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Dear Scholars and Readers of Jew Watch:

It has been my honor to present you with Jew Watch, an archive of information for your scholarship, education, and personal study. The information in this expanding library concerns a people whom we have all met at one time or another and who refer to themselves as Jews.

It has never been my intent to defame Jews. Although I have issues with many Jewish movements such as communism and Zionism, I have consistently stood for the freedom of religion of Jews in America, Europe, and anywhere else in the world. I believe in freedom, and, if necessary, I stand ready to give my life to protect the right of Jews to their culture, religion, and destiny, as I do for all races, creeds, colors including my own.

I do not, however, believe that Jews have an inherent right to dominate entire industries, societies, and governments where they are not the majority but represent 2% or less of the people. To allow this would be to allow the colonization of these majority cultures merely through the power of Jewish money to corrupt. The majority people in each nation deserve better. It is up to Jews to see that they get better treatment.

I stand against the type of ad hominem, personal attacks against Gentiles that certain Jews and organizations perform. Instead of arguing in an honest manner on the strength of facts, they have tended to disgrace themselves. By stooping to calling bad names, the Jews and organizations that continue in this line of distraction have already admitted that they have lost all arguments and prefer instead to indulge in various forms of verbal savagery to hide that fact.

If anything in my archive is found to be incorrect, I will remove it. I am a librarian. Like all librarians, I am committed to honesty in filling my library with materials for scholars. Any and all facts that might be found to be untrue in any library call all other facts into question. Even though this is the case, almost all libraries in the world probably contain untruths, because they contain so much knowledge which in time will be overturned with new theories and facts which supplant what was known before, yet those books usually remain on the shelves forever in the name of historical scholarship, because they have their usefulness.

If you do not like the facts archived at Jew Watch, please do not blame me personally. I did not make Karl Marx, whose real Jewish name was Mordecai Levi, write Das Kapital, a book which began movements which resulted in the deaths of more than 150 million innocent non-Jews.

I did not train David Bronstein, a Jew who lived 3 years in exile from Russia in New York City only to return to Petrograd with millions of Jewish dollars from Jewish banks to fund the Red Revolution there. Mr. Bronstein's preferred name as a revolutionary, if you do not already know, was Leon Trotsky. In fact, most Jews running communism changed their names to keep their Jewishness hidden from the non-Jewish majority.

I did not bring the United States into many wars in the 20th century, but the Jews have done so time and again. Their stories and how they manipulated us in into wars are inside Jew Watch where they demonstrate their personal responsibility for many, many non-Jewish deaths.

I am not the evil doer in this deadly game of world wide control. I am only an innocent librarian of existing information. I only archive the information printed in many honest and scholarly documents including State Department documents, Almanacs, Encyclopedias, New York Times, BBC, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, history books, letters, and related documents.

If you do not like what you find here, please do not blame me. I am merely an honest librarian. You will have to blame the Jews who performed the atrocities. If only these few Jews had not performed these millions of atrocities, I would never have archived them.

I did not build this archive out of a sense of hatred toward Jews. I do not hate Jews. In fact, I am intrigued by them.

In the past and present, I have befriended Jews. I have had about 20-30 roommates. Two were Jews. Two were homosexuals. One of the two was a homosexual Jew. One was a straight Jew. The other roommates and housemates were Gentiles and straight, and some were women, including my girlfriends, my wife and my offspring.

As a religious child, I grew up learning the names of Jewish patriarchs and kings. I memorized them in Sunday schools as did millions of children all over the world. In doing so, I developed an interest in their comings and goings throughout history.

If you are a Jew, you have nothing to fear from learning the truths that are found in Jew Watch.

If you are a Jew, and if you had nothing to do with whatever these few unscrupulous Jews did in the documents I have archived here, then this information is not about you. Instead, it is about others who call themselves Jews, and it is not pointed at you personally. So, you should not be concerned by it, as you were never involved in doing these things, so you are guilty of nothing.

Because of my work at Jew Watch, I have been labeled an anti-Semite by unscrupulous and fake Jewish organizations, and they have seen to it that their friendly Jewish-owned media refer to me as such. It is a slander that is totally untrue. All of my life I have worked in the civil rights movement. I registered African Americans in Mississippi in the first half of the 1960's which places me squarely as a freedom rider. I learned civil rights from the best in Mississippi and at the University of Missouri where I attended college and earned my Master of Arts in English. I learned everything about civil rights from African Americans, Jews, Quakers, and communists. I was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Congress of Racial Equality, and I would have been a member of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee if they only allowed whites to join. In my younger days I thought seriously of converting to Judaism, based on my studies of the Old and New Testaments. I almost did so thinking this is what Jesus might require of me. Instead, I joined the Unitarian-Universalist Church which was very theologically close to Judaism's single God, because it rejected the Trinity.

Later, I began to notice problems associated with immigration and integration. These movements were not working to bring peace and happiness. Instead they had fomented more and more hate between people. Familiarity, it seems, breeds more discontent than anything else.

So, I reluctantly began to change with the times and with what I was observing to be detrimental to all societies and peoples which I observed around me.

I developed new views including the view that immigration and integration are totally wrong, if they are done in order to be kind to all races. Immigration and integration are great evils that impact all races, creeds, and colors negatively and harmfully, because their logical end is the destruction of each and every one of these races, creeds, languages, and cultures. In general, immigration and integration create reactions such as Balkanization, hate, and civil war. Besides, in the end, with all races inter-marrying and disappearing into a single new race, they will all end in defacto racism anyway, because the outcome is again, a new world wide single race, which is another enforced form of total racial separatism from which there is no back door through which one can back out. The children of these people will only know thousands of cultures, religions, languages, art, and races in video files, and electronic encyclopedias, until they, too, are lost and forgotten.

In the logical future, all of these races will have vanished completely into that new master race and so, in the final days, immigration and integration will be no more forever.

In general, my humanitarianism concerning race is found at Civil Rights Name, which I hope will foster a new and improved view of race and creed which can create a better way to preserve all that we have in the richness of human experience so that it is not leeched out of our many peoples.

I also published a religious revelation known as The Revelation of Michael in Adam's Bible in which violent religiously-inspired racial separation is seen as the ordered will of God. Its vision from God is anti-Semitic, and so, where does that bring us? Anyone criticizing me for this religious revelation or any for those adhering to any other religion is by definition a bigot, because all religious beliefs are protected under the laws of most governments and are not to be questioned or trampled upon under the present edicts of toleration printed in law. To hate me for my religion is the definition of being a bigot.

In the hundreds of pages inside Jew Watch, I have never utilized any derogatory, defamatory, or slanderous words against the Jewish people, nor were they ever used in Adam's Bible. During all of the years of working for this enterprise, I have been as fair as possible in remaining objective. I have never called for violence against Jews. I have never used racial slurs against them. At the same time, Jewish organizations such as the racially-centered Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and Southern Poverty Law Center have falsely portrayed my website called "Jew Watch" as "the anti-Semitic Jew Watch" and have seen to it that all news stories around the world will use this exact false and demeaning mantra concerning a scholarly archive of information whenever they use the two words "Jew Watch" in their stories. When I first began Jew Watch, it was placed under Religion--History by Yahoo. However, Jewish leaders were able to see to it that Yahoo granted their wishes to defame it and so placed it under the false and misleading category of Society > Issues > Race-Ethnic-Religious Relations > Hate > Hate Groups > Anti-Semitic even though it is a truly scholarly library with not an ounce of hate in it. The fact the Jews in these and other moneyed and powerful organizations were able to do this demonstrates just how powerful they are that they can paint new false realities even in the number one search portal on the Internet with their own petty and unfair racist prejudices. In addition, they have succeeded in removing Jew Watch from the view of millions of university students using their ADL Hate Watch software scheme in an attempt to control the thoughts of an entire new world of people when the #1 Hate Site on the web is the ADL of B'nai B'rith itself which contains a treasure trove of ad hominem attacks, hate accusations, and negative slants from a twisted, intellectually dishonest, and hateful anti-Christian point of view masquerading as both Jewish and non-Jewish and one that represents only the miniscule and over-paid leaders of the ADL Hate Bund and not the average Jewish person.

I have joined white civil rights organizations including the now fractured National Alliance in an attempt to help my people whose government is controlled by AIPAC, which represents Israel only and represents less than 2% of the people in America and therefore has no right to colonize and rule over the 98% majority. In each of my speeches before the National Alliance, I worked to inform its members that they possessed a guaranteed civil right as white people to politic, protest, demonstrate, organize, run for offices, and peacefully labor to change the world toward their own world view just so long at they remained perfectly legal and non-violent. I taught them the peaceful means to protest that were used so successfully by Mahatma Gandhi of India which he freed from British Colonialism by using logic, ethics, and peaceful protest. I taught them that violence ends in violence, that government will always be stronger than them, but peaceful means might well end in favorable long-run peaceful outcomes.

Everyone in this world has the right to respect. Everyone. Jews. Mexicans. Americans. Christians. Hindus. Everyone. We each have the right to walk our own path as long as we are peaceful and respectful of others without some one or some government getting in our way.

Some people are not blessed enough to understand that.

It is my promise that Jew Watch shall always be non-racist and will honor those millions of innocent Jews in America and elsewhere around the world who have had nothing whatever to do with many of the human tragedies outlined here in major publications which I have archived.

You can quote me on that.

Whatever Leon Trotsky, Lazar Kaganovich, Gingrich Yagoda, Menachem Begin, Arial Sharon, and other Jews did to kill millions of Christians, the Jew down the street from you had absolutely nothing to do with them and may not even be aware of what other Jews did in the past, unless they read about it in Jew Watch. The Jew in your town, business, or sports team is not your enemy and never will be. But the people of wealth who seek control over your government and have grasped it through AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee of spies and lobbyists, have taken over your government and led you into useless wars for Israel, and that is not right. If you don't believe me, believe the scholars at Harvard University and the University of Chicago who wrote the report on the Jewish Lobby which is here in a large PDF file for you to print and study at your leisure.

The problem today seems to be that certain racial organizations such as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the very Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center have been able to frighten the innocent Jews of this nation who are their major member base into worrying about websites and organizations like the innocent Jew Watch and to utilize that fear to raise $100 million a year for their coffers from which they extract outrageous and selfish salaries of more than $800,000 per year for their executives for artificially raising the hate levels in our American society by manipulating the largely Jewish-owned presses that print their sleazebag lies. These organizations have spied on innocent Americans and given their names and addresses to known assassin agencies such as the Mossad and Shin Bet in Israel placing Americans and others in mortal danger. The pages of Jew Watch contain information on these felonious enterprises, and it is everyone's right and need to understand how dangerous and deceitful these organizations have been. They have even penetrated your own local police departments, invited your Police Chiefs and Sheriffs to Jerusalem for weeklong propaganda sessions filled with lies along with holy trips to sites and to the holocaust museum to instill false guilt. People and organizations slurred and defamed by these racist Jews in Israel have never been given the right of reply, but are kept out of these meetings so that they have no way to defend themselves. These are the illicit methods of the Jewish propaganda felons who are ruining our world and tossing all racial and religious fairness to the winds in their hatred of freedom of speech, intellectual honesty, and diverse methods of expression.

I hope that Jew Watch will alert you and all others in the world of the problems you are facing but cannot otherwise objectively study without the benefit of this archive. You are being misused by a very small number of very powerful, rich, seditious Jews who prefer not to be pulled up by Jew Watch from under the dark rocks under which they prefer to hide and whom Jew Watch daily waves before the bright sunshine of public exposure. Whether you are a Gentile or a Jew, you have a right to know by whom and how the many evils being done to you have been accomplished by them.

Jew Watch is the central index to help you find the answer. It is the one place where you can easily find thousands of citations for reports, studies, and searches.

I caution you that you are never to use the materials in Jew Watch to develop a general hatred for the Jews. First of all, most Jews have nothing to do with what their vicious leaders have planned and carried out against you, and they have also carried their same plans out against the innocent Jews who live in your cities as well. These Jewish villains who are in control of many areas of the world's existence are a minority of the Jews and do not represent them or take orders from them. They work as lone political, financial, and media wolves to get their work done.

Remember that although some Jews might hate you, most Jews harbor no hatred against you. You should never harbor hate for these innocent Jews either.

Both the Gentiles and the Jews need to right the wrongs that some powerful and deceitful Jews are doing to both of our people, because both of us suffer equally from their actions. It is in the best interests of both of our people to end these activities once and for all, so that we can go about our lives in peace and engender goodwill for all who live in this world.

This is a political work and is not personal. Do not make it personal. It is all about political changes and not about personally hating people and certainly not about hating the Jews in general.

I pray that my work will aid all of us, Gentiles and Jews alike, in going beyond what has happened in the past and in ending it forever in our future that we may live our lives in peace and that majorities may be represented by majority governments instead of being ruled by minority controlled traitors who have agreed to be totally corrupted by the bribery money of Jewish millionaires just to stay in office.

Yours truly,


Frank Weltner, Librarian
Jew Watch at http://www.jewwatch.com




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