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Top: Jewish Leaders Folder:  Peter R. Kann, CEO, Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones


The Wall Street Journal

Corporate Profile for Dow Jones & Company
Jan. 22, 1998
Dow Jones & Company 200 Liberty Street
New York, N.Y. 10281
Telephone No.: 212/416-2000

Chief Executive Officer: Peter R. Kann

Company description: Dow Jones & Company is a leading publisher of business news, information services and community newspapers. Revenue exceeded $2.4 billion in 1996. The Wall Street Journal, the company's flagship publication, is the global business daily. With The Wall Street Journal Europe and The Asian Wall Street Journal, world-wide circulation exceeds 1.9 million. The Wall Street Journal Americas is a daily Spanish and Portuguese-language news section inserted into leading Central and Latin American newspapers. Dow Jones' other publications include Barron's, Far Eastern Economic Review, National Business Employment Weekly, The Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly Edition, The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition and SmartMoney magazine, a joint venture with Hearst Corp. Financial information services include: Dow Jones Markets, a supplier of real-time market data and news to the international financial community; Dow Jones Newswires, including the Dow Jones News Service; and Dow Jones Interactive Publishing, which provides business information to corporations, business professionals and private investors by computer, telephone, facsimile and radio. Dow Jones is co-owner with NBC of the CNBC television operations in Asia and Europe, which beginning in early 1998 will be branded "a service of NBC and Dow Jones." Dow Jones will also provide news content to CNBC in the U.S., which will be similarly branded during the business day. Worldwide, the new CNBC will reach more than 165 million homes. Ottaway Newspapers Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, publishes community newspapers. 

URL: http://www.dowjones.com

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