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Top: Controlled Press: Current Event Lies: Littleton High School Murders

Jewish Aspects of Socialist News Spin
in Jewish Owned American Media Outlets

New York, Jewish Review, April 24, 1999 -- The Jewish owners of the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the thousands of other media outlets which they, as a socialist/athiest group monopolize in America, mis-reported the Littleton, Colorado Murders in order to use it to further their socialist, pro-Jewish, anti-Christian, and pro-diversity dogma.

The Racism Lie

The two punk teenagers who dispicably and irresponsibly killed 13 fellow students at Columbine Senior High School in Littleton, Colorado, on Monday, April 19, 1999, were said to be racist in NEWS reports, yet only one African American was murdered in these killings via comparison to 12 European students who were murdered.

The Racist Interview Selection

Yet, the NEWS media only interviewed the parents of the black student, and did so consistently, day after day.

The Non-Mention of the Jews' Favorite Group--Gays

In addition, the NEWS media refused to report what was said in the Drudge Report, that these two punks were homosexuals.


Because it did not the fit the media's socialist agenda to do so.

The Anti-Semitic Lie Disproven

In addition, the students were called "anti-Semitic," but the Washington Post wrote on Page One, Saturday, April 24, 1999, "Yet ironically for someone who students said would often yell "Heil Hitler" and give a Nazi salute while bowling, Klebold was the descendant of a prominent Jewish family in Columbus, Ohio. According to a distant cousin, Erik Yassenoff, 19, Klebold's mother Susan (Yassenoff) Klebold grew up in the Jewish tradition in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Columbus and attended Temple Israel. Her grandfather, Leo Yassenoff, was a prominent Jewish philanthropist in Columbus, where a large Jewish community center is named in his honor."

In addition, not one Jew was harmed in the ordeal.

The Anti-Christian Hatred of these Two Murderers Was Ignored

However, a seventeen year old Christian girl was killed in the Library. When the students asked if there were any Christians in the room, the girl stood up and said, "I am a Christian." At that point, a sawed off shotgun in her face ended her life.

Summary: The Failure and Lies of the Jewish Monopolist Media in America

The Jewish owned media failed to report the "anti-Christian" aspect of these murders, the "anti-European" aspects of these murders, the homosexual aspect of these murders. Nor did they retract their socialist pro-Jewish and pro-African-American spin, because it fit their socialist agenda to portray Nazis as racists and to ignore the death of Christians in this Christian Land. (which is 90% Christian in Descent yet only 2% Jewish in Descent).

This is another illustration of the danger of having Jews who are only 2% of the nation present the NEWS to the other 98% of the nation. This is the utilitarian reason why the media needs to be taken away from these Jewish Monopolies--because of their editorial choices which are consistently anti-majority, anti-Christian and pro-Communist.

The majority should own the media.


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