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Jew Watch Hit by Another Mossad Criminal DOS Attack, Feb. 2, 2006
Worldwide Internet Services News, February 2, 2022

New York - February 2, 2022 - Jew Watch announced today that its main server was nearly destroyed by felons in Israel whose DOS attacks over-worked its hard drives causing one of them to fail. The scholarly archive was knocked off of the Internet for several hours intermittently in many locations due to the continued bombardment by Trojan Horse software viruses on thousands of computers.

Jew Watch blamed Jews in Israel and America. Jew Watch pointed out that according to hundreds of newspaper articles archived within its web sites, the nation of Israel is a known homeland for hackers, spyware aficionados, anti-free speech intimidators, and Internet mafia characters.

"One of the reasons they are hacking us now is that we have overcome their measly 5-day success in relegating Jew Watch to #2 on the Internet," said a Jew Watch spokesman. "The enemies of knowledge performed their erstwhile 'miracle of deceit' through incessant and illegal 'Googling' of search engine variables which momentarily and artificially made them appear to be stronger than Jew Watch itself. No one is stronger or more visited than Jew Watch for Jewish history, links, and news."

"We are making efforts to remove the ability of Mossad operatives and friends from harming our message from reaching those who most need to read and hear it," said Frank Weltner, Librarian for the famous scholarly archive of information. "I want to assure all of the thousands of scholars of Jewish history who come to our site on a regular basis that we will have happier days ahead in the very near future. The time won't be too distant when interruptions by the enemies of scholarship and education will be hard-pressed to slow our message for even a moment."

Mr. Weltner said that Jew Watch contingency plans to thwart its many enemies were secret, but that disruptions would be non-existent once the new operational structure within the web is in place which is designed to negate all hacker attacks even those from tens of thousands of computers. Jew Watch indicated that the changes should be in effect within 36 hours for most persons and that even before that deadline for completion of changes, Jew Watch would most likely be operating perfectly. Although Jew Watch was slowed down by the attacks, most scholars who wished to do so were able nonetheless to complete their research tasks at the great scholarly web site.

"We will not be shut down," Mr. Weltner said. "We intend to prosecute all such hacking and to file civil rights complaints with the appropriate authorities. We expect these departments who are assigned to violations of civil rights to do their job and to go after the Jews who have dedicated their time to these Mossad-like activities against freedom and research at the expense of historians.

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