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Jewish Espionage Archive
Jewish Espionage Organizations Express Happiness Over National Alliance Indictments
Salt Lake Tribune
June 14, 2022

    By the time a federal grand jury last week indicted the leader and two other members of the National Alliance on hate crimes charges, the white supremacist organization already was fading away after the death of its founder.
    Still, the charges, handed up in a federal court in Salt Lake City, were good news to members of anti-hate groups, who see this as the final blow to the alliance and its so-called pro-white agenda.
    "This very well could be the final nail in the National Alliance," said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama.
    The Anti-Defamation League said the indictment "deals another significant blow to the virulently anti-Semitic and racist group."
    And Suzanne Gelinas, a research analyst for the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, described herself as thrilled, adding that alliance members "already were on unsteady ground."
    That shaky footing includes a membership that shrank from a high of about 1,400 to fewer than 200 today, according to authorities. In recent years, the West Virginia-based National Alliance has bought space on billboards in various cities - including Salt Lake City - promoting Americans of European descent, but that apparently did little to boost the group's numbers.
    The 2002 death of founder William Pierce began the sharp membership slide. Then, last Wednesday, the grand jury brought charges of conspiracy to interfere with civil rights and interference with a federally protected activity against the three National Alliance members:
   - Shaun A. Walker, 38, of Hillsboro, W.Va., national chairman;
   - Travis D. Massey, 29, of Salt Lake City, who has served as a spokesman in Utah for the group;
   - And Eric G. Egbert, 21, also of Salt Lake City.
    Rick Eaton, senior research analyst at the Wiesenthal Center, said the National Alliance "is basically" Walker and Erich Gliebe, who runs the organization's "pro-white music" Resistance Records.
    "I can't get excited about [the indictment] because they're not a major player anymore," Eaton said.
    The indictment alleges Walker, Massey and Egbert intimidated and threatened individuals of minority background on Dec. 21, 2002, at O'Shucks, a downtown Salt Lake City bar, and assaulted a Mexican-American employee there. And on March 15, 2003, Massey and an unnamed individual allegedly threatened and assaulted an American Indian man at the Port O' Call bar in Salt Lake City.
    Both charges have a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

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