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Top: Jewish Occupied Governments: United States: Zionists and Jewish Communists in the Democratic Party: Iron Curtain Acknowledgements

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Since The Iron Curtain Over America developed out of many years of study, travel, and intelligence service, followed by a more recent period of intensive research and consultation with experts, the author is indebted in one way or another to hundreds of people.

First of all, there is a lasting obligation to his former teachers -- particularly his tutors, instructors, and university professors of languages. The more exacting, and therefore the most gratefully remembered, are Sallie Jones, Leonidas R. Dingus, Oliver Holben, James S. McLemore, Thomas Fitz-Hugh, Richard Henry Wilson, C. Alphonso Smith, William Witherle Lawrence, George Philip Krapp, C. Pujadas, Joseph Delcourt, and Mauricae Grammont. Some of these teachers required a knowledge of the history, the resources, the culture, and the ideals of the peoples whose language they were imparting. Their memories are green.

In the second place, the author is deeply obligated to M. Albert Kahn and to the six trustees of the American Albert Kahn Foundation -- Edward Dean Adams, Nicholas Murray Butler, Charles D. Walcott, Abbott Lawrence Lowell, Henry Fairfield Osborn, and Henry Smith Pritchett -- who chose him as their representative abroad for 1926-27. Without the accolade of these men, and the help of their distinguished Secretary, Dr. Frank D. Fackenthal, The author might not have found the way, a quarter of century later, to The Iron Curtain Over America.

In the third instance, the author owes, of course, a very great debt to the many men and women who were his fellow workers in the extensive field of strategic intelligence, intelligence, and to those persons who came to his office for interview from all parts of the world. This obligation is not, however, for specific details, but for a general background of knowledge which became a guide to subsequent study.

To friends and helpers in several other categories, the author expresses here his deep obligation. A score or more of senators and congressmen gave him information, furthered his research, sent him needed government documents or photostats when originals were not available, introduced him to valuable contacts and otherwise rendered very important assistance, Certain friends who are university professors, eminent lawyers, and political analysts, have read and criticized constructively all or a part of the manuscript. The staffs of a number of libraries have helped, but the author has leant most heavily upon the Library of Congress, the Library of the University of Virginia, and above all the Library of Southern Methodist University, where assistance was always willing, speedy, and competent. Finally, four secretaries have been most patient and accurate in copying and recopying thousands of pages bristling with proper names, titles of books and articles, quotations, and dates.

To one and all, then -- to publishers, to periodical, and to people who have helped -- to the dead as well as to the living -- to the few who have been named and to the many who must remain anonymous -- and finally to his readers, most of whom he will never know except in the spiritual kinship of a great shared mission of spreading the Truth, the author says thank you, from the bottom of his heart!


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