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Adam Schiff
The Jewish DA on Law and Order as Acted by Steven Hill

Adam Schiff is a fictional Jewish character on the TV drama series Law & Order. He was played by Steven Hill from 1990 to 2000. Schiff was one of the main characters of the series and appeared in every episode of the first ten seasons except for Everybody's Favorite Bagman, which was produced before Hill joined the cast. He appeared in 229 Episodes (228 Episodes of Law & Order and 1 episode Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

Character overview

Schiff is District Attorney of New York County. Schiff is a graduate of Columbia University, where he served on the Law Review. He is a pragmatic Democrat of faintly liberal stripe, but regardless of political inclinations, he is never perturbed by his critics nor by uncooperative judges. Political persuasions sometimes cloud his decisions with regard to certain cases such as the death penalty, however. According to the episode "Aftershock", he wrote a brief protesting the death penalty in 1971.[1] He is also pro-choice.[2]

While he is often stern and unforgiving in his professional conduct, he has amicable relationships with his assistants. He is closest to Benjamin Stone (Michael Moriarty), seeing him as a kind of surrogate son, and so is disturbed to see him resign when a witness he is trying to protect is murdered.[3] His relationship with Stone's successor, Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston), is more problematic, as McCoy is more ruthless and unconventional, and his habitual bending of trial rules occasionally garners Schiff some bad publicity. The two eventually grow to like and respect each other, however. Schiff is more critical of the junior assistant DAs, especially Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy), whom he sees as too idealistic to do her job effectively.


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