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Jewish Faces in Books
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We constantly hear books being promoted on TV. Who publishes these books? Who writes them? Why are so many heavily promoted authors Jews?
Why do Jews promote the same little collection of ideas? Why do most of the ideas come right out of Communism? Why do most of the ideas they promote involve the destruction of Gentile moral culture and  all kinds of perversity? Why are these kinds of authors so heavily promoted among Gentiles?

Christopher Hitchens, out-spoken atheist, self-proclaimed Jew, married to Jewess Carol Blue. From The Times:
"[Hitchens] observes Passover (he discovered late in life that he was Jewish, his mother’s family having changed their name from Levin), which his Jewish wife thinks is contemptible....
He was married to his first wife in a Greek Orthodox church, to his second, Carol Blue, by a rabbi." The Times, May 30th, 2007

Hitchens with Jewess wife, Carol "Blue"

A war hawk, pro-abortion. Praises the Russian Revolution for "modernization of Russia," and destruction of the Roman Catholic Church. Tows the zionist line on 911 and supports the Iraq war. In 2007 published the book, "God is Not Great."

Judith Krug and Judy Blume. Judith Krug, an "anti-censorship activist" who supported pornography distribution in public libraries, name "Judith" means "Jewess" in Hebrew, the publisher of Judy Blume's morally controversial books intended for a teen audience.

When Congress did try to make laws "abridging the freedom of speech," her tenacious involvement in court battles was the stuff of legend. From the triumphant Supreme Court decision that overturned the Communications Decency Act in 1997 to the court's stubborn upholding of the Children's Internet Protection Act in 2003, Judy Krug never gave up the fight.

...She understood ALA's obligation to defend the right of Americans to publish and read what she personally thought of as "sleaze," a word she used to describe Madonna's 1992 book Sex, which many libraries refused to purchase. Call it sleaze she did, but with the caveat that it should be available in every public library.

Judy Blume, vice president of the Author's Guild said, "I grew up Jewish in suburban New Jersey in the fifties. My own religious education was minimal." Made a Planned Parenthood pitch on Mother's Day.

Jill Nagle

Author of "provocative" and "edgey" books like Whores and Other FeministsQueer Naked Seder and Other Newish Jewish Traditions and the woman even has a Wisdom Guide for Men: "Male lust: pleasure, power, and transformation." Basically she is a writer of porn who poses as a "progressive" thinker and moral guide. Yup. She's a Jew. (Can't you just predict it any more?)

"She has been politically active for many years in Jewish, antiracist, queer, and sex radical communities."
"Now, as a family mediator, Conscious Parenting course leader, and parent, she draws upon her extensive study and practice of Nonviolent Communication, two decades of peer counseling, Jewish meditation and healing practice, multicultural alliance-building work, and other diverse pursuits."

Alisa Rosenbaum, ("Ayn Rand"), "The Virtue of Selfishness," Russian immigrant, created a think tank largely composed of Jews with changed names of which Alan Greenspan was a member. Married a gentile named Frank, but cheated on him with a Jew named (aliased) "Nathaniel Branden." Wrote scripts in Hollywood immediately after immigration and wrote two books that are extremely popular in libertarian and even conservative circles, "Atlas Shrugged," and "The Fountainhead."

Allen Ginsburg

Somehow the media made Ginsburg an icon of the '60's "counterculture" as a so-called "beat poet." In 1994, when the International Lesbian and Gay Association successfully banished all connections to the North American Man-Boy Love Association [pedophilia legalization PAC] in order to gain consultative status in the United Nations, Ginsberg voiced opposition....He said that he supported NAMBLA's right to free speech because the hysteria over pederasty reminded him of the hysteria over homosexuality itself while he was growing up.

Judith Levine, "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex"

Erica Jong, Author
Made it big writing soft porn for Gentile women and encouraging them to stoke their lust potential with books like "Fear of Flying."

Always Advice
Both syndicated advice columnists Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby) are Jewish. In fact they are sisters. A third spectacularly successful Jewish advice columnist is Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners.

David Mamet, wrote "Glengarry, Glenross," and "Wag the Dog," seems to know a lot about the workings of conspiracies, wrote The Old Religion which alleges that Leo Frank was persecuted simply for being a Jew

Gay poet Allen Ginsberg and Andrea Dworkin, radical feminist

Alon Ziv, Israeli author of race mixing promo book, "Breeding Between the Lines," has publicly stated that he is not interested in race mixing for himself

Race mixing for thee, but not for me

David Rothschild, son of a banker, writing books on environmentalism, touting global warming theory - and allegedly work in favor of the nuclear power lobby

Shel Silverstein, made cartoons for kids and at the same time made pornography, publishing regularly in Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine and often published by Playboy Press

Salman Rushdie,
works with the Gates Foundation to promote "AIDS awareness" in India, visits the communities of often-castrated homosexuals (hijra), writes novels promoting multi-culturalism, was the target of an Iranian fatwa for promoting heresies ("The Satanic Verses"), but strangely only his translators have been killed. Divorced four times.

     Read About How and Why Jews Suppress Certain Books, No Matter How Factual:
The Iceman Inheritance
You'll also learn a lot of truth about our world.

Alon Ziv: writes miscegenation promotion books, "Breeding Between the Lines." Israeli. Is not interested in race mixing for himself, however.
Debbie Goad - Writer (Answer Me!)
Abigail Van Buren - dear Abby
Yarema Hutsaliuk - famous American/French writer
David Mamet- playwright (Glengary, Glenross?)
Amos Elon - Israeli writer and journalist
Shalom Aleichem-Yiddish Writer
Emma Lazarus - poet ('Give me your tired, your poor,..' from the Statue of Liberty)
Boris Pasternak - Russian writer
Allen Ginsberg, flaming gay poet
Art Buchwald - author and columnist
William Goldman - screenwriter (The Princess Bride)
Walter Lippman - journalist/ founded the New Republic
Harlan Ellison-Science fiction writer
Philip Roth - Author
Chaim Potok - Author
Tony Kushner- Playwright (Angels in America)
Michele Landsberg - newspaper columnist and Jewish Womens' activist
Dr. Ruth - Famous Sex Therapist
Franz Kafka, author
Amos Oz - Israeli writer philosopher
Anton LaVey-Founder of The Church Of Satan (real name is Howard Levey)
Joseph Brodsky - author
Primo Levi - Writer
Arthur Miller - Writer (Death of a Salesman)
Ben Elton - comedian and writer.
Charles Grodin - actor/writer
Bruno Schulz- writer
Charles Orange - Poet
Rona Barret (Bernstein) - Gossip Reporter
Arthur Schnitzler - Viennese playwright, novelist and doctor
More Jews in Literature

Shmuel Yosef Agnon - Writer
Maxim Gorgi - Russian writer
H. Leivick -- Russian poet: 'The Golem'
 Ronald Harwood - Born in South Africa as Horwitz (playwright)
Tristan Tzara (real name Sami Rosenstein) - French poet, beginner of the Dadaist Movement of arts.
Richard Simmons - weight-loss teacher
Calvin Trillin - writer
 Fred Levine--Psychologist (writer)
Jerzy Kosinski - Novelist
Irving Layton - Canadian poet
Richler, Mordechai - Famous Montreal Writer
Reudor - Cartoonist, Author, Creator of Comic Strip and Books Featuring The Doodle Family Rhodes Bernie (First Manager of The Clash)
Sachs, Nelly - Poet
Chomsky, Naom - MIT anarchist
Saul Bellow - Novelist
Rachel Lipman - TV writer ('Rugrats','Hey Arnold',...)
Israel Horowitz - Playwright
Ben Harris- "Scholar"
Michael Krugman - author of Generation Ecch
Harold Robbins - ne Rubin. Best selling author
Larry Kramer- AIDS activist/Playwright (The Normal Heart, The Destiny of Me)
Jonathan Kellerman - best selling author
Fania Fenelon -- singer, author, Holocaust survivor;*Playing for Time* is her autobiography
Faye Kellerman - author,wife of Jonathan
Dorothy Rothschild Parker - author
Sakari Topelius - Old Finnish national fairy-teller
Laurin Sydney - Showbiz Today CNN
Michael Kinsley -- syndicated columnist
Albert Cohen, French language author
Paul McKellar - Nazi Hunter, Nationally recognized lecturer on Holocaust events. (author?)

 Barbara Amiel - writer
Jeffrey archer author
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen - author
 Elsa Morante, Italian author
Silverstein, Shel - Children's author
Paul Auster - author and poet
Neil Simon - Broadway playwright
Judy Blume - Children's author
Arthur Koestler - author
Julius Lester - author and professor Jewish?
 David Halberstam - Author
Dan Greenburg - author ('How to be a Jewish Mother')
J.D. Salinger- author (Catcher in the Rye)
Carl Bernstein - author and journalist
Betty Friedan - author/ feminist
Isaac Babel - Writer
Nathanael West (Nathan Weinstein) - Writer - Miss Lonelyhearts; The Day of the Locust
Sidney Sheldon - best selling author
Harold Pinter, British playwright
Peter Schaffer, British playwright
Arnold Wesker, British playwright
Arhur Miller, playwright - once married to Marilyn Munroe
Alex Bendersky- A Russian-Jewish poet
Rebecca Goldstein - author/Mazel
Anita Diamant - author
Jack Rosenthal - playwright
Jim Bleyer - writer
Delmore Schwartz - Poet
Bernard Levin, British writer, newspaper columnist
Chaim Bermant, British humorous writer, newspaper columnist
Kyra Sedgwick - Star of Phenom, Miss Rose White (Jewish mother)
John Steinbeck - Famous American Literature Author (i.e. Flight) of the 19th Century from Salinas, California

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