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August 31, 2007
| 'No Elections If Hamas Will Win' | Closed Hamas Charities May Go Underground | Racist Jewish Front Organization Says Hamas Terror Information Published in Britain | Hamas Decries Cruelty of Fatah Party in Closing 100 Hamas Charities Giving Humanitarian Aid to Its People | Israel Eyes Gaza | ADL Rehires Its New England Director Who Was Fired for Breaking with the ADL's Armenian Genocide Denial Stance | U.S. Presidential Candidates Sell Out American Businesses, Use Chinese Business Donations for Election Advantages, Then Approve U.S. Factories Being Moved to China | Rise of the Multi-Polar World Caused By AIPAC's Crippling of American Credibility by Neocon White House | Israel Lies, Says It Warned U.S. Against Iraq War and Pushed for Iran War, When In Fact Israel Definitely Pushed the Iraq War | Bush Mideast Plan Seen as Cover Up for Disregard of Palestine | Federal Election Commission Slaps Highest Fine in History for Jewish Money Donations Allegedly Associated with Soros-Linked Group in 2004 | Republican Party Pushing 'Chinese Spy Ring' Connection to Democrats | Russians to Resume Defying Jewish Music and Video Monopoly Scams by Offering Free Access to Downloads on Internet | Possible Remains of Second Temple Found | FBI's Secret Files on Coretta Scott King Leaked to Pro-Zionist Henry Kissinger | Jewish Movie "In the Valley of Elah" Attacks Severity of Iraq War on the Psychiatric Health of Its Soldiers | "In the Valley of Elah" Receives High Reviews | Know It All Zionist White House Rejects Finding of Its Own GAO Auditors on Iraq War | 

August 29, 2007
| Armenian Genocide Debate Exposes Rifts inside the Zionist ADL | The AIPAC-Iran War Debate at the White House | Firing Foxman | Israel Digs Own Public Relations Grave By Constantly Brutalizing Its Neighboring People to Steal their Lands and Destinies | Spanish Police Arrest Author Wanted in Zionist-Sick Austria for Performing Academic Holocaust Research | Jewish Oligarch Berezovsky Implicated in Assassination of Russian Journalist, 10 Arrested | Biography of Zionist Oligarch Billionaire Boris Abramovich Berezovsky | Sunnis Won't Rejoin Discredited American Iraqi Puppet Government after Deal | Frightened Israel Discusses New Palestinian State with Abbas of Arafat's Previously Outlawed Fatah Party | Fatah-Hamas Rift Supports Strategic Israeli Plans | Former Israeli Spy Opens Huge Bag of Worms on Israel's Betrayal of its Foreign Agents | Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak Says Hezbollah Has 50% More Rockets than Before Israel's Loss in the Lebanon War | Israel Outraged by Rabbi Yosef's Gaffe, 'Jewish Secular Soldiers Died Because They Did Not Follow Religious Observances' | Turkey Demands Israel Force Jewish American Organizations to Back Down, Force U.S. Congress Not to Vote for a Declaration of a 1915 Armenian Genocide by Turkey | Terrified AIPAC Will Not Recognize 'Jewish Lobby' Book Being Published Next Week on TV Shows | Fatah Attacks Its Own People to Placate U.S.-Israel Empire Demands, Closing Down 103 Hamas Charities Traditionally Providing Help to Thousands in West Bank | Zionist Empire's Iraq War Looms Over Venice Film Festival | White House Dominated by Subversive AIPAC-Neocon Decision-Makers Responsible for Murdering Thousands of U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

August 27, 2007
Zionist Brzezinski Embraces Obama Over Clinton for President | Ancient Birthplace of Zionist Influenced Olympics Burned | While Summer Sizzles, Jewish Hollywood Fizzles | Zionist CBS Denies Child Law Violations | Zionist Michael Chertoff Terrorist List Yields 20,000 Dubious Detentions | Aging Zionist Presses Losing to New iJournalists on Internet | Zionist White House Liar: "Gains Made by Surge" | Zionist Banking Nations Conspire to Muzzle Noriega by Transferring Him to France to Face More Charges | Shin Bet Pushes Hamas Suicide Attack Lie as Its Latest Media Deception | Zionist Run France Offers to Broker Iraq Peace, Iraq Slaps French Away | Zionist Bush's Latest Iraq War Flimflam | 'Zionist L.A. Times': Troop Morale Fading in Iraq | Searing Documentary on War Complicity Indicts Not Just U.S. Zionist Politicos, But Major Zionist Media, Too | Hamas Leader Slams Zionist U.S. Charity Blacklist | FBI Agent Says Hamas Ties to Charity on Witness Stand, Meanwhile Terrorist Israel Free to Beg from U.S. Citizens | Hamas Reveals More Documents Tying Fatah Party with Foreign Spy Agencies | U.N. Security Council Extends Peace Keeping Mandate | 

August 25, 2007
| Bodies of Last 2 Missing Romanov Children Who Were Shot and Burned in Acid by Immoral, Heartless Jewish Red Commissars Found Near Yekaterinberg | Rothschild-Related German Banks Pulling Out of Iran in Support of U.S. Israel Terror Empire | Zionist Nazis in Jerusalem Burn Controversial Crematorium After Its Location Is Revealed in Jewish Newspaper | New Surge Report Paints Grim Picture, Iraq's Total Destruction May Be Good News for the Israeli Terror State's Regional Ambitions | Israel Hires Slick Wall Street Firm to Push Positive Propaganda Spin About Israel's Friendship with America on Eve of Book Publication Dissing Israel's Effect on American Foreign Policy | Jewish Lobby Viciously Threatens Economic Lifelines to Colleges and Universities if they Allow Discussions of the Upcoming Book on Israel's Negative Effect on America | Turks in ADL-Israel Squabble over Armenian Genocide, Pulls Plug on Jewish PR Firm | Jewish Newspaper Produces Obvious and Gross Revisionist History for Studies of Same in Recent Article Apologizing for Israeli Terrorism | Selfish and Boneheaded Jewish Bigotry Reflected in the Turkish Holocaust Canard | Damaging Freedom of Speech by Zionists: Vile Anti-American Jewish Intellectual Terrorists Attempt to Kill Publicity of Walt-Meirsheimer's New Anti-Zionist Lobby Book | 

August 22, 2007
| Putin Reacts to American Fascism by Restarting Military Buildup and New Russian Cold War | Zionist France Offers to Broker Peace Between Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd for Israel's Future Mideast Plans | 
NEW  Video Studies of the Non-Jewish Ukrainian Famine Caused by the Jewish Commissars' in their Vast Genocide of Non-Jews inside the USSR | Nazi Extras in Tom Cruise Film 'Valkyrie' Threaten to Sue | Viacom/MTV Jews Line Up to Exploit Americans Directly Instead of Sharing Revenue with Apple iTunes | 14 Iraq Troops Die in Single Copter Crash | Christian Offer to Give America and Europe to Sudan's Refugees without Even Asking the American and European People for Permission | Germany Releases Nazi Documents on Labor Camps to Western Nations Which May Add Even More Fuel to the Holocaust Debates | Bigots in Wiesenthal Center Praise Polish EU Delegation for Withdrawing from Peace Conference and Pandering to Israel's 60 Years of Horrific Terror Against Moslems and Christians | New AIPAC Whistle Blower Book Discusses Jewish Lobby's Bigotry and Sadism Toward Wayward Congressmen and Senators

August 21, 2007
| Revolutionary Humanitarian Forces of Hamas Increase Military Cells Throughout Fatah's Incompetent and Worsening West Bank Refuge | Zionazi Forces in Israel Murder 12 Palestinians in 24 Hours, Hamas Plans Revenge | Hamas Threatens to Use Weapons far more Dangerous than Kasam Rockets | Israeli Terror State Murders Patriotic Hamas Commander Who Took Arms to Resist the Brutality of Israel's Colonial Occupation of His Nation | Hamas Escalates Retaliation Against Israeli Brutality | National Security Ruse Kept Americans from Discovering Dangerous Radiation Leak | Saddam's Cousins, 14 Others on Trial for Suppressing 1991 Shiite Revolt, While American Fascists Murdered 3 Million of their Brothers | Mysterious Leaflets Tossed from Unmarked Helicopters in Kurdistan Warning of Non-Existent Iran Invasion | U.S. Government Continues Lame Lies About Terrorist Threats From Inside Iraq During Summit | Foreign Funds Ready to Cash In and Buy Up What is Left of American Businesses and Markets | CNN Reports Dangerous Anti-American Fascists in Pentagon Closing Down Domestic Counterintelligence Database on Iraq War Protesters | Iraq Surge Worsening U.S. Security

August 20, 2007
| Bernanke's 'Rookie Mistake' Force Sudden Reversal in Fed's Money Supply | Spying by American Fasists to Increase Under New Oppressive Laws in America's Rapidly Expanding Dictatorship | AIPAC Head on 'Most Powerful List' | The Vile Reality of AIPAC and the Murderous Neocons | AIPAC Dollars at Work Destroying Palestinian Farms | Emphasis on Election Coverage Shields Bush's Zionist Neocons from Public Relations Consequences of their Continuing Iraq Murder | 53% of Americans Already Feel Petraeus Report on Iraq Will be a Disinformation Scam | At a Theater Near You: The Horrors of War in Coming Iraq Movies | The Known Liar Called 'The White House' Will Write the Report General Petraeus Presents to Congress | Hillary: I Regret Approving Bush's War | America's AIPAC Proxy War: Already Over-Extended Army, Little Future Potential for Build-Up | 7-Year-Old Moslem Boy Stopped 3 Times as a Suspected Terrorist | Iranian Attack on Northern Iraq, Is It Real or Another George Bush False Flag Operation? | The Lies Grow Just Before Attacking Iran? U.S. Army Tracking 50 Iranian Elite Guards. Want to Buy a Bridge in the Desert? | Another Lie to Precede War? Mother Accuses Iran of Torturing 3 Students. Anyone Remember the Babies in the Incubators? | God Bless Leona Helmsley, 87, 'Queen of Mean' | Super Zionist Sarkozy Faces France's Sudden Economic Woes | 11 Nazi Actors Injured on Tom Cruise Movie

August 19, 2007
| Israel: Standard Bearer of Satan | Will Israel Really Steal Natural Gas Reserves from Its Poverty-Stricken Palestine Colonial Vassal? | Heartless Israeli Terror State Not Interested in Speaking to Palestinian Leaders, Only to Arab Leaders, at U.S. Summit | 110 Aging Palestinian Fugitives Taken Off 'Wanted List' by Israel to Help President Abbas | Gadhafi Son Warns of More European Terrorism to Nations Supporting War with Middle East for Israel | Ahmadinejad: Western Arrogant Nations NOT Real Democracies at All, They Seek to Set Jews, Christians, Others Against Muslims in Their Colonial Power Grabs | Aging Colonialist and War Monger Netanyahu Holds 51% Election Lead in Israeli Polls | War Torn Lebanon Seeks Continuation of UNIFIL to Protect Its Borders from Israeli Terror State | Israeli Terror State Says Europe's Call for Talks with Democratically Elected Hamas Government Wrong for the Heartless Zionist Colonialists of Tel Aviv | From The Jew Watch Project's Anti-Hate Awareness Program News Archives: Stupid Palestinians Exacerbate Their Public Relations Problems by Firing Useless Rockets into Israel Which Only Gets Them Farther from Israeli Recognition as a Nation | Final Last Chance for Iraq's Absurd Colonial Puppet Government | War Mongering Neocons at White House to Gradually Reduce Troops in Iraq in Vain Attempt to Save their Pro-Zionist Face | Kissinger's 'Cannon Fodder': U.S. Military Deaths at 3,705, All Dead for AIPAC, for Israeli Colonial Goals, for White House Neocons, for Empire, for Hate, for WMD Lies | 

August 18, 2007
| "Jew Watch Is Love..." By Frank Weltner, Librarian and Reporter for The Jew Watch Project | Israel Considering International Airport Atop Manmade Islands 400 Yards Offshore | Israel Cuts Oil to Gaza, 400,000 May Lose Electricity | Minister Driven from Bigoted Israel on Charge of Converting Jews to Christianity, Lutherans Ponder Boycotting | Giuliani's Alleged Racism: He Is Against Giving Palestinians Their Freedom from Israeli Colonialism | Will Israel Give Up Temple Mount? | Litany of Lies and Manipulations | Chertoff's Sovietization of America | Enormous Cost of AIPAC: The Iraq War's Price | 

August 17, 2007
| Einstein's Zionist Theory of Relativity Wrong: 2 Germans Exceed Speed of Light in Laboratory | Zionist Owned Stock Markets Continue Downward Plunge | 400 Dead in 1 Day in Zionist America's Nazi Invasion of Iraq | Zionist Stock Markets Tumble Across Planet | Zionist Terror Media Backlash Over Book Revealing Negative Effects of America's Pro-AIPAC Foreign Policy | Seniors Including Zionist Elderly Reject Rude Zionist Nursing Home Monopolies, Move South of the Border at 1/4th the Price, Nicer Treatment | McCain Receives Unprecedented Death Threats Over Support for Zionist Lobby's Illegal Immigrants | White House's Zionist Terrorism Widens with Insidious Use of Spy Satellites inside the United States | U.S. Signs Terrorist Military Aid Deal Worth $30 Billion, Weapons Go To Known Pariah Israeli Terror State | Hezbollah Computer Game Celebrates War Against Israel's Invasive Zionist Colonial Terror State | Good News of Love Not Hate: Israel Is Considering Helping Palestinians | Damascus: Syria is Not Interested in Pursing a Losing War Against Zionism's Aggression | Tel Aviv: A Syrian War Threat Must Be Taken Seriously | Zionist Polling Firm Sees Iraq War as Deadly to Republican Candidates in 2008 | Democratic Party Whores Walk Political Streets, Make Iraq War Their New Comfy AIPAC John in Their Rush for Zionist Campaign Money as well as Pro-Israeli Monopoly Media Helpfulness

August 14, 2007
| Bubble Gum with Nazi Sticker Sold in Israel | Zionist Engineered Economic Downturn Reduces Wal-Mart Sales | Zionist-Motivated Bureaucrats Intervene for AIPAC's Presidential Pick, Hillary, Seal Off Her White House Documents from Gaze of Opposition | Emergency Meeting Called to Salvage America's Fake Iraq Government | Bomber Strikes Bridge in Iraq, 10 Dead as Cars Fly into River | 16,000 Fascist Americans Attack Fake Qaeda Homes as an American Media Diversion | Pro-Zionist Power Sweden Stops Iraq Flights Due to Attack Threats | 28 Non-Jews Die in Collapse of China Bridge | Highly Jewish Owned Properties in Southern Florida Hit by Selling Depression | Zionist-Controlled European Stocks Set to Fall, UBS Reports | Quagmire Squanders American Zionist Power | U.S. Surge in Iraq Likely to Fail Say British Parliament Members | Stealing of Oil by U.S. Companies as well as Destruction of Equipment Slows Iraq Redevelopment | Italian Mafia, the Major Competitor to the Zionist Mafia, Arrested in Midst of $100 Million AK-47 Iraq Arms Deal | AIPAC Called Sixth Most Powerful 'Person' in United States When It is Actually #1 | Trail Date Early Next Year Set for Subversive AIPAC Spies Case | John Hagee's Christians United for Israel and AIPAC Form Unholy Alliance of Power to Continue the Stark Colonization of America's Government for Israel

August 12, 2007
| Cheney 9'4: Invading Baghdad Would Be Quagmire | New Racist Israeli Apartheid Walled Highway East of Jerusalem | Murdoch's New Pro-Zionist WSJ.COM May Be Free | Super Greedy Traitor Employers Betraying Americans with Illegal Alien Scab Workers for Profit Are Afraid of New Enforcement Promises | Nine Non-Zionists Face Globalist Sex Slavery Charges in L.A. | Pro-Zionist, Fascist U.K. Bans Soldiers from Talking About Military Violence on Blogs | Military Pig Employed by Bush Says Time for a U.S. Fascist Draft to Destroy More American Lives Has Come | Pro-Colonialist Emperor Bush Parties with French Jewish Leader, Pledges Fascist Cooperation | While Citizens Lose Their Homes, Zionist Fed Moves to Save Investment Pigs Who Duped Them | Zionist Fed Likely to Continue to Save Zionist Bankers While Abandoning Non-Zionist Home Owners to Desperation | Zionist Fed's Dr. No Refuses to Come Refuses to Come to Wall Street Rescue | Zionist Brokerage Firms to Be Probed by a Totally Zionist AIPAC-Owned Congress | Zionist Media Conspires Against American Citizens Best Interests to Push Its New Iraq War 'Fix' | Army Pressures Journalist from MU to Recant Grisly American War Crime Stories, But He Refuses to Do So | 

August 9, 2007
| Cheney 9'4: Invading Baghdad Would Be Quagmire | SUDDEN ZIONIST RED: Financial Markets Plunge 385 Points in New York | European Central Bank Plugs Impending Zionist Financial Crisis with 95 Billion Pounds Sterling | Global Zionist Financial Plunge Begins in Japan | Zionist Homes Protected from Mortgage Meltdowns | Bloomberg on Approaching NWO Global Rout | Bush Grabs Onto Immigration Changes to Cloak Global Meltdown Danger | As Disastrous Elections Approach Spelling Doom for Right Wing, Bush Pretends to Push Border and Employer Immigrant Stopping Measures | Gore Vidal on Zionist Media | Zionist Dominated Society Now Has Access to Almost All Privacy Databases for Every Person | Iraq Political Crisis Grows | Zionist NY Times to End Unpopular Anti-Trend Subscription Charges on Web to Gain Readership Growth | Israel Forcibly Ejects Crazed Zionist Settlers from West Bank | Pakistan May Declare State of Emergency Due to America's Tampering | Mubarak Attempts, Halts Emergency Dictatorial Powers Due to Media Furor | Russia Claims Arctic Shelf as Russian Territory | Global Warming to Intensify Rapidly in 2009 and Onward | Iraqis March in 115-Degree Pilgrimage to Golden Domed Mosque | 

August 7, 2007
| Lebanon's Government Shows Signs of Cracking | Five Ministers Threaten to Leave Pro-Zionist America's Crumbling Iraq Puppet Regime | The U.S. Arsenal Lost in Iraq | As Pro-Israel British Leave, Basra Deteriorates | Collections for Zionism Decline Amid Worries of Israel's Racism | U.S. and U.K. Anti-War Groups Push for Dismantling of Israel's Nuclear Bombs | Zionist Strategy for Dividing the Middle East | Anti-Zionist Rabbis Ask for Protection by Zionist Terror Army | Saudis: Today's Fake Fatwa a Zionist Plot to Discredit Moslems and Thereby Produce Bigotry | Israeli Terror State Murders 2 Non-Jewish Palestinian Patriots in Gaza | Iran: U.S. Increase in Arms to Middle East Threatens Israel More than Iran | 50 Die Today in American Terror Nation's Catastrophic and Anti-Democratic Iraq | Four U.S. Occupation Soldiers Killed by an Iraqi Resistance Fighter's Bomb Attack | Pro-AIPAC Hillary Clinton On Outs with Bloggers for Support the Endless War for Israel's Terror State | U.S. Defense Chief: U.S. Terrorists Will Remain in Iraq Indefinitely Despite American People's Resistance to Colonialism in Washington

August 5, 2007
| Pro-Zionist Bush Exploits Deadly Collapsed Bridge in Minneapolis After Squandering $2 Trillion on Iraq Instead of Repairing America's Bridges | American Funded Mayhem Continues for Lebanon Army in Totally Destroyed Refugee Camp for 32,000 | AIPAC's Congress Votes to Destroy Constitutional Rights for President Bush's Lies | Hoof and Mouth Hits Zionist Britain's Badly Run Cattle Industry Again | How the Aussie Zionist Murdoch Stalked Dow | Zionist America's Pakistan Begins to Boil | Waste More Tax Money Scheme to Protect Domestic Synagogues So America Can Continue to Anger Arabs | Israel Seeks New Nuclear Plant Further Angering Moslem Non-Nuclear Nations | Wants France to Reveal Israel Poison as Reason for Arafat's Death | Zionist U.S. Empire Bids Farewell to Mideast Democratization amid New Arms Sales | Ahmadinejad Says Iran Won't Give Up Nuclear Projects | Iraq Power Grid Near Collapse | Zionist American Forces Issue Typical Report of Murder of So-Called Mastermind of Mosque Bombing | Iraq PM Begs US Zionist Proxy Puppet to Stay | 

August 2, 2007
| Bush Exploits Deadly Collapsed Bridge in Minneapolis | Zionist Stocks in Decline Worldwide Over Fears of Coming U.S. Zionist Financial Meltdown | Zionists Sue Bars for Playing Nation's Music without Paying Their Royalty Shakedown Fees | U.S. Terror Shenanigans: Flimsy Qaeda Case Against an Innocent Padilla Reaches Its End | Russia Claims Arctic Ocean Bed Mineral Sovereignty as Answer to Zionist Nations Doing Same | Sydney Installs Big Brother's 1984 Loud Speaker System for the New Zionist Australia | Squabbling Bipartisan Zionist Congress Plays With Lives of Endangered Combat Soldiers | Zionism's Biggest Monopoly Media Spokesman Buys Dow Jones for $5 Billion | Zionazi Government in Tel Aviv Offers Stingy $20 Per Month to Holocaust Victims | House Minority Whip Blunt Says U.S. Government Shutdown in Fall 'Inevitable' | At Least 76 Pro-Zionist U.S. Senators Have Received Free Brain Washing Trips to Iraq | Jewish Lobby Could Cost Non-Jewish Taxpayers $1 Trillion for Military Alone Due to Neocon White House War Intrigues | House Passes Ethics Reform, Will Not Affect Subversive AIPAC Whose Huge Gifts on Behalf of Israel's Terrorist State Have Stolen Almost All Representation from Real Americans

August 1, 2007
| Jews Refuse to Play Fair, Demand End to Freedom of Speech for Priest Honestly Concerned About Jewish Greed and Corruption in Poland | U.S.Gives $30 Billion in Military Aid to Its Israeli Masters | Rice Seeks to Bribe Arab Nations with $20 Billion in Military Aid to Isolate Iran and To Elevate the Israeli Controlled U.S. Terror State into The Region's Absolute Colonial Power | Israel's Incredible Shrinking Sea | Foxman Gives One-Sided Rant Against Delegitimizing Israel's Despised Zionazi Terror | Nasrallah: Hate-Filled Anti-Mideast America Made Israel Continue the War Last Year | Israeli Group Issues Another of Many Bigoted Anti-Arab Rants | Discredited Leader John Hagee and Well-Funded Christians for Israel Group Meet with Congress to Support Further Terrorism by the Israeli Thug State | Rice, Gates Find America Is Isolated by Mideast Nations | U.S. and U.K. Selfishness vs. Mideast: 'Failure in Iraq Would Endanger Our Own Nations' | Living Conditions in Iraq Colony Deteriorating Rapidly and Significantly Under American Cruelties | Iraq Refuses to Take Over Finished American Projects | Kurds Ready Themselves for More Genocides of Their People from Iraq and Turkey | Fascist America's Admiral Bemoans Lollygaging Policies by Rumsfeld that Destroyed the Iraq War


July 31, 2007
| Israel Wounds 7 in Gaza | U.S. Announces $60 Billion in Reckless, Harmful Sales of Deadly Arms to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia | Lebanon's Prime Minister Slams U.S. Arms to the Irresponsible War Mongering Israeli Anti-Arab Terror State | Israel's Fat Defense Minister Raises Cain Over 50% Draft Dodgers in Israel | Salaam Fayad: Opposition of Illegitimate Israeli Evil is Legitimate | Kenya: Israel Not Iraq the Key to Evil in the Mideast | Israel and Christians United for Israel in Unholy Union | IDF Chief: Israel's Treasury Too Cheap to Maintain Military Readiness | Peres Lies: Says 2 Dead Israelis Said Falsely to Have Been Kidnapped Are Alive, Gives No Proof | U.S. Military Proxies for Israel Deaths Reach 3,651 | Sunnis Boycott Parliament: Iraq's Fraudulent Government Split | American Colonial Empire Moves Prosperous Iraq Into Total Poverty | Iraq's Parliament Takes One Month Off Despite Criticism | Iran Expects U.S. to Change Its Bad Colonial Behavior in Iraq | 

July 27, 2007
| 50 Killed in Bomb Attacks During Iraq's Celebration of Soccer Victory | U.S. House Bars Permanent Military Bases in Iraq | Iraq Government Crisis Deepens; New Sunni Boycott | Attacks on Green Zone by Iraq's Anti-Occupation Patriots Becoming More and More Accurate | The Interesting But Doomed Strategy of General Petraeus | Why Has the United States Delayed Shipping Guns to the Iraqi Army? | Murderous Fascist Regime Arrests Brother and Sister for Selling Equipment to Iraq | Opinion from Jerusalem: Salvage What You Can in Iraq and Get Out | 

July 26, 2007
| Britain's Arms Delivered to Israel Unabated Despite Damage to Moslem Relations | Polish Radio Priest: 'I Did Not Mean to Insult Anybody' | Ex-Minister Rubenstein: Israel Should Reclaim Land Given to Jewish Organization So It Can Be Sold to Palestinians and Avoid Narrow Racism | AIPAC: Blair's Free Speech Allegedly Being Silenced by the Rich, Powerful, and Conspiratorial Jewish Lobby in America | Bush Liar Says Al Qaeda is Reason for War In Iraq While His Cronies Continue to Steal the Oil from Pipelines | Opposition Makes Strange Bedfellows | Congressman Conyers Arrests Cindy Sheehan and Followers in House Building | Islamic Charity in Court for Donating $ Millions to Defeat the Israeli Terror State | Iraq War Supporters Never Fought | Death Surge in Iraq, New Threats on Iran | Hezbollah: Hey, Tel Aviv, We Have Rockets That Can Reach You | In Israel, Arab Envoy Pushes for Palestinian Statehood | Hamas Warns Israel: Don't Target Our Leaders | Nasrallah: Attacks on U.N. May be More of Israel's Many False Flag Operations in History | 'The Ethiopian Jews of Israel'

July 21, 2007
| Are Zionist Oil Barons Purposely Wrecking their Scarce Refineries to Drive Up Gas Prices? | Zionist Christian Tammy Faye Bakker - 1942-2007 | Pro-Zionist War Criminals at White House Have 18 Months Left | War of Words Hoax on Iraq Withdrawal Between both Wings of the Single American Party That Poses as Separate Republican and Democratic Parties Continue to no End | Zionist Billionaires Seek to Monopolize Wireless Access to the Internet's Future Using Huge Sums of Their Illicitly Gotten Banking and Internet Money | Israel Kills Two "Gunmen" in Gaza Where Almost All Palestinian Men Might Carry Guns For Protection | Lame Duck President May Be Allowed A Rare Opportunity to By-Pass AIPAC's Strange Hold on Political Power in America and Work for Mideast Peace | Ahmadenijad Meets Al-Assad in Syria, Lashes Out At Christian and Jewish Colonialism in Middle East | U.S. Intelligence Fascists Push the Idea that the War in Iraq Has Increased Capability of Qaeda to Commit Terror Inside the USA | Hezbollah Sees Attack on U.N. Peacekeepers in Lebanon as "Suspicious Attack", Meaning It Could Have Been a False Flag Operation by Israel to Cause Trouble | 

July 20, 2007
| Racist Jewish State | Racist and Offensive Jewish Organizations Try to End Catholic Priest's Free Speech Rights to Connect Government Officials with Jewish Bribery Specialists in Poland | Israel Releases 3% of Its Palestinian Prisoners as Sign of Support for Its Puppet Fatah Party | Gaza's Economy Barely Alive | In Lebanon War Israel's Home Front Rapidly Became the Battle's Front | Syrian Officials Interested in Reopening Talks with Israel | Anti-American AIPAC Pushes Congress for Subversive Policies including $2.4 Billion in Aid to Israel and War-Like Sanctions Against Iran | Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Spreads Lie that Iran is Threat to Free World | Nineteen of Israel's Richest Families Control 34% of the Zionist Terror State's Income | Israel Lucky War Happened in 2006 and Not Now with Hezbollah's New Weaponry | Racist ZOA Opposes Amnesty to Moslems | Will Israel Assassinate Fatah Militants Anyway After they Disarm? | Fascist American Colonial Leaders Ask for More Time for the Endless War in Iraq to Resolve in their Favor | 5 Years Later American Army Seeks to Protect Soldiers from Iraq Heat

July 19, 2007
Zionist Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Warns Congress He Will Choke Housing Market with High Interest to Defeat Inflation Threat | Dow Jones Board Gives Zionist Media Monopolist Murdoch the Nod | Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq Was Fictional Character Says Military | The Democratic Cot-And-Vote Deception for Media Attention to End the War for Israel | Salon Magazine: How Bush and His Zionist Neocon Henchmen Won't Admit the Iraq War is Lost

July 18, 2007
| Hamas Rejects Bush Peace Proposal as More Lies, Syria Also Skeptical | Democrats Order Cots and Pizza to Discuss Iraq War All Night and Doing Nothing to End It | Filthy Rich Pro-Zionist John Edwards Defends $1,250 Haircut During Poverty Tour | As Moslem Group Goes on Trial in Zionist Stuffed U.S. Courts Other Charities Watch Warily | Hamas Blames Olmert for No Progress in Releasing Israeli Soldier | Israel Agrees to Release Hamas Leader Who Promises to be a Turncoat Against Hamas | Now that Abbas is Out and It's too Late to Help, Bush Belatedly Gives Fatah Party $190 Million | No One Will Fight Hamas on Israel's Behalf | Mideast Plans of the Imperialist American Superpower | Same People, Same Threat, The Failure in War on Terror | The Aftermath of This Endless War for Israel | Obama: Close Guantanamo, Restore Constitutional Rights | 

July 15, 2007
| Non-Zionist Iraq Tells U.S. Israel Empire It Can 'Leave Any Time' | September is 'Moment of Truth' For Iraq War | Alleged Saudi Arabian Connection | State Department Warning: Terror Attacks Against Americans in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, West Bank, and Gaza | Is Pakistan Cracking Up Now for Its Involvement with America and Its Israel Master? 50 Dead in 3 Massive Suicide Bomb Explosions | Music Monopolist Jews Ply Zionist Greed to Kill Internet Radio | Footage of Bin Laden Surfaces, Suspiciously Useful to CIA/Bush War Propaganda | Bush's Zionist Policies of Targeting Russia Destroy Anti-Cold War Pact as Russia Tears Up Treaty in Disgust | Report on Iraq Grim Despite President Bush's Deceptions | Israel to Stop Hunting Scores of Tired and Repentant Fatah Militants | France to Israel: Hands Off Visiting Hezbollah Members | Israeli Interior Minister Seeks to Make Israel Easier to Live In So Jews Will Want to Immigrate on their Own Without Being Asked | Racially Targeted Economic Incentives Awarded to Jews If They Move to New Orleans | $6 Billion Lawsuit Against Israel's ImageSat for Cancelling Satellite Contracts with Venezuela and Angola for American Government | Zionazis Move Sudanese to Air Conditioned Concentration Camps Prior to Their Racist Deportation Notices | 

July 13, 2007
All of the 9/11 Airports Were Serviced by One Israeli Company

July 12, 2007
| Tehran Times Report: 1967 vs. 2006 Wars Shows Improvements in Counter-Zionist Military Defense Capabilities | Lebanon Bombs Fatah Refugee Camp for Israel Using Free American Supplied Bombs | Funerals Take Place for 70 Religious Islamic Patriots Killed in Pakistani Mosque Killed by Non-Religious Sectarian Government | Desperate for the White House, Democrats 'Come Home to Jesus' | Nobel Laureat Calls for Impeachment of pro-Zionist George W. Bush, Cites Foreign Policy Bigotry and Pain Caused to Moslems in Mideast | BBC Apologizes to Queen for Reporting 'Tantrum' | How George Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power Using Rothschild Money Borrowed to Run His Export/Import Empire | 80% in Gallup Poll Say Remove All Troops by April 2008

July 11, 2007
| Polish President has Been Accused by Important Catholic Priest of Being a Corrupt and Fraudulent Pawn of the Jewish Lobby | Pakistan Fumbles as American Dupe, Destroys Popular Taliban Mosque Killing 50+ Devote, President Almost Assassinated | Palestinian Activist Takes on an Anti-Palestine and Anti-Democratic Jewish Owned Press in Seattle | Single Israeli Describes Nation as Fraudulent and Corrupt Is Attacked Without Mercy by Pro-Zionist Presses | Pro-Zionist Bush Says Force Level in Iraq Will Be Decided by Military Leaders Not by Politicians | 573-291-8045

July 8, 2007
| Two More Republicans: Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire Stand Against Surge | Israel to Release 250 Fatah Prisoners Soon to Help Abbas in West Bank | Zionist White House Missteps Lead to Hamas Takeover | Lebanon Still Shaky One Year After Israel War | 2nd Large Union in Britain Calls for Boycott on All Trade with Israel for 'Its Criminal Policies' | Ramallah: Island of Middle Class Life in Trouble West Bank Despite Israeli Attempts to End It's Economic Success | Israel to Build Huge Fence on Egyptian Sinai Border | Powell: I Tried to War Bush of a Civil War If He Invaded Iraq | Finally, Someone Has Admitted that the War was About Oil and Not Democracy | 

July 7, 2007
| U.S. Officials Lie to Drum Up False Pro-Zionist War Talk, Claim Al Qaeda in Iran, Offer No Proof | 45% Support Congress to Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Bush | The Revolving Zionist Door: Zionist Rupert Murdoch's $5 Billion Bid Wins Zionist Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal | White House Lies Again, Says Congress Launched 300 Investigations | Zionist Goldman Sachs Receives Death Threats in 20 Letters to Editors | Today's Security Developments in Neocon-Caused Iraq Catastrophe | Paper Near Military Bases With Large Readership Calls of Iraq Troop Pullout | Israel Condemned for Deliberately Shooting Journalists | IRNA Expresses Outrage Over 4 Journalists Kept for 25 Years in Heartless Israeli Torture Jails | Legal Neo-Nazi Demonstration Triggers Violence by Leftwing Anarchist Groups | Post-Zionism in Israel Rejects Colonialist Policies | Israeli Land Grabs Through Illegal Settlements | 

July 4, 2007
| Subversive Domestic Zionists Weigh In on Iraq Strategies | Rich, Young Subversive Zionist Parasites Openly Pay $750 for AIPAC Dinner | Another Expensive Zionist AIPAC Dinner Aimed at Parasitic Jewish Fat Cat Subversives Was Held in Oregon This Week | Zionist Elite Parasites Exchange $26 Billion for Hilton Hotel Ownership Where Rich Guests are Pampered by Growing Mass of Allegedly Exploited Immigrants | Catholic Congressmen Urge Bishops to Intervene in Unjust Zionist War Against Iraq | McCain to Iraq to Exploit Troops, as Zionist War Monger Lieberman Issues His Support | Zionist NY Gov. Spitzer to Address Subversive Jewish Group | Convicted Zionist Neocon May Be Pardoned by AIPAC Controlled President | All Britain Shocked that Bombers Were Moslem National Health Care Professionals including at Least 3 Doctors Lured into Britain by Zionist Written Immigration Policies | Iraq Kurds Await Release of Oil Bill Text for 'Revenue Sharing' Siphoning Revenue from Its Oil Reserves to Other Iraqi Groups | Order Through Chaos: Pakistan President Gains Political Points from Six-Month Standoff at Rebellious Mosque | N. Korea Ready for New Nuclear Accord for Oil Imports

July 3, 2007
Zionist Chertof Scolds Mostly Non-Jewish U.S. Senate on Immigration Bill | Zionist Monopoly Owners of Huge Chunks of Music Industry Begin Squabbling with Apple iTunes over Future Pricing | Hillary Clinton Will Not Disclaim Future Use of War  to Decide Policy Issues as President | Britain Enjoying The Fruits of Zionist Sponsored Multicultural Chaos: So-Called 'Terrorist Ring Leader' Suspect is Brilliant Moslem U.K. Medical Doctor from Baghdad | More Originally Zionist Sponsored Multiculturalism as Terrorism is Featured in News and Comments | Alleged Al Qaeda Bomber at Yemini Tourist Site Kills 9 | Stalked Moslems Not Stopped by Britain's Investigators | The High Price of Tolerating the AIPAC Lobby: Zionist Senator Lieberman Seeks More Cameras Aimed at Americans | Chavez and Ahmadenijad in Pact to End 'Global Arrogance' by the Western Imperial Nations | Iran and Venezuela Seal Economic Ties to Isolate and Defeat the United States Imperial Power


June 31, 2007
| Today's Deaths and Injuries in the Devastation of Zionist Occupied Iraq | Supreme Court Reverses Itself: Agrees to Hear Guantanamo Torture Cases

June 29, 2007
| Zionism's Anti-American Immigration Bill Appears Doomed as Senate Cloture Fails | Zionist Immigration Bill Pronounced Dead | Traitor Ted Kennedy Surrounded by his Pro-Zionist AIPAC Friends--i.e., Schumer, Feinstein, Murray, Reid--Proposes Invisible Back Doors for His Anti-American Immigration Legislation | Israel's President Kasav Resigns for His Sex Crimes | Possible False Operations Bomb Useful to More Draconian U.K. Government Anti-Freedom Legislation Found in London | Supreme Court Spun as Anti-School Integration in Zionist Press Bash Piece as a Very Politically Combative Jewish Justice Breyer's Minority Opinion Accuses "Conservative" (Non-Jewish?) Justices for Working Against Integration | Democrats Shamelessly Pander for Black Votes at Howard University at the Expense of the Vast Majority of Americans Over Supreme Court's Retake of Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education Decision | Six American Soldiers Killed, 8 Wounded in Single Day for Jewish Lobby's War in Iraq | 

June 26, 2007
| Israeli Terrorists Killed 13 Palestinians, Describe Them as 'Militants' Without Giving Proof, Including 10-Year Old Boy, Hamas Sees Abbas as Spy for Israeli Terror State | Christian Science Monitor Describe Carnage as Israeli Terrorist Shells Injure 40 Innocent Palestinians | Deposed Fatah Issues Worthless Order Banning Armed Militia, i.e., Hamas Who Refuses to Accept Orders | EU Aid Chief Urges Opening of Gaza-Israeli Border for Supplies to Enter | Summit Stabs Fatah, Abbas, U.S., and Israel in Back | Hamas: Occupation Forces Aggressive Via Abbas Agreement | A Look at the Powerful Israeli Lobby | Jewish Lobby Steals American Government from Its People | Bigoted Israel Fails to Convert 300,000 Immigrants to Judaism as Planned by the Jewish Knesset | Canadian University Jews Fight Back at Boycotts of Israel by Their Concerned Non-Jewish Professors | Army Opposes Congressional Threat to Limit Army Troops in Iraq by Implementing False Flag "Pretend Propaganda Program" of Going After Non-Existent Al Qaeda in Iraq

June 25, 2007
| Gaza 'Coup' Stirs Alarm at Summit | Mideast Quartet of Pro-Zionist Colonialists Meet, Proven War Monger Blair is Ironically Touted for Peace Mediator | Tape of Missing Israeli Soldier Aired | 'Chemical Ali' To Hang for Genocide of Kurds 20 Years Ago | CIA 'Family Jewels' Released, Reveals Illegalities and Corruption in Forbidden Domestic Spying | Former Officials Gets Ten Years in Jewish Abramoff Case | Colonialist Powers Succeed In Obtaining Highest Opium Crop Levels in Afghanistan, Useful for Underground Deals Supplying European and American Intelligence Agencies with Secret Funding | GOP's Republican Senator Richard Luger of Indiana Splits with Zionist President on War Funding | U.S. Damaging Iran-Iraq Relations | U.S. Military Deaths at 3,565 | Israel Created Its Own Problem with Hamas-Fatah Rift | Hamas to Change Contract with British Gas | Israeli Aircraft Hits Car in Gaza, Says Car Carried Bombers, But How Would Israel Know This?

June 21, 2007
| British Gas Negotiating with Israel to Obtain Offshore Rights to Gaza's Offshore Natural Gas Reserves | Israel's Severely Weakened Palestinian Fatah Party Which is the Pretender for What Israel Calls the 'Palestinian Authority' Also Dutifully Signs Alongside Palestine's Enemy, Israel, with British Gas | Jewish Oligarchs Again Exposed in Russian Newspaper Article including Their Recent Pictures | U.S. Green Light to Israel's Aggression Caused Bloodied Fatah-Hamas Fracture | Newsweek: Gaza More Desperate, Chaotic Now | Pro-Zionist White House Nearing Decision to Move Tortured Gitmo Prisoners | Blair Leaves Office Next Week, Primed to Become Mideast Peace Envoy to Possibly Repair Image as War Mongering Prime Minister | Zionist U.S. Terror State Threatens Non-Jewish Egypt With $200 Million Withheld Funds

June 17, 2007
| Abbas Demands Israel Totally Toss Out Its Anti-Palestinian Strategies Which Resulted in Hamas Popularity and Recent Loss of Gaza | Fatah Asks Israel: Help Us Get Democratically Elected Hamas Out of West Bank | Moving Toward a Permanently Divided Palestine | Generals Knew of Abu Ghraib's Illegal Torture Policies | Desperate, Surprised, and Embarrassed, a Humiliated U.S. and Israel Meet to Bolster their Puppet Abbas in West Bank | Worried Israel Warns Hamas Not to Attack or Punishment will be Immediate and Drastic | Israeli Troops Occupy Northern Gaza | Israel Not Without Blame for Hamas Takeover | Abbas Swears in Illegal Emergency Cabinet | According to London Times Report, Israel Readying an Attack on Hamas | Israel Grabs Petrol Supplies in Gaza | Pope Decries Horrors in Lebanon, Iraq, and Holy Land, Demands an End | Republicans Wanting Out of Iraq Grows

June 16, 2007
| Selfish Anti-Democratic Israel Plans Attack on Gaza to Destroy Hamas, The Palestinian People's Only Duly Elected Democracy | Heartless Looters Raid Home of Arafat, Steal Nobel Prize Medal | Hamas Refuses to Recognize Any Emergency Government If Appointed by Abbas | Masks on Gunmen Banned in Gaza, Except If Shooting Against Invading Israeli Soldiers | AIPAC Bribed U.S. Zionazi Puppet Government Offers to Drop All Boycotts Against Deposed Fatah Party If It Forms a Government without the Only Duly Elected Hamas Party | Zionist Senator Lieberman Again Says Strike Iran Now | Wrecking Ball Immigration Bill Designed to Make America Into an Hispanic Nation and Unwanted by 80% of all Citizens to Return to Senate After July 4th Because They Don't Care About the People At All | Elite Capitalist Pigs and Catholic Church Combine in Wicked Partnership with Jews, Take Anti-American Positions on Immigration Bill Designed to Destroy America's Culture

June 15, 2007
| Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Loses Civil War in Gaza Strip: Democratically Elected Hamas Takes Over, Pro-Israeli Fatah Puppet Leaders Flee into Egypt | Hamas to Grant Amnesty to Fatah Leaders, Many of Whom Have Surrendered Under Fire | First Moslem Brotherhood Nation in Mideast History Emerges in Gaza Next to Genocidal Zionazi Terror State | Schwarzenegger to Mex: Turn Off Spanish TV | Duke Lacrosse Player Cries in Trial of Alleged Psycho Prosecutor | Both AIPAC Puppet Parties to Deceptively Feign Being Green During Conventions | Chinese Police Rescue 220 Slaves from Black Capitalist Brick Kilns | Zionist Propaganda Trolls Rise Up on Death of Kurt Waldheim to Leave Lurid Tasteless Comments Until Austrian News Forum Shuts Down | Next Neocon Zionist Elitist in Line to Run Zionist World Bank Ready to Take Charge from Its Presently Disgraced Neocon Zionist Elitist | 5 More American Cannon Fodder Troops Die for Republican Liars, Neocons, AIPAC, and Israel in Iraq | Zionist Employment Picture Improves: U.S. Army to Hire More Zionist Psychiatrists to Treat Soldiers | Pentagon Agrees with the Predictions of The Jew Watch Project: Surge only Produced More Carnage for Iraqis and American Troops

June 14, 2007
| 911 Protocols of Zion in 10 Minutes |

June 13, 2007
| 911 Protocols of Zion in 10 Minutes

June 12, 2007
| Zionist Controlled Traitors in Congress and White House Meet to Conspire a Disastrous Immigration Bill Opposed by 80% of Americans and Supported by Un-Registered Agents of a Foreign Power at AIPAC | Hamas Party Faction Over-Runs Fatah's National Security Building in Opening Salvos of Civil War, 34 Dead | Non-Jewish Senator Harry Reid Rejects Jewish Senator Lieberman's Iran Air Strikes | Turkish Prime Minister Opposes Crossing Border into Iraq | Crisis in Pro-Zionist Iraq Puppet Government of United States | Iran Seeks Release of Its Illegally Arrested Diplomats by U.S. Occupation Forces in Iraq | Security Developments in War for Israel | Tiny Busy Street Corner Monument in Washington Memorializes More than 100 Million Non-Jewish Dead at the Hands of the Jewish Leaders of Communism's Regimes While Millions Are Spent Yearly on the Jewish Holocaust Museum Without Batting an Eye

June 11, 2007
| Judge Strikes Down Terrorist Detainment Policy | Zionism's AIPAC Hawk Lieberman Urges Strike on Iran | Powell: Nazi Torture Prison in Guantanamo Should be Closed | Israel Launches Spy Satellite | Zionist Traitor to Europe President Bush Opts for Apartheid in an Independent Kosovo | Special Report: Zionist Presidential Puppet Bush Sows Seeds of His Own Demise | 

June 10, 2007
| French Jewish President Sarkozy Rides His Popularity, Leads Huge Parliamentary Plurality | Final Betrayal: The Psychiatric Zionist President Moves Toward Final Passage of Immigration Act Which May Destroy America's Civilization Just to Give Bush His Final Disgraceful Place in History | Bush Hurries Home to White House Bunker, Confronts Enraged Congress on Attorney General's and Immigration Bill's Fate | Two Red Cross Workers Die in Lebanon Camp Siege

June 9, 2007
| Why U.K. Tories Want Iraq Probe | Pro-Zionist U.S. to Keep 40,000 Soldiers in Lost Iraqi Colony After Pullout | Killing the Patient for Zionism: U.S. Purposely Training Both Sides of Iraq's Civil War to Reduce Its Threat to Israel

June 8, 2007
| Against Wishes of American People: The Crazed Bush Anti-American Immigration Bill | Human Delivered Bomb Kills 3 U.S. Soldiers, Wounds 6 More | 

June 7, 2007
| Israel's Foreign Ministry Allegedly Seeks to Educate Zionist Agents Worldwide to Penetrate and Disseminate Misinformation Concerning Internet YouTube Documentaries on Israeli History and Current Events Including Many Highly Rated Videos Prepared by Frank Weltner, Journalist and Librarian at The Jew Watch Project | Same Methods of Operation Used by FBI on William Jefferson as on Most Others--Infiltration and Intimate Provocation of the Perpetrator by Agents With the Aim of Allegedly Creating False Evidence to Take Them Down | 3 Turkish Soldiers Killed by Remotely Detonated Kurdish Landmine | Iraq Demands Turkey Firing Artillery into Its Northern Border Towns | Jewish French Prime Minister Sarkozy Says There is No Place for Turkey in the European Union | Israeli Terror Tanks Bulldoze Gaza Concentration Camp | 

June 6, 2007
| Zionist CIA Holding 39 Detainees from Many Nations in Hidden Nazi Torture Prisons | A New War in Iraq? | Anti-Semitic Broadcaster Hal Turner Claims Proof from Red Cross that Holocaust Numbers are Frauds, Only 271,301 Died, Not 6,000,000 | 

June 5, 2007
| Jewish Nazi State Preparing More Murder of Palestine, Lebanon and Their People on All Borders | 'The Creation of A Palestinian State Would Erase Israel's Victory" - Abbas | U.S. Government Seeks Moderate Government in Pakistan Most Likely to Allow Ease of Its Subversion by Zionist Supported Influences | 'Attacks on Israel Will Go On' | Arabs Still Blame Defeat in 1967 War for Their Problems | Syria Warns Israel to Vacate Golan or Expect Rebellion | Anti-Democratic / Anti-Free Speech U.S. Government Investigates Anti-Israel Satellite Broadcast for Punishment | Anti-Democratic Majority Oppression of Palestinians in Racist Israeli Terror State | Racist Israel Denies Doctoral Candidate Entry into Zionist Terror State | Selfish and Hate-Filled Israel Seeks to Exercise Its Control over the U.S. Military by Demanding a Say in Weapons Sold to Saudis and F-22's for Itself | White House Zionist Scooter Libby (Liebowitz) Must Start Serving 30 Months in Prison within 2 Months for Nothing More than Answering Questions from the FBI Which No American Is Even Required to Do By Law and Should Not Ever Do Because of the Risk as this Case Demonstrates as Does the Martha Stewart Case. If Asked by the FBI to Answer Questions, Just Politely Say No, I Can't Put Myself at Risk of Mistakenly Answering a Question Wrongly as Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart Did, Sir.

June 4, 2007
| France's Zionist President Sarkozy Gets Tough on Illegal Immigration; Sets Quotas on Arrests and Deportations | War Crimes Charges Against Canadian Guantanamo Detainee Tossed Out by Judge for Incorrect Legal Procedures | Billionaire Zionist Elites including Dow Suitor Rupert Murdock Meet to Discuss Which of Them Will Own the Wall Street Journal | Zionist International Fund Managers Suffer Billions in Losses Over Panic in China's Stock Market, Funds Drop 15% in 4 Days in Headlong Plunge! | Zionist Controlled and Riddled FBI Indicts African American Democratic Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana on Corruption Charges in Second Racially Charged Case in Same Week, the First Being Jamaicans in the JFK Airport Bombing Case | Zionist Stacked Courts Issue First Amendment Pro-Free Speech Decision on Broadcast Expletives | Iraq Colonial Occupation Resistance Group that Kidnapped 3 Americans Claims All Captured Americans are Dead

June 3, 2007
| Iran 'Invincible' in Nuclear Stand-Off: Ahmadenijad | Iran President Sees 'Countdown' to Israel's End | Russia Threatens to Target Europe with Missiles | G8 Riots Erupt in Germany, Largest in Years | Riot Video | Is It Real or Fake: FBI's Alleged Claims of Kennedy Airport Plot Riddled With Holes as Pro-Zionist FBI Agents Inside Seem to Have Penetrated Group and Seeded It to Produce a Filmable Take Down | Zionists / CBS Press FBI to Arrest Man for Media Coups of Placing '24' on Web Early | Traitor Bush Slapped Big Time by Angry Conservatives Backlashed Over His Immigration Attacks on Them

June 2, 2007
| ALERT! Classified Information Just Released in UK Hints Entebbe Hijacking Staged by Mossad and Palestine Liberation Army -- Relations Between UK and Israel Become Ice-Cold | Why Is Lebanon Burning? Israel Should Know | Boeing Aircraft Subsidiary Sued Over U.S. Zionist Torture Flights | Israeli Terror State's Murder of Palestinians Continues | War Threat Looms Over Syria | Blood Thirsty U.S. Israel Colonial Empire Blocking Peace Talks with 22 Arab States | Israel Seeks to Perfect and Install Armed Robotic 'Star War' Border Guards to Automatically Kill Anyone Crossing Border Into Israel | Genocide Declared 'Kosher' in Israel | Israel's 'Sadistic Torture' of Palestinian Youths | Judiazation of Jerusalem Proceeds: Israel Refuses to Allow Moslem Burials | Uniformed Israeli Terrorist Thugs Blow Up Nablus Water, Sewer, and Electrical Lines | Meet Bigot Attorney Steven Weinberg | 

June 1, 2007
| U.S. Envoy to PA Slams Israel for Not Easing Up on PA Conditions | Israel Bracing for a Long Struggle Knowing Hamas Will Never Change | Israel Cares Little About Shalit's Freedom, Willing Only to Release a Few Dozen Prisoners from Hamas' List of 350 Persons | Largest Labor Union in Britain Calls for a Boycott of Israel's Goods | Lecturers Back Boycott of Israel | Historic Warning About Jews in America Remembered and Analyzed | Toronto Black Activists Blame Jewish Lobby for Keynote Speaker Being Turned Around at the Border | Further UK Kidnappings May be Planned | U.K. May Seek Iran's Help in Getting Captured Soldiers Released | U.S. Seeking Cease Fires in Iraq to Lessen Killings | Does Turkey Have Plans to Invade Iraq? | Fascist U.S. Military Messes With Veterans' Civil Right to Protest the War


May 31, 2007
| Russia Tells U.S.A. to Stop Shipping Arms for the Destabilization of Lebanon | Traitors: How the Vicious Zionist Neocons Cut Their Teeth | Zioncon Traitors and How They Betray the U.S. Government and Its Citizens Who are Not Jewish | Can the Iraq Surge Be Salvaged? | Turkey Sends Tanks to Iraq Border to Protect the 65% of its Geography that is Stolen from Kurds | U.S.A. to Accept 7,000 out of 2,000,000 Iraq Refugees Whose Lives Were Ruined by the United States | 3 More Journalists Killed in Iraq | Deadliest Days for Troops in Iraq | 5 Britons Captured as War Prisoners, Angering British Colonial Power | Army Returning Amputees to Front Line | Why the U.S. Zionist Giant Isn't Leaving Iraq Just Yet

May 30, 2007
| To President Bush, Dafur Genocide is Really About American Jewish Banks and Oil Barons | Extreme Jewish Supremacist Robert Zoellick Appointed to Replace Wolfowitz's Neocon Madness at World Court | Duke Report: Zoellick a Jewish Supremacist | PNAC Dominated by Jews and Crypto Jews | Bush Stoops to New Demagogic Low in Lying About Republicans Who Oppose Giving America to the Zionist Enemy's Mexican Invasion | Worst 3-Month Toll Since 2004 in Iraq War For AIPAC's Zionist Traitors | Troop Deaths in the Absurd War for AIPAC Money Grubbers in Iraq Higher than for any Two-Month Period | Cindy Sheehan Resigns from Democratic Party in Protest to War Sellout of Its Congressional Leadership

May 29, 2007

May 28, 2007
| List of Iraq's Daily 100+ Dead, Wounded, and Kidnapped Under the Hated European-Israeli Colonial Occupation | American Pro-Israel Military Dictator Honors Wasted Dead in Hundreds of Worthless Yankee Wars All Over the Known World | Cannon Fodder American AIPAC Style: 3,452 Dead For Israeli Terror State in Iraq | Israeli Leaders Authorize Ground Infantry in Gaza Concentration Camps to Rough Up, Kill, Torture, and Kidnap Men and Boys Based on a Few Mostly Useless Hamas Rockets Which Could Well Be Fired by Mossad Operatives into Israel in a Black Flag Operation to Justify More Jewish Killing of Palestinians | Peretz Loses Labor Party Vote | Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Seeks to Decapitate the Duly Elected Leaders of the Hamas Party | Peres Wins Party's Bid to Run for President of the Israeli Military Horror State | Afghan Police in this American Occupied Nation Open Fire on Protesting Citizens, Killing 13, Wounding Scores | Bush's War Spawns Sudden Spread of Iraq Guerillas to All Parts of the World Making it Even More Unsafe by Any Standards, aka NY Times Story

May 27, 2007
| Israel Bombs Hamas Buildings in Gaza, Murdering 5 Palestinians | Israeli Terrorist State Continues to Bomb Civilian Populations in Gaza, Destroying Homes, Killing Innocent Families | U.S. Military Rushes Dangerous, Cruel Military Weapons to Lebanon to Fight Religious, Patriotic Groups Resisting Israeli Torture and Occupation | Unarmed Civilians in Lebanon Flee Their Isolated Concentration Camps as U.S. Supplied Pro-Israeli Forces Surround Them for the Coming Probable Genocide of Patriotic Men and Boys Who Are Not Allowed to Leave | World Should Recognize Iran's Right as a Sovereign Nation to Enriched Uranium -- FM | Other Independent Nations in Mideast Scramble for Nuclear Weapons Armories to Block U.S. Israeli Imperial Strategies in Region | Monsanto Chemical Company Which Threatens Farmers' Independence with Patented Seed Laws Identified as Jewish Slave Dealers Lauded in a 1976 ADL 'American Jews' Pamphlet on Black History Web Site (To Find, Search 'Monsanto') | 

May 26, 2007
| Police Report Two French-Israelis Kill Arab Taxi driver in Tel Aviv Hate Crime | Jewish Colonial Nazis Want to Reoccupy Gaza Using Brutal Military Force | Talks on Israel Abandoning Attacks Against Hamas Go Nowhere | Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Arrests Democratically Elected Hamas Leaders | Nazi Israel Arrests 4 Department Level Hamas Government Leaders | Brutal Israeli Soldiers Again Shoot Journalists | Zionist Troops Target APF Photographer | Obstacles of Israeli Peace: Absurd Settlements, Borders, Agreements | Jewish Hate Monger Arrested in New York for Murders in 1980's | Ugly Face of Israeli Hate Again Exemplified in Murder of Palestinian Taxi Driver | The Hate Monger's Confession in Tel Aviv | Israeli Police Spin Arabs Slicing Israeli Throats as Terrors, Whereas, Israelis Slicing Arab Throats are Nationalists | Israeli Terror State Kills Another 15 Palestinians | 

May 25, 2007
| Synagogue Burns in Geneva, Arson Feared: The Jew Watch Project Sends Its Heartfelt Sympathies to All Affected Synagogue Members | Ex-Mossad Head Says Israel and Neighbors Cannot Make Peace with U.S. Fascist Regime in the Bed as Well | More Racial Troubles: Demons Return with Nooses Hanging on Louisiana Tree as Race-Baiting Non-Profits including Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Show Up with Their Usual Racist Begging Cups to Peck the Ground and Accuse Whites of Being Bigots | Zionist Capital Owners Who Run Internet ISP's and Businesses Surface to Argue Against Removing the Bans on Internet Taxation | Already Blood-Drenched Zionist Neocon U.S. President Begs for New Iranian War for Israel, Asks More Sanctions for Iran to Increase Chances of Getting that War | 30,000 Palestinians Surrounded by Lebanese Army | America's Financial Zionist Monopoly Bankers Fight Over China's Artificially Low Yuan Currency

May 24, 2007
| AIPAC's Approved Jewish Traitor Chertoff, Homeland Security Tsar for Israel's Puppet Government in Washington, D.C., Defies American People, Says "Immigrant Deportations Just Are NOT Going to Happen" | Immigration Bill that will Eventually Destroy the American People and their Government is Already Beginning to Unravel under Public Scrutiny | Rep. Boehner's Boner: That "Immigration Bill is a Piece of Sh*t" | Opposition to Zionist Supported and Written Immigration Bill by Socialist Anti-Americans of Hispanic Descent Who Are Not Even Americans Begin to Call the Shots Over the Feelings and Views of Real Americans | Democratic Party Supports War Mongering Regime on Iraq War | American Army Sucks: Morgue Data Shows Even More Increases in Sectarian Deaths |   

May 23, 2007
| Arnold Goldstein: Zionist Oil Industry Says Ethanol Laws Make It Difficult to Open New Refineries, So Prices Will Soar | Jews Watch Michael Moore's 'Sicko' Seriously Enough to Ask Congress to Make New Laws Designed to Perpetuate the Present Insurance Profiteering Situation | AIPAC's Hand-Picked Senators Vote to Betray the United States People by Approving Invading Mexican Hordes for Outlandish Business Profits | Un-Identified and Un-Read Senate Immigration Bill to be Passed without the Public Knowing What It Says would Transform America's Workforce and its Cultural Base, Betraying Its Present Population to Unwanted Foreign Invasions | Texas Sneaks In Its Own Border Fence Language | 

May 22, 2007
| Lebanon Continues to Heat Up, 70 Dies, as Syria and Al Qaeda Are Alleged to be Implicated in Seemingly Deceptive and Strange News Releases | Israel Shuns Peace for Short-Term Gains | Israeli Traitor Who Spied Still Source of Contention between Racist Jews vs. Americas | Senatorial Traitors to AIPAC Vote for Cloture So Zionist Pushed Immigration Bill to Destroy America as We Know It Forever Can Be Passed Later | Traitors for AIPAC Campaign Gold in House Vote to Share U.S. Defense Missile Technology with Irresponsible Israel Who Could then Sell it to China as It Has Done with Other Sensitive American Secret Weapons | Anti-Democratic Israeli Terror State Threatens Again to Murder Palestine's Democratically Elected Hamas Leaders |

May 21, 2007
'Bush Is the Worst  Zionazi Israel Joins with Palestinian Militants to Bomb Hamas Leaders in Gaza's Genocidal Death Camp | Iraq Military Draws Up Plans In Case of Rapid U.S. Pullout | Now Treating a Patient Is Wrong for an M.D. as Moslem Doctor Lured by FBI Goons into Treating Al Qaeda Wounded, Sentenced to 15 Years by Corrupt Pro-FBI American Terror State Judiciary that Works Against Justice with Such Federal Scum | Multi-Cultural Disaster of Iraq Facing Not Just One but Many Civil Wars | Israel's Ambassador Seeks Another Democracy Destroying AIPAC for the Further Zionist Corruption of Europeans | 

May 20, 2007
'Bush Is the Worst President Ever' | Killer Israeli Terror State Recklessly Murders 8 Palestinians in Home | Iran: American Troops Must Get Out to 'Curb Terror' | Zionist Media Confront 'Perfect Storm' on Internet Which Places Non-Zionist Candidate Ron Paul At Front of Republican Horde | It Takes 'Canada Free Press' To Break Zionist American Media Monopoly Silence on Ron Paul's Message of Limited Constitutional Government' | Lebanon Erupts in Civil War, As Leb Army Attacks Palestinian Stronghold 'Said' to have Al Qaeda Connections in Possible Mossad/CIA Black Flag Operation Designed to Widen and Justify Conflict | Lebanese Refugees Fear Civil War After Years of Constant Instability in Beirut | Fears for Afghanistan as New Suicide Bombings Spread from Iraq, Begin to Take Lives | Zionist Neocon War Monger Paul Wolfowitz Who Has Resigned from World Bank Carries Label of Having Started the Iraq Catastrophe | 7 U.S. Puppet of Israel Soldiers Die in War for Israel in Iraq, 6 in Sweep South of Baghdad | AP Poll: President Bush, Iraq War Weigh Heavily on Americans | U.S. Embassy in Iraq Is World's Largest and Still Totally Insecure for Use Amid Zionist Planned Iraqi Chaos | 

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May 19, 2007

May 18, 2007

May 17, 2007 
Voice of America: Jewish Wolfowitz's Probable Replacement at the World Bank Is Another Jew, of course, Who Is Stanley Fisher, the Governor of the Central Bank of Israel | London Daily Mail Reports that Non-Jew but Trusted Zionist Operative Tony Blair is Being Considered to Replace Wolfowitz at the World Bank

May 16, 2007

May 15, 2007
| Wolfowitz Hangs as Head of IMF Despite Continuous Pressure to Resign | Pro-Zionist Pastor Jerry Falwell Exits the Culture Wars, Says Good-Bye to Guest Spots on Zionist CNN as Their Favorite and Most Ridiculed Goof-Ball Representative for Christianity, Which He Was Really Was Not | Pentagon Squashes Troops' Use of and, Because of Graphic Battle Videos Harmful to Its Wrongful and Sadistic War for Israel | AIPAC So Big and Powerful It Now Has Gained Permission and Openly Defies the Department of Justice by Supporting Its Own Alleged AIPAC Spies | Imperial Zionist White House Baptizes Its Newest Abomination: 'The War Czar' | Zionist-Owned USA and Russia Agree to Tone Down Rhetoric | Anti-Zionist Groups Kill 15 of Themselves in Gaza Threatening Unity Government | Jewish-Zionist President Sarkozy to be Sworn In as President of Non-Jewish France on Wednesday

May 14, 2007
| Humiliated U.S. Army Tosses 4,000 Cannon Fodder into Scouring Iraq for 3 Newly Arrested War Prisoners | Israeli Government Announces Its Newest Nazi Plan for Palestinian Assassinations | Former Commander in Iraq Predicts Far More American Prisoners of War in Near Future | Walter Kondracke's Plan to Win:  Back Shiites and 'Win Dirty' | Iraq: Sunday's Bomb Death Toll Rises to 50 | Military Says 6 U.S. Troops Died Sunday in Iraq for the Subversives in AIPAC | Romney Decries Bush's Absurd Pro-Zionist Iraq War Plans | Zionistic AIPAC to Pay Legal Fees for Its Alleged Espionage Agent and Jew Keith Weissman | Would the World be Better Off Under Pro-Zionist Pelosi's AIPAC Stances or the War Monger Neocons of AIPAC | Christians Under Pastor John Hagee's Zionist-Christianity Heresy Are Urged to Become Mindless College Propagandists for Israel's Godless and Hate-Filled War Mongers | Jewish Lobby and U.S. Mideast Foreign Policy Fiascos | Time Table for Opening German Files to Investigators Hailed by All But Zionist Propagandists Who Want More Access, Possibly to Destroy Crucial Documents that May Negate Many Forensically Unsupported Holocaust Accusations | Baltic Nations Seek Inquiry into Jewish Bolshevik's USSR False History of 'Liberation' of their Nations | Jewish Family Drops Art Purchase Suit Against Detroit Art Museum as Case Over 'Fair Price' Evidently Fell Apart | American Refugees in Cuba Discuss Their Lives There | 

May 13, 2007
| Group Identifying Itself as Al Qaeda Allegedly Claims It Has Jailed 3 American Soldiers | 39 Dead from Government Inaction in Earliest Stages of Possible Pakistan Civil War | Pope Denounces Capitalism and Communism | At Least 137 Killed in Iraqi 'War for Israel' | As Iraq War Effort Crumbles Toward Ultimate Loss, the Easily Defeated U.S. Empire Meets With a Politically Rising Iran in Egypt To Seek Common Ground to Avert More Wars Amid the Rubble | U.S. Sweeps Iraq Frantically Seeking 3 Soldiers Lost Through Its Own Strategic Military Incompetence | Gordon Brown, Successor to Tony Blair, Seeking Rothschild Donations, Rejects Early Pullout | Formal Request by Pro-Zionist U.S. Department of State for Ambassadorial Level Meeting with Iran | Ability of National Guard to Protect the States in Midst of Emergencies Being Destroyed by Iraq War | Israel's Olmert Says He Wants to Extend Israel's Jerusalem Borders in a Further Act of Zionist Aggression and Genocide Against the Non-Jewish Moslems of that City | 

May 11, 2007
| French President Nicolas Sarkozy's Jewish Roots | French Jewish Umbrella Group Congratulates Sarkozy on His Political Win | Republicans Close to Rejecting Bush's Lost War to Save the Party | England's Rothschild Puppet, Tony Blair Resigns as Promised | Putin Likens U.S. Foreign Policy to that of Hitler | Disgraced Tony Blair:  'I Did What I Thought Was Right' | France's Sarkozy, Genetic Rothschild Zionist Hungarian Import, Takes Power After Weeks of Promising More Connections to Zionist U.S. Israel Empire | Payback is a Bitch: Bush Makes New Fascist Investigation of Michael Moore's Cuba Trip | Zionist 'Big Brother' Investigates Digital Facial Recognition Technology | Republicans to Bush: Results by September 30th or It's Over | States Left Holding the Bag for the War as Half of All National Guard Equipment Wrecked or Lost Due to Deployments | Iraq Drafts Bill Saying It Wants Foreign Troops Out | Who'll Govern Israel After Olmert? | 

May 10, 2007
| Pelosi Could Sue President Bush for Over-Reaching Use of His Presidential Powers | Neocon Rats Leave Sinking Ship of State | Comcast CEO Unveils New Generation Internet Cable Modem 25 Times Faster than Today's Standard | Army Readies 35,000 More Troops for Bloodied Cannon Fodder in Iraq Killing Streets | Sen. Levin:  GOP Must Confront Bush If War Is To End | Kansas Tornado Aid Hampered by Kansas National Guard Being Assigned in Iraq | Latest Poll Shows Zero Israelis Would Vote For Olmert If an Election Were Held | Zionist Torture Methods in Report | Why Israel Is After Me | Zionist Terror Army Failed for 20 Years to Stop Weapons Smuggling. Rocket in Gaza | Zionist New York Parade for the Israeli Terror State | U.S. Embassy Workers Wear Flak Vests in Surrounded, Shrinking Green Zone | Thunderous Explosion Inside Green Zone During Cheney Visit |

May 9, 2007
  U.S. Embassy Workers Wear Flak Vests in Surrounded, Shrinking Green Zone | Thunderous Explosion Inside Green Zone During Cheney Visit | Frightened Army Sending Soldiers Back to Iraq, Cutting 'Dwell Time' | Rival Shiite Militias Feud After Bombing in Iraq | AIPAC Argument in Court:  The 'Good Americans' Spy for Israel | The Death of Democracy in America Has Been Administered Fully by AIPAC's Money Pit of Congressional Corruption | Attacks on Lou Dobbs by Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center on '60 Minutes' -- Who Made Mark Potok the Nation's 'Hate Czar' and Told Him He Could Decide When a Statement is 'Hate'? | Hate Spinner David E. Kaplan of Newsweek Plucks some Leaves from the Multi-Headed Jewish Hate Industries' Accusations Tree | Palestine Pulls 'Mickey Mouse' Children's Program (with Video) | Foxman Gives Unfair Picture of Hamas, Because He Fails to Properly Criticize Israel for Constantly Propagandizing Its Own Youth for Acts of Terror Even Better, Such as Little Israeli Girls Who Regularly Painted Hate Messages on Israeli Bombs Wishing Hamas Death. So, Where's the Fairness You Pretend to Have, Mr. Foxman? | 

May 8, 2007
| Unprecedented Rice Visit to Israel Canceled | Jerusalem's Arab Population Rising Twice as Fast as Its Jewish | FBI Arrest of 6 Moslems in 'Pizza Caper' Has a Variety of Questionable Methods Including Possible Federal Deceptive Practices Written All Over It | Biased Racist and Zenophobic Overtones Abound in Story about Birthrate Studies inside Israel | What Reason for 8-Day Nuclear Drill in Indianapolis? | Hamas Uses Mickey Mouse to Educate Palestinians for their Future Re-Occupation of Moslem-Owned Jerusalem | Archaeologist: Tomb of Herod Found | Israel Imposes More Cruelties Upon Palestine | Hamas Denies Deceptive Mossad Stories that it Threatened Shalit's Life | Israel's Threats to Palestinian Heritage at Dome of the Rock Mask | More Bush Administration Lies: Doubts Iraq War Hindering Disaster Efforts at Home | Pentagon Tells 35,000 Troops to be Ready for Deployment in Iraq | Iran Offers to Help America Leave Iraq | 

May 7, 2007
| Report: Israel's Shin Bet Uses Torture Illegally in Interrogations | Abbas of Palestine's Government Says Israel's Rejection of U.S. Security Plan 'Comforts Everyone in the Resistance' | Israel's Political Storm | Hezbollah Leader Sheik Nasrallah Says America Forced Israel to Launch Lebanon War | Hezbollah Ready for Next Showdown with Israel | France's New President Sarkozy's Jewish Family Heritage May Mean Closer Israeli Ties | Israel's National Security Council Claims Syria's Call for Peace Talks is 'Authentic' | Israeli Penetration, Propaganda, and Growth in Romania Strong Despite Fewer than 10,000 Jews Left in Nation | Why Iran Spurned a U.S. Handshake | Are Iran's Missiles Really a Threat to Europe?

May 4, 2007
| International Herald Tribune Defends Accepting Ad Seeking Nuclear Contracts from Teheran | Zionist Media Monopolist/Financier Rupert Murdoch Sold on Buying Wall Street Journal | Pro-Zionist Reuters Stock Up 30% on Investment Bid Rumors | Iran 'To Break the Leg' of Western Powers Seeking to Hamper Iran's Entry into their Nuclear Environments | Democratic and Republican AIPAC Sell Outs in Congress Fight Over Inclusion of Global Warming in Spy Bill | Dobbs Tells Reporter on '60 Minutes' Zionist Conspiracy that All Illegals Could Be Deported | FBI Dirty Tricks Thug Testifies Tricking Unsuspecting Citizen with False Lies About Joining Non-Existent Al Qaeda in Typical Government Entrapment Crime Which Should Be Declared Absolutely Illegal by the Courts Based on the 'Miranda Clause' Alone | Immoral Representatives Who Sold Out to AIPAC/ADL's Zionist Conspiracy Against Constitutional Freedom from Government Interference Pass Absurd Jewish Hate Crimes Bill Aimed at Increasing Federal Surveillance Access to State and City Law Enforcement | Only Olmert's Most Zionist Cunning Can Save Him | Zionism's Government Bleeding On the Ropes Over Olmert's Negative Report Card | Israel's Foreign Minister Urges Olmert to Quit | Iran PM:  U.S. 'Occupation' to Blame for Bloodshed in Iraq

May 3, 2007
| Hillary Supports New Sunset Bill Revoking 2002 War Approval Bill After 5 Years Which Comes in October | Al Qaeda 'Leader' Killed Was Misidentified | Saudi, Kuwait, and Russia Fail to Offer Iraq Aid | U.S. Defense Secretary Says the Zionist Iraq War Will Be Long and Hard | U.S. Panel Says Religious Freedom Deteriorating in Iraq's Lost Colony | Beleaguered Iraqis Now Fear Their Own Security Forces More than Insurgents | 44 Slain in Iraq, Green Zone Hit | Tens of Thousands of Israelis Demonstrate for the Removal of Disgraced Prime Minister Olmert | 104 American 'Cannon Fodder' Soldiers Killed in April | 

May 2, 2007
| Imus Hires Lawyer for $40 Million Breach of Contract | Psychiatric U.S. President Vetoes Pull Out of Troops | Iran: Zionist Western Colonial Aggressors Realize their Mistake in Taking on Iran | Slap in Israel's Nuclear Face: Iran Now Able to Mass Produce Atomic Centrifuges | Iran Deports 36,000 Afghans in 10 Days | Islam Victim of Terrorism Which Was Raised and Nurtured by Western Powers | First World Conference on Culture of Resistance in Iran | Iran Arrests Its Top Nuclear Negotiator, Possibly on Espionage | 

May 1, 2007
| 150 Year Chronology of Zionist-Rothschild-Rockefeller Oil & Financier Conspiracies Leading to the Founding of Israel | Zionist Washington Waits in Fear for the Publication of Madame's List of Top Government Johns | Zionist Centered Washington Betrayed Katrina's Victims, Failed to Accept $800 Million in Offered Foreign Aid | Rice to Attend Regional Conference on Iraq Despite Iran's Intention to Participate | Clock Ticking on Republican Support for Iraq Buildup as Noose Tightens Around U.S. Failure to Secure Nation | 71 Iraqis Dead in Bush's Unbearable AIPAC Catastrophe | Hillary Suddenly Flip-Flops:  'I'll End the War in Iraq'  


APRIL 2007

April 30, 2007
| 150 Year Chronology of Zionist-Rothschild-Rockefeller Oil & Financier Conspiracies Leading to the Founding of Israel | Zionist Washington Waits in Fear for the Publication of Madame's List of Top Government Johns | Zionist Centered Washington Betrayed Katrina's Victims, Failed to Accept $800 Million in Offered Foreign Aid | Rice to Attend Regional Conference on Iraq Despite Iran's Intention to Participate | Clock Ticking on Republican Support for Iraq Buildup as Noose Tightens Around U.S. Failure to Secure Nation | 71 Iraqis Dead in Bush's Unbearable AIPAC Catastrophe | Hillary Suddenly Flip-Flops:  'I'll End the War in Iraq' | Murtha: Impeaching Bush is an Option on Handling the Iraq War | 'Time is Running Out' | Israel Can Never Be a Threat to Us, Because a Few Thousand Hezbollah Shattered Its Army In a 200 Kilometer Area of Lebanon | Loud Mouth Israeli Chief of Army Staff Threatens to Invade Gaza | Hamas Welcomes Israeli Gaza Operation as Chance to Nab More Israeli Troops | 80% of Gaza Households Earn Less Than One Dollar Each Day | Zionist Army Terrorists Murder Three More Palestinians At Border | Palestinian Official Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Murders of Non-Jewish Citizens | 

April 29, 2007
| Jews Squabble Over Who Will Control World Bank | Estonia Removes Judeo-Bolshevik Memorial to Red Army Amid Civil Unrest Over the Issue, Russia Infuriated | Israeli IDF Thugs Murder 4 Palestinians Close to Border Claiming They Were Planting Bombs, Hamas Vows Retaliation | Mashaal Declares Any and All Rocket Attacks Against the Zionist Terror State Are Justified | EU Commissioner Blames Israel for Palestinian Financial Crisis | Jewish Israel Steals 57 More Non-Jewish Acres in West Bank Concentration Camp for Controversial Security Barrier | Zionist Killers in Israeli Uniform Murder 3 Palestinians | Pro-Israel Group Pressures UC Santa Cruz to Ban Alternative Lectures and Critical Historical Interpretations of the Israeli Nazi State | In Lebanon, One Unexploded Bomb Per Person | Retired Army Lt. General William Odom Says Bush Should Sign Democrat's End of War Bill | 'Only Politics Will Keep Harry from Iraq' | Car Explodes Near Shiite Shrine During Call to Prayers, Killing 58 Moslems | Commander Petraeus in Iraq: War Will Get Harder, More American Dead Coming | Nine American Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Dead Total Dead in April Reaches 99 Soldiers | Qaeda Video: Shiites Wrong in Fighting Alongside Non-Islamic American Soldiers | 'Deterioration' in Karzai Government's Popularity: NATO's Pro-Zionist Forces Risk Losing Afghanistan War | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Allegedly Using Its 25 Years of Subversive Influence to Threaten Teaching Rights of Non-Jewish Author and Professor Kevin McDonald at California State Long Beach Because He Wrote a Book Which Expounds on What He Believes are Multiple Negative Jewish Influences on the World At Large | Mr. Rabbi, If the Holocaust Happened As You Say in this Article, Can You Explain How 350,000 Survivors Could Be Alive Today? If Your Articles Are True, Shouldn't They All be Dead?

April 28, 2007
| Ex-C.I.A. Chief, in Book, Assails Cheney on Iraq | Tenet's CIA Warned White House's Zionist Neocons of 'Anarchy' and Break-Up of Iraq | John Stanton: World Anarchy Would Be America's Only Hope to Break Free of the Iron Will of Its Zionist Oppressors | Report: Was 9-11 Another Black Flag Op Like Pearl Harbor and Gulf of Tonkin and Which Was Proposed by Power Hungry Zionist Neocons to Move America Toward Global War? | Disreputable Zionist Puppet White House Spins Back Lie Smear on Tenet's Honest Biography to Cover Bush's Own Conspiratorial Aims | Bush's Iraq Policy Finds No Supporters in 1st Democratic Party Presidential Debate | Protesters At Harvard Interrupt Pro-Zionist FBI Director's Speech Which Contains the Admission of Past Lying and Deceptions by His FBI Agency Within It | Russia to Zionist Enthralled Powers: We Will Be Countering New US Missile Shields with New Technologies | Resulting from Today's Zionist-Owned Manufacturing Methods Requiring Burning of Fuels, April Has Set Heat Records in Europe | Zionist Policy Denial:  Edwards Distances Himself From Zionist-Neocons and their Acidic War Reflux, Casts Doubt on the Honesty and Reality of the Neocon 'Terror War' Assertions | Zionist Chutzpah or Racism or Both? Jewish Police in Israel Arrest African-American Women's Pro Basketball Player, Plan to Hold Her in Israel Under Arrest so She Cannot Play First Game of Season, Israeli Jewess Sues Her for $20,000 Over a Broken Nose | MP's Exile Puts Focus on the One-Sided Racism of Israel's Sham Democracy | Leader of the United Church of Canada Details the Intensity His Political Brainwashing by Zionist Agents on a Recent Trip to Israel as Blogger-Reporter Criticizes Him for Pro-Arabism | Pelosi, Biden and Cluster Bombs: Failing to Hold Israel Accountable for War Crimes in Lebanon Because 'They Dare Not Aggravate AIPAC'

April 27, 2007
| Mexican vs. American Civil War Officially Began Yesterday When Hispanic Oakland City Officials Passed Resolution Ordering Feds to Get Out and Leave Oakland's Immigrants Alone. Developing... | The Zionist Pot Boils: Pro-Zionist U.S. Government Has Its Zionist Lawyers Ask Zionist Packed Courts to Limit Zionist Lawyer's Access to Their Moslem Clients at Guantanamo Where Zionist Type Tortures are a Daily Occurrence | Iraq Bill Puts Bush on Path to Veto to Keep His AIPAC Funds Coming for Republicans | McCain's Presidential Race a Bust Due to His Support for the Illegal Pro-Zionist Iraq War | Black Flag Ops Bomb Kurdish Offices | AIPAC's Iraq: Violence Rages In Baghdad Despite Security Plan | Terrified of Her Legal Exposure in Promulgating Lies to Start the Iraq War for Zionist Neocons and the Wealthy AIPAC Lobbyists, Rice Arrogantly Defies Congress' Subpoena | Harry Threatens to Quit Army if Not Allowed to Face the Enemy's Fire With His Unit | The Danger to America and the World That Comes With Supporting the Israeli Racial Supremacists: Possible Tragic Outcomes of The AIPAC-Induced Iraq Quagmire | Saddam's Prison Commander Arrested for Aiding the Enemy, Evidently for Being Human and Having a Heart | Zionist Deception Methods Possible in Exposure of U.S. Army's 'Fake Heroes'' Program Which So Closely Resemble the Discredited Mossad's 'War by Deception' Motto | Putin Stepping Down, Warns of Intrigues from Foreign Powers Who Are Partners in the Zionist Embrace (e.g., America, Britain, and other Rothschild Controlled Western Powers) and Who Are Seeking to Retard Russia's Growth Potential |

April 26, 2007
| 22 Jewish Leaders Arrested | Rosie Dumped for Her Political Views, Studio Tries to Spin a "Rosier View" | Unfair Zionist Dominated Newspaper Circulations Plunge Again | Hillary's Latest AIPAC Sell Out Moment: We May Need to Confront Iran | Supreme Court Seems Leaning Toward Allowing Fat Cats to Continue to Steal the Republic's Representatives for Their Exclusive Use Through Donation Bribery During Elections | AIPAC Controlled U.S. House Passes 2008 Withdrawal as a Form of "Fake Posing for the People" Knowing All Along It Will Be Vetoed | Wolfowitz Battles to Remain in World Bank Office, Extending Zionist Cat Claws | Rice Subpoenaed to Testify on Iraq Uranium Lie | Kurd-Struck Turkey Watches a Crumbling Iraq With Concern | New U.S. United Nation Ambassador Asks U.N. to Pull Bush's Burning Chestnuts from the Fires He So Stupidly Created | 'The Greatest Story Ever Sold," Bill Moyers Exposes the Buying of the American Press by the Pentagon at the Beginning of the Disastrous War for Israel | Terror Gang Largest Threat to Harry, 'We'll Send Him Back With No Ears' | Hate-Filled Israel Probes Rare Arab MP for Spying and Laundering Anti-Zionist-Occupation Money | Israel PM Threatened by Another Criminal Probe | Israel Refuses Peace Talks Preferring Its Never-Ending Zionist 'Terror Tactics' | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center, a Zionist Hate Cult, Seeks Anti-Free-Speech Probe of Author/Professor With Honest, Well-Documented Best-Selling Book on Jewish Racism | National Alliance Falls, Partly Due to Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center and Other Equally Discredited Groups Who Stalk and Defame Non-Jewish Civil Rights Organizations and Use Both Open and Hidden Alliances with America's Zionist Dominated Department of Justice Which Has Entered into Many Fascist Patriot Act Illegalities While Systematically Destroying the Constitution Without Itself Being Subject to Arrests |

April 25, 2007
| Grim Reaper Kills 9 Pro-Zionist U.S. Soldiers, Wounds 20 in Car Bomb | Death President Rejects War Pay-Off Bill with Time Table for Ending America's Eternal Parade of Mayhem and Murder in Iraq | Kurdish Yazidis Murdered in Bigot Violence inside America's Deadly Democratic Heaven of Pro-Zionist Captured Iraq | Kucinich Introduces Papers for Impeachment of Cheney | Real Crimes of Wolfowitz Ignored -- e.g., Spying for Israeli Terror State | Hamas Blames Israel's Murders for Escalation in Violence | New Evidence Presented in Support of 911 Federal Black Ops at WTC | Israeli Terror State Celebrates 59 Selfish Years of Jewish Military Terror, Jailing and Torturing of Palestinian Teens, Monetary Entrapment of the U.S. Government, and Murdering of Thousands in Mideast | Racist Nature of Israel's Anti-Democracy in Speech by Arab-Israeli Ex-Knesset Leader | U.S. Democrats Have the Same AIPAC Infection as Republicans So Impeachment Would Not Change Anything, Would Certainly Not End the Iraq War | Israel Seeks More Deadly Weapons from the American Terror Nation to Replace Those Used to Murder Its Lebanese Neighbors Last Summer | Zionists Openly Exploit Vulnerable Jewish-American Youth Recruiting Them into Two-Year Indoctrination Programs Deep Inside Israel Designed to Turn Them into Ideologically Brainwashed Zombies Who Will Then Become Propagandists for the Zionist Terror Nation and Be Deployed Right Inside America's Publicly Supported Non-Jewish Schools to Deceive their Student Bodies About Israel's History of Deadly, Cruel, and Scandalous Behavior |

April 24, 2007
| Democratic Party Will Not Stop War Because of AIPAC | Peace Movement Has Been Destroyed by AIPAC | Killing Others for Israel in Our Name | Why Is the Peace Movement Silent? Because It Cannot Afford the Corrupt Rich-Kid $10,000 Table for Ten at AIPAC's Fund-Raiser? | Bigoted ADL Continues to Bang on White Civil Rights Workers to Fill Its Rusty Begging Cups, Branding and Marginalizing Non-Jewish Rights Workers as Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists, Selecting Only the Worst Quotes by Unidentified Bloggers Some of Whom are Possibly Undercover Zionists, Knowing Their Hurtful Propaganda Against Non-Jews Will be Republished in Thousands of Zionist Dominated Newspapers | Abe Foxman's Cries Crocodile Tears, Says He Is Not Trying to Stifle Debate, Only to Push to Directly Stifle Debate with the Draconian Anti-Free Speech Hate Act | U.S. Envoy Urges Iraq's Politicians to Unite in the Midst of Civil War to Save America's Invasion, Which Won't Happen, Because the War Was Doomed to be Lost from the First Day |

April 23, 2007
| Jewish Troops Fire on Crowds, Kill Non-Jewish Teenager for a Total of 9 Non-Jews Murdered in 1 Weekend by Racist Zionists | Wolfowitz' Position at World Bank More Risky, Inquiry Expands | Scotland Yard Issues Arrest Warrants Against Russia's Highly Jewish KGB for London Poisoning | Jewish CBS Sues California Station for Airing Imus | Disarmed Virginia Tech Students Recount Desperate Moments inside Norris Hall | Hamas Calls For a New Offensive Against Deadly Racist Israel After 9 Non-Jewish Youth Are Slain by Armed Jewish Thugs this Weekend | Israel's Latest Onslaught of Deadly Racism Against Non-Jews Can Only Retard the Peace Process | Prime Minister Maliki Orders a Halt to the U.S. Berlin Wall in Baghdad | Iraq Patriots Kill 50 in Bloody Sunday of Carnage | Bush Continues Lying, Claims Progress in Iraq | Desperate and Dying U.S. Revs Up Last Ditch Reversal of Saddam's Baath Purge | Murderous Israeli War Monster Seals off Gaza and West Bank | This Week's Israeli Terror State's Atrocities |

April 21, 2007
| U.S. Terror State Achieves Its Objective to Split Apart Iraq, Builds Three-Mile Wall Between Sunnis and Shiites in Baghdad Where CIA/Mossad Teams Ran the Blowing Up of Sunni/Shiite Mosques to Begin the Violence and Crack the Iraq's Fragile National Egg | Bush in Denial about the Lost War | Yet Another Leader of Fallujah is Assassinated | U.S. Wall of Dissension is Condemned by Iraqi People | Absolute Murderousness of Constant Death Penalties in Iraq Scorned by Humanitarian Watchdog Organizations, Almost 100 Hanged Already |

April 20, 2007
| Reid Gives Bleak Assessment of 'The War for Israel' | Egypt Accuses Man of Spying for Israel | Israel Again Accuses Iran of Recruiting Israeli Immigrants as Spies | AIPAC Spy Case Trial Judge Opens All Testimony to Public View | Soros Blasts AIPAC's Influence in America:  Not Good for Peace | Spying for Country X |

April 18, 2007
| 4 Bombings in America's Zionist Occupied Baghdad Kill At Least 183 | Russia Building Super Tunnel to Alaska | Iran Manufacturing Nuclear Fuel in Underground Plant, Says IAEA. Really? Got Any Real Proof Yet? | Virginia Tech's Hero Professor to be Flown Home to Israel for Burial | Mossad Disinformation Agency:  Iran Recruiting Iranian-Israelis for Spies in Turkey. Real Evidence, Anyone? | Israel Lauds U.N. Plan to Probe Arms Traffic in Lebanon | Israel Openly Attacks Vatican and Christianity Itself: Pope Pius XII Slandered by Holocaust Cult Believers | Holocaust Day in Auschwitz Reported Without Skepticism Even Though the Original 6 Million Count is Now  Down to1.1 Million on the Auschwitz Plaque which Russia Says Is Really Only 80,000 According to Nazi Records Archived in Moscow, Most of them Non-Jews | Debating the Primacy of the Pro-Israel Lobby |

April 17, 2007
| Israeli Teacher, Liviu Librescu, Saves Lives of His Students, Dies as Hero for Holding Classroom Door Shut As His Students Escape Out of Window | Parents Demand Resignation of Virginia Tech President and Campus Police Chief | EU Determined to Make Ass Out of Itself by Giving 3 Years to Persons Researching Any Facts Surrounding World War Two Holocaust Stories | Israel Commemorates Holocaust of "6 Million" Jews, Remains Silent on the 65 Million Dead Christians Murdered by Jews in the USSR, 1919-1940 | Egyptian Nuclear Engineer Is Charged With Spying for Israel |

April 16, 2007
| Six Ministers from Al-Sadr's Movement Resign from Iraq Government in Protest to Continued American Occupation | Citizens of Kabala, Iraq Seek Revenge on Governor and Police Force in Aftermath of Carnage | 3 Million Iraqis Displaced in America's War for AIPAC | U.S. Deaths Top 3,300 Murdered by Neocon White House Madness | Duration of Bloody U.S. Troop Buildup Uncertain | Iraq Returns to Its Iranian Heritage | Zionist Puppet Bush to Visit Michigan, Speak Up His Fake Terror War | Patriots Kill American Troops With Abandon, Ruin War |

April 15, 2007
| Vatican Assents to Do the Bidding of Its Jewish Banking Masters, Agrees to Attend Holocaust Ceremonies | Israel's Acting President Calls Holocaust 'Stain on Humanity', Refuses to Apologize for the Vicious Jewish Bolsheviks Who Ran the Soviet Union and Murdered 65 Million Non-Jews, 1919-1940 | Israelis Who Fear a New Future Holocaust Say Nothing Concerning the Daily Torture of Arabs in Gaza and West Bank by their Own Racist Zionazi Terror State | Jews Selfishly Dominate Holocaust Discussions, Keep Jews Front and Center in World War Two Where More Than Ten Times Their Number Also Died but Receive no Mention in Jewish Owned Presses | Over 300 Injured, 3 Dozen Killed in Bomb Blasts in American Occupied Democratic Iraq in Single Day | Sadr's Group To Resign from Iraq Government Until United States Ends Its Unwanted Occupation | Iraq Holy Quaeda Kidnaps 20 Soldiers, Will Hold 48 Hours for Iraq's 'Infidel Government' to Assent to Its Demands | World Economic Slowdown Coming Say Rothschild Banksters | Charade Continues in Wolfowitz Melodrama as Monopoly Press Skews Analysis to be a War between U.S. vs. European Banks |

April 14, 2007
| Abraham Foxman and His Zionist Anti-Defamation League Unfairly Attack Non-Jewish Vatican for Protesting Shoddy Zionist Photography Slur Designed Solely to Demean Christianity and Pope Pius | Israel's Criminal Use of Human Shields Proven by Newly Released Video | Germans Spend Year in Israel Providing Community Services to Atone for 60th Anniversary of Holocaust | Women of Holocaust Added to Huge Holocaust Exhibit Which Remains Sickeningly Silent about the Jewish U.S.S.R. Holocaust in which 65,000,000 Non-Jews Were Lined Up and Murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks Who Ran Communist Russia | The Jewish USSR Murders | U.N. Secretary Ban Places Wreath at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum But Insults Russia's 65,000,000 Victims of Jewish Killers, 1919-1941, by Not Laying a Wreath for Them or Even Mentioning How the Jews Who Ran the Soviet Union Murdered Them | Zionists Don't Even Know the Names of the Claimed 6,000,000 Dead, So They Ask for People to Send in Their Names. Duh. | 37 Killed in Bomb Blast Near Iraq Shrine | Democrats Feel They Are Going to Get their Way on Iraq in 2008 Elections | Iraq Kurdish PM Seeks to Calm Turkey After Its Military Threatens to Invade Kurdistan Province |

April 13, 2007
| Israel Suspends Commander Whose Troops Used Palestinians as Human Shields | Syria and Israel Could Clinch a Peace Deal in the Next 6 Months | Vatican-Israel Rift Over Captions in Holocaust Museum Saying War Time Pope Pius XII Didn't Do Enough to Help Jews | Israel Broke International Law During Lebanon War | Palestinians Tumble Toward Poverty | Condoleezza Rice Who Conspires with a Lying, Reckless Pro-Zionist President in The Murder of 1 Million Innocent Iraqis Continues to Make a Perfect Idiot Out of Herself by Projecting Her Own Psychiatric onto Don Imus Who Has Never Murdered a Single Person | Yiddish World Banking Tsar Paul Wolfowitz Screws Up by Promoting His Miscegenast Lover | NJ Governor in Hit and Run While Hurrying to Meet Don Imus | Planning Far More American Deaths for Israel and AIPAC: Pro-Zionist New World Order Pentagon Places Advanced Military Internet Router into Outer Space for Communication Between G.I.'s and Families | Ten Dead in Bridge Blast Horror | More American Non-Jewish Deaths for Hateful Zionist Colonial Empire of Israel on the Agenda in Near Future | Chicken McCain Pretends to be Brave on Iraq War from the Safety of Washington's Gaudy Marble Dome | Club Democracy Says Iraq Isn't Even Worthy of Invite |

April 12, 2007
| IMUS FIGHTS BACK:  When Will Rev. Sharpton Apologize to the White Duke Lacrosse Players? | Since the Anti-White Zionist Media Won't Come to the Table With Honesty in Its Heart, The Jew Watch Project Now Exposes The Often Quoted But Fraudulent Willie Lynch Slavery Speech | Imus Isn't the Real Bad Guy in Zionist Occupied America:  Why Don't Black Leaders Come Forward and Put the Blame Where It Should Be? | Iraq Parliament Bombed Inside Green Zone Killing 8 Including Parliament Members: President Bush Who As an International War Criminal Has Murdered Close to 1 Million Iraqis in His False Terrorist War Still Has the Chutzpah to Condemn Even This Tiniest Retaliation | Bush's Psychotic War Nightmare Explodes in More Death and Destruction:  Not Only Parliament Is Blown Apart, Even Worse Key Baghdad Sarafiya Bridge Destroyed in Mockery of U.S. Terror Occupation | U.S. Rebukes Kurdish Leader for Threatening Turkey | Iraq War Threatens to Spill Over in Clash Between Turkey and Iraq, Turkish Ally Wants to Invade Iraqi Kurdistan as America and Iraq Object | Iraq Situation Disastrous, Worsening: International Red Cross | Back Door Draft as America Announces Extensions of Military Duty Tours for Those Scheduled to Muster Out of the War | Pentagon Denies Cheney's Latest Lie that Iraq Ever Had Any Connections with Al Quaeda | Civilian Injuries and Deaths Attributable to U.S. Army Fighting in Iraq Will be Enormously Expensive |

April 11, 2007
| What's Subversive Zionist AIPAC Trying to Hide from America? | News Media Seek Access to Hidden Testimony, While Zionists Lamely Claim They Also Want All Testimony Public | U.S. Israel Empire's Illegal War in Iraq Backfires | Poor Boys in Armed Forces Exploited, Accept Huge Bonus Money to Re-Enlist for the Deadly Dangerous War | Professional Generals Won't Kowtow to White House Absurdities on the War, So Bush Is Now Looking for an Afghanistan-Iraq 'War Tsar' Who Will Be a Yes-Man | Iraq War 'Ruining U.K.'s International Reputation' | McCain Pins His Hopes On the Rightness of Zionist Violence and Killing in Iraq | Caught Up In Sadistic Death and Dying on the Iraqi Front, Congress Must Cut Off Outrageous Profits by the Bush Family | Bush Administration Has Been Cavalier in Managing the Iraq War | Iraq War a Mistake for 59% Americans | 10 More Americans Die Useless Deaths in Iraq for Subversive Zionist Neocons Burrowing Deeply into the White House | Extremely Pro-Zionist Christian Pastor John Hagee Seen as a Necessary Ally to AIPAC's War Mongering Ways Although Many Jews Distrust Zionist Christianity | Jewish ADL's Foul Hate Spews Forth Like a Volcano of Rushing Anti-American Bad Breath: Imus' Suspension for a Mere 2-Second Genderist Joke Which is Totally Guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment Is 'A Long Time in Coming', Dangerous and Extremely Subversive Pro-Zionist Monopoly Presses Gladly Print It | Are We Not Now Headed Toward Zionist Bolshevism? The Dangers of Losing Freedom by Following the Vile ADL Advocates of 2nd Amendment Suppression |

April 10, 2007
| U.S. Zionist Proxy Forces in Heavy Clashes in Baghdad | Imus Fails Zionist Created Political Correctness Rituals, Accidentally Calls Al Shaprton "You People," Wins 2-Week Suspension | Teetering on the Brink of Disaster: The Zionist Neocon's Decision to Bomb Iran | Zionism Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things | TODAY SHOW'S Al Roker Says 'It's Time for Imus To Go' in a Pro-Black Chutzpah Rant Which Reveals Hints of Deep-Seated African American Animosity Against White People | Tens of Thousands of Shiites Call for U.S. to Leave Iraq | FREE SPEECH VICTORY: Zionist Dominated Federal Courts Rule in Favor of Girl's Right to Publish on MySpace.Com | U.S. Israel Empire Invents Robocop Armor For Their Future Colonialist Wars | Hamas Calls on Israel To Accept Prisoner Swap | Israeli Colonial Government Kidnapped 19 Hamas Citizens, Secretly Imprisoned and Tortured Them, Then Announced They Were Held Under Zionist Suspicion for a Non-Existent Bomb Plan Which Israel Says They Called Off at the Last Minute, No Proof Offered | To Guarantee Peaceful Coexistence, Israel Must Leave Its Illegally Occupied Arab Lands | Zionist Media Monopoly Merchants Seek Public Access in Upcoming AIPAC Espionage Trial | The Blanket Misrepresentation of the Zionist Lobby |

April 9, 2007
| FREE SPEECH WARNING: Professional Race Hucksters Gang Up on Don Imus' Right to Be Humorous, Arrogantly Threaten His Livelihood Using Typical ADL Race Hustling Methods, Gain Notice of His Jewish Media Masters Who May Immediately Remove Him from their Airwaves inside the Vast Network of Jewish-Captured-and-Owned American Media Monopolies of Today | FREE SPEECH WARNING: Politically Correct Attempt to Chain Blogs Soviet Style by Monopoly Owners | Futurists List Every Possible Terror Development, Yet Ignore Totally the Israeli and American Terror Nations and the Already Dangerous Mostly Zionist International Banking Conspirators Who Already Control the Entire Worlds Economies | Israel Eyes Prisoner Swap |

April 8, 2007 Holy Easter Day
| Pope Mourns Iraq's 'Continuous Slaughter' | Pope Starts Easter, Says Love Triumphs Over Evil | 'National Nuclear Day' Declared in Iran | Pelosi's Visit to Damascus, Becomes Just another Pawn Played in the Jewish Lobby Strategy of U.S. Domination | Severe Punishment: The Lobby | The Great Jewish Hope: Rising Dislike Among the Tribe for AIPAC's Pro-Israeli Frenzy | Selfish U.S. Jewish Lobby Angered by Turkey's Prime Minister Meeting with Hamas Leadership | The Israeli Lobby Is Rapidly Losing Support Among U.S. Jews | Religious Baiters Driving Islamophobia in U.S. Terror Nation | 10 Americans Die in Bloody Iraq Weekend | Carl Levin Says Senate Will Not Pull Funding Plug But Will Insist that Bush Rapidly End the Violence | Iran Warns Iraq If Iranians Captives Are Not Released, Iran Will Withdraw Aid | Confidential British Memos Recently Leaked Say 5 More Years for Britain in Iraq | 9th TNT-Chlorine Bomb in Lost Iraq Colony | Syria's Regional Position Strengthens | Don't Welcome Fred Thompson to the Election Sham: He's Just Another Globalist Neocon |

April 7, 2007
| Zionist Pentagon May Send 13,000 Youths, Fathers, and Mothers in National Guard to Iraq as Sacrificial Cannon Fodder for the Lost War | Israeli Terror State First Missiles into Its Northern Gaza Concentration Camp | Cruel Israel Still Controls Much of Daily Life in Its Gaza Concentration Camp | Chicago Synagogue 'Vandalized', Was It a Possible Black Flag Op by a Jewish Group or Individual to Help Zionist Spin Artists? | The Lebanon-Israel Tragedy | 5,000 Palestinians Suffer Due to Israel's Raids | Israeli Terror State Guilty of On-Going Inhumane Treatment, Criminal Torture, and Mistreatment of Lebanon's Prisoners of War | British Soldiers Change Their Stories to Suit their New Scowling Masters -- Their Commanders in the U.K. Navy | The Killings of 15 Soldiers including Iraqis, Yanks, and Brits Announced Thursday | The Face of Non-Zionist Iran | Basketball Coach Who Is Raising Two Jewish Sons Fired for Using the Phrase 'Big Time Jewish Lawyers', Probably in a Joking Manner | Staaten Island Jews Bash Coach for Comparing His Criticism to that Given Against Hitler, As Though Jews Have the Only Right to Use Hitler in Rhetorical Pronouncements | Foxman's Own Alleged Hate Against Persons Telling Obviously Observable Truths About Jews Might be More Than Evident in the Case of the Coach's Outrageous Firing in this Editorial |

April 6, 2007
| Israel Blocking Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, AIPAC Operative Hovering as a Darkening Threat in the Background | Time Magazine Declares 'America's Broken Army' | Obama Bests Clinton in the Business of  Selling Out America for Campaign Money | U.N. Secretary General Gets His Information Canards About Israel and the Middle East from the Anti-Defamation League Cult | After Meeting U.N. Secretary General, Foxman Says He Now Understands Israel's Security Threats | Israeli Zionazi Thugs Increase Their Sadistic Military Atrocities Against Palestinians in West Bank's Cities |

April 5, 2007
| Racist Zionists Discuss Whether to Emulate Hitler and Expel Black Refugees from Somalia | Eight California K-9 Officers Travel to Fascist Israeli Terror State to Learn Highly Questionable and Sadistic Security Methods from Already Discredited Policing Organization | Kabbalist Elder: Israel on Brink of War | Egypt Asks International Red Cross to Investigate Israel's Alleged Murder of Egyptian Prisoners in the 1967 War | The Colonial Army of Israel and Palestine | Debate on Right of Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians to Return to their Nation which Israel Stole from Them and Reclaim their Lives and Lands |

April 4, 2007
| Jews Abandon Israel in Droves, Find Unlikely Haven in Germany | Good Morning News: Holy Jewish Scrolls Miraculously Survive Inside Burnt Synagogue | Israel Resurrects Brutal Tactics in Lebanon War Against Hamas in Gaza and West Bank | Jewish Charities Worry Over The Arab Problem in Israel | Mossad Deception Agency Says Arabs Preparing for Defensive War in Summer Against United States | Arab League Rejects Israel's Summit Offer | Palestine vs. AIPAC: The Political Landscape of a Disaster | The Twin Devils Subverting the United States -- AIPAC & the Iraq National Congress | Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Allegedly Claiming Believers in Traditional Roman Catholic Beliefs Are Anti-Semites. Of Course, by Attacking Catholic Beliefs in this Way, the Jewish SPLC May Have Just Crossed the Line into Anti-Christian Bigotry | Jewish SPLC Tells FBI to Investigate the Non-Jewish Young Americans for Freedom, But a Question Has Thereby Arisen: Why is the FBI Associated with a Previously Alleged Discredited Jewish Domestic Spying Agency which May Well be the Unregistered Agent of a Foreign Power? | Jewish SPLC May Have Revealed the Hatred in Its Own Heart by Linking a Group Which Listed John Wayne and Ronald Reagan as Members with the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party | Morris Dees, SPLC President, Speaks at University of Michigan and Gives What May Appear to Many to Be Cowardly, Repugnant, and Un-American Accusations that Persons Against the Present Subversive and Overwhelming Swell of Immigrants are Either Haters or Hate Groups | Sum of Death Statistics: A Perilous Iraq |

April 3, 2007
| Supreme Court Rules EPA Must Consider Global Warming to be a Serious Problem and Control Pollutants | Pelosi Tells Dictator Bush to Shove It, Acts As Arbiter Between Syria and Israel | Fire Burns Anti-Israel Synagogue: Was It Arson? | Jews for Boycotting Israel: A New Initiative | Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah Are Preparing War Against the United States Says Lying Israel Mossad | Second Rape Charge Possible Against Israel's Dethroned President Katsev | Zionazi Regime in War Mongering Israel Deny Plans to Strike Lebanon, Syria in Summer | Christians Fleeing Lebanon Due to Rise in Radical Islam, First Step in Zionist Takeover Through Depopulation of Lebanon's Lands | Kissinger: Military Victory in Iraq Not Possible |

April 2, 2007
| Iran Mulls First Strike Against U.S. | Israel Army Seals West Bank: 50,000 Palestinians Separated From Their Employers for Weeks | Only in New York: "My Sweet Lord" Chocolate Crucifixion Exhibit Called Off After Catholics Complain | State Dept. Lists Travel Hazards Abroad for Zionist and Christian Travelers Alike | War Tribunals in Guatanamo's Torture Digs | Tortured Guantanamo Brit Ex-Detainee Let Go: U.S. Terror Nation's Illegal Incarceration 'Nightmare Over' |

April 1, 2007
| Hamas Warns Israel: Stay Out of Gaza Or Face Significant Losses | How Palestine Became an Israeli Colony | American Zionist Terrorist Samuel Byck | Pro-Israeli Lobby Robs U.S. Democracy of Meaning | 'Intellectually Dishonest' Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Attacks Conservative Group Ad Hominem Rather than Enter Into a Real Debate on Illegal Immigration | Lord Levy, the Jew Who Works Closest to PM Blair Alleged to Sell 'Honors' to Gain Party Fund-Raising | Jews Misuse Billionaire Status to Push U.K. into Ending Holocaust Studies | Jew Watch Project's Scholarly Holocaust Study Archive | Iraq Bombs Kill 22 as Crocker Vows to End Bloodshed | U.S. War Toll in March Nearly Double that of the Iraqi Army | Muqtada Calls for Massive Demonstrations; Talabani Admits that US is Occupying Iraq | Iraq Justice Minister Resigns Over Way Saddam Hussein Was Executed | Likud Poised to Become Largest Party in Israel | Pelosi Visits Israel, Letting Bush Know She Will Have Say in Foreign Policies |

MARCH 2007

March 31, 2007
| Released Female Sailor:  I've Been Sacrificed to the Selfish Needs of the Blair and Bush War Mongers | Oil Spikes at $69, the Fabulously Reward for All of This Pro-Israeli War Mongering | New Zionist City's Guilliani 'A Part of the Problem' During 911 | War Lord Blair Attempts to 'Spin' Sailor Apology Video as 'Disgusting' and 'Illegal' but Does Not Find Much Traction for His Position |

March 30, 2007
| America's Disgraceful War for AIPAC's Dirty Little Israel: Bombers Kill at Least 122 in Shiite Markets in One of Iraq's Deadliest Days | The Deadliest Days in America's Needless and Immoral War in Iraq | Iraq's Citizens Increase Their Deadly Attacks in Green Zone | American Army May be Crippled by Equipment Shortages for Years After the Immoral War | Mayor Bloomberg Turns to the Politics of War Mongering | Arab Leaders Offer 'Guarded' Peace Plan, U.S. Terror Nation Pleased | Israeli Zionazi State Rejects Peace with Palestine, Sec. Condoleezza Rice Drives into Ditch | Israel Rescues Palestinian Village Where Floods Killed 5 | Israel Fires Into Gaza, Saying Rocket Attack Was Near, Offers No Proof | Christian Zionist Movement Offers Even Larger Wars and New Holocausts for Jews | Out of the Dark, Israel Nazi State Diplomatically Insults The Vatican and the Pope | War Mongering Israel Hungrily Slobbers as Western Nations Sanction Iran | Film Raises Questions About Israel's Misuse of Military Power | UN Committee Urges Israel to Revoke the Citizenship Law, Dismantle the Wall, Bind the Jewish National Fund to Anti-Discrimination Principles, and Recognize the Unrecognized Villages | Israel Bolsters Troop Levels inside Syria's Precarious Golan Heights | Green Peace Slams Israeli Terror State's Illegal Nuclear Horde | Israel's Clashing Perspectives |

March 29, 2007
| Pro-Zionist Blair Calls Video of British Prisoners "Totally Unacceptable" | Russians Report U.S. Empire Troops Near Iran Preparing Another for War for Israel | Saudi King Slams 'Illegitimate Occupation of Iraq' | AIPAC Court Considers 'Silent Witness' Method to Shield Defense Secrets | AIPAC Gives High Awards to 6 Yeshiva Students for Excessively Promulgating Pro-Israeli Terror State Propaganda | Wexler Disagrees with George Soros | Secretary Rice Pulls Back, Jewish Lobby Pressure on Democratically Elected Hamas Government Recognition Hoped for Yields Evil Fruit | Britain Must Accept Arrest in Iran Waters | 12 Killed in Iraq Attacks One Day After 120 Slaughtered in Northern Town | New Iraq Sweeps Shove Hundreds of Detainees into Crowded, Cruel Prisons As Pro-Zionist America's War of Anti-Moslem Horrors Escalates | Angry Iraqi Police Illegally Murder Sunnis | Military Enslavement Issue: Involuntary Draft of Ex-Marines | Republicans Whose Supporting Cast of Clients Feast Well On the Profitable Iraq War See President's Immoral Veto as Way to Keep their Supporting Banksters in the Green | Jewish Reportress in the Darkening Ruins of Sunni Baghdad |

March 28, 2007
| Hated U.S. President George Bush Who Lied to Start a War Now Threatens Non-European Iran with Dangerous European Convoy of Aircraft Carriers | History:  U.S. Navy Started Because of Piracy on the Barbary Coast | Jewish Neocons Inside the Bush Administration | Blair's Gulf-Of-Tonkin Canard:  Troops Were Never in Iranian Territory | Ominous Silence in Iran | Anti-Defamation League Which Regularly Demonizes Many Groups, Allegedly Accuses Jim Robertson of Emulating the ADL in this Respect | Oil Spikes on Rumors War Has Broken Out Between Pro-Zionist European Colonial Powers and the Non-Zionist Republic of Iran | Blair Warns Iran of 'Different Phase' If Britain's Border Crossing Troops Are Not Released | NY Times Iran Study Guide | Senate Keeps Pull Out Date in Iraq Bill | 66 Killed as Truck Bombs Strike Markets in Iraq | U.S. Occupation Leaders Who Murdered Approximately 700,000 Iraqis and Destroyed Iraq's Infrastructure in the Last 4 Years, Calls the Kettle Black by Criticizing Iraq's Government for Not Spending a Measley $12.5 Billion It Controls to Repair Less than 1% of the Damage Done by U.S. War Crimes | Acting Surgeon General:  Long-Term Military Morale a Concern for Neglect of Its Wounded |

March 27, 2007
| Internet Wins:  No One Sure If Newspapers in Ten Years Will Publish on Pulp Paper | Sean Penn Gives Rave Anti-Bush Speech to Roaring Crowd | MP3 Audio of Sean Penn's Speech | German Neo-Nazi Happenings Up, But Only 1,100 Acts of Violence in a Nation of 82 Million Fewer Than 1 in 75,000 Persons Commits Such Acts | 3rd Jewish Zionist Elected to Aussie Parliament, but the Miniscule Minority of Aussie Jews Still Whine | Aussie Jewish Zionist Election News | 'Noble Jew' Hitler Saved in New Politically Correct Anti-Hitler Book | Bistro Sues Former Mashgiach in Kosher Libel Spew | The Last Jew in Afghanistan | Churchill: Jew Lover? Jew Hater? | R.I.P. Chester Cohen, 67, Jew Who Loved Christmas | 2,781 Soldiers Dead Since Capture of Saddam | 25,000 Soldiers Wounded in America's Worthless AIPAC War for Israel | Jewish and Non-Zionist, He Explains Why ADL and Israel Overuse the Term 'Anti-Semitic' and Cause Much of the Problem Through Unwise Actions | Nuclear Master Races in U.N. Increase Penalties for Nuclear Poor Iran for Wanting to do the Exactly the Same as They Have Done | David Irving Visits Auschwitz, Says No Gas Chambers Existed, but Zionist Nations Won't Even Consider This Scholar's Knowledge Base | Let's Be Open-Minded and Serious. If the Holocaust Stories Reflect Honest Reality of German Genocide Against the Jewish People, How Could these Survivors be Around to Meet 62 Years Later? They Lived in those Same Concentration Camps. The Germans Were Supposed to be So Relentless in Killing Jews. Wouldn't They Already Be Dead? |

March 26, 2007
| Jews for Le Pen | Class Struggle in the Zionist State | Four Hours of Free Holocaust Research Videos | 5 Non-Jewish G.I.'s Die in Lost Iraq for Zionists Who Donate to AIPAC | Iran Seeks to Bring Iraq into Its Field of Influence in Its Fight with the Dangerous Colonial Military Power of the U.S. Terror Nation | 130 Helicopters Lost in Iraq, Afghanistan | U.S. Military Deaths at 3,240 Non-Jews in the 'Going Nowhere War' for Jews Who Support Israel Over America | War Monger Cheney Rules Out Early End to Zionism's War in Iraq | Zionist America's Occupied Iraq After 4 Years of Killing | The Impeachment Chronicles: Latest Reported Iraq Death Toll, 1 Million Non-Jews, All of Them Killed by AIPAC's Jewish Politics in the White House | 17 Corpses Found in Baghdad | Can American Jews Unplug the Jewish Lobby? | Jerusalem Institute Questions Post-Diaspora Kitniyot Abstinence |

March 25, 2007
| 1,000 Rally in Oakland, Call for End to America's Unwise War for Israel | The AIPAC Girl, Nancy Pelosi, Leaves Iran War In Bush/Cheney Hands | Israel Awaits U.N. Chief | Israel Offers Yet Another Fake Truce to Muck Up Peace Process | World Nuke Powers Lobby U.N. To Maintain War Monger Monopoly | News Report: If You Want to Be Mideast Diplomat, Do Not Have Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes | Israel's Jewish Russian Billionaire King Maker is in the Wings | Israel's Only Non-Jewish Moslem Governmental Official Is Sole Spokesman for Peace | Water Babies | U.N. Sec. Gen. Checks in with Mubarak of Egypt on Peace Talks | No Plans to Alter Arab Position, Israel Must Pull Back to Pre-1967 Borders | George Soros Scoured for Suggesting Negotiating with Duly Elected Government of Hamas | Britain Bans Military for Using Cluster Bombs that Don't Self-Destruct | Iran: Brits Admit Illegal Entry into Iran Territory | U.S. House Votes for Pull-Out Date, Bush Rants About Unlimited Kill Time | 60 Iraqis Die in Person Delivered Bombs | Iran Unrepentant Over Holding Brit Troop Border Spoilers | Democrats Pass Deceptive Iraq Funding Bill | Soros Won't Take On AIPAC (Yet) |

March 24, 2007
| Is Abe Foxman Ruining the ADL? | Zionist Controlled America Does Not Prosecute Illegal Aliens Until their Sixth Arrest | Egypt:  Zionists Must Accept Mecca's 'Land for Peace Plan' Before Negotiations Continue | Peres: Israel Wrong to Start Lebanon War | Israel Turns Gaza into a Jewish Guarded Virtual Prison | Gilad Shalit Spectacle Going Nowhere | Oh, Me, Oh, My... ADL Says Anti-Semitic Incidents Are Declining... Can It Be?... | Students Go to the Jew's ADL Camp to Envision a Jewish Vision of a Distorted America, a 'Nation of Immigrants', While Time Runs Out for the Naive, Stupid Europeans Who Are Quietly Allowing Themselves to Be Replaced by Other Races by Zionist Authored Laws | The Jew Watch Project Joins the ADL in Soundly Condemning Anti-Semitic Wall Drawings Scrawled Outside a Jewish Alderman's Office in Chicago | To Fill the Void from Declining Anti-Semitism, Jewish ADL Turns to Critiques of Anti-Immigrant Bias Among Americans to Keep the Jewish Caldrons of Hate Accusations Against the Majority Boiling | The Disgusting Zionist Destruction of a Once Very Livable Republic of Iraq | Iran Seizes 15 British Soldiers |

March 23, 2007
| Jewish Billionaire George Soros: 'Demolish the Wall of Silence Protecting AIPAC'  | AIPAC Undermining American and Israeli Best Interests | U.N. Chief Ducks as Bomb Blasts Green Zone | Zionist Elites Gang Up to Maintain Vicious Monopoly, Cadaver Upstart Youtube | European Commission President Warns ADL and Other Bolshevik Inspired Political Correctness Propaganda Efforts 'Are Killing Our Freedoms' | Zionist Bill to Legalize Mexican Scab Labor Slides Us Toward National Genocide | Bolton Defends Zionism's Deadly War Against Hezbollah's Occupation Resistance | Split Emerging Between Israel, U.S., and Europe Over Approach to Palestinians | Racist Israel to Paint Palestinians as Vile, Evil Beings for Just Wanting to Come Back Home | Hooters Heads for Israel. Is It Kosher? | Dershowitz Offers Sober Assessment of Israel's Lesser Place in the World | U.S. Officials: Iraq Reconstruction Best With Problems But Improving |

March 22, 2007
| New Gallup Poll Shows 77% of American Jews Oppose War | Olmert Unlikely to Survive Inquiry into Lebanon War | 'No Hamas Leader Will Ever Recognize Israel' | Non-Jewish Christian News Loses All Religious Credibility as it Reveals Abject Hostility and Prejudice Toward Arabs as Oppressors and Its Support For the Disgraced Zionist Terror State | Intolerance and Racism Increases in Israel as 39% Prefer Not to Live with Arab Neighbors | Reform Jewish Movement--Note the Utter Chaos of Religious vs. Secular Jews in Israel and Reform's Scramble to Gain More Influence | Can American Jews Unplug Dangerous and Subversive AIPAC? | Poll: More than Half of Israelis Support Right of Diaspora Jews to Criticize Israel | British Muslim Leader Moves Towards Reconciliation with Jews and Using Their Successful Manner of Integrating into the U.K. | Jews Barred from Renting Apartments in Nice, France | Israel Continues to Ask World to Boycott Palestine for Israel Who Is Sadistically Occupying and Abusing that Nation | U.S. Envoy Defies Israel by Holding Talks with Palestinian Envoy | Olmert, Perez Testimonies on Lebanon War Will be Released in April | PM Olmert Fumbles and Tumbles |

March 21, 2007
| Iraq's Illegal Colonial Government Follows Orders of its Zionist Masters Who Control the United States, Hangs the Former Deputy of the Legally Elected Government of President Saddam Hussein | Jury Gives Out 10-Year Sentence for G.I. Who Ordered His Troops to Release and Kill Escaping Iraqis | Iraqi Casualties Monday | Read the List of AIPAC's Jewish Demands Which It Arrogantly Places upon the Non-Jewish People of America | ADL Counts only 1,554 Anti-Semitic Incidents in U.S.A. or Only 1 Incident for Every 193,050 Americans | "Jewish Comment" Withdraws Its Alleged Slur Against Galloway Rather than Go to Court to Defend It |

March 20, 2007
| White House Zionists Seeking Gonzales Replacements | Gonzales Support Collapses | AIPAC'S Treasonous Conference in Washington DC | The Four Unspeakable Truths: What Politicians Won't Admit About Iraq | Australian Detainee at Guantanamo Writes of Beatings by America's Thug Guards | More than 100 Arrested Nationwide Protesting the War for Israel and Its Zionist AIPAC Operative in Washington DC | Anti-Hillary Movie | Israel Declares Lebanon Expedition a War for Financial Savings | Israel Issues Faked Documentary Saying Israel Murdered Israeli POW's When In Fact Israel Was the Killer of Egyptian POW's | 4 Years, Still No Handle on War for Israel |

On Assignment

March 18, 2007
| Former French Prime Minister Attacks Jewish Lobby as Essentially Selfish, Unrealistic, and Dishonest | War for Israel Enters New Violent Realm with Chlorine Gas Dirty Bomb Injuring 356 Citizens in Baghdad | 'More Pampering for Israel, Anyone?' | Passports Requests to America's Emerging Fascist Regime's New Passport Regulations Up 44% with 10 Week Waiting Period | Iran Vows to Defend Nuclear Program, Warns U.S. Terror Nation Not to Make Any 'Stupid Move' | Delays in Power Plant Program Strengthens Iran's Resolve | Thanks to President Bush's Illegal War for Israel, Iran Now Plays an Ever Increasing Economic Role Inside Iraq, Weakening America's Mideast Hegemony | Russia Soon to Stand Tall Against Present U.S. Fascist Regime's Aggression | American Terror State's Fascist Hate for the Lost U.S. Colony of Iran Is the Major Problem in Resolving Issues with Teheran | Iran-Armenian Oil and Gas Pipeline to Begin Operation on Monday Giving Armenia More Independence from Russia's Cruelly Capitalistic Oil Pricing Hegemony | Indonesian Academics Praise Iran's Challenges to the West's Colonial Aggression | Known Liar White House Pretends Lost Memory of Attorney Firings, Support for Gonzales Among Republicans Takes Huge Dive |

March 17, 2007
| Politicians, Bankers, Corporate Zionists and Non-Zionists Alike Threatened by House of Prostitution Wanting to Sell and/or Publicize the Names of Its Johns | Jewish Markets Reeling, Real Estate Bubble Areas Soon To Crash with 40%-50% Declines | Zionists Eschew Palestinian Government Without Recognition of Israel's Right to Its Many Stolen Lands, Apartheid Walls, No Right to Return, Genocide of Arabs, and Destruction of Moslem Heritage | Human Rights Group: Israeli Terror State's Thugs Must Cease to Use Children as Their Human Shields | World Jewish Congress Infighting Ends with Firing of Israel Singer | Israel: Solana Should Focus on Syrian Terrorism, Not Golan Withdrawal | Egyptian Protest Over Illegal Murder by Israeli Thug Army of Its Prisoners of War |

March 16, 2007
| Petty Government Goons Trend Toward Internet Censorship | Adolf Hillary: As A Self-Confessed Zionist, Ms. Clinton Sees U.S. Troops Staying in Iraq In Yet Another AIPAC Regime | Obama's Totally Disgusting Speech at AIPAC Represents His Total Sell Out of American Interests in the Middle East Just to Make the Rothschild Banking System Salivate Over His Presidency | Text of Obama's AIPAC Speech, Notice the Racist Anti-Arab Overtones Cloaked in the Acceptably Bigoted Hate Word 'Hezbollah' | Text of Many Speeches at AIPAC by Other Well-Paid American Sell Outs to the U.S. Israel Conspiracy Giant | Revealing New AIPAC Leadership Speeches by Some Alleged Unregistered Agents of a Foreign Power | Dr. Robert Faurisson, Respected Holocaust Truth Historian, Sues for Defamation | Iranian Jew Elected Beverly Hills Mayor | Democratic Missteps in Handling Iraq War Indication of Insidious Subversion of the Donkey Party by AIPAC's Money Operatives | Iran Against '300' - Stumbles into the Cultural Blind Side with 'Psychological Warfare' Accusation over an Entertaining Comic Book Movie | Iran Says U.S., Israel Threaten Security of the Middle Eastern Nations |

March 15, 2007
| Zionist Neocons Struggle to Keep Lost Iraq War Off Front Page by Tossing the Department of Justice to the Washington News Whores | Firing of 8 Attorneys Puts Attorney General Hernandez in the Congressional Hot Seat | U.S. Israeli Empire Army Commander Allegedly Orders G.I. to Unchain, Then Kill Escaping Non-Jewish Prisoners in Baghdad | Corruption of Law:  Prosecutors Allegedly Obtain Typical Legalized Bribery Agreement with G.I. Who Will Then Receive only 18 Year Murder Sentence in Return for Cooperating in Cases Against Comrades | Monopolist Media Jews at Both Viacom and Google/YouTube Argue Over Freedom of Press v. Copyright Issues in Pursuit of Money | Lord Black, Owner Emeritus of The Zionist Jerusalem Post and other Media Properties, Begins Trial for $80 Million in Alleged Looting of the Hollinger Media Empire | Zionist Controlled Dems Pass Same Budget as their Zionist Republican Counterparts | Google to Frustrate Zionist FBI Goons, Will Purge Search Records Sooner  to Protect Anonymity of Users | Gonzales In Trouble as Tide Turns Against 'Team Texas' | Terrorist Paranoia Hits Chiquita Banana Company with $25 Million Fine for Aiding Terrorists in Protection Shakedown | Zionist Engineered Political Correctness Fetishes Have Entered the National Culture, Cause Exponential Increases in Frivolous Harrassment Complaints for Little or Nothing, Offering Lucrative Lawsuits Against American Deep Pocket Corporations for Thousands of Zionist Attorneys | World Powers with U.S. Israel Empire Financial and Trade Ties Increase Their Sanctions Against Iran in Newest Triumph of Wills for the Rothschild Banking Order |

March 14, 2007
| AIPAC's Deal with the Christian Zionist Devil | Jew Murray Rothstein alias Sumner Redstone of Viacom Sues Youtube | Hillary Calls for Attorney General Gonzales to Resign Over Bush's Politicized Firing of Attorneys | State Department Cast Scapegoat Chief of Staff to the Wolves over Firing | Building the New Nazi Ubermensch | Evil Zionazi Thugs Invade Nablus, Round Up Non-Jewish Inferior Palestinians for Torture and/or Arrests | Syria and Iran Work Against International Conspiracies of the U.S. and Its Zionist Masters | Jews Trashing Jews Engaged in Rebellious Fights Against Zionism | Jewish Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman Casts Hateful, Bigoted Ad Hominem Attacks Against Leaders of Christianity | Saudi FM Slams Israel on Peace Plan Terms | U.S., Israel Storm Out of U.N. Conference Like Teen Brats After Iran Said Israel Has Nukes and Is the Problem |

March 13, 2007
| Halliburton Outrageously Scrambles to Move Its Entire Operation to Dubai | America's Nazi War Criminal President Asks Congress for 8,200 More Troops in Addition to the 21,500 Cannon Fodder Troops Already Approved in the Mideast War for Israel | AIPAC's Covert and Overt Ops | Russia Delays Iran's Nuclear Plant Due to Slow Payments | U.S. Withdrawal Strategy includes Questionable Training of Iraq Army | Israel Pulls Its Naked Ambassador from El Salvador | Vice President Cheney Affirms in Public to AIPAC that America Readily Accepts Zionist Control of its Government and Policies | Chavez Launches Biting Attack on Zionist America's Capitalist Plans for the World | Mexico Has the Audacity to Object to Non-Zionist Americans Briefly Crossing the Border into Mexico to Put Out a Fire, While 3,000,000 Mexicans Cross Thousands of Miles into America over the Same Border Every Year |

March 12, 2007
| Winston Churchill Wrote Jews Were 'Partly Responsible' for the Antagonism They Suffered | Attack on Holy Moslem Pilgrims in Iraq Kills 32 Non-Jewish Innocents in America's War for Israel | U.S. Terror State Now Conspiring with Israel and Saudi Arabia | Al-Qaida's Zawahiri Lashes Out at Hamas Over "Surrendering to Israel" | Israel Wants Olmert Out, Elections Now | German Bishops See Racist Israel First Hand | Syria Fed Up With Zionist Games, Deploys Thousands of Missiles Near Israel | Egypt Investigating Claims Israel Murdered 250 Soldiers in Desert in 1967 War | Israeli PM Predicts Attack on Iran | AIPAC Speaker Hopes US Gets Nuked After Israel Provokes War with Russia |

March 11, 2007
| AIPAC Meets in Washington DC to Further Force the U.S. Government to Embrace The Inhumane Israeli Fascist Menace | Laughable Christian Zionism's Gluttonous Minister John Hagee to Speak to AIPAC | Israeli Fascists Unveil Army Robot for Safe Long Distance Killing of Human Prey | Israel Unveils Potentially Deadly Unmanned Heron-UAV Drone Capable of 30 Hour Flights | Jews Riled as German Bishops Draw Direct Parallels Between Germany's Warsaw Ghetto and Israel's Gaza-West Bank Concentration Camp | Iranian Official Kidnapped in Turkey by U.S. Israel Empire, Possibly Tortured | Elitist New York Times Advocates Rich People Leave Second Homes in 'The Hampton's' for Israel | Inhumane Israel's Zionazi Occupation Forces Use Palestinian Teens as their Human Shields | Egypt Bars Israeli Diplomat Upon Pain of Incarceration for Personally Murdering 20 Captured Egyptian Soldiers In Sinai | Israeli Thug Minister Admits Making Mistakes, Egypt Will Not Sever Relations with the Israeli Terrorist Nation | Democrat Party Faithful Angered by Inability of Their Party to Follow Through For Fast End to the War for Israel | German Woman and Son Captured, Will be Killed Unless Germany Withdraws in Ten Days | U.S. Commander in Iraq Says Military Cannot Handle the Job of Protecting Captive Colony from Harm | Administration Lying on Iraq, Experts Say No Progress |

March 10, 2007
| U.N. Agrees With The Jew Watch Project, Tells Israel to Stop Its Atrocious Settlements, Roadblocks, Walls, Tortures, Harassments, Killings, Bulldozings Aimed at the Occupation Inside Arab Nations | Israeli Army Thugs Accused of Using Palestinians/Arabs as Human Shields | European Colonialist Powers Hysterical to Have Israel Recognized by Palestinians | Olmert Admits War in Lebanon Planned Years Before the Ruse about the Non-Existent Kidnapping Of Israeli Started |

March 9, 2007
|  Gutless Democrats Propose Another Non-Binding Demand to Pullout in Far Distant 2008 | U.S. Hate State Presents Deceptive Waste-Of-Time Case Against another Arab, Demonstrating America's Pro-Israeli - Anti-Moslem Bigotry | China Proposes Landmark Law Legalizing Private Property as It Slowly Emerges from Communist Theory | New Commander in Iraq Won't Rule Out More Troops | Non-Jewish Americans Can Go to Hell: Jews at AIPAC Work Against Non-Jewish American Interests in Hard Line Against Iran | Zombi American Media Just Reports Idiot Ideas of Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center without Questioning their Veracity |

March 7-8, 2007
| Deadly Bacteria Rampant in Israeli Hospitals | Hamas Suddenly Promises 'Total Ceasefire' for End to Boycott, Israel Skeptical | Israeli Occupation Force Arrests 18 Palestinian Youths, Calling them 'Activists' | Liar Israel Says It Did Not Kidnapped Iranian General Who Disappeared in Turkey, Says Israel Does Not Kidnap People |

March 6, 2007
| "My First Visit to Auschwitz," by a Jewish Investigator | Report -- Hitler Hired by Old Illuminati Elitists to Start World War Two: 'Was Not Even an Anti-Semite | Aussie Jews Challenge Zionism | Jews Barred from Renting Apartments in Nice, France | Abolish Law of Return, Absorb Arabs into Israel's System | Buried Alive: Life Inside the Entombment Wall | Jerusalem's Intolerant Museum of Intolerance | Examining Jerusalem's Jesus Tomb | Zionazi Israel Wants to Put Even More Financial Screws onto the Fledgling Democracy | Israel Contracts to Supply U.S. Regime of Terror with Armored Vehicles for its Colonial Adventures in Iraq | Palestinians Rush to Stock up on Food and Water Before Israeli Murder Army Returns to their Gaza and West Bank Concentration Camps After Purim | Poll: World Sees Israel and Iran as the Two Most Negative Nations on the Planet | Killing 2,000 Arabs in Lebanon War Made Zionism's Militarist Thugs Extremely Horney:  Pregnancies Increase 35 Percent | Killings in Iraq Continue Unabated Despite Pro-Zionist U.S. Crackdown | Civilian Deaths Continue to Rise in U.S. War Against Afghan's Civilization | NY Observer: Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Government |

March 5, 2007
| The Day Rupert Murdoch Bet His Entire Media Empire and Won | Israel and U.S. Nuclear Terror States Conspire as the Mideast's Most Aggressive Colonialist Allies to Deny Iran the Sovereign Right to Nuclear Discovery | Iran Issuing New High Denomination Currency with Nuclear Symbol | Iran Ready to Strike Against the West Using Pre-Planted Operatives in Case of War | 'Israel Could Move Dozens of Settlements' Which are Really Military Strongholds in the Palestinian Concentration Camps | Egypt Summons Israeli Ambassador to Explain The Israeli Terrorist State's Alleged Murder of 250 Captured Soldiers at the End of the 1967 War | Zionist Israeli Terrorist Thugs Wound 3 Palestinians, Kidnap 2 Others | South African and Israeli Apartheid Compared Around the Globe | Kuwait Seeks Total Ban on Trade with Israel | Patriots Against the Cruel U.S. Fascist Occupation of Iraq Post First Video |

March 2, 2007
| White House Jewish Neocons Want War with Iran No Matter How Much Cost | Human Rights Groups Accuse Israel of Using Palestinians as Human Shields in War Time | A Worthless Obama Licks Up Under the Israeli Zionist Foe | 5 Palestinian Teenagers Kidnapped Near Gaza Border by the Israeli Terror State | 1,400 Propagandized Christians and Jews in Oregon Rally Irresponsibly for the Vicious Israeli Terror Nation | U.N. Forces Israel to Release an Innocent Teenager Kidnapped by Uniformed Jewish Army Thugs in Lebanon | Russia Wants Israel to Join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty | Israeli War Mongering State, Stuffed to the Gills with American Weaponry, Fears Peaceful Syria Is Being Supplied the Same Way by Russia | Israel Moves Toward Solar Energy | Iran Kills 17 Rebels, Loses 4 Soldiers | Already Discredited United States Highly Vulnerable to Mideast Devastation If It Attacks Iran Even in the Smallest Manner | Liar McCain: U.S. Victory in Iraq Is Possible | Iraq Disaster Roundup: At Least 10 Killed, 17 Injured, 14 Kidnapped | 3,161 American Dead for Selfish Little Israel's AIPAC Traitors | Colorado State University Honors Unproven Claims of 12 Million Dead in Holocaust With Very Little Supporting Forensic Supporting Evidence |

March 1, 2007
| How Jews Started World War Two | Palestinian Concentration Camp Borders Ordered Closed by the Occupying Zionist Master Race During Holidays | Jewish Master Race Pulls Out of Nablus After 5 Days of Occupation Hell | Israel's Real Intention is Long-Term Control of Arab Lands and Nations | Fatah Accuses Israel of Attempting to Achieve Normally Impossible Political Advantages Through Its Illegal, Deadly Militaristic Methods | Israeli Blood State Comes Begging in Washington DC for Even More and Deadlier Military Weapons with Which to Murder Even More Arabs and Blacken America's Mideast Reputation Further | Israeli Terror State, Known for Deception, Reports that Syria Has Moved Its Military Infrastructure Close to Israeli Border Which Of Course Makes No Sense As ThisWould Make Syrian Assets Easier to Steal or Destroy by the Israelis in a Swift Border War | Nearly 1,000 Government Staffers Gather for Zionist Propaganda While on the Government's Dole Presented by Known Rabid Zionists in AIPAC's Annual Pro-Zionist Mideast Policy Seminar |


February 28, 2007
| When Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight:  The New U.S.-Israeli Terror Empire and Its Russian Cold War | Israel Murders 3 Palestinian Military Commanders in Its Occupied West Bank Concentration Camp | Washington Gets 'Neighborly' Over Iraq | Hamas Promises to End Missile Attacks on Israel -- Russian Official | Danger of a U.S. Miscalculation Over Iran | Hezbollah Warns U.S.-Israel Military Empire Against Attacking Iran Occupation Troops of the Anti-Democratic Zionist Terror State Ban Democratic Meeting on Palestinian Soil by Freely Elected Leaders of Their Palestine Concentration Camp | Former Jewish Big Leaguers to Pioneer Professional Baseball in Israel | Bush Family Nazi Connections | Mel Gibson's Newest Propaganda Movie 'When We Were Soldiers' Kisses Butts of Potential ADL Critics by Portraying 2 Jewish Pilots as the Heroes of the Battle of La Drange Valley, Vietnam | Scooter Libby Jewish Neocons Trial Still Deadlocked, Sixth Day | Accused Israeli Spy Accuses Egyptians of Torture to Induce False Confession | Iran Positive on Iraq Conference with U.S. If It Helps Iran's Interests | Another Typically Crazed Israeli Deception: 'Iran Plans to Nuke Europe' |

February 27, 2007
| Israel Terror State May Make 'Jesus Tomb' Open to Public | Mexican Chutzpah: Complains 5 U.S. Border Fence Workers Went 10 Feet into Mexico But Millions of Illegal Mexicans Crossed Hundreds of Miles into America Each Year | Bombings Kill 23 in Iraq | Bomb Barely Misses Iraq Vice President | Democrat's Anti-War Legislation May Fall Victim to Bush and the 60% Majority Required to End Coming Republican Senate Filibuster | Vice President Cheney Escapes Divine Moslem Retribution and Death for His Immoral Occupation of Afghanistan as Bombs Explode Close-By Demonstrating America's Impotence in Its Collapsing War Effort | New York Jews Worry Their City Will Be Target of Iran's Retribution If Bush's Zionazi Neocon Jewish Goons Make Him Attack Teheran | Expected Scorn Poured on Director's Claim, 'I Found Jesus' | A Zionist-Neocon Plot, or Blood Libel? | Zionist-Fascist Neocon Intellectual Insurgents from AIPAC Swarm Through America's Foolish Halls of Government with Suggestions on How to Inappropriately Attack Iran for Israeli Mideast Hegemony Using Its Non-Jewish American Money, Troops, and Rockets to Do Israel's Will | 18 Boys Killed Amid Bombings of 40+ Victims in Arrogant America's Failed Iraqi Democracy | Israeli Army Forbids Fishing Off Gaza Coast and Abuses Palestine's Desperately Poor Fishermen | Hezbollah Defenders of Lebanon Build New and Deadly Line of Defense Against the Next Onslaught of Inevitable Israeli Aggression |

February 26, 2007
| Archeologists Report Body of Jesus Discovered in Israel:  Discovery Channel Documentary Scheduled on March 4th Reports How a Tomb With the Remains/DNA of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and Judah, Their Son, Has Been Found | Farrakhan's Farewell Speech, 'The Final Call' for World Religious Unity | Senior U.S. Generals Will Quit If Bush Orders Iran Attack | Non-Jewish Qatar, Yemen, and UAE Will Allow Jewish Israel to Fly Over to Bomb Iran's Nuclear Program | New Report Says UAE Will Not Allow Over Flights | Israel Occupies Nablus Concentration Camp with IDF Thug Forces, Makes Arrests, Threatens and Assaults Inmates | Senior Hamas Official Slams Jordan's King for Demanding Recognition of Israel | Israel Sees Little Chance of War with Syria in 2007 | 'Can You Be Critical of Israel and Not Be Anti-Semitic? Duh.' | Terrorist Israel Asks America for More Military Aid, Presumably to Kill Arabs and Undermine America's Mideast Foreign Policy Even More |

February 25, 2007
| Israeli Terrorist State Plans to Construct 1,500 New Illegal Jewish Residential Fortresses Along Highways Inside The Non-Jewish Palestinian Concentration Camps Near Occupied Ramallah in Violation of International Laws | Egypt to Ask Interpol to Arrest 3 Israelis for Spying | Permanently Removing Iran from the New Racist Colonial Middle Eastern Empire | Carter Says Most Americans Agree with Him on Israel | Edwards Addresses the 'Mistake' of War in Iraq | Republican's Jewish Neocon Iraq War Mistake May Soon Bring Bombs Daily to U.S. Cities | Iraq President Slams U.S. Terror State for Arresting and Harassing Son of an Important Politician | After a Mistrial Caused by the Army, America's Fascist Zionazi Regime Nonetheless Refiles Charges, Even Though It Represents Illegal Double Jeopardy | 100,000 Brits March on Government in London Demanding Total, Unequivocal Pullout of Troops |

February 24, 2007
| The Goebbels Principle | 'Encampment to End the War' in Washington DC Begins March 12th, the Week Congress Votes to End the War for Israel | Breakdown in U.S. Pro-Zionist Iraq Society Includes Constant Rape by Government Police, Hundreds of Times Worse than by Saddam Hussein's Sons | Worldwide Blitz Against Israel | Germany's PM Merkel to Abbas: Any Government Must Recognize Israel's Violent War Mongering Zionazi State | Suspicion of U.N. Troops as New Pro-Zionist Operatives in Lebanon | Israel Fearful Syria's Army May Now Be Strong Enough to Defeat Israel's Massive and Deadly Aggression in Mideast | Hillel Pushes an Obviously Racist Agenda that Israel Belongs to Jews, Then Intolerantly Sends Jews, Not Arabs to Visit as their 'Birthright' | U.N. Commission Reports Sees Israel's Nazi-Like Occupation Policies as Akin to South Africa's Bloody History of Racism | Israeli Anti-Arab Terror State Seeks Cooperation of Old Colonialist Turkey in War Against Iran | Bush Iran Policy Again Causes Oil to Sky Rocket in Price and Profit for All of His Texan Oil Buddies | American Occupation Fascists Arrest Son of Shiite Royalty, Nearly Create More Hate for America, More Violence in Wrecked Iraq, Apologize | Iran Resolute in Opposing the Blood-Filled American Colonial Empire | White House Says Dem Pull Out Plan Would Cause Chaos |

February 23, 2007
| Racially Biased ADL of Jewish B'nai B'rith Continues to Express its Intolerance of European Civil Rights Groups and Immigration Activists in Its Own Racist Manner While Posing as an Unbiased Superman of Tolerance | ADL Falsely Splices Holocaust Hostility to Xenophobia When They Are Entirely Different | Israel Says Syria Moving Troops Closer to Israeli Terror State's Border, Syria Calls Israel a Liar | Zionist Neocon Trial: Jury Adjourns in Libby Alias Liebowitz Case | Discussing America's Zionist Occupied Government Easier, Even Jews Are Doing It | Israeli Terror State Building 3,000 Illegal New Militarist Fortresses in Palestine Concentration Camp from which Zionists Can Make Daily Roadblocks, Threaten Palestinians, and Ice Hopes for a Palestinian State | Abraham Foxman Exploits Unproven Incident with Elie Wiesel, Author of a Book Said to be Filled with Falsehoods About the So-Called Holocaust | Exploding Trucks Used as Chlorine Gas Bomb Kills Many Non-Jews in Lost Iraq Colony | Cheney Lie: Losing Iraq Will Mean Terrorism in Other Nations, Offers No Proof | Senate Dems Move to Rescind Items in Original Legislation Giving Bush Authority to Run a War in Iraq | McCain: Bush Pursuit of Iraq War 'A Train Wreck' | Prince Harry to Fight in War for Israel |

February 22, 2007
| IDF Thugs: Hamas Has Advanced Anti-Tank Weapons in Israeli Regime's Gaza Concentration Camp | 'Israeli Apartheid Week' Spreads to More University Campuses | Letter from Ernst Zundel Written Just Before the Anti-Free Speech Kangaroo Trial Verdict | Pro-Zionist V.P. Cheney Wants an 'Honorable' Pullout of Troops | Zionist War in Iraq Colony Lost: Blair Announces Iraq Withdrawal Plan | First the U.S. Military's Lies, Then the Sordid Truth: Blackhawk Copter Was Shot Down Killing 9 | Denmark to Pull Troops from Iraq by August | Perilous White House Scenario Drenched in Israeli Contacts as Corruptions Unfold | Rice Denies Coalition Crumbling | Romania Says Rapid Withdrawal Will Cause Chaos | Is Blair Doing It for Harry? | Zionist-War-Critic Le Pen Calls 911 'an Incident' | U.S. Fleet Commander in Persian Gulf Issues Fearful Pre-War Assessment. Is It Propaganda Leading to a Mideast Gulf of Tonkin Lie? |     

February 21, 2007 - Ash Wednesday
| Only Way Out for American Presidential Dictator, George W. Bush, is to Make War on Iran to Push Away Coming Investigations | Fascist White House Regime's War Plans Against Iran Revealed to a World That Has Watched America Nazify Itself for Four Hate-Filled Years | Court, U.S. Constitution Now Illegal, Will of Congress Overrides Constitutional Rights, i.e., Habeaus Corpus Rights for Detainees | Iraq: The British End Game | British Military Wary of Sending Prince Harry to Iraq | Vice President Dick Cheney Receives Hostile Anti-Iraq-War Welcome by the Disgusted Residents of Tokyo | Gas Prices Widget Back Up Toward $3 Gallon Price | GOP Donor Charged with Aiding Terrorists | American Jews Involved in Their Own U.S. Music Monopoly Schemes Now Want to Own EMI in United Kingdom | Disgraced American Terror Nation Too Late on Its Faked Peace Stage to End Chaos in Israel-Palestine | A Declining Racist Israel Seeks to Corrupt Young Americans into Immigrating and Filling Its Future Armies as Uniformed Jewish Cannon Fodder | Bomb Stressed Bus Passengers in Israel Get Yoga Lessons to Relax Them | Mafia Riddled Israeli Police Will Face Difficulties in Reforming | Iran Will Negotiate Again But Only Without Preconditions, In Other Words, Iran Says the U.N. Can Get Lost | American Nuclear Terror State and Hated World Colonial Empire Seeks Action, But Iran Seeks Only to Talk While Arming In Attempt to Prevent Possible Nuclear War by Powerfful European Bully Nations | Iran Goes Out to Face U.S. Bully in Straits of Hormuz Using America's Own Provocative Navy Tactics, America's Navy Finds This 'Troubling' | An Attack on Iran Would Only Hasten Nuclear Bomb Manufacturing |

February 20, 2007 - Fat Tuesday - Mardi Gras - Karneval - Fast Nacht - Fasching
| U.N. Anti-Racism Panel Questions Hate-Filled Israel Over Jewish Militarist Domination of Non-Jewish Religious Sites | The Great Fictitional 'Demon' Chaser Himself, Abraham Foxman Rails Against the Jews' Favorite Imaginary Anti-Semitic Demons | Donations | After Years of Pro-Israeli and Anti-Arab Interference in Palestinian Affairs including Monetary Boycotts, Rice Cannot Understand Why She Can No Longer Influence Palestine's Leaders | Iraqi Patriots Shoot Up U.S. Army Base in Broad Daylight, Kill 2 of America's Much Hated Colonial Occupation Soldiers, Wound 11 | Israel Extends Its Zionist Propaganda Ministry's Fingers into My Space | Domain Central | Non-Jewish BBC Criticized by Zionism, Does Not Give 100% Pro-Israel Viewpoint | Israeli Ministers Argue Vociferously Over Hezbollah's Military Readiness | Zionism Honors Evangelist Benny Hinn for Allegedly Endangering His Tail-Wagged Christian Followers On Irresponsible Trips to Israel in the Midst of War | New Jersey Zionist War Mongers Allegedly Tour Israel for a Brief and Quite Modern Jewish Refresher Course in Anti-Arab Hatred | McCain Boards a Politically Safe 'Zionazi Train' Toward an Already Arab-Phobic White House | Hillary Sticks to Waving Her Comfortably Fashionable Anti-Arab War Flags | At Least 62 Non-Jews Killed in Iraq Car Bombs on Sunday | Democrats Pledge to Restrict Iraq War Deployments | Jewish Blog Says Anti-Semitism Brought On By Non-Jewish America's Constant Pandering to an AIPAC-Orchestrated Pro-Jewish Foreign Policy | Obama and the Jewish Vote |

February 19, 2007
| Car Bomb Kills Scores in Baghdad Despite Increased Security Measures by Zionist Forces | Europe Contaminated with Radiation from Exploding Depleted Uranium Shells Used Daily by Zionist U.S. Forces in Iraq | Republicans Block Iraq Debate | Advertisement: Skunk Puppies Domain Sale | Zionazi Regimes in U.S.-Israel Colonial Empire Agree to Destroy Democratic Will of Palestinian People | 8 Illegal U.S. Pro-Zionist Axis Invaders Killed, 14 Wounded in Afghan Helicopter Crash | Taliban Claim Helicopter Kill | Advertisement: Donations | Unlike AIPAC/ADL Controlled U.S., Russia Easily Curbs Border Immigration | The Rapidly Approaching Zionist Neocon War With Iran | Jewish Written Anti-Constitutional Rights Law Destroying Free Speech in America Coming to Vote in Congress | Plot to Cripple Iraq, Iran Part of Jewish Globalists� New World Order Longer Term War Strategy | Al-Assad Accuses U.S. Terror State of War Attempting Old Colonial Divide-and-Conquer Rifts Between Iran and Syria | Deadly Bird Flu Found in Moscow Food Market Frequented by Jewish & Christian Russians, Closed & Quarantined | Constitutional Crisis, Congress Now May Legally Rescind Its 2002 Iraq War Approval Vote Due to President Bush's Fraud | Jewish Neocon War in Iraq for AIPAC's Israeli Client is 'Worst Foreign Policy Mistake in U.S. History, Harry Reid | Israel's Police Chief Leaves for Close Ties to Mafia Leaders | Moslem Prayer Room Found at Al-Aqsa Dig, Hidden by Jews for 3 Years, More Ire | Israel's Bomb, Iran's Pursuit of the Bomb, and U.S. Preparation for Another AIPAC War & Foreign Policy Disaster | Racist Jewish Thugs in Illegal West Bank Military Fortresses Continue to Grow, Steal, Threaten, and Settle Non-Jewish Lands |

February 12, 2007
| Chicken Congressmen Waffle on End of Iraq War, Nation Far Ahead of Legislators | Statement After Statement of Zionism's Genocidal Plans by the Great Leaders of the Zionist Conspiracy in New Hampshire, Hillary Owns Up to Her Vote for the Iraq War | Republican Slams Democrats for Stopping Iraq War Vote | Vladimir Lenin | Putin Slams U.S. Terror Nation for Its Bloody, Fascist Unilateral War Mongering Around the World | Robert Oppenheimer | Intelligence Gaffes Haunt Pentagon In Building a Similar Lying Iraq Case Against Iran | Jew Watch - Jews and Communism - Joe McCarthy, the Jews, Russia's Mafia | Gates: Torture of Innocent Kidnapped Iraqis in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo Still Haunt the U.S. Terror State's Present Illegal War Efforts | General Petraeus: Illegally Occupied Iraq Must Be Stabilized or Face Civil War When Pro-Zionist Terror States Leave | Idiot Guilliani Supports America's Zionazi War, Would Be Another Pro-Zionist Bush Two | War Monger Israel Continues Hateful Al-Aqsa Digs, Even Gains Knesset's Approval to Continue Desecration of the Dome of the Rock | Israeli Terror State Successfully Tests New Arrow Anti-Missile System | Israel Seeks Another "Peaceful" Nuclear Plant to Generate Electricity and Plutonium for Its Dangerously Aggressive A-Bomb Program | We Are No Threat To Israel, Says Iran | Malaysia Condemns Israel's Digs at Al-Aqsa Mosque | Hillary's Spineless Pandering to AIPAC Which Is Known as an Unregistered Agent for a Foreign Power | Libby/Liebowitz's 'Jew Trial' Shines Light on the Selling of a Gone Wrong War in Iraq | White House Violates the Presidential Records Act of 1978, Erasing Damaging Historical Documents from Internet Site |

February 11, 2007
| Arab League Slams Israel for Attempt to Increase Its Hold on Jerusalem's Land Using Al-Aqsa Mosque Construction | Hezbollah Wants Its Guns Returned | Lebanon Says It Will Keep Weapons Stolen from Hezbollah to Attack Israel If Necessary | Unified Palestinian Government Will Not Recognize Israel | 3,000 Israeli Polices Goons Beat Up Innocent Moslems Seeking Control over their Own Temple Mount | A Tense Jerusalem Waits | With Blunt Warning, Petraeus Takes Over |

February 10, 2007
| Israel's Terrorist Regime Gets All the Violence They Want and More Which Is Exactly Why They Dug the Al-Aqsa Tunnel 50 Feet from the Mosque | American and European Terror States Disappointed in Mecca Accord Which Does Not Solidify Recognition of Land Gains from Zionism's 100 Years of Genocide | Israel Raids Al-Aqsa Mosque to Quell Riots Caused by Israel's  War Like Tunneling Provocation at the Site | Iraq Insurgents Post Video of Their Shoot Down of an American Occupation Helicopter | More Soldiers Refuse to Go to War in Iraq Occupation Zone | Pentagon Lied on Iraq War to Please the Pro-Zionist President, Possibly to Avoid Being Fired | U.S. Occupational Armies Use Each New Bombing to Escalate Imperialist War | U.S. Terror Army Deaths Soar Higher Than Ever with 334 Dead in 4 Months | America Kisses Its Israeli Master as It Criticizes the Outrageously Provocative Tunnel Designed by Israel's Mossad to Cause Maximum Trouble and Religious Heartache at the Al-Aqsa Mosque | Target Iran: U.S. War Pariah Ready to Strike in Spring |

February 9, 2007
| Senator Norman Coleman:  Senate Should Be Ashamed for 'Failure' to Vote Over Iraq | Israeli Terror Nation's Consistent Genocide of Palestine | Jewish New York Times Publisher, Arthur Salzberger, Says He Is Not Certain His Pro-Zionist 'Paper' Will Be Printed and Delivered to Homes and Doesn't Care, He's Only Committed to the Internet | Patriarchs of Modern Israel Murder of 65,000,000 Non-Jews inside their Jewish Founded and Ruled USSR, 1920-1940 | Apple Under Fire by Jewish Owned Record Companies for Wanting All Copy Guard Removed from Songs | Jewish Hatred of Non-Jews | Ted Turner Tells Jewish NWO Millionaires at BP and Marathon Oil of Houston It's Time to Cut Bait on Fossil Fuels In Case There's Still Time | The Jewish Scientist Alleged to be Behind the 911 Anthrax Hoax | Nobel Nominated Gore: All of Our Civilizations Are Threatened | Mecca Accord Signed: Hamas and Fatah to Form Unity Government, Stop All Fighting in Palestine | U.S. Fire Chiefs on Way to Israel for Jewish Brain Washing Junket | Jews On Jews: Going After the Jewish Lobby | French Have Their Own 'Le Brainwash Junkette' to Tel Aviv | Arabs Ask Israel to Shed Its Jewish Identity | Iran Warns Israel of Possible Violent Repercussions Over Al-Aqsa Mosque "Dome of the Rock" Vandalism | Jew Chertoff Signs Security Pact With Israel's Homeland Security Force Committing America to Cooperation with the Jewish Terror State | Hillary Clinton Promises to Sell Out American in Support of Israel | Israel Is Again the Top Recipient of Aid from Its AIPAC Corrupted Sycophant, the United States | Red Cross Disgraces Itself by Accepting Honors from the ADL, an Agent of the Israeli Terror State | Congress Incredulous Over $4 Billion Cash Sent to Dangerous War Zone and Stacked in Boxes on Pallets | U.S. Terror Government Cannot Account for $15 Billion in Cast Sent to War Zone | Spain Admits Naivete in Thinkiing Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction |

February 8, 2007
| Israel-Lebanon Exchange Border Fire | We Should Not Bomb To Stop Iran From Getting a Bomb | It Is No Use Blaming Iran for Iraq's Insurgency | Iran's Khamenei Urges Islamic States to Retaliate Against Provocative Israeli Work at Islamic Holy Site | Pressure, Strength Build for Passage of Democratic Bill Against Iraq War | 5th U.S. Copter Crashes in Flames, Killing 7 | Long Awaited Pro-Zionist Security Operation Under Way in Iraq, Irresponsible Military Action Promises to Kill Many Iraqis and Americans | Mistrial Declared in Court-Martial of U.S. Army Officer | U.S. Zionist Axis Courts Indict 5 in Iraq Contract Scam | Secrets of the Jewish Press at the Jewish Trial | Positive Israeli Accomplishments |  'Cool Facts About Israel' Reveals Dangerous Knowledge Useful to Its World Intelligence Gathering including Microsoft Operating Systems, Chips, Software, Cell Phones, and Its Domination of Science and Publishing | "The Jew as Criminal" by Julius Streicher, the Only Man Hanged for Publishing | Iran May Launch Its Own Spy Satellite | Large Jewish-Owned International Companies Plan to Protect Their Market Share in Bird Flu Pandemic, Exxon to Permanently House Workers Inside Its Refineries, Stores Offer Food to Car Window Service Only, Food Trucks to Use Armed Guards during Scarcity |

February 7, 2007
| Israeli Fascists Begin Provocative Archeological Digs 50 Feet from Jerusalem's Dome of Rock Holy Mosque, Deliberately Stirring Hatred Among Arabs Imprisoned Within the Borders of the Illegal Zionist Occupation of Moslem Jerusalem | Israeli Liar Nation Denies Claim a Zionist Spy Lives and Spies on Citizens in Canada | Hezbollah Warns the World that Israel is Bearing False Witness about the Nature of Bombs Found in Border Region | Opponents of Pro-Israeli Activities by Governments Organize to Increase their Own Lobbying Efforts | Defiant Hezbollah Returns to Lebanon-Israeli Border | 47 Killed as Troops, Tanks Deploy in Baghdad | Israel's Bomb, Iran's Pursuit of the Bomb, and U.S. War Preparations | Ron Forthofer: No More Israeli War Crimes in Our Name | Palestine Accuses Israel of Unprecedented Anti-Peace Provocations Leading to War by Meddling With the Dome of the Rock | U.S. State Dept. Aware of Dome of the Rock Problem but as Yet Has Done Nothing to Anger Its Zionist Masters Except Open a File while Israel Pours This New Bottle of Diplomatic Gasoline onto Already Burning Zionist Resistance Fires in Palestine | Chicken Legislators Remain Dead Locked Over Promised Anti-War Laws as Useless U.S. Cannon Fodder Continues to be Placed by Crazed Bush in Harm's Way | Fascist Military Judge Blocks Testimony by International Experts on Illegal Nature of the Iraqi Colonial Occupation | Iraq Puppet Prime Minister Maliki Orders Crackdown on Baghdad | Sparks Fly in Congress Over Where Reconstruction Money In Iraq Went |

February 6, 2007
| Psycho Republicans May Filibuster Their Fellow Chicken Democrats Over Non-Binding Crap Bill | The Judeo-Bolshevik Spartacist Uprising in Germany | Worthless Iraq Government Points Accusing Finger at Syria | Arnold Rothstein, The Notorious Mafia Jew Who Owned the Chicago Black Socks | Bullet Riddled Bodies Again Fill Lost Colony of Iraq | Jews Who Control the Largest National Museums and Art Organizations | 1,000 Killed in Iraq This Week | How and Why Joe McCarthy Went Down | Scapegoating Iran for Iraq Failure | Turkey Asks U.S. to Decimate PKK, Same People Saddam Decimated in Alleged Gas Attacks | U.S. Military Thug Commanders Now Admit All 4 Copters Shot Down, Change Tactics in New World of Anti-Copter Rockets | Same Ideologues Who Brought You Iraq Are Now Working to Bring You Iran | Israel Sees No End in Sight to Palestinian Civil War Which Zionists in Mossad Have Planned All Along as a Strategy for Jews to Win All of Palestine's Land | New General of IDF Thug Force is Gaby Ashkenazi | Hillary Pathetically Sucks Up to Jews at AIPAC Address as a Typical American Traitor to Her Nation's Real Interests | Racist Jews in Jerusalem Destroy Arab Houses in Genocidal Program, But Lie, Claim Housing Laws Mandated It | Lebanon Begs U.S. Terror Nation Not to Send More Deadly Cluster Bombs to Israeli Arab Genocide Regime | British Jews Split Over Israeli Policies | Report: Mossad Spy Murdered Iran's Nuclear Scientist | AIPAC Expert Says U.S. Court Rulings Indicate U.S. May Be About to Declare AIPAC an Agent of a Foreign Power, Inhibiting Its Ability to Lobby |

February 5, 2007 - Super Bowl Sunday
| Zionist America's Bloody Terror in Baghdad Ready to Begin | Soldiers in Iraq Already Know the 'Surge' Is a Lost Cause | Wicked War Monger McCain Blasts Senate Peace Makers, Alternative Seems to Create and Sustain an Endless Bloody War in Middle East | Jewish-Dominated Phone Companies Fight Over New Search Engine Technologies and Revenues | Senator McFadden's Federal Reserve Speech | States Revolt Against the America's Judeo-Bolshevik National Drivers License Law as Affront to Freedoms, May Refuse to Cooperate, Congress Seen Beginning Retreal | Heathen World's Interesting Non-Nazi Internet Swastika Gallery | Fights Over Iraq War Continue in Congress, Democrats Renege on Promise to Make Rapid End to War | Hamas Appears to Consolidate Its Hold on Northern Gaza and Gaza City | 37 Die, More than 100 Wounded, One Day After Bombing Kills 137, Wounds Over 200 | At Least 103 People Killed or Found Dead in U.S. Military Monster's Wrecked Colony of Baghdad on Sunday | Mortars in Baghdad Kill 15 | IDF Thugs Consider New Invasions of Civil War Compromised Gaza and West Bank Concentration Camps | Violence Reigns in Gaza Despite Truce | Israel and Its Henchmen in Europe Continue to Withhold Funds from the Only Elected Democracy in Gaza and the West Bank Concentration Camps Illegally Occupied by the Nazi-Zionist Israeli Terror State | Israel Illegally Steals Arab Real Estate in Front of Holiest 'Dome of Rock' Mosque, and Dig New Tunnels Undermining It |

February 4, 2007 - Super Bowl Sunday
| Super Bowl vs. Yom Kippur | Jews in the NFL | Red Revolution in USSR Was Jewish Controlled | Moslem Leader Calls Britain 'Hitleresque' Based on its Racial Policing Methods | Judeo Bolsheviks According to Answer.Com | Iraq Assessment Bleak and Deadly | What Jews Say in Their Own Presses About the USSR Being Jewish | Islamic State of Iraq Shoots Down 4th Helicopter in 2 Weeks | 200,000 USSR Ministers and Priest Murdered by Jewish Bolshevik Regimes | Suicide Attack Kills 104 in Baghdad Market | 130 Killed or Found Dead in Iraq Debacle in 1 Day | Chicken Senator Warner Leads Coalition to Stop His Own Rebuke of the President's Lost War Effort | Psychiatric White House Hopes for Iraq Win in November | Investigation to Begin After Veteran Kills Himself After Telling VA He Was Considering Suicide and Was Put on a Waiting List | New Report Says Bush's Insane Escalation Could Increase to 48,000 Troops as Sacrificial Cannon Fodder to Nasty Iraqi Guerrilla Teams | US Intelligence Report Projects Deteriorating Situation in Iraq | Prime Minister Maliki Tells U.S. and Iran to Take Their Fight Elsewhere | Says Syria Welcomes Anti-Iraq Refugees, Sends Shiites Away | Zbigniew Brzezinski Says America Must Come to Terms and Admit the War in Iraq is a "Historic, Strategic and Moral Calamity" | Pro-Zionist U.S. Fails to Report Any Evidence of Its Lies About an Iran Involvement in Iraq Catastrophe | Soldier in Courts Martial for Refusing to Serve in Iraq | Iran: The Psycho Bush War Begins | War on Iran: Stop Bush Before It Happens | West Abandoning Hope that Hamas will Drop Anti-Israel Stance, Stability in Region Will Require Some Way of Negotiating with Hamas Leadership |

February 3, 2007
| U.S. Israel Empire Scores Victory as Civil War Erupts in Total Chaos and Universities are Set Ablaze, Weakening the Palestinian Nation as Planned by Mossad/CIA | History of Israel Terror State's Atrocities in Lebanon | George W. Bush: Inferior Man | Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Extensive Jewish Family Tree | All Hope Crushed by Barbaric Zionists in Israel, Britain, and the United States, Palestine Enters a Grim New World of Inner Self-Hatred | The Jewish Einstein Hoax | Hillary Lies to Zionist Supporters in New York, Says that Iran is a Danger to the U.S. and Israel | The Israeli Mafia | A Bad Week for Israel's Prime Minister | Israel's Former Justice Minister Found Guilty of Sexual Impropriety | Israel Planes Still Buzzing Lebanon | State Dept. Notifies Congress of Israel's Misuse of Cluster Bombs | Geopolitical Diary: Israeli Covert Operations in Iran | Russia to U.S. Terror State: Why Do You Insist on Isolating and Undermine Syria When They Are Willing to Work for Israel-Palestinian Peace? | World War Two Victims Want Israel to Hand Over Paintings Taken by Nazis and then Re-Stolen by Being Held For 60+ Years Inside Israel's National Museum | False Ray of Hope as Racist Israel Approves Controversial Moslem Cabinet Member | Jury Acquits Men of Racketeering Conspiracy in Hamas Trial | There Is No New Anti-Semitism, Jewish Organizations Have Gone Totally Over the Top | Israel's Kafkaesque 'Matrix of Control' in Occupied Palestine | Peres Favored to Be Next President of Israel | American Traitor John Edwards Pledges Allegiance to Israel and Say He is Ready to Launch an Israeli War on Iran | Pentagon Lies, Says U.S. Not Planning War With Iran | Where is the Evidence That Iran Threatens Anyone Either in Iraq or Elsewhere? | Iraq Invites Iran and Syria to Baghdad for Discussion of Iraq's Security Solutions | Bush's Choice for US Spy Chief Utters Biggest Lie, Tells Senate Panel They Will be Kept in Intelligence Loop |

February 2, 2007
| High Iraq Generals Take Place of Iran as Major Caper Suspects in Bizarre Killing of 5 American Troops | Jew$ and Government Research Archive #5 | Anti-Semitic Incidents in U.K. Soar in Multi-Cultural Cesspool, Over Half by Non-Whites | A Few of the Many Jews in the Zionist Heavy Bush AdministrationOlmert Lies to Winograd Commission: 'Israel Won Lebanon War' | Jews Who Rule America's Colleges and Universities | U.S. Inquiry Into Use of Cluster Bombs | Clinton's Jew Heavy Ambassadorial Appointments to America's Foreign Embassies | Sacha Baron Cohen To Be Sued in Israel for Stealing the Line, 'Wa Wa Wee Wa' | Far Too Many Jews Have Been Appointed to America's Supreme Court Based on their Meager 2.4% of the Population Which Only Supports the Figure of  'Zero Jews' on the Court | French PM Chirac: 'Israel Don't Fret, If Israel Is Nuked, Teheran Will Be Razed' | Israeli Thugs Kill 3 Palestinians for Carrying Guns as Do Thousands Inside Their Israeli Occupied Concentration Camp | 'We Have Crossed the Red Line': Palestinian Blood on the Hands of Fellow Palestinians Is No Longer Taboo | Israel to Steal More Palestinian Land by Extending Its Fence Out 5 More Miles | Israel Records Its First Same Sex Marriage | Israeli Racism Seen in Appointment of Moslem to Cabinet Amid Dualisms of Fanfare and Hate by Israelis | Yes, There is Apartheid in Israel | Israel Holocaust Museum Opens Farsi Propaganda Site Pushing Jewish Opinions on the Holocaust Question for Iranian Consumption | Israel's Kafkaesque 'Matrix of Control' | Is Jimmy Carter Saving Israel? | Mideast Policy�Immigration Policy: Is The Other Boot About To Drop? |

February 1, 2007
| German Court Issues Arrest Warrants for 13 CIA Agents from the American Terror Nation for Kidnapping and International Transportation of the Kidnapped German Citizen with the Intent of Torturing Him | Clinton's Jewish Seductress Monica Lewinsky | Zionist Media Reporters Have Trouble Remembering Conversations with Liebowitz (Scooter Libby) | Jewish Defendant and ex-Neocon Scooter Libby (Liebowitz) Wants to Know What Other Yiddish Reporters Edith Miller Spoke With | Vatican Newspaper Expresses Disappointment in Reporter Who Exploited the Sacrament of Confession for a Lame Scoop | Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel | Senate War Battle Headed by Jewish Senator Arlen Specter Heats Up | Jewish Theft of Palestinian Land in Text with Video Resources | U.S. Official:  U.S. Not Winning Iraq War | Israel's Racial Purity Laws | IRAQ: American Terror Nation's Explosions Destroying Innocent People and Infrastructure | Iranian Foreign Minister Invited to Conference of Iraq's Neighboring States | White House Militant Terrorists Fearful of Iran and Iraq Being Friends | Pro-Zionist White House of Known Liars Still Withholding Its Latest Lies on Iran Creating Havoc in Iraq as It Tries to Gets Its Propaganda Falsehoods in Order | Daily Potpourri of Daily Kidnappings and Abductions of Palestinians by the Israeli Nazi Occupation Forces in the Palestinian Concentration Camps | Launch of Major Coalition to End Israeli Occupation of Palestine | Russia Warns Civil War Would End All Chance of Talks between Palestine and Israel | Arlen Specter:  White House is Too Insular, Constantly Makes Mistakes in Not Considering Expert Opinions |


January 31, 2007
| 58 Dead On Ashoura Shi'ites Holiest Day | The Jew Watch Project's Jewish Pornography Industry Research Archive | Malaysian Prime Minister Urges Moslems to Unite Against the Jewish Menace | Jewish Espionage Organizations File | NAZIS in FBI Netting Both Jews and Non-Jews in Fascist Internet Trawler Software | Jewish Faces | Bizarre 21st Century Climates Changes Already Threaten Tomorrow's One World Order and Its Domination by the Rothschild Banking System | Jewish Mafia and Financiers Bought, Swindle, and Control Russia's Media Monopoly | Jews Fight Over Carcass of Air America's Liberally Yiddish Die Hard Radio Franchise | Jew Writes About How the Jewish Tail Wags the Non-Jewish Dog | Pro-Zionist France Puts Legal Screws on Minority of 22% Who Still Embrace Smoking | Jewish Cat Fight Continues with Neocon Fur Flying in Fascist FBI's Liebowitz Spy Teller Trial | From Subversive Laptops Hidden in the Woods North of the Jewish Catskills Come the Directing Moguls of the Internet's Infamous 911 'Loose Change' Video | 'Loose Change' Video - 1 Hour 2 Min 22 Sec | The Nazi Gas Chambers: Jews, Rumors, Lies And Reality � One Researcher�s View | Who Runs the World and Controls the Value of the World's Assets? | War Vets Take to the Air Waves: 'Those Who Fail to Oppose a Build-Up in Iraq "Don't Support the Troops" | Voice of America: Report Says U.S.-U.K.-Israel Terror Empire Has Successfully Triggered an Iraq Civil War which Is Going to Spill Into the Entire Region | Brookings Institute on the Despicable AIPAC-American Terror War. Keep This Civil War from Spreading to the World Banking System's Middle East Oil Treasury. | This Republican War Started on Lies Has Already Become A Runaway Train | Senate Meets to Figure Out How to Veto Bush War Plan |

January 30, 2007
| Hillary Admits Fault in Approving Iraq Intervention By President If He Deemed It Necessary | Early Examples of Jewish-Zionist Terror | "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" | Marinus Van der Lubbe, The Jewish Communist Who Burned the German Reichstag | Senior Bush to Zionist Media: You Are Rude to My Dear Son! | Shin Bet's Nazi Murder of Palestinians | Zionist Friendly Organizations Ask U.N. to Condemn Iran's Independent View of the as Yet Unproven and Historically Controversial Nuremberg Show Trial Holocaust Theory | Israeli Torture of People | Latest White House Lie: Iran Is Smuggling Weapons to Iraq's Patriotic Resistance Against Illegal Pro-Zionist, Infidel Occupation | U.S. Terror State Refuses to Accept U.N. Hints to Defuse Immediate War Moves Against Iran | War Monger Bush Tells Iran to Stop Meddling in Iraq, Without Ever Providing Any Proof Iran is Meddling at All | After Personally Murdering 650,000 People and Rising in Iraq, War Criminal Bush Warns Iran Not to Foment Any Violence in His Lost Colony of Endless Blood | Iran Closes Border for Shi'ite Holy Day of Ashore | Presidential Fight Over Numerous Upcoming Appointments to the Supreme Court Make the Presidency Doubly Important to All Republican and Democratic Zionist Assets | Israeli Anti-Patriot Methods Fail, Freedom Fighters Against the Jewish Occupation Terror Kill 3 Zionists at Bakery | The "Wipe Israel Off the Map" Hoax |

January 29, 2022
| Russia Comes to Aid of Iran's Nuclear Program, Supplies Teheran with 29 Anti-Missile Systems, Disrespected U.S. Terror Nation Diplomatically Shocked | Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins | 'Boasts of a Nuclear Program Are Not True Say Insiders, But the Resulting Hysteria Is Enough To Provoke Catastrophic War' | Zionist Parasites on the American Host | North Korea Denies Nuclear Cooperation with Iran | Kosher Food Companies | Smuggled USSR Uranium May Be From Novosibirsk | Jews Want Arab Companies Cut Out of the American Dream Including Keeping Them Off of Dow Jones | Israel's First Moslem Cabinet Minister Appointed by Defense Minister Perez in Desperate 11th Hour Bid to Gain Enough Votes to Stay in Power | Israel Violated Severely Punishable Federal Laws But Since Israel's AIPAC Owns Congress and the President these Laws Will Not Be Enforced | Bigoted, Racist, and Atheist Jews Representing the Vast Jewish Majority Votes to Ostracize a Small Religious Sect of Tolerant Jews Who Attended the Holocaust Conference in Teheran | Knesset to Vote on Direct Election of President | Israel Terror State Drops Chemical Gassing Weapons on Lebanon | Israel's Pathetic 'Barnum and Bailey Holocaust Circus Show' Hits United Nations with Dangerous Laws Protecting the Holocaust Against Freedom of Speech by Honest Scholars Who Disagree | U.N. Should Deal Severely With Israel for Gas Attack on Lebanon in Last Two Days | After so Many Military and Political Failures, Israel Turns to the Torah's Sabbath Laws To Find the Right Answers | The Billions of Dollars in Legislative Costs of Israel's Propaganda During Congressional Junkets | Clinton Wants All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Before Bush Leaves Office | Tens of Thousands of Demonstrators Demand Immediate End to the Lost War for Israel in Iraq | U.S. Senate Locked in Battle over Resolution to End War Quickly vs. Handing Failed President Carte Blanche Power to Continue Fighting | Republicans Scared Still of Bush's War Bumbling | Civil War Grows in Palestine at Behest of Chaos Engendering Israeli Terror State Occupation Force Long-Term Plans to Disrupt and Kill Out the Democracy | Jewish Lawyers Swoop in Like Hunting Hawks onto Quaker College where 3 Palestinians Were Beaten by Anti-Arab Football Players |

January 28, 2022
| Four American Soldiers Killed Last Week in Clever Ruse by Iraqis, U.S. Ministry of Military Propaganda in Lost Colony of Iraq Lies About What Happened, Hides Story, Then Comes Clean as Leaks Sink the Army's Story | The Jews and White Slavery | Bush Fades Fast, Congressional Support for Escalation Not There | The Jewish Mass Murders of 65 Million Non-Jews in the Jewish-Run Soviet Union | 7 U.S. Troops Die in Baghdad | Withheld Reports of Consulate Offices on the Jewishness of the Red Revolution and the USSR | Weekend Violence Rages Unchecked in Iraq's Lost Civil War | Mark Weber on the Jewish Role in the Soviet Union | Failed Pro-Zionist President Bush Doesn't Get It, Says "I'll Make the Decisions About Iraq" | Statements on the Jewish Nature of the USSR | Friendly Fire? Another Look at Brazen Raid in Iraq | 62 Found Dead in Iraq Nationwide, 1 American, 15 Dead from Exploding Pigeons | Nearly 100,000 Anti-War Protesters Crowd Capitol Mall, Conyers Invokes Power of the Purse | Iran Law Maker Slams U.S. Terror Nation's New Killing Policy in Iraq | Rocket Blast Wounds 2 and Shakes U.S. Embassy in Iraq Green Zone | Oil Law Won't Favor Americans, But Will Allow Foreign Companies to Buy Oil and Invest in Iraq's Economy | Iraq Parliament Passes Impotent Law Against Terror as America Poses for Its Last Efforts | Hezbollah Fails to Overthrow Lebanon, Ponders Next Move | Hezbollah Buries Dead, Urges National Unity | Lebanese Army Restores Order After Clash | Lebanese Star Into Bloody Sectarian Abyss | Riots in Pro-Sunni Lebanon as Hezbollah Shi'ites Clash with Government Sunnis, a Future of Civil Darkness Seems Certain | U.S. May Cite Israel for Cluster Bomb Attacks, Violated U.S. Israel Weapons Pact |

January 27, 2022
| Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2007, Some of Them Dealing with Zionist and Other Minority Interest Issues | Israel American MASH Units in Iraq Unwittingly Unleashed a New Dangerous Bacteria Now Affecting Health Care | Israel Founded When Jews Dishonestly Used Known Nazi Forgeries Which Caused Great Monetary Losses for Those Trusting The Dishonest Zionist Conspirators | Jewish Hate Hoax in Paris Subway | President Bush Authorizes American Troops to Murder Iranians at Will as Long as They Declare Them 'Agents' | Jews Who Dominate Public Relations and Advertising | Israel's Goal of Region Wide Sectarian Warfare in the Middle East Reach Lebanon, Battle Between Shi'ites and Sunnis Leave 2 Students Dead | The 6 Jewish Companies that Own 96% of the World's Media | 4 Dead Non-Jews in Beirut Cast Shadow Over Aid Pledges | Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Baghdad Market Killing at Least 15 and Wounding Many More, 130,000 American Soldiers Totally Useless as Colonial Occupiers | Israel's Plans for Carnage Continue: Famous Kidnapped Iraqi Shi'ite Boxer Found Dead in Baghdad, Killed by Sunnis | Another Baghdad Suicide Blast Kills 26, Wounds Many More as Crumbling Sectarian Maliki Government Trades Insults with Parliament Members | Shi'ite Militia Will Not Lay Down Arms to Americans, Only to Iraqis | Impotent U.S. Terror State Threatens Iraq With World Wide Wrath | Why Bush and Gen. Petraeus are Living in a Dream World: What's Really Going on in Baghdad | 4 U.S. Troops Abducted, Killed in Baghdad, 5th Soldier Died of Wounds During Abduction | 593 Palestinian Refugees from Baghdad Terror Are Now Stranded at Syria-Iran Border, Not Allowed to Enter Syria | 15 Killed in Gaza from Israeli Pushed Sectarian Warfare Between Palestinians Factions | Gaza Is In a State of Collapse, Cannot Sustain Its People Anymore | Bush Defends His Irresponsible Iraq Policy with Republicans Behind Closed Doors | Jews Responsible for 60% of Presidential Election Donations, Another Consistent Fulfillment of 'The Protocols of Zion' |

January 26, 2022
| Iran Ready to Launch a Satellite into Space | Jewish Senator Russ Feingold Breaks Ranks With Judeocon War Mongers, Pushes Bill to Deny War Funding | Jewish Reporter Carl Bernstein of Watergate Fame: Bush Has Done 'Far Greater Damage' than Nixon | Border Jumping Invaders Fear Increase in Judeocons' Politically Motivated Immigration Raids | Israel's Desire for Civil Sectarian Violence in Lebanon Takes Root, Students at University in Deadly Feud with Hezbollah | Outrageous Injustice Dished Out to Minority Honor Student by Pro-Zionist Georgia Courts | The Sectarian Conspiracy of the U.S. Israel Empire | Pro-Zionist West May Enter Treacherous Lebanon's Region Wide Tar Baby | Imperialist War in Iraq Escalates | Sectarian Donnybrook Roars in Iraq's Parliament | Bombs Kill 36 People in American Pacified Iraq | Democrats Have Accused George Bush of Being "Reckless" in Lying to Lead Pro-Zionist America into the Iraq Abyss | More Dead Trickling In, Now 25 Americans Dead in Deadliest Day of War | Senator Warner: U.S. Military 'Lying' to Congress All Along | The Secret War Against Iran |

January 25, 2022
| Non-Jewish GOP Members Demand Lie Detector Test for Convicted Jewish Secrets Thief, Sandy Berger | Jews Who Control the World's Banking and Finance Corporations | Israeli President, Facing Rape Charge, Refuses to Resign, Asks for Leave | Victor Ostrovsky's Mossad Book Controversy | Israel's Globalist Agenda Advances: Chinese to Surpass U.S. Internet User Numbers in Two YearsArab League's Moussa Warns U.S. That Iran Attack Will Cause Regional War | 4 Americans in Iraq Crash Shot in the Head | To Bolster Iran Invasion, Western Intelligence Floats Lie:  N. Korea Helping Iran's Nuclear | American Jews Conduct Themselves Proudly: Jimmy Carter Given 2 Standing Ovations During His Speech Defending His Book on "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" at Historically Jewish Brandeis University | Ahmadinejad Prophecies, U.S. and Israel Regimes Will Soon 'End Lives' | Iran Receives Advanced Russian Anti-Missile Weapons Designed to Protect Nuclear Research Facilities | Bush's Intelligence Lies and Deceptions About Iran Smuggling of Weapons Into Iraq Have No Supporting Proof | World's Most Hated U.S. War Monger Warns Iran to Back Down | Israel Faces Nuclear Holocaust Says Gingrich | Bush Urges Congress to Embrace Military Fascism | Republicans Expressing Doubts Over Bush's Sanity in Sending More Troops into the Lost Judeocon War for Israel | Dems Slam Bush's Irresponsible War, Call for Regional Diplomacy Aimed at Peace and Fast Withdrawal | Media Monopoly Jew Rupert Murdoch Enters Bid for Tribune, Newsday, 23 Television Stations, Etc., All in New York Market | McCain Blasts Cheney For Concocting 'Witches Brew' of Failed War for Israel Military Strategies | Black Caucus Does Not Follow Integration Advice of Its Jewish Masters: Whites Need Not Apply | Threat to Continued Success of Subversive Jewish Anti-White Civil Rights Conspiracies in America: White Atlanta Suburbs Including Its Jewish Residents Push for Secession From Black Atlanta |

January 24, 2022
| Hezbollah Paralyzes Lebanon | The Outrageous Expression of Jewish Anti-Christian Hate in Auschwitz | 3 Die So Far in Lebanon Protests | The Culture of Critique | David Irving Speaks About His Pro-Semitic Imprisonment in Non-Jewish Austria | The Effect of Jewish Parasitism Seen In Employment Statistics Skewed in Favor of the Jews | Top Israeli Leadership Under Fire for Corruption and War Embarrassment in Lebanon | The Jew Watch Project's Study Archive on World Zionism | U.S. Chicken Nation Drafts U.N. Resolution for Its Israeli Handlers Condemning Honest Investigations of the Holocaust | Zionist Lobbyist Perle: AIPAC Puppet Bush Will Attack Iran If Teheran Gets Nuclear Weapons | Israel's President to Step Down for Rape, Sexual Harassment, Obstruction of Justice and Breach of Trust | U.S. Political Crisis Mounts Over Iraq War | Iraq War Critics Cite Parallel to 40 Years of Expensive Cold War as a Reason to Leave Iraq and Stop the War on Terror Now | 'Bleak,' 'Civil War,' 'Breakup': Historians Offer Dismal Forecast for Iraq | Lawyers Present Judeocon Libby "Liebowitz" as Innocent Scapegoat for Non-Jewish Karl Rove | Olmert and Bush Share Top Spot for "Miserable Failure" in Search on Google | Ahmadinejad: U.S. Terror State Incapable of Inflicting Serious Harm on Iran | Zionist Fascist Netanyahu Gives Lame Threat to Bring Admadinejad to Trial for Genocide, When Israel's Actions and Policies Make It the Most Genocidal State in the Mideast | Bush Tries to Sell Fed Up Congress on Continuing His Failed Iraq Policy in 'State of the Union' Speech | 5 Americans Killed in Copter Crash in Baghdad |

January 23, 2022
| 137 Found Dead Around American Destroyed Iraq, Hundreds More Wounded in Allies' Shameful Pro-Jewish Occupation Catastrophe | Racist Jews Want Islamic Companies Kept Off Wall Street | Non-Jewish Residents of Pro-Zionist America's Partially Occupied Baghdad Survey Simultaneous Bombings to Pray, Mourn, Collect Corpses of Relatives, and Seek Missing Body Parts | Jewish Slave Ship Owners | 88 Non-Jews Killed, 140 Wounded in Shopping Mall by Two Carefully Coordinated Bombings in Pro-Zionist Occupied Baghdad | Details on the Dr. Mengele Story | Israel Faces 'Corruption Epidemic'Jimmy Carter Defends His Book, 'Palestine Peace Not Apartheid' | Israel's Dark Demographic Future of Majority Apartheid in a Jewish Minority Nation | Republicans View Coming Electoral Defeat in 2008 Due to War in Iraq, Start Tossing in Towel, Rejecting Bush's Surge Plan as Worthless | Arab-Israelis Want End of Jewish State | What the Democratically Oriented Hamas Political Party Really Wants | Says Carter's Observations on Israel-Palestine Are Well-Founded | Haniya Accuses Anti-Democratic U.S. Terror State of Plotting to Topple Hamas Government | Hamas Warns Canada: Do Not Ally With Israel and Make Palestine Your Enemy | Letters from Victims in the Rothschild Gulag in Germany | 11 Reasons You Should Fight Hate Laws | Meeting the 911 WTC's 'Lucky Larry' Silverstein | Oliver Stone Blames President Bush's Outrageous 'Anti-Terrorist War' in Iraq for the Backlash at Film Festivals Against His New Movie, "World Trade Center" | PDF Report Says NY Times Marginalizes Palestinians in Its Reporting | During Summer's Hostilities Columnist Richard Cohen Advocated Genocide by Israeli Fascist State | Bush State-of-Union Speech Today, Republicans Already Fleeing His Poisonous Judeo-Con Coattails |

January 22, 2022
| Ms Rice Flirts With New Pro-Zionist Peace Initiative in Mideast | All Aboard the Ye Olde Arab Holocaust Train | Israeli Advisors Blowing Up U.S. Tanks? | Opinion Piece: 'Deborah Lipstadt Is Less Popular than Chicken Manure' | Inquiry into Lebanon War will Decide Fate of Olmert | Israel's Nuclear Egg Begins to Crack | Netanyahu: Israel Should Destroy the Hamas Democracy in Palestine | Tacoma Forum Hears Iraqi War Condemned as Illegal | Farm Subsidies May Be Reduced to Help Pay for the War | Congressman McNulty Calls for Major Change in Iraq Policy |

January 21, 2022
| At Least 20 U.S. Terror Army Soldiers Die in Single Day of AIPAC's Sucker War for Israel | Although Raised by Nuns, Joseph Stalin's Well Cloaked Jewish Antecedents, Required for All Communist Leaders in the USSR, Abound | Is Iraq War a Blunder or Treason by President Bush? | HUAC's Jewish-Communist 'Hollywood Ten' | Support the Troops: Bring Them Home Now | Total Zionist Monopolization of Iraq War Coverage on Cable TV Was Evident Even 9 Years Ago | Graphic Photographic Evidence of Outrageous Violence by Israel Against Innocent Indigenous People Unfortunate to Reside in Close Vicinity to the Inhumane Zionist Terror State | Sigmund Freud's Jewish-Soviet Social Analysis | Further Along the Zionist Axis of Evil's Dead End Road in Iraq | America's Standing in World's Eyes Reaches New Low, Possible Economy Beak Down in 2007 | French Ambassador to Washington: Bush's Iraq Civil War May Expand into Entire Mideast Region | Olmert Faces Lowest Public Opinion Polls, Criminal Probes, Mounting Calls to Step Down | Zionist Spy Lines Up to Replace Olmert | Carter Defends Book on Israel Conflict | Carter: Book is Accurate, Needed | Israel's Holocaust Trustee Likens Israeli Abuse of Palestinians in Tinderbox West Bank to the Anti-Semitism of World War Two | Israel Follows Lead of The Jew Watch Project and Its World Wide U.S. Israel Empire News Television, Freezes the Construction of an Armed Colonial Jewish Residential Military Fortress at Non-Jewish Town of Meskiot for the Purpose of Harassing Arabs in Palestine | Jordan Also Seeks Nuclear Program, Says Lebanon's Summer War 'Just a Taste' of Worse to Come Unless Peace Process Moves Quickly | World Hated U.S. Terror Nation Keeping Israel from Making Peace Talks with Syria, Negotiator Says | Non-Jewish Palestine Tells Canada Its Borders With the European Semitic Regime Running Israel Like a 24-Hour War Camp Must Be Finalized Soon | Carter's Book: How Jewish Dominated Media Turns to Non-Elected AIPAC, ADL, and Alan Dershowitz to Tell Them What Jews Really Think |

January 20, 2022
| Judge Rules Discussion of the War's Illegality by an Officer is an Illegality | Jews Who Ran the Soviet Union as Their Personal Killing Field for Non-Jews, from 1919-1940 | Fascist Judeo-Con White House Accuses Democrats Who Disagree with Pro-Zionist Bush as Promulgating 'Poisonous' Thoughts | The Jewish Murders of Arab Children at Ter Hafra | Opposition to War's Surge is Surging | Feminism: The Natural Expression of Jewish Female Hatred for Men | The President Will Be Held to Account for His War | Jewish Penetration and Control of White Civil Rights Organizations | �Citizens� Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq� To Be Held in Tacoma This Weekend | Redford Condemns Iraq War at Opening of Sundance Film Festival, Demands an Apology | Escalation's Coming Violence, Death, and Destruction Already Wedges Up Huge Cracks in Entire Military-Political System that Supports America's World Wide Post-Colonial Terrorism | As Bush's War Strategy Shifts to Iran, Christian Zionists Gear Up for the Apocalypse | Iran: U.S. Terror Nation Deadly Divide and Conquer Policy for Mideast Region | Israeli Army's Chief of Staff Resigns Amid War Probe | U.S. Terror Nation Wins Bad Case Against Accused Arab by Witness Tampering; Offered Lifetime of Money, Citizenship, Witness Protection, Etc., for Monetarily Tainted Testimony of Questionable Worth in Order to Win Case, Thus Thwarting Any Type of Legal Fairness in the Trial | Justice Department Publishes Huge Lie that the United States Government is Not For Sale | Violence in the Israeli Dominated Concentration Camp of Gaza Scares Foreign Visitors, Corporate Investors, and Media Away | Olmert Releases $100 Million to Abbas Hoping to Fuel More Crises Which Rice Calls Good News for the Israeli Terror State | Joint House Resolution 14 Designed to Stop the War in Iran Before It Happens As Presently Planned

January 19, 2022
| Following in the Footsteps of The Jew Watch Project Congress Similarly Wants to Know Why Gonzales Waited Until Today to Stop By-Passing Courts in 5-Year Illegal Eaves-Dropping By Judeo-Cons | Retired Generals Slam Bush's Iraq War Escalation | Israel's Apology for Not Stopping the Killing Spree of 30 Moslems by Jewish Terrorist Baruch Goldstein of New York City's Ghettoes | The Jewish Libby Trial for Dummies | Unleashing the Israeli Injustice | China Tests Weapon That Can Easily Knock Down America's Pro-Zionist Axis Spy Satellites | See How the Pro-Zionist United Nations Sadistically Murdered Germany's Youthful Surrendered Armies | After Disarming Iraq, Pro-Zionist War Monger Bush Does a 180-Turn, Now He Wants to Rearm the Nation | How Subversive AIPAC Supported Jews Attacked an American Navy Ship and Never Answered for It as Mandated by American Laws | Scientists in Pro-Zionist Canada Resurrect 1918 Swine Virus from Permafrost Corpses, Use It To Infect and Kill Monkeys, Threaten Human Lives in Hazardous Experiments While World Waits and Watches Without Protesting | The New Wrongful Judeo-Con Gospel: American Terror Nation Wars with Syria and Iran Will Bring Regional Mideast Stability | Dual Loyalty: Why Did Zionist Judeocon Max Singer Vote in Israel and U.S.? | The Fascist Rightwing Judeocon Mission Failed in Every Aspect, Wherever It Has Been Tried, It Has Been Totally Unsuccessful | Bush Sold America to Israel Through the Jaded Jewish Jaws of AIPAC | Another Wreckless Adventure for the American Terror Nation's Subversive Zionists:  War on Iran | Death Watch on the Persian Gulf and Washington | Bush's Insane 'Iran War for Israel' Policy | Carter's New Book Reinforces Exactly What The Jew Watch Project Has Been Reporting for Years on the Israel/U.S. Terror Wars Against Palestine | ZNet Confirms The Jew Watch Project's Historical Information in 'Palestine 2007: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank' | Israel Rewrites History With Impunity, Steals Palestine, But Iran Is Vilified for Discussing It in a Truthful Manner | Worried U.S. Law Makers Press Fascist President Bush on His Irresponsible Iran War Mongering |

January 18, 2022
| Pro-Zionist Germany Acts As Agent of Subversive Israeli Mossad, Makes Crude Bid to Declare Holocaust Examinations and Other Forms of Free Speech in EU Illegal as First Step in Creating Dictatorship of European Union | Jew Watch TV News, "U.S. Empire Wrecked Its Own Constitution," 8 Minutes | Dr. James Watson Co-Discoverer of DNA Tells Esquire Magazine Some Anti-Semitism Justified | Killer Jew Leon Trotsky of the Soviet Union | The White House's War Mongering Judeo-Cons; Not Just Wrong But All Wrong | How the Jewish Russian Mafia is Overtaking the Jewish Underworld of Israel | The Message of the American Terror Nation's Surge: American Citizens Have Little Time to Do Something Before Bush Takes the Nation into War Against Iran | Jewish War Criminal Solomon Morel, 86, Still Hiding in Israel | 'Saddam Died Beautiful' | EU Parliament Fights Against Zionism's Euro-Hate to Protect and Defend Two Thousand Years of European Civilization | Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror Nation's DEA Bows to Israel's Mock Greatness and Makes Special Deals With Its Jewish Mafia Killer Who Is the World's Ecstasy Drug Underworld Godfather | World's Pro-Zionist War Terror Bastard U.S. Focuses Its Latest Vile and Unrelenting War Aim on Iran | Kuwait Says U.S. World Terror Nation Is Probably Waiting Until April to Attack Iran | Gates and Rice Speak of Iran vs. Colonial Occupation Forces of the World's Latest Military Pariah, America; Rice Says America Is Going to Be in Region a Long Time Which Is an Open Admission of America's Colonialist Objective to Control and Impose It's Bloody Military Will on Every Nation There |

January 17, 2022
| 103 Dead, 240 Wounded in Baghdad; Thanks, Mr. Bush | Iraq War: Price Today $1.2 Trillion | Botched Hangings in Iraq Speed Sectarianism | Bush's Strategy: Recipe for an Even Greater Disaster | Big Jew Trial Begins: Zionist Neocon Lewis Liebowitz Alias "Scooter Libby" vs. Mossad's Totally Compromised FBI | What's Next for Bush's Terror Nation? War With Iran? | Service Men and Women to Congress:  End This War for Israel | 

January 16, 2022
| New Scientific Soil Study of Treblinka Shows Claimed Death Camp Never Even Existed | Jews Who Founded and Ran the USSR as a Private Yiddish Killing Field for their Genocidal Slaughter of 65 Million Non-Jews | Hamas: We Will Never Recognize Israel | More Proven Connections Between Jews and Murderous Communism | Israel Slaps Rice and Her Israeli Puppet Regime in Washington DC, Will Expand Its Genocide Fortresses Inside Zionist Controlled Palestine Concentration Camps | This Year's Irresponsible Jewish Child Killings at Ter Hafra | Peretz: Israel Beiteinu is a 'Racist Party' | Israel Buzzes Over Notion of Attacking Iran | Many Hours of Archived Radio Programs on Jewish Organizations and Their Objectives | Accountant General: Israel Most Corrupt Nation in West | Israel�s Plans to Wage Nuclear War on Iran: History of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal | Zionist Chief of Staff Says No Impending War With Syria | Jewish Racisim: Segregated Travel Law for Israelis and Palestinians | The High Risk of Roads in Israel | Yiddish Theater In Israel: 'The Rothschild's' Musical Opens | Israel's Genocide a Part of 'Unfinished Statehood' | Protocols of Zion Outline Continues to Come True: Russia's National Diamond Company Makes Deal With De Beers Diamonds in Israel to Further the Monopolization of Precious Stone Commodities | Israel's Foreign Minister Seeks to Purchase Extreme Deceptive Makeover of Israel's Destroyed Image Using Powerful Public Relations Companies in New York | Zionist Democratic Leader Pelosi Plans Corrupt Loophole for AIPAC Jewish Lobby |

January 15, 2022
| New Scientific Soil Study of Treblinka Shows Claimed Death Camp Never Even Existed | Arabs Link Iraq to Israel | Israel's Nuclear Blackmail | Bush Faces Mutiny Over Escalation | U.S. Israel Empire News | U.S. Terror State Waves War Flag Over Iran's 'Meddling' | Facts To Consider About the Holocaust | Arabs Link Iraq to Israel | No New Strategy in Iraq | Iran Demands U.S. Terrorist Army Release 5 Kidnapped 'Iranian Diplomats' | Bush Seeking Political Cover for Lost Iraq War | More Will Die From President's Escalation Plan | Is Abe Foxman of the Jewish ADL / B'nai B'rith Religious Cult Somewhat Intolerant of Certain Non-Jewish Groups? | ADL's Professional News Agitators Accuse EU Parliament of Seating Rightwing Anti-Semitic Groups | Hypocrisy Junction: Olmert Who Refuses to Recognize a Palestinian State Says He Won't Support Parties That Won't Recognize Israel | Ahmadinejad: We'll Talk to the United States but Not to Israel | Iran: U.S., Britain, and Israel Are the 'Axis of Evil' |

January 14, 2022
| Non-Jewish Chaplain Kicked from Pro-Zionist Navy | The 911 Jewish Russian Mafia Connection | How 14 Tribally Fixated Jews and the ADL's Propaganda Mill for Israel Ganged Up on Jimmy Carter | Confessions of Zionist Shin Bet Murders | Ms. Rice Meets With Like-Minded Zionists in Tel Aviv | Murderous Jewish Terrorist, Meir Kahane, of the Jewish Defense League | Jewish Racist Rant: 'West Bank Jews Are Here to Stay' | Israeli Terrorist State Expects Turbulent Middle East in 2007 | U.S. Israel Empire Conspire to Divide Palestine | Sick of Israeli Occupation, Moderate Arabs Tell Palestinians to Turn Their Guns Against the Zionists | Madison Avenue's Public Relations Jews Prepare New Peaceful Verbal Makeovers Designed to Falsely Beautify Israel's Mass Murder | Lebanon Finances Legal Suit Against Israel | Keeping All Eyes on Iraq While Bush Plans to Attack Iran | Ethiopia Has Become an Anglo-American Proxy in the Horn of Africa | Bush's Tactics are a 'Declaration of War' Against Iran | Neocon Crazies Now Hint 'Nuclear'; Will the Nation tand Up and Stop Them in Time? | Mediators Work to Persuade Israel to Return Stolen Farms in Shebaa Region to Lebanon | 23,000 Sunnis Ethnically Cleansed From Iraq by Shiites | Choices Dwindle if Iraq War Plan Fails | Pathetic: Prime Minister Blair Blames Media for Unpopularity of His Disastrous War Policies | U.S. Senate Fears Bush Is Pushing the 'War for Israel' into Iran and Syria | Questionable Patriotism of the Jewish Lobby |

January 13, 2022
| Jewish ADL Slings Shameful Zionist Propaganda Slandering a Decent, Concerned Christian Ex-President | 1,000+ Egyptian Military Officers Illegally Executed by Israeli Terror State | Vicious and Deceptive Statement of 14 Jewish Back Stabbers of a Christian Ex-President Is Further Promulgated by the Subversive, Pro-Israeli Terror Nation's Often Discredited Jewish Smear Gang | Israel's Zionazi Colonial Genocides | Top 11 Reasons You Must Fight NOW Against the Jewish ADL's Anti-Free Speech Laws Under the Name | Zionism's Multi-Cultural Chutzpah; Israel's Mideast Terrorist Genocide Activities | Today's Bought and Paid for U.S. Terror Government Is About the Same as the One David Thoreau Knew | The Fraudulent Jewish Crime of Political Correctness; For Stating This Innocent Religious Truth, It Was Effectively Applied in 1999 Against Rev. Jerry Falwell | Abbas Placates Hamas, Saying We Must Use Our 7,000 Security Rifles Supplied by America to Strike the Zionist Occupiers | Hamas Rallies Supporters Against Fatah Strong Man | U.S. Terror Nation Denies Military Plans Against Iran | Pakistan Confronts U.S. Terror Nation on Accusations It Harbors Al Qaeda, Asks U.S., 'Then, Show Us Where They Are' | Iraq's Foreign Minister Says U.S. Terror State is Dragging Iraq into Its Squabble with Iran, Works to Free 5 Iranians Kidnapped by U.S. Thugs | Two-Thirds of Americans Oppose Bush's Escalation of U.S. Terror Nation's Lost 'War for Israel' in Iraq | Does Rice-Bush Want War With Iran? She Publicly States the Fascist War Monger President of the U.S. Terror Nation Personally Authorized an Overt Act of War Resulting in the Illegal Kidnapping of 5 Iranian Diplomats | U.S. Terror Nation's Chief Fascist Spy Negroponte Waves Rising Pro-Zionist War Sword in Iran's Face | Iraq War Is Lost: Middle East Analysts Skeptical of Bush Escalation | Blair and U.S. Are War Criminals Just Like Saddam Says Ex-Prime Minister | Neocons Amplify Picture of U.S. War Lord Nation as the U.S. Fascist Dictatorship of the Pro-Zionist Rich |

January 12, 2022
| Outrageous Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Pro-Israel Bund Applauds 14 Jews Absurdly Appointed by Carter For Resigning from Carter's Library, Many of Whom Probably Monitored The Jew Watch Project's Freedom of Press Activities for the ADL | Convicted by Their Own Words:  Zionist Leaders Admit Israel's Plans for Genocide Against Palestine | Jewish Woman Lived Reclusive Life | Culpatory Statements by Persons Involved in the Jewish Plot to Destroy Germany Via World War Two | Zionist Axis Forces Led by the U.S. Terror State Invade Iranian Consulate, Kidnap Six Diplomats in Violation of U.N. Law | Unfair Media Lies Concerning Zionists vs. Palestinians | Four Jewish Defense League Terrorists Arrested for Hate Crimes in Paris, France | Israel's Plan to Euthanize Palestinians by Chemically Reduce Their Birth Rate | Iran Condemns U.S. Terror Nation's Kidnapping of Its Citizens as a Violation of International Law, Demands Their Immediate Freedom | West Bank Square Dedicated to Saddam Hussein | Graphic Pictures of Israel's War Crimes | 20 Pro-Zionist Law Makers Ask Gonzales to Drop Outrageous Charges Against 2 Border Patrolmen Who Drew Absurd 11 and 12 Year Sentences for Doing their Jobs by Shooting a Fleeing Drug Dealer and Who Have Now Been Ordered to Report to Prison | Pro-Zionist President Bush's Tough Tactics are 'Declaration of War' Against Iran | Israel's Puppet Bush: We Won't Let Iran and Syria Control the Region, But We Will See to It that Israel Does So | Congress Has These Options in Blocking American Pro-Zionist Dictator Bush's Escalation of Death in His Lost Colony of Iraq | 110th Congress Meets to Raise Minimum Wage, End Tragic 'War for Israel' Without Losing Necessary Jewish Financial Support for Their Campaigns | War Surge May Face Anti-War Surge | Sickening Presidential Indicators of a Possible Imminent War On Iran for America's Israeli Terror Masters | Jewish Review: How Iraq and Iran Affect Israel's Regional Power Lust | Senators Fear Lost Iraq 'War for Israel' May Spill to Iran, Syria | U.S. Ethiopian Terror Attackers Murder 100 People in Somalia as America's Terror Wars Widen | A Letter from 'An Old Iraqi Lady' to President Bush |   

January 11, 2022
| Religious American Deported by the U.S. Arrested by Legal Goons in Israeli Terror State | Israel's Torture Practices | Prime Minister Olmert Caught Up in Criminal Probe | Vicious Jewish Murder of USSR's Millions of Christians | Kennedy Leads Congress in His Bill Which Prohibits the Escalation of President Bush's War for Israel | The Genocide Against Palestine | Iraqis Skeptical 20,000 Pro-Zionist Troops Will End Violence | Frank Weltner's Personal Statement of Peaceful Coexistence and Tolerance for the Jewish People | Pro-Zionist Democrats Plan Symbolic Vote Against Escalation | In Defiance of 2006 Vote, Pro-Zionist President Bush Who Has Assumed American War Power Status as a War Dictator Will Escalate War for Israel | Vienna Jews Sue Rabbi for Attending the Holocaust Conference in Legal Actions Reminiscent to the Jewish Rulers of the Deadly USSR | Adolf Hitler Comedy Film Raises Ire Among Mostly Jewish Anti-Hitler Historical Control Freaks | Emma Lazarus, The Jewess Whose Mostly Silent Inner Hate for Americans Popularized Filling Our America With the Lowest of Human Trash | The Death of the Peaceful and Intellectually Based National Alliance Which America's Professional Jewish Deceivers Defamed with the Lie that It Was a Violent Neo-Nazi Group | British Double Agent With Germany's Iron Cross Offered to Kill Adolf Hitler | Immoral American Puppet Government Betrays Its Own Citizen and Sends Him to Israel's Torture Dungeon to Please Its Jewish Colonial Masters | America's Absurd Trial of 2 Hamas Contributors When Over 7 Million Israeli Terror State Contributors Who Are America's Jews Constantly Give to Israel's Terrorist Schemes | Zionist Presidential Speech With More and More Lies Promised Tonight for the Weary and Savvy Americans Who Know a Good Lie from Bush When They Hear It |

January 10, 2007
| FBI Investigation of AIPAC Has Reportedly Been Expanded | The Jewish 'Red Spy Queen' Elizabeth Terrill Bently | Zionist Commander Admits Israel Lost the Lebanon War | The Jew Watch Project's Educational Links to Jewish Criminals | London Review of Books Hosts NYC Debate on �The Israel Lobby� | Secret and Deadly Israeli Terrorist Bombings of Syrian Targets Revealed | AIPAC 'Jewish Lobby' Gives U.S. Government Its Approval for Zalmay Khalilzad to be America's U.N. Ambassador | Was Jewish Aaron Kosminski Really Jack the Ripper? | ADL of B'nai B'rith Jewish Cult Writes the Most Intolerant and Vile Report on Iran's Holocaust Scholarly Study Group | 20,000 Cannon Fodder Sacrifices from Pro-Zionist United States Terror Nation Headed for the War for Israel in Iraq to Die and Lose Their Limbs for the Lost War and for the Purely Selfish Goal of Salvaging President Bush's Sorry Place in History | Pro-Zionist Iraq Gives Puffed Report of 50 Militants Dead Which U.S. Does Not Affirm in Baghdad Strafing | Neocon President Surrounded by Zionist Advisors Continues His Wars for Israel, Expands Base of Operation to Include Somalia, and Claims Illegal Powers to Wage War Despite Congressional Checks and Balances and in Defiance of the Already Discarded U.S. Constitution | UN Report: 1.7 Million Iraqis Displaced by American Terrorist Nation's War for Israel | Vietnam-Like Escalation in Iraq Has McCain's Approval | Active Military Opposes Continuing Lost War for Israel | Hezbollah Increases Campaign to End Lebanon's Pro-U.S. Terror Nation Government | Deceptive Mossad Says Hezbollah Rebuilt Its Weapons Arsenal |

January 9, 2022
| NYC Jews on Edge. 'We Are Waiting for the Gas to Pass' | CBS-TV Coverage | The Jewish Spy Michael Pollard:  Imprisoned Israeli Spy Whose Betrayal Resulted in Deaths of U.S. Operatives, the Role of the Warm Relations between the Mossad and the Bumbling Amateurism of the CIA | Gas May Have Killed Birds in Austin, Effected Streets Closed to Business Until Noon | Alleged Connections Between the ADL Espionage Bund and the JFK Assassination | Iran Threatens to Block the Straits of Hormuz | Israeli Human Rights Group Asks Nations to Arrest Shin Bet Goon Who Allegedly Crushed the Heads of 2 Palestinians During Torture Questioning Session | 4 Killed in Anti-Ethiopian Attack in America's Defeated Mogadishu Colony. (BTW, Ethiopian Attack Is CIA Operative) | Some Early Examples of Jewish Zionist Terror | Is Israeli Terrorist Nation Planning a Nuclear Strike on Iran? | Israel Arrests 16 Year Old Retaliation Specialist | Egypt's Mubarak Tells Zionist Terror State, "Syria Is Requesting Peace Talks With Israel" | Israel Rejects Trading 200 Palestinian Kidnap Victims for a Video of Shalit | Will Demographic Trends Destroy Israel? | Israel Is Developing World's Largest Spy-Bomber Drone | Jews Indicated Their Intolerance and Hatred for the Own Rabbi Who Attended Holocaust Conference in Iran | Revealed: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran | New Evidence Comes Forward of Financial Intrigue and Further Exploitation of Iraq's Oil Reserves by the Unwanted Invading Colonial Armies of the U.S. Terror State | 1,000 Citizens Gather on Beach in Pelosi's San Francisco District to Spell Out 'IMPEACH!' | Jewish Crime Connections | The Continuation of Judeo-Con Lies, Genocide, and Facist Colonial Escalations of American Conflict in Iraq | Draconian Political In-Fighting and Blood-Letting by White House with New Ambassadors that Support Pro-Zionist Bush Escalation of Mideast Conflict, Racial Hate, Ethnic Cleansing of Towns and Villages, and Mistrust of Americans |  

January 8, 2022
| Israel's Racist Apartheid Laws | Jewish Control of America's Food Supply Companies | Mubarak: American Terror State Blocking Peace Talks Between Israel and Syria | Winston Churchill's Jewish Ancestry | Israel Living on Stolen, Illegal Land inside its Palestinian Concentration Camps | Legends of the Kind Dr. Mengele of Auschwitz | Prime Minister Blair Left Totally Isolated Over the Saddam Hussein Hanging Atrocity | Republican Division Over Iraq Grows | Teheran: Israel Will Regret Any Attack | Ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak Running Again Against Ehud Olmert for His Old Government Post |

January 7, 2022
| Iraq Announces It Will Use Brutal Crackdown in Baghdad to Implement Military Dictatorship in the Streets | Nazi Fuehrer George W. Bush Resorts to Firing His Military and Appointing 'Yes Men' as Generals | Mubarak: American Terror State Blocking Peace Talks Between Israel and Syria | Israel Living on Stolen, Illegal Land inside its Palestinian Concentration Camps | Scott Ritter: 'Make AIPAC Register as a Foreign Agent' | Olmert Losses Poll Support to Party Deputy | Qaradawi Hails Saddam for Resisting US, Israel | The Jewish Story: Alger Hiss Set Up the U.N. as Deputy Director of Special Affairs of the United States | The Need for the De-Zionization of America and Israel |

January 6, 2022
| The Jews Resume Their Inhumane Killing Again in Palestine:  Large Zionist Invasion Force of Jewish Thugs Enters Palestine, 10 Palestinians Killed  by Undercover Israelis Who Opened Fire on Unarmed People, Killing 4, Wounding 20 More, Another 6 Killed in Later Fighting in the Zionist Run Concentration Camp | Jews Control Many Grants and Foundations in Their Furtherance of the Goals and Methods of Manipulation and Control Over Non-Jews Outlined in The Protocols of Zion | Sad Litany of Vicious Israeli Terrorist Atrocities Against their Neighbors including Massive Round Ups, Murders, Woundings, Assaults | Pictures of Gruesome Child Atrocities of October 12, 2021 Committed by the Zionazi Forces of Israeli Evil in the Beat Down, Inhumane Gaza Concentration Camp | Bush Offers $83 Million to Election-Loser Fatah In Order To Further Destroy the Palestinian Democracy and Establish Permanent Jewish Hegemony In the Concentration Camps of Palestine | "The Jewish Establishment" by Joseph Sobran | The Hidden Connections Revealed At Last Between Jews and Communism Whereby the Jewish Bankers Overthrew the Tsar of Russia and Formed the Killer USSR and Began Slaughtering 65 Million Non-Jews in Cold Blood | Are Pro-Zionist Catholic Churches Becoming Masonic Lodges? | 'Angles of Jewish Influence' from 'The International Jew | Bush 'Overhauls' His Train Wreck | New Polish Archbishop Admits Collaborating with Jewish-Apparatchik Secret Service of Poland | Democrats Step Up Iraq Pressure, Warn Bush Not to Surge Troops in Iraq | Bush's Stupid Hanging of Saddam Makes Him a Martyr to Arab and Iraqi Peoples | Pot Kettle Black: War Criminal Bush Who Murdered 650,000 Iraqi Innocents So Far, Laments the Shoddiness of Saddam's Execution. Many Believe Mr. Bush Will Be Tried For His War Crimes in the Near Future As Well... | Iraq Hid Gruesome Slayings by Policemen, Denied Existence of the Police Officer Who Spoke with the Media, Now Admit He Exists and The Gruesome Slayings Were by the Police, and Now They Want to Arrest the Informant for Talking. What a Disgraceful Democracy America Has Brought to Iraq. | Iraq War: Bush Has Produced a Total Failure and the New Democratic Congress Cannot Acquiesce to Escalation | Saudi Fears Iraq Is Run by Vicious Shiites, a Fear Reinforced by the Sadistic Method Used to Hang Saddam Who Like the Saudi People, Is a Sunni | Trial Rests in Chicago with Defendants Demonstrating Years of Torture by the Shin Bet in Israel to Extract Useless Information, Prosecution Case Is Weak Because It Hinges On Israel's Shin Bet Who Are Known Liars Who Will Say Whatever they Are Ordered to Say |

January 5, 2022
| Why Won't He Go? | Listen to His Radio Interview With Kevin Sites | Alexander Felisov Zionist Soviet Anti-American Spy | Military Defeat Worsened by Bush's Unrealistic Vision of a Permanent American Empire in Iraq | Israeli Terror State's Racist Anti-Arab Hebron Massacre | Young, White Country Boys Are the Non-Jewish Cannon Fodder of Bush's Senseless War for Israel | Marianis Van der Lebbe, the Jew Who Burned the Geman Reichstag | Fantastic Rare VIDEO of Non-Zionist Meteorite Shower Coming in Over Denver | One Week of Racist Atrocities by Israel Against Arabs | Newsview: Failed Pro-Zionist President, Bush Fights to Stay Relevant in Contentious Congress of Equally Pro-Zionist Democrats Which Stands Ready to Impeach Him at the Drop of a Hat | Israeli Terrorist Thugs Kill 4 Palestinians and Wound 25 Including 2 Journalists in Botched Nazi Raid | The Israeli Genocide Nation's Plot Against Bethlehem | American Terror Nation Conspires With Ethiopia to Invade and Strike Mogadishu in Bush's 4th War Front for America's Latest Unwanted Colonial Hegemony over Even More Moslem Lands and Oil Reserves, Resulting Moslem Hate and Disgust for America Increases | Infighting in Jenin between Fatah and Hamas only Boosts the Power of the Israeli Zionazi Occupation | Twin Bombs Kill 13 People in the Dangerous Streets of the Failed American Occupation of Baghdad | 45 Dead Bodies Found in Pro-Zionist America's Wrecked Baghdad | Bush to Offer His Next Failed Theories on Iraq, Says He Regrets that People Really Got to See How Bad the Iraqi Government Is During the Saddam Hanging Fiasco, Presumably Wishing It Could Have Been Censored and Hidden from View | Iraq Chaos Continues as Saddam's Aides Have Their Execution Delayed to Let Captive People Calm Down Before the Next Iraq Leadership Kill | Extremely Pathetic Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Laments How Moslem Press Connected the U.S.-Israeli Alliance as Being Behind the Hanging of Saddam Hussein. Well, Isn't It So? |

January 4, 2022
| Iran Plans to File International Reparations Suit Against Iraq for the 1980's Iraq War Against Iran Which Was Started For and Backed By the American Terrorist Nation | One-In-Five Israeli Women Is Battered | War Criminal George W. Bush Steals Page from LBJ's Vietnam Build Up Lies to Bewitch the Public, First Announce 30,000 More Troops, Then Send Only 15,000 | Hitler's Jewish Supporters | U.N. Appeals to Iraq Not to Hang Saddam Hussein's Two High Level Colleagues | The Sociopathic Jewish Oligarchs Who Stole Russia's Wealth from A-Z | At Wit's End, Impotent American Military Restarts Old Iraq Government Factories as a Jobs Program in Ruined Zionist Colony of Iraq | If You Appreciate The Jew Watch Project, You Need to Support It, Please Donate Here | Failed and Fearful Prime Minister of the Criminal Pro-American Puppet Government of Wrecked Iraq Says, "I Want to Resign" | Solomon Morel, 86, The Unpunished Genocidal Jewish War Criminal of World War Two Who Murdered 1,500 People and Whom Israel Continues to Harbor | Saddam's Execution Fits Neatly in the Ancient and Consistently Barbaric History of Brutal British and American Treatment of Condemned Politicians | Spending Political Capital on a String of Lies | Murtha Returns to DC as Head of the Defense Committee, Ready to Stop the Surge and Destruction of the U.S. Army by Republican Incompetence | More: Salon on Stopping the Surge | Murdering Pro-Zionist American Military Goons Viciously Executed 24 Innocent Iraqis in Haditha, Up from the Original 4 Killed, Developing... | Anti-War-for-Israel Protesters Dressed in Pink Unfairly Arrested on Golden Gate Bridge While Other Tourists Were Allowed to Walk Across | 16,273 Iraqis Dead in 2006 From American Invasion of their Nation, All for American-British-and-Zionist-Israel Axis of European Colonial Evil, Fulfilling the Prophecies in 'The Protocols of Zion' | 27 Bodies Found in Baghdad, Other Innocent and Unarmed Iraqis Die in Additional Developments Today in Zionist-Pushed American Military Train Wreck in Iraq | New Video Shows 5 Captured Americans / Austrians in Pro-Zionist Iraq | Pro-Zionist Jewish Spies Receive Far Different Sentences and Fines from the American Terror Nation's Quite Questionable Court System | CNN Video: Carter Unmasks the Successful AIPAC Conspiracy to Harm U.S. Foreign Policy at the Highest Levels, All of Which Was Done Using How-Jews-Do-It Methods Described Years Ago in the 'The Protocols of Zion' |

January 3, 2022
| Bush Silences a Dangerous Witness | The Mossad's Record of Massive Criminality as an Israeli Judeo-Nazi Force | Jewish ADL of B'nai B'rith Child Surgical Mutilation Cult Seeks to Use Bribed Democrats to Destroy America's Free Speech with a Hate Crime Bill (i.e., Jewish USSR Anti-Free Speech Bill), Be Advised, Petition Your Congressman to Vote Against It or Lose Your Other Freedoms | The Candy Box of Jewish Anti-American Spies | Europeans Denounce Hussein's Execution | USSR Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, Hidden Jewish Leader of Great Power in the Long Tradition of The Protocols of Zion | AIPAC Pushing Iran and Iraq War Harder than Ever | The Killing of the German Army by the American Terror State After World War Two | Text of the Articles of Impeachment Filed in Congress | Judge Nearly Called Off Hanging Due to Shameful Taunting of Saddam Hussein by Shi'ite Thugs | Ahmadinejad: Iran Has Humiliated the U.S.A. Before and Shall Do So Again | Sunnis Riot to Protest Saddam's Death | Truth At Last While Breaking a Taboo Against Criticizing Israel | Think Tank: Israel Capable of Attacking Iran's Nukes Alone | Israel's Defense Industry Sold $4.4 Billion in Military Equipment in 2006 | Hamas Says It Needs an Experienced and Professional Spokesperson | Israel Terror Nation Controls All Water Resources in West Bank and Gaza Concentration Camps, Seeks to Do Same in Golan Heights | Hitler a Jew? | Sell Outs in AIPAC's Bought and Paid For Congress Discuss the Fine Art of Lobbyists Buying In and Congressmen Selling Out | December Deaths in Zionist Colony of Iraq Reach New Monthly High of 1,930 Iraqis | Criminal Government of Iraq Widens Search to Find Goons in Execution Room Who Were Cursing Saddam on Hanging Video | 'Reporters Without Borders' in Paris Slams Iraq's Fascist Maliki Government for Silencing Freedom of Press and Television | Exiled Daughter of the Martyr, Saddam Hussein, Attends Protest by 500 Arabs in Jordan | Political Divisiveness Begins Over Iraq: Edwards Calls Surge Concept a Faulty McCain Doctrine and 'It Won't Work' | American Terror Army's Leaders Opposing 'Troop Surge' are Nonetheless Forced to Plan It | General Unrest Spreads Through Iraq Over Saddam Hussein's Murder by the Illegal Criminal American Terror Government Run by its Puppet and Sectarian Pro-Shiite President, Maliki |

January 2, 2022
| Saddam Hussein Was a Model Prisoner, He Watered Weeds, Fed Bread Crumbs to Birds, and Rarely Complained | Video Tape Widens Gap Between Iraq's Warring Groups, Shows One-Sided Shia Government of Thugs, Goons, and Idiots without Any Class | Happy New Year, Single Bomb Kills 71 in Iraq as Saddam is Buried | Nasty Fascist American Puppet Government of Iraq Shuts Down TV Station Because Man Reporting Hanging Wore Black Out of Respect for Saddam Hussein | It Just Gets Worse. Sun's Shoddy Report Shows Sadistic and Immature Executioners Who Shouted Mean Things in His Last Moments, Then Shamed Themselves More as They Danced About His Martyred Body 10 Minutes Rejoicing on His Death. So, Welcome to Iraq's New Great American Democracy. | Americans Know this War for Israel Will Never Be Over | Pakistani Boy, 9, Hangs Himself 'Like Saddam' | Saddam's First Judge Forced to Leave by U.S. Political Pressure Says Saddam's Execution Was 'Illegal' | Pro-Zionist Senator McCain Sacrifices His Non-Jewish Marine Son, 18, to Become Henry Kissinger's Jewish Cannon Fodder in War for Israel | Pressured by Jewish Money Necessary for Their Campaigns, Zionist-Bought Democrats Sell Out their Non-Jewish Voters and Start to Push Troop Withdrawal from Original 6 Months Estimate to 2008 or Later | Hold Americans Financially and Criminally Responsible for Inhumane Wars for Israel in Mideast and Elsewhere | Iraq War Veterans: War Will Get Far Worse Before It Gets Better | The Reaction -- Larger Chaos Begins. Sunnis Riot in Streets Over Saddam's Murder by Shiite Government Human Rights Criminals. Developing... | The Criminal Iraqi Government Starts Its False Probe of Trashy Low Class Ignorant Guards Filming and Taunting of Condemned President Hussein at His Hanging |

January 1, 2022 - Best Wishes for a Happy New Year
| Reflecting on the Fading Hell that Marks the Year 2006 | Jews Found, Dominate and Control Politically Correct Jewish-Christian Religious Propaganda Conspiracies as Predicted by 'The Protocols of Zion' | Saddam's Planned Death was Executed in the Nick of Time; Had He Lived Any Longer, America's Involvement in Many of His Regime's Crimes Would Have Been Exposed to the World in Saddam's Future Trials | How New York's Jewish Marxists Plotted to Destroy Joe McCarthy | Pro-Zionist U.S. Terror State's Occupation Forces Death Toll Reaches 3,000 | The Jewish Bankers Who Funded the Red Revolution in Russia to Produce the Deadly Jewish Run USSR | No Calm in Baghdad After Hanging, 80 Dead | Citizen Annenberg: 'So Long, You Rotten Bastard' | Hundreds Defy American Puppet Government, Flock to Pay Respect at Saddam Hussein's Gravesite, Respectfully Bow and Kiss Its Ceremoniously Draped National Flag | America's Complicity in Saddam's Crimes, Especially the Gassing of Kurds with Gas Supplied by the American War Criminal Nation | A Calm and Regal President Hussein of Iraq's Republic Tells His Subversive Executioners to 'Go to Hell!' | Good News for New Year 2007:  Haaretz Says Palestinian Prisoner Exchange Agreement Between Israel, Hamas, and Fatah About to Be Announced, Shalit to be Freed, 450 Kidnapped Palestinians to Be Returned, More to be Released Later | Saddam Hanging Spurs Joy in Iran, Kuwait, Ire in Saudi Arabia | Canada Probing Abuse Claims of Children of Russian Immigrant Families Seeking Asylum From Israel | The Zionist Leader Who Saved Israel from Nixon | Jesse Jackson: Hanging Will Make Violence Worse in Pro-Zionist Axis' Occupied Iraq | Jewish Owned and Operated NY Times On the Tragic Meaning of the 3,000 Non-Jewish Americans Who Are Dead in the War for Israel in Iraq Without Mentioning Their Non-Jewishness | Jewish Owned Washington Post Analyses the Carnage of Many Non-Jewish American Iraqi Occupation Force Soldiers Buried at Arlington National Cemetery Without Mentioning the Irony of their Non-Jewishness | Is Even Bloodier Armageddon in Iraq Coming in Aftermath of Saddam's Being Made the World's Latest Visionary and Martyr? | Iraqis Riveted by the Extremely Violent and Hated Pro-Zionist Puppet Government's Hanging of President Saddam Hussein |


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