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Top: Jewish Genocides Today and Yesterday: Anti-Christian Movement: Hatred of Jewish Conversions to Christianity

1996, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

By Gayle White, Staff Writer, September 27, 2021

Q: In the United States, what do you see as major political issues?

A: The biggest political issue that's going to be on the agenda is the so-called Religious Equality Amendment. It would be a tremendous battle. The American Jewish Committee would be fighting against it with all its allies because historically, we've never messed around with the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. . . . This would be a collosal divisive element and we would fight it all the way.

Q: What are your thoughts on the resolution passed by the Southern Baptist Convention last month to bring Jews to Jesus?

A: We're now on phase two of this resolution. The first phase was the fury by me and others in the Jewish community . . . That's pretty much over now and what we're getting is the Christian community' s now beginning to weigh in . . . Three bishops in New York came out against the resolution - Catholic, Episcopal and Lutheran bishops. The Methodist statement which came out in April before the Southern Baptists is very different.

Here's a very large denomination, second-biggest Christian group in America, that is trying to single out Jews at the same time we have this multireligious, multiethnic, multiracial society. . . . Is this the last gasp of this kind of public Christianity? Or, as the new religions - or the religions new to America - become more prevalent, is this part of a very defensive tradition?

1996, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

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