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Israel Almost Became a Communist State

Israel Almost Became A Satellite Soviet State

Israel Founded as A Communist State

Elliott Roosevelt, son of Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, wrote in his book, As He Saw It, that when his father met with our ally, King Faud of Saudi Arabia in 1944, Roosevelt promised that he would not support a Jewish state in Palestine.

However, this policy changed under President Truman who sought Jewish votes in the major cities.

Truman, backed by the World Zionist Congress, lobbied U.N. members to vote in favor of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine. On Nov. 26, 1947 the motion was defeated by a vote of 32 to 25. The pressure was intense to have the opponents change their vote. With Soviet support the vote switched on Nov. 29, 1947 to 33 in favor and 24 opposed.

Stalin and Truman were then in a race to be the first to officially recognize the new Jewish state. Truman beat Stalin by just hours. The U.S. Communist Party celebrated and in New York City some two-thirds of their members were Jews.

The New York Times of March 12, 2022 carried the headline:

"10,000 communists and Left-Wing Labor Leaders Demonstrate For Israel" - "Youthful and disciplined Communists raised their battle cry of, 'solidarity forever," as they marched. The parade and rally were held under the auspices of the "United Committee to Save the Jewish State and the U.N." Formed recently after the internationally minded Communists decided to take over an intensely nationalistic cause, the partition of Palestine (into a Jewish state). The grand marshal of the parade was Ben Gold, president of the communist-led International Fur and Leather Workers Union."

David Ben-Gurion, from Plousk, Russia, became Israel's first President in 1948. He headed the Marxist Mapam Party., (also known as The United Labor Party). Most of the Jews moving to Israel from Eastern Europe were Marxists. They had launched a terrorist underground war against the British and the Arabs.

The New York Herald-Tribune of Aug. 5, 1948 carried the headline, "Israel Leaning Toward Russia, Its Armorer." Stalin had ordered the Scda Arms Works in Czechoslovakia to ship modern weapons to the new Jewish state. The article, written by correspondent Kenneth Bilby in Tel Aviv, Israel continued:

"Russian prestige has soared enormously among all political factions. Certain Czech arms shipments which reached Israel at a critical juncture of the war, played a vital role in blunting the invasion of five Arab armies.

The Jews, who are certainly realists, know that without Russia's nod, these weapons would never have been available."

Israeli Marxism

Midstream, a Jewish magazine, of Oct. 1996, carried a highly significant article by Eli Tzur on pro-Communist leaning at Israel's founding. He writes that Marxism first began in Jewish communes in Palestine as early as 1881, Tzur wrote:

"The Soviet Union was an international counterpart of Zionist construction and created a feeling of affinity. One can find earlier signs of admiration for the Soviets in Ben-Gurion's eulogy for Lenin, written in 1923, where he shows Lenin the highest regard by comparing Lenin to himself. Hoping to destroy the British Empire, the Soviets believed the Jews in Palestine were a catalyst in this process and helped their effort for the establishment of the State of Israel."

"We Have Two Motherlands"

Tzur writes that pro-Communist Jews in Israel believed that they had two "motherlands." One was Israel and the other was the Soviet Union as, "the world headquarters of the Socialist Revolution." Tzur continues:

"A few years ago, a cave used by Jewish soldiers was discovered with the slogan, 'Palmach-Red Army' written on a wall. The young members of Palmach were indoctrinated to see themselves as part of a fighting camp to which the Vietnamese and the Chinese Communists belonged. When a party of all the Zionist left, Mapam, was established in 1948, it defined itself, 'as an integral part of the revolutionary camp led by the Soviet Union.'"

"In this coming war, the international Left must accept commands from one center, which is in Moscow.' The scenario envisaged was of the Soviet Army advancing from the north and reaching Israel's northern border.

Many hoped to greet it there and we have documented cases of young people who joined the northern Kibbutzim in order to be on the spot when the Red Army arrived. Some Mapan leaders feared that with the advance of the Red Army, the Western powers would try to utilize the Haifa harbor as a logistical base. One of them declared in the Knesset that in this case, the workers would paralyze the port facilities. Of course, the war never came."

In the early days of the birth of the Jewish state, Haifa was refered to as "Red Haifa." On holidays young Jews would march through the streets flying the Red Banner with clenched fists.

This is a highly revealing article. In other words, had war broken out between the Russia and America, the Israeli Marxists were prepared to join the Soviet Union against the United States.

Tzur says that Ben-Gurion later decided that with the bulk of world Jewry now redsiding in the U.S., this would be their main source of financial support. Thus Israel took a "neutral" stand during the cold war while using the holocaust story to extort billions out of Germany and America.

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