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Top: Jewish Holocaust:Revisionism: Human Rights Violations Against Rudolph Hoess

Human Rights Violations AgainstRudoph Hoess

Testimony Taken Via ExtremeBeatings and Torture

Form "The Myths of the 20th Century"

by Roger Garaudy


[Introduction: Rudolph Hoess wasthe Commandante of Auschwitz Work Camp in Poland. After his arrest, he claimedhe had been so severely beaten that he would have signed anything withouteven knowing what was in the document being signed. He testified at theNuremberg Tribunal that he had never killed Jews or anyone else at the WorkCamp in Auschwitz, that the alleged confession that he signed was obtainedvia torture. Here is the truth that has emerged proving that Rudolph Hoess'testimony was honest and correct. He, of course, is dead, because the Tribunalwas not there to judge fairly but only as a show trial--to find everyoneguilty. -- These Introductory Notes About Hoess Inside These BracketsWere the Work of Jew Watch.]

On Hoess' torture, Roger Garaudy says:

Lacking written proofs and irrecusable documents, the Nuremberg courtwas forced to base itself on "eyewitness accounts", like the fictionalizedworks and the films that came later.

The survivors who were called upon to bear witness and who authenticatedthe existence of "gas chambers" did it not from what they hadseen but what they had "heard said".

A typical and famous example is that of Doctor Benedict Kautzsky, successorto his father at the head of the Austrian Social Democratic party.

After declaring that the maximum period of survival at Auschwitz wasthree months (though he himself spent three years there), he wrote his book: "Teufel und Verdammt" (published in Switzerland in 1946), inwhich he declared about the "gas chambers" :

"I did not see them personally, but so many faithworthy people confirmedtheir existence."

"Il will hier noch eine kurze Shilderung der Gaskannmern einflechten,die ich zwar selbst nicht gesehen habe, die mir iber von so vielen glaubwurdigdargestellt worden sind... "


A few eyewitness accounts were regarded as fundamental, notably thoseof Rudolf Hoess, Saukel and Nyszli ("Doctor at Auschwitz").

The key witness, who turned out to be the perfect witness to "prove"the thesis of the victors disguised as judges was Rudolf Hoess, ex commanderof the Auschwitz camp.

The description he gave when he was arrested became the synopsis of hisdeclarations at Nuremberg; it was everything the Court expected of him.

Here is his declaration, written under oath and signed by Rudolf Hoesson April 5th 1946 :

"I was commander of Auschwitz until December 1st 1943, and I estimatethat at least 2,500,000 victims were executed there and exterminated bygassing and cremation, and that at least half a million others died thereof hunger and disease, which makes a up a total of about 3,000,000 dead.The "final solution" of the Jewish question signified the exterminationof all the Jews in Europe. I received the order to prepare the exterminationat Auschwitz in June 1941. At that time, there already existed three otherextermination camps in the general government : Belzec, Treblinka, Wolzek."


One cannot imagine a more perfect confirmation of the theses which weregoing to be spread by the media for half a century.

And yet this text itself already contains three statements in obviouscontradiction with the truth :

1 - The number of 3 million dead at Auschwitz, needed to justify thetotal number of Jewish victims (6 million), official figure proclaimed fromthe start at Nuremberg and which has never ceased to be the leitmotif ofofficial history and of the media since that time, has to be reduced byat least two thirds, as the new commemorative plaque at Auschwitz-Birkenauproves, on which the figure of four million has been replaced by: a littleover a million.

2 - The camps of Belzec and Treblinka did not exist in 1941. They werenot opened until 1942.

3 - As for the Wolzek camp, it never existed on any map.


How could this "capital testimony" have been recorded withoutprior verification ?

H?ss himself explains it: the first declarations were made under thecontrol of the Polish authorities which had arrested him.

The autobiography of Rudolf H?ss indicates on page 174 of the Frenchedition :

"At the time of my first cross-examination, the first confessionswere obtained by beating me. I do not know what there is in that reportalthough I signed it." (5.956).


(Hoess signed an 8-page typescript at 2.30 in the morning of March 14th1946 which does not essentially differ from what he later wrote and saidat Nuremberg or Cracow.)

Hoess himself describes in hand-written notes made at Cracow the circumstancesof the first interrogatory to which he was subjected by the British militarypolice.

"I was arrested on March 11th 1946 at llPM...The Field SecurityPolice subjected me to painful treatment. I was dragged until Heide, preciselyto the barracks where, eight months earlier, I had been released by theEnglish. It was there I was interrogated for the first time, during whichharsh means were used. I do not know the contents of the report even thoughI signed it. So much liquor and whip-lashes got the better even of me...Afew days later, I was taken to Meiden-on-the-Weser, the main interrogationcenter of the British zone. There, I fared even worse at the hands of apublic attorney, a commander."


Source: Document NO-1210

It was only in 1983 that there was confirmation of the tortures inflictedupon Rudolf Hoess to obtain the "proof" of the "two and ahalf million" Jews exterminated by him at Auschwitz.

This book was written by Rupert Butler and was called : "Legionsof Death" (Hamlyn Paperbacks). It publishes the testimony of BernardClarke, who arrested Rudolf H?ss after finding out his whereabouts fromhis wife after threat of death to herself and her children. Hoess was arrestedat the farm where he was hiding on March 11th 1946. Butler describes howit took three days of torture to obtain a "coherent declaration",eg. the one we have just quoted, signed March 14 th 1946 at 2 in the morning.

As soon as he was arrested, Hoess was beaten so hard that "in theend,the health officer intervened with insistence to the captain : tellhim to stop or you'll bring back a corpse."

It must be noted that Butler and his interlocutor Clarke both seem highlysatisfied with these acts of torture.

The American enquiry committee made up of judges Van Roden and Simpson,sent to Germany in 1948 to investigate irregularities committed by the Americanmilitary court at Dachau (which had tried 1,500 German prisoners and sentenced420 of them to death), established that the accused had been subjected tophysical and psychological torture of every sort to force them to make thedesired "confessions". Thus 137 out of 139 German prisoners examinedhad been kicked in testicles, receiving permanent injuries.

Source : Interview with Judge Edward L. Van Roden, in "The Progressive",February 1949.

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