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Unless Israel Does It

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     The United States Government proudly proclaims to the world that its existence is the result of a "democracy" based largely on proportional representation of its citizens. Is this fact or myth?  Former President Jimmy Carter once said that the Israeli lobby was so powerful that "no one could become President without their support".  Former President George Bush hinted at the power of the Israeli lobby by saying "there are powerful forces out there".  Bush made that seemingly innocuous statement while defending his decision not to give Israel massive new loans to build more illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank.  Latter Bush was forced to apologize for simply hinting at a fundamental truth of American politics.

     The American media falsely states on a regular basis that United States aid to Israel is just 3 billion dollars per year.  In truth our military aid to Israel is over 3 billion dollars per year and our nonmilitary aid to Israel amounts to over 2 billion dollars per year.  The value of unrepaid loans our politicians regularly give Israel brings total United States taxpayer aid to over 6.2 billion dollars per year.  That means we pay Israel over 17 million dollars every day!  So ask yourself this obvious question.  Why does our own media wish to misinform American voters as to the true extent of our transfer of national wealth to Israel?  Are the big news organizations simply bad at mathematics or do they wish to hide from the American public the true nature of US-Israeli relations?

     The American media has been heavily dominated by supporters of Israel since at least 1960 and have made Zionism our mandatory State religion.  The American psyche has become so repressed that most Americans are afraid to say the word Zionist in public.  That is the very definition of mind control.  No one dares speak of big brother unless in praise or on bended knees.  American taxpayers have been forced to hand over approximately 100 billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel since 1960.  Those few members of Congress brave enough to oppose this aid are ostracized by their colleges and disbarred from the cliques of political power.  Below find a list of crimes which our great moral leaders oppose unless Israel does it.


     I could fill a dozen pages listing the crimes of Israel but the point is made. I suggest every American watch the movie The Manchurian Candidate.  In the movie a dozen brainwashed soldiers continually and fanatically state that their commanding officer was the bravest, kindest, warmest, most wonderful human being they had ever known.  The truth was just the opposite but systematic psychological conditioning made them repeat the same lies over and over.  

     All of the crimes and abuses listed above have occurred since 1967 and have been rewarded with ever increasing United States taxpayer aid to Israel.  If the 100 billion dollar figure of total foreign aid were adjusted for inflation it would almost double if expressed in 1998 valued dollars.  Remember much of our aid was given in the 1960s and 1970s when the US dollar was much more valuable.  Our founding fathers would never approve of such a massive giveaway of national wealth or tolerate the heavy handed influence of the Israeli lobby.

     Polls show that 89% of the American public opposes any aid to Israel. That means the 11% Zionist minority has turned the 89% non-Zionist majority into tax slaves for a foreign power.  America has become a virtual colony of Israel and our very sovereignty has been cleary degraded.  It should be noted that only about 2.5% of the American population is Jewish.  So the problem is in large part caused by Christian Zionists such as Newt Gingrich, Fred Barnes, Pat Robertson, Orrin Hatch, and liberal Christians like President Bill Clinton.

     Many American politicians jump on the Zionist bandwagon simply because they know that is where the power is.  The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has effectively silenced many critics of Israel by smearing the character of anyone who opposes aid to that country.  The media continues to verbally crucify those who speak out against the anti-democratic power of the Israeli lobby making public debate on the issue virtually impossible.  Truth has become socially illegal in America and that is not healthy for any so-called "democracy".

     The pro-Israel Hollywood movie industry has completely distorted world history and portrayed Arabs as subhuman monsters who deserve no legal rights under any law.  Jews have used their dominance in the media to deify themselves and vilify Palestinians and any opposition to Zionism.  In the movie The Seventh Sign Palestinians were linked to the return of Satan (the anti-Christ) on earth.  In the film Navy Seals American soldiers were shown murdering innocent Moslem pedestrians to the glee of bloodthirsty audiences.  What would happen to any movie director who equated Jews with the devil or who portrayed the killing of Jews as an enjoyable sport?  Hollywood has done to Arabs exactly what Hitler did to Jews in his propaganda films of the thirties and forties.  Even Arnold Schwazenegger has jumped on this Arab killing bandwagon in his recent film True Lies.  I suspect this is a selfish move to gain the graces of a Jewish dominated industry skeptical of his Austrian heritage.

     Steven Spielberg and associates would have us believe that the only people who died in Hitler's concentration camps were Jews and therefore Jews have special rights to commit crimes that other people should not commit.  In fact between 40% and 45% of concentration camp victims were Jews.  The 55% to 60% majority were not Jews but rather Christians with the largest portion being Slavs.  Hitler called Slavs "the ultimate subhumans".  Why don't we give Slavic people the same James Bond style "license to kill" we have given Jews?  The answer is that Slavs do not dominate the American media or control our sold out Congress.  

     I would like to see just one movie that showed the real face of Dorian Grey, not the forever innocent face Hollywood propagandists project.  Why not show Israeli Jews ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homes, torturing prisoners, breaking the bones of children, and forcing American politicians to lick their boots in exchange for support from the American Israeli Public Affairs Committe (AIPAC)?  It was a sad sight to see Bob Dole do just that in his last pathetic bid for the presidency.  Before Dole was a presidential candidate he was against aid to Israel and highly critical of Israel's brutal policies.  After his candidacy Dole became Zionism's best friend with no thought to the welfare of Palestinians or American taxpayers.

     Bob Dole's sellout to the Israeli lobby during the 1996 Presidential Campaign was particularly disappointing as during the Intifada Dole boldly spoke out against Israel's brutal tactic of systematically breaking the bones of children.  As a Senate leader Dole even tried to reduce foreign aid to all nations by 10% across the board but the Israeli lobby flexed it's muscles and publicly humiliated Dole, putting him in his place.  In Dole's own words "They (the Israeli lobby) nearly ran me out of town".  Even top Congressional leaders and American presidents must kow tow to Israel to survive politically in America's false democracy.

     If you analyze world history you can see what has always happened to leaders, countries, or political organizations that become so powerful they cannot be publicly criticized.  Of course they have always become corrupt, arrogant, and dictatorial.  Haven't we put Zionism on such a high pedestal in America that that is exactly what has happened here?  We talk about equal treatment for all races but look at what we actually practice.  We have one standard for the treatment of Jews that is so high they cannot be criticized no matter what grisly crimes they commit.  Then we have a second standard for the treatment of Palestinians that is so low we publicly finance their ethnic cleansing and torture.  America has reasonably moral policies at home but our foreign policy is as corrupt, hypocritical, and violent as any of the third world dictatorships we love to look down upon and occasionally bomb.

     As a libertarian I fully and enthusiastically support the legal rights of Jews around the world and denounce any criminal acts against them.  I simply do not believe Jews should be patronized, worshipped as "God's chosen people", or given carte blanch to control the United States Government.  The religious beliefs of Americans are their own personal free choice as long as they do not infringe on the legitimate rights of others.  It is our legitimate right as citizens and taxpayers not to be forced to finance the crimes of Zionism, which Christians and Jews are equally responsible for.  Americans who wish to support Israel have the right to do so by sending Israel a personal check.  The United States Government has no Constitutional right to put a gun to the head of American taxpayers and force us all to pay taxes to Zionism against our will.

Suggested Reading

"The Fateful Triangle"  (South End Press) by respected Jewish MIT professor Noam Chomsky.  I believe most of what Chomsky says about the Middle East is true.  I disagree with his assessment that Israel intentionally attacked the American spy ship Liberty during the 1967 war.  I do not see any reasonable motive for such an attack as Israel already had the support of Congress and President Lyndon Johnson.  Johnson was so firmly in the Israeli camp that he let dozens of Americans die on the Liberty rather than defend her from this, I believe, accidental Israeli attack.

     I do agree with Chomsky that Israel started the 1967 war in a Pearl Harbor style surprise attack that destroyed the Egyptian air force on the ground.  The three Israeli generals who planned the attack admitted they started the war in interviews with Israeli newspapers.  Menachem Begin, an opposition leader at the time, stated that the real motive of the attack was a desire to gain new territory, not a defensive preemptive move against the tiny and militarily irrelevant force that Egypt had placed along the Israeli border.  Our own CIA concluded the same thing but our media continues to lie to us by saying the Arabs "launched an attack on Israel".  How can parked Egyptian airplanes launch an attack that the Egyptians didn't even know was coming?  Our media's distortion of this historical event could be compared to the totalitarian mind control tactics of George Orwell's novel "1984".

Christopher Calder 

A late addition

     I received a letter from a Mr. Holmes who identified himself as a "Libertarian" and who accused me of being an "anti-Semite".  Mr. Holmes conceded all my facts and even stated that he knew it all already.  He then went on, in my interpretation of his words,  to accuse me of the thought crime of not loving big brother even though he admitted all the criminal and unethical behavior of big brother.  Below is my response.

Dear Mr. Holmes,

     I find it interesting that you cannot deny the truths I tell on my Web page yet you engage in name calling which is in itself a provable lie.  Palestinians are "Semites" and just as human as Jews.  When you could not win your argument with facts you distorted the English language with doublespeak by calling me an "anti-Semite".  So a person standing up for the rights of Semites (Palestinians) in our Orwellian state of untruth is called an "anti-Semite".  This is done to falsely associate someone interested in human rights and international law with Hitler and the KKK when there is no connection at all. This is also designed to disassociate real world Jewish behavior from valid criticisms of the real world crimes of Zionism.

     I also opposed the Vietnam War with the same fervor and was called a "communist" even though I am a free market libertarian.  You are using the same intellectually cowardly tactics as the supporters of that totally pointless American lead genocide in Vietnam.  If one Jew was being abused anywhere in the world you would be crying.  The "dark motive" is that you do not consider Palestinians to be equally human and therefore you do not share my anger at being forced at gunpoint to finance the theft of their land, their torture, and their constant humiliation.  You have used the English language to tell lies just as in the novel "1984".

     I am pro-truth and anti-lie.  That is my real nature which you cannot see.  I use blunt language and call a thing by it's real name because people need to be shocked out of their dazed, brainwashed state of mind.  Limp words won't do the job.  If I had used the cowardly veiled criticisms of Israel you usually hear you would not have even bothered to write me back.  My whole point is to engage people in debate because no supporter of Israel or bench sitter can win that debate.  They always lose and resort to name calling as you did.  Once in a while someone will wake up and realize they have been brainwashed and the effort becomes worthwhile.

     I am not against you, I am against your current brainwashed state of mind.  But your mind can change.  In decades or centuries I believe historians will look back on this period of American history as the Zionist era.  People living in this era have a difficult time recognizing what they are in because the pressure to conform to the lock step thinking is so great.  But that is slowly changing and support for Zionism is weakening.  I oppose Zionism because it is based on so many lies and makes Church and State and cult one organization.

     The trouble with the Republican Party in America is that they talk about freedom but support fascism and State control of our very souls.  You seem to be as close to being a Republican as a "Libertarian".  That is the worst insult I have for you,... calling you almost a Republican (that's a joke).  I will never consider letting myself being forced to finance someone's murder to be good manners.  Can you imagine the harsh language Jefferson or Madison would use against Zionism if you could bring them back in a time machine?  Can you imagine the harsh language Jesus (a Jew) would use against those Jewish Zionists who wish to legalize torture?  I am just a regular person, not a saint or leader, but certainly I should be allowed to speak my mind about such offenses to basic human rights and American sovereignty.


Christopher Calder

Further comments on mind control

     The human mind has many distinct functions.  Among these are the seeing function, which is pure consciousness, the reasoning function, which is the effort of analysis, and the recording function, which is an effortless absorption of input from our environment.  The mind tends to take the path of least effort and uses the tape recorder function to replace the more difficult functions of seeing and reasoning.  The media exploits our mind's unconscious recording of information through use of repetitive advertisements designed to make us buy things we don't really need.  The media also has a political agenda which is to make Americans worship the State of Israel and despise Palestinians.

     Often when you ask someone their opinion they will simply replay a mental tape that has been pre-programed into them by others.  People may think they have a political opinion of their own but in actuality they are acting as walking tape recorders.  This is why so many Americans say word for word that "Israel is a democracy and our important strategic ally".  They don't even bother to change the words.  They replay the tape exactly as it was loaded into their bio-computers (minds).  America has become a mind controlled society because of the over use of the mind's recorder function.  In America it has become politically correct to criticize Arabs, Catholics, fundamentalist Christians and the French, but it is strictly taboo to criticize Jews, Judaism, or Israel.  All societies have their own unique forms of enforced mental programing and this is not a strictly American phenomena.  

     A number of years ago a television news anchor, Dean Reynolds, gave an editorial disguised as news on why Palestinians are "so easy to hate".  This occurred on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.  Jennings, who has given Saturday morning "children's specials" on the evils of racism, allowed this bigoted slander on his news show and never apologized for it. Tell me what would happen to any newsman who gave an editorial on why Jews are so easy to hate?   He would of course be out of a job as soon as he got off the air and his editorial would be front page news across the nation. Needless to say Dean Reynolds is still working for ABC and the rest of our two faced media did not criticize him for his statements.   

     Our programming is so strong and our reasoning so weak that otherwise intelligent people have become irrational zealots when it comes to supporting Israel, a nation that shares none of the most important values we are supposed to believe in as Americans.  I'm refering to fundamental human rights such as freedom from torture, basic property rights, and freedom of religion.  If Israeli Christians are penalized for being Christians by refusing them welfare and social security benefits even though they pay the same tax rates as Israeli Jews then you cannot say that Israel has freedom of religion.  If we treated American Jews the way Israel treats Christians they would call us fascists. 

     The American media routinely censors news about the Middle East and downplays embarrassing stories such as the Israeli blood bank scandal, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League spy scandal, the Temple Mount massacre, and Israel's ghoulish experiments in mixing racism with germ warfare.  News organizations often play a game of hide the story in the haystack with issues it does not want the voting public to know about or to discuss.  For example in 1992 the head of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committe (AIPAC) was secretly tape recorded bragging about AIPAC's total political control over Bill Clinton.  That important story received no television air time other than a single brief review on one noontime CNN broadcast.  If you just passively absorb the media's censored and slanted reporting you will continue to be a slave in a country that claims to be a free thinking democracy.  If you want the truth from the American media then you will have to use the seeing and the reasoning power of your mind.  

     Always be aware that news shows are not news shows, they are editorials presented as news.  Remember that movies are not real life, they are someone's point of view falsely presented as fact.  Don't let the mind controllers make you think that anyone is above the law or has special privilege to abuse the human rights of others.  Don't support criminal behavior by being silent.  That is what many Germans did when Hitler killed Slavs and Jews by the millions. We now call those silent Germans war criminals.  We call those who are silent about Israel's crimes against Palestinians politically correct.

     Our media wants us to forget that the West has been a ruthless colonial power in the Middle East for centuries and has continuously treated Arabs as subhumans.  We want their oil and arrogantly feel we own their oil. We treat Palestinians as non-entities and fundamentally want them to crawl off into a hole and die.  Thus a small minority of Palestinians get angry and throw bombs just as a small minority of Irish nationalists get angry at the British and throw bombs.  We do not consider the Irish to be subhumans for their violent outbursts yet we treat Palestinians as such.  This is the real face of American racism.

     I would be remiss if I did not mention another cause of our blind support for Israel.  That cause is the strange form of Christian Zionism professed by Pat Robertson.  Pat does not believe in freedom of religion and states that only Christians and Jews should be allowed to hold public office.  He believes all the Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, atheists, and agnostics in America should be given a form of second class citizenship.  Pat has said that anyone who meditates or practices yoga is communing with the devil.  When Pat Robertson is not spiritually healing people's hemorrhoids via telepathy (yes, I actually saw him pretend to do that on his show) he is forever "fund raising".  If Jesus were a Moslem instead of a Jew would we still have given Jews the right to murder Lebanese civilians by the thousands?  Isn't our unquestioning support for Israel part of an ugly religious war against Islam? If the real Jesus were to come back wouldn't he throw the money changers (Pat Robertson) out of the temple?

     Our loyalty should be to the truth, not to this temporary hypocritical society we live in.  In 60 years almost every adult you know will be dead and it won't matter what they thought of you.  If you stand up for truth and for fair treatment of Palestinians you will be called many ugly names.  Don't let this name calling bother you.  Our morally blind worship of Israel is an unfortunate but passing phase of American society.  If you embrace the big lies you will be putting your soul on the wrong side of history and your ethics on the wrong side of international law.  Truth is eternal and, in my opinion, will go with you in a positive way even beyond your physical death.     

What you can do to end this tax slavery and hypocrisy

     If you agree with me that Americans should not be forced to pay taxes to Israel, which is what our massive foreign aid program amounts to, then I urge you to write your Congressman, Senator, the President and Vice President.  Below is a link to their e-mail addresses.  Please be polite and win this moral argument through truth, not name calling or threats.

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