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Top: Jewish Holocaust Folder: Museum Displays: 

Can you tell from these displays who is a Jew? 
Do you know if these displays are really what they claim to be?

If not, do they really prove anything?

Shoe Displays

Comparison of Shoe Displays, One for Jews, Another for Everyone in the World
Can you tell from these displays who wore the shoes? If not, do they prove anything?

Shoes Donated, Land Mine Display
Mostly Non-Jewish Sports Shoes
Deceptive Symbols Not From Victims

Wall of Shoes Under Glass Auschwitz
Are They Really Jewish Shoes?
Or Are They Deceptions?

picture context: juliefelix/mag.htm

These shoes were displayed in Trafalgar Square, London, to publicize the problem of land mines. The shoes represent dead and injured due to the land mine problem worldwide. If the words "Auschwitz" were emblazoned on them, people would see them as evidence of genocide by the Germans against the Jewish people. But all of these shoes are tennis shoes unknown in those times. All were evidently donated.
picture context: 
Shoe Heap, Auschwitz Tourist Memorial

Shoes displayed at Remember. Taken inside a huge glass case in the Auschwitz Museum. This represents one day's collection at the peak of the gassings, about twenty five thousand pairs.

Photo Album Displays

Comparison of Picture Albums, One for Jews, Another for Babies in Brisbane
Can you tell from these displays who is a Jew and who died in a gas chamber? If not, do they prove anything?

Pictures of Jews in a Museum
Are They Verified Holocaust Victims?
Or Are They Deceptive Symbols?

Pictures of Brisbane Babies
Mostly Non-Jewish Pictures
From Parents Are True Brisbane Babies

picture context: Vassar Alumni Holocaust Exhibit
Pictures of lost persons are associated with the holocaust. Here, pictures are cleverly arranged in a narrow rooms to further the feeling of being surrounded and enclosed. There is not a whole lot of person information, only pictures. Do they prove anything? Are they effective tools for their use?
picture context: Brisbane Babies Exhibit

Baby pictures on wall of hospital celebrating the large number of children born in Brisbane. People were asked to send a baby picture if they wanted it added to the exhibit.

Eyeglass Displays

Comparison of Picture Albums, One for Jews, Another for Babies in Brisbane
Can you tell from these displays who is a Jew and who died in a gas chamber? If not, do they prove anything?

Pictures of Auschwitz Glasses
Are They Verified Victim Glasses?
Or Are They Deceptive Symbols?

Non-Jewish Personal Items
London Transport Office
Lost and Found Cataloged Items

picture context: Glasses at Auschwitz

Pictures of lost personal items are associated with the holocaust experience. Here, a clump of glasses is used to depersonalize the death experience. All glasses are bent and in the huge clump except three perfectly shaped glasses on top strangely stand out. Were they placed there by an artist perhaps? Are they drawn on top of the photograph for effect? Whatever. Does this pile of glasses really prove anything? Could they not easily have been brought to Auschwitz by humanitarian Christian Germans to help the laborers who lived there and then used to support the Holocaust story? What evidence is there that these came from Auschwitz at all and were not brought there? Since most persons interred at Auschwitz were non-Jews, what does this mean, anyway?
picture context: Lost Items at London Transport

Lost items bagged and stored in the Lost and Found Department at London Transport. These items were left on busses by millions of customers. Items include a large number of reading glasses such as displayed for effect in Holocaust Museums. Note: No one at London Transport has yet created a Jewish Holocaust Museum for displaying these items as evidence of genocide. Like the glasses, this display proves nothing at all. Besides, most persons in Auschwitz were non-Jewish prisoners who worked producing German armaments.



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