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Top: How You Can Start Your Own Jewish Research Blogs, Groups, & Postings and Link the Entire World to Jew Watch

Start and Groom Your Own Scholarly Jewish Research Blog
And Post Jew Watch Materials to Other Groups and Forums to Gather a Huge Audience for Jew Watch's Objectives for a More Peaceful World

"World Peace Through Jew Watch"

The Reason to Own Your Own Blog

The work of Jew Watch is never finished. Since this information is vital to many nations, it must reach the people. You can help.

Reading daily information about Jewish history and current events on Jew Watch is only the beginning of our efforts to disseminate this news. The rest depends on others like you.

Jew Watch requires hundreds of people like yourself working alone or in groups to complete the effort and make other people aware of the hidden information with which Jew Watch deals.

Only by working together can we open the eyes of the world to the problems of Jewish Supremacy and control.

That is YOUR job. And this is where your professional blogging career begins and why...


Blogging is the most popular industry on the Internet. Blogs allow people like yourself, even if you have no money, to have a space to propagate your own ideas for free.

You don't even need a computer. You can use the library's computer. By Blogging for Jew Watch, you can access millions of potential readers at no cost to yourself.

The world will be better off.

What Your Blog Should Say

Keep your blog as simple or complex as you wish.

Major blogging services provide beautiful instant layouts. All you need to do is sign up, log into your free blog account, select the layout you want, and begin linking to stories that you think will interest your readers.

Whenever you read Jew Watch and find an article that you think your readers might be interested in, you simply link to the article. Now, it is yours. You control the content you want to share.

Since Jew Watch is free and blogging is free, your links to hundreds of Jew Watch researched articles will cost you and your readers nothing.

It is Easy to Become an Internet Jewish Studies Mogul

All you need to do is to begin. Below is a list of free blog hosts.

Free Blog Hosts

- Blogger - Blog - Blogthing - Word Press - Blog Digger -

- My Space - Blogster - Bloglines - Blogsome -

Posting on Other Blogs

In addition to your own blogs, you can also instantly reach hundreds of persons by becoming a member of other people's blogs and posting Jew Watch articles of interest to you upon their blogs. You can also refer to your own personal Jew Watch blog(s) for more and continuous visits so what is of interest to you become will become of interest to more and more persons in your own personal circle of posting friends.

Additional Ways to Share Jew Watch

You can also share Jew Watch with others by using existing or new self-created forums, news groups, bulletin boards. They do not have to be on Jewish subjects. You can post links to articles of interest to you which you find on Jew Watch to sites on any topic, but do not spam a site with too many posts not pertinent to the topic. Political sites are usually the safest for posting.

Jewish sites will do you no good. They are not interested. Do not insult them by posting. Be a good neighbor. Let them be in peace.

If you become a member or administrator of several groups where you have the right to post or control a group, you can reach hundreds. In your posts, you can link many people to Jew Watch scholarly articles and to your own blogs and forums for more people to reach you and learn what you want them to see and read, which will include Jew Watch.

If 100 Jew Watch readers just post one article a day on one forum, that becomes 36,500 posted Jew Watch articles around the Internet. If these Watchers copy and post to 3 forums a day, that becomes 109,500 postings in one year.

If 25 people read these posted links, that becomes 900,000-2,700,000 readers who, for the first time ever, understand that Jewish Supremacy is out there and will also know where to find even more information about it.. If 50 persons read them, that is 1,800,000-5,400,000 million persons who will learn of Jew Watch for the first time.

In many cases, what you post on blogs and forums is mass-emailed daily to subscribers which means that Jew Watch articles are immediately made available to those who would otherwise never know about them.

As you can see, even a small effort by a group can result in tremendous outcomes.

Jew Watch serves 1,100,000 persons more than 6,500,000 files on Jews a day on its own. You can increase this amazingly through your own efforts. Create a blog or a forum, or post to others' blogs and forums daily.

As a Jew Watch Associate posting to and/or creating blogs and forums, you will make it possible for Jew Watch to grow exponentially, defeat the Jewish Supremacists at their own game, and allow Jew Watch to communicate effectively with millions more readers around the world who will be vitally interested in our information once they see it in your post.

You can do this important work. Please start today.

Free Forums and News Groups

- Yahoo - Google - MSN - AOL - ICQ -

Post Regularly and Often

Keep your views out there all the time.

Try to enlist the help of your friends to post and blog Jew Watch articles on their own.

Do not allow others with negative views to dissuade you. This is a culture war, and the Jews and their friends have a habit of being cruel to those who publish the truth. Do not let their negative comments stop you. Jew Watch will never give up. You should never give up either. We will win through information.

In fact, we cannot lose if each of us, acting alone, does just a small part each day by ways of blogs, groups, and posting to advertise our huge base of knowledge in Jew Watch. By doing your small part, everyone will have the opportunity to come and read Jew Watch.

What To Do?

Working as a Jew Watch disseminator is enjoyable. Remember to keep whatever you post or blog within standards of decency. Never use slurs against the Jewish people in your posts and blogs.

Try to remember, you are publishing information. You are growing the Jew Watch audience.

Be certain you do not rave or flame others. 

That is not why you are posting and blogging.

You are a professional.

Act like one.

Create a Blog. Post to it. Try to something of interest from Jew Watch every day. Copy your post and paste it into 2-3 forums. Soon, others will come and post as well.

Blogging, Grouping, Posting, and Administering are enjoyable hobbies. Millions of people live for this every day.

Remember this:  If you are a Blogger for Jew Watch, you are Blogging to help Mankind. Our truth needs to be read by millions if we are to change this world from Jewish Supremacy to demographic fairness and peace for all people.

Thank you

I want to thank each of your for doing your part to alert the world about the Jew Watch scholarly archive and the truth about the terrible Jewish Supremacy in the world at large. Because of you, we are going to win this fight for human decency. On the Internet alone, we can and will defeat unfair Jewish laws against our people. We shall end the bribery and other corruptions of government by Jewish financial interests and from AIPAC lobbyist enemies everywhere they are found. We shall take back our communications industries, our financial institutions, our colleges and universities, our manufacturing, our service industries, and all other organizations that this small group of people now dominate in huge conglomerates to their betterment and to our on-going decline.

Our archive of truthful materials is the answer to their deceptions. They cannot fight these facts. Their appeal has always been to lies and emotions. That is why it is so valuable to them to deny people the right to find the truth.

So, it is up to you. You can change the world by reaching its people with your own blog or group or forum. You can reach them by constantly posting of meaningful materials from Jew Watch in several non-related group discussions daily to bring the world to us so we can teach them. Once they come here, many of them will return for the rest of their lives.

The Librarian is working full time each day to keep Jew Watch on line and up to date.

Please, help make this Library of Archived articles work for the entire world.

You can do it. We need you.

Just do something daily to get this information out there. And, someday, if you have a little extra cash, send it along to us to sustain our work. We promise to use it wisely.

Now, start your blogs and your posts. And keep doing it.


Frank Weltner, Librarian of Jew Watch


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