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Ross Geller
Played by David Schwimmer on "Friends" TV Show

Ross Geller is a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, portrayed by David Schwimmer who is a Jewish actor from New York. Ross Geller is noted for his geeky, lovable demeanor.[1]


Ross Geller is a paleontologist and has a Ph.D. from Columbia, frequently referring to himself as "Dr. Ross Geller ", though Ross Geller states Ross Geller gave up a career in basketball. Ross Geller is noted for being geeky, charming, love lost, witty, and somewhat artistic, showing an interest in the Metropolitan Museum of Art when Ross Geller coaches Joey Tribbiani on the works of Monet when Joey tries to impress his current girlfriend Charlie. Ross Geller has had a crush on Rachel Green since high school, although Ross Geller founded the "I Hate Rachel Green" club with his friend, Will Culvert, who hated Rachel as she used to pick on him, due to his inability to express himself, causing him to make poor choices about how to handle his feelings. Ross Geller seems to keep the group together.


Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Ross Geller is the older brother of Monica , and is frequently shown to be their parents' favorite. The two siblings are extremely competitive as they tell the others that, as children, they used to take part in a football match for the  Cup every Thanksgiving. This ended in its sixth year, after Monica "accidentally" broke Ross's nose. They also tell Rachel about how they used to wrestle as children and had various complications in their relationship, such as Ross Geller having a recurring nightmare that the then-overweight Monica would eat him. Ross Geller and Monica are half-Jewish, but see themselves as at least cultural Jews, with Ross Geller taking a more active role in wanting to teach his son about the faith.


Ross Geller often came into conflict with his close friend, Phoebe Buffay. His rationality and Phoebe's eccentricity led to conflict over the theories of evolution, gravity, and whether or not Phoebe's dead mother was reincarnated as a cat. It was also revealed that Phoebe mugged Ross Geller during her homeless years (stealing a copy of the comic book Science Boy that Ross Geller had created) when they were teenagers, although Phoebe was slightly cheered about the discovery as she had always felt like an outsider to the group as she lacked the longer-term connections of the others. The two were also roommates for a few weeks when a fire forced Phoebe to move into Chandler and Monica's apartment as Phoebe wanted to give the newly-engaged couple some privacy. Also on a 'flash back' episode, they were alone and at the bar, and they ended up kissing, but things bumped into them, like light, and pool balls.

Ross's best friend since college is Chandler Bing. Ross Geller is shown to have had some old memories such as a band with Chandler called Way/No Way and blamed him when Ross Geller was caught smoking marijuana in college. Ross Geller is also close friends with Joey Tribbiani and helps him with movie and stage auditions. Ross Geller kisses Joey once in order to help him practice a role as a gay man only to find out that Ross Geller had already done the audition and that Ross Geller had not gotten the role. They also briefly try to cut Chandler out of their friendship group after Ross Geller ignores them. Towards the end of the series, however, Ross Geller and Joey are seen to become closer friends, often seen hanging out together after Chandler gets married. At one point, Ross Geller tells Rachel Green that Joey is his best friend, to which Rachel replies, "I thought Chandler was your best friend?" Ross Geller begins explaining, "Well, Chandler's my oldest friend", but refuses to discuss it further.


Ross Geller is said to be a former practitioner of karate and pronounces it "ka-raa-tay", for which the others make fun of him. Ross Geller claims that Unagi is a state of total awareness, despite his friends repeatedly telling him (correctly) that unagi is Japanese freshwater eel. Ross Geller ridicules Rachel and Phoebe's self-defense class and surprises them to demonstrate that they lack Unagi. Rachel and Phoebe later surprise Ross Geller and overpower him, however (then Rachel mockingly implies that her practice is "Salmon Skinroll" as opposed to Unagi). In a flashback episode, Ross Geller is practicing karate, claiming that it was his means of releasing his frustration at not having sex with his wife. Ross Geller is however shown to be an at least adequate fighter after fighting with a mugger (off-screen) as Ross Geller stole Ross Geller, Chandler and two bullies' personal belongings. Ross Geller also attempts to punch Joey after being given a "free shot" but Joey ducks and Ross Geller hits a lamp post.


In seasons one-four, Ross Geller lives in the same apartment. In Season 5, Ross Geller moves into a new apartment that Ross Geller and Emily are subletting from her cousin. However, when they separate, Emily's cousin evicts Ross Geller so Ross Geller moves in with Chandler and Joey before settling into Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, across from Monica's place. Ross Geller got this apartment by meeting him naked, which is seen by all the other friends.


Ross's three divorces were a continuous joke throughout the show. Ross Geller says that Ross Geller loves "being so committed to someone like that", and is shown to have real unbounded enthusiasm for proposing.

Carol Willick

Ross Geller divorces his first wife of three years, Carol, when she reveals that she is a lesbian and is having an affair with Susan Bunch, whom she met at the gym. After the initial post-relationship complications had been overcome, however, they were generally able to get along, and shared custody of their son, Ben. Ross Geller even achieved a certain reconciliation with Susan after Phoebe made them realise that they would all be parents to Carol and Ross's son. Ross Geller later helped Carol and Susan reconcile when they had an argument about Carol's parents' disapproval of their marriage.

In an alternative reality storyline shown in flashbacks during the show, Ross Geller is still married to Carol but their sex life is stagnant. Not realizing that she is a lesbian, Ross Geller suggests to Carol that they have a threesome, which ends up involving Susan which ended as a twosome. Later on, Ross Geller is forced to accept that his wife is a lesbian and ends up consoling Rachel after she discovered that her husband, Barry, is having an affair as well with the neighborhood dog walker.


While in China, Ross Geller meets Julie (played by Lauren Tom). When Rachel finds out about Ross's love for her, she goes to tell him she loves him too, but it was too late; Ross Geller is now dating Julie. At first, Rachel tries to interfere with their relationship but when Rachel sees how much Ross Geller and Julie love each other, she tries to accept it. When drunk later, she leaves a message on Ross's answering machine saying, "I'm over you." At first Ross Geller asks, "When were you under me?" Upset, Rachel tells him the truth about her feelings for him. After much contemplating, and making a list of Pros and Cons, Ross Geller realizes that Ross Geller wants to be with Rachel.


Ross Geller has a brief fling with Janice in season 5. Phoebe said they would have very hairy children. Janice ended up dumping Ross Geller because Ross Geller was too annoying. Ross Geller was afraid to tell Chandler about it and when Ross Geller told him, Chandler laughed.


For a few episodes Ross Geller has a relationship with Mona, who wants the relationship to go forward. But Ross Geller has issues and for example changes the locks to his apartment after giving Mona a set of keys and not telling her that Rachel moved in with him.
Rachel Green

Emily Waltham

During Season Four, Ross Geller falls in love with and marries his English girlfriend Emily Waltham (played by Helen Baxendale) in London. At the ceremony, however, Ross Geller says Rachel's name during the vows. This leads to a breakdown of the relationship. Ross Geller attempts to reconcile with Emily, but she insists that Ross Geller cut off all contact with Rachel; when Ross Geller is unable to comply, they get divorced. She later becomes engaged but calls Ross Geller to say that she is having doubts about getting married. Rachel accidentally deletes the message and convinces Ross Geller not to call her back.


Ross Geller trained for a career in paleontology, completed his Ph.D. and later works at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History. In season six "The One on the Last Night", Ross Geller claims to have "given up a career in basketball" to become a palaeontologist. At another point, however, Ross Geller says that Ross Geller picked palaeontology on a dare. Ross Geller thinks that Ross Geller would have been good at advertising and in "The One with the Mugging", Ross Geller claims that Ross Geller invented the phrase "Got Milk?". Ross Geller also claims to have had the original idea for Jurassic Park. In high school, Ross Geller got a 1250 on his SATs, although it's evident that Ross Geller lies about his scores when Ross Geller states "I got 1450 on the SATs" and Monica corrects him, to which Ross Geller replies, "Damn, I forgot you were here." In the series finale, Monica mentions that Ross Geller tried to make it as a dancer one summer.

Ross Geller has always been obsessed with dinosaurs since Ross Geller was a little kid, in season nine "The One with the Male Nanny", Ross Geller tells a story about a time when Ross Geller was playing and learning with dinosaurs toys in his room and how his father harshly didn't approve and told him to go outside and play like a real boy. Ross Geller breaks down in tears as a result of this.

In season six, Ross Geller begins to work as a professor at New York University and causes a stir among his colleagues by dating one of his students, Elizabeth. Eventually, Ross Geller is given tenure, despite the fact that his papers (including a publication on sediment flow rates) are supposedly widely discredited, forgetting a class once, boring his students to sleep and occasionally giving grades without even looking at students' work.


Ross Geller has two children. The elder, Ben, is Ross Geller and Carol's son, conceived while the couple were married, and born at the end of season 1. Ben lives with Carol and Susan and his name came from a name tag on an overall seen in that episode. Ben is shy at first, but Rachel transforms him into a mischievous prankster. Ross Geller was played by Cole Sprouse.

Ross's younger child (born later in the series) is Emma. She is conceived during a one night stand and lives with Ross Geller and Rachel until Rachel moves back in with Joey. She remains there until Ross Geller and Rachel get back together in the series finale. Emma got her name because it was what Monica wanted her daughter to be named but she lets Rachel use it.


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