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Top: Jewish Entertainment: NEWS Monopoly: One Day on Cable TV

Jews dominated Cable TV NEWS with 65%+ of the News Jobs, Appearances, Hosts, Talking Heads, and Consultants. In addition, many of the government officials interviewed by the Jewish Reporters are Jewish, too. This situation is an ever-present danger to Non-Jews in our nation. This is a report about a single night on Cable TV News and how Jews dominated everything said through their appearances which, over and over again, denied any time at all to Non-Jews. Thus, the nation of 98% Non-Jews was told what to think of the Iraq War and the Impeachment of the President, and almost all of the opinionated talking was by Jews. The night was December 15, 1998. This story includes the pictures of each and every Jew appearing on these NEWS shows that evening.

This means they cannot hide from us.


New York, December 15, 1998, Jewish News Service, JNS - Today, the President decided to battle the impending Impeachment Debate by summarily bombing Baghdad, Iraq. The Congress, Rush Limbaugh, and everyone else got into the act. Accusations were hurled back and forth between Mr. Clinton's Jewish supporters and those who had already decided to vote the Impeachment Bill.

The situation was filled with verbal crisis, innuendo, slurs, and shouts. The cable tv NEWS monopoly was not without guests, nor was it without the Snappy attached to the computer of the Jewish News Service which took pictures of the guests and investigated their religious, racial, and political affiliations. What we discovered about the opinionated spewing guest-heads may shock you.

During this single evening of December 15, 1998, JNS photographed the talking heads on three cable networks--CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN--which were the only ones we could find on The Dish Network's 200 Stations. We switched back and forth, surfing the dish, looking for Jews, African Americans, and possible CFR Members. It was a limited time, just one evening out of a 365 night year. Yet, on this single, most important evening in NEWS, one of the most exciting evenings of NEWS for the year, an evening which balanced War with Impeachment Issues, fully 28 Jews appeared on these shows.

We wondered why. After all, we knew that these NEWS networks were owned by Jews, but we didn't really think that what the Nazis and Skinheads and Black Israelites said about these Networks--"Jews Tell the News"--would be so obviously easy to verify.

Yet, it was.

Jews: Geraldo Rivera, Alan Derschowitz, Richard Ben-Veniste, Lanny Davis, Candy Crowley, Robert Wexler, Charles Zewe, Andrea Mitchell (Alan Greenspan's Jewish Wife), Claire Shipman, Alec Baldwin, Betty Friedan
Jews Featured But Not Pictured Here: William Cohen, Robert Rubin, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, James Rubin

Jews: Sam Brownback, William Cohen, Murray Fineman, Steve Rothman
African American: Rehema Ellis
Members of CFR or Suspected Of: Richard Haas, James Woolsey, Lawrence Eagleburger, James Dunnigan
Jews Featured But Not Pictured Here: Robert Rubin, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, James Rubin, Henry Kissinger

Jews: Sandy Berger, Rahm Emanuel, Jeff Greenfield, Andrea Koppel, Gary Tuchman, Bob Franken, Larry King, Madeleine Albright, James Rubin, Wolf Blitzer
African American: Bernard Shaw
Members of CFR or Suspected Of: Brendt Scowcroft
Jews Featured But Not Pictured Here: William Cohen, Robert Rubin

So, there you have it. Almost no Non-Jews were invited to express their opinions. In fact, there was little time for them, and, if one-half of the persons featured were Non-Jews, we would be surprised. Certainly less than 15 Non-Jews were present, and with 28+ featured Jews plus 7-8 additional Jews in Government or about 35 Jews, the "goyim" or Non-Jews were not represented.

JNS figures show that America's Jews are only 2% of the nation, yet, on the NEWS this particular evening, they represented 65%+ of the guests, hosts, and talking heads. Yet this is not unusual. Most of the Jews, African Americans, and CFR Members featured here are nightly visitors, being on the regular NEWS circuit, always invited to give their opinions to the mostly Non-Jewish nation. Of the other persons we haven't mentioned, most were Hispanic or Arab. VERY FEW were White European Americans, the usual stock population of this country.

Modern Historians on the issues of immigration--Samuel Francis and D'Neesh D'Sousa--find this situation to be particularly disturbing in the light of present American History. According to their books and columns, Europeans are being rapidly replaced with Russian Jews and other non-European Ethnic Groups--mostly at the insistence of Jews. The major Jewish culprts were Frank Lautenberg and Jacob Javitts who authored the most anti-European immigration bills in our history, the very laws which are responsible for European decline in our nation.

After reporting on the Jews of Cable TV NEWS and after writing this story, we thought how, if Jews had been singled out for exclusion in this manner, the talking heads on CNBC, CNN, and MSNBC would be spewing "hatred," "racism," and "ethnic cleansing."

That is the danger of this situation. We live in a frightening new America that will someday be empty of all Europeans.

Time to reduce Jewish ownership and participation in the NEWS to the 2% of their number in this nation. Otherwise, our own people will continue to be propagandized about liberalism, socialism, integration, busing, separation of church and state, immigration for non-Europeans only, Zionist conspiracy, ethnic suicide, and other Jewish ideas. In a nation that is 98% Non-Jewish, 98% of the NEWS should reflect their opinion and definitely NOT the opinions of an overactive and overly verbal 2% whose aims are to destroy us.


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