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Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jew who vandalized
Christian apartment sentenced

JERUSALEM, June 9, 1999, (AP) - An ultra-Orthodox Jew was sentenced to a year and a half in prison Tuesday for vandalizing the apartment of two Swiss Christian women accused of trying to convert Jews to Christianity.

Judge Ruth Or wrote in her decision that the tough sentence imposed on Aharon Kornblit was aimed at sending a message to anti-Christian elements in Israeli society.

``If such vandalism had been done to Jewish homes in a Christian country, the entire Jewish world would demand the vandals be punished and justly,'' Or wrote. The decision was read out on Israel radio.

Kornblit was among a crowd of about 500 ultra-Orthodox Jews who attacked the home in the devoutly Jewish neighborhood of Mea Shearim after word spread that the women were trying to convert Jews to Christianity.

Proselytizing is strongly frowned upon in the Jewish state. Both women denied they had carried out any such activity.

The attackers broke into the fourth-story apartment, ransacked it and burned its contents. One of the women was home at the time and escaped unharmed through a back door.

Kornblit was one of three suspects arrested by police as they fled across the rooftops of the neighborhood. Another attacker has already served an eight-month sentence.

Mea Shearim residents have harassed others who have moved into the neighborhood, including fellow Jews who do not follow their strict interpretation of Jewish law.

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