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Top: Jewish References &Documents: Gentiles SpeakingAbout Jews: Henry Ford: THEINTERNATIONAL JEW IN ITS ENTIREITY: Chapter5 - "The Jewish Political Program"

"The Jewish Political Program"

From Henry Ford's Book, TheInternational Jew


Theodor Herzl, one of the greatest of the Jews and founder of modernZionism, was perhaps the farthest-seeing public exponent of the philosophyof Jewish existence that modern generations have known. He was never indoubt of the existence of the Jewish nation. He proclaimed its existenceon every occasion. He said, "We are a people - One people."

He clearly saw that what he called the Jewish Question was political.In his introduction to "The Jewish State" he says:

"I believe that I understand anti-Semitism, which is really a highlycomplex movement. I consider it from a Jewish standpoint, yet without fearor hatred. I believe that I can see what elements there are in it of vulgarsport, of common trade jealousy, of inherited prejudice, of religious intoleranceand also of pretended defense. I think the Jewish Question is no more asocial than a religious one, notwithstanding that it sometimes takes theseand other forms. It is a national question, which can only be solved bymaking it a political world-question to be discussed and controlled by thecivilized nations of the world in council."

Not only did Herzl declare that the Jews formed a nation, but in relatingthe action of this Jewish nation to the world Herzl wrote:

"When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinateofficers of the revolutionary party; when we rise, there rises also ourterrible power of the purse."

This view, which appears to be the true view in that it is the view whichhas been longest sustained in Jewish thought, is brought out also by LordEustace Percy, and republished, apparently with approval, by the Canadian"Jewish Chronicle." It will repay careful reading.

"Liberalism and Nationalism, with a flourish of trumpets, threwopen the doors of the ghetto and offered equal citizenship to the Jew. TheJew passed out into the Western World, saw the power and the glory of it,used it and enjoyed it, laid his hand indeed upon the nerve centers of itscivilization, guided, directed and exploited it, and then - refused theoffer.... Moreover - and this is a remarkable thing - the Europe of nationalismand liberalism, of scientific government and democratic equality is moreintolerable to him than the old oppressions and persecutions of despotism....

"In a world of completely organized territorial sovereignties he(the Jew) has only two possible cities of refuge: he must either pull downthe pillars of the whole national state system or he must create a territorialsovereignty of his own. In this perhaps lies the explanation both of JewishBolshevism and of Zionism, for at this moment Eastern Jewry seems to hoveruncertainly between the two. In Eastern Europe Bolshevism and Zionism oftenseem to grow side by side, just as Jewish influence molded Republican andSocialist thought throughout the nineteenth century, down to the Young Turkrevolution in Constantinople hardly more than a decade ago - not becausethe Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because hedesires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy, butbecause no existing Gentile system of government is ever anything but distastefulto him."

All that is true, and Jewish thinkers of the more fearless type alwaysrecognize it as true. The Jew against the Gentile scheme of things. He is,when he gives his tendencies full sway, a Republican as against the monarchy,a Socialist as against the republic, and a Bolshevist as against socialism.

What are the causes of this disruptive activity? First, his essentiallack of democracy. Jewish nature is autocratic. Democracy is all right forthe rest of the world, but the Jew wherever he is found forms an aristocracyof one sort or another. Democracy is merely a tool of a word which Jewishagitators use to raise themselves to the ordinary level in places wherethey are oppressed below it; but having reached the common level they immediatelymake efforts for special privileges, as being entitled to them - a processwhich the late Peace Conference (Versailles: Ed.) will remain the most startlingexample. The Jews today are the only people whose special and extraordinaryprivileges are written into the world's Treaty of Peace.

Editor's note: Original published in July, 1920: refer also to the presentUnited Nations.

In all the explanations of anti-Jewish feeling which modern Jewish spokesmenmake, these three alleged causes are commonly given - these three and nomore: religious prejudice, economic jealousy, social antipathy. Whetherthe Jew knows it or not, every Gentile knows that on his side of the JewishQuestion no religious prejudice exists. Economic jealousy may exist, atleast to this extent, that his uniform success has exposed the Jew to muchscrutiny. The finances of the world are in control of Jews; their decisionsand their devices are themselves our economic law.

Economic jealousy may explain some of the anti-Jewish feeling; it cannotaccount for the presence of the Jewish Question except as the hidden causesof Jewish financial success may become a minor element of the larger problem.And as for social antipathy - there are many more undesirable Gentiles inthe world than there are undesirable Jews, for the simple reason that thereare many more Gentiles.

None of the Jewish spokesmen mention the political cause, or if theycome within suggestive distance of it, they limit it and localize it. Thepolitical element inheres in the fact that the Jews form a nation in themidst of the nations. It is not the fact that - the Jews remain a nationin the midst of the nations; it is the USE made of that inescapable status,which the world has found to be reprehensible. The nations have tried toreduce the Jews to unity with themselves, but destiny seems to have markedthem out to continuous nationhood. Both the Jews and the World will haveto accept that fact. The Jewish world program, and the political basis ofanti-Jewish feeling which that program creates, is exposed by Jewish cosmopolitanismwith regard to the world, and by Jewish nationalistic integrity with regardto themselves.

Jewish Nationalism And The Protocols

No one now pretends to deny, except a few spokesmen who really do notrule the thought of the Jews but are set forth for the sole benefit of influencingGentile thought, that the socially and economically disruptive elementsabroad in the world today are not only manned but also monied by Jewishinterests.

For a long time this fact was held in suspense owing to the vigorousdenial of the Jews and the lack of information on the part of those agenciesof publicity to which the public looked for its information. But now thefacts are coming forth. Herzl's words are being proved to be true - "whenwe sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officersof the revolutionary party." These words were first published in Englishin 1896!

Just now these tendencies are working in two directions! one for thetearing down of the Gentile states all over the world, the other for theestablishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. The latter project engagedthe attention of the whole world. The Zionists make a great deal of noiseabout Palestine, but it can scarcely be designated as more than an unusuallyambitious colonization scheme. The Jewish "home" idea so sedulouslycultivated is a very useful smokescreen for the confiscation of the immeasurablesources of mineral and oil wealth. It is also serving as a very useful publicscreen for the carrying on of secret activities.

International Jews, the controllers of the world's governmental and financialpower, may meet anywhere, at any time, in war or peace time, and by givingout that they are only considering the ways and means of opening up Palestineto the Jews, they easily escape the suspicion of being together on any otherbusiness.

Though Jewish nationalism exists, its enshrinement in a state to be setup in Palestine is not the project that is engaging the whole Jewish nation.The Jews will not move into Palestine just yet; they will not move in atall merely because of the Zionist movement. Quite another motive will bethe cause of the exodus out of the Gentile nations, when the time for thatexodus fully comes.

The world has long suspected - at first only a few, then the secret departmentsof the governments, next the intellectuals among the people, now more andmore the common people themselves - that not only are the Jews a nationdistinct from all other nations and mysteriously unable to sink their nationalityby any means they or the world may adopt to this end, but that they alsoconstitute a STATE; that they are nationally conscious, not only, but consciouslyunited for a common defense for a common purpose. Revert to Herzl's definitionof the Jewish nation as held together by a common enemy, and then reflectthat this common enemy is the Gentile world! Does this people which knowsitself to be a nation remain loosely unorganized in the face of that fact?It would hardly be like Jewish astuteness in other fields! The interestof the Protocols is theirbearing on the questions: Have the Jews an organized world system? Whatis its policy? How is it being worked?

These questions all receive full attention in the Protocols.Whosoever was the mind that conceived them possessed a knowledge of humannature, of history and of statecraft which is dazzling in its brilliantcompleteness, and terrible in the objects to which it turns its powers.If, indeed, one mind alone conceived them. It is too terribly real for fiction,too well-sustained for speculation, too deep in its knowledge of the secretsprings of life for forgery. Jewish attacks upon it thus far make much ofthe fact that it came out of Russia. That is hardly true. It came by wayof Russia.

The internal evidence makes it clear that the Protocolswere not written by a Russian, nor originally in the Russian language, norunder the influence of Russian conditions, but they found their way to Russiaand were first published there about 1905 by a Professor Nilus, who attemptedto interpret the Protocolsby events then going forward in Russia.

They have been found by diplomatic officers in manuscript in all partsof the world. Wherever Jewish power is able to do so, it has suppressedthem, sometimes under the extreme penalty.

Their persistence is a fact which challenges the mind Sheer lies do notlive long, their power soon dies. The Protocolsare more alive than ever. They have penetrated higher places than ever before.They have compelled a more Serious attitude to them than ever before. TheProtocols are a WorldProgram - there is no doubt anywhere of that - whose program is stated withinthe articles themselves. But as for outer confirmation, which would be themore valuable - a signature, or six signatures, or twenty signatures, ora 50-year unbroken line of effort fulfilling that program?

The point of interest for this and other countries is not t at a "criminalor a madman" conceived such a program but that, when conceived, thisprogram found means of getting itself fulfilled in its most important particulars.The document is comparatively unimportant; the conditions to which it callsattention are of a very high degree of importance.


"When we become rulers we shall regard as undesirable the existenceof any religion except our own, proclaiming One God with Whom our fate istied as The Chosen People, and by Whom our fate has been made one with thefate of the world. For this reason we must destroy all other religions.If thereby should emerge contemporary atheists, then, as a transition step,this will not interfere with our aims.

- The Fourteenth Protocol.

"A world coalition of Gentiles could cope with us temporarily, butwe are assured against this by roots of dissension among them so deep thatthey cannot be torn out. We have created antagonism between the personaland national interests of the Gentiles by arousing religious and race hatredswhich we have nourished in their hearts for twenty centuries."

- The Fifth Protocol.

Chapter6 - "An Introduction to the "Jewish Protocols"
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