arrests of 2,100 Illegals Mostly Felons including 140 Child Molesters, Drug Dealers, and 367 Known Gang Members Which Leaves 30,000,000 Not Arrested Plus 7,000 More Who Crossed the Unsecured Borders Today | Jewish Mobs of Russia, Israel, and USA | Iran Bans The Economist For Changing "The Persian Gulf" to Only "The Gulf" | Black Man Stabs 4 People in Subways But Original Newspaper Stories Refused to So Identify the Suspect as a Warning to New Yorkers in Danger | Jews Who Control Anti-Immigration Movements | Politically Correct and Jewish Pandering Reuters News Agency Allegedly Endangers New Yorkers by Describing Black Subway Stabber as Merely "A Short Man Dressed in Black" | William Perle, The Super Jewish Soviet Anti-American Spy | Racial Scandal Creeps into Democratic and Republican Race in N.C. Can the ADL's Spies be Far Behind in Visiting North Carolina for Its Usual Jewish Guilt-Inducing Propaganda Festivities? | Conviction of Atheist Jewish Billionaire, Financial Terrorist, and Now a Presumed Felon, George Soros, for Insider Trading is Upheld by French Court | George Soros Blames Himself, President Bush's AIPAC Foreign Policies, and Israel for Today's Anti-Semitism | Comparison of Various Media Spins Over Who was to Blame in Israel's Bombing of a Family on the Gaza Beach |

June 13
| Lebanese Man Confesses to Assassinating Many People on Orders of Israeli Mossad | Film Maker: Israel Regime Is Like East German Stasi. | Jewish Atrocities & Harrassments of Indigenous Non-Jewish Peoples in Hebron This Week | Alleged Prison Torture, Insensitivity, Mayhem, and News Black Outs in Canada | Wary China and Russia Refuse to Sign Pro-Israeli Europe's Iranian Nuclear Statements | World's Most Hated Leader Exploits Badly Bloodied Iraq in Unwanted Visit | U.S. Terror Leaders Confess Their Concerns that Al Quaeda Is Now Stronger Than Ever in Iraq | Violence Mounts in Iraq; U.S. Kills 7 More Arabs Whom It Claims Were 'Insurgents' Along with 2 Innocent Children; No Proof Given or Required For U.S. Accusations in Presses | 194 Palestinian Refugees from Iraqi Prejudice Remain in Limbo at Syrian-Iraq Border | An American Jews Speaks Out in Support of Presbyterian Israel Divestment | History of Jews in Britain | Oh, My God! Another Possible Hate Crime Hoax in Florida Causing Little Damage! Quick, We Need Another ADL Propaganda Seminar With Nasty Holocaust Pictures to Make Us Feel Like Each One of Us Did It! | Are Jewish Dirty Tricks Against Lyndon LaRouche Really Funded by the Ford Foundation? | Did William Pierce of the White Civil Rights Movement's "National Alliance" Out Watergate's Deep Throat as the Jew Mark Felt in 1974? The Answer It Seems Is Yes. | Seven Christians and Moslems Arrested for Immediately Hanging a Hate-Filled Israeli Soldier Who Machine Gunned 3 Arabs to Death inside a Public Bus |

June 12
| Train Crash in Israel Leaves 5 Dead, 80 Wounded Some Seriously | Semite-Controlled Germany Arrests English Fans with SS Insignias | Gruesome Accounts of Al-Zarqawi's Murder | Racist Jewish Israel Will Not Allow an Inferior Non-Jewish Race of Aryans in Iran to Defend The Middle East with Nuclear Weapons | The Humiliation of Iran: Will There Be an Israel-Azerbaijan-USA Nuclear and Economic Strategic Alliance Surrounding Iran in a Vice Grip? | Screw Our Obligations with Non-Jew Nations: Genocidal Israeli Terror State Will Build 54 New Semitic Homes in Arab West Bank Despite Agreements with U.S.A. Benefactor Not to Do So | Criminal Jew Leaders of the Israeli Genocide State Step Up Threats to Assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister | Israeli Criminal Government Arrogantly and Illegally Issues More Threats, This Time Against Hamas Leadership | Israel Has Lost the Public Relations War | Amnesty International Highlights Israel's Criminal Human Rights Abuses | Saudi Foreign Minister Warns Disarmament Officials Not to Ignore the Terror State of Israel | Israel: Final Peace Not Likely With Hamas Leading Palestine | Jew in Florida Claims Best Thing for Anti-Semites Is a Court-Enforced Propaganda 'Gulag' in the Presence of Rabbis, Holocaust Teachers and Survivors, and Jewish Professionals | 75% of Jews Oppose Christian Gay Marriage Amendment | Unpopular U.S. Murders 9 Including 2 Children All Civilians in Iraq | Al Qaeda Names Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir as the Successor to Al-Zarqawi | Jewish Oligarch Mikhail Fridman of Russia Faces Racketeering Charges | Jewish Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Solitary for Sharing Food with Inmates Against Rules | Criminal Israeli State Completely and Heartlessly Bulldozes an Old Palestinian Lady's Family Home in Jenin |

June 11
| Jews Push Racial Hatred of Iran's Aryan Team at World Cup Under the Guise of Ahmadinejad's Scholarly Semitic Criticism | Mexico Upsets Iran, 3-1 Final | Martyrs Brigade Kidnappers Free Jewish American Benjamin Bright-Fishbein | Hamas to Challenge 'Israel's Existence Referendum' in Parliament | Israel Claims It Murdered 2 Militants from the Air With Absolutely No Way of Verifying the Story | Israeli Prime Minister Coldly Says He 'Regrets' -the Egregious Murder of Palestinians Having an Innocent Beach Picnic | Qassam Patriot Avenging Murder of His Leader by Jews Escapes Death-By-Israel by Jumping from Car | Ukrainians Blame Jewish 'Rothschild Soldiers' for Ukraine's Genocide of 7 Million Non-Jews in 1930's'. Jews Call It Anti-Semitic to Mention this Fact in Public. | Carnage in Iraq Just Beginning: US Army Expects Major Al-Quaeda Strikes in Iraq Colony in Retaliation for Al-Zarqawi's Murder Without Trial | Angered by Death of their Leader, Zarqawi Group Plans Major Strikes Against the Unpopular U.S. Occupational Force | Neil Clark: Things Could Get Even Worse in Iraq | America's General in Iraq Says Troops Could Gradually Withdraw if the Iraqi Government Survives and the Insurgents Surrender. | Americans Show Picture of Dead Zarqawi, an Enemy Combatant, in Violation of International Treaties on Exploiting Pictures of the Dead | Israel Radio Says Hamas and Fatah Factions in Palestine are Fighting. Could It Be Another Trick by Israeli Provocateurs? | Teacher Arrested on Complaint of a Jewish Woman in Fresno, California. The Teacher's Daughter Called Her a "Dirty Jew" and a Minor Altercation Occurred in a Shopping Mall Parking Lot. No One Seems to Have Been Physically Harmed. Now, Make No Mistake. Just One Arrest of This Type Is Prima Facie Proof that Freedom of Opinion and Expression in America Has Been Destroyed by the Anti-American and Racist Jewish Lobby. |

June 10
| Possible Hostage in Israel is American Jew | Hamas Denies Statement Mourning Death of Al-Zarqawi. Hamas Views Him as a Symbol of Resistance to Occupation. | Bizarre, War Mongering, and Terrorist Israel Threatens to Kill Hamas Leaders | Guantanamo Prisoners Tortured and Abused at the Whim of White House Jewish Neo-Cons Commit Suicide | No Let Up in Iraq After Murder of Al-Zaqawi as 24 are Killed by Bombs | Hamas Calls Referendum by Abbas a 'Coup' | Jewish Top World Banker Wolfowitz Warns Developing Cash Rich Nations Like China Not to Load Up Poor Nations with Debt That Can Never be Repaid | Hitler's Final Stand Bunker Might Soon be a Popular Tourist Destination | Anti-Hitler Spies of World War Two | Russia's Parliament Asked to Betray Democracy, Ban Critical-Edge Political Parties | Jews Plan Vicious Anti-Iran Protests at Germany's World Cup as a Natural Extension of their Historical Anti-Democratic Bias and Their Passion to Control Other Nations | Iraqi Vice President Says Iran's Significant Power Would Benefit the Middle East | Iran to Offer Its Own Terms on Uranium | Richard Perle, The Jewish Neocon Prince of Darkness, Is Sighted at Bilderberg Meeting | Selfish and Self-Indulgent Race Focused Jews Whine, Whine, Whine About All of Their Problems As Though They are the Only People in the World |

June 9
| Babies Murdered by Jews: Ten Christians and Moslems Die at Picnics on Palestinian Beaches in Gaza As Brutal Israeli Terror State Enjoys Even More Artillery Stoked Blood-Thirsty Killings in Gaza | Abbas to Hold Referendum July 31 on Israel's Right to Exist Despite Latest Jewish Atrocity | Jewish Undermined Puppet State in Washington D.C. Says Israel Has Right to Exist But Must Consider the Consequences of Its Actions | Hamas Militants Vow to Renew Deadly Attacks on Israel in Revenge | Possibly Bogus Civil Rights Indictments Based only on Two Bar Fights Handed Down to National Alliance Leaders by the Minority Subverted United States of America in a Plan Mostly Likely Carried Out to Shut Down Peaceful and Legitimate Majority Dissenters. Is Part of this to Gain Normally Illegal Fishing Expedition Access to NA's Private Files? | Jewish Hate Group ADL Gloats in News Release Over Arrests of National Alliance Leaders. It Seems In the Same Article, in Which the ADL Hypocritically Accuses the NA of Dehumanizing Minorities, the ADL Seems to Do the Exact Same Thing to the Members of the National Alliance--i.e., Dehumanizes Them in Print. If True, Is This Not a Subversive and Dangerous Expression of Jewish Hatred for White People? And Are the NA and William Pierce Not Used as Mere Straw Men In Order to Cloak Jewish Hatred for White Americans? | Jewish ADL and SPLC Gag on High Voter Turn Out for White Candidate Who Publicly Express His Doubts About Totally Unsubstantiated Jewish Holocaust Figures. Jews Are Also Pissed Off Because Another Candidate Prosecuted The ADL's Jewish Leader for Several Felonies. | Doubts Expressed that the Jewish Compromised U.S. Government Can Reduce Troops Soon Due to On-Going Iraqi Civil Wars | Civil War Creates Fear in Iraq's Lawyers | House Aid Package Cuts Funds to Iraq and Afghanistan | Iraq Civil War to Continue Despite Death of Al Zarqawi |

June 8
| Crown Heights Riot Review Shows Unscholarly Pandering to Self-Centered Jews Who Acted More Important than They Really Were | Bristling With Shameful Arrogance, So-Called German Jewish "Leader" of a Tiny Community of Jewish Leftwing Nobodies Calls Ahmadinejad a 'Second Hitler' and Demands He Be Arrested for Holocaust Denial When He Goes to Germany. However, To Be Quite Honest, No One in Germany Even Cares What This Jew Thinks. We Have to Ask, Why Would His Opinion Even Be Published Anywhere? The Answer, Of Course, Is That the Newspapers Are Owned by Jews. | Eric Butler Dies: Australian Semitic Critic, Writer, Thinker, Organizer | Zarqawi Killed by Illegal American Invaders After Thousands of Innocent Victims of House Bombings Die for Nothing Over the Years in Which He Was Hunted. Nothing Changes. The Insurgency Will Get Stronger To Revenge Him. | Zarqawi's Death Helps Bin Laden's Chain of Command for Al Quaeda Members | Pathetic U.S. Congressmen Who Wasted Hundreds of Billions of U.S. Dollars on the Lost War in Iraq Ignorantly Hail Zarqawi's Death. But the Insurgency Will Now Become More Destructive, Because Iraq's Patriots Will Never Allow These Jewish-Bankrolled Europeans to Run This Moslem Nation. | Vandalism at Jewish Cemetery May Be Just Another Hate Crimes Hoax. Jewish Fund-Raising Will Benefit as Usual. In Addition, Jews at ADL Racist-Based Hate Group of the "Jews Only" B'nai B'rith Male Sexual Religious Mutilation Bund Have Already Arrived to Exploit this Possible Hate Hoax as a Propaganda Coup for Brainwashing Non-Jews with False Guilt. | Anti-Christ and/or Atheist Jews at ADL and ACLU Despise Prayers Before Meals by Navy, Despite Them Being Universally Loved and In Effect Since 1845. Perhaps It is Time for These Subversive and Anti-Majority Jewish Groups to Be Shunned by All in America. | Bush's New Iran Policy Opens Small Rifts Within Jewish Neo-Con Subversive Groups--AIPAC, Israel, and Judeo-Con | Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. Italian Students Feted with Full Force Israeli Holocaust Propaganda. What Professional Educator Would Allow Their Students to Suffer This Type of Abuse? | Jewish ADL's Abraham Foxman Treats Representative King (R-Iowa) with Disgusting Letter Telling Him How the "Holocaust" is Basically Reserved For Jews Only and No One Else. However, The Last Time Jew Watch Searched the Trademark Office Files, the Jews Still Had No Trademark on the Word "Holocaust". The ADL Should Be Ashamed of their Blantantly Racist Harassment Actions in This Matter. |

June 7
| First Fraudulent Jewish Holocaust Hoax Claimed the Same 6 Million Dead In 1919 | Jew Sees Changing the World's Present Anti-Israeli View as Simply a Matter of Better Marketing. In Other Words, Continue to Kill Palestinians Daily but Give The World a Better Lie to Believe In While You are Murdering Them. | How Nice. Israel Will Fund Medical Treatment for a Little Girl Their Thoughtless Air Raid Paralyzed Completely. Isn't That Sweet of The Jews? | Anti-Apartheid Israeli Boycott Grows: South African Trade Union's 1.2 Million Members Support Canada's Boycott of Israel | Palestine Turns Down Israel's Offer to Pay Its Debt In Medicine Not Cash | Pakistan Seeks Total Israeli Withdrawal from Occupied Palestinian Land | Jack-Booted Israeli Military Thugs Murder 1 Policeman and Wound 2 Others, Then Spin a Vicious Lie About It to Make It Seem Reasonable. The Media Responds by Printing It From Israel Without Question Although Israel Is Known to Constantly Lie. | Mafia Jews Arrested for Trafficking in White Women, Sending them From Russia and Israel to Canada as European Whores | Jews' Arrested of Adolph Eichmann Terrified the CIA | Israel: Security, Race, and Immigration | United States Slams Israel for Human Trafficking of White European Women | With Israelis Gone, Palestinians Finally Get to Use Their Own Beaches | Anti-American and Pro-Israeli AIPAC Openly Seeks Subversion of United States' Self-Interest in Its Latest Fund-Raising Letters on Calling for Increased U.S. Sanctions on Iran (Which is An Act of War) to 100,000 Jews Whom It Hopes Will Also Work to Support the U.S. Subversion | Palestinians Reject Jews' Smuggling Lies | Washington Post's Hoagland Blames Iraq's Lost War on Saddam Hussein, Never Mentions the Jewish Neo-Cons in the White House Who Really Were the Ones Behind the War. Jewish Media Thus Stands Naked and Exposed for Its Shameful Deceptiveness. Remember, You Will Learn Very Little About the Real and Vicious World of Jews from the Jewish Media. |

June 6
| Israeli Propagandists Blow Mostly Fraudulent and Non-Factual Smoke into the News Media About Fictitious Hamas Jihad Preparation and Non-Existent 11 Tons of Explosives | Internal War Escalates in Collapsing Palestinian Colony | Israeli Military Criminals Dressed in IDF Uniforms Kill 2 and Wound 3 Christians and Moslems in its Illegal Gaza Colony | Hamas Meets With and Threatens TV Journalists in TV Station Attack | In Collapsing Situation in Israel's Gaza Colony, Near-By Jordan Tells Hamas to Curb Militants or Lose their Banks | Race Jumbled Black Woman Claims to Be Jewish | 'I Am a Bad Jew' Because I Left the Tribe and Assimilated with Gentiles. Oh, My... | Iraq to Free 2,500 But None from the Elected Iraqi Government of Saddam Hussein | Pro-Zionist Puppet U.S. Snubs Iraqi Government for the Pawn It Is Over the Investigation of U.S. Anti-Arab Marine Cruelty | In the Eyes of Iraq, European Pro-Israeli Meddlers Have Brought Them Utter Chaos | Iraq Asks U.N. to Investigate Bloody Atrocities by Alleged American Killer Soldiers | Iraq -- How Do You Spell LOSER? | Iran Rumored to Have Reacted Positively to U.S. Nuclear Offer | Pro-Zionist U.S. Incentives to Iran Include Access to Boeing Parts for Its Aging Aircraft Fleet | AP Publishes Questionable Article Brainlessly Quoting the Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Which Commemorates the Jewish Male Sexual Religious Mutilation Ritual and the Mostly Jewish SPLC. These Subversive Organizations Generally Paint Whites as Neo-Nazis. They Represent Less than 2% of our People. They Have No Relevance to the Other 98% of Americans Whom They Do Not Represent. So, Why Do They Get Press? Answer: Only Because Jews Like Themselves Own the Press. | Think the Jewish Owned Press and the Jewish ADL Aren't Hand-In-Hand as Jews? Check this Google News Search for "Anti-Defamation League". Whatever These Jews at ADL Say, their Media Jew Brothers Rapidly Publish and Shove Down Your Non-Jew Throat. Be Aware of This When You See the Vicious "ADL" Being Quoted. Understand How You Are Being Had for The Jewish Good and Not Your Own Good. And, Now and Then Type "Anti-Defamation League" into the Google Search Box, Check "News," and See How Their Propaganda is so Easily Regurgitated and Supported by their Subversive Anti-Majority Jewish-Minority Owned Newspapers. | Pro-Jewish ADL and SPLC Milk the Immigration Debate to Unfairly Defame Whites as Racists While It Is Mexicans Who Are the Law Breakers. The ADL and SPLC Have an Anti-Majority Jewish Agenda that Will Spell Your Racial Doom If You Don't Stand Up for Your Right to Rule as the Majority and Stop Their Vicious Unfair Propaganda Against Your People. Tolerance Has Gone Too Far. Time to Support Your Own Race the Way They Do Theirs. | Russian Duma Attacks the Present State of Rule Against the Wishes of Russia's Majority People by a Miniscule Elitist Segment of Wealthy Jewish Supremacists |

June 5
| Ahmadinejad: Holocaust Infidels of Germany. I'm Coming to See the Iranian Aryans Play for the World Cup. | All Over Canada, Muslims are Now Possible Suspects of Interest:  Contradicting the Toronto Police Chief's Statement Yesterday, the 17 Canadian Terrorists Were Deeply Religious Trojan Horses | Today Is 6-6-6 the Last Day of the World, Or Is It Yet Another Jewish Media Conspiracy to Sell a Few More Papers? | Toronto Police Chief Fights to Keep Calm in His Jewish Monitored City Threatened by 1,000,000 Balkanizing Immigrants | 50 Iraqis Are Kidnapped Today In Baghdad Bus Stations in Rapidly Declining Stages of the Pro-Israeli Colonial War Debacle | Israel Shrinks Its Armed Forces | Abbas Defies Hamas: To Hold Plebiscite on Two-State Solution Opposed by Hamas | Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi Hopes to Visit Israel and Palestine | Israel Opens Ultra-Orthodox Kosher Shopping Center: Lingerie and Other Such Offensive Horrors Hidden Out of Sight | Selfish African Refugees Want to Impose Themselves on Extremely Race-Conscious Israel Where They are Simply Not Wanted | Call for 'Right of Return' Would Destroy a "Jews Only" Israel |  Turkish President Will Pay 2-Day Visit to Both Israel and Palestine | Israel and Egypt Placed on Trafficking Watch List for Dealing in Slavery | Unpaid Jewish Alimony in Israel Reaches $4.2 Billion | Israel Cracks Down on Jewish Female Draft Dodgers Claiming to Be Religiously Observant But Appear Later in Bikini Ads | Jews in Israel To Collaborate with Nigeria's Space Program to Produce the First Indigenous African Satellite | Turkish Dead Reaches 100 in the Chaos of America's Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq | 21 Teenagers Shia High School Students Pulled Out of Mini-Vans and Shot to Death in Growing Civil War Caused by America's Jewish Neo-Con Invasion | Palestinians Continue to Flee Zionist Invaded Iraq in Massive Effort to Save Themselves from Genocidal Executions | 6,002 Non-Jewish Corpses Found in U.S. Jewish Neo-Con Occupied Iraq in Last 6 Months | Iraq Government Still Unable to Function As Prime Minister Withdraws the Names of Nominated Security Leaders Due to Lack of Support | Saddam Denies Execution List Ever Existed | Pro-Israel NATO to Increase Unwanted Soldiers in an Increasingly Uncivil Afghanistan | Racist Jews Continue to Push False Idea of Domestic Terrorism by the White People of America Whom Jews Traditionally Hate and Lobby Against While They Hide the Huge Security Threat Posed by the Jew's Favorite Subversive Ploy--Legal and Illegal Immigration of Hate-Filled Dangerous Foreigners | Genocidal Jewish Communists Compare the Russian Orthodox Hierarchy with the Ku Klux Klan in Their Absurd Anti-White Racist Hatred Article about Opposition to Russia's First Gay Pride Parade in Typically Deceptive Jewish Article |

June 4
| Jewish Media Monopolies Downplay the Subversive Jewish-Invented Multi-Cultural Horror Which Is Destroying Canada and the USA in Their Shuttered Coverage of the Arrest of 17 Dangerous Home Grown Trojan Horse Islamic Terrorist Immigrants | Litany of Subversive Immigration Shows Terrific Dangers of Moslem Immigration into Christian Nations Passed at the Behest of Our Greatest Enemies, the Jews Within Our Shores | Canadian Chief of Police Spins Obligatory PC Interpretation of Terrorists for Jew Media, Gives Unfounded B.S. About Islamic Students Not Being Faith Oriented. But Is He Kidding Anyone? | Arrests Will Fan Canada Immigrant Debate in A Nation That is Forbidden by a Vicious Jewish Law to Ever Speak Against Foreigners Within | Canada's Draconian Jewish-Written Hate Crimes Law Which Makes It Dangerous for Non-Jews in Canada to Ever Discuss the Dangers of Immigrants in a Meaningful Way | How the Rapidly Deteriorating Pro-Zionist Alliance of Allies in Iraq Force Rice and Bush to Change their Minds on How to Threaten Iran's Nuclear Program | Did Jews Kill Egyptian Policemen and Drag their Bodies Across the Border into Israel? | Israel's Targeted Assassination Policy of Non-Jewish Leaders in Palestine: Now, "We Have No One to Talk To" | Jewish Invaders Capture a Leading Freedom Fighter in Nablus Sending Him to a Jewish Torture Prison for Painful and Illegal Interrogation | U.S. Attackers Slain by Syria: Israel and Americans Blamed | Another Pro-Zionist and Jewish Compromised Congressional Puppet Criticizes Saudis for Israel Boycott | Massive Jewish Nuclear Weapons: The Gorilla in the Room that No One Sees | New Hamas Missile Threatens Israel the Same Way Israel Threatened and Bloodied Gaza With Tanks and Bombs for Years | Palestinian Banks Defy the U.S.-Israeli Middle Eastern Empire with Interest Free Loans for Hamas Citizens | Jewish Pollster Greenberg Says European Support For Palestinians Has 'Crashed'. But Has It Really? France Burned by Its Subversive Islamic Losers Shows Largest Change. | Students "Executed" as Violence in Pro-Jewish Ally Plundered Iraq Rages On | Marine Who Photographed Haditha Atrocities Arrested for Stealing:  'The War Made Me Do It.' |

June 3
| The Jews Behind the Da Vinci Code | Mark Rudd Discusses The Overwhelming Number of Jews Like Himself in SDS, Freedom Riders, and other Anti-Majority Groups in the 1960's | Kennedy Says His One Vote Against the Jewish Neo-con War in Iraq Stands As His Best Vote Ever | Oh, Well, Another 27 Dead and 67 Wounded Christian or Moslem Citizens in Jewish Neo-Con Invaded Iraqi Colony | Iraqi Puppet Government Breaks with U.S. Army on Clearing Soldiers of War Crimes in Ashaqi, Branding the Probe Unfair | How Oil Sabotage in Jewish Neo-Con Iraq Aids Insurgency's Aims | Italy Reiterates Resolve to Remove Italy's Troops from Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony | The Jews Under Truman Who Started the Deadly American-Israeli Alliance | Jewish Actress Ava Gardner Subject of New Biography | Israeli Soldiers Injure Two Non-Jewish Children in Vicious Bombing | Jew Threatened to Kill Captured Non-Jewish British Charity Worker | Gaza Reduced to Hopeless Human Rubble by Jewish Hate State of Israel | U.N. Races 'Against Time' to Save Palestinians Abandoned to Die Without Food by Jews of Israel | Ahmadinejad to Publish 'Private' U.N. Proposals | Ahmadinejad Will Decide Based on Iran's Best Interests, Not Afraid of Any European Colonial Threats | Jewish Controlled Nations of EU Enter Shameful Political Gutter: Threaten to Ban President Ahmadinejad's Travel to World Cup Games | Turkey Asks War Frothing Jewish Neo-Cons in Washington to Allow Ankara to Intervene Diplomatically on Iran | Subversive ADL Jewish Propaganda Mill Has Interfered Politically Inside Non-Jewish Local Communities Since 1999 Using Its Specious Hate Seminars, All of It in Violation of 'Separation of Church and State' Concepts | Petty Concerns Over Political Correctness Causes School to Stop Sports Game and Violate 'Church and State' Laws By Offering to Open Its Non-Jewish Children to Exploitive and Majority Subversive ADL Jewish Propaganda | World Says 'No' to Jewish Hate Groups Who Insulted All Europeans in their Racist Jewish Demands that Hitler's Aryan Athlete Sculptures Be Removed from World Cup Stadium | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

June 2
| Jewish Hate Politics Struggles to Regain Its Subversive Anti-French and Pro-Immigrant Control Over an Increasingly Rebellious Right-Wing France | The Lavon Affair:  Israel Bombed U.S. Facilities in Egypt and Blamed It on Moslems in an Attempt to Toss the US and UK into a Deadly War But the Jews Were Caught in this Act of Ultimate Betrayal of  Their Trusting Gentile Allies | Negative Developments in the Lost Colony of Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq | R.I.P. A Great German Hero, Dr. Wilhelm Staeglich, 1916-2006 -- German Auschwitz Visitor, Observer, Author, and Expert Who Investigated and Set the Record Straight About the False Testimony of Lying Russian Jews at Nuremberg | Time to Question 39 Years of Failed Israeli Occupation | Italy to Coordinate Its Withdrawal from Iraq with Officials from the Pro-Zionist U.K. | The Politically Correct Duke University Lie and the History of Similar Goof Ball Prosecutions in the Illegal Crap State of North Carolina | A 3rd Set of Allegations Against Pro-Zionist Iraq Invaders Surfaces | London Bombings Allegedly Blamed on Reaction to U.K.'s Pro-Zionist Iraq War Participation | Is Zionist Captured Iraq's Bloody Civil War a Good Thing? | Senator Kerry Allegedly Performs Zionist Dance While Criticizing Republican's Iraq Invasion | Haditha Signals Final Bugle Call for Pro-Zionist Iraq Invasion | Despite Alleged, Subversive, Jewish, and Anti-White Rhetoric by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Culture Disturbers, Hispanics Have Not Been Mistreated At All With Very Minor Exceptions Which the SPLC Blows Up Out of All Proportion | Google Search for "Southern Poverty Law Center" Reveals How Easily a Mostly Jewish Organization Gets Its Sleazy Subversive Opinion Pieces Reprinted Gladly and Rapidly by White-Hating Jewish Owned Newspapers Nationwide and Amplify Its Miniscule Voice to the Unsuspecting Populace | Abraham Foxman Shamefully Manipulates Totally Non-Related Problems in Iran and Uses Them to Bring Up His Racist Allusion to an Alleged but Forensically Unproven Holocaust During World War Two | Alleged Shameful Plea for Funds by ADL Focuses on a Few Anti-Semitic Incidents Blowing Them Beyond All Proportion | Miniscule 2% of the Population Who Are Jewish Haters Get Full Time Federally Salaried Anti-Semitic Hate Monitor - The 98% Who Are the Majority Get No Monitor At All to Fight the Daily Blast of Hateful Attacks by Jews on the Internet and in the News Media - This Jewish Supremacist Control by a Lousy 2% of the People Is a Major Part of What Is Wrong and Unfair With America | Jews Allegedly Turn Black Man Into Willing Jewish Accomplice In Portraying Hate Crimes Against Jews | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

June 1
| Der Spiegel Opens Crack in Germany's Draconian Holocaust Denial Law | Heartless Jews Persecute Old Man and His Wife | Sudan's Christian and Moslem Victims of Holocaust Are Summarily Rejected by Jews in Israel on Racist Ground Similar to Hilter's | Hamas Leader's Three Sisters Secretly Reside as Full Citizens Inside the Israeli Empire | Israel and New Zealand Try to Overcome Mossad Spies | Captain Kirk Treks to Israel! | Oh, Vey! Zionists Discover Strange New Life Forms | Thanks to America's White House Judeo-Cons Massive Chaos Reigns in Once-Peaceful Basra | U.N. Panel Asks Israel, Iran to Shun Nuclear Weapons | British Charity Worker Deported from Israeli Terror State to Home in UK After 21 Days of Outrageous Arrest | National Zionism's Racist Laws Against Palestinian Entry:  Genocidal Artifacts of a Hate-State Designed for 'Jews Only' | Olmert's Empty Jewish Mouth: Using Same Hateful Words Spoken To Ruin Palestine | Syria Tells UN: Israel is Like Nazi Germany | ADL, the Radical Anti-Majority Propaganda Mill of the Racist 'Jews Only' B'nai B'rith, Sadistically Hurls Its Anti-White Hate Over Matt Hale's Unfair Sentence Gotten After the Unethical and Pro-Zionist FBI Set Him Up as an Easy Target for the Government's Jewish Prosecutor's to Destroy | Iraqi's Pro-Zionist Puppet Colonial Government Will Investigate U.S. Atrocities Itself | Anti-Zionist Iraqi Insurgency Likely to Stay Strong Into 2007, Pentagon Says | Swearing Parrot Escapes Execution at the Hands of Orthodox Jew | Racist Jews Deport Defenseless Turk Who Lived in Israel on Account of his Religion |


May 31
| Der Spiegel Interviews President Ahmadinejad of Iran Who Openly Opposes the Jewish Middle Eastern Colonial Empire of Israel | U.S. Pro-Zionist Troops in the Lost Colony of Iraq Kill Pregnant Woman Rushing to Hospital | Racist Hate-Filled Anti-European Jews Demand Aryan Statues Commissioned by Adolph Hitler Be Covered Up for World Cup Games. How Absurdly Out of Line Can Some Jews Get? | U.S. Zionist Puppet Empire Outlines New Plan to Contain Iran's Upstart Anti-Empire Nuclear Resistance | Filed Under 'Who the Heck Really Cares What ADL Thinks' About Anything We Can Now Read, The 'ADL Slams Ontario Union�s Vote to Boycott Israel' | Israelis Continue to Pester UK Charity and Hold Its Representative Captive for an Alleged Relationship with the Duly Elected Hamas Party in Israel's Palestinian Colony | The Israeli Terror State:  World's 20th Strongest Economic Power | Israeli Genocidal Apartheid Wall's Victims Caught in the Vicious Web of the Zionist Terror State | Israel's Main Rabbi Pissed:  Snubbed in Brussels | Israel Deports International Human Rights Lawyer Entering Israel to Try Israel's Soldiers for Known War Crimes | Lost Colony of Iraq Declares State of Emergency in Basra | Zionist Puppet President Bush Dashes Hopes of Withdrawal of Troops from the Lost Empire | Pro-Zionist British Military Desertions Triple Since the War for the Lost Colony in Iraq Began | Chaos Against Pro-Zionist Military Forces Explodes on Both Lost Colonial War Fronts--In Afghanistan and Iraq | Aid to Victims of the Pro-Zionist Forces in Iraq Is Practically Non-Existent as Number of Suffering and Displaced Moslems and Christians in Area Rises | Daily Report of the Mayhem, Destruction, and Death in the Lost Colony of Iraq | Americans Pepper Sprayed and 22 Arrested in Large Protest of War Drawing More than 100 Patriots Against the Pro-Zionist Middle Eastern Empire at Seattle Shipping Docks | Reports of New Atrocities Haunts U.S. Forces in Iraq |

May 30
| Debacle in America's Lost Iraqi Colonial Empire Deepens: Desperate Allies Rush in Another 1,500 Pro-Zionist U.S. Puppet Soldiers from Kuwait | Communism's Jewish Founders | 71 Dead Journalists in Pro-Zionist Colony of Iraq in 3 Years Making It More Deadly Than Either World War Two or Viet Nam | How Jewish Marxists Destroyed Senator Joseph McCarthy To Save Themselves from Even More Exposure | Is Super Jewish Hero Ben Affleck Capable of Being Felled by a Mere Headache? | Was the Founder of Israel a Communist? Would You Expect Otherwise from Such an Historical Jewish Founder? Here Are Israel's First Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion's Fabulous Marxist Artifacts | Car Bombs and Other Attacks Kill 54 People in Deadliest Day inside the Lost Middle Eastern Empire in Weeks | America's Allies Dwindle as Italy and South Korean Cut Troops to the Judeo-Con Puppet's Rapidly Dying Colonial Catastrophe | Orthodox Jew Named Lee Bienstock, 23, Becomes a Finalist on 'Apprentice' TV Show: Will Donald Trump Chose a Jew Over a Gentile? We Don't See Why He Wouldn't. Stay Tuned. Developing... | Ex-Mossad Chief Breaks with Israeli Government: Suggests Recognizing Hamas Without Demanding It Make Assurances on Israel's Existence | Palestinian Patriots Try and Execute Pair Accused of Collaborating with the Israeli Terror Empire | Christians and Moslems in Palestine: "We are one people with one problem, Israel, and we trust in God" | IDF Thug Jews Murder 7 Palestinians, Then Issue Unsupported and Lame Propaganda Lies Filled with Precise Weapons List to Support their Mossad Spin | Murder of 7 Innocent Gaza Citizens by Israeli Terror Forces Cloaked by Mossad Lies Saddens Christians and Moslems Who Witnessed It | Israel's Psychopathic Jewish Soldiers Purposely Shoot Unarmed Reporters and Medics | Alabama Paper Dutifully Sucks Up to the Highly Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center's Multi-Million Dollar Anti-Majority Hate Propaganda Mill | Jews at the Southern Poverty Law Center Stir the Anti-Majority Jewish Racial Smudge Pot: Desperately Attempt to Merge Immigration Opponents With Neo-Nazis and Klansmen for a Most Willing Time Magazine Reporter | Pot Kettle Black:  Jewish World Congress Condemns People for Condemning Unpopular Views Despite Its Own History of Constantly Doing The Same | Chutzpah Happens:  Racist Jewish Freaks Demand Congress Match All Legislative References to Palestinian Refugees with Equal References to Jewish Refugees for "Equity Reasons" Despite the Fact that For Years Jewish Refugees Have Been Mentioned in Laws and Forums With No Jew Ever Claiming Palestinians were Unfairly Left Out | Did Jewish News Mogul Barbara Walters Deny 6 Million? | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

May 29
| 'Americans Go Home!' -- 13 Dead and 100 More Wounded in Pro-Zionism's Failed Colony of Afghanistan's Anti-Empire Protests | Disgraced and Fired Jewish Atomic Scientist, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer |  Imperial Israeli Genocide:  Citizens of the Colony of Jerusalem Told to Quit Their Palestinian Authority Positions or Face Loss of Citizenship and Expulsion in Violation of U.N. Human Rights Laws | Dangerous Jewish Supremacist Domination of America's Mass Media Organizations | British Teachers Vote to Boycott Israeli Teachers | Christians and Moslems in Israel's Colony of Palestine Reflect on Recognition of the Illegal Israeli Horror | Report: Israeli Terror State Threatened to Bomb Beirut | Jewish Control of Mostly Neo-Con Think Tanks that Overwhelmingly Determine American and World Policies | Now You Can Search Jew Watch Easily With Alexa's FREE Toolbar | Canada's Largest Union Votes to Boycott the Israeli Colonial Empire | Racist Jews Send Letter to White House Asking for Perpetuating a 'Jews Only' Israeli Terror State | Israel Ceases Its Deadly Fire on Lebanon Without Offering Real Proof in Newspapers of Anyone Firing on Its Forces | Jewish Israeli Racist State's Fund-Raiser Turns Nasty with 30 Black-Draped Anti-Genocide Protesters Arrested | American Middle East Colonial Empire Continues a Most Dramatic and Deadly Decline | 2 UK Soldiers and 2 US Journalists Killed in Another Day of Death in the Crumbling Colonial Empire | Car Bombings and Shootings in Iraq Kill Another 30 People | Unintended Consequences of the Lost Post-Zionist Iraqi Colony:  Iran Now Poised to Become Iraq's Major Ally and Friend | Jewish ADL Severely Pissed Off Over Its Embarrassing Spanking in UK Academic Boycott of Israel | Christ-Denier Abraham Foxman of ADL 'Jews Only' B'nai B'rith Religious Racial Cult Bashes Christianity's Holiest Leader in Auschwitz for Not Pronouncing Foxman's Favorite, Most Dishonest, and Misused Racist Hate Word, "Anti-Semitism" | The Jewish Neo-Con Folly and the Wanton, Unwise Destruction of Iraq's Civilization | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

May 28
| More Than 1,000 British Soldiers Desert Rather Than Fight for Lost Iraqi Colonial War | Zionist Colony of Iraq Flirts With Its Own Civil War:  Bickering and Vacant Cabinet Ministries Plague Unworkable Pro-Zionist Government of Hateful, Quarreling Tribes | Jewish-Controlled White House Compares Illegal Immigration to a Ticket for 'Speeding':  Republicans Fearful of Losing Their Seats If They Support Senate's Citizenship Bill | The Jewish Immigration Against Majority Americans Debate:  Despite the Deceptions by AIPAC Members, Nations that Allow Such Immigrants Always Experience Extreme Bloodshed and Economic Decline | Jews Attack Human Rights Observers Sending Their Injured Victims to Hospitals:  International Volunteers Spat On, Beaten, Assaulted, and Stoned by National Zionist "Jewish Nazi" Human Rights Oppressors in the Israel's West Bank Colonial Empire | How Rabid Jewish Felons Injure and Intimidate Human Rights Workers in the National Zionist Empire's Colony of Palestine | Travel With the Jewish Occupation Forces into Budrus Village: Witness Fascist Jewish Soldiers Threaten, Terrorize, and Murder Innocent Palestinian Christian and Moslem Kids | Norman Lowell's "Imperium Europa" Movement Stares Down Subversive Jewish Anti-European Hate Speech With His Special Brand of Europe-For-Europeans-Only Politics -- Lowell Wants All Other Cultures Including the Jewish Imperial Domination Culture to Simply Get Out and Leave Europe Alone | American Mafia Was Highly Jewish Although Jews Owning Hollywood Claimed They Were Mostly Sicilians to Hide Their Own from Exposure | Leftwing, Globalist, Pro-Jewish, and Anti-European Thugs in Malta's Regime of Hate Against Its Local Population Arrest Norman Lowell on Specious Counter-Jewish and Anti-Globalism Thought Crime Charges | Shin Bet Confessions of Cold-Blooded Killings Shocks Israelis | Rocket and Bomb Tossing Israel Attacks Lebanon Militants for Doing the Same, Then Lies About Why | Islamic Jihad Denies Attack on Israel But Claims Right to Avenge Vile On-Going Israeli Killings of Its People | Learn How the Jewish Mafia Took Over All Ukrainian and Eastern European Television | Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh: U.S. and Israel Conspiring Against Our Fledgling Democracy, Our Nation, and Our People | Pro-Israeli U.S. Empire Gets Its Way:  Civil War Emerging in Desperately Exploited Colony of Gaza | Increasingly Desperate Gaza, Starved by the Jew's Imperial Terror State of Israel, Slides into Inevitable Decline and Bloodshed | Egypt Offers Stationing Troops in the Israeli Colony of Gaza to Stave Off Civil Wars Caused by Subversive Jewish Leaders in Israel | Bodies of Innocent Family Killed by Mossad Thug Bomb on Display Prior to Their Burial; Earlier Israel Spread Lies about the Bomb | U.S. Marines Face Death Penalty for Murder of Innocent Christians and Moslems in the American Empire's Lost Iraqi Colony | Sunni Arab Tribal Chief Murdered by Hail of Bullets in Iraq: Had Aided the American Colonial Empire | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links

May 27
| Jewish USA Puppet Army Investigates Turning Iraq into 'Humanitarian' Microwave Oven | How Jewish Communists Frightened the German People Enough to Get Them to Fully Support Adolf Hitler | USA Today Supports Microwave Story | The Seductive Jewess Monica Lewinsky: Was She Another Allegedly Subversive Mossad Agent? | National Zionist Anti-Majority Religious Subversion Cabal Presents 'Christianity Be Damned' Lobbying Against Christianity's Just-Say-No-To-Gay-Marriage Amendment as Part of Its Very Dangerous and Burgeoning Hate-Filled Jewish Anti-Christian Agenda | Experience The Unspeakable Joy of an Immediate Donation to Jew Watch | Get a Load of Jewish Bashing of Real Americans on the Gay Marriage Subversion Issue Driven by Bigoted Anti-Christian Followers of the ADL Hate Bund of the 'Jews Only' Bnai Brith Religion Cult | Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal Walks Tall Tells the Tiny Jewish ADL to Piss Off on Its Outrageously Bigoted Anti-Christian Separation of Church and State Hate Baiting | Race and Religious Based ADL's Anti-Christian Attacks in Wyoming Underlie the BIG LIE: The Jewish ADL Receives Government Funding for Programs that Jews Want, Yet It Opposes Christian Faith-Based Programs Which Suggests the Unmitigated Gall of Two-Faced Anti-Christian Bigotry Among Jews | Constitutionally Protected Non-Slur of "God Hates Asians" Opinion Nonetheless Called a Racist Slur by Newspaper in What Could Become Just Another Case of an Alleged Hate Crime Hoax in the Super Jewish State of Florida | Unsuspecting and Gullible Gentile Audiences Receive Quaint Jewish ADL 'Lessons' Designed to Show an Innocent Anti-Immigration Game as a Sort of Hate Crime to Lure Youth into Lives of Hate: Well, What Can We Say? You Have to Learn What a Load of Jewish Racist Bull Really Is To Combat It Correctly | Independent Iran Agrees with the Zionist-Occupied Iraqi Colony to Jointly Patrol Borders for Possible Contraband and Insurgents | U.S. Pro-Zionist Forces Brace for Ugly Revelations of Gross Military Atrocities Inside the Lost Colony of Iraq | Italy Pulling Out 1,100 Troops from the Lost Colony of the Allies' Catastrophic Pro-Zionist Empire | Israel's Mossad Disseminates Unbelievably Unrealistic Lies About Blown Up Palestinian Home Where 3 Children Died, Saying It Was from the Kids Playing with Israeli Bombs. Either Way, the Children Died from the Mossad's Own Anti-Christian and Anti-Moslem Bombs Hurled into Gaza by Murdering Israeli Soldiers That Regularly Land in Palestinian Homes. | Hamas Militia Pulled, then Returned to Chaos of Streets in Rapidly Deteriorating Gaza Israeli Colony | Poverty and Unemployment Continue to Explode Inside the Israeli Colony of Gaza in Report of International Labor Office | Olmert's Speech, Rachel Corrie, and the Useless Anti-Majority Political Whores Who Sit inside the AIPAC Owned U.S. Pro-Zionist Congress | Jew Pushed Petitions Circulate in Desperate Attempt by National Zionist Subversives to Prevent Academic Boycott of Jewish Academics In UK on Account of the Despicable Actions of the Illegal and Racially Apartheid Israeli Terror State | May 26
| Iraqi Foreign Minister Announces that Iraq's Government Supports Iran's Nuclear Program | The A-Z of Russian Jewish Oligarchs | PA Denies Asking the Israeli Colonial Regime for Arms | Israeli Academic Boycott Continues to Build Media Traction | The Complete Jew Takes Hold in Israel:  Numbers of Children Increase | ABC News Says 7 Marines May Soon Face Indictments in Massacre of 24 Iraqis | Human Rights Watch Charges Marines Illegally Covered Up Atrocities | Islamic Jihad Blames Israel For Car Bombing of Leader in Lebanon | Jewish Supremacists Convinced Puppet President Bush to Agree to Everything Israel Wants Including Unilateral Decision-Making in the Palestinian Colonies | Marine Commandant General Michael Hagee Heads Rapidly for Iraq to Rally His Troops During Crisis over Numerous Atrocity Probes | Iran Gives Stark Warning to the Corrupt Pro-Zionist Allies | Jakarta Offers Aid to Hamas | Socialists Report How the Zionist Empire of America and England Are Meeting to Prop Up Their Expiring Iraqi Colony and To Insist on More and Greater Provocations Against Neighboring Nation of Iran | Israel Spins the News: Warns Europe of World Cup Terrorist Threat | Youthful Prankish Teenager, 18, Confesses to Washable Swastika Prank Amid Loud Moans and Groans from Jewish Minority ADL of Bnai Brith 'Jews Only' Ethnic Bund | Subversive 2% Minority Jewish ADL of the Bnai Brith Jewish Religious Cult Hurls Its Insulting Innuendos and Selective, Unfair, and Non-Representative Ad Hominem Attacks at the 98% Majority of Non-Jews in America Who Demand Secure Mexican-American Borders | Low Class Poison PC Story Published: Questions About Freedom of Speech Hurled at CNN in the Most Ignorant and Arrogant Manner | Majority Christian Group Attacked by Minority Pro-Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center and Journalist Who Evidently Feel that All Majority Americans Can Be Attacked With Impunity and No Repercussions Whenever the Slimmest of Minorities of No Account Wish to Do So. |
May 25
| Another Israeli Atrocity Against Mankind:  IDF Thugs Murder 4 and Wound 30 Christians & Moslems in Ramallah | Canada's Judeo-Cons Busted!  The Conservative Neo-Con National Post of Canada Apologizes for Publishing False Story About Badges in Iran for Non-Moslems | How Tens of Millions of Non-Jews Were Slaughtered by the Racist Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine Whose Jewish Sister was Stalin's Wife in the 1930's | How Jew Watch's Original Headlines Doubting The Deceptive Iran Neo-Con ID Story Was Proven Correct | Al Qaeda:  Is It Real or Is It an Intelligence Black Ops Fantasy Designed to Spread a Terrorist Deception to Support Jewish Colonial Interests? | An Extensive Study File Exposes the Extent of the Jewish Mafia | Jewish Senator Charles Schumer of New York to Write Book About the Failure of America's Parties to Address Present Day Issues | Jewish Faces | AIPAC-Bribed U.S. Senate Votes to Destroy America:  Votes U.S. Citizenship to Mexicans | Hitler-Like White House Sought Constitutional Crisis by Invading a Congressman's Office:  Now Its Judeo-Con Conspirators Step Back Due to Overwhelming Criticism | Jewish Bigot ADL of 'Jews Only' Bnai Brith Racial Covenant Attacked for Its Stalinist Tactics | The Wicked Web of Interwoven Jewish Funding: How Jews Collect Millions for Jewish Interests Only | Jewish ADL Bund of Bnai Brith Jewish Religious-Based Organization Hurl Anti-Christ Attack at Similar Non-Jewish Organizations Even Though The ADL, Too, Receives Federal Money for Their Jewish-Run Propaganda Efforts and Constantly Lobby Congress to Insure that They Receive It | Non-Jewish Public School Students Allowed to Attend Jewish Controlled Propaganda and Indoctrination Gathering Held on Jewish Property Despite 'Separation of Church and State' | Abbas Orders Hamas To Recognize Israel or Face A Vote On the Issue 30 Days Later | Israel Stirs Its Colonial Pot: Will Give Weapons to Protect Non-Hamas President Abbas | Zionist-Controlled U.S. House Committee Votes $2.4 Billion for Israel and $1.7 Billion for Egypt to Falsely Befriend the Anti-Moslem Zionist Terror State | Lebanon Marks 1st Anniversary of Independence with Deep Rivalries Connected with Colonial Israeli Occupation of Its Territories |
May 24
| Iran Says Nuclear Energy Is One of the Natural Rights of Man | Jewish Murderer Moshe Dyan:  One of Israel's Many State-Sponsored Bigots and Killers | Unnamed Pro-Zionist Intelligence Sources Used to Constant Fakery Claim Osama Tape is Not Fake: Anyone Want to Believe Them? | Edgar Bronfman's Jewish Artifacts | Hamas Cabinet Slams US Policies on Side of Israel | Head of Kabbalah Center in Israel Arrested for Allegedly Defrauding Cancer Patients | Saving the Jewish Bigot State of Israel | Israel Opinion Poll:  Living in Israel Sucks | Jewish Criminal Elements Set Off Car Bomb in Tel Aviv | The Dawn of Israel's Nuclear Age | Iran Offered Peace with Israel in 2006 but was Rebuffed by America's Child-Like President | Immoral Congress Addressed by the Prime Minister of the Wicked Israeli Terror State | Anti-Moslem Israel Expresses Dismay Over Anti-Jewish Members of Poland's Government: Chutzpah, Anyone? | Israeli Empire of Arab Murder Gives Hamas Until End of Year to Unilaterally Renounce Violence of the Israeli Type While Israel Opts Not to Renounce Its Own Violence | The Hague Is No Good When It Criticizes Israel, But It's Okay If It Criticizes Iran? | Foreign Non-Jewish Widows of Deceased Jewish Spouses Denied Citizenship in Racist Israeli Terror State: Case Goes to Israel's Racist Supreme Court | Zionist Christianity Continues to Push Biblical Values and Friendship with Israel While Ignoring the New Testament's Anti-Semitism | Jerusalem's Jewish Racism and Bigotry Persists: Zionism's Hatred of Palestine's Moslems and Christians | USA Today Shamefully Quotes the Discredited and Minority Jewish-Supported Southern Poverty Law Center's Anti-Majority Bigotry in This Cheap, Shallow, and One-Sided Story | Pro-Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Refers to White Civil Rights Organizations Routinely as Hate Groups, Neo-Nazis, and Other Rubbish: The Anti-European and Pro-Jewish Media Love It and Repeat It. So, Why Do You Buy These Jewish Controlled Newspapers and Watch their Monopoly News Channels? If You Are Not Jewish, Maybe You Should Boycott Them, At Least Do So Until They Show Some Respect for You. | China Tells Bigots Who Run National Zionism Cult Nation to Piss Off:  Will See Palestine's Foreign Minister Amid Israel's Objections |

May 23
| If Israel Does Not Watch Out, It May Have to Fight Far Worse Al Qaeda and Fatah Jihad Instead of Hamas | Jews and White Slavery | Israel Arrests Hamas Freedom Fighter Who Ended the Lives of 78 Zionist Enemies in the Israeli Terror Nation | Jewish Black Slave Ship Owners Who Ran African Slave Industries in Early American History | White House Promises to Protect the Israeli Terror Empire | Israeli Bedouin Arabs Seek U.N. Intervention to Save their Lands from the Jewish National Zionist State | Quotations From Famous Modern People About the Jewish Slave Trades | Pro-Zionist Terror State Theories Defaming Iran Lack Solid Evidence for Its Propaganda | Israel Speeds Up Development of Long-Range Nuclear Cruise Missiles: Are Its Targets Iran, Europe, China, or the USA? | Jewish Racism Is Rampant in the Colony of Jerusalem | Mossad Says More Hardships Will Not Hasten Fall of Hamas | Israel's War Crimes: Israel Asked by Its Attorney General to Provide Reparations and War Crimes Trials for IDF Soldier-Killers Who Purposely Murdered 2 Britons | AIPAC Harvard Report True: America's Interests Are Destroyed by Jewish Lobbying | Lying Articles on Iranian Badges for Jews Overshadowed Recent News About Israel's Genocidal Marriage Laws Decisions | Amnesty International Blasts Israel's 5 Decades of Mass Cruelty to Mankind Inside the Palestinian Colonies | National Zionist Supreme Court of Israel Rules that Genocidal Apartheid Walls Are Legal and May Continue | Jewish Race Hate Bund's ADL of Bnai Brith, a Long-Standing and Bigoted 'Jews Only' Group, Posts Anti-Christian Statement Against National Council of Churches' Stand on Israel's Vicious and Well-Known Terror Activities | ADL Jewish Hate Group Which Receives Federal Aid for Its Questionable Jewish Operations Has More Than Enough Anti-Christ Chutzpah to Cry 'Separation of Church and State' Over Honest Christian Churches in Social Services Industry | Vicious Pro-Zionist Iraq Puppet Government's Thugs Commit Acts of Inhumanity Against Sunnis and Others With Silent American Approval | U.N. Unit:  Rights Under Assault in Iraq |
May 22
| Vicious Israeli Soldiers Kill Innocent Palestinian Woman | The Incredible Shrinking Palestine | Jew-Communist Joseph Pulitzer Sr. Ran Major Newspapers in 19th Century | Litany of Civil War's Chaos in the Zionist Colony of Iraq on May 22 | Israel Battles US Over War Plane Contract: Israel Wants to Improve Technology and Undercut US Sales to Others | Jewish Communists Caused Many Troubles in Germany including the Rise of Hitler as a Reaction to their Anti-German Politics | Israel to Give Palestine $11 Million for Hospitals | Israel's Economy Relegates Palestine to Stone Age | Israel Presses 19 Charges Against Illegally Kidnapped Palestinian Leader | World Silently Boycotts Israeli Academics | Rupert Murdoch's Jewish Ancestral Artifacts | Father of Slain British Activist Doubts Israel Will Cooperate in Murder Probe | Guilty Israel Boycotts Racism Conference in Austria | Racist Jewish Blubber Lips Espouse Hate Over Free Speech by Arab Students at University of California Irvine | Iran Accuses Israel of Kidnapping and Imprisoning Its Diplomats for 24 Years | Booze Filled Media Propaganda Junket to Israel Grows More Journalist Brainwashing | Quietly, Israel Writes Off Any US Strike on Iran | World Press Doubts New Iraqi Government Can Help Save Lost Iraq War | Britain Assures Rapid Iraqi Troop Pullout | Western Nations Pay Millions in Ransoms to Iraq Kidnappers | Bush Lies: Propagates False Idea that New Iraq Cabinet is a Milestone |
May 21
| Hateful Jews Push Racially Inferior Ted Turner Out of National News | One in Ten Mexicans is An American Invader Sanctioned by Minority Jew Organizations | Supreme Jewish Banker:  Alan Greenspan | Pro-Zionist Mexico Works to Bar Non-Mexicans from Jobs and Receives Absolutely No Jewish Interference | Hidden Jewish Killer of Gentiles: David Bronstein of New York City, Alias Leon Trotsky | Another Possible Jewish Hoax in Boca Raton, Florida Flushes Out Useless Jewish Racist ADL Mouthwipes to Declare End of the World Over Practically Nothing | The Jewish Controlled Fashion Industry | Israel Racist Nation Steals More Land from Palestine Continuing Its Bigoted 60 Year Pogroms Against Innocent Moslems and Christians | The Enduring Racism of Israel's National Zionist "Nazi" Bigot Nation | The Absurd Lies That Come From the Vile Mouth of the Israeli Terror State | Israel Seeks American Support for Surrender of Held Territories in Its Badly Failed Palestinian Colony | Would Our World Be Better Off Without Israel? | Gaza Sliding Into Civil War | How Graft and Dual Loyalties Cripple Iraq Police Inside Our Lost Pro-Zionist Empire | Iraqi Colonialists Divided on the Ability of the New Pro-Zionist Puppet Government to Make Any Difference in the On-Going Civil War | Pro-Zionist Invasion Supported Puppet Government Gets Mixed Reception in the Colony of Iraq | Iran Will Not Suspend Its Nuclear Program | Absurdly Pro-Israel US Bullies European Banks Not to Deal with Iran | Jewish Religion Flourishes Openly Inside Iran | Latest Hilarious Israeli Lie: Iran Only Months from Making Nukes | Iran Condemns as Untruthful Canadian Newspaper Report That Jews Must Wear Yellow Cloths | Iranian Students Emulate Jewish Mossad Tactics: Set Up Fund to Destroy Israel |
May 20
| Jewish Ideal of World Race Mixing for Non-Jews-Only Suffers Newest Failure:  Spain Closes Its Doors to Invasion by Crime Riddled African Scum | Senator Diane Feinstein:  Jewish American Princess | Control Freak Jews Split on Whether to Allow Its USA Puppet White House to Support Israel's Withdrawal Plans | Armand Hammer: Great Jewish Capitalist, Traitor, and Greed-Mensch | Wreckless Israeli Military Losers Attack Christians and Moslems in Gaza, Killing Family of 4 Including Their Child | Israel Continues War on Human Rights Using Its Racially Written Genocidal Marriage Laws | Israel's Racism: 'In Our Country There Is Only Room for Jews' | Semitic White House Damages: Let's Study How Yahoo News Software Assesses the Lengthy List of Stories Concerning Judeo-Con Traitors | Plot Deepens: Iran Has Problems Denying The Religious Dress Code Story at Canada.Com | Israel Arrests UK Charity Worker in Bizarre Guantanamo Type Thug Operation | Jew Love Reigns Supreme: Racist Jewish Singles Parties Held Regularly in Tel Aviv | Nuclear Israeli: Zionist Killer State Opposed to Ban by U.S.A. on Fissionable Materials in Israel | Inside the Jewish Criminal Thug Colony of Palestine: Death and Dying, Weeping and Wailing, Sadness All Around | Jewish Supremacists Lament AIPAC Exposures | Norman Solomon Op Ed:  The Harvard Report on AIPAC Jewish Lobby's Influence over America Easily Bulldozes Over Its Israeli Critics | Jewish Racist ADL of Pro-Zionist Bnai Brith 'Non-Gentiles Only' Group Admits Tracking, Spying on, and Hounding Non-Jew in Northwest; One-Sided Anti-Gentile Story Reveals Extreme Hate in Monopolist Jewish Journalism | Pro-Zionist Supported Puppet Government of No Account Representatives Ready to Pour Gasoline on the Hot Flames of Iraq's Bloody Civil War Chaos | Chicken Prime Minister Blair Hounded by Critics of Lost Iraq Colonial War Turns Tail and Runs, Said to Be Pulling Out All Brit Troops Next Year | Iraq's New Government Dawn of Death Marked by Bloodshed | Italy's Plan to Withdraw Its Troops from the Disastrous Iraqi Colony Coming Soon |
May 19
| Hate-Filled Jews Hurl Racist Accusations Against Respected Muslim Leader | New York Neurotic Jewish Women Who Founded the America-Wrecking Anti-Family Subversive Feminism Movement | Tortured Guantanamo Inmates Clash with American Concentration Camp Guards | America's Shame: Mass Suicide Attempts at Main Illegal Torture Camp | The Hidden Jewish General and President, Dwight David Eisenhower | Lack of Prosecutions Among Pro-Globalist and Jewish Minority Hampered U.S. Courts Demoralizes Border Patrol | Jewish Compromised Senate Bows to Minority Subversion of its Jewish Financial Supporters:  Votes to Allow Social Security Payments for Work Done by Mexicans Without Visas | Jewish Dominated Stock Markets Reeling:  NASDAQ's Longest Losing Streak in 22 Years | The Jewish Pope John-Paul II | Israeli Crap-State Tries to Interfere with China | Israel in No Position to Attack Iran | Claim:  Israel's Nuclear Monopoly Allows Enslavement, Genocide in Middle East at Israel's Whim | Revealing the Washington Post's Jewish Owners | British Charity Worker Helping Moslems Held Incognito and without Charges by Israel's Genocidal Border Hate Thugs | German National With No Criminal Record Removed from 'Space Hall of Fame' to Please Hate-Filled Jewish Racists, But Jews Who Supported Past and On-Going Zionist Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing Programs in Israel Have Not Been Removed | Arab Diplomats Captured by Arab Patriots in the Fading Zionist Iraq Colony | Zionist U.S. Military Sends in Last Ditch Reserves from Kuwait to its Lost Colony of Iraq | Iraq's Pro-Zionist Fake Government Losers Fail to Fill Cabinet Posts | Mayhem and Blood-Letting Curse Zionist Controlled Iraq Colony on Eve of Its U.S. Pro-Zionist Puppet Government of Angry, Bickering Tribes | Four More Non-Jewish American Soldiers Die for Israel's National Zionist Regime Proxy War Along with 30 Iraqis | Doubts that Pro-Zionist Colonial Iraqi Government Cabinet Will Be Ready in Time for Deadline Set by U.S. Pro-Israeli Empire | News Story Reporting Nazi Armbands for Iran's Jews Has Been Pulled by Canada.Com. Developing... | 
May 18
| Jewish Hate - 62% of the Racist Jewish Population of Israel Want Arabs to Leave - Will Even Pay Them To | Murtha: Pro-Zionist Forces Committed War Atrocity in Colonial Iraq | Pro-Zionist Congress Rejects Amnesty for Illegal 12 Million | Henry Kissinger's Jewish Conflicts of Interest | Tel Aviv Compromised UK to Stand Firm on the Middle East War for Israel as Gentile Soldiers' Coffins Return Home from Lost Zionist Iraqi Colony | Italian Prime Minister Labels Zionist War in the Colonial Empire of Iraq a 'Grave Mistake' | Bosnia, the USA, and Kissinger's Lie | Israeli Compromised Iraqi Wrangling Over Tribal Arguments in Stalled Cabinet Appointments; 4 More U.S. Soldiers Killed in European Pro-Jewish Colony of Iraq | Palestinians Fleeing Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony's Civil War Refused Entry into Syria | The Hate That is Self-Generated by Henry Kissinger | Jewish ADL Cult of Bnai Brith Spearheads Jewish Minority's Brainwashing of Non-Jewish High School Children | Anti-Christ ADL Jewish Cult Disturbed by Religious Freedom Exemplified by a DVD Aimed at Converting Jews to Christianity | Brainwashed Bedford in ADL Jewish Cult's Hate Industry Clutches for Past 5 Years of Seditious and Anti-Majority Globalism Propaganda Programs | Jewish Hate of Gentiles Continues: Jews Attack Gentile Alabama Attorney General Candidate for Holding Perfectly Legal Views on Many of the Forensically Unproven Aspects of the Jewish Holocaust Mantra | Jewish Hatred: Israel's Racist Discrimination Against Its Arabs Within | May 15th - Alien Independence Day - Palestinian Catastrophe & Genocide Day | Italian-Zionist Friendship Shaken:  Italy's Prime Minister Once Called Israel a Terror State | Zionist Apartheid Fence Provides Example for Same on Mexican Border | Anti-Israeli Flyers and Protests Hit London Streets | Iranian Jews in Israel Worry About the 100,000 Iranian Jews In Iran In Case War Comes |
May 17
| Hamas Orders 3,000 Armed Followers on Street Patrol in the Israeli Colony of Palestine | Conservatives Abandon Judeo-Puppet Republican Party | Pro-Zionist President Bush's Immigration Speech Analyzed | Winston Churchill's Known Jewish Mother | Winston Churchill's Jewish Family Tree | Horrendous and Growing Immigration Budget Expenses | Pro-Zionist Senate Sells Out United States - Votes for Mexicans to Take Over America - Offers Small 370-Mile Fence Along With Citizenship for Border Jumpers | Archive of Jewish Pornography | Pro-Zionist Subversives Advocate AIPAC-Owned Congress for Mexican Invaders | Jewish Pushed Pro-Globalist Amnesty Mess | Search Jew Watch Using the Free Alexa Tool Bar | The Mockery of Immigration Security Issues in Pro-Zionist UK | Illegal Mexican LA City Workers Arrested | Pro-Zionist Democrats Are as Frightened as Republicans on Immigration Issue | Rabidly Jewish ADL of Bnai Brith Religious Cult Expresses Its Virulently Racist Opposition to Legal Majority Civil Rights Efforts by National Vanguard Civil Rights Organization | Subversive Jews Enlist Idiot Christian Leaders as Useful Idiots in Immigration of Unwanted Losers to America in Their Subversive Efforts to Destroy the USA | Usual Subversive Jewish Suspect Organizations Conspire to Rid USA of Christianity in Virulently Anti-Christian Jewish Meetings Under the Guise of the Separation of Church and State - Not One of These Self-Hating Anti-Christ Jews Asks to Separate the Religious State of Israel from the U.S. Treasury Dole - None of these USSR Holocaust Deniers Ask for Investigations of the Jewish Murders of 65 Million Gentiles in USSR, 1919-1940 | Jewish USSR Murders of 65 Million Gentiles | While Baghdad Burns Pro-Zionist Iraq Colonial Government Drags Its Feet | Surrounded and Over-Extended U.S. Troops Penned Down: Will Not Leave Pro-Zionist Colony in Iraq Any Time Soon | Abortion: Another Racist Genocide Issue in Israel's Hate Nation | Virulently Racist Israel Angry Over Caricature of Israel's Colonial Palestinian Concentration Camp as Resembling Hitler's Nazi Program | Unsupported Pro-Zionist US Anti-Iran Propaganda: CIA Deceptions and Unfounded Rumor Mills Are Business as Usual | Iran Turns Tables on EU 'Incentives' |
May 16
| U.S. Pro-Zionist Puppet Is Broke: Warns Israel Not to Expect Funds | The Unimaginable Joy of Blogging for Jew Watch | Boycott Committee Calls for Tighter Measures Against Israel | Israel's '58th Catastrophe for Palestine Anniversary' Marked by Air Strike | Fantastic Jewish Hoax in Paris Subway | The Secret Zionist War Against Iran | EU May Give Iran Nuclear Reactor | Great Israeli Killer and Terrorist: That Shameless Zionist Prime Minister Menachem Begin | Rich Jewish Anti-Majority Race Baiters Beg More Funding for State-Run Semitic Propaganda Efforts from USA Treasury | House Tells ADL Jews to Piss Off; Passes Chaplain Amendment Requiring a Very Small Minority of Outspoken and Demanding Jews in Armed Forces to Learn to Practice Toleration of Other Religious Beliefs Expressed Routinely by Chaplains | Iraq Slaughter Continues as a Weakened and Pathetic Pro-Zionist Controlled Colonial Government Takes Reluctant Shape | Time Running Out on the Lost American Empire of Iraq | Zionist Weakened Iraq Suffers 23 Dead in Blood-Letting | Sorry Litanies of Additional Daily Murders in Pro-Zionist Colonial Baghdad | Boston Globe: Iraq May Already Be Lost to Us | HBO Movie 'Baghdad ER' May Unhinge Iraq Vets | Pro-Israel African American Legislators Finally Wise Up - Protest Dafur Genocide - Arrested | Chavez Says Pro-Zionist Yankee Ban on Arms Sales to Venezuela Warns of Attack by US Forces | America's Israeli Puppet President Bush Slides to New Low - Its All About Pro-Zionist America's Lost Iraq Colonial War | Sunni Tribes Accuse Zionist US Forces of Atrocities in Deadly Raids on Civilians | Homeless Iraqis Still Await Reparations for Rebuilding their Homes Destroyed by the Heartless Pro-Zionist U.S. War Monster |
May 15
| Israel Rated asWorld's Sixth Largest Nuclear Power | Jewish Racist Organizations Fan Intolerant Yiddish Hate Flames Over Islamic Rights to Express Free Speech and Opposing Ideas at University of California at Irvine | Rosa Luxembourg, Minority Jewish Communist, Revolutionary, and Traitor to the German Majority | Desperate Pro-Globalist Bush Promises to Seal Border and Grant 12 Million Illegal Mexicans Citizenship, A Move that Deceptively Allows Them to Invite 75 Million More Mexican Relatives, Thus Ruining the Nation | Republican Immigration Infighting Behind the Pro-Zionist President's Border Speech | Why Israel Torture Murdered 100,000 of Its Racially Inferior Jewish Children With Known Deadly X-Rays | Foxman, President of the Subversive Jewish ADL of B'nai-B'rith Hate Cell, Uses Its Free Speech Rights to Subvert Opposition Free Speech Rights in Europe | Nazi Rally in Lansing, Michigan, 18 Meg, 24 Min  | Minority Subversive Membership Organization of Jews Calling Itself 'ADL of the B'nai B'rith' Asks British Scholars Not to Emulate the Hateful Boycott Methods Practiced Worldwide by the ADL and B'nai B'rith Against Israeli Academics. Or, How Dare You Do What I Do. | Warsaw Business Journal Prints Anti-Christian Cartoon with Cross and Polish Falcon Meant to Demean Both Poles and Christians While Supporting the ADL's Subversion of the Nation's Government and the ADL's Intolerance of Opposing Ideas | Israel Terror State Bloodies 3 Indigenous Patriots in Car | Israel Acts Like Iran's President in Censuring Offensive Italian Jewish Cartoon | IDF Skinhead Jewish Goons Murder 6 Christian-Moslem Palestinians in Vicious Attack | Moslem Diversity vs. Jewish Diversity Triggers Typical Jewish Hate | Islamic Student at UC Irvine Views Israel as an Apartheid Hate Nation | Jewish Student at UC Irvine Declares Racist Statement that It Is Hurtful to Him For Persons to Compare the Deaths of Jews with the Deaths Mere Africans, Moslems, and Other Races | Israel at 58 Years Old Is A Failed Has-Been Racist State | 'I Give Up On Israel' | Chavez: Any Attack on Iran Means $100 Per Barrel Oil and Parked American Cars |  
May 14
| Saddam: 'I Am, Not Afraid To Die.' | Chavez Promises Oil to the World's Needy: Says American Zionist-Banking Empire End is Near | Pinchas Finkelstein, Russian Prime Minister | Zionist Supreme Court Okays Racist Marriage and Residency Laws | Israel's Newest National Zionist Coalition in Tel Aviv Begins Vicious Rule over Its Palestinian Colonies | National Zionism's Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu | Israeli Village Tries to Breach Barrier with Friendly Palestinian Village | Pro-Zionist American Empire Conspires with Israel on Convergence | Who Says Rupert Murdoch Is Jewish and Why? | Israel Bloodies Jenin, Indiscriminately Murders Civilians, Fires 5,100 Rocket Bombs into Gaza Villages Housing Christians and Moslems | Displacement, Dispossession: The Mainstays of National Zionism's Colonialization and Genocide Policies | In National Zionist Israel Water is the New Oil | 'Neo-Con' Now Said to Be an 'Anti-Semitic' Term by Race Baiting Jewish Hate Industry Seeking to Short Circuit Honest Debate | Marriage Law Upheld in 'Black Day' in Zionist History | Jewish Article Slanders White Americans in Racist Anti-White Opinion Piece, Further Proof the Racist Pro-Zionist 2% Need to be Censored for the Public Good | Muslim Student Group Links Israel as a Nazi Movement in Palestine | Iran Rejects Any Reduction in Its Nuclear Program | Unfair Knight-Ridder Jewish Propaganda Article Finds Wide Circulation: No Mention of Thousands of Palestinian Deaths from Barrels of Israel's Deadly Racist Guns |
May 13
| Iran Ready to Talk With Any Nation Except Israel | Former Paki Army Chief:  'Tell Them, If Anyone Attacks Iran, Israel Will Be Attacked Next' | Communism and Israel | Sadistic Israeli IDF Thug in Soldier's Uniform Shoots Sydney Cameraman in the Head | Palestinian Leaders Compose Declaration of Independence Inside Israeli Jails | Emma Goldberg:  Jewish Anarchist, Seditionist, Feminist, Bitch | Declaration Summons Jihad to Establish a Palestinian Nation in the 1967 Occupied Territories with Jerusalem as Its Capitol | Attorney Accuses Jewish Tribal ADL Hate Club of Legal Thuggery to Punish Him for Meeting with Hamas and Other Palestinian Leaders in Israel | The Emma Goldman Museum at Jewish Leftwing UC Berkeley Campus | Stirring the Pot: The Israel Lobby Controversy and The ADL's 'Anti-Semitism' Canard | The Seditious, Untrue, Dangerous, and Unwarranted Marriage of the Very Tiny and Insignificant ADL's Holocaust Education Cabal at Hate Crimes Legislative Meetings | Discredited-Leftwing ADL and Americans United for Separation of Church and State Lose as House Passes Pro-Chaplain Military Bill | ADL Infiltrates Helsinki Meeting with the Intent to Foist Dangerous and Seditious Anti-Semitic Laws Upon Majority Populations | ADL Continues Its Sedition Against the Polish Government; Criticizes Opponents of Polish Societal Improvements Such as Abortion, Homosexuality, Ending of Radio Programs, and On and On... | Seditious Jewish Federations Move To Capture a Sizable Piece of Gay Outreach to Enlarge their Funding Coffers | In an Act of Self-Serving Goodwill, ADL Improves Relations With Arab-Israelis | Abe Foxman Sends ADL Idiot Letter to the International Herald Tribune Filled With Usual ADL Canards and Deceptions | Israel Arrests 10 Christian and Moslem Civil Rights Protesters in Clash Over Illegal Apartheid Wall and Land Annexation by the Israeli Terror State |
May 12
| U.N. Tells Both Israel and Palestine to Grow Up and End Their Anti-Humanitarian Fighting | Stalin's Jewish Antecedents | High School Teacher Openly Denies Jewish Globalist Views of Racial Equality in Biased and Politically Intimidating News Article | Donate to Jew Watch | Israel Charges Illegally Arrested Palestinian Militants with Assassination of Cabinet Minister in 2001 | Pro-Zionist Bush to Sell American Interests to Mexico While Claiming Otherwise on Prime Time TV Monday Before American People in Return for Jewish Legislative Money and Support | Jewish Influence in the Major Sports Leagues | Sheriff's Posse of 250 Arrests only 1 Immigrant / Smuggler; Mexicans Stayed Away | The Minority Jew Who Runs National Public Radio | Take a Few Seconds Now to Download the Free Alexa Tool Bar. It Allows You to Search All Jew Watch Archives. | Hamas Issues Letter to EU Supporting a Palestinian State Next to an Israeli State | Zionist AIPAC Idiots Collectively Muzzle Their Fully Paid-For Bush Puppet; Newly Reworked President Told Not to Mention Iran-Israel Linkage | Anti-White Jews Stick Nose into Immigration Reform Along With Brainwashed Christians and Others Hoping to Poke Biggest Possible Racial Hole into Majority Base in America | Jewish ADL of Bnai Brith Hate Bund Invites Large Corporations With Anti-Majority Staffing Agendas and Anti-White Diversity Indoctrination Bashing Programs for Its Shallow and Obviously Two-Faced Civil Rights Recognition Dinner | Desperate President Bush Who Lives Inside Zionist War Pockets Stoops to Ask Past Officials What to Do in Iraq | Zionism's Grim Reaper in the Iraqi Colony | Political Chaos and Fighting in Iraqi Hegemonic Colonial Government Breaks into Open Again | Business Places Positive Spin on the Total Disaster of Its Pro-Zionist Iraqi Colony | Pro-Zionist USA FBI Using Terrorist Laws to Justify Actions Against PETA and Other Violent Radical Rights Groups | Associated Press Publishes Zionist-Poisoned Anti-Majority and Pro-Illegal-Immigrant Spin in Its Twisted Black Ops Newspaper Piece Without Questioning Any of Its Racist Deceptions | Anti-Majority Southern Poverty Law Center Issues Anti-White News Release that Borders on Racism: Note How It Displays Despicable Pro-Zionist Anti-White Hate | Observe the Following Below-The-Belt Minority-Run SPLC Attacks on Majority Americans' Civil Rights to Control Their Borders and Keep Mexicans inside Mexico. The SPLC Wants You to Think the Minutemen Are At Fault, Not the Illegals Who Have Caused and Continue to Cause This Problem of Ruptured National Sovereignty. |
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May 11
| Zionist Forces Lose 200,000 AK-47 Rifles in Iraq to Al Quaeda | Dr. Sigmund Freud, Yiddish Cocaine Addict | Pro-Zionist Universal Music Settles Payola Case | America's Zionist Anti-Majority Forces Prevail: Police Intimidate Duke Defense Witness | Jewess Rosa Luxembourg, German Subversive, Socialist, Communist, Spartacist, Revolutionary | Sheriff Posse in Arizona's Maricopa County Begins Patrolling for Illegal Invaders in Defiance of Zionist ADL, ACLU, and Other Mostly Jewish Anti-Majority Subversives | Pro-Zionist Henry Kissinger's Many Conflicts of Interest | Anti-Immigration Billboards Go Up in North Texas, Violate Zionist Anti-Majority Objectives | Zionist Anti-American Immigration Policy Increasing Deadly Hepatitis Risks for All Americans: 1-in-7 East Asian Immigrants Spreading It | National Zionist Israeli Colonial Capital Releases Illegally Withheld Funds Owed to Fledgling Palestinian Democracy | Israeli Petroleum Company Resumes Oil Deliveries It Withheld to Christian and Moslem Residents of Palestine | Palestinian Youth Escaping Israeli Colonial Hardships by Committing Crimes with Israeli Prison Time: Use that Time to Study for College Exams | Israel Airport Police Force French Female Tourist to Strip Totally Naked | National Zionism's Diamond Moguls Plan Glittering Diamond Bash in Tel Aviv | Iran President Says Israeli Terrorist Colonialist State Will Someday 'Vanish' | Hamas: 'We'll Recognize Israel Within 1967 Borders' | Zionist Owned US Senate Cuts Off Funds for Permanent U.S. Bases in Its Iraqi Colony | Zionist Iraq Colony's Civil War Incidents Today | More Civil War Chaos, Kidnappings, and Deaths in America's Dying Zionist Iraq Colony |  | Dr. Sigmund Freud, Yiddish Cocaine Addict | Pro-Zionist Universal Music Settles Payola Case | America's Zionist Anti-Majority Forces Prevail: Police Intimidate Duke Defense Witness | Jewess Rosa Luxembourg, German Subversive, Socialist, Communist, Spartacist, Revolutionary | Sheriff Posse in Arizona's Maricopa County Begins Patrolling for Illegal Invaders in Defiance of Zionist ADL, ACLU, and Other Mostly Jewish Anti-Majority Forces | Pro-Zionist Henry Kissinger's Many Conflicts of Interest | Anti-Immigration Billboards Go Up in North Texas, Violate Zionist Anti-Majority Objectives | Zionist Anti-American Immigration Policy Increasing Deadly Hepatitis Risks for All Americans: 1-in-7 East Asian Immigrants Spreading It | National Zionist Israeli Colonial Capital Releases Illegally Withheld Funds Owed to Fledgling Palestinian Democracy | Israeli Petroleum Company Resumes Oil Deliveries It Withheld to Christian and Moslem Residents of Palestine | Palestinian Youth Escaping Israeli Colonial Hardships by Committing Crimes with Israeli Prison Time: Use that Time to Study for College Exams | Israel Airport Police Force French Female Tourist to Strip Totally Naked | National Zionism's Diamond Moguls Plan Glittering Diamond Bash in Tel Aviv | Iran President Says Israeli Terrorist Colonialist State Will Someday 'Vanish' | Hamas: 'We'll Recognize Israel Within 1967 Borders' | Zionist Owned US Senate Cuts Off Funds for Permanent U.S. Bases in Its Iraqi Colony | Zionist Iraq Colony's Civil War Incidents Today | More Civil War Chaos, Kidnappings, and Deaths in America's Dying Zionist Iraq Colony | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
May 10
| Ride With the Devil: Canada Threatened with Al Quaeda Attacks at Home As Punishment for Its Pro-Zionism | 68% of Americans Feel Worse Off Than Before Bush Sold Out Their Government to Jewish Neo Conservatives | Statistical Jewish Parasitism: How Jews Have Unfairly Reduced White Gentile Males & Females Down to Nothing in the Work Place | Pro-Zionist Jew A.M. Rosenthal, 84, Dies; Reshaped The Times as Editor | Jewish Anti-Americanism Wins: Of U.S. Children Under 5, Nearly Half Are Minorities | How Jews Destroyed Old Line Companies in Their Takeover of Corporate America | Defying the Minority Jewish Immigration Mandate For Destroying America:  First Arizona Sheriff's Posse Starts Now to Round Up Illegal Immigrants | Racist Israel to Allow Some Aid to Christians and Moslems in Palestine But Only If It Does Not Reach Hamas | Israeli Blood Guilt: Indecent Photos of the Grateful Dead Murdered by the Jewish Genocidal Zionist Thugs | Bloodied Tribal Leaders, Clerics Call for an End to Zionist Occupied Iraq's Religious and Ethnic Violence | Zionist Coalition B.S. Getting Thick as Sludge: General Says, "We Didn't Come in There as Americans with the Coalition and Say, 'We're in Charge. Get Out of the Way. We're Gonna Rebuild Your Country.'" | Basra Bloodshed Shows How Zionist Occupied Iraq's Shi'ite Southern Colonial District Is Worsening | While Colonial Iraq Dies More Each Day, Oil Disputes Soil Chances of Quick End to Zionist Iraqi Cabinet Appointment Impasse | Iran Accuses Pro-Zionist Nations of an Unfair Double Standard on Nuclear Programs | Zionist Media Deceived Americans See U.N. as Unable to Cope with Iran | First Iranian Ambassador to Iraq in 20 Years | Bronx School Offers Anti-Israel Palestinians a Platform, Attacked Viciously by Tiniest Jewish Race-Based ADL Hate Bund | Another Report on the Jewish Viciousness at the Bronx School | Jailed Jewish Russian Mafia Oligarch Khordokovsky Slashed in the Face by Inmate | 
May 9
| Historical Judeo-Bolshevik Globalist Goals Completed as US Border Agencies Act as Spies for Mexico, Betray the American People, Telling Mexican Government of Each Minuteman Location | Jews Who Control the Hate Industry | Iran Wins: Major Powers Fail to Agree on Iran Strategy | Pro-Jewish Hate Mongers Mull over Tawana Brawley II Rape Fantasy at Duke University and Whether It Suits Angry Female NYC Jewish Expectations for Continuation of White Male Humiliation in America |  Israel's Bolshevik Amnesty State Claims 'Iran Wants to Change the New World Order'. What? And Take It from Jewish Supremacists? Oi Vey! | Why European Cities are Vulnerable:  Robotic Missiles and Drones Now Only Cost $5,000 Each to Build in a Garage | Pro-Zionist Agents Persecute LDS Polygamy Church on Unfounded Fraud Charges: Their Real Crime is They Produced Thousands of White Children Whose Federally Unwanted Births Have Harmed NY Jewish Eugenic Plans to Change America's Race Mix to Non-European | Iran Attacks President Bush's Christian Hypocrisy | Known Liar Israel Stages Grab of TNT to Prove Its Disinformation Scams and BBC Agrees to Publicize the Event | IDF Thugs Warn of Possible Human Bomber Attack in Israel Based on More Rumors and Possible Disinformation | Intense Humanitarian Alarm Against Zionism's Genocide in Palestine | Israeli Police Corruption | 12,800 Dual Loyalty Jews Throng to Pro-Israel Parade in Chicago, Few Gentiles Attend | Israel OK's Water Buffalo as Kosher | Israel Will Hit Iran Soon | Olmert Wants Jewish Majority Protected in Israel. And, What About Europeans in America, Ehud, Old Buddy? | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
May 8
| National Zionist Vice Premier Perez:  'Iran Can Also Be Wiped Off the Face of the Earth' | Jews Who Control Billions in Grants | Pro-Zionist & Useful Idiot Rupert Murdoch to Host Fund-Raiser for Hillary Clinton | Russian Jewish Mob | Failed Zionist Puppet George W. Bush Hits Catastrophic 31% Low on Gallup Poll | Jewish Anti-Christian Terrorist Genocide Event # 12,508 Occurred in AD 641 With Thousands More Hate Events for Christians to Come | Zionist-Owned Newspaper Propaganda Mills Drop in Circulation as High as 15.6% | Ex-Aide With Abramoff Ties Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy | Zionist Lackey General Michael V. Hayden of NSA and Friend of Zionist Negroponte Nominated to Run Israeli Operative CIA Agency | President's Nominating Speech for the Pro-Zionist General Hayden | As with All Other Judeo-Con White House Moves, Hayden's Appointment Raises Concerns from Zionist Trashed USA | Prime Minister Olmert's 'Big Hitlerian Lie' | Zionist Military in Iraq Releases Self-Serving So-Called Al Quaeda Letters Showing Terrorists Alarmed as Part of Disinformation Ploy & Zionist NY Times Dutifully Sucks It All In | Aussies Worried Its Troops to be Sacrificed by USA as Happened in Gallipoli for Lost Zionist War | First Female in UK Armed Services to Die in Iraq | Britain: The Time to Pull Out of Zionist Iraq War Nears | Blair to Announce British Troop Cuts to Its Futile Zionist Iraq Colonial Expedition in Ten Days | Zionist USA Turning Over Failed Reconstruction Project to Stone-Age Reduced Iraq as Another Veiled Surrender Signal |
May 7
| One More Judeo-Integration Experiment Mistake: 'Katrina Effect' Causes Murder Explosion in Houston | Remembering New York Jewish Communist Spy Harry Gold | Pro-Zionist Iraq War Fails to Protect Its Captives as Car Bombs Rock Colonial Capital of Baghdad Killing 16 More Christian and Moslem Innocents | The Jews Who Control Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Other Major Universities | Lost Zionist War Sees 30 Dead, 70 Wounded in Single Day | Loud Zone: The Non-Hidden Jewish Faces | 100,000 Terrified Homeless Hiding from Tribal Killers in Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq | Prime Minister Blair Strength Sapped by Anglo-Zionist Iraq War Coalition | U.S. Lawyers Warned Pro-Zionist War President Bush on War Crimes in 2003 | Viacom: The Great Jewish Media Octopus | Pro-Zionist General Warns Iraq on Bomb Smuggling That Is Destroying the War for Americans | Death Squads Deepen Division in Zionist Occupied Iraq as Cabinet Performs Old Tribal Tunes | Occupied Christian and Moslem Palestinians Plan Mass-Mourning of Israel's Founding Which They Know as 'The Catastrophe' | Zionist President Bush Sucks Up to AIPAC's Political Money Disbursers, Says Iran's Threats Against Israeli Thug State Are Taken Seriously | Norman Solomon Decries Immoral Use of Anti-Semitism Label Merely to Block Open Debate on the Israeli Lobby's Influence | Average Israeli Spends 57.5 Hours Per Month on Internet, Double America's Average | After a Week of Zionist Brainwashing in Israel to Qualify for AIPAC Election Contributions, Chicago's Mayor Daley Visits Some Christians | Jew Attempts to Subvert Florida into Voting Support for Religious National Zionist State of Israel | IDF Thugs Deny Hospital Access for 274 Christian and Moslem Palestinians at Single Check Point in One Month |
May 6
| Iraqis Cheer Crash of Pro-Zionist Forces British Helicopter | Israel Murders Another Palestinian, Wounds 2, May Be Either Moslems or Christians or Both | Serious Health Crisis in Christian/Moslem Palestine from Siege by Israeli Terror State | Chicago's Mayor Daley Visits Holocaust Museum, Remains Unaware that Jews Murdered 65,000,000 Christians in Russia, 1919-1940 | Jews Who Control Money and Business Association Groups | Liar Israel Kills 5 Christian or Moslem Palestinians, Claims They Might Be Enemies of Israel But Gives No Substantial Proof At All, But What Israel Said Is Printed as Truth Anyway | Russia Insists UN Draft on Iran Needs Adjustment | Iran Nuclear Standoff Tops Persian Gulf 6 Nations Discussions | Iran's Leader: Talks of US Strike a Joke | Fighting US Might With Oil | Iraq Borders Face Large Turkish, Iranian Troop Buildup | ADL Idiot Letter to Newspaper Filled With Deceptive Logic and Half-Truths | Synagogue in Tel Aviv Desecrated with Swastikas Painted by Israeli Skinhead Nazis | Large Hanging Nazi Banner Shocks Visitors at Military Heritage Museum | German Police Ask Court to Ban Nazi Parades During World Cup |
Nazi Guard John Demjanjuk Testifies in $2 Million Lawyer Fee Case | Palestine Urges Quartet to Reject Israeli Unilateral Policies |
May 5
| German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Israel's Right to Exist "Must Never be Questioned" | Plan to Divide Up Jerusalem's Land Takes Shape | Chicago's Mayor Daley Meets With Rich Israeli Dignitaries, Seeks Big Jewish Campaign Bucks | Unmasking Israel�s Mystery Benefactor | Israel in the Crosshairs | Bias vs. Balance at the BBC | UN Protests Israel's Closing Crossings | PLO, Palestinian Government Condemn Israel's Bloodbath in Gaza | Politician Resigns Over Minor Canard | Israeli IDF Thugs Kill Six Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip | Israel's New Plan Will 'Share' Jerusalem with Moslem Residents and Not Divide It | Israel Fumes as Sweden Grants Visa to Palestinian Prime Minister | UK Rejects Taking Israel's Illegal Stockpile of Nuclear Weapons to UN | Israel's 31st Terrorist Government Sworn In | Israel Lobby Report Defended by Authors |
May 4
| Globalist Nations Apply a Model of Jewish-Bolshevik-USSR Censorship to the Internet | Iran's UN Envoy Criticizes UN Nuclear Resolution | His Coalition in Place, PM Olmert Turns to Setting Israeli Terror State's Borders | Israel's Conspires Alone to Illegally Divide the World's Holy City | American Jewish Group Commemorates 100 Years of Zionist Conspiracy | Innocent Palestinian Taxicab Driver Murdered in Cold Blood by Israeli Defense Force Thugs | The Jewish Lobbyists: Israeli Turncoats Threaten America's Interests | Iran Military Plays Down Threats to Strike Israel | Israel's Options For Preventing an Islamist Encirclement | Accompanied by Local Chicago Jewish Lobbyists / Contributors, Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley Undergoes His Personalized Zionist Brainwash in Old Jerusalem | Pentecostal Church Becomes Perfect Zionist Lap Dog, Calls for Collaboration Between Israel and Hamas | Religious Zionists Feel Anger, Alienation As Israel's Political Map Shifts Again Toward Atheist Judeo-Bolshevism | Israeli Former Mossad Chief Warns Isreali Terror State to Develop Friendlier Moslem Ties to Avoid Violent Future | Israel Begins Building Apartheid Wall to Create Racial Concentration Camps In Holy City of Jerusalem | US-Israel 'may have hand' in Hariri murder | Honor Our Dead. Respect European Holocaust Week Commemorating Deaths of 65 Million USSR Gentiles at Jewish HandsHundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
May 3
| Pro-Zionist Invasion Failure: NATO's Globalist Thugs Lose Ground in Forgotten Afghanistan War to Taliban and Al Quaeda | Discussion of Possible Inconsistencies in World War Two Semite Annihilation Theory | See One Way the Southern Poverty Law Center Wastes $60 Million a Year from Its Old Rusted Yiddish Begging Cup | Racist Israel Prize Awarded to 13 Winners. You Have to be Jewish. There Are Absolutely No Gentiles Allowed. | Israel Terror State Selfishly Meddles in Iran's Peaceful Visit to World Cup Finals in Germany | National Zioninst Israel Celebrates Its 58 Years of Semitic Hate Against Palestine's Christian and Moslem Residents | Hamas Will Discuss Peace If Israel Agrees to Leave Occupied Colonial Lands and Allows Right of Return | Iran Stocks Provisions Amid Possible UN Embargo | Is the Zionist U.S. Puppet Government Fomenting False International Chaos to Divert Attention from its Internal Problems? | Iran Proposes Consortium for Uranium Enrichment | Police Ridiculous, Investigate Innocent Spray Painting of KKK and Swastikas as Hate Crime by Pot Smoking Kids Instead of as Simple Juvenile Vandalism | Zionist Media-Haunted America Loves to Insist on Hate Crimes News Coverage Even When They Are Merely a Hoax | Black Student Gets Off on Hate Crime Hoax on Account of Her Race | What a Wicked Web We Weave: Israeli Bedouin IDF Soldier Prosecuted Instead of a Jewish Soldier for Murder of Civilian | Israel Offers More Unsubstantiated Deceptive Lies about Iran's Nuclear Program But Offers No Forensic Evidence | Jewish Espionage at AIPAC | SPECIAL VIDEO LINK: The Nazis May Be Back in a Big Way. Right-Click on This Link Now. It Will Download and Save for You The Most Amazing 24-Minute Nazi Video in 75 Years. This Propaganda Video Was Filmed at the Huge National Socialist Rally in Lansing, Michigan. 18.7 Meg File. |
May 2
| Zionists Want to Evade Blame for Coming Iran War | Iran Threatens Israel If US Attacks |  Pro-Zionist Congress Uses Ruse of Child Pornography to Pass Judeo-Bolshevik Laws Tracking Internet Users | ADL Supported Mexican Border Jumpers in a Rally that Turns Ugly in California | Islamic Jihad Will Not Halt Attacks on National Zionist Compounds | 'Jerusalem, Israel' Shouldn't Appear on Passports, Court Rules | Spy Jonathan Pollard Opposes Cabinet Appointment of His Mossad Handler | Head of Israeli Army Opposes Reoccupation of Gaza | Zionist-Christian News Spins Stories About Al Quaeda-Hamas Connections Solely on Basis of Unsubstantiated Reports | Israel Launches First Underwater Museum at Beautiful Caesaria Ancient Roman Port City | One of the Latest Nasty Hate Spews from the $65 Million Per Annum Pro-Semite Southern Poverty Law Center | Southern Poverty Law Center Picks on Tuscon Woman, Speaks About Her Email | Jewish Anti-Majority Spew: Hispanic Reporter Uses Position to Suggest Hate among a Few Majority Americans | ADL of B'nai B'rith Sticks Its Minority Nose Into Poland | Two-Faced ADL Helps to Perpetuate Hate by Giving Award to Britain's 'Shindler' While Israeli National Zionist Jews Continue to Kill Christian and Moslem Palestinian Children with Abandon in Gaza | Pro-Zionist Bill Berkowitz Writes Poisonous Diatribe Against America's Majority | Jewish Controlled USA, an Admitted Inhumane Torture Nation at Guantanamo and Other Hidden Facilities, Walks On Diplomatic Razor-Blades Concerning Iran Sanctions | Remember Our Dead at the Hands of the Jews in the USSR During European Holocaust Commemoration Week | Jewish American Puppet State's Next Stop Iran | SPECIAL VIDEO LINK: The Nazis May Be Back in a Big Way. Right-Click on This Link Now. It Will Download and Save for You The Most Amazing 24-Minute Nazi Video in 75 Years. This Propaganda Video Was Filmed at the Huge National Socialist Rally in Lansing, Michigan. 18.7 Meg File. |
May 1

| Jewish Plan to Balkanize America Pushed on Semitic News Outlets in Their Positive Coverage of the Anti-American Mexican Takeover | Is This the Knesset or the White House? | Never Again! | It's Not Immigration. It's Murder. It's Genocide. | Radical Left-Wing Judeo-Socialist Subversives Have Taken Over the Illegal Mexican Immigration Issue on this Communist International May Day | White House's Judeo-Con Traitors Responsible for Producing Today's Subversive, Destructive and Hate-Generating May Day Rallies | Illegal ADL-Supported Mestizo Types Vandalize Oklahoma City | 17 Israeli Soldiers Accused of Raping 11 Year Old | Israel on 58th Birthday Has 7,000,000 Population and Still Killing | Israel Terror State Ironically Continues to Kill Others While Memorializing Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror | Civil Rights Group Demands Mostly White Israel Unchain Brown-Skinned Christian African Asylum Seekers Held in Prisons and Give Them the Same Medical Care Given to Jews | Disinformation War in Israel as Known Liar Shin Bet 'Claims' Hamas Guilty of Attacks | Mostly White-Skinned IDF Genocide Thugs Murder Poverty Stricken Light-Brown Woman in Her Own Private Home | Confessions on the Illegality of Being Jewish in Israel | Israel Shocked by 'Rape' on Army Base. Duh. So, No One Ever Heard of Jewish Soldiers Being Bad Apples? | 7.03 Million in Israel, of Which 5.64 Million are Jews. So, Millions of Occupied Palestinians Don't Count Now? | Israel and Palestinians: A Sickening Hypocrisy | Israel Crosses the Threshold |



April 30
| Hamas Warns of New Intifada if World's Fledgling Democracy Fails | Israel Terror State Approves Worldwide Religious Blasphemy in the Construction of a Fence Around Zionist Policed Jerusalem | Moslem Watch: Israel Keeps Track on Iran and all Other Moslem Nations from Spy Satellite | 65,000,000 More Reasons for a New US European Holocaust Museum for the Victims of the Jewish USSR | The Israel Lobby Report and the Hate-Filled Libel It Caused from the Jewish Hate Industry | Israel's Spy Satellite Sends Sharp Images of Iran's Nuclear Facilities to Inquisitive Jewish Eyes | Zionist Genocide:  Israel's Ministry Bans Palestine's Christian, Moslem, and Jewish Patients in National Zionism's Hospitals | More Zionist Genocide:  Palestine Now Dangerously Low on Medications Causing Death and Suffering for All Who Reside in Zionism's Democratic Palestinian Prison Colony | Nixon Backed Off Israeli Nukes | Was the Recognition of Israel Contrary to U.S. National Interests? | Bush's Use of Israel as the Reason for the Iraq War Endangers Jewish Control of the USA | The Mystery of the Fifth Jew | Task Force:  Build Casinos on the Dead Sea | Criticizing Israel is Impossible | Because You are Not Allowed to Criticize Israel | 30 Israeli Airmen Have Consensual Sex with Local 13 Year Old Girl | Israel on USA's Own 'Jew Watch' List | USA Seeks to Mimic Israel's Ability to Corrupt Moslem Reporters with Combination of Bribes and False Information | 350,000 Israeli Flags Sold to National Zionist Patriots for 58th Anniversary of the Israeli Terror State's Independence |
April 29
| AIPAC Sends Former Jewish Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner to the Israeli Terror State for Brain Washing | Israel Bloodies Gaza | Remember How Bolshevik Jews Murdered 65,000,000 Christians in Russia During Holocaust Week | Israel's Apartheid Fences Making Life Unlivable for Many Christians, Moslems, and Jews in Palestine | Palestinian Territories of Christians, Moslems, and Jews Falls into Chaos Under Israel's Genocide Whip | Al Quaeda Offshoot Threatens Palestinian Leaders | Japanese Sumo Wrestlers Promoting Israeli Tourism | Rift Grows Between Al Qaeda and Moslem Groups | Plans Leaked for Israel to Join NATO | Olmert Calls Iran's President a Psychopath. So, Can We Talk? Who in His Right Mind Would Criticize Israel's National Zionist Killers of Hundreds of Thousands of Mostly Unarmed Moslems? | Hitler's Jewish 'Mischlinge' Soldiers | Polish-Born Jew Survived 10 Concentration Camps. So They Really Could Not Be Death Camps, Could They? | Iran Increases Nuclear Enrichment Level | We've Broken America's Back in Iraq:  Boasts Al Quaeda | CIA Floats B.S. Canard About Al Quaeda's Impending Decline as Iraq Blows Up From Inside | U.S. Officer Charged in Abu Ghraib Abuse Case | America Warned by Palestinian Leader: 'We Will Not Allow War Against Syria or Iran' |
April 28
| May Day! May Day! Hispanic Anti-American Invasion to Shut Down Cities May 1st, Day of Judeo-Bolshevism's Parades And It Pleases their Leftwing Jewish Controllers. | Connect the Dots to the Judeo-Hispanic Bosses, The Workers World Party | Elizabeth Terrill Bentley, Leftwing Jewry's Pro-Soviet 'Red Spy Queen' | Workers World Party's Jewish Leadership History in Wikipedia | Dangerous and Subversive Hispanic Radio Stations Cooperate with Their Leftwing Jewish Operatives to Play the Anti-American Hispanic National Anthem on May Day for Invading Spanish Forces Wanting to Take Back Parts of America for Mexico | The Growing Self-Admission of the Anti-American 'Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith' (The Jewish Tribe) and La Raza (The Hispanic Tribe) Subversive Connection | Nasty 'Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith' and Other Jewish Rhetorical Ferment Over 'The Israel Lobby'; Not One Jew Addresses the Real Question 'Should Israel Control the United States?' | Pro-Immigrant Jewish Owned CBS-TV Affiliate in Arizona Broadcasts a Racist Anti-Majority News Video Precisely Filmed to Defame the White Race (Click Link There to See Jewish Affiliate Racist Video) | HUAC's List of Mostly Jewish Communists | Theological Gentile Historian Openly Panders to 'Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith' Anti-Christian Hate Observation Group in Discussion of Religious Tolerance at Baylor University | Jewish Folk Singer Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary Fame Reflects on Life, Tolerance, and Goodness in General | Israel Terror State Vows 'Swift' Border Work | Israeli Mossad Floats Deceptive News that Poverty Stricken Hamas Is Nonetheless Rich Enough to be Increasing Its Rocket Arsenal (Without Having to Give Any Hard Proof to the Pro-Zionist Media, Of Course) | Intolerant Israel and Italy Intolerantly Investigate Intolerant Moslem Burning of Israeli Flags Calling It Too Intolerant to Tolerate | Iran Denounces Israel Election to UN Panel | Jewish Named 'Brandeis' University Community Newspaper Opinionates that Israel Must Renounce Violence and Recognize Hamas | Confronting Bravely the Hating Members of AIPAC'S Semitic Political Horde |
April 27
| Europe In Range of Iran's Newest North Korean and Russian Missiles | Ahmadinejad: No One Can Take Away Iran's Nuclear Technology | Sweden Calls Off NATO Exercise That Includes Israel, Then Seeks Meeting with Hamas | European Holocaust Remembrance Week:  For the 65,000,000 Gentiles Murdered by Soviet Jews, 1919-1940 | Indonesia Refuses to Play Fed Cup Playoff in Israel | Israeli Settler State Built on Bones of Palestinians Seeks to Starve Out Natives in Occupied Areas | Israel Orders Security Fence Plugged to Bar Suicide Bombers | Abbas Asks EU to Continue Funding Palestinian Authority | Israel Missile Program Is Failure | Who are the 2% Jews of the ADL with Their Racist Bias for Israel's Palestinian-Bashing Semites to Tell the 98% Non-Jews What is Going on Racially in America Concerning the 11,000,000 Unwanted Hispanic Invaders? | Israeli Flags Set Aflame in Italy Amid Yells of Zionists!,' 'Assassins!,' and 'Free Palestine!' | Prime Minister Olmert of Israeli Terror State Will Be Wined and Dined in AIPAC-Bought-And-Paid-For White House | Reform Judaism Kindly Tells Evangelicals Not to Pray and to Turn Off the TV Instead to Improve Their Children's Morals | Jerry Falwell Asks Rabbi to Open Religious Convocation Who Then Does So By Telling Shocked and Booing Believers that Abortion and Homosexuality Are OK | Governor Still Grovels to Grumbling Jews. But Why Did Illinois Appoint 5 Jews on Its Hate Crimes Commission in the First Place? | Israeli Fascist Troops Arrest Democratically Elected Palestinian Legislator in Zionism's Colonial Occupied Ramallah |
April 26
| Racist Jews Honor 6,000,000 Dead Jews in 'Holocaust' Yet Cruelly Deny the Massively Larger Jewish Red Commissar Murders of 65,000,000+ USSR Innocents, 1919-1940 | Poles and Jews Argue Over Possible Renaming of Auschwitz | Two Israeli Flags Burn in Italy | Al Qaeda Blamed for Egypt Attacks | Iran Threatens U.S. Interests Worldwide If Attacked | Off-Stage Temper Tantrums by Jew Alec Ballwin:  Broadway Actress Quits | Iranian President Threatens to Quit U.N. and Wipe Out Israel | Britain's 'Filthy Rich' Jews | Racist Venom from ADL Reveals Jewish Hatred for Palestinians | US Will Not Agree to Israel�s Final Borders Based on Olmert�s Plan and Narrow Political Victory | Olmert Dances Like a Political Puppet Before ADL, Calls Iran's President a Dictator | Israel Raises False Flag Alert | Israeli State Prosecutor Fears 19-Year Old Murderer of Son is Flight Risk | Emirates Will Fund Hamas | Europe Must Agree to Talk With Iran | Iran Could Hide Nuclear Program | The World's Big Six -- USA, Russia, China, Germany, France, and Britain -- Will Meet on Iran, May 2 | Jack Straw Warns Iran of Worldwide Sanctions if Nuclear Enrichment Does Not Cease | 8 Moslem Nations Meet in Indonesia to Discuss Iran | Iran Considers Leaving Treaty Behind | Senate Shifts $1.9 Billion in Iraq Funds to Border Patrols to the Chagrin of AIPAC | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 25
| ADL Denies Holocaust Remembrance Day for the 65,000,000 Russian Gentiles Murdered by the Jewish Red Commissars Who Ran the USSR | Let Us 'Never Forget' the 65,000,000 Dead Gentiles in the Jewish Run Russian Holocaust and Memorize the Jewish Names of Their Killers | See the ADL at Work, Smearing America's Two Most Esteemed Professors Whose Factual Work on the Israeli Lobby's Corrupting Influence on America is Widely Known by Everyone Even Before They Were Published. And After You Read It, Reaffirm in Your Mind Why Anything the ADL Says Should Be an Another Assumed Lie Until Proven Otherwise. | Meet the Face of Evil | It's Way Past Time To Check This | ADL Spews Dangerous Anti-American Race Hate at La Raza Meeting of Hispanic Subversives Painting Whites and Blacks Who Oppose Illegal Hispanic Immigration as Some Type of Dangerous Nazi Skinhead Extremist Fringe. But ADL Never Mentions to La Raza How Israeli Skinhead Nazi Race Terrorists Beat Up And Arrest Native Palestinians and Christians in Jerusalem Treating Them Like Second Class Hispanics. | Poverty-Stricken World War Two Jews Live Worse Than Concentration Camp Inmates in Israel | Israel Sees Nigerian Resources and People as Ripe for Increased Impoverishment, Enslavement, Corruption, and Exploitation | Israel Arrests Hamas Spokesman in His Own Homeland | Jewish Mafia and Gambling | Condoleezza Rice Warns Turkey to Stay Out of Pro-Zionist Occupied Kurdish Iraq | 'The Vietnam Syndrome' Raises Its War-Like Zionist Neo-Con Chomping Head | Pro-Zionist Iraqi Oil Bonanza Rip-Off Punctured by Corruption, Smuggling, Chaos, Sabotage | Zionist Diplomatic Egypt Arrests 30 Reactionary Moslem Brotherhood Terrorists for Gaza Resort Bombing | Sovereignty-Compromised Persian Gulf Nations Fear Response of Their Zionist USA Colonial Task Master If They Transfer Promised Funds to Hamas | Teheran Insider Tells of US/Mossad Black Ops and Other Covert Destabilization Actions in Iran | Israel to Launch 'Eye In The Sky' Over Iran | Iran Says It Is Ready to Share Nuclear Skills | Iran Would Speed Up Nuclear Development If U.N. Launches Sanctions | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 24

| Latest Israeli Deception:  'Iran Greatest Threat to Jews Since Hitler' | Israel's Puppet President George W. Bush Skids to 32% Approval | 'Israel Cannot Continue to Exist' | Hamas Threatens to End Truce With Israel | Middle East May Be Heading Toward Multi-Nuclear Diplomacy | Israel Remembers 6 Million Jews, But Still Denies the 65 Million Gentiles Exterminated by the Jews' USSR | Jordan's King Abdullah Calls on World to Order Israel to Disarm Its Nuclear Bombs | IDF Thugs Issue Another Deceptive Raised Alert for Iranian Rocket Attacks in Bid to Create False Uncertainty | UN Official Warns of Deterioration in Israel-Palestine Conflict | Israel's Jews should go home: Ahmadinejad | Israel Bloodies Gaza, Bethlehem | Katzav Says Iranian President De-legitimizes Israel in Moslem World | Hamas Advocates Destruction of Israel to Palestinians, But Different Speech Given to Western Nations |
April 23
| Kosher Anti-Semites:  Israeli Artists Staged a Contest for the Best Anti-Semitic Cartoons. The Results Are In. | Israel's State Sponsored Terrorism | Jews at ADL Desperate for Sympathy and Fund-Raising Flim-Flam Magnify a Few Anti-Semitic 'Incidents' Beyond Reason Despite Decreases in the Miniscule 1,757 in 50 States or Less Than 1 Minor Incident Per 170,745 Citizens Nationwide | National Intelligence Director Negroponte and Acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert To Address ADL Racist Bund Meeting in Washington | Jewish AIPAC Provocateurs Seek to Bind U.S. National Homeland Security With the Failed Security of National Zionist Israel's Mossad Thugs | Are Jews Not the World's Worst Holocaust Deniers? Holocaust Remembrance Day Meeting Makes No Mention of Jews Murdering 65,000,000 Christians in the Jewish USSR, 1919-1940 | Jews Take over Russia and Turn It Into a Jewish Dominated Killing Field for 65,000,000-100,000,000 Murdered Christian Innocents | Israel and Palestine Share Blame for 'The Philosophy of Death' | AIPAC Trial Unnerves Some US Jewish Leaders | Virginia Judge Allows Defense in AIPAC Trial to Summon Rice | AIPAC Trial Spotlights Murky Paths of Spy-Like Intelligence Gathering, Advocacy for a Foreign Power, and Corruption of the Highest Offices in American Government, All This by a Tiny 2% Boisterous Money-Grubbing Minority that Should Be Still and Remain Silent | National Zionist Wiesenthal Center Jewish Racist Bund Urges Germany to Declare Ahmadinejad Persona Non Grata | F.B.I. Seeks Access to Deceased Reporter Jack Anderson's Files. They May Contain Classified Materials Stolen by AIPAC Spies | AIPAC Lawyers Seen as Tossing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Into the Snapping Canine Jaws of Legal Court Dogs | Lawyers Say They Intend to Prove Secrets Leaked to AIPAC Came from Top Administration Officials | The Iraq War Was a Test of the Judeo-Con Vision of America. A Civil War There Could Seal the Fate of the Zionist Republican Party. | Cracks Appear Behind the Barbaric Gates of the Dictatorial Judeo-Con State |
April 22
| Are Jews Physical Wrecks? Think Again. Madelaine Albright Leg-Presses 400 Pounds | Russia Says No Iran Sanctions Without Proof | Hamas Appoints Anti-Zionist Leader to Head New Militant Force that Reports Only to Hamas | Anti-Israel Hamas to Have Future Meetings with Europeans | Abbas Outraged over Appointment of Militant Leader | Is It Back to Square One for the Jew Parade? Israeli Southern Flank Commander Says IDF Thugs Stand Ready to Reoccupy Gaza | The Day After Iran | Jew Arrogantly Criticizes Qatar for Human Rights Violations Similar to those His Own Tiny Israeli Colonial Empire Uses Against Its Captured 2nd Class Indigenous Palestinian Natives | Iran Has Become a Deterrent Power: Hassanein Heikal | Lebanon Wants Its Nation Whole Again: Demands Total Israeli Withdrawal | Palestinian President Abbas Vetoes Hamas Security Force Made Up of Militants | Under AIPAC Controlled U.S. Foreign Policies Oil Soars to $74 Per Barrel Raising Gas Above $3 Gallon | Israeli Wine Boycott and Rally in Montreal | Zionist Dominated Medical Science Conglomerates Race for Fantastically Profitable Cure as Pandemic Bird Flu Fear Spreads | No Good Military Options Exist for the Zionist-Induced Pseudo-Crisis Known as Iran | Noam Chomsky's Absurd 14 Erroneous AIPAC Theses | Catastrophe in Iraq: Collapsing Pro-Zionist European Puppet Regime in Colonized Iraq Appoints Head of Jihad as Compromise President | The Jews Who Run the HBO Propaganda Movie Mills | PAPER CLIPS: HBO Holocaust Propaganda Film Details the Problems of Collecting, Organizing, Maintaining, Housing, and Memorializing 6,000,000 Paperclips | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 21
| Catastrophe in Iraq: Pro-Zionist European Puppet Regime in Colonized Iraq Collapsing Amid Rising Ethnic Cleansing, Racial Separation, and Civil War | "Jesus Christ Superstar" Concert Cancelled Due to ADL's Continuous Anti-Christian Hatred | Jewish Editor Rob Eshman, Member of the 2% Racist Minority, Publicly Betrays America's 98% Majority to the Mexican Subversion | The National Zionist Israel Terror State Divestment Debate | Separation Clause Violated at Ithaca College by Presenting a Very Pandering 'Jews Only Program' Offensive to Millions of Christians Who Suffered in World War Two | Why Israel and US Interests are Not Identical and Telling the Truth Is Not Anti-Semitic | Hamas Cuts Stipends to Prisoners in Zionofascist Israel | Israeli Criminal State Extends Ban on Travel by Nuclear Informant Vanunu | Israeli Colonial Empire Spokesman Tries to Cause More Trouble, Accuses Democratic Hamas Party of Terror Connections with Iran, Offers No Proof | Western Diplomats Reject Moronic Israeli Accusations Against Iran | UN Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Hamas Fledgling Democracy | IMF: Growth in Israel Will Reach 4.2% in 2006 | The Israel Lobby, Anyone? Follow the Money Trail | Pravda: Israel May Strike Iran's Nuclear Facilities Before End of 2006 | Four Short Paragraphs from Bangladesh Fully Explain Israeli Chaos Phenomenon | Picture of Exactly How AIPAC Slapped Around America's Spineless Slinking Congressional Dogs this Week | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 20
| National Zionists in Tel Aviv Decide Not to Bomb Their Palestinian Colonies | Propaganda Deceptions Possible in Anti-Iranian UK Terror Report Published in Haaretz | Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal Says Put Equal Pressure on Nuke Fat Israel | Hamas May Appeal Palestinian Residency Rights to Israel Supreme Court | Questionable ADL Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Numbers Claimed for Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Show a Mere 69 Incidents, Hardly Enough for a Good Jewish Fund-Raising Drive | Tiny ADL Hate Bund Huffs and Puffs About a "Jesus Christ Superstar" Musical Concert at the Mostly Christian Historic Majdanek Labor Facility | Zionist-Americans in Connecticut to Fan the Fires of Anti-European Hate over Some Scientifically and Historically Unverified Jewish Views of Events in World War Two | Easily Removable Swastikas Were Sprayed by Possible Jewish Provocateurs onto Jewish Chabad House in West New Haven Resulting in News Propaganda | Perfectly Legal Freedom of Speech Flyers Discussing Social Chaos from the National Alliance in Durham Gain Outrageous Racist Glint from Jewish Pandering Police Eyes | Jordan Claims It Found a Hamas Weapons Cache, Using This as Its Frailest of Excuses to Cancel a Meeting with Hamas Ambassadors and at the Same Time Gaining Valuable Diplomacy Points with the Jewish Colonial Regime in Tel Aviv | Jewish Zionofascist Palestinian Land-Grab Deals Are Laced with General Zionist Intrigues Affecting Both Catholics and Moslems including Who is the Real Orthodox Patriarch of the Holy Sepulcher | Matisyahu is being hailed by the likes of Madonna and Rolling Stone Magazine as the World's First "Hasidic Reggae Superstar" | A Hasidic Migration into Surrounding Black Neighborhoods Renews Crown Heights Racial Tensions |
April 19

| Questioning U.S.-Israel Ties | Israel Swears in 17th National Zionist Parliament | Mccarthyism Redux: Avoid The Substance; Attack The Messenger | Bush Says All Options Are on the Table Concerning a Zionofascist U.S. Attack on Iran | Russia Still Opposed to Sanctions on Iran | Bush Won't Rule Out Nuclear Strike on Iran | Iran President Says U.S. Will Regret Any Attack Whatever on Iran | The Continuous Jewish Anti-American Conspiracy Circa 2006 | Another Trashy Grade B Pro-Semite Propaganda Film Opens to the Delight of America's Many Whacko Zionofascist Film Festivals | The Israel Lobby and Its Media Bulldozer that Smears All Opponents | Salon Magazine Confirms the Unprofessional Pro-Zionist Dino-Media's Attack on the AIPAC Report Authors | Are Israel�s Interests in America�s Interest? | Israel's Leaders Blame Hamas for Bombing | Hamas Blames Israel's Colonial Regime | National Zionist Regime in Tel Aviv Plans Reprisals | Rafsanjani: US Invasion of Iran 'Very Unlikely' | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 18

| Profits Shrink at Major Newspapers as Internet Savvy Americans Wise Up to the Criminal Zionist Agenda | Once Jews Were Slaves - Now Jews Are the Enslavers | Horrendous Photos of Deformed Moslem Births in Iraq's Depleted Uranium Dust Bin of Millions of Exploded Artillery and Rifle Shells Hurled by Europe's Pro-Israel Troops | Another Marine Realizes He Has Been Used by Washington's AIPAC Government | Scroll Down for Heart Rending Pictures of Israel's Useful American Idiots | Bolton and Bush Continue to Threaten Iran | Human Rights Organizations Condemn Israel's Hateful Bloodshed Inside Gaza | Nine Killed in Tel Aviv as New Knesset Takes Its Seats | Saddam Demands Graphologists Not from Israel, Iran | Harvard Crimson Shows Its Zionist Bias | Witness The Anti-American-Majority Made Up Of Mostly Jewish-Foreign Student Staff at The Harvard Crimson | How Strange That We Must Read "Mathaba News," an African Newspaper, to Access President Ahmadinejad's Own Words in His Address on Israel and Iran's Nuclear Program in their Entirety | Olmert Uses Tel Aviv Bomb to Seize Dictator Power in Streets as Israel's Cities Gain Fascist Road Blocks of Olmert's New Armed Police State | The US Israel and AIPAC Axis of Evil | Hamas Has Only 2-3 Months in Reserve to Pay Government Workers as Pro-Zionist Colonial Europe, Israel, and USA Block All Previously Promised Aid | New 'Christian AIPAC' Supports Palestinian Starvation | Don't Let Any Lobby Shut Down Debate | Professors Koppl vs. Dershowitz on Using Zionist Torture to Gather Intelligence | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 17

| IDF Thugs Place Innocent Palestinian Lives at Risk | Israeli Terror State Fires 2,000 Rocket Bombs into Palestinian Homes | Zionism Dangles Barghouthi as Kidnapping Bait for Blackmail Release of Jonathan Pollard | Zionist Puppet Pandemic Plan Protects U.S. Government Only | 'Iran Has Readied 40,000 Bomber Suicide Army' (Latest Zionist War Deception) | Iran Gives $50 Million to Hamas | Syrian Politician Says U.S. and Israel Are World's Worst Terrorists | Have Israel-America-EU Set Up Palestine for Genocide? | Israel Denies World's Youngest Democracy Right to Rally in East Jerusalem | Iran Denies Holocaust, Threatens to Destroy Israel, Elected to UN Commission | Israel Invades Gaza with Typical Tanks and Shtick, Claims Unsubstantiated 'Finds' of Planted Evidence of Planned Invasion | Pope Appeases Zionist Aggression, Says Israel Has Right to a European Colonial Nation in the Middle East | Israel May Be Polishing Wedding Ring Diamonds | Passover Tourism Up in Israel | Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Opposition Party Sees Iran Nuclear as No Threat to World | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 16
| Iran Warns All Zionist Occupation Armies that Iran Will Finish Any War That AIPAC's American Puppet Might Start | Iowa Votes to Officially Balkanize--Zionist Racial Experiment Is Disaster | Olmert Official Assumes Position as Successor to Israel's Terrorist Prime Minister Arial Sharon | Hamas Again Says Palestine Will Never Recognize Israel | Israeli Terror State Thugs Warn of New Bloody Invasions of Gaza | Shaul Youdkevitch, Head of Kabbalah Center in Israel Arrested for Fraud | Asefi Condemns U.S. Support for New Israeli Terrorist Killings in U.N. | Uber-Wardens of Israel Destroy Palestinian Hopes | Is Zarqawi Real or Deception | Jewish Master Race Dominates Mass Media Associations | Zionist U.S. Media Bias | In Europe Russia Stands Up Alone for Palestine | Hamas Rejects Sell-out Plans of Corrupted Arab Nations to Give-In to the Israeli Colonial Thugs | Ultra-Orthodox Judges Manufacture Several Excuses for Alleged 19-Year-Old Jew Who Killed His Son | Mel Gibson Re-Issues "Passion of Christ" to an Increasingly Embarrassed and Shunned ADL | Jews Who Collect Money for Their Own Mass Genocide Shtick | Hypocrisy Dominates What Remains of Jewish Inspired Leftwing | Pro-Zionist Comedy Central Bares Its PC Dental Work on South Park's Islamic Cartoon Episode | ADL & U.S. Holocaust Museum Conspire to Further Violate Church & State to Propagandize Police Departments with Their Absurd Minority Defined Jewish Views on Crimes Which Do Not Include any Serious Focus on the Jewish-Dominated USSR's Murder of 65,000,000 Innocent Gentiles |
April 15

| Jew Watch Featured in HBO/Cinemax's 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' Documentary on Cinemax Tonight | Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated | U.S. Zionist Puppet Regime Bans Money Going to Palestine | Judas Iscariot Superstar | Miniscule Jewish Minority Executives Who Control Women, Family, Sex, and Gender Issues Organizations for an Entire Nation of 98% Non-Jews | Does Iran's President Need to Wash? | Local Sheriffs Defy Zionist Puppets in D.C., Round Up Illegal Mexicans | Pro-Zionist Republicans Spew Political Immigration Deceptions While Selling Out a Sovereign Christian-America to Subversive Jews at AIPAC | Grieving Mother Calls on Blair to Condemn Shooting of Son by Israeli Defense Force Goons | 'But Israel Must Also Be Held To Account for the Deaths of Innocent Palestinians' | Two of Shin Bet's Hundreds of Murders in Cold Blood | 'The Zionist Regime is a Permanent Threat to the Middle East' | Iran Hosts International Conference to Raise Money for Palestinian Government | 'Act Now to Stop War and End Racism' Rally Formation Group is Exposed as an Operative of the Subversive Judeo 'Socialist Workers Party' | 'Lepke' Movie Presents Star-Studded Semi-Historical Insights into Pro-Zionist America's Well-Hidden Jewish Mafia | The Legendary Founder of Yiddish Theater, Abraham Goldfaden (1840-1908) | Mossad Spy Uncovering American Secrets Threatens to Spill the Beans | Jewish Entertainers from A-Z |  Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 14
| Zionist Nations Plan 'Long War' To Continue Vicious Colonial Hegemony | Soldier Says Iraq is Nazi War Crime | Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- World Must Treat Iran as a Bonafide Nuclear Partner | 'We Are Not Stopping' | Jewish Pornography | War Mongering and Misleading Pro-Zionist Report Says Iran Can Make Nuke in 16 Days Using 54,000 Centrifuges | High Semite Population of New York Under Possible Death Threat From Dangerous 911 Toxins... Developing... | Sen. Nelson Bill of Rights Traitor for ADL Subversive Hate Crime Law | The Largest Racial Hate Group | Israel Lobby Driving U.S. Middle East Policy | Israelis Must Be Held Internationally Accountable for Killings of Thousands of Palestinians | Racial Bias in B'nai B'rith Community Statement | Iran Showdown Shows Anti-American Power of Israel Lobby | 'Eliminating Israel is the Duty of Every Moslem' | Iran Buys 15,000 Automotive Alarms Made By Israel | Israel's Elections: A Decisive Vote for Apartheid | Israel Ends War Criminal's Leadership | Ancient Gold Bracelets Found in Israel | Small Jewish Confessions of a Birthright Traveler |
April 13
| Cinemax "Protocols" Movie Introduces Jew Watch to Millions | Storm Gathering in Iran | AIPAC Controlled White House Purposely Shelved Evidence Not Supporting Iraq War WMD Lie In Order To Please Its Neocon Zionists Within | How Judeo-Bolsheviks Ran the USSR as a Killing Field for 65,000,000 European Gentiles | Israel Will Continue to Hurl Terror Bombs into Gaza Homes, Producing Wounded and Dying Children | Israel's End Game Gambit Failure: Hamas Refuses to Allow Israel to Exist | Boston Globe Prints 100,000,000 Killed by Jews in USSR | Nuclear Fat Israel Casts Jealous Eye on Iran's Uranium Progress | Zionist Thug Invaders Stir Plate of Violence for Passover Celebrations, Celebrate the Cruel Killing of Innocent Egyptian Children 3,000 Years Ago. | 129 Patients Have Been Murdered by IDF Terrorist Military Thugs at Israeli Checkpoints | Jewish Hatred of Gentiles by Israel Shahak in Foreword by Gore Vidal | Exodus Remembered: Passover Inspires Parasite Jewish Concern for Immigrants (But None for Well-Being of Host Nation Citizens) | Feds Use 1917 Espionage Act to Prosecute Alleged AIPAC Spies | Racist Latino Rallies in USA Are Tied to Workers World Party Founded by the Judeo-Bolshevik Samuel Marcy | The Marxist Jew-Drenched Workers World Party |
April 12
| "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" Documentary Film Featuring Jew Watch is Now Playing on Cinemax | AIPAC Bribery: ZionoFascist GOP Chiefs Don't Want Immigrants Charged | Protesting the US Empire: Tourism in Pro-Zionist US Shrinks | Jewish-Dominated Gossip Journalism Scandal at NY Post Metastasizes, NY Times Prepares to End Its Own Jewish Sleaze-Ball Gossip Column | Zionist Control over Propaganda-Based Religious Cooperation Cells | Nuke, 'Blessings of God Almighty' | Detroit Meat Packer Defies Its Own ZionoFascist Globalism - Fires 15 Illegal's for Leaving Work to Attend Rally | Help Spread the Word About Jewish Supremacy to Millions: Join Jew Watch 'Friends' Blogging for New Jew Watch Readers Program | Anti-Zionist Civil War Spreads to Pakistan:  At Least 57 Killed | Arial Sharon's Fascist Regime Officially Ends as Israel Declares Former Terrorist Incapacitated | Deadly Artillery Duels in Zionist-Moslem Gaza Area | Minority-Controlled ACLU Caught in Attack Sleaze Against Majority Religious Interests | Judas Gospel Debate Continues | ZionoFascist Barbara Streisand Psychoanalyzes Fellow Judeophile George W. Bush | Paul Wolfowitz�s Heart of Darkness | Israeli Soldier Jailed for Peeping at Women | British Attorney General Asked to Act on Men Shot in Gaza | IDF Goon Killed in One-Hour Gaza Shoot Out | Zionist Thugs Kill Girl In House Bombing | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 11
| Israel Looks to Complete Pullout by 2008 Before Bush Term Ends | Hopes Recede of Ending Mideast Bloodshed | Israeli Colonial Terrorists Segment Off Palestinian Areas | Another Little Girl Killed by Israeli Terror State | The Israeli Hebron Massacre Terrorist Act | Arab Allies Appeal to United Nations to Censure Israel's Gaza Atrocities | Israelis Evolve into National Racial Separatists | The History of Early Israeli Terror Attacks | U.K. Jury Rules British Photographer Unlawfully Killed in Israel | No Power Can Offset Muslims' Vigilance, Says, Russian Official | Hamas: Israel Severing Security Ties with PA is 'Declaration of War' | Google Secures Israeli Engineering Mastermind to Evolve Improved Search Engine | Globalist Zionism Rejects Imports for Israelis | Colin Powell Fears Power of Israeli Lobby, Despite David Gergen's Lame Influence Denial | ADL Hate Bund Gets Auschwitz Labeled as Made by Nazis, a Theme Important to Their Holocaust Propaganda |
April 10
| Holy See Conspires to Shut Down Open Radio Discussions on the Crime of Jewish Supremacy | Pro-Zionist Vatican Steps Up Efforts to Censor Polish Millionaire Priest | Are the 3 Alabama Boys Who Burned Baptist Churches Pro-ADL Jews? If So, Where's the Zionist Media Coverage? Where's the ADL Outrage? | The Complex Jewish Kabballah | Zionist Puppet U.S.A. Considers Use of Nuclear Weapons Against Iran | Tyson Foods to Close Plants During Illegal Immigrant Strike Monday Which is an Admission They Deal With Jewish Supported Illegals. Answer? Don't Ever Buy Tyson Chicken. | Zionist-American Global Cabal Weakening: American Blacks Angry Over Latino Takeover | Meet the Jew Killer Leon Trotsky | Israel Orders New Human Rights Restrictions on Palestinian Indigenous Peoples | Israel Calls Hamas 'Hostile Entity' & Commits More Acts of Terror in West Bank & Gaza | Israeli Hate State Polarized Along Religious Grounds | Israeli Deception Specialists:  Fatah Not Hamas Rocketing Israel. But Who Knows?  Who Cares? | Has Ahmadinejad Miscalculated? | Palestine on Alert After Israeli Terror State Murders 16 Last Weekend | Israelis Threaten No Work for Occupation Protesters | ADL Zionist Bund Invited to Speak at College of Charleston's Arnold Hall on Middle East Issues. Would You Honestly Bet on Fairness for This College Event? |
April 9
| Six More Dead in Grotesque Day of Israeli Killing in Gaza | 'Gospel of Judas' Discovered After 1,700 Years | Feds Close in on Jewish Extortionists in New York Post's Gossip Scandal | Forest Suspiciously Set Afire by Unknowns Near Suspected Nuclear Site in Iran Capital | Jewish Control Inter-Faith Agencies Designed to Promote Zionist-Christian Ideology | Somber Report of Citizen Discontent in Zionist Occupied Iraqi | Weather of Minor Biblical Proportions Punishes aWayward Israel | Jordanian Press Association Bans Israel to Its Reporters | Does Israel Conduct Covert Action in America? | Meet Barwan Barghouti, the Top Man on Israel's Assassination List | Historic HUAC Report on Communist Jews | PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh Defiant in Facing Israel | How Deep is All This Blood? | Israel Rains Terror from the Sky Upon 30 Moslems | The Newest Ancient Religion Against Jewish Hegemony | German Minister Says Iran's Forensic Holocaust President Would Be Welcome to Come for World Cup Games | Abbas: Olmert's 'Convergence Plan' Means More War | Israel Crisis: Olmert to Begin Relocating Some Settlements Even Without Agreement |
April 8
| NY Daily News Says Jewish Gossip Columnist, Jared Paul Stern, Allegedly Offered New York Billionaire a "Free Pass" For One Year in Rival New York Post Gossip Section for $220,000 | Jewish Lies of Omission in Columbine School Coverage | Reuters Video: Shin Bet Arrests Palestinian Cabinet Member | Jewish-Globalist Immigration Plot Fails; Senate Supports Millions of Gentile Letters; Refusal to Give America to Mexico | Pro-Zionist Bush Administration Does Not Challenge Zionist Scooter Libby's (Liebowitz) Leak | Jewish Torture of Political and Religious Persons in Biblical Times | Hamas Prime Minister Rejects Recognizing Israel Despite Racist Sanctions Against Palestine's Fledgling Democracy | Alone and Broke, Hamas Struggles to Rule | Pro-Zionist United States Which Now Runs Its Own Mossad Torture Prisons Will No Longer Participate in U.N. Human Rights Council | Zionist-Colonialist Apartheid Wall Dooms West Bank Farmers | Israeli Terror State's Genocidal Massacre at Qana | U.N. Failures and Loss of International Respect by Zionist-Controlled United States Seen in Human Rights Council Decision | Israeli Terrorist Regime Murders Palestinian's Family Members | Israel Systematically Killing Palestinians in Genocidal Holocaust Program | The Rotary Club and Other Zionist Plots by Mona Charon | Hitler Nazi Museum Bad, Herzl Zionism Museum Good | The Shameful Attack on Free Speech by Jews at Harvard and Chicago Universities |
April 7
| More Debate Over Harvard's AIPAC Report | Inquest Rules Young British Film-Maker "Murdered" by Israeli Soldier | Pro-Zionist Irving Louis Liebowitz (Scooter Libby) Rats Out Bush and Cheney | The Jews and Bolshevism | Israel Illegally Transferred Classified Anti-Missile Technology to China for Profit | ABC Video: Liebowitz "Outing" the President | Zionism's Final Borders | Iran's Supreme Commander Tells USA to Leave the Region | Ralph Reed Dirtied From Jack Abramoff's Less Than Clean Jewish Soap | French Students Greet Germans With Nazi Salute | Zionist Yossi Olmert, Brother of Israel's Prime Minister, Tries to Restart His Embarrassing Life of Financial Wreckage in New York City | Zionist Science Video: Jesus May Have Walked On Submerged Ice | Jack Abramoff's Rabbit Hole to "Jewish Scandal Hell" Deepens | U.K. Increases Weaponry Shipments to Israel and Other Civil Rights Abusers | Jewish Senator Feingold Pushes Censure of President Bush for Committing Constitutional Violations | He Became the Pope Due to Nazi Past | The Burgeoning Jewish Mafia Lies Surrounding "Super Zionist" Jack Abramoff's Crimes | Iran's Holocaust Denying Prime Minister Considers Trip to Germany | Jewish Senator Feinstein Supports "Do Nothing Immigration Bill" Which Will Turn Her State Over to the Mexican Invasion | Dr. Claire Berlinski's Wishful Jewish Apocalyptic Vision of a Third World European Junk Heap | "Intuition" is the Latest Jew, Jew, Jewish Medical Sci-Fi Novel by Zionist Allegra Goodman | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 6
| Hundreds of Hasidic Jews Riot in Brooklyn | ADL's Pathetic Anti-Semitism Bitch-Fest Report Shows only 1,775 Mostly Minor Incidents and Possible Semitic Hoaxes in All 50 States Or Less than 35 Per State Which Means With ADL's $45 Million Budget, the Fat Cat ADL Collects More Than $25,000 Per Incident or Hoax | Crazed Israel Seeks to Kill President Abbas of Palestinian Nation | Associated Press Video Shows Israel's Outrageous Attempt to Kill Palestine's President Abbas | Instead of Divesting from Israel, Intel Signs $810 Million Mfg. Agreement To Mfg Your Computer's Security Sensitive Chips in the World's Spyware Capitol of Israel | ADL May End Its Hate Industry Fund-Raising Business:  Finds only 45 Anti-Semitic Incidents in Six Midwestern States--Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota | Zionists Defame Christianity | Ten More Dead in Chaotic Mossad-War-Lashed Pro-Zionist Occupied Iraq | Associated Press Video of Shows the Continuous Blood Letting in Pro-Zionist Occupation of Baghdad on Tuesday | Israel's Olmert Says His Miniscule Minority Win Means Acceptance of Kadima's Plan | Saddam Blasts Zionist Show Trial and Testifies the Occupation's Pro-Zionist Shi'ite Ministry Has Killed Thousands of Iraqis | ADL Hate Bund Attacks Christians | Saddam Exposes Ethnic Tension Exploding in Zionist Occupied Iraq in Context of Occupation Government's Genocide | New Zionist Horror Charges Against Iraq's Only Duly Elected President Saddam Hussein Based on Historically Weak Mossad Disinformation about Unproven Kurdish Genocide Accusations | NY Semitic Senator Charles Schumer Seeks to Stop Misguided IRS Plan to Sell Taxpayer Information |
April 5
| Venezuela's President Chavez Nationalizes Pro-Zionist Corporation Oil Fields | Anti-Israeli Jews from Teheran Meet with Jewish Community in Russia | Jews Control Other Ethnic Organizations | Israeli Genocidal Takeover Plan Gains Two More East Jerusalem Houses from Palestinian Owners Using Arab Buyer | Kadima & Labor Forge Israeli Terror Coalition Government to Continue War Against Palestinian Christians, Moslems, and Jews | The History of Jews, Christians, Islamics, and Lamb Chops | Israel Accused of Obstructing Justice in Murder by Israeli Soldier of British News Cameraman | Civil Rights Team Investigates Anti-Israeli Bias Among Informed College Students Based on Flimsy Accusations | Political Organizations Controlled by Pro-Zionists | Israeli Terror State Confiscates Land From Palestinian Nation | Jewish Press in America Silences AIPAC Report Through Refusal to Print or Cover It | Russian Anti-Semitic Attacker Files for Reduced Sentence Based on Mental Illness | Israeli Joins India in Manufacture of Helicopters | Attorney General of Israel Calls on Chief Rabbi to Resign Due to Scandals | Zionist Liars Spin Web of Deceit About Iran and Hezbollah | Fractured Iraq Would Create Problems for Zionist Terror State | Largest Israeli Bank Breaks Ties with Occupied Palestine | Both Sides Would Go Nuclear | Jewish Senator Charles Schumer Accused of Racism in Dubai Deal | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 4
| Anti-Semitic Paranoia at Harvard | Benjamin Franklin's Jewish Prophecy | Brain Dead Sharon Scheduled for Reconstructive Surgery | Nazi Salutes and Racism at German Soccer Games | Jew Spins Harvard Report as Screed in Jerusalem Post's Disinformation Piece | Zionist-Free Chinese Press Says Militants Shelled Israel in Response to Murder of Palestinian Leader by Jewish Killer Soldier Elites | 'I Dream of a Map Without Israel' | Sharon Will Be Declared Permanently Incapacitated | Nation & Race by Adolf Adolf Hitler | New Christian AIPAC Israel Lobby Will Be More Powerful than Newly Bashed Jewish Version | Anti-Christian Media War Conference Trivialized by Media Bigots | ADL Monitors Right Wing Christian Groups Then Criticizes Iran for Monitoring Bahai Religion | Jewish Lies and Ironies in the AIPAC Report Wars | Iran Tests 2nd Warship Torpedo in Straits of Hormuz in Two Days | Nuclear Iran by 2007 | Zionist Occupied Iraq Much Worse Off than Under Saddam | Pro-Zionist Seattle Press In Totally Non-Objective Coverage of Protest | Jewish Pride Worldwide Campus Center for Jewish Racists at Columbia University | The Monster of the Jewish Ghetto |
April 3
| Pro-Zionist Sen. Joe Lieberman Supports Legislation that Would Eventually Give the USA to Mexico Through Immigration | Israel's Diamond Oligarchs Clean Up Tarnished Image with New 'Israel Diamond Branding' Strategies | Jew Senator Dianne Feinstein Offers Speech Restricting Border Control, Supporting Mexico's Almost Completed Takeover of California | Fatah Gunmen Continue to Defy Hamas Government's Order to Stay Off Streets | Small Israeli's Lemon Grass Farm Becomes Alternative Cancer Mecca | New York Farm Bureau Supports Jew Senator Schumer for Exploitation of Scab Migrant Labor | Globalist Pro-Zionist Schumer Delays Chinese Goods Tariff | Jewish Terror State's West Bank Dream Ends | Hamas and Israel Ignoring Themselves | Jewish Senator Lieberman's Run  Faces Test of Pro-War Stance | Hamas Squats on Jewish Terror State's Post-Colonial Hopes | Jew Gives Ethno-Centric Views on Israel and Its AIPAC Trojan Horse | Jewish Prison State Guards Violently Assault 240 Negev Prisoner Victims with Gas, Rubber Bullets, and Billy Clubs | Zionist Media Propaganda Victims in America Remain Compliantly Pro-Israel | Pro-AIPAC Reporter Tamar Jacoby Discusses Fellow Tribal Member Arlen Specter's Racist Pro-Immigrant, AIPAC, and Anti-Majority Legal Program | Tamar Jacoby's Globalist Immigrant Absorption Prejudices That Are Destructive to Long-Term Majority Interests | Tom Welling Beats Out Jewish Actor Ben Affleck for Chance to Deep Kiss Brad Pitt in Gay Old Testament Movie | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
April 2
| Washington Post's Richard Cohen Now Says Bush Lied to Start Zionism's Hateful Iraq War | Pro-Zionist Condoleezza Rice Denounces 1,000 Errors | Behold, The Jewish Crushing of All Dissent | Letter Violates Australia's Jew Crimes Law | Fatah Party Militants Flourish Rifles Defying Hamas Authorities | Jews and the Black Holocaust | Pro-Zionist Elie Weisel Accused of Hate Abuses Against Catholic Leaders in Press | Zionist Army's Propaganda Team Convinces Released Hostage Jill Carroll to Retract Statements | Anti-Semitism Surges Among African French | Canada's Pro-Semitic Museum of Human Rights Hypocrisy | ABC Suspends Pro-Zionist Producer Over Trivial Bush-Bashing / Jew-Bashing E-Mails | Studies About the Jewish Control Over the Black Holocaust | Editor Slaps Hate-Filled Jews Attempting to Dishonestly Smear Scholarly Harvard Report | Israel Dislikes Russian Foreign Minister's Comment that Israel Hypocritically Erred on Refusing to Recognize Democratically Elected Hamas | Palestine Urges International Community to Pressure Israel to End Escalation of Violence | U.S. Intelligence Spreads Unfounded Lies About Probable Iran Terrorism in Event of a Strike | Iran Test Fires Multiple Warhead Missile | Iran War Will Start Over a One Trillionth of a Gram | Iran Condemns Israel's Most Recent Terrorist Assassination | Germany's Pro-Jewish Dictator Court Removes Zundel's Defense Counsel |
April 1
| How Jews Target, Penetrate, Assume Position, and Compromise European Civil Rights Organizations | Civil War Two: Anti-American Jewish Supremacy Press Monopolies Black Out School Closings | The Future of Israel in the Post-Zionist Era | U.S.S.R. Jewish Genocidal Killer General Gingrich Yagoda of the Petrograd Horror | Brainwashed Press Focuses on Nazi Salute of City Councilman, Ignoring Merits of His Protest | Jewish-Promoted Immigration Produces Mexican Flag Burning at School | Three Quakes Damage Anti-Zionist Iran | Jewish Newspapers Scam Advertisers with Fraudulent Circulation Figures by Printing and Dumping Their Newspapers | Mossad Provocateurs Achieve Bloody Infighting Between Competing Palestinian Militants | Never Trust a Jew:  Tom DeLay's Aide to Plead Guilty in Expanding Super Zionist Jack Abramoff Scandal | Pro-AIPAC Secretary of State Admits 1,000 Tactical Errors in Iraq War | Jewish Genocidal Killer Lavrenti Beria of the Jewish Founded and Run USSR | ADL Hate Group Accuses Syria of Giving 'Aid and Comfort' to Holocaust Deniers | Principal Who Raised Mexican Flap Jack Faces Discipline | Zionist Promoted Immigration Chaos Increases as Patriotic White Boy is Detained for Flying School's U.S. Flag Upside Down Beneath Mexico's Flag | Israel 'Illegitimate Child' of U.S. Has Massive Nuclear Toys | Hamas Sworn In Amid Mounting Zionist Acts of War | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links


March 31
| How Jews Target, Penetrate, Assume Position, and Compromise European Civil Rights Organizations | Civil War Two: Anti-American Jewish Supremacy Press Monopolies Black Out School Closings | The Future of Israel in the Post-Zionist Era | U.S.S.R. Jewish Genocidal Killer General Gingrich Yagoda of the Petrograd Horror | Brainwashed Press Focuses on Nazi Salute of City Councilman, Ignoring Merits of His Protest | Jewish-Promoted Immigration Produces Mexican Flag Burning at School | Three Quakes Damage Anti-Zionist Iran | Jewish Newspapers Scam Advertisers with Fraudulent Circulation Figures by Printing and Dumping Their Newspapers | Mossad Provocateurs Achieve Bloody Infighting Between Competing Palestinian Militants | Never Trust a Jew:  Tom DeLay's Aide to Plead Guilty in Expanding Super Zionist Jack Abramoff Scandal | Pro-AIPAC Secretary of State Admits 1,000 Tactical Errors in Iraq War | Jewish Genocidal Killer Lavrenti Beria of the Jewish Founded and Run USSR | ADL Hate Group Accuses Syria of Giving 'Aid and Comfort' to Holocaust Deniers | Principal Who Raised Mexican Flap Jack Faces Discipline | Zionist Promoted Immigration Chaos Increases as Patriotic White Boy is Detained for Flying School's U.S. Flag Upside Down Beneath Mexico's Flag | Israel 'Illegitimate Child' of U.S. Has Massive Nuclear Toys | Hamas Sworn In Amid Mounting Zionist Acts of War |
March 30
| Pro-Zionist U.S. Puppet Army Okays Tattoos to Recruit Cannon Fodder | Pro-Zionist Bush Pushes Congress to OK Continuing Mexico's Takeover of U.S. | Known Liar Condoleezza Rice Unsure if U.S. Will Support Her Zionist Masters on Border Decisions | Zionist-Engineered Civil War in U.S. Begins as Mexican Flags Unfurl | Jewish Father of Iraq War Mossad Agent Nick Berg Runs for Congress on Son's Severed Head | Hamas War If Israel Does Not Withdraw and Give Palestinians Their Stolen Homes in Israel | Stars and Stripes Replaced by Mexican Flap Jack in Jupiter, Florida | AIPAC/Pentagon Spies | After Harvard Report, American Government Remains as AIPAC's Slave | Non-Jew Kids Mentally Abused to Tears in Florida Jew School Holocaust | Israeli Terror State Plans to Pull-Out  70,000 Armed West Bank Settlers | Jewish White Slavery Racket | Anti-Defamation League Brainwashes Students Inside Holocaust Temple | Jewish Goldman Sachs Says Oil Will Rise to $69.50 a Barrel | Zionists Push Anti-Majority Integration, Applaud Jew Josh Bolten as Zionist U.S. Chief of Staff | Russian Iraq War Spies Story Denied |
March 29
| Rabbi Orders Maiming of Dolls | Israel's Army Apologizes to Media for Mossad Voting Deceptions | Beleaguered Premier of Zionist Occupied Iraq Warns U.S. Occupying Forces to Stop Interfering | Post-Election Political Jostling Underway in Israel, Occupied Territories | Zionist Terror State Students and Their Arab Victims Protest at York University | One in Five Israeli Terror State's Women Are Beaten Up | Arab States Reject Israel's Go It Alone Policies | Secret White House Judeo-Con Cabal Blocked Nuclear Talks with Iran in 2003 | Zionist Puppet Bush Finds Solace in Victory Amid Iraq's 3-Year Death Dance | Israel's Prime Minister Olmert Faces Many Problems | Hamas Will Begin Violence Against Israel | 'It's All A Lot of Nonsense' Say Thousands of Israelis | Iraq Prime Minister Searching for Identities of Acting Sectarian Mafia Murderers Working as Policemen | Neurotic Pro-Zionist and Jewish Women Who Founded and Controlled the Women's Movement | Crisis over U.S. Backed Raid of Mosque that Murdered 16 Worshippers | David Duke's Harvard Report Appearance on Pro-Zionist MSNBC | Jew-Stuffed Court Fines White Free Speech Advocates Under Draconian Canadian Hate Law | Zionist U.S.A. Only Gets Watered Down Iran Nuclear Statement from a U.N. Wary of War-Hawk American Super Power |
March 28
| Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Declares Victory in Israel with Miniscule Position of 28/120 Seats in Zionist Parliament | AIPAC Lobby Dean Forced Out by Jewish Hate Groups Critical of their own Zionist-Dominated Harvard University | Zionist Traitors Fox and Bush Meet Behind Closed Doors in Mexico City to Continue the Genocidal Destruction of America Through Jewish-Supported Immigration Policies | Zionist Political Leaders Alarmed by Low Voter Turnout | Jewish Control Compromises Majority Protective Anti-Immigration Movements | Zionist Settlers Expect 80%-90% Turnout in Their Hate Quest to Wipe Out Palestinians | Jewish Control Over Political Discussion | Border Experts Let in 'Dirty Bomb' Materials | Anti-Zionist Hamas Parliament Takes Over, Supports Jihad | Bush Plans to Use Pro-Zionist Immigrant Lies to Drive Down Wages of Middle Class And Destroy America Forever | Arab League Warns Israel Not to Pass Laws Against Palestine | Chile Has Most Jews in Government | Zionist Artillery Degrades Many Palestinian Homes | Zionist Disinformation Storm Intensifies Over AIPAC Lobby Report | German Middle East Expert Criticizes Israeli Nuclear Double Standard | Zionist Industrial Trojan Spyware Hackers Receive Light 4-Year Slap-On-Wrist Sentence in Israel | Israel's 6,000 Millionaires Own 3.5 Times Israel's GDP | Jewish ADL Hate Group Smears Christians | ADL Kisses Up Under Shanghai in Preparation for Its Future Domination by Naturalizing Jewish Immigrants | Foxman Spins Deceptions About AIPAC Report as Hate, But Will Not Debate AIPAC As America's Enemy | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
March 27
| U.S. Constitution, Article 4, Section 4: "The United States shall protect each state against Invasion" | Zionist Contaminated Judiciary Committee Votes FOR Illegal Invasion and AGAINST Constitution | Pro-Zionist Puppet Bush Applauds Jewish-Supported Invasion by Illegals | Congressman Tom Tancredo Openly Opposes Jewish Racist Immigrant Invaders Plan to Destroy America as We Knew It | Harvard University Folds like Soft Toilet Paper Before the Racist, Pro-Zionist Anti-Defamation League | Jewish Master Racist, Robert Belfer of Enron, $7.5 Million Harvard Philanthropist, Insists Harvard AIPAC Report Researcher be Banned from Making any Reference to Harvard University | Make-Up of Israel's Next Government Uncertain on Eve of Election There | Anti-Defamation League Smear Bund Stops Rutgers Rock Concert | Israel's Over-Paid Guard Dog Tony Blair Says Anti-Americanism is Madness | Lies, Damn Lies, and the Fate of the Israeli Terror State | Rupert Murdoch Dons Hillery Clinton's Jewish Globalist Feathers | Murdoch's Jewish Ancestry | 69 More Die as Pro-Zionist Armies Continue Hostile Takeover of Iraq | Iraqi Blogger Opposed to Zionist Iraq War Nominated for Literary Award | Marines Suck Sunni Men into Pro-Zionist Surrogate Army thus Insuring their Slaughter | Jewish-Infested Southern Poverty Law Center's Morris Dees Flees from Brochures and Questions at South Carolina University | Southern Poverty Law Center's Jewish Co-Founder, Joe Levin | Israel's Presses Drumming Up Fake Election Hysteria Fearing Voters Will Be No Shows | Southern Poverty Law Center Mostly Benefits Jews | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
March 26
| Pro-Zionist Domestic U.S. Media Makes Unfounded Claims that Iran's Nuke Program is Ahead of Schedule | Kadima Polls Retreat on Eve of Zionist Terror State Elections | Israeli Police and DA's Paid Off by Tel Aviv's Mafia Kings | Zionist Spawned Immigration in France Backfires with Huge Surge in Anti-Semitism Among Immigrant Children | American-Canadian Armies Attend Torture Classes at Shin Bet this Week | 74.4 Percent of Palestine Satisfied with Hamas Government | Zionist Knesset Rejects Shin Bet's 'Israeli Patriot Act' | Key Issues at Stake in Tuesday's Israeli Election | The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Debate | Breakthrough in Israeli Elections? | Iran, Syria Blast Israel Over Nuclear Weapons | Ahmadinejad: Iran Shall Achieve Full Nuclear Technology Soon | Russian-Zionist Support Rising for Russian-Speaking Beiteinu Party | Russian Speaking Avigdor Lieberman Will be Huge Winner in Elections No Matter What |
March 25
| Loss of Palestinian Land from 1946-2000 | Israeli Racists Kill Olive Groves in Palestinian Lands | Zionist Broadcasters Condemn Harvard Report | Wicked Web of CIA, MI6 & Mossad & their Well Paid Secret Agent, Osama Bin Laden | Jewish Prejudice Haunts Moroccan-Israeli Candidate | Zionism's Bulldozer Operators Destroy Needed Water Reservoirs in Palestine's Jordan Valley | Israel's Mossad Arrested and Tortured 650,000 Palestinians Between 1967-2006 | How America's Inadequate Intelligence System Brought Hamas Victory in Palestine | Israeli Soldiers Murder Unarmed 16-Year-Old Youth | Mossad's Retired Head Efraim Halevy Has No Regrets over Agency's Unchecked Ruthlessness, Spying, and Assassinations | Zionist Terror State's Racist Elections | Gap Widens Between Israeli Rich and Poor | Pro-Zionist Puppet U.S.A. Disagrees with Russia on Wording of U.N. Statement on Iran | Shin Bet's Legacy of Murder and Torture | Rothschild Hires Former German Chancellor Schroeder as Adviser |
March 24
| Are America's Jews Preparing to Emigrate to the Chinese Economic Giant? | Amnesty International Issues Humanitarian Crisis Alert for Zionist Occupied Palestine Due to Starving Children | The Jewish Crime of Not Reporting | Jews Who Dominate Major Sports | PM Olmert Snubs Zionist Rightwingers in New Government | 41% of Jews in Israel Favor Segregation | AIPAC Is So Pro-Israel That It Hurts | Israel Sins by Underplaying Tensions and Violence Between Minorities in Zionism's Terror Nation | Major Jewish Felons in the AIPAC Spy Case | Zionist Israeli Inhumanity Forces Starvation Inside Palestine's Ghettos | Israel Overuses and Overexploits Palestine's Water | Declining State of Relations Between Israel and Its American Colony | Jewish Journalists Start Plan to Falsely Give Harvard Report a Death by 1,000 Editorial Stabs | Dr. John Hagee's New 'AIPAC' for Judeo-Christian Pretenders Who Support the Zionist Terror State | Zionist America's Colonialist Exploitation to Start, Support, and Prolong the Iraq-Iran Ten Year War | Pro-Zionist US Koshers Japan-Iran Oil Deal |
March 23
| The Biggest Gentile in Hollywood Whose Sacred Feet Jews Worship | US Media Bias in Covering Israel and Palestine | Witness Names Being Suppressed by AIPAC Spy Court | Kadima Party Shuts Itself In, Hopes for the Best | Host of Oscars Criticized for Outing the Hidden Jews of Hollywood | Arabs: The Forgotten Minorities of Israel | Pro-Zionist PC Goons Cruelly Fire Radio Talk Show Host for an Innocent PC Slip of the Tongue | The Jewish Forward Admits Openly of a Jewish Conspiracy to Shut Down News on The Harvard AIPAC Report | The Jewish Left's Left�s Kvetching Amen Corner | Arsonists Attack Holocaust Archive in Texas | Christian Religious Leaders Sell Out to ADL & Propagandize Teens at ADL's Meetings, Given Only 1 Day to Speak When Miniscule Jews and Moslems Get 2 Days | Hamas Will Never Arrest Palestinian Militants Who Attack Israel | Israel Blames Palestinians for Not Surrendering Its Constituent's Cities | Treasury Dept. Shamelessly Spreads Terrorism Guilt-By-Association Lies About Hizballah-Associated Television Station in Iran | Racist Jewish Anti-European Hate Group Bnai Brith Plots to End Free Speech Including Holocaust Denial |
March 22
| Israel Illegal Barrier Hurting Palestinian Farmers | Israel's Largest Voting Block of Communist Russian Jews Reject Kadima Party | 'No Palestinian is Safe from Israel�s Iron Fist' | FOX Jew Spy Videos | Harvard University Bows to Hateful Zionists & Tears Harvard's Logo Off AIPAC Report | Jewish Domination of American Immigration Reform Movements | Lone Islamic Moroccan Running for Israeli Prime Minister | Pope Says Christ's Salvation Not 'For Jews Only' | Kadima Party Still Leads in Polls One Week Before Election | How Israel Dumps on World Jewry | AIPAC Study Says Israel Lobby Is Against U.S. Self-Interest | William Perl, New York Jewish-Communist American Spy | Abe Foxman Sucks Up to Red China | Bird Flu Hits Gaza, Israel & Hamas To Meet | Dershowitz Propaganda Against AIPAC Study Will Paint It Neo-Nazi by Connecting Its Honest Findings with Honest Findings on Sites Like Jew Watch | Kadima Orchestrates Huge Rallies | Israel Investigates Rabbi for Racist Harangues | Prime Minister Says Israel Wages War of Starvation against Palestinian People in Gaza | Zionist US Intelligence Liars Spred Unfounded Falsehoods About Iran-Al Qaeda Alliance |
March 21
| The Truth of the AIPAC Conspiracy Report | Pro-Zionist Reporter in Spews Racist Rant by Comparing Chinese Olympics 2008 to Berlin Olympics 1936 | Gentiles in Poverty Forced to Pay More for Unwanted Koshering of Their Food Because of Jewish Activist Lobbies | Today's Civil War Deaths in Pro-Zionism's Occupied Iraq | Pro-Zionist New York Sun Lamely Paints Harvard Report with Its Tired Old David Duke Brush | The Dancing Israelis | Anti-Defamation League Shamefully Exploits Passover by Inviting Unsuspecting Gentiles Under Guise of False, Deceitful Religious Friendship, All From the Same ADL That Constantly Bashes Evangelical Christianity | Zionist Corrupted America Tosses Kosovo to Islam | Iran's Khamenai Approves Iraq Talks with AIPAC's Puppet State | Israeli Racism Against Arab Minority Seen in Impending Election | Israel Charges Palestinians as Al Qaeda Operatives for Mossad Propaganda Reasons But Offers No Proof Whatever | The Harvard Report and What It May Mean to AIPAC | Bertelsmann AG World Publishing's Jewish Controllers | Famous Pro-Zionist Attorney Alan M. Dershowitz Prepares Extensive Materials to Debate 'Israel Lobby Report' with Its Researchers at Harvard. Developing... |
March 20
| Text of 83-Page Harvard Report on 'The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy' | Hitler's Chancellery DVD Virtual Museum Generates Anti-European Racism by Jews | Zionist Humanitarian Crisis Threatens 1.4 Million People | Zionist Settlers View Israel Vote as Last Hope | Quotes and Facts About Blacks and Jews | Zionist Racial Hatred Directed at Jewish Blacks in Israel | Israel Spy's Supreme Court Appeal Fails | Pro-Israel Lobby in U.S. Under Attack | Pro-Zionist US Army Troops Allegedly Murder 15 Women and Children for Revenge | Shin Bet's Nazi Torture Methods | Humanity Suffers The Savagery Of The American Empire's Post 9/11 Worldview | ADL Hate Group Visits Jewish Master Race's 1900 Ghettos in China | Anti-European Editorial Spew by Jew Filled with Villainous Accusations | Middle Eastern Revenge Focuses on Pro-Zionism's U.S. Currency |
March 19
| Israeli Leader of National Jewish Front Says Bird Flu Outbreak 'Punishment From God' | Zionist Propaganda Disinformation: We Are Bracing For Hezbollah Attacks | Olmert: Israeli Terrorist State Will Try Palestinian Patriots Illegally Kidnapped by Zionists In Jericho Prison Raid | Israeli War Atrocities Victimizing Middle East | Zionists Killed 500,000 Poultry Fearing Avian Flu Epidemic | 'Our Spirit and Determination Will Vanquish Zionism' | Israeli Soccer Tea Presently Scheduled to Play England on Shabbat | Zionists Meet with U.K. Anglicans for Divestment of Israeli Stocks | Egyptian Dies of Bird Flu, 4 Israeli Cases Test Negative, Both Nations Rapidly Culling H5N1 Infected Fowl | Jews in Entertainment | Israel's Anti-Jewish Pograms in Amona, Palestine | Israel Kills People Like You and Me | Israeli Terror State Accuses 2 Human Rights Groups of Undermining Its Existence | Rabbi Says Zionist Regime Fraudulently Uses the Holocaust Myth to Gain World Power and Wealth | Reports by Many Authors on the Power of the Jewish Master Race | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
March 18
| Israeli Atrocities Report For This Week | Minority Racist New York Jews Illegally Fire a Majority American | U.K. Condemns Israel for Killing an Innocent Palestinian Girl in Reckless Hail of Bullets | R. L. Polk & Co. Makes Rothschild Its Vice President | AIPAC Behind U.S.A.'s Criminally Self-Destructive Middle East Policy Say Harvard & Chicago Universities' Researchers | Jewish Pornography Archive | Hamas Announces Formation of Its Democratic Anti-Zionist Government | Abbas Urges UN to Press Israel to Release Jericho Militants | How a Nuclear Armed Israel Blackmails the United States | Friends of Diversity Predict Neo-Nazi Rally in Lansing Will Fail | Watchdog Report Exposes Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Center for Democratic Renewal | Jews Who Don't Want Islamic Companies Listed on Dow Jones Market | Possible Mossad Disinformation about Iran Working with Iraq's Militants Finds Ink in Major Newspaper | The Myopic Prevalence of a Self-Indulgent Jewish Star System Revealed in Recent Broadway Musical | Jewish-Owned Rothschild Bank Accused of Shyster Conspiracy that Destroyed 6,000 MG Rover Jobs Held by Britain's Gentiles |
March 17
| 2 Israeli Farms With H5N1 Bird Flu Virus, 4 Children Hospitalized | Meet the Irish Jews in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day | Jewish Bigots Whine Over Legal Free Press | Firestone Tapped as President of Hillel's Racist College Cabal | Irish Jews Soon to Wear Green Armor | Pro-Zionist USA Opens Dialogue on Iraq End Game with Anti-Zionist Iran | U.S., U.K. & Mossad Afghani Moles Murder 22 Innocent Civilians in Iran | Iran's Nuclear Programs Will Not Bend to Threats of Pro-Zionist Nations | Lest We Ever Forget the Jewish Killers of Russia | College of William & Mary Name Building for Jewish Zionist Despite the Fact that He Was Chairman of the Racist United Negro College Fund and Was an Award Recipient from the Discredited & Criminally Prosecuted ADL Hate Group | Possible Hate Hoax Being Exploited by Professional ADL Hate Provocateurs | Pro-Zionist Newspaper Bludgeons Innocent Christian Writer with Unquestioned, Unfounded & Opinionated Attacks by Vicious Jewish Hate Groups | New Salem Witch Trial for 2 Immature Teenagers Whose Simple and Unwise Vandalism is Elevated to a Spray Paint Hate Crime |
March 16
| Bird Flu Hits Zionist Kibbutz | New Jewish Reparation Hate Crimes Swindle In the Works | $9 Trillion Debt Satisfies Judeocons in White House | Colonization of Palestine by Israel Has Always Isolated the Zionist Terror State | Palestinian Business Conference Destroyed by Racist Zionist Israel | De Paul University's Hate Crime Hoax | Historical Reports on the Jewish Press Monopoly | U.N. Warns Israel, Syria, and Lebanon of Escalating Hizbollah Security Problem Near Golan | Lebanese Protest U.S.-U.K. as Israeli Puppets | Nuclear Hypocrite U.S.A. Says It Will Strike Iran First | ADL's Pathetically Racist Pro-Zionist Canard Against U.N. Human Rights Council | Escalating Hate Wars Between Jews and Christians in America | Jewish Publishing Gurus | Israel, U.S. & Britain Pose World Cup Security Threat | Utah Enacts Zionist Hate Crime Law Just to Please Jews' Racist 2% Minority |
 March 15
| Pro-Zionist U.S. Accused of More Moslem Child Killings, Saddam Urges Resistance Against Invaders | Anti-Christ Attack by ADL Hater, Abe Foxman, 'New Testament is Anti-Semitic' | Known Liar Condoleeza Rice Jacks Up Disinformation that 'Iran is Terrorism's Banker' Paving Pro-Zionist America's Road to World War Three | Palestine Accuses Israel's Hate Nation of an "Ugly Crime" | Iran Is Iraq, Part Two | U.S. / Russia Worried about Israel's Provocative Criminal Actions at Jericho Prison | Palestine Promises Total Work Strike and Endless Protests Over Zionism's Illegal Prisoner Seizure | Israel Accused of Plotting "Political Assassination" of President Abbas | Israeli Press Brazenly Spins Outrageous Prison Raid in Positive Zionist Manner | The Real Tragedy in Israel | More Papers Surface on U.K. Aiding Israel's Nuclear Bomb Programs | U.S. Court Told Israel Subjects Detained Americans to 'Trauma' | European Colonial Nations Seek Iran War | 2% Jewish Minority Hold ADL's Religious Forum for 98% Christian Majority | Conference on ADL's and Other Recent Jewish Wars on Christianity to Be Held in Washington, D.C. | ADL Shamefully Exploits Trial of Aryan Brotherhood for Its Publicity and Value in Compromising Law Enforcement with ADL's Deceptions in that Area | ADL's Law Enforcement Crimes and Many Other ADL Hypocrisies | National AIPAC Conference Is A 'Nest of Spies' |
March 14
| Israel's Young War Criminals Face European Arrest Warrants | Israeli Minority Puppet Canada Sips from Its Jewish Thought Control Gutter | Pro-Zionist Murdoch Declares Internet Spells End for Media Barons Like Himself | Germany's Zionist Owned Sex Industry Gears Up for World Cup | Non-Zionist Al Jazeera Going Global -- In English | "So Good to be a Jew, So Bad to be a Gentile," Life According to the ZOG | Israeli Disinformation Concerning Prison Raid Dutifully Reported Verbatim in Monopoly Jewish Press | Architect Gives Up All Self Respect, Kisses Feet of Pro-Zionist Attack Dogs for the Israeli Terror State | Israelis Show No Support for Their Own Bloody Palestinian Settlement Quagmire | Prison Raid Crisis Brings President Abbas Back to Jericho to Face Growing Crisis at Home | Zionist Forces of America and Britain Abandoned Their Assigned Prison as Israeli Terror Forces Arrived for Illegal Takeover | Boston Globe Exploits Anti-Semitism to Cloak Extremely Racist Rant | Muslim Critical of Islam Receives Threats | Pro-Zionist Jew Uses Single French Death to Hurl Unfounded Racist Remarks at Islam |
March 13
| Pro-Zionist U.S. Interferes with Palestinian Democracy's Existence | Israeli Terror State Hunkers Down in Isolation | Latest Israeli Deceit: Iran Provoking Jihad in Israel | Hamas Teases Israel With Possible Palestinian Resolution | Israel Outraged by Jewish-Russian Mafioso's Call for Russian Overthrow | Israel Always Knew Its Settlements were Illegal | Israel Will Not Discuss Straw's 'Nuclear Free Middle East' | NFL's Tom Brady Completes Two-Week Zionist Brain Wash | McDonald's of Israel Goes Kosher, Drops Cheeseburgers | Iran to Build 2nd Nuclear Plant | U.S. Planning Subversion of Iran's Government | Iran Faces Gasoline Shortage from Refinery Crisis |
March 12
| Apartheid Israel's Racist Residency Status | Israel's Trade Deficit Up 88% | 59 Questionable Israeli Terror Alerts, Troops Close Border | Pro-Zionist USA Loses Asian Nations on Iran | Iran Main Security Concern for AIPAC Puppet's White House | The Jewish Literary Monopolist Cabal | Canada's Sordid Internet 'Splendid-Minorities' Fascism | 'Final Call' Blasts ADL Bigotry & Zionist Filth Peddlers | Pro-German 1933 Boycott ADL Threatens Saudi Arabia on 2006 Israeli Boycott | ADL Speaker Bolsters Resume with Justice Department Background Notation | ADL Shamefully Calls on Human Rights Expert to Shut Up About Israel's Terrorist Inhumanity to Man | Zionist Bigots Unite in Outrageous Hate Against Illinois Commissioner of African Descent | AIPAC/ADL Refuses to Condemn Israel's Ethnic Cleansers | Iran Closes the Door By Rejecting Russia's Nuclear Enrichment |
March 11
Abu Ghraib Victim Suffers from Pro-Zionist Humiliation and Tortures | AIPAC: Fighting Terror Or Pushing Bigotry? | Israel's Marijuana Party May Win Parliament Seats | Iran Threatens to Use Oil in Nuke Standoff | World's Confirmed Liar Condoleeza Rice Says Iran is 'Central Banker for Terror' in Middle East | Politicians and Media Provoke Islamophobia in US | West Will Suffer Far More From Sanctions Than Iran Will, Says President Ahmedinejad | Why They Really Think They Must Defeat Iran | History of Zionism's Bloody Middle East Wars | Zionist White House Carries Out the Jewish Master Race's Plan to Undermine and Destroy Palestine's Fledgling Democracy for Israel's Racist Thugs | Germany's Foreign Minister Steinmeyer Warns U.S. of Making Military Threats Against Iran | Famous Semite, Al Levin, Documentary Producer / Mentor, 79, Will Be Missed by Many | Israel's Sacred Terrorism | Nazi Helmets Gaining Popularity In The Netherlands | Bibliophile Robert Wilson Opens Anti-Semitic Ezra Pound Exhibit |
March 10
| Israel's Love for the West Bank Fades | Israel's Tom Crow Laws and Racial Terrorism Policies | U.K. Shipped Plutonium to Israel in 1960's Records Show | Pro-Zionist Liar Bush Says Diplomacy Best for Iran Crisis | Arrogant Zionist Prime Minister Spews Newly Thought Up 'Olmert Plan' for Middle East | How the 'Jewish Master Race' Conspired to Control NPR | $84 Billion to Israel from USA Treasury | World's Newest Democracy Fights Back, Gaza Hits Israel With 4 Qassam Missiles | U.K. Wants Nuclear Free Middle East Including Israel | Israeli Russian Immigrants Rejecting Sharon's Kadima Party | Zionist Thug's Open Gaza Gates Briefly for Fresh Food to Reach Hungry Children | Zionist Controlled Multi-Billion Dollar Grant Organizations & Foundations | ABC Heavily Interviews Former US Ambassador to Israel on the Alleged Inevitable War with Iran |
March 9
| Illinois Governor Tells ADL's Jews, Learn to Get Along with Farrakhan or Else | Israel Extradites Zeev Rosenstein Alleged Jewish Mafia Ecstacy Moses | Zionist Thugs Murder Children | Jewish Controlled Fashion Industry | Pro-Zionist Hillary Protects 11 Million Illegals | Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations | Dubai Transfers U.S. Ports to American Company | 100,000 UK Soccer Hooligans Told No Nazi Salutes In Germany at World Cup Games | Ya'alon Describes Israel's Military Options Against Iran | U.N. Tells Israel to Stop Murdering Arab Kids | Jews Dominate Gambling Industry | Arabs Ask Pink Floyd's 'Wall' Not to Perform in 'Walled' Israel | Israel, Unsuccessful in Fighting Terror, Agrees to Help Romania to Fight Terror | Israel Destroys Agriculture in Gaza | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
March 8
| Lord Rogers to Appear Before Modern Jewish 'Sanhedrin' to Beg for Salvage of $1.7 Billion Javits Convention Center Architect Contract | French Jews Filled with Hate for Other Races Want Murder for Money Crime Falsely Declared Anti-Semitic Hate Crime | College Student Duo Allegedly Behind Very Minor Columbia University Hate Crime Prank Seek Settlement Today | 'Secrets of the Federal Reserve' by Eustace Mullins | Homosexual Jew Barney Frank Frustrated Trying to Sneak Gay Hate Crime Bill Through Congress in Deceit-Filled Legislative 'Deck of Shuffling Cards' | Florida Jew Goes on Ridiculous Hate Rant | Benjamin Franklin Reads Jews the Riot Act | Pro-Zionist America, Famous for Guantanamo & Abu Ghraib Torture, Hilariously Criticizes Other Nations' Human Rights | Israel Says It Will Attack Iran | Anti-Zionist Norman Finkelstein Interviewed Before Columbia University Speech | Pro-Zionist ADL Gives Diversity Award to Georgia Frontiere Rosenbloom, Owner of the NFL's St. Louis Rams for Diversity Beyond the Call of Duty | The Crazed and Alleged History of Georgia Frontiere Rosenbloom and the Mystery Surrounding Her Husband's Strange Death | Iran Threatens U.S. With `Harm and Pain' | House Panel Votes 62-2 To Block Dubai Port Deal | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
March 7
| Israeli Terror State: Incoming Palestinian PM Is Target | Pro-Zionist's "Shock and Awe" Baghdad Bombs Brings Depleted Uranium Radiation to London | Homeland Security Under Pro-Zionist Chertof Flags $650 Bank Deposit as Al-Qaeda Indicator | Jewish Masters of White Slavery Industry | Jews Pray for the Immediate Dissolution of the Zionist Regime | Israel to Allow Rabin Assassin to Inseminate Wife | Racist Israel Supreme Court to Rule on Who Counts as a Jew | Elderly British Architect Recently Terrified by Jews Suddenly Says He Loves Israel's Apartheid Walls | Flying Hotel Concept for Higher Pro-Zionist Profits | Zionism's State Prosecutor: Palestinian Rights Groups Undermine Israel | Saudi Arabia Still Hosting World's Israel Boycott Convention | Plucking One More Delightful Verbose Feather from the Holocaust Denial Reactionary Newspapers | Judeo-Bolshevik & Pro-Zionist Film Studio Cabal | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
March 6
| 4,000 AIPAC Jews Ask Congressional Shills for Anti-Palestinian Authority Laws | The Debate Over Jews and Black Slavery | Hamas Parliament Rescinds all Powers Granted to Abbas by Fatah Party | Israeli Terror State Kills 4 Palestinians Including Child | Zionist US Puppet Dismisses Any Iran Compromise | Iran Publishes Book Proving Holocaust was Just a Lie Concocted for Zionist Purposes | Iran's Nuclear Gamble Would Keep US & Israel At Bay | Moscow Considers Pro-Zionist America Threat to World Peace | AIPAC Lobbies for Racist American Economic Terrorism Against Hamas | EU Wants Israel to Pay $60 Million Monthly Customs Duties It Owes to Hamas | Saudi Arabia Ends Israel Boycott For Entry into the Pro-Zionist World Trade Organization | British Foreign Office Hires the Israeli Who Was the Jenin War Crimes Cover Up Guru | CBC Must Turn Over Zundel Trial Tapes | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
March 5
| Germany's Ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl Admits Jewish Holocaust Is a Myth | Iran's International Holocaust Denial Conference Begins Tuesday | Leaders of Israel's 3 Major Parties Speak to America's Greatest Enemy, AIPAC | The Neocon Temptation: Escalate the Conflict | More Key Republicans Turn Against Bush Port Deal | Israel: 'Now We Will Annex West Bank Settlements to Israel with International Approval Because of Hamas' | PM Olmert: 'Israel Will Separate from Palestine With or Without Hamas' | Moslem Leaders Know How Israel Poisoned Arafat | Hamas Awakens All Middle Eastern Nations | Pipes, Mass Murdering Muslims a Good Thing | U.S. Threatens Iran | Bush Actions Help Make Iran 'Super Power' | Key To Iran War is To Make Turkey & Iran Enemies | Jewish Dominated Hollywood Oscars Reveal Zionism's Multi-Racial Prejudices as "Crash" Racialism Film Beats Out the Jews' Near-Winning Favorite, the Bi-Sexual "Brokeback Mountain" Movie | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
March 4
| 2,299 U.S. Gentiles Dead in AIPAC-Sponsored Iraqi War | U.S. Says Al Quaida Set Mosque Blast | Fascist Jew Thugs Seek to End Careers of World-Renowned Architects for Opposing Israel's Racist Apartheid Wall | Abraham Foxman and His ADL Puppet George W. Bush Both Tell United Arab Emirates to End Boycott of Apartheid Racist Israel | Europe Fears Entire Middle East Will Experience True Independence If Iran Achieves Nuclear Power | Hamas Rebuffs Russia & Remains Anti-Israel | 'Israeli Soldiers Raped Settlers' | Rabbi Discusses Sexuality and God | Iran's ex-President Says Zionist Allies 'Failed Miserably' in Iraq | Iran's Secret Service Finds Al Qaeda is CIA-Mossad Operative | Zionist Church Terrorists Brought Gas Cannisters | Christian and Moslem Palestinians Protest Israeli Terrorists Setting Explosive Devices in Church | The Jewish Cult of Freudianism | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
March 3
| Pop Diva Madonna Seeks House in Rosh Pina, Israel to Await the Jewish Messiah | Oscar Nominee: 'People Hate Israelis for a Reason' | Jewish Political Humorist Art Buchwald Nears Death | Hamas Says No Lasting Peace Until Israel Pulls Out | Mentally Ill Zionists Light Firecrackers In Holy Nazareth Basilica Sparking Riots | Two Jews Intolerant of The Nation of Islam, Resign | 'Valley of the Wolves' Producers Say Film is Not Anti-Semitic | Anti-Semitism Investigated at U.N. | Zionists Sell Dangerous Weapons to China | 130,000 Germans Give Standing Ovations to 'Valley of the Wolves' in First 5 Days | Israelis Refuse Food to Arab Children | U.S. Intel: Al Qaeda Plotting Iraq's 'Big Bang' | Jewish Racism Against Jews | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
March 2
| South Africa's Jewish Holocaust Hypocrites | Pro-Zionist Puppet Government Sadistically Deports an Innocent Old German Camp Guard, 81 | America's Love for Israeli Killer State May End Port Deal | Pro-Zionist White House Stabs Constitution a Second Time | USSR Run by Jews So Anti-Semites Were Made Capital Offense Traitors | Jewish Military Science Makes Sharks into Weapons | Israeli Terror State's Acting Premier Announces 'Iron Fist' Murder Tactics Against Palestine's Patriots | Zionist Fascists Arrest 2 Hamas MP's in Militarized Jerusalem | Iran's President Admadinejad's Nationalist Followers Support Nukes | Red Terror of the Jews in USSR Quotation Study File | Teacher on Administrative Leave for Using His Free Speech to Compare Bush and Israel to Hitler and Nazi Germany | Robertson Removed from Judeo-Christian Broadcasting Board of Directors Whose Churches Rely on Zionist Owned Cable Companies for Access to Believers | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
March 1
| ADL Awards Pro-Zionist Banker / Real Estate Mogul | Abe Foxman to Speak on Moslem Murder of 1 Jew But Stays Mum on Israel's Murderous Past and Present | Pro-Zionist Racists Spew Anti-Ethnic Hate for Arab Port Deal Based on Dubai's Israel Boycott | Jewish Bolsheviks Ran the USSR as Their Own Hate-Filled Killing Field for Innocent Europeans | Israel's Dolphin Submarines Can Now Threaten and Even Attack America with Nukes | Pro-Zionist U.S. - U.K. Envoys Differ on Iran's Nuclear Program | UN Says Iran Not Cooperating on Nuclear | Court Halts Construction of Wiesenthal Tolerance Center on Holy Moslem Burial Site | Anti-American New York Jewish Nuclear Spy and Deadly Trojan Horse David Greenglass | Israel Officially Denies Its Mossad Goons Murdered Top Jihad Leader, Palestine Vows Revenge | Approaching the End of Iraq, the Unnerving Result of the Zionist Armed Invasion | Legal Issues in the Iran Nuclear Stand Off | Zionist Iraqi War May Spawn Many Middle East Civil Wars | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |


February 29
| Rothschild Banks Claw Their Zionist Fingernails into Kuala Lumpur under the name Rothschild Malaysia | Specter of Civil War Looms 66 Dead in Single Day | Zionist Iraqi Invasion Increases Worldwide Terror Probability | David Irving Tells BBC the Holocaust Figures are Absurdly Inflated | Jewish Feudalism in the Domination of Public Relations and Advertising | Arab Party Must Openly Lie to Pass Israeli Fascist Approval Process | Israel Dumped Nuclear Waste on Golan Heights | No Way Zionism Can Stop Iran's Cash Transfers to Palestine | Jewish Terrorist Gingrich Yagoda the Butcher of Petrograd in Strictly Jewish Run USSR | Israel Backs Off, Licks Russian Wound | Jewish Commentator Richard Cohen Uses Old Worn Xenophobia Argument to Reject National Ports Security | Bush Cheers Decline of Mainstream Media & Rise of Internet Alternative Information | Abandoned Israel Watches United Nations Fund Hamas $143 Million and Pretends It Is Not So | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 28
| Rabbi Arthur Schneier Exploiting Muslim Cartooning Victims to Push Jews' Diversity Shtick | 33,000 White, Immigrant and Jewish French Left Wing Protesters Support Killing of Arabs by Jews in Gaza While Opposing the Killing of Jews by Arabs in France | Top Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Winner Will Receive $12,000 Prize | Jewish Abolitionists As Rare As Snail Darters | Judeo-Con President Earns Only 34% Approval | Hamas Warns Israel Not to Kill Its Leaders | 'Hate Group' Calls Hamas 'Jew Haters' in ADL Canard Where 'Pot Calls the Kettle Black' | UN: Iran Determined to Enrich Uranium | Iran Calls on Pro-Zionist Nations, US and USSR, to Destroy Nuclear Arsenals | Jew's Vicious Hate for Gentiles in History | Italian Communists, Under Attack by Jews, Publicly Set Afire Israel's Terror Flag | England's Free Speech Traditions vs. Zionist European Mind Control Laws | London Robbed of Its Outspoken Gentile Leader by Quisling Zionist Court | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 27
| Zionists Block Peace Activist from Entering Gaza | Iranian Newspaper Blasts West for Undermining Hamas | Israel's War Criminal PM Has 78th Birthday in Coma | Israel Brands President Abbas as 'Irrelevant' | Hamas Leaders Reject Negotiation with Israel | Ten Planks in the Jews' Communist Party | Saddam's Plans for Defense of Baghdad Leaked to Pro-Zionist USA by German Agents | 29 Killed in Zionist Invaded Iraq; Blasts Rattle Baghdad | The Hidden Tyranny | Swastika on Teacher's Car | Troubled Israel Cuts Back Military Draft | Israel Withdraws from Palestine Everywhere | Is Another 'Saddam' Required for Pro-Zionist Iraq? | Quotes on Jews by Famous People | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 26
| Israel's Largest Newspaper Haaretz Stands Up for David Irving's Human Rights | Weekly Report on Israeli Terrorist Activities | David Irving's Martyrdom | Zionist Propaganda Sessions for Impressionable Youth | New York's Jewish Revolutionary David Bronstein alias Leon Trotsky | Racist AIPAC Will Sing Zionism's National Anthem | Arrest Scores in Orlando's Peaceful White Civil Rights Protest: 17 Blacks - 0 Nazis | Zionist Persecution of David Irving May Extend More Than 3 Years | David Irving Case Reveals the Lie of Europe's Human Rights | Killing of Jew by Muslims in Paris Not Anti-Semitic | Russia Seeks Rapid Completion of Iran's New $1 Billion Nuclear Plant | Israel Seeks to Retain U.S. "Only Ally" Position by Pushing PA into Hands of Iran, Syria, Russia and China | If You as Zionists Just Give Us as Palestinians All the Rights, Properties, and Lands You Stole from Us, We Will Make Peace with You | Iran is Ready to Strike Israel's Dimona Nuclear Plant Near Haifa | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 25
Anti-Israeli Suicide Bombers Blown Up While Attacking West's Largest Refinery in Saudi Arabia | Hypocritical United Kingdom Violates Human Rights of London Mayor | Israel Considers Palestinian PM a Legitimate Assassination Target | UN Lobbies for Palestinian Aid Despite Israel | Zionists Work to Subvert Green Party as Enemies from Within | Russian Judeo-Oligarchs Traitors Leech Nation Dry | AIPAC Seeks US Congressional Propaganda Trips to Zionist Stronghold | Hamas Will Speak With Anyone in the World Except Israel | Illinois Governor Defies ADL Hate Group, Keeps Farrakhan Advisor on State Hate Crime Panel | Anti-European and Pro-Zionist Hate Groups Support Denial of David Irving's Human Rights | Nuclear Hypocrite Bush Wants $75 Million to Interfere with Iran's Sovereignty | The Pro-Zionist Thugs Who Control America's Jewish Monopoly Movies | Bush Undermines Iran Argument by Recognizing Israeli, Indian and Chinese Programs as Bonafide Nuclear Nations | Civil War Gathers Strength in Iraq | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 24
| Iranian President Says US and Israel Bombed The Golden Shrine | Hamas Warns Israel to Elect a Moderate Government | Western Holocaust Historians to Dominate Iran's Holocaust Conference | Baghdad Declares Day Time Curfew | ADL Tosses David Irving to the Wolves | 111 Dead in 2 Days | Apartheid Israeli Roads vs. Palestinian Roads | Georgetown Hosts Israel Divestment Forum | Zionist CBS Owners Take $9.1 Billion Loss | Yahoo! Bans "Allah", Keeps "Jesus" | Shin Bet Generals See Decline in Jordan and Egypt | Chicago Student Suspended, Put Small Plastic Nazi Flag on Zionist's Automobile | Israeli Thugs Murder 5 Palestinian Boys | Newspaper Faces Hate Crime Charges | ADL Spurns Protocols | Denmark PM Appeals to UN in Cartoon Crisis | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 23
| Disgusting Golden Mosque Blast Damages All Hopes in Story With Dramatic Photos | Iraq Coming Unraveled in Rampaging Civil War, 60 Sunni Mosques Bombed By Shia Islam Today | Civil War May Trap Post-Colonial Infidels in Ever Expanding Middle East Conflict | Iraqi Predicts Bloody Civil War for His Nation | Israel's PM Says Iran Is Not a Threat | Is Golden Mosque Bomb Really a Mossad & CIA Planned Black Ops Special to Cause Chaos for Expanding War? | Iran Offers Full Financial and Political Support to Palestine | Israel Rejects Making Jordan into Palestinian Nation | Olmert Calls Iranian Statements Despicable | ADL Over-Amplifies Murder of 1 Jew in Paris | Torah with Swastikas on Display | Henry Kissinger's Known Conflicts of Interest | Israel's Intifada Atrocities | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 22
| Jews Make Holocaust Museum into Propaganda Mill for Secondary Teachers | Hamas Leader Takes Over as Prime Minister of the Palestinian Nation | Pro-Zionist AIPAC's Lobby Revels in Hate for Iran and Palestine | Palestinian Hate Bill by AIPAC Racist Lobby Pushed Through Congress | Free Copy of Henry Ford's Book, 'The International Jew' | Palestine's Top Leaders Discuss Their New Nation's Future | Mossad AIPAC Spy Larry Franklin Now Working as Parking Valet in West Virginia | Vicious, Hateful Jewish Lobbying Against AAUP Conference Bears Fruit in Divisiveness & Poison Within Universities | ADL's Abraham Foxman Speaks in Support of Israel's Racist Policies in Jesus' Bethlehem | Israel's Acting PM Investigated for Alleged Wrong Doing in Sale of His Home to a Billionaire | Pro-Israeli Think Tank Issues Hate Statements Over Hamas Visit with Turkish Leaders | Hitler's Jewish Supporters | USA Today Reporters Discuss How to Accomplish US Racist Nuclear Containment Policies Against Iran | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 21
| Austria Sentences David Irving to Three Years for Disagreeing With Zionists | Europe's So-Called 'Free' Nations Dash Iran's Open Investigation of Holocaust Claims | European Jewish Congress Concocts Racist Lawsuit Against President Ahmedinejad in Hague for Inciting Genocide | Theodore Hall was Another Jewish Spy | Post-Colonial European Parliament Stomps Iran | Let Hamas Rule | ADL Confront Wiesenthal's Tolerance Center | Iran Has the U.S.'s Number | ADL Hate Group Attacks Northwestern University's Newspaper | Text of the Controversial Protocols of The Elders of Zion | Hamas Seeks More Anti-Zionist Factions in Forming Government | Iran's Khamenei Urges Muslims to Fund Hamas | Neocon Architect Says 'Pull It Down' | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 20
| Sharon's Son Has 'No Regrets' for His Crime | USA Steals $50 Million from World's Youngest Democracy | Racist Wiesenthal Hate Group Says Nazi Ideas Live in Middle East | Hamas Leader Meshaal and Iran's President Will Meet To Discuss Palestine's Future | America's Jewish Mafia | Simon Wiesenthal's Anti-Arab Bigotry | Hamas vs. Fatah in Newly Convened Palestinian Parliament | Israelis Confiscate Democracy's Funds | Condoleeza Rice's Zionism Will Face United Arab Resistance | Sacred Muslim Skeletons Unearthed by the Racists of Wiesenthal | Oscar Committee May Bow to Zionist Hate Groups | Jewish Supremacists Who Control America's Gambling Industry | Anti-Defamation League's Bigotry Against the Christian Majority | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 19
| Hamas Sworn in as Head of World's Youngest Democracy | Israeli Terror State Congress Convenes to Vote for Subversive Activities Against Palestine's Fledgling Democracy | Today's 1 Hour Radio Program Real Audio Stream | Zionist Nation Jails More Innocent Youths Holding :Peaceful Democratic Rally | Known Irregularities and Deceptions in The Balfour Declaration | Weekly Report on Israeli Terrorist Activities | Pakistan MP's Say Cartoons Are Zionist Plot | German Mossad Passports Aid Israeli Air Strikes Against Iran | The Jews and Joseph McCarthy | Shin Bet's Racist Policies | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 18
| ADL Hate Group Calls Freedom of Press at Northwestern University "Irresponsible" | Israel Dogs Out Fledgling Democracy | Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his Own Words Courtesy of ADL's Internet Hate Press | Pro-Zionist Sirius Satellite Radio Grabs 84% More Audience But Increases Its Short-Term Losses | Photographic Biographies of the Jewish CEO's of Sirius Satellite Radio | Neo-Bolshevik ADL Calls for Hateful, Irresponsible Legalization of Union-Busting Mexican Labor Scabs | History of the Rothschild Banks & Their Killer Step-Child USSR | Shameless Zionist Puppet Condoleeza Rice Conspires to Weaken Newly Born Democracy By Stealing Its $50 Million | Ten Muslim Faithful Die in Libyan Cartoon Riot | How This Jewish American Princess Learned to "Make Do" During Israel Visit | Southern Poverty Law Center Laments Lack of Security for Two Convicted Jewish JDL Terrorists Killed While in Federal Custody | Journalist Views Europe as Part of United Effort of Zionist Cowards in Further Defaming Zionism's Already Injured Muslims | Israel's Illegal Torture of 850 Arabs Each Year | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 17
| Zionist White House Rejects U.N. Call to Close Its Mossad Torture Kitchen in Cuba | Iran's Ambassador to Portugal Says It Would Have Taken Nazis 15 Years to Burn 6 Million Dead Jews | New York's Jews Dislike Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Contest | Meet Alexander Bergman Jewish Anarchist & Subversive | David Irving vs. Mohammed Cartoons Reflect Europe's Free Speech Double Standard | Fascist Soccer Star Forced to Meet With Holocaust Claimers | More Outrage and Uproar at 2nd Day of Germany's Thought Crime Trail of Ernst Zundel | The Natural Leftwing Jewish Gestalt Against Voting Republican | Smaller Israel, Smaller Army | Iran Calls USA 'Hostages of Zionism' | Ellen Naomi Cohen Disguises Her Jewish Ancestry Under the Pseudonym Mama Cass | Count Two, The Neo-Con Crime of Aggression | Zionists Restrict Travel Freedoms | 'Democratic' Jews Discriminate Against Palestinians for Hamas Election Win | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 16
| Zionist Ted Koppel of ABC Nightline Speaks Before Jewish Supremacists at Anti-Defamation League Meeting in Florida | Zionist Racists Meet Under ADL's Hate Banner to Discuss More Anti-Religious Attacks on Christianity in America | AIPAC Trial Unveils Zionism's Darkest Lobbying Secrets | Introducing... America's Jewish Slave Ship Owners | Mohammed Cartoons Seen as Possible Mossad Provocation | ADL Hate Group Spinner, Myrna Shimbaum, Suggests that Iranian News Agency is Megaphone for Mounting Holocaust Questions | Israeli Asks Jews to Draw Their Own Anti-Semitic Cartoons for Holocaust Contest | Canadian PM Says Cartoons Threaten Troops | Canuck's Intolerant Anti-Semitic Muslims Want Zionist Ezra Levant in Jail for Cartoons | Zionist Mafia Bosses Thrive and Grow Amid Israel's 'Pink Panther' Law Enforcement Boondogglers | Zionist Wiesenthal Center Building to Rise Atop Graves of Holy Moslems | Zionists Report Moslem Movie About U.S. Army Doctor Who Removes and Sells Abu Ghraib Prisoner Organs | Iranian Newspaper to Host Holocaust Cartoon Contest | Israel Murders Another Retarded Palestinian | More U.S. Zionist Puppet Army Torture Photos Based on Mossad's Torture Methods Emerge from Abu Ghraib | Zionist Mossad Torture Trainers Corrupt American Soldiers Into Producing these Abu Ghraib Video Horrors | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 15
| Intolerant Anti-Christian Subversives in ADL to Intensify Their Hatred for Christians | Shin Bet Calls Iran Israel's 'Worst Threat' | Known Zionist Puppet and Liar Condoleeza Rice To Lie Again Before Foreign Relations Committee | US Admits Subverting Hamas by Meeting with World's Leaders | Israel Orders Palestine's President to Disarm Hamas On Eve of Its Taking Power | Zionists Exploit Holocaust Perceptions to Bolster their Racist Agendas | Lawsuit Threatens Existence of Pro-Zionist-Owned CBS & Viacom | Vicious USA-Israeli Cabal to Starve Hamas Out of Office in Defiance of Its Election | Arial Sharon's Convicted Son Gets 9 Months Prison Time | Archive - Zionist Domination of Political Organizations | Gore Won't Support Israel In Front of Muslim Audience | European Hating Jew Organizations Coerce Newspapers to Run Stereotyped, Biased & Racist Anti-People Hate Pieces | Benjamin Freedman's Famous Speech Revealed the Depth of Jewish Subversion of Europe and USA | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 14
| Hamas Demands Complete Israeli Withdrawal As Condition for Peace | Hamas Calls Outgoing Parliament Immoral | One of Many New York Jewish Communist Nuclear Spies, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer | Zionist Germany Doesn't Want Jews Back, Supports Israel Over Hamas | Venezuela Would Welcome Hamas in spite of Jewish Meddling in South America | Zionist Soldiers Murder Woman | The Jewish Owned Wicked Music Web Called Viacom | Zionist Says Rioting Muslims Make Even Hitler Look Good | So, How Many Jewish Authors Are There? | Zionist Puppet Germany Debates Attacking Iran | AIPAC Heart of America's Zionist Mole | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 13
| Zionist Moles Attack the Oscars | Putin Taking Gamble with Hamas Meeting | Iran Spits in Europe's Face | Stupid Israel Now Wants Putin Marginalized | Ahmedinajad: Real Holocaust is in Iraq and Palestine | 1,000's of Casualties When Zionists' Puppet Nation Bombs Iran | Zionist Settler Bigots Write Racial Slurs on Palestinian Mosque | Emergence of Fascist Neo-Zionists | Jews and Real Estate | It Was Another Jew Day on Meet the Press | Ex-Zionist Killer Blows Whistle on Israeli Jewish Murders | Rothschild Awards for Jews Only | Support Grows for Ban on Male Circumcision | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 12
| PNAC Zionist Flemming Rose Is Mohammed Cartoon's Provocateur | Iran's President Ahmadinejad: Israel 'Will Be Removed' | NeoCons Urge Bush to Stir Rebellion Within Iran | You Criticize the Prophet But Not the Holocaust | Discredited Zionist Sycophant Rice Says Syria & Iran Causing Riots | The Great Zionist Swiss Bank Heist | Iran Restarts Its Nuclear Bomb Making Equipment | War Criminal Has 7th Operation | Cowardly Jews Publicly Destroy Freedom of Conscience Policy of the American Association of University Professors & Ford Foundation | America's Jewish Communists | Gaza Brigade Releases Egyptian Diplomat at Mosque | Zionist U.S.A. Puppet Plans Bombing Strikes on Iran | Danish Food Company Closed, Devastated by Boycotts | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 11
| Unwise Claret-Filled Cultural Chasm Obvious in World's Failed Diversity | Massive Metallic Eagle from Scuttled Nazi Graf Spee Destroyer Raised | Specter of Islamic Hatred Engulfs Zionism's World Media Monopolies | Grand Archive of Jewish Pornographers in the News | Muslim vs. Judeo-Christian Divide Deepens | Hitler's Gun Fetches $140,025 for Greed-Filled ADL Hate Group | French, Danish and United Kingdom Embassies Attacked in Iran | Absolute Folly of Europe's Immigration Mistakes Erupts in Muslim Hate Rallies All over the World | Puppet Bush Sides with Zionist Master Race's Israeli Terror State | Southern Poverty Law Center's Anti-Male / Anti-White Hate Infests Internet with Its Constant Articles Steaming with Veiled Racism | Godfather of Terror Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin | Measly 2% Minority Atheist Zionists Filled With Hate for Air Force Rules to Serve Its 98% Christian Majority | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 10
| Prominent U.K. Architects Threaten to Boycott Israel Over Apartheid Fencing | Hamas Condemns Gaza Kidnapping of Egypt's Diplomat | Zionism's 100,000 Ringworm Children Genocide Scandal | Israel Confused, Putin Invites Hamas to Moscow | Why Shin Bet Thinks Israel May Regret Saddam's Overthrow | Jewish Media's Known Anti-Semitic Columbine Lies | U.S. Official Says No Quick Fix to Iran | Is Syria Stoking Mid-Eastern Riots? | Is the Press as Wrong on Iran as It Was on Iraq? | Search Shows Abraham Foxman Heavily Involved in Zionists' News Choices | Tel Aviv's Crazed Parking Tickets | Zionist Menachem Golan's 250 Films | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
February 9
| Racist Israel vs. 71 Ethiopians | Guardian Portrays Israel as Apartheid State | Museum of Tolerance Intolerantly Desecrates Moslem Graves | Jews Murdered 65 Million Christians in Russia | Hamas Warns Palestine's President Abbas | Zionist Soldiers Kill Children | Hamas Demands Israel Withdraw to '67 Borders | Church of England Dumps Its Israeli Investments | Is ADL Hate Group Racist about Skinheads? | 900 Quotations About and By Jews | Jewish Anti-Christian Intolerance Against Air Force Chaplains | Cartoon Pain | ADL Hate Group Sees Church of England Divestment as Immoral | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links
February 8
| Protests Over Drawings a 'Global Crisis' | Iran Draws Second Blood with Holocaust Cartoon Contest | History of Jewish Bankers in America | Zionist Washington Post Suggests Three Errors on Iran | Jewish Actor/Director Woody Allen's 'Match Point' | Fascist Israeli Thugs Murder Two Patriotic Gaza Youths Without Trial in Missile Attack | Howard Stern Invades Canada on Quiet Cat Feet | Investigating Zionist Mossad | ADL Tossing Anti-Nazi Hay Over Measly 85 Incidents Nationally | Dr. Baruch Goldstein's Memorial to Zionist Murder | ADL Continues to Shamefully Exploit Hitler's Death on Ebay for Profit | Zionist Attempts to Steal Cartooning Victim Status | Impotent ADL, UN, and Others Try to Steal Media Cartoon Attention for Themselves | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 7
| Israel Machine Guns 2 Palestinian Patriots | ADL Continues to Spread Anti-God Hate | European Nations vs. Moslem Intruders | ADL Hate Group Criticizes a Respect for White Children by European Group | Hamas Reiterates It Will Never Recognize Israel | Many Danes Favor Deportation of Moslems | EBay Bidding at $13,000 For Hitler's Gun | Israel Might Miss Saddam Hussein | Meet the Jewish Mob | Why Did It Take 4 Months of Imam Conspiracies for Riots to Begin? | Anti-Majority Hate Businesses Seek Better Fact Gathering | Bizarre Article Shows How Rothchild Banking Family Members Are 'Shape-Shifting Reptilians' | A Study File on the History of Anti-Christian Hate | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 6
| Iran to Publish Cartoons on the Holocaust | Israel Machine Guns 2 Palestinian Patriots | ADL Continues to Spread Anti-God Hate | European Nations vs. Moslem Intruders | ADL Hate Group Criticizes a Respect for White Children by European Group | Hamas Reiterates It Will Never Recognize Israel | Many Danes Favor Deportation of Moslems | EBay Bidding at $13,000 For Hitler's Gun | Israel Might Miss Saddam Hussein | Meet the Jewish Mob | Why Did It Take 4 Months of Imam Conspiracies for Riots to Begin? | Anti-Majority Hate Businesses Seek Better Fact Gathering | Bizarre Article Shows How Rothchild Banking Family Members Are 'Shape-Shifting Reptilians' | A Study File on the History of Anti-Christian Hate | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 5
| Semite, Betty Friedan, 85, Leftwing Feminist Subversive | Jewish Lesbians Organize Red Feminist Movement in 1955 | Manifest of Jewish Slave Ships | Iran Breaks All Relations with IAEI | Less Than 20% Chance of Not Having Iran War | Oil Rises 2% in 1 Hour on Iranian War Fears | Embassies Stormed in Middle East and Europe | Europe Agonizes | Mohammed Cartoons for Study (Slow Loading) | Arabs Burn Danish Embassy in Beirut | Philadelphia Inquirer Publishes Mohammed Cartoons | Denies Equating Nazis with Republicans | Questionable Semitic Logic Sees Print | The Crazed History of Bogus 'Hate Crimes' at Northwestern University | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 4
| All 12 Mohammed Humor Cartoonists in Hiding Fearing for their Lives | Embassies Torched as Cartoon Furor Grows | Jew Watch Warns Against Religious Bigotry | Palestinian Turncoat Abbas of Corrupt Fatah Party Demands Hamas Recognize Israel or Else | U.N. Resolution Ties Iran and Israel Together in a Middle East Nuclear Free Zone | Jews Who Control Gentile Ethnic Associations (Including Pro-War Iraq Liberation Committee) | Israeli Pilots Briefed on Iran Attack | Israel Spent $14 Billion for Illegal Jewish Settlements | Dissident Palestinian Patriots Strike Israel With Missiles | Israel, India Sign Secret Missile Deal | Russia Will Extend Gas Pipeline to Israel | Super Zionist Jack Abramoff 's Trail Finds Dem. Senator | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 3
| Strategies by Jew Watch End Attacks - Civil Rights Charges On the Way | Diversity Unravels Over Cartoons | Jewish Slave Ships | A Looming War in Iran to Ruin All Economies | Pakistan Will Not Support Force Against Iran | Iran Agreement Stalls Over Israel's Nuclear Programs | Iran Says Russian Nuclear Deal Is Off | Synagogue Financial Disclosure Bill Defeated | ADL Says Gay Marriage Issue Is Divisive | Pro-Zionist Think Tanks | ADL Gets It Right, Outrage Over Gay Axe Attack | Jewish Rights Groups Report on Anti-Semitism & Xenophobia in Russia | 'The Other Holocaust' of 65 Million Murdered by USSR Jews | Hundreds of Previous Jew Watch News Links |
February 2
| Jew Watch Server Destroyed by Mossad's Felon Hackers | 'Springtime for Hitler' Musical Smash Hit in Tel Aviv | World Economic Forum Grovels Before the Jewish Master Race | Russia and Israel Split on Hamas | Zionists Seek to Increase Palestinian Poverty | Muslims In Europe Rioting Again | ADL Hate Group Hunts Down Christ All Over America |