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Top: Jewish References &Documents: Gentiles SpeakingAbout Jews: Henry Ford: THEINTERNATIONAL JEW IN ITS ENTIREITY: Chapter 8 - "Jewish Influences in American Politics"

"Jewish Influences in American Politics"

From Henry Ford's Book, TheInternational Jew


Within the memory of even young men, Tammany Hall has been the synonymof all political trickery in the vocabulary of popular criticism. TammanyHall was held up as the worst example of boss rule, political corruption,brute force, that it was possible to find in the world. Its very name becamea stigma in the decades before the first world war. But even the most unobservantnewspaper reader must have observed the gradual fading out of Tammany Hallfrom public comment, the cessation of the bitter criticism, the entire absenceof headlines bristling with ugly charges, and the calling of the hosts ofgood citizenship to do battle against the grim bossism that maintained itsheadquarters in New York.

Why the change in recent years? Is it due to the dying out of TammanyHall as a political force? No, Tammany Hall is still there, as any New Yorkpolitician will tell you. The Tammany tiger has not changed its stripes.

There was a time when fearless publications told the truth about Tammany,but they have either gone out of existence or have fallen under controlof the Jews. There was a time when public bodies like the Citizens' Unionorganized to oppose Tammany and to keep a volunteer vigil on its activities;these groups have succumbed to Jewish contributions and officership andno longer stand guard.

The outcry against Tammany seemed to be hushed the moment that Tammanypatronage fell into the hands of the New York Jews, where it now remains,the Kehillah being the real political center, and Tammany but a distributingstation - a sort of "Gentile front" for the more powerful Kehillah.The Judaization of Tammany is now complete, for the Irish element has beenovercome by Jewish money.

Tammany was one of the strongest political organizations ever seen inthe United States. Potent not only in municipal and state politics, butoften exercising a decisive influence on national affairs. It was, withoutexaggeration, unequaled in any country in the world.

If there is one quality that attracts Jews, it is power. Wherever theseat of power may be, thither they swarm obsequiously. As Tammany was powerand the gate of power, it was natural that the Jews of the biggest Jewishcity in the world should court it. Doubtless, they were also affected bythe incongruity of the fact that in the biggest Jewish city, the most solidpolitical power was non-Jewish. When the German Jewish banker, Schoenberg,went to America under the name of August Belmont to represent the interestsof the Rothschilds, his keen eye at once took in the situation. He becamea member and supporter of Tammany. It was good business for this Jewishbanker, because the funds of the Rothschilds were heavily invested in NewYork transport. The properties of city tractions are, as in all Americancities, at the mercy of the local Tammany power, by whatever name it maybe known. Belmont eventually attained the coveted eminence of Grand Sachemof the Tammany Society. Belmont-Schoenberg opened the way for the rest ofthe Jews; the Freedman's, Untermeyer's, Straus's; financiers, lawyers, politicians,business men and union sharks. There soon followed the wholesale appointmentof Jews to the judiciary of New York until New York became a political andlegal Jewish preserve; and onwards to the Supreme Court where Jewish influencenever looked back since the now distant day of the Jewish capture of TammanyHall.

It was necessary for a Jewry that planned to control the judiciary, aswell as to provide special protection for certain Jewish enterprises thatare near enough to the borderline of the law to merit question, it was necessaryto obtain control of the supreme political engine through which favors aredisbursed in local politics. The peculiar system of local, state and nationalgovernment in the United States made it easy for the control of such organizationsto be gained by money.

The Jew's natural political home seems to be in the Republican Party,for thither he returns after venture elsewhere; but his predefinition forthe Republican Party does not move the Jew to make the mistake of beingexclusively the partisan of one group. It is better, he knows, to controlall groups. Strong as Jewry became in Tammany, it was even stronger in theranks of the Republican Party, while New York socialism was, and is, completelyheaded and manned by Jews. This renders it extremely easy for the Jews toswing support in whichever direction they choose, and for Kehillah to fulfillany threat it may make. It also insures that any Jewish candidate on anyticket will be elected.

Because of the powerful Irish control of Tammany at the beginning, theJews worked cautiously. The Kehillah adopted the ancient policy, not ofputting forward their own people, but non-Jews who could be useful to Judah.The difference between pro-Jewish politicians who are not themselves Jews,and politicians of the Jewish race, is that the former can sometimes gofurther than the Jew in office can, without detection. Thus, in the earlydays of Tammany, indeed until just before World War I there was always a"Gentile front" in Tammany offices basking in the glory of Tammanypublicity, but always in the background there was his "Jewish control."This is the formula for citizens who wish to know the meaning of thingsotherwise unexplained - "look for the 'Jewish control'." To thisend, therefore, the Jews have been strong in all parties, so that whicheverway the election went, the Jews would win. In New York it is always theJewish party that wins. Whoever wins New York rules the Government.

As always election campaigns are staged as an entertainment, a diversionfor the people; they are permitted to think and act as if they are reallymaking their own government, but it is always the Jews that win. And ifafter having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to theJewish control, then you speedily hear of "scandals" and "investigations"and "impeachments" for the removal of the disobedient.

Usually a man with a "past" proves the most obedient instrument,but even a good man can often be tangled up in campaign practices that compromisehim. It has been commonly known that Jewish manipulation of American electioncampaigns have been so skillfully handled, that no matter which candidatewas elected, there was ready made a sufficient amount of evidence to discredithim in case his Jewish masters needed to discredit him. To arrange thisis part of the thoroughness of Jewish control. And, of course, the Americanpeople have been sufficiently trained to roar against the public officialimmediately the first Jewish hound emits its warning bay.

Amazing as is the technique of the Jewish political process, the readinesswith which the American people can be counted on to do their part in forwardingthe game is still more amazing.

Aliens and Tammany Leadership

The strength of Tammany had exactly the same source as the strength ofthe Kehillah, namely, in the foreign population; the difference being thatthe Kehillah had a more compact foreign mass to draw upon. But both theKehillah leaders and the Tammany leaders have always been alertly awareof the fact that their power depended upon an uninterrupted flow of immigration.It is always the foreigner that makes the best material for the Kehillah'spurpose, until America become so thoroughly un-Americanized as to make intensiveimmigration no longer essential. It was only then that immigration beganto slow down The third great influx of immigration into the United Statesoccurred in 1884 and was really the cause of the beginning of the degenerationof New York, and then of American political life. The great wave was composedof Russian, Austrian and Hungarian Jews, whose arrival was followed by amemorable period of crime, the marks of which remain to this day.

At that time the police department and the police courts before whichall criminal cases in the city were first brought, were in the hands ofTammany Hall under the notorious Boss Croker. The result of the Jewish controlwas a partnership between local government and crime which has not beenduplicated outside of Semitic countries. Immigrant Jews of the shadier typeorganized an association called The Max Hochstim Association, which wasknown as the "Essex Market Court Gang." One of its chief leaderswas Martin Engel, Tammany leader of the Eighth District. The "king"of this Jewish district was a man named Solomon who had changed his nameto the less revealing one of "Smith," and who became known as"Silver Dollar Smith," because of the fact that he ruled his littleempire from the Silver Dollar Saloon. This saloon was just opposite theEssex Market Court, which was thronged daily by hordes of Yiddish criminals,the bondsmen, the false witnesses and lawyers. The Max Hochstim Associationbecame the first organized White Slavery Group in America, and the revelationsmade by the United States Government Investigation Committee are shudderingexposures of that lowest form of depravity - a coolly conducted, commercialized,consolidated traffic in women. The traffic was made to yield dividends topoliticians, to Tammany Jews in particular; it was during the official investigationthat the Max Hochstim Association became known as the "Essex MarketCourt Gang." Out of the old police court in the "red light"Essex Market district, New York, comes a word which has fixed itself incommon English speech. A lawyer named Scheuster, whose practices were quitecharacteristic, made himself very obnoxious to Justice Osborne. Wheneveranother Yiddish lawyer attempted a shady trick the judge would openly denounceit as "Scheuster practice," and so it came that the first menin the profession to bear the name of "shyster" were the Yiddishlawyers of Essex Market Court, New York.

Jews And The White Slave Scandal

It is a surprising fact that, although these matters are written in officialdocuments, and although the same matters have been written into the recordof every similar investigation which has been made, Jewish leaders persistin denying that the leaders in this particular form of depravity are Jews.When the United States Government made a nation-wide investigation, it foundand recorded the same facts. The New York Kehillah came into existence asa defense organization at a time when the exposure of the Jewish White SlaveTraffic threatened to overwhelm the New York ghetto.

The exposure which resulted when the white people of New York finallysucceeded in getting the forces of the law to function impartially for alittle while, caused many of the implicated Jews to change their names.These names are now representative of some of the best Jewish families,whose concealed bar sinister is the fact that the foundation of the familyfortune was laid in the red light districts. The Max Hochstim Associationwas not the only organization of its kind to be unearthed. Another was theNew York Independent Benevolent Association, which was organized in 1896by a party of Jewish white slave dealers. Gangs like these formed the backboneof Tammany power in the slum districts; their principal field of operationswas the cheap dance halls, their cover the "benevolent associations"in the East Side, all run by Jewish leaders, chiefly Russian and GalicianJews, as the official report exposes. They were slavers as their forbearswere in the days of Rome's decline; they were bootleggers before the daysof prohibition; and they constituted a strong support of the internationalnarcotic ring which to this day has defied the law by corrupting the officersof the law.

In the decade before the first world war, in seizing control and exploitingNew York the Jews made one of their cyclically recurring mistakes; theycarried things too far with too high a hand. They survived the exposure,however, and retained their power. It is this Jewish tendency to boast andoverdo that has always given the game away.

Superficial observers and writers have noted the recurrent protests againstJewish presumption and bumptiousness and have explained them as being recurrentspasms of a vile poison which is supposed to reside in the blood of theGentile - the vile poison of anti-Semitism. That is, of course, the conventionalJewish propaganda explanation, and many Gentile clergy, writers and politiciansinnocently retail it; many other Gentile worshippers of Jewish money cynicallyconnive at the treachery. It always breaks out after wars, say some of thesewriters. Why after wars? Because in wars the world sees more clearly thanat other times the real purpose and personality of the Jew. Thus, it isnot anti-Semitism that breaks out - it is Judaism, gross and exaggeratedSemitism; and the serum that forms in the social body to encist and controlthe germ of Judaism comes in the form of public exposure and protest. Thatserum is working now - the serum of publicity; and the Jewish program cannotendure it.

Study the history of all things whatsoever into which the Jews injectthemselves, from summer resorts to empires, and you see the same cycle appearing.

The Jewish conquest of Tammany, however, is only one phase of the conquestof New York. The Jewish objective is more than political. Merely to insurethat the lucrative and powerful officers of the city shall be their ownpeople, is not the end in view. New York has been turned into the Red Centerof America. There most of the alien treason carried on against the governmentof the United States has its source. Tammany is a convenient cover for ostensiblepolitical activity as the Kehillah is for the more radical racial and anti-Americanracial activity.


"We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, colossal reservoirsof wealth, upon which even the big Gentile properties will be dependentto such an extent that they will all fall together with the government crediton the day following the political catastrophe. The economists here presentmust carefully weigh the significance of this combination. We must developw every means the importance of our super-government, representing it asthe protector and benefactor of all who voluntarily submit to us.

"The aristocracy of the Gentiles as a political force has passedaway. We need not take them into consideration. But, as owners of the land,they are harmful to us in that they are independent in their sources oflivelihood. Therefore, at all costs, eve must deprive them of their land.

"The best means to attain this is to increase the taxes and mortgageindebtedness. These measures will keep land ownership In a state of unconditionalsubordination Unable to satisfy their needs by small inheritances, the aristocratsamong the Gentiles will burn themselves out rapidly.

"At the Tune time it is necessary to encourage trade and industryvigorously and especially speculation, the function of which is to act asa counterpoise to industry. Without speculation, industry will cause privatecapital to increase and tend to improve the condition of Agriculture byfreeing the land from indebtedness for loans by the land banks. It is necessaryfor industry to deplete the land both of laborers and capital, and, throughspeculations, transfer all the money of the world into our hands, therebythrowing the Gentiles into the ranks of the proletariat. The Gentiles willthen bow before us to obtain the right to existence.

- The Sixth Protocol.

Chapter9 - "Bolshevism and Zionism"
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