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Top: JewishOccupied Governments: UnitedStates: 1995-1996 Soft Money Came Mostly From Jewish Controlled Sources


Contributors To Democrats To Republicans Total Industry
Philip Morris Cos.* $496,518$2,520,518 $3,017,036Tobacco
Joseph E. Seagram Sons*
Edgar M.Bronfman Jr. $435,000
Lew R. Wasserman $225,000
Edgar M. Bronfman $160,000
Sidney J. Sheinberg $100,000
1,261,700 677,145 1,938,845Beer, wine
RJR Nabisco Inc.* 254,756 1,188,175 1,442,931Tobacco
Walt Disney Co.* 1,063,050 296,450 1,359.500Media/
Atlantic Richfield Co.* 486,372 764,471 1,250843Oil gas
American Federation of State,
County and municipal Employees*
1,134,9620 1,134,962Public sector
Communications Workers of America* 1,130,300 0 1,130,300Industrial union
AT Corp.* 422,184 552,340 974,524Telephone
Federal Express* 592,625 380,900 973,525Air transport
MCI Telecommunications Corp.* 607,296 357,218 964,514Telephone
Association of Trial Lawyers
of America*
606,300 197,100 803,400Lawyers/
law firms
Lazard Freres Co.*
Felix G. and Elizabeth Rohatyn $415,000
Steven Rattner and Maureen White $179,500
Ira J. Harris $103,000
624,500 163,100 787,600Securities investment
Revlon Group/MacAndrews Forbes* 623,250 140,000 763,250Manufacturing
Anheuser-Bush Cos.* 401,107 359,950 761,057Beer, wine
Eli Lilly Co.* 239,850 506,985 746,835Pharmaceuticals
/health products
Food Commercial Workers Union* 727,550 0 727,550Misc. union
Time Warner Inc.* 401,250 325,000 726,250Media
Chevron Corp. 176,050 526,256 702,306Oil gas
Archer Daniels Midland Co.* 295,000 405,000 700,000Agricultural
Enron Corp.*
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lay $145,000
142,400 544,500 686,900Oil gas
US Tobacco Co.* 118,362 556,603 674,965Tobacco
News Corp.*
Rupert and A.M. Murdoch $270,000
20,000 654,700 674,700Media/
NYNEX Corp.* 240,347 411,255 651,602Telephone
Textron Inc. 274,700 373,300 648,000Defense/
American Financial Corp.*
Carl H. Lindner $1500,000
115,000 530,000 645,000Insurance
Goldman, Sachs Co.8
Jon S. Corzine $227,500
Peter F. Mathias $100,000
Robert B. Menschel $100,000
Barrie Wigmore $100,000
542,500 102,185 644,685Securities &
Brown Williamson Tobacco 7,500 635,000 642,500Tobacco
Laborers Union* 627,088 7,500 634,588Building trade
Bernard Schwartz, Loral Corp. 601,000 30,500 631,500Defense electronics
Integrated Health Services Inc.*
Robert N. Elkins $104,000
574,000 35,000 609,000Hospitals/
nursing homes
Northwest Airlines*
Alfred A. Checchi $100,000
327,400 257,045 584,445Air transport
Entergy Corp.* 295,000 286,975 581,975Electric utilities
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association* 139,635 438,053 577,688Insurance
WMX Technologies* 187,200 389,300 576,500Waste
PaineWebber Inc.* 155,700 405,050 560,750Securities &
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.** 287,500 270,000 557,500Real estate
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.* 114,500 437,900 552,400Pharmaceuticals
/health products
BankAmerica Corp. 192,939 353,850 546,789Commercial banks
Travelers Group Inc.* 199,349 340,595 539,944Insurance
Telecommunications Inc.* 130,000 403,950 533,950Media/
Tobacco Institute* 106,044 424,795 530,839Tobacco
DreamWorks SKG*
David Geffen $205,000
Steven Spielberg $200,000
Jeffrey Katzenberg $125,000
530,000 0 530,000Media/
Milberg, Weiss et al.*
Melvyn I. Weiss $250,000
530,000 0 530,000Lawyers/law firms
Coca-Cola Co.* 163,120 356,620 519,740Food beverage
Pfizer Inc.* 100,500 411,395 511,895Pharmaceuticals/
health products
Glaxo Wellcome Inc.* 46,400 463,600 510,000Pharmaceuticals/
health products
General Motors Corp.* 76,900 426,425 503,325Automotive
Hayes, Mariam Cannon 0 500,000 500,000Republican/
Hiatt, Arnold (Stride-Rite Foundation) 500,000 0 500,000Nonprofit

*Includes donations from subsidiaries and affiliatedindividuals.
**Based on data available on-line from the FEC on Feb. 3 and data takenfrom the parties year-end reports filed on Jan. 31. Does not include contributionsfrom state party and candidate committees or transfers between the nationalparty committees.
SOURCE: Center for Responsive Politics from Federal Election Commissiondata, Jan. 1, 1995, through Dec. 31, 1996.

c.1997 The Washington Post Company

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