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Top: Jewish Intellectual Assault Tactics: Current Intellectual Assaults by Jews on Non-Jews: Defamation of Jew Watch Scholarly Web Site: Mossad's Criminal DOS Internet Server Attack Hits Jew Watch on February 1, 2022

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Jew Watch Hit by Another Mossad Criminal DOS Attack, Feb. 1, 2006
Worldwide Internet Services News, February 1, 2022

New York - February 1, 2022 - Jew Watch was attacked by felons in Israel today who triggered thousands of Denial of Service hits designed to crash its server and remove it from the Internet. The attacks began on Monday, January 30, 2006, when the Jew Watch Librarian's "World Today" broadcast was in progress over the Internet. The attacks continued the next day. On the third day, February 1, 2006, the attacks intensified, causing the server to be turned off several times to wait out the most severe DOS hits. According to Jew Watch, such attacks cannot be sustained forever. They are, by their nature, intense, yet limited by time constraints.

Frank Weltner, Librarian of Jew Watch, said, "Our server easily survived the attacks by Zionists. These felons are used to getting whatever they want, and evidently printing the truthful information about what Jewish persons, organizations, and nations have done to mess up the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries is on their personal censorship agenda."

Mr. Weltner also stated, "No one including some Mossad agent in Israel is going to stop the free dissemination of truthful, scholarly information on Jew Watch. Look at it from a humanitarian point of view. The Jews ran the Soviet Union and murdered more than 65 million Gentiles, then lied and said that Russia was anti-Semitic when, in fact, anti-Semites faced the death penalty. Obviously, that lie makes very little sense to anyone with a mind. Our library of information, Jew Watch, cannot allow the deaths of these 65 million Christians in the USSR at the hands of their Jewish Masters, including Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Sverdlev, Kaganovitch, and Yagoda to be forgotten. We shall never forget, never forgive, never stop our work. Jew Watch shall always publish the absolute facts concerning what these murdering Jews did there. This information is true, ethical, and must confront all Jews in all ages from now on. In addition, survivors of the Jewish USSR horror must receive reparations from Israel and all Jewish organizations for each life, farm, and dwelling which the Soviet Union's Jewish leaders have destroyed through murder and intimidation."

Mr. Weltner noted that Jews have been trying to knock Jew Watch out of its honest position as the most scholarly, visited, studied, and linked web site on Jewish history in the world which it has held for years. "I think our admirers are far more numerous than our detractors," Mr. Weltner said. "The Jew Watch effort will continue long after I am gone, because it is set up to last forever. We will never be gone."

Millions of files, pages, hits, and other measures are disseminated to many nations including Israel where many avid readers wait daily for Jew Watch news feeds, according to Jew Watch. "We serve the needs not only of Gentiles but of Jews," Mr. Weltner said. "No one likes to read about Jews more than Jews. You can bet they are all over Jew Watch, sniffing out the facts. Our Israeli statistics are quite high, especially considering the small number of  5 million Jews who reside there."

The most recent attacks may have stemmed from frustrated Zionists who had worked hard to force Jew Watch into the #2 position for visitors and links. However, their victory appeared to be pyrrhic and only lasted five days, after which worldwide demand for Jew Watch articles naturally pushed that website right back into its traditional place at the top of the Internet's ranks in Jew Watch's specific frame of reference.

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