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Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce William Boxleitner (born May 12, 2022) is an American actor, and science fiction and suspense writer. He is known for his leading roles in the television series How the West Was Won, Bring 'Em Back Alive, Scarecrow and Mrs. King (with Kate Jackson), and Babylon 5 (as John Sheridan in seasons 25, 19941998). He is also known for his role as the eponymous characters, Alan Bradley/Tron in the Walt Disney Pictures film Tron, a role which he reprised in the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy.[1]

Early life

Boxleitner was born in Elgin, Illinois, the son of a certified public accountant.[2] He attended Prospect High School in Mount Prospect, Illinois, and the Goodman Theater School of Drama of the Art Institute of Chicago.



Boxleitner is best known for his leading roles in the television series How the West Was Won, Bring 'Em Back Alive, Scarecrow and Mrs. King (with Kate Jackson), and Babylon 5 (as John Sheridan in seasons 25, 19941998). He also starred in The Gambler TV film series (as Billy Montana, alongside Kenny Rogers: 1980, 1983 and 1987). In 2005, he co-starred as Captain Martin Duvall in Young Blades. He has also starred in several films within the Babylon 5 universe, including Babylon 5: In the Beginning (TV, 1998), Babylon 5: Thirdspace (TV, 1998), Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (TV, 1999) and the direct-to-DVD Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (2007) and on CHAOS (Glory Days episode).

He has made appearances in many other TV shows, such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Gunsmoke, Judith Krantz's Till We Meet Again, Tales from the Crypt, Touched by an Angel, The Outer Limits and She Spies, and in 1982, he played Chase Marshall in the TV film Bare Essence, with Genie Francis. He also was a member of the cast of Heroes for seasons three and four, playing New York Governor Robert Malden in three episodes. He also appears on the television series Chuck as the father of Devon Woodcomb.

He has also been in the made-for-television films The Secret, Hope Ranch, Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door, Pandemic, The Bone Eater, Sharpshooter and Aces 'n Eights.

Boxleitner was a guest-star on NCIS in the fall of 2010. He played Vice Admiral C. Clifford Chase, a high-ranking Navy official.[3] Boxleitner is also set to lend his voice to the animated version of his iconic character of Tron in the upcoming animated series Tron: Uprising. The series is planned to premiere on Disney XD in Summer 2012. He also reprises the character Alan Bradley/Tron from the films Tron and Tron: Legacy.. He is currently appearing on GCB on ABC as Burl Lourd, Gigi's, Annie Potts, love interest.


Bruce Boxleitner at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con in July 2010.

He has also appeared in several films, including Tron (in which he played the title role) and The Baltimore Bullet (1980) with James Coburn. He reprised his role in the Tron sequel Tron: Legacy and in the video game Tron: Evolution which was released alongside the film Tron: Legacy, as he did for sequel video game named Tron 2.0, and Disney/Square Enix crossover video game Kingdom Hearts II. He also starred as Confederate General James Longstreet in the 2003 film Gods and Generals. He provides the voice of Colin Barrow in the animated science fiction horror film Dead Space: Downfall, based on the video game Dead Space. Other films he has been in include Kuffs, The Babe, Brilliant, Snakehead Terror, Legion of the Dead, King of the Lost World, Shadows in Paradise and Transmorphers: Fall of Man. In 2011 he officially announced that he will reprise his role as Alan Bradley/ Tron in Tron 3 in 2013.


From 1986-1989, Boxleitner appeared in advertisements for Estee Lauder's "Lauder For Men".


Boxleitner has written two science fiction novels with a Western setting: Frontier Earth (1999)[4] and Searcher (2001).[5]

Audio books

Boxleitner played a major role in the audio dramatization of The Great Secret, part of the Golden Age of Fiction series by L. Ron Hubbard.

Personal life

Bruce in 2008

Boxleitner's first marriage (19771987) was to American actress Kathryn Holcomb. They had two sons together, Sam and Lee. Holcomb went on to marry English actor Ian Ogilvy. Ogilvy also guest-starred on Boxleitner's series Babylon 5.

After an on-and-off relationship, and two broken engagements with actress Melissa Gilbert, they finally married in January 1995. Gilbert also guest-starred as Boxleitner's on-screen wife, Anna Sheridan, on Babylon 5.

In 2003, Boxleitner was appointed to the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, a nonprofit, educational space advocacy organization founded by Dr. Wernher von Braun.

On March 1, 2011, Melissa Gilbert announced that she and Bruce had separated after 16 years of marriage.[6] On August 25th of the same year the Associated Press reported that, based on court records, Gilbert had filed for divorce. [7]


Year Title Role Notes
1974 The Chadwick Family Danny TV movie
1975 A Cry for Help Richie Danko TV movie
1975 Sixpack Annie Bobby Joe  
1976 The Macahans Seth Macahan TV mini-series
1976 Kiss Me, Kill Me Douglas Lane TV movie
1977 Murder at the World Series Cisco TV movie
1978 Happily Ever After Jack TV movie
1980 The Baltimore Bullet Billie Joe Robbins  
1980 Kenny Rogers as the Gambler Billy Montana TV movie
1981 Fly Away Home Uncredited  
1982 Tron Tron/Alan Bradley  
1983 I Married Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp  
1983 Kenny Rogers as the Gambler: The Adventure Continues Billy Montana TV movie
1987 Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues Billy Montana TV movie
1987 Passion Flower Larry Janson  
1987 Angel in Green Captain William Wicker  
1990 Breakaway Joey  
1991 Murderous Vision Detective Kyle Robeshaw  
1992 Kuffs Brad Kuffs  
1992 The Babe Jumpin' Joe Dugan  
1992 The Secret Patrick Dunmore  
1992 Perfect Family Allan Bodine  
1994 The Maharaja's Daughter Patrick O'Riley TV mini-series
1994 Gambler V: Playing for Keeps Billy Montana TV movie
1998 Babylon 5: In the Beginning Capt. John J. Sheridan  
1998 Babylon 5: Thirdspace Capt. John J. Sheridan  
1999 Babylon 5: A Call to Arms Capt. John J. Sheridan  
1999 Free Fall Mark Ettinger  
2002 Contagion President Howard  
2002 Hope Ranch J.T. Hope TV movie
2003 Gods and Generals James Longstreet  
2004 Brilliant Dr. Dietrich  
2004 Snakehead Terror Sheriff Patrick James  
2007 Babylon 5: The Lost Tales President John J. Sheridan  
2008 Transmorphers: Fall of Man Hadley Ryan  
2010 Tron: Legacy Tron/Rinzler/Alan Bradley  
2011 51 Col. Martin  
2011 Tron: The Next Day Alan Bradley  
2012 Guardians of Luna Kurru Filming, Voice Role
2014 Tron 3 Tron/Alan Bradley Rumored
Year Title Role Notes
1973 Mary Tyler Moore Show Rick  
19741976 Hawaii Five-O Cam Farraday/Kevin Caulder/Paul Colburn Recurring role
1975 Gunsmoke Toby Hogue  
1975 Police Woman Ed Krohl  
1976 Baretta Tom  
19771979 How the West Was Won Luke Macahan TV mini-series
1979 The Last Convertible George Virdon TV mini-series
1980 Wild Times Vern Tyree  
1981 East of Eden Charles Trask TV mini-series
19821983 Bring 'Em Back Alive Frank Buck  
19831987 Scarecrow and Mrs. King Lee Stetson 89 episodes
1989 Judith Krantz's Till We Meet Again Jock Hampton TV mini-series
1991 Tales from the Crypt Winton Robbins  
19941998 Babylon 5 Capt. John J. Sheridan 88 episodes
Nominated Saturn Award for Best TV Actor
1998 Touched by an Angel Scott Tanner  
2003 She Spies The Chairman  
2005 Commander in Chief Tucker Bayes  
2005 Young Blades Captain Martin Duvall 13 episodes
2006 American Dad! Himself  
20082009 Chuck Dr. Woody Woodcomb  
20082009 Heroes Robert Malden  
2011 CHAOS Ray Bishop episode "Glory Days" on June 25, 2022
2011 Love's Everlasting Courage Lloyd Davis  
2012 Tron: Uprising Tron upcoming series


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