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Jewish Faces in the Government
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In days past, Jews were more careful to hide themselves in the political arena, preferring to work behind the scenes. But today, Jewish politicians increasingly fill government posts through the power of ethnic networking, the power of media control, and the power of money which can control the outcome of elections by image-crafting.

Who controls The White House? See more Jewish faces.

Who Controls the U.S. State Department? Ethnic networking, no-talk rules, and covertness work!
Moses Hess
Moses Hoess, inventor of the term "nazi" as pertaining to German national socialism. Funneled money from the Rothschilds to Marx and Engels

robert reich

Jew and advisor to Obama, Robert Reich, openly plotting to give construction jobs to everybody except "White male construction workers." Jews do not regard themselves as "white" except as it conveniences. Sometimes when Jews say "White" they mean themselves (when it is helpful to them). Most of the time when they say "White," they mean the White non-Jewish Gentile, who they hate. This is why it is so easy for Jews like Robert Reich to talk disparagingly about "White male construction workers." Most of the anti-White propaganda that now fills our culture originates with Jews! Presidential administrations have been packed with Jews for a long time now, working their agendas that favor Jews (such as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and much more), but most Gentiles have been trained to be racially unaware and usually think the are just "White people."

abe foxman jewclaw idiot

ADL leader Abe Foxman

Jewish Senator Joshua Bolten, member of the Chabaad Lubavitch which regards non-Jews as lower than Jews and which has infiltrated the White House.

Traitors Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Dan Rutherford, Illinois senator

Albert Einstein, often accused of being a fraud and plagiarist.
After 30 years in the US could hardly speak coherent English, co-signed letter with Bernard Baruch to create the atomic bomb. His own diary along with other diaries released from official secrecy contain much talk about his ten girlfriends whom he had during his second marriage, which was to his cousin, whose daughter he also considered marrying and later was accused of molesting. Thy contained little talk about science.

Barry Soetoro Barack Obama
A mix of several races, including his Jewish grandparents, Barry Soetoro ("Barack Obama").
He has a Jewish mother, and this makes him literally a Jew by Jewish law.

soetoro rahm emanuel puppet

Rahm Emanuel, secretary of state "under" Barry Soetoro

Obama grandparents barry soetoro
Jews Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham with grandson Barry Soetoro ("Barack Obama")

Benjamin Cardin, Maryland Senator

Madeline Albright, Jewess who pressed to bomb Yugoslavia and destroy countless ancient churches, former secretary of state

Stripclub owner who ran for Florida governer, Joe Redner

Suspected Jews and/or Mixes:

Wesley Clark, probably a Jewish/White mix

"John Service," traitor

Stephen Lewis, Ontario NDP leader, Canadian ambassador to the UN, and Scarborough West provincial parliament member, promotes genital cutting (for men only). Lewis is the son of former federal NDP leader David Lewis. He is married to Canadian journalist and feminist Michele Landsberg.


Dov Zakheim, comptroller [financial director] of the largest sum of money in the world - the pentagon budget, "lost" 3.4 trillion dollars on September 10th, 2001, is an ordained rabbi, Chabbad Lubavitcher, and Israeli citizen.

Joseph Lieberman with McCain
Jewish senator Joseph Lieberman and known handler of McCain

Congressman Steve Israel

Henry Kissinger Heinz Jew

Heinz Alfred Kissinger, ("Henry" Kissinger), Bavarian immigrant, CIA employee, attendee of Bohemian Grove

Al Franken, left-wing pundit and US senator for Minnesota. "[Mr. Franken is known for] the kind of trash talk and potty mouth that people find offensive," -University of Minnesota political scientist Lawrence Jacobs.

Howard Metzenbaum, Ohio Senator

Paul Wolfowitz,
Defense Secretary; then moved up to the head The World Bank (Jewish networking works), fired for hiring his girlfriend

Father of Nazi philosophy, Alfred Rosenberg

George Sokolsky, Jewish columnist for Hearst appointed to stop Joseph McCarthy's housecleaning

Hillary Clinton
Announced to AIPAC that she's a Jew, said that she learned Yiddish from her grandmother. It has done wonders for her career.

Michael Chertoff, Head of 'Homeland Security'. Family name means "Son of the Devil" in Russian, key figure in 911 attacks.

Richard Perle,
Big Neocon War Hawk,

Advisor to President Bush, noted for being one of the big successful pushers for the war invasion of Iraq on bogus pretenses, which finally killed an estimated One Million Iraqi people.

Ari Fleischer. Name means "butcher" in German. PR man for the Zionist-powered Bush regime, the invasion of Iraq, and the first critical years of the 9-11 coverup.

Senator George Allen

Thomas Larkin Thompson, California congressman. His father Robert Augustine Thompson was a congressman from Virginia. Networking works.

Henry Moskowitz, founder of the NAACP

Roy Cohn, assistant attourney hired by Joseph McCarthy to deflect charges of anti-semitism, Jewish homosexual who died of AIDS in 1986:

Cohn, the son of New York Supreme Court Judge Albert Cohn, had been well served by his Jewish connections in the past, having been hired as an assistant U.S. attorney immediately after passing the New York bar examination. Cohn himself later admitted that he was hired by McCarthy primarily because he was a Jew... (an example of Jewish nepotism)

Who Controls The U.S. Treasury Department?
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Who Controls The Federal Reserve?

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Who Controls the U.S. Economy?
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Who Controls Goldman Sachs?
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Who Controls American International Group? See MORE of the Jewish Faces.

Who are the "New World Order workers and globalists? See MORE Jewish Faces.

Council On Foreign Relacions
(CFR, Lots more Jews)

The Bilderberg Group
(Lots more Jews)

Ethnic Networking and No-Talk Rules -- WORK!!

Our Government is Now Filled With Jews or vetted, certifiable Zionists.

Obama, having a Jewish mother, is literally a Jew according to Jewish law.
This was known by the Jews (the billionaire Soros, the speech-writer and campaign creator Axelrod, et al)
who cultivated him as a presidential puppet, and it was known by the media Jews who hyped Obama to put him in power.
All the other major alternatives  placed in close competition -- McCain, Palin, and H. Clinton -- were also Zionists.
No non-Zionist candidate is allowed to grow in stature by the Jewish media.

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Jews are one of the most racially aware groups. White Europeans (Gentiles) are now one of the least racially aware groups.
Jews have a very strong ethnic group solidarity, and network together as a race, just as Whites once did.
The purpose of this website is to help Whites become more racially and culturally aware.


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