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Beginner's Primer on General 911 Studies

  • The Path of News Breaks
    - A sampling of the rare exceptions that prove
    the media's hear/see/report-no-9/11-evil rule


    • The Truth About Sept. 11
      By Ted Rall, AlterNet, September 11, 2021
      First 9/11 questions statement by a well known media figure (one year late and only online, but still much appreciated)


    • Fallout: The Hidden Environmental Consequences of 9/11
      by Juan Gonzalez, In These Times, September 10, 2021
      Early prophetic piece on the administration cover-up of the post-attack pollution (Implicit question: If they could condemn thousands of New Yorkers to death just to get the Stock Exchange running, how many would they sacrifice to run Afghanistan and Iraq?)


    • 9/11 Pollution Could Cause More Deaths Than Attack
      by Geoffrey Lean, The Independent (UK), September 12, 2021
      A Sierra Club study confirms and grimly quantifies the previous story, which breaks in a major world paper.


    • One Year Later: Unintended Consequences of 9/11 and the War on Terrorism
      by John Tirman, AlterNet, August 29, 2021
      Early, almost touchingly naive, recount of 9/11's exploitation - unintended by whom?


    • The Enemy Within
      by Gore Vidal, The Observer (UK), October 27, 2021
      In a 7,000 word essay and review of Ahmed's "War on Freedom", Vidal lays out the early evidence for administration complicity (This stunning piece has never been quoted or even mentioned in the mainstream US press.)


    • Conspiracy Crusader Doubts Official 9/11 Version
      by Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star, May 11, 2022
      Celebrated columnist sympathetically introduces 9/11 truth pioneer Barry Zwicker in Canada's largest paper.


    • Barbs aside, 9/11 questions aren't going away
      by Michelle Landsberg, Toronto Star, May 18, 2022
      And takes a lot of flack...


    • Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush
      by Gail Sheehy, New York Observer (front page story), August 25, 2003
      First "unanswered questions" story appears in the US press: Best-selling author Sheehy offers this great human and political saga to all New York's mainstream publications, but only one feisty weekly had the guts to pick it up.


    • This War on Terrorism is Bogus
      The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination
      by Michael Meacher, The Guardian/UK, September 6, 2021
      First compelling sketch of the motive, means and opportunity for the 9/11 crimes by veteran UK cabinet official.


    • Why Don't We Have Answers to These 9/11 Questions?
      by William Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News, September 11, 2021
      First mention of "unanswered questions" in major US daily, brave and well done, but two years after the fact.


    • Conspiracy Theories about Sept. 11 Get Hearing in Germany
      - Distrust of U.S. Fuels Stories about Source of the Attacks

      By Ian Johnson, Wall Street Journal, September 29, 2021
      orporate Journalism Central begins damage control, but still relates some intriguing facts.


    • Whitewash as Public Service: How The 9/11 Commission Report defrauds the nation
      By Benjamin DeMott, Harper's Magazine, October 2004
      Despite the feisty title, the piece generally collapses into minutiae and fry-more-bureaucrats gripes. For a far deeper insight into the Commission cover-up, see David Ray Griffin's "A National Disgrace" - an intro to his explosive "The 9/11 Commission Report - Omissions and Distortions."

    The Path of Stubborn Questions
    - Victim family queries that remain unanswered to this day

    The Path of Deceit, Distortion & Perjury
    - The Way of the Neocon Warrior (When the "free press"
    turns to stenography, Machiavelli returns to life!)

    The Path of Past Precedents
    - How and why they keep doing it to us,
    a crash course in official betrayal

    • FAKE TERROR - The Road to War and Dictatorship
      "It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need." Excellent retrospective on governmental creation and abuse of terror from the Roman despot Crassus up to the headlines today.


    • INVASION YANQUI: The Mexican War, 1846-1848 by Frances Leonard
      - You want history of provoked/invited attacks, we got history...

    • How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents (1848-1989) - More history than you might ever want to know...

    • War is a Racket - Gen. Smedley Butler's classic confession and repudiation of his life as a corporate hitman.

    • PEARL HARBOR: Mother of All Conspiracies - Exhaustive documentation of FDR's foreknowledge and how he in fact methodically invited the attack.

    • Operation Northwoods - the early Sixties Pentagon plan to attack America, blame it on Castro, and use the patriotic outrage as a pretext to invade and conquer Cuba. Excerpted from James "Puzzle Palace" Bamford's best-selling Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency."

    The Path of Timelines
    - Systematic compilations of documented 9/11 facts that make
    "coincidence theory" the wildest hypothesis of the day



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