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The war behind the scenes: Zionist elements of "neo-con" Bush administration seeks to seal leaks about Zionism's U.S. foreign policy hegemony.
FBI investigates suspected Pentagon security breaches,
By Guy Dinmore, Financial Times, September 7, 2021
"An FBI investigation into suspected security breaches involving Pentagon officials and Israel is unlikely to result in prosecution of senior figures following pressure from the White House, according to people familiar with the case. The investigation has highlighted concerns that a small group of neo-conservatives in the Pentagon not only may have divulged classified information to Israel, but also tried to mount intelligence and foreign policy operations without informing the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency. Analysts said that although the neo-conservative proponents of regime change in Iraq and Iran had fallen out of favour with the White House, the presidential election in November still afforded them protection. The White House denied allegations of a cover-up. A spokesman said there was full support for the investigation. Sources familiar with the investigation said the White House and John Ashcroft, the US attorney-general, had intervened to apply the brakes. “The White House is leaning on the FBI. Some people in the FBI are very upset, they think Ashcroft is playing politics with this,” a former intelligence official said. Paul McNulty, the Virginia district attorney in charge of the probe, had been told to slow down, the sources said ... Stephen Green, author and investigative reporter, said the FBI had interviewed him about several prominent neo-conservatives, including Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary, Douglas Feith, undersecretary for policy at the Pentagon, as well as former officials including Richard Perle, Stephen Bryen and Michael Ledeen. The FBI is said to be looking back at investigations into alleged breaches of security involving Israel and current and former officials. None of the cases reached court. However, David Frum, former speechwriter for the president, said the investigators had found nothing serious and were about to drop the matter. He described what he called an anti-Israeli obsession among some parts of the administration who viewed Israel “not as the ally it is by law and treaty but as the source of all the trouble in the Middle East and the world”."

By DEBORAH ORIN, New York Daily News, March 1, 2022
"Democratic front-runner John Kerry held a private huddle with Jewish leaders in New York yesterday to ease concerns about his views on Israel, fueled by his remarks to an Arab group last fall that Israel's security fence is a "provocative" barrier to peace. Those present said Kerry reassured the group by defending Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's approach at a time when Sharon has no Palestinian partner and also defended the fence as an Israeli security measure - a reversal from his remarks last fall. "A large part of the American Jewish community is pleased with President Bush's policy on Israel, and since Kerry criticizes the president's foreign policy, people want to know if that's true on Israel," said Anti-Defamation League Director Abraham Foxman. Foxman and others present said Kerry gave very pro-Israel remarks and was well-received. Jews traditionally vote strongly Democratic - 79 percent for Al Gore in 2000 - and possible defections to back Bush now, because of his Iraq and pro-Israel policies, is a worry for Democrats. Last October, at an Arab American Institute conference in Dearborn, Mich., then-candidate Sen. Joe Lieberman got booed for defending the Israeli fence, while Kerry called it "provocative" and said, "We do not need another barrier to peace." But at a CBS debate yesterday just before he met the Jewish leaders, Kerry said it's "a fence necessary to the security of Israel until they have a partner to be able to negotiate" - he took a similar line at the meeting, those present said. Kerry also joked that he'd be the first president to have Jewish relatives visiting the White House. His brother Cameron married a Jewish woman and converted to Judaism. Kerry is Catholic, although his paternal grandparents were Jewish. Cameron Kerry has been in New York for the past several days holding private meetings with Jewish leaders, officials said. Kerry also backed away from a prior speech in which he suggested he'd name a Mideast envoy like Jimmy Carter, Reagan-Bush aide James Baker or Bill Clinton - raising alarms among Jewish leaders, who see Carter and Baker as anti-Israel. Instead, sources said, Kerry yesterday floated names like Clinton adviser Sandy Berger and Bush-Clinton Mideast adviser Dennis Ross as the kind of people he'd rely on; both are seen as far more sympathetic to Israel. Kerry has been sharply critical of Bush for what he describes as unilateral action. But he told the Jewish leaders that he supported Israel's unilateral action to bomb Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, those present said."

Kerry relatives killed in Holocaust,
BY THOMAS FRANK, Newsday, March 1, 2022
"Since Sen. John Kerry discovered a year ago that his father's father was Jewish-born, he has struggled over whether and how to talk about his Jewish background. The roots are surprising for a Massachusetts politician with an Irish name and Catholic upbringing. Kerry did not know the extent of his Jewish roots until a year ago when a genealogist in Vienna, hired by The Boston Globe, discovered that Kerry's paternal grandfather, Frederick Kerry, a converted Catholic, was actually born Fritz Kohn to Jewish parents in what was Austria-Hungary, now part of the Czech Republic. Kerry, 60, has known for about 16 years that his paternal grandmother was born Jewish as Ida Lowe and converted to Catholicism. Sunday, the Vienna genealogist, Felix Gundacker, posted new findings on his Web site that the Nazis killed two of Ida Lowe's siblings -- a sister in the Treblinka concentration camp, and a brother in Theresienstadt, a Czechoslovakian ghetto that held Jews before they were taken to camps. "I'm very touched by the knowledge that one of my relatives was in the Holocaust," Kerry said in an interview last night. "It gives an even greater personal sense of connection [to the Holocaust] that is very real and very touching. It makes you wonder how horrible their lives must have been." Kerry initially embraced his grandfather's Jewish roots when they were discovered a year ago. Two days after the Globe published a long front-page story disclosing his grandfather's background, Kerry talked about it to a Jewish group in Florida to assert a personal connection to Israel. Kerry brought up his grandparents' heritage again in November, speaking to Jewish Democrats in Des Moines. Since then Kerry has shied away from the subject, even as he campaigned recently in New York and California, which hold presidential primaries Tuesday and have the largest Jewish populations in the country, accounting for about 42 percent of the 6.2 million Jews in the United States. Meeting with about 60 Jewish leaders and politicians Sunday in Manhattan, Kerry made no mention of his grandparents or any Jewish ties as he talked about Israel, according to two people at the meeting. "I talked about it a little bit when I first learned about it. Then people seemed to think, 'Oh, wow, now he's trying to be this or that,'" Kerry said Friday. A Republican strategist in Boston was quoted a year ago in the Globe warning that Kerry should be "very careful to make sure people don't think he's trying to be all things to all people." And after the speech in November, a Globe reporter pressed Kerry on whether he was identifying himself as Jewish. "It just seemed simpler to go on the way I've been," Kerry said. "I had a sense people were saying, 'Now he's trying to use that for political purposes or something,' and I don't want to do that. I don't want people to sense that there's some great transition. If it comes up, I mention it."

Bush Or Kerry? Look Closely And The Danger Is The Same,
by John Pilger, ZNet, (from the New Statesman, March 4, 2022
"A myth equal to the fable of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is gaining strength on both sides of the Atlantic. It is that John Kerry offers a world-view different from that of George W Bush. Watch this big lie grow as Kerry is crowned the Democratic candidate and the "anyone but Bush" movement becomes a liberal cause celebre. While the rise to power of the Bush gang, the neoconservatives, belatedly preoccupied the American media, the message of their equivalents in the Democratic Party has been of little interest. Yet the similarities are compelling. Shortly before Bush's "election" in 2000, the Project for the New American Century, the neoconservative pressure group, published an ideological blueprint for "maintaining global US pre-eminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests". Every one of its recommendations for aggression and conquest was adopted by the administration. One year later, the Progressive Policy Institute, an arm of the Democratic Leadership Council, published a 19-page manifesto for the "New Democrats", who include all the principal Democratic Party candidates, and especially John Kerry. This called for "the bold exercise of American power" at the heart of "a new Democratic strategy, grounded in the party's tradition of muscular internationalism". Such a strategy would "keep Americans safer than the Republicans' go-it-alone policy, which has alienated our natural allies and overstretched our resources. We aim to rebuild the moral foundation of US global leadership ..." What is the difference from the vainglorious claptrap of Bush? Apart from euphemisms, there is none. All the Democratic presidential candidates supported the invasion of Iraq, bar one: Howard Dean. Kerry not only voted for the invasion, but expressed his disappointment that it had not gone according to plan. ... Collusion between the Bush and Gore camps was common. During the 2000 election, Richard Holbrooke, who probably would have become Gore's secretary of state, conspired with Paul Wolfowitz to ensure their respective candidates said nothing about US policy towards Indonesia's blood-soaked role in south-east Asia. "Paul and I have been in frequent touch," said Holbrooke, "to make sure we keep [East Timor] out of the presidential campaign, where it would do no good to American or Indonesian interests." The same can be said of Israel's ruthless, illegal expansion, of which not a word was and is said: it is a crime with the full support of both Republicans and Democrats. John Kerry supported the removal of millions of poor Americans from welfare rolls and backed extending the death penalty."

Kosher Kerry Cons Christian America - Crikey! Democrat hopeful says personal Jewish heritage a 'revelation',
by Joe Vialls, February 21, 2022
"[John Kerry]: 'My first trip to Israel made real for me all I'd believed about Israel. I was allowed to fly an air force jet from the Ovda Airbase. It was then that Israeli insecurity about narrow borders became very real to me. In a matter of minutes, I came close to violating the airspace of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. From that moment on, I felt as Israelis do: The promise of peace must be secure before the Promised Land is secure on a thin margin of land. "Back on the ground on that first trip, I toured the country from Kibbutz Mizgav Am to Masada to the Golan. I stood in the very shelter in a kibbutz in the north where children were attacked and I looked at launching sites and impact zones for Katousha rockets. "I was enthralled by Tel Aviv, moved by Jerusalem and inspired by standing above Capernaum, looking out over the Sea of Galilee, where I read aloud the Sermon on The Mount. I met people of stunning commitment, who honestly and vigorously debated the issues as I watched and listened intently. I went as a friend by conviction; I returned a friend at the deepest personal level. "As the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel has both the burden and the glory of a vigorous public square. We as Americans must be the truest and best kind of ally--forthright enough to say what we think--and steadfast enough to stay the course in hard passages as well as easy days. Herzl's famous words--"If you will it, it is no dream"--signify the promise and the greatest power of Israel--and the hope that a fair and secure peace can be achieved. We must be committed to support Israel in the exacting, essential search for that dream. "I will never forget a moment on top of Masada, when I stood on that great plateau where the oath of new soldiers used to be sworn against the desert backdrop and the test of history. I had spent several hours with Yadin Roman debating whether or not Josephus Flavius was correct in his account of the siege--whether these really were the last Jews fighting for survival--whether they had escaped since no remains were ever found. "After our journey through history--which we resolved with a vote in favor of history as recorded--we stood as a group at the end of the cliff and altogether we shouted across the chasm--across the desert--Am Yisrael Chai. And across the silence we listened as voices came back--faintly we heard the echo of the souls of those who perished--Am Yisrael Chai. "The State of Israel lives. The people of Israel live. In this difficult time we must again reaffirm we are enlisted for the duration--and reaffirm our belief that the cause of Israel must be the cause of America--and the cause of people of conscience everywhere."

Russian Jew named prime minister brings out Jewish pride — and anxiety,
By Lev Krichevsky, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, March 2, 2022
"The Jewish man named Russia’s new prime minister is little known to the country’s Jewish community. But Jewish leaders welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s selection this week of Mikhail Fradkov, currently Russia’s envoy to the European Union in Brussels. Jewish leaders said Fradkov, who was expected to be approved by the pro-Putin majority in the Russian Parliament on Friday, has had no interaction with the organized Jewish community. If approved, Fradkov would be the first identified Jew to serve as Russia’s prime minister. His father is known to be Jewish, and while the background of his mother is unclear, he was profiled in a biographical volume of the Russian Jewish Encyclopedia that was published in 1997 ... For some Russian Jewish leaders, Fradkov’s Jewishness is welcome. “This nomination sends a clear signal to everyone,” said Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Russian Jewish Congress. “It means that Russia’s president is an absolute pragmatist, it means that a person’s nationality does not mean anything to him, and that he is judging people by their business and personal qualities.” Satanovsky said that while Russia’s next Cabinet’s policies may remain an open question, Russian Jews already have received an answer to an important question. “This question is: Can a Jew become Russian prime minister? The answer is yes. The next question can only be whether a Jew can be Russia’s president. But this nomination basically means that in today’s Russia a Jew can be anything. And this is very positive,” Satanovsky said. But others are expressing mixed feelings about Fradkov’s nomination, worrying that it could cause a backlash. “Of course, this is an overall positive thing to Jews,” said Lyudmila Krasnopolskaya, an English-language instructor at a Moscow college. “Yet given this, I’m not sure this choice will necessarily make all Russians that happy.” A recent conference on xenophobia and racism in Russia held last week in Moscow reported that more than 60 percent of Russians have xenophobic sentiments, and many are anti-Semitic. “There are people in the society who can try to make this an issue,” said Lazar, speaking of Fradkov’s Jewish background. “I know there are people even inside the Kremlin whom this nomination will not make extremely happy,” Satanovsky said."

[The New York Times thinks the new Jewish prime minister of Russia is a swell development.]
A Promising Choice in Russia,
New York Times, Published: March 3, 2022
"Everything Vladimir Putin does these days is perceived as a move to further consolidate his power. Certainly, he has no shortage of power, with a rubber-stamp Parliament in place and an inevitable landslide in the presidential election on March 14. But the real question is how he intends to use that power, and the nomination of Mikhail Fradkov as the new prime minister points in a promising direction. Mr. Fradkov, 53, has spent the last few years working on some of Russia's toughest issues — as a foreign trade official, as chief tax collector and, most recently, as envoy to the European Union. He's been doing what Russia needs to do: reform the administration, get the books in order, combat corruption, halt capital flight and work on Russia's international standing. True, Mr. Fradkov is a man with no evident charisma or political ambition, and thus poses far less of a political threat to Mr. Putin than the fired prime minister, Mikhail Kasyanov. But most heads of government in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union have been little-known technocrats who served at the pleasure of the president. Mr. Fradkov is also probably a onetime K.G.B. official, like his boss. But that is not necessarily why Mr. Putin picked him. Mr. Fradkov's career suggests that he was on the trade and economic side of the Soviet intelligence octopus, not the cloak-and-dagger side, and he was already in the regular government ranks when Mr. Putin got to the Kremlin. What is more important is that Mr. Fradkov was not involved in the corrupt privatization schemes under Boris Yeltsin, and apparently has not been part of the infighting among various Kremlin factions. His appointment may be a sign that Mr. Putin finally has the confidence to pick someone capable of beginning serious economic reforms in the president's second term. Mr. Putin has accumulated too much power for anyone to feel comfortable, in or out of Russia, and it is imperative that he be reminded at every step that he is being carefully watched for any further symptoms of despotism. But it is also important not to become blinded to the possibility that Mr. Putin may use his power to point Russia in the right direction. The appointment of a competent official with a solid track record and valuable foreign experience is, for now at least, a reassuring sign."

Putin's PM to mark new EU relationship?,
EUpolitix.com, March 2, 2022
"As Europe attempts to rethink its approach to relations with Russia, a shake-up could be on the cards from the Moscow side too. After controversial former EU ambassador Mikhail Fradkov rose to the top of the pile to become Russia’s new prime minister, Brussels is watching with anticipation to see if his nomination will mark a change in relations, and if so, if it is necessarily for the better. President Vladimir Putin has called him a “good, strong communicator” and EU officials have similarly welcomed his nomination, but behind the scenes Fradkov’s pedigree has brought mixed responses. Many see the naming of the largely unknown bureaucrat as adroit manoeuvering by Putin to wrap his fingers even more tightly around the reins of power back home. Fradkov has little political power at home and analysts have variously called him a 'colourless', and a 'compromise candidate who stands for nothing.' Conversely, Fradkov boasts a wealth of contacts and experience in the international arena that many other Muscovites can only dream of. Having worked in external trade both during and after communism, Fradkov has all the expertise to fight Russia’s corner in the current dispute with Brussels over what trade terms will govern the EU’s ten new states ... The 53-year-old bureaucrat of Jewish origin is, however, anything but a colourless paper-pusher. In 1995, he was embroiled in a scandal after allegedly skimming 150 million roubles from state funds to construct a villa in Moscow’s chic western district. The case, however, never came to court after a room housing key documents was burnt down. Fradkov has never been a formal member of the KGB, but there is much conjecture over his links with the secret police service which may have given him the occasional leg-up on his illustrious career path. He also served as head of Russia’s tax police – a sign many believe that Putin intends to continue his hard line against Russia’s oligarchs. Fradkov is still to be formally accepted by the Duma on March 5, but with Putin enjoying two thirds support in the house, the job looks already to be his."

$10,000 challenge,
USS Liberty
"The Liberty Veterans Association offers a $10,000 reward to anyone who can establish the truth of A. Jay Cristol's claim: "After ten official US investigations (including five congressional investigations), there was never any evidence that the attack was made with knowledge that the target was a US ship." The LVA has disputed the truth of this statement for years. We believe it is untrue. We believe that the best way to prove that it is untrue is to offer a reward to anyone (including Mr. Cristol) who can prove that it is true. Address responses to challenge@ussliberty.com Today is Day Four of the challenge."

Fagin and the Labor Party,
By Sharon Sadeh, Haaretz (Israel), March 4, 2004
"So, the chairman of the Labor Party in Britain called Oliver Letwin, the Jewish shadow chancellor of the exchequer, a "Fagin for the 21st century." Big deal. He certainly wasn't referring to the Jewish crook in "Oliver Twist." At most he meant ... what did Labor Party chairman Ian McCartney mean? After all, for the British public, Fagin, like Shylock, is a code word, a euphemism that means a Jewish crook, greedy and scheming. McCartney said it out loud and in public in a speech to Labor activists in Scotland. His message was simple: If you elect Conservatives, not only will you get a Jewish chancellor but also of the worst kind, like Fagin. The Jewish community preferred to deal with the spittle as if it were rain. "McCartney is not an anti-Semite, but he should be more careful," was the response of the Board of Deputies, the umbrella organization of the Jewish community. Even if McCartney is innocent of anti-Semitism, the use of terms with anti-Semitic connotations is not accidental. His speech exposed a cynical election strategy, which has crossed the boundary of what is legitimate. A poll published last month by the Jewish Chronicle found that a fifth of Britons would not vote for a Jewish prime minister; one out of seven Britons believe discussion of the Holocaust has become exaggerated and one of out five believes the Jews have too much power. That is all highlighted against the background of the fact that the Conservative Party leadership now includes a particularly large number of Jews, starting with the party leader, Michael Howard, through Letwin and to the chairman of the Tories, Lord Maurice Saatchi, as well as the former foreign minister, Malcolm Rifkind. Through the use of negative and threatening imagery, McCartney has labeled the Conservatives as the "Jewish party," which should be avoided. The struggle between Labor and the Tories is not only over votes, but over money. Ever since Howard was elected head of the Conservatives, there has been a sharp drop in the extent of contributions to Labor by Jewish businessmen. The party is very worried about that. To block the erosion, Chancellor Gordon Brown, the designated heir to Tony Blair, has stepped up his meetings with the community and with representatives of Israel. His speeches, which already had a pro-Israel tone in the past, are more pleasing than ever to Jewish and Israeli ears. The Labor government speaks in two voices. In the one hand it condemns anti-Semitism and is very flattering to the Jewish audience, while on the other hand it winks at voters with prejudices, in a reality in which Jews are still perceived as a fifth column when they reach positions of political power. That perception is not only prevalent in the extreme right, among Muslim fundamentalists or in the lunatic left. It is present in the heart of the establishment itself, no matter how many ceremonies and Holocaust Days are held in Britain. Lord Greville Janner, a Labor Party member and chairman of the Holocaust Education Trust, will never forget the day when he accompanied the Archbishop of Canterbury to an official ceremony. When they entered the House of Lords, he heard someone say, "Who's that walking with the Archbishop?" and heard the answer, "It's that Jew, Janner." Author Salman Rushdie says someone once treated him rudely and afterward apologized, saying, "I was mistakenly informed you are a Jew." Rushdie recalled: "I have never felt a stronger urge to be a Jew, than at that moment." Delegitimizing Israel in the British media has long since been accepted as natural, as if it were fate, while it has been proven that it is directly translated into an increase in anti-Semitic incidents. With his unfortunate remarks, McCartney opened a new front of delegitimization that has penetrated political discourse and inevitably is going to harm, once again, the security of the Jewish community."

Meet the mayor of Casper, Wyoming: Ex-cop, mother and synagogue savior,
by Tami Kamin-Meyer, Virtual Jerusalem (from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
"Barb Watters is not only the new mayor of Casper, Wyoming, she’s also the savior of the city’s Jewish community. Watters is president of Temple Beth El, the only synagogue in Casper, and she’s now only a class away from becoming a Reform movement-sanctioned Jewish community emissary. This, of course, all after entering uncharted territory in January by becoming the first Jew to hold the top spot in Wyoming’s largest city. If things ever get out of hand at the city’s lone synagogue — or at City Hall or at home, which Watters shares with her husband, Mark, and their two children, ages 20 and 15 — Casper’s new mayor can draw from her experience as a Casper policewoman to straighten things out. “Barb is a great example to Jews,” says Rachel Komerofsky, director of outreach at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, which runs the course Watters is taking to become a community leader. The program, called Sh’liah K’hilah, trains lay persons in leading Shabbat and holiday services and meeting communities’ life cycle needs. Watters’ leadership positions — in government and in shul — are the culmination of an interesting, if unusual, career path. Twenty-four years ago, the Ohioan traded her familiar digs in the Buckeye State for the Rocky Mountains to pursue a career in law enforcement. Those days, Watters says, landing a job in criminal justice was difficult unless you were white and male. So in 1980, when she saw an advertisement from the Casper Police Department, she applied and was hired. “I went to Casper not knowing anyone,” she says, but she moved because it was a great opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience. She describes the Casper of the early 1980s as “Godforsaken.” “There was tumbleweed blowing down the middle of Center Street,” she says. What was worse, the social scene for single Jewish women in Casper was bleak, to say the least. “It was tough to meet eligible men,” Watters recalls. Fortunately, a thoughtful police sergeant on Watters’ squad paired the rookie with his brother, who also was eligible, Jewish and looking for love. The couple went out on their first blind date in October 1981, and they were married in August 1982. Watters retired from the force a decade later for stress-related reasons, and she began spending more and more time at the local temple. Not long afterward, however, Temple Beth El fell into disarray when its main lay leader moved back East. Some members wanted to close the temple, but Watters and Sam Wiseman — who had taken over as lay leader after his son, the former lay leader, moved away — insisted on keeping the temple alive. They eventually prevailed. “Without Barb there wouldn’t be a temple,” Wiseman says. But Watters grew anxious about the temple’s heavy reliance on Wiseman, a relative newcomer to Casper from New York who was the only one in town who could lead services. If he left or could not leave services for some reason, the temple would be in trouble. “I started wondering what would happen to us,” she says. “We can’t afford a rabbi.” Somebody had to make sure the Jewish community in Casper was there to stay. ... By American standards, Wyoming’s Jewish population is minuscule. It is one of only five U.S. states without a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary. The synagogue in Casper is home to what Wiseman calls “35 member units” — families and individuals. On High Holidays, 70 to 80 people attend services."

Weiner Presses FBI On Translator Jobs Brooklyn congressman suspects bias in rejection of 90 Sephardic applicants,
by Adam Dickter, Jewish Week, March 5, 2004
"When Sephardim in Brooklyn heard the FBI was looking for translators of Arabic after 9-11, some 90 people — most of Syrian origin — submitted applications. Two years later, not one has been hired. Rep. Anthony Weiner is pressing the bureau for information on why none have made the cut. “We became suspicious that it might be because of their religion or having Israel stamped on their passports,” said Weiner, whose district includes parts of Queens and Brooklyn. “When we asked the FBI to investigate, without specific information about who applied, they couldn’t answer.” With help from Sephardic Bikur Cholim, a social service group that coordinates employment opportunities, Weiner provided the bureau with a list of applicants. In a letter this week to FBI Director William Mueller, Weiner and Reps. Frank Pallone and Robert Andrews of New Jersey and Peter Deutsch of Florida called on Mueller to provide an explanation “to ensure that no bias or discrimination exists.” An FBI spokesman in New York, Jim Margolin, said that of the initial pool of applicants, some were disqualified because they were not citizens. Others did not pass written or oral proficiency tests given by the Department of Defense. “Only one person scored sufficiently to proceed to the next step,” said Margolin, who said he did not know what happened to that applicant. He added that the screening process is a long one that “is not yet complete” and said some of the Sephardic applicants may still be hired if they retake the tests."

First Election Round Goes to Jews,
by David Finnigan, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, March 5, 2022
"While most Jewish politicians easily won Tuesday’s primary election, four out of six Jewish candidates in Los Angeles County Superior Court judge races survived the primaries, with two Jewish women competing this fall in a tough judge’s race. California’s Jewish legislators who retained their seats Tuesday against token or zero opposition included Sen. Barbara Boxer, who had no Democratic opposition and now faces Republican challenger Bill Jones. Los Angeles County’s five Jewish members of Congress — Howard Berman (D-North Hollywood), Jane Harman (D-Venice). Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank), Henry A. Waxman (D-Los Angeles) and Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) — all won, although Sherman faces Republican attorney Robert Levy in November. In the vacant Superior Court Office 69 judge’s race, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Judith Levey Meyer garnered 32.55 percent of Tuesday’s vote and runner-up and Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Donna Groman earned 29.09 percent of ballots cast. The two square off in November as neither took the majority needed (51 percent) of the vote. In other Superior Court races, Jewish candidates either lost to or still are up against Latino opponents. Deputy District Attorneys Daniel Feldstern (Superior Court Office 18) and Jeffrey Gootman (Superior Court Office 29) both came in third in their separate court races, with Feldstern getting 26.1 percent and Gootman 22.3 percent; the top vote-getters in both races respectively were Latino candidates Mildred Escobedo, a Superior Court referee, and attorney Gus Gomez. Deputy District Attorney Laura Priver came in second with 38.2 percent, and in November faces administrative law judge John Gutierrez for the Superior Court Office 52 seat. Superior Court referee Daniel Zeke Zeidler, a dependency referee at Edelman Children’s Court, came in first in the Superior Court Office 69 race with 28.08 percent against his November opponent, Deputy District Attorney David Lopez, who earned 21.5 percent. Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, a Catholic, faces no fall election since he retained his seat with 59.27 percent of the vote. Jewish challenger Deputy District Attorney Denise Moehlman came in third with 9 percent. In state races, Assemblyman Keith Richman (R-Granada Hills) won his primary unopposed, as did Assembly incumbents Jackie Goldberg (D-Los Angeles), Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood) and Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys), with Levine battling Republican schoolteacher Mark Isler this fall. Similarly, state Sen. Sheila Kuehl (D-Los Angeles) had no primary opposition and won. In the 47th District’s open Assembly seat, including Jewish neighborhoods in Pico-Roberston, Westwood and Cheviot Hills, African American Democrats Karen Bass and Nate Holden square off in November, with political science professor Richard Groper coming in fourth with 10 percent of the vote. Republican political consultant Arnold Steinberg said the Jewish community took little interest in Orange County’s onetime Republican congressman Bob Dornan and his late, underfunded attempt to unseat incumbent Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) in the 46th District; Rohrabacher has become more sympathetic to Arab perspectives in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Kinky bid for top job in Texas. Will the Kinkster's pursuit of Dubya's hat stop in Texas? Eccentric American country singer and writer Kinky Friedman has announced he will stand for George W Bush's old job as Texas governor in 2006,
BBC (UK), March 7, 2022
"The man behind the Texas Jewboys band and such best-selling crime novels as Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned is set to run as an independent candidate. While his policies are as yet unclear, Mr Friedman has pledged to "not kiss babies [but] their mothers". Asked why he is standing, he replies: "Why the hell not?" The cigar-smoking country singer says he wants to "fight the wussification of the state of Texas". "I want to rise and shine and bring back the glory of Texas," he adds, describing himself as a "writer of fiction who tells the truth". 'Not so crazy now' Mr Friedman, 59, says he was inspired to stand for governor by the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger in California as well as the recent failed bid of Howard Dean for the Democratic Party presidential nomination ... Correspondents say it remains to be seen how far the unconventional image of the composer of They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore and author of Elvis, Jesus & Coca Cola will appeal to traditional voting lobbies in Texas such as Christian groups. But Mr Friedman says he has little fear that his electoral ambitions will ever be affected by scandal, the bane of many an American politician's career. "There are no skeletons in my closet," he says. "They are all bleaching on a beach somewhere."

Kerry’s Foreign Policy Record Suggests Few Differences with Bush,
by Stephen Zunes, Common Dreams, March 5, 2022
"Those who had hoped that a possible defeat of President George W. Bush in November would mean real changes in U.S. foreign policy have little to be hopeful about now that Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has effectively captured the Democratic presidential nomination. That Senator Kerry supported the Bush Administration’s invasion of Iraq and lied about former dictator Saddam Hussein possessing a sizable arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in order to justify it would be reason enough to not support him. (See my March 1, 2022 article “Kerry’s Support for the Invasion of Iraq and the Bush Doctrine Still Unexplained” ) However, a look at his record shows that Kerry’s overall foreign policy agenda has also been a lot closer to the Republicans than to the rank-and-file Democrats he claims to represent ... He was a co-sponsor of the “Syrian Accountability Act,” passed in November, which demanded under threat of sanctions that Syria unilaterally eliminate its chemical weapons and missile systems, despite the fact that nearby U.S. allies like Israel and Egypt had far larger and more advanced stockpiles of WMDs and missiles, including in Israel’s case hundreds of nuclear weapons. (See my October 30 article, “The Syrian Accountability Act and the Triumph of Hegemony” ) Included in the bill’s “findings” were charges by top Bush Administration officials of Syrian support for international terrorism and development of dangerous WMD programs. Not only have these accusations not been independently confirmed, but they were made by the same Bush Administration officials who had made similar claims against Iraq that had been proven false. Yet Senator Kerry naively trusts their word over independent strategic analysts familiar with the region who have challenged many of these charges. Kerry’s bill also calls for strict sanctions against Syria as well as Syria’s expulsion from its non-permanent seat Security Council for its failure to withdraw its forces from Lebanon according to UN Security Council resolution 520. This could hardly be considered a principled position, however, since Kerry defended Israel’s 22-year long occupation of southern Lebanon, that finally ended less than four years ago, and which was in defiance of this and nine other UN Security Council resolutions. Indeed, perhaps the most telling examples of Kerry’s neo-conservative world view is his outspoken support of the government of right-wing Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, annually voting to send billions of dollars worth of taxpayer money to support Sharon’s occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands seized in the 1967 war. Even as the Israeli prime minister continues to reject calls by Palestinian leaders for a resumption of peace talks, Kerry insists that it is the Palestinian leadership which is responsible for the conflict while Sharon is “a leader who can take steps for peace.” Despite the UN Charter forbidding countries from expanding their territory by force and the passage, with U.S. support, of a series of UN Security Council resolutions calling on Israel to rescind its unilateral annexation of occupied Arab East Jerusalem and surrounding areas, Kerry has long fought for U.S. recognition of the Israeli conquest. He even attacked the senior Bush Administration from the right when it raised concerns regarding the construction of illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, going on record, paradoxically, that “such concerns inhibit and complicate the search for a lasting peace in the region.” He was also critical of the senior Bush Administration’s refusal to veto UN Security Council resolutions upholding the Fourth Geneva Conventions and other international legal principles regarding Israeli colonization efforts in the occupied Palestinian territories. Kerry’s extreme anti-Palestinian positions have bordered on pathological. In 1988, when the PLO which administered the health system in Palestinian refugee camps serving hundreds of thousands of people and already had observer status at the United Nations sought to join the UN’s World Health Organization, Kerry backed legislation that would have ceased all U.S. funding to the WHO or any other UN entity that allowed for full Palestinian membership. Given that the United States then provided for a full one-quarter of the WHO’s budget, such a cutoff would have had a disastrous impact on vaccination efforts, oral re-hydration programs, AIDS prevention, and other vital WHO work in developing countries. The following year, just four days after Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir restated that Israel would never give up the West Bank and Gaza Strip and would continued to encourage the construction of new Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land, Kerry signed a statement that appeared in the Washington Post praising the right-wing prime minister for his “willingness to allow all options to be put on the table.” Kerry described Shamir’s proposal for Israeli-managed elections in certain Palestinian areas under Israeli military occupation as “sincere and far-reaching” and called on the Bush Administration to give Shamir’s plan its “strong endorsement.” This was widely interpreted as a challenge to Secretary of State James Baker’s call several weeks earlier for the Likud government to give up on the idea of a “greater Israel.” In his effort to enhance Shamir’s re-election prospects in 1992, Senator Kerry again criticized the senior President Bush from the right, this time for its decision to withhold a proposed $10 billion loan guarantee in protest of the rightist prime minister’s expansion of illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied territories. The administration’s decision to hold back on the loan guarantees until after the election made possible the defeat of Shamir by the more moderate Yitzhak Rabin. However, when the new Israeli prime minister went to Norway during the summer of 1993 to negotiate with the Palestine Liberation Organization for a peace plan, Kerry joined the Israeli right in continuing to oppose any peace talks between Israel and the PLO. Indeed, for most of his Senate career, Kerry was in opposition of the Palestinians’ very right to statehood. As recently as 1999, he went on record opposing Palestinian independence outside of what the Israeli occupation authorities were willing to allow. Today, Kerry not only defends Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, he has backed Sharon’s policies of utilizing death squads against suspected Palestinian militants. He claims that such tactics are a justifiable response to terrorist attacks by extremists from the Islamic groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, even though neither of them existed prior to Israel’s 1967 military conquests and both emerged as a direct outgrowth of the U.S.-backed occupation and repression that followed."

In America. The Enemies Within,
by Abid Ullah Jan, The Independent Centre for Strategic Studies and Analysis
he world witnesses the third great totalitarian challenge in less than 70 years. The Reichstag fire was an occasion for Nazis to start imposing their ideas through exploiting Germany's power. Later , the communists attempted to impose their ideas by leveraging the Soviet Union's power. And more recently "9/11 ", as many have come to popularize the terrible event, became the second Reichstag Fire for the secular totalitarians, who are now using the US economic and military power to try to impose a reign of global domination under the banner of perfect "ideas" for building "open societies." Secularism remains the corner stone. Interestingly, the US was founded on the ideals of Christianity. And its stress on secular ideology is intensified purely as a weapon for neutralising any perceived threat to American global hegemony. And so, the "war of ideas" is promoted as a war against potential challengers to this domination and it is manifested in reality through invasions and occupations. The problem is that while "open societies" are, today, an interesting ambition, using them as a premise for launching aggressive foreign policy is simply misguided. By doing so, promoters of these policies are falsely presenting the symptoms of the world's political and cultural issues as the root causes of the various problems we all face today. Switching symptom for root cause is dangerous, as I will explain. For this purpose, the “war of ideas” is promoted as a war on “extremist Islamic ideology”[1] and it is translated into reality through occupations and usurping civil liberties. A serious look reveals that the so-called ideas are mere conjecture, presenting symptoms as root causes of the global problems. It is fascinating how these warriors of "ideas" claim to be waging a global war, yet their "ideas" are shallow and illogical. For instance, Thomas Friedman believes the trend of "suicide bombing is spreading" among youth because "local charities provide them with money." [2] This would lead us to assume that it is primarily financial incentives that compel these people to die for their causes, and little more. Will Friedman trade his life for all the wealth he can imagine? The belief that is propagated by the Chief of 'The War of Ideas', Thomas Friedman, is that all of a sudden "a large number of people" started hating Americans. The claim is that these people are "ready to commit suicide" just because they hate open societies. And so, inevitably, we falsely extrapolate the danger: since "these people" can turn anything into weapon, they pose "a much more serious threat than the Soviet Red Army because these human bombs attack the most essential element of an open society: trust." [3] Here is another "idea": Friedman believes that sitting next to a person bent upon blowing up a passenger plane as a violation of trust. No Sir. This is not a violation of trust. This is nothing more than the tragic reaction of an extremely desperate person to what is the real violation of trust; this is a symptom of the most profound violation of trust - when a few individuals - with the most lethal weapons of human history at their disposal - mock and bypass international laws, treaties and organizations to impose their ideas on those whom they believe are in need of them. Trust is not built into "every building" bus and train, as Friedman would claim. It is built and breached at a much higher level. When we go into a conference in Madrid, we trust the American leadership is serious in bringing justice to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. But that trust is violated when the land for peace slogans are exploited, promises are broken, and the Palestinians remain as landless 13 years after the conference as they were for the 40 or so years before it. Trust is violated when American leaders incessantly lie to the world that they have conclusive evidence about Al-Qaeda's involvement in the 9-11 attack, fail to produce meaningful evidence to support this claim, yet also fail to refute the evidence that mounts on their own involvement in the tragedy. Trust is shattered when American leaders create the illusion of WMDs - and the purported enthusiasm to use them against us - to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And when the illusion is exposed and these warriors of "ideas" come out to justify their fabrications, they swiftly declare their real intention was to build "open societies" - behavior that is, at best, misguided conjecture but more likely a case of devious deception. The people in authority in the US know the real culprits behind 9/11. If they are taking away trust by stripping airline passengers, fingerprinting all visitors and removing cherished civil liberties, it is not to catch the culprits. It is only to achieve the secondary objectives of global domination i.e., to have a complete silence at home front — a nation unanimous in raining down death and destruction: another Nazi state. So what to do? There are only three things we can do: (1) learn to differentiate between ideas and conjecture. (2) Find ways to effectively challenge the status quo. (3) Most important, identify the warriors of “ideas” whose work paves the way for more wars abroad and reduced civil liberties at home. [4] The societies where these advocates of war reside can really restrain their extremists. This is the time for Americans to apply restraints to persons whose thinking is limited to perpetual war for imposing their “ideas” on other people. The same superiority complex led to colonialism in the past, Nazism in 1930’s and communism after the World War II. A historical mistake on the part of Americans would be taking the advocates of tyranny for the champions of freedom simply because they are using the most humane labels possible for defining themselves. Stigmatizing these warriors is a hard task in an environment where lying is now an acceptable norm. These highly paid and fully secure advocates of war are neither a state subject to conventional deterrence or international rules, nor individuals deterred by the fear of rejection by their people or government. The actual situation is in total contrast to what is required. Truth tellers, such as NBC’s Peter Arnett and BBC’s Gavyn Davies, are demonized. At the same time, Pipes, Perle, Friedman and Frum are elevated as official and unofficial advisors. The case of bypassing Senate to appoint Pipes to USIP is an excellent example of providing them with necessary cover. We cannot fully expose the advocates of war on our own. But we also can't just do nothing in the face of what is no longer just a threat but a reality that we see in the loss of dozens of American and non-American lives every week. Blaming it on vague anti-Islam notions is no solution. We need to partner with the forces within American and European societies who have the power to demystify the rancid notions paraded as ideas. Ultimately this is a struggle within the Western world, between those who promote war in the name of ideas and those who believe that justice is denied to Muslims living under direct and indirect US occupations with full sponsorship of the United States of America for so long."

Kerry tour sets sights on big funds,
Tri-Valley Herald (from Associated Press), March 6, 2022
"Democrat John Kerry is setting an ambitious $105 million goal for his effort to unseat President Bush and will soon start a 20-city fund-raising blitz aimed at scooping up at least $15 million by May. If Kerry reaches his target, it would be a fund-raising high for the Democrats and roughly match the record $106 million that Bush raised for his primary campaign in 2000. Bush has already surpassed that total this year, collecting more than $155 million for his re-election bid, with millions more to come. "This is the first time a Democrat has had the chance to raise money after he's been the nominee or the perceived nominee," Louis Susman, Kerry's national finance chairman, said Thursday. ... Democratic fund-raisers from Hollywood insiders to trial lawyers are also jumping in to help. Actress and singer Barbra Streisand donated $2,000 to Kerry and is in discussions about what else she can do, a spokeswoman said. In Los Angeles, supermarket tycoon Ron Burkle is opening his home for a fund-raiser March 30 that is expected to draw big donors from the worlds of Hollywood, real estate, banking and labor. DreamWorks SKG film studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg is a co-host of the event. His DreamWorks partners -- Steven Spielberg and David Geffen -- haven't committed to raising money for Kerry but expect to meet soon with the Massachusetts senator to discuss their involvement, DreamWorks spokesman Andy Spahn said."

Bush Names Leader to Stop Terror Funds,
Yahoo! News (from Associated Press), Mar 10, 2004
"President Bush named Stuart Levey, a Justice Department attorney, to run a new government effort to crack down on sources of terrorism financing. If confirmed by the Senate, Levey will be undersecretary of the Treasury in charge of overseeing a new office of terrorism and financial intelligence. He currently is principal associate deputy attorney general at the Justice Department."

Dozens of protesters call for "Russia without Putin",
Yahoo! News, Marchk 11, 2004
"Dozens of protesters gathered in downtown Moscow to call for "a Russia without Putin", some demanding a boycott to Sunday's presidential election and others supporting liberal contender Irina Khakamada. The protest against "dictatorship" they claim President Vladimir Putin has set up was organised by the non-governmental organization For Human Rights, which supports a boycott of the election, and Russian Radicals who champion Khakamada. The central Pushkin square saw a mixed crowd, ranging from rights defense activists like Memorial to Communist militants to young members of the reformist Yabloko party, which also called for a boycott. "All to dacha on March 14," demanded a slogan brandished by two Yabloko supporters, who planned to set up another protest Thursday at the same spot together with young Communists. Other slogans -- which passers-by met with indifference -- included "Stop the war in Chechnya", "Reporters, your silence is support to the war", and "Free (Mikhail) Khodorkovsky" -- former chief of the Yukos oil giant jailed last year."

No smiles now, Dov Zakheim tired of managing huge budget,
Al-Jazeera, March 11, 2022
"The Pentagon's chief financial officer has offered his resignation after overseeing a spiralling defence budget look set to hit $450 billion in 2005. Rabbi Dov Zakheim's refused to tell journalists the exact reason for his departure on Wednesday. However, he hinted that the task of controlling hundreds of billions of dollars in the Bush administration was exhausting. "I'm leaving because I've served three very arduous years in this job." Background A former adjunct economics professor at New York's Yeshiva University, Rabbi Zakheim has spent more than 30 years working in various jobs at the Pentagon. But he has also worked in private industry, specifically as a consultant to McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. A conservative Republican who graduated from Jew's College in London in 1973, Zakheim first joined the Department of Defence in 1981 under former president Ronald Reagan. He was responsible for such tasks as preparing defence planning guidance for nuclear war. The rabbi was a senior foreign policy adviser to then - Governor George Bush during the 2000 presidential campaign. As Pentagon Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer, Rabbi Zakheim's priority has been financial management. He had intended to focus his energies on bringing business practices to the bureaucratic business of defence procurement. But due to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he was forced to prepare numerous supplemental budget requests for Congress to cover the cost of those military conflicts. The Pentagon has asked Congress for a record $401.7 billion budget for 2005. But that does not include additional spending needed to support US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - a sum expected to range from $30 billion to $50 billion. Mismanaged? Though the US Defence Department has long been notorious for waste, recent government reports suggest the Pentagon's money management woes have reached astronomical proportions. A study by the Defense Department's inspector general found that the Pentagon couldn't properly account for more than a trillion dollars in monies spent. A General Accounting Office report found Defence inventory systems so lax that the US army lost track of 56 aeroplanes, 32 tanks and 36 Javelin missile command launch-units."

Analysis: Is Karl Rove the Next Joe Trippi?,
By Martin Sieff, Insight on the News, March 16, 2004
"Is Karl Rove the new Joe Trippi of U.S. politics: a supposed genius who turns out to be just a disastrously unrealistic dreamer when the real campaign starts? It's starting to look that way. Even Democratic Party insiders and Kerry campaign strategists have been bewildered at the passive silence and blundering slowness of the massive Republican attack machine to crank up and start countering their own powerful and highly effective blasts. Through late January and all of February, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts rapidly closed enormous credibility and popularity gaps with President George W. Bush as he vaulted to the head of the Democratic presidential pack. Yet as Kerry's star rapidly rose on the fires of his withering attacks on the president -- and the Trippi-led campaign of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean collapsed -- the Bush campaign sat on its colossal $150 million campaign chest and did nothing. ... Rove focused on wooing America's Hispanic, black and Jewish communities, all traditional, core Democrat constituencies. But Bush now is trailing Kerry by a potentially catastrophic 13 percentage points in California, according to recent polls. The national army of enthusiastic Hispanic supporters has yet to materialize. Meanwhile African-Americans are polling stronger than ever for the Democrats. In the primaries, they flocked in huge numbers to Kerry's banner. Even the amazingly enthusiastic response to Mel Gibson's highly controversial new movie, The Passion of the Christ, by evangelical Protestants across the nation -- Bush's true bedrock base -- has embarrassed the president's largely Jewish neoconservative supporters and fired up the 80 percent or more of American Jews who usually vote Democratic. Rove so far has been unable to come up with anything to counter all this except the images of 9/11, and even those have backfired on him."

British politician makes anti-Semitic remark,
By DOUGLAS DAVIS, Jerusalem Post, March 11, 2004
"Scottish police are investigating allegedly anti-Semitic remarks made by the chairman of Britain's ruling Labor Party, Ian McCartney, following a formal complaint by the London-based human-rights pressure group Liberty and Law. In a speech to the Scottish Labor Party conference late last month, McCartney described Oliver Letwin, the economic spokesman of the opposition Conservative Party, as a "21st-century Fagin," a reference to the despised Jewish character in the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Advertisement "This 21st-century Fagin will pick the pockets of Scotland's pensioners by abolishing the pension credit and then plan for a new generation of poor pensioners by abolishing the second state pension," McCartney said of Letwin, the descendant of Jewish refugees from eastern Europe and a former director of the London-based bank NM Rothschild. Director of Liberty and Law Gerald Hartup, who lodged the complaint to the police about the comments, said the allusion to Charles Dickens's "archetypal evil Jew" had "dragged political debate into the gutter." Pointing to a recent opinion poll in the London Jewish Chronicle which showed 11 percent of respondents felt strongly that the election of a Jewish prime minister would be unacceptable, he said that McCartney's keynote speech "plays – even if he doesn't understand or intend this – to these very prejudices." Hartup told The Jerusalem Post he believed "people have the right to live their lives without damaging threats." He was concerned about the British media's failure to robustly respond to the affair and said that if such comments had come from the political Right there would have been an outraged media reaction. He was also disturbed that, "if you make anti-Semitic comments from the Left you seem to be immune from prosecution." There was, he added, "a tendency to regard the Left as socially progressive and, therefore, to regard criticism from the Left as legitimate."

In Germany, Reform movement could sue government over aid,
By Toby Axelrod, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, March 12, 2022
"The German branch of Reform Judaism is threatening to sue the federal government for equal treatment, saying it’s illegal for the government to offer financial support only to the Central Council of Jews in Germany. According to an expert opinion released Thursday in advance of a lawsuit, the federal government is required to support all branches of Judaism without prejudice. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder signed a historic contract with the Central Council in January 2003 that pledges the government to support the Central Council with $3 million annually. The money is supposed to be used for all streams of Judaism that define Jewish identity according to matrilineal descent."

Czech tracks Kerry's Jewish roots,
By Bruce I. Konviser, THE WASHINGTON TIMES, March 12, 2022
"What began for genealogist Felix Gundacker as a brief assignment from an American newspaper has become a yearlong obsession — tracking Sen. John Kerry's Jewish family roots in this forlorn Moravian village. "I did nearly nothing else the past year — it was fascinating," Mr. Gundacker said in an interview Monday. "It was interesting to learn the circumstances" of why the family changed its name from Kohn to Kerry and eventually moved to the United States. The story, unraveled by Mr. Gundacker at the behest of the Boston Globe, has turned up several surprises, not least that Mr. Kerry's paternal grandfather was born into a Jewish family as Friedrich "Fritz" Kohn and converted to Roman Catholicism as a young man in the face of rampant anti-Semitism. Two cousins whose branch of the family remained Jews died in Nazi concentration camps while others survived the Holocaust. And, according to family lore, the name Kerry was chosen entirely by chance when Fritz Kohn's elder brother dropped a pencil on a map and it landed on County Kerry, Ireland. "This is amazing. That is fascinating to me," Mr. Kerry told the Globe last year as the results of Mr. Gundacker's research were published. Mr. Kerry did not respond to telephone calls and e-mails seeking comment for this article. Mr. Gundacker said he has been besieged with inquiries since Mr. Kerry emerged as the almost-certain Democratic challenger in the U.S. presidential election this year, but the genealogist's interest in the family has little to do with American politics. "My interest to learn more was not the fact that he was a senator, but to learn more of the history — what the Jewish families did here," he said."

Charest calls on Quebecers to denounce anti-Semitism, discrimination,
Canadian Press, March 15, 2022
"Quebec has measures in place to battle hate crimes and an ongoing responsibility to denounce discrimination, Premier Jean Charest said Sunday at an international conference on anti-Semitism. "We make a real effort to determine what the sources of (anti-Semitic) actions are," Charest said after a speech. "We feel it's important that every one of those actions be denounced, that we not be silent." Charest's comments followed B'nai Brith's annual report last week which found that Quebec had the second highest number of incidents involving anti-Semitism after Ontario. The premier said Quebec is not planning new initiatives to fight discrimination, saying the government has measures already in place. "No one is under the illusion that anti-Semitism will go away," Charest said. "I think it will always be part of our lives." In an invitation only speech to several dozen members of the Jewish community, Charest praised Quebec's progress in tackling anti-Semitism and called on society "not let the least act of intolerance pass no matter how small." The conference on global anti-Semitism concludes on Tuesday and includes speakers such as former Soviet dissident and now Israeli cabinet minister Natan Sharansky."

Double Standard. The FBI wants to question Sugg about lies Sami Al-Arian allegedly told. But what about the lies, distortions and omissions from Al-Arian's enemies, including the government and the Tampa Tribune?,
BY JOHN SUGG, Weekly Planet, March 11, 2022
"You're all over the wiretaps," said the FBI agent who called me in mid-February. "We want to talk to you." This was not the sort of phone call a journalist wants to receive. The case in question is that of fired University of South Florida professor (and accused terrorist mastermind) Sami Al-Arian. The FBI agent spiced his appeal with the comment, "We don't want to jam you, but … ." I'm not quite sure of his meaning. I guess it could be interpreted as: They don't let us beat reluctant witnesses with rubber hoses any longer, but … . I'd say it was an implied (although mild) bit of coercion. No doubt I'm all over the wiretap, I observed to the agent, Kerry Myers, a nice guy, a good cop with whom I've dealt in the past. After all, I have covered the government's relentless pursuit of Al-Arian for eight years and have talked to him, I'm sure, many hundreds of times. I'm writing a book, and I've spent endless hours learning about Islam, the arcane nuances of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, the histories of the groups in the region, the personalities. A lot of that process involves Al-Arian. I confess: I even once played horseshoes with Al-Arian in an effort to engage him in conversation ... Al-Arian has filed a motion to dismiss charges against him based mainly on the contention that what the government is really doing is attacking the First Amendment by criminalizing speech that advocates for the Palestinian cause. "The indictment characterizes one side of [the Middle East conflict] as good and the other side as evil," Bill Moffitt, Al-Arian's attorney, wrote in his motion. "While the indictment tracks the death of Israelis at the hands of Palestinians, it never references the deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israelis. The indictment's historical oversights provide a framework by which the U.S. attempts to criminalize legitimate political expression. It is clear that the express purpose of the indictment is to chill any and all support for the Palestinian cause and any additional advocacy in favor of the rights of Arabs." That, of course, is what has been going on ever since faux journalist (and very real disinformation mouthpiece for Israel's extreme right Likud party) Steve Emerson slithered into town and found a rock to hide under at the Trib. Moffitt contends that the Palestinian groups have never targeted America. They may be a threat to Israel, but they're not our problem, he says. More to the point, for most of the time Al-Arian is alleged to have been connected to the Islamic Jihad, it would have been perfectly legal activity in the United States. After years of screeching from Emerson and the Tribune, the feds couldn't make a case -- but they did pour lots of corrosive innuendo on the Bill of Rights. That changed only when the Bush regime managed to find a way to circumvent the Constitution and use foreign intelligence wiretaps, and after Israel provided what it claimed to be "intelligence." (It might be instructive to remember that a motto of Israel's crack Mossad spy agency is: By way of deception, thou shalt do war. And to remember other recent episodes of foreign "intelligence" that didn't stand up in the light of day.) Where no indictment had been possible before, it now was, or at least that's what the government wants us to believe. The wiretaps, according to my Justice sources, are going to be very problematic for the government. (It wouldn't be the first time. Remember the Aisenberg tapes? That's another one of agent Myers' cases. Hell, the government is in such a sorry state this time that it's been forced to ask for Al-Arian's help in translating Arabic faxes. The scholar's attorney responded, tongue in cheek, by asking if the government was willing to pay for the services.) And Israel, which has long sought to eradicate any Arab voice in America, has refused to allow scrutiny of its "intelligence," prompting Moffitt to demand of the prosecutors whether things have gotten so bad that we're allowing a foreign power to dictate criminal proceedings in our courts. ... Emerson's researcher -- until a rupture two years ago -- was the truly weird Rita Katz, who claimed in her book Terrorist Hunter that federal agents were bowled over by her sexual appeal. She also wrote that an individual left Tampa the "next day" after a leader of the Islamic Jihad was assassinated. The truth is that he left almost a half-year before then, but Katz's deception puts a far more sinister cast on events in Tampa. At the very least, it arguably was intended to mislead the public -- and the press. So, Mr. Zitek, bust Katz's butt, and Emerson's, and your own agents', if fibbing to the media is suddenly a crime.

Many Say U.S. Aims for World Domination ,
Earthlink (from Associated Press), March 16, 2004
"A majority of people living in Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan and Turkey say they believe the U.S. is conducting its campaign against terror to control Mideast oil and to dominate the world, according to an international poll released Tuesday. The governments in all four Muslim-majority countries have strong ties with the U.S. government. A sizable number of people in France, Germany and Russia also have these suspicions about the campaign against terror, according to the Pew Global Attitudes Project. The polls were taken in February, before the train bombings in Spain that claimed the lives of at least 200 people. In a surprise defeat, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's conservatives on Sunday became the first government that backed Washington in Iraq to be voted from office. When people in the nine countries - including Britain and the United States - were asked if the campaign against terrorism was a sincere effort to reduce international terrorism, majorities in France, Germany and the four Muslim-majority countries felt it was not. Almost half in Russia felt it was not, while majorities in Britain and the United States said they believe the campaign is a sincere effort to fight terrorism. The surveys found considerable cynicism and anger among the Muslim-majority countries a year after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. And they found a growing desire among European countries for a balance of power between the European Union and the United States ... Almost two-thirds of the people in Pakistan say they view bin Laden favorably - a significant finding because U.S. troops are trying to find bin Laden in the mountainous region on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. More than half of those in Jordan and almost half of those polled in Morocco had a favorable view of the Saudi terrorist. Anger toward the United States in these Muslim-majority countries remains very high, Kohut said, though the intensity has dropped a bit since last May. While seven in 10 in the United States feel their country takes into account the interests of other countries when making international policy decisions, few in the other countries shared that view. Majorities in all the countries except Pakistan, and almost half there, felt the United States doesn't make much of an effort to consider the interests of other countries in its policy decisions ... About half in Pakistan said suicide bombings carried out by Palestinians against Israelis and against U.S. troops in Iraq can be justified. Two-thirds or more in Jordan and Morocco say it can be justified in both situations. -A majority of the people in Pakistan and Jordan say Iraq will be worse off now that Saddam Hussein has been removed from power. -A solid majority of those in France, Germany, Russia, Pakistan and Jordan believe United States President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair lied about the weapons of mass destruction they claimed were in Iraq."

Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?,
by Kalle Lasn, AdBusters, March/April 2004
"One wonders what Israeli-American relations, and indeed what American relations with the rest of the world would look like if the neocon hawks who control Rumsfeld’s Defense Department were also in charge at State. A lot of ink has been spilled chronicling the pro-Israel leanings of American neocons and fact that a the disproportionate percentage of them are Jewish. Some commentators are worried that these individuals – labeled ‘Likudniks’ for their links to Israel’s right wing Likud party – do not distinguish enough between American and Israeli interests. For example, whose interests were they protecting in pushing for war in Iraq? Drawing attention to the Jewishness of the neocons is a tricky game. Anyone who does so can count on automatically being smeared as an anti-Semite. But the point is not that Jews (who make up less than 2 percent of the American population) have a monolithic perspective. Indeed, American Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat and many of them disagree strongly with Ariel Sharon’s policies and Bush’s aggression in Iraq. The point is simply that the neocons seem to have a special affinity for Israel that influences their political thinking and consequently American foreign policy in the Middle East. Here at Adbusters, we decided to tackle the issue head on and came up with a carefully researched list of who appear to be the 50 most influential neocons in the US (see above). Deciding exactly who is a neocon is difficult since some neocons reject the term while others embrace it. Some shape policy from within the White House, while others are more peripheral, exacting influence indirectly as journalists, academics and think tank policy wonks. What they all share is the view that the US is a benevolent hyper power that must protect itself by reshaping the rest of the world into its morally superior image. And half of the them are Jewish."

The 'Why won't anyone say they're Jewish' Debate – Adbusters responds,
by Kelle Lasn, Adbusters (Canada)
"In a previous issue of Adbusters and on our website, Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn wrote an article that asked a contentious question: "Does the Jewishness of the neocons influence American foreign policy in the Middle East?" Hundreds of responses flooded in -- postings on our site, letters, emails, faxes, threatening phone calls, cancelled subscriptions, and even talk of picketing stores that carry Adbusters magazine. Here, then, are some of those letters, and Kalle's response: “Why won’t anyone say they are Jewish?
I’m Jewish goddammit! It matters not what your good intentions are if you generalize an entire ethnicity like this. It’s some seriously hypocritical, self-righteous, fucked up shit you spew forth. Refund my subscription and fuck off until you get your priorities straight. Michael Weinerman via mail
F-U for the way your article points out that a “disproportionate” number of influential conservatives are Jews. That is the flipside of the same anti-Semitic screed promoted by Fascists, who selectively pointed out how a disproportionate number of influential communists were Jewish. Jews are frequently “over represented” in the vanguard of many political, cultural and artistic movements. David Goldstein Ventura, California You might remember me. My wife and I gave annual donations to Adbusters in the mid-90s. We also gave friends and relatives gift subscriptions for the holidays. Now I know you’re a piece of anti-Semitic shit. Fuck off, dangerous imbecile. name withheld via email Your Jew bashing is deplorable. I will never pay for your disgusting, hateful truct again. And I intend to destroy as many Adbusters as possible when visiting bookstores ... Kalle Responds: The list of Jewish neocons we came up with is a provocation, I’ll admit. And if it were a list of dentists or firefighters or stockbrokers, then that would indeed be very offensive. However, the neocons are no ordinary group – they are the most influencial political/intellectual force in the world right now. They have the power to start wars and to stop them. They are the prime architects of America’s foreign policy since 9/11 – a policy that is heavily weighed in favor of Israel and a key source of anti-Americanism around the world. So I think it is not only appropriate, but necessary to put them under a microscope. And if we see maleness, whiteness, Jewishness, Zionism or intellectual thuggery there, then let us not look the other way. On the ethnic question: Is it not just as valid to comment on the Jewishness of the neocons as it is to point out that the majority of them are male or white or wealthy or from the Western world or have studied at a particular university? If half the neocons were Palestinians, would the US have invaded Iraq? Kalle Lasn, Editor-in-Chief, Adbusters"

"Terminator" Schwarzenegger asked to speak out against anti-Semitism,
Yahoo! News, Mar 20, 2022
"Israel's foreign minister Silvan Shalom asked California's Austrian-born Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to speak out against anti-Semitism at a planned conference in Israel. Shalom invited the "Terminator" movie star to attend a conference aimed at tackling what he described as growing global anti-Semitism at a private meeting between the men in Los Angeles. "Anti-semitism is flourishing, is rising once again," Shalom told reporters at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance. "I believe that if we are united (against it), we will prevail." Shalom said he invited Schwarzenegger, who has expressed dismay that his father was a member of Nazi party, because he believes the governor is committed to fighting intolerance and can help spred the message. It was unclear when the planned conference on anti-Semitism would take place, but Schwarzengger's office said the governor was due to make a trip to Israel on May 2. The purpose and length of the visit however remained unclear."

What About Those End Times, Mr. President?,
by Edward Ericson, Jr., Valley Advocate, January 23, 2022
"The image is jarring: U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, presidential candidate, appears on an infomercial asking evangelical Christians to donate money to "rescue a Jew."" 'On Wings of Eagles' is a modern-day fulfillment of Biblical prophecy," the voiceover in the infomercial says, over images of huddled Russian Jews at the airport, smiling as they presumably wait to leave Russia for Israel. The half-hour appeal aired on Jan. 2 on Paxson Broadcasting (PAX) stations across the nation, according to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), the Chicago-based nonprofit that paid for the spot. Alongside Lieberman, testimonials come from stars of the Christian Right, including convicted Watergate felon Charles Colson, Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson and Moral Majority head Jerry Falwell. Critics of the Christian Right say the IFCJ's appeal to "prophecy" in their infomercial is a thinly veiled reference to Armageddon, the Second Coming of Christ and the moment when nonbelievers -- Jews included -- will be cast into the lake of fire. Jewish critics of the IFCJ say the group demeans the dignity of Jews. Yet from 1994 to 1999, Lieberman, who last week announced his bid for the presidency, served as co-chair of one of IFCJ's projects, the Washington-based Center for Jewish and Christian Values. Lieberman's long association with the IFCJ is a little-known detail of his biography. No examination of it was made during Lieberman's bid for the vice presidency in 2000. The secular, mainstream press has taken little notice. His appearance in the infomercial -- replete with scenes from the Nazi Holocaust and repeated invocations of prophecy -- raises questions: · When did Lieberman tape this message, which consists of a testimonial for Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the leader of the IFCJ? · Did the senator know it would be used in an infomercial? · Does Lieberman believe that we're in the End Times? The Advocate described the IFCJ's tape in detail to Lieberman's press secretary, Adam Kovacevich. "We have no recent record of the senator making this video," said Kovacevich. "So without seeing it I'm unable to comment." Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founded IFCJ in 1983, soon after his ordination at New York's Yeshiva University. IFCJ's mission, according to its Web site, is "to foster better relations and understanding between Christians and Jews ... and help build support for Israel and Jews in crises or need." The group toiled in obscurity for its first decade. In 1994, Eckstein shifted focus, appearing on Pat Robertson's 700 Club to pitch Christians. Robertson's flock responded generously; IFCJ's budget thereafter ballooned from about $500,000 to, last year, $27.5 million. Eckstein boasts that IFCJ has "saved" more than 200,000 Jews from Russia. This alliance of Jews and Christians raised eyebrows in both the Jewish and Christian worlds. "Eckstein is selling the dignity of the Jewish people and the state of Israel by pandering to Christians for money," Anti-Defamation League Executive Director Abraham Foxman told the Jerusalem Report for a 1999 profile on Eckstein. Falwell, incidentally, has said that the Antichrist will be a Jewish male who is probably "alive somewhere today," a statement that set off charges of anti-Semitism in 1999 ... Former Soviet emigres now represent more than one-sixth of Israel's voters. "I have a concern that Senator Lieberman knows the context in which these activities are taking place," says Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance. "I would say to him precisely what I said to President Bush in a letter to him -- that Americans have a right to know that U.S. foreign policy is not being shaped by just one interpretation of biblical prophecy."

Sandy Berger Probed Over Terror Memos,
Fox News, July 20, 2022
"Former President Clinton's national security adviser is under criminal investigation for taking highly classified terrorism documents that should have been turned over to the independent commission probing the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, FOX News has confirmed. Sandy Berger is under scrutiny by the Justice Department following the disappearance of documents he was reviewing at the National Archives. Berger's home and office were searched earlier this year by FBI agents armed with warrants after the former Clinton adviser voluntarily returned some sensitive documents to the National Archives and admitted he also removed handwritten notes he had made while reviewing the sensitive documents. However, some drafts of a sensitive after-action report on the Clinton administration's handling of Al Qaeda terror threats during the December 1999 millennium celebration are still missing, officials and lawyers said. Officials said the missing documents also identified America's terror vulnerabilities at airports to seaports ... Lanny Breuer, one of Berger's attorneys, said his client had offered to cooperate fully with the investigation but had not yet been interviewed by the FBI or prosecutors. Berger served as Clinton's national security adviser for all of the president's second term and most recently has been informally advising Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. Clinton asked Berger last year to review and select the administration documents that would be turned over to the Sept. 11 commission. Late Tuesday, Berger announced that he would no longer aid Kerry's presidential bid, saying he didn't want to diminish the work of the Sept. 11 commission. ... David Gergen, who was an adviser to Clinton and worked with Berger for a time in the White House, said Tuesday, "I think it's more innocent than it looks."

Background: Not AIPAC's first controversy,
"A lobby is like a night flower; It thrives in the dark and dies in the sun." So wrote Steven Rosen, AIPAC director of foreign policy issues, in an internal organizational memo several years ago. Unfortunately for the influential pro-Israel lobbying group, this new affair is turning far too much of the media spotlight on an organization that prefers to work behind the scenes on Capitol Hill. But it is hardly the first time AIPAC has found itself at the center of public controversy, although never in such a serious matter as receiving classified security material. In 1988, the investigative show 60 Minutes ran a critical piece on AIPAC using information supplied by its former communications director (and ex-Jerusalem Post reporter) Barbara Amouyal. Among the material supplied by Amouyal was an internal memo suggesting that the media be fed stories regarding Jesse Jackson's private life. Also included in the 60 Minutes report was another internal memo which seemed to direct how political action committees should donate money to specific pro-Israel candidates, a possible violation of federal law forbidding lobby groups such as AIPAC from directly involving themselves in elections. A subsequent investigation by the Federal Elections Commission cleared AIPAC of any violations. Nonetheless, AIPAC continues to face accusations that it unduly interferes in the electoral process, especially from politicians who credit their defeats at the polls to the organization's efforts. The most notable example in recent years was the 2002 congressional race, in which two Georgia Democrats, incumbents Cynthia McKinney and Earl Hilliard, were defeated in party primaries by contenders perceived as more pro-Israel. McKinney subsequently commented: "Despite the fact that I easily won the Democratic vote, 40,000 Republicans maliciously crossed over and overtook the Democratic Primary. And because AIPAC had telegraphed in newspaper articles that they were going to target both Earl Hilliard and me, the Democratic Party was paralyzed" ... AIPAC's efforts to keep a low media-profile have also led to accusations that it has put undue pressure on journalists, especially from the Jewish press, who cover it critically. Among them is Washington Jewish Week reporter Larry Cohler, who earlier this year told an Internet site: "Their mission statement doesn't say anything about them mucking around in Jewish newspapers. AIPAC tried to get me fired, [and editor] Andy [Silow-Carrol] fired [from The Washington Jewish Week in 1992]." (AIPAC has denied those charges.) Given its task, it is inevitable that AIPAC will serve as a perennial whipping-boy for anti-Semitic Jewish conspiracy theorists, and as the phantom spoiler by disgruntled anti-Israeli politicians who fall short at the ballot box. But its reported involvement in the Pentagon-leak story will force it to handle mainstream-media damage control of the like the organization has not yet known."

AIPAC's Overt and Covert Ops,
by Juan Cole, antiwar.com, August 30, 2021
"CBS is reporting that a Defense Intelligence Agency analyst detailed to Undersecretary of Defense for Planning Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans is under FBI investigation for spying for Israel. The person passed to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) confidential documents, including those detailing Bush administration policy toward Iran, and AIPAC then passed them to Israel. There are wiretaps and photographs backing up the FBI case (the FBI agents involved are extremely brave to take this on). But this espionage case is too narrow. Consider what journalist Jim Lobe wrote about Feith's Office of Special Plans (OSP) and the Pentagon Near East and South Asia (NESA) office: "[K]ey personnel who worked in both NESA and OSP were part of a broader network of neoconservative ideologues and activists who worked with other Bush political appointees scattered around the national-security bureaucracy to move the country to war, according to retired Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, who was assigned to NESA from May 2002 through February 2003. The heads of NESA and OSP were Deputy Undersecretary William Luti and Abram Shulsky, respectively. Other appointees who worked with them in both offices included Michael Rubin, a Middle East specialist previously with the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI); David Schenker, previously with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP); and Michael Makovsky; an expert on neocon icon Winston Churchill and the younger brother of David Makovsky, a senior WINEP fellow and former executive editor of pro-Likud Jerusalem Post. Along with Feith, all of the political appointees have in common a close identification with the views of the right-wing Likud Party in Israel." Karen Kwiatkowski was an eyewitness in NESA, and Lobe reports: "[S]he recounts one incident in which she helped escort a group of half a dozen Israelis, including several generals, from the first floor reception area to Feith's office. 'We just followed them, because they knew exactly where they were going and moving fast.' When the group arrived, she noted the book which all visitors are required to sign under special regulations that took effect after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. 'I asked his secretary, "Do you want these guys to sign in?" She said, "No, these guys don't have to sign in."' It occurred to her, she said, that the office may have deliberately not wanted to maintain a record of the meeting." The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobbying group that used to support whatever government was in power in Israel, and used to give money evenhandedly inside the U.S. My perception is that during the past decade AIPAC has increasingly tilted to the Likud in Israel, and to the political Right in the United States. In the 1980s, AIPAC set up the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a pro-Israeli alternative to the Brookings Institution, which it perceived to be insufficiently supportive of Israel. WINEP has largely followed AIPAC into pro-Likud positions, even though its director, Dennis Ross, is more moderate. He is a figurehead, however, serving to disguise the far right character of most of the position papers produced by long-term WINEP staff and by extremist visitors and "associates" (Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer are among the latter). WINEP, being a wing of AIPAC, is enormously influential in Washington. State Department and military personnel are actually detailed there to "learn" about "the Middle East"! They would get a far more balanced "education" about the region in any Israeli university, since most Israeli academics are professionals, whereas WINEP is a "think tank" that hires by ideology. I did some consulting with one U.S. company that had a government contract, and they asked me about WINEP position papers (many of them are just propaganda). When I said I would take them with a grain of salt, the guy said his company had "received direction" to pay a lot of attention to the WINEP material! ... The Likudniks like to pretend that they represent American Jewry, but they do not. And they like to suggest that objecting to their policies is tantamount to anti-Semitism, which is sort of like suggesting that if you don't like Chile's former dictator Pinochet, you are bigoted against Latinos ... A handful of special interests in the United States virtually dictate congressional policy on some issues. With regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and a few allies have succeeded in imposing complete censorship on both houses of Congress. No senator or representative dares make a speech on the floor of his or her institution critical of Israeli policy, even though the Israeli government often violates international law and UN Security Council resolutions (it would violate more such resolutions, except that the resolutions never got passed because only one NSC member, the U.S., routinely vetoes them on behalf of Tel Aviv.) ... Franklin is a reserve Air Force colonel and former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst. He was an attaché at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv at one point, which some might now see as suspicious. After the Cold War ended, Franklin became concerned with Iran as a threat to Israel and the U.S., and learned a little Persian (not very much – I met him once at a conference and he could only manage a few halting phrases of Persian). Franklin has a strong Brooklyn accent and says he is "from the projects." I was told by someone at the Pentagon that he is not Jewish, despite his strong association with the predominantly Jewish neoconservatives. I know that he is very close to Paul Wolfowitz. He seems a canny man and a political operator, and if he gave documents to AIPAC it was not an act of simple stupidity, as some observers have suggested. It was part of some clever scheme that became too clever by half. Franklin moved over to the Pentagon from DIA, where he became the Iran expert, working for Bill Luti and Undersecretary of Defense for Planning, Douglas Feith. He was the "go-to" person on Iran for Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, and for Feith. This situation is pretty tragic, since Franklin is not a real Iranist. His main brief appears to have been to find ways to push a policy of overthrowing its government (apparently once Iraq had been taken care of). This project has been pushed by the shadowy eminence grise Michael Ledeen for many years, and Franklin coordinated with Ledeen in some way. Franklin was also close to Harold Rhode, a longtime Middle East specialist in the Defense Department who has cultivated far right pro-Likud cronies for many years, more or less establishing a cell within the Department of Defense."

The Axis of Treason Israeli spies in the Pentagon,
by Justin Raimondo, antiwar.com, August 30, 2004
"The death agony of the neoconservatives is going to be a prolonged and quite ugly procedure, painful not only for them but for the entire country – which will learn, to its chagrin and growing anger, how and by whom they were lied into war. It started late Friday, when Lesley Stahl of CBS News reported that the FBI has "solid evidence" that a spy, embedded in the top echelons of the Pentagon's civilian leadership, handed over classified documents, including the draft of a presidential directive on U.S. policy toward Iran, to Israel. Such an investigation would have been politically explosive in any case, but add to this the news that Franklin had passed the documents to Tel Aviv via AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington, and the result is political dynamite. Within hours the story had grown from focusing on a single individual, Lawrence Franklin, described as a "mid-level desk officer," to include an entire nest of spies ensconced in the top echelons of the Pentagon, centered around the office of Douglas Feith, the Director of Policy: "An FBI probe into the handling of highly classified material by Pentagon civilians is broader than previously reported, and goes well beyond allegations that a single mid-level analyst gave a top-secret Iran policy document to Israel, three sources familiar with the investigation said Saturday. "The probe, which has been going on for more than two years, also has focused on other civilians in the Secretary of Defense's office, said the sources, who spoke on condition they not be identified, but who have firsthand knowledge of the subject' ...But it couldn't be clearer to those of us who have been following the various scandals that have recently rocked the national security bureaucracy – Chalabi-gate, the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, the Niger uranium forgeries, and now the Franklin affair. They all involve the same cast of neoconservative characters: the inhabitants of the "policy shop" presided over by Feith, including the infamous Office of Special Plans – otherwise known as the Lie Factory – which produced a steady supply of utter falsehoods to justify the rush to war. Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, commenting on MSNBC, said his sources were telling him that the Franklin affair is also connected to the Niger uranium forgery investigation ... As regular readers of this column are aware, it's been a long time coming. For over two years, the feds have put scarce law enforcement resources into this investigation, and it hasn't been for nothing: they've been watching and eavesdropping on Israel's American fifth column for at least that long ... If bin Laden is the chief beneficiary of American policies in the Middle East, then Ariel Sharon runs a close second. His government has been given a free hand to do what it wills in the occupied territories, including increased settlement-building, increased state terrorism, and even U.S. acquiescence on the "Wall of Separation." Israeli agents are swarming over Kurdistan, fomenting rebellion, and threatening Iran. The old Zionist dream of extending Israel's hegemony from the Nile to the Euphrates suddenly seems close to realization ... The coming arrest of Franklin, and perhaps some of his confederates, rumored for this week, will bring the war home. The reaction of the Israelis, and their amen corner in the U.S., has been uniformly and unintentionally comic: Who, us? Spy on America? It never happens, at least not since Pollard. But the reality of Israeli covert agents in America, far from being something out of a cheap paperback spy thriller, is certainly borne out by the Franklin affair ... At this point we are lacking some essential information, including the identities of the "two or three" AIPAC employees involved. How far up in the organization did knowledge of these illegal activities go? What else have the feds got on AIPAC – after an extensive investigation, including electronic surveillance, ongoing for over two years? We don't know the answers to these questions. But I do know that if this had been an Islamic or Arab group, they would have been shut down, their assets impounded, and their headquarters bolted shut. Will something even approaching that happen to AIPAC? Of course not. But, if not, why not? Is Israel going to be allowed to openly operate a spy nest in Washington with impunity? It's an outrage, and it's time someone said so. Furthermore, those politicians who have taken money from AIPAC have a lot of 'splaining to do, especially if they don't return the dough. As Israeli spies in Washington steal our secrets, and feed us lies, our politicians are pigging out at the trough of AIPAC campaign contributions, raking in cash while their patrons take in classified documents. When the American people find out what is going on, God help the neocons, because they are going to need it. The arrest and trial of Israel's fifth column in the Pentagon is going to unleash a lot of anger, because it is going to make Americans understand the nature and extent of the treason that entrapped them in Iraq. The very word "neocon" will become a synonym for treason, like Quisling ... Friday night is the slowest news night of the week, and add to this the coverage eaten up by the Republican convention, and you have a classic tactic of bury-that-story. Add to that the usual victimological posturing and cries of "anti-Semitism," and the strategy of the Amen Corner is clear: deny everything, and go on the offensive. Will it work? I doubt it, but we shall see."

Sack AIPAC! And Abolish Their Tax Exempt Status!,
by Ted Lang, Information Clearinghouse, August 31, 2004
"Why should treason be tax-exempt? Contributions to the Republican or Democratic Party and the National Rifle Association are not deductible on our tax returns because these are deemed as political activities. Our tax law does not allow political contributions to be deducted as is the case with charitable contributions. The powerful "Zionist" lobby that is dedicated to furthering the interests of Israel IS tax deductible! Why is that?! The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the so-called "Jewish lobby." It has been proclaimed the second most powerful lobby in Washington, right behind AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, according to Fortune magazine. AIPAC exists only to benefit Israel, a socialist foreign country virtually solely dependent on American taxpayer funding. Purportedly, our political parties exist for the betterment of our once world-renowned political environment ensuring individual freedom and independence from government. The only thing government brings to the fore in our society is brute force. The NRA exists to ensure that brutally forceful government does not abolish the Second Amendment thereby monopolizing force to suppress the individual freedoms of the American people. It would seem that these aims are extremely beneficial to US, yet the Internal Revenue Service of the United States disallows money donations to these organizations as tax-deductible contributions. But if political activities and so-called political groups, whose intentions are for the benefit of all the American people including their ultimate goal in ensuring the freedoms of Americans are excluded from tax-exempt status by the IRS, why then are donations to the foreign State of Israel allowed as sheltered contributions? AIPAC lobbies exclusively for Israel, and has as part of its agenda, the maintenance of their tax-exempt status. The question is not as to why AIPAC wishes to maintain its tax-exempt status - the question is why American government allows contributions for a powerful foreign lobby to remain tax-exempt? And now AIPAC and Israel have been implicated in yet another spy plot against the United States. The objective of the Israeli-driven espionage is to obtain classified American government information to assist Israel in involving the United States in a new war with Iran for the purposes of continuing Israel's imperialistic ethnic-cleansing expansionism in the Middle East. The blueprints for this expansionism were drawn up by American traitors traceable to the Project for the New American Century [PNAC]. Those "traitors" were first offered as being such by the Hebrew newspaper, Ha'aretz. The future PNACers authored a paper back in 1996 for then-Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, entitled "A Clean Break," which targeted Iraq, Iran and Syria, providing Israel with a strategy to influence American government to support Israeli imperialism and ethnocide against the Palestinians and other Mid Eastern nations. Virtually all the PNACers found jobs within the Bush administration, whose foreign policy is now shaped solely for the benefit of Israel. Two leading PNACers are Douglas Feith, third in charge at Department of Defense, and his subordinate Michael Ledeen, the latter having arranged for secret meetings in violation of specific CIA guidelines. It has become crystal clear that the illegal and unconstitutional invasion of Iraq was based on PNAC's "A Clean Break" paper easily sold to a clueless George Bush. Bush's close association with Saddam's enemy, Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress, is also alleged as facilitating the passing of sensitive information to Iran. Chalabi and the INC have been so accused. Likewise, Douglas Feith, Undersecretary for Defense Policy, has been observed secretly dealing with Israeli military officers and other Israeli operatives, and his office is now under investigation by the FBI as having provided top secret intelligence information to AIPAC, which has in turn forwarded the illegally-obtained documents to Israel. The illegal, unconstitutional invasion of Iran is obviously next on the agenda of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his war-mongering ethnocidal Likud Party."

U.S. Spy Probe Focuses on Two Lobbyists,
By CURT ANDERSON, Guardian (UK), September 1, 2004
"Investigators are focusing on two employees of the main pro-Israel lobbying group in a probe into whether a Pentagon analyst provided them with secret U.S. material on Iran that they funneled to Israel. The two American Israel Public Affairs Committee employees involved are director of foreign policy issues Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, an Iran expert, said AIPAC attorney Nathan Lewin on Wednesday. They were interviewed by the FBI on Friday - the same day news first broke of the existence of the yearlong investigation - but the interviews were halted after the men said they wanted a lawyer present before answering further questions, Lewin said. ``The FBI could resume the interview. We have not heard from the FBI,'' Lewin said. Rosen and Weissman have hired lawyer Abbe Lowell to represent them. Lowell, who did not return a telephone message seeking comment, is a veteran Washington attorney who is perhaps best known as the Democratic House Judiciary Committee counsel during President Clinton's impeachment. Investigators are trying to determine if Rosen and Wiessman obtained classified Bush administration policy materials concerning Iran from a Defense Department analyst, Larry Franklin. Franklin works on issues involving Iran and the Middle East in the office of Defense Department policy undersecretary Douglas Feith. No charges have been brought or arrests made in the case. Law enforcement officials have said prosecutors are weighing whether to charge anyone involved with the most serious offense of espionage or with lesser counts of mishandling classified documents. AIPAC officials have said they are cooperating in the probe and have denied any wrongdoing, as has the Israeli government. Franklin has not responded to several telephone calls seeking comment ... A senior House Democrat, Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, is calling for a Judiciary Committee investigation into the matter and said it should be expanded to include allegations that sensitive U.S. information may have been given to political opponents of now-deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, including Ahmed Chalabi. ``The fact that a rogue element of the United States government may have been working with a foreign government in possible contravention of current foreign policy is a grave matter that should be of concern to every American,'' Conyers, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said in a letter dated Tuesday to the panel's chairman, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis."

Maqsoud and spying for Israel in the USA Israel-USA, Politics,
Arabic News, September 1, 2021
"Former Director of the Arab League Bureau in Washington, Cloris Maqsoud, on Tuesday stressed that the American administration's attempt to play down the shock of the Israeli spying on the U.S. reflects the extent of the Zionist lobby power on the American administration and the decision makers there. In an article published in Kuwait-based "al-Ra'i al-Aam" daily, Maqsoud pointed out that the American administration pretext that the case is a mere "Documents Divulging" and not a spy operation forbids the American people of their rights to account the spies at the expense of appeasing Israel. He said the American administration seeks to protect Israel from international sanctions and condemnation due to its continued violation of the international resolutions."

2004 Top Ten Career Recipients of Pro-Israel PAC Funds,
Compiled by Hugh Galford, Washington Report on Near Eastern Affairs, August 2004
"House: Current Cycle: Hoyer, Steny (D-MD) $37,500 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R-FL) 36,000 Berkley, Shelley (D-NV) 35,100 Lantos, Tom (D-CA) 31,600 Frost, Martin (D-TX) 31,300 Cantor, Eric (R-VA) 23,750 Crowley, Joseph (D-NY) 23,000 DeLay, Tom (R-TX) 23,000 Lowey, Nita (D-NY) 20,650 Pelosi, Nancy (D-CA) 20,650
House: Career
Berkley, Shelley (D-NV) $201,455 Frost, Martin (D-TX) 165,414 Engel, Eliot (D-NY) 137,918 Levin, Sander (D-MI) 113,727 Lowey, Nita (D-NY) 109,738 Lantos, Tom (D-CA) 107,250 Hoyer, Steny (D-MD) 92,275 Evans, Lane (D-IL) 87,379 Harman, Jane (D-CA) 86,271 DeLay, Tom (R-TX) 81,050
Senate: Current Cycle: Specter, Arlen (R-PA) $80,350 Boxer, Barbara (D-CA) 73,000 Murray, Patty (D-WA) 72,495 Daschle, Tom (D-SD) 70,500 Reid, Harry (D-NV) 64,999 Bayh, Evan (D-IN) 56,500 Bennett, Robert (R-UT) 55,750 Wyden, Ronald (D-OR) 55,000 Brownback, Samuel (R-KS) 50,850 Shelby, Richard (R-AL) 38,500
Senate: Career Daschle, Tom (D-SD) $533,635 Specter, Arlen (R-PA) 461,973 Lautenberg, Frank (D-NJ) 433,806 Durbin, Richard (D-IL) 326,671 Reid, Harry (D-NV) 318,801 Wyden, Ronald (D-OR) 255,562 Lieberman, Joseph (D-CT) 227,758 Boxer, Barbara (D-CA) 223,794 Dodd, Christopher (D-CT) 221,178 Conrad, Kent (D-ND) 201,939"

Axis Of Spies,
TomPaine.Comnon sense, September 1, 2021
"Here's the axis we should be worried about: The Axis of Spies made up by the American Enterprise Institute, AIPAC and the Embassy of Israel.If the FBI weren’t so busy trying to catch nonexistent Al Qaeda suspects, they might consider devoting a few more resources to tracking down this expanding Israeli nest of spies. (Oh, and The New Republic is very quiet on the Larry Franklin spy scandal so far. Very quiet. Too quiet.) The Jerusalem Post reports, at least, the FBI has seized computer files from AIPAC’s Steve Rosen, a good start: FBI agents on Friday copied the computer hard drive of a senior staffer at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who has been questioned in relation to the case of a Pentagon official suspected of turning over a classified document either directly to Israel, or via the pro-Israel lobby group. That same article, which you can read here , notes that members of Congress are rallying (predictably) around AIPAC. Welcome to the nest of spies, Congressman Hoyer. Haaretz reports that Abraham Foxman of the ADL is huffing and puffing, demanding that a special commission be appointed to investigate the person who leaked the probe. That’s dangerous, Mr. Foxman, because the person who leaked it did so, it is now obvious, in order to stop the investigation, since Franklin was cooperating with the FBI to help them get deeper into the nest of spies. So if we find out who leaked it in the first place, it won’t make Foxman happy ... Both Steve Rosen, and another AIPAC spy (okay, alleged spy) Keith Weissman, are named as part of the FBI’s investigation, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency and the Los Angeles Times. Neither Rosen nor Weissman have emerged to defend themselves. “You mean us? Spies?” According to the New York Times, both have been interviewed by the FBI, and are being defended by (who else?) Abbe Lowell. The Times also quotes the Israeli ambassador, Danny Ayalon, saying that the investigation is “fizzling out because there's nothing there.” Besides, we shredded all that. Meanwhile Jim Lobe, bane of neocons, writing for Inter Press Service, has a wonderful piece reminding us that Larry Franklin, the hapless Pentagon apparatchik and official Stooge of Feith, who wandered into an AIPAC-Israeli embassy meeting that was being monitored by the FBI, is just the tip of the iceberg. As Lobe points out, many of the principals in the U.S. Israeli lobby have been caught up in spy probes going back 25 years, including Steve Bryen and Doug Feith himself. Also under investigation have been Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen and Paul Wolfowitz, as Lobe reports, citing a book by Stephen Green, Taking Sides: America's Secret Relations with a Militant Israel: Perle, Ledeen, and Wolfowitz have also been the subject of FBI inquiries, according to Green's account. In 1970, one year after he was hired by Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson, an FBI wiretap authorized for the Israeli Embassy picked up Perle discussing classified information with an embassy official, while Wolfowitz was investigated in 1978 for providing a classified document on the proposed sale of a U.S. weapons system to an Arab government to an Israeli official via an AIPAC staffer."

Pollard Affair Casts Large Shadow. Latest spy allegations seen colored by 1985 espionage case,
by Joshua Mitnick, Jewish Week, September 3, 2021
"As Israeli officials struggled this week to deflect allegations of spying on the United States, they derided FBI suggestions of an Israeli Pentagon mole as a “poor imitation” of the 1985 arrest of U.S. naval intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard for selling classified data to Israel. With U.S.-Israeli security collaboration on Iraq and Iran as cozy as ever, cultivating an informant in the office of Douglas Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy, made little sense, the officials argued. And yet, the espionage charges made public over the weekend highlight the residue of suspicion from the Pollard affair that still colors Israel’s relationship with its most important ally nearly two decades later. The FBI inquiry is not the first official accusation of Israeli betrayal to rankle U.S. ties over the last decade, and some predict it won’t be the last. “I think this will escort us for many years to come,” said Danny Yatom, a former chief of the Mossad, Israel’s espionage agency. “There was one attempt made by Pollard, and since then there is still an assessment that Israel will try again whenever it is pushed into a corner.” Pollard, who provided Israel intelligence on Soviet shipments to Iraq and Syria, was sentenced to life in prison. While initially claiming that Pollard was part of an unauthorized intelligence operation, Israel issued a formal apology to the U.S. and renounced all future espionage activities on American soil. At the same time, Israel’s government disbanded the obscure defense ministry agency responsible for the Pollard connection, the Lakam, Science Liaison Bureau. Separate from the Mossad, army intelligence or the Shin Bet, the agency had been instructed to obtain technology for Israeli biological and nuclear projects, according to experts. The Pollard affair chilled strategic cooperation between the two countries in the ensuing years. But by the 1990s, the dialogue began to deepen once again as Israel and the U.S. set up a host of joint forums between their military, intelligence and diplomatic agencies. As time went by, Israel became more open about its relationship with Pollard, granting him citizenship. During the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks at Wye Plantation in 1998, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked for a grant of clemency from President Bill Clinton. Ministers made pilgrimages to Pollard’s North Carolina prison. But that only made the shadow over the Pollard affair endure longer, Israeli experts said. “If Israeli politicians keep visiting Pollard in jail and keep raising it in meetings with the president, it’s an open wound in that regard,” said Itamar Rabinovich, who was an Israeli ambassador to the United States during the mid-1990s. “If it were resolved five or 10 years ago, the lingering effect would be reduced. Because the file was not closed, it’s still causing damage.” The former ambassador recalled from his tenure in Washington a series of allegations about unauthorized Israeli sales of U.S. military technology to China. The accusations were eventually dropped. Yatom said that as Mossad chief he was compelled to fly to the U.S. on one occasion to defuse claims from former CIA Director George Tenet that Israel had placed an informant in the intelligence agency. And when former U.S. ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, had his security clearance stripped for creating secret cables on an unclassified laptop computer, it stirred suspicion whether the American Jewish diplomat had leaked the information to Israel.

Critical "attacks" on AIPAC's spying and dual loyalty is also an attack on the Jewish community. So says AIPAC.
Broader FBI Probe Into Pro-Israel AIPAC Dates To Early Bush Administration,
By CURT ANDERSON, KSDK News Channel 5, (originally from Associated Press), September 3, 2021
"The FBI first briefed senior White House officials early in the Bush administration about an investigation into whether a major pro-Israel lobbying organization was providing U.S. intelligence information to Israel, officials said Friday. President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleeza Rice, and her top deputy, Stephen Hadley, were informed of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee probe not long after Bush took office in 2001, according to two administration officials speaking on condition of anonymity because of the matter's sensitivity. The exact date of the first briefing about the long-running counterintelligence investigation was unclear but was probably at least two years ago, the officials said. The timing suggests that investigators only recently began to focus on Larry Franklin, a Pentagon analyst specializing on Iran and Middle Eastern affairs in the office of policy undersecretary Douglas Feith. That part of the probe concerns whether Frankin passed a classified, draft White House directive to two AIPAC officials, who in turn allegedly provided it to the Israeli government. No one has been charged in the case, which is expected to go before a federal grand jury as early as next week in Alexandria, Va. Franklin has not responded to repeated requests for comment but was said by officials to be cooperating. Both AIPAC and Israel have denied any wrongdoing. Another part of the investigation concerns whether Pentagon officials provided information to Ahmad Chalabi, once a leading Iraqi politician and prewar Defense Department favorite, The Washington Post reported in Friday's editions. FBI and Justice Department officials said they could not confirm the account. Disclosure of the broader investigation raises a series of new questions about the case, including whether other AIPAC or Pentagon officials are involved or whether it reaches into the Israeli government. One senior official at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Naor Gilon, has acknowledged meeting with Franklin but said he did nothing illegal. AIPAC and its allies, meanwhile, have begun to mount a public relations campaign to limit the political damage. AIPAC, long considered one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, said in a statement issued Thursday that its members should contact members of Congress "to continue expressing your strong support" for the group and for U.S.-Israeli relations. Larry Nussbaum, president of AIPAC's chapter in Kansas City, Mo., said in a separate statement that the investigation amounts to "not only an attack on the organization itself, but on the Jewish community. AIPAC must prove that attacks such as this one will only make us grow stronger."

[Douglas Feith: Jewish, avid Zionist.]
Secretive Pentagon office target of FBI probe, sources say,
BY JAMES GORDON MEEK, Duluth News Tribune (from New York Daily News, September 2, 2021
"An unorthodox Pentagon outfit responsible for much of the Bush administration's discredited intelligence on Iraq is the target of a broad FBI national security probe, sources told the New York Daily News Wednesday. The secretive Office of Special Plans and a related project are being investigated over how they obtained top-secret intelligence and whom they shared it with, according to four federal sources. "It involves the improper transfer of information," said one source briefed on the case. "A lot more is going to come out." The Office of Special Plans was overseen by Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, the Pentagon's No. 3 and a close aide to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Feith's team has been blamed by Democratic lawmakers and others for sexing up uncorroborated intelligence on Iraq's arsenal from Iraqi dissident Ahmed Chalabi and other sources, including a bogus informant code-named "Curveball." The Senate Intelligence Committee is examining those charges. The office also sought to establish links between Iraqi deposed dictator Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida after Sept. 11."

FBI probe of AIPAC said to go beyond alleged mole,
Haaretz (Israel), September 2, 2021
"In a report that hinted of possible security breaches beyond the allegations that Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin passed information to Israel via AIPAC, the Washington Post reported Thursday that classified intelligence from the National Security may have been passed to the Jewish state. Quoting unnamed U.S. officials and other sources, the paper said that the FBI had been investigating for more than two years whether the AIPAC pro-Israel lobbying group has been passing classified intelligence data to Israel. "The counterintelligence probe, which is different from a criminal investigation, focuses on a possible transfer of intelligence more extensive than whether Franklin passed on a draft presidential directive on U.S. policy toward Iran, the sources said. The FBI is examining whether highly classified material from the National Security Agency, which conducts electronic intercepts of communications, was also forwarded to Israel," the paper said. Israel responded that the characterization of the probe was speculative."

FBI Informed White House of AIPAC Probe Two Years Ago,
By Adam Entous, Reuters, September 2, 2021
"President Bush's top national security advisers were told more than two years ago of an FBI investigation into whether classified information was passed to Israel by a powerful pro-Israeli lobbying group, U.S. officials said on Thursday. The counterintelligence investigation started earlier than the year-old criminal investigation now focusing on whether a Defense Department analyst passed secret documents to Israeli intelligence through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. A senior administration official said national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and her deputy, Stephen Hadley, were "apprised of the counterintelligence investigation of AIPAC" more than two years ago. The official said the investigation centered on whether AIPAC was acting as a "conduit" -- relaying information the group collected from the administration and the U.S. Congress to Israel, Washington's closest ally in the Middle East. As part of the criminal investigation, first disclosed last week, FBI agents met on Friday with two officials at AIPAC to ask about their contacts with the Pentagon analyst. The FBI copied one of their computer hard drives and AIPAC provided investigators with some documents, sources said on Wednesday. The interviews, stopped when the AIPAC officials asked for their lawyers, have yet to resume, officials said."

Groups Rally to Lobby's Side as FBI Intensifies Israeli Espionage Probe. ADL's Foxman Calls for Federal Investigation Into Media Leaks,
By Ori Nir, [Jewish] Forward, September 3, 2004
"As the FBI intensifies its investigation of Washington's pro-Israel lobby, Jewish organizations are charging elements of the government with orchestrating a borderline-antisemitic smear campaign against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The community's wall-to-wall defense of the pro-Israel lobbying powerhouse comes in response to media reports that the FBI is investigating the possibility that a Pentagon analyst passed classified material on to Aipac officials, who then handed the information over to the Israeli embassy in Washington. Early in the week, many Jewish communal officials were advising a relatively muted response, hoping the scandal would blow over quickly. But in recent days, law enforcement officials have told reporters that the FBI's investigation is intensifying, arrests are imminent and the case has been assigned to federal prosecutors. In addition, according to one top GOP congressman, the House could end up launching its own probe of the allegations. Depending on how the investigation plays out, Jewish communal insiders said, the allegations could severely undermine the influence of Aipac, the most influential pro-Israel organization in Washington and one of the country's most powerful lobbying groups. In turn, they added, the scandal could damage American-Israeli relations and hamper efforts to stop Iran's push for nuclear weapons. With the stakes running so high, Jewish communal leaders are rallying to Aipac's defense. Several Jewish organizational leaders are expressing outrage over reports that an Israeli diplomat and Jewish organizational officials were under FBI surveillance. Others are also calling for a federal probe into what they describe as an unfounded campaign of government leaks aimed at smearing Aipac and Israel in order to weaken neoconservative officials in the Bush administration. "The leaks are more serious than the charges because once you look at the charges, they don't amount to anything," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. "When things quiet down, we should be calling for hearings and investigations into the leaks." The ADL director also blasted the apparent surveillance being conducted by the FBI. "We wake up in the morning to learn that the American government is surveying a registered diplomat — based on what? And then the case grows because he happens to have lunch with a bureaucrat and a Jewish organization?" Foxman said. "All that is very troubling. I hope if there is an investigation or hearings that we will come to some understanding about who set this in motion." A spokesman with one Jewish group said it was likely that other Jewish organizations were also being monitored. The FBI refused to answer any questions about its ongoing investigations or surveillance targets. In an August 27 dispatch for CBS News, Leslie Stahl reported that the FBI has been investigating for more than a year whether a Pentagon analyst passed to Israel secret materials about White House deliberations over Iran, using Aipac as a conduit. The probe was described as an espionage investigation. But press reports during the weekend suggested that the suspicions were less severe and that they may involve an unauthorized leak of confidential information rather than spying. This week, however, Justice Department sources have been painting a more ominous picture in leaks to reporters. According to some press reports, the FBI was surveying an Israeli diplomat and Aipac officials for more than a year and a half, on suspicions of spying. The surveillance, reportedly, included phone tapping and photographing. There was no indication of what may have triggered the probe. In the course of the investigation, more than a year ago, FBI agents were reportedly monitoring a meeting between an Israeli diplomat and an Aipac official at a Washington restaurant. As the two were talking, Pentagon official Lawrence Franklin, the head of the Iran desk at the Department of Defense, joined the two. Franklin, who was previously stationed in Israel as a specialist for the U.S. Air Force Reserve, soon became the focus of the probe, and at one point reportedly was seen trying to pass a classified document on the administration's Iran policy to an Aipac staffer. Two Aipac staffers were mentioned in press reports in connection to the investigation: Steve Rosen, the group's veteran director of foreign policy affairs, who is considered second in seniority to Aipac's executive director, Howard Kohr, and Keith Weissman, who handles Iran, the Persian Gulf and oil issues. The two were reportedly interviewed by FBI agents August 27, as the story broke in the media. The interviews were reportedly halted when the two asked to talk to a lawyer... In a conference call Monday with Kohr and Aipac's president, Bernice Manocherian, Jewish communal leaders from across the political spectrum voiced staunch support for the organization and expressed confidence that its officials had done nothing wrong ... Several participants in the conference call said they believed that the allegations were part of an effort by certain elements in the CIA and the State Department to undercut the influence of neoconservative officials in the Bush administration ... "We all believe that this story will quietly deflate," said the head of one Jewish organization. "If it doesn't, however, and the accusations will really amount to crimes, that would be devastating... for the whole community." In several ways, Jewish community leaders said, the scandal is bound to cause damage to Israel and Aipac, as well as to the United States-Israel relationship. American officials are likely to be worried about the FBI monitoring in their contacts with Israelis. Aipac, an organization that to a large degree is successful because of its image of virtual omnipotence, is weakened when portrayed as vulnerable. Cooperation between Israel and the United States in stopping Iran's quest for nuclear weapons also may suffer. In the short run, Jewish activists said, the greatest damage could be the re-emergence of the specter of Jonathan Pollard, the American Jewish Navy analyst who was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 for spying on the United States for Israel. His case raised new questions in certain quarters of the defense establishment about the loyalty of Jewish employees."

Jews Fear Fallout On Fed Spy Probe. Serious consequences even if no charges are filed,
by James D. Besser, Jewish Week, September 3, 2004
"This week’s media sensation, centering on allegations that the primary pro-Israel lobby in Washington passed secret information to Jerusalem, has left Jewish leaders uncertain about the motives behind the reported federal spy probe and deeply concerned about its consequences — even if no charges are filed. Early in the week, pro-Israel forces, backed by powerful political friends, mounted a major damage control effort. But that was impaired by a lack of knowledge about exactly what and whom the federal government is targeting. Jewish leaders pointed to similar media frenzies about alleged Israeli spies in the past that fizzled, and some expressed the expectation that this week’s controversies — which began with a CBS News expose on Friday asserting that federal authorities were investigating a possible Israeli “mole” inside the Pentagon — would be no different. “For years, since Pollard, we’ve seen a slew of leaks, innuendo, accusations, and none of them ever amounted to anything, except for a little news coverage that gives a black eye to Israel or to the Jewish community or to both,” said Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman, referring to Jonathan Jay Pollard, whose 1985 arrest for spying for Israel continues to shadow Jews in sensitive government positions. “This isn’t new. It’s important people understand that.” But on Tuesday there were reports federal prosecutors in Alexandria, Va. — the site of several high-profile spy and terrorism trials in recent years — were nearing a decision on legal action. The Jerusalem Post reported that computer data belonging to a top official of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the pro-Israel lobby, has been searched. Two AIPAC officials, Steven Rosen, the group’s longtime foreign policy director, and Keith Weissman, an analyst specializing in Iran, have reportedly been questioned by the FBI. The controversy left Jewish leaders with some disconcerting questions, like why a political officer of the Israeli embassy was being followed by government investigators. It was that surveillance that reportedly ensnared the focal point of the investigation, Larry Franklin, a mid-level Pentagon analyst who specializes in Iran policy. Reports suggest that Franklin gave over to AIPAC officials U.S. documents dealing with alternatives for the U.S. in dealing with the growing nuclear threat from Iran, and that the AIPAC officials passed the information on to Israel. “The first question I have is this: Do we trail the representatives of the embassies of other friendly countries?” asked Shoshana Bryen, special projects director for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), a Jewish group with close ties to the military and intelligence communities in both countries. “If not, why was he being trailed?” The Israeli representative is Naor Gilon, a political adviser at the Israeli embassy in Washington. Israeli officials this week expressed concern that Gilon apparently was the focus of U.S. surveillance, but they would not seek an explanation from Washington, according to Israeli press reports. Those reports said Gilon was having lunch with a top AIPAC official when they were joined by Franklin, a non-Jew who, as an Air Force Reserve officer, once worked in the U.S. defense attaché’s office Tel Aviv. Such meetings are routine for U.S., Israeli and AIPAC officials. “If they weren’t doing that, they weren’t doing their jobs,” said Neal Sher, a former AIPAC executive director and Justice Department official “I was surprised to read the suggestion these meetings were being surveiled by the FBI. That’s a big unanswered question in all this.” Federal authorities have refused to identify the original target of their investigations. Jewish leaders suggested that the leak that produced the CBS report could have been part of the ongoing battle within the defense and military establishments over the role of several high-profile neo-conservatives, including Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith — both lightning rods for criticism over the administration’s war in Iraq. There is also speculation that the original leak may have been part of a preemptive effort by anti-neo-con forces inside the government to prevent a U.S. confrontation with Iran by suggesting an improper Israeli role in setting U.S. policy on the issue. In a series of conference calls since the initial story, Jewish leaders tried to work out a strategy for minimizing the impact of reports that could damage U.S.-Israeli strategic cooperation, the effort to slow Iran’s rush to nuclear weaponry and the careers of countless Jewish defense and intelligence personnel, even if the investigation does not result in arrests and convictions ... Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) said in a statement that “AIPAC is an organization of American patriots committed to promoting America’s interest in strengthening ties with our democratic ally Israel. ... AIPAC deserves our gratitude and support for its important service and devotion to our country.” Laudatory statements also came from Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), the Senate majority leader, Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), the Minority Leader and Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), the House majority whip, among others. In the communal conference calls on Monday and Tuesday, AIPAC leaders admitted they had been worried that the sudden negative publicity might lead politicians to shun their convention events. That didn’t happen. AIPAC officials and independent sources say attendance by political figures met or exceeded expectations. “The response was absolutely remarkable at the convention,” said Lonnie Kaplan, a former AIPAC president. “All our events had greater attendance than we expected. Nobody canceled, and we had many expressions of support.”

By: Ted Lang, Etherzone, September 3, 2021
"Our entire government is controlled by Israel! Through a small, rich and powerful Jewish supported pro-Israeli tax-exempt lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or simply AIPAC, virtually all American domestic and foreign policy is now being controlled by a foreign government entanglement. This is done by targeting American politicians: those who are pro-Israel receive campaign funding and favorable publicity through a myriad of Jewish organizations, magnified by the liberal and Democratic Party-leaning American press; those politicians not favoring policies benefiting Israel are targeted by Jews all over America who send money to help finance that politician’s opponent. Former Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who was critical of the dominance Israel enjoyed controlling our government, was defeated in this way by Jewish contributions coming in from all over the United States. Those contributions had to be requested en masse, funneled to a finance manager, and then distributed to all the right places to both the opposing candidate and key media outlets to generate the necessary opposing campaign propaganda. At the Republican Party’s highly expensive convention bash being orchestrated smack in the middle of New York City this week, FOXNews.com reports: "About 1,500 supporters of Israel attended the posh event hosted by United Jewish Communities, the Republican Jewish Coalition and the American-Israel Political Action Committee. The event, held at Pier 60 in Manhattan, was attended by dozens of congressional members, governors and administration officials, and featured Bloomberg, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman."

Groups Rally to Lobby's Side as FBI Intensifies Israeli Espionage Probe. ADL's Foxman Calls for Federal Investigation Into Media Leaks,
By Ori Nir, [Jewish] Forward, September 3, 2021
"As the FBI intensifies its investigation of Washington's pro-Israel lobby, Jewish organizations are charging elements of the government with orchestrating a borderline-antisemitic smear campaign against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The community's wall-to-wall defense of the pro-Israel lobbying powerhouse comes in response to media reports that the FBI is investigating the possibility that a Pentagon analyst passed classified material on to Aipac officials, who then handed the information over to the Israeli embassy in Washington. Early in the week, many Jewish communal officials were advising a relatively muted response, hoping the scandal would blow over quickly. But in recent days, law enforcement officials have told reporters that the FBI's investigation is intensifying, arrests are imminent and the case has been assigned to federal prosecutors. In addition, according to one top GOP congressman, the House could end up launching its own probe of the allegations. Depending on how the investigation plays out, Jewish communal insiders said, the allegations could severely undermine the influence of Aipac, the most influential pro-Israel organization in Washington and one of the country's most powerful lobbying groups. In turn, they added, the scandal could damage American-Israeli relations and hamper efforts to stop Iran's push for nuclear weapons. With the stakes running so high, Jewish communal leaders are rallying to Aipac's defense. Several Jewish organizational leaders are expressing outrage over reports that an Israeli diplomat and Jewish organizational officials were under FBI surveillance. Others are also calling for a federal probe into what they describe as an unfounded campaign of government leaks aimed at smearing Aipac and Israel in order to weaken neoconservative officials in the Bush administration. "The leaks are more serious than the charges because once you look at the charges, they don't amount to anything," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. "When things quiet down, we should be calling for hearings and investigations into the leaks." The ADL director also blasted the apparent surveillance being conducted by the FBI. "We wake up in the morning to learn that the American government is surveying a registered diplomat — based on what? And then the case grows because he happens to have lunch with a bureaucrat and a Jewish organization?" Foxman said. "All that is very troubling. I hope if there is an investigation or hearings that we will come to some understanding about who set this in motion." A spokesman with one Jewish group said it was likely that other Jewish organizations were also being monitored."

Israel Has Long Spied on US, Say Officials,
by Bob Drogin and Greg Miller, Common Dreams (from Los Angeles Times, September 3, 2021
"Despite its fervent denials, Israel secretly maintains a large and active intelligence-gathering operation in the United States that has long attempted to recruit U.S. officials as spies and to procure classified documents, U.S. government officials said. FBI and other counterespionage agents, in turn, have covertly followed, bugged and videotaped Israeli diplomats, intelligence officers and others in Washington, New York and elsewhere, the officials said. The FBI routinely watches many diplomats assigned to America. There is a huge, aggressive, ongoing set of Israeli activities directed against the United States. Anybody who worked in counterintelligence in a professional capacity will tell you the Israelis are among the most aggressive and active countries targeting the United States. Former intelligence official Officials said FBI surveillance of a senior Israeli diplomat, who was the subject of an FBI inquiry in 1997-98, played a role in the latest probe into possible Israeli spying. The bureau now is investigating whether a Pentagon analyst or pro-Israel lobbyists provided Israel with a highly classified draft policy document. The document advocated support for Iranian dissidents, radio broadcasts into Iran and other efforts aimed at destabilizing the regime in Tehran, officials said this week. The case is unresolved, but it has highlighted Israel's unique status as an extremely close U.S. ally that presents a dilemma for U.S. counterintelligence officials. "There is a huge, aggressive, ongoing set of Israeli activities directed against the United States," said a former intelligence official who was familiar with the latest FBI probe and who recently left government. "Anybody who worked in counterintelligence in a professional capacity will tell you the Israelis are among the most aggressive and active countries targeting the United States." The former official discounted repeated Israeli denials that the country exceeded acceptable limits to obtain information. "They undertake a wide range of technical operations and human operations," the former official said. "People here as liaison … aggressively pursue classified intelligence from people. The denials are laughable." Current and former officials involved with Israel at the White House, CIA, State Department and in Congress had similar appraisals, although not all were as harsh in their assessments. ... The U.S. officials all insisted on anonymity because classified material was involved and because of the political sensitivity of Israeli relations with Washington. Congress has shown little appetite for vigorous investigations of alleged Israeli spying ... In public, Israel contends it halted all spying operations against the United States after 1986, when Jonathan Jay Pollard, a former Navy analyst, was convicted in U.S. federal court and sentenced to life in prison for selling secret military documents to Israel. U.S. officials say the case was never fully resolved because a damage-assessment team concluded that Israel had at least one more high-level spy at the time, apparently inside the Pentagon, who had provided serial numbers of classified documents for Pollard to retrieve. The FBI has investigated several incidents of suspected intelligence breaches involving Israel since the Pollard case, including a 1997 case in which the National Security Agency bugged two Israeli intelligence officials in Washington discussing efforts to obtain a sensitive U.S. diplomatic document. Israel denied wrongdoing in that case and all others, and no one has been prosecuted. But U.S. diplomats, military officers and other officials are routinely warned before going to Israel that local agents are known to slip into homes and hotel rooms of visiting delegations to go through briefcases and to copy computer files. "Any official American in the intelligence community or in the foreign service gets all these briefings on all the things the Israelis are going to try to do to you," said one U.S. official. At the same time, experts said relations between the CIA and Israel's chief intelligence agency, the Mossad, were so close that analysts sometimes shared highly classified "code-word" intelligence on sensitive subjects. Tel Aviv routinely informs Washington of the identities of the Mossad station chief and the military intelligence liaison at its embassy in America. "They probably get 98% of everything they want handed to them on a weekly basis," said the former senior U.S. intelligence officer who has worked closely with Israeli intelligence. "They're very active allies. They're treated the way the British are." Another former intelligence operative who has worked with Israeli intelligence agreed. "The relationship with Israeli intelligence is as intimate as it gets," he said. Officials said Israel was acutely interested in U.S. policies and intelligence on the Middle East, especially toward Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. "They are sophisticated enough to want to know where the levers are they can influence, which people in our government are taking which positions they can try to influence," said a former high-ranking CIA official. But the official said the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, at least in intelligence circles, "is not one of complete trust at all" ... What mystifies those who know AIPAC is how one of the savviest, best-connected lobbying organizations in Washington has found itself enmeshed in a spy investigation. Although never previously implicated in a potential espionage case, AIPAC has frequently been a subject of controversy. Its close ties to Israel and its aggressive advocacy of Israeli government positions has drawn criticism that it should be registered as an agent of a foreign country. Others, noting its ability to organize significant backing for or against candidates running for national office, have demanded that it be classified as a political action committee. So far the group has avoided both classifications, either of which would impose major restrictions on its activities. Three years ago, Fortune magazine ranked AIPAC fourth on its list of Washington's 25 most powerful lobbying groups — ahead of such organizations as the AFL-CIO and the American Medical Assn."

Franklin-Gate and the Jews,
by james d. besser, Jewish News Weekly, September 3, 2021
"Hours after CBS News first reported that federal officials were investigating a possible Israeli “mole” at the Pentagon, the first analysis hit the wires claiming that the emerging scandal wouldn’t damage U.S.-Israel relations. It was quick journalistic work, but it wasn’t worth the bytes it was written on. The plain fact is, the scandal, dubbed “Franklin-Gate” after the implicated Department of Defense official, will affect Jewish and pro-Israel interests in myriad ways even if the federal investigation fizzles and no charges are brought. Any proof that Israel was spying on the Pentagon with the cooperation of AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, would be devastating both for Israel and for the Jewish community here, but few other than anti-Israel conspiracy theorists expect that result. More likely is a confusing mess centering on the many gray areas created when two close allies share military and strategic information through a web of formal and informal contacts. “In an open relationship like this, there are conversations, there are meetings and conferences all over the world, where Israelis and Americans, Jews and non-Jews, share soft intelligence,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. “If the mere fact of people having lunch together results in an investigation, that’s very intimidating.” Jewish leaders believe the leaks that produced the CBS story and the exaggerated talk of a mole may have been triggered by the bitter struggle between administration neoconservatives — many of them Jewish, many in the top ranks of the Pentagon organization chart — and the traditional conservatives and military and intelligence professionals who fear the neocons have led America into a military debacle in Iraq and want to do the same in Iran. In particular, these forces have been critical of Douglas Feith, the undersecretary of defense for policy, a hawk’s hawk and the boss of the man at the epicenter of the controversy, Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin ... But even if the investigation produces no arrests and no evidence AIPAC went beyond the bounds of legal lobbying, it has the potential to cause damage to Israel, to Jewish interests here and to U.S.-Israel relations. The accusation of a “mole” — that term made sensational headlines, but it wasn’t borne out by later reporting — plays into the ongoing belief by many on both ends of the political spectrum that a cabal of Jewish neoconservatives led America into a destructive war in Iraq, not because of America’s interests but Israel’s ... There may be a growing longing for convenient scapegoats if public opinion continues to turn against the war, and this week’s reports offer up some traditional favorites: Israel and the Jews. The scandal will refocus attention on a group of Jewish neoconservatives who have been polarizing figures both inside and outside government circles, including Feith and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. The charges, even if unsubstantiated, could impede the widespread military cooperation between Washington and Jerusalem — ties that are even more important as the allies fight the terrorist forces that have targeted both nations. The charges will also have a chilling effect on countless Jews serving in important government positions. Many say life hasn’t been the same since the 1985 arrest of Jonathan Pollard, the young Navy intelligence analyst who provided documents to his Israeli handlers. The shadow of “dual loyalty” already hangs over every Jewish official with a security clearance; the new spy scandal ensures that it won’t lift anytime soon. ... But even if the charges are quickly revealed as overblown, the fact that they have exploded in the middle of an emotionally charged presidential campaign and as protests proliferate over the Iraq war could adversely affect the Jewish community and Israel. Jewish leaders are worried — and they are right to be."

Political Big Names Come Out To Back Lobby at the GOP Convention,
By E.J. KESSLER, [Jewish] Forward, September 3, 2021
"Less than 48 hours had passed since CBS News broke the news about an FBI investigation involving the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the lobbying powerhouse was facing its first public test. The setting was Sunday's "community celebration" sponsored by Aipac, United Jewish Communities and the Republican Jewish Coalition. The list of expected guest included 1,000 delegates to the Republican convention, Jewish communal leaders, volunteers and public dignitaries. In the end, according to an Aipac spokesman, all the big names showed up. The crowd included more than 60 members of the House of Representatives, eight senators, two Cabinet officials, five governors, one lieutenant governor, the top three members of the Bush campaign staff, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his predecessor, Rudolph Giuliani. They joined nearly 1,500 other guests in packing the main hall at Chelsea Piers, a cavernous sports and events space on the Hudson River docks in Lower Manhattan, munching on a buffet that included grilled vegetables, beef dishes cooked up hot in woks and sliced smoked salmon. If the Republicans were feeling burned by Aipac, it was not apparent in their speeches. The speakers took turns praising the organization's efforts in Washington "I know Aipac, I know the Aipac leadership," Senator Bill Frist said. "It is an outstanding organization." Bush campaign manager Kenneth Mehlman and Giuliani each gave red-meat, partisan speeches, replete with attacks on Democratic nominee John Kerry. Bloomberg also spoke. All the national Republican speakers gave ringing defenses of the war in Iraq, saying that the ousting of Saddam Hussein made both Americans and Israelis safer. Between bites, the mood among Aipac members was one of outrage and defiance at the news stories on the eve of the convention. In her speech to the assembled crowd, the organization's president, Bernice Manocherian, declared: "Be assured that we will not allow innuendo or false allegations to distract us from our central mission, which is supporting American interests in the Middle East and advocating for a strong U.S.- Israel-relationship.... The allegations are outrageous as well as baseless. They will not dissuade us from exercising our rights as American citizens to be involved in the political process." The chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Sam Fox, took pains in his speech to emphasize the closeness that his group feels with Aipac. "I've worked closely with Aipac for a quarter-century," he said. "I know Aipac. It has always reflected the very best qualities of professionalism." Fred Zeidman, a longtime friend of Bush's who is chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council and a top Republican Jewish Coalition leader, acknowledged that the affair "can't all be bulls—t," but added: "We're obviously hoping it's bulls—t. Obviously there's a reason they timed it right now. This is the best president Israel ever had and the best communication between Israel and the administration. There's no reason for it to have happened. There's something surreptitious going on. We don't know what it is." Zeidman stressed: "The good news is that the administration is continuing [to show support for Aipac and the Jewish community]. I don't think that if there was anything behind this, the administration would be as open as it is," referring to the many administration officials in attendance. Republican officials were out in force, with Cabinet secretaries Gale Norton and Anne Veniman CK, Office of Management and Budget Director Josh Bolten, and dozens of lawmakers. Top campaign officials at the event included Mehlman, chairman Marc Racicot, chief strategist Matthew Dowd and top fund raiser Jack Oliver. Even as Republican leaders made their pitch for Bush, the controversial news reports were the talk of the event, with both Republicans and Jewish communal officials expressing alarm and unease over the impact of the scandal. "It doesn't smell right," said one Jewish communal official who deals with international affairs. "The Israelis don't need the information. With professionals doing this for so long, it doesn't make sense that they would do it through a Jewish organization." "How is this going to play outside New York and Washington?" the official wondered. "Will it increase suspicion of Jews? It makes our job harder. Why would they trust us?" The Bush-Cheney campaign's liaison to the Jewish community, Michael Lebovitz, declined comment on the controversy, saying: "It would be totally inappropriate." Others tried to put the events into perspective. Former Nixon aide G. Gordon Liddy, greeting admirers as he got some food at the event's buffet, was nonchalant. "I doubt that the Israeli government had any knowledge of it," he said ... Prominent Democrats, including Senate Minority leader Tom Daschle, were also defending Aipac. "For more than five decades, America as a country and Americans as individuals have stood by Israel," Daschle said in a statement. "Aipac and its members have tirelessly led that effort, and America is better and stronger for it. It is vital work — work I know Aipac will continue to lead effectively."

Jewish Republicans track Michael Moore's comments on Israel,
Israel Insider, September 4, 2021
"Republican Jewish Coalition Michael Moore's Radical Views Republican Jewish Coalition Israel is not mentioned in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. But when Moore showed up as a journalist at the Republican National Convention, the conventioneers were none too pleased. Earlier this summer, a coalition of Jewish Republicans researched his stands on Israel over the past two decades. Michael Moore dedicated his 2003 book, Dude Where's My Country? to Rachel Corrie, an International Solidarity Movement volunteer who was accidentally killed when she climbed in front of a caterpillar bulldozer destroying tunnels used by Palestinian terrorists to illegally smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza. Moore expressed his understanding for other victims of the conflict. "Of course, many Israeli children had died too, at the hands of the Palestinians. You would think that would make every Israeli want to wipe out the Arab world, but the average Israeli does not have that response. Why? Because in their hearts," he explained, [the Israelis] know they are wrong, and they know they would be doing just what the Palestinians are doing if the sandal were on the other foot." He had some suggestions for preventing suicide terrorists. "Hey, here's a way to stop suicide bombings - give the Palestinians a bunch of missile-firing Apache helicopters and let them and the Israelis go at each other head to head. Four billion dollars a year to Israel - four billion dollars a year to the Palestinians - they can just blow each other up and leave the rest of us the hell alone." Moore has a long history of supporting, and being rewarded for, anti-Israel stances. In 1987, Moore was honored by the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee for his "courageous efforts in journalism." He attended and spoke at a June 5, 2022 demonstration protesting the continued Israeli occupation at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. In October 2003, Moore was honored by the Muslim American Public Affairs Council (MPAC) with a media award. In his book, Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation, Moore proposed that Congress give Israel 30 days to end the bloodshed taking place in its name, and if Israel does not do so, funding to Israel should be cut. He also noted that while individual terrorism is bad, state sponsored terrorism is truly evil. Moore proposed that the Palestinians be given statehood and receive twice as much economic assistance from the United States as Israel receives."

The Latest Spy Scandal in US: Will It Be Bryen Case All Over?,
by Michael Saba, Al-Jazeera, (from Arab News), 4 September 2021
"Yuval Steinitz, the chairman of the Israeli Parliament’s foreign and defense committee, responding to the recent Israeli spy scandal with the United States, said recently, “I’m 100 percent confident — not 99 percent, but 100 percent — that Israel is not spying on the United States.” As the scandal broke, a friend of mine who formerly served in the US diplomatic corps e-mailed me the following: “Years ago, I asked an Israeli friend of mine why his guys kept on running spy operations against us when they could get 99 percent of our secrets from loyal Jewish-Americans for nothing. He laughed and said Israelis want 100 percent.” Former Sen. Jim Abourezk and I spoke a few days ago. He commented: “My gosh, over 25 years ago you came to my office in the US Senate and told me you had just overheard a strange conversation between an American government employee and a group of Israelis in a Washington, D.C. restaurant and you didn’t know who to report it to. I told you that I thought that AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) was probably involved in that conversation. That incident turned into an Israeli spy scandal. And the Israeli spy scandal, the Larry Franklin case, that erupted this week, started with an American government employee and a group of Israelis in a Washington, D.C. restaurant with AIPAC involved. Are there any more similarities between the two cases?” “Yeah”, I told him, “They just announced that Nathan Lewin, the attorney for that government employee 25 years ago, is the attorney for AIPAC in the case today.” In 1978, the conversation that I overheard in the restaurant and the subsequent reporting of what was said to the FBI, led to an investigation of that government employee, Stephen Bryen, and a recommendation from the FBI investigators that the matter be brought before a grand jury with charges of espionage for Israel. That case was then mysteriously dropped. I wrote a book about this case and the investigation details titled “The Armageddon Network” which was published in November of 1984. Major characters in the book in addition to Stephen Bryen and Nathan Lewin, included Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen and Elliot Abrams. Those same names have been all over the news again in the current spy scandal. When I reported the facts of the 1978 Israeli spy scandal, I initially met with John Davitt, who was then the chief of the Justice Departments Internal Security Division. Davitt had essentially run the counterespionage section of the Justice Department from the end of World War II through the Cold War and up until the late 1970s. Davitt later told me and the New York Times that, up to that point, after the Soviet Union, the second most active espionage service investigated for spying on the United States was Israel. Yet through all of this spying and many Israeli espionage cases investigated, the Bryen case was the first made public and no one had been brought to trial. Bryen not only got off without being formally charged, but he also later became a high official in the US Defense Department. Richard Perle hired him in 1981. ... Author Stephen Green wrote the foreword to “The Armageddon Network” and later wrote two books of his own, “Taking Sides” and “Living by the Sword” in the mid and late 1980s, about Israeli espionage against the United States. Green wrote an article in early 2004 about five current and former American government employees, Stephen Bryen, Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz. Through extensive research and years of Freedom of Information requests to the US government, Green had compiled files that proved that each of these five individuals had been investigated at some time during their government careers for passing information to a foreign government, namely Israel. Over twenty mainstream American publications, most of which had previously published Green’s works, rejected the article for reasons given that ranged from “nothing new here” to “this is anti-Semitic”. One pundit said, “You can’t publish something like that about Israel in an election year”. Finally the article was published on an Internet publication, CounterPunch, in late February. Green has been receiving numerous requests lately for copies of his article as the names of the five individuals that he wrote about are reappearing in the current Franklin spy scandal. Congressman John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has written to the chairman of that committee calling for a special investigation of this Israeli spy scandal and its possible connections to the Ahmad Chalabi/Iran information leakage case and misinformation regarding the US invasion of Iraq. And the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), one of the largest Jewish organizations in North America, has called on the Bush administration to immediately appoint a special counsel to investigate the circumstances of leaks to the American media regarding suspicions of an alleged Israeli “mole” in the Pentagon. That’s right, the ADL is calling for an investigation because they feel that the leak was made with malicious intent to defame Israel, its American supporters and AIPAC. The ADL and its head, Abraham Foxman, claim that the allegations of spying for Israel are “baseless.”

FBI probes Jewish sway on Bush government,
By Nathan Guttman, Haaretz (Israel), September 5, 2021
"The FBI investigation into the Pentagon mole affair has expanded beyond data analyst Larry Franklin's immediate circle to encompass the entire issue of Jewish influence on the neoconservative part of the administration. The FBI queries have recently been focusing on a number of officials, all from the neoconservative wing, who had access to the debates on Iranian affairs, the Washington Post reported yesterday. The officials include Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz; Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith; Pentagon adviser Richard Perle; adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, David Wormser; and Iran specialist Harold Rhode, all of them Jews. The Washington Post reported that FBI people recently spoke to administration officials and Middle East experts to sound them out on the suspicion that senior officials funneled secret material to Israel. They asked each official whether he believes that a certain group of people could spy for Israel and transfer secret information. The investigation now appears to center on the claim made by the opponents of the neoconservatives in the administration - that the latter are responsible for the U.S. Middle East policy and that they are suspected of bias in favor of Israel's interests. The issues being queried have also increased. It transpires that the FBI is investigating, in addition to funneling classified information to Israel, the possibility that secret information had been given to Ahmed Chalabi, of the Iraqi opposition. Chalabi was close to many of the people mentioned in the affair and was a central source of information to the Americans on the goings-on in Iraq before the war. The Washington Post said the FBI asked the administration officials about Israeli embassy officials in Washington who allegedly held contacts with administration officials to procure secret information. So far, only the name of Naor Gilon, the political adviser in the embassy, was mentioned as involved in the affair. The L.A. Times reported on Friday that the American administration does not believe Israel's contention that it does not spy on America and that U.S. government officials say Israel secretly maintains a large and active intelligence-gathering operation in the U.S. The officials said the FBI and other bodies spy on Israeli diplomats in Washington and New York as a matter of routine. The report said that Israel has long attempted to recruit U.S. officials as spies and to procure classified documents, according to the Times. Israel said it set a policy of not spying on the United States after Jonathan Pollard's arrest in November 1985 and the damage it did to bilateral relations in general and to intelligence and security ties in particular."

Pro-Israel Lobby Has Strong Voice. AIPAC Is Embroiled in Investigation of Pentagon Leaks,
By Thomas B. Edsall and Molly Moore, Washington Post, September 5, 2021
"On May 18, President George W. Bush stood before the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington and spoke effusively to its members. "AIPAC is doing important work," Bush said. "In Washington and beyond, AIPAC is calling attention to the great security challenges of our time. "You've always understood and warned against the evil ambition of terrorism and their networks," the president continued. "In a dangerous new century, your work is more vital than ever." Just over three months later, the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying organization in the United States is embroiled in an FBI probe into whether Pentagon officials gave AIPAC representatives classified material -- which sources said may have included information about Iran -- and whether they in turn passed it to the Israeli government. For AIPAC, the allegations are potentially devastating to its credibility and large influence in Washington, and its officials have vigorously denied any wrongdoing. "What really is troubling is the issue of dual loyalties," said Rep. Robert T. Matsui (D-Calif.), one of many senior members of the House who have defended AIPAC. The leaked allegations "raise a troubling specter" with the questioning of AIPAC's loyalty that Matsui said he is acutely sensitive to as a Japanese American who was interned in 1940 at age six months with his U.S.-born parents ... When the existence of the investigation of AIPAC became public more than a week ago, Pentagon officials said the inquiry was focused on one mid-level Pentagon analyst -- Lawrence A. Franklin -- and whether he gave a draft presidential directive on Iran to AIPAC. Last week, however, The Washington Post reported that the two-year-old probe was broader and that sources said investigators were probing whether other defense officials had given sensitive materials to AIPAC and Ahmed Chalabi, the former Iraqi dissident who was a favorite at the Pentagon before the war. The material in question, sources said, included information not just on Iran but also on the Middle East peace process and on U.S. intentions in Iraq. If reports of a probe involving AIPAC are true, the group said in a statement, "then surely the confidence demonstrated by the President of the United States, the highest officials in the executive branch [and] key members of the intelligence committees in continuing to regularly meet and address AIPAC during this period of time is substantial vindication of AIPAC's loyalty and trustworthiness." The allegations have, nonetheless, profoundly shaken members of AIPAC, known as one of the capital's toughest and most effective behind-the-scenes lobbies. Much of AIPAC's influence lies in the extensive civic participation of its supporters, the high-profile role of board members in making and raising campaign contributions, the strong ties of AIPAC to the government of Israel, and the strategic importance of Israel to U.S. interests. Every two years, AIPAC offers each new member of Congress a trip to Israel for a week to 10 days. Israel was established in 1948, and AIPAC was set up six years later. It now has 85,000 members, an annual budget of $33.4 million and a staff of 165, with offices in Washington, 10 states and Israel. In 2003, the organization reported spending $1.28 million on lobbying. Though not insubstantial by Washington standards, it is a fraction of the amounts spent by one of the largest lobbying groups, the AARP, which dedicated $20.9 million to lobbying last year. The 50 members of the board of directors are a cross section of influential figures in Republican and Democratic politics and in civic affairs across the country. They include Steven Grossman, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and former senator Rudy Boschwitz (R-Minn.), a major Bush fundraiser. Norman Brownstein, a prominent Denver lawyer, was an early financial backer of the Kerry campaign. Since 2000, the board members have contributed an average of $72,000 each to campaigns and political committees. One in every five AIPAC board members is a top fundraiser for Kerry or Bush. The federal investigation itself has produced the most recent demonstration of AIPAC's power and standing, in the outpouring of support for the organization from U.S. officials that began hours after news of the federal inquiry broke. "I know AIPAC; I know the AIPAC leadership. It is an outstanding organization," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.). Senate Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) declared, "America is better and stronger for" AIPAC. Two days after the first news reports, Republican politicians -- normally wary of controversy -- turned out in force at an AIPAC-sponsored event outside the GOP convention in New York. By AIPAC's count, the attendees included more than 60 House members, eight senators, five governors, two Bush Cabinet members and Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman. Through more than 2,000 meetings with members of Congress, AIPAC activists help pass more than 100 pro-Israel legislative initiatives a year. On its Web site, AIPAC lists priorities including legislation to curb Iran's nuclear program; procuring nearly $3 billion in aid for Israel; and funding U.S.-Israeli efforts to build a defense against unconventional weapons. AIPAC does not have a political action committee and does not endorse candidates. But it is widely viewed by friends and foes as wielding significant political power. In 2002, two Democrats in Congress with records of voting against Israel's interests -- Reps. Earl Hilliard of Alabama and Cynthia McKinney of Georgia -- faced primary opponents who received substantial support from Jewish donors. A majority of AIPAC board members gave to either McKinney's challenger or Hilliard's or both. Hilliard and McKinney lost. Bill Banks, McKinney's campaign manger, charged that AIPAC had made her the "No. 1 candidate to try to remove from office." AIPAC denied the accusation. Even some Israeli officials have said they are uncomfortable with AIPAC's influence in U.S. politics ... Over the years, AIPAC has accumulated many critics, including angry competitors, who feel their voices on Middle East policy have been subordinated to the policy positions taken by AIPAC. ... While many Israeli and AIPAC supporters have said it is unnecessary for Israel to engage in espionage inside the United States because of the close relationship between the Bush and Sharon administrations, some officials and observers argue that Israel has a strong interest in collecting information that could help it influence U.S. policy on Iran, which Israeli officials say is their country's greatest enemy. Both the United States and Israel have advocated strong stands against Iran's development of nuclear weapons, but Israel has urged more aggressive action than Washington.

India's Powerful Jewish Lobby
The Jewish general who beat Pakistan,
By Amnon Barzilai, Haaretz (Israel), September 6, 2021
"A victory by the Congress Party under the leadership of Sonia Ghandi in the elections to be held in India in May will not lead to any change in India's policy toward Israel. The good relations will continue, and in certain area even grow deeper," assesses Lieutenant General J.F.R. Jacob, a former senior Indian army officer and a Jew, who yesterday completed a five-day visit to Israel. "If I had to rank the present-day level of relations between India and Israel," Jacob adds, "I would give them a 9 out of 10." General Jacob has close ties to the National Party (BJP), which in the course of its four years in power has tightened relations with Israel and expanded defense cooperation with it. For many years, Jacob served as the party's security adviser. Nevertheless, he says, "based on my personal acquaintanceship with the current foreign minister, I see that the Congress Party, like the National Party, has an interest in maintaining very good relations with Israel." Jacob notes that it was the Congress Party that in early 1992 established diplomatic relations with Israel, "and since then, every Indian government has found Israel to be a friend on which they can rely." ... General Jacob gained prominent fame in his homeland when he headed the Indian army forces that vanquished the Pakistani army in the war that broke out between the two countries in 1971, over control of the Bangladesh region (which after the war became an independent state, having formerly been East Pakistan). For his decisive role in the sweeping victory, Jacob was granted a commendation of merit. Jacob is proud to say that his illustrious military career is the indelible proof of the tolerance of Indian society. That is the only way to explain how he succeeded as a young Jew, the scion of a family that migrated some 150 years ago from Iraq and settled in Calcutta, to be appointed to one of the most senior command positions in the army ... He retired from the military in 1978, following 37 years of service. Jacob tried his hand in the business world, but remained in close contact with government echelons. In the late `90s, he became the governor of the Goa province, and subsequently became the governor of the state of Punjab, which borders Kashmir. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Israel, Jacob has paid many visits to Israel. Prime minister Yitzhak Rabin invited him to attend the Jerusalem 3,000 celebrations. On his recent visit here, he even contributed items of Judaica from his parent's home to the Museum of Babylonian Jewry in Or Yehuda. His home in New Delhi has for years been a pilgrimage site for Israeli diplomats, researchers and security officers."

ADL Asking the FBI to Investigate Leak in Pentagon Case,
BY ELI LAKE , New York Sun, September 8, 2004
"After nearly two weeks of rumor and innuendo surrounding an FBI probe into the possibility of an Israeli spy in the Pentagon, the Anti-Defamation League has formally requested that the FBI get to the bottom of who leaked news of the investigation to the press. In a letter sent yesterday, the organization's national director, Abraham Foxman, wrote, "We are deeply troubled by what appears to be an intentional leak to the press about the investigation. As a result of this intentional leak, AIPAC and the State of Israel have been subjected to a litany of allusion, intimation and unsupported supposition." Another letter, sent by Rep. Robert Wexler, a Democrat of Florida, to Attorney General Ashcroft, read, "It appears as though the Administration has responded to this investigation with both negligence and deception." The Wexler letter questioned why a two-year-long counterespionage probe has yet to lead to any arrests or indictments if the evidence was as strong as anonymous officials have told some newspapers. Sources close to the Pentagon tell The New York Sun that members of the staff of Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith have been harassed since the probe was leaked. They have received anonymous phone calls that play radio broadcasts in the background announcing the arrests of Israeli spies. In other cases, intelligence briefings on Iran have deliberately included information on Israel that would normally not be included. Last week, the staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refused for two days to share classified papers with officials working for Mr. Feith, sources say. Cooperation between the two offices only resumed after individuals at the highest levels of the Pentagon ordered the Joint Chiefs of Staff to cooperate. The FBI is expected to interview members of Mr. Feith's staff today ... In an interview yesterday Mr. Foxman said that he believed it was totally appropriate for the FBI to investigate cases that threaten American national security and that he was not criticizing the bureau for conducting the probe. "But permitting government officials to leak stories about pending investigations will only encourage and legitimate anti-Semitism," he said. Mr. Foxman, who met Tuesday with government officials about the probe, said his organization's polling data from earlier indicates that one of three Americans believe that American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America. "We see how the extremist and pro-Arab spokesmen have jumped on this issue to buttress their charge that not only Jews are disloyal but control the foreign policy of this government," he said. "Pat Buchanan has been silent on this subject for a while. Now he has a platform and we heard it on 'Meet the Press' Sunday," he added, referring to the former presidential candidate's warning that "Pollardites" may be employed by the Pentagon."

Why Golan Cipel's Jewishness is important,
By Amir Oren, Haaretz (Israel), August 18, 2021
"The latest scandal, the resignation of New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, is made up of the American holy trinity: money, sex, and politics. McGreevey's rivals have been charging for more than two years that he is using his political power to pay off his allies, supporters, and just plain friends. His confession to being a homosexual and having extramarital "consenting adult relations" shocked many of his citizens in New Jersey, in both form and substance - though not all. Internet discussion forums for months have seen anonymous hints as thick as the industrial smokestacks - when someone there wondered what made McGreevey take a particular position on single-sex marriages, someone wrote: Hint: Golan Cipel. The McGreevey-Cipel pair, they and their lawyers, are now caught in a dispute over the facts: was there a relationship, and if so, was it coerced; and did Golan try to blackmail Jim or did he just take the conventional step of naming a price (only 10 percent, $5 million, instead of $50 million) to cancel the threat of a suit over sexual harassment? Those are the romantic aspects that turned into the criminal, according to McGreevey, or the criminal without the romantic, according to Cipel. But they were preceded by an aspect that is a departure from the usual ups and downs of a male couple: the suspicion first launched at the governor in 2002 when he named Golan - who had neither ability nor the right citizenship - that he was exposing New Jersey to treason on behalf of Israel. In the imaginary clash between Israel and New Jersey, McGreevey's rivals charged, the governor's advisor on security affairs who makes $110,000 a year might be loyal to his own homeland - where he is counted among its reservists! - and not to his adopted state which is exposed to attacks. Maybe there are some who scoff at the idea of a war between New Jersey and Israel - which is often described as being "about the size of New Jersey" to give Americans an indication of Israel's size - but there should be no scoffing at how deep the feverish charges of dual loyalty of Israel and Jews can go."

Man at center of McGreevey resignation says he is straight,
USA TODAY, August 15, 2021
"The Israeli man at the center of New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey's resignation over a gay affair said in an interview published Sunday that he is straight and had no idea at first that his boss is a homosexual. Golan Cipel told the Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Ahronot that McGreevey repeatedly made unwanted advances. Cipel said he informed the governor at one point that he planned to sue him for sexual harassment, and that lawyers were negotiating a settlement when McGreevey resigned last week ... McGreevey, who is married, announced his resignation Thursday, acknowledging that he is gay and had an affair with a man. Sources within the McGreevey administration named Cipel as the lover and said he had demanded millions of dollars to stay quiet. In a news conference Friday, Cipel's attorneys denied the claims, saying McGreevey's attorney had offered to pay if Cipel didn't file a lawsuit. Allen Lowy, one of Cipel's attorneys, did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press Sunday morning seeking comment. Sources in McGreevey's administration said Saturday that Cipel originally demanded $50 million but the figure dropped to $5 million as negotiations progressed. McGreevey appointed Cipel as New Jersey's $110,000-a-year homeland security adviser in 2002, without a background check or official announcement. The appointment drew criticism, and Cipel was reassigned a few months later and soon after left government ... Cipel was quoted as saying he identified with the "feelings of victimization" women feel when they are sexually harassed."

We may be one, but which one? Blurring the line between American Jewish leadership and Israel isn't healthy for American Jews or for Israel. SIMPLY SABRA: Former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey had one too many Israeli connections ,
by Jonathan S. Tobin, Jewsweek, September 7, 2021
"It's been an odd week tracking the relationship between Israelis and Americans. Most of the attention here has focused on the fact that a young Israeli man named Golan Cipel was the governor of New Jersey's alleged extramarital lover or, depending on whose story you believe, the victim of sexual harassment by the state's chief executive. The fact that Gov. James McGreevey announced last month that he was "a gay American" who cheated on his wife wasn't the scandal in the eyes of most observers. It was the fact that McGreevey had appointed Cipel to a high-paying job as a state homeland security advisor, in spite of the fact that he wasn't remotely qualified and, as a foreign national, couldn't get a security clearance to receive classified information from Washington. The fact that an Israeli who hadn't even troubled to become an American citizen would even be considered for such a position marks an interesting turning point in the relationship between Israel and America. Israel began its history with citizens of other countries serving key roles in its armed forces. Most famous was U.S. Army Colonel David "Mickey" Marcus, who commanded the Israeli forces that lifted the siege of Jerusalem in 1948. Marcus was buried at his alma mater, West Point, the only American soldier who died fighting under a foreign flag to be so honored. But Cipel apparently was ready to return the favor. Like World War I American Gen. John J. Pershing, who landed in France in 1917 with the words, "Lafayette, we are here!" on his lips, Cipel might well have proclaimed, "Mickey Marcus, hinenei - 'I am here!' " when he entered the office that went along with his $110,000 salary. Yet the McGreevey mess isn't the only example of Israelis becoming players on U.S. shores. In a story that hasn't even been a blip on the radar screen of the secular news media, another Israeli has been appointed to an American job, raising different though troubling questions. It was the announcement that the American Jewish Congress was appointing Alon Pinkas as its new CEO. Who's Pinkas? Up until a few weeks ago, he was Israel's consul general in New York, serving in one of the Jewish state's most important diplomatic posts. But if the AJCongress gets its way, he will doff the mantle of diplomat, and take up the less-exalted title of chief macher for a Jewish organization best known for its unyielding stand on the separation of church and state in the United States. Perhaps I'm missing something, but the idea of a man who was an Israeli envoy just weeks ago taking the helm of a group that attempts to represent the interests of American Jews strikes me as more than a bit odd. Granted, maybe not as odd as the idea of the baby-faced Golan Cipel defending the people of New Jersey from Al Qaida, but still rather strange ... But AJCongress has still crossed a line. Pinkas, previously a foreign-policy advisor to Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak, has spent the last few years waltzing his way through the complicated labyrinth of New York Jewry. By all accounts, he has done a fine job, charming both the hoi polloi and the high-and-mighty. But while some Israelis have finished their terms in that office and fled back to Israel for a break from unending rounds of lox-and-bagel breakfasts and caviar receptions, Pinkas apparently can't get enough of it, and will get a salary from AJCongress far greater than the pittance New Jersey taxpayers shelled out to Cipel ... But don't the good people at AJCongress understand that blurring the line between American Jewish leadership and Israel isn't healthy for America Jews or Israel? The old slogan of the United Jewish Appeal was "We are one." But that was supposed to be a symbol of solidarity, not an avowal that no difference exists between being a U.S. citizen and one of the State of Israel ... But when some ask who do groups like AJCongress really represent - the State of Israel or the many loyal Americans who love both nations - do we really want that question answered by a foreign diplomat? By even contemplating the Pinkas appointment, AJCongress has stumbled badly. Their timing was also off in more ways than one. This was, it turns out, not a good week to be hiring an Israeli to fill a job better suited to an American."

Hungary: US should be less pro-Israel,
Jerusalem Post (from ASSOCIATED PRESS), September 7, 2021
"The European Union should push the United States to renew its peacemaking efforts in the Middle East, Hungary's foreign minister said Tuesday. He also urged Washington to temper what he called America's pro-Israeli stance. Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs said the EU effort was needed because the United States "has very much withdrawn" from attempts to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But he said a one-sided approach by Washington "discredits it in the eyes of the Arabs," and he said the United States should adopt a more even-handed policy. Kovacs also said that while Israel had the right to defend itself, the EU needed to persuade Israel to abide by international law."

Focus / 10 ways the Pentagon spy case may damage Israel,
By Bradley Burston, Haaretz, September 9, 2021
"The dread felt by Israeli and American Jewish officials was as rooted as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as fresh as the headline that they feared could break any minute. Could Israel have used its client American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbying group as a conduit to receive classified information from a Pentagon analyst or the National Security Agency? Such was the implication of a flurry of media reports which emerged last month. Stated differently, could an Israeli agency have been so unwise as to have, in a single stroke, risked blunting the efficacy of AIPAC, casting American Jews in the shadow of accusations of dual loyalty and undue influence on U.S. policymaking, and endangering the Jewish state's only indispensable alliance, its lifeblood tie to Washington. Israel says no. AIPAC says the same. And although from the start the reports have offered much smoke and little actual fire, the case surrounding Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin presented Israel and AIPAC with the diplomatic equivalent of an unexploded cluster bomb. Even as the case recedes from the headlines, it could do significant harm to Israel in a large number of ways whether the allegations are true or not. 1. Conspiracy Theory and anti-Semitism "Even if the present affair pales, shrinks and fades away, it can supply fuel to the conspiracy theory, one that is widespread in certain sectors of the American media," said political scientist Avi Ben-Zvi, citing maverick Republican rightist Pat Buchanan and other strident right and left-wing critics of Israeli influence on American policymaking. According to the theory, Ben-Zvi said, Jews in key positions in the administration, among them suspect analyst Franklin's neo-conservative - and Jewish - superiors, Deputy Defense Minister Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, a senior aide to Donald Rumsfeld on Iran and Iraq policy, represent "an enthusiastically pro-Israeli group diverting American policy to a direction which serves non-American goals - manipulating and directing policy." "It sounds almost like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion," Ben-Zvi said. The post-Saddam quagmire in Iraq has only intensified the sensitivity of the issue, as some leftists have argued that only Israel has benefited from a war which a "cabal" of Jewish neo-conservatives drove into being. 2. Closing off sources of shared intelligence Well-placed former members of the Israeli intelligence community have said that there are as many as thousands of contacts a year between American and Israeli figures, colleagues in a number of fields, in which non-classified but potentially valuable information is exchanged. In the wake of the Franklin case, American officials, it is feared, will now shy away from contacts with Israelis, long a key source of information-sharing ... It has been suggested that a key source of AIPAC's strength is its widespread image of unparalleled clout in affecting foreign policy regarding Israel, an image that the affair could sap. In fact, AIPAC's very success in lobbying for Israel's interests has also rendered the group, which boasts 65,000 members in all 50 states, vulnerable to charges of undue influence in Washington decision making ... 5. Estranging American Jewry A major figure in the U.S. Jewish community responded last month with an explicit sense of relief on hearing that analyst Franklin was not Jewish. Nonetheless, the affair has already stirred implied questions of dual loyalty and divided allegiance among American Jews, until recently a long-buried staple of native U.S. anti-Semitism. ... 7. Restirring the Pollard affair In a nadir of U.S.-Israel relations. Jonathan Pollard, a naval analyst, passed highly classified American material to Israeli intelligence agents until he was seized in the mid-80s. "Although all of the information currently available shows that this isn't a new Pollard affair, in certain respects 'the Franklin affair' could prove more dangerous for the organized Jewish community," Haaretz Washington correspondent Nathan Guttman said. "When the case of Jonathan Pollard erupted 19 years ago, it was easier for Jews to distance themselves from him and to claim that the man was a lone operative, not someone who could tarnish the entire community with the 'dual loyalty' brush. "Now the situation is more problematic, not because of Larry Franklin, but because of AIPAC's role" ... 10. An anti-neocon backlash Some U.S. Jewish leaders have suggested that the Franklin affair was part of an wider campaign by CIA and State Department officials to sandbag, discredit, and ultimately dethrone the neo-conservatives in positions of influence. Some believe that the neocon influence has given the Sharon government unprecedented access and understanding in the administration, a status they fear could be blunted by a backlash against neocon thought."

Jews press for assault weapons ban,
[Jewish] Forward, Breaking News, September 10, 2021
"Several U.S. Jewish groups are pushing Congress to renew the ban on assault weapons. At an interfaith press conference Thursday, Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, said Congress’ failure to renew the ban is “ensuring the tragic and violent deaths of an unknown number of Americans across this country.” Sammie Moshenberg, Washington director of the National Council for Jewish Women, said, “The idea of having these military-style assault weapons readily available in this country to extremist groups, many of whom target Jews and other minorities, is a very frightening thought.” The 10-year ban expires Monday, and Republican congressional leaders have said they do not expect renewal legislation to be voted on."

The Hill, Publisher, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO: James Finkelstein.]
Spy-scandal lobby blitz AIPAC secures wide backing after secrets charges,
By Hans Nichols, The Hill, September 8, 2004
"Lobbyists for an influential pro-Israel group launched into congressional overdrive when trails of a Pentagon spy scandal led to their Washington office. Soon after media outlets reported on the scandal late last month, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbyists and their political liaisons across the country asked Democratic and Republican lawmakers to issue public statements in support of America’s premier pro-Israel group. The House will start its probe “with a record of confidence” in AIPAC, said Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). That intense and frantic lobbying effort, which began on the eve of the GOP convention and continued unabated in New York, led dozens of lawmakers of both parties to testify to AIPAC’s integrity before they had been briefed by the FBI investigators on the details of the case. Some lawmakers, however, stressed that they rose to AIPAC’s defense without any prompting from the group. The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin passed sensitive intelligence to Israel and the role of two AIPAC employees in the matter. AIPAC had deployed bipartisan statements in a successful campaign to quell the potentially disastrous flow of negative articles in the first cycle of an espionage scandal that FBI investigators say is expanding. That bipartisan support has also immunized AIPAC from political attacks that question the pro-Israel group’s patriotism and has shielded it from the crossfire of a presidential campaign. “As much as we’ve reached out to members of Congress, they are reaching out to us,” said Josh Block, a spokesman for AIPAC. “Clearly, expressions of support from leaders of both parties in both chambers are extremely important and reflect the deep and abiding relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and the strong relationship between AIPAC and members of Congress,” Block said. Dozens of key lawmakers from both parties have been briefed by AIPAC Executive Director Howard Kohr, say numerous congressional aides. In addition, prominent Jewish community leaders across the country — many of whom are serious donors — have been phoning their friends on Capitol Hill, denouncing the allegation that a Pentagon mole slipped classified documents to AIPAC as the scurrilous work of an FBI zealot. The briefings from the Washington office have been limited to a detailed rebuttal of AIPAC’s alleged role in receiving classified material from Franklin, followed by a pitch for statements of support, say aides. AIPAC’s Washington briefers have shied away from addressing the broader charges against Franklin, or any other possible allegation about the Pentagon leaking drafts of its Iran policy. But Kohr has made himself very clear that a public statement about AIPAC’s integrity would be appreciated, while a more forceful, if less tactful, play for congressional support has come in phone calls from Jewish political leaders across the country, say congressional aides for members contacted by AIPAC. In many cases, AIPAC lobbyists have been very specific about how they wanted the lawmakers’ statements to be phrased. But in other instances, requests have been made in general terms, asking only for a public expression of support. AIPAC, which does not give political donations but spends roughly $1 million a year on lobbying, has received supportive statements from nearly every key congressional leader."

The Likudization of the world 9/11's real legacy is that Bush has adopted Sharon's rigid views,
By NAOMI KLEIN, The Globe and Mail, September 9, 2021
"Russian President Vladimir Putin is so fed up with being grilled over his handling of the Beslan catastrophe that he lashed out at foreign journalists on Monday. "Why don't you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks," he demanded. "No one has a moral right to tell us to talk to child-killers." Mr. Putin is not a man who likes to be second-guessed. Fortunately for him, there is still one place where he is shielded from all the critics: Israel. On Monday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warmly welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for a meeting about strengthening ties in the fight against terror ... The underlying message is unequivocal: Russia and Israel are engaged in the very same war, one not against Palestinians demanding their right to statehood, or against Chechens demanding their independence, but against "the global Islamic terror threat." Israel, as the elder statesman, is claiming the right to set the rules of war. Not surprisingly, the rules are the same ones Mr. Sharon uses against the intifada in the occupied territories. His starting point is that Palestinians are only interested in annihilating Israel. From this basic belief, several others follow. First, all Israeli violence against Palestinians is an act of self-defence, necessary to the country's very survival. Second, anyone who questions Israel's absolute right to erase the enemy is an enemy. This applies to the United Nations, other world leaders, to journalists, to peaceniks. Mr. Putin has clearly been taking notes, but it's not the first time that Israel has played this mentoring role. On Sept. 12, 2001, Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked how the previous day's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington would affect relations between Israel and the United States. "It's very good," he said. "Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy." The attacks, Mr. Netanyahu explained, would "strengthen the bond between our two peoples, because we've experienced terror over so many decades, but the United States has now experienced a massive hemorrhaging of terror." Common wisdom has it that, after Sept. 11, a new era of geopolitics was ushered in, defined by what is usually called the "Bush doctrine": pre-emptive wars, attacks on "terrorist infrastructure" (read entire countries), and an insistence that all the enemy understands is force. It would be more accurate to call this rigid world view the "Likud doctrine." What happened on Sept. 11 is that the Likud doctrine, previously used only against Palestinians, was picked up by the most powerful nation on Earth and applied on a global scale. Call it the Likudization of the world, the real legacy of Sept. 11 ... And now the Likudization narrative has spread to Russia ... There has, indeed, been a dramatic and dangerous rise in religious fundamentalism in the Muslim world. The problem is that, under the Likud doctrine, there is no space to ask why this is happening. We are not allowed to point out that fundamentalism breeds in failed states, where warfare has systematically targeted civilian infrastructure, allowing the mosques to start taking responsibility for everything from education to garbage collection. It has happened in Gaza, in Grozny, in Sadr City. Mr. Sharon says terrorism is an epidemic that "has no borders, no fences," but this is not the case. Terrorism thrives within the illegitimate borders of occupation and dictatorship; it festers behind "security walls" put up by imperial powers; it crosses those borders and climbs over those fences to explode inside the countries responsible for, or complicit in, occupation and domination."

Jewish Woman Named to Canadian High Court,
By Sheldon Gordon, [Jewish] Forward, September 10, 2021
"Rosalie Abella, a flamboyant legal trailblazer who at age 29 was appointed Canada's first Jewish female judge, has now become the first Jewish female named to the Supreme Court of Canada. Abella, who was promoted last month from the Ontario Court of Appeal, has "strong credentials," said Lorraine Weinrib, a University of Toronto law professor. "Her deep understanding of protecting the rights of the disadvantaged would permeate her work, but it [won't] shift the balance on the [high] court." Ed Morgan, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress and also a University of Toronto law professor, calls her "incredibly lively and interesting." If anything, that's an understatement. Rosie, as her many fans call her, is known for her big red hair and her gregarious personality — and for wearing orange tights under her judicial robes in court. She has a high profile not only as a liberal jurist whose groundbreaking rulings have delighted gays and feminists, but also as a public intellectual who gives outspoken lectures on Canada's Charter of Rights, antisemitism and other issues of concern to her. Born Rosalie Silberman in 1946 to Holocaust survivors in a displaced persons camp in Germany, she and her parents came to Canada as refugees on an American troop ship when she was 4 years old. She is married to prominent Jewish historian Irving Abella, a former president of the Canadian Jewish Congress. In addition to her duties as a jurist, she sits on the International Board of Governors of the Hebrew University, and is a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Committee on Conscience. Honored last December by the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Abella spoke forcefully about "Western Europe's seeming indifference to, and the United Nation's active collaboration in, the spread of antisemitism." "What we are witnessing today is the globalization of intolerance and antisemitism is the canary in the mine," she said in her address. "Does it really matter why some people and countries are antisemitic? Isn't it enough that they are? Why people hate Jews does not justify their prejudice. The root cause of prejudice is prejudice. The motive or explanation is irrelevant. To create an exculpatory link between Israel and antisemitism is offensive and cowardly" ... In 1998, she held in the Rosenberg case that same-sex partners are entitled to survivor benefits equivalent to married heterosexual couples under the Income Tax Act — a ruling that spurred the federal government to change dozens of statutes ... Abella's elevation, and that of Judge Louise Charron, also from the Ontario Court of Appeal, will bring the nine-member Supreme Court up to full strength for a busy fall sitting that begins in October with a landmark hearing on same-sex marriage. For the first time, there will be two Jewish gavel jockeys wearing the high court robes. Justice Morris Fish, a Montrealer, was appointed a year ago."

Aipac Calls for Increased Contributions in Time of Crisis,
[Jewish] Forward, September 10, 2021
"Under FBI investigation and faced with embarrassing daily press reports, America's pro-Israel lobbying powerhouse is calling on its members for additional contributions. In an email to supporters, leaders of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee declared: "Please help us to continue to do our critical work by sending us a special, additional contribution today. Your support at this moment will give us needed resources and will demonstrate to our adversaries that the pro-Israel community is stronger than ever." The e-mail, signed by Aipac's executive director, Howard Kohr, and its president, Bernice Manocherian, assured members of the organizations that "any allegation of criminal conduct by Aipac or our employees is false and baseless. Neither Aipac nor any of its employees has violated any laws or rules, nor have Aipac or our employees ever received information we believed was secret or classified." The fund-raising e-mail goes on to state that "the allegations are not just about Aipac. The very essence of the U.S.-Israel relationship is under assault." At such a time, Kohr and Manocherian wrote, it is vital for Aipac to demonstrate financial strength. "Why?" they wrote. "Decision-makers in Washington will be measuring your commitment to Aipac as an indicator of Aipac's overall strength. One of the few ways they can gauge confidence in Aipac is by looking at our relative financial strength." According to Kohr and Manocherian, "Aipac is the only organization of its kind working with Congress and the administration to protect America and Israel from terrorism and to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. If we do not work to help ensure Israel's safety, who do we think will?"

The Neo-Con Trojan Horse. Neo-Cons as Spies.
Neocons Blast Bush's Inaction On 'Spy' Affair,
By MARC PERELMAN, [Jewish] Forward, September 10, 2021
"In an indication of their growing estrangement with the Bush administration, neoconservatives are slamming the White House for failing to stop what they describe as an antisemitic campaign to marginalize them being conducted by the CIA and the State Department. This view was outlined in a memo circulating among neoconservative foreign policy analysts in Washington. Obtained by the Forward, the memo criticizes the White House for not refuting press reports on the FBI's investigation of Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin that suggest wrongdoing on the part of Jewish officials at the Defense Department. "If there is any truth to any of the accusations, why doesn't the White House demand that they bring on the evidence? On the record," the memo stated. "There's an increasing antisemitic witch hunt." A source who has seen the memo said it was written by Michael Rubin, a former member of the Pentagon's policy planning staff who dealt with Iran policy. Rubin, now a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, declined to comment for this story. "I feel like I'm in Paris, not Washington," the author of the memo wrote. He added: "I'm disappointed at the lack of leadership that let things get where they are, and which is allowing these bureaucratics (sic) to spin out of control." The memo comes as the FBI is investigating the possibility that Franklin passed classified information on Iran policy to officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, who in turn provided the documents to Israel ... While they generally refuse to speak on the record, some former intelligence and law-enforcement officials have alleged that Israel operates an aggressive spying operation in America ... Retired general Anthony Zinni, a former chief of the U.S. Central Command and presidential Middle East envoy, told CBS in May that "the worst-kept secret in Washington" was that the neoconservatives pushed the war in Iraq for Israel's benefit. Similar criticism of Israel and Jewish groups appeared in the recent book "Imperial Hubris," by Anonymous, who was later identified as Michael Scheuer, a serving senior CIA official. "Objectively, al Qaeda does not seem off the mark when it describes the U.S.-Israel relationship as a detriment to America," wrote Scheuer, a former head of the CIA analytical team focusing on Al Qaeda. "One can only react to this stunning reality by giving all praise to Israel's diplomats, politicians, intelligence services, U.S.-citizen spies, and the retired senior U.S. officials and wealthy Jewish-American organizations who lobby an always amenable Congress on Israel's behalf" ... To back up claims of antisemitism, the memo points to reports that the FBI has hired Stephen Green, a longtime critic of American-Israeli ties, as a consultant. A former United Nations official, Green has a long record of claiming that Israel uses Jewish Americans, some of them prominent, to spy on the United States. Green has said in interviews that FBI officials interviewed him at length in the past few weeks. "Green has... been on a one-man mission to expose deep-cover Israeli agents for decades," the memo said. Green stresssed that the bureau had sought him out "and not the other way around" and that its officials did not ask about Franklin but about leading neoconservative like Wolfowitz and Feith."

The world Jewish-Zionist conquest of Germany Discussed
Schlepping to Moguldom,
By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, New York Times, September 5, 2021
"HAIM SABAN, one of the nation's richest and most improbable media magnates, was slouched in a leather seat aboard his Gulfstream jet during a trip from Los Angeles to New York this spring, rattling on about his support for Israel. After devouring a bagel covered in lox, he leaned forward and launched into his favorite story from the Democratic presidential primaries. "Did I tell you what Howard Dean told me?" he asked, knowing full well that he had not, at least not yet today. "Do you know how he tells me that he is going to support Israel?" he recounted, with a look of incredulity. "He tells me, 'Don't you know my wife is Jewish?' " Mr. Saban, 59, let out a sharp laugh, pausing for effect, before delivering his punch line. "Do you know what I told him? I said, 'Governor, the fact that your wife is Jewish is your problem.' " A self-described "cartoon schlepper," Mr. Saban became a billionaire by turning the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into a global franchise that he merged with Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and, in 2001, sold to the Walt Disney Company for $5.3 billion. He has since emerged as perhaps the most politically connected mogul in Hollywood, throwing his weight and money around Washington and, increasingly, the world, trying to influence all things Israeli. "I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel," he said in his first extensive interview in years. To that end, he has become one of the largest individual donors in the country to the Democratic Party and its candidates, giving millions over the past decade - $7 million in just one donation to the Democratic National Committee in 2002. He recently had Senator John Kerry over to his chateau-style home in Beverly Hills. ("We played guitar and kibitzed," he said.) He regularly spends hours at a time on the phone with Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister. He vacations with Bill Clinton. At the same time, Mr. Saban has been bidding - or at least kicking the tires - on media properties around the world as he looks to expand his empire and, by extension, his political reach. But what really has people talking in Hollywood and Washington is his most ambitious project yet: he is the proud owner of the largest television broadcaster in Germany. "I know, I know. I get the irony," he said with a smile. A year ago, Mr. Saban beat out his one-time partner, Mr. Murdoch, and many other media titans to buy the broadcaster, ProSiebenSat.1 Media, putting him in control of a company that owns the rough equivalent of CBS, ABC, TBS and Nickelodeon. "That level of ownership would never be allowed in the U.S.," he acknowledged. "It would be too much concentration." Since taking over the broadcaster, he has turned it around - cutting costs and sending it American hits like "The OC," a Fox Network series about teenage tribulations, and "Nip/Tuck," a drama centered in a plastic surgery clinic. Not only is the company making money, but Mr. Saban may finally be shaking a reputation that has long dogged him: that he has gone further on luck than talent. "It's easy to be jealous of someone like Haim," said Peter Chernin, president and chief executive of the News Corporation. "But I think the Germany situation has the potential to be not just a financial score but serve as the cornerstone of something bigger." That, Mr. Saban readily acknowledged, is the plan. As one of the richest people in Hollywood, he hears about possible deals constantly. He is toying with the idea of buying The Jerusalem Post from Hollinger International, which has been canvassing for buyers. "If they ever come to earth with the price, I would be interested in it," he said. He has also stirred controversy in Britain, where he publicly expressed interest in buying ITV, the country's biggest commercial network, while accusing its competitors, BBC News and Sky News, the news arm of the pay-TV provider British Sky Broadcasting, of pro-Arab coverage. Of course, not every deal has panned out. Last year, he joined a consortium led by Edgar Bronfman Jr. that was bidding on Warner Music, only to drop out at the 11th hour, worried that the group was overpaying ... " Mr. Saban's path to moguldom has certainly been unusual. He was born in Egypt but fled to Tel Aviv with his parents, his brother and his grandmother after the 1956 Suez War. Struggling to get by, the family lived in a one-room apartment and shared a bathroom, he recalled, "with a hooker and a pimp." As a teenager, he took up the bass guitar and began managing bands and promoting concerts. But his business was wiped out by the 1973 Yom Kippur War and he decided to move to Paris with his business partner, Shuki Levy. HIS big break came soon after that. While vacationing in Tel Aviv, he got a call from a producer in Paris who wanted one of Mr. Saban's clients, Noam Kaniel, a child singer, to record the theme song for a cartoon called "Goldorak," which was wildly popular in France in the 70's. So he flew back to France and headed to the studi ... With the hottest children's show in the world on his hands [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers], Mr. Saban formed a joint venture with Fox in 1996. It turned out to be a shrewd move. The next year, the venture acquired the Family Channel from its founder, Pat Robertson, for $1.9 billion and turned it into the Fox Family Channel. Four years later, Michael D. Eisner, the Disney chief executive, negotiated a deal to buy the channel for Disney for $5.3 billion. The deal is considered one of Mr. Eisner's worst, one that he has acknowledged as a drag on his company. But Mr. Saban walked away with some $2 billion for himself ... In any event, some of the proceeds from that sale helped to underwrite Mr. Saban's relatively newfound passion: politics. He said he caught the political bug in the mid-1990's, when he felt that support for Israel was slipping in the United States. He and his wife, Cheryl (who, by the way, is not Jewish), slept in the White House several times during President Clinton's two terms. And Mr. Saban has remained close to the former president. "Haim Saban has been a very good friend, supporter and adviser to me," Mr. Clinton said in an e-mail message. "I am grateful for his commitment to Israel, to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East and to my foundation's work, particularly on reconciliation issues." Mr. Clinton might have added that he is also grateful for Mr. Saban's commitment to the Democratic Party, including his $7 million donation two years ago, the largest individual donation in its history. While Mr. Saban is a vocal opponent of President Bush - "I think Bush is just messing it up every day more" - he supports some of Mr. Bush's policies. "On the issues of security and terrorism I am a total hawk," he said. "I'm a Democrat for the reinforcement of the Patriot Act. It's not strong enough. The A.C.L.U. can eat their heart out, but they are living in the 1970's. We should all have ID's. You betcha. What do you have to hide? Some friends of mine on the left side think I'm crazy." Why is he so supportive of Israel? "I hate quoting Tom DeLay, I really do," Mr. Saban said. "If you're going to quote me quoting Tom DeLay, say I hate quoting him." He continued, apparently quoting Mr. DeLay, the House Republican leader: "He said: 'It is the right thing for us to do to be supportive of Israel. The reasons go back to the beginning of time.' " Mr. Saban's views on the matter are straightforward. He is a tireless cheerleader for Israel. But when it comes to conflict there, his views are hardly sanguine. "I'm going to make a very controversial statement and I hope to God that I am proven totally wrong: I think that any resolution will have to go both on the Palestinian side and Israeli side to some form of civil war. It's not going to be without spilling blood." In 2002, he pledged $13 million to start a research organization at the Brookings Institution called the Saban Center for Middle East Policy. ("I've heard from leaders on both sides of the aisle in the United States and leaders in Europe about what Sharon shouldn't do," he said. "I've haven't heard one educated suggestion about what he should do.") Mr. Saban spends hours every week drumming up support for a variety of charitable causes and, especially, for Israel, sponsoring lunches and dinners at his home and around the country to raise money for candidates who he believes will support his cause. "He has no hesitation to bang on your door for a cause he believes in," said Ron Meyer, president of Universal Studios, who called Mr. Saban one of the few guys "who puts his money where his mouth is." In a faxed letter, Mr. Sharon said of Mr. Saban: "To me he will always be a dear personal friend ... He added that the German government had been very supportive of him, but not because of his history. "There have been all kinds of theories because of the fact that I'm an Israeli-American and the like,'' he said. "I don't think so. I think it's a pure economic issue." Well, maybe not all economics. Haim Saban "is not like one of the guys just assembling trophy properties," said Steven Rattner, the managing director of the Quadrangle Group, an investment firm that backed Mr. Saban in ProSi ebenSat.1. "He'd rather be considered a mogul in Germany than here,'' Mr. Rattner said. "He thinks Germany is critical to Israel."

U.S. government might be interested in "monitoring and combating" criticism of Israel and the Jewish Lobby in HR 4230
H.R.4230. Title: To authorize the establishment within the Department of State of an Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, to require inclusion in annual Department of State reports of information concerning acts of anti-Semitism around the world, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Rep Lantos, Tom [CA-12] (introduced 4/28/2004) Cosponsors (34)

President Bush Deserves Our Votes,
By Ed Koch, Our Jerusalem (from Jewish Press), August 18, 2021
"My decision to vote for the reelection of President George W. Bush, despite the fact that I am a life-long Democrat, has caused some to call me a turncoat. But am I really? Or am I moving in a direction the Democratic Party itself should be going? As mayor of New York City, I described myself as ca liberal with sanity. It troubled me that over the years, the Democratic Party had drifted toward the radical left ... Over the years, I have crossed party lines in mayoral elections because I believed that John Lindsay, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, for whom I campaigned and voted, would be far better for the City of New York than the Democratic candidates running against them. Party affiliation is an important consideration but should never be dispositive when casting a vote. Now, for the first time in my life, I am going to vote for a Republican candidate for president, the incumbent George W. Bush ... Why have I endorsed George W. Bush when I don't agree with him on a single domestic issue? Because I believe the issue of international terrorism trumps all other issues. I don't believe the Democratic Party has the stomach and commitment to deliver on this issue ... I am a Jew proud of my people's history and accomplishments. Over the years, I have expressed my anxieties at the escalating worldwide anti-Semitism that now abounds in Western European countries such as France, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland and throughout Eastern Europe, including Russia. We haven't seen the likes of this rising tide of hatred directed at Jews since the 1930's. So of course I am interested in the views of the two presidential candidates toward Israel and its security. President George W. Bush has amazed me. Bush 41, the father, was not particularly good on this issue. I do not believe that he is anti-Semitic, but his secretary of state, James Baker, perhaps summed up the attitude prevailing in that administration when he said, "[expletive] the Jews. They don't vote for us anyway." Bush 43, the son, has fallen far from that tree. I believe most Jewish leaders will concede that of all U.S. presidents, Bush 43 has been the most supportive and protective of the security of the State of Israel ... Jews have priorities and are entitled to them just like every other ethnic group in America ... Having such priorities does not make you less American, but more American. For Jews, it is the security of the State of Israel ... There is nothing wrong with American Jews, concerned for the safety of all Americans, to be grateful that President Bush supports the State of Israel when European states in fear of terrorism capitulate to the demands of the terrorists and are hostile to Israel."

Arabs: Terror War Has Spread Instability,
Earthlink (from Associated Press), September 11, 2021
"Victims of the Sept. 11 attacks were mourned worldwide Saturday, but in the Middle East, amid sympathy for the dead, Arabs said Washington's support for Israel and the war on terror launched in the aftermath of the World Trade Center's collapse have only fueled anger and violence. From Egypt to Yemen, Arabs said the world had become less safe during the three years since 19 militants from the Middle East hijacked four passenger planes in the United States and used them to kill more than 2,900 people. "Sept. 11 was a tragic day in our history because so many innocent people were killed at the hands of militants, who find a fertile ground in our region in view of the biased U.S. policies toward Israel and against Arab causes," said 34-year-old banker Mahmoud Obeid in the Jordanian capital, Amman. The Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and other bombings since have fueled widespread soul-searching among Arabs over the connection between Islamic extremism and terrorism. But that has not shaken a long-held belief that U.S. policies in the region - including Washington's support for Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians - are also to blame for fomenting the kind of anti-American hatred that could drive people to launch an attack of the magnitude of Sept. 11, 2001, in New York and Washington D.C. Egyptian columnist Fahmy Howeidy called for critical self analysis from people in the Middle East and Islamic worlds "because those people who committed the Sept. 11 attacks ... were (also) Muslims and Arabs." "But ... the problem is the Americans don't want to criticize themselves," he told The Associated Press. "They don't look at their policies and mistakes, like the U.S. position toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By defending the terrorism committed by Israel against the Palestinians, they are filling people with anger."

The Jewish Lobby Seeks Blinders on the Gentiles of the World as Seen Here
Push for more government attention to anti-Semitism, but some objections,
By Matthew E. Berger, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Sept. 15, 2004
"Politicians looking at what the United States can do to help quash a rise in international anti-Semitism are arriving at different conclusions. Republicans in the U.S. Senate are leading an effort to raise awareness of the rise of anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist attacks in Europe and elsewhere. At the same time, a bipartisan group of policy intellectuals is criticizing the Bush administration for not backing new efforts to monitor and combat anti-Semitism abroad. While the re-emergence of international anti-Semitism is a phenomenon virtually no one in Washington disputes, opinions differ as to how to tackle it from here. Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) is pushing legislation that would mandate an annual State Department report on anti-Semitism and what countries are doing to combat it. It also would create an office within the State Department to handle the issue. “Unfortunately, anti-Semitism has had an appalling upsurge in many countries across the globe,” Lantos told JTA. “It is my judgement, as the only Holocaust survivor in this Congress, that anti-Semitism deserves special attention.” The State Department opposes the legislation, arguing it already monitors anti-Semitism in other annual reports. A group of 104 “prominent Americans,” coordinated by the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, sent a letter Monday to Secretary of State Colin Powell suggesting that the fight against anti-Semitism deserves “specific, focused attention,” and expressing disappointment that the State Department opposes Lantos’ legislation. “This is, unfortunately, a historic and worldwide phenomenon,” former Rep. Steve Solarz (D-N.Y.), a coordinator of the effort, told JTA. “We know what the consequences of anti-Semitism are.” Solarz is joined by Jack Kemp, a former secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Jeanne Kirkpatrick, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and James Woolsey, a former CIA director. In its official comments on the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, the State Department said that other department reports already touch on anti-Semitism, and that a report devoted solely to anti-Semitism “could erode our credibility by being interpreted as favoritism in human rights reporting.” The department also said that anti-Semitism issues already are coordinated out of the Office of the Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. Lantos said Powell told him he agrees with the department´s position. A State Department spokesman was unavailable for comment. Solarz and Lantos said they think global anti-Semitism warrants the same treatment as international human trafficking and the situation in Tibet, which are dealt with in specific State Department reports. “The notion that Jews are singled out for special and preferential treatment is sort of insane,” Lantos said. “Jews are singled out for persecution, and we need to prevent that.” The State Department has said it does not oppose a similar bill sponsored by Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio), which passed the Senate in May and which calls for a one-time report on global anti-Semitism. It also requires the department to document anti-Semitic acts in its annual reports on international religious freedom and human rights. Lantos said he is close to a deal with Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), who is expected to sponsor the House of Representatives’ version of the Voinovich legislation, to amend it and make it similar to Lantos’ vision. Lantos said he believed the bill could be voted on this year and receive unanimous support if he can come to an agreement with Smith. Support for increased monitoring of anti-Semitic acts is popular on Capitol Hill ... Republicans have been touting their efforts against anti-Semitism as part of a larger election strategy to court the American Jewish vote. A recent White House booklet, “President George W. Bush: A Friend of the American Jewish Community,” focused on Bush’s condemnation of anti-Semitic comments by the former prime minister of Malaysia and his decision to send high-level delegations to anti-Semitism conferences sponsored by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe."

By DICK MORRIS, New York Post, September 15, 2021
"JOHN Kerry is in deeper trouble than the polls indicate. While the Fox News survey taken last week after the Republican convention shows Bush with a small lead over Kerry, the internal data indicates big shifts against the Democrat. For example, Kerry is now seen unfavorably by a record 44 percent of the voters (his personal worst), giving him a slightly higher unfavorable ratio than Bush — whom 43 percent dislike. (Bush's edge comes from the fact that he gets 51 percent to rate him favorably, while Kerry has only a 46 percent favorable rating.) But worse, the poll shows that Kerry must face a basic problem: His own voters don't like him very much ... Kerry never had time to make America like him. He won the nomination before anyone really got to know him and has coasted on anti-Bush campaigning ever since. Even now, he relies on the old National Guard records of Bush to animate his campaign, as if we are about to form our judgment of how Bush would be as a commander based on 30-year- old, possibly forged records rather than on our own observation of how he has done the job. But Kerry has got to close the most fundamental gap of his candidacy: Voters don't like him very much."

Sheriffs study antiterror tactics,
By YAAKOV KATZ, Jerusalem Post, September 8, 2021
"The US is perceived to be somewhat like an international police officer who travels around the world seeking justice and freedom for citizens everywhere. This week, however, US sheriffs came to Israel to study counterterrorism tactics from local security experts. "We came here to study police tactics and procedures specifically in the area of terrorism and suicide bombers," Michael Brown, sheriff of Bedford County in southwest Virginia and a board member of the National Sheriff Association (NSA) which organized the trip, told The Jerusalem Post. Brown, 61, is part of a 41-man group of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, from all over the US here in Israel on what he calls the "first rodeo" sent by the NSA as a pilot group, which he hopes will pave the way for many more in the future. Brown, who is in charge of 100 deputy sheriffs in his county, says that American law-enforcement officials have lots to learn from Israeli security agencies and their experience fighting the suicide-bomber phenomenon. "Nobody is expecting suicide bombers not to happen in America," he said during a break from a tour of the National Police Headquarters in Jerusalem on Wednesday. "We have been lucky in a number of ways, but to say that it can't happen in the US would be wrong. We don't have the terrorist activity that Israel has but we have to prepare for it." During the week-long trip, the group has so far met with Israel Police officials and heard lectures on anti-terror tactics and on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Later in the week, the group is scheduled to travel up north to tour the Jordan Valley and will also hold a training session on various weapons. The 3,000 sheriffs in America, Brown says, are elected officials, who work face-to-face with their constituents on a daily basis. "We are the representatives of the local law enforcement and as elected officials we are as close to the citizens as one can get," he said, adding that the group participants intend to run community programs upon their return to speak to citizens about their experiences in Israel and update them on global terrorism. "On a professional level," Brown says he is impressed with "the dedication of Israeli police officers, their drive, their interest in the citizens and their professionalism." Prior to becoming sheriff eight years ago, Brown was a federal agent assigned to the Department of Justice. He says that already then he became aware of Israel's law-enforcement capabilities. Calling them "top notch and the best in the world," Brown says that in his past job he worked together with Israeli intelligence agents and saw then that America can learn from Israel. "We will go back with a tremendous amount of knowledge and with an understanding of what citizens and police officers contend with here on a daily basis," he said. "I think we need this and I think all law enforcement in the US would benefit from seeing what Israelis contend with."

The Chechens' American friends. The Washington neocons' commitment to the war on terror evaporates in Chechnya, whose cause they have made their own,
by John Laughland, The Guardian (UK), September 8, 2021
"An enormous head of steam has built up behind the view that President Putin is somehow the main culprit in the grisly events in North Ossetia. Soundbites and headlines such as "Grief turns to anger", "Harsh words for government", and "Criticism mounting against Putin" have abounded, while TV and radio correspondents in Beslan have been pressed on air to say that the people there blame Moscow as much as the terrorists. There have been numerous editorials encouraging us to understand - to quote the Sunday Times - the "underlying causes" of Chechen terrorism (usually Russian authoritarianism), while the widespread use of the word "rebels" to describe people who shoot children shows a surprising indulgence in the face of extreme brutality. On closer inspection, it turns out that this so-called "mounting criticism" is in fact being driven by a specific group in the Russian political spectrum - and by its American supporters. The leading Russian critics of Putin's handling of the Beslan crisis are the pro-US politicians Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Ryzhkov - men associated with the extreme neoliberal market reforms which so devastated the Russian economy under the west's beloved Boris Yeltsin - and the Carnegie Endowment's Moscow Centre. Funded by its New York head office, this influential thinktank - which operates in tandem with the military-political Rand Corporation, for instance in producing policy papers on Russia's role in helping the US restructure the "Greater Middle East" - has been quoted repeatedly in recent days blaming Putin for the Chechen atrocities. The centre has also been assiduous over recent months in arguing against Moscow's claims that there is a link between the Chechens and al-Qaida. These people peddle essentially the same line as that expressed by Chechen leaders themselves, such as Ahmed Zakaev, the London exile who wrote in these pages yesterday. Other prominent figures who use the Chechen rebellion as a stick with which to beat Putin include Boris Berezovsky, the Russian oligarch who, like Zakaev, was granted political asylum in this country, although the Russian authorities want him on numerous charges. Moscow has often accused Berezovsky of funding Chechen rebels in the past. By the same token, the BBC and other media sources are putting it about that Russian TV played down the Beslan crisis, while only western channels reported live, the implication being that Putin's Russia remains a highly controlled police state. But this view of the Russian media is precisely the opposite of the impression I gained while watching both CNN and Russian TV over the past week: the Russian channels had far better information and images from Beslan than their western competitors. This harshness towards Putin is perhaps explained by the fact that, in the US, the leading group which pleads the Chechen cause is the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC). The list of the self-styled "distinguished Americans" who are its members is a rollcall of the most prominent neoconservatives who so enthusastically support the "war on terror". They include Richard Perle, the notorious Pentagon adviser; Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra fame; Kenneth Adelman, the former US ambassador to the UN who egged on the invasion of Iraq by predicting it would be "a cakewalk"; Midge Decter, biographer of Donald Rumsfeld and a director of the rightwing Heritage Foundation; Frank Gaffney of the militarist Centre for Security Policy; Bruce Jackson, former US military intelligence officer and one-time vice-president of Lockheed Martin, now president of the US Committee on Nato; Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, a former admirer of Italian fascism and now a leading proponent of regime change in Iran; and R James Woolsey, the former CIA director who is one of the leading cheerleaders behind George Bush's plans to re-model the Muslim world along pro-US lines. The ACPC heavily promotes the idea that the Chechen rebellion shows the undemocratic nature of Putin's Russia, and cultivates support for the Chechen cause by emphasising the seriousness of human rights violations in the tiny Caucasian republic. It compares the Chechen crisis to those other fashionable "Muslim" causes, Bosnia and Kosovo - implying that only international intervention in the Caucasus can stabilise the situation there. In August, the ACPC welcomed the award of political asylum in the US, and a US-government funded grant, to Ilyas Akhmadov, foreign minister in the opposition Chechen government, and a man Moscow describes as a terrorist. Coming from both political parties, the ACPC members represent the backbone of the US foreign policy establishment, and their views are indeed those of the US administration. Although the White House issued a condemnation of the Beslan hostage-takers, its official view remains that the Chechen conflict must be solved politically. According to ACPC member Charles Fairbanks of Johns Hopkins University, US pressure will now increase on Moscow to achieve a political, rather than military, solution - in other words to negotiate with terrorists, a policy the US resolutely rejects elsewhere. Allegations are even being made in Russia that the west itself is somehow behind the Chechen rebellion, and that the purpose of such support is to weaken Russia, and to drive her out of the Caucasus."

Is Israel 'Swing State' That Could Tip U.S. Election?,
Reuters, Sep 14, 2021
"BETRAYED BY BUSH? Whatever votes the Democrats lose in Israel could be offset by gains among the estimated 40,000-strong Palestinian-American communities of the West Bank and Gaza. Traditionally conservative, they and their fellow Arab-Americans voted mostly for Bush in 2000 but are now ready to abandon him in droves. Anti-Bush sentiment has taken root in Deir Dibwan, where half of the village's 10,000 inhabitants hold U.S. passports and local restaurants cater to a taste for hamburgers and pizza. Palestinians from Deir Dibwan have a long tradition of emigrating to the United States, where some have earned their fortunes before returning to build luxury villas atop the rocky hills. Many are now moving back to America, embittered by what they see as Bush administration complicity in an Israeli military crackdown that has crippled the Palestinian economy. Palestinian-Americans are also furious at Bush for agreeing Israel should be allowed to retain large swathes of the West Bank and bar the return of refugees under any future peace deal. While harboring few illusions that a Democratic White House would significantly alter Middle East policy, some are holding out hope that Kerry would take a more even-handed approach. "I voted for Bush and he betrayed us," said Mohammed, 30, a California-registered voter. "This time I'm going for Kerry. If that doesn't bring us justice, it'll be Ralph Nader in 2008."

Pollardites in the Pentagon?,
by Pat Buchanan, World Net Daily, September 8, 2004
"In 1987, Jonathan Pollard, U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, was imprisoned for life for selling a roomful of U.S. secret documents to Israel. Tel Aviv refused to return them. At the Clinton-Netanyahu summit at Wye River, Pollard became a subject of contention. "Bibi" Netanyahu wanted to fly the American traitor back to Israel where he is a hero. Clinton balked. CIA's George Tenet would resign, Clinton told Netanyahu, if he pardoned Pollard. This history is recalled for a reason. Washington today is rife with reports the FBI has been investigating whether or not a nest of Pollardites inside the Pentagon has been funneling secrets, through the Israeli lobby AIPAC, to the Reno Road embassy and on to Sharon. Suspected mole Larry Franklin, a Pentagon Iranian analyst, was reportedly sighted trying to hand over to an AIPAC official a draft copy of a National Security Presidential Directive on Iran. With the mullahs apparently pursuing atomic bombs, Israel wants the United States to attack, denuclearize and bring down its No. 1 enemy, the regime in Tehran. Franklin popped up on FBI radar when he joined a breakfast meeting between an AIPAC man and an Israeli diplomat. AIPAC had been under FBI surveillance for over two years as a probable conduit to Israel of the fruits of espionage against the United States. Franklin, a devout Catholic and hawk on Iran, is now said to be cooperating with the FBI. His boss, William Luti, is the deputy to the Pentagon's No. 3, Douglas Feith, who has close ties to Likud. According to the Washington Post, the FBI is now interviewing present and ex-officials from Cheney's office and the Pentagon as to whether Feith, Richard Perle, David Wurmser and Paul Wolfowitz might have leaked U.S. security secrets to Israel, AIPAC or Ahmed Chalabi. Chalabi, once the Pentagon's candidate to succeed Saddam, has lately fallen from favor ... In 1970, Perle was picked up on an FBI wiretap discussing NSC secrets with the Israeli Embassy. In 1981, as assistant secretary of defense, Perle got a top-secret security clearance for his chosen deputy Stephen Bryen, who is said to have narrowly eluded indictment for offering top-secret documents to Mossad's man in Washington. In 1982, Feith was the object of an inquiry as to whether he had given secret documents to the Israeli Embassy. Fired from the NSC, he was hired by Perle. Feith left the Pentagon in 1986 to form a law firm – in Israel. Hired by Rumsfeld in 2001, Feith set up the Office of Special Plans, which cherry-picked the intelligence to the White House that turned out to be false, but facilitated the war on Iraq ... In the first hours after 9-11, according to Bob Woodward and Clarke, Wolfowitz wanted Iraq invaded, not Afghanistan. For his role in steering us into war, Wolfowitz was named Man of the Year – by the Jerusalem Post. In my new book, "Where the Right Went Wrong," there is a line that now appears prophetic: "America needs a Middle East policy made in the USA, not in Tel Aviv, or at AIPAC or AEI." Having promised him a cakewalk to Baghdad and a rose garden thereafter, neoconservatives misled President Bush. He should have fired the lot of them. Having failed to do so, he ought now, in his own interests, as well as our nation's, name Patrick "Bulldog" Fitzgerald, now heading up the investigation into the Valerie Plame leak, to head up the investigation of Israeli espionage, and possible treason, against the United States."

Why West is losing,
By Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun, September 12, 2004
"Three years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, America's politicians and media continue to gravely deceive the public about the so-called war on terrorism. Now the definitive book on terrorism has appeared that should be mandatory reading for every thinking person. It's called Imperial Hubris: Why The West is Losing the War on Terror. The cover simply identifies the author as "Anonymous," but he's already been widely identified in the American media as Michael Scheuer, a senior terrorism analyst for the CIA. It is unprecedented that a serving CIA officer was allowed to publish a book, one that is clearly a dramatic rebuke to the neoconservatives who drove the U.S. into two wars. Scheuer's work is a goldmine of information and brilliant analysis. It breaks taboos and sweeps away the clouds of lies about al-Qaida, Iraq and Afghanistan. He says U.S. leaders refuse to accept the obvious -- "we are fighting a worldwide Islamic insurgency -- not criminality or terrorism." The U.S. has made only "a modest dent in enemy forces." None of bin Laden's reasons for waging war on the U.S., writes Scheuer, "have anything to do with our freedom, liberty, and democracy (as President George Bush claims), but everything to do with U.S. policies and actions in the Muslim world," notably unlimited support for Israel's repression of the Palestinians and the destruction of Iraq. "For cheap, easily accessible oil, Washington and the West have supported Muslim tyrannies (Osama) bin Laden and other Islamists seek to destroy," Scheuer writes. "The war has the potential to last beyond our children's lifetimes and be fought mostly on U.S. soil." A coup for bin Laden Bin Laden, argues Scheuer, is widely viewed by much of the Muslim world, infuriated by American actions in the Mideast, as neither a terrorist or madman but as a skilled warrior, the sole Muslim leader standing up to predatory western powers. Ironically U.S. and British military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq "are completing the radicalization of the Islamic world," a prime bin Laden goal. Bush's misbegotten invasion of Iraq was "icing on bin Laden's cake." The threat today facing America "is the defensive jihad (holy struggle), an Islamic military reaction triggered by an attack by non-Muslims on the Islamic faith, on Muslims, on Muslim territory." Muslims are increasingly fighting back. The Muslim world believes it is under total attack led by Bush -- a massive effort to crush all who oppose U.S. domination, destroy Islam's inherent political role, eliminate Muslim charities, impose western values on the Islamic world and maintain puppet rulers -- "spreading democracy" in Bush's lexicon. Terrorism is merely the tactics of the poor fighting the rich. The ultimate taboo "U.S. military operations in the Muslim world," he adds, "validate bin Laden's contention the U.S. is attacking Islam and supports any country willing to kill or persecute Muslims." Scheuer, breaking the ultimate taboo, observes of Washington's "one-way alliance" with Israel that "Israelis have succeeded in lacing tight the ropes binding the American Gulliver to the ... Jewish state and its policies." The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are lost causes, Scheuer concludes. The U.S. is totally unable to create legitimate governments in either chaotic nation, only puppet regimes, supported by American bayonets. If the U.S. stays, it will bleed endlessly; if it retreats, it faces political disaster. Washington, he charges, has no strategy and is merely "winging it." In one of his most acute insights, Scheuer explains the U.S. cannot, for all of its riches, buy its way to victory in Afghanistan or Iraq. "Honour is still the currency of value in the Middle East, more so than goods and services." Blood-links trump all other affiliations or loyalties. Honour is why the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden to the U.S., a man they regarded as their guest and a war hero, and why he has still not been betrayed in spite of a $25-million US reward in a nation where the annual income is $147. At least there is one person in Washington who understands the violence surrounding us -- and has the courage and patriotism to tell Americans the truth: Their own arrogance and ignorance are driving them into a no-win war against 1.3 billion Muslims."

[Jeff Jacoby is Jewish.]
The Sweetheart Contract With Sharon,
by Patrick Buchanan, antiwar.com, November 17, 2004
"'In a better world, the PLO chief would have met his end on a gallows, hanged for mass murder much as the Nazi chiefs were hanged at Nuremberg. ... In a better world, George Bush would not have said, on hearing the first reports that Arafat had died, 'God bless his soul.'
"God bless his soul? What a grotesque idea! ... God, I am quite sure, will damn him for eternity."
So writes Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe. And we are surely fortunate to have columnists who know the mind of God. In defense of President Bush, if that was his first reaction to Arafat's death, it bespeaks a Christian heart. As a boy in World War II, I was taught by Catholic nuns that while permissible to pray for the death of Hitler or Tojo, it was impermissible to pray for their damnation. That was hatred, and hatred is a sin. That Arafat's PLO harbored terrorists and his Fatah committed acts of terror is undeniable. And some of those acts were done with Arafat's approval. But if, as Jacoby writes, Arafat "inculcated the vilest culture of Jew-hatred since the Third Reich," why did Ehud Barak offer him 95 percent of the West Bank and a capital in Jerusalem? Why did "Bibi" Netanyahu give him Hebron? Why did Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin share a Nobel Prize with him? Why did Bill Clinton invite him to the White House more times than any other leader? Were they all enablers of terrorism? No. All realized something that neoconservatives reject. For better or worse, as the explosion of grief at his death demonstrated, Arafat came to personify and symbolize the just cause of Palestinian nationhood. And if one desires peace for Israel, that cause must be accommodated."


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