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Zionist Disputewith Russia
Costs Tax Payers Millions

Get out your wallet; you're about to fund an internationaleconomic war
at the behest of a foreign power
to the detriment of the United States.


By Warren Hough

Israel, long given to fomenting unrest and strife among its neighbors,has now declared war on Russia and, as usual it is sending American taxpayersto fight its battles. But this time, the cost is likely to be prohibitive,potentially rising to tens of billions of dollars, regional policy analystsand diplomatic observers have warned the Clinton administration.

The events leading to the latest international crisis lead back to May 18,when Yuli Vorontsov, the Russian ambassador to the U.S. was summoned tothe annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC), the most powerful and aggressive alien pressure group in Washington,The SPOTLIGHT's own investigation has discovered.

A computerized record of the meeting, never publicly released but obtainedby this populist newspaper, revealed that at the AIPAC gathering. Vorontsovfound himself confronting Israel's minister for industry and trade, NatanSharansky. The Israeli leader was flanked by several key U.S. lawmakers,including Rep. Newt Gingrich, (R-Ga.) speaker of the House, as well as Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.).


The ambassador should know, Rep. Harman began, that the U.S. Congress foundit "urgent. . . absolutely imperative" to intervene directlyin a series of high-tech trade deals between Russia and Iran. No matterwhat the White House did, Congress was determined "Not only to stop[these] transfers, that's just part of it, but do the maximum we can tostop Iran from capability," Harman announced. To halt any further cooperationbetween Russian and Iranian scientists or technicians, 80 U.S. senatorshave sponsored a bill imposing stringent economic sanctions on Russia, Vorontsovwas told. "This legislation is in response to our administration'sfailure to impose sanctions," Harman warned.
The stunned Russian envoy could only stammer that any such legislation "isgoing to be counter-productive. . . and could be a very bad reaction inRussia in the economic circle. Russia is already doing a great deal to blockany sales of the weapons or missiles technology to Iran, discussing necessarymeasures with a newly formed U.S.-Russian export-control commission andsponsoring legislation in the Duma, Russia's parliament, to curb all military-relatedsales aboard, Vorontsov protested. Moreover, the threat of sanctions wouldbe "counter-productive so far as Russian-American economic relationsare concerned," Vorontsov warned.


He was quickly proven right. Within days of this meeting, Wall Street currencyspeculators, moved by deep ethnic and emotional ties to Zionism, launcheda series of raids on the ruble, Russia's national currency, plunging itto record lows. The Moscow stock market reeled, losing almost half its valuein a fortnight. Hit by an explosive economic crisis, Russia's central bankraised interest rates to a crushing 150 percent and President Yeltsin turnedto the Clinton administration for help. On June 1, President Bill Clintonannounced that the U.S. would support large-scale emergency economic aidto stave off the collapse of the Yeltsin government.

Just how this latest megabailout is to be financed through the InternationalMonetary Fund, which in turn would rely on $18 billion in additional U.S.contributions, or by other means, is not yet clear. What is clear is thatin its eagerness to please Israel, the U.S. Congress has stumbled into triggering "one of the most expensive, and needless, economic breakdowns everconfronting American taxpayers, who will ultimately have to foot the billfor these follies," concluded Dr. Paul Adler, the noted internationaleconomist.

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