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Yevgeny Primakov
Prime Minister of Russia
Real Jewish Name: Pinchas Finkelstein

Yevgeny Primakov's Hidden Jewish Names and Background...

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The new prime minister of Russia, Yevgeny Primakov, chosen by Berezovsky and the other Jewish oligarchs, has been praised by the New York Times as a tough, experienced bureaucrat: just the sort to straighten out Russia's economic problems. What the New York Times has not said is that "Primakov" is not the name he was born with. His family name actually is Finkelstein, and his Jewish parents called him "Pinchas" -- Pinchas Finkelstein. prime minister of Russia. Amazing, isn't it? -- "A Confluence of Crises," Transcription of Complete American Dissident Voices Broadcast of September 19, 1998, by William Pierce

A Confluence of Crises - As Read By William Pierce


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