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Top: Jewish Entertainment: NEWS Monopoly: One Day on Cable TV

Jews dominated Cable TV NEWS with 65%+ of the News Jobs, Appearance, Hosts, Talking Head, and Consultants. In addition, many of the government officials interviewed by the Jewish Reporters are Jewish, too. This situation is an ever-present danger to Non-Jews in our nation. This is a report about a single night on Cable TV News and how Jews dominated everything said through their appearances which, over and over again, denied any time at all to Non-Jews. Thus, the nation of 98% Non-Jews was told what to think of the Iraq War and the Impeachment of the President, and almost all of the opinionated talking was by Jews. The night was December 15, 1998. This story includes the pictures of each and every Jews appearing on these NEWS shows that evening.

This means they cannot hide from us.


Washington DC, January 10, 1999, Jewish News Service, JNS - Today, NBC's Tim Russert interviewed 3 Jews on "Meet the Press." They were selected to represent the 45 member contingent of Democrats serving in the U.S. Senate. Because Jews run much of the Democratic Party, far more than their 2% representation in the United States electorate, the selection was both ominous as well as typical for an NBC NEWS Show. NBC is owned and operated by Jewish interests, and its guest list and hosts reflect that Jewish, anti-Christian, and pro-Socialist bias which NBC offers the American People as they are "told" by such non-representative selections of guests what to think and how to think, and by those whose specific political agendas and views represent the communist fringe of the nations of Poland, Russia, and Eastern Europe from whence the families of these Jewish Senators emigrated to the U.S.A. bringing with them their leftist/communist/anti-American/pro-Jewish views intact.

Jews: Barbara Boxer (Democrat, Senator from California), Charles Schumer (Democrat, Senator from New York), Dianne Feinstein (Democrat, Senator from California
Host: Tim Russert, Commentator/Interviewer from NBC

From left to right, three Jews on "Meet the Press", e.g., Barbara Boxer, Charles Schumer, and Dianne Feinstein. On the right is Tim Russert, the NBC Moderator of the Show. Mr. Russert failed to mention that all three Democrats were Jews and that it might seem unusual for Jews, who are only 2% of the population, to represent the entire contingent of Democratic Senators in a nation that is 98% non-Jewish.

The American people were presented with three Jewish Senators to represent the entire Democratic membership of the U.S. Senate on NBC's "Meet the Press" NEWS Show on Sunday, January 10, 1999. When you consider that the Democratic side of the Senate contains 45 Senators, the selection of three Jews to represent that entire group of Senators demonstrates the way in which Jews are perfect representatives of the Democratic Party, which is, basically, a party funded, staffed, and controlled by Jews and/or their friends and business associates. There are even more Jews in the Senate than this in the Democratic contingent. This reflects the stranglehold of Jews on the control of the nation's Euro-Phobic Democratic Party. At the top, the DNC is controlled mostly by Jews and non-Europeans whose views are socialist, communist, and anti-Constitution. The Party is Anti-American in membership and views, and many of its laws tend toward their true model of the "perfect party"--e.g., the old, communist U.S.S.R. with its anti-Constitutional, anti-human-rights, top/down structure, anti-Democratic, tyrannical, terror tendencies.


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